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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Evidence of more assets appearing

Another Bainimarama asset: New house for Mary Bainimarama.
So we ask the question again - has Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum declared all their assets?

The answer continues to be NO and there is enough evidence to show this.

Take this house on Milne Road. It was bought by Frank Bainimarama as a Mother's Day gift for wife, Mary, but wasn't declared in his Fiji First Party assets.

As said before, the pair have more stashed away then they've admitted so, yes, pigs do fly.

Mick Beddoes has meanwhile had a closer look at the Constitution of the Fiji First party and says it reads more like a secret cult then a political party movement.

The general secretary of the regime-led party, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has said of  Fiji First: "It's more than a party, it’s a political movement."

Like Frank Bainimarama, Khaiyum blames the country's unresolved ills such as health, water, roads etc, (even after 8 years under their control), on all previous governments. 

The Bainimarama Government it seems is without fault.

Read what Beddoes has concluded about the treasonous pair who insist they have done so much for Fiji.

By Mick Beddoes  

The original Fiji First came into being after the 2000 coup and it was a spontaneous reaction to the coup and I was its Chairman. 

The group consisted of the various political parties and Trade Unions including the FTUC and NGO’s and we were all agitating for the release of Mr Chaudhry and his colleagues who were being held hostage in parliament. We disbanded after their release and did not register the name Beddoes said.

The second version of Fiji First that he was aware of is the Fiji 1st registered by Mr Amit Singh as a party name to replace its original name of Heritage Party. Legal documents proving the registration of Fiji 1st have been widely publicized.

This 3rd version of Fiji First is the Bai-Kai version. 

They stole their name, hijacked the country’s coat of arms as their logo and established what is basically a ‘copy cat’ party which offers nothing original.

With that kind of a beginning, I assumed their constitution would also be a copy of a basic democratic political structure in the normal sense of the word.  NOT SO.

I have to say I honestly could not believe what I had read the first time I went through their constitution, I to read it 3 more times just to be sure I was not imagining things.

The Fiji First constitution demonstrates absolutely that Bai-Kai are ‘control freaks’ and like their 2013 constitution they have entrenched their control in Fiji First in almost the same way they have controlled things in Fiji since 2006 and entrenched themselves in the 2013 constitution to hopefully continue after September.

According to the Fiji First constitution ordinary members and appointed officials of Fiji First are basically ‘irrelevant’ they are only there to serve Bai-Kai. 

None of the officials of Fiji First are elected into positions by the members, they are all appointed and Bai-Kai do all the appointing.  Even after being appointed, their every decision can be over turned, rejected or vetoed by Bai-Kai.  Bai-Kai can even make policy changes and give it to the appointed committees who are bound to adopt as if they had made the policy.

The Fiji First Constitution reads more like the structure of some secret cult, than a political party and it’s certainly not a movement. 

And here’s why:-

When registering Fiji First, Frank Bainimarama became the 1st Founding Member, he then appointed Khaiyum as General Secretary [he became the 2nd founding member] and he appointed Dr Luveni as President [she became the 3rd Founding Member]

There was no inaugural general meeting to democratically establish the party and elect Interim officials, or founding members as most democratic organization would do. 
Fiji First Founding members were not only self-appointed; they remain in place for life. [Much Uganda’s Idi Armin Dada]

Fiji First is controlled by 3 main committees. 

1. The Founding Members:-
Although there are 3 founding members, Dr Luveni is basically ‘irrelevant’ as she is on record saying in a May 9th Fiji Sun report when responding to her ‘unexpected’ appointment by Frank Bainimarama as Fiji First President quote ‘we are always ready to accommodate whatever decision he makes’. So she will pretty much do as she’s told and that will leave just Bai-Kai to make all the decisions.
Any hope of ordinary members of Fiji First rising up through the ranks in a democratic process to Leadership positions is negated by the fact that the 3 Founding Members are in their positions for life.  [Sec 5.3 b) ii]

The powers the Founding Members have includes:-
They are automatic members of the Leadership Committee
They have the exclusive rights to vote in or out members of the Central Executive Committee
They are entitled to be ‘appointed ‘ on to the Central Executive Committee

2. Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee comprises the Founding members from time to time. So the 3 Founding Members are members of the Leadership Committee. This is ‘automatic’, no voting or democratic process here and transparency goes right out the window.

The powers of the Leadership Committee include:

Electing from its members the parliamentary Leader [ I think they mean appoint ]
The Parliamentary Leader will be the head of the Leadership Committee
Power to appoint 15 members of the Central Executive Committee [CEC]
The power to appoint and terminate new Founding members
Carry out any of the functions of the Central Executive Committee which shall be deemed to be an act or decision of the Central Executive Committee [Sec 5.3 vii 1.]
Veto, overturn or amend any decision of the Central Executive Committee
Direct the Central Executive Committee in writing to adopt and pass any resolution which shall be deemed to occur if the CEC does not do so
Amend the party constitution
Shall in consultation with the CEC have the final say in the selection of candidates

So although the Leadership committee appoints the Central Executive Committee, they retain the absolute powers to veto, reject and overturn all their decisions and make policy for them as well.

3. Central Executive Committee

This committee is basically charged with the responsibility of running the day to day operations of Fiji First and its functions are spelt out in Sec 8.2 e). However as you will see from the powers of the Founding Members and Leadership committees, all the decisions of the Central Executive Committee are subject to veto and being overturned.

What is absent from the Fiji First constitution is the ‘active’ participation of the ordinary members from the branch levels upward to the top. The whole structure is controlled from the top down and Bai-Kai controls every aspect of the party and its operations.

There is nothing in the Fiji First constitution that suggests it is a democratic organization, nor is there anything  in the constitution that would suggest it is a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas as we would expect a ‘movement’ to do.

The Fiji First structure and organization is set up so that Bai-Kai can dictate from the top down and with its members having absolutely no say what so ever.

When you look at the structure, you realize that the organization of Fiji First is inconsistent with and often in conflict with all of the Attributes and Core Values expressed in their preamble from Sections 2.3 and 4.

They do have some new and novel attributes that border on the more bizarre such as:-

Far sighted:   They claim to possess psychic powers to SEE AHEAD and be able to guide 
Fijians along the best way forward.
Decisive: they claim as an asset, their ability to make bold decisions even without 
the complete information being available. They can make painful but necessary   
but correct decision for the long term.
Compassionate they say they are able to instinctively empathize with our people. WE CAN FEEL, 
their worries, concerns, as well as share in their hopes and dreams.   

Not sure where their compassion was when this poor citizen was beaten to death. 

And what of the pain of Mrs Rabaka, did they feel that too? 

And what were they feeling when they watched the video of the escapees getting beaten up?  

There is nothing in the organizational structure of Fiji First that upholds the rights, freedom and dignity of human beings or promotes and fosters common and equal citizenry, or is clean, incorruptible, above board, transparent that can be seen as leading with integrity and there is certainly no equal opportunity to progress and for a person’s contribution to be recognized and appreciated on the basis of merit
The party structure and controls as laid out in their constitution show that it is a party for 2 people only, Bai-Kai and everyone else are irrelevant.

I suspect that most Fiji First members have not read their parties constitution and therefore don’t know just how controlled and undemocratic it actually is. 

To accept appointment on one of the committees, one would need to be willing to be a ‘political corpse’ or a zombie, and allow Bai-Kai to overrule, change or reject all the decisions made by that committee. On the other hand, if the person being appointed to a committee is the recipient of a multi million contract from the regime, then forfeiting one’s own credibility and dignity to serve on a committee that has to do everything but has no power to change anything  may be a small price to pay for some.

There are many other things in the Fiji First constitution that are bizarre but 2 of these stand out: and these are:-
 Sec 10 h) when the Chairman is standing, no other member shall stand or speak at the same time.

The other is the last item in the Fiji First constitution and it has to do with winding up the party and what to do with the balance of funds collected. If anyone doubts that my reference to ordinary members of Fiji First being ‘irrelevant’ perhaps this clause may help them concede that perhaps I could be right.

Sec 11 i) If there remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the remainder shall not be paid or distributed amongst members of Fiji First but shall be given or transferred to some company, association, society or other body having objectives similar or in part similar to the objectives of FIJI First to be determined by the Leadership Committee at or before the time of dissolution.
So assuming there is $1 million left after all bills are paid, and members worked hard and contributed towards fund raising for the party. When the time comes to share what is left NO MEMBER will receive a cent and only BAI-KAI have the power to transfer the funds to some other body and they can even do this even before the party is dissolved.
Democratic Movement indeed!


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Anonymous said...

Na vei lasutaki levu cava e tukuna tiko or Bai na kau vaka yauyau ni lewe ni vanua o Viti ena uwa ni lasu levu e yavu taki kina na nodrau taura va kaukaua kina na matanitu nei Qarase esa sa matata tu. O Voreqe e tamata nanumi koya ga vakataki koya. O koya ga vata kei na nona vuvale, sega take ni dua. Me taqomaki tiko ga na qa e vakacakava tu vata kei na ubi ni Rere Levu e tu vei koya.E dau laurai vaka levu ena no dau tata kina nona vosa qai vei lepayaki tu na matana me vaka na daubutako. Ni raica ena gau dau vosa kina ena lewe levu. Levu Ga Na Lasu..

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes is campaigning on C4.5 as there were only 10 people listening to him in Tavua.

