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Monday, July 7, 2014

Son of Fiji's coup leader in court for assaulting wife

Charged: Bainimarama and Kabakoro.
Frank Bainimarama's army soldier son has appeared in court charged with assaulting his beauty queen wife.

It follows rumours over the weekend Meli Bainimarama had stabbed wife of less than year, Hosanna Kabakoro, during a domestic incident.

Bainimarama and Kabakoro  appeared in court at the same time this morning - he on  common assault and she on causing bodily harm.

The pair were bailed and made to pay $3000 sureties. Both have also been directed to live with relatives: he with Meleti Bainimarama and she with Bernadette Rounds Ganilau.

They are to reappear next month.

Father and son: both implicated in beatings of citizens.
Meli Bainimarama was earlier reported to have spent the night at Nabua Police Station while Kabakoro was taken in by the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre.

Kabakoro was kept in an 'undisclosed location', after laying a complaint on Saturday.

Her lawyer has been quoted as saying she suffered lacerations to her hand and bruises on her body.

It is not the first time a member of the Bainimarama family has made the news in recent months after a brush with the law.

In May, the nephew of the country's self-appointed prime minister was charged with attempted homicide in the United States after trying to shoot at two police officers after a 19 minute car chase.

Sevanaia: attempted homicide.
Sevanaia Bainimarama's case was due to have been heard last month but there have been no reports of it having it made to court yet. 

Fiji media ignored the story despite wide coverage in Australia, New Zealand and U.S. 

Last night, there were numerous comments and debate on Facebook about whether the Meli and Hosanna story would be covered by media.

Editor's Note: Despite the story attracting a lot of interest, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has muzzled local media, issuing a statement saying parties involved in 'domestic incidents' can't be named and neither can the details of such cases be revealed. FBC hasn't even touched the story with Fiji TV only running the DPP item. The Fiji Times, the first paper to report Meli Bainimarama had been arrested, has taken its story down.


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Anonymous said...

The second poorest province in Fiji is Wainibuka after Ra.No wonder these two provinces were poor,they were neglected by past Govts,bad unuseable roads,no bridges,they still use horses to carry all their stuff and the rest on foot just like their ancestors before the 1st missionaries arrived in Levuka.The people of Ra and Wainibuka salute PM for making their dreams come true.PM is like Father Christmas to i-taukei in the poor rural neglected provinces.They dont need smart and well dressed man who talk with an Oxford or Cambridge accent whose educaltional achievements could fill an A4 sheet of paper and talk about politics like sippingwine,they need someone who walk the talk,thats it,nothing more,nothing less.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 3:52


Yeah YOU ARE A TYPICAL Regime Arselicker!



All you Fiji First Party and their supporters ARE A BUNCH OF THIEVES AND CHEATS.





Anonymous said...

Yes Chaudhary killed an innocent bystander whilst he was. Drunk n driving ... Bastard never went to jail .. Don't worry ... He is fucked !!! He's sins are fucked ( one rapist .. The other , sachin ... Can't fuck anymore ... Too much steroids ... His wife looking for banana ... His daughter rani .. Well she was the queen of sucking cock

Anonymous said...

Obviously Kua Ni Rere has a fetish with rear ends and understands what it is to go low.

Keep pushing boy, it will be your turn next.

Tui Viti said...

Au sa taura na gauna oqo meu kere veivosoti vei kemuni kece na lewenivanua e Ra kei Wainibuka, o kemuni kece na Turaga,Marama kei na lalai, ko ni a guilecavi tu mai ena dua na gauna balavu mai vei ira na Veiliutaki e Viti mai Liu.Au sa mai kena tamata,au sa mai gusudra saka na Turaga na PM meu vakaraitaka yani vei kemuni na kena mositi keitou na dredre ko ni colata galugalu tu mai, ni colata ka vaka i vua taka galugalu na nomuni kauveilatai me yacova na gauna oqo.Keitou kerea na nomuni veivosoti vei iratou na Matanitu sa gole oti, sa mai dromu koto na nodra matanisiga ni ra a guilecavi kemuni. E bikai keitou na nomuni rarawa,na nomuni tagi e neitou talega,na nomuni osi e neitou talega koya gona,au (sic!..sic..)kerea kina na nomuni veitokoni meda sa vosoti ira ka guilecavi ira talega.Na vosa mai na i vola tabu e vakauqeti keda meda dau veivosotiAU SA MAI KENA TAMATA MEU VAKARAITAKA NA NEIMAMI KERE VEIVOSOTI VEI KEMUNI KECE NA TURAGA BALE,MARAMA BALE,LEWENIVANUA,TAWAVANUA,KEI NA LALAI ENA NOMUNI GUILECAVI TU ENA DUA NA GAUNA BALAVU,IA SA CADRA E DUA NA MATA NI SIGA VOU,SA KAU YANI NA RARAMA KI NA NOMUNI VANUA,NA LIVALIVA,WALI,GAUNISALA,WAVU ME VAKARARAMA TAKA NA NOMUNI VEI DELA NI YAVU AU MAI CAVU BALETA SAKA TIKO.SA NEITOU TATADRA ME DA DUAVATA,KA VEITAURILIGATAKA NA I TAVI SA TIKO OQO E MATADA OYA ME SA NA DIGITAKI KINA O KEITOU NA FIJI FIRST ME KEITOU LIUTAKI KEMUNI.SA OTI NA BUTO NI BOGI,SA OTI NA TAKOSOVA NA BATABATA NI WAI ENA MATAKA MO QARAVI VULI,SA OTI NA COLA TAGA ME QARAVI RAWA KINA NA NOMUNI MATAVUVALE NI SA MAI CAVA EKE.SA DUA NA SIGA VOU EDAI,EDUA NA MATAKA VOU,SA OTI NA GAUNA NI KOLO NI MATANISIGA BALETA NI SA KAU ANI KINA NOMU MATANIVALE NA RARAMA.O KOYA GONA AU MAI TAURA EDUA NA NOMUNI GAUNA LEKALEKA OQO MEU VAKADEITAKA VEI KEMUNI NI O KEITOU NA VAKALIUCI VITI.ME LIU KO VITI,ME LIU NA VANUA,LOTU,VULI KEI NA MATAVUVALE QAI MURI O KEITOU NA NOMUNI DAU NI VEIQARAVI.ME VAKA SA KACIVI KEITOU KINA NA KALOU.AU KEREA ME DA SA NA MASU MADA. [qai tomani tale ni oti na masu]

