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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nawaikula tackles issue of land

Land continues to be a crucial election issue, despite claims by the regime itaukei's concerns are misplaced.

SODELPA candidate, Niko Nawaikula, discusses here the affects of the illegal government's Decrees and Constitution on the indigenous people of Fiji and their rights to their land.

Nawaikula, a qualified lawyer, has specialized in laws related to native land and indigenous issues.


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Anonymous said...

The trouble starts and ends with land : Israel is the original sin ... They lay claim to a land occupied by men millions of years ago . God gave us this land .. What a load of shit .., same thing in fiji ... " god gave us this land .
God gave us freedom ... And god gave us land for all . No one was sitting there and typing land titles when god had asked the people to line up and lay claim to their piece of " dirt " . No one was saying " ok fiji for these group of people """ what a joke

Ironically , bloggers here have said " kill the Muslims ... Kill the Indians ... Gather at sukuna park ... Chase the Kailoma ... Chase the Chinese ... Funny you call for death .. And sad that 43 men are today ( oddly of mysteriously ) held captive by Muslims who you stated " should be removed from the face of this earth . Don't get me wrong ... I want my brothers to come back home .. I what god to show mercy ... And unlike you all " I will show mercy .. Not hate ... But as a good Christian says " god acts in mysterious ways "

Anonymous said...

Ratu Solomoni - I'm a young new age Ratu( Junior ) .. Born in fiji .. Educated in New Zealand and think like a human . I'm a human first and a Ratu later .
Im not the first Ratu to use profanities and I won't be the last .. And I won't hide behind anonymity ... I call it like it is . Any commander that can save lives ... Instead of putting his men in harms way .. Is a good outcome .. Whatever the situation at the time , we don't know what they were faced with : so let's not assume . These are heroes .. Cowards are those that hide under this blog and advocate hate bad violence.

The new Fiji is a balanced one .. Like old Islamist scholars who are simply outdated with their thoughts and actions ... Our chiefs have also gone past Their " use by date " Fiji needs new blood .a new United fiji .. Old habits are hard to die but new ways are better to fly .With unity comes , a common vision , with vision comes clarity , with clarity comes courage , with courage comes the world . The world is your oyster .

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.45pm said:

"Our chiefs have also gone past Their " use by date ""

What a naive even stupid thing to say!

Have you ever been to your village or any village for that matter to witness the important role that chiefs play?

It shows you do not understand the role that chiefs should play.

It is useless to be exposed to the broader world when you don't even understand your own traditional society. And you claim to be a ratu!

Chiefs should continue to play a role in society but it should not be damaging like you seem to suggest. I agree with you on that point but you seem to be taking it too far.

Meda dau maroroya na veika eda dau mareqeta ka veisautaka eso nai vakarau se i rai e sega ni vinaka.

Anonymous said...

They have surrendered weapons made in workshops in nabua .. ... That come in handy for Diwali celebrations That's all, ... What's the fucking point ? You idiot . ... We don't give a hoot about the weapons .. It's the soldier that matters ... Unless you live under a rock and think Fiji soldiers were carrying nuclear arms ... In that case I suggest you go to a place called " St Giles " and whilst you there ... Book a room for all the idiot bloggers here ...

nayacakalou said...

@you ...you are very correct,we should get over to Albert Park and show the World that we are against the killing of human beings.The problem is,Bainimarama did not allow the people of Fiji to protest against him,so who would turn up up if he calls for a protest?If you may ask Fijian people(Taukei)may be right,as for the 43 people captured to feel what it's like to be tortured and could lead to death.Just imagine for Verebasaga,Vilikesa Soko and others could jump for joy and on the other hand they could have families too being captured.The big lesson to learn that those captured are almost I Taukei,will be lucky to have one Indian.Just imagine for the Hamas capturing a Muslim against them and the Fijian Man to feel the trauma of being captive against your will,and that is axactly what your people have gone through untiil today.

Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera news reports says that Al Nusra will start beheading soldiers within the next 24 hrs had their motions any grievances is not met.

