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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Coward Bainimarama avoids protesters as election officials change rules again

People power: Bainimarama only met 'supporters.'
The headline was "Dad's cry for justice" but it might as well have been "Fiji's cry for justice."

And chances are it won't be the last time we see it.

Fronting up: But where's the dictator?
Twenty something days out from the elections and the regime is still playing dirty. 

The Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, today went ahead with the draw to allocate numbers to the parties, despite the Electoral
Bodyguards - about 30 plus police!
Commission disqualifying two candidates - Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Mere Vuniwaqa.

The National Federation Party had objected to Khaiyum and Vuniwaqa: one is Fiji First's general secretary as well as Minister Responsible for Elections and the country's illegal attorney general, the other former Acting Permanent Secretary for Justice.

Under the regime's own Constitution, neither are eligible to seek election for four years because of their involvement in organising next month's election.

And yet Saneem, kin of Khaiyum, today proceeded with the draw claiming the Commission had failed to deliberate in the required three days and saying he had sought the advice of the solicitor general's office.

The Commission has disputed the ruling, boycotted the draw and is seeking legal advice from New Zealand.

Saneem's decision to say the Commission should've done their deliberating by 4pm not only breaches the Constitution but is ludicrous - 5pm is end of business and as NFP says, midnight, is the end of day.

In typical modus operandi, while Khaiyum and his officials were changing the rules again, Bainimarama was using taxpayer money to woo supporters in Sydney.

But there, too, Fiji First was exposed for its lack of transparency. A number of citizens, including critics, wanted to talk to him but the dictator didn't have the guts to front. He met only those 'invited' to talanoa.

Not surpisingly, social media was this afternoon littered with posts about Bainimarama being a coward.

Sadly, the same could be said about the Fiji police.

Another suspect died in custody this week leaving yet another family wanting answers. 

Thirty year old Vilikesa Soko, a father of three, was taken in last weekend accused of robbery and was pronounced dead on Wednesday night while in Lautoka Hospital's intensive care.




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mark manning said...

Law of the jungle in Frank's Fiji it seems!
Under Frank Bainimarama, Fiji Police are, Judge, Jury and Executioner.
But the coward high tailed out of Canterbury this afternoon, flanked by 4 of NSW Police Special Protection Unit four wheel drives, with blacked out windows wound up as he fled away!

Anonymous said...

A big VINAKA VAKALEVU to all you supporters there in Sydney. It is more then appreciated by those of us back here in Fiji.
Thank you for the reminding the world that the ILLEGAL PM is nothing but a murderer who has BLOOD on his hands!
Thank you for reminding the world that he is nothing but a big bully, a man who has a pea brain and is dead scared of going to Naboro Prison, where one day he will be surely incarcerated. He will one day, like Saddam Bin Laden and the likes face up to his FATE!!
T..H..E..N ALL his followers will follow him!!

Hanif said...

Vilikesa Soko deserved it fully. Imagine if he entered your house, put a knife on your neck and raped your mother, wife or daughter in front of you? You wouldn't be criticizing the police brutality then!

Anonymous said...

F.u.c.k you Hanif! He is a HUMAN being with short comings. The Police, cannot for one moment take the law into their own hands. That is the role of the Courts.The Police are SUPPOSED to be the bastions of law and order. May Vilikesa rest in peace and may the Almighty comfort his family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Hanif - must be ANOTHER MUSLIM PIG!!
Like the Taliban, he has no regard whatsoever for basic human rights the luve ni Vore he is.

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama deserves it fully. Imagine if he entered your house, put a knife on your neck and raped your mother, wife or daughter in front of you?

In effect, he already has. And he's still holding you hostage.

Hanif said...

Now let's not take this to an uncivilized Fijian level and start calling names. You should very well know that Fiji is soon going to become a Islamic caliphate, so please refrain from criticizing us. Who knows, you may very well be my slave, so this attitude will do you guys no good! And on topic, Vilikesa Soko deserved it - a full baton up his ass!

Anonymous said...

Watching the news in Sydney tonight was very encouraging. The protestors had the overwhelming support and the reporter claimed she was banned from entering the hall. The reporter had the gall to ask the door security why it was not open to the public.

Frank was ushered away like an arrested criminal. Lets wait and see how this is reported in Fiji.

No doubt Crazy Walsh will say the footage was all fake and "those evil "Amnesty International" representatives wee to blame some how.

FF continues to unravel. Even we Indo Fijians who thought Frank was the answer are now starting to see that Fiji will continue to rot if Frank stays in power any longer.

Democracy is getting closer. A mixture of all parties (except FF) will be a great result for Fiji. The other parties will find common ground because Frank and Aiyaz have shown all of us just how bad things can be.

Emil King said...

Vinaka to Chen Bunn Young for finally drawing a line.

Of course, the solicitor general, being an Aiyaz puppet, will rule in Saneem's favour.

But by appealing to a court in NZ, the Electoral Commission is making it more difficult for McCully to continue pretending this election is anything near free and fair. If Wellington cracks (it may not), that will make it much harder for Canberra to carry on its own pretense. With both Canberra and Wellington finally having to admit the elections are unfree and unfair, Washington and Brussels will finally take off their blinkers and pose anew as the principled champions of Fijian democracy.

Without the sanction of international opinion, the regime's announcement of a Fiji First sweep on Election Day will be met with incredulity by Fijians. We will begin gathering at Ratu Sukuna Park. The regime will clamp down quickly with more repression. We will be disoriented, angry, frustrated and indignant.

It is then be for the citizens of Fiji to decide whether we are mice or men.

Cassava PAtch at the Sydney Rally said...

When Frank was escaping from the crowd in Sydney today I wonder if he had a turd dropping from his pants.

The Cassava patch coward is now also the Sydney rally coward.

Anonymous said...

McCully and Bishop would have watched the events in Sydney with interest. They will now be starting to see the Dictator does not have the support he claims to.

Good on the Electoral Commission. No technicality, like the one raised by Saneem can change the facts.

Vuniwaqa and Khaiyum should not have been registered in the first place.

Lets see what the international observers have to say. Just over three weeks to go and the Corrupt Fiji First can't help but expose their true colours.

We always knew that Saneem never was and was never going to be independent. He has no legal clue and has been doing what he has been told since he was a boy. Just remember this little boy has never voted. He has no concept of legal principles and democracy.

The boys in Naboro are going to have a field day with Saneem.

Anonymous said...

As a peace loving i taukei, I appeal to you my indian brothers and other races too - LET US ALL VOTE THE DICTATOR, BAINIMARAMA OUT FOR GOOD ON 17 SEPTEMBER!


A Call to Action said...

This is a message for ALL military personnel and their family and friends.

Ask yourself (or your family member or friend) WHO DO YOU SERVE?

If the Brigadier General asked you to rape your mother obviously you would disobey.

You are there to protect Fiji not to follow orders blindly. Your integrity is your strength.

If the people march in Sukuna Park will you turn your guns on them or will you join them to free Fiji?

Do you have the spirit of Sukuna or Bainimarama?

The day may come soon when you have to chose. Follow a deranged dictator or follow your instincts and your ancestors.

The election WILL be rigged. When more people rally together in Suva than people who voted for FF, then the international community will support you.

Military men and women. Do you have integrity and strength or are you a coward?

Soon there will be new leaders in Fiji and new military leaders. Men and women who will put Fiji first. Are you with us or are you against us?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2 Annon 11:29 PM
Only cowards don't confront their critics. The truth hurts hey?

Your Fijian is pretty good for a Muslim coward. Just cos you can't afford to go to Aus. Sorry just cos you can't get a visa to go to Aus don't cry here little girl.

Its way past your bedtime. Leave the discussion here for the grown ups. Nigh Nigh

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu sydney!!!! he is NOT a leader...he 's A THUG, MURDERER N A LIAR!!!! NA VITI CAVA E KAYA TIKO...NI SA TALARAKA TIKO NA KA BALETI KEDA NA I TAUKEI.....

Anonymous said...

Check this out on Croz’ blog. Really funny:

Thank you Croz for this guideline which has been long overdue. The media is so full of BS that we have to test everything we read. I used your guideline on a very recent piece of news peddled by an Australian media outlet, the ABC:
“Fiji’s military leader has been greeted by protesters in Sydney as he campaigns ahead of next month’s post-coup elections.

Hundreds of Fijian citizens attended a rally in Sydney’s south-west to coincide with a visit by Frank Bainimarama. Supporters of Mr Bainimarama and others approved by his government were allowed inside Canterbury Town Hall for a question-and-answer session. However, other members of the Fijian community, including those in the Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement, were not allowed in and protested outside. A line of police stopped the protesters from entering the hall. The protesters said the election process favoured Mr Bainimarama’s party, Fiji First. They also condemned Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop for allowing Mr Bainimarama to visit.

Now lets check this:
1.My own view: This message is not credible as our PM has 100% support from Fijians inside and outside the country. The ABC therefore spreads lies.
2. Credibility: Unlike fair and unbiased blogs like yours, the ABC is known to have a huge agenda against Fiji which they consider to be ruled by human rights abusing thugs. Everybody knows that this is not true. Fiji is democratically government by an intelligent, benign and compassionate civilian who rightfully campaigns to win all seats in a free and fair election. So no credibility for ABC.
3. The writer is not a professional journalist but a campaigner who is allowed by a very inadequate regulatory framework for media in Australia. Such reporting would never be allowed in Fiji where a modern legislation is in place that commits journalists to be professional and constructive.
4. The writer had no first hand knowledge of what happened and got her information from the anti-government blog C4.5. The picture shown on ABC is a fake and shows protesters in Ferguson USA.
5. The story was only reported on anti-government blogs and has therefore no credibility at all. If there was even the slightest kernel of truth, Croz would have picked the story up and reported it in a truly unbiased fashion.
6. The story is based on false claims and shaky assumptions. There is no resistance against Fiji’s leadership as dozens of polls by the Fiji Sun (the only credible newspaper) have shown.

