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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fiji's deposed PM warns Bainimarama and Khaiyum 'your days are numbered'

Laisenia Qarase has told coup leader, Frank Bainimarama, and his illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, their days 'are numbered'.

In a video released on Youtube yesterday, Qarase responds to Khaiyum's latest diatribe about the Great Council of Fiji, which appeared in the Fiji Sun this week, describing the comments as 'denigrating and insulting.'

Qarase says Khaiyum has no right as an Indo-Fijian to tell indigenous Fijians what to do, especially about the GCC. 

He also says opposition parties with large Indo-Fijian followings, such as FLP, NFP and PDP, all want to retain the GCC.

A party stalwart says Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama have used media and criminal decrees to try to frighten SODELPA but it was now stepping out on social media 'to find space for our democratic and indigenous group rights that include diversity.'

"This is not about racism but about market science, art and truth."

Teimumu leads march in West

Qarase's hard hitting video comes as SODELPA supporters brave police to march in Lautoka to mark the opening of its new office in the West.

The march was led by party leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, and despite restrictions on the use of placards and being monitored, supporters joined in.

Member for the West, Mick Beddoes, says members and supporters came out in numbers to signal the ‘awaking’ of the SODELPA push to regain democracy for Fiji.

"All those who found the courage to step out in the open and declare their support for SODELPA have the gratitude and admiration of the SODELPA leadership," says Beddoes.

No placards allowed but Lautoka march signals 'awaking'.
He says joining the march would not have been easy as many people remain intimidated and fearful.

He hoped the courage displayed by West supporters yesterday, would motivate and encourage others to 'cast aside their fears and join in the push to re-establish accountable and transparent democracy in Fiji.'

Beddoes has also criticised the latest poll from the Fiji Sun suggesting Fiji First would win 40 seats.

"And this win comes without a single other candidate for Fiji First being named," says Beddoes "so it's Frank Bainimarama's win and the other 49 candidates to be announced are irrelevant. 

"So even if Frank nominated 49 goats to stand with him, according to the polls he and 49 goats would win 40 seats."

Beddoes says Bainimarama had announced just last week  that he would take all 50 seats and 'now even his rigged poll has to concede that Fiji First might win 40 seats.'

"But this is a 20% drop despite the millions of dollars they are throwing into these elections."

Beddoes says SODELPA and its opposition partners are just "warming up, so if we have already put a 20% dent in his rigged poll outcomes, it’s not unreasonable to assume that once our campaign pace and message gets some traction, another 20% drop is likely and all of a sudden Frank Bainimarama will be looking at 30 seats."


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Anonymous said...

A vote to FF is a vote to Khayium.
Khayium was instrumental in the removing of GCC.
Reading Khayium's thesis on removing GCC.
Khayium has ruled for 8 years illegally and made millions.
The disclosures given to the election office about salary and asset is not true and warrants full investigation.

Anonymous said...

i taukei must understand that Khayium does not speak on behalf of all the Indians perhaps he may be speaking and insulting the GCC on behalf of the Muslim or FF.

The world's biggest scapegoat Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said...

Kaiyum khaiyum khaiyum!

It seems people are obsessed with him.

FF is not Khaiyum. FF”s president is I’taukei, its leader is itaukei, its VP is itaukei. Most of the ministers are itaukei. Most of the PSs are itaukei. Most of the CEO are itaukei.

Why doesn't Qarase pick a fight with them? Why only attack Khaiyum and bring race into it?

This is the kind of cowardly leadership destroyed SDL because when the party should have been resisting Qarase ran away and only surfacing now like the balolo in Mavana.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 8.57if you have just been deposed via armed soldiers and then late into the night Bainimarama calls you and in a drunken state threatens to come over and shoot you, what would you do sonalevu?

Anonymous said...

Khayium has put all his Muslim brothers in top position.This is fact.Khayium is FF.Khayium is using a handful i taukei for his political aspirations.

The country is in massive debt and poverty levels have reached upto 45%, cost of living is all time high due to devaluation after the coup whilst some have got 400% increase in their salary.

dau ania said...

GO SODELPA GO.....YES!YES!!!YES!!! kua ni rawai ena veika sa cakava tu qo na kaijavani qori(bainimarama)se na muslim qori(khaiyum)rau sa cakava tu e levu na ka meda digitaki rau...kua ni valolomataki ira na nomu kawa ka rai vayalomatua,na ka kece e caka tu qo ni na oti na veidigidigi rau sa na cava tale ga ........

Ni raica na I sau ni yaya sara sau levu baleta na cava na levu ni musumusu sa cakava tu na matanitu nei baini........meda rai vayalomatua sa kua na kuitaki vakarawarawa......

Au dua vata kei na kena valesui mai na matabose vakaturaga(GCC) baleta qo eda kilai kina na itaukei.....ke ko saqata tiko e varaitaki niko sega ni kai viti me vakataki rau na sa bokoca tiko oqo......LETS THINK WISE BEFORE YOU VOTE...bt don't forget to vote fo SODELPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay said...

You want to justify yourself now to be legal but you took over the Government illegally. One day the long arm of the law will reach you maybe not now but one day. Let the games begin.

Anonymous said...

The Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji is reported to have made a number of questionable statements to the Fiji:NZ Business Council, about “risk factors” associated with the September elections (FBC News, 4 July 2014) that

* the important thing is not to have elections, but having a stable government after elections

* making sure there is no immediate reversal of policies and incentives

* because that will really tick off a lot of businesses

* and harm the economy

The Board and Governor of the RBF need to remind Mr Ariff Ali that according to the Bank’s Charter (available in their Annual Reports), the principal purposes of the Reserve Bank are to

* to regulate domestic currency, and the supply, availability and international exchange of money

* to promote monetary stability and a sound financial structure

* to foster credit and exchange conditions for balanced economic development

* provide proactive and sound advice to Government.

Mr Arif Ali’s statements do not come under any of these purposes and can be construed as political and partisan.

Q10 said...

Even using St Thomas High School band does not even sway me evenfor a second to support a party that promotes unrepentent corrupt leaders such as Q10 and Haryana donations.
Of course people will shake Q10′s hand because he’s seen as the lesser evil when compared to the current crop who’ve flatly refused to open their financial books to public scrutiny the last 8 years.
But a thief of Q10′s type who despite his education, experience and exposure, took advantage of a system and a people, to feather his own nest, should never ever hold public office ever again.​

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

GCC is a very sensitive issue, which can determine the outcome of this election.
GCC is tied to Fijians, their land and it's people. Yes, there are a few rotten eggs but that does not reflect the goodwill amongst majority of it's members who have Fiji and all its people (regardless of race, religion or creed) at heart.

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

Khaiyum should direct his diatribe on the army rather than the GCC. I don't think he understands that the only institution that controls the armoury is the army. I don't think he understands that the the takeover over of parliament was sanctioned by the army. I don't think he understands that chiefs who were implicated in the previous takeover of government do not represent the GCC. Ask Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

Anonymous said...

@ Tamai Tuiviti
I don't think you understand anything about the army.I don't think you understand what happens in the army camp in the 2000 coup.I don't think you know the involvement of the GCC with the so called innocent CRW unit in the 2000 coup.

Anonymous said...

I just farted. Must be Aiyaz Sayed-Khayum's fault!

Who gives a damn said...

Who cares what the convicted felon says? Yesterday's crook. SODELPA is a party for ripoff merchants and husband stealers.

Anonymous said...

Is the Car Park babe Sainiana Radrodro a candidate for SODOM-ELPA or she's just there for service??

Anonymous said...

What a racist, playing race card as last resort.

GCC is creation of uneducated whites, without any consultation with natives.

As a taxpayer and attorney general, Mr Kaiyum has every right to have his say, insulting or not insulting.

Anonymous said...

The old fart Qarase playing the race card again. No, not this time Qarase!!! The Fijians have become wiser and your racist views will not convince them anymore!!!

You picking Aiyas Khaiyum to whip up racist feeling among indegienous Fijians to win votes... This will not happen.

Anonymous said...

Put the man behind bars again. That is where he deserves to spend the rest of his life

Anonymous said...

