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Friday, August 15, 2014

Circus of an election continues

Sevanaia Bainimarama: Bail lowered by US authorities
In the hands of legit authorities, the real crim gets a chance:  in Suva the accused is sure to go down, especially if the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption is involved.

Former Native Land Trust Board member, Keni Dakuidreketi, has been sentenced to six years in jail, but the conviction reeks.

Dakuidreketi, a former Minister in the interim 2000 Laisenia Qarase government, was accused of using  government grants to finance an IT company, Pacific Connex, owned by Ballu Khan.

Bloggers will recall Khan was arrested in 2007 and held and tortured by the regime over claims he plotted against the government.
Convicted. Keni Dakuidreketi (right).

Government money is said to have been channelled through Vanua Development Corporation Limited, a limited liability company of the then Native Land Trust Board.

Dakuidreketi pleaded not guilty but was convicted, along with general manager, Kalivati Bakani, who had pleaded guilty earlier.

Many believe Dakuidreketi was merely trying to help NLTB upgrade its computer system so they could keep track of rents owed and rents paid. 

But as has been the case with the FICAC driven prosecutions, the outcome was decided before the hearing.

Cross to next month's dubious election and political parties are rushing to register their candidates before the deadline passes on Monday at midday. 

Not unexpectedly, they're having to rope in whoever they can to make up the numbers.

All seven parties are aiming to put up 50 candidates, although the smaller ones will struggle to find strong people and the unheard of $1,000 registration fee.

Both the Peoples Democratic Party and the National Federation Party have been busy promoting their latest candidates, including youth, one of whom is just 23 years old.

The Fiji United Party is expected to reveal its team on Monday while the regime-led Fiji First party was due to name the rest of its team today, as was the One Fiji Party.

Most of the Fiji First candidates have been hand picked by the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum: 3 RFMF officers are believed to be on the list.

The Fiji Labour Party has already named 39 candidates and can now proceed with the rest with party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, firmly ruled out after losing his appeal this week.

Chaudhry was found guilty of currency offences in April but is holding tight to the party leadership reins.

SODELPA has already named its 50 candidates and has been focusing on what it says is 'face-to-face communication on what is now the last lap home at full speed, as Fiji First and their one constituency model is giving us an opening to pull the mat from under their feet.'

"We were at Wailekutu the other night and were informed the villagers were asked to got to Kalekana to listen to the Fiji First team," says an insider.

"One of the voters asked how would they know who to vote for because they do not know the candidate under this one constituency. The reply was "just vote for any Fiji First candidate number.

"This is a welcome 'opportunity' for us. Our candidates are selected from and by local communities, within the one constituency boundaries. 

"The advantages are the voters know their candidates because of better relationships and service to the people."


Anonymous said...

The Fiji Dental Association has paid about $42,000 to a law firm in Suva to fight their court case action number 216 / 2011 against the membership of mostly government workers. The Minister Dr. Neil Sharma has failed to address the abuse of $42,000 of members fund by Fiji Dental Association and also allow membership of about 120 workers who are government workers in hospital throughout the country to be members of Fiji Dental Association under the decree.
The court case has finished as the minister has powers under the decree to intervene and make decision which has not been done till now.
The minister has failed to use his powers and allow government workers to be members of Fiji Dental Association. The decree clearly allows for membership into Fiji Dental Association but the government workers have not been allowed into Fiji Dental Association despite the directive from the minister to call a SPECIAL AGM for all the workers in 2012.
How can the government get 120 votes from these workers and their families from these government workers who have been deprived of their membership for the last three years?
The rules of the Fiji Dental Association was deliberately changed and the membership increased to $520 to be full member and $260 for affiliate members. If one pays $260 he / she has NO VOTING RIGHT. This is DISCRIMINATORY under the 2013 Constitution and under equal citizenry. The rules are discriminatory.
PLEASE can the Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable A.G and the military Council look into this without delay as they may not have the support of these government workers and their families if they are not given their right to to be a member in a fair manner with voting rights.
It is surprising why the Minster of Health Dr. Neil Sharma’s directive for Special AGM in 2012 has not been followed for all members to elect members of Fiji Dental Association.
Why Dr. Neil Sharma has not exercised his powers?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it an injustice when a person convicted of manslaughter does not get a non parole clause in his sentence and is out before spending a percent of his sentence in prison. But 2 convicted of abuse of office get non parole sentences of 4 and 5 years respectively. Modern day Fiji Justice with a Sri Lankan twist. Guess they're both paying for Balu Khan's alleged attempted assassination of Bainimarama. Guilty by association Fiji style.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 07:05pm Yeah its because they're not related to Mary. "There's something about Mary"

Anonymous said...

Dr. Neil Sharma was insulted by one Fiji Dental Association executive during a meeting that the government and he could not do anything. What a shame on the government and minister that they could not take firm action on the executive and get membership of all government workers.
Even e mail was written in this regard to many people by this executive.

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

Muslim influence in ballot paper. Khaiyum and Saneem bullshit exposed

"Election officers say that #135 is just a number that is picked at random to avoid confusion during voting,however, the former P.M. Mr Laisenia Qarase thinks otherwise.He says that #135 is connected the Qur'an and Islam.

Let us find out more............

Out of the 114 chapters in the Qur'an,there are 6 chapters that has 135 verses or more.One of the chapters talks about the Muslims,following Allah to stand firm for justice, for Allah and Islam even if they have to go against themselves or parents, close family members or even among the rich and the poor.

Qur'an. Surah An-Nisaa 4:135(Chapter 4,verse 135)

"O ye who believe! stand out firmly

For justice,as witnesses

To Allah,even as against Yourselves,or your parents,or your kin and whether it be(against)rich or poor:For Allah can best protect both.Follow not the lusts(of your hearts, lest ye swerve,and if ye distort justice,verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do."

Allah is telling the Muslims to do whatever they can and he,Allah will do his part.

EVEN HERE IN FIJI? Christians in the sight of Allah are wrongdoers and according to them and their Allah,we will never prosper.

Qur'an.Surah Al-An am. 6:135(Chapter 6,verse 135)

Say:"O my people!

Do whatever you can

I will do my part:

Soon will ye know

Who it is whose end

Will be best in the hereafter:

Certain it is that

The wrong-doers will not prosper."






TO ME, 135 IS NOT JUST AN ORDINARY NUMBER......................."

Anonymous said...

Dr. Neil Sharma is a lamusona. He should have been given a kick by this guy.

Anonymous said...

The Minister of Health limuri his own civil servants who had pursued legal case against Fiji Dental Association.The court left it to the minister to make a decision as he had come up with amendment which gave him all the powers. Now he has backed off after been threatened by FDA executive to sue him in court!!!
Atleast someone could tell him and his illegal government where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ... How can a number : 135 change the outcome of an election ....numbers have no relevance ... Nothing ... And yes for all the conspiracy theorists ... Here's one for old times sake : Qarase is actually Don kings younger brother .... Yes guys ... He just continues to suck and fuck all the people he manages ... Just like son king did to all his boxers ... And that's why qarase is visiting his older bro ...

Anonymous said...

J Sanday - brother my wife is muslim , the lucky Islamic number is 786 . 135 has no meaning .

Anonymous said...

The number 135 has no special meaning in Islam, although from now on it will be associated in Fiji with the crime of treason. Look, instead, to see what number is assigned to Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's justice system has gone to the dogs. It is very clear that those who are not on the regime's side are thrown into prison, while coup makers and supporters roam free.

The court, FICAC, and the DPP cannot see that the biggest abuser of office and treasonist is freely campaigning to be the next PM.

It is a joke to hear the presiding judge saying while convicting Keni and Bakani, that ' there needs to be a stop on abuse of office' when under his very own nose, office abuse is rife.
The regime's boys get immunity while those across the floor are sent to prison. It will be interesting to see how the $22 million FBC loan from FDB got the okay when clearly it was beyond FBC's potentials at borrowing time.
Talk about injustice at its very peak.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama demands immunity for himself but gives no quarter to others. Remember that when he comes begging for mercy.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10.29. Dude you have a serious fascination problem with Islam. We all know what Islam is all about. The funny thing is i can list the same level of violent verses from the Bible.You know why Islam is so screwed up it because Islam copied the old and new testament. All organized religions must go as they are all full of hate , fear and repression disguised in the form of a loving God in one chapter and than promising the wrath of the same God in another.What is more concerning is that bigots and donkeys like you continue to use religion as a bases of prejudice and to spread hate. This has nothing to do with Fiji. Fiji is ruled by 2 power hungry despots and by playing the race and religion card instead of focusing on the issues that affect the people of this country everyday parties like SODELPA have essentially handed over the keys to government to this despots legally this time.

Subash Singh said...

Fiji First supporters believe that they have won the election but the truth is voters are turning against them. NFP this time is the real choice. It is very multiracial and has one of the best manifestos. NFP has very qualified and good set of candidates. Bainimara is a very good PM and man but his closeness to Saiyad Kaiyum will cost him the election. Like Mahend Chaudhry Saiyad Kaiyum is arrogant, ruthless, don't understand the principle of give and take and to live with iTaukeis. Mahen and ASK have basically destroyed the chances of integration and cooperation. iTaukei people are very good, very have very good heart. Majority itaukeis will vote for SODELPA. SODELPA and NFP coalition is the most likely coalition. Let us pray that SODELPA abolishes its stand on QoliQoli bill. Now what will Mahen do with the 3m dollars saved in Australia.

Anonymous said...

65% of itaukeis want GGC back according to Times-Tebutt Poll. This must be alarming news to FFP.

Anonymous said...


Registered pharmacist Labasa – Alvic Maharaj of Labasa, Akhtar Ali a human resources development specialist, former Commissioner Western Joeli Cawaki, rural advisory councilor – Viam Pillay, former Commissioner Eastern – Netani Rika and Former Permanent Secretary for Education Brij Lal. Entrepreneur Howard Politini, Special Administrator – Parveen Kumar, former minister – Jioje Konrote, former permanent secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office – Pio Tikoduadua, and lawyer Ashneel Sudhakar. Other FijiFirst candidates are former Turaga Ni Koro – Ilisoni Galala, high school teacher – Mohammed Abe Dean, businessman and former Nadi Mayor – Sanjit Patel, Surveyor – Himaiyat Ali, former journalist and MIDA chief executive Matai Akauola, former i-Taukei Affairs Board member Joape Nalatu, social commentator – Savenaca Narube, former deputy chief executive of iTaukei Affairs Board – Apakuki Kurusiga. The last batch includes Radio personality – Veena Bhatnagar, Malomalo Tikina Holdings Ltd director Ruveni Nadalo, former commissioner central Laisenia Tuitubou, civil servant Luisa Waqanika, school teacher – Jilila Kumar, social worker and radio presenter Adi Laisa Tora, social worker – Koleta Sivivatu, former FICAC worker Balmindar Singh and retired army officer Samuela Vunivalu. - See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/22207/fijifirst-names-final-30#sthash.S0xqaeEs.dpuf

Anonymous said...

