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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Good candidates get push while Fiji First thug roams free

Changing the rules: Frank Bainimarama scared of Makereta Waqavonovono? Photo: Discombulated Bubu
Somebody has drunk the Kool Aid.

Otherwise how could they think the Fiji elections are above board - there are just too many examples of it being otherwise.

Pacific leaders meeting in Palau yesterday agreed to automatically lift Fiji's suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum, if the September 17 elections are 'free and fair'.

The decision came after a recommendation from New Zealand Foreign minister, Murray McCully, who reckons all indications are that Fiji's elections will be democratic.

Clearly, the McCully's of the world are turning a blind eye to the everyday happenings on the ground that show time and time again there is no transparency in the regime poll.

Just last week the Supervisor of Elections, Saneem Mohammed, ruled the party, One Fiji, couldn't contest the elections because the name was too similar to Fiji First. 

The illegal Attorney General and General Secretary of the Fiji First party, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, was subsequently quoted as saying people could get 'confused' because the word 'One' is similar to the word 'First'.

We also now have the case of prominent lawyer and National Federation Party candidate, Makereta Waqavonono, being bundled out of the election process by a last minute change to the Electoral Decree 2014.

Waqavonono, who has been working in Australia for the last 12 months, had applied to the High Court
seeking clarification of s56(2) of the Constitution and s23 of the Electoral Decree on the meaning of 'ordinarily resident'.
Amended decree as of yesterday

Conveniently, Justice Kamal Kumar said he couldn't rule on the case - with the regime quickly passing an amendment effectively disqualifying Waqavonono.

"This is an outrageous act of desperation from a regime that is terrified of losing power," says Waqavonovono.

"To add insult to injury, the court orders $3000 court costs against me!"

Nemani Bainivalu update
Fiji media have meanwhile failed to cover the story of Fiji First candidate, Nemani Bainivalu, racially abusing and assaulting a voter during a heated debate at the Wainivula
church hall last week. (see our earlier story)

Bainivalu is being quoted on Fijilive as saying he joined Fiji First to reassure indigenous Fijians that their land is safe.

No mention whatsoever of his outrageous loss of control - just a positive story allowing him to paint himself a hero. 

In any other country, Bainivalu would have been charged by police, ditched as a candidate and his party, Fiji First, would have plummeted at the polls.

Romeo - should be in jail and out of the election
Bainivalu has been hailed as a model candidate, but his actions in public, including his Facebook, makes us wonder.

In a picture of him with his wife and sister-in-law he posts "Rua vakadua, ni rau yadua sara tu la na rumu, Moniti eke, Tusiti kea, Vukelulu eke, Lotulevu kea, Vakaraubuka eke, Vakarauwai kea, Siga Tabu cegu caka mada na lotu!"

Translation: "They both have a room each. I go to one on Monday, Tuesday the other, Wednesday the other, Thursday the other, Friday the other, Saturday the other. On Sunday I rest and go to Church."
he joined to reassure indigenous Fijians that their land is safe.

Read more at: http://fijilive.com/news/2014/07/i-joined-to-uphold-constitution-bainivalu/58456.Fijilive
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Anonymous said...

Why is editor ( ha ha personal connections huh ??) deleted comment about kalivati Bakani !!! He is a choro thief from NBF

Shows this site is full of severe phsychotic and lame dumb asses ( Sodelpa ) who will try anything to win !!! Dream on

Anonymous said...

Bainivalu where is your legal wife Sen and kids from Navua .
why you were sacked from LDS Primary School.

Anonymous said...

I know mere personally , and she is a nice person , political material , not really sure on that one . She will not qualify , but the electors
Office need to re assess her application !!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dakuidreketi is waiting for his sentencing,PROVEN GUILTY OF ABUSE OF OFFICE BY THE COURT whilst employed within the TLBT.The clean up is beginning to take effect now.Next is Bakani then later..who knows?

Anonymous said...
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Doesn't make sense said...

Anon@12.27pm Please think logically. How can Qarase be a party leader, he has been banned by regime from standing for the elections. There is only one Sodelpa leader and that is Ro Teimumu Kepa. You are trying to create differences out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

2014 will never never be free and fair under the regime.The point is the regime was never elected in the first place so an interim government for a short time is the only way for free and fair election.All signs for FF to win by rigging.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir / madam ,

Thanks for your reply . I'm not trying to create differences although the difference created by these 2 so called leaders is causing the real split in Sodelpa . I'm a true supporter of them ,
Though I do think that a party that is elected should represent all , and not just one major community as this will be no reason to party at all .


Anonymous said...

I'm the next :

Note to readers , I will contest the next elections , I will have Fijian rights solidified , I will lead fiji to greater prosperity and I will ensure that all races unite . That will be my objective as a starting point . I will not , however be the Pm until I have support of the Gcc.

For now just know me as: ITN( I'm the next )

Anonymous said...

o Tikoduadua, Joeli Cawaki and Laisenia Tuitubou have resigned from their top civil service jobs (which they were given as a result of the 2006 coup) to contest election for the FrankFirst Party. Why were they not included in the list of candidates announced last Friday? Was it just so they could suck on the civil service teat a few days longer, or was it to try to make the FrankFirst team look less military? Who do they think they’re fooling?

Sodelpa NFP Coalition said...

Anon@12.44pm. There are no differences although it is
highly plausible that both Teimumu and Qarase have very strong followers who are extremely loyal and would prefer them party leader. Sodelpa in a a Coalition with NFP is Fiji's only hope.

Ki Bau said...

SODELPA wants GGC back. But what examples our chiefs have set. One high chief has impregnated a 16 year old. One high chief committed adultery. Two high chiefs gave their blessings for 1987 coups. Qarase himself doesn't respect Ro Kepa. Time for SODELPA to have Rabuka back as the leader of SODELPA. He is a multiracial man. Bring back Rabuka to lead Fiji again. Rabuka for PM.

Anonymous said...


Good Lad said...

Isa, the predictions I made several years ago will manifest soon.This will be our last election on earth.Whichever Govt comes into power will be the last to rule our nation for the next four or less years.I had earlier stated that should any Govt apart from this one lead,it should be after the rapture of saints and christians because by then the Anti-Christ and his Govt will be in power soon next year or so.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Makereta for the $3000.00 donation, it will be put into good use we assure you, paying for school fees and bus fares for some unfortunate children.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz - well done , it's about time you came and gave us your version of why you were asked to be in the position that you are in today . You needed to do that .

Allah tumhe aur Fiji ko hafiz rakhe ...' Fiji ke liye bhala karo aur Apni watan ka tareeki karo .

Allah hafeez .

Anonymous said...

Chaudhary just needs to let his rapaist son , his heart attack son ( he stutters now ) and his sexy daughter ( who I ploughed in 1990 ) not bend over ... F........£%¥# thief

Anonymous said...

The Pacific Islands Forum is irrelevant to Fiji,we dont need it the Pacific Islands Development Forum is more relevant.This Govt wont need to do a press conference on the NZ Min of FA comment,just to show them we dont need them now.

Good Lad said...

Bainivalu you lucky bastard!!Men who have done it with two women in one sitting will never forget the experience,well King Solomon had a 1000 wives,but two for a night is exhausting but everlasting.Only those who have experienced this know what i am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:21 PMsaid...
Dakuidreketi is waiting for his sentencing,PROVEN GUILTY OF ABUSE OF OFFICE BY THE COURT whilst employed within the TLBT.The clean up is beginning to take effect now.Next is Bakani then later.......who knows? o cei tale o Bai kei Khaiyum lolz!

Lord Greystone said...

Well someone was curious about Lucifers worshippers in Fiji,there are lots of them,working in Govt Depts,Financial Institutions,Private Corp and Co,NGO's,yes our own harmless NGO's,there are Fijians,Indians,Part-europeans,Europeans male and female.They always wear a long black coat with a hood to cover the head; stand close to the sea wall or sea in a horseshoe formation and worship their master Lucifer.They have their temples in Cities,Towns and in private abodes.They fear their master and are horrified when they read words that defame their master like Lucifer sonalevu.But since the 1997 Constitution gives them the right to worship their Master their activity are legal,so we cant disclose names or addresses.It is their right of worship as enshrined within the 1997 Cnstitution just as it is our right as Chrisitians to worship the Lord Jesus the Christ,Yeshua the Messaiah,the King of Kings,Lord of Lords,the Lion of Judah,The Alpha and the Omega,the Lamb of God who is worthy to shed His blood for mankind.Whose blood protects us along with His angels.Lord Jesus I plead for your blood upon me and Christians reading this.By the powers vested in the name of the Lord Yeshua Amashia,Jesus the Christ I bind all unclean spirits and demons in Suva and cast them into Gehena,I seal the doorways in which they entered into the earthly realm with the blood of Jesus the Christ and command this in the mighty name of Yeshua Ahmashia,I plead for your blood upon Christians and seek divine protection from your Angels Lord Jesus and I stand upon your word that if I ask of anything in your name,it shall be given unto me,so in the Lord Jesus name I pray,command and ask this,amen!

Anonymous said...

For all that are interested Lord Greystone is performing with his circus at the Suva bus station at 10:00 am Sunday 3rd August.

Come along and be shouted at for the day. It sure as hell beats spending quality time at home with your children.

Anonymous said...

Khayium the master in politics. Khayium knows how to use i taukei for his political aspiration.
Hail Khayium.
The next Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Col. Kurusiga has joined SODELPA?

Anonymous said...

When Fiji finally frees itself from the shackles of Frank and ASK justice and i mean true justice must be matted out to all coup supporters past and present for than only than the country can heal.We will not use violence as we do not wish to become like them but the rule of law and an independent judiciary must hold these people accountable and lock them up for ever as an example. The people of these country will suffer again for the next 4 to 5 years as it appears that the cards will be played unfairly by Frank and Co, but when the time comes as it always does we must make sure these people do not run away. The people of this country must get justice. If these folks are free to walk around like nothing has happened this saga of coup after coup will never stop. The world must know that we the people of Fiji will no longer take oppression and injustice and that we will punish those who try and impose their will on us. I hate Khaiyum and hate Frank but i do not wish to harm them physically. I want justice by the rule of law to find them guilty of crimes against my people the people that i call my fellow Fijians. God bless Fiji and its people.

Altaib Khan

Anonymous said...

Bainivalu, when you're with your sister-in-law, guess who's with your wife? And when you're with your wife, guess who's with her sister?

Anonymous said...