Oops, the regime trolls ate irked!

Thank you for continuing to speak out despite your persecution, PM Qarase.

And many thanks to those who were not too intimidated to prevent them from marching for SODELPA in impressive numbers.

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Anonymous said...

Qarase: It takes a village chief (Ro Teimumu).

Bainimarama: It takes a village idiot (Khaiyum).

yucky boys from boys school said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

We are what we speak of...the homo guy...according his IP address...was also a former homo..but not by his choice...that is why he assumes..that all those attend those schools..are homo..this individual needs spiritual deliverance...because...he must have been abused once..please..pray for this homo minded..

Toso Viti said...

SODELPA all the way.

Anonymous said...

*Black Rock (Rabaka)
*Yatch Club (Verebasaga)
and many more....Na va io SAKA wale tu ga I gusu na vei tokoni caka to qo na FF...FIJIAN politics at its best..Na dra ena sega ni taqusi rawarawa tu ga va qori..good one Beddoes

Anonymous said...

Bwehehehehehehe...40 goats me ratou vakavutuki bai k kai

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse stick to manufacturing lies to save bai, don't poke your fugly nose into taukei affairs

Anonymous said...

JUSTICE FIRST FF...then you can have some credibility...NEPOTISM...yellow ribbon...where is integrity...from Prison to PS..we must stand for the truth and the truth will set you free...other wise this curse will keep following you.

Anonymous said...

Vote for any other party except Bainimarama's party.

mark manning said...

Prior to this latest and most violent of all Fiji's coups, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was practising Law in Brisbane while awaiting his Australian Residency or citizenship!
How and why did he become Fiji's illegally appointed Attorney General?
An honest man of the Law, would not accept such an appointment unless they had an ulterior motive.
The Regime for which he works, has made those motives clear, by removing the protection of Indigenous Fijians Land Ownership and Rights.
The "whole" population of Fiji has been waiting for its "Leaders" to speak out and one would expect now, to see them rise up and get behind Ro Kepa and Mr. Qarase.
The time for talk, the time for hiding and waiting, has come and gone.
What will you tell your children and their children of your actions at this time in Fiji's history.
Let us see which rats abandon Frank's sinking ship 1st.
Let's see who among the Warriors is brave enough to arrest and detain Frank and his band of thugs.

Anonymous said...

If Bainimarama had any sense he would never say that wants to win all 50 seats for the sake of having no opposition in Parliament.

In other words, he wants to go the way of the Nazis in Germany and Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe.

These type of comments only legitimise opposition criticisms of "DICTATORSHIP".

At least we can now confirm that Bai intends to govern without tangible opposition after 2014.

Bai is an idiot. Vote for any party other than FFP.

Mark Meaningless said...

Vote Fiji First!! Dream on SODELPA

Democrat said...

"As a taxpayer and attorney general, Mr Kaiyum has every right to have his say"

His AG appointment is ILLEGAL

Anonymous said...

SWEET SUPPORT IN SUGAR CITY: Sodelpa’s supporters in western Fiji defy dictatorship and pour onto the streets of Lautoka to cheer party

See huge street march:


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The Land Use Decree gives total control of Native Land for 99 years to the PM to hand out as he likes and landowners cannot appeal to the court system for review

LAND TRUTH...Fiji Democracy Blog

The Fiji Sun has a report of a visit to Nakorovou Rewa by former PM Qarase, while the Fiji Times has a report of Bainimarama’s visit to Dreketi Primary School in Rewa.There was not much detail on what was discussed but it seems Bainimarama said, as usual, your land is safe. But Qarase nailed the real issue, the Land Use Decree, which he said is “very dangerous”. It’s good to see the Fiji Sun recognising that SODELPA exists and is campaigning strongly but they seem to have left out all the detail. The Land Use decree is dangerous because it gives total power over leasing of land for up to 99 years to the PM with no right of appeal to the court over any decisions he makes. And it says the PM should give equal weight to the interests of the economy as to the interests of the landowners. Whatever the reports in the media say, the truth will be told and SODELPA has on its side the truth. Bainimarama must be made to explain word by word what is in the Land Use Decree and if he won’t SODELPA is there to do it for him.

The usual chimp arse scratching said...

Hey anon at 0738. Here have a banana. And get back into that tree.

Anonymous said...

Vote Fiji First if you never want to be able to vote again.

Anonymous said...


There is nothing so fretting and vexatious, nothing so justly TERRIBLE to tyrants, and their tools and abettors, as a FREE PRESS.




Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu is no one's stooge, which is why the regime fears her. She stood up to Bainimarama, so there's no doubt she can stand up against Qarase and anyone else.

But having Qarase back in charge would be a vast improvement anyway over the current crooked lout.

WARNING! said...

Many times Christians have PUBLICLY slandered others causing defamed reputations and broken hearts.

These SINS of gossip and slander are widespread and have serious consequences. Many of us are not aware of the devastation resulting from a slip of the tongue, saying something negative about somebody else, or making false accusations.


No more crooks! said...

Qarase went to jail for corruption. You want him back in charge? That means you support corruption. That means you support our beloved nation being steadily eroded away from within. No Fijian is going to support that. So keep going on like this and you will surely lose.

Mark Meaningless said...

There's no use of complaining people, Fiji First will win.Qarase can bark all he wants and SODELPA can arrange for more march,it will never change the picture that their candidates painted while they were running the government.We see them as a bunch of double crossing,corrupted motherf*****s!!

Anonymous said...

You have a log in your eye!

8.29am. Who indeed is corrupt here?

Do you understand what it means to take over a government via illegal means? The rest that follows is CORRUPTION TO THE MAX!!

But of course, you dont see that! You may want to check out that huge log that's obscuring your vision at the moment.

May help you know!

Anonymous said...

Vote Fiji First if you want Bainimarama to control your land for the next 99 years.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:36 AM
I think you're one of those who were feeding from Qarase's finger tips while we were all struggling.Just like one of his cousin who used to fly in and out of Vanuabalavu every week,tuxido and a brief case.When Qarase got kicked,his tavale went back to Mavana to cut copra and maybe now he's riding a horse in Tota.
People like you and Qarase should never be given second chances to lead.

Anonymous said...

Please do not paint all Muslims with the same brush. Most of us do not support FF. ASK has managed to promote his friends and family and by virtue of him being Muslim these people are also Muslims. In my home their are 4 eligible voters. We have decided to split our votes equally between SODELPA and NFP. We are also sending donations funds equally to these 2 parties.
An alliance of these 2 parties will be the best thing to ever happen to this country. Its best to keep religion out of politics. We are all human beings with the same need for freedom and dignified living unlike what these 2 goons have offered us.

Anonymous said...

Vote Fiji First if you support torture.

Anonymous said...

NFP should unite with SODELPA. So should the FLP and PDP. But not Fiji First. No one should unite with traitors.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

a friend in lautoka was told by her aunt not to march, as her taxes would double if she exposed herself.

when the march began, her aunt was right in there. you just need a spark to get the fire going.

Anonymous said...

Sack Arif of RBF...

Anonymous said...

They will not sack Arif this is Muslim brotherhood at it's best.

Mark Meaningless said...

Sodelpa should organise another march,but this time in Suva and with anti regime placards.Only then we can see how much SAPOTAS they have,maybe then we ll the C4.5 Super Heroes like Mark Mannings&Tamai Tuiviti 1.

No more boko haram said...

Time to remove the boko haram clones from Fiji.

Bright Eyes said...

to 8.36am

I suggest you apply for a position with The Sun - you'd make a darn good reporter.

Another snyde, baseless & boring comment that just "slides right of the rails" into Timbuktu!!

Time will tell - meanwhile, you still have that log in your eye for goodness sake!!

Anonymous said...

To 9.12am

I suggest you apply for a position with The Sun - you'd make a darn good reporter.

Another snyde, baseless & boring comment that just "slides right of the rails" into Timbuktu!!

Time will tell - meanwhile, you still have that log in your eye for goodness sake!!

Tamai Tui Viti1 said...

