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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nawaikula tackles issue of land

Land continues to be a crucial election issue, despite claims by the regime itaukei's concerns are misplaced.

SODELPA candidate, Niko Nawaikula, discusses here the affects of the illegal government's Decrees and Constitution on the indigenous people of Fiji and their rights to their land.

Nawaikula, a qualified lawyer, has specialized in laws related to native land and indigenous issues.


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Anonymous said...


We all know the stance of SODELPA on the land issue. We also know that SODELPA intends to have the courts decide whether the 1997 Constitution is still valid after the elections.

Question is, what if SODELPA fails in its court challenge? Will SODELPA work with the 2013 Constitution or seek a referendum to amend the land provisions in the Constitution?

Food for thought.

Sue said...

Niko thanks for the precis - well done and very clear. However I do not agree that the regime has removed totally this and that and so on.

If we allow ourselves to think they have removed it, and that we have nothing, then we are lost.

I exist in a world where these things are still vested in our people. I have never accepted that they went away or that the junta rendered us powerless.

The regime only has power over us if we allow them to.

I do not, never have and never will accept that.

The more of us that think like so and stand shoulder to shoulder with this consciousness will make it so - a world without Bai 'n Kai.

Wouldn't that be marvellous !

Anonymous said...

Whichever way we think, let's vote for the party most likely to deliver a democratic outcome.

Anonymous said...

It's party time for Fiji .. And it's citizens ... Fiji first

Luther said...

Malo Nawaikula. :)

By listening to what you saying, ISA, the faith of our Fijian race (as a Fijian) will depend on the outcome of this election. No Fijian (kawa i Taukei) can say Mr. Nawaikula is lying as all those 17 decrees has been passed by the current government and its all true what Mr. Nawaikula is saying.

The question is, whats next? Are we going to share our land with the others?

As for the name Fijian, we as a Fijian, its our birth right to have a Mataqali, Koro, TIkina, Yavusa, Yasana and a piece of land that is given to us as our birth rights. My question is, how can the others be called Fijian when they don't have those things mentioned above? Is that the next step?

To all the Fijian that is supporting Fiji First, how about if we are been told that we will be all be called Indian but as a low caste? (No offence to our Indian friends)

Please think about our next generations, we don't want them to blame us of what we do today.

Most of us are so carried away with the development the government is doing but on the other hand we are losing our indigenous rights.

KEREKERE, PLEASE, AU VAKAMAMASU think smart and vote for the only party that is fighting for the survival of our Fijian (Taukei) race - which we all know what party is that - SODELPA.

Isa, Turaga ni qai nanuma na neimami vanua lomani oqo ko Viti.

God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

How low down Bainimarama and Kaiyum can be by passing the 17 decrees to take away the right of native Fijians. No consultation and dialogue being carried out ? SHAME on you Kaiyum for trying to destroy a race that looked after your grandfathers when they were looking for place to call home. SHAME on you Bainimarama for allowing this to take place during your time as Fijis Prime Minister. How can native Fijians sit and watch this happening and say nothing. I would rather go down fighting than remain standing by staying silent. Sept 17, VOTE SODELPA !

Vinaka and thank you very much Niko for shedding some light on native Fijians land and customary rights under this government. GOD BLESS you Niko and GOD will watch over the Fijian people always.

Ludicrous said...

Every Citizen will have noticed the inconsistencies of this junta. They are inconsistent because they are unelected. As the the election draws near, it's apparent that FF is playing a dirty game of deception. Change is what they are banking on, but change that is imposed on the people of fIJI.
Freedom is on our hands, make your vote count and kick them out. 8 years of curfews, torture, poverty and an under performing economy is enough to drive everyone up the wall.
Bainimarama your days are numbered

L.King said...

To All Fijians (kawa itaukei)

Regarding the free education, Fijian Affairs Scholarship has been taken away and that money has been diverted to free education but one thing we should remember that we still can afford to pay for the fees for Primary and Secondary school but when it comes to university level where we really need assistance, well, its no longer there. University level education fees is 70 or 80% more than secondary and primary level.

The point is, don't get carried away of whats going on (for example - free education, free bus fare, development but think smart of the long term effect of whats going on and what will happen like, our loan a pilling up)

In regards to development, as being told many times any government can do development but think about the repercussions of the development thats been done at the moment.

1. All development is done from the money our current government (Fiji First) loan from other countries.
2. Whats the conditions of the loan?
3. Whats the total sum of the money that has borrowed from other countries?
4. Who will pay for it? (looks like us and our sons and grandsons and it will goes on)

Think smart is vote for SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Land has been the major driver of this coup. The only way the dictator and his sidekick the Rear Admirer can get filthy rich is through selling iTaukei land to the Chinese. It never ceases to amaze me that this gang still has support from indigenous people. It is time to wake up and face the grim realities.

Anonymous said...

If we the i Taukei are so concerned about Land being stolen by other races then why the fuck are we still sitting around drinking grog, occupying the squatter settlements, stealing and listening to political BS from politicians such as this dude, We should get out there and utilize our land ourselves. Whats so hard about that.

Anonymous said...

Specialist, my ass. This "lawyer" is just another racist SDL hack peddling the usual BS scare. It's simply amazing that having ownership of 92 per cent of the land isn't enough. SODELPA is greedy, as well as being stupid. Keep them out and if it doesn't work at the polls, bring out the guns again. We need protecting. These people are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

@7.28am...boci sonalevu..vosa vakasma..baku wavivi

All Hail Bainivore said...

Anon@7.28AM. FUCK OFF you cunt.

Anonymous said...

Levu ga na lasu. Waste time nomu loya never won a case. Full of crap.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Niko. Take the fight to them.

as Biman says, the ballot is stronger than the bullet.

Anonymous said...

go bullet to bullet and our fijian soldiers get caught with their pants down. 43 soldiers detained in Syria by militants.

too used to attacking their own unarmed people.

Anonymous said...

come on tikoitoga open your mouth now

Luther said...

@ Anon 7.28am and 8.27am

Looks like you not a Fijian (Kai Viti) coz you don't understand what his talking about. Fair enough!

Your comment is the same technique that Mr. Bainimarama is using in his campaign and for the last 8 years to hit back with personal comments to SODELPA candidates when he knows they are talking about the truth about what he is doing.

@ 7.28am - Mr. Nawaikula is not a dangerous person (SODELPA) but the very person you are supporting have murdered people. I think you are a smart person to draw the line of which one is which.

Anonymous said...

- UN peacekeepers held -

Rival jihadists of Al-Nusra Front, backed by other rebels, detained 43 Fijian peacekeepers on the Golan on Thursday, a day after their capture of the sole crossing over the UN-patrolled armistice line to the Israeli-occupied sector of the plateau.

"Forty-three peacekeepers from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force were detained early this morning by an armed group in the vicinity of Quneitra," a UN statement said.

The 43 peacekeepers from Fiji were forced to surrender their weapons and taken hostage, but 81 Filipino blue helmets "held their ground" and refused to disarm, the Filipino defence department said.

It said the Filipino peacekeepers were being surrounded by the gunmen.

The UN Security Council condemned the action and demanded the "unconditional and immediate release" of the peacekeepers, a statement said.


Anonymous said...

If that is true,then the Fijian soldiers are obeying and following the rules of engagement under the UN Mission Charter-Rules of Engagement.Its Normal because they a neutral observers,they could only shoot if shot upon,that is in self defence.in this scenario,they werent shot at.

Shane said...

One FACT GUARANTEED, anyone who tries to work against or fight the locals in any country will go down losing the war and crying before it ends. Ask the Americans how they tried it in Vietnam and Iraq and see what happens. They came back in body bags. You have to work with the locals to win a war on their own turf. Fijians in no difference.


That's true for the indigenous Fijians in their own country. No choice but work with the indigenous or you have to ship out. And may regret everything else later. Fiji is a nice place to live in and the locals are nice until you provoke their land.

These decrees are dirty from the beginning because of lack of consultations and ideas except two man army who will pay the price sometime in their lifetime.

Jese said...

Ki vei keda na i taukei sa kakua na moce boko tu ga. Me da yadra tiko na veiraiyaki baleti ira daubutako era tu ena noda vanua. Na ka eda taukena tiko ena gauna oqo me vaka na qele vakamataqali kei na i qoliqoli e sa vaka-decree-taki tu oqo ena lawaki ca ni lewe rua ga na tamata. E ra sega ni vakatulewa kina na noda turaga kei keda na lewena. E sa cawadru tu oqo ena 17 na lawa buli se decree yavutaki ena secular state constitution 2013. Vakabibi tiko oqo mai vei ira na Musulomani vakaisulu vakamatau. isa o rau na rua na kisitoni ni 2006. E dua e lawaki tarabu tiko ena qito vaka politiki oqo. E dua vei rau e qavokavoka lala kei na kena i karua e tawa ka lawaki ca. Sunset your arse Khaiyum.


There are now 43 Fijians in the hands of islamic militants in Syria. For the sake of their safety, could everyone please refrain from attacking Islam. Some of the stuff that has been said here about Muslims can be used against our people. This is also a time to get behind the RFMF instead of trying to score political points.Our soldiers are peacekeepers. They are the good guys in the Middle East whatever we think about some of the things that have happened at home. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Sega ni dua na dina o kauta mai Niko, macawa walega na vakamacala.O sa vaqara cakacaka tu ga me rawa kina na bula. Sega na betena nomu i vola ni loya. Sega madaga na kisi o bau valataka rawa. nomu cakacaka tu ga na gunu yaqona namu wavoki vei ira na volitaki yaqona ena makete.O via mai vesu mona taki cei tiko?Sa ra veitalanoataki iko tiko nomu lala ni gunu yaqona. Vei kemudou talega na qauri/poofter ni sodelpa dou dau vakacaca tiko ka sauma tiko na comments dau gole tiko yani, e cava sa ca vei kemudou na yalewa dou sa vinakata tikoga na kana vudi?Dou vaqara watimudou me yalewa me vaka ni dou a sucu me tagane me sota kei na yalewa, sega ni tagane kei na tagane.De o dou nanuma ni dou se sega tiko ni kilai,dou sa kilai vinaka tiko.

Hole in one said...

SODELPA, the party of quari/poofters led by the biggest Queen of all.

Anonymous said...

