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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Good candidates get push while Fiji First thug roams free

Changing the rules: Frank Bainimarama scared of Makereta Waqavonovono? Photo: Discombulated Bubu
Somebody has drunk the Kool Aid.

Otherwise how could they think the Fiji elections are above board - there are just too many examples of it being otherwise.

Pacific leaders meeting in Palau yesterday agreed to automatically lift Fiji's suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum, if the September 17 elections are 'free and fair'.

The decision came after a recommendation from New Zealand Foreign minister, Murray McCully, who reckons all indications are that Fiji's elections will be democratic.

Clearly, the McCully's of the world are turning a blind eye to the everyday happenings on the ground that show time and time again there is no transparency in the regime poll.

Just last week the Supervisor of Elections, Saneem Mohammed, ruled the party, One Fiji, couldn't contest the elections because the name was too similar to Fiji First. 

The illegal Attorney General and General Secretary of the Fiji First party, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, was subsequently quoted as saying people could get 'confused' because the word 'One' is similar to the word 'First'.

We also now have the case of prominent lawyer and National Federation Party candidate, Makereta Waqavonono, being bundled out of the election process by a last minute change to the Electoral Decree 2014.

Waqavonono, who has been working in Australia for the last 12 months, had applied to the High Court
seeking clarification of s56(2) of the Constitution and s23 of the Electoral Decree on the meaning of 'ordinarily resident'.
Amended decree as of yesterday

Conveniently, Justice Kamal Kumar said he couldn't rule on the case - with the regime quickly passing an amendment effectively disqualifying Waqavonono.

"This is an outrageous act of desperation from a regime that is terrified of losing power," says Waqavonovono.

"To add insult to injury, the court orders $3000 court costs against me!"

Nemani Bainivalu update
Fiji media have meanwhile failed to cover the story of Fiji First candidate, Nemani Bainivalu, racially abusing and assaulting a voter during a heated debate at the Wainivula
church hall last week. (see our earlier story)

Bainivalu is being quoted on Fijilive as saying he joined Fiji First to reassure indigenous Fijians that their land is safe.

No mention whatsoever of his outrageous loss of control - just a positive story allowing him to paint himself a hero. 

In any other country, Bainivalu would have been charged by police, ditched as a candidate and his party, Fiji First, would have plummeted at the polls.

Romeo - should be in jail and out of the election
Bainivalu has been hailed as a model candidate, but his actions in public, including his Facebook, makes us wonder.

In a picture of him with his wife and sister-in-law he posts "Rua vakadua, ni rau yadua sara tu la na rumu, Moniti eke, Tusiti kea, Vukelulu eke, Lotulevu kea, Vakaraubuka eke, Vakarauwai kea, Siga Tabu cegu caka mada na lotu!"

Translation: "They both have a room each. I go to one on Monday, Tuesday the other, Wednesday the other, Thursday the other, Friday the other, Saturday the other. On Sunday I rest and go to Church."
he joined to reassure indigenous Fijians that their land is safe.

Read more at: http://fijilive.com/news/2014/07/i-joined-to-uphold-constitution-bainivalu/58456.Fijilive
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Anonymous said...

Some claim that the Quran does not advocate any form of violence. That's simply not true.

Quran (2:191-193) - "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing...
but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)"

Does that sound to you like the Quran doesn't advocate any form of violence? The historical context of this passage is not defensive warfare, since Muhammad and his Muslims had just relocated to Medina and were not under attack by their Meccan adversaries. In fact, the verses urge offensive warfare, in that Muslims are to drive Meccans out of their own city, which they later did. The use of the word "persecution" by some Muslim translators is thus disingenuous (the actual Muslim words for persecution - "idtihad" - and oppression - a variation of "z-l-m" - do not appear in the verse). The actual Arabic comes from "fitna" which can mean disbelief, or the disorder that results from unbelief or temptation. Taken as a whole, the context makes clear that violence is warranted until "religion is for Allah" - i.e., unbelievers desist in their unbelief.

The Quran doesn't just authorise violence, it positively advocates it.

Anonymous said...

Any similarity between the scene here depicted and actual personages is purely coincidental. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

The problem with nationalist racist religious cult biggots like Quarase is that they are dumb enough to assume everyone has the same views as them.

Their naivety is beyond comprehension and perfect examples why they are totally unfit to lead.

Long live those with common sense and lets get together and stamp out the dinosaurs that have no vision other than how they live their miserable lives.

Anonymous said...

We will all have Qarase to thank when we lose the election next month and the Baini gets elected PM. What he has been saying is completely mad. Numbers from the Koran? They need to send the guys in the white coats from St Giles to pick up this raving lunatic. Ro Teumumu needs to cut him loose. The people around me at work are saying their minds are now made up. They cannot vote for SODELPA while Qarase is allowed to get away with such craziness.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, someone has been drinking the Kool Aid, that's for sure. Lai the loser.

Anonymous said...

Nemani Bainivalu vakacava me vaqo.

Moniti kei waitmu, tusiti kei nomu dauve, vukelulu rau wele toka ia qai mai vutuki iko vinaka o vugomu (tamadrau). Oti ya rau gole na yalewa ratou vakavutuki iko kece na nomu tavale kei vugomu.

Set ya? lako sara lai caititamamu.

Anonymous said...

Waqavonovono: Hey stop Frank your army boys are being attacked by CRW, come on go back and lead them like a true military leader.

Frank: faaaarrrkk noooowaaaay! can't you see the brown matter oozing down my pants? good luck to them. I've got to do some training to be fit for more tougher things

Waqavonovono: Like what?

Frank: well, adorning myself with all those military war medals during the parades. and of course getting the courts to disqualify people like you from contesting me in the elections.

Anonymous said...



Not Fit For Office said...

Bainimarama, Sayed-Khaiyum, Qarase and Chaudhry are part of the problem.

They cannot be part of the solution.

Qarase and Chaudhry must be getting paid by Frank and Khaiyum. Why else would they continue to help their campaign?

All of these men have tasted power and abused it. They have sold their right to be part of Fiji's future.

Anonymous said...

vakaloloma nomu bula...nomu i vosavosa e boroya na i yaloyaloca kei tinamu,bau vakasama tu.

Another Convert said...

Nemani Bainivalu was seen last week coming out of Toorak Jame Masjid.

Apparently he and some other military and ex military personnel have converted to Islam.

This would partially explain his recent outburst. Can others who have seen him at the Mosque please confirm this.

TUI VITI 2nd said...

@ High Teapot, get your facts on history right and you will see things the right way, which is the Fiji First way. Fiji wasnt ceded to GBritain for the reasons you came up with rather my namesake had no cash on hand,the bure on Nukulau Island was allegedly burned by the natives so he cant pay the fine imposed by the United States so the only other option available at the time was to cede Fiji,in fact this was all pre-planned,this fact came about when later it was found out that the American whilst in drunken revelry accidently burned the house,it contained stores and many stuff so not willing to take the blame they came up with the lie to blame the natives but no native was on the island at the time,no native was arrested or seen,knowing that my namesake and his staff were uneducated the european way,they blamed my namesake and together with the British told Tui Viti 1st to cede Fiji when they could have told him to sell 5 acres of arable land or sell the island of Nukulau or Koro Island instead.I prefer coffee not tea.

Anonymous said...

O Bainivalu, moniti vutuki watina, tusiti vutuki dauve, vukelulu lako o Nemani lai vutuvutuki koya o Bainisona

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Tui Viti 2, you're more like Tui Moron. High Tea's statement was completely factual. Name anything about it that wasn't. He merely quoted directly from the Deed of Cession itself.

Anonymous said...

Converted to Islam? That might explain why Nemani Bainivalu essentially has two wives, three if you count his buddy from the barracks.

Anonymous said...

Of course Fiji First's way is the right way. If it was the wtong way, Khaiyum would write a decree declaring it the right way. That's what Rule of Law means in Fiji these days. It means whatever the regime decides it to mean, whenever it suits it.