ASK has crammed a lot down our throats already. I shudder to think how much more arrogant he will be once he's stolen the election.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Nemani Bainivalu epitomises Fiji First. That's why I say that SODELPA is for women and children, but REAL MEN vote Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

Auditor General’s Reports 2007 – 2013) & the reason why Chapter (10) of 2013 Constitution on Immunity is so entrenched?
It is clear now from Bainimarama’s statement today that the Reports of the Auditor General from 2007 -2013 will not be accessible to anyone until the next parliamentary session.
This therefore means, all instances of deliberate omissions, abuse, scandalous dealings, conflicting interest undertakings, kicks-backs, nepotism, abuse of office and self enrichment arising between (2007 – 2014) from the $17 Billion expenditure undertaken by Bainimarama and Khaiyum will not be known until after the Elections
Now, after the Elections when the change of government does take place and the accounts for the past 8 years is examined from audit findings those implicated in the Bainimarama government will be immune from prosecution.
The 2013 Constitution imposed on the people has blanket immunity provided for all civil and criminal liability for all members of Bainimarama regime from 2006 December to the date of the first sitting of parliament. This means they cannot be prosecuted for any instances as they have full immunity covering corrupt practices and abuse of office in both civil and criminal jurisdiction.
Simply WOW!
The above should tell us clearly;
1. Why the Yash Ghai Draft was trashed and discarded?
2. Why such blatant and broad immunity provision was included in the Constitution
which protects the regime members from all financial and other offences?
3. Why the Auditor Generals Reports are hidden and concealed?
4. Why it is virtually impossible to change/amend the Constitution?
Read the immunity provision below and then you will understand why there is so much secrecy on all aspects of the regime ‘modus operandi’.
Further immunity
157. Absolute and unconditional immunity is irrevocably granted to any person
(whether in their official or personal or individual capacity) holding the office of, or
holding the office in, as the case may be—
(a) the President;
(b) the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers;
(c) Republic of Fiji Military Forces;
(d) Fiji Police Force;
(e) Fiji Corrections Service;
(f) Judiciary;
(g) public service; and
(h) any public office,
from any criminal prosecution and from any civil or other liability in any court,
tribunal or commission, in any proceeding including any legal, military, disciplinary
or professional proceedings and from any order or judgment of any court, tribunal
or commission, as a result of any direct or indirect participation, appointment or
involvement in the Government from 5 December 2006 to the date of the first
sitting of the first Parliament elected after the commencement of this Constitution,
provided however any such immunity shall not apply to any act or omission that
constitutes an offence under sections 133 to 146, 148 to 236, 288 to 351, 356 to
361, 364 to 374, and 377 to 386 of the Crimes Decree 2009 (as prescribed in the
Crimes Decree 2009 at the date of the commencement of this Constitution)

High Tea said...

Anonymous 12:44 calls Qarase and Ro Teimumu "so-called leaders", then calls himself their true supporter. Obviously the man is a moron and a liar. No true supporter would say they are "so-called leaders". This is a further indication that the talk of tension within SODELPA between Ro Teimumu and Qarase is being manufactured by regime trolls. They're drumming this up in an effort to weaken SODELPA. They must be getting desperate.

And to Ki Bau, who decries the examples set by some of the high chiefs and then pines for Rabuka to be SODELPA's candidate, I ask what about the example set by Rabuka? Rabuka committed treason. In my book that's worse than any of the crimes you allege against the high chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Makareta's "donation" will be put to use, alright — paying for Frank and Aiyaz's multiple salaries.

Anonymous said...

It's clear the elections are rigged. I will join you at Ratu Sukuna Park. Got ROPE?

Anonymous said...

You mean when it's clear that the
election is rigged of course I got
the rope-actually a coil 100 yards
to shares? Yep, i'll share with any
one that need some to hanged these
bastards Fijifirst assoles?
Just look for the Red SUV by the
Vuni-Ivi? We'll even give you a
quick demo on how to sling-up these

Trues up man. said...

The Fiji Suns Opinion Poll again has tallied that >80% of the voting public prefer Fiji First as their party and >70% prefer PM Bai as the new leader. High Teapot,Mere and Kua ni Reki are harping about myths and irrelevant issues that make their post sound mundane,monotone and like a broken record.SA DA OCA MAI NA ROGOCA TIKO NA SAME ISSUES ERATOU KAUTA TIKO MAI,ADMIN ME SA BLOCK TAKI ORATOU NA LEWE 3 OQO NI SEGA NI DUA NA KAVOU ERATOU TAKICA MAI.SA KA BULAGI KECEGA. RAIRAI ERATOU KAWA NI TAMA SE TINA DAU VAKADRAUDRAU SE CAKAI SAUSAU.

Anonymous said...


Greystone said...

Aha,so a satan cult member has answered at last,tell your members to stop swearing at our God the Lord Jesus or else.You all know how we fijians treat witches,we burn them alive,the last witch burned alive was in Serua,20 men entered his house,threw him out the window,beat him up till he shit on his pants,threw him back inside and burned the house,the witch died screaming for help,all the demons and devils he worshipped didnt help him that day,but he was supposedly powerful witch but his demon and lucifer fled when 20 armed and angry men entered his house,this happened 4years ago,another witch has been oredered by 12 men from a village in Namosi to stop practising or they will cut his head off.A cane knife was placed on his neck when this was done,he had fled to that village after he was beaten up in another village but managed to untie himself and fled on foot to another village.Had he not fled he would be burned alive inside his house,he overheard them planning to burn him and managed to flee.

Anonymous said...

The chinese from mainland china have increased substantially with the free visa. They have taken over small businesses from locals, restaurants etc.They have not brought much investment or employment for the locals.
Wondering how they got work permits.

Anonymous said...

Is Elizabeth Powell a Fiji citizen? last I heard she is a USA citizen.. why should a ITaukei Fijian be deprived for contesting this coming election if Powell who's been gone for some years come back to Fiji and now stand in this election..

How was it possible for an alien to work for the Fiji Govt on a US passport..check this out..now she is contesting a seat for Fiji First.. she gave up her fiji citizenship for Australia and US.

NFP check this out..this is a shame…Makereta Waqavonovono has more rights….

Vutaki Meo said...

I am a SODELPA supporter but am very sad to see the power struggle within our party. I never imagined our party will become this fractious towards the election. Qarase shouldn't be in the limelight. Our leader Ro Kepa should be. Qarase should support her but not act as a leader.Vote SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Looks as if our Lord Greystone finished his show early today.

What's up, audience too small because of the weather?

A disappointing short performance I thought but at least it'll save the vocal chords for his next act.

Unknown said...

Vutaki Meo, and other concerned SODELPA supporters please rest assured there is no 'power struggle' in SODELPA.

We are all 100% behind our Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa and that includes LQ and others working hard in meetings all over the country in full support of SODELPA.

Suggestions of a split is the work of our opponents and their media partners and that is to be expected, as they start to feel the heat as we make our way slowly but surely through out Fiji stating the facts that have been hidden from the people for the past 8 years.

Mick Beddoes

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha, strange how many SODELPA supporters are convinced there are problems from what they see, not what they read in the media.

Firefighting at its best, no doubt the next thing we will see is reassurances in the media, possibly from the boss herself?

Anonymous said...

Army says...different parties confront each other, the lines have been drawn and the die has been cast. Looking across the line I see my neighbour, my cousin, my uncle, some of my family....with a crude sneer on their faces, like I...who have made a stance on a political belief I have been transported...on a journey I know not the outcome...

Bainimarama Knows Best said...

Why not publish a decree outlawing any candidate name Waqavonovono?

Aw shut up! said...

If Waqanovonovo wanted to contest the election, she should have stayed in Fiji. Why should there be one rule for everyone else and another one for her? These i'Taukei jet setters like her think their veka doesn't stink. Good luck that it has cost her $3000 for her stupid court action. Bored with the rantings of Coup 4.5 about the election not being free and fair. Of course it is. It's just that your side hasn't any hope of winning.

Mere said...

There's no indication of a power struggle within SODELPA. All I see are unsubstantiated comments on this and other blogsites, many of which bear the hallmarks of regime trolls. So, count me as not at all convinced from what I see nor the least bit from what I've read, since none of it is corroborated by facts, and this regime is notorious for spreading lies.

Anonymous said...

It is shame that Fiji citizen cannot contest election.
Anyone holding Fiji citizen should contest. This is democratic right of every citizen.
Well it can only happen in the banana republic where some are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

If this election is free and fair, then why was a new decree written just to exclude Waqavonovono? Why won't the regime allow a public debate? Why did it force SDL to change its name? Why did it prosecute rival party leaders on stale and trumped up charges and then give them sentences that foreclosed the possibility of their running for office? Why did it name ASK of all people to head the elections? Why no caretaker government? Why incomplete statements of assets and liabilities by FFP leaders? Why does FFP get to accept scads of commercial freebies and benefits from businesses currying favour when that's outlawed by decree? Why no statement of party assets? Why did the regime outlaw exit polling or even allowing voters to carry personal notes into the polling station? Why the continuing media intimidation? Why the one-sided media coverage? Why no independent polls from firms based outside Fiji? Why did FFP get to steal its name and purloin the national seal and colours from the flag, especially when it was FFP's leaders who committed treasn against the nation and proposed to rubbish our flag?

Anonymous said...

I was surprised and shocked to see the fine of $3000 imposed of this lady who is Fiji citizen.
The election will surely be not free and fair.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Khayium rules.

Anonymous said...

Why party symbols are not allowed?
What is the purpose of party symbols?
Everywhere in world party symbols are allowed for candidates during election.
By giving numbers the election will be rigged as votes will be easily transferred from one candidate to another to another.
The election has been stolen!!!!

The Heckler said...

They claim the elections will be free. But we already know the results will cost us dearly.

Anonymous said...

The elections have been stolen, and Fiji's foreign "friends" are complicit with the regime. Murray McCully and Julia Bishop have sold us out. Even the Americans have written us off in the interest of realpolitick.

Anonymous said...


Boring. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:05 PM

"" I was surprised and shocked to see the fine of $3000 imposed of this lady who is Fiji citizen.
The election will surely be not free and fair. ""

a) It was NOT a fine, it was costs claimed by the court for her stupid waste of their time.

b) Rules are rules and the rule was that you must be RESIDENT in Fiji for 2 years prior, She was NOT.

So how this outcome can suggest that the election surely will not be fair is a rather ridiculous comment.

Anonymous said...

There sure is some serious SODELPA disaster control going on today guys.

Sunday afternoon and we have two prominent SODELPA names blogging to persuade us all's well in the SODELPA camp. Very very strange.

Whilst we have false and inaccurate information all the time in bloggs and media, very rarely is this level of denial over something that is not easily substantiated thrown out.

It has to make you wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Rules are rules . . . unless it's the Constitution, and you want to avoid prison for your murder of CRW soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Could the Sodelpa have a party leader who is not running for parliament, such as Qarase and then the those who win get together and get their parliamentary leader and if they had a majority, then he/she would become the PM. Same thing goes for Chaudhary and his FLP.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, so Miss Waqavonovono Fancypants not only can't contest the election but has to pay $3000 in court costs. That will teach her to try to run for office as a member of the democratic opposition in a country where the judiciary is not independent but a tool of an illegal and fascistic regime determined to steal the elections. I'm soooo bored by the regime's lies. Zzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why people like Makereta bother with the elections when they are never concerned about the poor, the rural people or village projects.
Any politician must have a ideology - what does she believe in?

Anonymous said...

Is it SODELPA damage control? It just sounds like the usual regime mischief to me. The more desperate the regime gets, the more it lies. Judging by all of its lies lately, it must be getting pretty desperate.

Anonymous said...