Anonymous said...

There you go FPP Supporters. There's nothing good about your Dictator. Abandon him now you bunch of ZOMBIES!

Anonymous said...

In my personal opinion, it is extremely disappointing to note the present disarray amongst the rank and file, and the lazy and care-free attitude amongst the opposition parties, towards the September 17 election.
If they are just hoping to wander along and take the reign of government from the Bainimarama team, and lead this nation for the next four years; they may be due for a rude awakening and a reality check, come election night.
I do not say this with any bias and neither am I any party supporter, but to expect a bunch of disorganised lot to take over the reins from the government who have incumbency on their side, in two months time, is just too much to fathom, given the sheer slackness and the lack of timely policy initiative, making it almost impossible for the people to form an alternative view.
Bainimarama had announced some years ago of this 2014 elections, but it appears that so far there is no one party in serious contention, as an alternative government to the existing one.
Bainimarama and his team have been in an election mode since 2006, and have had a head start to their campaign, with incumbency as their greatest strength.
Further the added advantage of a very long period in government, almost twice the period that the 2013 Constitution allows in future, has further consolidated their position.
A government, viewed only by their accomplishments and without any scrutiny or negative spin in the traditional form by an opposition, which is prevalent in a democracy, has further magnified only their positives, and further boosted their attempt to continue governing Fiji.
The opposition parties attempts at trying to unseat a popular figure head, without using any charismatic figures, with a lack of visibility amongst candidates, a lack of any clinical, clear and hard hitting vision or manifestos, non-unified approach, with candidates only now being rolled out without much urgency and thought, surely sounds a death knell to their hopes of unseating the Bainimarama team.
Not because the Bainimarama team is great and unbeatable; but purely because the opposition is weak, disorganised and in complete disarray with elections due only in two months time.
In Fiji politics it is now unlikely that any one opposition team will be able to form government without a coalition.
This would be a recipe for further disaster, due to many differences on policy, visions and aspirations of various parties.
It appears this time around, that Fijians would rather vote for the incumbent government rather than alternative candidates due to the above factors because no one has a clue what to expect from an untested new lot or the very short time given to the public to study their profile and the alternatives being offered.
The Bainimarama team is definitely beatable but in my opinion, not this time around due to all the above. Unless there is marked improvement in the opposition; and alternative policies and clear objectives articulated well in advance, targeted clearly, and clinically executed; it will continue to sound the death knell to their unrealistic high hopes and aspiration to be in government.
However, come the 2018 elections, they may be able to provide some preparedness and a viable opposition, given their future four years experience as opposition parliamentarians after the 2014 election.
To turn a political dream to reality can be easy and certainly we need a change of government as part of the democratic process, but in the above scenario, it would appear so far from what we are seeing on the ground, that we do not have much choice at an alternative government and Bainimarama will rule again.
The election is a foregone conclusion in my opinion; the only question now being whether “Bainimarama by a landslide or a nose?”

Eroni Matava said...

Beddoes you is interested in the constitution of Fiji First. We are interested in the constitution of Fiji, the government policies promoting growth and employment, policies increasing the standard of living for all citizens of Fiji including Fijians, Indians and other nationalities. Your racist
party has other views about Fiji.
What SVT/SDL do to improve the lives of majority Fijians. Nothing. Only few elitist benefited. The government borrowed 3 billion dollars just to pay the wages and salaries plus the operating expenses. No borrowed money was used for capital expenditure. Initially I was going to vote SODELPA but no more. Their divide and rule policies will move only Fiji. backward

Anonymous said...

I say YES to SODELPA's manifesto but to their candidates - au sa loma leqa taka sara ga, isa eda na nanumi se da na guilecavi ni oti na election, so it's either NFP or FLP for me but NO NO NO to FFP

Anonymous said...

C4.5, I think you've made a very good point but c'mon, since when has democracy been widely practiced in internal politics in any party in Fiji's history?

Case in point relating to the appointment of candidates for political parties.

You're posing a valid question about the lack of party democracy in FFP, but you might as well pose that same question to how leaders in other parties were elected, including NFP, FLP, and SODELPA too.

The best I've seen was in 2006 when SDL used a primary election system to elect its candidates, although in my view the primary system was ineffective in removing some corrupt pols in SDL.

The vast majority of candidate-appointments however have been through patronage of figures like Mara, Chaudhry, Rabuka, etc.

Let's face it, internal political party democracy is largely absent in Fiji when it comes to appointing candidates. This has been evident in the appointing of Chaudhry (seriously, when will this guy loosen his grips of FLP?), Ro Teimumu (appointment by executive board), and Bainimarama (self-appointment? what's new?!).

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake Mick you are doing yourself absolutely no favours or the population of Fiji.

Your continual petty bitching is on the same level as found in a girls primary school playground.

Do you actually consider that all these things you try to bring to peoples attention are going to make any difference, even if they are true.

All you do is show yourself to be a childish shallow individual and are doing far more good for the present government.

We can only assume you nothing else to offer?

Anonymous said...

While Bai and Kai are waltzing around the country campaigning and delivering to the people, Beddoes and ex convict Qarase can only talk about the things we already know and nothing for the future.

Anonymous said...

I use to support Fiji First but the way the PM and Attorney General are going around blaming the previous government for ther way we are is full of crap. Did they build the Moanasavu Dam Project, Did they Sealed all the roads around Fiji. Did they setup up the Vatukoula mines, what about the Marine Department did they set that up too. Did they also cede Fiji to Great Britian and setup the NLTB now TLTB. Did they Build the National Stadium. Did they build all the buildings our government departments are housed in now. DId they also setup Air Pacific now Fiji Airways or did they also bring in tourism reaching one million target. They should stop their lies because from 2006 to 2014 what have they actualy done that was not there already.Is it their Job as Government supposed to do what they supposedly say they are doing. What did the previous Mara government do then. What did the Great Council of Chiefs do from the time they Ceded Fiji to Great Britian and allowed the indians in under the Girmit System that our Colonial Masters Invented. What the Hell Crap he and the Attorney General are talking about. Oh I almost forgot what the crap is he talking about that he use to be something in Marist playing chess and rubgy, a whole lot of crap because I'm an old boy too and remembrer Ratu Mara too was an ex-Marist and the Hostel is named after him and I have no recollection of what Mr.Bainimarama is talking about on Mai Life Magazine I bet Richard Broadbridge would support me on that too.Levu Ga Na Lasu.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha, if Beddoes considers that's a 'Flash' house for a PM to buy in Fiji, a good idea he stays well away from politics.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.58pm and Anon 8pm

So Beddoes has nothing else to offer and Beddoes and ex-con Qarase have 'nothing for the future'.

I've got news for you guys, in 7-8 years of DICTATORSHIP the duo Bai-Khai have NOTHING NEW to offer Fiji other than MORE DICTATORSHIP and MORE DETERIORATION OF LAW AND ORDER and MORE SELF-RIGHTEOUS, CONCEITED RULE.

All of FFP's policies are a continuation of these OLD policies.

Vote for any party other than FFP.

Anonymous said...

Mick Badose, Na cava na betena vei iko na constitution ni Fiji First sona levu. Sa sega ga ni dua na o Tukuna galu ga waraka me lusi nomu deposit ni sega ni dua ena digitaki iko.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to campaign when you get taken to the millitry camp for beatings...

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:22pm. Your opinion is fine but remember the opposition parties are dealing with an illegal and unelected military govt. who, since Day 1, have breached and thrashed every policies in the books let alone the 2013 Constitution. How can the other parties speak up when the decrees are still enforced? By the way, can you share your policy initiatives with the world? Or you're just a public servant enjoying the good life somewhere and wish that someone like you can lead Fiji out of the mass it's in. God bless Fiji.

KUA NI RERE said...

Lets look at the facts.

Bainimarama is a LIAR.
Lied about Clean Up
Lied about "no one in the military benefitting"
Lied about an Election in 2009
He conned Ash Ghai.
He conned the people of Fiji.
He is now lying about his Financial Assets
I bet he and Aiyaz have shares in Waqavuka Investments.
How come the people of Fiji were never explained about this .


He is a Criminal
He committed Treason and ordered the Murder of his soldiers.



forrr 8 years for farks sakes!

I mean, honestly, what the fark do these people have in their brains.

Graham Davies,Gates, USP lecturers
etc Indian businessmen, some Fijians etc.

To you Soldiers in Berkley Crescent:


Sa laurai tu ga qo na levu ni nomuni ulu lala na sotia ni Viti.

Sa sega tale ni dua na ka vinaka me tukuni veikemuni . Nomuni I tovo sa sona ga.

Ni sa sona ga na i tovo sa vakaraitaka tu ga ya na levu ni sona e tu e loma ni qavokavoka.
Ni kitaka sara na kena levu ni yavu yalowai!
Kemuni na i murimuri ni Kaiviti.


Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 8:44 PM

Can't give you the answer but it sure as hell sounds like you're real worried about them.

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

i have never seen the regime trolls in damage control mode as I am seeing now.
That tells me they are scared shit!
Coup 4.5 has been on the web for sometime but only a handful had ever posted until now.
I hear that the polls are taken as assurance for an FF win in September but given the wave of support for SODELPA the failure of the polls to predict the defeat of FF would certainly be unfortunate

Tamai Tui Viti1 said...