Anonymous said...

How DID the regime come up with its inane numbering system for the elections?

Election prayer said...

Dear Lord and Heavenly Father, we can smell the toast burning. It is SODELPA's election chances. As you have told us in the Holy Bible, we are all equal in the sight of God. And you will punish the blasphemers. We look forward to your day of judgment. May you bless us always. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Quran (2:216) - "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not."

Not only does this verse establish that violence can be virtuous, but it also contradicts the myth that fighting is intended only in self-defense, since the audience was not under attack at the time. From the Hadith, we know that this verse was narrated at a time that Muhammad was actually trying to motivate his people into raiding merchant caravans for loot.

Anonymous said...

Election Prayer, your prayer violates our rule that all prayers be neutral. Report to the Barracks at once. This is your first, last and only warning.

Another crook bites the dust said...

Former Native Land Trust Board Director, Keni Dakuidreketi has been found guilty of five counts of abuse of office for the purpose of gain by the Suva High court.

High court Judge Justice, Janaka Bandara overturned the decision of the five assessors who had found him not guilty of abuse of office for the purpose of gain and convicted him of the five charges.

The assessors had found Dakuidreketi guilty of abuse of office.

The court heard that Dakuidreketi between 31st March 2004 and 21st September 2004, while being employed as a member of NLTB and Chairman of Vanua Development Corporation, in abuse of the authority of his office, did an arbitrary act for the purpose of gain, by facilitating a loan of $2 million to be made by Vanua Development Corporation to Pacific Connex, which was prejudicial to the NLTB and indigenous Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Blaming/crediting Qarase for Bainimarama is sort of like Putin blaming the Government of Ukraine for the downing of the Malaysian passenger liner by pro-Russian separatists. Pretty twisted logic!

Anonymous said...

Why have assessors when the Bainimarama court will always overrule them?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When will Bainimarama ever face justice?

Election prayer said...

I am exercising my religious freedom to pray to whoever I want. It is my constitutional right. If you want to pray to some other being, be my guest.

China Corp said...

how much for fiji? I want to buy.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nemani Bainivalu will continue to be welcome at our Mosque. It is his right to chose his own religion and others should not comment on his new faith. It is between Mr Bainivalu and Allah. It is no one else's business.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

nw numbers starting frm 135 is exactly wats in the Quran. Religious intolerant or racist it dont matter coz its the truth

Anonymous said...

Qarase galu mada ,,,,,,sa bau toso vinaka tiko na campaign ni SODELPA vakavuna tale mera dro na dosi ra bau via veitokoni tiko mai,,,,,

Anonymous said...

The status of our country debt friends.
All these while we were worried that our ever escalating debts have reached to an alarming and worrying $4.8 billion. This is official and as reported by Reserve Bank as well.
But what is not reported and even more freightening is the information on hand about unreported debts like contingency liabilities/debts etc which now amounts to approximately $7.4 Billion in total. In the absence of any Auditor Generals report, the onus is on the government of the day to be very transparent.
Also, we have been informed that the recent public advertisement from Fiji First about GDP and Growth is manipulated. The double dipping of infrastructure development is double picked under capital investment and also under consumption/expenditure. Again government needs to explain this.

Maqe Qase said...

People don't matter how we call each other,kaiviti,kaidia,kai loma, just make sure cum Sept 17, never cast ur vote on FijiFirst, because if they'll win, Aiyaz will treat you the itaukei, non-itaukei(indian) n everyone else as LUVE NI MAQE.........toso mai Hakwa Nadro!

I LOVE FIJI said...

To all fiji citizens whichever party wins this september election we should appreaciate and accept it. Our GOD JIOVA'S decisions and plans for the people of FIJI is important. In everything we do its GOD'S FIRST. We are all visitors on this lovely planet so lets live as ONE....

Anonymous said...

oti me qai lauvutu talega o tinamu vei rau o Bainivalu kei Bainimarama..he he..kemu maleka!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

Qarase could be true! But then again his proposal about the ballot numbering leaning towards the Quran is just another conspiracy theory. Never fails to amaze me the timing of such claim. Probably from the "bati ni tanoa". Is there a number 666 on the ballot paper? If there is such a number than I propose that the ballot paper is leaning towards the pope!

The Heckler said...

Bainivalu's campaign slogan:

"Go ahead. You know you want me!"

Anonymous said...

"Election Prayer", tell it to the camp. It's Bainimarama who said he wanted prayers now to be neutral.

While you're at it, ask them about our religious freedom to pick our own church leadership. And how about our religious freedom to join with other Methodists in our annual general meeting?

It was your chump, er champ, who keeps interfering and preventing these. He says he wants the church to stay out of politics. But the political decisions we make have profound spiritual dimensions. It is the military that should stay out of politics.

It seems that religious freedom in the New Fiji means worshipping in the mosque of your choice.

Anonymous said...

Bainivalu isn't just a serial philanderer, but he's a serial traitor, too.

Anonymous said...

Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority".

This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (i.e., what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be 'joining companions to Allah').

Anonymous said...

135 Controversy : Electoral Commission (EC)
Number 135 and link to Quran - Electoral Commission chairman says number was chosen at random:
Fiji's Electoral Commission chairman Chen Bunn Young said the ballot paper numbering was selected at random and denies it has any other implication aside from starting with a three-digit number to avoid any confusion for voters.
His comments follow statements reported to have been made by former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase who suggested it had religious implications leaning towards the Quran.
Source: Fijilive, 6 August 2014
Can the EC answer the following regarding the 135 issue?
1. When was this done and who witnessed this process?
2. Where was the random selection done?
3. Was political parties present during this selection ?
4. What were the other numbers in the draw?
5. Why there was no publicity or media reports about the random selection?

Anonymous said...

Last ELECTIONS IN NZ COSTS TAX PAYERS 36 Million can someone tell me why elections costs 43 Million in Fiji for a small place may be 135 verse KORAN MAY GIVE THE ANSWERS THIEVES OF PROPHET Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

Why the numbers start at 135 Sayed? ...Quran 4:135 " O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah , even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted."

Anonymous said...

Bainivalu: Haven't I seen you some place before?

Woman: Yeah. That's why I stopped going there.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First.

Then your wives.

Next, your daughters.

Anonymous said...

Luke 13:5: I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's campaign message:

"I've already raped you. You cry, but don't deny that you enjoyed it. Now marry me to make it legit."

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Just can't believe this - weeks before the election and what is SODELPA talking about - God in the Constitution and the Quran and all that.
Maybe these older SODELPA politicians need some good advisers around them. The goal here is to win the election.
Bring up an issue that either gets you more votes or takes votes away from FF to other parties - simple as that.

We can discuss God, Gay Marriages, Abortions, Christian state later.....first win the fricken elections.

SODELPA should win this election, unless these guys screw it up - long term, its time to think about Fijian leadership - once this election is over and going forward.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA will not win. No one will win. The regime has already stolen the elections.

Wake up!

Fiji has lost. Treason has won.

Don't believe me? Just wait and see. Never trust a dictator to run a free and fair election, especially after postponing it for years.

Freedom is maintained through elections, but it isn seldom won through elections. Once taken by force, it is nearly always regained only by force.

We've frittered away the past eight years, and for what? The traitors are more deeply entrenched than ever. As Einstein said, insanity is doing the same things but expecting different results. We need to take a different approach.

We've refrained from any acts of militancy in the run-up to the elections, not wanting to give the regime an excuse for postponing the elections again. But what should hold us back once it's clear the regime has cheated us once again?

Join us at Ratu Sukuna Park to show your contempt when the regime announces its phony election results.

Anonymous said...

I think LQ is disoriented with his Prison Cell No 135 with that of the Quran-justice.

Anonymous said...

The old fool worrying about numbers and religious texts, next he'll be changing his name by deed poll because it begins with the same letter as a book used by a religion he appears to be biased against.

What a total loser this dinosaur is for SODELPA but fortunately Fiji First is now his greatest fan.