FF is underpresssure! They kept us under pressure for the last 8 years, refusing to reveal and lying about about their governance.
Now that the election is so so close, they are under a lot of pressure not knowing where our votes will go! So funny to see them having a taste of their own medicine...

Anonymous said...

Army says...there was only a handful that marched and showed their support and solidarity against Frank and Khaiyum but it is only a few you need to rouse the nation. Reflection of a true leader is when the leader leads from the front.

Anonymous said...

MUSLIM women will have to remove their head scarves/veil or hijab for the Fiji National Provident Fund and Fiji Revenue Customs Authority joint identification card pictures.

Two Muslim women were turned away from FNPF in Suva after they refused to take off their hijab.

The distraught women from Nausori had gone to get their joint ID cards when they were told by FNPF staff members to remove their hijab.

Roselyn Karim, a garment worker, said her religion didn't permit her to do so, especially in the month of Ramadan.

She said it was considered an act of blasphemy.

"I can't just take off my hijab in front of anyone, especially a man. That violates my religion and I feel that I would have shamed not only myself but my family," she said.

"The Prime Minister has been saying that he will ensure that nobody's religion is violated."

However, she now has to go back and have her and her daughter's pictures taken without the head scarf.

FNPF has made arrangements for the women to have their pictures taken by women.

"One of the key requirements for the Joint ID procedures is a face-check verification.

"This is to ensure that the applicant is indeed a bona fide member/ taxpayer.

"If staff are not able to see the member's full facial features required for identification purposes, then there is no assurance that the member is the same person that is on the IDs being presented to us," FNPF chief executive Aisake Taito said.

"Bending this customer identification and face validation procedure can be a channel for identity theft; thus is high risk.

"We do appreciate that everyone has a right to their religious/cultural belief which dictates the way they dress.

"But for identification purposes, particularly in the issuance of new ID, it is important that procedures are followed.

"It must be noted that our procedures also allow our Muslim women member's privacy to have their hijab and burqa removed in the presence of a female staff, who will verify their identity."

Fiji Muslim League general secretary Tabiz Akbar said despite the religious and cultural belief held by the Muslim women, if the government required Muslim women to take pictures for certain things especially dealing with matters of national interest, then there was nothing they could do.

Mark Meaningless said...

yep they lead from the front and they stab you at the back when you're not looking.

Bainimarama Knows Best said...

Mr. PM, too much is at stake in this election to allow your defeat. Your reforms need time to take root if Fiji is ever to have true democracy. We're losing headway in this negative election environment. Thousands marching in support of SODELPA in Lautoka only shows that much work is to be done. If we're to safeguard the progress we've made in reshaping the nation, then arrest Ro Teimumu now and cancel the elections. We the 80 percent do not want elections. We just want your leadership to continue and pass on to your son. It is by Allah's will that you are PM, and it will be by Allah's will that you continue to lead us without elections.

Anonymous said...

aree yaar.. nahi Fiji First!

Naboro First...

Anonymous said...

After the September Elections there will be no more decrees, No Land Use Decree..everything is within the constitution, all laws regarding the land included, the Constitution is the supreme law.The Prime Minister's powers will be limited by the presence of Opposition. The I-Taukei Affairs Board will ensure that I-Taukei affairs are safeguarded, the Taukei Affairs Board need to be enlarged and comprise Chiefs of the 14 Provinces. If we dont have this, then burning and looting will be the order of the day come September...the marches in Lautoka bring back memories of the year 2000...DO WE WANT TO GO BACK THERE?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:21 PM

It seems to me that from your comment that allah needs to learn to count

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.13pm No need for scaremongering - people know the past eight years under the rule of this military dictatorship has been worse than anything we've had in our political history. A vote for SODELPA does not mean what you're making out...it's a vote for a return to democracy, a vote to remove Bainimarama and Khaiyum, a vote for transparency of the auditors report, a vote for a fair constitution, a vote for the protection of land, a vote for solidarity and unity with other opposition parties and a vote for media freedom.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA is done before even starting. Their choice in leadership plus accepting likes of Nirmal Singh and George Shiu Raj is just the beginning. The campign is being run aimlessly and are all over the board. Pio is unfit to run the campign and Seta Loco is too green for the position.

This was the only chance that the Citizens of Fiji had to get rid of the Dictator and his side kick Kai. It is sad that we will have to live for another 4 years under this regime. Qarese and his gang should have made much better choice while they had a chance. My heart cries for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Qarase's comments. He is a thief and a crook who bought shares illegally for his family and fleeced his own people.
Now he is pretending to champion indegenous rights.
He is a fake and a hayena in sheeps skin.
I saw his u tube address and he is drumming up same old race card.
He should be prosecuted again for making racist remarks during election campaign.

Anonymous said...

Yes his voice is quevering and shaky. He is not sure what he is saying.

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 01:56pm.It's his fault that we had to go through another coup. The arrogant SOB is responsible for the divison in the country as he favored the coup plotters. Now, his arse has been fucked and he is crying foul.He also cheated the i-Taukei and did daylight robbery.Go and rot in hell you racists SOB

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 1.48pm,,,,,you condemn SODELPA and their candidates but you fail to suggest names of better candidates...perhaps put forward your name,

Your barking dog response is a distraction and is better let un-noticed like a sulphurous odorous fart

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:28, so true. The regime trolls continue their drumbeat of criticism of Qarase, Chaudhry, Kepa, Beddoes, etc., but they avoid saying who they support, because their hypocrisy would then become obvious.

Anonymous said...

someone wrote the speech for Qaselevu..SODELPA thought the crowd was there to listen to Ro kepa ..least they know they were there for free chow and the league stars ..pote mada ..kaila

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes is a shameless Vasu who would do anything to get a ticket from SODELPA for the elections.

He will be known as the guy who licked Qarases Balls to get the Leader of opposition position in qarase Govt.
He has got nothing to offer to the people of Fiji.
He is just looking for a job to fill his big fat stomach.
Vasus are people who prey on Itaukees generocity all the time.

Mate R said...

Anonymous 14 Jul @ 3.20 pm....you are a bore....your response is a bore and a big yawn ...can you say anything constructive and sensible??

Anonymous said...

SODELPA the people want march in all city and town followed by rally. The next to be Suva.i taukei must unite and vote the taliban and FF out.
The regime has ruled illegally for 8 years.8 years is enough give chance to other political parties.

Anonymous said...

Roselyn Kareem says it is against her muslim religion to remove her Hijab ---ho ho ho.Is it not against her muslim religion to keep the name " Roselyn " ????

Anonymous said...

Constitution debate

Mere Naleba
Monday, July 14, 2014

PEOPLE need to forget about past events that tarnished our country's image if we are to move forward.

These were the words of FijiFirst party leader Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama

Mr Bainimarama, during his political party campaign at the Dreketi District School in Nakorovou, Rewa, said the government had been trying its best to eradicate racist comments and thoughts often highlighted by other political parties.

He said the 2013 Constitution did not discriminate and was drawn up after consulting members of the public.

Speaking in the iTaukei language, he said the Constitution protected the rights of every person that called himself a Fijian.

Mr Bainimarama said for people who did not agree with what the Constitution was saying, that indigenous people's rights were not protected, needed to rethink their political strategies.

He said the iTaukei's rights and issues relating to them were well protected and not exploited by the Fijian Affairs Board and the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.

Mr Bainimarama also said every Fijian should decide whether they wanted to see positive changes in the country — something that his party had been trying to put in place.

"E sega ni vinakati na veitalanoa koya me basika mai kina vei na noda Constitution me dua na Constitution macawa, sega ni vinaka, sega ni vaka tautau vata taki kina na veimata tamata qo o Viti," he said. ("We don't want consultation with people who will bring out a useless Constitution, a Constitution that is not good, one that discriminates against different races in Fiji.")

"Sega ni dua na kauta laivi vei keda na taukei na noda dodonu e noda vanua, sega ni naki ni Constitution me vakamatei keda na iTaukei, na kenai naki mera laurai vakatautauvata na leweni vanua." ("Nobody will take away our rights as indigenous people — the objective of this Constitution is to see that Fijians are protected").