To sum up, the ABC article fails the BS test on all six counts. It should be immediately removed from the ABC website and the journalist should be punished in line with the Fijian Media Decree. Unfortunately, there is no agreed regional standard for the media and the culprit will go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Anin at 1232 : sir , do u realise that your conspiracy theory is awesome ... I call it conspiracy theory ... Just like u saying that Syria is coming to Fiji ... No wait ... Last in Ba they saw ... Rudolph the reindeer ... Come on.. I can better that .... Wait Muslims want Fiji ... Oh no ... Obama wasn't born in America ... No damn u ... Serious ! Wait ... God gave fiji to the Fijians .... Seriously ... Fuck the hell off ... Let me set that straight ... Kaivitis have a culture and penchant for 2 oh wait 3 great things in life ... Here u go :
1, going to church ... And crying to Jeesu for forgiveness and forgetfulness .
2. Protesting in streets ahd jumping on the bandwagon ... And one siding .... Biggest fucken cowards ... That's why fiji never had a boxing champ ... That could take on international stars ... Jennifer lopez can punch harder ...

3. Crying likes pussies " Issa my land ... Issa my culture ... Issa Kere Kere ... Issa my scholarship ....Issa my arse ... You guys have it all ... You live for today ... And cannot think for tomorrow ... Fact is : you think from your arse and talk from there as well , just ask qarase and Ro .... They have a " PhD" in " arse talk "

John s
Ex qvb ...
Current - fiji first muscle

Anonymous said...

Australia is stupid to give this lowlife criminal police escort or protection. Send him packing

Anonymous said...

@john s

Back to where you came from....If you don't like it....piss off.

Anonymous said...

The entry from Croz Walsh's blog, reported at 12:32 AM really IS funny.

I didn't know Croz still had his blog. I thought it went the way of Grubstake. Down the toilet, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

@John, go back in to your father's asshole and stay there till he fart....!!!!

sa qai rauti iko ya...!!

Anonymous said...





kemuni na kai viti oni masia tiko ka vakaboboi tiko ena ruku ni nona sapo....ni yavu tamata macawa kecega.

Tevita said...

Lets face the fact at Canterbury, Sydney yesterday.

Its funny how Bainimarama ran outside and forgot about his wife Mary. He quickly ran back inside and ushered his wife Mary in their getaway car like a dictator and a thief. They sped off. His car ran red lights.

He was shaking like anything and he appeared red all over his face. Just another reminder of how he ran away in Nabua.

It only shows how scared he was from normal people. Scared chicken.

Fact. He did not allow any non FijiFist members in. To those who manage to in Bainimarama was lost for words.


Ki vei kemuni na noda ni tokona tiko na cakacaka butobuto nei Voreqe. Ni qarauna tiko na gata ka sa kana vinaka ka levulevu tu oqori. O keimami na vo ni kawa i taukei keimami sega ni mataboko. Keimami cata ga na veiliutaki kei na vakamumuri vakamataboko. Baleta oqori nai cavacava ni noda vanua kei na kawa i taukei. Digidigi vakamatau me bula ko Viti kei ira na noda kawa mai muri. Kakua ni digitaka na FijiFist baleta ni sa na nodra ga na Muslim me vaka era sakitaka tiko mai oqori.

Na 135 e sega ni digitaki wale.

Na wekada era mate ka wawa tiko ena mortuary e nona tiko e dua na Muslim. Na i sau ni kena kau mai ki tuba na yago ni mate ena mortuary e Suva e tiko ena $500 dua na macawa ka sivita na $1,000 ni oti e tini na siga. E rua ga na siga e free. O ira ga na Muslim era buluta na wekadra ena 24hrs. O keda na i taukei e sega ka da na sauma tiko na i sau oqori me kau mai ki tuba na yago ni mate. Sa dri yani.

Let be wary of the fact that 135 means "justice, ignore everyone who doesn't believe but praise Allah".

Anonymous said...

Correct Tevita.
I live in Suva. Correct about 135.
Suva mortuary cost over $500 a week...$1,000 a fortnight. First 2 days only is free. Only Muslims bury their dead within 24hrs. Run by a Muslim. Very suspicious indeed. Wonder which Muslim organisation runs it. Can they be investigated Mr Police Commissioner. Anyway who can afford that in Fiji. Double tragedy for the relatives in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bus drivers that service the Kalekana area in Lami fear for their lives after three buses were stoned during the early hours of Friday.

Shore Buses Limited director said youths that were travelling from Suva after visiting the Hibiscus Festival refused to pay their bus fares when they got off the bus at Kalekana.

"The bus driver recognised some of them and confronted them at about 3am. They responded by stoning the bus and damaging not just the bus but injuring a woman,"

The real Fiji !

Anonymous said...

I have Ballu Khan sex video, I have 5 copies in DVD,one will cost you $20 bucks.I own a DVD shop in Suva and it wouldnt be hard to find my shop.

Anonymous said...

I visited Bainmaras speech in Sydney.
He has the right attitude and vision for Fiji.
The protesters were all SODELPA oriented who pretended to be democracy supporters .
They were and are losers who can't see the the best for fiji.
Fiji First will win the elections .
When Rambo did a coup , where were these so called democracy advocates - you are all losers.
Go Fiji First Go.
You have the support of the intelligent, the right thinking people . Only racists are opposed.
When will Qarase be charged again?
Having spent some time in Jail, LQ is now mentally retarded. Lets all do fund raising for him so we can all fund his hospital bill at St Giles.
We will start off with a donation from these protesters.

Anonymous said...

John@1.02am...listen up macafaka,
you forgot the GCC we want it back?
Oh!we forgot about the leased
Fijian land, yes we don't want to
lease it out for over 30 years?
We'll give you short term lease
only, say about 5 to 10 years &
reviewable every 12 months?
if you don't like the deal than
go home to india or pakistan and
try to lease a land there?
good luck trying to find a piece
of land in madras or bombay. Yes,yes, we forgot about our qoliqoli, of course we want that
qoliqoli cause you darn right,it was given by God to our ancestors
and we want that too?
Yes, we want
Mark Manning to come and managed
our Qoliqolis law and he can kicked your ass if you failed to
pay your rent?
Those of you 99.9%
Indo who owes back-Rent on our
Mataqali land, you need to pay
all your frieken arrears before
we can consider your frieken
Kerekere mada me lease?
Yeah thats
all i'm saying for now...Go ahead
and make my day???

Tui Viti said...

There was huge support for PM in Aust, just check todays Fiji Sun as the pictures show,now that is fact,thre were protesters there also but protesting peacefully.Police were there solely on the fact that Bai is PM and has kept his ppromise to have elections.What has a number got to do with FFParty winning the elections or Muslims taking over the country,that is all bullshit.There are many more candidates of I-Taukei and Hindu origin in FFParty then Muslims.This fearmongering that I was talking about, to those of you threatening harm and injury to other races and to I-Taukei stop it now and adhere to the Directive issued by Ro Teimumu.This has boosted her rating in the opinion polls of the Fiji Sun and Times but FFParty is the still above 70% as the prefered party and PM Bai as the prefered leader.Your curses and swears wont have any effect on the current support PM and FFParty has in Fiji and overseas,the elections will be held as promised, nothing,I repeat nothing will hold us back,as an old saying in Cakaudrove says"QAI AE MURI QORE" The elections will be held and FFParty is also getting ready to party after winning the SEPT 17 ELECTIONs by a TSUNAMI of a landslide.BUA,MACUATA AND HALF OF CAKAUDROVE SUPPORT FFPARTY.WHOLE OF WESTERN FROM SERUA TO NADI,LTKA TO RAKIRAKI ARE MAJORITY FIJI FIRST SUPPORTERS,THEN COLO NORTH,WEST,TAILEVU NORTH SOUTH,NAITASIRI NORTH,SOUTH,HALF OF REWA,HALF OF NAMOSI,WHOLE OF LOMAIVITI [EXCEPT KORO ISLAND]he,he,whole of Kadavu are majority supporters,2/3RD OF LAU GROUP SUPPORT FFPARTY.Au vakavivinaka vei keda kece na supporter ni FFParty ni da sega ni sauma na vosaca e tau tiko,da muria ga na vakavuvuli e nona na Turaga o Jisu, me dau lomani ira na malumalumu tu na nodra vakasama.Sa noda i vaqa vakayalo talega oya ena mataka ni kua,ni kalougata tiko,kalougata na nomuni matavuvale,me ra tuberi na luveda esa sala e dodonu,me ra vuli vakaukauwa sara me rawa ni dua na Turaga se Marama yaga vei Viti ni mataka.Ni sa tei moce toka mada,oqo ga o Tui Viti na nomuni tokani ka daunivakasala daumaka.

Anonymous said...

Wow, really? Protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, in the United States carrying "I Love Fiji" signs?


Anonymous said...

". . . our PM has 100% support from Fijians inside and outside the country."

Gee, really?

Your PM must be the most beloved leader in the world!

Is that why he has so many bodyguards — to keep the fans and paparazzi at a respectful distance, because everyone wants his autograph or a lock of his hair or to bare his child?

Or to lick his arse?

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE preaching in moving buses have been reminded it is illegal.

Responding to claims made by some men in the North on preaching in buses, LTA spokesman Iliesa Sokia said such activities were a breach of the PSV codes of conduct.

Mr Sokia said LTA does not issue permits to people for such activities.

"We have never issued any permit to anyone regarding this matter and most importantly, we don't allow this sort of activity to take place in a travelling bus," he said.

"It's against the PSV codes of conduct and the drivers will be held accountable if they allow people to stand and preach to the passengers when the bus is moving. It can be a form of distraction to the passengers and as well as the drivers.""

What's happening in Fiji ? The god squad now want to cause bus accidents to get a few new recruits for heaven, they must be getting low on natural entrants !

Sycophantic Kiwis said...

Hahaha anon@12.32am you so right. Poor Croz can't see beyond his own stuffy colonial politics and yet like his New Zealand Cameron Slater, he gas been fed information by the regime and Ministry of Information and Shsrkn a smith Johns, just as Slater has been. This has all come out in the last two weeks after the publication of the Nicky Hager book a Dirty Politjcs revealing Slater aka Whaleoil blogger has been used by the National Party and the John Key government to plant anti-Labour stories and smear campaigns. Croz and Graham Davis have had the same access to the illegal government and have both pedalled the regime's propaganda while claiming to be qualified and astute commentators of Fiji.

