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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Questions amnesiac journos should be asking

A Manual for Journalists taking up Khaiyum’s challenge
By Professor Wadan Narsey 

There continues a pretense of national debates between Fiji First Party representatives and other party representatives, in which allegedly independent journalists from Fiji Sun, FBC and Fiji TV energetically grill opposition political party leaders and candidates, while sympathetically allowing Fiji First leaders all the leeway they want.

The latest was a one-sided grilling of Mr Mahendra Chaudhry by Ms Shammi Lochan, the latest bright spark for the Aina program, a worthy successor to Veena Bhatnagar who ruthlessly, but smoothly and suavely, previously grilled Professor Biman Prasad in a totally one-sided affair (she will go far in politics).
Two allegedly neutral media personalities, Matai Akauola and Veena Bhatnagar revealed their true colors by standing as candidates for Fiji First Party.
Journalists seem not to be aware that Aiyaz Khaiyum (Attorney General and also Minister for Elections has publicly instructed them, nay exhorted them,  to beyond the “he says this and he says that” type of superficial journalism, and ask more penetrating analytic questions.
It seems that our journalists suffer strange memory losses and get stuck for questions on their programs, with none willing to emulate the tenaciousness of a certain Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum who did a hilarious but penetrating interview with Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, while both were trotting along the sea wall opposite the Pony Club in Laucala Bay. (It would seem that Riyaz is playing a somewhat opposite role these days, to people in power).

Let me  suggest some analytical questions that Peceli Rokotuivuna, Edwin Nand, Jo Tuwere, Nemani Delaibatiki, Jyoti Pratibha, Shammi Lochan, Mika Loga, Stanley Simpson can print and have before them, when Rear Admiral (retired) Bainimarama appears on their programs, to answer on his record since 2000, and particularly from 2006 as an un-elected self-imposed Prime Minister).
I also suggest that parties can print these questions, circulate it to their supporters who can ring in to ask questions of Fiji First Party.
(“he says this and that” statements are in black, and the analytic questions are in red):

1. Since we have been digging up the dirt on Chaudhry’s past, is it true that you were told by your intelligence about planning of the 2000 coup six months before, and also the exact date of the coup a week before, but you did nothing?
2. You say you did the 2006 coup on the grounds that there had been widespread corruption and electoral fraud under Qarase.
a. Since you have not found any evidence after eight years in government, were you being less than truthful?
b. Has there been any corruption in your government these last eight years and is that why you are not releasing any of the Auditor General’s Reports since 2006?
3. You said (in a Decree) that your own appointed Constituent Assembly would discuss and approve the Ghai Draft Constitution which followed all your decree requirements including immunity, yet you rejected the Yash Ghai Draft.
a. What parts of your decrees did the Commission not follow?
b. Since you could have asked for changes to the draft, did you not trust the People’s Constituent Assembly?
4. Your current Chief Justice, Anthony Gates had clearly ruled in 2001 that no person had the powers to abrogate a constitution
a.  Who gave you or Iloilo the power to abrogate the 2009 Constitution?
b. So who gave you the powers to impose the 2013 Constitution?
c. Why did you not set up a Constituent Assembly for your own 2013 Constitution?
5. You say you believe in the separation of the judiciary from the Executive and the independence of the judiciary.
a. Why then did you throw out of court, the FNPF pensioners’ case which was challenging your unilateral reduction of pensions from 15% to 9%?
b. Don’t you believe in the separation of the judiciary from the Executive?
c. Do you not trust the judiciary you yourself appointed, to be independent and fair?
6. You say that your government is transparent and accountable.
a. Why then have you adamantly refused to release the Auditor General Reports since 2007?
b. Are you hiding serious corruption of your own?
7. You say your government is transparent and accountable.
a. Why then have you refused to reveal what salaries you were paid from 2010 to 2013, and why through a private accounting company?
b. Is it because your salaries then were much higher than what you have reported for the elections?
8. You say that you are fully accountable to the tax-payers.
a. Why then do you refuse to make public all the reports on the FNPF and large contracts involving tax-payers’ funds?
b. Why do you and your PS Finance refuse to answer public queries as to who is auditing the one billion dollar expenditure of the Fiji Roads Authority
c. What are the salaries of the top executives of the FRA
d. What are the profits being made by the companies contracting to the FRA?
9. You say that you are financially responsible.
a. Why then have you significantly escalated the Public Debt without the approval of an elected parliament?
b. Why do you present misleading statistics on Net Deficit as Perc. Of GDP which excludes the revenues from asset sales?
c. Can you tell us why Debt per Household has increased by more than 30% under you government?
10. You say often that you are here to help the poor.
a. Why then have you significantly worsened social justice and income distribution by reducing corporate tax and income tax at the higher levels by 33% (thereby giving more than $100 million extra to the rich)
b. And increased the tax burden on the poor while increasing VAT (which hurts the poor and the middle classes more) and which is now the most important source of government revenue.
11. You say that MIDA will independently protect the media.
a. But why do you still practice media censorship
b. Why do you extend the license for Fiji TV only on a six-monthly basis and
c. Why is the MIDA Chairman not responding to public questions about the refusal of newspapers to print critical letters?
12. You say that you will always protect the indigenous people, their land and qoliqoli rights, and their culture.
a. Why do you then undermine the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?
b. Who gave you the authority to abolish the Great Council of Chiefs which has always been part of Fiji’s Constitutions?
13. You often give speeches that say you believe in green sustainable growth.
a. Why is it then that large areas of mangroves have been cut all over Fiji and reclaimed, breaking all our environment laws and commitments?
b. Who exactly gave the approvals and why is no civil servant giving any answers?
14. You say that everyone is equal under your government.
a. Why do you then practice gross nepotism for your close family members
b.  Why do you force civil servants to retire at age 55 but you and your brother stay on,
c. Why do you have differential treatment for convicted criminals
d.  Why are you sending targeted persons to jail for misdemeanors while demanding and amnesty for yourself from 2000 to 2014 elections?
15. You say that the people of Fiji will know the value of your government by your deeds around the country.
a. Why then do you spend more than a million dollars a year on a foreign company Qorvis, when you have a Ministry of Information there to do your communication work?
16. You accused the Qarase Government of using the Agricultural Scam to buy votes just before the 2001 and 2006 elections.
a. Why are you yourself still using tax-payers funds just weeks before the elections to woo voters?
17. You have said that the elections will be free and fair.
a. Why then have you used ad hoc decrees at the last minute, to disqualify opposition party candidates from standing (merely because they have tried to educate themselves overseas), but you do not apply the same restrictions to your civil servants?
18.   You proudly boast that your military government is the “first ever to do this and the first ever to do that”  BUT
a.  is it not true that the military did a coup in 1987 and stopped the NFP/Fiji Labor Party government of Dr. Bavadra, Jai Ram Ram Reddy and Mahendra Chaudhry after just one month in government?
b. is it not true that military soldiers did a coup in 2000 and stopped the FLP government of Mahendra Chaudhry from completing  their term after just one year in government?
c. is it not true that in 2006, you and the military did a coup and stopped the SDL/FLP government of Qarase of completing their term after just 1 year?
d. is it not true that you have now had eight years in government, and in the first five years GDP was totally stagnant, employment went down, real incomes reduced by 30%, poverty increased by 50% and the sugar output collapsed by 50%?
e. is it not true that the good economic growth of the last three years is due almost entirely to the extraordinary increase of one billion dollars of capital expenditure being spent on roads etc in just 2 years (2013 and 2014), and some private investment encouraged by the elections about to be held and a return to an accountable parliamentary government?
19.  You say that you don’t want the “old politicians” to take the country backwards to the coup culture.

a. Why then do you have “old politicians” like Inoke Kubuabola and Filipe Bole who supported the 1987 and 2000 coups, as well as your 2006 and 2009 coups?


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama, conman, greedy bastard, murderer, Dictator of fiji. Why don't you and Khaiyum tell the people of Fiji about all the millions you hiding in your overseas bank account under a different name. You bunch of COMPULSIVE LIARS!! You can't hide from the truth, you lowlife scum.

If anyone is reading this, it is the TRUTH. I work with this ILLEGAL Corrupt Government and I'm sick and tired of all there Lies and Deceit. Bainimarama if you really care about the people of fiji then tell them the TRUTH for once in your life. You haven't said the truth for 8 long years, illegally running our beloved country. You pure evil man.

To the people of FIJI, please don't vote the EVIL CORRUPT GREEDY MONYGRABBING Fiji First. They are a bunch of thugs murderers that's ruined our country in the past 8 years,..