Beddoes supports Qarase’s,

Former Opposition leader and SODELPA member Mick Beddoes is in support of Laisenia Qarase’s comments.

Anonymous said...

Why the Minister for Health has not taken action to allow the government workers into Fiji Dental Association. The new constitution of Fiji Dental Association is against the 2013 Constitution where everyone has equal rights irrespective of race, creed, color and gender.

The Permanent Secretary Eloni Tora must be sacked for not advising the minister correctly.

FF is not getting our votes if we are not allowed into Fiji Dental Association.

Can this be looked into immediately.

Government Worker - CWM

Anonymous said...

It was quite obvious that Veena Batanagar all this while whilst being employed by FBC was campaigning for Fiji First. All her interviews in Aina programme is quite evident that her intentions to promote the illegal regime.

Anyway her daughter eloped with a Muslim.

All these people are handpicked by illegal A.G.See the number of Muslims who have made it under FF.

ragesh singh said...

for my itaukei brothers and sisters. muslims and hindus dont see eye to eye. look at our history. the arabs invaded our country and ruled for many years. they looted india. they made pakistan out of india. they terrorise indian people. remember jina
they do exactly opposite things to us. it is in their blood to destroy indians.

Anonymous said...

NFP is shitparty with shit leader.Attar Singh is real NFP leader not bekaru Biman. NFPis not multiracial.Biman is anti-muslim. I was at the gathering in brisbane where he give anti-muslim speech. all bimnan's friends know he is anti muslim and want to fill his pocket in parliament after sacked as usp dean. his bulishit populist policy to reduce vat to fool people. Biman is another mahen chaudhry. I will only vote NFP if Attar singh is leader as he serve our party better than opportunist Biman.

Anonymous said...

Ragesh Singh

They are deceitful liars trying to connect to Jews and Christians to give credibility to their religion.

Mohammed born 3 to 5 years after his father died has no link to Abraham.

Allah is moon god and not the god of Christians.

Anonymous said...

The bible says that these muslim will never EVER bring PEACE.ITS IN THEIR BLOOD. IF WE THE INDIANS AND FIJIANS TRY TO RUN THEIR MUSLIM COUNTRY WE WOULD BE SLAUGHTERED. SO THINK ABOUT FIJI AND RESPECT THEIR CULTURE,THEIR LAND.We are fortunate to live here so lets keep it peacefully.Vote for a party that have brains to run this country and have respect for the I TAUKEI.BAI and Kai are not worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The last book of the Bible was written centuries before Islam was founded, so how is it that the Bible supposedly says Muslims will never bring peace? Ishmael is the progenitor of the Arabs. He was not a Muslim.

V for Vendetta said...

Now that the FFP list is completed, we have a fuller idea of who the traitors are.

Got rope?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:59, no one claimed the Bible doesn't advocate violence in any way. But that was the claim a amuslim made on this blogsite about the Quran. Verse after verse from the Quran has shown that statement to be quite ncorrect.

Here are yet three more examples:

Quran (8:57) - "If thou comest on them in the war, deal with them so as to strike fear in those who are behind them, that haply they may remember."

Quran (8:59-60) - "And let not those who disbelieve suppose that they can outstrip (Allah's Purpose). Lo! they cannot escape. Make ready for them all thou canst of (armed) force and of horses tethered, that thereby ye may dismay the enemy of Allah and your enemy."

Quran (8:65) - "O Prophet, exhort the believers to fight..."

Anonymous said...

Can Dr. Neil Sharma tell the people why unqualified people are allowed to work in private dental clinics in Fiji. I was surprised that I got my denture ( false teeth) done at a private clinic at Stewart Street, Suva which was done by an unqualified dental technician which did not fit well despite paying exorbitant price.

The use of unqualified dental technician is day light robbery on the people. The fees I paid was so much higher than another clinic at Bayly Clinic, Rodwell Road where it was made by qualified dental technician.

Can the people be highlighted on this Dr. Sharma. Why the use of unqualified dental technician in private dental clinics ?
This cheating of the people.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution: “The ownership of all iTaukei land shall remain with the customary owners of that land and iTaukei land shall not be permanently alienated, whether by sale, grant, transfer or exchange, except to the State in accordance with section 27”

However, the State can take away iTaukei land in two ways:
1. For “public purpose”
2. By written law
So what is public purpose – say it is good for a local city council to have two Indian businessmen build a huge complex – mall, hotel etc. It will create jobs, and is generally good for the public.
Can the State take away that land from iTaukei and give it to the Indian businessmen for development – of course compensating the landowners, even if they did not want to sell.
What about if the local Indian businessman in the milk business needs more land to expand dairy farming – or we need to save sugar industry - is that “public purpose”?

If you really want to know what the plan is – secret purchases and private influences that will take away your land – here is a interesting article - how this thing works.


Remember how the term “ordinarily resident in Fiji” was not clearly defined earlier.

Try getting the courts to interpret what “public purpose”

Anonymous said...

" secret purchases and private influences that will take away your land – here is a interesting article - how this thing works".
Anon @1-33PM Are the staffat ST GILES treating you well?

Anonymous said...

“When we come to inquire what are public uses for which the right of
compulsory taking may be employed, and what are private uses for which the right is forbidden, we find no agreement,
either in reasoning or conclusion.”


I am sure the Fiji courts will have a clear picture...right? Or at least the attorney general knows what it means.

When it comes to "Public Office", the new constitution has a very clear definition - section 57 (3).

But "public purpose" - for which land can be taken away - why bother now, we want that to be as broad as possible and ambiguous.

Anonymous said...

The GCC must be brought back. It is the cornerstone of the i taukei and all communities in the country.

The land can be taken away by the government and only one person decide whom the land should be given.

Khayium is trying to fool the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Khayium sold his property at Berry Road to Tappos. Why it was not declared in his declaration of asset and cash.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Veena Bhatnagar soon closet opening ,your affairs ,cheatings and Labasa trips J.SAHAY

Anonymous said...

Dakuidreketi abused his office to approve $5 million in loan from the Extinct Mataqali Fund Account. NLTB is not a lending institution.We have the banks that have approved licences for that.That money was supposed to be shared amongst members of the mataqali that still exist.The NLTB was holding on to the funds because staff members were using the fund like a credit union.Bakani has pleaded guilty because he knows that it was wrong all along.The then SDL Govt made laws that enable the use and abuse of funds,to top it off,Ballu Khan is not a VKB member.LOMAIVITI PROVINCE HAD TO LOAN MONEY FROM THE BANK TO PURCHASE A BOAT.THE BOAT SANK AND THEY ARE STILL PAYING OFF THE LOAN.WHY DIDNT THE NLTB ASSIST THEM.SIMPLE THE NLTB WAS RUN BY GREEDY STAFF WHO WANTED TO BENEFIT FROM THE FUND ALONE WITH THEIR FRIENDS.WELL ITS PAYBACK TIME,HAD DAKUIDREKETI PLEADED GUILTY HE WOULD HAVE GOT 4YRS,BUT THINKING THAT HE WOULD BUY THE COURT CAUSED HIM.and guess, what is the number of his cell room - yeah right 135.

Anonymous said...

Veena Bhatnagar sucks! She is worst then a prostitute from Sukuna Park!
Look at her makeup.
How cunningly she campaign for the regime whilst employed at FBC. She has assured that she will be taken back at FBC if she lost the election.
She never showed any repsect to Professor Biman and keep calling him by Biman while giving all respect to Khayium.
Time is a great healer and you will be taken to task.

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu has taken an about turn,she has invited PM Bai to campaign in her hometown.The split in Sodelpa brought this about turn.When they removed Sainiana Radrodro without informing her as the leader,in fijian protocol,this is an insult.'E dau kalawaci ga na kau" She has even stated on National Media that she would be willing to work with Fiji First or to be exact PM Bai.WHY? WHY THE SUDDEN ABOUT TURN? ANSWER: THE SPLIT.THEY HAVE APPROVED TO HAVE HER AS FIGURE HEAD ONLY BUT THE SCENES ARE CONTROLLED AND MASTERED BY LQ.I will not be surprised when Ro Teimumu crossed the floor in Parliament next year.But why arent they united? It is Ancient Rivalry, Bau and Rewa are sworn enemies.Behind LQ standing in the shadows is Bau High Chief Ratu Epenisa Cakobau. Ro Teimumu knows this.Study the pictures of Sodelpa Caucus and candidates hardly any picture shows the two high chiefs together.You see the higher ranking chief usually is seated in the middle.Got my drift?

Anonymous said...

Annon @ 5.35 - yeah right, the big split in SODELPA.
BTW - how are you guys doing with the 90% support - no worries, right?

Tebbutt-Times survey at the end of first week of August had the FijiFirst at 56% and support was declining among the iTaukei.

We know that iTaukeis support for SODELPA is higher in rural areas and this survey did not include the rural population.

The iTaukei voters make up 56% of all voters.
SOOO – if this survey were to include ALL voters – Urban, Peri Urban and Rural – the 56% support for FijiFirst would have gone down somewhat.....right? – probably below 50%.
And with weeks to go – the claims of 90% support is now down fast - to below 50% and declining.

You get my drift.....or go figure.

Anonymous said...