Mai Noda said...

The independent poll conducted in Nakauvadra.

Ro Teimumu 60%
Bainimarama 10%
NFP 20%
FLP 5%
PDP 5%

PM --Ro Teimumu
Deputy PM Professor Biman Prasad

Minister for Education-Dr Eci Nabalarua

Minister for Finance-Jone kubuaBola

Minister Foreign Affairs-Dr Tupeni Baba

Minister for Justice- Niko Nawaikula

Minister for Youth & Sports-Dr Rohit

Minister for Women-Tupou Draunidalo

Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation-Anemia Vainitoba

Minister for Home Affairs-Col Saumatua

Minister for Labor and IR-Felix Anthony

Minister for Fijian Affairs-RT Vilimae Tagivetauua

Minister for Industry and local government -Bill Gavoka

Minister for Sports-Mrs Cirikiyasawa

Minister for Lands - Rt Naiqama Lalabalavu

Minister for Telecommunication - Lynda Tabua

Appreciate your comments so that I can relay this back to Nakauvadra.

Bainimarama will be jailed for life and Khaihum will be dropped in the middle of Beqa and Kadavu for shark feeding.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa will appreciate that!

The list looks good.

Anonymous said...

Coward left Lady Mary in hall. bwahhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

What the hell business is it of the government's what or who passengers listen to on the bus?

Anonymous said...

So, if the PM is 100% supported by all Fijians, inside and outside of Fiji, then who were those protestors Frank was hiding from in Sydney?

Imports from Ferguson?

Hanif said...

Fiji will soon become a Islamic state, so all you iTaukei's better watch out.

Some real hypocrits here. Swearing and putting thier fake god name in the same post.

Listen well, idiots! Allah is the true God and we Muslims would be ruling this world. Allah Hu Akbar!

Anonymous said...

Ashneel: Hi! Can I buy you a drink?

Girl: Actually, I'd rather just have the money.

Anonymous said...

"Hanif", what is that, Arabic for diaperhead?

Just try something in Fiji, and your longevity will be shorter than that of a Hamas military commander in Gaza.

Anonymous said...

If the PM is so popular, then why is the most frequented website in Fiji an opposition website?

Tui Viti said...

400 FFParty supporters inside, 70 protesters outside that is the fact.There wasnt any threat to PM in fact the 400 FFParty supporters were a major and real threat to the 70 protesters outside who protested peacefully in the true sense of the word after being warned,yes, warned by the 400 supporters to keep away or they will be given one small buturaki.Lucky PM told them not to mind the protesters,they are overstayers trying to get a life,most of whom are wanted in Fiji for fraud and other criminal cases.We dont need them back in Fiji so it is best to keep them in Aust,Aust is our bin when we delete such people from our Nation.The 400 supporters who donated in cash and kind and also paid,yes they paid for all expenses incurred,travelling, accomodation,meals,the whole she-bang.Me da vosoti ira na protest tiko mai Aust. baleta ni ra vaqara bula tiko.Sa ganiti ira me ra sa tu ga mai kea,protest me rawa ni tuki na PR. Ke mea a dusia ga eso na tu ekea o PM ka vakasolokakana vei iratou na ovisa,segai na number 70 e totolo sara mei lutu ki na 10 ni ra sa cariba [de ura] na 60 na overstayers. Sa nodai tavi na tiko e Viti me da vakavinavinaka vakalevu,io,vakalevu vei kemuni na noda, ni veitokoni tiko mai Aust kei na veivanuatani au mai cavu baleta saka tiko.Sa qaqa ni neimami masu na nomuni na sotava tiko na vinaka ni Kalou ena nomuni veisiga ni mataka.Da masulaka talega na nona gole i NZ na Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi ena nona sasaga me tawa na nona i lalakai ni bera ni gole lesu mai,ia,na noqu i vakaro vei keda kece na FFParty supporters e se dei tikoga,oya eda na katalau,vakasigalevu ka vakayakavi kece,io,kecekece ena vakatunuloa nei Tabaiwalu kei na Sodelpa ia na tick se toqa ena gole ga ki na vanua e dodonu me gole ga kina oya kina Fiji First.Sa kena levu oya,ni kalougata tiko,sa da waraka tuga na siga ni qaqa ena Sept 17 ni qai tei moce toka mada,o Tui Viti saka ga oqo na nomuni i tokani vinaka.


All blogsites represent only 10-20% of Fiji's populaton, so how we poll here and in the newspapers ,does not reflect ,who the other 80% will vote for. You the bloggers can rant and rave and gossip till the sun sets but the voters always vote for those in power that give financial or other benefits like roads ,water ,power ,school fees etc.
Qarase was very popular with the Agriculture scam by handing out goodies, but Labour party ran neck to neck in the elections only to lose by 3 seats. SO whilst we the well to do with computers and internet can be holier than thou, we may get a nasty surprise during the elections when these people in power come back to rule with an eclectic collection of yes men and women .The future is decided by the non internet and computer owning crowds REMEMBER !!! In the mean time we can keep cursing each other here and enjoy the swearing and dreaming !!!!! Aye Mr Manning.
All our dreams may have already become reality with Khaiyum having to stand for elections now and fight for a place...well done Mr Bainimarama...at last you've seen through the scumbag...I may yet vote for you now that idiot has to stand for elections with no guarantee of a win.REMEMBER NO NOMINATED SENATORS THIS TIME SO BYE BYE KHAIYUM.

Anonymous said...


Hanif said...

Anon @10.53am, mind your words because you will be our slaves very soon.

Don't be at all suprised when you see, on the morning of Sept 18th, 3 Osa II Syrian Military boats anchored in Fiji - 1 in Suva Harbour, 1 in Lautoka Harbour and 1 in Malau in Labasa.

Two Fateh-110 Ballistic Missles will be launched at exactly 10.30 am FST, one targeting the QED at Nabua and one aimed at the Central Business District in Suva.

Three Shahab-2 missles will be on standby to be launched at any moment.

The objective will be to neutralize the armed forces of Fiji.

Whatever the outcome of the Elections, Bainimarama, together with all well known politicians and Chiefs would be shot dead by a firing squad. Details of equipment that will be used is still sketchy, but looks like PKM machine guns will be used for quick and easy mass killings.

Two days later, the Al Quwwat al-Jawwiyah al Arabiya as-Souriya will be landing at Nadi and Nausori, and we will quickly establish a Islamic caliphate. Aust, NZ, USA and Britian would do nothing apart from issuing media releases, as whatever is happening and will happen in Fiji is of no importance to them.

If you don't believe me, keep a lookout from Sept 1st on all Diplomatic missions. They would be secretly moving out of the country on the context of attending offshore conferences.

Remember, you have been warned!

Allah Hu Akbar!

Anonymous said...


THE poison of ethnic politics has again invaded our turf now poured into its normal channels — political speeches.

The SODELPA party claims it has the anti-dote against what it perceives as the systematic destruction of iTaukei interest on the political battlefront. According to them, iTaukei uncertainty is bad for everyone; landowners, tenants and investors probably tourist too.

It has also become evident SODELPA has for some time been silently preparing for an all out counterattack against the might and weight of the Fiji First party machinery. It's swaying backwards and forwards.

It seems the flames of Fijian politics will reach its best during the next few weeks.

More than 570,000 voters have been patiently waiting for this event in the past few years. Let's conduct ourselves in a responsible spirit on the desires of free people.


Anonymous said...

It is so disturbing to hear SODELPA in their desperation are informing people during their campaigns that the iTaukei race have lost their identity; that there will be no more Ratu or Adi and that we have no land and iqoliqoli. To start with the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, Native Lands Commission and the iTaukei Lands Trust Board are all tasked to regulate, protect and deal with specific matters pertaining to the indigenous people of this country.
These three august bodies are still in existence, except for the taxpayers’ money wasting and unproductive Great Council of Chiefs and with these Government statutory bodies roles, the VKB and its registry, our yasana, tikina, yavusa, mataqali and Tokatoka that an iTaukei belongs to is still very much intact together with the Trust operated TLTB – who are the custodians of all the 92 per cent of the communally-owned iTaukei lands anywhere in Fiji.
The NLC is the sole regulator of all our itaukei customary iqoliqoli because we are simply the custodians until consent is granted by the certain yavusa and chief for commercial purpose which will then be reverted to the State, from which all will benefit.
Can Ro Teimumu and Laisenia Qarase provide proof of their no longer being registered by their respective yavusa, mataqali and tokatoka from their VKB because in that they will no longer belong to their respective yasana and tikina or in simple terms no Kai Rewa and Lau?
The Name Fijian stands for equal citizenry and in that it does not take away the special God-given privilege we the iTaukei race currently enjoy and will always as protected for under our 2013 Constitution.
In New Zealand they are called Maori and in Australia they are called Aborigines with their special rights being protected in their individual constitutions until today; whereby they are a thriving and flourishing race although a minority in their countries

Anonymous said...

50 protestors vs 500 supporters. just about sums it up...Canterbury was buzzing yesterday

nayacakalou said...

@ Tui Viti...na Tui e maroroi ira na nona Tamata.Era sasaga na vei turaga ni vanua se Tui djina e vei vanua e Viti mera taqomaka na nodra i yau bula kei na kawa tamata.Na nodra i vakarau na turaga e vica toka...na nodra taqomaki na tamata yadudua mai na,Butako,Laba,kucuvi,veivakararawataki,valavala kaukauwa,veivakamaduataki etc.Ke dua na Tui vakataki kemuni,se tamata e veiliutaki vakataki Bainimarama,se dua na tamata bula e sega vei koya na veika oqo,e vinaka cake na manumanu.Ni ko ni sa neimami Tui na Kai Viti kei Bainimarama,ka sega vei kemudrau na veitovo kai saluwaki ni Tui,rairai ni rogoca cala ko Noa na ka e tukuna na Kalou....mo ni a kua ni vodo na manumanu...

Anonymous said...

Oh come on there was more than 70!

Anonymous said...