When Fijian landowners owned 83% of land during SDL days, they(SDL) saw it fit to change this lands to freehold to fill their pockets.When the present government reversed this landownership back to the owners and is now 92%, Sodelpa is now jumping up and down to claim for 100% ownership for the owners! What were you doing when you held the reigns in 01 - 06? So stupid !Sa rawarawa ga me da dusi tiko ka biliga tiko na i tavi vei ira na so qai da mai vosa kudrukudru tiko yani To Sodelpa and your sapotas you've had yours days and you did nothing about it.You were against the yellow ribbon(second chance)you will also be denied your yellow ribbon for now. Sa dou lai tei tavioka madaga kevaka e tiko na qele ka dou lai sili kai ka taga moci na kena yalewa.Dou lai tokara mada na i sulu ni tamata tu vakanakoro ka kua ni da mai kodrokodro tiko e Suva ena gauna ni campaign va qo.Yaco mai na 18 September, yali vakadua, sega tale ni qai laurai na kemu o.Go FijiFirst !!!

Anonymous said...

anon 9.18
sobo vakaloloma sa Sinai ni da ena mona sa sega ni saumi rawa ni dina sa ceburaki na dina mai vei Niko ,,,,,,sa toso cake tikoga na veitokoni ni sodelpa,,,,,cici tale o voreqe ki kadavu sa bera baleta ni sa Tui Tavuki ga sa tokoni koya,,,,
Turaga Bale kei na vanua keina lotu sa duavata mai me sa tauri tale o viti mei vei ira na dau laba, lasulasu, butako vanua.....
Na mavolo sa wawa tiko mai Naboro...
Sa vakarau oti na kanaloto nei anon 9.18am
Moce JO

Anonymous said...

Shane 9.04am..
Ask the Americans you say? which ones the native Americans or the colonizers?

Anonymous said...

anon 9.43am
na vakamacala ni tamata voli.....butako job kana loto etc
isa sa vakarau oti na kana loto kei na vaka fancy wavoki ena pajero ni taxpayers

Anonymous said...

Who told you they were Fijians? Get your facts right first !!!

Tevita said...


Anything may happens to them as its their job of choice not forced. If such thing to happens, it would change peoples view and perception about FMF role in this country as creator of coup culture and downgrading of the indigenous rights.

FMF personal are there on their own choice at a time they know its dangerous when everyone else was against their role in our country.

What may happens could be the catalyst to turn people eyes around and fight Bainimarama for recruiting and using FMF for his Muslims partners agenda. Syria is best left for themselves to sort out instead of FMF bulashit who goes there for money.

Not saying that our wish is to get them shot but who knows what God has in place for Christianity around the world. Islamic has no place in this world that's for sure. They Koran promotes 'and eye for an eye' whereas Christianity promote followers 'to submit you other cheek when slap on the the other'. Now that where the Syrians are different and that's the difference between believers and not.

Get rid of the Muslims agenda especially Khaiyum and the team in Fiji full-stop. 135 isn't justice after all, its injustice against the indigenous rights as they are trying to do.

Anonymous said...


Rival jihadists of Al-Nusra Front, backed by other rebels, detained 43 Fijian peacekeepers on the Golan on Thursday, a day after their capture of the sole crossing over the UN-patrolled armistice line to the Israeli-occupied sector of the plateau.

"Forty-three peacekeepers from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force were detained early this morning by an armed group in the vicinity of Quneitra," a UN statement said.

The 43 peacekeepers from Fiji were forced to surrender their weapons and taken hostage, but 81 Filipino blue helmets "held their ground" and refused to disarm, the Filipino defence department said.

It said the Filipino peacekeepers were being surrounded by the gunmen.

Anonymous said...

lamulamu soldiers.

murder your own people at home.
va fancy with your weapons and dont know how to use them.

bunch of bullies.

Anonymous said...

The timing of the Golan incident doesn't favor Baninimarama now does it. Bainimarama's dream team think they have it all until the 11th hour before the election. At the time when he needs support for his own agenda (or before we forget Khaiyums Muslims agenda).

Good timing so we say because Bai will be awaken with sore head with this sad morning news and start kneeling with prayers that nothing happens to them as it will degrade his election campaign.

He will start asking himself whether Allah has brainwashed him for sending them to Syria to fight the locals after all the mass still hangs around their neck for what they did back at home and going over to bring the regime nothing but money.

Anonymous said...

Leave the boys out of this platform. They're doing a job none of you bitch ass niggas have the balls to do. They are serving a peacekeeping mission, not a combat mission. If it was, a combat role, it would definitely be a different story. They will live to fight another day. May God bless our troops, and may God bless Fiji. Forever more.
PS...To the Rag head in charge. Please release the soldiers in exchange for the two idiots in power. Those soldiers have no money. You'll probably get paid a better ransom for these two.

Luddicrous said...

This is the time to show your Fijian military fire power that you have been showing off in the past 8 years. Have a taste of you own medicine.

Anonymous said...

However, 81 Filipinos "held their
ground" and refused to disarm, the
Filipino defence department said. "Thi resulted in a standoff which is still
the prevailing situation at this time as
UN officials try to peacefully resolve the
situation," the statement from Manila

Anonymous said...

@ Ann 10:55AM

Hey niggar, it's not neccessary true that you remove the head and you've killed the beast. Venom's are still dangerous even long after its head is dismembered.

Its the whole organisation that revival. Understanding their role message is hard to get through their thick head.

A chef died recently doing exactly that by removing the head but still dies from the bite 20 minutes later after being bitten by the dead python head. Similarly its the whole organisation that's being poisoned and dangerous with fake concept. The boys are part and puzzle of that poisoned organisation and if they're injured they are injured making a bad choice to be part of a poisonous / terrorist group lead by these two thugs. A group that decide to hurt its own people for no genuine reason. A group that happen to get trapped into their own trap of corruption bluff.

But at least you got the drift.

Regarding the FMF get out of it and do not touch it if you understand that its its vision is wrong. Devils including Allah are everywhere to do damage to our country and its indigenous people fullstop.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. 11.43am. I got yr drift, nigga.

mark manning said...

While Fiji's U.N. Peace Keeping Forces have been taken hostage in Syria, bravely defending Democracy and protecting the innocent, the man who sent them, remains aloof, oppressing his people a cowering from scrutiny, while denying his own people Democracy and peace. It seems a little ironic and stupid really.
We did warn these soldiers that they were in harms way and only being used to make Frank Bainimarama and aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum look good, to satisfy their egos and pockets.
Fiji's sons once again have been used to line the pockets of a few! It's time the RFMF removed him and his Regime from the horizon of Fiji Politics and now is an ideal time to stop this madness, while Frank is offshore.

Anonymous said...

A cava ga ma caka….kodou…
Me da masulaki ira …o cei o vakoisine??
Sa kila o iko voreqe na vanua leqa o siria drau vakaliuce jiko na sede…..sa vikea na safe???
Na Kalou e warai ni dau vakalialiai..
Drau sota kei coqa lotu…coqa vanua…sa dua na i vunau levu i viti..

isaa viti…sa liu na sede…sa no money ga da bau i nakoro ma teitei@1055am mata sede..
na vosote e vakadede no…warai ni mai tawa mudu…
Sa kinamu wale na vosote!!!!

Tomasi Waimakare said...

Vinaka Vakalevu Niko Nawaikula.
Ena qai yati ga mai na colo. O Voreqe ena sega ni yacova rawa na titobu ni vuku e tiko vei na vakasalataki koya. Sa qai o Nazhat Shameem, sa ratou vesuka vinaka na nona mona na daunilawa musulomani, kei nodratou Nei o Nuru Bano na dauvakasala ni lavo rerevaki. Au kila vinaka na marama oqo o Nuru Bano, o koya sa bau matai dina ni tuva imau taka na nodra mona na taura tutu na veikavakailavo ni matanitu. E vakasalataka e levu ni matabose thru Khaiyum. Na ka dina sa yaco tiko e Viti e dai, e sa vakayagataki na kaukauwa ni lavo (tax) me vakawaicalataka na noda vakasama nai taukei, ia sa qai vakataucokotaka na Decree vakalawa nei Khaiyum. Kevaka eda vinakata me tiko vei keda na lewa vakapolitiki ni vanua oqo, sa dodonu meda sa yadra na Turaga ni Vanua e levu na kemuni qele. Kevaka mo ni tukuna ni vinaka me tokitaki na kena lewa kina Matanitu ena yavu ni vakavulewa vou, au kerea moni vakasamataka vakarua.
Na NLTB e dodonu me vakasalataka na nomuni lomatarotaro. Na cava tale era qamu gusu tiko kina na kena i vakalesilesi. Ni nanuma tiko vosa veibeci e taura tiko ko Voreqe, kivei kemuni na NLTB Officers, kei keda na cakacaka vakamatanitu (civil servants).
Meda digitaka na isoqosoqo vakapolitiki e maroroya na dodonu ni kawa itaukei kei bula galala, ni cakacaka vakadodonu, savasava, kei na bula veilomani kei ira na vualagi e ra vakaitikotiko e Viti.
Na kawa tamata na Muslim eda sa kilai ira vinaka me vaka na veika e ra dau tutaka. E ra dau vakatubu veivala ena vanua kece era tiko kina, raica mai Idia, Siria, Isireli, Viti, kei na so tale eda raica ena TV.

Lilly said...

Watch this embarrassing moment for a lone FijiFirst supporter. Vakamaduataki o ra boto.


Anonymous said...

@Ann 11:46 AM
Good. Please don't turn around and say you haven't been warned. Remember to look before you leap.

Anonymous said...

Pythons are not poisonous.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Only the guy with the mike chanting "we need Frank," but no one — and I mean NO ONE — following along. Like the sound of one hand clapping.

Anonymous said...

This pre polling is a fraud. Villagers were not told of dates which is next week ,,,told only yesterday and thousands of Lau / island people still in Suva for Methodist church meeting will not vote,,,,,,another fraud on the nation

Anonymous said...

Did I hear Sydney-Siders and Down-Under has a double meaning. There was actually a 1% FFP support only in Sydney. 99% were only there to witness his lips lying again after 8 years hiding. And they weren't let down. Just in case his Youtube downloads were faked. It ended up he was a real culprit. Listen to his answers with sour tastes.

What do you do when you're left alone and your mouthpiece abandons you. You have nothing but lies, unfit and defenseless and look for a fight when challenge in real life when confronted. Similar to an unfit player who resorts to violence knowing his unfit and lying all along.


Anonymous said...