Vote for other parties but not Fiji First. Their party should be called BAINI & KHAIYUM'S POCKET FIRST... Bunch of robbing evil bastards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why did Dr. Neil Sharma - Minister for Health did not take action and give voting rights and membership to 120 oral health workers in the Fiji Dental Association.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Dental Association has paid about $42,000 to a law firm in Suva to fight their court case action number 216 / 2011 against the membership of mostly government workers. The Minister Dr. Neil Sharma has failed to address the abuse of $42,000 of members fund by Fiji Dental Association and also allow membership of about 120 workers who are government workers in hospital throughout the country to be members of Fiji Dental Association under the decree.
The court case has finished as the minister has powers under the decree to intervene and make decision which has not been done till now.
The minister has failed to use his powers and allow government workers to be members of Fiji Dental Association. The decree clearly allows for membership into Fiji Dental Association but the government workers have not been allowed into Fiji Dental Association despite the directive from the minister to call a SPECIAL AGM for all the workers in 2012.
How can the government get 120 votes from these workers and their families from these government workers who have been deprived of their membership for the last three years?
The rules of the Fiji Dental Association was deliberately changed and the membership increased to $520 to be full member and $260 for affiliate members. If one pays $260 he / she has NO VOTING RIGHT. This is DISCRIMINATORY under the 2013 Constitution and under equal citizenry. The rules are discriminatory.
PLEASE can the Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable A.G and the military Council look into this without delay as they may not have the support of these government workers and their families if they are not given their right to to be a member in a fair manner with voting rights.
It is surprising why the Minster of Health Dr. Neil Sharma’s directive for Special AGM in 2012 has not been followed for all members to elect members of Fiji Dental Association.
Why Dr. Neil Sharma has not exercised his powers?

Anonymous said...

Neil Sharma was insulted by a dentist in his office and a letter against this dentist was written to warn this dentist.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 1: His overthrow of Fiji's lawful and democratically-elected government in 2006 constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Reason 2: It is now clear that Bainimarama masterminded the 2000 hostage-taking in Parliament and coup attempt. This constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Reason 3: Bainimarama forced President Iloilo to abrogate the Constitution in 2009, the Constitution Bainimarama was sworn to protect. This constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Reason 4: Bainimarama allegedly ordered the murder of CRW soldiers in his custody. As prisoners, they were no longer combatants. At least one had no part whatsoever in the CRW mutiny. This was murder in cold blood, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Reason 5: Bainimarama rules Fiji without sanction of law and at gunpoint. All Fijians are effectively his hostages. This demands his removal from government and a criminal sentence no less severe than that accorded to kidnappers with aggravated circumstances.

Reason 6: Bainimarama's 2006 coup invalidated Fiji's last lawful election. He then disenfranchised all Fijians, promising elections in 2009 and reneging. This demands his removal from government and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Reason 7: In 2009, Fiji's Court of Appeal ruled Bainimarama's government illegal and prescribed specific remedies. Instead, Bainimarama sacked Fiji's entire judiciary, forced the abrogation of the Constitution, and suspended all civil liberties. This demands his removal from government and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Reason 8: Under Bainimarama's economic mismanagement, Fiji has experienced the worst economic performance in its history, with sustained zero or negative growth. His 2006 coup damaged Fiji's tourism. His reneging on promises are directly and personally responsible for Fiji's forfeiture of $350 million from the EU for the reform and modernization of Fiji's sugar industry. He did not properly monitor the expenditure of $84 million in loans to the sugar industry from India, leading to the project's failure. He saddled Fiji's taxpayers with the FSC's huge debt, illegally cut pensions in half, substantially devalued Fiji's currency, caused the displacement of many farmers, borrowed huge sums at inflated interest rates, created a hostile business environment, caused greater poverty, leading to increased suicides and lower life expectancy, etc. The longer Bainimarama mismanages the economy, the more Fijians will die or slip into poverty.

Reason 9: Bainimarama is at the centre of a web of growing corruption. He illegally receives multiple salaries for the multiple cabinet positions he awarded himself. He illegally routes all payments through the accounting firm of Khaiyum's aunt, Nur Bano Ali. He prevents the publication of all public accounting reports, which are presumably damning of his management and operations. He is a close associate of Fulluck, which is the biggest Chinese human smuggler and prostitution ring in Fiji. He uses government agencies such as FICAC to harrass and punish his political opponents. He is the main cause for Heritage Foundation's downgrading of Fiji on its economic freedoms ranking. His regime's dealings are so murky that Transparency International cannot even conduct sufficient research with which to rank Fiji. He illegally awarded himself nearly $200,000 in leave pay going back 30 years. He provides no accounting of the money in his PM Flood Relief Fund or of the $5 million grant given to Bainimarama by the Chinese government for his discretionary use. The list could go on and on.

Reason 10: Bainimarama has squandered much of the good will and international reputation Fiji has built up over its history by spurning Fiji's friends and embracing those who do not share its values or respect its interests. Because of Bainimarama, Fiji is the only country ever suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum. Because of Bainimarama, Fiji is also expelled from the Commonwealth. As a result of the military coup of 2006, the United States prohibited assistance to Fiji's military and joined with other countries in imposing various travel restrictions on those officials involved and their key supporters. He uses the Melanesian Spearhead Group as a tool for wedge politics designed to impair regional unity. He regularly denounces the very countries who have been Fiji's allies and defenders throughout its history, whilst courting countries whose influence could tip the regional security balance against Fiji's long-term interests. He aligns Fiji with totalitarian and repressive regimes notorious as state sponsors of terrorism while maligning Fiji's largest trade partners and most reliable aid donors. Etc., etc.

I've now listed ten reasons why Bainimarama should and must go, and I've only scratched the surface on these. And apart from these ten, there are many other compelling reasons as well.

Think long and hard about the wisdom and morality of supporting such a man.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered how Khaiyum’s mother, Latifa, managed to purchase a couple of beach front properties on Naisoso Island for OVER a million dollars each? . No money changed hands, which suggests a bribe for services.

The connection with Latifa and Naisoso Island lies with Robert Edward Lowres, Managing Director of RELCORP Fiji ltd, who was appointed to the board of Investment Fiji, by Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Khayium hides all his investment under Latifa Investment Limited which is owned by him and his mum Latifa. This is where all properties and money are hidden.Khaiyum sold his house in Berry Road to Tappos money kept under Latifa Investment Ltd. They also own Aiman Apartment in Bureau Road off Raiwaqa Road ( near Sardar Trading).

Anonymous said...

What as the court's decision in the dust-up between the Electoral Commission and the Fiji Elections Office?

Chen Bunn Young said the court had defined the clause in the Electoral Decree and there would be no further action by his office, which makes it sound as if, as expected with this regime-controlled judiciary, the court ruled against him.

"I think those [political] parties know that our ability to address those complaints are limited and after a very big discussion with a party member yesterday, they will be looking at their own avenues to pursue this further if they wanted to and we will not be part of this," said Mr Young.

Sounds like Saneem (i.e., Aiyaz) will have his way, and the political parties' only recourse is to appeal to another regime-controlled court.

So much for free and fair elections!

Anonymous said...

Sa da mai vaka tu na ika mateni tu ena tuva..

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the Fiji Police are finally doing the right thing by suspending some officers in the Soko wrongful death investigation. I don't agree, though, with the argument that their names cannot be released because the matter is sub judice. The alleged police brutality in Ferguson is also under investigation, but the name of the accused policeman was released publically, even as the investigation continues.

Anonymous said...


DO NOT VOTE FOR FIJI FIRST! - Fiji First is ONLY for their own pocket first.

Bainimaramna is an unqualified nut who is only doing his best to win so that he does not end up in Naboro!

Let us free our Beloved Fiji from these corrupt animals called Bainimarama and Khaiyum! Vote them out on 17 September!


There's not a single question there that I give a flying f*** about as a voter, so why would I be interested in the answer? The only decision that anyone has to make in precisely 3 weeks time is: Who is best placed to take Fiji forward and achieve job growth and stability? And the only answer to that is FijiFirst. SODELPA wants to restore the elite, take money off ordinary people, marginalise nearly 40 per cent of the population and take away their common identity. the NFP doesn't know what it is - with a leader who speaks to Indo-Fijians in a version of Hindi they don't understand and a party president who wants everyone to be called Fiji Islanders. The FLP is headed by a power crazed crook who still thinks he's in charge. The only good thing about the PDP is Linda Tabuya's good looks and Roshika Deo is a upstart non event. None of them is fit to govern. And that is what the Fijian people will decide on September 17th. You can count on it.

Anonymous said...

Wadan, who cares? Have another drink.

Anonymous said...

Warden, of course FBC and FIjisun have no balls to ask those questions.

Of course they have been hoodwinked by this muslim man.

Of course they'll do what it takes to keep food on their table including swallowing their principals.

we all know that. those journalists are the only ones voting for FijiFirst.

Everyone else is kicking them in the arse at election

Anonymous said...

All we have been hearing from sodelpa leader,Teimumu is that they do not agree on anything this present government has introduced.Common name Fijian.secular state, free Education, Social Welfare,free bus fares,infrastructure developments,roads,etc etc. Whenever she's interviewed, she says that if they win, they will review and consult,review and consult,review and consult on and on and so on.You just have to look back from 2001 to 2006 when they were the govt.this is what they have been doing all along.And she is again saying that's what they will be doing in the next 4 years.Fiji and Fijian do not need consultants anymore now. We have had so many of these people, consultants who have come in and gone out with nothing done but just fill up their pockets and run away overseas,like Naisoro,Vitusagavulu, Kaitani,Zinck, this bank union rep who uses govt. funds to watch Hong Kong sevens every year.Those who stayed back also filled their pockets with millions as well as their families like Qarase,Dakuidreketi, Bakani, etc.There are still those out there, the long arms of the law will catch up with you one day.Fijians today need people who "walk the talk", less talk and more work.Enough of consult and review, rewind.Bula everybody!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

O Teimumu sa rauti koya ga me minisita ni tara bolabola me koronivuli

Anonymous said...

get the point?