Vote for mahen "$3million man" chaudhry said...
Do not charge MPC:

MPC is Fiji ke Robin Hood (collects from rich in name of poor, keeps for himself).

MPC is anti-nepotism (sneakily appointed in-law Sahida, who is a top toilet cleaner, to senate) .

MPC is tough on tax dodgers (does not declare his income in Aust account)

MPC is anti-corruption (uses state funds to renovate personal property)

MPC is against feathering the nest (uses his party position to raise $3m, banks it in personal account)

MPC is generous with heart of gold (gifts beti $50k)

MPC is champion of the poor (poor do not see cent he raised in their name)

MPC is honest (raised $3m under false pretences)

MPC is magician jadu tona (for a while made $3m disappear)

MPC supports democracy (when it suits him – supported 2006 coup)

MPC leads FLP in transparent manner (covertly appoints toilet man sachida senator against party directive; disciplines those who question decision)

MPC is the leader of Indians in Fiji- he is doing his best not to let Frank , who has made Indians as equal citizens of the country from day one , to win .

Its the same MPC as leader if Indians in Fiji who made Sitiveni Rabuka PM (when Rabukas agenda was Fiji for everybody except Indians) with his vote ahead of Moderate Jo Kamikamica!

Greystone said...

Ah,so you were listening,did our message sink in? Change your ways and repent of your sins before its too late.On the other hand the Satanist Temple in Lautoka is situated beside a prominent night club.Any drunk leaning on their door wouldnt recognise that he/she is leaning on the door to satans temple.Why is the temple located in such close proximity? ans:to lure unsuspecting drunks into the bosom of hell,how many missing persons from Lautoka lately?Food for thought?

Anonymous said...

Yes mahend Chaudhary is a thief and honestly a hardcore , uncompromising corrupt unionist who for his own benefit tried to touch the land issue when he was Pm . I'm a strong advocate that if an indian ever does become Pm , it cannot be the current crop of hoodlums . Fijian rights need to be protected . They feel vulnerable at this point . I feel that a Fijian who is educated and lived overseas will possibly be a great candidate.why ? Simple reason : a person that doesn't have any existing loyalties to any party and any affiliations is actually a good thing for fiji .once Fijians understand that their rights are protected they will then focus on education , economy , health care etc . At this point , I'm saying as an indo Fijian ... Our brothers are sceptical , and we MUST support them .
Thanks all .

Anonymous said...

The greatest leader in fiji ( arguably ) will be the person who can unite the mayor races there !. Only then will our Fiji will be the envy of the rest of the world .! The events of 1987 and subsequent events caused too much division . If fiji is united: it will become one of the greatest places to live ..

Anonymous said...

@Anon August 3, 2014 at 3:29

And that yava dua guy-what ideology is he standing on.

Waqavonovono is na educated person and that yava dua guy a tomiki la mai ena veidovu mai yasaasa va Ra.

Anonymous said...

I'm saddened to hear of Makereta's $3k fine, knowing well how the lady works very hard for the money.

Well Ma, if its any consolation to your little misfortune, here's sharing a beautiful tune - Via Dolorosa.


Now I wonder what's the other M ("MM") doing this nice, quiet Sunday afternoon? Meditating hopefully. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

That yavadua guy made history for Fiji,you,what have you,a Wadua? ha!ha!ha!

Anonymous said...

Do we really have people in Fiji that do not know the difference between court costs and fines?

Gee, and these people are going to be voting.

Anonymous said...

@August 3, 2014 at 6:54 PM

My point is the quality of candidates like Yava Dua and Bainivalu and your guru Bainidena are NOT people of substance.

O Bainidena can even talk sense and always can not takke the heat.
Is this a kind of leader we desrve?

A Dictatar is a Dictator and we all know where they all end .....like Saddam, Hitler, Idi Amin and NOW BHAI IS JUST FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE AND THAT IS WHAY ALL GOVERNMENT ARE BEING USED TO MAXIMISE THE REGIME'S PROPOAGANDA.



Anonymous said...

Court costs was too high. The regime quickly made a decree to cover the court.This was totally unfair.
All the decrees are illegal as it has been thrust on the people without any discussion with the people
The same is applicable to the 2013 Constitution which is illegal and was thrust on the people.

Anonymous said...

i taukei must unite and some are worried about their pocket rather then the interest of i taukei at large.

Anonymous said...

Still a long, long road to Jericho with respect to achieving "itaukei unity" - something I realized (and much to my disappointment), a long way back...but post 2006 coup.

Someone had mentioned here a Sodelpa-NFP coalition. If that is so, then it sounds like we've come full circle since the 1999 elections when I had voted for the NFP-SVT coalition. More than bread & butter issues, I was really looking for visionary leadership and I saw that with the architects of the 1997 Constitution.

Anonymous said...

That is the beauty of democracy. It has the provision for negotiation, dialogue and debates regarding issues of leadership. Not in the FFP because everything is decreed by Khaihum nd Bainimarama.

It is just funny how Bainimarama react to Qarase about democracy.

Vore should be the last person to preach about democracy.

He is just thinking about how to evacuate hi family when losing the election.

There is no two ways about it.
Latest reading that 90% of the Kai Viti will vote for SODELPA.

The Heckler said...

A: Knock, knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Banana.

B: Banana who?

A: Banana Bainimarama.

A: Knock, knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Banana.

B: Banana who?

A: Banana Bainimarama.

A: Knock, knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Aiyaz.

B: Aiyaz who?

A: Aiyaz so glad I didn't vote for Bainimarama.

Ganesh said...

Anonymous 4:13, what do you mean Frank has "made Indians as equal citizens"? Equal in what — treason?

Frank is doing us no favours.

Anonymous said...

Do we really have people in Fiji that do not know the difference between truth and lies?

Between freedom and tyranny?

Between the rule of law and the law of the jungle?

Between democratic rule and thug rule?

Gee, and these people are going to be voting!

Anonymous said...

What we need is a SODELPA-NFP-FLP-PDP coalition against FFP. Call it the Justice League.

Anonymous said...

Where the heck is Peter Thomson
name stand in the up coming General Election?
Why isn't his
name appears in the SODELPA or
FFP candidates list?
Comm-on Peter
toss your hat into the ring?
You know your Dad-Sir.Ian & Ratu Sukuna-would have been proud if you did?
We the GCC would be honoured if you'd pickup the phone
today and call Ro-Teimumu and come
on home?
You know where you belong
it's here at home with your Fijian
brothers & family?
Ro-Teimumu,if Peter hesitate for one sec,please give him the call
and bring home our only lost son?

mr Bean said...

How dare some people compare our PM with Hitler,Idi Amin and Saddam,WE didnt mass murder anyone,didnt order the Police or Army to kill any one,the deaths resulted from the criminal activities those men were engaged in and injuries they already have before they were questioned by Police And Military but PM didnt give the order for such actions.Actually Sodelpa is murdering supporters of the Govt.Chiefs,Lawyers and Senior Civil Servants were poisoned by Sodelpa,now that is murder,these people didtn commit any crime or were engaged in criminal acts.THE LAND IS SECURE,REF, TO SEC 28 OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS;OUR LAND IS PROTECTED THEREIN,INCLUDING RABI AND ROTUMA. NO LAND IS TO BE SOLD,GIVEN ON GRANT,TRANSFER OR EXCHANGED IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.Thank you evely one for reading,he!he!I go home now cook 1 kilo lice with lolo,he!he!Ching my long!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bean you are just as thick as your Prime Minister.2 Fuses short of an explosion. Heard over the local "real media" that ASK delayed one of last weeks flights to LA just to talk to Shenaz Voss. He got of the plane and thus delayed departure just to talk to big "maga voss". AFL folks tell me that this incident is regular occurrence for this mongrel. God help this nation if this son of a motherless goat gets into power again.

Anonymous said...


Fiji First policies will only cause more division amongst the races in Fiji!


Even our Indian dominated parties. NFP and FLP have much more for the indigenous fijian race in their election policies than the useless Fiji First.

TOGETHER, LET US VOTE OUT the so called fiji first; MORE LIKE "POCKET FIRST!!!"

FF is a party built on lies and it has nothing to offer but lies, lies, lies and more lies!


Anonymous said...

Unlike Bainimarama, Hitler was elected. Unlike Bainimarama, Idi Amin actually saw combat as a soldier. Unlike Bainimarama, Saddam actually had no weapons of mass destruction. Like all of them, though, Bainimarama murdered helpless prisoners in his custody. Hopefully, his end will be like Saddam's, not Idi Amin's, because his victims deserve justice.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's main weapon of mass destruction has the initials ASK.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It's appalling how the Aaina host Veena Bhatnagar is blatantly debating with Prof. Biman Prasad on behalf of government/Fiji First Party. This is in stark contrast to the treatment she gave to the AG on her shows. She looks totally irked every time something positive is said about NFP and takes cheap shots at Prof. Prasad. This show is so outrageous that it can become a classic case study for gutter level/partisan media politics.

GAME OVER said...

No coincidence that the end of voter registration today is marked by an upswing in hysteria on Coup 4.5. You all know instinctively that even if the game isn't yet fully up, it is certainly getting away from you. You don't have to believe the polls, although even the most conservative estimate, in the Fiji Times/Tebbutt poll, puts Bainimarama's support at 67 per cent. The real action is on the ground, where the other candidates can sense the coming rout wherever they go because most people have simply stopped listening. It's going to be interesting how you will all cope with defeat. No doubt there will be complaints of the election being rigged but if the international observers give it a clean bill of health, what then? There will be nowhere else to go. You will have to accept a Bainimarama Government with largely the same team and a few new faces. Do yourselves a favour in the meantime and start preparing yourselves psychologically.

Anonymous said...

Muslim rule is inevitable after September.

Anonymous said...

The EUS data at the household level indicate that the percentage of population in households below an estimated poverty line, changes as follows, between 2004-05 and 2010-11:

* in Fiji overall, poverty increased from 30% to 45%
* in rural areas, poverty increased from 34% to 55%
* in urban areas, poverty increased from 25% to 35%

The EUS individual worker data indicate that

* poverty of the workers depending on subsistence increased from 35% to 67%.

Insane fear of Islam said...

Muslim rule? Only in your head, you cretin.

Got Rope? said...

The election is rigged. We'd suspected it a year ago. We expected it six months ago. We saw it three months ago. We proved it three weeks ago. We confirmed it three days ago.

You smug regime asswipes will congratulate yourselves for backing the pack of thugs who overthrew democracy and then cloaked themselves in democracy by stealing the election. You foreign governments will congratulate yourselves for going with the pretense and fall in line to do business with this regime, Fijian democracy and justice be damned.

But the rest of us will no longer have an option to fall back on. The way will finally be clear. There will be one way and one way only to take back our government, and that is to meet force with force.

We will know the election was stolen. And we will show that we know by converging on Ratu Sukuna Park. And we will come prepared.

Suomynona said...

Bainivalu has his demons exposed that the media was forced to shut up at gunpoint by Frankie.

Yet his lustful desires are too overwhelming.

And since when does OneFiji sound similar to FijiFlunk when I consider it completely different.