Bainimarama stated that Qarase attempted to remove Ratu Iloilo to investigate him.
That to me sounds like a very desperate man, who is lying between his teeth to counter claims that he had
1. paid himself a handsome salary
2. paid himself leave entitlements backdated to the 70s
3. Abolished the higher salaries commission
4. Abolished the public accounts committee
5. Witheld the auditing of public accounts
All people care about is developments. Isn't finance the most important component of developing a nation.
People a fascinated by his rapid approach to fulfilling individual needs. How long can a country last with such a gullible "leader", who throws around money at will.
Bainimarama will do what he wants because he is quoted as saying that was not elected and owes no one anything..so there you have it, a thief who can do just about anything including fulfilling the desire of a section of the community he fancies!

Anonymous said...

some more jokes pipz!!..lol..FIJI FIRST all the way!!..

Manasa Tora said...

The FFP Constitution reflects how the leadership regards members of FFP as people who are to be exploited, people who really are not important as Bai-Khai (Some are more equal than others ie Animal Kingdom)people are disposable and members are stupid, they will accept whatever Bhai-Khai dictate. This attitude reflects how they regard and treat the people of Fiji over the 8 years the illegal Govt has ruled Fiji,

Bainimarama and EyeArse just informing you that all Fijians I talked with in NZ over the phone, email etc do not want you to come to NZ for political campaign...you will be booed, regarded as a murderer and a criminal not welcomes and will be received with major hostility...for your safety you should cancel you proposed trip to NZ. some WILL MAKE USE OF OPPORTUNITY, WHEN YOU TALK TO CROUDS TO FORCEFULL INTERROGATE YOU ON YOUR CRIMES, LIES, YOU SILLY CONSTITUTION AND YOUR SALARY FRAUDS ETC


Anonymous said...

E na vuku walega ni nomu i vosavosa keimami sa qai kila kina ni o iko ga o tamata ulukau.Vakacava mo bau tauca ga na vosa e matau me vaka eda kilai tani kina na i Taukei,ia,me kua ga na vosa ca.Kevaka o cudru,ia, sa na dua toka mada yani na kemu Sonalevu!

The Heckler said...

Fiji First — it's more than a party.

It's a bowel movement.

Anonymous said...

@ Manasa Tora.
Don't worry about his safety,just worry about your family.Frank knows what he's doing.Thanks for the joke anyway!


Moaner Mick said...

I'd be wanting to protect FijiFirst from infiltration too, especially from the fat toad of Sabeto who obviously has his eyes on trying to take over already. Haven't you spoilt enough parties already, Mick, without trying to shove your fat arse into yet another? Take your complaints somewhere else. You have no chance of being elected. Do you really think GBMTD is going to put you anywhere near the top? She is just using you and Nirmal Singh to try to fool the other races. But when it's over, you will be squashed like a toad who has hopped into the path of an oncoming truck. What a fool you are allowing yourself to be used like this. I don't know a single person in the Kailoma community who is voting for you. Why? Because you are an effing loser and way past your use by date.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Kailoma community and will certainly vote for Mick.

First and last said...

Oh goody. There's one. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06 PM, the point isn't Bainimarama's taste in architecture. The point is that he is lying to us (again) and hiding his assets — in this case, in plain sight!

Anonymous said...

But that "one" appeared in only 12 minutes. Doesn't help your case, does it?

Anonymous said...

Beddoes put that constitution in here so we disect mada and see for ourself.where's the FF constitution?C4.5 sa tiko qori biu mada mai me da raica mada yani lei...!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a kailoma, but I'll vote for Mick. You say he's past his used-by date, but I say he's never made a greater contribution than in his opposition these past years to Bainimarama's treason and tyranny. He's one of the most effective critics of this illegal government, which is undoubtedly why you regime trolls throw so many insults at him. But nothing is more insulting than the label 'traitor', which clearly applies to you.

Anonymous said...

Mic Beddoes should worry about his biggest asset,,,his daughter kim beddoes cunt..fucking big stomach good for nothing arsehole

Anonymous said...

Mick damage control on the way...!!! vinaka Mick at least dua na kailoma vosa me baleta na noda vanua,matinitu,lotu....keep going Mick..!!

Anonymous said...

God bless Mick Beddoes and God Bless Fiji's kailoma community.

Signed, Indigenous Fijian

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry momo Mick,i will vote for FIJI FIRST.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny the sick comments being made from 12:40am to 1.12am. This must be the same nut job's.Well I guess we know where you are trolling from...just shows the language and the up bringing hope you don't have daughters or sisters too. Would be too bad.Even mothers well that would be a tradegy..Tackless...

SEMI MEO said...

Oh well, Mr Mick Beddoes is sure showing us who claim to be full blooded itaukei a few hints about bravery!

Of course, wisdom 101 in politics is to know who and what the competitors stands for. Political party constitutions spell out the foundation of their respective manifesto and the caliber of candidates and members who will be attracted to the essence of liberty or slavery.

But I guess, some of us finds it hard to choose between liberty and slavery!!

Our days of redemption will be in our hands on September 17, 2014.

Anonymous said...

@ Kua ni Rere
Vinaka cake more veisautaka na yacamu me -Sa Tadola,baleta sa laurai levu nomu sa lamu.Vakarautaka ga dua nomu i soro va na FIJI FIRST me rawa ni drau lai dabeca vata kei Mick i na opposition. Drau qai lewa ga o cei me tadra i yata!

Anonymous said...

KUA NI RERE!!!!iko FF?????

Nomu digidigi qori tagane carry ony.....lol

o kemudou mai west sa dodonu moni milionea tu na gauna qo....baleti iko KUA NI RERE koya sega tiko kina..lol

Anonymous said...

KUA NI RERE!!! au nanuma de o MICK dabeca jiko nomudou qwele...!!O koya e sa milionea rawa jiko.ia, e se kauwai jiko ga mai vei ira na kai VITI ka DINA....qarauna na gusumu!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody can bring real change.
Nobody can meet all peoples needs.
Nobody can take our country forward.
So vote for NOBODY people.!!

Anonymous said...

kua na lose hope!!! IF THEY HAVE 99 WAYS I WILL GIVE YOU 1 WAY...!!!!GUD Morming!!

Anonymous said...

Qori e luveni milionea laivi koya tu yani...!!!

o koya sa relax tu qori .....O IKO????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

o iko baci FEDERATION TU GA......lol

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

lol....lol...lol...@Meo ...cava tale!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Mick,fred Cane and other kailomas have have used the Itaukies for their own personal benefit for too long. These are parasites who have sucked ITaukie blood silently for too long. But its all over under Baini Govt.

All their high class living is over and they cant bear it.
They will support any Govt who will give them back their past high status life. They know SODELPA will do that so they have got on the bandwagon.

No your time has expired Mick. Go and do something else to feed your big stomach....

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Mr. Beddoes. Vei kemuni kece na vosavosaca tiko bau wilika mada, ka vakayagataka na nomuni qavokavoka mo ni taura na ka e volai tiko....ni yavu ululala. Sa so dina na sotia bavulu me ra vakamuri tu na lialia vakataki Voreqe...conveniently using the military code of following orders and using our good loyal soldiers to at his convenience to fight his personal battle and personal vendetta. The international military code on following of orders is that it has to be LAWFUL! An order which is unlawful not only does not need to be obeyed, but obeying such an order can result in criminal prosecution of the one who obeys it. Fiji Military courts have long held that military members are accountable for their actions even while following orders -- if the order was illegal. Sa o ni vakaloloma taki....qo ni sa mai vakarorogo tu yani vei Khaiyum....someone should put a bullet to both their heads!

Anonymous said...

Fiji First supporters are some of the worst no-class people one would hope not to meet, judging by their comments here. It says a lot about their party (sorry, bowel movement) and the effect of their misrule on Fiji. They're racing each other to the bottom.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I was present in Tuvu.....ltk a couple of nites ago wea Bai n Kai were campaigning.....one of my collegues questioned bai on why VAT is very high in Fiji.....his reply...." there is no VAT in Fiji".......they also said this in Tavakubu......vakamadua......no shame.....we do not deserve such leaders......liars....n crooks......down with FF...

Anonymous said...

Kisoko ans senior civil servants of the western div r goin around the communities n villages in the west promoting the 2013 constitution which was written by bai n Kai.....since wen were civil servants allowed to promote or campaign for a political party?????.....I am a civil servant and this is not allowed.....they have even promised free water for a year ......signs of desperado......they r so scared of naboro.....be a man and take wat ever comes......dou yavu qauris......

Anonymous said...

In lomolomo ind community....bai said on fbctv that the 1997 constitution was Neva consulted by the ppl.....but the 2013 constitution......the ppl were consulted.....lying thru their teeth.......Fiji does not deserve such leaders.....how can he lie on the tv?????vakamadua.....vaka vei au....sa leqa tiko na koro vakaturaga.......

Anonymous said...

A big thumbs down to frank fools party

Anonymous said...

Anon July 24 @7.07

Leqa ga nomu koroturaga you bloody liar. You were never there you moron.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.34am.......the truth hurts huh????? Pls accept the fact that bai is not well at all.....judging from his outbursts n lies on his campaign trail......we here in the west r well aware of it.....pls do not be like an ostrich burying yr head in the sand.....it's time u supporters accept it n do something bat it......it's becoming very embarrassing.......

Anonymous said...

Why not simply have a rugby tournament between the parties, the teams consisting only of candidates.

