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Friday, September 5, 2014

Bainimarama continues to chase votes as Al Nusra threaten to try captured troops

No RFMF officers have gone to Golan since troops were captured.
The Syrian rebel group linked to Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, has threatened to try the captured 45 Fiji peacekeepers by Sharia law.

Reports from Israel citing the London-based Arab daily, Ashark Alawsat, say the missing troops will be tried unless rebel demands are met.

Al Nusra want humanitarian aid distributed around Damascus, 
Bainimarama chases votes while troops missing
compensation for the death of three of its people last week during intensive fighting with Filipino soldiers, and the removal of its name from the United Nation's list of terrorists.

The Times of Israel says the UN has called on countries of influence to press the Al Qaeda insurgents to release the peacekeepers. 

The 15 council members have endorsed a press statement after a briefing by UN peacekeeping chief, Herve Ladsous, but there has been no acknowledgement by Al Nusra.

Intel sources say the rebel group has refused to talk with the UN team because its demands haven't been met and it's feared the insurgents is likely to execute at least one Fiji soldier under Sharia law to make its point.

Teleni: Golan bound?
C4.5 has been told former police minister, Esala Teleni, is flying in to Suva tomorrow from China and will volunteer to travel to the Golan Heights, if no one from camp is prepared to make the trip as they should've done a week ago.

This is a huge remiss and will surely hurt  Frank Bainimarama, who continues to pretend he had nothing to do with the fate of the men as he cuddles up with children and old men to win votes. 

QEB has also gone quiet with a very stressed-looking RFMF commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, today not making any statements about the missing soldiers.

Tikoitoga yesterday criticised former coup leader and prime minister, Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka, for suggesting Fiji's Muslims could face a backlash if the soldiers are harmed. Police are investigating. 

Rabuka: accused of inciting racial tension.
Rabuka has been quoted as saying, "If anything happen to the 45, then the unsuspecting and probably undeserving people who will bear the brunt of the feelings could be the Muslim civil society and community in Fiji."

He has since said he was calling for 'strong and compassionate leadership.'

Demands are meanwhile growing for an investigation to help establish the facts surrounding the surrender of the Fiji soldiers and their subsequent capture while the Filipino contingent fought the rebels and either escaped or were rescued.

Editor's Note: Critics have tried to reject our story about the troops calling Israel for help saying it was impossible for them to have done so. 

The call was certainly made: every Fiji unit in a mission has a direct hotline to their landforce at QEB and can also contact the mobile numbers or the landlines of seniors, with the help of signals unit of the army.

The Phillipines Defense Forum is also the official forum for the country's defense force, so is a credible source of information.

We have also been assured India's Lt Gen, Iqbal Singh Singha, ordered the surrender of Filipino units only after the the Fijian units had already surrendered. 


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Anonymous said...

Sad to see the fallout

Had the soldiers been properly vetted and prepared none of this would have happened.

Anonymous said...

Part of the Filipino Rangers training at their special Ranger school in the Philippines is focussed on instilling in them the instinct not to surrender and be captured.

They are trained and drilled to fight to the death.

And to pass the Ranger selection they must do a compulsory two months combat deployment in the South Philippines.

This combat deployment is the final stage of their selection before they are given their Rangers badge.

It is not uncommon for them to have a pass out without one or two members of the troop because they've been killed in the final two months compulsory combat phase of selection.

Anonymous said...

Please I urge all readers to log in to Fiji Leaks and read some latest revealed truth about the 2000 coup and the involvement of Bainimarama... Boy very cunning Bainimarama...

Anonymous said...

FMF soldiers after their training are sent back home or villages and await their calling for a Tour to the Middle East for example. This can take one to two yrs for most of the TF soldiers. All this waiting time,there was no practice drills, no combat rehearsal, no exercise etc etc. Every thing learnt have all long forgotten... By the time they get the call of duty, they were just like a normal civilian as all military knowledge have all sunk in the tanoa...

Anonymous said...

Sharia Law allows the extremist to hang or behead their captives as it is their Sharia Constitution. It is a legal way of giving a life sentence as the UN have killed 3 of their men. Don't forget the Fijian Army and Filipino Army are there as United Nations forces... The Filipinos under the UN killed 3 Al Nusra extremists. Now they will trial the captured soldiers for them to have a valid reason or excuse to hang or behead them as UN soldiers. So let's keep our fingers crossed...

SEMI K MEO said...

Time for Major General SLR to return to Delainabua to take command. Full stop!

Anonymous said...

Should Fiji troops be in Syria as UN peacekeepers?

Fiji, an island of only 900,000 people, has a 3,000-strong military force experienced in only two things – coups and peacekeeping; with 45 Fijian forces held captive by Syrian rebels, some are questioning their involvement in sensitive UN missions.

For years, Fiji's tiny military force has carried out two high-profile tasks: Leading coups, and peacekeeping. It's a mix that has drawn questions - now more than ever, with 45 Fijian troops captured by Syrian insurgents.

The force of just 3,500 is devoted largely to peacekeeping around the world, but lacks the sophisticated hardware other militaries rely on to keep their troops safe. The troops have not trained with their Australian, New Zealand and American counterparts since 2006, when the military took control of this relaxed South Pacific nation of 900,000.

Associated Press
Israel News

Anonymous said...

"We have also been assured that India's Lt Gen Iqbal Singh Singha ordered the surrender of Filipino units only after the the Fijian units had already surrendered to secure the release of Fijian blue helmets."

Al-Nusra obviously regarded the Filipinos as presenting more of a threat than their Fijian counterparts. They would have almost certainly have killed them right away given that the Filipinos themselves are battling Islamic Radicals back home.

They didn't surrender so Nusra thought we'll make do with these guys..they look a real sorry bunch and won't have the heart to resist....and the rest is history...

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, what would Coup 4.5 know? Your record is abysmal. Time after time stories shown to be either inaccurate or outright lies. What a lowlife bunch of wannabe people you are. Arse wipers, not journalists.

Anonymous said...

Common Tikoitoga,stop bing childish!
We can see how you are easily distracted by Rabuka's opinion....Leave the man alone and focus on your men that are out there in the Golan heights..
Rabuka is probably voicing he's concern because of he's past experiences !!
You should learn from the man Tikoitoga!!

Anonymous said...

UN Security Council demands Fiji peacekeepers' release

September 4, 2014, 4:43 am

UN Security Council demands Fiji peacekeepers release
AFP UN Security Council demands Fiji peacekeepers' release

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - The UN Security Council on Wednesday demanded the release of 45 Fijian peacekeepers held in the Golan Heights by Syrian Al-Nusra Front rebels.

The 15 members of the council unanimously approved a declaration condemning "in the strongest terms" the detention of the Fijians.

They were captured almost a week ago, when the rebels stormed a Golan Heights crossing.

The council "reiterated their call for the peacekeepers' immediate and unconditional release," adding in its statement that "there can never be any justification for attacks on or the detention of UN peacekeepers."

The government of Fiji also has called for their release, stressing that the neutral peacekeepers do not take sides in any conflict.

A team of UN negotiators on the ground in Golan is trying to secure the Fijians' freedom.

The Fijians are part of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) established in 1974 to maintain the ceasefire between Syria and Israel forces in the Golan, and oversee the implementation of a disengagement agreement.

The capture of the peacekeepers occurred as Syrian troops and Islamist rebels battled close to the armistice line with Israel in the Golan Heights.

In addition to calling for their release, the Security Council "demanded that all groups other than UNDOF must abandon all UNDOF positions," and also called on the rebel to return vehicles, weapons, and other equipment confiscated from the peacekeepers.

A group of 75 Philippine peacekeepers were also besieged by the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra fighters, but they eventually were able to avoid capture, a development welcomed by the council in its declaration.

"The members of the Security Council welcomed news that all Filipino peacekeepers are now safe and they commended the efforts of UNDOF's Quick Reaction Force," the statement said.

Officials in Fiji said that the Al-Nusra rebels have made several demands, including the delivery of humanitarian aid to a small town outside Damascus which is an Al-Nusra Front stronghold.

