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Monday, August 18, 2014

Regime tries to fob off financial accounts as auditors

Fiji's Ministry of Finance has released what it calls the Audited Accounts from 2006-2012.

These are not the Auditor's Report, which we have been calling for a number of years now.

The quite release of the financial statements suggests the regime is trying to give these accounts, which were downloaded from the Ministry of Finance's website, some credibility.  

These reports are signed by the Auditor General, Tevita Bolanavanua and are called the Annual Financial Statement.

The 'Minister of Finance' as we know is Frank Bainimarama but as we know that is a token portfolio only - just as the accounts on the following websites are whitewash versions of what is really happening with the books.


  afs_2006_1 by Coup Fourpointfive


Anonymous said...

I watched Ro Temumu's interview on FBC 4 the record, and admire the manner she responded to the questions. The questioners covered controversial subjects, and some of the follow-up questions were agressive. Ro Temumu's engagement with the questioners however was refreshing - and I was impressed with her candor.

mark manning said...

It looks as if the Regime has gone on a borrowing spree the Country can't afford to repay, so I wonder just what the trade off will be for debts not payable, will it be land qoli qoli or resources or all 3?

Anonymous said...

No govt in the history of fiji has ever had a surplus ... Only mine will .. As long as all citizens are equal ... No special privileges ... Fijians are already special ... Any more favours for therm will be driven to unprecedented levels od laziness and dependence on handouts .

Anonymous said...

why nw? Wait for naboro then release there

Anonymous said...

This is what they call "COOK THE BOOKS"

Fiji is a character straight out of a cartoon movie!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama was supposed to be on a live debate with the leader of SODELPA, Ro Teimumu Kepa last Sunday on the FBC programme "4 the Record" but he failed to appear.

Ro Teimumu repeatedly expressed her disappointment during the programme in Bainimarama not showing up as the whole of Fiji was eagerly awaiting the live confrontation.

Bainimarama should now finally realise that you can't defend a lie.

Levu ga na vosa!

Anonymous said...

Forget these AG records, whatever happened to Bainimarama appearing with Ro Teimumu on 4 the Record for a debate?

Me thinks Bainimarama the soldier was fearful of debating the Gone Marama Bale. Lamu much! hahahahahaha.........

Go Ro Teimumu!

For you Fiji First supporters take a long good look at your PM. He cannot even face the Marama but is very good at intimidation tactics. hahahahaha....

Oilei Navua!!

Anonymous said...

Don't call Bai PM becoz he was not democratically elected.
He is a Chicken �� and not an Eagle since he is frightened to face the Iron lady Ro Teimumu. Io na kaisi ga na kaisi.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record-Annon@2;42am
i am no suppoter of Bainimarama
but he is not a kaisi?
His old man
happens to be the high chief of Kiuva.
I know, we're all mad at him
for one thing or another, but he has not really abandoned us? he's
only running with a new idea...only time will tell if he
succeed or failed? Will he takes
us to the promised land? wait for
the next 28 days?
Learn from the
Marama Na Tui Dreketi-she addressed him not as Bainimarama
or Prime Minister but- NAITA!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 3:52 am, A true chief will never I'll treat his fellow colleague like the GCC for his own safety and unchallenged leadership.
A true chief don't lure the public with developments inorder to use them as human shield for the upcoming election.
A true chief will always be transparent with everything he do Eg No Public Audit Account from 2006 to date.
A true chief don't order the beating and killing of innocent human life.
The list goes on and on... Ya na I tovo ga ni tamata kaisi... E Turaga beka io e kaisi na nonai tovo... Vinaka vakalevu dina.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous at 2:24 am

Mr. Bainimarama does not seem the type who would have come up with this new idea that he is running with.

So you got to see whose idea it is and what is the agenda behind this idea.

And then we can see what this is all about.

This is about power and money.....nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Iron lady is the best word that can best describe the gone marama bale na Roko Tui Dreketi... She is really the mother of the nation. Let's vote Sodelpa for true democracy and high class leadership.

Anonymous said...

Teimumu kepa should retire she talks a lot about the past.

Anonymous said...

He is running allright with your money

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6.52am

...so tell Bai to show up for his debates and talk about his plans for the future. Did he do that when faced with the opportunity to debate the Marama? a big NO.