LQ you have let so many people down you should be ashamed with yourself and what you pretend to stand for.

You have now proved what the majority suspected.

IT'S OVER said...

Make no mistake. Qarase has cost SODELPA the election. It was going to lose anyway but now the margin will be even greater. Let's see what Saturday's polling result brings. But I guarantee you that both SODELPA's vote and Ro Teimumu's support will have collapsed to below 10 per cent. Qarase has proved once and for all that SODELPA is the old SDL but in its most extreme form. That's why they didn't want Rabuka anywhere near themselves. They think he is too moderate. The platform is Fiji for the Fijians ( the i'taukei), a Christian State, no equal opportunitry, no-one else a Fijian but the indigenous people, the restoration of the GCC and the lease monies back under the control of the chiefs, the Qoliqoli Bill introduced and George Speight and the Qaranivalu freed. Qarase is insane but Ro Teimumu is equally responsible for the forthcoming rout because she refuses to stand up to him. Even some of those around her are horrified. It is her mana that is about to be destroyed. Qarase doesn't have any. She has allowed herself to look weak and that is fatal for any politician. SODELPA is finished and many of its members already know it. Look at Nirmal Singh. The media has been trying to contact him for comment on Qarase's madness. He just puts down the phone when any reporter calls. What does that tell you? There isn't anything he can say. No Indo Fijian or any of the other races will ever vote for SODELPA after what Qarase has done. It's all over and people like he and Mick Beddoes know it. They can't say so publicly but just wait for the recriminations after the election. Qarase won't be able to set foot outside Mavana again. And guess who will have to pick up the pieces? Yes, Sitiveni Rabuka, the only figure in indigenous politics outside FijiFirst who can work with the other races. We should have gone with him in the first place. Ro Teimumu is a lost cause. Fancy bursting into tears publicly in Kadavu? She is meant to be a warrior chieftain but behaves like someone's old aunty. Zero leadership qualities.

Anonymous said...

Can someone confirm if the other General has slipped out of the country?

Anonymous said...

So that's it then, no point blogging about politics any more it's not going to change anything now.

Thanks LQ.

Anyway, Hibiscus is coming up, far more important, so lets concentrate on that.

Anonymous said...

Army says...the context by which LQ made the statement has been capitalized by Fiji First. The statement was made in the Fijian language and its interpretation and meaning dissected by various persons or organisations can be construed differently. Itaukei people are indigenous people of Fiji and it has been acknowledged that indigenous peoples continue to suffer discrimination, marginalization, extreme poverty and conflict. Some
are being dispossessed of their traditional lands and their livelihoods are being undermined. Our belief systems, cultures, languages and ways of life continue to be threatened; and if not checked can lead to extinction eventually. Though the Constitution acknowledges the itaukei as the traditional landowners, there has to be a concerted effort by the community at large to recognize, acknowledge, maintain, and protect a way of life in which the people of Fiji are recognized. People throughout the world in Australia, England, NZ Canada, when they see an Indo Fijian, they will not acknowledge or recognise the person as a itaukei or Fijian. 95% of Indo Fijians have a token acknowledgement of the itaukei culture and traditions. Same with the Kailoma group most of whom cant even speak the Fijian language and prefer not to practice the Fijian traditions or culture. Of course this is debatable given the costs involved with Fijian traditions but this is a way of life that makes itaukei distinct and should be recognised. That is why I continuously say, I am surprised with the way Frank Bainimarama has treated his very own people with disrespect. Unless Government moves towards recognizing the need for preservation and identify means of improving and supporting the itaukei to benefit and recognize the global changes impacting on their lives, social disorder and threat towards the very existence, traditions and cultures of the itaukei is real. Equality and all that is all good however, 85% of itaukei continue to live in poverty.

Anonymous said...

The problem with all these nationalist i taukei is that they want to retain their old ways but at the same time have all the modern trappings of today's world.

Start contributing more and you will find that you can then dictate and decide how things are.

The only ones causing anything to be lost our the ones you see in the mirror when you look at yourself.

Anonymous said...

ye patients cry foul over uncertainty of surgery...Visiting eye team in the country( Lautoka)....Patients booked by the local team, yet the visiting team have brought in their own set of patients from abroad jus to have cataract surgeries done locally.Most of these cases travel far for consultations, yet given false hopes that they will be called back for operation.The Ministry should do background checks on visiting teams coming into the country..."

Anonymous said...

Eye patients cry foul over uncertainty of surgery...Visiting eye team in the country( Lautoka)....Patients booked by the local team, yet the visiting team have brought in their own set of patients from abroad just to have cataract surgeries done locally.Most of these cases travel far for consultations, yet given false hopes that they will be called back for operation.The Ministry should do background checks on visiting teams coming into the country..."

Anonymous said...

Manila (AFP) - The Philippine military said Wednesday one of Southeast Asia's top Islamic militants was alive, more than two years after jubilantly declaring he had been killed in a US-backed airstrike.

Zulkifli bin Abdul Hir, alias Marwan, a Malaysian bomb maker with a $5-million US-government bounty on his head, is roaming the southern Philippines, senior military officials said.

"He is alive and we continue to monitor him," Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala told AFP.

Philippine military chiefs said in February 2012 that Zulkifli was among 15 members of the Al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah organisations killed in an airstrike on the southern island of Jolo.

Zulkifli is regarded as an expert bomb maker and a senior leader of Jemaah Islamiyah who first went into hiding in the southern Philippines in 2003.

In 2007 the US government offered a $5-million reward for his capture, making him one of the United States' most-wanted men.

Anonymous said...

Where was qarase's christian values when he decided to abuse his position and steal. christians like qarase are what jesus would be really proud of. qarase is a thiefing bastard. sodelpa is in tatters. seems like teimumu has been shown her real place-licking the foot and arse of qarase. so much for being a chief teimumu...more so an arselicker

Mark Manning said...

Qarase is stating the obvious. Fiji is being trolled over by muslim pigs and we need to get rid of them. Fiji should learn a lesson from the situation that Australia and New Zealand have put themselves in. These two countries have allowed a lot of muslims to settle in the name of humanity. No the good deed is repaid by the muslim pigs by threatening the security of Australians and New Zealanders. The Australian government has recently had to allocate a large sum of money to fight terrorism threats arising from these muslim pigs who came as aslyum seekers and are no freeloading on dole and littering Australia and New Zealand with lots of children. Australian and New Zealand taxpayers are paying for these piglets. Save yourself Fiji from such a situation.

Magaichinana Qarase said...

qarase is so godly- a godly thief and con artists. as for teimumu, she needs some hard bonking as the two men in her life are now gone. sailosi kepa is dead and anthony aston tarr is not wanted in fiji. a jolly good night will bring the mojo back for teimumu. currently, teimumu has no mojo so qarase is trampling all over her and making her look useless and incapable leader. give the woman what she needs so that sodelpa can get the mojo back and qarase can be sent to the real place he deserves-hell

Anonymous said...

That PICTURE says it all no matter how loud frankie's trolls try to deflect the matter at hand.

Kaila !!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows whats the latest fuss between Chaudhary and his son?

Anonymous said...

Word is Mary Bainimarama is going haywire on Frank with all the election pressures. She knows its going to be big fall from grace for her and family. She needs comfort and assurance and is now turning to the barracks again as she usually does. Worse still its her daughters too doing it too because they think only the military will protect them. Well sorry fulori, those military boys will just enjoy the bang but they will move onto the next leader. mary and daughters should just go kaba the waqas in suva port. Forget Frank, he will collapse from heart attack when shown the noose.

Anonymous said...

Chandu Umaria the chor has applied for a ticket in FF....surely he wants the Minister for Disabled portfolio....he is the one SA who does not come to work but still abuses ratepayers money by picking all the salaries and contract cuts he can.....FFs transparency and accountability...please walk the talk !!