A lies @ 5.35pm.
Sodelpa is very much united.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry has called on the people to go and register and keep their voter registration card safely.
He told a party rally in Caubati, Nasinu, last night people needed to change their address if they had moved from their previous location.
“The current Government has made voting very complicated, they have done it intentionally with only one day for election,” he claimed.
“Before parties could transport the voters to any polling station but now we can’t and if you can’t make it than you won’t be able to vote.”
The Government has said the electoral rules were designed to prevent fraud and make the September 17 election credible.
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said parties that transported voters to polling stations should not carry any banners.
Mr Chaudhry said “in these eight years, what has happened in the country? How the life has been and should we give this Government another chance or is it time for a change?
“Because wherever we go, people only speak about poverty, high cost of living, low income and unemployment rates are high.”
FLP candidate nominee Anandra Prasad said education was not free. Some schools only charged $30 per student.
But he said the cost of school uniforms, shoes, books and other necessities was more than the $30.
He called on the people to decide what they wanted for their children, for their future.
“We don’t want to see people in poverty, we don’t want to see people suffering for basic food items, we want all children to go to school, have decent jobs and better lifestyles,” Mr Prasad said.
“Think carefully and vote carefully.”

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum can you respond to the challenge by Labour leader to release the Audited Accounts for Ministerial salary from April 2010?
On numerous occasions Mr Chaudhry and other political leaders have issued statements about this and there is widely held view that your relative Nur Bano administered the super salaries from April 2010.
Whats the truth?
If you have nothing to fear or conceal end the secrecy.
Can you?

Anonymous said...

Voreqe Bainimarama and his party may or may not win a majority of votes at next month’s election. But he WILL be declared the winner. And he WILL be Fiji’s next prime minister (or whatever other title he decides to adopt). He’ll win because he has to. Anything short of a resounding electoral endorsement represents a one-way ticket to jail for himself and most of his team, cronies and associates. Bainimarama will not allow that and has the power to enforce his wishes.

By any stretch of the imagination his should be a hopeless political task. His record in power is nothing short of appalling. Bainimarama has consistently (and openly) lied to those he purports to represent. The litany of untruths is well enough known. He has also slashed pensions, more than halved sugar production, channelled budget support to an already bloated military at the expense of other more immediate needs. He has militarised the public service and has personal control of the vital organisations and institutions of the state. The national debt has ballooned under his dictatorship – despite his solemn eve-of-coup pledge to rein it in. Much of that debt is in the form of loans from China.

Reliable information is hard to find in the new transparent Fiji but by any account poverty has increased as a direct result of his actions. Wages are held down and prices allowed to rise as the business houses that have given him support now hold sway over economic policy. Many will recall how he cited the Qarase government’s increase in VAT which hits the poor hardest as another trigger for his coup.

Corruption – the major (stated) reason for his coup – has not been addressed, the “show trials” notwithstanding. In fact the secrecy that now shrouds the fiscal and fiduciary actions of the Bainimarama regime are a guarantee that corruption can flourish as never before.

He has trashed Fiji’s status as a high-end, high value tourism destination to the extent that it is now seen as discount low-budget holiday spot. He has alienated the indigenous majority.

He has imposed a constitution that gives him control of everything up to and including indigenous land. The list of failures, favouritism and betrayals is mind-numbingly long.

The regime’s progress, particularly in access to education, cannot come close to counterbalancing its disasters.

How, then, can this man even dream of winning an election?


Well, he controls the media. Through an organisation with (like much of the regime apparatus) the Orwellian title of a media “development” authority.

All the pious and seemingly sincere claims by the authority personnel that media freedom is alive and well in Fiji can be safely dismissed. Journalists and editors are routinely reminded of the draconian penalties that exist for those who fall foul of the infamous Media Decree that gags all news sources. A few have enthusiastically embraced the restrictions in return for government advertising. Some are government owned and have no choice while a few continue to win the occasional minor – but important - victory.

None will talk on the record about the threats – for they know what will happen to them if they do – but those are nonetheless regular and real.

The authority itself yields to none in a dog-like desire to please its master. It has even absolved the Fiji Sun of all bias – which must have been a source of some embarrassment for the paper which has never sought to conceal its outright support for and devotion to the regime.

Anonymous said...

I read about the Fiji Dental saga. Why the minister did not intervene as lot of money has been wasted. On a more serious note we thought this government was about giving everyone equal rights.One rule for everyone.
The minister must do an investigation and take action without any further delay.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Television is kept on a leash via six-monthly licence renewals at the whim of attorney general and minister for all that his boss doesn’t want Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum while most media organisations more or less toe the line out of fear of retribution or hunger for a share of the public funds lavished on supporting this regime.

Those journalists and editors who have embraced such deceit are doomed to discover when the rule of law eventually returns that their integrity, while so easy to pawn, can never be redeemed. But that’s for the future.

What it means for the present is that they now have a vested interest in maintaining the Bainimarama regime in power.

So while blatantly buying votes through handouts of everything from sewing machines to bridges (all bought with the people’s own money and a declared reason for a coup when carried out by someone else), the regime can rely on an unending stream of praise and doe-eyed devotion from the nation’s media.

This in turn has engendered a spreading distrust of the media with most of those who have access – regime supporters and opponents alike – seeking to balance their information and opinion diet at sites such as this. The long-term effects on the media are difficult to foretell, but, certainly, damage is being done to a once-respected industry.


He even – however indirectly – controls the polls. The Fiji Sun’s Razor Poll consistently predicts an overwhelming Bainimarama victory while the Fiji Times Tebbutt poll foresees an only slightly less emphatic triumph. But the single fact that neither poll would see the light of day were the results otherwise renders them worthless.

Anonymous said...


Also in the regime’s electoral favour is the fragmented opposition. New parties spring up like weeds after rain while the old ones seek to reinvent themselves. All seek to maintain the fiction that this election is an opportunity for people to alter the course of their country’s destiny. Some simply seek a seat on what they hope will be the Bainimarama parliamentary gravy train where fat salaries and overseas junkets can be just for saying the right things.

Meanwhile the regime continues to churn out its self-serving decrees and even tinkers with existing ones to suit its own electoral purpose.

It would very much like to win this election but if it can’t, well, no matter.

Ominously, in his visit to New Zealand Bainimarama let it be known that nothing less than victory in all 50 electoral seats would satisfy his ambition. And he has the means to make that happen.

Add the continued and misplaced triumphalism among sections of the now minority ethnic Indo-Fijian community who finally have sight of their own holy grail – land – and support for Bainimarama becomes ever more evident.


It’s darkly muttered in Suva that they’re only storing up trouble and that land will be Bainimarama’s downfall just as it was for Mahendra Chaudhry before him but so far at least those have amounted to no more than mutterings. There has been no sign whatsoever of any “Fiji spring” of the like that felled governments in the Arab world. Otherwise the reactions of Fiji’s neighbours might have been entirely different (see below). The Fiji people, it will be argued, have the government they deserve.

And it’s a hard argument to defeat.

So why bother to have an election at all when the outcome (if not the result) is already known?

The principal motive is what all despots and dictators crave: acceptance. If Bainimarama can at least go through the motions of a free and fair election, Australia and New Zealand for their own rather shop-soiled reasons, have already given him the nod. They’ll look the other way, as will the EU. Others will follow and Bainimarama can strut the world stage claiming legitimacy.

Not only that. The aid tap will be turned on again, travel sanctions removed (though he shows no sign of removing his own travel sanctions on Australian and NZ citizens).

So while the election may well be an exercise of the inevitable, what may (or may not) follow the pronouncement of a Bainimarama victory is likely to carry more weight than the voting.

135 fools in Fiji first said...

Kepa and Qarase are not appearing together because they are busy campaigning. One could suggest there is a split in Fiji First because Khaiyum and Bainimarama are not on the raid together. What these two thieves are doing is one going on the road kissing asrses and the other staying at home to change laws to keep them in power.

Anonymous said...

Neel Choroa Sharma ,has got a mistress from India at the hospital and spend his time with her in govt qts instead of home ,family was againt him fighting this election but when wallets start getting thick you you want to keep it that way ,

Anonymous said...

The shock of his life will give a hear attack to our beloved Abortion Doctor when he will get the results of the count ,he has screwed so many on his way up the hill so now going down no one will wave tata vunwai

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Titus Narayan for exposing Premila Kumar of Consumer Council in the paper today.She opens her mouth without opening her brain if she has one.She attacked real estate agents without having a clue as to how they operate.She does this to all professionals-her hobby.How about enquiring Jai Karan's USP job--the corrupt idiot.Premila is Dumb-very Dumb.She should be sued.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Titus Narayan for taking this bitch Premilla. She attacks every professional.She thinks she knows everything like the corrupt husband who was sacked from government for corrupt dealings. Premilla gave "something" to Rajesh - V.C.at USP and got job back door without USP advertising it.
She is corrupt like the husband. She should tell the people how the husband got a job at USP with no qualification and advertisement.

Anonymous said...

Ashneel Harkat Sudhakar is a FF candidate--wow ! -this guy used to kiss MPC's arse before.He can keep the arya samaj flag flying in FF--Dick Singh can advise him on all the tactics--the old Alliance horse Dick--kishore govind's ball in days of old .

Anonymous said...

Premilla should investigate his family business that is selling kava mixed with flour in Suva market.Perhaps she should join the kava business. Her family has never paid tax for kava and other product.The family is involved in black money big time.She should find about this and tell the public. Maichod lady.

Anonymous said...

Why is Praveen Bala's case taking so long?-c'mon a guy got killed ! Praveen is a FF candidate.His lawyer in Asneel Harkat Sudhakar--another FF candidate !-interesting.Now will the DPP send a senior lawyer from thr DPP's office to prosecute Bala or will it be done by a junior police officer.If prosecutors can be called/hired from Hong Kong for cases in Suva agnst MPC--why not in Ltk against Bala where a person got killed.The sentence is more than 2 years jail.

Anonymous said...

Na taro levu me da taroga vei Qarase, e cava sa leqa va na i Vola Tabu mo sa lai wilika tikoga kina na Quran? E tukuni ga nio dauvunau, o vunauci cei tiko? Au se qai raica vakadua me dua na tamata vakataki iko mo lai via wilika tu na quran. Sa vaka soti qo na lolovira ni vanua e rawa ni sirova sobu e dua na prime minister e liu?Na levu ni lavo o butakoca nomu veiliutaki tu wili kina o ratou nomu vuvale sa rawa kina mo sa lai retire tu kina i nakoro. De dua sa ra sega ni ciqomi iko tu mai Mavana ka vakabibi nomu vuvale na levu ni butako. Mai rogo niu sa wilika oti vaka tolu nai VolaTabu, ia ya e lewa na tani baleta nio a se curu tiko kina i loma.Nai vunau levu taudua eda raica ena noda i Vola Tabu sai koya na LOLOMA(LOVE)e vei na ka qo vei iko nomu suka mai?Sa qai batabata ga vakalevu ha ha ha.Sa sega madaga ni rawa mo ciqomi ira na wekamu i taukei, sa na qai rawa vakacava o ira na wekada vulagi eda sa mai bula vata tiko?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the author of 6:40 PM et al. Your analysis is spot on. I hope Cameron Slater reads it and learns something.