Aiyarse Khaiyum said...

Baimagaitinamu knows he can't front up to any debate because he's just fucking dumb. He can't even answer simple questions, he's fucking scared.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:52

Iron Lady Ro Teimumu talks about the Illegal Bai/Kai government which was running illegally for the past 8 years.

Bainivuaka always talks about and accuse the Ratu Mara, Rabuka, Chaudry and Qarase government. So who should retire?? You ball bag.

Anonymous said...

Sob sob sob ..,,the land was given by god my arse ... You guys are a bunch of apes n baboons ....every Sunday go to church , then come out and curse other races n religions ... Bloody monkeys ... Learn from church ....

G , harmnam

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:53am....He is your chief SHITTING BULL.....you heard Ro Temumu wrong...she addressed Frank as NAITAQARI

Anonymous said...

If Franky went on a public debate...his first statement would be....You know who I am but I don't know where you live....whats your address...siding his biffed up baboons with eyebrows raised

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Bainisona is not Not Chief SITTING BULL.
He is Chief BULLSHIT.


Anonymous said...

How low and intimidators are the SODELPA supporters? They have used violence, fear and hate to get votes in past.

Police have warned people to desist from engaging in racial and religious vilification and even calling for violence in the run-up to the September 17 general election.
Police chief of operations Assistant Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu said their media and IT departments were seriously looking into this.
Many hate mails posted on Facebook, coup and half pages have been urging election support for SODELPA.
While the pages are not official pages of SODELPA, “Friends” on them include prominent supporters of SODELPA. Other Facebook pages supporting SODELPA (Social Democratic Liberal Party) are also “Friends” with these “Hate” sites.
Attacks on Muslim, Chinese and Gujarati communities have become a prominent feature in fake Facebook profiles such as those of “Ratu Sakeasi Butadroka” and “Ratu Seru Cakobau”.
The proliferation of such pages and the racist threats mark a trend in the campaigning that is worrying Police.
ACP Tudravu said while monitoring the fake profiles could be a handful for the Police, people needed to know that such remarks were not going unnoticed.
“We did not look into Facebook comments unless highlighted to us. However, we are now aware of it and if we find the people behind it, they will be taken in for questioning.
“Things such as IP address can be identified.”
ACP Tudravu also questioned why people participated in such forums when Fiji was headed towards elections.
He also confirmed receiving a complaint from Fiji Sun Publisher/CEO Peter Lomas over calls on one of these sites for the company to be burnt to ashes.
“The Director CID is looking into this matter,” he said.
SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa was asked about these Facebook pages on Sunday during the FBC TV programme 4 The Record.
Ro Teimumu said she did not follow such pages which were not officially set up by SODELPA.
However, she urged those purporting to be supporters of SODELPA to “have tolerance for everyone who lives in Fiji”.
One such posting on a so-called Facebook page “SODELPA Fiji” by a fake profile shows a picture of a person killed and put on a lovo pit. It states: “Do not mess with my people, my land , my culture, my religion, my God and my chiefs. We do not want to be feasting like this.”
The same post goes on to state that those who have an opposing view would have a lot to answer to if SODELPA forms the next Government.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:01pm It is indeed a miracle that you are able to determine that these people are SODELPA supporters. For all you know they could be Fiji First or Indo-Fijians or supporters of parties or people who do not want SODELPA in government purporting to be SODELPA supporters. Its Social media for crying out loud. Get a clue man. If you intimidate people enough they will turn against you. Something this military people are very good at and have been doing for years. Have proof and evidence then you accuse otherwise STFU. To date not a single person has been arrested for this. If it really was SODELPA supporters posting this and was caught, you would have definitely seen it allover the media.

Anonymous said...

Heard that SODELPA stall banners at Hibiscus Festival taken down by police. Any confirmed reports?

Anonymous said...

The mentality of some using this site can so easily be judged by the way they jump to conclusions from what they read here.

Just imagine the conclusions they also jump to from the unsubstantiated rumours they hear.

What a joke they are.

Anonymous said...


DO NOT VOTE FOR FIJI FIRST because they are just a bunch of "POCKET FIRST" liars.

FF policies will only divide the races in Fiji more!