Anonymous said...

No Consultation is same as rape.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum have been raping this nation with their 500 decrees while some idiots allow themselves to be hoodwinked into more rape.

get your head out of your butt

Anonymous said...

"is it not true that you have now had eight years in government, and in the first five years GDP was totally stagnant, employment went down, real incomes reduced by 30%, poverty increased by 50% and the sugar output collapsed by 50%?"

Who the f*ck cares about that? So long as I continue to get my extra salary as a sergeant.

Anonymous said...


Mumbai (AFP) - Low-caste Indians are still routinely forced into manually removing human excrement from toilets despite a highly-publicised law introduced last year to end the "discriminatory practice", a rights group said Monday.

Across the country, "manual scavengers" at the bottom of India's entrenched caste hierarchy still perform the unsanitary work on a daily basis, Human Rights Watch said in a report after interviewing more than 100 people involved in the labour.

Low-caste workers often find it difficult to obtain any other form of work, with some toilet cleaners facing threats and harassment from local officials and residents if they try to quit, HRW said.

Women working as scavengers clean out primitive non-flush toilets by hand and with basic tools, collecting the faecal matter in bamboo baskets and buckets and taking it away in handcarts to dump.

In rural areas they are often given leftover food, old clothes and access to land instead of wages -- all at the discretion of households they serve, the report added.

"Successive Indian government attempts to end caste-based cleaning of excrement have been derailed by discrimination and local complicity," said Meenakshi Ganguly, HRW's South Asia director.

"The government needs to get serious about putting laws banning manual scavenging into practice and assisting the affected caste communities."

Indian lawmakers passed a long-promised bill last year to ban manual scavenging, with provisions to give the workers and their families alternative employment and assistance.

The bill was the latest attempt to stamp out the age-old practice, with earlier laws against it introduced in 1955 and 1993.

Caste-based discrimination, by which those on the bottom rung are known as "untouchables", is also banned by India's constitution.

Both male and female scavengers are called on to clean excrement from open defecation sites, gutters and drains, HRW said, while men usually do the more physically demanding job of cleaning septic tanks and sewers.

"If I go to a hotel to find work, they ask my caste. Once I tell them I am Valmiki (a low sub-caste), they will only give me work cleaning the toilets," said Bablu, a teenager from Bharatpur city in Rajasthan state.

"I want to do something else, I know this is discrimination, but what can I do?" he told HRW.

The rights group said the government needs to work with local communities to create a comprehensive programme to implement the 2013 act, ensuring financial help, housing and other livelihood support.

"Caste-based custom, backed by coercion, is still binding people to manual scavenging, and that demands government intervention," Ganguly said.

Anonymous said...

anon 7 52am
Tara oti na bolabola mo lauvutu sara e loma baleta na levu ni nomu ulukau

Anonymous said...

anon 5 02am
Blogger sona o iko .....lako mada i vale ni vo

Anonymous said...

wananavu wadan. could be more on nepotism like:

- why did your laumsona brother in law get off very lightly for murder?
- how come your idiot daughter was made CEO for Sports Council?
- how come your son-in-law holds all these coaching/management positions for FRU teams when he has not demonstrated to be good winning coach? All his teams have been losing pathetically.

Anonymous said...

Can someone retrieve the list of CEO's and changes to the head of sections,made under this regime (nee dictator)

paula raqeukai said...

To all our beloved citizens of our great nation, Fiji, PLEASE JUST VOTE FOR THE TRUTH ON 17TH SEPTEMBER 2014 as the TRUTH WILL SET FIJI FREE....Our nation need honest, inclusive, God fearing and creative thinkers in these hours of uncertainty....God Bless Fiji...

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of yalowai mentality the Fij First are friends with while the papua wantoks are killed and minerals stolen from their land.....

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, August 25, 2014) – Indonesian president-elect Joko Widodo has promised to build a presidential palace on the shores of Papua's picturesque Lake Sentani as a sign he will pay more attention to the region.

Fairfax reports that Mr Joko's plan, which would include regular meetings for dialogue with Papuan leaders, has met a mixed reception from senior local figures.

In early August, Mr Joko, called a meeting with about 30 Papuan politicians and religious leaders and laid out a plan designed to increase dialogue and contact between the capital and Indonesia's easternmost province.

He also told the group the construction of a new presidential palace on the lakeside near Jayapura would symbolise the presence of the central government in Papua.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

We know that some people are dumb but there is another class above that, the DUMBEST ASSHOLES. These are the cock-sucking ass-licking pieces of shit who have been supporting this evil illegal government.

Anonymous said...

ainimarama shits
his pants after getting too drunk and
unable to control his bowel movement. An open challenge to the Fiji Sun –
why not write about Bainimarama
shitting in his pants at the Fiji
International Golf Tournament after
being totally drunk and unable to
control his bowel movement. Hey, Peter Lomas and Nemani, you
want to analyze my page, then
analyze this:

Why didn't the Fiji Sun report on
Bainimarama getting totally inebriated
and swearing at the American Ambassador after the Fiji International
Golf Tournament? Why didn't your reporters write that
Bainimarama actually shit in his pants
yet again at the said golf tournament
prize giving? Your reporters were there and we
know they took the pictures in case
they lose their jobs. If Bainimarama can’t control his
bowels, then he should stand down as
he is too sick and because of this shit is
now also coming out of his mouth aka


Mrs Chaudhry said...

Hey Rajendra go and get a job you lazy moron.

With all that has transpired in Fiji since 2006 all you can come up with is this rubbish.

The more you open your mouth the more you hurt the democracy movement. Just shut up and go away. You could do us one favour. Take your corrupt regime ass kissing father with you. He joined this gang of illegal thugs to make a few bucks.

You and your father have this in common you are both whores who lack any moral fibre. You are a disgrace to Fiji. Stay in hiding in Aus. Your days in Fiji are over no matte who takes power.

Love Mum

PM Bainimarama said...

Okay, enuf is enuf! You want ansers, I'll give you ansers, you sonalevus. I'll anser any of your questions honestly. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

Let's do this!

Anonymous said...

Ok, then why do you think you can be our leader when you can't even keep from defecating yourself in public?

Anonymous said...

The conditions have been set for Fiji First to win the elections. What happens next? Do we bend over again and get f%& ked like the last 8 years or do we stand and fight.

Anonymous said...

Majority supporters in Sydney for the Bainimarama meeting were I-Taukei. In fact all of them. The racist trolls on this blogsite do not want to mention this. This includes C4.5 editors. Keep silently playing your race blame game and reap the rewards. God (whichever religion) will be so proud of you.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...

Oi you gunts, wads yor broplem? Im the Brime Minster so fuck you all.

Anonymous said...

Narsey you should be the last person trying to be the national
Hero here?
You've done exactly as these bastards are doing to our country
and to our people?
You'd have to be totally stupid not to know that by getting elected to parliament in the previous Government you
personally would be double
dipping with your pay i.e, getting
paid from the Government and
also from the University of
the South Pacific?
Howcome when you knew that
this was a great strain to our national economy, why did you
not brings this facts up in parliament?
Why didn't you personally sponsor
a bill to stop these rackles abuse?
I'm suprise that Khaiyum at least
saw that hole and has put a stop
to it?
Has khaiyum decree capped
this hole, i don't think so and lots of works to be done to nailed
that door shut for good?
Stop whinning and i'm tyied of listening to your ridiculous whimpery & triviality?
Go home have a shot of
Gin and go to sleep-leave us alone
to figure things out for our country?
You're no longer here and
we really don't need your bulshit?

PM Bainimarama said...

Look, I'm sick and tired of you always bringing up these incidents involving my bowel problems. I've got Irritable Bowel Syndrome, okay? What, you never crapped your pants? Maybe you never been under fire like me. President Bush vomited on the Japanese. I'm human. I have accidents. But so do you. I'm under many pressures here. You don't know. I'm being totally honest now. It's a medical problem, but it isn't the kind of problem that can keep me from providing my special brand of leadership.

Anonymous said...

The most corrupt government of all time is the one that is scared to release the auditors full report.

they know they release, no one vote for them.

100% guarantee

dont vote for fijifirst.

the corruption there is unimagineable

Anonymous said...

the real clean up is after this election if they respect the result.

Anonymous said...

Bai is already getting his punishment. he cant control his shit already

mark manning said...

Who really owns Fiji Airways?

mark manning said...

Suliasi Daunitutu on ABC NEWS 24:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq3kOmAkVUE

Anonymous said...

Mr. PM, why no auditor reports all these years?

Anonymous said...

Check out Bainimarama's Sydney campaign.

It is pure "cheap line" answers at its best. Certainly Bainimarama is no PM material whatsoever, Just pure DUMB answers!

Also see from the video that he is certainly not popular amongst the crowd in the room.

Kini, the man from Kadavu who is the MC was only chanting to himself at the end of the meeting "We want Frank, We Want Frank". There was zero response from the crowd!!!!

E sa velavela dina.


Anonymous said...