The possibility of having a total of seven parties to contest the poles (good luck to them since its been rigged anyways) just makes the elections a whole lot more interesting, and even better IF any of them won somehow by a miracle despite the polls being stolen already.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has finally revealed his pay. It comes in at nearly $280,000. That makes Frank Bainimarama the highest paid Prime Minister EVER in Fiji’s History. There is NO WAY TO VERIFY these claims because:
There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of Government
There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of the RFMF slush fund,
There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of the PM’s Office funds

If you are a regime supporter or the Fiji Sun you will take them at face Value but if you are a thinking voter or even a true journalist you will want to have some questions answered.

1- When Bainimarama held the coup he insisted all ministers have a 30% pay cut. He himself said he would continue to receive only the commanders pay of circa $70,000. He is now receiving 4 times that amount. Who else in Fiji has had a fourfold increase in Salary in the last 8 years? Most people are now earning less in real terms than they were in 2006.

He went on the record in 2006 and said NO ONE INVOLVED IN THE COUP would benefit financially. $280,000 IS A HUGE BENEFIT

2- Who authorized Bainimarama’s massive pay increase?
3- When did he get his 400% pay Rise?
3- Why is he paid by Aliz Pacific and not by the Ministry of Finance?
4- Where are the declarations about his children?
5- Are there any Trust accounts of which he or any member of his family is a beneficiary, a contributor or a Trustee?

Anonymous said...

Bainivalu's mum-in-law must be so proud. Not only is her son-in-law shagging BOTH of her daughters, but he's a traitor and a thug as well.

mr Bean said...

Bainivalu,you vely lucky you bastad!
He!he!he!I also have 2 girfliends,he!mere and high teapot;..he!he!they post their blog hia often, he!he! ok,i go home now,then to suva market for lunch,chin mhy long!!

Anonymous said...

Was it Dr Ropate Qalo your victim Mr Bainivalu on that day at Caubati?Na toso balavu houwe ..la va..sewa tu boto ro!!!

Anonymous said...

Eda na qai vakadinadinataka ni sa suruta na vusi na nodratou i naki ca na FF ena 17 Sepiteba!



Anonymous said...

Nur Bano Ali should also be auditted for using taxpayers money to pay Bainimarama and Khaiyum don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Too many political parties. Form one opposition party. Too complicated for Jone and Vani in the villages. This just makes it too easy for Bainiwashed...I mean...brainwashed, rural folks to vote Fiji First.

Anonymous said...


The National Federation Party has made its stand clear in a campaign meeting in Tamavua that all the decisions made by the Bainimarama led government over the past eight years are unlawful.

NFP President Tupou Draunidalo said the NFP strongly believes that the decisions will only be legalized through the people’s vote.

While speaking at Tamavua Primary School, Draunidalo said NFP has never supported coups and questioned people on whether they want to vote for parties that have coup makers and coup supporters.

About 50 people attended the campaign meeting in Tamavua.

Anonymous said...

Electoral Commission will not condone any criminal activities
Monday, 04/08/2014

Chairman of the Electoral Commission Chen Bunn Young with the Writ of Elections
The Electoral Commission will not condone any criminal activities like damaging of any property such as stoning or vandalizing of taxis and private cars.

Chairman of the Electoral Commission Chen Bunn Young has appealed to the people of Fiji to refrain from any violence against people or property as we head into next month’s general elections.

Last week the FijiFirst raised serious concerns about the Electoral Commission’s lack of ability to address issues like the vandalizing and stoning of FijiFirst vehicles over the past few weeks.

FijiFirst General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said some of their supporters who have the FijiFirst stickers on their vehicles have been intimidated by members of the public and some law enforcement officers.

Sayed-Khaiyum said some of the vehicles have graffiti and swear words written on the stickers.

Other things written on the cars include people told to vote for other parties.

The FijiFirst General Secretary said some Land Transport Authority officers and Police officers are also intimidating their supporters.

Story by Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Our land (Native land/communal land) in reality is not being protected by Khaihum and Shamim's constitution because they have removed the entrench legislations.





Vilimoni Natewa said...

Rabuka and Qarase have been the cause of poverty in Fiji. Under both administration land leases were not renewed and tenants were evicted without any resettlement plans. The poor tenants had to dismantle their livelihoods and move and live in shanty places. Families were separated by their policies. Meanwhile once productive lands are lying barren.
On the other hand their governments were happy to receive remittances from people whom they were able to successfully flee the country. Rabuka has finally apologised but what about Qarase.

Anonymous said...

E sega beka ni kaiviti orau na taba tu qori kei koya na Bocilevu sonalevu o Bainivalu.

E sega ni mai yaco tu e Viti na ka vaqori. Qori beka na kai PNG, se Solomoni, baleta ni matata tu mai kea na ka va qo. Rua se Lima tu na watimu.

Bainivalu o iko beka na kai PNG, drau veica kei Oneil!!!

Anonymous said...

Letter 'S' in Sodelpa stands for SATAN or SNAKE. Oilei da dro tani de na qai dua lau kati na nona ujiriva se socona.

Anonymous said...

Chaudary and Lekh Ram Vyeshnoi were fine with Fiji first. Now that they got booted out- the party is NO GOOD! hahahahahah
Remember when a local newspaper broke news that Mahen was ordered to resign by a certain date, he denied that was true- when the deadline was approaching- THE BESHARAM PUFTA RESIGNED! Once again he made a fool of FLP supporters whilst the country laughed! iF HE WAS NOT BOOTED, MAHEN WOULD BE PRAISING FRANK ! DOES ANYONE DOUBT THAT? WHAT A LOW LIFE LOW DOWN UNIONIST!

Anonymous said...

Beans cause flatulence. No wonder Mr. Bean is a Fiji Fart supporter. He's nothing but smelly hot air coming out of an arse.

Anonymous said...

ABUSE OF GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: Fijileaks ex-Fiji Sun photographer spotted this Government vehicle GN420 parked opposite FijiFirst headquarters in Brown St, Suva. The passenger went into the party's office with a bundle of documents
Parmesh Chand
Fiji’s Public Service Commission says civil servants may be members of a political party, attend, vote and speak at only privately held meetings and free to vote for any party of their choosing. However, Permanent Secretary for the Public Service Parmesh Chand says they must ensure they are apolitical in the course of doing their work to maintain the political neutrality and impartiality of the civil service. He reminds civil servants they have a duty to the public and will be required to continue carrying out these duties irrespective of the outcome of the election. “All civil servants and public officers, regardless of the outcome of the elections, must ensure that they will continue to work for the benefit of the everyday members of the public that they are called to serve without political interest impeding the process.” Chand, reiterated civil servants must be apolitical leading up to the September 17 elections, on election day and the immediate post-election period. They are not allowed to indulge in active political activities and must refrain from making public comments saying it is a disciplinary offence. They are also not allowed to publicly further the activities or aspirations of a political party, or an election candidate. The PSC further says that civil servants who consider themselves as prospective candidates for election should not issue any statement, nor in any way publicly announce themselves as candidates or prospective candidates before informing the PSC or Permanent Secretary of their intention. Civil servants who do so do must immediately tender their resignation or retirement from the service, Chand said. The PSC also prohibits the use public funds to meet the expenses of any political activity including claims for mileage or subsistence allowance. And PSC also bans the display and distribution of political pamphlets and posters in government offices, buildings and quarters. “These guidelines safeguard the interests of the Fijian people,” Chand said. Source: Fijilive, 4 August 2014
Fiji's National Federation Party has questioned the motives of two senior government officials over political-related comments they made in the media recently. One of the two government officials did not mention the name of the party, but dismissed one of their policies, their plans to reduce VAT, saying that whether it was increased or decreased it would make no difference. The other government official said he wanted to clear what he called “misleading statements about the economy”. NFP General Secretary Kamal Iyer said as senior public servants they should know their role is only to implement Government policies. "Their role is to implement Government policies and this includes any Government that comes into power after the September 17 general elections," Iyer said. He said when public servants comment on policies proposed by political parties, they are in effect compromising the neutrality and independence of their positions as well as the institutions they serve. "A ordinary civil servant is disallowed from even to be seen at political party meetings or gatherings as it is construed as showing support towards a political party," Iyer said. "The NFP once again calls upon officers in all independent state institutions to remain apolitical at all times." The party says that by indulging in political campaign, senior public servants are showing their political bias and tarnishes their credibility and suitability to hold similar senior positions following a change of government and restoration of democracy after the elections. Source: Fijilive, 4 August 2014


Parmesh another sucker of the regime .He forgot when Bai slapped him .

Anonymous said...

Funny story how Mr. Bean got his name.

Once upon a time, there lived a man who had a terrible passion for baked beans. He loved them, but they always had an embarrassing and somewhat lively reaction on him. One day he met a girl and fell in love. When it became apparent that they would marry, he thought to himself, she'll never go through with the marriage with me carrying on like this, so he made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans.

Shortly after that they were married. A few months later, on his birthday and on the way home from work, his car broke down. Since they lived in the country, he called his wife and told her that he would be late because he had to walk home.

On his way home, he passed a small cafe and the wonderful aroma of baked beans overwhelmed him. Since he still had several miles to walk He figured he could walk off any ill affects before he got home. It was, after all, his birthday. So he went in and ordered, and before leaving had 3 extra large helpings of baked beans.

All the way home he putt-putted. By the time he arrived home he felt reasonably safe. His wife met him at the door and seemed somewhat excited. She exclaimed, "Darling, I have the most wonderful surprise for you for dinner tonight!" She put a blindfold on him, and led him to his chair at the head of the table and made him promise not to peek. At this point he was beginning to feel another one coming on. Just as his wife was
about to remove the blindfold, the telephone rang. She again made him promise not to peek until she returned, and away she went to answer the phone. While she was gone, he seized the opportunity. He shifted his weight to one leg and let go. It was not only loud, but ripe as a rotten egg. He had a hard time breathing, so he felt for his napkin and fanned the air about him. He had just started to feel better, when another urge came on. He raised his leg and RRIIPPP !!! It sounded like a diesel engine revving, and smelled worse. To keep from gagging, he tried fanning his arms a while, hoping the smell would dissipate. He got another urge. This was a real blue ribbon winner, the windows shook, the dishes on the table rattled and a minute later the flowers on the table were dead.

With his blindfold still on, when he heard the phone farewells he neatly laid his napkin on his lap and folded his hands on top of it. Smiling contentedly, he was the picture of innocence when his wife walked in. Apologising for taking so long, she asked if he had peeked at the dinner table. After assuring her he had not peeked, she removed the blindfold and yelled, "SURPRISE!!!"

To his shock and horror, there were twelve dinner guests seated around the table for his surprise birthday party.

Ever since, he's been known as "Mr. Bean."

Anonymous said...

I guess this C4.5 will turn into a JOKE STATION after Fiji First winning the election.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Voter Registration Card taken away from Soldiers....where to????? Suspicious act enough to throw a wild guess...?????

The sudden order from Bai to all commissioners and PS and some senior civil servant didn't go down well to all of them.

Anonymous said...

Hirsi Ali believes that all the countries that are condemning Israel during the current conflict will be forced to eat their words when they find themselves in the same situation.