Anonymous said...

i"m no supporter of any government but my question is, in the past election all currant candidates goes beyond and far off villages to promise better living than after the election you don't see them any where till the nxt election, with this gov they not only talk about it but it actually gets done before the election.not like we have seen in the past Promise and Deliver later, just for example in Kadavu with the Garase Gov they promise a second airport and everybody was excited and got them in govement,and all went down the drain i bet they would be more stories like this.. as i said I don't favor any party or belong to one, i hope that people would vote on merit, lets see a better FIJI..

paula raqeukai said...

People of Fiji! Just Vote for the Truth and the Truth shall set Fiji FREE!....God only helps those who help themselves first by doing the right thing...and the right thing is simply to vote for the TRUTH....God Bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@ harmnam....you sound like Hanuman the Monkey God...go climb the trees and we will feed you bananas and peanuts monkey...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone really be taken seriously on this blog....C'mon there has been a lot of hot air blown around..threats etc but has anything happened over the past 8 years...at least people can vent their verbal frustration on this site as anonymous virgins without worrying about being victimised by the military baboons...

Anonymous said...

THAT RACIST FACEBOOK purpoting to be by sodelpa, was setup buy QORVIS.

Emosi Turabeci - Sydney said...

What else can you expect from SODELPA racist/nationalist party?

- Fiji Indian bashing
- Scaremongering
- Violence
- Threats
- Intimidation
- Use of fear
- Bullying tactics
- Race
- Land
- Fiji to be Christian State
- Fiji Indians belong to India
- This is our land.

They haven't changed from past. They are still Butadroka's/Taniela Vatata's/ Tora's/Taukei Movement's of past.

It is time to change friends. Instead of the above tactics sell your policies/manifestos.

Anonymous said...


Jay Dayal, Fiji President of Vishawa Hindu Parishad (VHP), announced on his FB page that Sudhakar’s was VHP’s General Secretary.
Sudhakar’s FaceBook page states that he works with the World Hindu Economic Forum.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad is an extreme right wing Hindu fundamentalist organization in India and across the world and expanding rapidly be establishing branches or cells (Google it). In Fiji they have established four or five branches since late last year.

VHP Fiji rates itself as Fiji’s largest Hindu organization.
This is how the VHP describes Fiji:
“Its total population is 7 lakh and 40% of it (about 3 lakh) is Hindu. Many Hindu associations are active here. Their forefathers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, etc., were taken there over 150 years ago as indentured labour. Under the regimes of frequent coups, the political weight of Hindus there is lessening. Educated Hindus are fleeing the country. The present military regime, however, is positive towards Hindus. Hindus there have established the University of Fiji. “

In September 2013, the Fiji Times did a story on the launch of VHP (a “charitable” organization) in Fiji.
Fiji Times wrote: “Funded by the World Hindu Council, the world's largest international Hindu organisation, VHP Fiji hopes to promote and protect the interest of Hindus the world over.
In a statement, VHP Fiji's president Jay Dayal said they hoped to place branches in more areas around Fiji.”
We do not need the VHP, Hindu fundamentalism in Fiji politics.

This organization earlier this year tried to stop Evangelist Hinn from visiting India because they feared Hinn was converting Hindus to Christianity.

FijiFist is really going after the Indian support but they are getting the wrong people – pandering to such group.

We do not need extremist Hindus, Muslims or even fundamental Christians in our Politics.

It is in the interest of the Indians to stop extremists from giving them a bad name - Stop Sudhakar

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just downloaded the Annual Financials and guess what.

The logo on the cover, "Rerevaka na kalou, Ka doka na Tui"

Hasn't the AG got around to changing this yet?

Anonymous said...

Burn down the Fiji Sun? Hmmm. Can't rule out the possibility of an accident, like what happened to the Fiji Law Society office . . .

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is a fat pussy, afraid to face Ro Teimumu. Her balls are bigger than his.

Anonymous said...