Keep em coming!

Shaun said...

Cava mada sa rui levu kina na annnymous e loma qo, vavei me da dui vakatakilai keda tiko mai?

Anonymous said...

N ka kecega e bucina na tamata ena rwa ni talaraka talega na tamta.ia,na veika e sa bucina oti tu na kalou ena sega ni du e yavalata rawa.Gauna qo na qaqa ni masu ni tamata yadudua ena qurelaka na veika e bucini vakalawaki ca.
Tu dei tiko ena vosa bul ka man ena vos ni Kalou.
Masu ka waraka na mcala ni veidigidigi ni na vosa tiko kina na Kalou vei keda kece.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is packing FFP with his own people in the same way that Stalin, as head of personnel, packed the Soviet Communist Party with his own followers, before he assassinated Trotsky to become undisputed leader.

Anonymous said...

a recent Tebbutt Research survey reported that Mr. Bainimarama had 56% support and his popularity had declined by a few points since the last survey. It also stated that the survey was only done in the Urban and Peri urban areas – there was no input from the rural areas.

First, I believe any survey done in Fiji will be a bit skewed – reason being that supporters of FijiFirst are openly coming out and declaring their opinions – others are understandably reluctant, thus we get a lot of undecided or those declaring support for FF.

My presumption is that since Mr. Bainimarama has been around for 8 years, and has been campaigning much longer than the others – that this decline will continue as the others gear up as we go to the polls.
The support for SODELPA in rural areas is higher – thus if this survey would have included the rural population – Mr. Bainimaram’s 56% rating would been a lot less – you take your pick as to what that number would have been – I believe definitely less than 50%. Rural Fijians historically have always voted more conservative then the Urban Fijian.

And if this survey was done in a country where the opposition felt comfortable openly declaring their opinions – the number for Mr. Bainimarama would go down a few more points.

I think this election would be more along the lines of “Anyone else but Mr. Bainimarama” – so vote would be more against FF then for SODELPA, FLP, NFP or any of the other parties….the majority of these parties will form a coalition.

What is interesting is that FijiFirst is already now below 50% – if you accept the Survey numbers and factor in the rural population.

And its popularity is declining.

By the way, I am no fan of Mr. Qarase, Mr Chaudhry, or the current leadership of SODELPA – but I believe now we have a choice of the “lesser of the two evils” – and I think a SODELPA/FLP coalition is our best alternative under the circumstances. What other choice do we have? – four more years of this regime!!!

The Indians are also getting concerned. A SODELPA victory may cause a backlash against the Indians – worse than what they saw during the Speight coup. They have began to hedge their bets.

And their savior is Chaudhry, if he holds the balance of power in the new parliament, SODELPA will be willing to work with Chaudhry. By the way, Chaudhry, not being able to run in the election does not make any difference.

The same Indian businessmen who made campaign contributions to FF will now donate to the other side - Just in case they won.

It is a numbers game – and folks better start working towards that – Chaudhry already knows that – remember how he brought down the Rabuka government.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis, 6:15 AM. FFP support is shallow amongst most Fijians and declning rapidly. Many just cannot bring themselves to support treason.

Anonymous said...

6:36 am - it is not about us not getting around to supporting treason - we have supported treason before, and very likely support it n future.

Today it is about self interest - there is a group of people who are hell bent on destroying the Fijians - their way of life, their culture, their church, their chiefs, their vanua, their land - everything.

So this vote is about self interest, about survival - a vote for your future generations

The other side is buying votes - today, $365,000 for Vakatale Girls Hostel at Labasa College.

Our people are not going to sell out, are they?

How can they look into the eyes of their grandchild 30 years from now when he asks them what is VKB - and you tell him that all he has is his name and that he is a Fijian (nationality) - as per his birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

A coup isn't necessarily treasonous. I would favour a coup if it would genuinely restore democracy to Fiji. There are coups, and then there is treason. What Bainimarama did wasn't just a coup but treason.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:18 am,

Why don't we deal with this election first, then we will get to the your issue of supporting a coup to replace these guys.
All the coups so far - all treason.

mark manning said...

By definition a coup d'etat is the overthrow of a legitimate Government! Frank's Regime is not a Government!
It could describe Frank Bainimarama as illegitimate, so I guess that would make him, a bastard! And I doubt there's many would argue with that description! lol

Ludicrous said...

Just a quick reminder of the popular PM

- he was a military commander
- he stole from a democratically elected government
- he practiced nepotism
- he insulted the Fijian race
- he muzzled the media
- he abrogated the constitution
- he tortured civilians
- he placed military personnels in key government positions
-he created his own constitution and forced our approval of it
- he denounced democracy on television
- he failed in auditing of public accounts
- he paid himself handsomely compared to any PM in the history of Fiji
- he relies on the brain of another to further his agenda
- he intimidates the judiciary


Yet he has achieved a few things

- no communally based elections
- developments a springing up at every corner (yet at the expense of mounting debt)
- acceptance of Fijian as a term for all that make Fiji their own
- Free education and school transportation (at the expense of mounting debt)


Notice this, the country is as polarised as ever. You don't have to look very far, just read this blogs..and sit at family dinner tables


Anonymous said...

Latest news,yes its true,there is a split in Sodelpa and cnadidates are alarmed about its effects on Sept 17.A house divided is a house doomed to fall,many canidates are thinking about the prospects of crossing the floor after the elections.AT THE SAME TIME THE OPINION OF THE PEOPLE OF VOTING AGE IN FIJI ARE STILL ON FIJI FIRST AND THE LATES RESULTS ARE SCARING THE OTHER PARTIES NOTABLY SODELPA,THEY REMOVED THEIR MEDIA MANAGER AND REPLACED HER WITH MR VOCEA WITHOUT ANY MEETING HELD.MS RADRODRO WAS APPOINTED MEDIA MANAGER BY RO TEIMUMU.THIS IS A SLAP IN THE FACE OF ALL WOMEN IN FIJI.IS THIS THE WAY YOU TREAT A LADY? MANAGEMENT AND STAFF OF SODELPA HAS ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE ADDRESSED.Two Sodelpa supporters and financiers Dakuidreketi and Bakani are sentenced to 6 years imprisonment each.They will share Cell No. 135 and be given a Quran each to read.he!he!he!

Treason: Only if they lose the election said...

For a coup to be considered lawful/legal, the doctrine of necessity must be established.

That legal argument was made by Khaiyum (lawyer), Shameem (Lawyer) under the advice of Gates (lawyer

The legal argument failed. An INDEPENDENT Appeal Court found that the doctrine of necessity was not established. The coup was ruled to be unlawful.

Had there been elections in 2009 and Khaiyum and Bai won, then the time passage since the coup may not have been deemed long enough to legitimise them under constitutional law principles.

That is why they abrogated the constitution and ruled for a further 5 years.

If FF win the elections, under constitutional legal principles, the entire period from 2006 onwards will be legitimised. All decrees will be legitimised and passed into law (prospectively and retrospectively) and government appointments will be confirmed.

So, in the future, if anyone wants to stage a coup follow the Aiyaz, Bai, Shameem, Gates model.

BUT in order for it to work you must win the majority of seats in government at the election. The lection must also be ruled free and fair.

If Aiyaz and Bai win the election it will set a very dangerous precedent for Fiji.

If they wind by landslide, their corrupt activity of the last 8 years will be legitimised. It will not be considered treason.

Whether the itaukei in isolated rural locations and remote islands understand all this is another question.

Just remember Gates (who is not a good lawyer by any stretch of the imagination) ruled the coup lawful under the doctrine of necessity. Three independent legal giants from the region (people with NO VESTED INTEREST, unlike Gates as we have now seen) ruled that the doctrine did not apply.

The Constitution was then abrogated. The judiciary were all sacked and lo and behold Gates becomes Chief Justice. He is also Fiji's Acting President from time to time.

You tell me who had the vested interest?

A vote for Khaiyum will destroy Fiji.

Ludicrous said...

Bainimarama's popularity is slowly slipping away in the polls



I'd love to hear from regime trolls

Ludicrous said...

Bainimarama is in for a shock in September...

if the GCC is something to go by...then I would kindly advice Bainimarama and company to start packing their bags!

The wrath of the itaukei is ready to be unleashed..at the ballot box of course!

Anonymous said...

IF the salaries of the corrupt and illegal government and officials are ever revealed, it will be Gates salary that sickens people the most.

He sits on giving judgment for months and months because he is too busy advising Khaiyum on all thinks constitutional. He spends too much time proof reading Decrees and planning the path to Frank and Bai's immunity.

Gates will disappear to Sri Lanka with a fortune and anyone who supports FF will be facilitating this theft. Gates can't lose. If FF lose the election he will ride off into the sunset. If they win he will do the same. Is he cunning and clever?

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

This message is for you Mr Gate,Mr Khaiyum,Mr Bainimarama.

The power of prayer penetrated all your dirty dealings and burn out out all documents signed in closed doors in cover of darkness.

The prayer of people of Fiji is directed to the creator of the Universe,the creator of all good things and will live for ever and ever.

Fiji is different from other countries,in here your evil doing and dealing will be thrown into the fire through the word of GOD it will destroy your hiding place and will put you to realize that GOD is merciful and GOD is love.


Anonymous said...

Gates has already sold his property and will leave in the first instance. Gates has transferred his money. Ensure he is not able to leave and must be taken to court and charged after the election.These foreigners come and do things in another country and think will get away.This time such people cannot leave. The i taukei warriors will grab him at the airport.

Anonymous said...

Cava mada Lai media manager kina o sainiana Radrodro ? Sa butako I lavo mada Ni matanitu , qai dau butabutako tagane ...

Anonymous said...

Land debate

Let me add another perspective to the current land debate.

It has been pointed out that changing land law can only be approved by 75per cent of Parliament.

As an indigenous native landowner, this is a major problem for me because now under the 2013 Constitution politicians and non native landowners will determine the laws governing my native land.

Under Section 185 of the 1997 Constitution, I as a native indigenous landowner was empowered via my Great Council of Chief senator, who I chose via the Rewa Provincial Council to the GCC, to have a direct say/ veto on native land law.