“It is so clear what is going to happen,” says Hirsi Ali. “All these countries that are now condemning Israel will find themselves in exactly the same position as Israel.”

As the Islamist population grows throughout Europe, countries will be forced to deal with Islamist violence.

“They will have young populations that are having many more children than they are, who are high on this doctrine of death,” warns Hirsi Ali. “They will be faced with completely revamping their ideas and ideals.”

Countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, where Hirsi Ali served in parliament, already have “Shariah triangle” neighborhoods popping up in major cities.

She uses the example of second- and third-generation European citizens “volunteering to go and fight in Syria and Iraq and then come back with their citizen passports and cause mayhem.”

Anonymous said...

Hamas is far from a primitive group, though they are sometimes portrayed that way in the West.

“I watch Hamas television and I see that they are not primitive. They are very strong and very intelligent,” says Hirsi Ali. Its advancement comes thanks to the wealth of oil money that is backing radical Islam.

“Back in the 1950s and 1960s and 1970s, people didn’t know about the way Qatar funds Islamists. But now we are in the Google age,” she said. “There’s this big problem that is spreading across the world, with the help of oil money.”

Largely due to a misunderstanding of the Hamas “philosophy on life and death,” Westerners see Hamas as a stupid group.

“They are incredibly smart and incredibly Machiavellian,” says Hirsi Ali.

Other countries will soon wind up in same position as Israel is today

Anonymous said...

“You can negotiate with fellow human beings with whom you have some kind of common ground”—that is not the case with Hamas, according to Hirsi Ali.

“Israel is investing everything it has into life on earth” while “Hamas is investing everything it has into life after death,” says Hirsi Ali.

She points to the Hamas recruiting slogan of “we love death, they love life” and their vision of a “utopia” where “the State of Israel must be completely destroyed,” “Sharia law has to be established, ideally, all over the world,” and women have to “be locked up.”

Unless the West is willing to give in to their utopia, “it is pointless to go to the negotiations table” because of Hamas’ “philosophy on life and death.”

“They welcome death, death, death,” says Hirsi Ali. “In the Hamas narrative, which is also the Wahabi narrative and the Salafi narrative, you get to ecstasy and self actualization after you die, not before you die, don’t be silly. So now you have millions of people who welcome death, and that is very confusing for Westerners to understand.”

“For somebody like John Kerry it is too much to understand,” concludes Hirsi Ali.

To make her point, she compares Gaza to Spain, Italy, and Greece when they were poor following World War II.

“They built a network of tunnels, but these were tunnels built to connect the countryside to the cities or one country to another country, so there would be more trade, more contact. You look at Hamas and you think that they’ve worked so hard, spent so much money, spilled so much human blood and treasure on building these tunnels, but what is the objective? To destroy and to be destroyed. That is the philosophy of death.”

Oil money has made Hamas “very strong and very intelligent”

Anonymous said...

Hirsi Ali argues that the West treats radical Islam as though it is a “small group of very naughty boys” that hijacked what is still a “religion of peace” and a “religion of compassion,” but that this is now far from the truth.

“This is called wishful thinking,” says Hirsi Ali. “They say that Islam is a religion of peace and compassion, but that is what we want, that is what it should be, it’s not what it is.”

Hirsi Ali learned Islam as a little girl from her grandmother and her mother, and says for them there was “no interest in politics, in government, in power,” but it “was very spiritual.”

“It was not a political movement seeking to transform the world in its own seventh century image,” recalled Hirsi Ali.

Then she moved to Saudi Arabia and saw a new type of Islam, where police in the street “command right and forbid wrong.” There was a “chop chop” square where “hands were cut off, people were flogged, people were stoned, people’s heads were cut off.”

“That is the Islam of Hamas. Back in the 1970’s it seemed to me that it was a Saudi thing, but now it has become an international thing.”

Compromise is not possible without “true reformation of Islam” away from “doctrine of death”

Anonymous said...

Somalian refugee turned activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali sees the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza as a microcosm of a much larger global problem, and does not believe that a peaceful solution is possible as long as radical Islam continues to exist.

In an interview with Israel Hayom’s Yael Lerner, Hirsi Ali says that groups such as Hamas that subscribe to radical Islam cannot be negotiated with because they do not value life.

Hirsi Ali has experienced first-hand the terrors of life in parts of the world controlled by these groups. She was a victim of female genital mutilation at the age of five, and later escaped a forced marriage by obtaining asylum in the Netherlands.

She became a vocal activist for women’s rights in the Muslim world, and has lived with an Islamic bounty on her head for her 2004 film Submission which focused on the treatment of women under Islamic law. The director of the film was assassinated by an extremist Muslim.

Above are five takeaways from Hirsi Ali’s interview:

Anonymous said...

Hirsi Ali admires Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and thinks that “in a fair world” he would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

“He is under so much pressure, from so many sources, and yet he does what is best for the people of Israel, he does his duty,” says Hirsi Ali.

Israel deals with radical Islam on its border, and does not have the option of treating it as anything other than what it really is.

“You are living in a hornets’ nest. Israelis cannot pretend for too long, if you have tunnels being dug under you and rockets flying above you.”

Hirsi Ali believes that President Barack Obama was awarded his Nobel Peace Prize before he even did anything.

“He got it before the performance, not after,” Hirsi Ali said. “He doesn’t have to play, he already received his Oscar.”

Anonymous said...

SODELPA should ask FF what is their stance on what is happening in Gaza? Are they pro Hamas or pro Israel? That will confirm their real stance on Christianity!!!

Anonymous said...

What on earth has Christianity got to do with what's happening in Gaza? This is between the Palestinians and the Israelis. In other words, Muslims and Jews. Stop trying to drag us all here in Fiji into this fight. It's got nothing to do with us. There is fault on both sides in this conflict. Hammas has been tunnelling into Israel to kill Jews. Israel has retaliated by sometimes killing innocent civilians as it tries to hunt down the Hammas fighters. What has it got to do with any Fijian? You just want to use this to beat the AG. Fight his policies, not his religious faith.

The Heckler said...

Anon @ 12:36 AM, this is alteady a joke station, which explains YOUR presence.

This blogsite criticises the regime, and the regime is nothing so much as a total joke.

Now, if Fiji First wins, as you predict, the joke will be on Fiji.

mr Bean said...

Ah! so you were one of the guests then,oh so solly for the putt,putt,so solly did you enjoy the birthday cake then? bon apetie!! blimey,oh by golly rogers!! my goodness pleasea forgive me so mucha for my rude manners, he!he!he! ok evely one i go home now but today i no cook lice for lunch ,yes sir,i cook baked beans in tomato sauce with alot of chillies,hmm nicea,taste like chilli chicken,bon apetie,anyone? he!he!he! ching my low!!!

TUI VITI said...

10% increment backdated from June to January for 2014.A gift by the Govt for Civil Servants of Fiji for our hardwork and support for the Govt of the day and its leader,PM Bai. Thats the word in the pipeline with Fiji First, PM is discussing with his members of Cabinet to reward the hardworking Civil Servants with Ten Percent (10%) increment backdated to from June to Jan.Vinaka PM! This will consolidate our Civil Servants support for PM. A new Fiji for the future.

TUI VITI said...

10% increment backdated from June to January for 2014.A gift by the Govt for Civil Servants of Fiji for our hardwork and support for the Govt of the day and its leader,PM Bai. Thats the word in the pipeline with Fiji First, PM is discussing with his members of Cabinet to reward the hardworking Civil Servants with Ten Percent (10%) increment backdated to from June to Jan.Vinaka PM! This will consolidate our Civil Servants support for PM. A new Fiji for the future.

Anonymous said...

Why the increase is coming in the 11th hour?
This is nothing more than buying votes.

Mere said...

Obviously this regime is running scared. It's afraid of Ro Teimumu. It's afraid of Qarase. It's afraid of Biman Prasad. It's afraid of Chaudhry. It's afraid of Makereta Waqavonovono. It's too frightened to debate. Our brave military men, led by cowards!

Anonymous said...

"Media Organizations Urged to Declare". I am going to go out on a limb here and take a wild guess, that the Fiji Sun..."Fiji ' s #1 newspaper" supports the dictatorship....I mean....Fiji First. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti, vinaka PM give us another 90%. We will still not vote for yous. Nomui cici duka sara.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti, a gift? Ulukau, that is what is owed to you. You have already earned it, ya dumbass. And if you believe that shit, I also got some ocean - front property to sell you in Samabula. Cheap too.

Anonymous said...

ungrateful bastards..^^

Anonymous said...

Why Khayium gets medical treatment in Melbourne with all costs paid by taxpayers?
Why ordinary people cannot get the same treatment?
Is it that medical services is so bad in the country.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Is it true that Khaiyum is seeking treatment in Australia because Bainivalu's head went up his anus?

TUI VITI said...

@Anon 10.47pm; I already have 3 properties lol,I dont need your ocean front because of its vulnerability to TSunami whilst you sleep, got the picture? OK, now that is hard earned [10%],we earn it so if PM approves it well Xmas came early for Fiji Civil Servants.Someone should write a book about the achievements this Govt has made.leaps and bounds are an understatement,dont you think? PM is like the Father Christmas to Fiji and its visitors.It will make those sitting on the fence jump the F.First way.NOW THAT IS SOME STATEMENT,THE PEOPLE OF NAMOSI AND SERUA SUPPORT FIJI FIRST WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICS,WHEN ITS THE VANUA THEY ALSO RESPECT THEIR CHIEF,WELL SAID AND DONE.WE SHOULD RESPECT OUR CHIEFS AS WE ARE TRADITIONALY OBLIGED TO DO SO,BUT WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICS WHOEVER MEETS OUR NEEDS LIKE FIJI FIRST GETS OUR VOTE.If Sodelpa loses they will still be in parliament as opposition so we have good people on both sides caring for us!se vaevei?,ok!

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti @10.36am. Stop dreaming and Come back to reality, man! No civil servant will vote for FF.

Firstly, retirement age in the CS was suddenly reduced to 55 years from 60 years and many were caught off guard and are still suffering today and will continue to suffer.
Secondly, Bai and Khai introduced a Decree called the Employment Relations Amendment Decree (No 21) in 2011. This completely removed all rights of workers in the CS. Tui Viti please read Clause 266 of this Decree. It removes all rights of Civil Servants from raising any grievance or employment issues that concern them.The Decree also removed their union agreements and the terms and conditions that they had enjoyed during the past years. Today, the situation in the CS is "I dont like your face, I sack you!" The sad thing is, there is completely no redress avenues available to CS in Fiji today. Yes, not even in the High Court of Fiji, according to the Decree. AMAZING, EH!

Have you ever wondered why there are so many terminations in the CS, banks, statutory entities etc without any investigations!

Furthermore, no workers in all banks, airports, FEA,Telecomunications sector or Fiji Airways will ever want to vote FF because of another Bai/Khai Decree No 35 of 2011 (The Essential National Industries Decree). Tui Viti listen - this Decree also removes all rights of workers in all the industries named above.