Guys I work for myself as a Sap specialist ... I just checked ... Hanif ... Is. Fijian guy... Perhaps Sodelpa supporter ...who is posing as a muslim and making idiotic comments . I can easily release him NAme ... But won't .. It won't achieve anything ... In the spirit of Fijian brotherhood ... I want peace not pieces !!! . By the way I'm based in Santa Monica ... USA ... I'm certain if I check out a lot of the racists taunts here ... To scare Fijians it's by some Sodelpa , NFp and labour people ...
- I'm not voting .... I just hate lies and racism . I

Anonymous said...

good line up. add the japaneseman from Ba

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear and read from this older generation about maintaining the i taukei identity I have to laugh.

Perhaps these older stalwarts should remove the blinkers they wear, walk through Suva at 5 am in the morning and look at the wonderful i taukei identity.

Rowdy drunken youths roaming all over the place, urinating anywhere, being sick and harassing traffic and innocent pedestrians on their way to work. But be careful not to slip over in the pools of spit and urine.

The reality is that these stalwarts of i taukei identity have bred and reared the new identity they are so scared of.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:56 AM

"" If the PM is so popular, then why is the most frequented website in Fiji an opposition website? ""

Simply because if you pick any subject or item on the web you will find more negative information than positive.

It is a natural phenomenon that people complain about something more than praising it.

Anonymous said...

I agree: 1:44 , Personally what is sad , Is Fijians have been in power since independence and before that some great chiefs except for 15 minutes of " Mahendra the robber when he was piss master (pM) . Apart from that there hasn't been any effort on the part of any Fijiian leader ... To enhance the lives of the Fijians . None , zero , zilch . Yes , they have the Fijian affairs board , and a host of otters , but like any otter Fijian govt department , they are simply incompetent to help Fijiians . Every single institution in Fiji dedicated to or set up to Help Fiji has failed , and failed miserably . I can hire 10 educated , and top notch guys from around the world , either having known them or having some sort of affiliation , and forever change the lives of the Fijian brothers , for the better .
That's what political parties should be doing !!! Instead they are focussing on all the negatives and have lost any chances of being formidable opponents to Fiji first . I have a million ideas , but then I'm not in a position to share this ... While this numb nuts fight over .... Look at the calibre of candidates and political parties ? None can talk ? When they do ... I'd rather they shut up , although Aiyaz is probably the best at public speaking . Regardless, even if SOdelpa wins , mark my words ..... It will change enact new laws , further attempt to solidify new policies to bring changes to indigenous rights but what it will never succeed in changing Fijian lives !, as policies are only part of the solution , and I'm saying that they already have that . It's the mindset that's an absentee player , and believe me you , it's the hardest of them all to change , but not impossible .

Anonymous said...

You have misunderstood the situation. Vilikesa Soko was a suspect in a robbery case not rape. The presumption under the law is: innocent until proven guilty. He was not formally charged of any crime. No one deserves death for merely being a suspect. If that was the case then the courts of law in this country would all be redundant. Please be mindful of your comments.

Tui Viti said...

@ Nayacakalou, first i would like to thank you for addresing me using my noble title.History states and is on record that Kings have betrayed,murdered and lied to their own people to keep the Kingdom safe.For instance the British Royal Family,King George the father of Queen Elizabeth the 1st or the Virgin Queen beheaded many opponents and enemies within his household and Kingdom to keep his crown and maintain a firm grip on the Royal seat.King David lied and murdered his General to wed the wife Bathshepa.The first Chinese Emperor Shi Huangdi of the Qin Tribe or State unified China by declaring war on other states and defeating them killing thousands and possibly millions.He was ruthless.In 221 BC the Qin defeated the Zhou people killing 1 500 000 people more than a million,you mentioned Noah? God the creator of Heaven and Earth caused the flood that killed countless quatrillions of people saving Noah and his family only plus his 3 sons wives.What were saying,taqomaka na nodra i yau,vakarau kei na yau bula?Stop living on Wonderland and wake up to the real world.Read a lot of History before you expose yourself on this site, sa da vosoti ira ga na ulumalumalu,sa rauta na kana marijuana Nayacakalou,o iko na tamata o sega ni manumanu.

Anonymous said...

Lake amber - says " muddy water is best cleared when left alone "

Anonymous said...

Police brutality , is a very common thing , case being in missouri right now . Even some very modern , democratised nations are known for it .
It has been present in Fiji since time immemorial . Sadly , it's never been addressed ? It's not unique to the current govt it's been there for decades !!! . I remember I was once along with my friends taken to Central police station for an altercation with some other guys ( 1989) . A Police officer walked up to me and said " you want fight ? You fucking only 17 years old ... And without warning threw a right hand .... Unfortunately for him , my dad got me into boxing since I was 14 ... And I come from a family of boxers ... I threw back and split his lip wide open .... Police officers wanted to lock me and gang up on me ... Luckily my dad arrived ....
Sadly also , crimes against police officers also goes with little punishment . Sadly , petty crimes in Fiji stems from poverty , idleness drunken rampages . Again , No Fijian leader has come out and said " enough is enough ... We need systematic addressing of this issue . The problem lies with helping people and also having an educated police force .
Please don't misconstrue my point - the sad death of this guy should not go unpunished !!!! It should be fully investigated as theft does not = death !!!! No way . At the same time leaders need to take long term action . I hope these asses that call themselves politicians read this , and borrow some ideas from me otherwise this will happen again !!!

Anonymous said...

Tui Visi

Tonoka la nomu sona

Anonymous said...

Illusion of equality

Equality is an illusion, an aspiration that mortal humans seek to attain in a world of inequality.

Let’s face it, as individuals we are at best unequal in ability, physiology, intelligence, and physical strength: tall or short, fat or thin, strong or weak, pretty or ugly, intelligent or stupid we represent diversity inherent in human beings and all forms of life.

Even the honorable adage of being equal under the law is a mere fallacy that is played out around us in everyday life.

Interestingly, the notion of equal citizenry is hotly debated, linked to the common name of “Fijian” for everyone. As pointed out by NFP leader Prof. Biman Prasad, it is important for people to define what equal citizenry means.

Likewise, in a recent talk-back show the host referred to being a second class citizen in relation to indigenous rights. What does he mean by second class citizen?

The fact remains that citizens of Fiji irrespective of a common name cannot all be classed as indigenous and therein lies the rights of this group as indeed recognised by the United Nations.

Lets not delude ourselves with highfalutin rhetoric and come to grips with reality.

Anonymous said...

Sa nona siga,nona na digidigi me butako,sa temaki koya rawa na Setani sa qai muri koya lo o mate me yacova na siga qai sotavi koya vinaka kina.Na ka vakaloloma ni sa tagi tu qo i Eli na turaga sa mai leqa oqo,tawamudu na tagi kei na osi e caka tiko i kea.

nayacakalou said...

@Tui Viti...na kana marijuana e rawa ni lako mai vua e dua e dau kania...e sega tiko ni yacova na nomu vakasama na vei Tui o tukuna toka e cake....The British Royal Family,King George,King David,The First Chinese Emperor...era vaka Tamata e tu na nodra tamata.E dua na nomudrau tamata ? E sega toka na nomudrau i volatara ni vakamate tamata...na butako e rawa ga ni cakava na kawa ni butako....e baleta ni sega ni dua na ka e tu vua...E laurai levu toka ena nomu vosa na malumalumu ni tara vei kemudrau na vakamate tamata nai valavala ka sa drau kilai toka kina....e dua ga na noqu taro...O cei o kemudrau mo drau mai cakava tiko na i vakarau vakaoqo ?

Anonymous said...

Tui Vutulaki,
are you for the murderous regime guilty of usurping authority which is the reality of living under dictatorship.

Now another indigenous have been murdered by the state sponsored terrorist.

Fiji is a small place the names of these officers are already to people especially the relatives of Soko.

You claimed to be Tui Viti but in reality you are an animal and belong to Naboro land fill.

You manumanu!

Hanif said...

ṣallā Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam, ṣall Allahu ʿalayhi wa-’ālih.

Allah Hu Akbar!
Allah Hu Akbar!
Allah Hu Akbar!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.04 pm

O cei o iko?
O sa via Kalou...Na Kalou e Kalou loloma ia ke o kila na nomui vola tabu e tukuna tu vakamatata ni o ira na dau laba vakataki Voreqe kei viavia tui Vutulaki tiko oqori erau na tini talega i eli me vakataki iko talega.

nayacakalou said...

@ Tui Viti...ko ni Tukuna na nomuni Noble Title o vakayagataka tiko....na cava beka iko drovaki ira kina na vei Tui tale eso e Viti? Ke iko Tui Viti djina,o iko sa dodonu mo tukuna vei ira na nomu kawa niko sa sega ni rawata na nomui tavi...ia e sa sega ni rawa koya,sa rawarawa ga mo drau sa laki moce ga kei na daubutako,se vaka evei?....sounds like Epeli Ganilau.

Anonymous said...

To those of you who are thinking that Fiji First can ever win the election, THINK AGAIN!

Fiji First is a hated party because it was borne out of nothing but lies, lies and more lies!

Listen to the undercurrent in the lead up to the 17 September election and you will no doubt feel THE TRUTH!



Anonymous said...

The constitution says that the the attorney should have been "admitted as a legal practitioner in Fiji and has had not less than 15 years
post-admission practice as a legal practitioner whether in Fiji or abroad."

Does Khaiyum have that experience?

Or is going to take up another position if they win and he is lining up the Koya boy for this job.

Anonymous said...

Reporter Jemima Garret who reported on Bai's Sydney visit stated that
"Hundreds of Fijian citizens attended a rally in Sydney's south-west to coincide with a visit by Frank Bainimarama."

Not suprisingly, Fiji Sun put the number at 70!!!!!!!!

So can you see how Fiji Sun closes its eye, ears and ass when it comes to covering an anti Bai event?????

No wonder the Fiji Sun's daily "market and bus stand" survey which appers in their paper daily continues to rate Bai highly despite the majority's feeling on the contrary.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Look very carefully at the events unfolding, this is a ploy, there will be NO elections, SE and EC are for the current government.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:35 PM

You are wasting your breath, we can all play on words.

You say FF is a hated party therefore it will lose the elections, but ask yourself these simple questions;

a) What evidence have you to suggest it is hated by a greater percentage than those that do not hate it?

b) Is FF hated more or less than its opposition?