The winning team then gets to run the government from September.

I'm sure the population of Fiji would far prefer this and show greater respect to the winners.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:56am
The only thing that's hurts and embarrassing is seeing people like you buying all the crap Mick is selling.Ever wonder why only 10 people attended his meeting when campaigning in Tavua?..well,of the people nine were just his famz.We aren't blind like you...pls pull your head out of that crap!

Anonymous said...

@jonny walker 8.55am......r u so thick that u cannot understand wat I am saying???? I repeat....BAI IS NOT WELL AND THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. FIJI CANNOT AFFORD A LEADER THAT HAS A WARPED MIND.....kerekere saraga vei kemudou na veiwekani dou lomani koya....he is making a fool of himself....he is a liar....thief n a murderer!!!!! A leader for Fiji?????? I DO NOT THINK SO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

another 20% devaluation when Shada Reddy joining FFL party

BlowMyNuts said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BlowMyNuts said...

lmao.....another SODELPA retard on the loose.....hahahahahaha. Youmad Coz Youbad?

Shirley Yoornotserios said...

OK so some say Frank has done some good things. Lets suppose that is true. Some say Frank would make a good leader. Lets suppose that is true.

NOW. Take a long hard look at Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Is this the person you want to lead you? seriously?

Anonymous said...

To all SODELPA supporters, since you guys want a christian state could you please stop swearing and act like true christians.

Anonymous said...

Whats with the house mick beddoes?I thought you will say they bought a million dollar residence at Denarau. That is just an ordinary house anyone with a job can afford. Sour grapes and a sign of a loser who has nothing to offer.

Anonymous said...

wow everything in over-drive, real soldiers are using their operational tempo all over the world serving for a greater world. Our soldiers are blogging.

Anonymous said...

News Break
Aiyaz Kaiyum admitted to Suva Private Hospital....
Next is Bai from the continuos insanity

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Good on you Mick. Toso tiko, Sir. People commenting here about the number in Tavua understand zilch, nothing, nada, about politics.
Don't bother about these losers and loosers ranting here, they got no life. They need a vudi from Rajen. Keep going.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tuks said...

LOL rolling on the floor laughing ! - well done with the dissection on this.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment that we who purport to be Christians should not join Fiji First supporters in the gutter.

Regarding Mary's house, it looks unprepossessing, but the main point is that it was never declared as an asset, which is another case where Frank is caught lying to us, plus it's a violation of the regime's own decree. Also, how many Fijians can give houses away as birthday gifts?

With respect to the turn-out for Mick's meeting in Tavua, it's clear that "Johnny Walker" is yet another liar for the regime, and the proof is in his statement. He claims that only ten people came to the meeting, and of these, nine were members of Mick's family. That leaves only one person who was both there and not a member of Mick's family. By his own statement, then, Johnny Walker either was that tenth person, or he wasn't there and so isn't in a position to know.

To Blow My Nuts, it seems your nuts have already blown through your brains if you think your criticism of SODELPA candidates in any way erases the sorry record of Fiji First's candidates. The implication that Bainimarama's treason, torture, murder and corruption are somehow "progressive" is utterly ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Army says...Fiji First as explained by Mick is run in the same way Frank Governs this country. I speak you listen. You don't listen the door is open....There is no open discussion or disagreement with him or Khaiyum. Many Hindoo's today though in their hearts they support Frank - they also fear the Muslim influence of Kjaiyum. Their support for Frank is token only because they have been avenged by Frank who in the last 8 years, has stepped on his own itaukei. If Khaiyum did not have Frank, Indians Hindoos that throughout Fiji and overseas would not support Khaiyum at all. They are lying in wait waiting for an opportunity to stab Khaiyum in the back and they will once he drops his defences.

Anonymous said...

One can be in "contempt" of court, and be imprisoned.

How can a Public Servant, such as the Minister of Finance, and in this case also Prime Minister be in contempt of the BK Charter and not produce the Auditors report as required by his own Charter (invalid 2013 Con).

There is no Parliment, (The peoples representative house)but this doesnot negate his responsibility, in fact it reinforces his responsibility to present to the PEOPLE (think Peoples Charter) the Auditors Report.
Makes a lie of (of many)accountability and transperancy he spouts on about.

Contempt of the People is Treason = prison.
The Twin Pot dictators are sociopaths.

Wingle said...

“Safety is everything,” Fulton Hogan Hiway’s General Manager Peter Watts told police officers from the Lami Police Post in presenting them with 20 safety cones.
“The purpose of the safety cones is to help the police slow traffic and control traffic through and around their traffic control establishments. Unfortunately many drivers ignore the safety signs, speed limits and the placement of the cones endangering the lives of our workers or those manning such control points,” said Mr. Watts.
In addition to the cones, Fulton Hogan Hiways donated two rugby balls to help with the police youth development programme." Bloody hell, Fulton is making millions on road works for the Fiji iGov who cant see that they're getting ripped off and all Fulton can give back is some traffic cones and two rugby bal!? WTF! Dont you just love how these parasitic expats individuals and corporation seem to surface milking the nation of millions when an illegal government takes over?

Anonymous said...

@Wingle 1:23 PM

Obviously you have not noticed that the vast majority who are doing the work are our Fijians.

You have no doubt not considered that those doing most of the work are being trained in modern methods and machinery capability.

Should you open your eyes when passing these roadworks you may even notice that you do not see 75% of workers sat under a tarpaulin drinking and eating half the day.

You may even notice that there is re-work going on for sections that have not passed the quality standard test, something new that had previously been non existent for Fiji in this area.

So yes, two rugby balls and some cones to Lami Police may not seem much to you but no doubt you would not even consider that these practices and gestures are happening in many other locations.

Anonymous said...

So what is your opinion about all this Feroz Gulam Mohammed since you are one of the Anonymous writers here and very vocal on all anti-Government blogs?

Anonymous said...

Strange how Mickey Mouse does not mention the massive mortgage that was part of the supposed 'Mothers Day Gift'.

Sounds like he's been taking lessons from Mr Narsey

And people say the press in Fiji has biased reporting, what a laugh, but what we expect when the gullible are trying to convince their equals.

Wingle said...

Anon 2:08 are you kidding me with this?! Again, i say that Fulton's is making a killing on this roads contract and the contract is in equivalent overseas dollars. Undoubtedly they are paying locals the local rate not the overseas rate for labourers so they could and should provide/ give back to the community more than the token safety cone of rugby ball regardless of how many locations they are giving them to. You're missing the point here. Trust me if they were providing more than cones and ball. It would have been plastered all of the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

@Wingle 2:30 PM

"" i say that Fulton's is making a killing on this roads contract ""

"" the contract is in equivalent overseas dollars. Undoubtedly they are paying locals the local rate not the overseas rate for labourers ""

So in other words you do not really know what you are talking about, you are imagining Hogans are making a killing.

If you are going to write crap try and make it convincing please.

Anonymous said...

Dear PM

please send Wingle a rugby ball he will then be your loyal servant and vote for you

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2.20pm,

The point is, mortgage or no mortgage, the property was not declared and Bai is in breach of his own law.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 10.47am and all FFP supporters, since you guys want no more coups then arrest the treasonous Bai and send him to jail. Till then all your talk about is law and order is just full of crap.

Anonymous said...

coup4.5..please take the picture of that house of your site. Thats my house on Milne Road and was never sold.

Chandar Singh

Anonymous said...

The matter to be reported to police and lets see the fun when the Police turns a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

Giving away safety cones and rugby balls, whilst making millions through illegal dealings. How very emblematic of this regime actually. Of course its supporters will be quick to point out that past governments never gave away safety cones or rugby balls . . .

Unknown said...

Anonymous @ 12.40 I find your comments about Kim Beddoes totally disrespectful and uncalled for. This actually shows how you were dragged up in life and not taught the values family and respect. I hope and pray your family do not get to read this you dumb wit. My name is James Pickering my mobile is 9415306 call me if you have anything else to say about Kim Beddoes.

Coup 4.5 said...

Thanks James Pickering, that and other comments about Kim Beddoes have been removed. They all came from the IP address Claredon House ie military - Coup 4.5 editor

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to the editor for removing the many highly offensive and obscene comments.

Anonymous said...

So my question to Coup 4.5,where did you get your facts from?Mr Chandra Singh is asking for the picture of his house which was never sold to be taken off.No offence,but,i think you should do some investigation first before posting things up.Since it seems that your Blog site is pro SODELPA,this could cast a bad reflection on your party and could change the views of voting pipz.Its your Blog Site anyway,I'm just giving my 2 cents bit and thanks for the joke by the way...PEACE!!

Johnny WALKER.

Anonymous said...

The unremitting string of obscene emails emanating from the Clarendon house IP address is strong evidence that the regime fears C4.5, is making a concerted effort to trash the site, and trying to shout down the opposition. This is the kind of mentality at work in this regime. This is the calibre of the Fijian military today. Beyond pathetic!

Anonymous said...

only 2 itaukei and 8 indo fijians selected to go to study in china..

Anonymous said...

How do you know that was Chandra Singh who posted that comment?

How do you know Chandra Singh owns the house?

Even if he owned it, how do you know he didn't sell the house and is now colluding with Bainimarama to hide that fact?

How do you know C4.5 didn't investigate this before posting the picture?

Unknown said...