Coup fourpointfive said...

Kua Ni Rere: not necessary for you to swear and call everyone 'asshole' every time you blog. Rein it in or we will have to delete your comments. C4.5 Editor

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 4:43
Its obvious from your reply that you are an uneducated sotia ni solisona blogging from Berley Crescent.

""How low can you go"" is a figure of speech. ITS ABOUT A PERSON'S CHARACTER.


This is the problem with you kanaloto Fijian soldiers.
You got nothing better to do so you watch porno all day.

I gave a figure of speech about the Integrity of your character but you went straight to the gutter.
That's another figure of speech there, LOSER!


Anonymous said...

I didn't benefit from Qarase then, and I don't benefit from Bainimarama now. I know how to smell a rat, though, and I smell a rat in this sudden torrent of postings about Qarase. Why now? The man isn't running for office. He can't be prosecuted for the same "crime."

What's the matter, is Fiji First again so anxious to change the subject that it has to bring up Fijian Holdings again for the millionth time? As if Bainimarama hasn't sinned a hundred times worse!

They really expect us to believe he withheld the public auditor reports all of these years because his government is so clean? Or that his real salary and assets isn't actually a large multiple of that he finally claimed? Or that he isn't bilking his unaudited PM's Flood Fund, collecting bribes from the Chinese, and giving sweetheart deals to his Gujerati cronies in return for kickbacks deposited in offshore accounts?

It wasn't Qarase who commited treason, but Bainimarama. It wasn't Qarase who tortured pridoners, but Bainimarama. It wasn't Qarase who betrayed and murdered the CRW guys, but Bainimarama.

Qarase went to gaol for his "crimes." When will Bainimarama?

No, this is all intended as a distraction. Fiji First can't find any good candidates to run on its ticket. The regime is embarrassed by the publicity regarding Meli's beating of Hosanna. Fiji First is getting nervous because it sees Fijians educating themselves on the land issue. Kaidia support is moving to other parties and SODELPA is courting it as well. Bainimarama's eight years of thug government has brought tyranny and debt, and the audience is getting restless, so it's time to send in the clowns.

Fiji First would have us believe it's running against Qarase and running against MPC. In reality it's running running from itself, and it's running against Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere, take the editor's advice and rein in your emotions. I certainly understand your frustrations, however. Some of these posters are the very people who betrayed our country and brought the current crop of murderers and thieves into the government. They're the cowards who are beating prisoners and pregnant human rights advocates. They're the liars who control our media in order to suppress the truth about this regime's misdeeds and dirty plots. But as much as we'd like to, it's not as though we can reach through the Internet and mangle their throats with our hands. Save it for after Frank steals the election. Then come to Ratu Sikuna Park to join us and ready to rumble.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First.

Next your wives and daughters . . .

Anonymous said...

When you read the foul mouthed rants from the likes of Kua Ni Rere it makes you wonder what is driving them.

Unable to produce logical argument or debate they have to emphasise everything with shouting and swearing in the belief that it makes them right.

Could it be that they are the ones who have lost the perks they had previously or is it possibly guilt because they were part of it all but have now seen the error in their ways?

No More Coups said...

The Fiji Holdings saga was corruption. That cannot be denied or ignored. But when you compare the sums of money that Bai and Khai have been paying themselves it is small.

Mahendra Chaudhry was the regimes finance minister. He has already publicly stated that these two criminals were being paid in excess of 1 million dollars each a few years ago.

He should provide a sworn affidavit to police detailing his knowledge. That would mean Bai and Khai have committed multiple crimes, not the least being wilful false disclosure under the Elections Decree.

But guess what. Are they going to investigate themselves?

These poor simple fools in blue t-shirts who have been conned by these thieves. When you control the media you control the government. Just ask Murdoch and co.

This media suppression and bias has allowed the simple and uneducated Fijians to be fooled. That is an absolute disgrace.







Anonymous said...

@Anonymomus 5:55PM
I've read all of Kua ni rere's comments. Which one is the illogical one?
Can you copy and paste pliz.

Anonymous said...


Bainimarama: There is no threat to iTaukei land

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Update: 3:00PM PRIME Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama has labelled talks of land and Christianity by political parties as propaganda and lies.

He made the comments while addressing people of Navuso on Tuesday.

"They have accused me a fellow iTaukei of weakening the protection of iTaukei land and of weakening the position of the Christian churches in Fiji. On both counts, these are lies. They are simply not true and let me explain why," he said.

"There is no threat to iTaukei land. None. You don't have to take my word for this. You can read it for yourself in our Constitution, which we translated into i'Taukei for the first time so you can all understand it."

Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar said...