Mark Maning, you really are a disgusting piece of shit. Your latest posting contravenes Australian law and I am personally going to file an action against you under the Racial Vilification Act. Prepare for a visit from the police. I have been collecting you writings for some time and you are finally going to be prosecuted and silenced. You are also going to be sacked from your job on the public purse. So prepare for poverty as well as a jail term.

Just Situational Logic said...

"It's Over" writes: "Look at Nirmal Singh. The media has been trying to contact him for comment on Qarase's madness. He just puts down the phone when any reporter calls. What does that tell you?"

What that tells us, "It's Over", is that you're a member of the media and/or a regime insider. In the context of Fiji, where the media is now controlled by the regime, it means you're a professional bootlicker of the regime. It means you're almost certainly being paid by the regime to come onto this website to make these negative comments.

Since your negative comments are directed at SODELPA, and in particular at Qarase, it tells us that the regime is especially concerned by the challenge posed by SODELPA, and it either feels particularly threatened by Qarase or sees him as an Achilles Heel for the party. Since Qarase outpolled everyone else in Fiji's last free election, I tend to feel it is probably the former reason. After all, this regime felt so threatened by Qarase that it prosecuted him on flimsy charges for something he did 20 years ago, when he wasn't even in government, and then gave him just enough of a sentence to disqualify him, under its illegal decrees, from running for office.

All of this indicates that your Fiji First is still very much running scared, despite having had so many years to prepare for this election and spending so much of Fiji's borrowed money on election lollies. And the more you write, the more obvious your fright.

You say it's over, but what I'm hearing sounds more like you're just whistling past the graveyard.

Deo S said...

Bainimarama leads a FFP to their Festival in Manukau NZ which will be held this Saturday.

To those in NZ especially to those living in Auckland who will join the demonstration against Bainimarama in Manukau Ack NZ this Saturday when he is at the fund raising festival by the Fiji First Party at Manukau please bring with you copies of all articles and write ups about this treasonous Govt and the cruel Bainimarama…then use them for basis of confronting the Dictator. Yes bring a lot of eggs…including rotten ones if you have any. Do what was done to Pres Bush who just missed a flying shoe thrown at him as protest against his policies...a low down thing to be done to any in Arabic tradition.

Am sure Bainimarama and his team on this political trip will be relying on Fiji Government to pay their bills to this political propaganda jaunt . People in Fiji should raise the issue and ask FFP to explain.

Anonymous said...

Yes,voter registration card of all soldiers were collected and taken in for what????

Will they have a special booth or all will be summoned to the Nabua Barrack for voting?

Vei kemudou na comments jiko qo against Qarase..be proud that one of Fiji's own Son is amongst the best in the South Pacific including NZ and Australia.

Matanitu cici jiko sa veilecayaki tu kua na comments jiko vakasese.Ena oti sara na election sa na qai bau via matata e dua na ka ...gauna qo warai na demudou se teri raqosa...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mark Manning. I have also been monitoring your postings and you, Mate, are in deep doodoo. You saw what happened to Mike Carleton at the Sydney Morning Herald for telling a couple of Jews to f**ck off. He got sacked. He worked for a private company. You work in the public hospital system. Your employer is the Government. For sure, you are going to be sacked for calling Muslims pigs and you will also be dealt with under the law. Good luck to you and your i'Taukei wife. Let us see how you two sleep tonight because of your stupidity. Can't go back to Fiji. Facing poverty and a jail term in Australia. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.51. I agree that the i-taukei people need to maintain their culture. Culture is defined as a way of life. My friend your culture was under threat the day you excepted Christianity. The day you ate the first loaf of bread your way of life was under threat.The day you put on your shoes your culture started walking out the door. My point is certain aspects of your identity you can you maintain like the way you get married the way you celebrate the birth of a child etc and most others you will have to let go.It is time though for the kaiviti to change with the times. You cannot live the way you used too in a time when the world is increasingly defined by technology and the media. You don't have to be poor either. We at NFP believe that we can work with the i-taukei people to help them become better at commerce at studies etc. We are one people Bro. If we accept that our faiths are just beliefs based on a no hear no see God and leave that to after we die for a conclusive OK as to who was right in his or her belief while living i think we can unite behind a common good and that is to rid ourselves of this Draconian government and than fix this nation so that you as the i-taukei have your identity maintained and be respected as the indigenous people of this land and the rest of us share this land with you as equal citizens working towards a just fair and equitable society.The native folks in this land have never given NFP a chance. Give us a chance and let us prove to you i-taukei that 95% of all Indians of any faith are not demons and racists. We love this country as much as you do and i am sure most of us love each other despite what the politicians say. Give NFP a chance. SODELPA has killed itself and you have no more choices. NFP is surely going to be better than Fiji First.

Vengeance is coming said...

Mark Manning, we know where you live. You insult Muslims, you pay. We got Sydney covered. Allah Akbar!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, I often agree with your views regarding the need for democracy, however crudely expressed, but referring to our Muslim brothers as "pigs" is unacceptable. The fact that Islam is becoming increasingly destructive and nihilistic is due to a host of historical and cultural factors. The way to counter this influence is through education, not name-calling and dehumanisation.

Another poster commented on C4.5 that the Quran doesn't advocate violence in any form. As I've repeatedly shown, this just isn't true. Here's another example:

Quran (4:74) - "Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Who so fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward."

The martyrs of Islam are unlike the early Christians, who were led meekly to the slaughter. "Fighting in the way of Allah" is interpreted by Muslims to mean being killed in battle whilst attempting to inflict death and destruction for the cause of Allah. This is the theological basis for today's suicide bombers.

Anonymous said...

Army says to Anon 4:10pm...Jai Ram Reddy was a model of national unity. He gave up on the Indian people of Fiji and realised as all Indians know, that an individual Indian person is myopic and looks after his or her best interest more than anything, if and when it involves mulla. The value an Indian is material. Despite Jay Ram Reddy's hard work, the Indian's refused to acknowledge what he did in the 1997 constitution and NFP slid into oblivion thereafter but is now attempting a resurgence into the political limelight. Don't forget in 1977, the division between the Hindu and Muslim came to the forefront when NFP won the election. The proverbial gun was aimed at Sidiq Koya's head and the party were unable to come to an agreement resulting in the GG stepping in, fresh election and NFP's opportunity was again lost. What does this tell NFP or anyone. Indian Hindu's and Muslim's though Indian are divided themselves across religious, traditional, cultural and customary barriers and will not see eye to eye. Hindus in Fiji say they support Frank but the support is token. They will support anyone who will gain them financial benefit. Hindu's have moved on and away from the views of the Labour Party and NFP has not offered anything that is enticing. Having said that, the mess that Frank and Khaiyum is creating in the manner in which Fiji is administered and governed, will require a concerted effort by whoever takes over. UNITY is the key - and Frank and Khaiyum need to be kicked out of Government before they run Fiji into bankruptcy. Besides, Fiji is not the free country it once was regarded. Urban drift is so rife that it is causing social problems. Itaukei must be given the respect towards their tradition, culture, religion, custom, values, land etc and than and only than will things move forward. The urban drift can be addressed and social order will return.

Anonymous said...

New quarters for teachers of Ahmidiyya Muslim Secondary School
Thursday, 07/08/2014

Permanent Secretary for Public Service Commission Parmesh Chand
Good news for the teachers of Ahmidiyya Muslim Secondary School in Voloca, Macuata as they now have new teachers quarters at the school compound.

While opening the teachers quarters Permanent Secretary for Public Service Commission Parmesh Chand said that the new teachers quarters marks another milestone for the school.

Chand said teachers have a challenging role to create a conducive learning environment, create the right attitude and develop positive mind set in the lives of students under their care.

The secondary school was given a grant of $53,000 from the Ministry of Education to fund the construction of the teachers quarters.

Meanwhile, Ahmadiyya Musilm Secondary School is looking into introducing Year 13 from next year and offer classes in applied technology, computing and physics to the additional subjects that are currently being taught at the school.

Anonymous said...