MAYBE THESE FIJIANS WILL GET THE "IS TREATMENT " ie laid in a hole & get shot.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Filipino soldiers are more courageous than Fijian soldiers. Maybe because the Filipino earned his freedom. The Fijian has grown accustomed to being a hostage.

Troll Buster said...

The things posted on this site by the Clarendon trolls are some of the most racist and divisive comments you can imagine.

The military are just that. They are well trained soldiers who are doing their best. Their leaders are another matter entirely.

There should be no negative comments about the foot soldiers of the RFMF. That is completely wrong and unnecessary.

If the RFMY foot soldiers turned their weapons on their fellow countrymen that would be something different. That has not happened and is unlikely to happen.

Many in the military hate this regime. They know they have been used. But to say horrible things about Fijians serving the UN is just a Clarendon House thing to do. Their job is to stir trouble and disquiet. They are doing a pretty good job. But you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

These Clarendon trolls will be unemployed in a few weeks time any way.

Anonymous said...

A cava gona lai caka i Siria.
Ni vicai na sotia lamulamu ni viti.

Anonymous said...

More victims sacrificed for the greater glory of Frank.

Anonymous said...

isa sa saumi beka vei Viti kei na matanitu qo na veivakaloloma taki vei keda na lewe ni vanua. Sa na qai lai saumi tu va ya i Syria. Me rau kau ga yani o VB k ASK me rau veisau kei ira na sotia na vesu tiko ya. Rau yavu kawa ca

Anonymous said...

anon 9:53am

sa matau vei ira na sotia ni viti me ra dau soro na lewe ni vanua ni tiko vei iratou na yaragi. qo, ratou sa soro tale, ia , e tiko vei iratou na yaragi. vakacava me vakayagataki na vuli mera veiraravui kina kei na meca? O iratou na Filipino vakaraitaka sara ga na yalo ni tagane. tu vakarau mo maroroya ka sabaiya na vanua e sa soli vei iko mo qarava.na yalo qo ni tagane qo e sega ni laurai vei iratou na cauravou ni viti. ni ra dau bolebole wavoki e viti, me ra cakava talega vaka kina mai na buca ni valu. sa rauta me dua ga na VC nei Viti ke sa va tu qo na yalo datuvu ni noda sotia...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

at the end of the day we want our soldiers back. hopefully they learn a lesson and treat their people back home with some respect.

Anonymous said...

Me rau lako saraga na turaga rua me rau lai walia ka sereki ira mai. Laurai mada se sogo tu na qanibulu se tawa tu na tarausese.

Otioti ni tarabu nei Frank kei Khaiyum sa vakarau me davo.

Gusu kabasu tiko vei iko Tikoitoga.

Also Tikoitoga better prepare himself and ensure their safe release rather then opening his big mouth too soon on FBC saying that Fiji won't pull out despite this as this could turn sour on his face if something happens to them.

This is warning shot to the FijiFirst wrong agenda. Agenda based on making money rather then the safety of others.

Anonymous said...

ka dina @ 1.41pm. still theyre indigenous Fijians we're talking about. mera Vuli na Sotia ka rauta mada na "vakarorogo tu ga" kina Kaci ni veisaututaki..me tekivu mada i Viti..mera lomani na leweni vanua

UN says shut up Tikoitoga said...

Lets see what the 3 stooges will do in Fiji. Tikoitoga has shown his no care attitude whatsoever of the consequences by opening his mouth too soon saying he wont pull out. Its the safety of the 43 people that's in his hands that worries everyone.

While the UN is begging their release Tikoitoga is still bargaining on his choices. No precaution whatsoever.

Prayers that God spare the rod for the 3 culprit(s).

Meriana Jale said...

SODELPA will have a tough battle in Lau. Ratu Ganilau now supporting SODELPA.

The chairman of the Bose Ni Vanua Ko Lau, Ilisoni Taoba, has dissociated himself from a meeting between Ro Teimumu Kepa and a Laun delegation at Ono-i-lau House, Nadera on Wednesday.
He said he knew nothing about it.
“I’m the chairman of the Bose Ni Vanua Ko Lau and I was appointed by the late Tui Nayau, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. I must admit I know nothing or even being informed of the meeting at Ono-i-lau House.”
Ro Teimumu, SODELPA leader and paramount chief of Rewa, accepted a traditional request supposedly from representatives of the Bose ni Vanua ko Lau, to represent Lau in the September 17 general election. The reps made the presentation because they said their candidate, Anare Jale, did not qualify for failing the residential qualification test. Mr Jale, one of the organisers of the meeting, said last night he would respond later.
Mr Taoba said the Bose Ni Vanua ko Lau had totally distanced itself from all that happened at Ono-i-lau House on Wednesday.
As a member of the chiefly Vuanirewa clan, he said he was not even informed of the meeting.
He said the people of Lau had already decided the candidate they would vote for and what type of government they wanted to lead the nation.
The vanua, he said, should not be involved in politics.
“We only have one constituency and all parliamentarians will look after all the provinces and Fiji,” he said.
The Lau and Rewa connection, he said, would still be there but should not be used for politics.

Anonymous said...

When there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians, I guess only way to control the I-Taukei administration is to regulate it.

I think I-Taukei land is more secure now then it ever was by the fact that over 90% belong to them and they make up over 60% of the population.

Chiefs have role to play in native administration and that is to lobby for indigenous rights and welfare.

They should not be involved in hard core politics like supporting coups and toppling governments or racism.

BoB said...

We've many brave people in our rank and file, but many of our officers are low quality. They're only where they are because they helped commit treason, so what would you expect? Also, our capability has steadily deteriorated as a result of the US sanctions that same treason brought down on our heads. Frank Bainimarama gave us raises but he ruined us at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Fijian soldiers have become accustomed to taking innocent hostages. Now they can experience what it's like to be hostages themselves. Hopefully none of them experience a sudden onset of trauma-induced diabetes, the way THEIR unarmed prisoners do!

AREKI DAWA, Suva said...

FEAR has been instilled and fed into the mind-sets of our Fijian brothers and sisters by some party that our common national identity will wipe out our unique identity. Fear not though because Fijianess, Indianess, Rotumaness, Chineseness, kai lomaness/palaginess, etc will always be deep rooted in us and nothing can take that away.


Anonymous said...

Muslim extremists have overrun the last UN position in the demilitarised zone. Time for the Israelis to move in as a matter of self-defence.

Anonymous said...

If we're all Fijian, then does that mean that we're all Rotuman, Indian, Chinese, Kailoma, etc., too? If we're all everything, then really we're nothing.

Anonymous said...

don't bring Israel and the issues they have with hamas to fji. if you think that Fiji Indians are bad and Fiji muslims are extremists, you are probably a high school student about to face the harsh facts of life as you drop out of school . if people continue to make some of the most offensive comments about islam ... and believe me this site is under surveillance already ... imagine when the hardest core terrorists read this ... and declare war on Fiji ... you have no idea ... also I have not seen one decent muslim attack any other religion here.... please let us all respect all religions and understand that every race , culture and religion has people that is not representative of their core values. Fiji is lucky to have peaceful people ( generally ) and whilst people advocate violence and hate here .... they have no idea what impact it has ... and how it can forever change this great nation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:04, nice try. But nowhere in the rules of engagement discussed in the UN Handbook on Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operations does it say peacekeeping forces should surrender their weapons to terrorists. Weapons are to be used in self-defence, not surrendered.

We must pray for our boys, but make no mistake. This is another RFMF disgrace.

Jane said...

INDIGENOUS FIJIAN SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR FijiFirst. IT SEEMS A FULL ISLAMIC SUPPORTED GROUP. See the video of his Greenacre mosque visit Australia compared to his Canterbury tour, Sydney.

It will be the end of your ancestors long journey if you do. You will be laughed at by all your opposition if you do. Even your brother in arms in NZ/AU/UK/US cant help you if make the wrong choice.

The current regime came in by force and should never be entertained with their hidden dangerous policy. The people must decide their destiny and not the two. God Bless all parties except Bainimarama's forced party.

Lets pray for the quick release of the soldiers unharmed.

Anonymous said...

"Also I have not seen one decent muslim attack any other religion here."

True, but you HAVE seen many indecent Muslims attack other religions here, haven't you?

Although, to be fair, we don't know if they were really Muslim or just pretending to be Muslim. They could have been SODELPA provocateurs or pro-regime trolls from Clarendon House trying to stir up trouble.

In the same vein, you could say that no "decent" Christians attack other religions. But plenty of indecent ones do.

Anonymous said...

This is Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum's big opportunity to show us what he's made of. This is his chance for glory. He should go negotiate in person for the hostages' release. If necessary, he should offer himself as a hostage in their stead. C'mon, Mr. AG. This is your chance to show us your true colours.

Anonymous said...

"Don't bring Israel and the issues they have with hamas to fji."

You fool. Bainimarama already did that when he put Fijian peacekeepers right in between Israel and Hamas.

Anonymous said...

Now Islamic Militants have taken our Fijian soldier brothers (Isralites) captive. E rawa beka ni cakava i kea e dua na ka o Aiyaz since he's Muslim too? me qai laurai gona i ke na nomuni totaki ira tiko na Muslims o kemuni na sotia kei na FFP supporters . Ni sa rui yalowai> Na FFP e support taki ira tiko na Muslim, oji ya ra qai vesu tale na sotia vei ira ga na Muslim. NI yavu ulukau, sa rauta mada

Anonymous said...


Correct. The soldiers have instilled fear and wiped off smile and jovial from our face. It will take time to bring it back after 7 years sidelined and cornered. Conning becomes the rule of the nation since 2006. Anything done under a gun instills fear on nation. At the end we will be like the Russians and Africans who force themselves to smile because their livehood were stolen by their leaders.

This is noticed buy tourist lately.

All party must have a theme "BRING BACK THE SMILE BY VOTING OUT FijiFirst".

Our smile is en-rooted in us based on real values of the indigenous. Take that away and we won't have Fiji. But another Muslim war zone where suicide bombers roam around for religious BS.

Anonymous said...