To lighten things up, the Fiji Sex Party is still looking for signatures. The founder of the party is Dr Mahendra Kumar, ex vice-chancellor of UniFiji in Saweni, sacked after caught mounting a female in his office, outdoing Bill Clinton, who only smoked a cigar.

Dr Mahendra Kumar is more popularly known as Professor of Kamasutra.

The secretary of the party is Dr Mahendra's father-in-law, the coup sycophant, Justice Davendra Pathik.

They will be at Sukuna Park collecting signatures. But if to see Dr Mahen Kumar in Sukuna Park after dark, then he is after something else, kaila!

UniFiji circus - sex addict, grog addict and a conman said...

UniFiji was unfortunate to be saddled with some dubious characters. Professor of Kamasutra Mahendra Kumar was one culprit. The horny bastard could not keep his eyes of the girls.

Then we had neend goli (sleeping pill) Dr Chandra Dulare, or crocodile skin, who could not keep away from the kava.

If that is not enough, conman Professor Satendra None-Done or Mr Smooth Talk, who hardly did anything while collecting a nice 50k salary, yet made it appear like he was God's gift to UniFiji. Prof None-Done even managed to get his unemployable wife a gig at UniFiji!

Best of all, Pandit Kamlesh Arya was appointed registrar with any experience or academic qualifications.

UniFiji is nothing but a dumping ground for academic misfits and retirees as part of the Arya Samaj gravy train. It is a waste of taxpayer funds.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Strong rumour that if FF wins, Prof Satendra None-Done is vice-president.

Anonymous said...

Why did the young lass leave the "land of the free" to fly halfway across the world and support a tinpot dictator?

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama Wants To Campaign On his Record
This is a campaign that everyone wants to see.I am wondering where will he start? Let us see, Well first of all Bainimarama is a traitors for taking over a democratically elected Government.Then comes his Human and Civil rights abuse in Fiji . He tortured the civillians population of Fiji and he allowed the Murder of the CRW soldiers who were only carrying out his orders to storm parliament and take over the Government for him.

Read more:
1. https://www.facebook.com/loruama.tawawili?fref=nf

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama Wants To Campaign On his Record
This is a campaign that everyone wants to see.I am wondering where will he start? Let us see, Well first of all Bainimarama is a traitors for taking over a democratically elected Government.Then comes his Human and Civil rights abuse in Fiji . He tortured the civillians population of Fiji and he allowed the Murder of the CRW soldiers who were only carrying out his orders to storm parliament and take over the Government for him.

Read more:
1. https://www.facebook.com/loruama.tawawili?fref=nf

Anonymous said...

To all of you from nasau wainibuka Tailevu..you are all a bunch of hopeless dumb dickwits..Cant you just fundraise and build your own bridge..always waiting for Govt handouts..what a bunch of hopeless loosers..ni bau tei yaqona yani mo ni tara ga yani na nomuni wavu..always waiting for Govt handouts..this piece is from Bainimarama himself..vote NFP

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama Wants To Campaign On his Record

This is a campaign that everyone wants to see.I am wondering where will he start? Let us see, Well first of all Bainimarama is a traitors for taking over a democratically elected Government.Then comes his Human and Civil rights abuse in Fiji . He tortured the civillians population of Fiji and he allowed the Murder of the CRW soldiers who were only carrying out his orders to storm parliament and take over the Government for him.
Then there is the question of Government Finances that has not been audited since 2006 when he took over the government illegally . Then their is the question of his and Khaiyums Offshore accounts that they have failed to disclose because they think that putting then on Family Trust would help them in non discloser and so no taxes will be paid for it. They have conveniently forgortten that they put Mahen Chaudary in court for the very same thing.
Then their is the question of lying.Bainimarama empahatically told the UN that neither he nor anyone in the Military will benefit from his now illegal coup.Refer to the Qarase verses Bainimarama appeals court ruling in 2009 which states that the coup by Bainimarama was and is illegal ande any thing that Bainimarama makes or decides is also illegal. These are just very few of Bainimarama's record that he is trying to run on in his bid to be the ultimate dictaor of Fiji.
Still want to run on your record Bainimarama?

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Hossanah....You could have done much better than this cunt of a man. Whats wrong with such pretty girls? They always fall for the wrong guy all the time

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hosanna is into the hip-hop scene and was attracted to Meli because he is "gangsta."