How many Christian and Hindu managed schools have been given fund to build teachers quarters?

Anonymous said...

Obviously the dumb have not noted that is not Mark Mannings regular signature.

Anonymous said...

JSL, you raise interesting points as always. The regime definitely has a disinformation capmaign aimed at C4.5, and it is swinging into high gear. You'd think Fiji First was running against Qarase, the way they keep bringing him up in their comments and controlled press stories. If they want the truth to come out, why do they keep ducking debate? Bainimarama may have sprinted through the cassava patch, but the coward is still running.

Anonymous said...

True. That isn't Mark Manning but a piece of shit opposed to Mark who is trying to impersonate him. Another lie by another regime troll.

Vutaki Meo said...

Qarase is like Tora, Veisamasama, Akuila Rabaki, Taniela Vaitata, Ted Young, Ratu Inoke,Jo Nata, etc. He should be charged for sedition. He is playing on iTaukei's emotions and spreading hatred against Indians in Fiji. He is an ex PM. I hope Fiji Police charge him. Where is RO Kepa? No where to be seen. What is her views on Qarase's comments.

Anonymous said...

Army says to Vutaki Meo - Qarase is entitled to his own opinion and views as an individual or political party representative, expressing the views of the members of the party at large. Vutaki Meo - you are probably an Indian otherwise you would be aware of the sentiments expressed about the Fijians by the Indians and the remarks by Qarase is mild compared to what an Indian thinks of a Fijian. To most Indians, a Fijian woman is a housemaid and a Fijian man is a labourer. That is the worth of a Fijian. Indian will make money and are ambitious whilst Fijians are lazy, drink grog too much, pray to a God that does not listen to them and fornicates with each others wives. That is the general view an Indian has of a Fijian and if you are a Fijian, you are included. If Police charges Qarase, it is reflective of the Dictatorial Country we live in today, where regulations and Acts are amended at the whim of the AG and PM to suit their ambitions. You my friend are lost within the controversy of not knowing or understanding the implications of what is happening to Fiji and what will happen in the future if you do nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of SDL, but I still rated Laisenia Qarase as the best PM Fiji ever had
Keep up the good fight my turaga Tau

Anonymous said...

The President of the FijiFirst party Dr Jiko Luveni said she has reported an incident involving a party nominee to their Leader Voreqe Bainimarama.

Dr Luveni said she did not see the incident happen as she had her back to the two, but understands a punch was thrown by the villager and swear words uttered between two men, one the party’s nominee Nemani Bainivalu, over frustration at the answer given to a question at a campaign meeting last month.

However Dr Luveni said the two men knew each other and the two could also have just been joking
She made similar comments to Radio NZ earlier today.

Meanwhile Police said no complaint has been filed regarding this matter.

Story by Filipe Naikaso

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, was that really you or an impersonator? Because Jesus, mate, try telling that to the Jihadists who are heading for your front door. If you were in Fiji you would be safe. But in Sydney there are some very heavy Islamic dudes who have been fighting in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and that's why the Australian Government is so worried. You need to be extremely careful. What made you criticise them? Crazy. Everyone please pray for Mark.


Fiji's National Federation Party and the Fiji Labour Party have disassociated themselves from comments said to have been made by deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, emphasising on Christian values, recognizing Christianity as the predominant religion of our nation, dismissing Fiji as a secular state, and linking numbers on the ballot paper to the Holy Quran. NFP party leader Professor Biman Prasad described Qarase’s comments as "reprehensible, promoting racial and religious hatred" and condemned it in the strongest terms. "This is racial bigotry. He thinks that those following Christianity (especially our i-Taukei) people can never be equal to others," Professor Biman said. "He is therefore saying that those following or practicing other religious beliefs are subservient. This is preposterous and an insult to each and every citizen of our beloved nation." Professor Biman said Qarase's action only served to "reopen old wounds" following the military coups of 1987 when racial and religious intolerance culminated into the Sunday Ban and worse still, led to arson attacks on two temples, a mosque and the complete destruction of the Sikh temple in Lautoka in October 1989. "This scenario must never be allowed to be repeated and as one who led this country for over six years as Prime Minister, Mr Qarase should be the last person advocating religious supremacy in an effort to get votes for his party because short term benefits based on mudslinging, gutter politics and racism can be very painful as experienced in the past 27 years," Professor Biman said. FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry said his party has always advocated religious freedom and tolerance. "And we want to keep Fiji that way. All religions teach the same values of love for one another, peace, harmony and tolerance. And in Fiji we have learnt to respect and accommodate each other’s religious freedom and practices,” he said. Professor Biman further said in an absolute necessity that the peaceful co-existence of all our communities, especially the i-Taukei and Indo-Fijian communities, is not shattered by racial utterances or remarks. "In a multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious country like Fiji, our politicians and those seeking the mandate of the people to assume leadership of a democracy must moderate their positions." Meanwhile, the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) said Qarase would be the best person to comment on the matter. He was expected to make a statement today, but the party has said he may do so upon his return to the country from the United States (US) in two weeks'.

VUTAKI MEO said...

Army you are totally wrong. You are a nationalist. I am not an indian but a moderate Fijian. Where did you hear Indians saying those words? Indeed Indians now respect Fijians. They calls us Ratu, or Qarua. I think you are a racist and you are brainwashing my fellow iTaukeis. People like you will die in hell. Indians are less racists than our people. Your Leader cant preach xenophobia publically that's why he should be charged for sedition. As a leader you cant say those things in a civilised nation. AS an ex PM he should say those things the least. Once you become the leader you have to think everyone equal. I am from western and I am talking from the heart.


Fij Politics is diabolical....in the 1970's ,the muslims and the indigeous were the closest raltives; they both ate beef and pretty much worshiped an arab god ,one an arab jew ,the other an arab self proclaimed messiah.The mohd. Ramzan's, the Ahmed Ali's and many others were all Alliance party folk.
Even Sitiveni Rabuka brought back Ahmed Ali into the coup government of 1987, with Ahmed say"Indians don't feed me"....remember??
Well now the indigenous have turned on their buddies and now hate them.....AHHHHH I GIVE UP !!!
However the rest of the Indians have remained in the same place :still hated, whether you're hindu or christian......amazing turnaround for our devout Methodist dominate "christ worshiping" nation.......and then there's Mark Manning from the funny farm.

mark manning said...

You guys should just ask the moderator of this site if that was me sprouting off about moslems. You all know my views, by the way, isn't Frank a Catholic? no it wasn't my comment and yes it is an imposter, not an impersonator!
Perhaps the moderator might care to expose his real identity for all those threatening me and aksing me if I wrote that silly childish comment!

pearly shell said...

Mark Manning dearest, you do NOT want to go down that road. Isn't 8 years way too long already to be still trudging on the road to Jericho?

See... you missed the point then.. and you still don't get it. There is no shortcut to Utopia. We either pull together or divided we fall.

However! I do not do marriage of convenience either, its too sacred an institution to be exploited for selfish gains.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Auditor General's reports?

The Auditor General is responsible for the audit of all government and public sector agencies to:
promote public accountability in the public administration of the country
audit annual financial statements of the country, government departments and regional authorities
conduct performance audits.
Every year, the Auditor General is supposed to audit every one of the country's public sector entities. From the largest government department to the smallest local authority to the most remote school board of trustees, our public sector touches every aspect of our lives – social, environmental, and economic.

The Auditor General's job is to carry out in-depth audits, studies, and inquiries into the public sector to provide assurance to public entities, Parliament, and the public that ALL public money has and is being used wisely and as intended. BUT this is NOT being done IN FIJI.

BAINIMARAMA has dictated that NO Auditor General Report is to be made public for anyone to see the truth about how they have mismanaged Fiji and defrauded Fiji of millions of dollars!

Meanwhile, Bainimarama and Khaiyum are travelling the country and lying to the people about how much good they are doing for Fiji, while they hide the truth in the Auditor General's reports from being published.