Thank you for the removal of those obscene posts

Anonymous said...

It seems that Johnny walker has got the same desease as bai.....going mental......n a liar!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fijian soldiers caught in crossfire

SUVA, 24 JULY 2014 ( FIJI SUN) ----Fijian troops caught in the crossfire, as rival factions traded gunshots in the Syrian conflict, have had to duck for cover.

They are members of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force deployed in the Golan Heights for a year.
Troops manning a checkpoint had to remain in bunkers for a whole day because they were caught in the middle of the exchanges.

The Republic of Fiji Military Force (RFMF) Land Force Commander (LFC), Colonel Ratu Jone Kalouniwai said at Queen Elizabeth’s Barracks (QEB) that they had to go underground because rockets and mortars were flying over their area of operations.

“They did this for their own safety,” he said.

Colonel Kalouniwai said in his briefing with the Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho, the Commanding Officer of the Fiji Batt in the Golan Heights early in the week, he was told that the situation was tense.

Similar experiences were shared by some of the 167 returning troops who arrived back in Nadi last night . Sergeant Inoke Vulisere said it was like a shooting parade.

“There were lot of gunfires from every corner,” he said.

Colonel Ratu Jone said the tense situation was not affecting their day to day operation. The morale at the Golan was at an all-time high, he said.

For the rotation he said 147 soldiers had arrived at the UNDOF headquarters while the first 167 from the Golan arrived in Nadi Wednesday.

Those that had arrived in the Golan had a briefing and woud soon be posted to their areas of operations.

For the 167 soldiers arriving from the Golan , they were met by the RFMF chief operations officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Amani Suliano at Black Rock.

The last two rotations will be on August 11 and he said by the end of August the rotation should be completed. For the deployment to the Golan Heights, Colonel Kalouniwai said the RFMF was sticking to the 50 – 50 allocations for the regular force and the territorial force (TF).

However, for the current deployment, they had to cut down on the TF because there was a need for specalists and they were taken from the regular force..PACNEWS

e vaievei ni lamu??? guns against guns!!! levu ga na vosa ni veivakarerei!

Anonymous said...

@ anon Jul 23 7:22 pm.

You just sum up the meaning of DICTATORSHIP. Other political parties have to dig their heels to match FF provided the amount of time and resources they have.

They are the true democratic parties.

Unknown said...

For the record, the article on the Mother's Day home gift is not part of my statement.

My statement is in response to a full page article about Fiji First by its General Secretary in the Fiji Sun on the date stated.

All of the information contained in my statement come from the Fiji First constitution. Any one who is upset with it would do well to direct their anger at the Leadership of Fiji First as they wrote the constitution.

Thank you James for defending my daughter. My family are aware and are prepared for these malicious personal attacks against them because of my political stand.

they also know most of these are orchestrated by the regime and I am not surprised the 4.5 editor has advised they all come from the IP address of Claredon [Military] House.

They believe in the things I do With courageous individuals like you coming to their defence as you have done, gives them great comfort to know they are not alone and for this my friend I am very grateful.

With my grateful thanks


SEMI MEO said...

@ Oh, did not know agent binod squad at "Claredon House" ply this blog?..oh, and they are Military personal as civilian are not allowed to near the Military PC.

....but...but...really? are they the brave members Fiji Military Force; the world renown peace makers from the Pacific Ocean?

But why...why...on earth have a few of them stoop so low right under the skirts of the "sulu i ra" and "sari" to fight their former commander battle?

Tis time for these few Fiji Military thugs to join the majority of the Defence Force who have shifted their treasured allegiances away from Bainimarama and his prophet Aiyuz...and....and...ready to tick as they respectively choose....and...and still faithful to their oath of allegiance to the people of Fiji.

Indeed, 8 years is a loooong enough time for a seasoned soldier to know embrace the truth!...the truth that would free us ;their blood relatives!!

Anonymous said...

I really can't support a party with its leader with blood still dripping from his hands.we I TRUE I Taukei can't be blinded by development,policies and vote buying handouts when you murdered our sons,fathers,friends and kaivata and rob what is precious to us...our land, qoliqoli, freedom and our rights. We all have to pay a price for what we did.Bainimarama ..start counting your. days.

Anonymous said...

Can't you see blood of innocent I Taukei still dripping from Fiji First Kill You Next's hands?....Are you day cheap?

Anonymous said...

FiJILEAKS has been passed the following: "AG became very sick while on campaign trip which included Ba, Tavua and Ra. He was not present at Ra meeting on Tuesday. After Ba and Tavua meet, he became very sick and stayed back for two days at a Rakiraki resort. On Tuesday afternoon he was transported to Suva and around 11 pm admitted to Suva Private Hospital. Still admitted at Suva Private intensive care unit. Only close family members allowed."

Anonymous said...

O Bedos e via dolava namatamuni ma lako vakamataboko tu na laki mask polo via na dau laba ni FFP mo ni kila na Dina ni ka o ni sa vesuki kina.Sa laba oti,butako yarayara Mai.....tarogi iratou Mai Nawailevu Mai Bua...sa butakoca tikoga qo nodra qele me volitaki Jaina me sauna kina Mai lack levu e Lai dinautaka tu Mai....lako Mai tuba mo raica na cava Dina e taco tilko...ka Kua ni weld tiko e loma ni qara work neo BaiKai.

Anonymous said...

What about Khayium's property at Burwea Road near SARAR TRADING - 6 flats owned by the Khayium family under company name. It is on the round about - Aiman Apartment.

Vutuki Beddoes said...

James Pickering and Mick Beddoes two kailoma now sucking up to Fijian chiefs. Remember the colonial days when you guys used to brush shoulders with the kai valagi while the i taukei will need a permit to drink a glass of beer. Now the tables have turned and you are wiping the taukei shoes you bunch of wankers.

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is hilarious, is that the best you have. Man this just shows the mentality of this person who is so brave posting under a pseudonym. I don't remember rubbing shoulders with the kai valagi (your words) as I wasn't born then. Oh yea before I forget, didn't you read the constitution? Mate we are all Fijians now. Now can we go back to the subject on hand and not get personal.

NadroKid said...

Vina valevu James Pickering na tata vadodonu. Muru kwaya koto na djina. Kua na suka i taku. O kuru na giri koto okwe e ri na sita so ga i Naboro.

Anonymous said...

Fiji to exploit Tony Abbott's absence.


Anonymous said...

I'm reliably informed that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum suffers from celiac disease. Celiac disease is a condition that creates inflammation in the small intestine, and damage in the lining. This prevents important components of food from being absorbed. The damage to the lining of the intestine comes from a reaction to eating gluten, which is found in wheat, rye, and possibly oats. So, whatever you do, never serve gluten products to the Attorney-General, as they could make him very ill.

Anonymous said...

In that case, it sounds like it's time to send cookies to the the IC Unit at Suva Private.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First Party's two main leaders both suffer debilitating diseases. Aiyaz has celiac disease. Frank has silly-ass disease.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be terrible if someone added wheat germ to the AG's yaqona?

Anonymous said...

Ira nai lala qauri qase era tabea tiko nai soresore nei bai k kai era ucuna mai nodra sona nodrai talanoa.

Anonymous said...

Do not become bitter, nor worry Fiji.....for my brother Frank Bainimarama will step down.....and deep down he too already knows it.....

For all that is happening now in Fiji is meant to happen, as our Father in Heaven is behind it all, making the past REPEAT ITSELF (Ecclesiastes 3:15).....but God has already sent HIS Chosen messenger to speak to our modern day Pharaoh.....with a simple message.....to SET FIJI FREE.....

For the descendants of the Slaves (God's People) that were held captive by Pharaoh in Egypt thousands of years ago.....are being held captive AGAIN today.....


As there is something FAR BIGGER happening right in FRONT of us, which actually has little to do with Frank Bainimarama nor Khaiyum......but can you SEE IT???

Father....let THOSE with EYES SEE.....

Anonymous said...

James pickering you are still a kai loma and Prasad will be always a kai India. The constitution will be changed by SODELPA and the Fijian will be reverted to the original owner of the land.

Bald fact said...

What you don't get is that if anyone tries to change the Constitution, it's back to square one. Democracy is over and the dictatorship continues. Your choice. But as far as the military is concerned, the whole thing is non negotiable. Everyone is now a Fijian and that's it.

mr Bean said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Bean - what school?

must be same school as No school prime minister.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Bean sounds like those nut job from Bati ni Tanoa another tabetabe programme for this regime propaganda to take away the real issues at hand and the gluten that the Attorney General has allergies to is called Yabia in Fijian. I hope thats not the glue thats holding the Fiji First Party together.

Anonymous said...