Just say No.
Anyone but these guys

PM Bainimarama said...

Everyone says no Public Auditor reports. But we've had Public Auditor reports. Their coursed through my office. We just don't want to publicise them yet because of national security reasons. They do cover certain irreguilarities by certain people in the expenditure of public monies. Some people need to clean up their act. I'm making sure they do that. Some say I'm not transparent. Do you know any other PM who would anser your questions on C4.5? I just don't want negative criticism of my government or to air our dirty linen in public. You don't want me to shit in public so don't ask me to shit in public. I've also had to spend money in different ways in order to get different results. What's the point of being dictator if I have to anser to a bunch of critics? Let me fix the problems in my own way. When your dictator you can do things differently.

Anonymous said...

More Narsey drivel once again showing his stuck up attitude of assuming he is the only one that knows the questions to ask.

Has this guy ever succeeded in doing something useful for Fiji other than promoting his name?

Anonymous said...

@ Anno 2:18 PM

Mr Narsey is able to provide insightful comment on what this regime is up to. He has been invaluable to Fijians in exposing the flaws in some of the policy put forward by the illegal regime. I for one appreciate his commentary.

Now lets look at you. No comment of any use. A blanket attack on a patriot. I don't see you asking any questions. How about you crawl back up Khaiyum's arse. You seem to like being kept in the dark.

Anonymous said...

2 Annon 1:25 PM

Thankyou for posting the link to Frank's Sydney stand-up comedy festival. I laughed so hard I fell off my chair.

How is it that he cannot see what we all see. Every time he opens his mouth he looks more and more stupid. This is serious business but it gets hard to treat it that way when this man is so void of any basic intellect. He has the attention span of a fruit fly. (No offence to fruit flies)

Anonymous said...

A high-powered delegation of Lauans will approach Ro Teimumu Kepa in the traditional way today to represent the interests of its province. The leader of SODELPA is also the paramount chief of Rewa, her stronghold. The SODELPA supporters had banked on Anare Jale to champion Lauan interests. But Mr Jale was disqualifi ed as a candidate for the September 17 general election because he failed the residential qualifi cation test. Because it was too late to fi nd a replacement, Mr Jale’s supporters decided to approach Ro Teimumu who was married to a Lauan, Sailosi Kepa, who had a distinguished career in the civil, legal and diplomatic service. On its Facebook page last night, SODELPA said: At 4.30 pm tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 27th August, Mr Anare Jale will be making a very important announcement at Ono-i-Lau House in Nadera. We expect the High Chiefs of Lau together with Adi Ateca Ganilau and Adi Kakua Mara will be present to accept Mr Jale’s missive. SODELPA Party Leader, the Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Vuikaba Kepa has also been invited to attend this meeting. SODELPA wishes to clarify that although Mr Jale’s appeal against the decision of the Supervisor of Elections denying his candidacy, was declined, his role in SODELPA and on the campaign trail has not diminished in any way. He remains as an active senior party member in a role helping to direct our lead up to election day.” The traditional approach has unoffi cially been part of the SODELPA process. After the traditional ceremony today, SODELPA will then move in to mobilise both the Rewan and Lauan forces. A number of party candidates had been recommended through the traditional way to represent a specifi c community or province. While the party went along with it, it faces the challenge to explain that the candidates represent all of Fiji, not just the interests of the supporters. Ro Teimumu Kepa

Suliano said...

I understand Mr Sailosi Kepa was a lauan and lauans are going to traditionally approach RO Kepa to accept the nomination since Mr Kepa was from Lau. However the lauans should know that she cheated on Mr Kepa. She hurt him. She betrayed him. This will be an insult to him.

Mr Viam Pillay, Ba said...

As a Fiji First candidate I am shocked with the rubbish that this website allows to be published. Howver, as it is media I want to be seen addressing all Fijians and not just those who read the Sun and the Times.

I stand for Fiji First. I support coups as long as they are for the right reasons like the one implemented by the Honourable Prime Minister. Sometimes the rule of law and freedom of expression get in the way of properly running the country. I support everything the Attorney General has done. I believe he will go down in history as one of the greatest Fijians of all time.

I look forward to receiving your votes. I llok forward to being in parliament to help Fiji First continue in their implementation of Mr Khaiyum's brilliant and fair thesis.

Bula and vinaka to all of my supports.
Vote Fiji First

Anonymous said...

Suliano speak with forked tongue. Let we Lauans speak for ourselves. You speak for yourself, or better yet, say nothing at all. Lau does not support your dictator.

Tevita Bukalidi said...

Suliano you are right. This is hypocrisy by Lauans. The late Mr Kepa was so hurt, emotionally ruined, felt cheated and betrayed by her actions.


Ro Teimumu Kepa has had a moral bypass and does not deserve to even win a parliamentary seat, let alone lead the nation. Like her sister and predecessor as RTD, she is consumed by self interest and status. But her sexual infidelities are the things that have most hurt those around her. Sailosi Kepa was deeply affected and, yes, betrayed. To think that this woman had the gall to go on Close-up on Sunday night and say that part of the reason she has only $1000 in the bank is because she couldn't access her late husband's pension! When are you going to stop being a freeloaded, Ro Teimumu? The only reason that you are contesting this election is because you need the money that will come with a parliamentary seat. EVeryone is sick and tired in the vanua of having to support you. To think that you want to take our lease money back from us to feather your own nest. Shame on you and you other free-loading chiefs!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am so bored with Wadan Narsey. He keeps going on about the Bainimarama Government without ever laying out a sensible alternative. Who made you a Fijian, Wadan? Who declared you equal for the first time in your sorry, alcohol fuelled life?

Anonymous said...

It looks like the regime trolls have punched the clck and started their shift.

Just another day peddling lies in paradise!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.04 & 4.09
Do not throw stones as you live in glasshouses.....
Its modern Fiji dickheads and all chiefs are feeding themselves.....& of course giving free leadership unlike your heroes Bai & Kai paid millions for looting and false leadership......
what a bunch of blind mice maichods!!!

Anonymous said...

So, without due process your dictator prevents a widow from receiving the annuities due her from her late husband's pension, and you call her a freeloader? You people are shameless!

Anonymous said...

What's this about no sensible alternative to this regime?

Every party offers more sensible alternatives than Fiji First.

How about restoring freedom of speech as an alternative?

How about letting Fijians in churches worship without interference?

Here's an alternative -- how about an independent judiciary and the rule of law?

How about a military that defends our country's elected government rather than attacking it?

How about a leader who's educated?

How about a leader who isn't a murderer, torturer, traitor?

Any alternative is better than the pack of thieves who stole the name Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Viam Pillay, I believe you will go down in history as a lesser-known scumbag traitor.

Suliano said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Frank Bainimarama, PM of Fiji said...

Oi you gunts, so what if I shit my pants every now and then, it's just that I forgot to wear my adult nappies. Sometimes I run out cos Mary wears them too, so what you gunts, she's human too.

So one more time, you gunts shud up and let me run the guntree.

Anonymous said...

Army says...As I have said before, Frank Bainimarama is a COMMON CRIMINAL. The Military Council is a COUNCIL of COMMON CRIMINALS. The AG is a CRIMINAL.

Indo Fijians today have thrown their support behind Frank only because Frank is dismantling the very institutions that are dear to the Itaukei. Furthermore Frank is their VINDICATOR, THEIR VENGEANCE AND VENDETTA for the events of the 1987 and 2000 coup.

Our Indo Fijian brethren disregard the fact that Frank was part of the 2000 coup. They disregard the fact that Frank was the a part of the institution or organisation that staged the 1987 and 2000 coup. They disregard the fact that Frank was the Military leader of the Military and carried out the coup in 2006, which should remind our Indo Fijian brethren that there is no guarantee by the Military there will not be another coup in the future. Frank has difficulties making this guarantee to his Indian supporters and this was evident when the question was posted to him in Auckland. Frank does not know the difference between an autocratic Government and a Democratic Government. He only knows his little blue book (2013 Constitution) which is no different to Communism in its socialist form.

Anonymous said...

Too much talk, too much doctrines... Put this into your minds, Army is there for the government. You guys actually thinks that Mo (RFMF Commander) is straight. He is just lying low and waiting orders from PM should they lose. That for sure, but i tell you, there is going to be a counter army that's going to go against the RFMF. Yes, the much awaited newly formed CRW is up and i say again, bloodshed will happen.

Anonymous said...

Thats the new intel now, CRW up and running, rumors that the team is being led by Rambo. But not quite sure because Rambo is still locked away at his house with army personel at the gates. But there have been sightings of letters passed back and forth from Ligairi to Takiveikata regarding the progress of the CRW.

Anonymous said...

Well, i dont know about the credibility of the CRW (Even though ive heard rumors)But the fact about Tikoitonga is correct. He has been sighted at some of the Fiji First secret meetings which is always held at Namadi (AG residence) He is very much in the loop about everything and he will also have a part to play in this scheme.

Anonymous said...

If rumors are correct about CRW, then blood will again spill on the streets.The only way to get rid of this dictator is to man up against the RFMF because thats his only security.

Emosi Meo said...