The sad thing is that the social protection clauses like Retirement Benefits etc that had existed in Collective Agreements negotiated between unions and the companies and that workers had enjoyed previously, are no more.

So tell me Tui Viti, do you honestly think any civil servant or bank worker or FEA worker, telecommunication etc etc will be stupid enough to vote for FF??? They surely do not have short memories!Oh yes!, they still remember!

The pay increase lolly handout offered by Bai Khai is not enough to heal the wounds of the last 8 years.

Tui Viti - there's your hero, Bainimarama and Khaiyum for you! As they say "IN YOUR FACE"

TUI VITI said...

@ Anon 1.59pm, now thats a rebuttal worth commending,good research but as always, it needs to be checked out to verify and ascertain data and references presented.You a on the wrong side,come on over to right side,mate.It is just a step away.There's a lot of the brains trust in the Govt,so the more the merrier.

Anonymous said...

Mr Qarese,

You sir are a racist trash. You dont deserve to be PM and I hope you will drown in your own bitterness.

I suggest you sell your equal citizen policy to idiots like Manning and rest of Australian and NZ whites.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.59pm - No but thanks, mate! I don't support evil!

Anonymous said...

This government has a brain trust? You gotta be kidding me! The trust is bankrupt. The vault is empty.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:38, so, what's your point?

Anonymous said...

Army says to Tui Viti...ahhh another free loader...remember you are a Fijian and not a Vitian so vinaka Tui Fiji or should we say Feejeean. isn't that what you are a free loading Feejeean or as your name implies King Of Feehee and not Viti. Viti is the unrecognized Fijian term under your COMMON CRIMINAL PM's constitution and you can only be recognized as one. By the way...you know your half Tongan...

The Heckler said...

Tui Viti, can I borrow your brain trust for half an hour?

I'm building an idiot.

TV said...

@ Anon 3.43pm, aha,so you dont support evil, well 'let him that has not commit treason, cast the first stone'

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.47 stop trying to evade the issue; or perhaps you are a simpleton; or worse, someone who thinks they can patronise Fijians by waving aside sensitive issues. I am not attacking Kaium personally. But it is a fact that he is the one whose policy that is the basis of the FF manifesto of tearing down all Fijian institutions including its Judeo Christian moral code. What is happening in Gaza is not actually between Jews and Arabs, but between Israel and radical Islam. Radical Islam is spread from Saudi Arabia. For you to say that Fiji has not interest just shows your fear that this issue is another one that will expose the true long term objectives of Kaium. For your information Fijian soldiers have been deployed at Israel's northern and Southern border from the late 70s and esrly 80s'. Fijians are actually on the border in Rafah, the southern extent of the ongoing operation, and in the Golan the other theater threatening Israel. You say that I should attack Kaium's policies; well that is exactly what I am doing - questioning his Foreign Policy. Since you are defending him can you tell us what the FF Foreign policy is on Gaza because we assess, based on prese4nt global trends that Fiji is slowly and unwittingly being invaded by radical Islam!

Anonymous said...

I haven't commited treason. Most of us haven't. I'd be happy yo cast the first stone, but hanging is the customary punishment for traitors.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:12 PM

Why on earth would Fiji First have a foreign policy on Gazza.

It would be the same as any other political parties in Fiji, not on the agenda.

Ki Bau said...

Qarase is a racist. He says no equal citizenship for everyone. Mr Qarase what are you talking? Why cant Fiji Indians have equal citizenship? The blacks in USA have equal citizenship. They were brought from Africa to work in USA and have equal citizenship. Why cant Fiji Indians have equal citizenship? How can you or your party be the government when you have hatred against a particular race? Your grandchildren born in Australia and USA have equal Australian and USA citizenship but why cant Fiji-Indians?

Anonymous said...

To all my ITaukeis, why i asking for all Indo-Fijian to have equal citizenship as you, so that I can have all their votes for this election. After election it'll be back to square one.

Your very own liar liar patch of fires PM


Anonymous said...

I just could not hold back my comments on the Gaza Israel situation. This war or resistant movement or whatever you want to call it depending on which side of the fence you sit is as stupid as you can get. I sit in the middle. Firstly not all Gaza dewellers are radical Muslims. Listen to BBC and one quickly realizes that these folks are mostly ordinary people forced into a life of hell by the occupier.
The way Israel is disproportionally killing women and children and innocent people is simply not humane. If they are not killing them than the blockades are making the lives of these folks so miserable that i am suggesting to the Israeli PM too just kill them all and call it a day. The world watches without doing anything anyway because of big brother US what will they do if you just wipe the Palestinians of the planet. On the Flip side Hamas has been fighting the Jews for the best part of the last 40 years with nothing to show for it. They recently shot over 3000 rockets into Israel with one death to account for on the Jews side from the rockets. The ratios and the language of violence just don't stack up. One would think that 1 just one leader in Hamas would have half a brain to say hey this is not working lets try "Ghandis" way i.e. non violent and dialogue.Seriously men we have got to be Gods worst and dumbest creation

Anonymous said...

Ki Bau,
Everyone in this country got equal citizenship way back in 1970, when we got our independence, that is why everyone has got a Fiji passport, not Indian or Chinese or even Rotuma or Rabi passport.
The enthnic communities continued to live close to their own in the way they farm, do business, work, study, go to their different school, churches, temples, mosques, etc.
Even the people of Bau chose to remain on Bau, and so are the people of Mavana for reasons that they chose.
If you care to note, the Qarase government implimented about 29 Affirmative Action programmes during its rule and over half of this were directed at the ethnic Indian communities, eventhough the support for SDL in the 2006 election from the Indian community was less than that in 2001.
It seems that everytime that there is a Fijian leader, he or she is perceived as a racist, but everybody else is not.
Ki Bau seems to be caught up in the old tacist arguement when leadership today has moved deeper than skin type and colour to the basic needs and services that society can be provided.

Anonymous said...

To the person who made comments about Gaza. Fully agree with your assessment and comments . There is no excuse for anyone let alone Israel( which has a mighty military might ) to slaughter and butcher the innocent children and people of Palestine . They deserve their independence just as Israel as a country should exist without the threat of being wiped out . The key here Is the United States , and if they ultimately put their foot down , Wall Street , Hollywood And the most powerful Jewish - American business moguls will wreak havoc on the American leadership . Again I think it's much more complex to understand that equation , but USa provides over $3 billion in aid to Israel each year . Most of it is in the form of military aid . It is well documented that Clinton, who once called the Pm of Israel ( a " difficult man to work with ) that Israel becomes too demanding and may not ultimately want any peace , and continue to play the blame game and to make matters worse , HAMAS wants to wipe them out !! . It's an age old war . The people of Palestine deserve a better life .

Anonymous said...

Labasa businessman, Charan Jeath Singh has withdrawn his application to be a proposed candidate for the FijiFirst Party.

This was confirmed in a letter written to the Party General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum today.

Singh refused to make any comments in relation to his withdrawal when contacted by Fijivillage this afternoon

Anonymous said...

Khayium's father works for Charan Jeath. Charan has too many things to declare!
So he may have decided to keep out of the mess.
Anyway he would not have won anyway.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is not being taken over by radical Islam . There is no such thing as radical Islam . People have radical views and their views are very swiftly turned into a " religious doctrine " , most by the western media . No religion teaches violence . Im a muslim and the Koran does not advocate any form of violence . The Koran like the bible or any other holy book can always be interpreted to suit people's agendas . All religions are beautiful, it's us that have erred in our ways .

Anonymous said...

Last election Charan spend a lot on his campaign and also plenty food and grog etc in his shed. People went through his shed and had nice time but did not vote for him. So he knows his fate.

Ki Bau said...

Anonymous at 7.18 p.m. Your own leader Qarase stated in Tailevu last night that we cannot have equal citizenry in Fiji. No one complained or labelled Sir Ratu Mara or Dr Bavadra racisits.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the Gaza situation has to do with Fiji. The Middle east is the political play ground for the western world from the time of civilization.Only God can resolve it when he comes.

Anonymous said...

There was a talk back show in the Hindi FBC program between Veena Bhatnagar and Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum. Biman was an observer!!!

Anonymous said...

This has always been the views of non-itaukei.

When we the indigenous people of this country formulate policies that will assist our people to improve their lives, economic well being and etc and etc we are normally labelled as RACIST and the opportunity created by the current REGIME to dilute our identity is a grand plan by KHAIHUM in his THESIS.

The introduction of TOPPERS Scholarship and the push for Secular Sate are two glaring examples that are intended to slowly destroy the Indigenous culture, tradition, ethos and know ledges of the KAI VITI.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I suggest every i taukei read the thesis of Khayium that is how to destroy the i taukei. This should be translated and distributed to every i taukei to read.

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Qori baleta ni lal na ulumu o sa vosa ca tiko ga.

No school

Va cava e mosi na dina...blary fool!

Anonymous said...

E vaka me sa matata mai na mata ni meke ...era kila na dina ni taukei

Vote SODELPA and vote against DICTATOSHIP


Anonymous said...

Sa rere tiko o Bai kei ira na nona dau masipolo

90% na kai viti will vote against human right abuse,corruption,deceit, lies under this Regime.

Anonymous said...

Sayed Khaiyum's Final Solution thesis: read it for yourself

Bainimarama’s anti-Fijian policies driven by Khaiyum’s genocidal 'sunset clause' thesis on how to destroy Fijian cultural autonomy.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s thesis, where he advocates the destruction of the very fabric of Fijian institutions.

A few excerpts. In his conclusion, Khaiyum writes as follows:

“As seen from the Fijian experience, cultural autonomy has a place within a nation-state to provide protection to a group at a particular point in time or for a period of time….To maintain one’s self-worth culture needs to be dynamic and vibrant. Capturing it in institutions makes culture parochial, irrelevant, prone to manipulation and servesonly the interest of a few….As seen from the Fijian experience the continuation of separate indigenous Fijian administration has restricted the growth of a coherent national narrative, in politics, myth or ritual...”

In his conclusion, Aiyaz proposed the following, akin to Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution: “Therefore cultural autonomy must have a sunset clause. Its prolonged continuation will place a stranglehold on the very members it seeks to protect and it will concomitantly disallow the critical cultural space in which a just, vibrant and coherent nation-state can flourish while embracing diversity.”

Anonymous said...

if all those muslim pigs in government departments were not enough, kaiyum has given citizenship to a lot of arab and asian muslims. one is running the BBQ stall near valelevu roundabout, another carz and carz motor vehicle company. there are many other burqa women in fiji now. Fiji has not gone to dogs but to muslim pigs

Mark Manning said...

Here in Australia, we are experiencing a big muslim problem staring right back at us. We allowed a whole bunch of them to seek refuge with us thinking that they are the aggrieved ones. Now, these same bastards are threatening to blow up my kids working for AFP. Most muslims are using the our money that they get as dole to fund terrorists activities and kill Christians. As a previous blogger said, the world shouldn't trust the muslims. I feel for the Fijians who are losing their country and identity to the muslims. Beware fellas. They will use your own money to kill you so get rid of them before they start showing their true colours.Save your country before it is too late.