The also are demanding to be removed from a UN terror blacklist, officials in the Pacific nation said.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:52

Just log in to Fiji Leaks now and you're will see the truth revealed in your face..

Anonymous said...

Fijilive News Sept 4/2014 by Vuniwaqa Bari
Rabuka ‘sick and irresponsible”
Fiji’s Army Commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga condemns as irresponsible and sick, comments made by former army commander and Prime Minister Major General Sitiveni Rabuka suggesting possible repercussions on Muslim in the country if attempts to rescue unharmed the 45 detained Fijian soldiers come up empty handed.
“That remark is irresponsible by a person who had been a commander of the RFMF, a person who has been the PM of Fiji and a person who has lived in a multiracial community as ours continue to make this comment only shows the sick attitude of that individual,” Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said.
Tikoitoga said the comments made by his former commander were bordering on inciting violence. Tikoitoga further reiterated the military’s role to look after all Fijians. “We don’t hold anything against any Fijians for what’s happening; I think this is time that we should all stand together, work together and love one another for the sake of those that are held captive,” Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said.
“It is not the time to start pointing fingers at others especially internally and I condemn that remark in a most outrageous way.” Tikoitoga said the military would not be taking any further action, but said the police could if they heard the remarks as well.
*Firstly Mr Rabuka is entitled to his opinion. I personally consider him as the most brilliant (academically) Fijian Commander of the RFMF EVER!!!; Very diplomatic and sensitive to the lives of those he commanded and their families. He’d be a good negotiator for this crisis and wouldn’t even utter a senseless, full of pride comment as ‘they live to fight another day”….
*Military under Tikoitoga’s leadership is far from looking after all Fijians. At least during Rabuka’s time he worked with others resulting in a more multiracial constitution.
* …” this is time that we should all stand together, work together and love one another for the sake of those that are held captive”… Why now? Why should it be just for their sake? Our people will pray for our fellow countrymen because it’s the right thing to do. This is rich coming from the commander of an institution that has shown no love for ALL people.
*Police act on what’s reported not what is heard.

Anonymous said...

that will happen when you take an unlawful order from incompetent UN Indian commander you are at mercy of this muslim terrorist. Surrendering to a legitimate organization like a regime/government is a valid pretext but surrendering to a well known terrorist that behead their captured enemy is really something you should think twice.

well since UN echelon seems agreeing on their Indian commander then its on them.. You should be ashamed of yourselves playing lives of this good people. You have no right in anyway to tell your troops to put their faith on this Muslim terrorist.

Anonymous said...

I should not have stop a senior military officer to shoot the commander during a commander conference meeting when he breaches the Muanikau accord. He was armed with a MP5 weapon and have asked that he was going up to commnander conference to shoot them.well be careful your days a numbered. waraka tiko.

Anonymous said...

Annon @ 5:07am

What are you trying to say? Learn proper English or just express yourself in Fijian.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.14am

Brilliantly put!!

Whichever way Tikoitoga viewed Rabuka's opinion as "irresponsible and sick" really and truly is unfounded and instead of being nervous about it, Tikoitoga perhaps should calm down and take stock!

Rabuka in all his experiences, trials and tribulations as some of us may see it has a deeper understanding of what is happening. For certain, Rabuka is not making "sick" or "irresponsible" comments. He is particularly fearful for the lives of our men in the hands of barbaric savages who declare all Christians as infidels and their end is death! His thoughts are upon the people of this Nation and the likelihood of what may come about and he should be able to speak his mind. It seems that only the 'two illegals' are given authority to issue threats, make derogatory statements about their opponents and do and say as they please in their pride and arrogance!
No, Rabuka is being thoughtful and he should be given his two cents worth if you would like to call it that.

Unlike the 2 (two) self-serving minions ruling this Nation by false and forceful decrees to protect themselves first and foremost for their coming judgement, Rabuka undoubtedly forewarns us all! Ever since the COWARDLY (sorry to have to say this but no doubt true) surrender of our troops to Al Nusra (and Im basing this assumption on the BRAVE AND GALLANT stance taken by the Filipino soldiers who are alive and well which of course is truth whether Tikoitoga likes it or not) the people here in Fiji through divine intervention are beginning to WAKE UP to the fact that our nation has been CONNED AND CAPTURED by 2 MAIN CULPRITS backed by an OBLIGING MILITARY who have been BRAINWASHED by the CRAFTY minds of Aiyaz K and Bainimara!

Instead of a pathetic attack on Rabuka in the way that he did, Tikoitoga is actually the one who is igniting the flame!! Perhaps it is meant to be so as the people will take note and understand the reality of our current situation here in Fiji!! Amazing Grace!!

The scenario here in Fiji is incredibly displayed in the Golan Heights and 'those with eyes' are able to see!!

Our Nation is currently underseiged, heard of FIJI UNDER SEIGE?? EXACTLY!! ..AS IS DISPLAYED IN THE GOLAN HEIGHTS !!!(but in Fiiji, a subtle manner).

It has been said that the soul of our Nation will be lost to EVIL itself should WE, THE PEOPLE, make that wrong decision in exalting ADVOCATES OF THE ANTI-CHRIST to rule over us in the coming Elections!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

I would suggest that Tikoitoga and his men reconsider whom they are serving, as the consequences of their actions via the commands of 'the man' who is the real 'Leader' of this nation and controls the reigns over God's people is eventually, slowly beginning to come to light!!

Our Soldiers who are imprisoned under the rule of Al Nusra are now facing Sharia Law in the days to come!


I need not even mention who 'the man' is.

Next time Rabuka speaks, it will be to the best interest of the Nation for ALL to sit up and listen!!


Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...


Are you sure you telling the truth?? Any proof before I start spreading the gossip.

Anonymous said...

They were not ordered to surrender. That is untrue.

They were ordered to leave the Post by the second gate and not to engage al Nusra.

They were also not ordered to surrender their weapons

They were ordered move to the Israeli side.

Instead they surrendered their weapons when al Nusra demanded it, and then they boarded al Nusra vehicles.

They were never ordered to surrender their weapons and board al Nusra vehicles.

And that is where the difference between the Filipino troops and the Fijian troops arises.

The Filipino's exercised their initiative and the tactical decisions made on the ground has enabled them to come out unscathed

Anonymous said...

Those orders from the Command HQ allowed for them to exercise their own initiative to protect themselves, meaning they were supposed to have stood to when al Nusra demanded their weapons.

They were ordered to travel to the Israeli side.

In the course of preparing to move it should have been evident to them that al Nusra's subsequent demand for surrender of their weapons was contrary to their orders. That is when they should have reviewed the situation and stayed put in the position and prepared to engage whilst calling it back to HQ that there had been a change in the situation.

That was the job of the CO to do.

The ROE under the UNDOF terms is specific. They are entitled to protect themselves where they are under threat, and the threat of becoming hostages was as clear as day the moment al Nusra demanded their weapons.

Yet they then not only left the protection of their fortified position but they also handed over their weapons and boarder al Nusra trucks.

They left a fortified position. They surrendered their weapons. They allowed themselves to be taken in al Nusra trucks to destination unknown which has now made it very difficult for any support forces to come and get them.

It doesn't get any more stupid than that surely.

This is where the difference between the Filipino's arises and our soldiers at that post 27.

Our soldiers were not thinking nor did they exercise initiative to read the unfolding situation and make the correct tactical decisions

nayacakalou said...

Let's be honnest,as I have said before,it will start again by the Army.Now the disagreament starts from the top,and the investigation about Rabuka's comment will split a few more votes for Bainimarama.It's a waste of taxpayers money,as he has the right of concern as a retired Commander of the Army just like you Mo,but,olso as a former Prime Minister and of course he has families that are held hostage.Let's cut the chase here,what ever we do at home,the concern is always about the safety of Indians.What if Rabuka said,Fijian i taukei could face backlash,so cut the crap and do come up with something better.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:12

There is no need to spread gutter level rubbish. Mind you I am not pro-bainimarama but you are just ridiculous.