Ro Kepa is a chief from Rewa. Bainimarama is a chief from Tailevu. Both parties are led by chiefs. The question is, as a Fijian how can than Bainimarama be antifijian. The difference is that Ro Kepa is a racist leader and Bainimarama is a national leader. When one becomes a national leader they have to think about the country at heart, to think about development and growth for everyone, to raise the standard of living for everyone, to reduce poverty and unemployment, etc.The rights of itaukeis are very much protected in the constitution. I agree that some affirmative actions be given to itaukeis and GGC be brought back. But the GGC should be apolitical like Methodist church now. Let the party with best policies win.

RewaBridge said...

before the debate starts, this is probably what the PM will say, Im lost for words, the truth hurts, in reply Na Gone Marama na Tui Dreketi will say" Naita Bai, the best kind of words are those thought of before spoken"

May the best party wins!

Anonymous said...

Both my balls are big ... In fact one is slightly bigger than the other.. As biology dictates , however the single most powerful , circumcised , and big black muscle in my body ... Is the one between my legs ... Soon to find a new home in your arse .... So stop disrespecting the Pm ... N go fiji first

Anonymous said...

Anon above

Why not lodge that ungly muscle bwtween Bai's legs

mark manning said...

If Frank Bainimarama is a Nationalist, why is the RFMF predominantly Indigenous Fijian?
Is Frank so afraid of a backlash from the Soldiers, that he prefers Indigenous Fijians over non-Indigenous Fijians in the RFMF?

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: bai scared of debating Ro Teimumu. Hahahaha. So the guy that brought Fiji 7 years of 'stability' n 'progress' can't even tout in a debate. So sad yet laughable

Anonymous said...

Sofeena writes;

I hope you learnt your lesson and never ever mess with a girl with faith.

Remember Allah chose a mere shepherd boy as a leader

The strongest army could not kill Goliath
yet a teenage boy called Daud (David) killed Goliath with a mere stone.
do you know why because he had Allah written on his heart.
I had challenged you many times that you couldn't move a hair from my head when I was in Fiji.
and I was right you couldn't touch me.
your bodyguards are Bainimara's soldiers
mine are Allah's angels.

if there is a just God above us you will go to jail for your wrong doings and some Fiji muslim league officials will accompany you.

Innocent muslims will be targeted if a riot ever happens in Fiji
Hafiz Khan confirmed that in a meeting in Sydney in 2011. by the way Aiyaz, Hafiz also told me you are so living in a paper castle.
looks like Hafiz has more brains than you and your idiot friend Nisar who stalked me openly as Mike Moore.

Funny you told Hafiz and Nisar that you ditched me? really?
who was calling me with different phone numbers like a lunatic? who got Aslam Khan to release my number when Pradeep sent me a new
funny you didn't tell Hafiz that by the time I finished with you you went crying to your dad.
Daddy Daddy larki bole hama paas balls nai hai.

and your dad called my dad and said to him your daughter told my son he has no balls!

you can stalk me all you want and call me many names on facebook with your cheap girlfriends.

you don't touch my skin and guess what apart from a few tattis who
are your friends no one believes you.

you had publically demeaned Indians at the jalsa guess what my trainer in metlife was an Indian.
he was only 20 yet he was the best. I became top seller in 4 months with his motivation.

and by the way thank you for coming into my life.

and thank you for scaring Tasneem and telling her that you will

apply the extradition laws on me??
really AG?
did you really finish your law degree? bet you got D's and F's as grades?

what crime did I commit?? you should be charged for defamation yourself not forgetting treason.
you aren't just sick in your kidneys
you are sick in your mind that's why two good muslim women
divorced and dumped you!
Shabina Sahu Khan has told me all your stories and how when you couldn't marry her you framed her father

she told me how she sent an official letter to the Fiji president on your wrong doings and how you stayed at her place in Ba together with your bodyguards.

you will always be an idiot in my books AG.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, talk about hanging out your dirty washing in public !

Send your story to a woman's magazine and stop showing yourself up here please.

Jozsinta said...

Personal issues are best kept out of this! Have a backbone & deal with whoever you're upset with but this is a LOW Blow & am embarrassed of people like you!

Nilesh Manu said...

Talent Deficit Syndrome:The Story of FijiFirst Party
by Sai Lealea
Jul 9
by Sai Lealea

Even before full campaigning starts, one thing is getting clearer each day; how Fiji has been lumped with a bunch of lackluster people in government with Dictator Bainimarama who lack talent when compared to the candidates of parties now announced to stand in the 17 September Election.