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that the local daily portray Voreqe's picture from Auckland and Sydney as his supporters is a media gimmick. Only because the decree is still in place.

The truth from Auckland and Sydney is that majority or over 99% of those people were SODELPA, Labor and NFP supporters. Most were just curious to see his shameful face, hear his manipulative ways and lies after 7 yrs in hiding. The few who support him were shamed and called traitors on the day. His body guards were pretty shattered and out of place according to reliable sources.

Tui Viti said...

Typical of Sodelpa supporters; retorts and rebuttals,lots of swears and curses with nothing constructive,and name calling.What term would best describe such people, Sods.@ Nayacakalou biuta mai eso na nomu nanuma me da rawa ni wasea na kena vakasama,na vosa dusidusi kei na vosaca e na sega na betena,ena maumau ga vei iko na APC kei na Panadol ni ko kuria tiko ga na mosi ni ulumu.Au vakavinavinaka vei ira na 500 vakacaca na i-taukei era lai vei tokoni kina Fiji First e Australia au kere veivosoti vei kemuni na 400 vakacaca ni a gole yani mo ni veitokoni ka sa oso na loma ni hall ni mani lesu tale kina,ia e sega ni tarovi na nomuni dodoliga mai vakailavo kina akaude ni FFParty ka sa tiko vei neitou Mata E Aust.AU VAKAVINAVINAKA VEI KEMUNI NA 80% VAKACACA NA LEWE NI VANUA E VITI NO TOKONA TIKO NA FFPARTY,SA DA VAKANAMATA KINA SIGA SEPT.17 NA SIGA NI QAQA VEI KEDA,ESA NANUMI TIKO ME NA VAKAYACORI E DUA NA TAQA ENA LOMA NI KORO E SUVA MEI VAKANANUMI NI QAQA OQORI.SA KENA LEVU OYA NI QAI VAKAROROGO TIKO MAI.

vilimoni said...

the people protesting in sydney were same guys occupying the parliament house in 2000, and members of taukei movement in1987. they are predominalty racists towards indians. they took off from fiji otherwise they would be put in naboro. they are hypocrites. in nz ro teimumu tarr only attractef 50 people.

Anonymous said...

fiji for fijians indians go to india. we are sodelpa. we dont want indians in fiji. they are like weeds.

Anonymous said...

Auwww man that was Rajend Chaudhary .. Rapist ... Lol .. His wife ( saleshni ) was rooting her ex in sydney a few months back .. Apparently Rajend can't root anymore .. She loves her cock from her " nasi " days ... Rajen look after your wife .... Leave politics to non rapists ...

Anonymous said...

The good and sensible Fijians of fiji .. Understand ... We don't want yiur land ... Your resources ... We are grateful to have been born in fiji ... Jai om .... Jai Fiji first . We what a democratic Feesee

Arya samajh prathdnhi Sabah

Anonymous said...

fiji Catholic Church ... In major scandal with political party ... Who wants to know the details ?

the promised male virgin from allah said...

Hanif ,when you and your stupid people are caught...oink oink ,we will put a missile up your bum with 786 written on it..incidentally your mate allah promised you virgins, for your sake lets hope he meant female virgins,otherwise your arse will be a gonna with all the fancy research through the internet, weapons you proclaim. And if you continue to be naughty ,we will send all muslim women to university !!!!! the male virgins will change your name from Hanif to Honey !!!

Anonymous said...

@ Tui Viti

Drau veicai ga kei hanif

Anonymous said...

Gauna sa lusi kina o Fiji First, ena qai tauri mai na ligai bainimarama ka vakacobari ena sona nei Tui Viti...

Anonymous said...

Anon at 814 : note hanif is A Sodelpa supporter stirring shit ... Bro don't make such anti Islamic statements .... Otherwise I will fuck you ,..... Bend you over ... N shove my massive muslim sausage up your ceke... Perhaps you will realise that attacks against any religion is not right .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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usaia said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Donu vinaka o iko!! The sonalevus think that they can chip in on what is ours....Ra luveni kawa ca!!!

Anonymous said...

Sharvada Sharma

This is the illegal Solicitor General and PS Justice. Regime lackey and Khaiyum sucker.

This man is responsible for drafting all the anti Fijian decrees and is currently defending the criminal SOE Mohammed Saneem in the candidate nomination fiasco.

This bastard must and will be held to account post September elections. That is a promise

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Peacefull u must be high mate , nothing was peaceful in Fiji before frank came into power . Know your facts before you open your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Very well said

Anonymous said...

Stop day dreaming n go back to home brew..wailei

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Who and what religion tells you to keep the dead for a month before burial ? When the fees was not as high as now we had shortage in the mortuary so what is the sense in building more mortuary when you can burry your loved ones within a week

Anonymous said...

The real FIJIANS

Anonymous said...

If the Indians leave Fiji you assholes will starve to death then you can shove you land up your ass and get nothing for it.where do you think you get the money for the land you have .....its the Indians who lease it and pay you royalty if Indians leave you will get shit for your land

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Before you start talking about Muslims just remember that even America shits in there pants when they hear Muslims what will happen to you fucking Fijian if the Muslims gang up and come after you

HONEY-IF said...

Anuni mouse 9.24 ,yes we are all very afraid now because of your threat..bahahaha, I saw you running for cover with your sausage in your mouth in 2000 when george speight gave chase... you poofter talk too much..try not to pretend that you are some jihadist...you local muslims are all lamusonas, all talk and hide when the shit hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

Don't any of you FFP morons read history? The father of Queen Elizabeth I of England wasn't named George. He was none other than Henry VIII.

Jozsinta said...

They all were protesting knowing full well that they GAVE up Fiji for a white mens country. A true Fijian will live & die in Fiji. NOT crying foul from another country when they have vanquished Fiji!

Anonymous said...

We in Rewa , are disgusted to see that people are making such inflammatory comments about Indians and Muslims . The nausori muslim league always donates for our villages when we have major functions so does the local supermarkets . Half the village have credit accounts with supermarkets owned by Indians ... How can we expect to win their votes , when we've lost their respect . Such disgusting things being said . Sa rota . Stop this maddeness .


Anonymous said...

Most of the comments posted on this blogsite now are lies and vulgarities. Regime trolls pretending to be SODELPA racists, FFP opponents pretending to be Muslim, deeply inadequate men lying about the size of their "sausage", and the national preoccupation with sodomy. It's disappointing how many people lose their integrity when election time rolls around. An appalling lack of maturity as well. The editor would do well to delete at the very least those comments that are vulgar and without redeeming social value.

Anonymous said...

Anon :1:12 . No regime trolls roam this site . They just monitor it. Fijians living overseas , who are ex criminals , pending Charges in Fiji , Fijian terrorists who are ultra nationalists , labour and Nfp supporters ... Who awe anti Islamic ... And the following names : Ramesh Chand , Rajend Chaudhary , Nitish , mosese , qarases son in sydney , leba , Ratu ului Mara , ratu meo , etc .

There are a host of others whose names will be released soon . And addressees too .

Mere said...

Wooowwwwww, just read some good comments above.

Totally agree with Tevita above about the Suva mortuary is now owned by a Muslim and cost over %500 a week and over $1,000 over 10 days right now in Suva to remove a relatives body. TOTALLY TRUE. What a LIE this free education, road and bridge project. Only Muslims bury their dead within 24hrs and the rest is now suffering. I live in Suva and its true.

And also agree that the numbers of supporters was a media gimmick in Sydney and Auckland. 99% were just curious people who wanted to witness Voreqe's shameful face after 7 years in hiding.

Its a a Correct Assumption that Fijian voters are only taking the lollies from the caretaker government BUT will vote for other parties.

These are based from reliable sources.

Nai i sau ni yago ni mate e sa $500 dua na macawa ka $1,000 10 na siga na kena davo koto. Na mortuary e nona tiko e dua na Muslim. Na naba 135 e nodra naba tiko na Muslim.

GET A GRIP said...

48,141 Australians were born in Fiji, according to the 2011 Australian census. So even if there were 141 Fijians demonstrating against Frank Bainimarama in Sydney on Saturday (and that's doubtful looking at the pictures) 48,000 didn't. Coup 4.5 plus a whole lot of losers like Suli Daunitutu, Peter Waqatairewa and Rajen Chaudhry are completely deluded about the level of opposition to Bainimarama and Fiji First. Far from Frank going to Naboro, he and FijiFirst are going to win this election by a landslide. So it's just over three weeks to these idiots having egg on their faces and coming to the realisation that neartly eight years of agitation has come to nothing. The authorities can't wait for Rajen especially to show his face in Suva. Not only can he never practice law in Fiji again, there is a long line of people waiting to sue him the minute he steps off the plane. He is finished and will have to stay in Australia for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Some really silly ass reasoning going on here.

The increased charges at the mortuary - the Muslims are bihing it - because they bury their dead the next day and thus the charge does not bother them.

Come on guys...that arguments is silly....why you do have some legitimate gripe against the Muslim leadership.

Also, the appointments by the AG of is friends and family - it so happens that AG's friends and family happen to be Muslims - why hold it against the Muslim community in general.

BTW - while on the subject, is the AG setting up the Koya boy to be the next attorney general.

Tui Viti said...

@Anon: 12.51am Aug 25, So you checked Queen Elizabeth 1st dad,yeah you are right mate,I thought Sodelpa supporters were idiots and that is how I put them to the test.Yes her dad was Henry Tudor who soon after hid dad King Henry vii died took over the throne and adopted the title King Henry VII,but the name is not my point,my point being the manner he beheaded,yes he beheads enemies,those within his own family,his wife and others to maintain a firm grip on the throne.He died aggrieved not being able to bear a son,but his daughter brought England and Great Britain to where it stands today,it has been proven that the current British Royal Family arent the descendants of the King,but that is for another day,cheers.

V said...

@ Mere judging from your comments you are a first class idiot and your posts belong to the toilet walls. I change your pen name to Mere Toilet from today,cheers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

V, aka Tui Viti, you are the first-class idiot.

You checked the history books, and found that you were wrong, but even now you don't even understand what it was you read.