Rewa chief Ro Filipe Tuisawau said most people had thought the draft constitution that was drafted by Professor Yash Ghai and his team was the people's constitution.

"We all participated in the Yash Ghai draft constitution and we were hoping that would be the constitution but unfortunately that didn't happen so for us that is a disappointment that the Constitution was curated without knowledge as to who did it without consultation," he said.

Ro Filipe said it would be best if the government brought back the abrogated constitution so people could also share their views before a people's constitution was put in place.

"E na vinaka na constitution me na kau tale mai me na dikeva na lewe ni vanua. Na gauna qo nai tukutuku kece qo e biu sobu mai, e sega ni biu cake yani vei keimami," ("It would be good to bring back the constitution so that people can be part of the consultation process. At the moment all that is in place has been imposed on us and not suggested to us").

"Sa buli ga sa soli sobu mai vei keimami." ("The government has made their decisions and passed them down to us.")

Anonymous said...

Fiji first has collected a staggering 32000 votes in pre election voting overseas . Well done . Congrats . Tui

Anonymous said...

Khayium must be investigated by SOE for providing fake information on salary and asset.Khayium owns properties under the name of Latifa Investment.Tappos bought the property from Khayium for $850,000 which he bought for $210,000 only few years ago.Where is the PROFIT of this money hidden?It is not shown in the asset!!!!
Why aunty nur bano was processing the salary?

Anonymous said...

FijiFirst should change their name to Naboro First!!

Anonymous said...

Mary Bainimarama's car was not included in Bainimarama's declared assets. Why not?

Anonymous said...

the speech is racist... wel politics is politics. all fighting against Bainimarama. But years back they were fighting and pointing fingers @ eachother during parliament debate.... i'll vote for FF

Anonymous said...

More March, SODELPA!

We need more march to shake off the fear that has been forcibly instilled in us for the last 8 years!

Mark Meaningless said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
T. SUKA said...

Malo a talanoa daidai Lai,sa mai vakavoutakina tale a Vale ni Bula,Wavu kei na koronivuli ko Bainimarama.A meca ko a yalatakina vei keimami se bera tu ga mai yani.Au kerea me sa rauta a omu vakamaduatakini keimami tiko.
Sa Malo.

Anonymous said...

Qarase .. Sounds lie a washed up qase .... Fk he Gcc ... What they gonna do ? They are only there as symbolic !!! Centuries of such groin that have existed amongst other communities have always meddled with the running of the country . Qarase what Aiyaz stated was true ... You are rascist against our indo Fijians

George k

Sori, Fiji is said...

ASK can deny as much as he wants but if the illegal government had any brains it wouldn't allow him to hold the dual position of Minister of Elections and well as general secretary of Fiji First. Why the heck does he need to have both jobs? Only because he has to have his finger in as many pies as he can to run everything his way.

Anonymous said...

It is not racist to defend yourself from decrees designed to kill you off and to kill off your rights as an indigenous person. Go read about other indigenous people eg Maori, Aboriginals and Native Americans and you will find they are fighting for the same things and the governments of their country have had to recognise those rights.

Anonymous said...

Regime has done too good a job on its propaganda that too many Fijians have lost the ability to think for themselves. As has been said before, it will get the government it deserves because the people have got no guts to stand up for themselves.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All the Maoris , amercian Indians , and aboriginals get massive support n concessions across many facets of government . They like Fijians get everything . The Difference is they also know that they cannot be given power in their land amply because , they are more interested in boozing , gambling , n Social NOTWOrKING !!! Something that you Fijians claim to have mastered and conceptualised . Let's face face it Fijians don't have brains n can't think for themselves .

Kevin Somerset ,
Nadi fiji

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The Social Democratic Liberal Party has raised concern about the hiring of the American public relations company namely Qorvis Communications by the government.

SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa said the current government has paid over 3 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to the US based company.

According to the National Budgets, Qorvis Communications was allocated $994,000 in 2012, $1.16 million in 2013 and $1 million this year.

Story by Tokasa Rainima

Anonymous said...

How much commission is paid to Khayium by Qorvis Communications?

Anonymous said...

Ro mumu ... Just keep quiet N go n get education. !!!!fiji first

Anonymous said...

It appears that SODELPA is become an awesome power to be reckoned with. The party is making FF shiver with fear. That is why the regime trolls are coming out in droves on this site to try to dissuade us from supporting Ro Teimumu Kepa and SODELPA candidates.
Bainimarama, Khaiyum and their illegal bunch can do whatever they like, taunt, demean, threaten or even use confusing propaganda. But these will all be in vain because we have the truth and the "truth will make us free" which freedom has been denied us these last eight years.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Sir Qarase for the brave speech. The truth hurts and thats why a few opposition on this forum are swearing using words like SOB & etc because they are being hurt by the truth.

Anonymous said...

Gorvis had to be brought in to save our tourist industry which employs a lot of people and save our economy after arseholes like unionists and SDl went around the world trying to stop tourist into our country in an attempt to collapse the economy. All your dooms day prediction including the likes of Keneth Zinc, Suliasi Daunitutu, Jone Baledrokadroka and former SDL ministers now in SODELPA tried to collapse the economy by rubbishing Fiji in the overseas media. That is the very reason why Gorvis was brought in.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:53 PM

It sounds like the SODELPA leader needs to learn something about how the modern world works.

All governments will have a PR department the same as all large businesses.

It's just unfortunate that foreigners had to be employed as Fiji is somewhat lacking in this area, just look at the standard of local advertising and journalism for an idea.

Anonymous said...

Qorvis Communications will be flushed out from the country like a bad stink rubbish. They are sucking our economy and thanks for SODELPA in exposing this evil deeds by Kai & Bai. GO SODELPA !!!!!

Just saying said...

Oilei anon@7.02pm what rubbish! Qorvis was brought in at cost of taxpayers to set up Facebook, chat groups and other social media networks and propaganda machine, Ministry of a Information, to make Khaiyum and Bainimarama look good because both we're being exposed for the greedy crook and liars they were.

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous 3.35pm

Don't forget that we the "vasus" are here as descendants of virgin chiefly native princesses whom our forefathers broached!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 7.03pm Sodelpa and any Coalition government it forms will hopefully make good use of a good PR team, with more honest intentions instead of the systematic propaganda we're currently getting. My only hope is that it doesn't employ the Sodelpa team it currently has in place. Sorry, Saniana and Jese but you just don't cut it. If Sodelpa gets in, it will be needing a much more switche'd on team.

ASK vast vasu said...

Mick Beddoes is one of the hardest working and smartest politicians in Fiji. If anyone is sucking up, it's Khaiyum, an unknown lawyer, who is now running the country for no-school Bainimarama because of the big suck and his ability to tell lies.

Anonymous said...

It really is hard to believe just how out of touch some here are with Fiji.

For someone to suggest that SODELPA has 'exposed' Qorvis work and its cost when this has been common knowledge to all for a very long time they have to be joking or just plain dumb.

Anonymous said...

ASK must disclose his true salary and asset.

Anonymous said...

Kua na vosa valia2 jiko...au sa kilai iko jiko...

Anonymous said...

After fiji is declared an Islamic state , we will allocate a muslim name for every Fijian eg mosese becomes Mohammed , tevita becomes Tahir , and ratu ului becomes ... Mr Abu baker ... All Fijians will be required to attend Friday prayers at your locks
Mosques .

Vinaka ....

Ratu Mohammed talklim

Dreketi nahi jana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

If Qarase can be send to prison then why can't Khayium be send to prison for treason.

Anonymous said...

"YAWN!!"..Every thing you say is getting old Qarase,if only you could tell us why we should waste our vote with you like we did before!You cannot come up with something positive to persuade us rather than the old race card and i-Taukei issues.Just tell us what you did to that piece of i-Taukei land in Momi.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Sodelpa.This dictator government should be brought to justice and both of these tyrants to be locked in the new correction centre made by them.All Fijian brothers should get together as this is the only chance to kick them out.God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

We should ask Dr.Mere Samisoni to clarify why she wanted to burn all the wooden buildings in Suva on 31st DEC 2011.