@ Anon 9:32

A source to verify your claims would be welcome otherwise your comments too are just absurd.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.43

Its on Reuters and you can also go to the UN Security Council website for the video of the media conference


Reuters) - The U.N. peacekeeping chief strongly denied on Wednesday allegations from the Philippines' army chief that Filipino peacekeepers in the Golan Heights were ordered to surrender their weapons to Islamist militants who had trapped them.

Filipino army chief General Gregorio Catapang said his soldiers had defended themselves against Islamist rebels last weekend in defiance of an order from their U.N. force commander to surrender their weapons, a move that would be highly controversial in the six-nation, blue-helmeted force.

The U.N.'s under-secretary-general for peacekeeping, Herve Ladsous, denied that any such order was given.

The back-and-forth underlines a rise in tensions in the U.N. peacekeeping force following weekend skirmishes with Islamist militants in Israeli-controlled territory on Syria's southeastern border.

Islamist fighters battling the Syrian army overran last week a crossing point in the line that has separated Israelis from Syrians in the Golan Heights since a 1973 war, the most recent escalation of Syria's civil war, now in its fourth year.

The fighters then turned against U.N. blue helmets from a peacekeeping force that has patrolled the ceasefire line since 1974. After 45 Fijians were captured on Thursday, 72 Filipinos were besieged at two other locations for two days by militants before they escaped.

The militants, believed to be part of an al-Qaeda-linked group known as Nusra Front, are still holding the 45 Fijian members of the United Nations' UNDOF Golan Heights force.

Catapang said that at one point while the Filipinos were trapped, UNDOF Force Commander General Iqbal Singh Singha of India ordered the soldiers to surrender their arms to prevent harm from befalling the captured Fijians.

Asked what order was given to the Filipinos, Ladsous replied, "Never to hand over weapons."

The order was simply "not to shoot," he said.

One U.N. official told Reuters that no force commander would order his troops to hand over weapons to rebels. If that were to happen, the official said, the commander would "be out of a job" since countries that supply weapons and materiel to the force would be reluctant to re-supply the mission.

Several Security Council diplomats said the issue of what orders might have been given was discussed on Wednesday in a closed-door meeting of the 15-nation body.

In that meeting, Ladsous expressed full support for Singha, diplomats who were present told Reuters. Ladsous later told reporters that Singha had "exercised good sound judgment all along" during the crisis.

Ladsous said the United Nations had not confirmed that the militants who attacked the Filipinos and are holding the Fijians belong to Nusra Front.

UNDOF troops were kidnapped twice last year and in both cases were released unharmed.

(Additional reporting by Manuel Mogato in Manila; Editing by Jason Szep and Leslie Adler)

nayacakalou said...

Let's make it short,if our boys do get killled by Muslim's,what would you think will happen to Muslim's over here?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:52

Vinaka. Will read now

Anonymous said...

@Nayacakalou that is a two way street.

There are Fijian boys in the Sinai and there are at least another 350 in the Golan and there are Fijian boys in Afghanistan.

Don't go there.

If this is personalised to that level and they decide to go after any Fijian in sight over there in the Middle East, you will be playing the short end of the stick

My view is that the Muslims in Fiji are innocent and that is the end of the issue.

What has happened in the Golan is war. That is war. THey just happen to be an armed Islamic faction that has done it. Fact of the matter it could have been anyother faction, the PLO as a faction with Marxist leanings in the Lebanese civil war killed Fijians as well. That was war. It happens, but that does not mean innocents here in Fiji (such as the Muslim community)should be vilified or attacked because of it

Anonymous said...

"but this momentous question [of slavery], like a fire bell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror. I considered it at once as the knell of the Union. it is hushed indeed for the moment. but this is a reprieve only, not a final sentence."
- Thomas Jefferson to John Holmes (discussing the Missouri question), Monticello, 22 April 1820

By Tikoitoga's reckoning, Thomas Jefferson would have been "sick and irresponsible" for revealing his fear of civil war. But Jefferson was only being sensitive and prescient.

Anonymous said...


Don't think for a minute that our Fijian boys in the Golan who are free and in fortified positions can not be subject to attack should al Nusra decide to do it.

And they have the muscle to do it. If they call in their units to slam a Fijian position there will be Fijian mincemeat pieces on the Golan after they have finished. They will call in ZSU 23's, Katushyas, Mortars upto 82 mm, you name it. IT will be hell on earth for our boys those last few minutes of it at least.

If they get their units together and collect their logistics and decide to attack a Fijian position over there because its now been personalised our boys will be slaughtered and theirs nothing that UNDOF will be able to do.

They are fighting a strategic war. They are trying to leverage the UN to open up safe haves for them in southern Syria as part of a strategy to enable them to have sanctuaries within Syria. That is the point of what they are doing. Its military strategy.

Our boys are pawns on the chess board. I would call them stupid pawns because they allowed this stupidity to happen by allowing themselves to be captured.

I also blame the RFMF for sending geriatrics near retirement with unprepared and inexperienced new soldiers to this warzone in a make believe fantasy that it is a picnic (which is was on Wednesday evening with the birth day party) until first light in Thursday began the nightmare.

Switch on tiko, Yalo matua. Kua na yalo wai.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:49

Extract provided better then Tioitogas 'apples and pears' and 'tigers and cats' press release. Thank you.

A general question however, why are we still sending another batch of 45? Seems ill thought out to me. Who advices Tikoitoga on these matters? The rear admiral? Who advices the admiral? This is getting too unbelievable. 45 of our men are in terrorist hands yet Fiji Times carries on as usual. Are they not worth more than passing coverage?

Anonymous said...

Are you serious, what can teleni achieve out there. He has no experience in the middle east. I'd rather you send the real deal...retired Brig Gen SLRabuka.
Even the present wanna be leader of the inglorious bastards..franks fucked up party..ffp, can never go simply because he is so scared that he'll soil his pants and it'll be of a disgrace to the once proud RFMF
Yeah, so much for the look Nth policy by that idiot, we've suspended training and military aid from our neighbours...so fucked up. As an x service military person I feel for the soldiers out there. Decisions made on their behalf by some fly by night officer landed they inthis difficult situation. THIS SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

have read fiji leaks,untrue at all.shane stevens didnt name FB, he named QV Takiveikata.Ligairi didnt lead the CRW it was GS and his younger bro supported by CRW new recruits.Ligairi was brought in after they have reached stalemate in palimedi.
arms were supplied from QEB backgate where they left for Laucala bay- close to maritime,a fist fight almost broke out when GS and his bro found several armed elements drinking liquor,rum and whisky-the guy with the tiger tatoo on his forehead had brought the drinks along.they settled down and last plans were finalised before they moved to parliament.
a former parliamentarian and nationalist [name will not be revealed]was inside the vehicle when GS boarded and GS told the soldiers that he doesnt like the nationalist because he is rascist and anti-white,there was an exchange of harsh words so the soldiers told the nationlist to board one of the support vehicles.VB didnt know, he was only informed by intel that a likely of a coup to occur and his life is endangered so its best for him to leave the country to terminate the risk.The coup plan was two pronged,remove
qovt and commander also.
commander had called for investigation of several highly ranked and senior officers in the Military [names with held].fiji leaks has lot of leaks,

Anonymous said...

TELENI FOR GOLAN HEIGHTS....he will never go...prove me wrong TELENI!!!

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 10:36
Victor Lal put his name to that article!

But you come here and tell us ALL your bullshit.









Anonymous said...

Is it just Graham Davis' breath, or does the regime now have the smell of death about it?

Hamel Troy said...

Fate of captured Fijian soldiers now made very much more delicate and embroiled in Middle East Muslim/Jewish conflicts where Fijian interests will be immaterial and likely be sacrificed for interests of the traditional combatants.

Israelis worry with Syrian al-Qaeda on doorstep
Read some more:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

o Khaiyum sa remove taka na blank space kena dau fill taki kina na mataqali,yavusa & tikina ena noda birth certificate, sa tekivu vakamalua tiko qo ena government building, na dela ni kaloko sa dabe tu kina na I sala ni muslim mosque, ISA o keda na I taukei, sa vakarusai na noda LOTU,NA GCC,NA LAND RIGHTS,SCHOLARSHIPS,NODA IDENTITY, kidnap taki qo na sotia ni Viti, cava sa nodratou nanuma na gone I taukei era tiko qo ena Fiji First party vata kei ira na sotia I taukei!

shakira ( Tavua) said...