I challenge they nation to pray far our brothers and sisters in Syria. GOD BLESS FIJI.

Anonymous said...

justice League of fiji - We are greatly saddened by the capture of 43 of our soldiers by Syrian rebels and extremists . We denounce that with our full authority and will make every attempt with our powers to contact Islamist leagues in Qatar to secure the release of our sons . This is unacceptable and we pray for the families of the soldiers at this time .

God bless Fiji .
Khanivore .
New leader of the former muslim league , this was a coup of sorts
. This was a result of old mullahs running new think tanks , no more old anything , no old Gcc , no old muslim league , no more old Hindu nationalists no old Methodists You can call us the Justice league of Fiji . We have come , we are yet to conquer , we won't shoot , we will boot , and hopefully the new will bear some fruits for a New Fiji .

Ganesh said...

This is no time for political grandstanding or retribution. Let's all unite in wishing and praying for the safe return of the Fijian troops.

Yes, the RFMF have acted as Bainimarama's henchmen. They've repressed us and denied us our rights and dignity these past eight years. They've dragged down the country. But those held captive by Nusra Front were there on a mission to preserve world peace. Whatever their motivations, they were doing work there that was in all of our interests. For all of their faults, the cowardly bullies of the RFMF are much preferable to the homicidal fanatics who now hold them captive.

This is not the time for anything less than full support for the return of these soldiers. Let's bring them back. Save our frustrations regarding the RFMF for the elections.

Let our people go -- now in Syria, September 17 here at home.

Anonymous said...

"Israel is the original sin" sounds like the statement of a brainwashed Muslim ignorant of Scripture -- the kind of miscreant susceptible to joining a group like Al Nusra or ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:31, you're right on all counts. This ratu is wet behind the ears. He doesn't know squat about military service. So what if someone's a cook? He's still trained as a rifleman.

There might be an unusual circumstance where an individual soldier could be disarmed without firing a shot, because resistance is futile. But an entire company, within the defensive position it's had years to fortify, surrendering to a hostile force without any resistance whatsoever? That is shameful.

Allow me to point out a couple of other facts. First, the Muslims are not the enemies of our peacekeeping force. Our forces are supposed to hold their position against all comers, whether they be Syrian or Israeli. They are to observe, not to engage, but they are allowed to use all necessary force to defend themselves.

Their ROE are explicit and have been for years. It's ludicrous to suggest they were somehow paralysed from acting because they lacked orders. Someone is grasping at thin reeds to try to justify what almost certainly is cowardice, a gross failure of leadership, and dereliction of duty.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bainimarama should let the people demonstrate at Albert Park. We'll hoist him on our backs like he's a conquering hero. Then we'll throw him in the lovo pit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:34, you write "funny you call for death."

If our men die, Muslim, you will be in for a world of hilarity.

Anonymous said...

Brig. Gen. Domingo Tutaan said the rebels surrounded two encampments about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) apart occupied by Filipino peacekeepers and demanded that they give up their firearms, but the peacekeepers refused. "This resulted in a standoff," he said, reading from a statement.

However, "the potential for de-escalation is still positive," he said. The military leadership in the Philippines was in direct communication with the peacekeepers, he added.

"Our soldiers are prepared, trained and capable of dealing with this situation and will take risks to fulfill our commitment to international security and peace. The peacekeeping contingent has the right to defend its position and the units in line with United Nations protocols and rules of engagement," he said.

Col. Roberto Ancan, commander of the Philippine military's Peacekeeping Operations Center, said the soldiers were armed with assault rifles, light machineguns and pistols and had enough ammunition to defend themselves.

"We have our rules of engagement wherein we can use deadly force in defense of United Nations facilities," he said.

Anonymous said...

Last week Tuesday 26/08/14 Meli Bainimarama was locked again in the cell in Raiwaqa station for drunk n drive after party at Dad's house....his vehicle was write off......early win for Dads Fiji Party....wait m see...

Anonymous said...

Back in Fiji we have been bullied around for 7 years. The incident occurred in the Golan Heights have helped expose who our Fiji soldiers really are !