Anand said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

If SODELPA win this election,i think there will be bloodshed and it will be much worse than the year 2000.
Let's pray that we do not see the replica of those dark times in our beloved Fiji.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon@10.51pm The only reason there would be bloodshed is if people like you succeed in stirring people up. Now why would you want to do that and make out voting for Sodelpa will cause chaos? Trouble will only
occur if Bainimarama can't accept he lost at the poll.

Anonymous said...

NFP ws dead. biman injected life into the party. without biman party id khalas, finish.

Anonymous said...


All Hail Bainimarama said...

People need to forget about those past events that tarnished our country's image in order for us to move forward.

Never mind who was behind the armed takeover of the Parliament in 2000. That's history now.

The killing of the CRW soldiers is best forgotten. We can't live in the past.

The coup in 2006 happened. Get over it!

The tortures only affected a few people, and their anuses no longer bleed. We don't attract tourists to Fiji by harping on such things.

The Abrogation is behind us now. Time to look ahead.

The dismissal of the judiciary is behind us, too. We have a new judiciary now that constantly gets fresh blood as we sift through magistrates from Sri Lanka.

Democracy is a foreign flower. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, etc., are bourgeois Western values imposed on us by colonial powers to keep us fractious and divided in our individual opinions. We should put those things out of our mind and just concentrate on building a New Fiji.

After all these years, I've already forgotten about Public Auditor reports. You should, too.

If the Methodists want to assemble every year to remember someone who was put to death as a criminal 2,000 years sgo, I say you're about 2,000 years too late and 2,000 years out of touch.

The 1997 Constitution was fine . . . for 1997. Yash Ghai has moved on. So should we.

The Rear Admiral has returned the lifetime accrued leave he was paid, and his assets and liabilities declaration should now close the book regarding his finances. No point in reopening it.

The GCC is an anachronistic institution imposed on the vanua and consisting of a bunch of old dinosaurs. It is dead and buried. Do not resuscitate.

Indigenous land titles are guaranteed by the new Constitution and backed by the full faith and credit of the Bainimarama government. ITaukei hoarding the land for themselves needs to become a relic of the past. The land in Fiji will now belong to all of us who consider ourselves Fijian.

No more living in the past. Welcome to the New Fiji!

Anonymous said...

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

- George Santayana

Anonymous said...

So It’s okay to be a dick, since no matter what, it’ll be in the past? And It’s their choice to run or learn from it? But you’ll still be a dick? Dick!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is about to become the thing of the past, lets kick his ass when he founds out in September!

Anonymous said...

The regime trolls should move on...
Bainimarama s reign is coming to an end

Davy Jones said...

Coming from a convicted Qarase , dogs of mating season , what a bunch of bitches

High Tea said...

All Hail Bainimarama, that's quite a litany of crimes and abuses you and your hero want us to forget and put behind us. Serious crimes -- like murder, torture and treason. And some of these, like treason, are ongoing crimes that continue to tarnish our national reputation. Now, why should we forget these, when you are the same people who have been so merciless in your persecution of even the pettiest infractions by perceived regime opponents?

Anonymous said...

All Hail Bainimarama, Jesus may have been put to death as a criminal, but he committed no crime. He was the unblemished Lamb of God who paid for your and my sins. He continues to live today through those of us who have commended our lives and souls to Him. He's as relevant today as ever.

Princess Merida said...

Useful Education on what is really happening worldwide...the plot to rule is spreading.

Time to educate ourselves!


Anonymous said...

ELPA only found out about Qorvis when an American/ Fiji brought it to their attention. Otherwise SODELPA was quite oblivious to the fact that there was this so called Public Relations company which was hired by the regime.

People running the campign for SODELPA are quite novice and not up to speed with modern technology or modern politics. They need someone that has experience to run campign with some zest.

Just Situational Logic said...

Bainimarama wants us all to put the past behind us. He would, though, wouldn't he -- seeking election after having done some very sordid things.

It isn't that easy, though. You see, murder and treason know no statute of limitations. By law, we cannot forget what he did.

Justice, too, insists that we remember.

The Heckler said...

SODELPA: Lest we forget.

Fiji First: Lest you remember!

Anonymous said...

PM Bainimarama postponed the general election to another 20years or else you will spend the rest of your life in Naboro. SODELPA is gaining momentum and it is highly unlikely that you will win the election. Do it now before it is to late.

Anonymous said...

Postpone the General Election me qai laurai mada na SODELPA!

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

Bainimarama has stated his belief in equal citizenry . I believe that involves the lifting restrictions to itaukei land ownership.
On the contrary he astoundingly maintains that Fijian land is immune to his philosophy of equal citizenry.
Isn't this another blatant lie that people are buying into?
He courts the indians, but again he is not fully committed to what he believes in. In a sense Butadroka is probably a worthy leader..he just says it like it is! What you hear is what you get!

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...
Bainimarama has stated his belief in equal citizenry . I believe that involves lifting restrictions to itaukei land ownership.
On the contrary he astoundingly maintains that Fijian land is immune to his philosophy of equal citizenry.
Isn't this another blatant lie that people are buying into?
He courts the indians, but again he is not fully committed to what he believes in. In a sense Butadroka is probably a worthy leader..he just says it like it is! What you hear is what you get!

Anonymous said...

Time for a change.8 years of illegal rule is enough.

Anonymous said...

Army says to Kevin Somerset....and you are a part of Frank's supporters who want to be called Fijians. Welcome brainless Fijian.

Oh by the way...you do realise the colonial era has passed you by so you can pull your knee high socks down and while your at it....lol...poor bloke.

Anonymous said...

The govt shud by now resign n let a caretaker govt take over to the elections.....how come they r not doin it???? Lamu se cava???no country in the world does this.....

Anonymous said...

If we do not have an interim government the election will be rigged by Khayium and for this Saneem is the Supervisor of Election.

Anonymous said...

All Taxi'z were told Veivueti, Matua and others if they don't put stickers on their cars their permit will be revoked. Matua Taxis has around 60 Taxis and Veivueti 50 plus. Multiply by $80.00 for the back wind screen stickers = Hundred Thousands plus for other taxis around Suva areas. WHO FUNDED THIS AND WHY THEY DON'T DECLARE IT? SOMEONE OUT THERE IS BEHIND THE PAYMENT FOR ALL THIS. A CHINESE BUSINESS MAN I HEARD AND A MUSLIM DONNER.

Anonymous said...

FijiFirst questioned on conflict of interest07:09 YesterdayTaken from/By: Report by: Apisalome CokaAiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says there’s no conflict of interest in him being the Minister for Elections and a political candidate for the FijiFirst movement. He was questioned by voters at a rally in Nakorovou in Rewa which has been a strong-hold of the Social Democratic Liberal Party. Rewa Chief Ro Filipe Tuisawau was part of the audience at Nakorovu. “Mr Khaiyum I would like to ask you, you know you are the general secretary of the party but you the Minister for elections, isn’t that conflict of interest, you are in charge of elections but you are the general secretary of the FijiFirst, your interest is in the party and you are also supervising the supervisor of elections, I can’t see, how that can happen” In response Sayed-Khayium says his dual roles do not overlap. “I’m not the one supervising the supervisor of elections, in fact the Minister supervisor for elections in 2001 and 2006 was Laisenia Qarase, he was the Minister responsible for elections,the Minister responsible for elections before that was Sitiveni Rabuka, both of them were leaders of their parties.” He adds while the operations of the elections office are funded by the state – there are NO strings attached. “I don’t tell them what to do, the money that the Fijian government gives to the elections office comes to the Minister responsible for elections, because it is your money, so the permanent secretary has to sign out for it, the supervisor of elections is supervised by the electoral commission.” FijiFirst leader Voreqe Bainimarama as been holding campaign rallies in various parts of Viti Levu - See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21350/fijifirst-questioned-on-conflict-of-interest#sthash.tFGCaogg.dpuf

Tui Viti said...