The free school fees, free bus rides, free scholarships and goodies you get now all come at a cost to the people of Fiji. The real costs may never be know so longs as Khaiyum and Bainimarama ban the auditor general from publishing his reports. The consequence of this evil we see every day, but take for granted. Since Bainimarama and Khaiyum took over, we had the:
highest number of unemployed in our history
highest levels of poverty
highest cost of living
highest levels of government corruption
highest levels of national debt, that every man woman and baby owes over $7,55 each in overseas debt
highest rate of nepotism with Bainimarama and Khaiyum giving top jobs to members of their uneducated and unqualified family and friends
highest rates of crime and rape
highest rate of land theft
highest rate of torture and intimidation
All this for a few pieces of silver in the form of free fees, free bus fare, free sewing machines, and free brush cutters!!

pearly shell said...

BTW an interesting article by Paul Sheehan in today's SMH on jihad embedded in the fabric of Islam and the conflict in the ME.

Almost a year ago, I think it might have been October that I recommended here on C4.5 a treasured autobiography of an exceptional young man who was born into, lived and breathed Hamas... as the oldest son of a founding leader of Hamas.

Who better to hear from - of the never-ending, gut-wrenching and heartbreaking conflict that plagues the heart of the ME, than from a son of Hamas. Mosab Hassan Yousef's life story, candidly told in his own words is as horrifying as it is so deeply-moving.

I'm a huge fan of his because he represents to me HOPE amidst chaos, HOPE against all odds, HOPE for humanity and HOPE for his fellow muslims who strive to seek the TRUTH about themselves. May God bless Yousef, a kindred spirit of yours truly, and his siblings he left behind in the ME.

pearly shell said...

Ni Hao??!

pearly shell said...

G`enial! It's back on again.

Coup 4.5 said...

Ni Hao pearly shell your comment was removed by mistake and has been reinstated. To other bloggers, it has been established the comment attributed to Mark Manning was not posted by him so the matter is now at an end. C4.5 Editor

Anonymous said...

Moderator, you have no way of knowing any of this. What a fraudulent bunch of lowlifes you are at Coup 4.5. I repeat. If you had the capacity you claim to have to identify postings, you would have been exposed yourselves long ago. Like SODELPA, you think we are stupid but we are a lot smarter than the lot of you and you will both eat a veka sandwich come September 17th.

Anonymous said...

Army says t Vutaki Meo...Im sure they call you QARUA and you say your from the West...well Im sure you speak for yourself and not for the people of the West. You say you are a moderate Fijian..what is a moderate Fijian of today. Moderate in your political view perhaps. Does that mean you accept as a Fijian the pending doom of a Fijian Culture and Rich tradition influenced by religious and western ideals of Individualism, doing away with the very essence which one would expect you may call yourself an Indigenous person, whose rights as an Indigenous is accepted by the broader International Laws to live and maintain lifestyle that best suits you.

Do you not hear particularly in the West the Indian whispers of land that has been retained by traditional landowners that lie barren and undeveloped with their critical views of a Fijian who is unused to the means to develop natural resources to the best of their abilities and are termed lazy. Do you not recognize the poverty amongst your own people who have very little understanding of the impact of Socialism affecting a once traditional lifestyle and subjected to the qualms of development and the need to make money that has transformed the very essence and qualities that make up the individual itaukei forcing him to adapt to a life that he is not equipped to encounter. We are a very young race compared to Indians and they have he benefit of being civilised. Indians themselves believe they have contributed immensely to the Country which is true however, they now also believe that they had released the itaukei from a feudal savage lifestyle and not acknowledged that they themselves came to the shores on a boat as slaves or in a more political correct term, Indentured labourers. They have enjoyed and employed the means to live and prosper yet, only in the last 20 years have we seen integration which is a bright light to the Indian segregated upon their arrival from 1889. Chinese integrated with Fijians but not Indians. Understandably they have fought hard for their freedom and equal opportunities but now they have that, is that not enough that they have released their chains of slavery and prospered and perhaps understanding the dignity of a itaukei and respecting the rich culture and tradition and assimilating into their country of adoption rather than keeping themselves segregated to the extent that the separation continues to be seen and realised today. You think they respect you and I can only agree for the poor and destitute Indians but there are sections of the Indian community who view the itaukei with indifference and stupidity ad ignorance hence, you will find that most Indians employ itaukei housegirls. Fijians employed within Indian business are reduced to labour type work and it is rare to find a Fijian employed in high office of an Indian business. They use itaukei to achieve their means and financial gains through bribery, corruption and illegal practice. The major crimes in Fiji, who do you think instigates them. Indians of course who employ itaukei to carry out the brute work against their own paying the itaukei with droppings and poisoning their minds with alcohol and drugs. You should realise by now that Coup are wrong and unfortunately it is the itaukei who has executed these barbaric artrocities and unfortunately, we are a a cross road where now, itaukei are fighting against itaukei and we continue to be poisoned by the suspicion of the Indian who will never see you if you are an itaukei as an equal. Of course we started the fight against them with the wrongful act of the 1987 coup and 2000 coup however, we have learnt from that and the result of which the itaukei has in turn, suffered like the other races of Fiji the consequences of those actions. We should not forget the fact that the influencing factors in these conflict is power and money and used incorrectly, by jove....

Anonymous said...

Vutaki Meo, why haven't you also been calling for Bainimarama's arrest for sedition? It's because you support his treason.

You're not a moderate. You're a traitor.

Anonymous said...

If that's the case, how can Coup 4.5 say that it wasn't Mark Manning who called Muslims pigs? Trying to get one of their kai vata off the hook? I don't think the jihadists in Sydney will buy this. They are real IT experts and unfortunately there are a heap of anti-Muslim, anti Indian comments all over the internet written by Mark Manning. His stuff on Matavuvale is especially bad. Knock knock Mark. Who's there? You will always be wondering from now on.

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

The stuff about Jhad and all that - no one in his right mind is buying that - not even the SODELPA voters.

What can happen here is that this can be used as a wedge issue to split the Indian votes, getting some non-muslims to turn away from FF.

But is this something that you guys want to do - Karl Rove kind of wedge politics.

I think Muslim bashing is a bad idea - we have better issue to fight FF.

Anonymous said...

The counting of votes.....how will it be done?so critical given the time frame....!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Jihad by Aiyaz Khaiyum and his unties!!!
Keep taking the tablets!!!!

Unties in a twist said...

True's up! Someone has been drinking the Kool Aid, that's for sure, but it ain't who C 4.5 expected. Hahahaha.

All Hail Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Army says...God gave us Frank the Common Criminal to lead our country for 8 years. Perhaps to teach us a lesson for the atrocities committed and supported by the itaukei in 1987 and 2000. We have learnt over this period and the awakening is now. Fiji and I mean all the people of Fiji need to take Fiji back and return Fiji to its proper place as a Democratic Country led by capable persons to unite every race and ensure the prosperity of the country and protection of the heritage, culture and tradition of the itaukei. It cannot be achieved by a Military Dictator blunt on having things done his way. As I said before, Frank is a COMMON CRIMINAL. The Military Council is a CRIMINAL COUNCIL and AG heads a judiciary that has been tarnished and unbalanced. We cannot achieve this with another 4 years of Government rule by a CRIMINAL (Frank) who is answerable to no one. We did not gain independence to have a dictator. Down with these means of Governing. Will it change if Fiji First wins the September election. Do pigs fly?

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

A corrupt Immigration Department official who ran a $3 million migration racket with her husband was able to flee Australia three days after their home was raided by authorities.

But Reetika Ajjan and husband Jeetender still managed to wire $1.2 million to bank accounts in India before making their getaway in October 2011, Fairfax Media reports.

Ms Ajjan, who now lives in Delhi, India, would likely face fraud, theft and proceeds-of-crime charges back in Australia.

She is accused of supplying sensitive government information and equipment to an illegal migration operation run by Mr Ajjan and a licensed migration agent that involved making more than 1000 fraudulent visa applications.