Vote 347 Biman Prasad,

ko cei sa cagi laba , Go NFP Go.

Vote 213 Tupou Draunidalo

Hurricane NFP !

Sairusi said...

Notice too in reference article above it is reported that the Phillipines are withdrawing their Troops from UN Peace Keeping work from Golan.....while Cmdr Tikoitoga has the replacements for his captured soldiers ready to leave for Golan....while the 45are still missing in captivity...what an incompetent Army Commander. Soldiers' lives mean nothing to the Fiji Military masters...all they worry about is their macho reputation...idiots. Why cannt the captures Fijians be first released before decision on replacements are decided

Anonymous said...

@ Kua ni rerevalevu, it was me,now thats my name.Need i reveal more,shane stevens didnt play major role in coup of 2000 eventhough he had knowledge and took part in minor roles instead,he played a major role in the mutiny against FB ,victor lal is confused about sstevens role.arms werent supplied to palimedi on day off coup by police,it was several weeks later because roadblocks were set up so they used several senior police sympathisers [several who are now deceased] to escort the arms into palimedi

Anonymous said...

Remember GS was just use by CRW boys to enter parliament and storm the Labour Govt when they about to Pass the Land bill and also its was Labour party govt one year anniversary. He was Not a coup plotter BUT the REAL COUP plotter was Commander who has the knowledge of it.The truth will be reveal in right time. Most CRW boys didn't know GS but was use to enter parliament because his father was a parliamentary.

Anonymous said...

Like or loathe Rabuka, he is the most well educated and well trained soldier in Fiji. He also has diplomatic and negotiation skill.

What has Thickatoga got? Nothing he is a Frank yes man and that is why he was promoted. Frank is still in control of the RFMF. Frank lacks education and training.

Rabuka was stating a possible outcome if Soldiers are executed by Al Nusra. He did not say it was going to happen and he expressed his concern as concern for Fijian Muslims.

It is a very real possibility that certain people would take revenge on Fijian Muslims, even though they have nothing to do with the problem. Even though they are not extremists.

Frank has been a battering ram and through Khaiyum he has promoted Muslims to many top positions out of their skill level. Mohammed Saneem is a clear example of this nepotism. People are angry, people are dismayed.

Because of Franks forcing his way on the people he has created disharmony between all Fijians whilst claiming to be a pillar of unity. Fiji used to be a harmonious place. Frank has accelerated the disunity.

The soldiers were sent to Golan Heights without proper training. The Filipinos know how terrorists operate. They are well trained for this contingency. Frank and Khaiyum in a rush to get their UN money, sent troops to a volatile civil war zone without proper preparation.

The fact that this has occurred shows that Frank and his cronies are out of their depth. They are not leaders. They are desperate, ill trained, dictatorial thugs.

Fiji needs a leader. A real one. The blood of these soldiers will be on Frank's hands forever. He should be praying non-stop for their safe release. If they are not it is impossible to know what the repercussions will be. It does not look good.

Rabuka was giving a valid opinion based on his experience. It was appropriate.

If there is a backlash, any hostility within Fiji will also be on the hands of Frank and Khaiyum. They are are ignoring all possible contingencies.

Anonymous said...

fiji needs to reach out to Qatar : they are very well respected in the Islamic world ... N they are our only chance .USA will not deal with terrorists ... I would rather america role the world than anyone ... But they their hands are not clean ... Please reeds about their well documented " State sponsored terrorism " why do you think Julian Assange and snowden are the worlds most wanted men ???
Surveillance business now spies on all citizens of almost every country in the world ... Believe it or not ... Read wikileaks ... Indian , Jewish , American , British etc etc etc ... All use a spy firm in America ... For their eon benefit ...

fiji is an innocent country .. And we should try to remain neutral .. The lives of our soldiers is not negotiable .. Especially when you see the complicated and sinister practices around the world .


Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga has failed the Fijian military and the Fijian nation at home and abroad. He is nothing but a khaiyum lackey like bainimarama - a total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Rabuka may have meant well ... But it was an irresponsible statement . He should have stated that the Muslims of fiji should not be targeted ... They are innocent ... He didn't ... N that is what was really the crux of the matter .

I also agree that out of all the positions ... Mohammed saneem .... Is by the worst of this Govt ... He looks like a kid .. Ready to drink milk before bed... That's fucking absurd ... They should replace him ... That is not to say that previous govts have not practiced nepotism .., it's an age old practice .. I remember seeing a permAnent secretary for agriculture in qarase govt ... The guy couldn't speak English well .. And asked for another person to speak to me ... I was told later that he was qarases nephew ..

By the way .. I'm a Fijian muslim .. I agree that nepotism exists .. That we wouldn't notice if other religions would have been noticed if they were appointed .. It's only because they were Muslims .... Please stop the hatred.. That is the biggest problem . It's because of hate ... Our soldiers are in captivity .. Terrorists are not Muslims .., they are cowards ....

In fiji .. We can move forward in the right direction if we unite .. I don't support Aiyaz just because he is a muslim ... No way .. I will support a party that stands for the people .., just because I share the same faith .. Does not mean a vote for them ... N believe me there are many Muslims like that . Aiyaz is not our representative ... No one is .... Every candidate has to earn that vote . Our problem in Fiji is " herd mentality " we support people and issues blindly ...I hope that one day we unite for the common good of fiji ...

God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...


Al Nusra has a history of releasing hostages. They released Lebanese nuns a few months back.

But the situation here is very different with the Fijian soldiers.

Those guys are now effectively prisoners of war under Sharia law, which is what al Nusra are essentially saying by indicating that they will be tried in Sharia Courts.

It means that they have taken it beyond the prospects a negotiated release., and Qatar is effectively no longer going to be able to do anything about it.

Its likely that three of them will be killed (if not already) as compensation for the three al Nusra killed by the UN forces.

The rest might be released, but that will depend on the strategic decisions the al Nusra leadership make.

Brig Gen Tikoitoga's statement that there are 45 new troops ready to travel to the Golan may just mean that all will be killed.

Sharia law says that if there is a clear and present danger presented by the persons being held prisoner, should they be released, then they should be executed.

The clear and present danger here from al Nusra's point of view is that further Fijian troops are going to be deployed - which they view as contrary to their objectives.

Anonymous said...

The Filipino's have made the correct strategic decision not to deploy any further troops and withdraw after October.

Unless the Rules of Engagement and the improvement in weaponry permitted so that heavy weapons can be moved in and the numbers are significantly improved to meet the current realties of that area of operations then there is no sense in remaining there. It is suicidal.

The Filipino's understand the Sharia rationale which al Nusra is using.

They know that their guys there are now going to be marked as an enemy of al Nusra and open for attacks under Sharia laws of war.

Anonymous said...

As a muslim ... I pray that Allah helps al nusra release the soldiers .. We can pray .. I have faith .. Please god release these innocent soldiers .. I hope the al nusra realise that Fijians are not taking sides ..

God bless

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga please just don't say anything because anything you say is just so full of shit and easily interpreted perversely. Muslims will get the brunch of this, no matter how much praying to the homosexual Prophet Muhammad pig farker. Al Nusra please just kill those 45 soldiers so we Taukei can start the veivakamatei here. We don't give fark about the 45 and we don't give a hoot about how many muslims we slaughtger here.

Anonymous said...

al Nusra have released all hostages who are not combatants.

However they have executed combatants, without fail. No single enemy combatant who has fallen into al Nusra hands has been released alive. They have all been executed under the Sharia laws of war.

This is the difference between al Nusra and ISIS.

ISIS makes no distinction between combatants and non combatants.

al Nusra makes distinction between combatants and non combatants.

That is why al Nusra released the American journalist who was in their (al Nusra detention) two weeks ago whilst ISIS beheaded the captured american journalist who was in their (ISIS) detention.