I don't need to re-read the history books, because this is school-grade stuff. The father of Elizabeth I was not Henry Tudor. Henry Tudor defeated Richard III of York to be crowned Henry VII. Henry VII was the father of Henry VIII. It was Henry VIII who fathered Elizabeth I.

Also, Henry VIII didn't die aggrieved that he didn't have a son. In fact, his son succeeded him as Edward VI of England. He also had an illegitimate son, named Henry Fitzhugh.

Your ignorance of history might help to explain your ignorance of current events, but it takes more than ignorance to explain your treasonous support of FFP.

Anonymous said...

where can i see videos of lamulamu frank running away from protestors in aust?

Anonymous said...

some say he broke his cassava patch record in aust running from protestors

Anonymous said...

Get a Grip needs to get some math reasoning skills. He argues: "So even if there were 141 Fijians demonstrating against Frank Bainimarama in Sydney on Saturday (and that's doubtful looking at the pictures) 48,000 didn't.“

Using the same reasoning, if there were 700 Fijians rallying in support of Bainimarama in Sydney on Saturday ( and who knows how many were really Fijians or really supporters), over 47,300 didn't. Following Grip's reasoning, then that means 99 percent of Fijians in Australia are opposed to Bainimarama?

Anonymous said...

and then the fiji sun on its saturday front page shows frank in aust with a bunch of muslims.

oh no. fiji outght to kick them out. we need a julie gillard in fiji.

frank's gone senile.

Anonymous said...

99% against bainimarama. not far from the truth. swallow that nice and slow.

Anonymous said...

swallow the fact that bai and khaiyum are going to jail.

swallow it now so you're used to it by election date.

High Tea said...

Anonymous 6:17 asks:

a) What evidence have you to suggest [FFP] is hated by a greater percentage than those that do not hate it?

b) Is FF hated more or less than its opposition?

The evidence FFP is reviled is mostly circumstantial, but it is compelling.

Were Bainimarama nearly as popular as claimed, he would have allowed elections years ago.

This opposition blogsite would not be the most popular blogsite in Fiji.

The regime wouldn't have needed to block the Methodists from gathering for their AGM.

The regime should not have been so frightened it called off the human rights march.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum wouldn't need so many bodyguards.

The regime wouldn't have felt the need to pass the Public Emergency Regulations forbidding gatherings of three or more.

It wouldn't have arrested and harassed human rights activists.

It wouldn't have tortured political opponents and firebombed their homes and offices.

The regime wouldn't have dismissed the entire judiciary and packed the courts instead with handpicked mercenaries from Sri Lanka.

The regime wouldn't have needed to close Parliament.

The regime wouldn't have needed to post censors in every newsroom and cyber-cafe.

The regime wouldn't have needed to use its control of the courts to disqualify its main political opponents from competing in the elections.

The regime wouldn't have needed to declare the GCC disbanded.

The regime would have allowed a referendum on its phony constitution.

Ro Teimumu should not have won the open C4.5 poll by such a wide margin.

The regime should not have had to delist the SDL.

FFP should not have needed such a long time to register as a political party.

The Fiji Sun shouldn't need to distort all news pertaining to the regime and decline to publish any dissenting views.

The regime shouldn't have to use so many underhanded tactics, like enacting a new decree to prevent Makereta Waqavonovono from running for office, in order to manage what were supposed to be free and fair elections.

The regime wouldn't be afraid to yield power to a caretaker government.

Khaiyum wouldn't need to be in charge of elections, a blatant conflict of interest.

The regime wouldn't need to hire an American PR firm, spending millions of our taxpayer dollars.

The regime wouldn't need to bring in IT specialists from India to manage electronic voting terminals purchased from Canada, a strong indication Khaiyum is "fixing" this election.

FFP would welcome and want to participate in public debates.

The regime wouldn't need to hire the Clarendon House bloggers in order to exaggerate the appearance of support for FFP on this website and to exacerbate racial and religious divisions in Fiji.

My friends wouldn't all be saying that they're looking forward to voting against the regime.

Many wouldn't be looking forward to hanging the regime leaders for treason against Fiji.

V said...

@ Anon 8.12am,ok you a right,righto on the button,why do want to talk stuff i learn in kindy,the history stuff wasnt my point,it was beside the point,my point was manner the King led,Nayacakalouvu said Kings led by being peaceful,loving and all off the bullshit stuff,so i showed a few of histories Kings and Emperor who led by murdering,quartering,beheading having illegitimate child and so on,doesnt sound like a fairytale does it? Yeah Iam not a King like some idiots thought,it is my pen name, like V.You have very good knowledge about the British,staff of the Embassy i suppose,then pardon my knowledge of history madam,for I am V and you know not my history.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA support gaining momentum in Kadavu


All these attempts to denigrate Muslims in Fiji will fail because everyone except those who are religious bigots knows that Fijian Muslims are first calls citizens of the country. Abdul Khan has saved the sugar industry and the livelihoods of 200,000 Fijians, Faiz Khan has ensured the health of the hardwood and pine industries and is sharing the profits with workers, Shaheen Ali was the brains behind the Fijian made campaign that has benefited thousands of i'taukei artisans and craftspeople, Nazhat Shameem has been a distinguished judge and now serves Fiji as a diplomat in Geneva, Shamima Ali is one of the greatest protectors of Fijian women from violence and poverty etc. The list goes on. Ordinary Fijians know these individuals are among the most patriotic of our countrymen and they will reject any attempt to divide us as a nation on September 17th.

Anonymous said...

Man wearing blue jacket with white lining is a con man.Promised to take many in suva to work in Aust,they paid $1000.00 and are still waiting for their passports.He is from Lau living in Sidney.Wouldnt release his name,since his PR is on conditions.Its best to keep him there or he will cause more Fijians to lose money if living in Fiji.

nayacakalou said...

@ Tui Viti se V....mo ni yalovinaka ka dau qarauna na noda vosa baleta e levu sara na tamata e vuku sara mai vei kedaru era wilika,ko ni tukuna niu kana karasi tiko,ka vosa ca,kau vakabauta ni sega soti niu tamata lolovira.E dua na vakatautauvata ko ni tukuna baleti Noah...na Kalou e solia na nonai vakaro vei Noah ka qai rogoca ko Noah nai vakaro....e vakarota vei kemudrau kei Bai na mataveilewai levu ni Vanua o Viti ni cala na ka draucakava,drau qai laba ga ka butako...na ka e sega tiko ni sa tiko e Viti eso na mataqali kawa sega ni rawa ni dau vakarorogo.Me vaka au a tukuna toka e cake vei kemuni...ni a tukuna na Kalou vei Noah mo ni kua saka ni vodo mai na manumanu.There is another thing for you to do...stop trying to a Historian and try to learn our History...sa noqui vakasala vei kemuni na viavia vuku tiko mo ni Wilika mada ka kilai iratou oqo...Ratu Sir Lala Vanayaliyali Sukuna kei na dua na Turaga e vuli me vuku ka tamata vuku duadua ena Pasifica including NZ and Aus....Dr Rusiate Nayacakalou kei Rt Sir Kamisese Mara.Ni se bera ni leqa na Tui Nayau e dua na vosa e tukuna vei ira na gone vuli e Waikato University..Ni vuli sara vakakaukauwa ka lesu mo ni laki cicivaka na nomuni vanua...sa raica rawa tu na Tui Nayau ni tamata dodonu me kauta mai na ika ni siwa,sa tara toka na Gold Card me laki volivoli.Na tamata vakataki kemuni ena dro wavoki tiko,sa veisau na yacamu Tui Viti ga kina V-for VEVEKA.

Anonymous said...

If FFP were so popular, they wouldn't be complaining that so many are stoning their cars and defacing their decals and bumper stickers.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News on the Fiji Sun. The elections Supervisor has reallocated Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama the new candidate number of 666. It is the preferred number as its well known and easy to remember.

Anonymous said...


V for Victory said...

@Nayacakalou.sega ni cala vakadua na vosa ni kalou,na ka ga e sinai e lomana na tamata ena kasova mai gusuna,o sa qai vakaraitaka dina mai na ka e sinai tu e nomu qavokavoka o sakitaka tiko NA VEKA..

Anonymous said...

Anon ( muslim patriot )
Fijian Muslims had historically also supported the alliance party and they have been disliked by ultra nationalists Hindus ( Nfp and labour ) . Today , as a result of Aiyaz being in his position , Fijians have been misinformed , deliberate attempts to stir racial tensions . There are countless Muslims and Hindus who are champions of Fojian rights and they are very sensitive about issues which Fijians feel strongly about . What we so Also know that some very anti muslim comments come from overseas bloggers both Indians and Fijians to incite violence and hate . People won't buy that . On the streets and on the ground people can't fake their " humanity " and I must say proudly that majority of Muslims of Fiji are very endearing and peace loving people .

Anonymous said...

That is not Kenneth zinck .

V for Vendetta said...

Anon 8:12, yes, righto you are. Right on the button. Especially when you told V that he was a first-class idiot.

He cites David sending Uriah (who was not a general, by the way) to his death as an example of a king killing in order to protect his country. No, David did that in order to steal Uriah's wife, not for any altruistic reason.

Even good King David abused his power, but confronted on it by the prophet Samuel, he repented sincerely before the Lord. What would Frank have done in the same situation? He would probably have called Samuel a f*cked up priest, a loser, and an overstayer and either tortured him, shipped him out, or just told everyone to ignore him.

V supposed Anonymous is a staff of the British Embassy just because he or she knows Henry VIII was the father of Elizabeth I. That's pretty elementary history. Maybe he'll think I'm Einstein because I can do long division.

Or maybe he's a staff of the Chinese Embassy, since he seems to know so much about the Qin Emperor. Ah so, that would also explain why he's supporting Frank against Fiji's better interests.

Voilà! There's only one V. In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.

My verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that you may call me V, and the vague, vulgar and vacuous vagrant vainly and vapidly vying with me for your valuable validation can vault from vandalising this blogsite and instead vamoose like a vanishing vampire back to the vast nonvirginal vagina from which the vagabond varmint first ventured.

Anonymous said...

Ashneel: Didn't we go on a date once? or was it twice?