CRW and SODELPA will rule Fiji after 17th September. The army is divided as majority army and police will vote for SODELPA. After the win it will be our turn to take revenge on Indians who have been the cause of all coups in Fiji. SODELPA will chase them out of Fiji. Mark Sir Lala Ratu Sukuna's word. One day Indians will leave Fiji in droves.

Anonymous said...

The very respected and educated members of the Indian community based overseas have begun Formal talks with Australian and New Zealand govt about the prospect of violence in Fiji . I've been told this site and it's users are already monitored By certain authorities ... As terrorism and racism can be interpreted in various ways . The last thing Australia wants is this : another group of people committed to bad promising violence on this site when they are " permanent residents of Australia or even temporary visas . To sum up : individuals who think they can hide under anonymity on this site and preach violence , terrorism and hatred , will be monitored , and dealt with as there is no place in the world that will tolerate that . If you feel that attacking innocent indo - Fijians is the answer , you are in for a surprise .

- Jason

Anonymous said...

At first, fijians were blind. And by Fijians, i meant the real fijians (Indigenous) and not the wannabes. They were blinded by money, so called developments, cheap talks etc. But now they have realised that their identity is about to be erased, their tradition and way of life will will cease to exist. The survival of their chiefly and honorary system is threaten. Now, they have seen, and they have made up their mind, I -Taukei movement will be seen again, CRW's credibility is solid. ITS OVER, PM & AG.....your time has come....

Anonymous said...

@ Jason

Your bunch of indian communities are only respected that side of the territory.Here in fiji they are nothing. Who the fuck are they? Who the fuck are you? Tell them to leave us Fijians alone and that includes you too. Dont be a bitch and try to snoop in on all problems. So please go and take a hike!

Anonymous said...

@ jason...

What is it with you guys? Cant you leave us the hell alone. If indians dont like the way they're treated in fiji, then they can all go to India. No questions asked. But here in Fiji, those indians that respect us, we respect them back. But those that harm us, we will retaliate. Its just the way of life, So please just go back and read your bedtime stories.

Anonymous said...

Jason - who am I ?

We are Kailomas ... A champion for FairPlay and people's rights . No land is " god given " no human is more equal than another .., and more importantly .. When innocent people will be attacked ... Thousands like me will defend them ... Come what may .., to defend yourself Against senseless attack is not only LAW .. It Is a right of every human .

If Fijians want Indians out ( which I doubt... Lol .. For a zillion reasons ) they have to ensure that Sodelpa goes through with that and many countries will gladly take those who are not wanted ... No issues no fuss .., for you dumb arses . ... It's called " refugee status " but let me tell you ... All this talk under anonymity is from PURE cowards !!!!!!!! Nothing else .. As right now you need to find yourself a mouthpiece ... Because you guys are spineless cowards that talk from your butt holes !!!!! And think with your " shit tanks "

- Jason is back

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:32 PM

Not only is this talk under anonymity from pure cowards it's more significantly from pure dumb ass idiots.

Today again we read threats to a certain ethnicity and threats of trouble that would cause instability in the country.

You can guarantee that these idiots are already being monitored as no country would stand by and ignore what can be termed as terrorism and a threat to the nation.

Fortunately it's likely to be only from dumb ass idiots as no one with half a brain would dream of making some of the comments as found here on an open forum.

Anonymous said...

@ Jason

You're not a kailoma, you're an indian. Kailomas are wise. whereas you, you are one of those cocksuckers that just want to be a main boy and protect. Well, here is something for you, when Sodelpa wins, we will come and fuck your kailoma ass up.

Anonymous said...

whahahaha...@ Jason. Please just go and make your curry. Wanting to be a kailoma....You are an indian bastard. We can tell by the words you use. Maichod.

Anonymous said...

@ Jason

Please dont be stupid and use kailomas to hide you. We, kailomas, dont want to interfere in this matter. Please.

Anonymous said...

whahahaha, there you go, Jason just got busted. Kailomas are good people, they respect us and we respect them. Same as to some indians here in Fiji, they respect us and we give back the same sentiments. But indians like you, you just listen to this its real simple - IF YOU DONT RESPECT US, THEN GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND DONT INTERFERE WITH OUR BUSSINESS, you dont belong here, your forefathers were born in india so thats where you belong...please go back...please

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Jason said...

Fine you got me busted, im sorry kailomas, i will go back to india, where i belong....so long Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Jason wait, please have some of anon 7.33pm Vudi as a token of appreciation for trying to hide your identity.Thats if AG hasnt given it to you yet...lol

Anonymous said...

Moce Jason

Anonymous said...

Good piece Wadan; No one in the current media has the balls to ask these valid questions to Baini or Arse; people need answers; if they cant do it on national debates they should give appropriate reply to all these questions in writing to the media atleast.

emosi meo said...

sodelpa is the party for us fijians. vote our sodelpa party.

Anonymous said...

The academic has WOKEN UP again with his same b..sh..t.
He has no where to go and his life has become boring-so he writes this crepe on this blog.
Narsey-you are a history like Cahudhary/qarase etc-go back to your GUJI business.
Why does not he write about Guji busnessess who haver never contributed anything to the welfare of the poor?
They have always screwed the poor!

Anonymous said...

Emosi Meo is Graham Davis.

CRW said...


BoB said...

A lot of irresponsible talk here. But just talk.

We are not relying on the CRW. We are not relying on SODELPA. We are not relying on the Aussies. But we will strike eventually. Not as soon as I would like, but soon.

And Indo-Fijians are not our targets, with very few exceptions. Most Indo-Fijians are not traitors; they're just fearful. They have nothing to fear from us. In fact, we will open our ranks to them.

Fiji's army will be for all Fijian citzens, whether Kaiviti, Kaidia, Rotuman, or Kailoma.

Anonymous said...

O ira na Sotia sara vaka tu na ika duvani ni sa vakarau cakava na Veidigidigi baleta ni lusi ga qo na Fiji First musu kece na I sau ko ra a saumi tu kina vakatawa dodonu.

Qori vica na ovisa sa ra vakarau comalaki I loma e na kisi ni laba. Io oti qori me ra vaqaqai kece na lala said oti ko ra cakava tu qori na ovisa kei na Sotia.

Anonymous said...

Fijian Soldiers and Police are a bunch of thieves, murderers, liars etc etc..

High Tea said...

Jason is quite right, actually. The Australian authorities have every right and responsibility to monitor this site for comments inciting violence. And they have the capability. It's an easy matter to trace IP addresses with the help of the national telecommunication authority and occasionally foreign liaison.

Coup 4.5 is a forum for Fijians and friends of Fiji who want a free Fiji, not racial genocide. Australia wants to see a peaceful transition of government in Fiji. So should all Fijians.

But whilst some would put the emhasis on 'peaceful', I would emphasise 'transition'. Frank must go.

Anonymous said...

Bhow bhow Bhow, thats all i can read on this blogsite.

Anonymous said...

Why does not Guji Narsey ask these questions about Gujis:
1 have they pai their share of taxes
2 how much black money is overseas
3 how have they helped the I taukies in business, education, and socially
4 How much have they made charging excessive prices on the daily necessaries like food , and medicine from pharmacies
5 how much have they contributed and supported the coups.
6 why does a Guji give water to an Itaukies in a plastic glass , which is then thrown away.
TheGujis ate menace to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

In relation to Emosis or Graham Davis comments, I say that Indians will be happy to leave Fiji.
Can he get his party SOdelpa to win so they can get Indians out of fiji.
Then the history will repeat- I taukies will fight amongst each/ provide vs province ands then there will be no food- so human flesh will be on dinner mats again.
I fully support that Indians should be forced to leave.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jason is back - my name is Jason w ( surnames a giveaway ).... Aha thanks boyzz .. For the many thank you emails I got .. Just to set the record straight . Half the crowd knows who wrote this so I got a few emails directly ... A few cryptic codes accompanied my first blog .. So hats off boys !!!

1. I have currently serve in a specialised unit .... Can't give away too much ... Why do the Kailoma like us support the innocent in this case ie the the indian brothers .

- they helped us succeed in business ... Just like the way they have helped thousands of indigenous Fijians
- without them Fiji will sink , occupied by rogue nations as a base .
- Indians aren't the issue ... What has any Fijian ever Done for fiji ? Please answer that ... ratu sukuna was the last of the lot ... As much as I liked Ratu Mara .. He always assumed the power was a hereditary !!! And he was much more corrupt than many politicians today ... Except he was a classy thug .. And the fact that there was no internet etc back then , he never got caught and when he did ... He sleepwalked through it . ( ului due respect bro ) Point is Fijiian leaders are great ...no I mean really great .... I mean it ... They are great at stirring up the emotion with the taukeis ,. They are great at giving stirring speeches about god ,. And Christianity and land ..imparting the much needed wisdom to his subjects ..... And then he hears " eio bosso eio bosso sa dina " They are great at gatherings because that's when he asks you guys to join hands and he gives an impassioned speech about how the vulagis have stolen their land , their resources and their way of life . At this point he gets you to wreak havoc and violence , start this website to garner support .., and once again you poor souls rebel , burn , loot , bash ..., while your master enjoys euphoric levels of chest beating ... Not to mention unprecedented levels of filling his own pockets !!!!! Whilst innocent Indians get bashed ... The smart ones chip away at hard work ... Working away ... Educating away ... Saving ... Striving away ... And most even moving away to greener pastures .... You see ... It's a vicious cycle for fiji and Fijians , While you blame the problems of your world on Indians ... The Indians just went ahead and did what they do best ; prosper .... I leave you with a thought : you know what your problem is " you love the wrong people too much "

Vinaka squad 980 .... Remember when push comes to shove ... I'll be there to defend Freedom . One Fiji .. Fiji for all ... And as always " Fiji first " .