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 1: His overthrow of Fiji's lawful and democratically-elected government in 2006 constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 2: It's now clear that Bainimarama masterminded the 2000 hostage-taking in Parliament and coup attempt. This constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 3: Bainimarama forced President Iloilo to abrogate the Constitution in 2009, the Constitution Bainimarama was sworn to protect. This constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 4: Bainimarama allegedly ordered the murder of CRW soldiers in his custody. As prisoners, they were not combatants and no longer posed a threat. At least one victim had had no part whatsoever in the CRW mutiny. This was murder, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 5: Bainimarama rules Fiji without sanction of law and at gunpoint. All Fijians are effectively his hostages. This demands his removal from government and a criminal sentence no less severe than that accorded to kidnappers with aggravated circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 6: Bainimarama's 2006 coup invalidated Fiji's last lawful election. He then disenfranchised all Fijians, promising elections in 2009 but subsequently reneging. These crimes demand his removal from government and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 7: In 2009, Fiji's Court of Appeal ruled Bainimarama's government illegal and prescribed specific remedies. Instead, Bainimarama sacked Fiji's entire judiciary, forced the abrogation of the Constitution, and suspended all civil liberties. These crimes demand his removal from government and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 8: Under Bainimarama's economic mismanagement, Fiji has experienced the worst economic performance in its history, with sustained zero or negative growth. His 2006 coup damaged Fiji's tourism. His reneging on promises is directly responsible for Fiji's forfeiture of $350 million from the EU for the reform and modernization of Fiji's sugar industry. He did not properly monitor the expenditure of $84 million in loans to the sugar industry from India, leading to the project's failure. He saddled Fiji's taxpayers with the FSC's huge debt, illegally cut pensions in half, substantially devalued Fiji's currency, caused the displacement of many farmers, borrowed huge sums at inflated interest rates, created a hostile business environment, caused greater poverty, leading to increased suicides and lower life expectancy, etc. The longer Bainimarama mismanages the economy, the more Fijians die or slip deeper into poverty.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 9: Bainimarama is at the centre of a web of growing corruption. He filed a false and incomplete declaration of assets and liabilities. He illegally receives multiple salaries for the multiple cabinet positions he awarded himself. He illegally routes all payments through the accounting firm of Khaiyum's aunt, Nur Bano Ali. He prevents the publication of all public accounting reports, which are presumably damning of his management and operations. He is a close associate of Fulluck, which is the biggest Chinese human smuggler and prostitution ring in Fiji. He uses government agencies such as FICAC to harrass and punish his political opponents. He is the main cause for Heritage Foundation's downgrading of Fiji on its economic freedoms ranking. His regime's dealings are so murky that Transparency International cannot even conduct sufficient research with which to rank Fiji. He illegally awarded himself nearly $200,000 in leave pay going back 30 years. He provides no accounting of the money in his PM Flood Relief Fund or of the $5 million grant given by the Chinese government for his discretionary use. The list could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 10: Bainimarama has squandered much of the good will and international reputation Fiji has built up over its history, by spurning Fiji's friends and embracing those who do not share its values or respect its interests. Because of Bainimarama, Fiji is the only country ever suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum. Because of Bainimarama, Fiji is also expelled from the Commonwealth. As a result of the military coup of 2006, the United States prohibited assistance to Fiji's military and joined with other countries in imposing various travel restrictions on those officials involved and their key supporters. Bainimarama uses the Melanesian Spearhead Group as a tool for wedge politics designed to impair regional unity. He regularly denounces the very countries who have been Fiji's allies and defenders throughout its history, whilst courting countries whose regional influence is inimical to Fiji's long-term interests. He aligns Fiji with totalitarian and repressive regimes notorious as state sponsors of terrorism whilst maligning Fiji's largest trade partners and most reliable aid donors. Etc., etc.

I've now listed ten reasons why Bainimarama should and must go. I've only scratched the surface on these. And apart from these ten, there are many other compelling reasons as well. This man should not be allowed to take office without first standing at the bar of justice and answering these serious charges.

Vitivou ni Mataka said...


Wilika mada na veika e sereka toka mai o tamai Tui Viti 1.

Sa wilika oti...raica mada qo.

Na cava sara mada e sega ni taleitaka kina o Bai me curu jiko mai na GCC i na matanitu?....o sa sauma tale tu mai o kemuni me vaka o ni kaya toka ni leqa ga na GCC full stop!!!

Au sa na toso sara jiko....

Ena gauna era mai colonization taki keda kina o ira na valagi era qai raica ni sa tu oti tu e dua na structure ni bula vakavanua se vakaitaukei,era sa qai sega ni kauta laivi ia, era qai vakayaga taka na structure koya me develop taki kina o keda na itaukei ena vuku ni strong influence e jiko ena ligadra na noda liuliu vakavanua.

Oqo na vuna a tauyavu kina na vuli ni turaga,me ra lai vuli ka me ra mai veiliutaki ena veiliutaki vinaka,tauyavu kina na VULI NI TURAGA[CURRENT- QVS]

Sa lai rawa mai na vuli ka rau sa tosoi keda mai o Rt Sukuna kei Rt Mara mai na gauna ya ka sa yacovi kedaru mai qo ni kua.

Au na taro tale qai cava ga na vuna a sega ni talei taka kina o Bai me involve jiko na GCC ena politiki?

Qo na vuna au kaya kina de a vu jiko ga mai na GCC na "coup" kece eda sa curuma oti mai ka laurai ni jiko i loma na mataivalu.

Vei au e via tukuna jiko o Bai me ra toka ga ena nodra vatavata vaka turaga ka me ra yadrava vinaka na veika me baleti keda nai taukei[Development]ka laivi ira na dau ni politiki me ra cicivaka na day- to- day busines ni noda matanitu[Parliament-Constitution]

Vei au sa kena i balebale ni veika me baleta na itaukei esa nodra i tavi na vei Turaga kei na Marama bale ni noda vei dela ni yavu na kena influence taki na matanitu[Contitution] ena kena raici me taqomaki,maroroi,ka vei vakatorocake taki na matanitu ena bula ni veisau eda sa donumaka se lako curuma jiko qo.

Oqo na vuna a tauyavu kina na vuli ni Turaga.Baleta era sega walega ni Turaga se Marama ni vei delaniyavu vakaturaga era vuli vinaka talega,ka vulica na economic ni veiveisau sa yacovi keda jiko mai me yacova mai ni kua.

Ok,GCC me baleti keda nai taukei ia, na Constitution eda umani kece tamata raraba vakatautau vata.

Na gauna ga sa Curuma kina na politiki na GCC sa yali na yavu levu ni kena vakatoroicake taki na itaukei ka sa da mai ologi ena contitution koya e sega ni veivakaduidui taki,ka da sa vaka nuinui tu ga ena matanitu levu me ta na sala,tara na wavu,drodro na wai,cici na livaliva,tara na koronivuli,health centre..etc

Na GCC me yadrava na noda develop taki economically and socially ka me dau veitauri liga kei na matanitu ena progressive development ni bula vakavanua.