A federal police source told Fairfax that investigators found almost $500,000 in cash and equipment stolen from the Immigration Department in the raid on the Ajjans' house.

Such a find would have been enough to immediately charge the pair.

But the department reportedly failed to ensure a criminal charge was quickly laid against the pair or have their passports seized, preventing the Ajjans from fleeing Australia.

Federal police are now trying to recoup the fraudulently-obtained funds but believe such a task may be difficult to achieve given they were sent to India.

© ninemsn 2014

This is probably why the "itaukeis" will resist every attempt by the "kai Idias" to claim land rights..GREED and the LOVE of Money"

Anonymous said...

Tamai Tui Viti

Talk about greed, go and see how many I-Taukei are overstaying in Aust, NZ,USA and Canada.If that is too far for you to see, than see who makes up the prison population in Fiji for theft.
Look at the list of NBF culprits and agriculture scam.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:26am...to add to your list, look at who committed the coup of 2006...yep a itaukei Frank Bainimarama. Look at the military council that supported him. Yep all itaukei but one hindu. Look at the parties that were accessories to the treason committed by Frank, yep an Indian of Muslim relgion Aiyaz Khaiyum. Look at the blue collar crime committed in Fiji, yep mainly by Hindus. Look at the number of businesses in Fiji, yep majority Indians. Look at the disparity of wealth in Fiji, yep most of the wealthy are Indians. Do you Indians actually want itaukei to remain poor, in villagers and not progress whilst you Indians capitalize on our resources, fill your pockets with money and continue to speak about how stupid, ignorant itaukei are. One of the fortunate things about the coup is that it has awoken the itaulei race to work hard to achieve and things are changing and will continue to change whether you Indians like it or not. Fiji is your adopted country. India is your heritage and your ethnic background.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12.02.Only a handful of Indians are in the boat that you describe. Most of them are Gujji's. Stupid Frank thinks that all the Gujji Business men are supporting him. Yere right they are using him for their own gains and will sleep with "daucina" himself if he made them wealthy. Most Indians don't feel that way about the itaukei. They want them to prosper. Unfortunately the i-taukei is just not moving away from the ways of old. Answer me one question. I have a friend who started life by being a poor mans son. From nothing just meager savings he started a business and today has over 50 employees. This man has no land did not come from a rich background and runs a business that has nothing to do with government money so no corruption. How can he do it and we kaiviti can't. Frank or no Frank the kaiviti will remain the way we are economically unless we change our way of life and start learning from the Indians.All the resources are ours but we neither use our brains nor the many programs the government has givens us over the years. Q2. Can you show me how many successful indigenous business was started and is successful during the affirmative action days of Rabuka and Qarase and is still running. Please someone show me one. The FRU is always complaining that the Fiji Rugby team does not get quality world class opposition to play against and thus they just do not have the mind set not the developed skills that come with playing high quality opposition. This concept applies in life too. If we don't compete against our opposition on a fair playing field we will never learn to beat them or become equals. i-taukei have to fight on a challenging playing field to become better. We have not gotten any better when the playing field was uneven during Rabukas days and LQ's days.In fact we lost the economic battle even more.This is our problem.We want unfair starting line ups by virtue of our birth rite and we still get our ass kicked because the unfair conditions make us lazy and complacent.

Vutuki Beddoes said...

Editor C4.5 can you post Qarases comments for discussion or you are too biased to do that.

Anonymous said...

Army says to Anon 12:36pm....Not sure if you really are a itaukei or an Indian masquerading as one given the terms you are using and your expressions in your blog statement.

If you are a itaukei, you would understand as well the social impact modernisation and western influence has had on the itaukei customary system of life and this in turn is reflective in how slow the itaukei is adapting and
changing and conforming to a way of life that was alien.

Remember we did not gain our independence until 1970. Before that the Colonial Masters recognised the itaukei did not need to work to feed his family or pay for electricity or water or the moderns of society because the itaukei was satisfied with the village way of life and the resources available.

Education did not become an important issue until the 1990s and beyond. Comparing Indians with itaukei does not justify anything because Indian's are one of the oldest races in the world and their advancement far surpasses the Europeans. Whilst the Europeans lived a feudal system like we did pre year 1000, Indians had a banking system, traded with money, had clothes, ran businesses and had a major impact on the changes in society which we all enjoy today. Yes you are correct we can learn from Indians but we need to tread carefully here because there are good and there are bad that they brought to our shores.

There are many itaukei today who have progressed and achieved in business, education and their lives. You want one business - The Takayawa Security Family business is one. Mere Samisoni is another. There are many other itaukei's aspiring in business today and we have moved in leaps and bounds. Qarase opened up an avenue when he was in Government and numerous itaukei took up the opportunity to develop and operate businesses but unfortunately, Frank Bainimarama the COMMON CRIMINAL shut these down after he committed the treasonous act of the coup.

One cannot expect changes in a very short time but one can see the many changes that are happening to the itaukei in moving forward and adapting to the challenges of westernisation. Eventually we will get there but unfortunately the road is never easy. Instead of pulling the itaukei down with your negative comments you are better of making positive comments about the itaukei and the need to progress and we do not need Indians to do this otherwise we will pick up their bad business habits which are pervasive in todays society. Tell me an Indian who has not bribed or corrupted his way into business and the Indian businessman will laugh at you.

Anonymous said...


You are not rational, filling ones pocket with hard work does not make one greedy.

The present day I-Taukei were not the first people of Fiji. Furthermore present day I-Taukei have been diluted by Polynesian,whites and even Indo-fijians.

If race is the only card you can play, then that is a problem only you can fix.

Anonymous said...


Correct in some areas, however tell me one I-Taukei who has refused bribe when offered.

There are two sides of story, just like I-Taukei go and steal and guess who buys the stolen stuff, bloody Indo-Fijians.

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

My intention was to take this conversation to another level..The poorest of "Kai Idias" will roam the streets announcing how unfair life has been with their laminated letters of approval, only to suck blood out of you and declare that God blesses a giving heart. What a bunch of hypocrites

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

On the otherhand the itaukeis will not seek but steal to find. Here's my point => both races should look at themselves and stop being soft cocks

Split again? said...


All Hail Bainimarama said...

What's the update on Khaiyum's anus that Bainivalu ripped?

Anonymous said...

Split Again? at 3:14, who do you spy for, and why should we consider you a credible source?

Anonymous said...

Fiji needs prayer people,right now, bad politics makes us blind to see the new dawn. Life is precious, we need to see the bigger picture not the dotted lines and Fiji is just the paradise that is here for the making. The way things are going right now is not good...people going at each others throat...that is why the paradise we all aspire to is and will be elusive at all times. Cheers everyone

Anonymous said...

Hate will transpire hatred, good will transpire goodness. Life is but a mixture of both, it is in each one of us to make room for the greater light to shine us forth from this gloomy scenario. Each one of us are equal in the eyes of our Maker...let us then align ourselves to this threshold and put Fiji where it should be...the way the world should be...we desperately need reconciliation..not the opposite!..cheers

Anonymous said...

Army says to Vutaki Meo...look an Indian on this blog says that itaukei were not the first to arrive on the shores of Fiji so we have no claim to the country...That my friend is an Indian trying to justify their actions of CHOR and you Vutaki Meo, will like your blog name says...by them Indians so...take a good think about your comments because at the end of the day, when shit hits the fan, two sides will form and you are either on the itaukei side, or you can stand on the Indian side as you choose but you know whose going down

Anonymous said...

@ 5:46pm and 5:51pm....yadah yadah yadah yadah...evil shall triumph as it now triumphs with Frank being the PM...Greater evil will flow before realisation sets in. Let the games begin....

Anonymous said...

Yes its true, confirmed the split within Sodelpa has widened.Anasa Vocea has replaced Sainiana Radrodro as the new Media Manager,there was no meeting she was just told to move as a new media manager is taking over,could this coup arise from her comments against LQ in the Fiji Sun on Thursday 08/08/14.