Section 185 empowered me as a native indigenous landowner.

Section 185 no longer exists and as far as I am concerned, I am powerless as far as my indigenous native land is concerned because that power is now in the hands of politicians, who I do not trust and who have shown throughout the history of indigenous peoples around the world, will have multiple interests.

Thus, as of today, I am sitting on my native indigenous land in Rewa but I do not have any direct power on laws governing my own native land.

Simply, I own the house, but do not have a direct say or power on the tenancy agreement.

As a voter, I eagerly look forward to meeting the politicians head on regarding this matter.

Anonymous said...

The power of prayer will destroyed the coniving evil cunning work of all FREEMANSONS who are all judges,diplomats,commissioners,doctors,senior judiciary officials,politicians,and senior civil servants here in Fiji.

Pray for Fiji people!!

They will crumble!!

Anonymous said...

Noticeable that Minfo and Clarendkn House trolls have only suggested splits within just two parties Sodelpa and NFP - the two parties with the best chance of getting voted in and of forming government. That tells us they are afraid, very afraid, of Sodelpa and NFP otherwise they wouldn't worry about stirring the pot so much.

Anonymous said...

Land Debate @ 12:51 pm.

Under the new constitution your land can be taken away if it will be used for "public purpose" by a simple majority law.

The problem is that "public purpose" is not define.

What if a businessman wants a 1000 acres of your land for dairy farming - good "public purpose" will employ people, save foreign exchange etc - is this public purpose.

There is a great debate in the USA regarding this - land has been taken away from property owners and used by other private parties as long as it was deemed "public purpose"

just imagine how the corporations, the businessmen and the government can gang up on the landowners and take their land legally through the courts system.

And this is just part of the assault on the Fijian - his land, his culture, his church, his chiefs, the vanua - all out.

Anonymous said...

"Treason only if they lose the election" @ 10:57, I think your analysis is a fair one. But I would just make a few comments.

First, the Constitution was never lawfully abrogated. The regime purports to have abrogated the Constitution, but it did not, as it could not, having no legal standing. A corollary point is that, no matter who wins this election, this election itself is illegal. It has been conducted in an illegal fashion. Whichever party wins can only be a caretaker government until an election is conducted in accordance with the Constitution. And I mean The Constitution, not the illegal and bogus "2013 Constitution" the regime created and then shoved down our throats without a proper ratification process.

Secondly, putting aside all baseless hopes and fantasies, we can project now that Fiji First will "win" by a landslide, not because it won the most votes but because the electronic voting process will be rigged, as such processes already have been in certain other countries. So you are right — Bainimarama and Khaiyum would never have risked an election without being absolutely certain of victory. And Fiji's controlled media will not dare to question the election results announced by the regime.

The fix is definitely in. Although that is a difficult argument to prove when the regime is holding all of the cards, the circumstantial evidence is everywhere to be seen. We will be certain of it when the election results come in, but by then it will be a fait accompli.

This leads us to the real question: what makes an election free and fair? Is it free and fair if, objectively speaking, it really is not, but leading members of the international community nonetheless publically deem it as such, in furtherance of their own perceived self-interests? Because—spoiler alert—that is exactly where we're headed.

Sir John Harrington once said that "Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason". That is sort of the nub of your commentary also, which is a fair enough statement.

Now, if the Aussies say it was a free and fair election, and the Kiwis pronounce it as such, then the Americans will follow suit, and so will the Europeans, the Japanese, etc. They will do so not because they really bellieve the election free and fair, but because the international bar is set so low. They've already sanctioned even more scandalous elections and will do so again so long as they deem it in their national interest, as they will in this case.

That's why they've already dispensed with even issuing the customary bromides about how they don't care who wins so long as the elections are conducted with integrity. They can already see that the integrity of our elections has been compromised, so they refrain from such statements. In short, they're like fellow passengers aboard a pirated vessel witnessing a rape by the crew. They feel powerless to stop the rape, but for the "sake of decency" they look away.

But Fiji is our country, not theirs. It was our lawfully elected government that was overthrown, not theirs. Whichever government is elected will not be lawfully elected, but it will be recognised as such by the "winning" party and the foreign powers. Is that good enough for you? Will you now recognise it as legitimate, despite an illegitimate election, if the rest of the world will do so?

For my part, I will never accept treason. The first time one pauses on the path to treason he will find himself mired in quicksand. And yes, I don't mean a coup; I mean treason.

That is why I will resist. It isn't treason if it doth prosper. I intend to help make sure it no longer prospers, so that all will remember it as treason, for that is exactly what it is. I will go to Ratu Sukuna Park.

Anonymous said...

I am a government worker and campaigning for SODELPA. They are 90% government who are campaigning for SODELPA and other small parties.

If FF wins then their will be no freedom of expression and Khayium's mission to destroy the i taukei will be completed.

I urge i taukei and Indo Fijians, chinese and other races to unite and remove criminals who have illegally ruled for 8 years. These are power hungry people who want power as power means money.

Anonymous said...

Premilla is anti business and thinks she knows everything.She has hurt many businesses and send her staff disguised as customers. She should do the same and send them to USP and find out how the husband got a job at USP without any advertisement. She is merely trying to create her own publicity.

Anonymous said...

fiji first will win because they have winners in their ranks.it is as simple as that.hands down.90% of civil servants support fiji first according to the latest polls by bureau of stats.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First will be white washed by other political parties. All FF candidate handpicked by Khayium. See the number of Muslims candidates and all those who benefited from the regime rule. Look for cover Khayium the i taukei will take revenge for 8 years of mismanagement of taxpayers money and your plan to eliminate the i taukei and Methodist. You stole our identity and our children scholarship to tertiary education. You f off to Pakistan where you belong.

Anonymous said...

90% civil servant will not vote for FF. The P.S are all earning over $200,000 while the civil servants who actually do the work are unpaid.All in the ranks are are beliefs in getting power by illegal means.
Fijians are not fools. We need more brush cutter, sewing machine, wood stove, etc!!!

Anonymous said...

Their is rumour that one private dentist shut Dr. Neil Sharma and threaten legal action on him personally.Their was almost a fight in this meeting at his office. Bravo to this private dentist.

Anonymous said...

To Bainimarama,
Tell Dr Neil Sharma to provide wheelchair at the emergency lobby and all wards at CWMH...!!!
There are no wheel chairs available.
And patients are told to bring own toilet papers!!

You can not buy Fijian loyalty....!!!
O sa kaseji tu ga e veivanua wili kina o ira na nomu draiva..!!!dm

Anonymous said...

To Bainimarama
Did Dr Neil Sharma inform you that when you open that new facility at CWMH last week there were other three section closed weeks before?

He is hiding everything from you,a liar like you and conman like Khaiyum all of you are FREEMASON with Judge Gate.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama ke tukuna o Qarase se Roko Tui Dreketi ni o Viti e neimami ga nai itaukei io e dina.ia,keimami na lomani ira na tani era sa mai tu qo e Viti ka muria na constitution koya e vinaka vei keimami ka taqomaki keimami sega ni koya o cakava tu mai qo.
Na levu ni nomu kaselaki sa bau yaco vei ira na gone vuli primary e sa vakaraitaka ni o sa kaselaki jiko e loma ni veivuvale ka rerevaki na ka o sa cakava tu qo.

Sega gona ni rawa ni ko sa curu tu ena FREEMASON..!!sa sega ni rawa na suka o suka ga o mate..!!!sa mai nei VITI na nomu leqa ga o iko.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Neil Sharma should have been present at the conference yesterday for his civil servants and explained to them about 110 plus why till today they have been not be allowed membership into Fiji Dental Association despite him giving directive for special Annual General Meeting.
We need answers Mr Minister.

Anonymous said...

Below an interesting exchange on the Croz Walsh blog which clearly shows where this gentlemen stands.

AnonymousSaturday, August 16, 2014 at 7:23:00 PM GMT+12
Perhaps we should stop talking about these polls and come out in support of our great leaders instead. The PM has made it abundantly clear when he spoke in New Zealand: He will win all seats in parliament in order to avoid a dysfunctional parliament where the opposition would snipe at him and obstruct progress through unproductive debate. Tune into the broadcast of NZ and Australia parliament sessions and you will understand what I mean. If only a single non Fiji First candidate makes to the parliament our uniquely Fijian style of democracy will be in jeopardy. So, Croz, please stop discussing these irrelevant polls and focus on how to make sure that all seats are won by our great leaders. This is the only way to ensure rapid progress in a truly democratic environment.


Crosbie WalshSaturday, August 16, 2014 at 7:49:00 PM GMT+12
@Anonymous 7:23. Both polls certainly seem to indicate that the minor parties, excepting NFP, will have no seats in Parliament. Like you, I’m fearful of an opposition that simply aims at negative snipping. NFP would behave more reasonably than SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Why Qarase and Ratu Epenisa Cakabou had to now. There is a big split in Sodelpa. Believe it. I am not making it. It is between Rewans and Bauans. Some candidates want to just leave.

Anonymous said...

I want the DPP to tell the nation why Praveen Bala's case is taking so long to be heard. And will he be prosecuted by a junior Police officer and defended by FF candidate Ass-Nil Sudarkar.

Anonymous said...

Veena Butt-nagar should not have conducted interviews with Biman and others when she knew she was going to be a FF candidate.What has FBC to say about this ??--bloody nothing I guess.

Anonymous said...

You guys can win this elections - even as it is right now - and I think it will only get better in the next few weeks.

There are 590,000 registered voters (I will round it of to 600,000)

Say 90% turn out to vote or 540,000 votes.

I am going to be conservative with the numbers.

Lets just say that NFP and FLP combine get only 40% of the Indian votes about 80,000 votes – that will get the NFP and FLP combined about 8 seats. And FF takes 60% of the Indian votes (highly unlikely, but how can you argue with those Indos who read Fiji Sun).

SODELPA takes 65% of the Fijian votes, about 200,000 votes. That will give SODELPA about 18 seats.

FF gets 60% of the Indian votes and 35% of the Fijian votes. That will give FF about 21 seats.

Another 3 seats go to the other parties.

Almost all other parties will be willing to form a coalition with SODELPA if SODELPA had a chance to form the government. (I really do not trust NFP)

With the above scenario, FF loses the elections.