Pound for pound on intellect, intelligence and common touch, Bainimarama and his lot have absolutely no match. For that simple yardstick, he would do well to repeat his dash for his life down the tavioka patch at Nabua camp just to stay in touch. Across all the main parties standing against him, the weight and spread of talent and ability pose as a tidal wave that will engulf his mottled crew of dropouts, hangers-on, underarchivers and past used by dates. For Fiji the array of candidates on display with the other parties, is a refreshing site and prospect, one it has been denied for near 8 years.

Such has been the very high opportunity cost of Dictator Bainimarama's rule over these years. Fiji has missed out on the potential of its people. Sad to say Fiji's loss has been a blessing to other Pacific governments and businesses who have snapped up those talents and benefiting from it. No doubt only a return to democratic government will entice the return of these lost talents. Yet imagine the loss in aggregate productivity as a result of it and it baffles the mind.
Read some more:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:24 PM, it's clear to see that your biggest muscle lies between your ears.

Anonymous said...

It's not strictly a personal issue when the Attorney-General, who is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer in the land, is stalking women, abusing his powers, defaming the innocent, framing people for crimes they didn't commit, exhibiting signs of mental illness, and commiting treason.

Accordingly, Sofeena, more details, please.

Anonymous said...

Beware! Clicking on these links to a Fiji government website in order to examine the phony financial statements gives the regime a record of your computer's IP address.

Anonymous said...

Sa kua ga ni basika yani o bainimarama ena debate. De lakolako tata na gusuna qai via vivacu

Anonymous said...

Anthony Astonsona Tarr

Your mouth smells like your ass. Have a life man and stop the needless abuse...luveni kutu sebe.

Anonymous said...

So AG's reports have been released, assets declared, what else is outstanding!!!

Anonymous said...

when you think about the idiots that run this country and the comedians in the FijiFirst line up it is true that Fiji is today a banana republic

Anonymous said...

Vote for change.
- Vote for multiracialism.
- Vote for sustainable economic Growth.
- Vote for rural development including our villages.
- Vote for increased standard of living.
- Vote for employment and reduction in poverty.
- Vote for Fiji the way the world should be.
-Vote for moving Fiji forward.
-Vote for zero corruption.

Vilimoni Natewa said...

Ro Teimumu Tarr is a leader of the past.

Anonymous said...

Vote for NFP
Vote for SODELPA
Vote For OneFiji
Vote for PDP

Dont vote for bad losers

Anonymous said...

@Anthony Aston Tarr 2:36 AM

Is you sad pathetic life so miserable that the only excitement you can get is to write obscenities anonymously on a blog.

Maybe one day you will evolve into something other than trash.

Anonymous said...

Dont vote for coup makers

Anonymous said...

Dont vote for Naboro First. oops

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:04 AM

"" Beware! Clicking on these links to a Fiji government website in order to examine the phony financial statements gives the regime a record of your computer's IP address. ""

And the problem with that would be?

Anonymous said...

the problem with that is they will hide their faces behind masks and beat you women up

Anonymous said...

they espescially love beating women and small boys

Anonymous said...

FijiFirst should be called the Cassava Patch Party.

the revenge of the cassava men.

Anonymous said...


Kishore Lal said...

Our SODELPA leader said , Ro Teimumu Kepa last night on Fiji Village:

- Fijian names for indigenous Fijians only.
- Fiji to be declared a Christian state.
- Qoliqoli Bill will be legislated.
- GGC will be reinstated.
- 1997 constitution will be brought back.
- Race based scholarship to be re-introduced.
- 50% or more jobs guaranteed for Fijians.
- Tenants to pay market rental for NLTB lands.

It is time to vote for SODELPA.

Aiyarse Khaiyum said...