Anonymous said...

Why are we harping about what Qarase said? He stated that equal citizenry is impossible through any documented form, it needs to come from the heart of the individuals!! He said that the word Fijians should be reserved for the iTaukei, this has merit, by simply throwing in the preamble of the 2013 Constotution, that does not have the People of Fiji's input, a phrase that everyone will now be known as a Fijian is not acceptable. There should be a referendum whereby everyone is consulted in the absence of a Parliament. Indians want to be known as an Indian or Indo Fijian, they don't desire to be called a Fijian.
Comments about Christianity to have prominence in the Constitution, why not? Majority of the populace are Christians and follow the Christian principles, why should this not be reflected in the Constitution?? Freedom to worship and practise all religions should allow any clarity if some segments feel deprived! Secular state, what is next? Gay marriage, voodoo acceptance, human sacrifices, etc, are these going to be accepted if we don't address this in the Constitution now?? Wake up Fiji, especially the Indians, we are needed here to take the country forward and rid of coups and coup makers!!

SODELPA and NFP to form next Government!!!


Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

Frank Bainimarama is not a respectable person. He killed off Fijian democracy and replaced it with a nasty military dictatorship. The fact that he has now resigned his commission and is fighting a democratic election changes none of this. He will be forever remembered as one of the democratic villains of the Pacific.

Ideally Bainimarama would by now have been sentenced to a long time in jail, like the last man who launched a coup in his country, George Speight. Overthrowing a democratic system is a form of treason and it is not something that should be lightly forgiven.

But Bainimarama has given himself immunity for treason through a convenient constitution that his “government” put through. This is a farce and has exactly the moral force of a criminal pardoning himself for his crime. Bainimarama, in short, hardly deserves to be enjoying the freedoms that he denied to other Fijians during the long years of his dictatorship.

The New Zealand government, naturally, does not accept this line of thought. It practises McCullyism in foreign affairs, which is an extreme form of pragmatism. It is happy to forget Bainimarama’s crimes. New Zealand has decided the time has come to forgive him and try to “encourage” his re-entry into the world of democracy, the world that he destroyed. Bainimarama’s Australian friends, of course, have been similarly understanding; he will cross the Tasman after finishing his brief stint here. But that does not mean he should be treated just like any other candidate in the election which he so long delayed.

Bainimarama should understand that New Zealand democrats detest him and everything he represents. Since the Key Government has decided to let him come here, New Zealand democrats should use the other choice open to them. They can go and protest vigorously – but always peacefully – at Bainimarama’s election meetings in Auckland. They should tell the man what they think of him. They should use the freedom we enjoy here to condemn the man who took away democratic freedom in Fiji. Bainimarama, it seems, will never have to pay properly for what he did. But he shouldn’t think that he has got away scot-free.

Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible that Bainimarama will do well in the Fijian election. The man who should be drummed out of any election might end up winning this one. And this shows the long-term damage that Fiji’s coup culture has done to the nation.

Ad Feedback <a target=”_blank” href=”http://adclick.g.doubleclick.net/aclk%253Fsa%253DL%2526ai%253DBIhh_mjHlU5mdJIzO9AWPooHIAoOXqP8EAADA7m0QASAAOABY087pjL0BYKv8sYWIKYIBF2NhLXB1Yi05MzY2ODY3MTc0MjAzNzcysgEPd3d3LnN0dWZmLmNvLm56ugEJZ2ZwX2ltYWdlyAEJ2gFsaHR0cDovL3d3dy5zdHVmZi5jby5uei9kb21pbmlvbi1wb3N0L2NvbW1lbnQvZWRpdG9yaWFscy8xMDM2NTYxOC9FZGl0b3JpYWwtRW5lbXktb2YtZGVtb2NyYWN5LWRlc2VydmVzLXNjb3JuqQKPLJisFWOsPsACAuACAOoCLzY2NzQvb25sLnN0dWZmLmRvbWluaW9ucG9zdC9jb21tZW50Ly9lZGl0b3JpYWxz-AL_0R6QA6ALmAOgC6gDAeAEAaAGHw%2526num%253D0%2526sig%253DAOD64_0xFLR65bjZ8mfXs7xU2jT546pnlg%2526client%253Dca-pub-9366867174203772%2526adurl%253Dhttps://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/clk/283614583;110409915;f”><img src=”http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/imgad?id=CICAgKCTkJT3BBABGAEyCI8iCxbb6VJU” width=”300″ height=”250″ border=”0″ alt=”” galleryimg=”no”></a>

Democracy has not taken a deep hold in this splintered society.

If it had, the first coup, by Sitiveni Rabuka, would never have been repeated. The aggressive and arrogant military of Fiji has become a long-term curse on the nation. The soldiers have been sent back to their barracks this time, but they all know that coups are not only possible in Fiji, they are highly do-able.

The result is that the culture of the coup will continue to cast its shadow over Fijian politics for a long time to come. Even if the rebel Bainimarama decides to behave like a democrat, what other tin-pot dictator is nursing dreams of power in a Fijian barracks?

The demon is out of the bottle, and it will be immensely hard to put back.

Anonymous said...

You are the proud indigenous people of our beloved Fiji.You are Fijian, by the Grace of almighty God!

No kai-loma criminal from Kiuva, and his Indian Muslim thief, who committed treason, murder and corruption against the people of Fiji can take that from you!

Frank Bainimarama and his Indian Muslim thief Khaiyum have already attacked your race as a people so that they can get access to your native lands for their own greedy goals and the benefit of their corrupt family and friends.

They openly attacked two of your key institutions that kept you united as a people – the Great Council of Chiefs and your leaders of the Methodist Church. But you must remember that these institutions also kept you united and strong as a people. Whatever issues you have against these institutions can easily be fixed.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum used evil lies and false accusations to accuse these institutions of corruption and in so doing enticed your emotional hunger into believing them via the sweetness of gossip and kakase.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum are more corrupt and crooked than any other government in Fiji’s history. This is a fact. They also insulted your Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday 2013. This is a fact. But like the apostle Peter, you didn't defend Jesus Christ.

What Bainimarama and his Indian Muslim thief Khaiyum are doing to you is all about RACE. The Fijian Race! This is a fact. They need to break down your strong identity and unity so that they can divide and conquer you by easilymanipulating your generous and friendly customs and fooling the less educated of you into believing their lies.

Both Bainimarama and Khaiyum have already degraded your race of people to an “owner of something” – an iTaukei, no longer referring to you as Fijians in your homeland - the proud indigenous people of Fiji. This is a bloody insult to you as a people and to your children and your ancestors! It must be stopped!

Remember, non-indigenous Indians who are born and live in India still call themselves Indians without having to degrade the indigenous race to just being “owners of something”! This is the same in China, Africa, Samoa and Tonga! So why is it different in Fiji? They want your valuable lands!

Fijians, you must stand-up together against Frank Bainimarama and his junta and be recognized as a race and as a people! The survival of your race and ownership of your lands depends on it.

Chiefs, stop hiding and lead your people to victory, Do your job, stand-up and be counted and protect our future as a country and as a nation!

Anonymous said...

As a Fijian Tongan , my family supports fiji first , why ? They help us with business .

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It's funny to see Frank running from Makareta. It's really true. That's just what he's doing.

Just as he's run from the public auditor's report.

Just as he's run from the PIF leaders.

Just as he's run from the Court of Appeal.

Just as he's run from accountability for murdering CRW and torturing prisoners.

Just as he's run from debates.

Don't stop running, Frank. We're gaining on you!

Anonymous said...

All fiji first supporters need to register them selfs. So when the country get fucked we really know who to blame. ... all you fiji first supporters who think you are god right now have no backbone. .. some one said to me that frank is the only person who gave us indians the title fijjians... fuck you gang.. if we are all fijjians than why are some fijjians called I taukai.

You fiji first supporters think what has changed... and frank and khaiyum will not be around for ever.

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