I am Fiji citizen born in Ba. I am proud to be a Fiji citizen and will die for my country. So who gives a damn in what I am called and for that matter I don't give a damn what some like to call themselves. No big deal if I am called a Fijian or a Fiji Islander. It is high time for us to put our country above our race and religion. When a Fiji citizen becomes internationally famous and successful he or she will carry our flag and not a race card. Cut the crap and let us move towards building Fiji where everyone is treated equally and yes never to lose the traditional right of the original people of the land - I agree!! Fiji is for all Fiji Islanders so let us not get too carried away by a name.....What is so good about this when 90% of prisoners are of one particular race...why cant we work towards improving or changing it. Shouldn't we have more "Fijians" as doctors, lawyers, Accountants and other professionals??? should we focus on bringing equality by changing the habits and bringing strong work ethics, devotion and integrity?? A progressive Fiji is one where we start giving a damn about education, Health services and employment, freedom of speech and a genuine democracy. Unfortunately in some ways all parties fails in these areas. I rest my case!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now where is our national pride????? 43 of our soldiers are detained in Syria. How many of us are jumping about that. These are Fiji Soldiers serving on behalf of all Fiji people. They are law abiding soldiers who only follows orders and fulfilling the oath they take when joining the armed forces. Where are all of Fiji people on this matter. We just don't give damn right??? why don't we talk about this and start protesting around the world....they are OUR PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Sale Sorovaki vacava mo dou veivutusona o iko, Voreqe kei Francis Kean. Oti ya dou switch. dou yavu sonalevu.

All Hail Khaiyum said...

The Filipinos didn't surrender, they stood their ground. And the Fijian soldiers? They surrendered and I'm not surprised because they are all a bunch of cowards hahahahahaha what a bunch of poofters.

KUA NI RERE said...

Commander confirms captured soldiers 'safe'

Friday, August 29, 2014

Update: 10:20AM THE Republic of Fiji Military Forces has confirmed that the 43 Fijian soldiers captured in the Golan Heights by a militant rebel group are safe.

In a press conference this morning, RFMF Commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga said the soldiers were captured yesterday..............

Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said no soldiers have been injured.

The Commander has called on all Fijians to pray for the safe release of the soldiers.





Shamim said...

@Anon 3:19 PM
CORRECTION. These are Fiji Soldiers NOT serving on behalf of all Fiji people. Sorry Bhaiya...Ask Bhaiyum and Khaiyum why they sent them over when everyone was pulling out knowing taking UN personnel as prisoners and even killing some of them were happening well before they went. The exact reason why Japan and others pulled out before Bai decided to send the Fijian pussies.

Anonymous said...

Message to Bainimarama and Khaiyum! Please fly over and help instead of barking from your closed cage. The boys need help now. Tikoitoga should know that the same website and his ranting stupid comments can be read by the terrorist in Syria. Say something better next time fool.

Islamic State boasts of mass execution of Syrian troops
August 29, 2014 - 10:17AM


WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: Sunni militants appear to execute 250 Syrian soldiers after capturing the Taqba air base in northeast Syria.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/islamic-state-boasts-of-mass-execution-of-syrian-troops-20140829-109t02.html#ixzz3BkVWMD2d

Anonymous said...

you all must be joking right? we are talking about the lives of 43 Fijians, put aside the fact that they are soldiers. the lives of 43 of our countrymen are at stake here and all you turds are doing is using the situation as a platform to voice your anger at a situation they too have to live with (the fact our "prime minister is also a turd).SHAME ON YOU! i am half wishing that some of you could swap places with them, but that wouldn't get us anywhere would it? we'd still be stuck with the fact that there are 43 Fijians who could possibly be killed, 43 grieving families. Most of them are there not because they want to be there but out of the fact that they have taken the opportunity to earn a living and support their families. Shame on all of you for calling them cowards. Redirect your anger and disappointment to where it's better suited. Pray for our countrymen whether it be to Allah, God, Aliens whoever, they need all the help they can get.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

By the way we should be praying for the lives of our Fijian brothers held captives in Syria. I have been praying since I heard this news in the morning. I urge every one to prayer during this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Ni vosa madaga ena veika e lasutaki kemuni tiko kina o Nawaikula. Na nodra vesu na sotia e sega ni yaco i kea na nomuni baigani.E ra vosa bubului ka bole ni se bera na lako ka sa kilai tu ni na lai sotavi na ka va oqo se yaco sara enqa mate. Ni tonoka ga nomuni keyboard ka valeka sara ena nomuni sona.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:55PM
Points taken. But do you know that God Jehovah and Allah are two different things for sure.

One believes in 4 wives to a husband and the other only 1. One is living one and the other a stone. Go figure out the rest yourself because this is like asking Khaiyum how his life was before he got married and an a.s licker at the same time or whether he could shove up his Sunset thesis up his behind.

Lets just hope for the best outcome and this becomes a lesson to the torturers at Nabua because our God knows what's happening in Fiji better.

Mosese Turaginivalu said...

Big Split in SODELPA. How come Qarase is lying low know? He has been instructed to be quiet. Wailei.

Ququ ni Pusi said...

@Anon August 29, 2014 at 4:05 PM

LOL...Oisou voleka tale niu tonoka cala ena levu ni dredre...lol...Levu tale na vakilakila era kauta tiko mai eso na dau tonotono era dau tonoki Allah tiko eke. Wele gona o Allah ra vesu na i to nei Bai. Sa evei mada o Khaiyum gusu levu.

EP said...

135 - Allah does not believe peace but death and martyr on his name. That's Fiji's election in summary.

Anonymous said...

hahahahah@Ququ Pusi..kaya mada

io ni tonotono ka drau sara vei ALLAH...LOL!

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 4:05
Kena ca gona vei kemuni na sotia na levu ni vakilakila ni qai ulukau.

Sa volai vinaka tu na taqomaki ni Native Land, ena 1997 Constitution, qai levu tale na ka ni lai via vakavola.

Koya vata tale ga ya na levu ni viavia vakilakila ni mai kitaka tu kina na Coup ena 2006.







Anonymous said...

Vinaka Vakalevu Na dina Niko
Sa qai tobo na lasu sa mai caka tiko,,,,
Sa da vakaloloma na kai viti ni da sa vesumona taki ena veivakatorocake taki ia qai veisau taki lo na lawa meda vakaloloma na noda kawa.
E da kalougata ni tiko o ira na tu taka na dina vakai niko keina sodelpa......
Bainikaiyum kei F First - dou veivutusona murimuri ni kai viti o kemudou.....
Sa waraki kemudou tiko o Driti mai loma......ni sebera ni sere ena mavolo taki kemudou rawa qai sere.
Sa vinaka.

Anonymous said...

O ira kere era vosataki niko e sega ni ra tara na usutu ni veika e vakamacalataki.
Era vosa tu ga vaka ulukau.
Vakaraitaka ni dina tiko o niko kei na sodelpa.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar, pray hard your Fiji army boys are crying and shitting their pants here in the place of their containment. We the rebels have never seen such a bunch of wimpy pussies. We heard they were tough to their own people but here they just worse then old ladies. Please come take them, all they good for is wrecking up that country of yours and turning against its own citizens. Now they're supporting Indians and muslims, next time they'll turn on you again.

Anonymous said...

Sa Saumi vakalekaleka vei kemuni na sotia, na mai vaka rough rough tiko I viti , veimoku vakalialia,,, dodoki lesu yani na sicini dakai... Karua ga kei bainisona, katu2 vei tavioka
... Se koya sa yaco tu qori mai Syria .... Nomuni cici sa tu mai macawa...

Anonymous said...

It is so Sad ...I cannot believe ... The hate that comes out of this site ...are we That bad ? Looks like it .. Wow ..,Fiji was known to have fun loving ... Good people .., right or wrong ... Our Christian values ... Our human values don't and shouldn't allow us to hate others ... I don't care about who wins ... Right now we all lose .., so much hate ....

Editor , kerekere ... Can you please vet comments before printing .. And please don't print hate and insulting emails. ThAts not Fiji .., it's not the Fiji we know . Please Sir .

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The detainment of 43 Fijian soldiers in Golan should be a warning to Tikoitoga and the military. He and they should concentrate on the lives of his troops instead of poking their noses into Fiji's politics and the 1997 Constitution which is still legal.

According to the many innocent Fijians who are God-fearing and have been earnestly praying for true freedom, the involvement of the RFMF in trying to change the political mindset of the people as to how they should be governed, and executing coup d'etats, has not improved or positively developed their wellbeing in these past 27 years since 1987. In fact the morale of this beloved nation has been weakened by illegal changes of government at the whim of those in leadership of armed soldiers.

God has spoken. And that is, that the military should not even try to change the decision of the citizens and people who pay them.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum main aim is to make Fiji the first Islam state in the South Pacific, btw, I got confirmation from the Election office today that votings in Kadavu is going to happen on 4th September,how cum??

Poo Pah Bai said...

Bainimarama said "I want to assure the families of the soldiers we are doing everything possible to secure their safe return."

Bainimarama said Fiji was "united as a nation in praying for their safe return".

Bainiwoman should know better and stop lying about his agenda. Those who suffered in his hands should not be included in his mouth service. Don't include those who were tortured, injured and killed including the families of the CRW who are still waiting for their mystery answers. Don't include the thousands who those lost their jobs and those who were put behind bars by the military. Don't include the thousands who fled overseas for no reason other then his military coup. In other words stop lying Bainimarama and just say you've made a horrible mistake by sending them to the Golan Height at the first place. Idiot.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous August 29, 2014 at 7:03 PM

Thats not news because Khaiyum is trying to avoid tactics that will counter them. Through the advice of Qovis.

Guaranteed its not going to be a one day election as Bai promise the crowd in Australia. His lip service is different from events on the ground because his left hand doesn't know what his right is capable of doing. Like his brain is not connected to his mouth. His brain was in living in slum Madras while his mouth was in Auckland,NZ. Or its like him playing football while he practice running at the same time. Typical Bai making false promise.

Anonymous said...

Anin : 644 pm : Yes fiji suffered from 1987 .. Especially the Indo Fijians .. Some who had to make safe passage overnight in many instances ...are u a supporter of true democracy ? Or is it that you want Us the Fijians as having the power ?

Anonymous said...

Like Tikoitoga Bai's lack of expertise when push comes to shove only shows up when he opens his foul mouth. FBC showing off an American fighter plane wont deter the perpetrator but only instigate them to cause injuries. Remember Bai and Tikoitoga they are following all your words and rantings online. Its not like you are isolated in your cage because you could very well do more damage then good like you think you are dealing with the locals in Fiji who has no weapon. If something happens to them then prepare to blame your foolishness and your co-foolish partner Tikoitoga who rants he wont pull out regardless.

silosi said...

sodelpa voters are not worried about the lives of 40 soldiers even they are itaukeis. i thought they are fighting for itaukeis.