@Anthony Aston Tarr 2:36 AM. I understand your anger but you gotta blame your parents for sexually molesting you when you were a child. Get some help before you start molesting your sister. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

we need some overseas investment before this country sinks.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA campaigner and former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, on a visit to the United States, has met Adi Asenaca Caucau, who is well known for her racist anti-Indo-Fijian sentiments.
The meeting comes in the wake of police warning against a proliferation of hate mails in social media in the build-up to the September 17 general election.
It also reinforces the belief that there is an orchestrated campaign to undermine the Voreqe Bainimarama-led FijiFirst party by SODELPA sympathisers planting fear in the minds of people.
Adi Asenaca was a radical member of the Qarase SDL Government who said in Parliament that Indo-Fijians were like weeds trying to take over everything.
She posted a picture of herself and Mr Qarase and tagged SODELPA Fiji, SODELPAQueensland and SDL SODELPA pages.
Extremist iTaukei elements similar to those who fomented events that led to the 1987 and 2000 political upheaval appear to be getting traction in their campaigning for SODELPA.
Prominent SODELPA personalities like Nirmal Singh, a candidate, communications director Jese Sikivou, a member of the inner circle of leader Ro Teimumu Kepa, youth representative Pita Waqavonovono and media officer Sainiana Radrodro are on the “friends” list of a certain Facebook website called Ratu Seru Cakobau. It is amongst the most racist.
Meanwhile, University of the South Pacific emeritus professor and development studies pioneer Crosbie Walsh has called on SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu to condemn racist comments in social media.
In his respected blog Fiji: The Way It Was, Is, And Can Be, he said RoTeimumu’s response that “these are not official SODELPA statements” and call for more tolerance was not enough.
“Intentionally or not, SODELPA’s policies on race and religion prepare the ground for these expressions of intolerance,” he said.
“Similar sentiments led to the 1987 and 2000 coups. Ro Teimumu needs to do more than call for tolerance,” he said.
“To improve SODELPA’s tarnished image, she needs to strongly condemn the intolerance, set an example with her own statements and lead the call to bring the perpetrators to justice

BoB said...

Continuing on with C4.5’s circus analogy, the RFMF is like a big circus elephant. For years its controller tied it to a stake to make it do its bidding. At the beginning, the young elephant strained and tugged at the stake but couldn't get free. Soon, it resigned itself to the idea that it could never free itself from the stake. But that was all in its mind. In fact, over time the elephant became much bigger. It now has more than enough strength to pull out the stake and be free of its controller.

Once it understands its capability and sees its duty, this elephant could go rogue very, very suddenly.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA isn't planting fear in the minds of the people. It's planting HOPE.

The Heckler said...

Why just pick on Ro Teimumu? Bainimarama is often photographed with racist ultranationalists.

They're members of his cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First Party is a Muslim party.
Bainimarama and other Fijians there are puppets.
They just there for the money and their stomach.
QORVIS is controlling Bainimarama.
You talk to the Fijian candidates they have no idea what their party stands for.
They say "multiculturalism". But Alliance party was already doing that in 1970.
Tell us something new you dickheads.
What a bunch of morons.

Anonymous said...

Ni sa raici ira na Kai viti ena f first qo o ira na vua viri,,,era sa kila sa voleka na valeni vei vesu sara qai vaqara bula...
Vakaloloma nodra bula ena vovodea ni rai....
Dua na vakamacala ulukau cakava tu o Col Netani Rika ena bogi ena TV....
Vakaraitaki ni tamata druka kana loto ena vua viri!!

Anonymous said...

Savanaca Vakaliwaliwa ,,,qabod!!!
sa yaga na masi volo ena Letters to Editor.....

Anonymous said...

coupfourpointfive thank you for keeping this website alive.

we love it and you'll be one of the heroes when we've kicked Fiji First off to Naboro.

Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh is now a professor emeritus of USP? Walei, I knew USP's standards had slipped, but I didn't realise they'd slipped THAT much!

Anonymous said...

After the elections, Bai and/or Kai is/are going bye-bye, even if they win. It's just a matter of who strikes first. Bai won't need Kai, but for the first time Kai won't need Bai either! Will Bai arrest Kai to win popularity and make his position unassailable? Or will Kai secretly whack Bai and then carry on as his successor? Kai is more clever than Bai, so my money is on the AG.

Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh's blog is respected? By whom, a bunch of unrespectable traitors and carpetbaggers?

And why the use of the present tense? Is Crosbie's blog still around?

Ganesh said...

I agree with Crosbie that Ro Teimumu should denounce racist comments. She can begin with Bainimarama's statement that Indians worship tevoro.

Ganesh said...