Anonymous said...

Jason says : no racism against Fijians either ... Stop

FBI said...

@Anonnymous August 26, 2014 at 10:21 PM @Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:



In Summary unless you vote them (FFP) out of power we wont know the damage they have because they are sitting on it. Every Fijians need to understand this. The classic example is the Auditor Generals Report like FNPF board report and other which could not be released because they have colluded negative growth and corrupt practices and negative growths. A private investigation needs to be setup as quick as possible after election to review them, investigate them and bring them to task including treason and illegal practices you highlighted.


Anonymous said...

2013 Constitution places immense authority over judiciary in the hands of the Prime Minister and Attorney General and we are very uncomfortable with these provisions. We believe in the complete independence of the judiciary. Fiji Law Society should have co-regulatory duties with the Office of the Judicial Services Commission and they should set and enforce professional standards, license solicitors to practice, investigate complaints and administer discipline to ensure that both the community and the profession are properly served by ethical and responsible solicitors. They must play integral role in appointment of judicial officers - Nirmal Singh 208

Baimagaitinamu said...

Jason W, yes we all know that W stands for Wanker. So Jason Wanker, your posting or whatever you were trying to say, can only come from a FUCKING RETARDED UNEDUCATED wannabe asshole.

Ganesh said...

Very good issue to focus on, Nirmal. And a good move on your part joining SODELPA.

Ganesh said...

Jason, you had me, but then you lost me at "Fiji First". I thought you were a moderate, not a supporter of thuggery, corruption, and treason.

Anonymous said...


With 20 days to go for the General Elections, Commander of the RFMF Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga has reiterated to his soldiers to remain apolitical.

While speaking during the Commanders Parade for military personnel returning from Golan Heights, Tikoitoga reminded the soldiers of their responsibilities ahead of the elections.


Tikoitoga stressed that they will support any government that comes into power.


He said they will uphold and protect the 2013 constitution.

The Army Commander also praised the services of the 511 soldiers who returned from Golan Heights.

Tikoitoga said he is proud of the RFMF and the government for responding to the call from the United Nations.


He said this could not be made possible without the many sacrifices of the soldiers.

434 Fijian soldiers are currently serving under the United Nations Disengagement Observers Force

Anonymous said...

ANON 1.24 Bro we don't need a private investigator. The average Fiji citizen can do that. The corruption and pure hood winking of the public is open for all to see. The only problem in Fiji is that we get swayed by bull shit to quickly.

VOTE for the grog dope in your area but don't vote for FF.At least you will know what the dope stands for unlike FF.

A Khan

Anonymous said...

In July 2010, at its AGM, the Fiji Dental Association made a resolution to review its
constitution and make it congruent with the new Decree that came into effect a short time
earlier. At the same AGM, it elected me as its President and appointed a 3 member
committee to undertake the review of the constitution. Instructions were given to consult
widely, take into account opinion of stakeholders and present a version of the rules that is
consistent with how contemporary professional bodies should operate and are legally
sound, which members could deliberate on and adopt at its next AGM.
Unfortunately, some senior Executive Councillors of the trade union Fiji Oral Health
Workers Association, who were on the verge of retirement from civil service decided to use
this transitional legislative phase to their own advantage and instigated activities that were
design to cause confusion and further their personal cause. For years there has been
widespread disgruntlement and frustrations about working conditions in the civil service
and they erroneously thought that FDA could be utilised to promote the establishment of
independent paradental dental practices, something in retrospect was myopic in light of
adaptation of standards that were necessary requirement of the Decree. Due to larger
union membership of FOHWA, their thinking was that obtaining the leadership of FDA was
within their grasp to further their cause.
Despite reminding FOHWA executives about the transitional provisions in the Decree
and the fact that existing rules could only be changed by current members, they were
invited to make submissions. However this was ignored and instead arrogantly opted to
instigate High Court proceedings in August 2011, just before the AGM. They sort to stop the
AGM, wanted to amend the constitution despite not being members, and sort removal of
sitting executives of the FDA and contest for leadership positions. FDA’s lawyers had
repeated warned FOHWA’s legal counsel that their actions were futile and could incur
considerable unnecessary costs to all parties and the intended court action needed to stop,
but unfortunately this wasn’t heeded. However after numerous court deliberations, the
High court allowed FDA to conduct its AGM and the vetted new rules were adopted.
Meanwhile, the wheels of justice turn very slowly and organisational events
superseded the court actions whereby it became apparent that the originating summonses
that were issued in 2011 were no longer valid. FOHWA still wanted to continue the action
but it was told that it would need to amend the originating summons in order to pursue
their case, and such amendments could be regarded as a new court proceedings. Clearly this
would have been advantageous to FDA since it indemnified itself soon after FOHWA filed its
case, and its members would have incurred not further legal costs. Recently I have been told

Anonymous said...

that FOHWA does not intend to proceed with any further action. The High Court meanwhile
in its final orders has awarded FDA $1500 in costs which our lawyers are currently in the
process of recovering from FOHWA.
Important reflections need to be made in light of what has transpired. Our battles
were not against other practitioners, but rather highlight to all concerned the special
leadership role dentists play in their profession by virtue of their training. It is paramount
that this leadership role in Oral Health fraternity be preserved at all times for the sake of
maintenance of high standards in oral health care deliveries. Any party that does not
demonstrate responsibility when they exercise their rights of legal redress and subject
another party to immense unnecessary legal expenses, must face the consequences of their
actions and must not be rewarded and get away lightly. Even when the leadership of
FOHWA changed, our invitation to an out of court settlement was ignored by the new
executives, and they only agreed to dialogue when they sensed that the legal action will not
go their way and they will be imposed costs to pay the other party. Sadly some of the
current FOHWA councillors cannot explain why the court case was even necessary. Moving
forwards, I hope the leaders of our paradental colleagues, together with their supporters
that include the Minister for Health and the Dental Secretariat must realise the respective
role each cadre of oral health workers play in the dental profession and the leadership role
that is bestowed upon dentists in the oral health team, ought to be respected.
What is disturbing to note is that the Minister for Health has been resorting to a
number of illegal and unethical practices to continue championing FOHWA cause. A classical
example is the amended section 125 of the Decree, which was hastily drafted without any
consultation with any parties that are affected, and this is a piece of law that is
discriminatory, devoid of all laws of natural justice, in breach of the Bill of Rights and the
Country’s constitution. The FDA will continue to rebuke and express its utmost objection to
all unjust laws of this nature that is not in the best interest of our profession.
Now that FOHWA has wisely decided against pursuing further legal proceedings,
what is hoped is that good common sense will prevail and individual paradental colleagues
will proceed to membership of their choosing in the spirit of upholding highest professional
virtues, and not holding the fallacy that membership to FDA will entail championing any
trade union cause.
What is notable is that the Fiji Dental Association remains unrepresented in the Fiji
Dental Council since 2012, and FDA believes that this organisation needs a review as in its
current format, it remains ineffective and it may not be served by the best professional
expertise to implement its objectives effectively. The private practitioners contribute
immensely to lift the oral health care services delivery burden from the public sector, and
this non-representation apart from being illegal, is a disturbing phenomenon which FDA
cannot continue to condone and will continue to highlight this atrocity against private
practitioners in appropriate forums. Recently this experience has been shared with other

Anonymous said...

Snake oil financial advisors and the Dental Association. Sad the depths to which Coup 4.5 is sinking as the day of reckoning approaches.

Anonymous said...

That's right. Don't vote. Just allow the people who have retarded our development for three decades to stager back in and when they do what they are planning to do, we can all have another coup. Yes, that's the way forward. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Jason is back - aha , Racists have always said that " fiji will be become an indian state , a Gujarati state ... A muslim state ... Although these things are racist itself ... You see Indians in Fiji are distinctly different from their brothers in India .... They have adopted the Fijian culture and it is very similar to Indians from West Indies , Jamaica , South Africa ... They have a very pronounced " islander style in them ... And beside they simply aren't out to rob the Fijian people of their resources .... Look around you ... All the mega resorts around you is built on land that you sold to Americans , Aussies , kiwis etc .... There is a basic indian philosophy ; don't live for today ... Educate you children... Buy a house ... And retire well ... I don't see that as a problem .... Cheers

Vilimoni Natewa said...