Anonymous said...

@ Silosi

Your comments are childish and inappropriate Your crude and unfounded comments would be more suited to Croz Walsh's blog.

SODELPA voters are concerned about all Fijian lives. Unlike your master Khaiyum

tame iti said...

fiji should learn from nz. in nz we have election on 20th and people will vote according to policies but not race. winston peters is a leader of party is a maori but is against
seperatist policies.

Anonymous said...

Any national army or Guard is not there to protect only one group : their role is one of national security And peace . Period .

Anonymous said...

"Islamic State executes captured Syrian soldiers" reports from stuff.co.nz

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesus, may Thy will be done ...

Jaati Bhai said...

Niko is passing hot air from his rear!!

Land is a non-issue.

Dead horse being flogged again by some Jaatis.

Anonymous said...

To the arse who said " Fijian troops should die ... They are sons , fathers , brothers and most of all humans ... If they supported your pathetic policies ... You'd be the first to suck their cocks ..... Soldiers deserve respect .

Anonymous said...

Please everyone can we just pause for a moment, put aside our difference for a while, and pray for the protection of our 40 soldiers in Syria,
p.s. if u can't for some reason, i'll understand

The Heckler said...

Q: You know what's funny about Fijian soldiers being held hostage in Syria by extremists?

A: Absolutely nothing. Let's pray for their safe return.

Anonymous said...

Scores of our boys are being held at gunpoint in Syria by crazed extremists infamous for beheading their captives. And that is what the regime calls "safe."

Does that sound safe to you?

Anonymous said...

Our soldiers in Fiji symbolise our nation of bati held captive by thugs since 2006. Their Syrian captors should arrange a mock election to make the analogy complete.

Calling upon Syria and Bainimarama both: Let our people go!

Mukesh said...

Native Fijians!!!!!!, You guys are cowards??????. Baini & Khaiyum had defunct all your rights and you could not do anything. Mark the day Selp 7, 2014, this will be another history when wholesale vote rigging will be done and you guys will clap hand saying ""Yeo SAKA"". Remember Mahendra P Chaudhry, first Indian Prime Minister and later Finance Minister in the Military government. Power hungry and corrupt Fijian could not let MPC to complete both the assignment for the country. Remember BainiKhaiyum Sitiveni Rabuka Garase combined had ruined the lives of ordinary Fijians. Very soon you guys will be second or third grade citizen in your own country. I would urge you guys to remember that day when Fijian hooligans and landlords forced Indians out from their homes, now your turn is coming. God is not blind------people say----what goes round comes around....

Anonymous said...

The elections are not being held on the same day?
Yet another regime lie?

Anonymous said...

Dear sir ,

The detainment or capture of any soldier is always a tricky and nervous time for the families, friends , colleagues , fellow soldiers and the nation as a whole .

My prayers and thoughts remain for the 44 Fijian soldiers that have been captured and hope for their release .
I'd like to bring to your attention a recent and widespread attack, the most insulting , spiteful , senseless social media attack on the peaceful Muslims of Fiji on the website " coup4.5 " . The sheer hate is unacceptable , the sheer inciting of violence against Muslims and Indians alike is pure " barbarism " . The tricky part is this : there have been numerous references on c4.5 of the slaughtering of Muslims including extremely hateful and disturbing comments about Prophet Mohammed , the holy Quran , and Allah .

These comments amount to incitement , racial profiling , advocating violence and hostility towards an ethnic group or religious denomination . Let's hope this comments don't fall before the eyes of those who hold the Fijian soldiers captive . God forbid , and I sincerely hope that the soldiers are set free and any other Fijian soldiers don't become a target for terrorist groups as these comments can certainly offend the most moderate of Muslims let alone extremists and unfairly target innocent Fijian soldiers , in reprisal for comments against Islam by the idiotic bloggers of the site . Please note that I am completely against terrorism and attacks on innocent people , however my point is that terrorists don't negotiate , nor are they forgiving , and the very last thing we want is for extremists to wage war based on the insults of a brainless few .

After reading the comments on coup4.5 , a colleague of mine in Australia ( a non muslim , Caucasian ) was shocked and expressed disbelief that people of Fiji were capable of such hate and remarked " who are these people "? I answered " cowards ". I couldn't find an alternative name for them .

In summary , I also hope that like any other Hate advocating site , coup4.5 dies a natural death .

God bless Fiji .

Anonymous said...

Mukesh is Rajend Chaudhary trying to stir shit ... Nut ...

Mukesh said...

Whatever you guy think, truth always prevail and sour to digest. The land my grandparents and my parents were leasing was also snatched and the land is idle now. Landowners lost everything including lease money. Remember Bakani (the head of NLTB), he is in hell and made Fijians lives hell on earth

Ministry of Information said...

This prayer is promulgated by our government of the day as part of its ongoing effort to alert voters to the fact that some people believe it is possible that God exists and to the further possibility that he, she, it, or they might be desirous of communication from you. This should not be construed as implying that God is of any particular race, sex or creed.

The following prayer should be memorised. Do not write it on the palm of your hand or carry it with you into a voting booth as this act would carry with it serious penalties:

To Whom It May Concern,

Oh great, but not necessarily superior, being, who dwells beyond this plane of existence, and who is accessible only through prayer, meditation or crystals, we salute or affirm you without thereby acknowledging that you are entitled to greater respect than that accorded any other alleged deity or deities.

We the Fijians of Fiji—and by this we really mean Indians, Rotumans, Chinese, Kailoma, and even iTaukei—humbly beseech you to use whatever power or powers you may have to release or cause to release our soldiers in Syria

We hope to pass through your plane of existence at some point on our psychic journey to the same exalted status as marine mammals or even snail darters. Moreover, to the extent your design for the universe is also consonant with the 2013 Constitution and all applicable decrees, and includes free bus fare and gumboots, we ask you to provide us our minimum daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals, and when judging us be duly mindful of our status as victim, which provides full justification for what might appear on superficial examination to be felonious. In the same vein, we will endeavor to excuse or forgive those who have transgressed against us, with the possible exception of our parents, teachers, clergy and chiefs, about whom we have just resurrected disturbing memories. We ask all of this in the name of your prophet, to be named at a later date.

The government disclaims any and all warranties of fitness for any particular purpose and will not be responsible for personal injury or death that might result from reliance on this prayer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:20, I don't speak for Coup 4.5, but I will point out what those of us with any sense already know, which is that this website is an open forum, and as such, the editor of Coup 4.5 does not necessarily share the views expressed by its bloggers.

Also, if you're looking for another description of those making these inciteful comments, beyond the apt word "cowards", I suggest the following phrase: "shit-stirring regime trolls at Clarendon House".

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama abstained on the UN vote condemning Russia for its recent adventurism because he foolishly thought Moscow could protect our troops by leaning on the Syrian authorities. That's because the ignoramus doesn't understand the nature of non-state actors. Moscow is of no help to us in this situation. Now we're up shit creek without a paddle.

Anonymous said...

It angers me to think that after sending our soldiers into harm's way for monetary gain, Bainimarama then irresponsibly let Khaiyum endanger them further by having his paid IT guys at Clarendon House — maybe even some fellow soldiers! — post anonymous anti-SODELPA, anti-Indian, anti-Fijian, anti-Christian, and anti-Muslim comments on this blogsite in an obvious effort to smear his political opponents and mobilise voters in support of Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

Anon1151 pm ... Bullshit please read your logic ... The anti muslim comments n Indians are real as your leaders support ... Ro , qarase , ratu ului ... Some of the Ganilau clan ... N of course the common thugs like you ... Today Fijian soldiers are at the mercy of extremists ... And you mother fuckers still don't get it - don't hate ... It brings nothing ... Fuck u racist arse holes ... Stop hating bad start understanding that if there is violence in Fiji ... This time it will be very very very surprising !!!!! To those who start it. Clarendon house my arse ....look in your own house ... And u will find an arse licker ...

Anonymous said...

Our soldiers in the Golan Heights being disarmed and taken hostage by Al Nusra is proof positive that our military is no longer fit for UN peacekeeping operations. If we can't properly man passive positions in the Golan, how can we possibly provide active protective detail services to the UN in Iraq or elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

The editor n 90 per cent of bloggers here are well known ... Loose arses ... Who support racism .... Racism ... Nor terrorism .. Nor violence is the answer .... All you arse holes who were swearing at Allah ... Fuck u mother fuckers ... Where are u now ? U coward ??? U swear at Hindus ... For the way they pray to their gods ? Why ? Have we the Indians ever sworn at god ? Never ... We are not disrespectful to gods ... We are Fijians .. We are not terrorists ... We were born in fiji ... Today 44 Fijian soldiers are held captive ... And I assure you ... That they must truly understand what true " Fear is !!! As one reporter has noted ... The Fijian solders " urinated in their pants ( courier mail ) at the sight of swords ... The poor guys are suffering ... And the irresponsible arseholes here continue to disrespect out god ... Our prophet ... Fuck you ... Imagine if these extremists read this ???????? Do u understand what they will do ? They will slaughter all 44 soldiers !!!!! They are the most feared groups on earth ... They have no fear ... They have no emotion .... Stop all the racist and anti Islamic comments once and for all, Fiji should not Head that way . Stop it

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:16 AM, you're full of shit. We all know the racism and intolerance in Fiji, but it's the regime-paid trolls at Clarendon House who are stirring the pot just to try to frighten people into voting FFP. They are the ones casting many if not most of the anti-Muslim and other slurs on this website.

It's not Ro Teimumu, Qarase, Roko Lui, etc. posting here. In fact, Ro Teimumu warned against stirring the pot.

You say "don't hate", but your next comment is "fuck u, racist arseholes". It seems you don't read your own logic.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:31, by your own admission, the arseholes holding our soldiers prisoner share your prophet. Maybe you're cut from the same cloth.

Anonymous said...