I agree with Crosbie that Ro Teimumu should denounce racist comments. She can begin with Bainimarama's statement that Indians worship tevoro.

Anonymous said...

"√Źn his respected blog...."

That's when we knew you weren't serious. Nice joke.

In his respected blog (that is hilarious) , the extreme fascist, Mr Crosbie Walsh, attacks organisations such as Amnesty International.

He probably kills small fluffy dogs and cats for fun. C'mon Walsh. You are best buddies of these criminals. Find out what our foreign debt is at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"There is an orchestrated campaign to undermine the Voreqe Bainimarama-led FijiFirst party by SODELPA sympathisers."

Not just SODELPA sympathisers but Fiji sympathisers.

That's because there is an orchestrated campaign to undermine Fiji by the Voreqe Bainimarama-led FijiFirst party, the Party of Treason, Thuggery and Debt.

Anonymous said...

You know why? The funds will be approved by parliament just like any developments...with less opposition it will be approved but many kaiviti dina vote other parties and that is why plenty ulu qali won and form opposition. During debates opposition will try to win and no developments so the next election those in opposition will use this as their weapon then they will win..what about we all vote SODELPA or any Kaiviti party with less opposition and alot of developments....this government has no opposition they do what they want...just wait when there is an opposition...all there promise will be all liessssss. It how politics are played.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is writing these anti muslim comments , you will soon be very sorry .

Anonymous said...

anon 3:22pm,

Time for muslim rule in Fiji is getting over soon. We will take back what is rightfully ours and put you all back to where you rightfully deserve i.e in hell with your satanic allah and the pedophile muhammad.your demonic kind has done enough damage to Fiji and time to payback is near. Its time for all of you that support the Filthy First to be sorry.

Anonymous said...

Followers of islam are creating havoc around the world including Fiji. Daily beheading, bombing, rape, kidnapping and slaughtering in the name of evil and demonic allah and pedophile muhammed.Time to stop them spreading their filth in Fiji through the Filthy First is now. hindus are welcome to join us in the fight to rid my beloved Fiji from the filth called islam.If we dont stop the filth now, it will spread like untreatable cancer and consume Fiji for good.

Kolino Meo said...

Indians belong to India similary Fiji belongs to Fijians. It is our god given right. The Indians have caused all the problems in fiji. Our Fijian brothers and sisters are fighting each other because of them. They don't wanted to support our SODELPA party, they don't want to convert to Christianity, they don't want the qoliqoli bill, they don't want Great Council of Chiefs back. I want our new PM and the former PM Mr Qarase to chase them from our beloved country. I agree with the former Minister in PM's office that they are weeds. Come on Fijians vote SODELPA so that we chase them to India.

Anonymous said...

Indians, please dont get frustrated by bakola Kolinio Meo's comments. He lost his sanity when he lost his job at FIT and has since not been able to find employment elsewhere. He has had to make do by wiping the arse of teimumu and qarase and is only speaking out of loyalty of being a good arse wiper. Meo is the culmination of pekapeka and magaduka. The bakulevu has nothing to offer so resorts to vutulaki from time to time. Moce magaduka Kolini Meo

Anonymous said...
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Mark Manning said...

Kuli kolinio meo is someone whom even the Almighty Jesus Christ couldnt save and convert into a human being. He is possessed by the evil spirit. Please god have mercy on his poor and rotten soul.Burn in hell sonalevu meo. AMEN

Anonymous said...

The problem with Kolino Meo and the like-minded I-taukei's like him is that they think from the shithole rather than the brain. They are under the illusion that the shithole is given for thinking/reasoning while the brain's function is to store shit.Even Saint Giles wont be able to cure the sickness. As mark manning said, there is a need to remove the evil spirit. If Jesus has failed so far, it will be very difficult to get rid of it. Burning him in hell seems like a logical solution.

MEO MEDIA said...
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SEMI K MEO said...

Hold on my fellow cyber mates!

VKB does NOT record anyone with the name "KOLINO Meo" who post above @ August 21, 2014 at 7:01 PM.

Sadly, a few of you have been mistaken that the spew was from my beloved elder brother KOLINIO Meo, former FIT Director whose unceremonious dismissal has been proven by the Fiji Courts as cooked up charges by some. Fiji Court records attests to him being vindicated. Case closed!