These cowards have been terrorizing Fiji with their military styled coup d'etat bullcrap all these time and when they realized that the threats were real, cowardly decided to lay down their weapons and surrendered in broad daylight !

Huh! ...What a joke ! The Brig General idiot Tikoitoga had spilled the beans saying that Fiji soldiers had made their wise decisions in surrendering. Oi.... because the threat was now real ?

Ia, mai Viti era sega ni (penny lamu) rere, se loloma, se madua, ena veivakamatei, ena veivakarerei, ena veimoku, ena dokadoka? A cava ga sa laki ninini kina na yava mai na Golan Heights ?

Baleta beka ni ra sa kila ni ra vakaiyaragi tu na meca ka duidui kei ira na lewe ni vanua mai Viti?

So the most feared ' lamunaso ' soldiers from the South Sea Islands were too scared to engage real enemies for the first time and have decided to chicken out ?

Oi sa kilai ni sa voleka o mate sa qai kilai yalona na *ona ! Sega, keda sotia tagane, cola ga nomu dakai qai vala ena veisamuraki.

Na sotia dina ka ra bole mate sa ira na muslim sotia nei ' Allah' ! Dina ga ni ra qarava na kalou cala, era bole mate vua !

Keda valu tale tikoga ena yaca i Jiova, eda na sega ni rerevaka talega na mate, nida vakabauta dina na noda Kalou o Jiova ka sa rawa nida bole mate talega vua !

For our fake soldiers, maybe there were no cassava patch to hide in the Golan Heights and that was why they have decided to use their common sense according to their 2 I.C. Brig General Tikois*na ? LOL !

I had wished if the real culprit No.1 Boss was there to show his soldiers how a demo 'Side-stepped manoeuvre' is done when saving thy ass from enemy line !

A box full of diapers could help in combat ! That could save the ' good reputation ' of RFMF !

Verata Bati said...

Something to think about:

1. If a i Taukei Christian wants to make an Islamic State a Secular State,what would the Muslims do???????????????

2. Why aren't our Christian Leaders saying anything about it??????????

3. If I live in India and a i Taukei comes and tells you that they can be called Indians,we have to belong to a group,which one???????????the rich gugees or the poor low cast???????????????

4. If you are in India or an Islamic State and told that your land is to be given to someone else without their consent,what will you do.

5. Don't you think that if Indians are to have a say,shouldn't they be the ones that was brought in by the British the Madras people,etc? and not the Gujii's rich people corrupting our leaders and Muslims?

While we thank the Government for the developments,certain ONLY certain sectors of the community are beneficiaries.

China Banks give the Funds,they send majority Chinese workers,they get paid the loan with interests and using that money to buy Land in Fiji.
While we thank the Indo Fijian community for their immense contribution,we must also bear in mind that this Country was inhabited by the Fijian-I Taukei as their portion upon God the Creator's command when God started the different cultures and language when the whole human family were building the Tower of Babel.

Respect the fact above and your rights to land.The Landowners should not be forced what their Land is to be used for but adviced and have their mindset re-colonised....whose role is this?the Churches,The Fijian Affairs Board,NLTB,etc.

Individuals and rich people and beneficiaries like Fiji Muslim League President and Momi Seashell cove owner,Hafiz Khan and the Phillip family keep on piling their riches.The so called Qoliqoli Owners and Taukei of Nothing as AG has decreed had their portion of benefits taken away from them.No more compensation for the use of their Qoliqoli....what a shame and insult and theft of God given resources to the Natives of this country.

What Niko Nawaikula is saying is a Fact.

The Plan is to have Bainimarama as President and Aiyaz Khaiyum as Prime Minister to choose the TLTB Board,and control all Native Land.As of today,Leases are being renewed without Landowners consent....so what will happen if they are in Power.

Kai Viti Vakasama.

Qo sega ni baleti Bainimarama se o Qarase se o Ro Teimumu,na noda didigi me yavutaki vinaka.

Our future is in our vote....to stop coup our a greater revolution in future.....

God Bless Fiji

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