Daru lesu tale vei Bai.

Na noqu vakanananu ni sa rairai votivoti sara ga vei Bai na veika sa raica/curuma mai ena mataivalu ka vakadeitaka vua ni GCC koya e vu ni noda sa mai vaka tu oqo bale na nodra mai tu e loma ni politiki.

Ok,au na kauti kedaru tale ena dua na vakanananu nei Bai ni qo nai otioti ni "coup" dina beka ya?

Vitivou ni Mataka said...

Au na qai sema ga mai kea...na vuna beka e vosa kina vaka koya baleta me ra sa vakagagala taki na noda veituraga kei na Marama bale mai na ploitiki ka me ra sa dui bika ka cuqena na kena develop taki na bula vaka ekenomiki ni taukei ka laivi keda na sa mai bula veicurumaki me da cicivka na matanitu[constitution] ni davo jiko kina na kena maroroi na veika e baleti keda.

Qo vei au sa kena i balebale ni GCC e custodian ni constitution ka yadrava na develop taki ni taukei se o ira na nona kawa tamata.

Au kaya, kena i balebale na GCC me raica ga na veika baleti keda me tiko ena constitution....sa maroroi,karoni tiko i loma ya sa qai mai yadrva toka yani ka toso tiko na development ni taukei year in-year-out.

A mai tavoca o Qarae na sasaga qoka,koya me laveta cake mai na bula vaka i lavo ni taukei me dau voleka yani vei ira na vulagi...kalouca ni mai tamusuki koso.

Ike,au na lesu tale vei Bai.

Qo na noqu vakanananu ga....o Bai e besebese dina ni curuma na mataveilewai!!!


Na nona vakanananu beka ena via vaka koto oqo,ke "coup" o Rabuka qai sega ni veilewai na cava meu lai veilewai kina?????Baleta o iratou ga na veitokoni vua,ratou tu tale tu ga e dakuqu,qo dou sa via biliga ga mai meu cola duadua!!!

Sega sega ni rawa,au sa na taura na matanitu ka au na kauta laivi na GCC mai na politiki ka me kua tale ni dua na vuaviri e caka baleta o ira jiko ga GCC era dau vakayagataka na mataivalu me rawa kina na lomadra.[rawa ni dua ya se cava]

...qai tomani tale yani....

Anonymous said...

Fiji First should not be allowed to form the opposition if it loses -- at least not until its principals stand trial for their many heinous crimes.

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

Who can Bainimarama fool? None.... he fools himself every time he opens his mouth

Former Fijian Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has disclosed his salary of 2006 and says he earned less than current Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. Qarase has revealed that he received $153,783 which is less than what was declared by Bainimarama in his assets and liabilities declaration to the registrar of political parties. In his declaration Bainimarama mentioned he receives an annual salary of $230,000 and $48,750 as his allowances, the sum of which amounts to $278,750. ”For the year 2006, as the last elected Prime Minister of Fiji, I received an annual salary of $106,967 and allowances amounting to approximately $18,000. This was a total of $124,967-00,” Qarase said. He said with the increase in the PM’s salary, it meant that Bainimarama’s salary had increased by 115 per cent based on the published information. “His allowances went up by $30,750-00 or 170%; these huge increases are unprecedented since independence in 1970,” Qarase said. The former politician, who cannot stand now in the upcoming elections because of his conviction, says considering the inflation in the last seven years which is around 45%, the PM’s purchasing power is enormous. ”Also note that in a survey carried out in 2010/11 it was revealed that since 2007 paid employment declined by 3% while incomes declined by a massive 30%." ”A careful examination of the Prime Minister’s published income, assets and liabilities indicates that his declaration is incomplete and misleading. Income from term deposits and other savings are not shown in his income statement. His savings with the FNPF, which would be a significant part of his assets, are also not revealed. These could be in the order of up to $500,000.00, based on certain calculations. But at any rate he needs to declare them." He said with large salary inflows during the last seven years Bainimarama has very little “net assets” to show for it. “The people of Fiji who pay him and the ministers are entitled to be given the full details. Bainimarama now enjoys a luxury lifestyle that his predecessors could only dream about. He has achieved this at a time when hundreds of thousands of ordinary people are struggling to put food on the table," he added.

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

So who gives himself a pay rise amidst the struggles of ordinary citizens? Only Bainimarama! Is this what Fijians are aiming to vote for? Definitely not!

Anonymous said...

It is any government's basic duty to provide the basic necessities for society, roads, bridges, water supply, housing, electricity, etc.
These services continue to reach out to communities as developments progress.
Governments build on progress made by ealier governments. To boast that a bridge or a road had been overlooked by previous governments is unfair, as every new road is linked to an already existing road which had been earlier built.
Someone once said that we should not forget that we 'are dwarfs on the shoulders of giants.' As there had been lengthier roads built, major bridges built, greater power houses constructed, bigger water treatment plants built.
While we strive to reach greater heights, dwarfs stand on giants and not the other way round.

Mosimalua said...

To Anonymous Anonymous

Thanks for yourclear 10 reasons why we should discard Bainimarama in next election

I urge the SODELPA candidates for Tailevu , Naitasiri and general candidates as well as all other candidates to include copies in leaflet forms written in Taukei language for distribution at all your campaign meetings and on streets, at village and community meetings and at every opportunity so that our people will be educated the truth about the illegal PM we have before the 2014 election.

Anonymous said...