Girl: Must've been once. I never make the same mistake twice.

nayacakalou said...

@@ V-veveka...na kena i vakaraitaki levu oqo..au vakabauta e dodonu moni Vuli ka kila taumada na History ni nomu vuvale kei na nomui yatu...e dua na ka e sega tu ni kila o Viti ni o Mosese Tikoitoga ni Tukana se great great great grandfather o Dr RUSIATE Nayacakalou....and that is a disgrace...vei Mo...au na tuvana vei iko na nodrai lakolako na tukamu mai Tailevu,Natumua,Muani...for the time being do something about it before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

muslims should be thrown out of fiji.

worst type of back stabbers

Anonymous said...

Can someone post Franks campaign on coup 4.5 so people can see for themselves what an idiot he is. No class. No integrity. No morals. No good....

All Hail Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nayacakalou said...

@ V-veveka...ena gauna e qai kilai yalona kina o Ului Mara sa bera,saga o Bainimarama me vakamatei koya sa bera.Ia e sega tu ni rau kila o Bai kei Tikoitoga na vanua e rau dui lako mai kina...Satan has chosen
Tikoitoga for Bainimarama.Tjikoitoga you are the chosen one,arrest both Bainimarama and Aiyaz and close his Party down and let the Election go ahead or select a caretaker Government.

Josefa said...

Trues up Mere after reading Tevita's comments above.

Vei keda nai taukei me da wilika ga na ka e tukuna tiko mai cake o Tevita.

Oqori na ka dina baleta na ka dina baleta na i sau ni tara gaunisala kei na wavu ubiubi e caka tiko.

Kakua ni gauna ga ni so mate meda qai lai tagitagi tiko ena sau levu ni kena kau mai ki tuba na wekada e davo tu ena mortuary.

Rauta ni $600 na dola ono na siga ka $1,000 vaka caca tiko ena 10 na siga. O ira ga na Muslim era dredrevaki keda tale tiko nira buluta tiko na nodra mate ena 24hrs. Sa da vakaloloma ena veivakaisini.

FF (F.ckFirst) is a Muslim backed party. Mark my word.

Lets work closely with all our Indian and Hindu brothers and other religions in Fiji so that peace can be restored. Muslims are the ones with hidden propaganda like all war torn countries around the world.

135 - That's Khaiyum and Mohammed Saneen right there. Why cant they start from one (1) or 10 or 100 as we may ask for the rest of our lives. Why 135???

FF PARTY IS LIKE THE AMERICAN INVASION IN VIETNAM AND IRAQ. Its became a failed war because they did not work with but fight the locals. Everyone knows the result. It become a failed war where the local restores their own country afterall. Bring on the election.

Anonymous said...

It was evident that Muslims was behind Bainimarama in Sydney. There was a long white robe dressed, bearded Muslim man standing at the door at the Canterbury hall the whole day and during the party that night. Ask anyone who attended the function in Sydney as to what was he doing at the door roaming around outside the whole time. Co-incident???

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyy...where is that Sydney Photo - with the Muslim community folks.

Great picture - what is that saying about picture and thousand words.

Thanks Fiji Sun - great Picture.
And you go RC - great FB work.

V said...

Bravo,bravo V-Vendetta,you have finally revealed my assumed identity,I applaud your intelligence and research on a work of fiction based on a story written in 1982 and made a movie in 2005,you have a very good command of the English language which either shows the educational level you have achieved through perserverence i believe or that you are of British origin, English to be precise.If you are a woman than my utmost wish is to meet and discuss with you matters which i belive would greatly interest you,i will not try to bore you i promise, well researched indeed,i have a weakness for women with great intelligence as often an aforethought of mine is how good would she be in bed,not a question ,just a thought that would run through any male persons mind albeit of its vulgalarity.how about, vamoose that a bit of spanish mexican to spice up the English word, similar to filling an english sandwhich with hot tortilla sauce.I bid you adieu my dear with my signature V.

Anonymous said...

@ Nayacakalou sa veicalati saraga na nomu vosa vaka viti.Sa ko cavuta tiko na yacai Setani,e cava o qaravi koya tiko? taura vakamalua na nomu cudru,kua mada na short fuse tiko,your mind and judgement is clouded by your anger.O PM e sega ni via vakamatea e dua baleta na nona rokova na bibi ni office e tiko kina, sa dro ga o koko ni madua na duri tu e mataveilewai,ni a boroya tu mai o koya na qaqa,sega ni vakasuka,top man in the military oti qai veilewai taki tale sa ka vakamadua saraga vei koya, sa rarawa ga me dro se retreat to save face me na qai muria mai edua na matanigasau vua na liuliu ni matanitu,ia na ciqomi ga na matanigasau,na veilewai me na vakacavari.Sa rauta na marijuana, boy.ni bera ni vakaleqai iko.

Anonymous said...

V, if you want to meet intelligent women, then I suggest you stop persisting in your ignorance and instead seek an education. Also stop hanging out with Ashneel.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
V said...

Na ka oqori mo drau cakava mada mai nomudrau Vale kei na Vanua drau yavu Vuli Va Vo, drau wasea na Vudi nei nomudrau Vu, drau kawa ni dau Vakatevoro drau Veithai! Sa rauti kemudrau oya ke sega drau qai Vhutuka e dua na Vuaka ni Veikau kei Nayacakalouvu.

All Hail Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The momentum is building up now as the cover of lies and connive of the regime is peeling off very fast as the media begin putting on the very people we have not been able to hear from till now like GMBRTD, Chaudhary and other contestants. These people have exposed and shared a lot of explanation of the ongoing issues many of which concern the regimes hidden agendas and dubious activities eg no Auditor Gens annual reports and how was funding of ongoing road and other projects sourced etc. Given a couple more weeks of this there will be a huge turnaround in the seeming support of ff. As a closure to the campaign there should be a debate between bai and other members of the opposition to give reasons as to why we should vote for whoever is able to convince us.

Anonymous said...

Ni tiko i keri nai lala muslim kei nai lala kaiviti liumuri ni vosavosa tiko i ke.....Sa qaqa oti ga na sodelpa, ni na cemuri kece kina nomuni vanua.....ni yavu kawa ca.....

paula raqeukai said...

To all the citizens of our beloved nation, Fiji, PLEASE JUST VOTE FOR THE TRUTH ON 17TH SEPTEMBER 2014 as the TRUTH WILL SET FIJI FREE....Our nation needs honest, inclusive, God fearing and creative thinkers in these hours of uncertainty....God Bless Fiji....

Anonymous said...


I cant find all those qualities in Bainimarama, In fact, he has the opposite.

DeeCee said...

Proof of Muslim Backed FF.
Bainimarama quitely attended a Muslim mosque in Sydney... See link below. He was whisked away from the Sydney venue but sneaked to the mosque away from any watchful eyes. Host by the Sydney Muslim League.

NARAYAN: When we went to the Mosque and the temple last night there were so many people we were surprised and everybody had rendered their support for Mr Bainimarama so obviously we know there is support for him.


tomasi said...

it is time for indians to leave fiji. Sodelpa win will gurantee the indian exit. It is time for us to regain our rights and chase indians out of fiji.

Vote Democracy Not Hypocrisy said...

Warden Narsey make a lot of sense.

Prior to this coup the coup perpetrators were Nationalists. This coup has seen Indo Fijians benefit the most whilst the Itaukei have had the Methodist Church neutralised by Frank and the removal of the GCC.

So just because we Indo Fijians are the major beneficiaries it does not mean we should support treason and coup culture.

If we support Fiji First, when the iTaukei are the majority population we are setting ourselves up for danger in the future. By Supporting FF we are supporting coups.

If (or when) a military leader rises who wants to advance Nationalist policy, then we are screwed.

No one can say - we don't support the taking of power by the military and the gun. We will have voted for FF who have done just that.

Chaudhary took a key government position with these traitors. This clearly shows that FLP are prepared to support coup culture when they benefit.

The Indo Fijians need leaders who have not "sold out" like MPC. We need leaders who are prepared to advance our position through diplomacy.

Support FF and we have signed our own death warrant. This coup has seen Indo Fijians benefit. Vote for legitimising a coup regime and we may not be so lucky next time around.

All Frank and Khaiyum have done is stir up racial hatred by destroying the GCC by force. That will continue to fester until it explodes down the track.

We should do what is right. Support democracy. Support the rule of law. Support the indigenous interests in this great country. Work together for the benefit of our nation. Not force things upon the people and incite racial tension.

Vote for anyone other than FF or FLP. Vote for the candidates who have not benefited from this illegal gang of thugs.

Place your Nation's future above any short term benefit. By peace and democracy not through military thug behaviour and coup culture.

Do not support treason. Vote for democracy.

Screw Tomasi the racist said...

It's time for Tomasi to be chased out of Fiji. Fucking moron.

Dave said...

I just watched his video for questions and answers in Sydney. All his answers to questions were of no substance. Very sour and tasteless to taste of a qualified standard. People were not cheering but laughing at his answers if he understands what Sydney-sider's or Down-under mean.

He is more laughable then applauded about his answers. Listen to the following and be the judge yourself.

Q:What would you do stop brain-drain in terms of employment?
Frank Ans - Why not come to Sydney. How many here are employed? Building roads, that's employment for you.

Concl: WTF! What a future for FF going down the highway drain. No development plan whatsoever.

Another lady asked.

Q: Why 135?
VB Ans: Why not? The number doesn't matter. Its immaterial.

Was his brain left back in Fiji or what? Or did he miss his brainbox Khaiyum on the way to Nandi.

Down the gutter goes your Sydney voters Frank. Not surprising as this will backfire back at home too.

Anonymous said...

Niko Nawaikula on Indigenous Rights - English version


Anonymous said...

V, intelligent women do not date stupid traitors.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi is not racist....he is right..anon 5.56pm..screw you....go back to your land....magaitinamu!!

Anonymous said...

I agree.. anon 5.56pm and his bunch of muslims should go out of here. Their contract o being an indentured labourer is over......get you muslim bitch ass outta here....fagots

Anonymous said...