I have reason to believe that SODELPA will get about 75% of the Fijian votes and that would give SODELPA about 21 seats. I also believe that FLP will do better than expected and NFP and FLP combine will get a lot more than 40% of the Indian votes.

That talk about FF will win all 50 seats or that 90% of the Indos are going with FF and all that...that a lot of crap.

The independent – regardless of how good or bad the candidate is, she is just wasting time – she will need about 27,000 votes to get in. Voting for an independent or even one of the real small parties is wasting your vote.

Here is where it gets interesting.

That SODELPA even with 75% Fijian vote will not be able to form the government by itself.
If Indians were smart, they will make sure that the "Indian" parties. specially Labour, gets enough seats to hold the balance of power - and put SODELPA over the top. The Indian businessmen is realizing this - and just watch the donations for SODELPA and FLP go up - they will be hedging their bet.

Sooner of later, the Fijian majority will have the control of the government - if the Indo's were smart, they will figure out a way of working with the majority population - or put all your eggs in one basket - and pray like hell that your boy wins.

Anonymous said...

Shyana Ali, Suva
I’m utterly disgusted and hurt by the comments the former PM had made.
Nobody ever cares about what we feel, because hey it’s not our land right?
We’re always told “go back to your country, go back to your land”. Where is my country? Where is my land?
My ancestors’ vulnerability was preyed on and used, they were told “you’ll have work, you’ll earn good money, this beautiful land is not faraway”.
So they came in the thousands, some made it some didn’t, only to be tortured and enslaved. Then when they were finally reassured everything was going to be ok they stayed thinking they were accepted, they were loved and that this was their country now, their home – little did they know. I don’t know where I belong. I can’t go to India, I’ve never been, I can’t afford the trip plus I don’t even know which part of that vast country my ancestors came from? Where do I begin to look for my family in the world’s second largest population?
I didn’t ask to be born here but I was always proud to have been! I cheered for the home team, I wore the colours with pride, I paid my debts, I helped and watched the economy grow.
But the ridicule and oppression was always present; “shhh! don’t talk about land, it’s not yours (even though my parents own freehold property)”, “you’re not typically like the other females of your kind – you have tattoos, you hang out with us and you can pronounce words like development, vegetables and sushi”, “are you sure you’re full bred?” Who am I, if I don’t know where I belong?

Anonymous said...

If we of Fiji 1st loses,coup tale! he!he!

Anonymous said...

SODELPA and other parties for peace and stability.
NFP is not to be trusted. NFP could align itself with FF.
Professor Biman for this reason is not saying anything but will decide after the election.
The regime has illegally ruled for 8 years and time is up.
Too long in power means corruption.

Anonymous said...

There is no way that Khaiyum's Fiji First can lose. If hassling opposition and rigging the elections does not do the trick, the RFMF is on stand by to ensure that Khaiyum and his Rear Admirer retain power. There are even clear provisions in the constitution that would allow them to stage another coup.

Anonymous said...

BAY'AH is a muslim term for badge of allegiance.They wear their allegiance proudly by writing it on scarfs and tie it around their heads as headbands in green,red or black colours according to which Caliph or Emir or person who is protecting them.It is a mark of obedience,they put the mark of their Leader on their forehead and on their arms in the form of scarves printed with the mark of their leader.The Quran teaches Muslims to wait for the Great Mahdi or Messiah who they all will provide allegiance to by having his mark printed on their forehead and arms.Most Jihadists wear the mark of their leader tied around their forehead and arms,check out pictures on Jihadists.SHA'AHADA, is the muslim term for their motto Allah hu Akbar. In ancient islam the three words Allah hu Akbar or God is Great has the numerical figures 666,Allah in ancient Hebrew means curse ,hu -obedience Akbar means -badge or mark of greatness.Most Muslims Jihadist or Spiritual Army or warrior wear this proudly also on their foreheads and arms,their badge or mark.The Quran doesnt recognise Jesus as the son of God,but only as a prophet,the book of Rev has revealed that the false religion will not recognise Jesus as the son of God and the false religion will bear the mark of the beast on their forehead and arms.[more later]

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:01 PM, those are indeed how the numbers should stack up if this were a free and fair election, but it is not. Instead the results will more closely resemble the phony Fiji Sun polls. Even if—surprise of surprises—the votes were fairly counted, the illegal regime's lackeys in the RFMF would step in, the puppet President would declare the results invalid, and Public Emergency Regulations reimposed. Ratu Sukuna Park will be closed to demonstrations. The good thing, though, would be the fact that Canberra and other capitals would no longer be able to pretend that these elections were democratic. Also, the legitimate parties and the Semi Meo-like fencesitters would finally wake up to reality and realise that we will never achieve democracy for Fiji playing by the illegal regime's rules.

Anonymous said...

"If only a single non Fiji First candidate makes to the parliament our uniquely Fijian style of democracy will be in jeopardy. So, Croz, please stop discussing these irrelevant polls and focus on how to make sure that all seats are won by our great leaders. This is the only way to ensure rapid progress in a truly democratic environment."

Spoken like a true Nazi. He doesn't want a parliament; he wants an assembly of yes-men who will rubberstamp whatever Der F├╝hrer decrees.

Like Crosbie Walsh's correspondent, Adolf Hitler found no appeal in Western democracy, partly because of its slow pace. Likewise, he found great appeal in his National Socialist model and the swift pace of its legislative process: "The essence of leadership as conceived by the National Socialist state is the capacity to form rapid decisions," he wrote.

"One works best when alone." This adage, commonly attributed to Hitler, perfectly sums up his views of democracy and parliamentary-style government. He believed that individuals operating in a democracy are not brought to their fullest potential due to the ultimatums and compromises (both in principle and practice) that commonly occur in a pluralist society:

Hitler, the quintessential anti-democrat, used democracy to ascend to power as swiftly as few politicians before him. He came ominously close to succeeding in World War II and in foisting his views and policies on an unprepared world. Had he succeeded, "all [of his] crimes," as he himself said, "would have been validated."

That is exactly what Bainimarama seeks in this election: the validation of all of his crimes. He wants to rule like Adolf Hitler, with absolute power and no dissent.

(Note the absence of a ringing defence of a democratic Parliament by Crosbie Walsh. His "Lord Hee-Haw" nickname is truly merited.)

We stood against fascism in World War II, in the Solomon Islands and in other campaigns. Will we now be so foolish as to invite fascism into Fiji in the form of the Fiji First Party?

Anonymous said...

What we have in Fiji today is not a "uniquely Fijian style of democracy" but an oriental despotism. It isn't Fijian, and it certainly isn't democratic, for one person to be making all the rules. Fiji has never been ruled by a single man. Even as the Vunivalu and Tui Viti, Ratu Seru Epenisa Cakobau never had such power. Were we ever to bestow such power, it certainly wouldn't be on the likes of an arrogant no-school thug like the Usurper, the very man who is doing so much to destroy our cultural institutions.

Anonymous said...

Shyana Ali@8.05pm...Reality is a
bitch sometime?
But facts is what
it is-fact? If a Fijian (indigenious)migrated to Indian
along with his family i'm sure they too would have a similar story to tell just like you?
Same as black people who migrated to Europe they too would also
have similar stories to tell-
but that is reality?
Similar stories comes from people
who migrated to USA,Australia,NZ
They too are asked everyday
of their nationality?
How long they've been in the Country,etc,etc
you stand out,you're different,
you don't look like the regular citizen,you don't have the right colour,accent,style etc,etc,?
That is reality!
Why would you expect to be like us?
Look our ancestors have been here
for a very long time-some say 3000years other think 4000years but i say could be way longer-since the
investigation is still on-going?
But the truth is if you want to belong here in Fiji
than you need to breakdown the barrier like Khaiyum did-ie walk
on over to the Indigeous side inter
marry,eat their foods,live in their house,wear their Sulus,drink
their Yaqona,have their babies etc
in order to belong?
Yeah gotta chucked the Sari and accept the Sulu? The sari represent the old &
the Sulu represent your new freedom?
In my opinion, had inter-
marriage encouraged by old politicians & Chiefs Fiji wouldn't have had so much political screw-up
in the last 30 years? And that is
reality!!! But Shyana you too can
change all this girl, it not too late yet, walk on over
to the Indigenous side, take a man,
change your name and start to build a new world?

Anonymous said...

Who all were at the 3k dina gala wit Bai at Northern Club Auckland NZ. Why wasnt Harish Lodhia there but his other mates were.??????

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:27 AM, you're really something of an idiot.

This woman isn't an immigrant. She was born and raised here. Her ethnicity is no different from that of 30 percent of our citizens.

In most of the countries you cited, she wouldn't be asked daily where she's from. She'd be quietly accepted as another citizen who happens to be of another ethnicity.

She shouldn't have to take a kaiviti as her husband just to gain your stupid acceptance.

Khaiyum is one of the last people she should model herself after. What kind of moron are you even to suggest that?

Inter-marry, eat our food, dress our clothes, drink our yaqona, bear our children — I notice you didn't say anything about sharing our land or political power.

Someone as ignorant as you shouldn't be offering advice. You have a long way to evolve.

Anonymous said...

the 2;27 reply to Shyama Ali.

Had a laugh about it - suggesting that the Indo woman take a iTaukei man, have his baby and all that. Very racist.

Dude - it is a numbers game - and in case of inter marriages - the Indo man will also take a Fijian woman and she will have his babies.

So what will you call your nephew - "you son of a Kai India, you have no land", followed by a little buturaki when he questions your politics.

We see this racism all the time.

You see them Indos there is a billion of them, intermarriage would not affect them, but look at the other side....if won't be good for the population. Have a look at Lau and you see the fair skin, now imagine seeing straighter hair also......I have seen that with Chinese men having a woman on the side - and that is why we see all these part Chinese.

So cut out the racist crap - we can all live together in peace -

Let us keep the eye on the ball - beat FF in this election.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To anon 12.51PM, I suspect you are the same guy asking questions at the FFP campaign in Nakorovou some weeks ago. Buddy you've had your time for questioning and you have been answered what you asked.Se sega ni rauti iko ya? Sa lai kerei tinamu madaga mo drau sa kua so na yalo vatu kei na yalo ca,me rawa ni ra bula na vanua o Burebasaga.Sa rauta mada na yalo dredre va qori

Anonymous said...