Navy asks . . . If Muslims slaughter our unarmed troops in Syria, what is to stop our troops from slaughtering unarmed Muslims in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

It is calked the " battle of taqba " Isis is described as the most ruthless enemy the world has ever seen . The ironic thing is ... You bastards were calling the Muslims of fiji .. All sorts of names ... The Indians all sorts of names ... Asking us to leave Fiji ... And today 44 Fijians have been captured by the most feared group on this planet . You think fiji Muslims are bad ? What fucking rock have you been living under ? Fact is Fijian Indians are as Fijian as they come ... And they don't like violence or war .... Did they fight back in 87 , 2000 ? No .. They took a beating .. Women were even raped ... Houses looted ... Families fled .. Lives ruined ... Because over 100 years ago the British brought labourers ( soft term for slaves ) to help farm cane .. To help Grow the country ... And yes ... I always say this to my friends ... I'm always grateful to have been born in fiji ... But today we see more than ever .. That hate still exists ... That we can never call Fiji our home as well . I won't lower myself by swearing anymore than I have ... I just pray that Allah releases the 44 soldiers safely back to their families , and back home to Fiji .

God bless fiji , and May Allah bring the soldiers home .

Anonymous said...

Navy - Boci ----- you think violence is the answer ? Boci ... Right now our prayers should be ; for the safe return of our soldiers . I'm glad you will never be a war general ... Otherwise Fiji will be a graveyard ... Fucking dumb fuck .., you kill 100000 Muslims. !!!! You think that it will solve anything ? Do yourself a favour .... Start eating some real food ... And stop eating your own shit bro ... Your head isn't getting the right signals from your shit !!!

pearly shell said...

Very proud of the Philippinos for holding their ground - not that I expected any less! :-)

And which probably explains why their govt is now reportedly pulling them out of UNDOF. The switched-on peacekeepîng warriors will retreat but will never surrender because they know what the score is with ISIS.

There is good reason why they've been armed and this is it.

Even civilians would only consider disarming if their loved ones are held at gunpoint but in war zones you should ever surrender your god-given arms when confronted with terrorists who even behead their own while they laugh, scream and shout about it like possessed devils!

Like the courageous Phillipinos, I know I would choose to go down with my guns blazing from my hips, than surrender to these &#(*$;>!%&! cowards. Seriously.

But in the meantime o kedatou na once-were-warriors, now captured??
Issaleiii.... some bloggers have called for prayers. So I pray "Lord have mercy" should our once-were-warriors also decide to abandon their "spiritual" guns and convert to Islam.

The moment of truth guys! What shall it be? Down the Via Dolorosa...

Anonymous said...

You Muslims are the most active supporters of the thugs now holding Fiji hostage, so forgive us if some of us don't hold you in the highest regard at present. But thank you for not slitting our throats . . . yet.

Al Nusra is holding our people captive in Syria in Allah's name. You Muslims are letting the regime hold us captive here in Fiji in Allah's name. You can thank Jesus that we don't do the same to you.

Anonymous said...

The captured Fijian soldiers by muslim ( terrorist) is classical example of what this shit government want to have a common name as " FIJIAN". How can a Muslim who wanted to be called a Fijian captured or terrorise the Fijian. Bai vutuka ga na sona nei kaiyum koya vesuka tiko nomu mona. Ulu lala.

Anonymous said...

Just Beacause I share the same prophet ... Doesn't mean I'm blinded by my religious prejudices . Islam , Christianity , Hinduism ... Can all be interpreted to suit ones agenda ... Sadly ... Extremists use it for their own twisted motives .... My prophet , my god ... As yours is great ... It's man that's fucked up ... And right now your your proving to be one fucked up mother ... With no sense of logic ... This incident with the 44 soldiers should be a sign for us to unite ..... Violence n hate is never the answer ... God never wants that for fiji .., we don't want that fiji .., so please bloggers ... Think n write responsibly ...

Anonymous said...

God bless the Philippines! They don't yield to terrorists and they don't abide dictators.

Anonymous said...

Proud muslim - I respect Fijians , I respect my Fijians friends , my Fijian colleagues ... But please don't mistake my respect for fear - I say this : if violence erupts in fiji .. Fiji loses . If you are smart , you should understand what that means, but because I suspect that you are not i leave it to you to make what you may of it .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:06, nothing's wrong with my logic. You're the one cursing and calling names, while decrying others for doing likewise. It's a fact that Al Nusra are your co-religionists. And it's a fact, too, that your co-religionists are Bainimarama's most active supporters, even though it's his people over at Clarendon House who are deliberately stoking racist and sectarian animosities.

I'm not saying that all Muslims are evil. But you are deluded, and some of you are using the name of Allah to justify your bloodthirsty ways. Your Allah must be pretty confused, too, hearing Al Nusra's praise for its capture of our troops and then your prayers for their release.

While you're at it, how about praying for Fiji's release, too? Why should Allah listen to your prayers and release our Fijians in the Golan when you're supporting those who are holding us captive here in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:20, what else are we to make of your remarks except to interpret them as yet another Muslim threatening violence in Fiji?

pearly shell said...

Qori .... from the Muslim they even asked:

"Why did they (captured Fijians) not defend themselves?"

"Expensive paper tigers?"


Yes, perhaps Mosese Tikovinakamaiviti may have promised them a hefty pay rise if they could live to tell the tale? Yeah right.

Any other thoughts on the WHY bloggers?

Anonymous said...

now for all to see that Fiji Army are turning out to be the most coward and wimpy lot in the Golan height peacekeeping crowd. i remember them strutting around Suva in their high shot military gear and camouflage led by no other than Cassava sprinter. Oilei, this gona is when we expect them to stand their ground but look what happens. We are so ashamed to be Fijians right now. The way they took my uncle from home in the middle of the night only to bash this unarmed harmless innocent citize to death over some village squabble over land. Fiji Military is the biggest cici tadola army in the whole world. Go Philipine Army!

pearly shell said...

Sorry re typo, that should read "from the Muslim Times".

Anonymous said...

'My Allah is great :.as he will ensure the Fijian soldiers are free to leave . That's my prayer.

Let me school you about extremism -
1. Hitter was a catholic , killed over 5 million Jews ... Often citing the bible n interpreting it his own ways ... Sure as fuck doesn't mean all Catholics are bad ... Same with the hundreds of priests around the world that have sex with under age boys .. Doesn't make the religion bad .dont kill the messenger bitch .. It's a bit like that .... Get it ? No ....? Read on ...

2. Stalin was Greek Orthodox schooled .... Killed as much as 3 to 60 million people ... Please have a read ...his parents wanted him to be a priest .. N look what he did ... Doesn't mean all of his people are murderers ?

If that were the case then I should say that between Catholics n the orthodox are all murderers as 2 guys have killed millions ..., you see the point ? Yup I thought so ... You can thank me later ... And if I agreed with you ... That will make the 2 of us wrong .....

May Allah bless you

Anonymous said...

Please read " choottimes.com

Reports say the Fijian soldiers were in tears and badly demoralised . Apparently the Isis rebels were extremely intimidating . Most are trained in brutal martial arts only taught to Mossad and CIA . Poor soldiers ... God bless and save them

High Tea said...

Please refrain from threats of violence. They don't help the situation.

Most Fijian Muslims are peacful souls. Muslims in Fiji are no more to be blamed for the actions of Al Nusra than Christians in Fiji are to be blamed for atrocities committed by the Lord's Resistance Army in South Sudan.

Let's just watch and wait and pray to God, however we understand God, united in our wishes for their safe return.

Anonymous said...

Right now if any Isis reads this blog .. It's all over for our poor soldiers ... Stop the anti Islamic sentiments ... This is not a joke .. Please have respect ...the lives of our brothers are in the hands of those you hate most .., if god exists those captors will for a moment think and release our brothers .... No hate .. Let's join hands n pray

pearly shell said...

Issaleiii, was just wondering how our proud Fijian soldiers will be able to live this one down since it will be the talk of generations to come..

Of the other contingents: Phillipines, India, Nepal, Ireland and the Netherlands, i'd wager that only Netherlands is most likely to follow suit if confronted with the same scenario as Fiji. The others? Like hell they would.

Anonymous said...

Read fiji leaks : violence erupts outside club .. Indians bashed . God stop this violence and hate

Anonymous said...

Pearly shell , you are one sexy bitch ... Just stay away from making silly comments will ya ? Otherwise you won't be sexy anymore ... You will just be a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day : what did Isis leader say when he saw qarase ?

Answer: why did they send a black bitch ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:25, this is not the time for anti-Qarase jokes or for joking at all. How dare you try to score political points for Bainimarama in this, especially considering that he is the one who got our boys into this!

pearly shell said...

Hmmm... I see the juveniles are still up. Tis the graveyard shift kids, off to bed now woosshhoooossshhhhh! Will catch you later alligators.

A prayerful wknd to all:-)

Anonymous said...

This spells the end for Fijian PKOs. Who's going to want to entrust their personal or institutional security to a military force that surrenders to terrorists without a fight? Kiss all of those foreign exchange earnings goodbye.

The US sanctions have really worked, but what's worse -- Frank's poison or the US antidote? Our army is now a shambles. Our officers are traitors and bootlickers. Our forces are bloated and top-heavy. Our commanders are cowards and their toadies. Our equipment is second-rate, as is our training. We've pushed away all of our real friends and allies.

The RFMF can hold its own against defenceless prisoners and an unarmed populace, but in a real fight forget it. No more big talk of buturaki now that the barrels are facing the other way.

This is a black eye for all of Fiji, not just the RFMF, and it will take generations to live it down. Frank really screwed the pooch on this one.

Anonymous said...

Sega ni vesu na sotia ni Viti, ratou under siege tiko ka lako tikoga na veitalanoa. They not giving up an inch. Philippines have vacated two positions and are also under siege in two other positions. Kua ni levu na vosa da dui cakava galu galu ga noda itavi. Laivi ira na vosa mera vosa.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama who is the IPM (Illegal Prime Minister) and former commander of our soldiers, and Tikoitoga who is the current commander, are having a hard time now in trying to find out ways to get the Fijian prisoners of war released from the obstinate clutches of ISIS. We know that these terrorists have beheaded many, including an American journalist, and that our Fijian soldiers will be held hostages to give them bargaining power for their demands. Human lives which are invaluable to us are of no value to these very hard-bargaining captors.

True that we need to pray more mightily to our God now than we had ever prayed before "for their release" as Bainimarama has urged us, but we must realize that God has his own plans for us. Perhaps we should just be humble enough to say in our prayer, "If it be Thy will, please release our soldiers, but Thy will be paramount because we cannot see into Thy divine reasons."

It takes much courage and resolve to accept God's will for us be they contrary to our own individual and personal wishes; indeed much more courage and resolve than any decisions or struggles we make on our own.

Anonymous said...