This is why its important for our RFMF brass to understand the thinking of al Nusra. It is a fundamental of war that you know your opponent, because if you don't it can be the difference between life and death for the men under your command.

Anonymous said...

Saying that 45 more troops are on their way is akin to saying release those guys back to us so that we can debrief and learn from them about your operational dynamics and improve our capacity to strangle you.

That is what the al Nusra strategists will be considering in terms of whether to release or execute our soldiers.

These are strategic and tactical warriors first and foremost and Islamic theologians second.

Practical military minds.

They wouldn't have ran the Americans ragged in Iraq and the Syrians and the Russians thin in Syria otherwise.

High Tea said...

Anonymous 10:36, your account doesn't have the ring of truth to it. It sounds like a pro-Bainimarama apologia -- bullshit, really. Even by your account, he knew of the impending coup but did nothing to prevent it. That's gross dereliction of duty. As commander, his act of going overseas to flee any possible harm was both gross dereliction of duty and cowardice. No way to wiggle out of it, squirm as you might.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga should ensure that the rules of engagement for the peacekeepers are improved before sending out another 45. He's so dumb. Every time he opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. Now another 45 are waiting to be sent out-like sheeps to slaughter.

The well-trained Tarakinikini must be sitting back in NY watching this play out & laughing at the likes of Baini n all his RFMF cronies.

Anonymous said...










Anonymous said...

Typical of Bainimarama to flee at any sign of danger. He did it during the 2000 coup, & later at the RFMF tavioka patch and he's doing it now. Burying his head in the sand...pretending that he has nothing to do with this Golan Heights mess. As we can see it's all about him first, his family first...forget about Fiji First...that's just a farce.

Anonymous said...

If the Muslims want sharia law instead of the Geneva Conventions, then the Americans should execute every Muslim incarcerate at Gitmo.

Also, Al Nusra didn't run the Americans ragged in Iraq. The situation in Iraq seemed fairly well in hand when al-Maliki made the foolish mistake of kicking out the Americans. The Filipinos, too, are learning that Uncle Sam is good to have around, now that the Chinese are trying to hem them in.

Anonymous said...

I know and like Rabuka. He's intelligent, well-spoken, charismatic, and he's acquired some experience, humility and wisdom along the way. He's apologetic about his role in creating a coup culture.

That doesn't mean he should be PM or Commander. No one who commits treason should be rewarded with anything except a prison term, at minimum. But if he were to rid us of the bozos now in power and restore our liberties, then all would be forgiven him in my book.

Anonymous said...

The Fijian forces in UNDOF have never posed any threat to Al Nusra force. They've had a completely static role and were simply there to observe and separate combatants. Saying that their debriefing would give the RFMF operational insight into their dynamics doesn't add up to a hill of beans because it isn't as if the RFMF would do anything with that knowledge anyway. It's not as if Fijians will be going on search and destroy missions in the Golan Heights.

The best thing Al Nusra could do right now is to release the hostages in return for humanitarian supplies and the like. The released RFMF soldiers returning to Fiji will see how unconcerned Bainimarama was for their safety. Maybe they'll pull a CRW-type mutiny against him. That's what he deserves.

Ganesh said...

Rabuka was warning that "probably undeserving" Muslims could be the victims of a pogrom if the 45 are harmed. It was a warning, not advocacy.

I've been warning for months that the elections will be stolen by Fiji First. That doesn't mean I'm advocating a Fiji First victory now, does it!

Anonymous said...

Bad news.


AFP UN Security Council demands Fiji peacekeepers' release
Al-Nusra Ultimatum for Fiji: Bainimarama Resign

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - The UN Security Council on Thursday reiterated its demand for the release of 45 Fijian peacekeepers held in the Golan Heights by Syrian Al-Nusra Front rebels.

On Wednesday, the 15 members of the council unanimously approved a declaration condemning "in the strongest terms" the detention of the Fijians.

They were captured almost a week ago, when the rebels stormed a Golan Heights crossing.

The council "reiterated their call for the peacekeepers' immediate and unconditional release," adding in its statement that "there can never be any justification for attacks on or the detention of UN peacekeepers."

The government of Fiji also has called for their release, stressing that the neutral peacekeepers do not take sides in any conflict.

The Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front rebels, however, stepped up their demands for the resignation of Fiji's self-appointed prime minister, military strongman Voreqe Bainimarama. They also demanded the release of an Al-Qaeda leader imprisoned in Syria since 2005, Abu Mussab al-Suri. Other demands include UN humanitarian assistance for a rebel-held territory, a "humanitarian corridor" in Southern Syria, and the removal of Al-Nusra from the UN's terror blacklist. The rebels now threaten that unless al-Suri is released and Bainimarama resigns before Fiji's September 17 election, their Fijian captives will be tried under Muslim sharia law.

Al-Nusra has customarily decapitated those it tries under sharia law.

A team of UN negotiators on the ground in Golan is trying to secure the Fijians' freedom. The UN Security Council appealed for help from those countries whose governments are thought to have some influence with Al-Nusra, including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

The Fijians are part of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) established in 1974 to maintain the ceasefire between Syria and Israel forces in the Golan, and oversee the implementation of a disengagement agreement.

The capture of the peacekeepers occurred as Syrian troops and Islamist rebels battled close to the armistice line with Israel in the Golan Heights.

In addition to calling for their release, the Security Council "demanded that all groups other than UNDOF must abandon all UNDOF positions," and also called on the rebel to return vehicles, weapons, and other equipment confiscated from the peacekeepers.

A group of 75 Philippine peacekeepers were also besieged by the Al-Nusra fighters, but they eventually were able to avoid capture, a development welcomed by the council in its declaration.

"The members of the Security Council welcomed news that all Filipino peacekeepers are now safe and they commended the efforts of UNDOF's Quick Reaction Force," the statement said.

(Additional reporting by Antonio Lim in Manila; Editing by Pat Sage and Camille Einhorn.)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.56

There has been UN combat with al Nusra last week. The RFMF are part of that UN mission

Syria is a land of Jihad meaning that you are either a combatant or you are not.

There is no middle ground.

We can argue the semantics here, but the facts are the RFMF soldiers were on the soil of jihad with weapons.

The fact that they are UN Observers now means nothing in the scheme of things over there because there has been engagement with the UN troops last week which saw the Israeli's and Syrians come in on the side of al Nusra with support artillery fire and extraction units.

The UN are now effectively combatants under Sharia law, whether they like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Al Nusra will now know that the Israeli ambassador was here last year when our troops were deployed to the Golan and was with the PM.

Its on the Ministry of Information website together with the photo's of them hugging

Its also on Youtube.

Al Nusra also know that we are partners with Iran. Rt Inoke's photo with the Iranian Foreign Minister is on the UN website

Al Nusra also know that the Russian delegation visited QEB last month to sign the MOU for the delivery of weapons and logistics to the RFMF for the specific purpose of the deployment to the Golan. Its on the RFMF website

These are serious issue from their point of view and its important we understand why they are considerations we should be very mindful of

Anonymous said...

Its now a serious geopolitical environment we are swimming in. This is not Mickey Mouse hide and seek at the Pacific island Forum where we can mess around and then everybody pretends nothing happened and we all get together again Island style.

Those guys play for keeps.

Satan said...

A lesson to all FMF in Fiji and overseas. This is a lesson for you. You are only a number and used as a donkey for Bainimarama's dirty work.

Look at them. After 9 days Tikoitoga is still trying to get someone to fly over to negotiate their release. But when it comes to paid holiday overseas they are normally quicker and fly out within 24hrs. And when it comes to peoples lifes and what really matters to people they take time for themselves. All they're doing is singing to the tune of the terrorists that you are looked after well. What a load of crap!

Vote them out!

Satanic Tikotoga said...

VOTE OUT FijiFirst!!!

Based of their seriousness about this 45's situation they don't seem to care but goes about their campaigning.


After all a government is for the people not for themselves or their family. Government by the people for the people. Lets get that message right into their brain. Whoever comes in must be ready to do what is more important and that is its peoples safety.

Anonymous said...

The x factor for this election will be on 4 issues below and SODELPA seems to offer attracted resolutions so far.