The race is on its way...Frank has taken the lead and has attempted to clip the kiwi bird by its wings. He is hopping across to Australia whilst Qarase who is not in the race and is running along the side line who knows for whatever reasons of his own, hopefully not the same reasons as Chaudary, has flown the eagle but will that be enough to gain support from former residents who have lost touch with events in Fiji and make proposals with a twang. NFP and Labour have lain low and are preaching a topic never heard in their past policies, the preservation of the itaukei land and culture. PDP is like a woman attempting to seduce its voters with short skirts, make up and overwhelming perfume but, here is a smell that cant be removed. The other parties are just trying to be in the race win or lose, the experience was well...quite expensive.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

If the race is on its way, then it's a race to the bottom. And if that's the case, then Fiji First should win. It's hard to find anything lower than treason.

Anonymous said...

To the " waste of sperm" who replied to shayana Ali ... You commenting about race , religions , Indians and intermarriage , is like Obama giving you the responsibility of " foreign affairs " ( you wouldn't even know where Azerbaijan is ... And the capital of this country is " Baku " which I have given to you as you newly acquired " Christian name "

So Baku : it's like Einstein coming to you and asking you about neophyiscial gases : the only gas that you know is the fart that comes out of your mouth .

It's like you being asked by Aiyaz about GDP : for you Baku , it's gross domestic poofteer !!!

Talk to educated Kailomas like me and I will school you every time !!! Until then Baku .... Stop bullying a young student ...

All Kailoma are behind frank ... It's fiji first .... Baby

Oilei SODELPA said...

Tui Wainunu not convinced by SODELPA.Turaga na Tui Wainunu, Ratu Orisi Baleitavea said
the people of the district of Wainunu, in Bua, Vanua Levu, want a leader with a vision that will take the country forward.
Speaking from Daria Village the Turaga na Tui Wainunu, Ratu Orisi Baleitavea, said they had heard of the various political parties’ campaign messages.
The district chief said they were not convinced by the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa’s campaign messages.
The SODELPA leader, he said, was campaigning strongly for iTaukei votes and not all Fijians.
“Ro Teimumu wants to bring back the Great Council of Chiefs and a Christian state and now she wants the iQoliqoli Bill back,” he said.
“We want the SODELPA and other political parties to tell us how they will move the nation forward and we have heard nothing of that but just criticisms.
“SODELPA was also saying that iTaukei land was threatened under the new constitution,” he said. “Is this true?”
He said no one could take Wainunu district land ownership away from them because it was already secure.
On the GCC, he said SODELPA was getting the support of other political parties.
The people of Wainunu, he said, wanted new leadership that cared for the people and made things happen.

High Tea said...

Shyana Ali, your comment was very painful to read. I'm sure it must have been far more painful to write.

Fiji can be your country. It will be your country if we ever get back to being what the world should be.

You may not be a Fijian by race, but you are a Fijian by nationality. If you are called a "Fijian citizen" instead of a "Fijian", the main difference should only be that one refers to nationality and the other to race. Before the law, you should be absolutely equal.

Certain important preferences have been devised in order to protect indigenous Fijians. You seem sensitive enough to understand why a race and culture isolated on Pacific islands and just a few generations removed from cannibalism might feel threatened enough by modernity and the rest of humanity to want to safeguard its property rights, institutions, etc., even if in so doing, newer arrivals are effectively treated as second-class citizens. They fear becoming fugitives in their own land, much as you already feel dispossessed yourself. This state of affairs isn't strictly fair, and it will change over time, but likely too slowly to help you much, and it cannot be forced in the manner the regime is doing for its own ulterior motives.

In fact, you are not dispossessed. Your parents own freehold land, and in time, perhaps you will as well. Similarly speaking, ethnic Fijians who now feel disadvantaged in commercial enterprise will come to acquire the skills they need in order to flourish in a capitalist system of free trade, though it will take much time and adjustment.

You very much belong here in Fiji. You contribute to the vibrancy of our economy and national life, and you are loyal to Fiji. Fiji would be the poorer without you.

Bainimarama is trying to make this election about multiculturalism, but don't be fooled. He is only doing so for the same reason he has always done so: to distract our attention from his treason. This is the same man who was the architect behind the 2000 coup attempt by ultranationalists. He is the same man who appointed some of the ultranationalists to key positions in his cabinet. He made no affirmative attempt to recruit anyone but indigenous Fijians into the RFMF for the many years he was its commander. He passed over his senior officer Gen. Aziz and promoted Tikoitoga as commander instead, reportedly because Aziz is not an ethnic Fijian. He once texted "Indians worship tavoro". His use of Khaiyum and Chaudhry has been to usurp power. His motivation is fear and greed, not the welfare of Fiji or its various communities.

Your experiences with bigotry, ignorance and callousness are very real, but don't despair. Only remain loyal to Fiji, and together we will get through this.

Just Situational Logic said...

The fair solution to the land issue is to arrest Bainimarama and his co-treasonists, seize their land holdings, and cnvert them to freehold land.

Bainimarama Knows Best said...

Simple. Help us crown Voreqe I or go back to India where you belong.

Anonymous said...

No sign of Brig. Aziz since he was passed over for Tikoitoga. Where is the boy? Working with the Aussies and ASK on the Next Big Thing for our Fiji?

Anonymous said...

annon@7.24am & @ 7:38am...Really?
You're both seem to be too hard
on the brother@ 12.27am? Ok if
the bro suggestion was not good why
don't you both suggest a way forward
instead of just attack & destroy?
If you're both living abroad-why
the interest?
You both definitely
sound like we're back in the days
of A D Patel,SM Koya,KC Ramrakha
going back 40 years?
The question
is how can we move forward?
How do we get there?The Hiway or the Biway? Annon@7:38 i think that
your suggestion regarding our Vasu
was unfair and after 5 generations
of living here (if you,re still here)you still do not understand
our culture? I treat all vasus
with the highest respect? Actually
they are all legally Fijian, that's
right! The Fiji Supreme Court had
made a decision in:Jim Ah Koi Vs
the Fijian Affairs Board, giving
all vasus(Indo-Fijian;Chinese-Fijian or Kailoma)the same right
to Fijian Land;Qoliqoli;Koro,Yavusa,Mataqali,
Tokatoka & VKB! That is the law of
the land? I'm sorry that the Bro above seems to have shoved a hot
coal up both you're asses? Let's
try to rebuild this house so we
can all move forward together?
Shyana Ali follow your heart & may
the good lord be with you!!!

All Hail Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Tui Wainunu is a fool bought with a few dollars sacrificing his future generations - a fool who cannot read the law and the trap built bay Bai & Kai....
sivia nomu sova yaqona tui wainunu boci

Mere said...

Anon 12:24, if you treat all vasus with the highest respect, then why are you going to such pains to defend a no-count who is disrespecting a vasu?

The way forward is to restore democracy, due process, the rule of law and mutual respect. There's nothing respectful in a kaiviti suggesting to a kaidia sister that the only way for her to find acceptance is to inter-marry and abandon her culture in favour of the kaiviti way of life.

What's wrong with her marrying who she likes and being just who she is? Isn't your New Fiji supposed to be all about multiculturalism? Or is it all just hot air, a smokescreen for treason?

Anonymous said...

anon 9.51am
yes that's cut & paste from his letter to editor....so why don't you speak to him direct? no one forcing you so join FF,,,,,what's the big deal?

COUP4.5 said...

Dear users,

Please be advised that this site will be shutdown permanently after FijiFirst's win in this election. We have decided to support whoever wins this election.

Team COUP4.5

EX GF said...

this ashneel guy at Fiji First the lawyer from ba, he is a big time womanizer and has no respect for women. can sleep with anyone. he is banging the director of lands priya, bhavna narayan the lawayer, swastika in lautoka city council.

The real porn king of Fiji - vote him if you want your daughters and wives in his bed !!

Criminal Investigator said...

Quote from the article "Many believe Dakuidreketi was merely trying to help NLTB upgrade its computer system so they could keep track of rents owed and rents paid."

Million dollar upgrade to keep track of rental? MY ARSE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Army says .... Every person who has come into power or held the position entrusted in them by the itaukei or landowners of Fiji, to manage the native land have failed or been swayed some way or another. Even some of the decisions made by Ratu Sukuna at his time have had a significant impact today. The position of GM of NLTB is somewhat considered a widow makers position as many who held the position passed away toying with the land as an expression. Many people of Fiji do not know this but majority of the land in Fiji is what is considered waste land. This is land held by the country and considered waste. To have an understanding of the impact of native land that has been converted into crown land, the Mabo v Queensland case is quite interesting and identifies the ownership of land for the native indigenous people. At the moment a case is being fought for what we regard as Qoliqoli rights and it is likely the natives of Australia will also win the case which will set the precedent for future cases, particularly for Fiji where many natives have lost the enjoyment of their qoliqoli area because they have leased their sea front to a Hotel Developer. Surprisingly Frank is against the qoliqoli bill given he is a native and comes from a tribe of fishermen. There is a need to identify this qoliqoli for the landowners and the laws relating to the qoliqoli defined accordingly. Laws are created on customs and tradions of old and these are the very essence of a Fijian community.

Anonymous said...

Bainiamarma and Khayium are no different than Hitler.
So people decide whom you want to vote.

Anonymous said...

It is the land ......stupid.

And it ain't Indians who are after the land....the Indian farmers who has moved of the land....he is gone, you can't pay him enough to come back and farm sugarcane.

Now it will be those corporations, the Chinese, and the small group of Indo businessmen...corporate agriculture - with 1000 acre dairy farms with Sri Lankans working the farm.

Anonymous said...

Saw it on Fijileaks - that foul mouth Sudhakar - candidate for FF - did someone say he is also the secretary of the right wing Hindu organization the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Here is a news story from about a year ago the launching of the Vishva Hindu Parishad in Fiji.

"Funded by the World Hindu Council, the world's largest international Hindu organisation, VHP Fiji hopes to promote and protect the interest of Hindus the world over.

In a statement, VHP Fiji's president Jay Dayal said they hoped to place branches in more areas around Fiji."

If any one of you are interested, google International Working President of the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), Pravin Togadia.

First we had the Muslims, now the Hindu Nationalists are not too far behind.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning , I doubt you who write this article , Is mark manning .. N you also have never studied economics !!! And have no idea , about how a government will manage their debts .. Land and resources is not an option ... There is other options ... And if I start schooling you then I'll be offering your dead brain free advice ... You don't need an economics school ... But just a school .... And that too a primary one ... Don't need your dumb ass here ...