As I have stated earlier majority of those marchin are those squatting on Namoli land next to the Industrial Area,those who are squatting at Vunato and nearby,Vunato is use by the LCC as a 'RD', so most people there seek permission from TV or members of his mataqali e.g Satala Family who are the real kai Namoli people; many in the village are from other provinces Bua,Yasawa,Ra etc[no offence intended]Their visa to squat on Namoli land depends on the outcome of this election.Anyway Bill Satala will make a good candidate.Apart from the past mistakes he is a good hearted man like his Dad.Mutu Cola Vina, na Momo na TV.Vina Du!

Anonymous said...

Why people like Dr. Brij Lal and many Fiji citizen are banned from entering the country?
However the influx of chinese in big numbers continue.

Anonymous said...

The results of overlooking the need for compulsory education for the past 10-2-yrs [before 2006] has concluded in a HIGH ILLITTERACY in Fiji. We would like to thank the current Govt. for quickly applying the remedy of Free Education and Free Bus Fare for students.The sins of the past Govts are surfacing now but luckily we have a leader similar to Moses leading Fiji out from the dry desert to the promised land.Vinaka PM!

No chance said...

SODELPA can do whatever it likes but while ever it has a convicted criminal like Qarase and an immoral sex obsessed woman like Ro Teimumu Kepa leading it, the Fijian people will never vote it into office. You can fool yourselves but you can't fool us.

Anonymous said...

This election will be decided by the i taukei. The i taukei votes will decide as they have two parties to choose from – SODELPA or FF.
The Indians will choose from NFP, FLP, PDP and FF. Indian votes will be divided by these four political parties.
So let the i taukei decide their future – SODELPA or FF.

Coup 4.5 said...

Clarendon House IP address from Suva, your sexual comments against Ro Teimumu have been removed and future comments along these lines will be removed.

dau ania said...

WARAKA NAMAKA BAINIVUAKA N KHAIYUM stop fooling your selfs soon will end up în VATUDEKUKA .
Kemuni na tokoni Bainivuaka tiko kei khaiyum ni sega ni loqmani ira na luvemuni,tacimuni era lewena tu na CRW ka vanalaki ira o voreqe....

Ni soli maka tiko vei rau me kani cava,sa voleka ni sega na keda qele mera bula kina na noda kawa.....

Drau lako mada ga o voreqe kei khaiyum drau lai vulica na veiliutaki sega ni caka tiko e ke na VADODORO,SE VEIVUTUSONA......

Anonymous said...

qarase is back to racial politics.

he still calls Indians as indo Fijians

lq will never learn- the biggest racist around
its time he needs to go back to his village and for a change earn the hard way

Anonymous said...

anon 2.28pm
numbskull....indigenous rights is not racist,,,,read UN Declaration on Rights of indigenous,,,,,most articles violated by F First.....moron

Anonymous said...

FIJI: Vote-buying scam exposed

Wednesday, July 10, 2002 - 10:00

SUVA — Despite being declared free and fair by international observers, Fiji's 2001 general election was riddled with fraud and corruption. The most recent scandal to emerge involves the interim government spending up to F$30 million of public funds to buy Melanesian-Fijian votes.

The "interim" government, led by Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and the Melanesian-chauvinist Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party, was installed by the Fiji military after the 2000 coup. The coup was staged by members of the ultra-chauvinist Conservative Alliance/Matanitu Vanua, with which the SDL now forms a coalition government.

The judiciary ruled that under Fiji's constitution, the elected Fiji Labour Party government, overthrown in the coup, remained the legal government. The SDL was forced to call a new general election, which was held in August 2001.

In the months before the election, Qarase and members of the SDL illegally used public money to secure the votes of Melanesian Fijians by introducing an "affirmative action" program called the Farming Assistance Scheme (FAS). The scheme offered free farming implements to Melanesian Fijians in rural communities, some of whom received up to F$500,000 worth of equipment.

Three months prior to the election, the Court of Appeal ruled that the FAS was illegal as it had not been legally approved by parliament. While similar assistance schemes had been legal under previous governments, they had required beneficiaries to contribute a proportion of the funds needed to purchase equipment. The Qarase-led government ignored this requirement when it introduced the FAS.

Following the Court of Appeal ruling, Qarase recommended that parliament urgently release more than F$23 million for use in the FAS. As a direct result, more than F$16 million was spent in the three months before the general election.

Provinces where SDL candidates had previously been elected with narrow margins were targeted for FAS funds. Rotuma, where candidate Marieta Rigamoto beat her only opponent by just 0.76% of the vote in the previous general election, received up to F$500,000 worth of equipment under the FAS. The money did not go to struggling individuals but to the local council and unelected village chiefs.

Qarase and other SDL members involved in the scam rejected a recent parliamentary motion for a judicial inquiry into the FAS. After this motion was rejected, a writ of summons was filed against 11 SDL cabinet members, including Qarase, for misuse of public funds.

Despite the court summons, and Qarase's own acknowledgement that funds may have been misused under the scheme, he is recommending F$3 million be allocated for a similar program to begin this year.

From Green Left Weekly, July 10, 2002.

Visit the Green Left Weekly home page.

Anonymous said...

Message to All Voters
You have the power today, you have what the politicians want - they are begging for your votes so do your research, ask the right questions and decide.
God Bless to All and Best Wishes Elections 2014!!!
Vinaka c4.5 for the opportunity and for maintaining the standards.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.36pm
Vote buying is now in high intensity in Fiji as we near the elections ie All are guilty.

All Hail Bainimagaitinamu said...

Asshole @2.28PM. Indians are Indians, an they'll never be regarded as Fijians, so get your finger out of your anus and think before you type you sick moron.

On another matter, FF does not stand for Fiji First, its Fiji's Fucked.

Anonymous said...

Kua ni vosa ni o sega ni kila na ka e yaco.E vaka vei au o iko e dua vei ira na mataqali tamata macawa,dau kauta ka tokona vakalevu na lasu.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:14 PM

"" This election will be decided by the i taukei. The i taukei votes will decide as they have two parties to choose from – SODELPA or FF.
The Indians will choose from NFP, FLP, PDP and FF. Indian votes will be divided by these four political parties.
So let the i taukei decide their future – SODELPA or FF. ""

Considering there are more i taukei in Fiji than indo Fijians your comment is perhaps a bit dumb.

Anonymous said...

I thought Indians didn't like being called Fijians

They also don't want their daughters marrying Fijian men.
I think that's being racist.

Anonymous said...

@All Hail 3:18 PM

And people with attitudes and views like you will always be considered as the lowest form of life by others, whatever your race is.

Whatever you call yourself will never hide your pathetic existence.

Anonymous said...

Which is racist?
To call others ├ĆndoFijians" or for an Indian man to refuse his daughter to marry a Fijian man because of his race,; even though he might be well-educated?

I had a friend to whom this happened recently.

I think a lot of Indians in Fiji are like this. Very racist.

Anonymous said...

Admin Coup 4.5 please just post the IP Address of 'dau ania'.We just want to pay him some respect and a short visit.

Debbie Jones said...

Why would a Fiji man marry an indian girl. A Fijian man is always regarded as handsome by white ladies. White women adore Fijian man but not indian man.

Vilimoni Natewa said...

The High Chief of Mavana Ratu Laisenia Qarase is right when he says Bainimara and Khauyum days are over.

Shaggy Dog said...

Thats it Debbie Jones,you've let the cat out of the bag,NOW,Fijian women will be suspicious about their boyfriends and hubbies visiting NZ or Aust.We know about that lol,that was our secret.[no offence intended against Indians]

Anonymous said...

How about that? The land at Denarau was converted from Native land into Crown Land then into Freehold Land by Timoci Vesikula when he was Minister for Lands in the SVT Govt.The same Timoci Vesikula who threw stones at PM.Well ,now we know he is living in a glass house of his own.Now he is Sodelpa supporter.Can Sodelpa or Coup 4.5 rebut this?Its in todays Fiji Sun

Anonymous said...

This is the first of many more marches to come. Ro Kepa and SODELPA officials have shown great courage. As paramount chief of the Burebasaga Confederacy, the two main cities, Suva and Lautoka, with Ba, Nadi, Sigatoka and Navua are within her area of traditional and customary influence and relationship ties.