Maurice Levy: Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, which set to merge with Omnicom
With about 100 staffers in Washington, DC, Qorvis will boost MSLGroup's presence in the capital, said Renee Wilson, North American president at the Publicis firm.
"If anything, this makes us one of the top firms in DC with the acquisition of Qorvis. It enhances our capabilities overall and offers new talent," she said. "DC is an important market, and this very much enhances our public affairs presence, as [MSLGroup's] global service network is very strong around the world."
Founded in 2000, Qorvis counts nations, organisations, and international brands among its clients, including AAMCO, Cisco Systems and the Mayo Clinic.
In 2010, the most recent year for which Qorvis reported its earnings for the PRWeek Agency Business Report, the firm's revenues increased 20 per cent to $29.7m.
"[Qorvis has] people who have managed campaigns for political leaders and others have spent significant time at the White House and on Capitol Hill," Wilson added. "They launched Al-Jazeera America, the most important independent media in the last five years."
The two firms' combined operations in Washington will operate under the Qorvis MSLGroup banner, with Qorvis managing partner Michael Petruzzello serving as president.
He will also be the firm's North American public affairs practice director, reporting to Wilson.
Shellie Winkler had been serving as interim MD of MSLGroup's Washington, DC, office since last summer after former DC MD and US public affairs leader Neil Dhillon left the agency.
As part of the deal, MSLGroup has also acquired Clarus Research Group, which is led by Ronald Faucheux, a public opinion and public affairs analyst.
Faucheux will play a leadership role in MSLGroup's planning and analytics services in North America, it said in the statement.
"We built this agency from the ground up over the past 14 years, and over the last couple of years, I saw we needed a broader international network to have strength in New York, London, and especially Asia. MSL was the perfect fit for us to be strong in all of those places," Petruzzello said.
"Our clients have been asking us to provide more services nationally and internationally. The public affairs issues we work on don't really stop at national borders anymore."
MSLGroup is the flagship PR agency of Publicis Groupe, which is in the process of merging with one-time rival holding company Omnicom Group.
The combination will create the world's largest marketing umbrella firm with a total market capitalization of about $35bn, surpassing current number one holding company WPP Group.
The merger has passed regulatory hurdles in the US, Canada, India, Turkey, South Africa and South Korea, among other countries. Just this week, the European Commission, the European Union's antitrust body, signed off on the pending merger, concluding it would not raise competition concerns.
The combined Publicis Omnicom Group's agencies would include MSLGroup and Kekst and Company from the Publicis side, as well as former Omnicom firms FleishmanHillard, Ketchum, Porter Novelli, Marina Maher Communications and Cone Communications. The holding companies planned to establish a PR subcommittee to determine the future structure of the PR and communications brands and assets.
MSLGroup itself was formed through a combination of various agencies under the Publicis umbrella, including MS&L Worldwide, Publicis Consultants Worldwide, and Publicis Events in late 2009.
The firm saw global revenue of between $450m and $500m in 2012, including $150m to $200m in the US. It reported a global headcount of more than 3,400.

Anonymous said...

Qorvis act as a lobby group especially in war torn countries or a militarized country because it make their excess easy to the top brass and act as if everything will be fine afterwards but nothing eventuate really but they sucked up millions in doing PR/lobby[futile attempt which they already know]cult organization.

Anonymous said...

QORVIS is handling the PR for FFP and coordinating the election campaign.At the same time doing international publicity for Fiji lobbying on behalf of Fiji paid by Fiji.They sucked millions but they know it will take Fiji nowhere!!
A very dangerous organisation[cult].
No wonder Mick point out that the FF constitution is almost exactly like a cult organization,yes co it is a ready made piece of paper by QORVIS.
Fiji in Danger!!

Anonymous said...

Does Beddoes speak fluent Fijian. Na cava na yaca ni nona i tokatoka,yavusa kei na mataqali.

Anonymous said...

Tokatoka ni dau veivutu, Yavusa Marshmellow, Mataqali tamata cicilevu!!

Anonymous said...


E vasu ena rawa vua me volai vei jinana...tokatoka,mataqali kei na yavusa kei buna se jinana....tabu saka yani.

E jiko vua na qavokavoka kei na kila mona ni kena cicivaki e dua na bisinisi se i soqosoqo.

E na mai yaga ena kena cicivkai na SODELPA.

Anonymous said...


O Beddoes e tamata.
kemuni talega
Koi au vaka kina
au kerea kua ni cavuta na vosa malumalumu vaka koya.

Kerekere vakabibi.

Anonymous said...

At a recent campaign meeting in Narewa Nadi, SODELPA team member Isikeli Komaisavavai was qouted that they revert all Freehold Land on Denarau Island to Native land. Does he know the legal implication of what he said or he is trying to be another Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Another cancelled Fiji Airways flight. Now Im stuck in Australia. While the airline and fools in govt blow smoke up each others backsides flights are frequently delayed if not cancelled and inflight service has not improved. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

House in the phot owned by Jatin Patel of Vinod Patel, so inaccurate is this blog site

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 12:40
That's bullshit.
We know its owned by Mai Chod Bai.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:40PM

Mara Leweci said...

The architect and brain in the monstrous evil reeked criminality rooted political cult party the Fiji First Party is very ill right now. This is the physical and mental damage sustained by storms received from lies, suppression of citizens and especially stripping of Taukei land rights and Christian faith.


We can confirm that FijiFirst general secretary Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is still in the intensive care unit at the top-class Suva Private Hospital. As revealed by Fijileaks, Khaiyum was taken ill in the western division. He was kept at the Golden Point Resort for two days. The resort's owner is a supporter and financier of FijiFirst party. A tourist at the resort said Khaiyum was "shivering like a Fijian banana leaf from high fever". Dr Mon Maung Moon from Tavua Hospital attended to Khaiyum and after two days at the resort he was transferred to the Suva Private Hospital. Sources inside FijiFirst said they were all kept in the dark and no communication is allowed with Khaiyum. The party sources say they are very nervous about his health and the 'health' of the party which Khaiyum had secretly registered as far as 2009 in preparation for the
Read more:

Lal in lalaland said...

Yes, the AG is actually so ill that he is at the FijiFirst headquarters in Brown Street, Toorak, this afternoon for the announcement of the first batch of candidates for the election. "Very ill" my arse. Victor Lal is in Oxford on the other side of the world and has no idea what is going on. Honestly, why rely on the reporting of someone who is about as close to the action in Suva as we all are to the moon. Pathetic how gullible Coup 4.5 and some of these others really are.

Anonymous said...

Army says...Mick Beddoes has always been steadfast in his anti coup stance. He is one of the very few people who without fear made official statements against Frank and his band of Criminal's. Mick continues to highlight and raise matters which every citizen of Fiji should be aware of and concerned with. As an opposition, he is also a formidable opponent and never backs down from his stance. Good on you Mick and congratulation for highlighting the hood wink of a Common Criminal Frank Bainimarama and his cohort Khaiyum. The Military Council who are the backbone behind Franks criminal activities need to be brought out into the open as well. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes and all kai loma should thank Frank as they are now called Fijians and no longer Others.

Victor's AG fantasy death watch said...

More on the AG. He is so ill that he's the Chief Guest at the Kula Film Awards in Suva tonight. Good one, Victor.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3.20pm , why should we thank Bainimarama for taking away our freedoms in the first place? Why?
Democracy before 2006 was imperfect but it was still a democracy and freedoms.

Now Bainimarama talks about wanting to win all 50 seats in Parliament. Why then should I thankful if all Bainimarama has to offer Fiji is more dictatorial rule?

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Is Khaiyum dying?

Aiyarse Khaiyum said...

Is Bainimarama also going down health-wise?

mr Bean said...

@Pauline ,hey my girlfliend why you vely angry now,ah!why? oqo ga plenty time na Soiled Diaper sapota sa vosa na ca na PM,why, you angly now.plis!plis!come home my darlin,u cum home now I massage yo back,okay?Me I luv u to march, fool spit no blakes okay!Come home if not we meet at the Suva bustand okay!I will massage your back,I will giv u vely gud massage,chinese tung fu style,okay!PAULINE U NO GO ANGLY,IT IS NO GUD FO YO HEALTH.YOU WILL PUT TU MARCH STRESS ON YOUR BODY AND WILL END UP CRYING AND BECUM VELY EMOTIONAL AND THE CROCODILE TEARS WILL FLOW,DATS WHY I TELL U DONT BE ANGLY,WEN U GOT NO MONEY AND U BROKE DONT BE ANGLY OK,U DONT CRY, OK!I LUV U VELY MUCHA,FOOL SPIT NO BLAKESAHH.CUM HOME I COOK ONE POT LICE WITH CULLY BONGO OK.PLIS U NO ANGLY,PLIS,DONT CRY OK,DONT BE MADUA AND CLY BABY BECAUSE U CAN STILL MAKE IT THE BABY,OK!OK MOCE EVELYONE I GO HOME NOW,HE!HE!HE!CHING MY LONG!!!

Anonymous said...

SODELPA supporters are saying that without the GCC we will lose our identity, culture and tradition. I say, how is this possible when all these things are all in our hands. If we dont teach our children our culture then it will be lost forever. Most taukei families now speak in english all the time and those that live overseas dont speak the language at all. The GCC will not come around to teach us how to preserve our culture and traditions. Its in our hands and not the GCC or bose ni yasana or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Can someone shove one whole unpeeled pineapple up Aiyaz's cici while he's in hospital please?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

qarase using the same tactics. scaremongering.

Anonymous said...

If the phony constitution, forced on us by a usurper, cannot be changed, then it wouldn't mean that democracy is over. It would mean it didn't exist in the first place.

The Heckler said...

I've heard of Noble House.

I guess this Claredon must be Ignoble House.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Kai...got minor stroke...due to stress and fear as his days and Bai are numbered

Anonymous said...

ASK is clearly the second most powerful man in the country. Many even say that Bainimarama is a puppet and ASK the puppetmaster. Or that ASK is the ventriloquist and Bainimarama the dummy. But actually, all of ASK's power derives from Bainimarama. Without Bainimarama, ASK would last only as long as it takes to cock a pistol.