The Commander of the Republic of the Fiji Military Force (RFMF), Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga, has pleaded to all political parties to promote non-discminatory policies.
He added the RFMF dearly “holds its views of non-discrminatory policies now in the new Constitution and that remains.”
Speaking to the Fiji Sun at his office at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks yesterday he said, nobody understood discrimination and internal discrimination “more than soldiers did.”
In everywhere they served overseas – Lebanon, Iraq, Golan Heights etc, troubles were formed by some forms of discrimination – ethnic, religious, or racial discrimination.
“All the places we serve, the problems caused in those countries started from some sort of discrimination,” the Commander said.
He said the RFMF was concerned on some policies that would lead the nation again into the events from 2000 onwards.
He said the Constitutiion was written in such a way that the RFMF protected all Fijians.
Section 131 (2) says – “It shall be the overall responsibility of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to ensure at all times the security, defence and wellbeing of Fiji and all Fijians.”
Section 131 (3) says – “The Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces shall be responsible for exercising military executive command of the Republic of Fiji Miiatry Forces.”
“As Commander RFMF and under my constitutional role, it’s my plea to all political parties to refrain from promoting discrimatory policies so that we can move forward as a nation.”
Otherwise the RFMF would have difficulty in balancing its role.
“Our role is to protect all Fijians and if there are discriminatory policies it will be very difficult.”
And as Commander, he said he had a duty to protect the nation; all Fijians and be netural all the time.

Peter A Koy - Kadavu said...

The people of the chiefly village of Tavuki in Kadavu were happy with the message from the FijiFirst leader and Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama during a campaign event yesterday.
Village headman (turaga-ni-koro) Kolitio Kurunawai, said the FijiFirst leader talked about the development projects that his Government had carried out during the past eight years.
“Their track record for development speaks for itself,” he said.
Mr Kurunawai said they supported the Government policies especially free education, free textbooks and subsidised fares for the children, improved health service and better water distribution.
According to him, Tavuki Village had already handed in their five-year development plan that was already being implemented by the Government.
“The drain around the village had already been improved,” he said.
Mr Kurunawai said Mr Bainimarama was a leader that would move the nation forward.
“We will vote for the FijiFirst party with Mr Bainimarama as Prime Minister the nation again after the September elections,” he said.
He said the Turaga na Tui Tavuki Ratu Joni Duikete had already given the support of the Tavuki district to the Prime Minister and his party.
He said the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) had also campaigned at the chiefly village, but insisted their support was for the FijiFirst.

All Hail Khaiyum said...

The name's Wanker, Jason Wanker.

Anonymous said...

What is in the best interest of the Indians?

The Fijian population is at 60% and going up.The Indian population is declining because of migrations and a lower fertility rate.

So sooner or later the Fijian majority will come into power.

The time is now to start working with the Fijians.

In this election, a good start would be to vote for a party that is willing to form a coalition with SODELPA.

You also know that it is highly unlikely that SODELPA will get a absolute majority. So SODELPA will need the coalition partners support to stay in power. Thus, it cannot go against the interest of he Indians in that coalition.

This is a win/win situation for the Indians.

Look at the alternative - you put FFP party in power - then what happens in four years - a small section of the Indian community rides the gravy train - then Fijians get into power in the next election and with all this resentment towards Indians - by then it would be 12 years - you better get a visa ready.

As for FLP - even with MC not in parliament - he will make sure that the Indian interest is protected...even if FLP gets 6 or 8 seats.

MC may be a SOB, but he is you SOB - and overall, he has a good track record, with maybe one exception...better than any other Indian politician today.

So vote of some party that supports SODELPA, vote FLP.

What is you alternative....aggravate this thing for four more years and then completely destroy your future prospects in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

A man who discovered his 45kg scrotum thanks to TV will have it removed.
Frank Bainimarama had previously been told by doctors his swollen scrotum was the result of numerous sins including murder. Frank found out about his condition after watching the TLC documentary about Aiaz Kaiyum, “The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum.” Aiyaz had scrotal lymphedema and had it surgically removed by urologist Dr Jiko Luveni of the University of Failed Form Fours.

The condition is rarely seen outside of the tropical areas of Africa and Asia and is usually caused by a mosquito-spread parasitic infection.

Bainimarama – now 59 - has had a swollen scrotum since his RKS days.

Kolitio Kurunawai said...

Yes it is true. My village will support Fiji First. I will tell the villagers how to vote and they will follow what I say.

The government has done a lot for our small village. I believe that Christianity is a throw back to our colonial past. Islam is the way forward for Fiji. We hope to have a mosque built in our village soon.

Tavuki Village is happy to embrace the leadership of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. He has done great things for Fiji and for our village.

V said...

Na lasu e vakavuna na tawase ni awa i-taukei e se baci kau tiko mai.Sa rogo mai na CRW,Ligairi,Rambo ia oqo e tukutuku lasu kece,me vaka sa vakaraitaka mai o CRW ni lasu na i tukutuku ni ratou na vakaitavi ena politiki ni ratou sa vuli mai na 2000 kei na mutiny,eratou vakayagataki me vakarawa ni ka ,ka quilecavi na nodra dui matavuvale,kavoro na matavuvale vakaloloma nagone,laki labati sara edua na goneyalewa e Tailevu ka se vaqaqai tiko oqo,sa da loloma ena nodratou vakalolomataki,ia e bale vei cei,e bale vei ira na Turaga /Marama Bale kei na Politiki ka a vakayagataki iratou.E levu erawa i yau kina,toso na nodra i tutu e cakacaka,ia vakaloloma o ratou na matana taka.E sega ni lialia o Rambo, Ligairi kei CRW eratou sa vuli mai na nodratou liumuri taki.E SEGA NI KA RAWARAWA NA MATAIVALU E TU OQO.E RAWA GA NI VALUTA NA MATAIVALU EDUA NA MATAIVALU E SEGA NI BATIKADI,BATIBONA SE BATILUTU.KENA LEVU.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Check lautoka High Court for Praveen Bala---

Anonymous said...

How can such a small percentage of Gujis screw so many poor. They must be good fuckers or the poor are so dumb that they keep letting the Gujis fuck them. Stop blaming the Gujis.

Anonymous said...

This dickhead Tikoitoga still has to understand that indigenous rights is not discrimination.....
another armed dickhead starting to peddle excuses for another coup.....sa rauta mada na lasu tikoitoga,,,,sa da oca mai na coup taki ra vutulaki

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 302 pm

Your time is up ... These anti Islamic rhetoric and hugely insulting comments . Don't be surprised when someone taps you on your shoulder .

Tomasi said...

Prof Narsey must be commended. We must not be the victims of the regime's psycho-engineering and brainwashing propaganda by allowing them to dictate to us the news and information. Political parties must play a more effective role on directing people's attention to the critical issues that really matter to the people and to the nation.

The videos from NZ and OZ clearly show how flustered and stupid Voreqe became when asked questions from the floor. He was clearly unprepared for the direct questions from his audience. He used his copy of his CON - stitution in NZ to pretend to be an authority worthy of respect. But even his Con booklet did not hide his lack of substance, inferior intellect and gigantic pride. He pretended not hear the question at one point.

But in Sydney, it was even worse. It was extremely embarrassing to think that this idiot and common trash was our military commander and now wannabe prime minister. He attacked the audience rather than answered their questions. I think he could not even understand the questions. Not surprised he could not string the right words for an appropriate answer. The question then, where was his brain? Yes, his brain did not go with him. he only went with his filthy skull. Is the kind of idiot who says he will take Fiji forward?

Anonymous said...

Tomasi , well summed up.

How can we expect an under-qualified man to lead fiji forward in this dark days??. I remember when i used to listen to the former prime ministers of this country, how they talked out of respect, dignity and the use of such words that would ring well in our ears. From Rt Mara, Mr. Rabuka etc. Mr.Bainimarama is not so, he is worser than a form 3 student, now how can he lead a nation like that?

My point is, you cannot put an uneducated man to lead this country. Its someting un-imaginable.

Anonymous said...

As a leader of a country, you first must portray an honorable picture so that the people whom you lead can put their utmost belief in you.

Mr. Bainimarama has already portray a picture filled with violence, hate, greediness and among other things. How can he expect full support from the people of Fiji? US President, Obama, said in an interview, ''the funds of a government, is its stronghold, you minimise debts and look for profits''. The Bainimarama government have been using money anyhow, and the debts are still on the rise.

Please think carefully and understand that the future for our generation rests in that one circle that you choose.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:26 PM

I completely agree with you. That is why it is disturbing when Village leaders like Kolitio Kurunawai are prepared to vote for an uneducated thug because of a few freebies.

People need to think about the future of Fiji and not be fooled by short term bribes and a bunch of conmen.

If Kolitio Kurunawai wasn't to support Khaiyum and what he has done for Fiji then we can only suspect that he is naïve. There are many people without education who are intelligent just as there are many with education who are not. As for Kolitio Kurunawai I cannot say. What I can say is that he is easily fooled. Just like some of our ancestors who sold land for a few bowls of grog.

Maybe his village will find a new head man in the future. One who is across the issues and not short-sighted.

Anonymous said...

What's going on in Kadavu.

I hope the people in Kurunawai's village enjoy the chants coming out of their new mosque.

How any village can support Khaiyum is hard to fathom. Someone must have done a deal.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.39pm & anon6.26pm

Your views are correct and i respect them. Bainimarama cannot take fiji forward, he simply must not rule. The fundamentals of this country rely entirely on Trust,Honesty, Respect and honor. What he has done is put up a new Fiji which has violence, hate, disrespect, lies and deceipts. Is the fiji we would want our sons and daughter to grow into?