Shazzer for Freedom in Fiji
Bainimarama just can’t stop telling lies. This latest lie will bring the wrath of God down on his head.
In Korouvou this week he said. “We will never interfere ...with any religion”
What a short memory he has.
Doesn’t he remember banning the Methodist Conference for 4 years in a row?
Doesn’t he remember banning meetings of all Church organizations under the Public Emergency Regulations?
Doesn’t he remember detaining the then general secretary of Methodist Church Reverend, Tuikilakila Waqairatu, and former Church leaders, Reverends Manasa Lasaro and Tomasi Kanailagi?
Doesn’t he remember dragging the Roko Tui Dreketi from her home in Rewa to the barracks for daring to invite the Methodists to hold their conference in Rewa?
Here are a few verses from the bible the Lying Dictator should read before the next time he opens his mouth.
Proverbs 20:17 , Psalm 101:7, Psalm 120:2, Proverbs 19:9,Revelation 21:8, http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21220/we-

Just Situational Logic said...

Fiji's election results will be even more disputed than the current Indonesian election. As in Indonesia, two parties will each claim to have won the election -- SODELPA, on the basis of the number of votes cast, and Fiji First, on the basis of the number of votes counted.

How Coup 4.5 paved the way for Bainimarama said...

Ten reasons why Coup 4.5 should hang its head in shame:

1/ It reports rumours and lies and presents them as fact.

2/ It allows the publication of hate speech based on race.

3/ It is a mouthpiece for SODELPA and all of the old privileged elite in Fiji who are to blame for the nation's woes.

4/ Unlike Crosbie Walsh, Graham Davis or Victor Lal, it's authors don't have the courage of their convictions to put their names to what they write.

5/ It permits the most outrageous defamation of innocent people by others with personal axes to grind.

6/ While it holds the Bainimarama Government to account for every tiny alleged misdemeanour, it never criticises his opponents.

7/ It regularly permits obscenity to be published while excising certain comments critical of those close to it.

8/ It has been deeply unfair, divisive and pursues a scorched earth policy in which in would rather see Fiji destroyed than concede that the country is now a better place.

9/ It purports to be an alternative to the mainstream media because of "censorship" that no longer exists but behaves like an ordinary scandal sheet.

10/ It has failed spectacularly. After more than half a decade of agitation, it has had no success whatsoever in derailing the Government and Bainimarama is about to be democratically elected in a landslide. On the contrary, it has probably assisted him because it has failed to steer a middle course, stick to the facts and behave with absolute integrity.

Anonymous said...

Army says to KUA NI RERE...do you actually know what the blog name your using means....whoa...fear is the name of the game for one who reeks with vengeance yet skits his mere presence. -

Anonymous said...

@C4.5 paved the way for Bainimarama. I guess it hurts, huh, that you or the regime can't shut down C4.5 as you have media.

Anonymous said...

C4,5 is an unbiased blog site. It is fair on FF, NFP, FLP, PDP, SODELPA and other parties. It is fair Bainimarama, Qarase, Ro Teimumu, Mahendra Chaudhary, and all other politicians.

Why there are so many more posts are for other parties than Bainimarama's FF party is that the many people who offer their opinions here are disappointed because the media outlets in Fiji fear that these opinions are too strongly against this illegal regime and that they might be prosecuted or even taken to the barracks to be "taken to task".

Another reason is that there are more oppositions to Bainimarama, Khaiyum, this illegal regime, and the FF party than there advocates. This effectively kills the notions that "The Fiji Sun" and other pro-FF media outlets proclaiming the truth and are making fair and truthful reports.

Anonymous said...

good to know Fiji Sun does have 1 reader at least.

C4.5 defender said...

We can also come up with 10 reason why whatever whatever .....the truth is that C.45 has given a platform for open debate, that's why you are still coming to the blog to read it! Just see the number of comments in each story and compare that to the other blogs, that speaks for itself.

And yes people are annon because they know they or their families in Fiji will be beaten up and killed if they talk against the regime. Croz and Graham Davis -both support Bainimarama so no need for fear... Victor Lal is so far far away in the UK to be touched....c4.5 i suspect has a network of people mostly based in Fiji. Who would be so dumb to reveal themselves and get beaten - nice try Qorvis!

Anonymous said...

Sai Lealea

36 mins ·

Cry No More My Beloved Fiji

There can be no doubt Fiji and its people have literally been pouring their hearts out and shedding untold tears. This has been due to the loss of their freedom and the abuse of their human rights and dignity since the overthrow of the elected government of PM Qarase in December 2006 by the Dictator Bainimarama. That national outpouring of grief and tears is beginning to abate and tears are slowly drying as they see a glimmer of hope in the upcoming election in September.

Anyone who loves his or her country would want the crying to stop for good and for the nation and its people to reclaim their freedom and political sanity. Indeed, so many of us would love to proclaim the words: "Cry no more my beloved Fiji" in recognition of the hurt and suffering of near 8 years now and the possibility that good days beckon to again flourish as a nation and people.
Read more:

Anonymous said...

A vote against FFP is a vote against the illegal regime,that seized power by force.

A vote against FFP is a vote against tyranny, dictatorship, cruelty and oppression.

A vote against FFP is a vote against abuse of power, abuse of resources, abuse of religious rights and freedom.

A vote against FFP is a vote against the illegal 2013 constitution, and every other illegal action that the regime put in place.


Anonymous said...

Remember what Bainimarama said in 2007? that 'they are not accountable to the people because the people did not put them to power?'

They were not accountable indeed for seven years by not releasing the last seven Auditor General's Report.

The people therefore should not put them into power when the people get the chance to do so in September.

Anonymous said...

10 ways Coup 4.5 paved the way for Bainimarama?