But that's only under the present circumstances. For better or worse, those circumstances will soon change dramatically.

What happens after Bainimarama has stolen the election? What happens when Bainimarama feels secure enough that he no longer needs ASK to complete his consolidation of power? What happens when ASK himself is Bainimarama's last remaining threat?

At present, Bainimarama likely doesn't think ASK as a threat. He's probably comfortable letting ASK do much of his legwork, confident that ASK understands his dependence on Bainimamara for his power. Moreover, the sharks are always circling for ASK. One word from Bainimarama, and they would immediately swarm over ASK as in a blood frenzy.

ASK understands this very well, which is why he's been a careful student of Bainimarama. He studies his likes, dislikes, fears, conceits, prejudices, character and temperament. Under present circumstances, ASK does a skillful job of manipulating Bainimarama, and he must manipulate him, to survive.

That's under present circumstances. But what happens after the election, when the dynamic changes? What happens to a marriage when the children are all grown and leave the home?

ASK is in a precarious position. His very life depends on the favour of an insecure, arrogant and slow-witted tyrant. Having stolen the election and imposed his own constitution on Fiji, Bainimarama might well decide ASK is less an asset than a liability. Jettisoning ASK would be the most popular step Bainimarama has ever taken. In truth, ASK has had the label "scapegoat" virtually impressed on his forehead since 2007. Once Bainimarama withdraws his protection, ASK would need to flee Fiji immediately to avoid being lynched.

The only way for ASK to truly protect himself is to strike first, by arranging Bainimarama's demise. How he does it scarcely matters, so long as he has plausible deniability in the assassination.

Controlling so many main levers of power, ASK would be in the ideal position to fill the power vacuum left behind by Bainimarama. He could easily install his own stooges and shuffle cabinet positions. ASK would then be the most powerful man in Fiji. And it would be power in his own right, to use as he wishes in reshaping Fiji. It wouldn't be power derived from a fathead who could easily withdraw it from him on a moment's whim, with fatal consequences.

Suomynona said...

But knowing his band of sapotas, they are still going to support him no matter what by saying good things about this and that blah blah blah.

No wonder why ASK is pulling the strings and using Frankie as a puppet.

Fiji Flop sure has a lot of hidden....well....flops behind its "clean" exterior.

Anonymous said...

Bullcrap Khaiyum at the naming of Fiji First candidates. Sa rauta mada na lasu

mr BEAN kubuti ASK said...

Latest news, ASK admitted @ the maternity ward, someone shoved one whole unpeeled pineapple up his theethee!

Anonymous said...

According ti fiji sun Ro kepa was crying at the meeting in kadavu.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7.06pm,

Ro Teimumu is among her people. She is at home. There is nothing wrong with crying. If anything it shows that she cares for her people.

God Bless the Gone Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi. God Bless SODELPA.

Moce vakadua SODELPA said...

Cabinet ministers named in FijiFirst line-up.....Dr Jiko Luveni, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Jone Usamate, Inia Seruiratu, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Dr Neil Sharma and Colonel Timoci Natuva.
Other names released....Dr Mahendra Reddy, former Justice Permanent Secretary, Mere Vuniwaqa ,former TV personality Nemani Bainivalu, Paralympics gold medalist Iliesa Delana and Savusavu hotelier, Lorna Eden, Teddy Fong, Alex O’Connor, Rosie Akbar, Joseph Veramu, Jimilai Wainibalagi, Osea Naiqau and Alifereti Nabulivou.

Plenty to cry about said...

Ha. Now we know why the GMBRTD was in tears in Kadavu. She had just heard who is in the first batch of FijiFirst candidates. Some of these new faces she tried to get to stand for SODELPA. Not a chance. They know a washed up, teary, old chief when they see one. Some of you foold might have been impressed to see a woman who thinks she can be PM in floods of tears but nobody else will. How many boxes of tissues are they going to have to put in the cabinet room to cope with her emotional outbursts? Looks more than more like a huge mistake standing in the first place. Come election night, she will be crying a river. Rewa River. Kaila!

Anonymous said...

Oi, morons. She will be back up on her knees soon enough. Wipe your tears oh blessed Grandmother of the Nation. While you may be old and frail we are strong and will carry you all the way. God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I know why she is crying. Because of how stupid some of her supporters are. You think calling her old a frail is helpful? Kemudou!

Too short said...

That's the trouble with Coup 4.5. Four and a half inches of nothing. Kaila!!!!

Anonymous said...

ASK was at the candidate's launch looking fine. Take a look at the Youtube clip on Fiji Village. Hardly "very ill" like Vanishing Victor says. He must sit in a pub in Oxford making all this crap up. It's there mr Lal. Look at the evidence.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wondered if they would be able to hold it together. Qarase has been behaving as if he is still in charge. It was bound to end in tears.

Anonymous said...

no wonder Tui Cakau called for party members,candidates and supporters to quote" stand united" check his press releaseon the Fiji Times and sun.

Anonymous said...

God there's some immature people on this site. Must be dinner break up at the camp.

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu is angered about the Fiji Times front page releasing pictures of Qarase and Bainimarama 'FACE OFF' and other front page news.She informed party staff that she is not happy about the perception that Qarase is still party leader.ONE THING IS CERTAIN RABUKA,TUI CAKAU AND RT EPENISA ARE HAPPY TO ALLOW QARASE LEAD BUT THIS ISNT WELL RECEIVED BY THE LADY.THE FUEL TANK IS CONTROLLED BY QARASE AND HE HAS A LOT OF IT.SO THUS THEY ARE CAMPAIGNING ON THEIR OWN ACCORD AND EXPENSES.

Anonymous said...

qarase preaching false thing. christians dont want to do second hand prayers. this is totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

Guys , unconfirmed reports , Ro kepa pulling out of elections .

Really sad

Trouble with a capital T said...

Whatever is going on, SODELPA is in big trouble tonight. The wheels have fallen off their campaign and they have no money. How are they going to get through the next eight weeks? Qarase just doesn't get it. He seems to think he is the leader. The worst thing you can do is make people wonder who is really in charge. If they can't straighten out themselves, how can they straighten out the country?

Anonymous said...

Can someone confirm about the split in sodelpa???Sad!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that as a Businessman supporting SoDelpa. We were quite unhappy about Ro and a few other candidates , we provided money for campaigning and hear that they have made very strong anti indian , anti Kailoma remarks . Ro is stepping down .


Anonymous said...

U vakatilou saka tiko yani kina tabana Ni veitalanoa Ena mona livaliva qoka. Sa matalau Dina na vakawilika na veitukutuku eso me baleta na noda Vanua lomani Ko Viti. Au vakabauta Ni dodonu meda kila ke vakacava Sara Tu na malewa Ni bula Kei na veiliutaki e yaco Tu Ena noda Vanua, vakacava meda vakaraitaka ga na noda vakanananu Kei na nanuma Ena veidigidigi Ena yabaki oqo. Ko viti e gadreva na tiko vinaka Kei. NA bula sautu. Noda Kalou e kila tiko na i cavacava Ni veika kece e yaco tiko Ena noda Vanua. Noqui tatau vei keda na lewenivanua meda tutaka ga na dodonu, Dina Kei na savasava, qori na Vanua Ena tiko kina na Kalou baleta o koya e Kalou Yalosavasava. Ni kalougata tiko na veiwekani.

Anonymous said...

oh oh sodelpa khalas

Manasa Vere said...

Exposing Corruption inside Fiji Government 25Jul2014

Varinava Tiko
Published on Jul 24, 2014
Varinava Tiko (M.D. Access United (Fiji) Ltd) exposing Fiji Government, Ministry of Labour corruption 2011 - 2014. Access Fiji is a locally owned company that began operations in August 2011 and have already remitted FJD12M into the Fiji economy to date. Despite government reassurance at top level, officers of the Ministry of Labour allegedly deceive P.S. to victimise Mr. Tiko - a personal touch.

T.Narutu said...

Isn't it pathetic that Government supporters cannot create their own blog [Even a 2 year old can do it in this day and age]and post accolades about their heroes and write crap about the others? Guess they prefer to patronize Coup 4.5 and post here instead. Congratulations Coup 4.5 looks like you have the popularity vote and mostly from the regime supporters, most of whom are anonymous and have very little of what resembles a life as usual.

Anonymous said...