If Mr. Bainimarama doesnt respect the people of this land then the future of Fiji is that of tyranny and hurt.

Please return my Fiji, the fiji where the smiles can be seen and not hate. Please think well before voting.

Anonymous said...

The fudamentals that anon. 6.56pm described are just simply the basic attributes of an honest and strong leader. Unfortunately, Mr. Bainimarama has shown very little or none of these attributes.

We all know that those that fail with the basics simply cannot do well and must go through years of training to achieve the basics.

So, if Mr. Bainimarama is lacking the basic fundamentals of a leader then he cannot and must not lead. His leadership will only cause harm to those he leads.

I believe that there are more suitable choices out there than him. Those that contain values and characters that are similar to those fundamentals.

Please think before enact.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Warden Narsey, I think you talk too much. Have ever worked in the front line, never I guess. The PS Finance is one of the most brilliant economist around who has been in the front line after leaving your lecture room. The classroom is different from the real world.

Anonymous said...

Frank is a hero ... He has the audacity and the courage to to take Fiji forward . Let's talk about decency .

qarase - thief , racist , senile .
Ro - serial philanderer ... Romp queen ... High school dropout ... Racist in disguise
Chaudhary - thief . My way or highway .... Unionist .
Felix -.same as above , ie Chaudhary .

Frank is open to criticism as any other leader is . Some idiots in America call for the blood of Obama ... Hardly justifies impeachment .... Even Mandela was imprisoned for standing up against apartheid ... So was Ghandhi .... Frank has the courage to bring change ... Bring new light to old worlds ... Bring light to archaic practices ... He has the courage to challenge his own people so that they don't become victims of the their own idiosyncratic shortcomings .. He has the courage to fight those that corrupt the land .. Even though in the process ... He may trample on a few toes ... He is but on the path to glory .

Suomynona said...

About that interview given, the difference is literally clear that the FBC journalists act like a bunch of interrogators than actual interviewers.

They suck big time.

Anonymous said...

How can you compare Frank with Obama, Mandela, or Gandhi? Okay, I can sorta see the Obama resemblance, since they've both spent their countries into deep debt and like to do everything by executive order or decree. But the better comparison for Frank is with Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, except that, unlike Frank, they were gifted dictators in their own way. Probably the best comparison is Idi Amin Dada, the no-school army sergeant who became dictator of Uganda and ran it into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wish I'd thought to ask some of these questions!

Now I feel cheap and used. I feel like a fuckin idiot.

- Cameron Slater

Anonymous said...

@ Suomynona,

My good sir. I would encourage you to watch the interviews of politicians in America or Australia where the media organizations are more open with their political leanings.

Watch Hillary Clinton get interviewed by the GOP (Republican)-leaning interviewers on Fox News and the more neutral ABC news and you will appreciate that journalists have to ask the hard questions.

It is what journalists are trained to do, whether they are in Fiji, US, Australia, etc. It also helps the media get more viewers and viewers get to know how exactly their politicians think.

If you can't believe me then use that internet connection of yours to find some interviews on You Tube.

But there is a problem with FBC TVs interviewers in that they sometimes repetitious in their questioning and it gets silly real quick.

Other than that, they do a good job despite their links with criminals like Bai.


Anonymous said...

You know that the media are still practicing self-censorship when people like Wadan Narsey have to raise the hard questions on blog sites like this.

Meanwhile, Bainimarama gets a lot of soft-ball questions. Not good.

Anonymous said...

The calibre of journalists and candidates .are pathetic .... I respectfully invite .. Anyone of them ... And anyone on this panel .. To challenge me on a debate about who can put fiji on a path to economic recovery and unity . I challenge anyone . Our country is riddled with sub standard politicians and journalists . The great ones are either gone afar or gone to the heavens ... And as one man said earlier Wadan narsey is like any other economist ... Takes wild (sometimes educated ) guesses and hopes that before his guesstimates are challenged ... His credentials will be respected , and hence remain unchallenged . I challenge him , ... But unlike him .. I actually do real work .. Apply theoretical economics ... To Main Street economics .. And as they say they say " there's no substitute for on the job experience . Our country is in dire need of " new blood " and as they say as old money passes onto new hands .. We hope that the people of fiji , at least the next few generations can put differences aside and intelligently work for the progress of all and not just a chosen few .


V said...


Anonymous said...

Anon : about land : yes it's very true ... Sdl tried to convert land to freehold ( rightly or wrongly ) as they said that .. A lot of villagers needed to the money ... And they they have a sudden shift of strategy . I was present at the meeting that Current Govt was conducting including the ones they had overseas. They clearly have entrenched it 92?pe cent or so of land is itaukei . Land is not the issue ...Sodelpa is making it the issue so we the Fijian are in doubt .. And with doubt comes fear and with fear .., they rule . It's absurd . Sa Sega na land issue

Anonymous said...

when your faith is steady enough, you will not worry too much. wether whoever is leading the governments... gone are the days where we see our grandfathers just kneel down and pray and let God decide, when you have God in your life, you will not worry too much.. just pray, humble your self and let God decide, wether the answer is positive or negative to you just take it, coz the clay can not ask the potter what to do or what his or her design will be... so God bless and be happy always... shalom to you all............

Anonymous said...

I'm am indo - my brother is in serving with British forces ... Please respect our troops ....they have the courage to join the army whereas most people would shudder at thought of being a soldier .

Don't blame the soldier - blame the war ... And the people who start wars

Also , Sdl itself wanted to convert native land ... N now Sodelpa is playing with Fijian emotions to make them believe that : they will be robbed , they will lose their land , their culture ....It is bullshit .. Fijians can never lose their identity ... In fact I think it has become stronger ... And if they also focus on their prosperity instead of focussing on unproductive issues ... They will be doing as well as other races if not better .

God bless

Anonymous said...

I'm am indo - my brother is in serving with British forces ... Please respect our troops ....they have the courage to join the army whereas most people would shudder at thought of being a soldier .

Don't blame the soldier - blame the war ... And the people who start wars

Also , Sdl itself wanted to convert native land ... N now Sodelpa is playing with Fijian emotions to make them believe that : they will be robbed , they will lose their land , their culture ....It is bullshit .. Fijians can never lose their identity ... In fact I think it has become stronger ... And if they also focus on their prosperity instead of focussing on unproductive issues ... They will be doing as well as other races if not better .

God bless

Anonymous said...

The land is secure . . .
The future is secure . . .

These are the same people who said
Our soldiers are secure . . .
Our Constitution is secure . . .

Anonymous said...

SO SAD FIJI ... the world is moving ahead but you fools are all becoming more racist! Stop this racism and unite as one! All I read in this site is Indians vs Fijians vs Gujis vs Muslims! Grow a brain and become united ... you have such incredible potential to become the super power of the South Pacific!

Anonymous said...

its official on the international news that the Philipino detachment in Syria decided to hold the line and not give in, but our lamusona Fiji military more than willingly to the initiative to give in. not your fault boys, nomuni liuliu sa rui cici levu ena vosoti kina nomuni cici levu. Sa kua mada ga na via rough tiko i Viti baleta ni sega tae ni dua e vaka dakai. Ni coup taki nomuni liuliu cici levu qori ni solia tale mai vei kemami na tamata na veiliutaki vakadodonu. Oni na vosoti, sega ni o Voreqe se o Tikoisonalevu

Anonymous said...


"...said in a statement that militants and had surrounded the Philippine contingent’s encampments with Fijian hostages in tow and demanded that the Filipino troops surrender their firearms.

"The Philippine peacekeepers held their ground and demonstrated their resolve to defend their positions," it said. "They did not surrender their firearms as they may in turn be held hostage themselves."


Anonymous said...

John slatter - Fijians have once again proved to be Sheer cowards . 44 soldiers , ( heroes ) 600000 more cowards back home wishing them harm . They attack the innocent , prey on tourists , attack their Indian neighbours ,That deserves some kiwi laugh from me . As I sit here at Grand pacific hotel , to sip my cold draught , I marvel at the hypocrisy , Fijians have no sense of loyalty , I've noticed you all even criticising their own soldiers , calling for their death- all born traitors . I was asked recently : what do you think of Fijian civilisation ?
My answer : they are at least 100 years away from civilisation .....
Let me say cheers

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama says they are not combatants but peacekeepers. Oi really? But weren't you guys acting like combatants in Fiji with your fancy army gear and helmets marching around Suve with you at the helm with your camouflage and bandana etc etc. Boy one would have thought that you were facing a heavily armed enemy tormenting you with relentless firepower. But hang on, the other side were just poor unarmed citizens merely expressing their deomcratic right to speak out against an illegal takeover. Yet they were tortured, maimed and even killed. Now you asking for prayers. Ni vicai sara!!! How the hell can 44 supposedly professional soldiers just drop their guns and surrender. Faaarrk this is not real man! They should just be all shot by the hostage takers to pay for the misery and sufferring that the army has done to its own people in Fiji. Oti qori keimami qai vakasasa taki ira na musolomani keiira na tokona tiko na matanitu sonalevu butabutako veivakalolomataki qo.

Anonymous said...

It is simple-we keep records and connections of this web alive in the public domain one way or the other!The days of harvest will always follow after when questions wilbe asked and answers demanded.