Hahaha. I guess the 10 reasons why Bainimarama shouldn't be head of government really got under the regime trolls' skin!

Maybe if the poster @ 9:52 AM had lived in Fiji longer, he'd know that, as the name suggests, Fiji had already experienced four and a half coups by the time Coup 4.5 was created, and Bainimarama was responsible for most of them.

Bainimarama's career of treachery and treason long pre-dates the founding of Coup 4.5.

The Heckler said...

Hey, @9:52 AM -- it isn't the mirror's fault your face is ugly!

The Heckler said...

For someone to vote Fiji First, they'd have to be awfully stupid. I mean, inviting-Francis-Kean-to-be-an-usher-at-your-wedding kinda stupid!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Crosbie Walsh and Graham Davis have the courage of their convictions. They remain fools no matter how much they're ridiculed for it.

Anonymous said...

USP please investigate NFP leader biman's chamcha dr neelesh gounder for misleading campaign promises such reduction in VAT and compensation for early retirees and other pie in sky deals without explaining where revenue will come from. the calibre of usp academics is shocking.

Anonymous said...


Villagers of Dreketi district in Rewa last night praised the efforts and the policies of the Bainimarama Government.
More than 100 villagers packed inside FijiFirst’s campaign meeting at the Dreketi District School, in Nakorovou Village. Many more stood outside.
The response was seen as a major success by FijiFirst in an area regarded as a stronghold for SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa and despite the district chief, the Tuwaina, Timoci Rokosawa, attending a SODELPA meeting in another village.
Traditionally, the Dreketi people hold allegience to Ro Teimumu as the Roko Tui Dreketi, and paramount chief of Rewa. The other villages in Dreketi are Vunisinu, Nadoria, Nabuli and Nalase.
Widow Marisela Viti, 59, of Nakorovou, said the Bainimarama Government had relieved her burden of sending her grandson to school after her husband died.
“For so long I had been struggling but none of the previous governments had helped me until this Government came in and answered all my prayers,” Mrs Viti said.
“I have voted almost five times already and all I know about other parties is that they just come and we tick them but when they get into Parliament they never practised what they have always preached to us. This Government has been helping us even before the election.”
Samuela Saumatua, 34, of Nakorovou Village said the meeting provided them with factual information about things that they had been told by some parties was taking place in Government.
“The meeting tonight (last night) has really broadened our minds on some of the things that had been negatively relayed to us about the services provided by the Government and I think we have to choose this party because they stand for the principles that value the lives of all Fijians and they do not differentiate other races,” Mr Saumatua said.
Nadoria villager Jone Ravai, 34, said many of the stories that had been going around were not true but the meeting was able to answer all that.
“One great example is that Government will abolish all provincial councils and Rokos. Now, we have come to know that all these are just lies,” he said.
Ro Filipe Tuisawau who is not from Dreketi but has publicly criticised Government policies particularly on land, also attended the meeting. He shared his concerns about what he called was a top-down approach by the Bainimarama Government in getting the Constitution accepted.
A unified Fiji, he said, could be reached by consensus.
“I’ve thought deeply about your explanation as one Fiji – in the People’s Charter there is a non-racial Fiji, what’s important is that in a multi-racial Fiji, you can’t take away the fact that there is an indigenous group of people in the country,” he said.

Anonymous said...

While well fewer than a hundred people showed up at Nakorovou, many of them interested in free grog, more than a thousand showed up at the SODELPA meeting in the next village. But they never report THAT!

KUA NI RERE said...

Its sad to see the people of Rewa going to see Danimarama.




He is a criminal for goodness sake.
He committed TREASON and Murder
And you people from REWA want to support that?



TOTAKA TIKO NA CA ia ena qai saumi ga vei kemudou.

Anonymous said...

Well done Rewa, do not worry about those who attempt to persuade you from what you see is the right thing to do.

They will use tactics such as calling others liars to try and be heard from their distant hideouts.

Anonymous said...

Sai Lealea

3 hrs ·


There is proof available of Dictator Bainimarama's $1.8 mllion salary which he has failed to disclose!

It would appear a salary of $700,000 was granted and signed publicly by President and Tui Vuda, Ratu Iloilo, back in 2007. FIRCA had also confirmed this.

Given this information, Dictator Bainimarama has effectively lied to the Electoral Commission over his income as required under his very own decree.

He should therefore be fined nd deregistered.

Anonymous said...

Where vat is concerned would you trust and intelligent economist who does research and knows the pain of normal poor people or trust a failed lawyer who keeps lying to everyone.

University alumnus and staff receives prestigious award
Back to News »

Mr Neelesh Gounder (right) with the Griffith University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian O'Connor at the awards ceremony in Canberra.

A former Masters student from The University of the South Pacific and currently a tutor in the University’s School of Economics was recently awarded the Australian Prime Minister’s Pacific-Australia (PMPA) Award.

Mr Neelesh Gounder, who hails from Nadi, Fiji was one of the international students selected for the award which is funded by the Australian Federal Government.

The PMPA Awards provide 40 Australian and 50 international students the opportunity to participate in leadership development workshops and undertake practical work placements of up to three months to gain experience and insight into the daily management of an Australian business organisation.

The awards expand the academic experience gained by postgraduate awardees of the Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) and Australian Leadership Award Scholarships (ALAS) programs.

Mr Gounder who did his PhD studies in Australia on the ALAS program, recently submitted his PhD thesis and is expected to be awarded his PhD in the next few months.

During his Masters studies, Mr Gounder was supervised by Professor Biman Prasad. Professor Prasad, who is USP’s Professor of Economics, said he is proud of Neelesh’s achievements. He highlighted that Neelesh was a good example of the quality of research students that are produced by USP.