The Gone Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi wept tears of solicitude upon hearing the rumour of the Attorney-General's admittance to the intensive care unit. She is delighted that he has recovered and can still stand trial for his crimes.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

FijiFirst names 21 candidates
18:36 Fri Jul 25, 2014

Some of the FijiFirst candidates
Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Shanal Sivan
The FijiFirst political movement has named 21 candidates and the lineup includes current cabinet ministers and prime minister, Voreqe Bainimarama.
The ministers are Dr Jiko Luveni, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Jone Usamate, Colonel Inia Seruiratu, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Dr Neil Sharma, Viliame Naupoto and Colonel Timoci Natuva.
FirstFiji leader, Bainimarama announced the names this afternoon.
“These men and women have been chosen because we believe they have the commitment to the objectives, values and principles of FijiFirst. They individually bring a knowledge base and experience from their own respective fields of expertise and profession. We believe they will bring credibility and integrity."
Other candidates are former Justice Permanent Secretary, Mere Vuniwaqa, Economist, Dr Mahendra Reddy, former TV personality Nemani Bainivalu, Paralympics gold medalist Iliesa Delana and Savusavu hotelier, Lorna Eden.
The remaining candidates are Teddy Fong, Alex O’Connor, Rosy Akbar, Joseph Veramo, Jimilai Wainibalagi, Osea Naiqau and Alifereti Nabulivou.
Other names will be announced in the next two weeks.
- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21662/fijifirst-names-21-candidates#sthash.7HT15s2L.dpuf


Yes, Ro Teimumu is leaving the leadership. Bless her, she just isn't coping and there is a big split at the top. There are a whole lot of factors at play. Unfortunately she is not confident giving interviews and cannot face doing talkback or the TV shows. Then there is the strain of Laisenia Qarase muscling in and trying to relive his time in office. She is very worried about his extreme comments, like saying that people wouldn't be able to worship Jesus after the election. She is close to the Archbishop and he was horrified. The biggest problem is that she is losing confidence. The attacks on her are starting to bite and she has become very concerned about what this will mean for her traditional role, We are preparing for a leadership change but are still discussing various options. In the meantime we are calling on all SODELPA candidates and supporters to remain faithful and calm. We have time to regroup and we will. We desperately need money so please pass the word around. Remember even if we don't win the election we can still be a big force in Parliament standing up for Fijian interests.

Bring Rambo back said...

We made a big mistake freezing Rabuka out. Ro Teimimumu only stood for the leadership to block his return but he would have been a big plus and he has been sitting on the sidelines sniping when he could have been out spreading the message. Qarase is behaving like an old fool. Fancy telling the people in Lau that they were going to be sold to the Chinese. Even they thought "this guy must be gaga". Unfortunately the Baini is right when he tells people SODELPA is treating people like fools. Qarase needs to understand that things are not the same. The old tactics don't work. Even in Kadavu to his and Ro Teimumu's faces, ordinary people have been praising the Government for their service delivery. When that happens, we're in big trouble. We have to offer them something other than just harping on about i'Taukei scholarships etc. For God's sake, their kids are getting their school fees paid and they are hundreds of dollars a year better off. We go in their telling them we are going to take the lease money off them and give it back to the GCC. Sorry, but how dumb is that. The Baini has given them something. We go to them wanting to take money away. Whoever thought this would work as a tactic needs a good talking to. We must be the only party in the world expecting to win an election by going to the people telling them we want to take money off them. Our campaign has stalled but we still have time to turn it around. Bring Rambo in, shut Qarase up and keep Ro Teimumu above it all. As for the rest, most of the candidates are nice enough but there are no stars.

Anonymous said...

Re treating people like fools, these last two posts sound like the same person. Can't sleep or overseas? Rambo must be making his move. Wonder who is behind him.

Anonymous said...

Politics is a dirty game. Dirrrrty.
Backbiting,backstabbing and the whole lot is all part of the game.Get rid of the old horses but keep them backstage and bring in fresh minds who can face and absorb the stage fights.
A typical example is the Government.They were never in politics but they have absolutely fine tuned themselves on stage but maybe on a different allignment.
SODELPA, you have got it all wrong. You brought in Age old actors and still they proceeded willy nilly to settle old scores as to what their old political mind dictates them. They don't realise that the tunes they are making are far more a lullaby to the public than a Top chart hit.
C'mpn SODELPA it's not too late.Change the tune and the whole band.

Anonymous said...

Bring Rambo Back. Bro i am in total agreement. As much as i dislike this government i find the stupidity in the SODELPA camp beyond belief.They seem to have people with half a brain like Nirmal Singh and Mick Beddoos despite this they are going on in the same self destructive way. With the crap coming from SODELPA one thing and that is for sure i am to voting for NFP. The last thing the people want is to walk out of the frying pan and into the fire. We need our freedoms back yes but we also want a government with the capability to lead, heal and make this country prosperous. Rabuka in my opinion would have put up the best challenge to Frank. Had he put together a good team he could have won. It looks like the only vote that will go SODLPA'S way is the dumb vote.

Anonymous said...

Crocodile tears was shed in kacava.

Anonymous said...

This split was always going to happen. Qarase is a snake who has done time in jail for abuse of office. He should have never been allowed anywhere near Ro Teimumu. All it has done is to make her look bad as if she is Lai's stooge. She looks weak. Also, why can't they have some younger people around them? We don't want these oldies anymore. Yesterday's faces especially Qarase. Couldn't believe when he said they were going to bring the qoliqoli bill in again. Felt like 2006 all over again.

TUI VITI said...

Please Fiji First supporters dont and stop swearing at the Sodelpa leader making personal attacks,Admin delete the swears,I think some Indian bloke is saying words in i-taukei not realising its full impact in context.If there really is a split in Sodelpa,then the 'game is over' for them.The media reports and pictures of Qarase are only appearing in the media whilst Ro Teimumu is appearing in the Coup .5 blog so this will generally have an impact on the lady.She is party leader but Qarase is on the front page 24/7.This shows that the man from Mavana is a strong war horse hard to put down in battle,sa malo.on the other hand well,my advise to the advisers of the lady, use this picture of the lady crying to your advantage,but of course Fiji First will win the election Sodelpa will make a good opposition party.

Anonymous said...

Good advice earlier for Khaiyum. After the elections, his relationship with Bainimarama may be in for an entirely different personal dynamic.

Bainimarama is a petty and mercurial tyrant. He's an ill-tempered, small-minded, thin-skinned, capricious and vindictive thug given to psychotic episodes. It's a rare friend of the regime who goes unpunished by the regime. The "revolution" he's led has already swallow most of its young. Most of its earliest contributors are now overseas, under arrest, or they've joined the opposition.

Were I Khaiyum, I know that I would hate to leave MY fate to his tender mercies.

Khaiyum is smarter than Bainimarama. A LOT smarter. I'm confident he'll draw the proper conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First sapotas trashing SODELPA for its line-up, but this is FFP's long-awaited list of candidates? Quite the anti-climax. Mostly traitors, opportunists, and thieves. No wonder the list took so long to announce. Obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

If Ro Teimumu really is throwing in the towel, it would be a damn shame for Fiji. She would make a decent PM and would be a tonic to the nation and economy, especially coming directly after the Bainimarama Captivity. But it never really mattered too much, as this regime was always planning to steal the elections if it couldn't win.

Anonymous said...

I can spot a con when I see one, but the shedding of tears in kadavu is the mother of all con.

Anonymous said...

I can spot a con, too. And you're definitely a fraud. Just another regime troll paid by the illegal regime to spread its lies from Claredon House.

Charan jeet Chor said...

kHAIYUM IS A CREATION OF NAZHAT SHAMEEM. NONE OTHER !!! He will run to his girl when it gets hot under the collar for him.It is she that gives her pretend legal advice which Bainimarama has been swallowing since 2009. She has run away already, knowing the fury of the people after 2014.....He will most likely be assainated by Bainimarama after 2014.....no amount of palao feeding in lovoni road will save his arse.

High Tea said...

I don't know why the democratic opposition didn't unite in the first place and simply refuse to participate in this sham election. Why should Fiji's legitimate political parties allow themselves to be governed by rules imposed by a regime that's already been ruled illegal? All they've done now is to lend an air of legitimacy to a fraudulent "government" and its fraudulent election.

TV said...

@ High Tea, after 8yrs and a month away from election, it took that long for you to look beyond the mist, I knew that Sodelpa and its supporters are a bunch of idiots.Its too late now,ha!ha!ha! and all this time you were calling the PM an idiot.Thats how magicians do wonder,on one hand they divert attention and on the other the work is hidden, in plain sight,ha!ha!ha!

Anonymous said...

Some say that Qarase is undermining Ro Teimumu Kepa on purpose because he is totally against a female having such power.

Perhaps it goes to show that there are some that just can not accept equality, an unfortunate time for SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

High Tea, you are right. You've been right all along. We should never have allowed the regime to waste our time with the phony charter, the phony dialogue process, the phony 2009 election, the phony Yash Ghai "constitutional dialogue", the phony 2013 "constitution", and now this phony election. This fraud of a regime won't end until the vanua mobilises and marches on Suva. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Where is Transparency??? back in 2007 Did Bai not say that no one from his government and he himself will not contest in election?? Now we see just about all his stooges and him are in running. Can anyone trust this man? People with any intelligence will not vote for Fake Fiji 1st. It is only that are weak in mind that will vote. If he wins with a majority, it will tell me that majority my fellow Fijians are stupid.

Anonymous said...

How many non iTaukei are on Board of SODELPA? Not one. SODELPA was and is a racist party. People like Nirmal, George Shiu Raj anf the likes are discards of their community. All the rejects have jumped on board with SODELPA. They need to find some credible Indo-Fijians to represent the group. Same applies for likes of Tupeni Baba who is an insignificant politician.

Anonymous said...

WEN IS THE CARETAKER GOVT COMING INTO PLACE??????? this shud have been done months ago!!!!!!!!!!sa dua na veivakalolomataki sa levu......laurai vin aka......sa rere tiko na FF...... U guys have no conscious .......wat r u scared off????? Na levu ni butako sa caka tiko...??????

Vutaki Meo said...

Who is the leader of SODELPA? Qarase or Ro Kepa. Qarase is behaving he is the leader. I feel sorry for Ro Kepa as Qarase is undermining her leadership.

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