I humbly request you my fellow Fijian of all races in this blog to please read carefully and think before you shoot with your pen..

You are forgiven, no doubt!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.52pm

You just nailed the topic, every coup in Fiji happened because of Indian involvement. Thay are a minority group and they dare disrespect us by taking away our leaders (GCC). When SODELPA wins, you motherfuckers will know where you sit.....so shut your mouths.

Anonymous said...

How can the indians, think that they can say whatever they want? Little do they know that they dont belong here, They are from India.... Fiji is for Fijians and they only have the power to speak their minds about how this country is governed. Full stop....

Anonymous said...

No I'm not the same person from the focus group . I'm ratu tulele . Vinaka Kai

Anonymous said...

Vaca va ? Why the anti indian comments ? We eat they food , we rent in their homes , we buy from their shops , we learn from their teachers , we have prospered so much with Indians after the British gave us independence , and yet you all want to chase them and claim title to be the most " racist group of small islanders ?" Indians are part of fiji just like everybody else that lives here . Stop this senseless attacks otherwise there will never be democracy in fiji . We might as well introduce apartheid the way you Fijians behave here . Sa Rota .

Ganesh said...

Anonymous 6:31, these anti-Indian attacks originate from regime trolls working at Clarendon House. These are Indian IT programmers brought in by ASK to rig the elections. Now that they've got the scheme in place, they have spare time on their hands, so the regime is paying them to troll this site and to write anti-Indian comments. The idea is to make Bainimarama look like a moderate compared to the "pro-SODELPA racists."

Why does Bainimarama do this? You put your finger on it exactly, so that Fiji will never have democracy.

Fortunately, we're smarter than that.

Suomynona said...

Its like Frankie continues to hide certain things never meant to be revealed when challenged for a debate or open consultation.

Anonymous said...

Bhai mera ... Bhagwan Frank ... Tum hum ko Bhagwan se pyara ho ... Khush raho .... Aur tuto falo

Frank Humara sathi

Tomasi said...

Fijians are some of the most friendliest people on earth. Our own brothers and sisters from other ethnic groups can testify to that. Tourism is booming because of that. Our Sevens Team display that each time they mesmerize the Hong Kong and Dubai and other sports arenas.

This racist talk may be the result of responses to certain forces and pressures. But as all have known, there is a concerted effort by this regime to do whatever is possible to win this election. They do not care what they do, as long as they win.

So please, to us the common citizens, let us try and remain calm and always hope in God and stand up for what is right, and just, and true and honourable. Fiji will be a better nation because of our ability to work together in spite of our differences. In God we must trust. Let us never put our trust in people, for they are only human and imperfect. Our hope must be pillared on our love for God and our love and appreciation for one another, no matter the changing fortunes of time. God bless Fiji and may the future be better through the decisions we make today and every single day. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news : Al Jazeera : 940 am
Al nusra mskes it demands :

The Islamic group has demanded that all Sodelpa supporters who have made anti Islamic comments and insulted the prophet and religion they want them and will release the soldiers : this is the demand :

1. qarase will drive the truck , with Ro as passenger . All of you arses will be given special mint to freshen up your mouths .... There will be an enormous amount of muslim cock sucking .. For you all, ... Muslim sausages galore ..

2. No condoms : as they want to fuck your Arses , as they believe that that's where you guys are talking from . They will fuck your arse until you shit from your mouths .. Because right now ... Instead of praying for our soldiers ... And thinking unity bad peace in fiji ... U guys want to continue insults .

The rebels inspected Ro kepa : they said the bitch was " too dry ... Instead they gave Viagra to qarase .. And said " go ahead make your day " you fuck the shit out of her ., because u have fucked her chances of winning anyway .

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.53 am. yeah muslim cocksucking is right being done by the 44 fiji boci army boys

Anonymous said...

Fijian soldiers with due respect have never been elite ... Never ... Not even close .. They are known for their physical attributes not luminosity . When they have gone into British army .. They have been retrained and then placed in positions . Fact is Fiji never needed an army .. There was simply no threat ... Minimal budgets ... And very thin intelligence .Fiji army is glorified police with a couple of guns here and there - nothing else .