1. Land issues amongst the i taukei
2. Secular state issue
3. Constitution designed by a MUslim for a Christian dominated country like Fiji.
4, Reinstatement of GCC which is a symbolic political authority of the the indigenous people of this country.

Our current estimate/projection stand at 90% of Itaukei will vote for SODELPA, 80% of Indians will vote NFP and 10% of the whole voter population will vote Fiji First.

However, after the Ro Teimumu/Bainimarama debate on Sunday there will be a significant swing to SODELPA.

Bainimarama currently lacks leadership skills and is incompetent with reasoning and logics.

Amongst the Itaukei the current regime has really fanned and resurrected a greater sense of belonging to their cultural and traditional group and also it is the time to really reflect on the future of their children and their unique cultural identity.






Anonymous said...

Yes I agree that only SLR has the capability to go and negotiate the release of the 45 soldiers in captivity. Tikoitoga and Bai are incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Brig Gen Tikoitoga has said that Sharia law is bullshit in media conference this morning.

He clearly doesn't know/realise that one of the main ideological and theological basis on which al Nusra was set up is the implementation of Sharia law.

This is only going to make worse and already bad situation, possibly even make it irretrievably damaged

Very sad


PM directs RFMF to put pressure on negotiation system for release of detained Fijian soldiers
Saturday, 06/09/2014

Army Commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga

The Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has directed the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to put pressure on the negotiation system for the release of our 45 UN peacekeepers.

Army Commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga said Major General Iowane Naivalurua will travel to New York on Monday to help put pressure on the UN System.

Brigadier General Tikoitoga said at the same time they are sending a team to Syria to join the negotiators that will be led by Land Force Commander, Lieutenant‑Colonel Jone Kalouniwai.

Tikoitoga said they are still unable to locate the 45 Fijian soldiers, however, the negotiators are working hard to re-establish communication with the Al-Nusra Front rebels since they have not made any more contacts with the negotiation team.

He added that although there is not much change to the situation the other UN peacekeepers remain positive on the ground in Syria and they continue to do the work they are sent out for.

Meanwhile, the Commander has brushed aside reports made by an overseas media outlet that the Al-Nusra front rebels have threatened to put the 45 peacekeepers on trial under the Islamic Sharia law if their demands are not met.

Brigadier General Tikoitoga added that the Sharia Law only applies to the Muslim religion and it does not carry any merit.

Story by Elizabeth Rokosuka

Anonymous said...

We are already Kaffirs on the land of Jihad and then to make it worse we call their Sharia law (which they hold sacrosanct) bullshit, whilst they have our soldiers in their detention and have stated that they will treat them as prisoners under Sharia law.

Just blunder after blunder.

Surely it won't get any worse ?

This is a nightmare !

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.32. Seriously fella do you hate Muslims that much that you want to "slaughter" them. This is the exact behavior that creates people like IS and Nusra fighters the vilification and targeting of a particular group of people based on what make them different.Fiji Muslims have lived in Fiji for over 150 years. They are not Arabs. Most if not all are from India and their ancestors were converted.The religion of Islam may or may not be perfect but than which religion is. The people of the faith who live in Fiji have never had any history of violence and have no extremist views. You hate Khaiyum fine who doesn't.Hate him for what he stands for. Hate him for what you think he has done wrong. Why hate him for who he thinks his God is. Does it fucking matter to you who he thinks his God it. Have you seen God. Are you sure who he/she/it is.None of us have seen God. Most of us believe some dumb ass book written by some fucked up dude and go through life hating judging vilifying and just being stupid because our peanut brains just cant think rationally and so we believe blindly what others tell us.
Even those folks who support FF don't like ASK. Most Muslims don't like him most Hindus don't like him and most i-taukei don't like him so what. Fiji Muslims had nothing to do with what is happening to our boys. Most are feeling the same pain as any other Fiji citizen. When are you idiots and bigots out their going to learn that hatred only creates more hatred. Hatred without reason is the beginning of Anarchy.And for those of you want to be tough tough bocis out their talking big behind a nameless blog you really do not know the horrors of war and rampant violence so don't go their. I am a retired war veteran and know what i am talking about. Fiji is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Keep it that way.

nayacakalou said...

@Anon...what I said obove is what was Rabuka's concern.If our boys 45 men killed than our Muslim brother's at home should have something to worry about.Rabuka still remember when he had his coup in 1987,was all about Fijians killing Fijians and this time,if the 45 men killed,it will be,the Army(Fijians)agaist Fijian,so the Indians will have to sell vacate

mark manning said...

Live by the sword, die by the sword!
These must be the words ringing in Sitiveni Rabuka's ears now that his Nephew is a hostage!
I wonder if this will make him admit that his own act of High Treason in 1987 was the catalyst for the possible demise of one of his own.
Does Tikotoiga comprehend that he is "not" dealing with a Government, but with a band of thugs and thieves, beholden to nobody, much like the Regime he has aligned himself with?
If they want to find the Soldiers taken hostage, all they have to do is follow the trail of shit through the desert!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:32 PM

What's it like waking each day with that fear of insecurity and the shame you have of yourself?

mark manning said...

Live by the sword, die by the sword!
These must be the words ringing in Sitiveni Rabuka's ears now that his Nephew is a hostage!
I wonder if this will make him admit that his own act of High Treason in 1987 was the catalyst for the possible demise of one of his own and the mess Fiji currently finds itself in.
Does Tikotoiga comprehend that he is "not" dealing with a Government, but with a band of thugs and thieves, beholden to nobody, much like the dictatorial Regime he has aligned himself with in Fiji? Does he recall that the Reporters recently behedad by Islamic State, were also tried under some form of Islamic Law, though they were not Moslems either like the 45 Soldiers in Syria? And so what is there to stop them being tried under a different Islamic Law such as Sharia Law?
If they want to find the Soldiers taken hostage, all they have to do is follow the trail of shit through the desert!

I can tell you, knowing what i know about their captures, I would be shitting myself if I was one of them.

mark manning said...

The reality is, under Military Rule, we may never find out the truth behind the 45 Soldiers taken hostage and it doesn't matter because they should never have been sent in the 1st. place!

I wonder how many people who are beginning to oppose Frank Bainimarama and the RFMF now, originally supported this Regime and their Act of High Treason!

Is there anyone courageous enough to admit they once supported the Regime and coup who have now decided to withdraw that support?

Anonymous said...

Anon 504 pm bro .. Good stuff .... Thanks for having the courage to speak up .. I know Aiyaz .. Many people know Aiyaz... Doesn't mean we support him .. Not at all ... He is smart .. And all that .. But so is a host of others... This hatred of Muslims is sadly giving rise to extremism . As I said earlier .... State sponsored terrorism is the biggest enemy .... Let me expand : yesterday a former professor of the university of ( Churchill ward is his name ) Colorado ...stated that America brought 911 to itself .. There are thousands of Americans that feel that way .... I'm not saying terrorism is right ... It's an option that some take . Millions of Americans bitterly opposed the Vietnam war and the war on Iraq ... It is well documented that Iraq did not have WMDs ... ( weapons of mass destruction ) . In 1975 a famous author said " one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter ... In response to the IRA war ... Remember IRa was classed as a terrorist organisation as is Taml tigers .. But today they have been accepted in normal society .....unless America changes it's policies to sit and talk to these guys and stop blindly supporting Israel this will never stop . Wikileaks has revealed that Israel wants Obama impeached and they are secretly pushing for this ....why ? They see Obama as being sympathetic to the Palestinians n Arabs ..( millions are ) and also that his father was a muslim . Clinton famously said of one Israeli Pm " he is impossible to work with " .
Ultimately .... 2 key players America and Israel .have a critical role ... .. Today terrorists are at war with the west . I don't see this ending anytime soon .

Fijian Muslims are a world away .. And they really are a world apart from these jihadists ... I'm a muslim.. But can tell you .. Fijian Muslims and Hindus are too peaceful .. As are Fijians .. I hope the haters on this blog get to see that one day .., and hopefully that comes sooner rather than later .