Muhammad said...

Why can't Fiji's Indians have equal citizenship to everyone else. Why shouldn't we have the same rights as everyone else? I say good for Aiyaz. It's time we owned the land.

Death to the Pig said...

Laisenia Qarase is not only a disgusting racist and bigot. He is also a crook who went to jail for abuse of office. Let me know when this guy drops dead. Otherwise I'm not interested and neither is anyone else. Like some jack in the box who keeps bouncing back. As if the damage he did between 2000 and 2006 isn't enough. When the election is over, he should be prosecuted for crimes of racial hatred. A dirty piece of veka from Mavana, where he should be buried as soon as possible.

Gone and who cares? said...

Look at that tamani size wannabe Waqavonovono and her string of pearls. She has no idea how ordinary i'Taukei women live. Too busy being fancy in Sydney or Port Vila or wherever. Does anyone care if you can't contest the election, darling? Not me, thats for sure. Consigned to the dustbin of history and not a minute too soon.

Anonymous said...

"Indians worship tavoro [sic]”.

- Text message from Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

"He's a crook who went to jail . . ."

Never mind that it was on trumped up charges.

Never mind that he was sentenced by a kangaroo court controlled by the regime that deposed him through treason.

Never mind that the crimes committed by his persecutors are heinous and capital, and yet they not only go scot free but are presenting themselves to us as our (unelected) leaders.

And never mind that the detractors of Christ Jesus said the same things about Him.

Qarase isn't Christ, but he isn't Barabbas, either. The point is that their villifiers are cut from the same cloth.

Anonymous said...


7.42 & 7.35 & 7.17 and your ilk, No matter how much you try, you cannot convince us that radical Islam which is sweeping the middle east does exist. Read the comments of Hirsi Ali posted above. She is a Muslim woman and is now an international activist against radical Islam; according to Hirsi radical Islam emanates out of Saudi Arabia. Try to take a bible into Saudi Arabia and you will be thrown into prison. How more radical can a religion get? Then, according to Hirsi, you have Qatar which has been funding radicalism, including Hamas. Now why would Qatar pay $200. million dollars to build tunnels into Israel so terrorists can go in and kill Israelis which will definitely provoke the kind of backlash that is presently unfolding. It is because radical islam does not value life but, values martydom to their insane religious views. The people that are being killed in Gaza are not by accident, it is part of the radical plan, i.e. to sacrifice so many lives and convince soft bleeding hearts in the West and a naive international opinion.
So you see, not all of us Fijians are still trapped in the village mindset that Kaium and Shameem have clearly identified as the weak link in the Fijian constituency; and which they are now manipulating. The good hearted and innocent Fijians are being manipulated by the free hand outs which FF is giving.
FF (Kaium & Shameem) are manipulating an uninformed constituency (market vendors, villagers, poverty stricken citizens). FF and its policies have essentially created amongst Fijians a "cargo cult" mentality. giving out free handouts like manna from heaven! While desperately trying to cook up the public accounts books. Kaiums theory is essentially premised on the destruction of Fijian institutions and replace it with a non racial institution where the immigrant race is better placed to surge ahead because he has no qualms about depriving others their rights, while the indigenous is definitely unable to or not socially endowed to compete for the very reason that Judeo Christian moral codes, which demands "repaying evil with good" is totally at war with radical Islam code of a tooth for a tooth!
The strategy being used by radical islam (FF) is not even subtle; it is so painfully obvious; unless, if you are stuck inside Fiji for years and fed with FF propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Anons 7.42, 7.35, 7.17,

Surely you cannot explain the recent decision by Kaium to disqualify Makereta and Jone, two educated and competent indigenous Fijians from competing in the elections, except from the prism of radical islam. And why the heck would Fiji need an Ambassador in UAE (and Qatar of course) except to be a conduit for the flow of radical ideology and strategy and funding to buy out Fiji! And how hard can it be to buy out Fiji when you have Bainimarama; a man from a family that has been desperately trying to make itself known; so they will take whatever money is offered. Your denial of radical islam rings hollows. I hope Kaium and Bai now know that the only way to stop coups is to hang all that commited treason!!! Frank should be familiar with the gallows, his father was a warden at Korovou prison anyway!

Anonymous said...

Anons 7.42, 7.35, 7.17,

Surely you cannot explain the recent decision by Kaium to disqualify Makereta and Jone, two educated and competent indigenous Fijians from competing in the elections, except from the prism of radical islam. And why the heck would Fiji need an Ambassador in UAE (and Qatar of course) except to be a conduit for the flow of radical ideology and strategy and funding to buy out Fiji! And how hard can it be to buy out Fiji when you have Bainimarama; a man from a family that has been desperately trying to make itself known; so they will take whatever money is offered. Your denial of radical islam rings hollows. I hope Kaium and Bai now know that the only way to stop coups is to hang all that commited treason!!! Frank should be familiar with the gallows, his father was a warden at Korovou prison anyway!

Anonymous said...

Anons 7.42, 7.35, 7.17,

Surely you cannot explain the recent decision by Kaium to disqualify Makereta and Jone, two educated and competent indigenous Fijians from competing in the elections, except from the prism of radical islam. And why the heck would Fiji need an Ambassador in UAE (and Qatar of course) except to be a conduit for the flow of radical ideology and strategy and funding to buy out Fiji! And how hard can it be to buy out Fiji when you have Bainimarama; a man from a family that has been desperately trying to make itself known; so they will take whatever money is offered. Your denial of radical islam rings hollows. I hope Kaium and Bai now know that the only way to stop coups is to hang all that commited treason!!! Frank should be familiar with the gallows, his father was a warden at Korovou prison anyway!

Anonymous said...

Death to the pig, ,,,,,,,,seems to have so much of hatred against some citizens like Qarase who have made tremendous personal achievements and contributions to public life in Fiji.
Before politics, Qarase gained himself a Masters in Commerce degree from an overseas university, became a permanent secretary for the public service commission, a PS for Finance, then he joined the private sector to become the managing director of FDB, then he became the MG for Fijian Holdings, he then joined politics to become a senator, before twice becoming a PM and won two successive general elections.
Fiji's first PM had similar record, but not the current illegal PM, who stole leadership from the people, and continues to steal his way through the last 7 years.

No degree qualifications, no real promotion to the top, but being pulled, pushed, forced and ' gunned' his way to the top. Throwing people into court and jail but making laws to prevent him from going to jail, as the country' most wanted for acts of treason and usurping of power.
Trying to promote a constitution as a person who had tried to abrogate constitutions that come his way. What a farce!
A confused leader who is not sure of leading a party or a movement, he calls what he does with whatever he likes, he is lost because his guides are not before him but behind him.


Opinion piece by Crosbie Walsh

"Our manifesto affirms SODELPA will place God in His rightful position." -- Ro Teimumu.

In other circumstances —in another century or sitting with the Taliban— I would have been mildly amused that SODELPA intends to put "God back in His rightful position" by amending the 2013 Constitution. I would have thought God was already everywhere and did not need a helping hand from a political party.

I would also have thought making Fiji a Christian state was unnecessary. The secular state protects all religious beliefs, and does not require the caveat that non-Christian beliefs will also be protected.

So why is the inclusion of God so important to SODELPA in its intended new constitution?

It is, I think, based on two premises, both of them believed by many ordinary Taukei.

First, the fusion of religion and chiefly authority that typified tribal society in pre-Cession Fiji is still very much alive in modern Fiji. Obeying and respecting one's chiefs is seen by many Taukei to be part of the natural— and supernatural— order.

Secondly, there is the mistaken belief that the chiefs ceded Fiji to Christianity and Queen Victoria, There is absolutely nothing in the Deed of Cession to support the former claim. The myth, for that is what it is, has been kept alive by extreme Methodist and Taukei nationalists, and a lot of wishful thinking.

For a Taukei nationalist party such as SODELPA, being seen to restore God to His rightful place —even if He was never not there— will therefore win votes from the less educated. SODELPA clearly wants them to think that God is on its side, and the secular state defined in the 2013 Constitution makes Fiji a state without God.

This, of course, is arrogant nonsense. SODELPA has no special claim on God and this tactic is unlikely to win many votes from liberal Methodists and other Christians.

It has not always been recognized that the Methodist Church has been a battleground between moderates and extremists since the 1987 Coup.¹ The extremists took over the church leadership and supported the Rabuka Coup and short-lived 1990 Constitution when as a Christian state, the Sunday Ban prohibited shops from opening and buses from operating which, ironically, resulted in many of the faithful being unable to attend church!

No other Methodist Church anywhere in the world and no other Christian denomination in Fiji has called for a Christian state.

Anonymous said...

All these old mofos running for office. Please! You all failed before, what makes you think we want you back in there? Just go away....let's get some fresh young minds in office. We're tired of the same old bullshit you've been feeding us all these years.

Thank God for Qarase said...

Liesenia Qarase's only contribution to public life in Fiji is to have produced the Bainimarama revolution. Ironically, he deserves the credit for everyone now being equal and sharing the name Fijian. Because if he hadn't been such an idiot in 2006, none of this would have happened. Qarase's racist policies and his attempt to free George Speight combined to infuriate the very man who had given him the job of rebuilding Fiji after the 2000 coup. Bainimarama warned him to back off and he refused. Her was removed because he deserved to be removed. Then he went to jail because he ripped off ordinary Fijians by allocating the most valuable shares in Fijian Holdings to himself and those around him. He abused his office. Qarase is a racist, a bigot, and a criminal and robbed Fiji of a decade of development. Thank God he will never hold the levers of power again and neither will any of those around him. They think Fijians are stupid but they are not that stupid so spare us all the SODELPA bullshit.

Mere said...

Gone and Who Cares @ 1:01 AM, I care that Makareta Waqavonovono cannot contest the elections — not because I'm an NFP supporter or would have voted for her, but because she should have the right to run for office like any other qualified Fijian. It isn't right that a pack of thugs and traitors can seize our government and then rewrite all of the rules to suit themselves, and that's exactly what's happened here in Fiji. It isn't right that this regime can disqualify any candidate it fears by gaoling them on phony charges or announcing an ex post facto decree, as it did in Makareta's case. And it isn't right that these same traitors can then use my tax money to pay for snide lowlifes like you to chime in with your support for their treason.

Anonymous said...

I see that the regime trolls were active again last night. Graveyard shift at Claredon House?

Since when has Coup 4.5 become the message board for Crosbie Walsh and Graham Davis? Oh yeah, since their own blogsites failed for lack of readership.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that people who want the GCC back, those who want Fiji as a Christian state, those who want the constitution review, those who want the Qoliqoli bill - they are already voting for SODELPA.
So why is SODELPA bringing up these issues now...not really to attract those votes.

Those Indians, some of them may have voted for other parties willing to work with SODELPA - but with the way SODELPA is going, these Indos may be shifting more towards Bainimarama.

These guys need to form a broader coalition to defeat FijiFirst, then amend the constitution. And under such a constitution, they can have another election later - where these guys can go at each other in a free and fair election like any other democracy.

Anonymous said...

God should be first amongst all Fijians and those who want to be Fijians.