Anonymous said...

Agent Vinod (Khaiyum) and Brig. Aziz both in talks with Aussie intelligence re shaping a post-Bainimarama Fiji.

True Fijian said...








Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:09...Can you make up your mind please....Are you Kaiviti or Fijian...You cant be both...Perhaps Kaiviti for the itaukei and Fijian for all races...You have to negotiate these things...you cant have it all can you...No point having your land and living in Suva or Lautoka...If your living in the village, I respect that but I know one thing for sure, the Villagers mentality is so different from the Kaiviti living in Towns or the City....They have respect and practise customs and tradition which every person in Fiji respects...Can you also explain how the Fijian race as you deem it been downgraded to itaukei...the two terms are obviously separate...Itaukei is reference to the indigenous of the land and Fijian is a national identity isn't it...Land...well the issues of legality surrounding the Constitution and protection of native land is as they say in legal terms ambiguous. GCC...Chiefs will continue to be chiefs and that will never be taken away from them....Franky cant...Having said that we do not live in a feudal system anymore...by the way...

Anonymous said...

The penis face who thinks harm nam is of indian origin .. I am of Chinese origin .. Family been here for over 80 years .., g harm nam

Anonymous said...

Em0si -- true Kai ... Even I'm a Fijian ... Married indian ... I don't think there is any indian that wants our land .. They fully understand it's itaukei ... In fact it's the foreign buyers we need to be wary of .. As the past has taught us where have sold our land for next to nothing ... Indians warn peace and prosperity ,,, living and understanding with an indian ... I have understood them and my wife understands my culture ... But I must say I've learnt more from her than she from me ... And Sodelpa is emotionally blackmailing us .. Come on ... We won't believe that anymore ... We also have to be fair to others who call Fiji home .

Anonymous said...

I think ... Indians in fiji ... Are very peaceful .. Otherwise ... There are some elements of Hinduism n extreme " church ism ... That in fiji has created a new breed of haters ... Thinking that one religion is superior to another .. As an atheist I know and can prove some anti Islamic comments here is the brainchild of Hindus .. Who have always disliked Muslims .... There is no way Muslims in fiji are extremist ... They are just too " Fijian " in their culture to do that ... Hindus who adopt " the mandli " ( sect ) habits have that . If sudhakar is that .. His arse needs a grubbing

Anonymous said...

Sudhakar proudly announces that he works with World Hindu Economic Forum.

According to the President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Fiji, Ashneel Sudhakar is its secretary.

As for Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) you can Google it for yourself.
BTW - they also belong to the SANGH PARIVAR - the organization that was behind the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

These guys totally support Hindu Nationalism of Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan and Narendra Modi - but any sort of Nationalism in Fiji - they do not want.

As for the Muslim bashing in here - I agree, it is not the Muslims as a group who are behind this. It so happens that the AG's friends and family who have been put into various positions - they happen to be Muslims. Otherwise look at the other political parties - Muslims are fairly representative in there.

Indians should go with other political parties, maybe FLP would be the best bet - to get enough seats to hold the balance of power in the new parliament.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:00 AM, you're right — we don't live in a feudal system anymore. We've regressed even further, to live under an oriental despotism. We've a lot of progress to make before we get back to the feudal level, much less move onward to a modern, democratic society.

Anonymous said...

The greatest weakness amongst , every political group bar the Fiji first and even the weakness of the Sodelpa supporters here is this :
1. Not one party has a blue print for prosperity and growth in Fiji , instead focussing on bashing the current regime , Muslims , now Hindus ( thanks to Sudhakar ) .

2. I believe no party has a real strategist for a winning formula . Please see for yourselves , all the hate and bai - bashing could have been utilised for some positive plans For the future of Fiji . Even if a voter is undecided at this juncture , I'm sure they will vote for ff , as no party currently has a real plan . They are all hell bent on regaining lost power, deflated egos , lost opportunities for filling their own pockets , all of them . Just look at the names , Chaudhary , Qarase., Anthony , Birman , Fiji needs real leaders not real " bleeders " . This lot have an ambition to bleed the Fijian people dry . Again , ultimately , Fiji loses !!!!

Note : I'm not voting in this election due to the fact that I'm undecided and disengaged from these looters who hold the people of Fiji to what I term " prosperity Ransom "

Anonymous said...

The verdict is obvious. Fiji first will definitely win.
It will win at least 31 seats, NFP 5 and rest who cares.
NFP will form coalition with FF. it will be time again to take Qarase to task again for his anti indian and unchristian thoughts.
SODELPA will not get a single indian vote. They had it but lost it because of Qarase.

Anonymous said...

You regime trolls are full of shit. You've obviously read none of the proposals by the other parties for the way forward. By the way, where is Fiji First's manifesto? And who cares what Fiji First says anyway, since it's always a load of crap like the "People's Charter" that never follow in any case, because they're just a pack of liars? Of course the other parties are going to focus their negative attention on Bainimarama -- he's holding the entire nation for ransom and has been the main source of Fiji's trouble since 2000 at least. You idiots keep running against Qarase, Chaudhry, etc., when they're not even competing this election. Why don't you call instead for Fiji First to accept the other parties' challenge to debate? Let the voters hear all of the candidates and decide for themselves who has the plan and who is full of shit.

Iferemei Tawake said...

SODELPA is a mixture of Fijian Nationalist, SDL, SVT, George Speight party extremists. It is a radical ultra nationalist party whose main aim is to deport indo-Fijians and to make life difficult for our 90% i-Taukei brothers and sisters. It is a race based party only for a few nationalist leader led by a racist Qarase. Hitler led a party like this based on race. Fiji First is like the multiracial Alliance Party.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First is the Party of Treason, Thuggery and Debt. It's based solely on one scoundrel's fear of accountability for his crimes, which began with sedition but have mounted ever since to include murder, treason, torture and plunder. To hide his tracks he imposed media censorship and then a decree to keep the media cowed. He used your tax money to hire a PR firm specialising in providing spin for dictatorships. This firm feeds you the regime's steady diet of lies to keep Bainimarama in power. It claims SODELPA is ultra nationalist whilst ignoring the presence of ultra nationalists in Bainimarama's cabinet. It talks of the George Speight-led coup of 2000 when it was really the Frank Bainimarama-led coup; Speight was just a front man and now fall guy. It claims the Bainimarama-led Fiji First is like the multiracial Ratu Mara-led Alliance Party, only it neglects to mention that it was Bainimarama who pressured Ratu Mara into stepping down from the presidency. It also doesn't explain why "multiracial" Bainimarama led the 2000 ultr nationalist coup attempt, appointed ultra nationalists to his cabinet, kept the RFMF an all-indigenous force, and texted that Indians worship tevoro. It claims SODELPA is radical, but it's Fiji First that has the radical agenda supporting treason, the abrogation of our Constitution, the rubbishing of our flag, the dissolution of the GCC, the theft of our land, etc. Fiji First says Hitler led a party like SODELPA, but it's Bainimarama who is the anti-democratic dictator. It's Bainimarama who is playing the race card. It's Bainimarama who has taken away our civil liberties, due process and judicial independence. It's Bainimarama who took away our vote for so many years. He's the one who wants to turn the Parliament into a mere rubberstamp. He and his sapotas are the unmitigated fascists. They don't deserve power. They deserve prison.

Anonymous said...

Ganesh , should I reveal your IP address ? You are not indian ... Gee , what do you think ? I'm in IT ... Obviously Sodelpa is so desperate along with a few of failed politicians here ... Who have to try to justify that Sodelpa and it's supporters aren't racist .... What a joke ... Try a different IP address the next time

Ganesh said...

Go ahead. Reveal my IP address. I challenge you.

Who said I'm Indian? Aren't we now all Fijians?

Or, as Mere asked, is that "all just hot air, a smokescreen for treason"?

Anonymous said...

Namashkar ... Bhai ... Yeh jo Fiji first hai , Humara sabhida rakhte hai . Isse Bhagwan ShAkTI de . ShAkTI aur jeet. Jeet frank ki ho jaye .

Jai hind .

nayacakalou said...

Edua na ka au via tukuna vei kemuni na lewe ni vanua e Viti mo ni kila.Vei keimami nai taukei keimami tiko e NZ kei Aussie ka sa dede na neimami tiko eke,keimami sega ni lakova na soqo e vosa kina o Bainimarama baleta e sega na betena vei keimami.E baleta e sega tu na i lavo ni matanitu,ke wini o Bainimarama eda na waraka ga na Bankrupt na vanua ga ena gole kina ena nodra bisinisi ga na kai Idia.Ia na nomuni qele nai taukei ena tu ga mai nakoro era na teitei ga na lewe ni vanua,era na tara vale ga e vanua era via tara kina na nodra vale.O ira ga na yaco kina vanua e vosa kina o ira na se qai yaco ga mai,ira na Indian Community kei ira na gade tiko e Auckland.Na vuna era lakova vakalevu na India baleta ni tu na nodrai yau,mera tabea e dua na ka me rawa nira nuidei kina.Mera sauma na soqo,e sega ni dua nai taukei e vakaotia kina na nonai yau Ke dau dua na News baleti Viti kemami dau via rogoca ga na veilecayaki ni sau ni taro.Na reality Kawa India ni rai ga vakayalomatua,because real Fijians do not give a damn where you vote.

Anonymous said...

It is funny that we are not hearing about the race of the overwhelming majority supporters of Fiji First in Sydney. When in Auckland, this blogsite was inundated with suggestions of Indo-Fijians openly supporting FB and I-taukei be aware. Indeed funny, almost everyone in Sydney were I-taukei. This is not about race as some opposition sceptics like to use when it works in their favour.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Isa sa vakaloloma na noda sotia ena vuku walega ni cala so na vakatulewa ni so na veiliutaki. Sa kere2 vakabibi ke dua e rai vaka yalomatua na mataivalu me cakava dua na kere veivosoti vua na Bose levu vakaturaga, Na lotu kei na vanua. Era tagi lo tu na lewe ni vanua so na ka e yaco.Vaka e dua na yalo2 ni mate e cawiri tiko loma ni keba era sega ni raica rawa tiko na veiliutaki ka ra sa nodra walega na samunidawa na sotia kei nodra matavuvale. Noqu masu tiko mera na sereki na sotia lewe 44 kara vesu tu ni sega ni dua nodra cala kei nodra dui matavuvale.