Sharia Fiji said...

Turn away from Muslims Fiji. MUSLIMS MUST BE CONDEMN AT ALL TIMES. Fiji is leaning towards it.

According to the Sharia law:
• Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).
• Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.
• Criticizing or denying Muhammad is a prophet is punishable by death.
• Criticizing or denying Allah, the moon god of Islam is punishable by death.
• A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
• A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
• A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
• A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
• Girls' clitoris should be cut (per Muhammad's words in Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
• A woman can have 1 husband, but a man can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.
• A man can unilaterally divorce his wife but a woman needs her husband's consent to divorce.
• A man can beat his wife for insubordination.
• Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.
• A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
• A woman's testimony in court, allowed only in property cases, carries half the weight of a man's.
• A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.
• A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).
• A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
• Meat to be eaten must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah - i.e., be Halal.
• Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.
• The list goes on.

Anyone who is Muslims believes the above. Regardless where you are. Including Aiyaz and Co.

Anonymous said...

Anon : 721 pm .. Lol ... Which world do you live in ?
Bro do you also believe that Obama is a mullah ...
- do u believe that .. Aliens took elvis away ..
- the hand go god helped Argentina win World Cup ..
- big foot lives in fiji ...

- brother you need help ... Not that kinda help I mean ... Psychiatric ... Kinda help

Anonymous said...

There is no peaceful or moderate Muslim. It all depends on their numbers, as it grows higher their demand increases.

Allah is moon god, that's why you see
moon and crescent in the mosque.

Pedophile Mohammed named two of his daughters after moon goddess.

Anonymous said...


Everything you have said is correct.

You see Muslims dont want world to know lot of satanic verses from their Queeran.

Anonymous said...

Guys please open your eyes only Muslims are causing troubles every where in the world.

Only Muslim countries are fighting against each other.

None in any Christian countries.

This is an evil Religion and MUST be destroyed.

Not even allowed to Fiji in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Muslim trying to take civilization back to evil days of Mohammed will end one day.

That day will be when western and rest of the non Muslim world had enough of their shit.

The first nuke will go to Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...


Five Saudi men sentenced to 32 years in prison and 4,500 lashes for holding a Valentine’s Day party with ‘unrelated women, drinking and dancing’

The men were arrested by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice
All five have admitted to the charges of illicit seclusion with unrelated women, dancing and drinking

A judge will decide the fate of the six women caught with the men

PUBLISHED: 23:33 AEST, 9 May 2014 | UPDATED: 01:26 AEST, 10 May 2014

Banned: Saudi men were banned from using camera phones for a time over fears that men would use them to secretly photograph women and publish them on the Internet without the consent of the subjects

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-2624260/Five-Saudi-men-sentenced-32-years-prison-4-500-lashes-holding-Valentines-Day-party-unrelated-women-drinking-dancing.html#ixzz3CWH3NR00
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Woman arrested in Saudi Arabia for driving sick father to hospital
Kuwaiti woman, driving in Saudi Arabia, pulled over with her diabetic father in passenger seat
Police detained her and she is being held in custody pending investigation

Comes a week after women protested their driving ban in Saudi Arabia

PUBLISHED: 07:04 AEST, 5 November 2013

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2487387/Woman-arrested-Saudi-Arabia-driving-sick-father-hospital.html#ixzz3CWHoFXLP
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

British woman 'arrested in Dubai after being raped'

A 23-year-old British woman on holiday in Dubai told police she had been raped, only to be arrested herself for having illegal sexual intercourse.


Anonymous said...

always amusing to see what the white fool, mark manning comes up with...and his lame attempt at assessing things in Fiji. Like we have said before, stick to hypnotherapy.. whatever form of quackery that is. Cured any smokers lately?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of Tikoitoga's call this afternoon that they can't be trial under Sharia. He still none the less haven't done a thing to secure their release. It again shows his regime lack of interest.

His officers friend in crime are still waiting for a Visa 9 days after the captured of the soldiers to fly over.

Worst still Bainimarama continued campaigning though he breaks his own Election Decree where you're suppose to stop a week before the election. Election has started in Fiji a few days ago though Sept 17 one day voting remains a MYTH.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:10 PM

"" He still none the less haven't done a thing to secure their release. ""

Firstly, how do you know he has not done a thing?

Secondly, what would you do if you were in his position?

Anonymous said...

All the anti muslim comments here .... Have u seen one from a muslim ? None ... Hanif is Rajend Chaudhary n so is the other arse ... To all you muslim haters .., bring it on .., we still will pray for our Fijian soldiers .. Biismillah ...

mark manning said...

The Churches seem to have forgotten the innocent Soldiers in Syria!
This could be their opportunity to embrace change and the RFMF and gain support.
They should be praying for their safe return, no matter the outcome and I'm sure that if they did that, the RFMF won't forget I'm sure.

We shouldn't forget either, that not all Indo Fijians, not all Moslems are responsible and that if Fiji is to return to Democracy, it must be under the 1997 Constitution and the Rule of Law it requires and imposes on each and every citizen.

We can't allow mob rule to take a hold as in the riots in America, and perhaps the Military will need to impose Martial Law pending appointment by the G.C.C. of a legal President and neutral interim Prime Minister and Government as per Fiji's Court of Appeal Ruling of April the 9th. 2009, pending elections. At the same moment, Government must advise the President of its temporary selection of a new Commander of the RFMF and a Police Commissioner responsible for arresting coup leaders.
Tikotoiga can be a part of this, or face imprisinment.
The RFMF must now know that they don;'t have any decent loyal leadership in their current ranks and therefore, must take decisive action.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning 9:01 PM

"" The Churches seem to have forgotten the innocent Soldiers in Syria! ""

What absolute verbal diarrhoea you regurgitate Mr Know it ALL Manning !

Now just tell us in Fiji how YOU know what the Churches have been doing here.

Anonymous said...

Breaking new : Sodelpa is broken ... Dejected ... Split ... Disgruntled with qarase .. As we speak ... Ro kepa secretly met with sitiveni walielakwba ... To take over

Anonymous said...


Siteri Sauvakacolo
Saturday, September 06, 2014

Update: 11:29AM THE al-Nusra front holding the 45 Fijian soldiers in captivity has pulled out from negotiations with the United Nations after giving its demand.

This was confirmed by RFMF Commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga at a press conference this morning.

However, Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said the UN is expecting the rebels to come back to the table very soon.

Now we have reached the ninth day of capture and we are very concerned, he said.

Anonymous said...

Oh please try harder.

If you want to spread rumours at least make them sound convincing.

Anonymous said...

Mo is shitting his pants - what he gonna do when Al Nusra announces first beheading?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news...All mosques in the West are on fire....bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news....Voreqe and Khaihum are fighting...over who should be the PM

Anonymous said...

The whole of Vanua Levu, Kadavu. Lau, Namosi, Nadroga, Serua, Tailevu, naitasiri, REwa, 80% of nasinu, Lami and Suva and 60% of the west now comes under SODELPA, NFP,FLP and PDP.

Khaihum will soon commit suicide or run away like Shamim.
Gates will also try to run away but we will intercept all these bastards before leaving Fiji.
They have to pay for their crime.

Anonymous said...

Look at the photo released by Al Nusra and the Fiji troops are young and old. Some of the old ones are overweight and not match fit. Look at the Filipino soldiers and they are ready to go. I feel sorry for them - they joined because they get good money from the UN but sadly they are not trained or up to speed with modern warfare. Bainimarama has a lot to answer for but he doesn't give a shit.

Mukesh said...