When Bainimarama told the Chiefs to "go and drink home brew under the mango tree", someone said that the Chiefs were going to their strongholds, their vanuas, gain courage from their people, and would be back with more vigour.

V for Vendetta said...

No amnesty for treason.

No amnesia, either.

Movng on isn't forgetting the past. It's learning from it.

Bainimarama must hang for his crimes.

Anonymous said...

Is the charmed life of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum's soon coming to an end? What happens to the second most powerful man in Fiji once the most powerful man no longers needs him? What happens to the most despised man in Fiji when the most insecure man becomes desperate for greater popularity?

Anonymous said...

CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Villagers Lament Lost Land
July 15, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: admin

FijiFirst Party supporters with general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum with supporters in Sigatoka over the weekend

Villagers of Narewa in Nadi who are one of the major landowners of Denarau Island are today lamenting the conversion of native land to freehold land which was approved by the Soqosoqo ni Vakavulewa ni Taukei Cabinet.
This was when Ratu Timoci Vesikula was minister for lands and Sitiveni Rabuka was Prime
While speaking to Narewa villagers over the weekend, the general secretary of FijiFirst party Aiyaz
Sayed-Khaiyum said landowners had sought his assistance to try to get the freehold land converted
back to iTaukei land.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum truthfully told them that it was not possible once land is converted to freehold
land from crown land, which was a result of conversion from iTaukei land it was not possible to revert to prior lease.
He however reminded them that such taking away of iTaukei land or its permanent alienation was
no longer possible under the 2013 Constitution.
He reminded them of the decrees implemented by the Prime Minister Rear Admiral (retired) Voreqe
Bainimarama before 2013 Constitution was implemented as soon as he discovered the Denarau and
Momi incidents.
Villagers also raised concerns about the lease arrangements that were negotiated on their behalf by
the then Native Land Trust Board.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum was informed by the villagers that they felt that they were not being given the optimum rental for their land.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum reminded them that the 2013 Constitution states that landowners must be paid fair rent.
A provision that did not exist in any of the previous constitutions.
In his capacity as the Attorney General, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said he may be able to assist them in
certain areas but he made it clear to them that he was not going to give them false hope.
He told them that it was difficult to change the past but we must learn from it.
He also advised them that the Bainimarama Government wanted landowners to be developers of
their land themselves, subdividing it themselves, rather than leasing undeveloped land to someone else who develops it and is able to have most fi nancial gain out of it.
This he said was one of the objectives of the Bainimarama Government in its empowerment
programmes for all Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Army says....Rabuka's SVT Government did it, Qarase Government did it and now Bainimarama Government is doing it.

Why is it being done and how could it be done...only through the approval of the people.

If the people whose native land has been transferred to Freehold are trying to blame anyone today, they should blame themselves because they had signed away the inheritance of their future generation.

Khaiyum should explain the Natadola land deal he brokered instead, which was transferred just like the Narewa land from Crown Land to Freehold land.

What the landowning Fijian people should be aware of today and fervently fight for, is what has happened and should not be allowed to happen.

Tui Viti said...

Na nona vukica na qele mai Denarau, o Rt Timoci Vesikula mai na Native Land kina Freehold Land ena gauna e se Minisita kina ni Qele, e vakaraitaka deivaki vei keda na lasu levu sa da mai lasutaki tiko kina na i-taukei oya,ni na 1997 Constitution e taqomaka na noda qele.E ra bula tu ga na Entrenchments koya mai vunau taki tiko oqo, kalawaci ga,ravuravu o dau butako, lesu; ia n Entrechments e davo tu ga.SA DAI MAI KILA E VITI KEI VANUATANI NA CAKACAKA DUKA E VAKAYACORI VEI IRATOU MAI NAREWA,NADI.ME VAKA E TABAKI KOTO ENA FIJI SUN NIKUA.IO,OYA GONA NA LASU E VUNAU TAKA TIKO NA SODELPA NI TAQOMAKI VINAKA TU NA NODA QELE.Na qele e volitaki oya sa oti vakadua,me vaka e vakaraitaka voli o Attorney General.Baleta ni o Minisita saraga ni qele e sa solia kina na nona veivakadonui.NA KA E VAKAYACORA OQO O RT T VESIKULA E KALAWACA NA I TUTU VAKA LIULIU NI YAVUSA,KALAWACI IRA NA LEWE NI YAVUSA ME YACOVA NAI VAKATAOTIOTI NI GAUNA[FOR ETERNITY]NA QELE OYA SA NONA O KOYA E VOLIA KA TAUKENA TIKO NA TITLE, ME VAKA AU SA VUNAU TAKA OTI EKE.E kalawaci na i taukei ni qele baleta e dodonu me solia okoya na NONA VEIVAKADONUI vua na Matanitu kei na Tabacakacaka ni Qele me rau vukica [convert],veisau [transfer] ka volitaka na qele [sale].Na qele i taukei e sega ni rawa ni volitaki vakadodonu,ena convert kina Crown Land se Commercial Land, ni bera ni volitaki se transfer kina dua nai taukei vou ka lisi.Ia na i tovo e vakayacora o Rt Vesikula e kalawaca kece na lawa e dodonu me muria ka convert from Native Land straight into Freehold LAnd.Oqo e tabu vakalawa,e dodonu me veilewai taki kina Minisita kei na Matanitu.Kena vosa beci vaka Peritania na "Fraudulent Conversion of Land". A NI SA SARAVA NA DINA SA TEKIVU ME BASIKA CAKE MAI,SA MAI BATABATA WALE NA LIGADRATOU NA LEWE NI MATAQALI MATANIKOROVATU E KALABU ENA MACAWA SA OTI NI SA SAUMA NA MATANITU OQO E $1.4 MILLIONI NA DOLA.E VAKAYAGATAKI TU MAI NA 1913 NA NODRATOU QELE KA SEGA TU NI RATOU SAUMI ENA 'ROYALTIES'. DIGITAKA NA FIJI FIRST,KEITOU TAQOMAKI VITI KEI NA LEWENI VANUA, NIKUA KEI NA SIGA NI MATAKA.

Anonymous said...

@ Debbie Jones...what the hell are you talking about.....stop stealing our men...we Fijian Women of Indian ethnic origin love our itaukei Fijian men...they are animals oohhh la la....did they eat you raw...lol

Anonymous said...

weilei da sa mai lasutaki.Fraudulent at its best. Da sa kua ni qa vabauti ira.

Kai Kadavu qo said...

Anon 4:49 PM please gonei sa rauta mada na i vakamacala vovodea baleta e sega ni dua na ka vou o vakaraitalka tiko baleta oqori e lawa e tuga ka sega ni lawa vou ia e qai mai soli ga nai lavo oqori ena gauna ni vei digidigi me rawa ki na nodratou i le na matanitu lasulasu, butabutako ka dau laba oqo.

O mai volitaka tiko e dua na tamata e kilai levu e Viti kei Vuravura ni tamata lasulasu ka dau qai yalayala lasu, dau laba talega.
E rawa vakacava me liutakai keda ni se vesu tu e domona na seni dodo ni dau laba ka dau vei vakamate tamata. E abuse taki Qarase me via vakamatei koya. E cakava vei Jerry Waqanisau. Oqo beka e dodonu me noda i liliu. Dravusa kulukulu sara. Qai lai rawa ga i Nabua gonei!

Na yavu kece ni ka o vakaraitaka tiko e sega ni maroroya na CONSTITUTION nei Khaihum.

Sa bera sa kasova na sucu raica ga na maji mai Lautoka ia e sa na dua tale e Suva kei Labasa.

Oqo madaga era sa sega ni maji kina na Civil Servants baleta de ra qai vakasakei.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 4:01 PM

I suggest you go back to school and complete your form 2.

E vakacava kuvai e sa sega ni rawa ni o taura na katakata.

Kodro toka vaka na koli ni kai Dia Boci no teve.

Anonymous said...