Before even the ceding of these islands to Queen Victoria in 1874, the Christian missionaries were already here in 1835 in the attempt to convert the Fijians to discard their cannibalistic custom and worship the true Christian God who would bless them in current times and in the eternal future.

There were tribal wars and even some of these missionaries were persecuted and even killed and eaten (but could not even retaliate with weapons they did not carry) in the endeavour to bring civilization and salvation to the souls of these Fijians. And bless God that they were successful and the Christian God, Jehovah who is Jesus Christ, became first and foremost in their lives. They were saved from the clutches of the Americans who would have taken all Fijian lands and perhaps would have massacred our ancestors like they did the Hawaiians who now have no land of their own.

Yes, many indigenous Fijians have turned away from the true God of our ancestors and that is why He is punishing us by allowing tyrants and dictators to rule over us just like unbelieving Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians and Romans ruling over and enslaving God's people of Israel who turned away from Him.

The indigenous Fijians understand this story and Ro Teimumu's pledge to "put God in His rightful place" resonates a truth that they have always known. They also understand that some ministers of our Christian religions have and had tried to bring in politics into our worship and it is not the Methodist Church itself that is causing it.

While the Church and State are indeed separate, it is God who is the God of Churches and of States who should not be separate from them. There is no dilemma amongst indigenous Fijians whether they should vote for a Godless Fiji under Bainimarama and Khaiyum or for a a party that puts first the true God of Fiji who has never absconded from us but who many of us had and have forsaken.

High Tea said...

Crosbie Walsh writes: "Secondly, there is the mistaken belief that the chiefs ceded Fiji to Christianity and Queen Victoria, There is absolutely nothing in the Deed of Cession to support the former claim. The myth, for that is what it is, has been kept alive by extreme Methodist and Taukei nationalists, and a lot of wishful thinking."

That simply isn't true. The Deed of Cession explicitly ceded Fiji to the government of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, and one of its objects was safeguarding Christianity in the islands. The Deed states: "And Whereas the Fijian Chief Thakombau styled Tui Viti and Vuni Valu and the other high native chiefs of the said islands are desirious [sic] of securing the promotion of civilization and Christianity and of increasing trade and industry within the said islands . . . the said Tui Viti and other the several high chiefs thereof for themselves and their respective tribes have agreed to cede the possession of and the dominion and sovereignty over the whole of the said islands and over the inhabitants thereof and have requested Her said Majesty to accept such cession . . ."

It's right there in black and white. Why believe Crosbie Walsh's characterisation of the Deed of Cession when we can read the text of the Deed ourselves verbatim?

In fact, why believe Crosbie Walsh about ANYTHING?

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that weeks before the election, one of the more important issues is putting God back in the constitution - I guess we are talking about the Christian God.
This is exactly how SODELPA is going to push those Indian voters who may be sitting on the fence into the arms of FijiFirst.
Why bring this subject now - what is important now is to win the fricken election - and then do what you can do later as long as it is done democratically.
Right now you want Indos supporting parties that are willing to work with SODELPA post election. You don't want those voted to vote for the Man of 90% support or is it 80% now.
Come on guys....you can win this election, if yo don't screw it up now.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Qarase.....does not get it.
We have an un-elected PM, who supplied his CRW solders with guns and supplies to remove the government of 2000, then tried to play the saviour's role to free the MP hostages, before storming the unarmed people at Kalabu.

He was a party to the removal of the President Rt. Mara in 2000.
He was the one who tried to illegally abrogate the 1997 in 2000.
He started planning the 2006 in 2003 when his Commander's contract was in limbo for renewal.
He lied to the people as the reason behind the 2006 coup. This is evident to the fact that no one was charged nor imprisoned, in the last 7 years, for corruption as a Minister or PS in their roles in government.
Created the illegal FICAC to create fear amongst the people. Sacked 4 DPPs, and with his illegal CJ they have sacked magistrates,judges etc...
Lied that no military official will benefit from the coup.
Lied to the Charter for Change that the 1997 in the supreme law of the land.
Lied to the people that President Iloilo abrogated the 1997 constitution when he did himself.
He has just lied about the declaration of his assets.
The list goes on with more lies yet to come.
One fact remains, this illegal PM is heading Naboro!!

Anonymous said...

Prepare for instability as nations will rise against nations, religions against other religions, tribes against tribes, indigenous against non indigenous and brother against bro........signs of the end of times!!!

Japan has warned that China's "dangerous acts" over territorial claims in the East China Sea could lead to "unintended consequences" in the region, as fears grow of a potential military clash.

Anonymous said...

So you think Saneen made a mistake when he first did not allow the registration of the One Fiji Party and later went on to allow it.

It was no mistake. First he did what was expected, until they figured out that let these guys register the party, all they will do is take away some youth votes from SODELPA.

So who is stupid here.

Anonymous said...



FF has the perfect ingredients to create hatred and disunity amongst the races in Fiji!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:21, everything you say is true, and much more could be written besides, of course. But it's all lost on "Thank God for Qarase". Your facts mean nothing to him. He won't even acknowledge them, let alone attempt to refute them. All he cares about is that this illegal regime is paying him, and he's the type who will call "mum" anyone who will suckle him her teat.

Lawrence of Beqa said...

I'm not surprised to see some uninformed opinions on the situation in Gaza, since Fiji is so far afield. Also, undoubtedly some of the opinions are from the same individual trying to give the impression of wider acceptance for their errant views. But having served in the Middle East in peacekeeping operations, some of us do know better. Whilst being so far away from the problem can sometimes give a person a fuller perspective of its dimensions, that sadly seems to be missing from the comments I'm seeing expressed here.

Let's briefly examine some of the claims.

"Firstly, not all Gaza dwellers are radical Muslims." True. Point conceded.

"These folks are mostly ordinary people forced into a life of hell by the occupier." Ordinary people, yes, but many of the difficulties in their lives are self-inflicted. Their election of radical leaders, for example. Their choice of war instead of peace. Their support of those who goaded the Israelis into this conflict by kidnapping and murdering innocent Israeli children. And calling the Israelis "occupier" is both unBiblical and unKoranic, as both books prophesy the Jews' return to the Holy Land in the End Times.

"The way Israel is dsproportinately killing women and children and innocent people is simply not humane." Disproportionate to what? Would you prefer more Israeli innocents to die so that the killing would be more proportionate? This round of conflict began when Hamas kidnapped and murdered innocent Israeli teenagers. Hamas is launching rockets against Israel that are designed to kill indiscriminately. Are the Israelis to be blamed for creating Iron Dome to prevent those rockets from killing its people? If Hamas wouldn't deliberately locate its rocket launchers in the most heavily populated areas, then the collateral damage would be more minimal. It located the launchers there to make it harder for the Israelis to neutralise without causing maximum civilian casualties amongst the Palestinian population. The Israelis have committed great and tragic errors resulting in the loss of innocent life, but we have no evidence that they were designed to do so. Hamas, on the other hand, wants to inflict as many casualties as possible on Israel, whether they be military or not. The Israelis use their missiles to protect the population, whilst Hamas uses its population to protect its missiles.

"The world watches without doing anything anyway because of Big Brother US." "[The Palestinians] deserve their independence just as Israel as a country deserves to exist without the threat of being wiped out." The commenter seems to ignore or not understand that the United States is one of the main proponents of a two-state solution in Palestine, which, oh by the way, is geographically untenable. The threat of annihilation for Israel is real. It is posed, not by religious Islam, the tenets of which could accommodate Israel, but by secular Islamist extremists, who have made it an article of their political faith that Israel must be driven into the sea, even though the Koran foretold the return of the Jews to the Holy Land. The U.S. support of Israel is the main factor preventing a wider bloodbath in the Middle East. Also, the United States is the financial underwriter of all of the United Nation's peacekeeping operations in the Middle East. Where else do you think the UN gets its money for paying our salaries? Not from the Emirates and Qataris. They're sending their millions to Hamas . . . and to Al Qaeda, the very people trying to kill us in Iraq. Perhaps some will argue next that they be allowed to rocket us here in Fiji, in order that the killing be more "proportionate."

Anonymous said...

Bainivalu - E sega ni lai caka i kea na vinece! E sega talega ni lai caka i kea na veisisivi vosa vaka idia!

Na qavokavoka e kau i kea, mudou!

Sa rauta mada na bula loto vakataki nomu boso!Vakamadua!

Anonymous said...

ainimarama to visit New Zealand
Wednesday, 06/08/2014

FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama
FijiFirst Leader, Voreqe Bainimarama will be in New Zealand from Friday to Monday in his first visit since December 2006.

Radio NZ reports that Bainimarama is due to make a campaign speech in Auckland, and host a dinner for business people interested in investing in Fiji.

His supporters said it is a private visit paid for by FijiFirst, after which he will go to Australia to meet the Fiji community there.

Bainimarama is not expected to have official meetings with New Zealand Government representatives.

NZ Prime Minister John Key said he was comfortable with the visit, which follows the removal of travel sanctions earlier this year.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully confirmed that there will be a basic level of facilitation for Bainimarama’s arrival and departure.

Story by Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

The FijiFirst has now called on the Police and the Electoral Commission to take action in relation to comments made by Laisenia Qarase in a campaign meeting in Davuilevu.

Qarase claimed in a campaign meeting attended by about 80 people that the reason why the candidate numbers in the ballot paper will start from 135 is because it is connected to verse 135 of the Quran which talks about justice.

The Quran
Qarase then went on to claim to the people sitting in the room that this is Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s plan to fulfill his dream.

Anonymous said...

Army says...Laisaneia Qarase's recent campaign trail quipps may have some impact on how people view SODELPA. The question that begs to be answered is why he uses these issues in SODELPA campaign trail. The statement of race is an emotional statement, being fearful of the preservation of the itaukei race but using this as a political buffer...c'mon. Then turning the political campaign into a religious campaign against the Muslim...Perhaps LQ should let Ro Temumu Kepa lead the way as she has more finesse. LQ is playing right into Fiji First hands and need to reconsider their campaign strategy. They have to remember that the people of Fiji today are far more educated than the people of Fiji in 1987 and 2000 and people have their own views and opinions. Reforms and the how is the way to go rather than continuing with the old style of politics and campaign. We have and are moving on aren't we or do we intend planting our feet into soggy grounds.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:39pm re-Khaiyum thesis
So he suggest a
change here & there in Fijian Culture& Fijian society?
so! What you want me to do go out and shoot the bastard-for what?
I am an original Fijian Nationalist and i don't see any
problem with the theory!
I have been saying all along that we need
to change & modify quickly some of
our culture & tradition to bring it up to speed in this modern era?
Qarase was right about the GCC place in Fijian society?
It will be there now or later in a modified order.
Look almost every society-all over the planet have
gone through the same changes.
It's only a matter of time?
Just don't continously bring up
a mute subject as you'd be only
making this idiots feel important
in his own mind?
We all know that change is extremely important to
our progress in this modern world????Let's just vote FF out
next month and see what our female
leader can do for us?

Aiyarse Khaiyum said...

Hahahahahahaha Bainiceke running through the cassava patch hahahahaha

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