In a letter informing Mr Gounder of his selection, AusAID’s Acting Assistant Director General for the Scholarships and Volunteers Branch, Fiona Cornwell stated, “you have been chosen to receive an award because of your sustained academic achievement, contribution to community and university activities, demonstrated leadership capacity, and the relevance of your proposed work placement to your academic studies, future employment, and the development of your home country.”

The awards presentation was made by the Prime Minister of Australia, Honourable Julia Gillard at a dinner function in Canberra on 6 December 2012.

In congratulating the recipients, the Prime Minister said the awards recognise emerging leaders from Australia and participating economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Awardees from the Pacific receiving the PMPA Awards were selected from outstanding Australia Award scholarship holders from the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and East Timor.

This year’s awardees are studying and working in the areas of health, education, food security, infrastructure, mining, trade, climate change, environment, governance and social development.

Their work placements include places like state and federal government departments, research institutes, university centres, city councils, sporting organisations and non-government organisations.

Mr Gounder will return to USP towards the end of February, 2013.

This news item was published on 10 Jan 2013 02:52:36 pm. For more information or any High-Res Images, please contact Media and Public Relations Coordinator.

Chota said...

Dr Neelesh Goundar chota is still a junior academic and still green when it comes to politics. He will learn a lot when his guru and his party is thrashed by FF.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First!

Your wife and daughters next . . .

Anonymous said...

Army says to Anon 3:37pm...yawn unfounded sentiments based on a past that has surpassed ones era who still yearns for those moments of segregation coupled with socialist views and yet lifting oneself above the ideals of democracy that suits one when one tends to justify past Governments who are no different to the existing or any Government that will come to power. Lets move on from those ole ideals pliz...the young ones are literally bored with it....Isn't it exciting seeing how our people are integrating and wouldn't it be exciting to challenge the current regime with ideals that will surpass their ideals rather than ponder on a past we know had been flawed from the start due to the manner in which our colonial masters had left the country administration.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What Meli did was wrong, however, his actions cannot be blamed on his father. I'm pretty sure Frank didn't teach his son how to beat women and i know he treats Mary with dignity and respect so Meli's actions are irrelevent to the political situation.

Anonymous said...

How can a man who cannot rule his family rule a nation? How can BAINIMARAMA SENIOR talk about "NO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, anyone who does that will face the full brunt of the law" when his only Son BAINIMARAMA JUNIOR is AN OFFENDER? Someone to ask him in one of his campaign meeting. Furthermore, someone to ask him, would he submit to Police if they come and arrest him for his role in the MURDER of CRW Soldiers? Please, ask him all that.

Anonymous said...

Not only Ra and Wainubuka, why raise these two province only. There are other Province facing the same difficulty because the villages are in the interior like mine in Vanua Levu.

Anonymous said...

"I'm pretty sure Frank didn't teach his son how to beat women . . ."

I'm pretty sure he DID, actually, since at least one of the victims swore she thought Meli was one of the soldiers she saw the night she was abused by Frank and others at the barracks.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha mata vaka boci ni koki tericoki

Anonymous said...

As far as we know, Frank is not a wife-beater. But he IS a nation-beater.

Anonymous said...

Well serves Hosanna right for choosing the wrong son of gun to be her hubby. Turns out the thorns in the roses ain't so nice after all. Memu sici vaka michi lewa.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji army is here to protect the govt of the day n the citizens of Fiji. They r not trained to run a country.it is like getting a doctor to captain a ship ......obviously not trained to do.....as a result....disaster....exactly current Fiji situation.

dau ania said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Suomynona said...

The regime and Frankie would do anything to cover up things that may ruin their image or make a bad name of themselves.

No surprise on the classic censorship.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if the Fiji community at large is overwhelmingly fair true democracy ,, then from the beginning the true perpetrators of the first coup that had the fateful meeting at the the reverends home to the businessman who funded it , should be incriminated , imprisoned . That should be the first step , if that's not the case then Frank and his 2006 coup was the right thing to do , of course a coup is not the legal option but Franks actions are nullifying of the initial coups . The only reason Franks coups can be denounced is if the 1987 coup villains are dealt with .
- This statement is the mindshare of several individuals from Nadi

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous July 19, 2014 at 10:49 PM

Of course, all should be imprisoned because they all committed treason. But the most punishment should be awarded to Bainimarama because the lives of innocent people of this sovereign state were taken without their consent. Can Bainimarama replace those lives?

Anonymous said...

Fiji First ...should know both Meli and Hosanna are on hard drugs...coccaine...weed...etc...we should ahve more awareness on drugs and real sex education...or how else cud u explain meli bleeding from his anus bainimara's dick...ahhh yes pigs do fly...lmao...doesnt change the fact pm's son and wife are on hard drugs shame..lols

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa holds meeting in Ra and lautoka .

ra - 30 people attended .

Lautoka - 60 people .

How can we win ???? Man I'm scared . May be Fiji first is the better party .

Anonymous said...

Friends , Romans and countrymen - these are the reasons that you should vote for fiji first .
- it represents all races
- itaukei land is protected .
- itaukei now get royalty for fishing rights , from waters that no other govt managed to do before .
- incentives for foreigners to have indigenous partnership is rewarded and incentivised .
- itaukei will forever be protected .
- all races minority and majority will be treated equally , with enhancement of itaukei rights .
- business and growth , will continue in those very tax friendly environment .
- last but not the least , Fiji first hires some damn smart people and will continue to employ based on merit , education and expertise .

Vote for equality by voting for fiji first .

- the reluctant indigenous .

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