@Debbie Jones 4:07PM
Well this Fijian boy really loved that Indian girl and the girl loved him too.
The funny thing one Indian boy that used to like the girl, when he found out that she like this Fijian boy,he said "Now I know that love is truly blind"
lol lol lol.
Even I found that funny. Hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

.....Its funny to see people saying this and that about each party .... some say this party is good ..some say this party is good .... always consider the fact that everyday that passes your days are also numbered....and also remember the once that are following you...which is your kids...grand kids...don't look above your nose...look beyond your nose.....because from where I see what is going on we will end up fighting each other (itaukei) while the other race laugh....so think about your kids future and forget yours....Laisenia Qarase is right ,bringing back the GCC because that is where a true I taukei I known for .....

Anonymous said...

Can people telling love stories pls piss off from this site and go to matchmaking.com
We trying to discuss national issues here so do you mind?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your input guys. Verifying all your comments made it easy for me to choose the party em gonna vote for.

Kepa said...

Can ex PM be referred as Ratu Laisena Qarase. He is a high chief and Indians living in Fiji should respect and address him as a chief. Therefore he be referred as Ratu in future.

Anonymous said...

baci ...make love ..not war..more love stories please... politics is getting boring ..whatever anyone says FF will win ..by a huge margin ..lets hear some tragic love stories so the SOLEDPA SAPO's can start crying in advance for the next 4 years ..welei ..taki

Anonymous said...

Khayium must disclose all his income from his investment company - Latfia Investment.
His declaration od salary and asset is totally false and must be fully investigated.

Q10 vs Lau Province said...

Fijian Holdings Shares:

Lau Province $50,100 shares.
Q-Ten Investment: $200,000

Anonymous said...

The regime as everyone knows seized power illegally.They have illegally held on to power for 8 years.8 years of rule is enough. When people are in power for too long as is in this case it is will bring about bad governance, corruption and nepotism.The people have not seen an auditor general’s report since 2006.
Now, it is a question of democracy where people elect their members to parliament in a free and fair way.
I do not think the election will be free and fair as all signs of rigging is evident by the regime.The regime has borrowed substantially to finance it’s expenses from China.The regime leaders have got a 400% rise in their salary whilst 45% people live below the poverty line.
It is important that change happens so that people are not too long in power. The people need freedom of speech which has not been in the country since 2006.
Most parties will release their manifesto which will guide to their policies. However it is surprising that till todate the regime has not released it’s manifesto neither the name of it’s candidates.
The country has been ruled like a typical Muslim country since 2006 like Syria, Egypt, Pakistan etc where laws are thrust on the people.
Time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama the highest paid Prime Minister EVER in Fiji’s History. There is NO WAY TO VERIFY these claims because:
There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of Government
There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of the PM’s Office funds.

How can one in right mind vote for Bianimarma when he has got a 400% increase in salary ( which only God knows if it is the right amount)!
How can one vote for Bianimarma when he gets his payroll done by a private company which belongs to the illegal A.G. aunty - NUR BANO ALI.
These two are simply crooks and belong to Naboro.

Anonymous said...

Sayed-Khaiyum was questioned by Rewa chief Ro Filipe Tuisawau on his role as the Attorney-General and Minister Responsible for Elections. Ro Filipe said it was a conflict of interest.
Vinaka Ro Filipe Tuisawau.
More people should question this illegal AG.Why he as put Saneem his family as SOE?
Why he has not declared his asset in Latifa Investment where he is in partnership with his mummuy?

Anonymous said...

Ro Filipie should worry about all his criminal ways . The money he owes , and his punch drunk ways . My brother Aiyaz , is a genius !!!! Like all other so called " ratus " you Fijians have no credibility nor values , you say you have Fijian customs - what customs? - jealousy against Indians ? Now against Islam ? , Fijians know and practice one culture - ass farting and " choro " . If Indians didn't come to fiji , you guys would have had a permanent place in the fiji museum !!!!!!

- the mafioso from Morocco

Anonymous said...

You see even god does questionable things for us humans to realise his greatness . Frank is pretty close to God . You Fijians are sour grapes . Go back to your villages and start new businesses to feed yourselves instead of asking fir charity .

Kevin Somerset . Nadi

Anonymous said...

Let me remind you that we the real Fijian are so nice that we have given you the opportunity to live in our beloved county but let me tell you this, if the Israel can chase the Muslim out Israel and so can the Fijian. You are lucky to live a life in this country, if not you'll be still eating dust in you own country where ever you come from. So please appreciate the chiefs who their forefathers have given you the opportunity to live in this this county.

Anonymous said...

God created a free world - Fijians don't own fiji just as Americans down own usa !!! It's gods country ., n by the way I'm not a muslim - my religion is my humanity !!!! The one thing I know that Fijians are the most hypocritical people I have ever met - thieves , robbers , rapists !!!, n most importantly -THEY can never be TRUSTED !!!!!

I am Kailoma . For many years we have got along with Indians , Tongans , Chinese , rotumans et . The Fijians just love a free ride !!!! Lazy as ... F.... K ..... Thank you bainimarama ... You have made it fair in fiji !!!!

And by the way - no bullshit .... Big shot chief has ever given me a place to stay - I defied where I will lay my bed - god grants not some bullshit chiefs !!!!!!'

Thank you

Anonymous said...

The might of Allah is supreme - no mortal shall decide who will be driven from fiji - if Muslims are harmed , that will be catastrophic for Fiji - it's best you guys practice peace n racial tolerance . If Aiyaz ( and if ???? ) is not the right person , he will be voted out , he cannot remain in power forever - to cast all Muslims as bad is as good as saying that are all Germans are like hitler . Fiji Muslims are peace loving people , but do not mistake respect for fear . We love Fijians and have supported them throughout history ( muslim league Etc . This is not about religion , so please don't ever bring Islam into play - for you are playing with Fire .

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

In this day of political correctness I would suggest that we shy away from this ludicrous behaviour and become more politically incorrect. Let's call things as they are.
If you're born to parents of Indian descent then you're an Indian
If you're born to parents of Fijian descent then you're a Fijian
and other combinations seem endless
Race is about who you are and not where you are.
Your race has no bearing on your legality to live and enjoy your life in Fiji. Let's not get bogged down with what each of us need to be called.It has already been determined by nature. What is important is the greater need of caring for humans who make up the Isles of Fiji

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The might of Allah is supreme - no mortal shall decide who will be driven from fiji - if Muslims are harmed , that will be catastrophic for Fiji - it's best you guys practice peace n racial tolerance . If Aiyaz ( and if ???? ) is not the right person , he will be voted out , he cannot remain in power forever - to cast all Muslims as bad is as good as saying that are all Germans are like hitler . Fiji Muslims are peace loving people , but do not mistake respect for fear . We love Fijians and have supported them throughout history ( muslim league Etc . This is not about religion , so please don't ever bring Islam into play - for you are playing with Fire .

hahaah..I am laughing at whoever wrote this....playing with fire....bras..we were eating people b4 allah was born...yes....eating people...what catastrophe are u talking about...hiding behind small kids and in civilian clothes and shooting at soldiers.....enough said...

Anonymous said...

Allah is supreme n fiji first will rule !!!!!!

I now pronounce fiji as a muslim state - flag to be changed !!!!
- all Fijian women willl have to wear hijab - ha ha ha ha -
- all Fijian men have to fast n go to mosque -
- Middle East will supply free oil to rub in your ass !!!!

Ha ha ha .... I'm rolling on the floor .. This is too much


Anonymous said...

"In his capacity as the Attorney General, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said he may be able to assist them in
certain areas but he made it clear to them that he was not going to give them false hope. He told them that it was difficult to change the past but we must learn from it."

"'PEOPLE need to forget about past events that tarnished our country's image if we are to move forward.' These were the words of FijiFirst party leader Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama."

Now, wait a minute. I'm confused. Aiyaz is saying we should learn from the past, whilst Frank is saying we should forget the past.

No wonder Fiji First doesn't have a manifesto yet. These two dummies can't decide on a common message.

Anonymous said...

You dummy - forgetting the past does not mean we can't learn from the past , learn n move on - Aiyaz n frank are not a dumb c... Nt like you -you have a real coconut head !!!

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