Bai should send his elite soldiers, those who are bodyguards to him and Khaiyum, on a secret rescue mission. I recommend to him to have Ben Naliva as the rescue unit commander. He is tough and he can bash anyone who comes in his way.

Anonymous said...

UN tries to locate Fijian peacekeepers seized on Golan Heights
By LUKE BAKER, ReutersAugust 29, 2014 10:19pm


Where's Bainimarama and Khaiyum in all of these. Are they still partying from last 7 years or have they stopped.

If hell breaks loose blame FBC, Fiji Sun, Tikoitoga, Bainimarama and the one only brainbox Khaiyum.

Israel is deploying its plane near the border where they were captured and it might go ahead and strike these group. Lets hope it wont because they have their own agenda and doesn't care. If this happens then the Al-Qaeda link terrorist group may go for the kill rather being captured or killed.

Now can we get Aiyaz and Bai with
his torturer group who know best how to torture people in Fiji to mobilise their arses and plan something. Otherwise they better go and kill themselves and save the 43. How many of you anyway. You useless thugs.

As we have been saying all Bai's troops have never seen a real war and what they were doing was disrepectful for our forefathers who have fight a real war before them. These pussies can only surrender when faced with real war tactics.

Why do you have to surrender anyway when the Filipino didn't. Are you showing the other side of your front and chicken like Bai did when fronted with reality. Now the reality is Lamu tale o Van Damne.

GROUP 135 said...


It now official. Promulgated by Khaiyum and Bainimarama. Approved by Tikoitiga. An Official Advertisement and a Dcecree to be released by FijiFirst soon.

julab dean said...

sodelpa terrorists held the labour government for 56 days in 2000.

Just Situational Logic said...

In time, perhaps we will divine God's will in all of this. But for now, it seems pretty evident that Anon @ 5:11 is basically right. This episode pretty conclusively proves that the RFMF is no longer capable of assisting the UN or others in mounting PKOs.

It will be interesting to see how this development affects Washington's political calculus regarding Fiji. For years Canberra has pushed Washington to end RFMF participation in PKO's. Washington has pushed back, saying that it supports the UN's rejection of political litmus tests for donor nations, and challenging Canberra to replace Fijian soldiers with boots on the ground of its own, if it insists.

Canberra has already signaled its willingness to turn a blind eye to the regime's manipulation of the election process, presumably in the expectation of restoring full relations and business-as-usual with Suva. Washington followed Canberra down the blind alley that led to Fiji's suspension from the PIF, but then began to act more independently in pursuit of its own interests in the Pacific. In more recent years, however, and especially in the run-up to the elections, Washington and its embassy have been remarkably quiet and uncritical of the regime.

It's hard not to imagine Washington whetting its lips in hungry anticipation of restoring mil-mil relations with Fiji via "democratic" elections. But the US enthusiasm for Fijian peacekeeping troops is no doubt dampened by the RFMF debacle in the Golan Heights. The RFMF is clearly in desperate need of US re-equipping and re-training, but that could take quite some time. Until it happens, today's RFMF is too shabby to be of much value to Uncle Sam.

How that affects Washington's attitude toward the regime as it moves to steal Fiji's elections will be quite interesting. My guess is that Suva will need to show Washington more leg in order to keep the Americans interested. In the meanwhile, it will be the Tongans that Washington invites to the dance.

Anonymous said...

Julab Dean, what the hell are you talking about?SODELPA did not even exist in 2000.

The Labour Government was held by CRW soldiers duped into it by Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

The Bainimarama regime should use its influence with Israel in order to dissuade the Israelis drom striking against the Nusra Front rebels.

Oh, I forgot. Bainimarama decided to burn his bridges eith Tel Aviv by cozying up to the Iranians instead.

Anonymous said...

Is it coincidence that 44 Fijians and 91 Filipinos adds up to 135?

Anonymous said...

Prayers that Bainimarama be shamed comes quicker then one thought.

The Indigenous Fijian, the Methodist Church, the GCC and the Public at large were held captive at gunpoint for almost 8 years. What is being held for a few hours or a week? Now taste your own medicine and feel what its like.

Bainimarama should must know the fact that when you play with fire you will burn yourself and when you play with God you burn your generation. And that's what the bible said.

Satan Said said...

Bainimarama and Khaiyum should know too that:

When you play with the a race group, worst still in their own God given land as in Fiji you'll pay the price too. And thats what the world is witnessing as the Israeli's are punishing its enemies regardless of their numbers.

The indigenous are God fearing people unlike you two. They are the most friendliest people because of that.

God is best be left alone Bainimarama/Khaiyum. God has mysteries ways of punishing.

Anonymous said...

Look at this wonderfully contradictory statement posted by an individual on FB. "... Fijian soldiers can make light of any situation and are tough as fuvk! And will do anything to survive..." Anyone care to,guess who posted this on their. FB account?

julab dean said...

let us stop politiking and start praying. they are our sons. sodelpa supporters seem not bothered about their lives. they just using want to win the election. sodelpa did the bad coups in
1987, 2000. ffp did the good coup in 2006.

Vishnu said...

@Julab Dean August 30, 2014 at 8:46 AM

No Coup is good. Get that fact right in your head, fool. Coup are individually motivated. No party passes an agenda on them unless if you have any evidence.

The only time it seems like being a party backed when the coup individual's agenda seems to line up with a party agenda. They were indidually driven. Rabuka and Speight and a few did that and ask for support. The party was only caught in their cobwebs. Likewise Bai and Khaiyum plans this one and ask for your ass and backside support by building bridges. Whether the Muslims seems to be behind it is very in question. But 135 doesnt seems random at all. A good brain always start from number one.

Anonymous said...

If this Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group asks for a ransom to be paid, say US$100M and whether Bainimarama's government will take another loan from China. Or whether the Fiji government go upside down or whether they will ignore and allow their fate.

Anonymous said...

Allah doesn't seem to care about death. That's why this group does it. Only God Jehovah cares for these 43 poor souls.

Time to crack your whip Khaiyum, get your horses and swords ready. Get Bai in front because he is a navy who knows more about this sort of war tactics as he practice it once at Delai Nabua.

135 Supporter said...

@ GROUP 135 August 30, 2014 at 8:03 AM

44 is embarrassing to Bai's military. Never in Fiji history has this large number being taken hostage. What happen?

They the best "GROUP 135" Indeed!!!

joshua said...

in 1987 it was land, indians would take lands and drive them out. in 2000 it was land. mahen chaudhry would take lands away from us. in 2006 qarase took lands away from indians. in 2014 it is land again. my mataqali has land in namosi. the fact is no one will take lands away from itaukeis. my relevatives live in ba. when i visit them i find once land with lush sugarcanes are full of bush. this is due to qarase,s land grab policies. the fact is that indian children dont want to do sugar cane farming. our land is safe.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth did the Fiji Army surrender their weapons?? A real professional soldier don't retreat or surrender their weapons if it will cost them their life.True soldiers will always fight to the end even if it will cost them their lives.

The Geneva Convention says that in situations like that in Syria, we can fire our weapons if we STRONGLY BELIEVE that their is a danger to human life. This is danger as hundreds of Syrian Soldiers and an American journalist have been beheaded or shot at close range and buried in mass grave.

I would rather go on Peacekeeping Operation or Combat Operation with the Filipino Army than my fellow country men who gives in and surrender easily to a 10 men Al Qaeda rebel group. Maybe they are used to bully usunarmed Fijianscivilians back home
and are lost (yali na yalona) when confronted with armed rebels??
Whatever we sow, we shall reap also...The bible will never fail as it has promised in the book of Isaiah 55:11 ' The word that I spoke will never return void, it will act according to the purpose that I sent it ". Io tatamusuki mada e, au sa rai tiko ga ki na I Vola Tabu. God has heard the cries of the people of Fiji. Who ever thought that this would happen in Syria??

Anonymous said...

My Momo and tavale are caught in these hostage siege at Golan Height.

Isa hope my 'Momo' and my 'tavale' doesn't come out a converted Muslim because these idiots normally forces people to convert.

My momo is strong but my prayers are with you tavale. Stay strong.

I have change my vote now and go for SODELPA. Its a God fearing party that's why.

peace perfect peace said...

@ 7.08am

Kemuni, na cava tale na loma tarotaro nisa sa tabaki tu vakasigalevu ena veva ni vei matanitu e vei yasai vuravura kece ni o kedatou na Fijian contingent timidly gave away our guns to the murdering terrorists.

No one else!

From BBC...

"Warrior peacekeepers -
The Philippines military said the rebels had encircled its camp with the Fijians in tow, and demanded the Filipino peacekeepers surrender their weapons, which they refused to do.

The UN says it deplores the capture of 43 Fijian peacekeepers in the Syrian Golan Heights by an armed group, calling for their "immediate release".

Fiji's interim leader Frank Bainimarama says talks are under way to negotiate the release of the hostages.

The UN peacekeepers were detained near Quneitra, during heavy fighting between Syrian rebels and government forces.

Meanwhile, the Philippines says 75 of its peacekeepers remain in a tense standoff with rebels in the same area.

The UN Disengagement Observer Force (Undof) base is surrounded by militants but the Philippine peacekeepers have refused to surrender, army spokesman Gen Domingo Tutaan Junior confirmed on Friday."

From the ABC...


From RTE News...

"No Irish among 43 UN peacekeepers seized in Golan Heights"


From the Phillipine Star...

julab dean said...

@ anon 9:58 AM

lol...@tavale..hope he's alright. dont make me cry too. frank will kill me for this.

Anonymous said...

Philippines people are known for their love for freedom and for their courage as well. Didn't they oust their tyrant and dictator Ferdinand Marcos?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7.08 "...ratou under siege tiko ka lako tikoga na veitalanoa. They not giving up an inch...."

me sosomki ga na 20 inch baton nodrai cici lelevu na sotia ni Viti. dau mosi vei keimami na sotia ni viti keimami tu ena combat zone dina ni keimami rogoca na vakateratera kei na vei vakarerei ni cakava tiko na sotia vei ira sara tiko ga na noda. qo e sa qai matai ni gauna ena histor of PKOs me dua na contingent me surrender tu vaqo. E sa vakamatata taki tu ena news ni vuravura. Kemuni sara ga na sotia qo ni vakamatei ira na wekaikemami ra sega sara tu ga ni kila na cava e beitaki kina. Bloody criminal cowards!!!

Anonymous said...

Segai Filipinos is a different breed altogether. They are much stronger, determined and physically active compared to our unfit, too much grog old Fijian Army. The young ones are inexperience and the old ones are inactive.