The muslim countries are the most unstable out of all....they keep on fighting and war is what they always do....I think they ought to be chased out of here.....they are the ones that are manupilating Bainisona and causing the problem....ra yavu kawa ca!!

julab dean said...

maori king suffered heartattack. poor guy may have been stressed by the adulterous
Ro Kepa.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

But it couldnt come out of Julab Deans arse..so AG just use PM's instead.

Anonymous said...
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ttati khan said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ali Khan said...

This lady is a killer. She killed her husband, now the maori king, next will be Sodelpa

Anonymous said...

Mohamed said...

Ttati khan, you just take mine!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Now lest get it straight. Newscorp states that there were 100 protestors but even a more conservative count would be 60 compared with at least 500 inside. The only noticeable Indo-Fijian was RC but no one else. The Freedom and Democracy movement was calling for "democracy" while those inside the Canterbury Hall were calling on those outside to go and vote if they were unhappy with the government. FB did not care either way.

nayacakalou said...

@V-Veveka...ni da wilika na nomu vosa eda kila se mataqali tamata vakacava o kemuni.Na vosa ca e sa sega ni cegu,there is a lot of anger inside you and I think you need help urgently.I can feel that you've come through an abusive life,but you can not go around abusing people.e dua na ka o tukuna tiko meu gunu APC,Panadol na Marijuana au vakabauta ni rairai e kemuni kakana beka ga.

V said...

@ Anon 7pm, was that your own presumption or opinion? Actually intelligent women luv intelligent men like V, mind the metaphor,they like men fraught with the dangers of this world,putting their lives at risk for the good of mankind.What are your beliefs or where do you stand in relation to the word equality and having a common identity that entwined all races and cultures together.What are your views about the rights and freedoms of the individual? Arent they important to you?
How about the Judiciary? Arent you concerned about its composition, how are they appointed? because they deicide on important issues that have a huge impact on the Nation yet are they elected? What are the boundaries or jurisdiction of the Courts because they are handed immense power but are they controlled? These are vital and important vestituges of the state, since all your fears about land,VKB,Chiefs and Adi's are discussed along the corridors and conclussion and judgemental decisions are arrived upon and agreed and as such are considered lawful to which countless references will be made but,but these men and women sitting behind the benches are not,i repeat arent, democratically elected,got my drift? go figure!

Anonymous said...

Julab said...

anon 8.32pm, FB always never cares....you just said so. You also want what i have??

Anonymous said...

Julab said...

O V me kubu vei VKB....

V said...

Ok, Nayacakalou please forgive me if i have offended you in any way.If i may ask what were your concerns or what issues did you raise earlier that i missed? I just scrolled through the whole page and what was it that you are concerned about,i just read apost at midday talking about Rt Sukuna,Rt Mara and Rusiate Nayacakalou,ok is that a relative? if he is then i applaud his achievements.what has that got to do with you? lets get back on track,I support FFParty and am actually registered as a party member,I dont support coups or treason, i believe that there are more civilised ways to address these issues but there exist in society people who wont or arent patient enough to wait for the arms of Govt to sort the issues out.But I support the current model of Govt that FFPArty have introduced,they are more caring about the poor in our society unlike past Govts who are focused on side of the coin only,one dimensional or cylopatic view of its citizens.The i-taukei lands are safe in the 2013 Constitution since i have read and posted the Section that covers it.but most of all we are holding elections in a few weeks time thanks to the Govt of the day for living up to its promises,I AM ASTOUNDED ABOUT SOME PEOPLES POSTS STATING THAT THE CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS DONE BY THE GOVT SHOULDNT BE OUR CONCERN, HELLO,WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED,DEVELOPING OUR NATIONS ROADS,BRIDGES,DAMS, SCHOOLS,WHARFS ETC WILL IMPROVE OUR ECONOMY,THERE WILL BE AN INCREASE IN ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES AROUND THE NATION NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR MINUTE THEY MAY BE,THEY ARE SMALL TRICKLES THAT POUR ONTO CREEKS WHICH LEAD ON INTO HUGE RIVERS,THAT IS HOW OUR ECONOMY GROWS,CONSUMING MORE FIJI MADEE PRODUCTS IS A SLOGAN OF THE CURRENT GOVT SINCE THIS WILL REDUCE THE PERCENTAGE OF IMPORTS INTO OUR NATION.

V said...

Ok se fire mada va qo,grog mada.cheers.

Boy ni Gau,vacava? said...

Vinaka vakalevu V,well said, tukuna tiko vei ira na dina mena qai sereki ira,eso se vesuki tu ena lasu sa ra mai lasulasu wale kina,kena levu.

Agent Vinod said...

Please no short answers or copycat answers as Frank did in Sydney as Dave mentioned above though I tend to lean towards Tevita.

Frankie seems to try his best though it didn't work in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

@ Agent Vinod- SONALEVOOO!

Bai said...

@Agent Vinod
You are so funny, whats your prize?

Anonymous said...

oso e sega ni sonalevu o agent vinod,qarauna na agent oqori.

Agent Vinod said...

Here at Nabua the best answer get a blow job from Khaiyum, the second best gets two from Saneen and the third gets three from Bainimarama. Its a deal you want to miss in your lifetime.

Anonymous said...

V, my opinion is that you are a traitor and an idiot. Sorry, but you did ask.

I support equality before the law and believe all of our souls have equal value instrinsically. In nearly every other facet of nature and society, inequality is the norm.

We don't share a common identity beyond a common humanity. We should repect each other's humanity whilst celebrating our diversity.

The rights and freedoms of the individual are precious. For the life of me, I can't understand how anyone can value our rights and freedom and yet vote for a thug and usurper who denies them to us.

The main role of government is to provide justice. An independent judiciary is essential to that role. Bainimarama has destroyed the integrity of our judiciary. He has taken away every shred of independence the courts had, replacing our judges with bootlickers hired from abroad to do his bidding.

A careful analysis of Bainimarama's phony constitution shows that indigenous land rights are NOT protected. You clearly are incompetent to understand the issue. That is how Khaiyum designed it, to mislead the naive and gullible such as yourself.

Agent Vinod said...

@Anon 9:21 PM
SONALEVOOO...I'm a Bollywood agent not a mathematician... F..k U.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz will take Fijian land ? F.. K off ... Your theories are like your arse .. Wide open and full of shit .
Aiyaz is out to take Fijian land as as good as " flight mh370 was grounded by America and is safe "

- it's as good as " Bigfoot lives in Namosi " and they've been searching in America .

- it's as good as America faked the moon landing .

- it's as good as ... ratu Maras real father was Ad Patel ....

- it's as good as shit .... There is no agenda on the part of Aiyaz or frank .... Marist boys are doing great !!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz won't take Fijian land?

That's like Frank's promise there would be no coup.

Or his promise to end corruption.

Or his promise of transparency.

That's like Teleni's promise to eradicate all crime.

And Frank's promise of political dialogue and his oath to uphold the Constitution.

That's like Aiyaz promising equal justice,

And to respect media freedoms,

And to have a Constituent Assembly, as advocated by Yash Ghai's commission,

And to provide a true and complete accounting of regime and party assets and liabilities.

That's like Aiyaz's promise of free and fair elections.

One would need to be a Marist moron to still believe anything these guys say.

Anonymous said...

Normally, I would agree with you anon 11.17pm. On the face of it, the Constitution's provisions for Fijian lands are ok.That's great.

What matters though is that the Govt is willing to follow the law and the meaning of the rule of law.

This Govt has on many occasions made laws that specifically target its critics. From the law against Waqavonovono and other election candidates, to the law against trade unionists meeting or standing for elections, to the stopping of govt critics participating in provincial council meetings, to the abolition of the GCC, this Govt is vindictive and a big bully.

This is the man Fijians will follow for the next 4 years and most likely even longer.

If VB can do these things, then whose to say that he will not take away Taukei land?

And what is it with the Marist-thing?! Can't you think for yourself or do you just blindly follow your OB credo?! Grow up!


This arse poking habit is from going to school in QVS,RKS and MARIST...NEVER send your children to these macho schools because you little innocent babies are subjected to these arse fucking details in the dormitory daily, and then they grow up silent but angry because of the rape that goes on in these schools...so much for the hero schools ,everyone including Sitiveni Rabuks has been raped by his senior before him ,thats why the macho fijian bati from these schools grow up to be wife beaters and rapists including treasonist...because they're angry about what happened to their bum from form 1 till form 6

mark manning said...

Suliasi Daunitutu interview on ABC NEWS 24 @ 2300 on the 25th. of August :-http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-05-03/abc-news-24-stream/167392

V said...

F@@@k I went for my morning walk and met two female demons,bloody hell,i just walked past them and felt the ibijibies on my skin,my skin crawled,fark sake,luckily i have to keep my reputation as a fearless Van with lots of Vourage,mind the V.Any way its back home now,my neighbours dogs are barking like scared,am alone in me house,all doors and windows closed,back to sleep now,boy,these are demons,i am not trained to fight them,easy does it as Mr Bean would say.No morning walk for this week,for now,homemade aerobics will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tui Viti, your reputation precedes you. Reputation for treason.

Sure, you can call it homemade aerobics, if you like, but we know it's really more like handmade erotics.

That's because you are weally just wery much a wanker. Mind the W.

Anonymous said...

facts: bainimarama is part of the well known group who drink blood for power.

bai is khaiyums puppet who is trying to destroy the kawa i taukei as per his thesis. this is real!

3. The 2006 coup was to save bai from prison as he was the brain for 2000 coup that he purposely planned it to fail. liumuri at iys best!

4. The revived CRW is waiting for its calling. We have a new name (FRA) and we cant wait to step in when time is right.

5. There will be bloodshed soon

6. There are real Fijians in the army who are against bainimarama. notice the recent bashing of a ffirst supporter by the army? more will be coming!

Whatever hAppens, Fiji will survive

Anonymous said...

there are many more to your list. lets keep it after election.

Anonymous said...

Bum boys @ 12:48, I think you're onto something. Agrieved Indians overseas see Bainimarama as their revenge against indigenous Fijians for the injustices they suffered because of the previous coups, whilst Frank's other sapotas are on a power trip. They want to be the rapist now, to help compensate for their sense of guilt and shame from past indignities, and to act on their long-smoldering resentment borne of humiliation, á là Graham Davis.

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