It's harvest time Army boys... Yes reap everything you and your brothers in arms have been sowing in Fiji. Why pray now, when you guys block and banned the Methodist Church from having their conference for years.
You guys lift the ban now just because of the Election on 17th September??
Fijians are not really that stupid... Praying now?? Hey, God cannot be mocked Tikoitoga and Frank...

nayacakalou said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
peace perfect peace said...

@ just situational logic 8.06am

Am also doubtful about 'dancing with the Tongans'. After all, just one tiny breaking of a twig by Solomon Island youth, and the jittery Tongans opened fire, and you know the rest of it...

Then there was the sinking of Princess Ashika in Tongan waters... bera ga na liva as Tongan men jumped on life rafts abandoning their women and children in the ship to die. So awfully shameful esp. when the world had a valuable precedent in the Titanic! to learn from.

Vilikesa Mocelutu said...

SOPELPA's Rabuka said he will bring Chinese to do the farm work. Why SODELPA is complaining now? In 100 year years there will be no pure Fijian left. They will be mixture of Fijian and Chinese like Jim A Koy. We should be grateful to Fiji Indians. They respect us, they have not played our culture, etc.

Anonymous said...

Bro ... Even if there was one Indians or Muslim soldiers captured .. I'd feel the same way ....this is not about race or religion .. It's about evil v our innocent soldiers .

- khan boy

Anonymous said...

As soldiers, the last thing we do is surrender our weapons to the enemy. If they want it, they have to take it from our dead hands. The only thing we need to give them is the 30 brass calling cards in our mags. Shameful day for the much vaunted Fijian Military. FB boasts about our PKO record and how the UN cannot do without Fijian soldiers in hot-spot areas around the world. His words may have just come back to haunt him. These soldiers have proved him wrong. The UN will probably invite another Filipino contingent to replace ours. I doubt if we will ever be invited to participate in any such ops again. The Commander wants to preempt this scenario by saying that we will continue to answer the call. How can we answer if the call does not come...ever again..? Throughout Fiji's proud military history, we have only managed to win one VC in WW2 through Cpl Sukanaivalu. All these brave men are probably turning in their graves right now with the timid surrender of their compatriots in the Golan...and not even a shot fired...what a shame. How can these 44 soldiers hold their heads up in public when/if they return? What goes around, comes around. Now you know what it's like to face the business end of the gun barrel...and you guys failed miserably. Dou sa suka ga mai qori, sa dodonu mo dou taba charge-taki ena "cowardice in the face of the enemy."

mark manning said...

It's unfortunate and perplexing at the same time, Fijian Soldiers being taken prisoners by a band of murderers who pretend to be fighting a "Holy" war in Allah's name.
Even Islamic Leaders from around the World, including Indonesia's President, are saying that Islamic State don't represent Islamic values and interests.
We don't know the circumstances in which these Soldiers surrendered their arms, but I'm guessing it was either a defining choice between surrendering and living or face certain and instant death and to me, while there's a chance and a hope of surviving, that's a chance that should be taken as opposed to death. Now it takes a brave Soldier to make such an unpalatable decision as that!
So let's not ridicule them for making an unpalatable and difficult decision as one that would go against all their instincts.
The target is the people who have implemented this coup, the Soldiers, generally speaking, are the victims.
Let's take a moment to consider the possibility that these Soldiers might all be slaughtered by these murderers and the fear and trepidation their loved ones must be going through at this point in time.
It's Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the present illegally appointed Commander of the RFMF who are to blame, not the Soldiers taken prisoners in the Middle East.
The current Commander can end this coup today, by arresting Frank and Co. the imprisoned soldiers could be slaughtered and while some might find that gratifying, it won't resolve Fiji's problems and there are others who bow their heads in prayer, praying for the safe return of these men and for their families, for God to intervene and help restore Law and Order in Fiji and to forgive those who have trampled Democracy in their own country for the sake of a few dollars and power. And then there remain the detractors who are gleeful at all the chaos.

Which one are you?

Anonymous said...

COWARDS COWARDS COWARDS... Never in the History of Fiji Military Record.

What a SHAME!! Bunch of Losers I can say... All guilty under Martial Law..

I would rather be called a Filipino Soldier then being called A Fijian Soldier.

Anonymous said...

I agree with MM.

The soldiers are doing their job. It is disturbing for all right-minded people across the world.

As peace keepers they can discharge their weapons in self defence but they cannot fire unless fired upon. A coalition of various military forces can open fire without provocation.

Peace keepers have to follow the UN rules. If the UN are seen to be firing first then UN personnel worldwide would become targets.

We don't know the full story. All we can do is pray for their safety. Before anyone attacks these soldiers (on this site) just remember they are there as a UN force to promote peace, democracy and freedom.

Therein lies the irony. Attack Frank and Aiyaz who have displaced those principals domestically while the brave soldiers fight for those same principals for the world.

Let your vote decide their fate. Vote for freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Don't vote for tyranny and the suppression of fundamental freedoms.

The irony deepens when you consider that Fiji has sent troops to the UN corps yet it completely ignores the charters of the same organisation.

Support our soldiers. In so doing you do not have to support our tyrannical leaders.

I sincerely hope that the RFMF soldiers do not blindly follow orders after September 17.

I hope that they remember their calling to protect Fiji and her people from threats abroad and domestically. If that means disobeying orders in the current domestic situation (post September 17) then so be it.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11:46 am

You are obviously a Fiji First supporter. Most Fijians have friends and family in the RFMF. You obviously do not. I assume you are a Clarendon House Coward yourself.

They are not all guilty under martial law. The leaders must take responsibility for their actions. Blame the cowards like Frank sitting at home safely counting his money, while the rank and file of the RFMF put their lives on the line. Something Frank would never know about.

If he was ever placed in a combat situation he would need to change his pants every 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Manning, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. This sir, is not an empty or vain boast for I have served. A soldier accepts his fate whatever it may be. When we signed up, we were made aware of the inherent risks involved. War/armed conflict is not for the timid. There are ROE's, RUF's/LOAC that govern our behaviour in-theater. We are authorized to use force up to and including lethal force in defence of life and property. We do not expect civilians to understand this mindset. Bottom line sir, is that a soldier NEVER surrenders his weapon without a fight. This is a court martial offense and punishable by death in time of war/armed conflict. Kudos to the Filipino's for standing their ground.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Clarendon house - I'm koila .. Please stop insulting Muslims . My brother is among the 43 . Captured . This is not about whose fault this is . Don't politicise this please . All I know that the rebels are Muslims and I'm Methodist and that the people here have hugely insulted them . I read yesterday some one said " what if they relax this extremely insulting comments " the soldiers may pay the ultimate price. Please people stop hate .

- koila

Anonymous said...

News : Aiyaz on flight to Qatar to broker deal to release soldiers . Come on my brother .. Do that and you win hearts .. Not to mention the elections . Come on my muslim brother , prove to the haters that we are peaceful , loving Muslims from fiji . God protect the solders and forgive those who hold them .
God bless fiji
Allah hu Akbar .

peace perfect peace said...

U'd be surprised that most civilians understand perfectly where you're coming from @12.11pm. So well put.

You've missed out a glaring fact though and that is: 'where does the buck stop?'.

Yes, the 'fish stinks from the head'... and that's the basis for the concern by angry bloggers about the Fijian hostage situation.

The RFMF had busted its budget for about 5 consecutive years before they took over the treasury themselves in 2006.

So why were the Fijian soldiers so poorly trained as clearly reflected in the decision that they took?

MM, please take note of the above... and now reflect on the Phillipino soldiers who are also faced with the same "Damned if I do and Damned if I don't" type of situation but have demonstrated the kind of resolve that the world expects of them. You are not born a man, you grow into one... and a dignified, courageous one at that.

The world does not want to see weasels in the front lines who cannot adhere to ROE and protocols in defending international security and peace. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1211: you have served to suck cock .. If you were in the army , I'm going to take an educated guess : you were either a fucking cook .. Or simply cooking up this bullshit .

The difference is : these were not combatant soldiers , they were peace keepers .. There is a specific protocol by not only United Nations and the RmF, as to when to engage .. These guys were simply under no instruction .

The Philippine soldiers are now surrounded ... All 88 of them ... We won't know whether it will play out in their favour ... We Also don't know who was in command and what was said when fiji soldiers were captured .

What we do know is this : you are a fuck wit wannabe soldier .... A 4 year old has more brains

What we do know : soldiers and prisoners of war .. Are not cowards .. They are heroes ... Don't judge them because Sodepla is getting a arse fucking back home ... Let's be human and pray for them

- Ratu Solomoni lalabalvu
Lami fiji

peace perfect peace said...

For the prayer warriors, let's keep in the forefront of our minds the profound words of St. John of the Cross:

"I die because I do not die".


Now back to our Saturday chores :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mark manning : we all know why you are so against this govt . Let me not spill the beans on your corrupt ways . And should we spill the beans on your infatuation with.? .... Let's not go there ....
Facts : the capture could have happened anytime ... Whether or not this govt was in power ... Terrorists didn't time this ... If they did .. I can assure half the racist bloggers on this site would be prisoners . It's not the fault of the govt .. That's absurd ... Terrorism should not be blamed on others

2. Your agenda against frank and tikotikotoga is well known . Don't politicise this issue .

3. It's simple : 43 went in ... We want 43 soldiers to freed to go home . No politics .

Anonymous said...

Ratu Solomoni,
Your language betrays your mentality. The IQ of a 4yr old is higher than yours after your mindless rant. It's obvious you have never donned the uniform else you would know that in ANY army, you're FIRST and foremost a soldier. Other duties such as cook, driver, clerk etc comes second. They would be considered hero's had they fought the enemy prior to being captured. They didn't, they surrendered without a shot being fired (that's cowardice in the face of the enemy) and to make matters worse, the rebels used a Fijian soldier to try and persuade the Filipino's to surrender.
Try to debate without letting your emotions get the better of you. Foul language coming from a so-called Ratu demeans your status as a chief. You are not fit for leadership in the community. You should be ashamed of yourself. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

The New York Times is reporting that there is now a stand-off between Al-Nusra & the Filipinos and that Al Nusra maybe keeping the 44 Fiji soldiers as human shields against Syrian govt attacks.

Question is, why didn't the soldiers defend their base as is their mandate? the report says the Filipinos did just that.

Not looking good right now.


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