Lamu Sona Fijians
1. Garase - coward not in USA probably wanting to get asylum in USA and asking people to say that police is awaiting him. What a coward, if he is genuine peoples person he should not be frightened like our HERO Mahendra Pal Chaudhry.
2. Bainimarama - asking his commander to put pressure to UN, this man thinks UN is like other cowards Fijians who will take his orders. He is busy dishing out left overs to gain votes

I could have made long list of coward Fijian leaders who only think of themselves, but our true leader Mr MPC (true son of Fiji) who is a lion hearted son of Fiji who cares for all not only Indians.
All Fijians - lessons to you is to stand for your rights and vote for Fiji Labour Party before it is too late.
Our hero may not be able to contest next election after five years due to his age, now 72, so wake up you cowards......
Labour Party only for Fiji's progress

Go and tell Bainimarama to have debate with our Hero MPC. Be Man and not debate with lady, even he wins the debate with Lady Ro, he still a loser.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mukesh .... Chaudhary must have fucked your mother ... Oops .. I forget ... U are Rajend ... I'm sorry bro ...either way ... Your sister is sexy .. She needs my cock ... Let me give your sister a nice cum

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is a smug shit enjoying the power of being kingmaker. He has done nothing constructive for Fiji and with Bainimarama, should be charged with treason and sent to jail.

High Tea said...

Islam comes in many forms, as does Christianity. Sometimes its theology has been used to rationalise violence and aggression, as has been the case also with Christianity. Both religions have been used to push diverse political agendas.

The brand of Islam that is responsible for so much of the violence around the world is Salafist Wahhabism. Even so, many Salafists are implacably opposed to the violent practices of Al-Qaeda and the like.

Most Muslims are not Salafists. The majority sect is Sunni. In Fiji, many Muslims are Ahmadiyya Muslims, who believe it their mission to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice and peace. Ahmadis believe that their founder divested Islam of fanatical beliefs and practices by championing what are in their view Muhammad’s true and essential teachings. Ahmadis view themselves as leading the revival and peaceful propagation of Islam.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is a Sunni. It is he who has engendered most of the anti-Muslim sentiment in Fiji through his treason, nepotism, corruption, and attacks against our democratic and cultural institutions. Khaiyum should be arrested and tried for treason -- the sooner, the better -- before he poisons Fiji's supercharged political atmosphere further.

Do not impute the crimes of this one man to Fiji's Muslim community. Like most Fijians, many of its members also despise the man.

Anonymous said...

bai murimuri ni liuliu PM ulukau duadua da qai sotava dou vicai na sona lelevu ni F First dou sega ni kai viti!!

Anonymous said...

Israel cannot long abide the ISIS/Al-Qaeda menace on its doorstep. It must protect itself. It will need to invade Syria. If Putin interferes, it could lead to the final confrontation at Megiddo and Armageddon, the fulfilment of prophecy and the Coming Judgment.

God truly works in mysterious ways.

Are you right yet with Him? Short is the time remaining.

Are you sealed by the Blood of the Lamb, slain for your iniquities?

Anonymous said...

flour meals of fiji

Anonymous said...

A real sorry bunch of smiling soldiers.....bahahahahahahaa

vudi dreu said...

awww come on be a sport....@ least the stories are entertaini g

mark manning said...

That's true, it was predicted the next and final war for 1,000 years would begin in the Middle East! That will mean I can't retire yet!

vudi dreu said...

bahahahahahaha @ least he got the MP5 bit right....i reckon

mark manning said...

@ anon 935 p.m.
I can tell you are a man of God, not!
I actually don't know what the Churches are doing in Fiji because they've remained incredibly silent!
I hope you will enlighten me and everyone else, now that would be a blessing!
I did say "seems"!

vudi dreu said...

lest we forget....rabuka led one of the bloodiest coups in our history...he's s glory hound like the rest of them

vudi dreu said...

my dog made my cat pregnant and they now have a healthy rat. ..true story

Anonymous said...

If Al-Nusra is demanding that Frank resign before the elections, it can only mean that they want Aiyaz to take power in his place. That leaves open the possibility that the seizure of our troops was part of a conspiracy between Aiyaz and overseas Muslims to grab power from Bainimarama.

That's quite clever, really. Aiyaz would need to take power from Frank, if he's ever to get it at all, because he's a creature of Frank's. Once Frank is gone, Aiyaz is a dead man, unless he's already achieved power. He's in the best position now to take the baton from Frank, even if the baton was really stolen from Qarase and, before him, Chaudhry.

If Frank tries to dismiss or arrest Aiyaz now, it could lead to the beheading of our troops by Al-Nusra, which could trigger an RFMF revolt against Frank.

It's a dangerous game Aiyaz is playing, because in any revolt against Frank, he would be the first casualty.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:27, that's just diabolical enough to be true. I certainly wouldn't put it past ASK.

Anonymous said...

The only thing for Fiji to prepare for now are the executions.

Al Nusra are no longer negotiating

The UN negotiators have been desperately trying to re-establish contact with al Nusra for the last four days.

The Qatari's have not been able to establish channels on this issue either.

Those guys have made their decision. Sharia Court and then execution.

Anonymous said...

The UN contacts are trying the mobile numbers, trying the open radio frequencies used by Al Nusra, trying the Liason contacts on the ground in the Golan.

Trying third party intermediaries (Qatar).


Total silence.

Anonymous said...

The UN contacts are trying the mobile numbers, trying the open radio frequencies used by Al Nusra, trying the Liason contacts on the ground in the Golan.

Trying third party intermediaries (Qatar).


Total silence.

vudi dreu said...

so the UN should give our soldiers medals if they are freed....medals for giving up so easily and following those dumb ass commands from Singha the turban guy.....no offense to the blue turbans

Anonymous said...

They are not talking to the contacts in the UAE because they now suspect that there was a deal done between the Syrians and our Fiji Government in Dubai through our ambassador over there for our troops to give Damascus information on Al Nusra movements in the UNDOF area.

They think that that in exchange for that deal Syria agreed to the deployment of the RFMF in the Golan as part of UNDOF as well as the employment of our nurses in Syrian hospitals under Syrian Government contracts.

And they also think that the Russians have signed the MOU to supply logistics to the RFMF for the Golan mission through the Syrian contacts with our embassy in the UAE.

We are in the soup. Well and truly

Anonymous said...

They have been operating in the UNDOF area and using it as a sanctuary over the last four years of the civil war over there.

But as if last year when our guys arrived there it coincided with Damascus decision to move troops down south, which has placed a lot of pressure on Al Nusra in that area of the UNDOF which had previously been effectively a safe haven for them.

The arrival of Fijian troops in that area and the increase in intensity and effectiveness of the combat operations of the Syrian army in the area will not have been missed by their Commanders.

These are things that go into the strategic decisions and assessments they are now making.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark Manning

It would probably be a good idea to go to church to actually find out what the church is doing in this regards. Seriously Mark, I mean no malice. Just go in as an atheist, unbeliever or non committed it doesn't matter. Just go in to judge for yourself instead of throwing stones from a distance. Take a friend to translate the sermon.

Anonymous said...

too much talking & blah blah blah.....just forget the 45 & move on with your individual live.Let God deal with it.It's in his hand...just stop the judgement , zip your big mouth & be happy God still giving u the breath of live.
If they die , so be it.


Meli watches too many Rambo movies and thinks he is Rambo, but in reality, he walks around Suva in a hoodie looking really frightened. poor bastard thinks just because he carries an old colt .45 calibre pistol ,he is some kind of a hero. IF HE ONLY KNEW THAT SOME IF NOT ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE GUN CLUB HAVE FULLY LOADED .45 CALIBRE ,SILENCED GLOCK 17'S in their cars also driving around Suva passing very close to MELI on Ratu Sukuna road on many very opportune times have decided not to blast his kailoma skull to pieces. He needs to tried for his crimes against humanity in a regular court and not the kangaroo court his father's gay boyfriend commands. NOT ONLY TONY BUT AIYAZ,RIYAZ,NAZHAAT,and many more hidden "closet "people.
Incidentally, the smug look on Mary Bainimarama's face is the same as was on Sulueti Rabuka's face in 1999 ,pretending to be some kind of royal highness...Isa o Sulu !!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon @ 2:32am

You just commented on the previous article awhile ago now you are commenting on this. I would recognise your grade 1 efforts anywhere. English is obviously not your forte my dear so maybe you could try a different blogsite with different subject matters (preferbably all written in your native tongue).

Meanwhile the rest of us will voice our opinions while we have the breath of "life" thank you very much.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Qo nomudou tukutuku na Mataivalu: Kera Bula se mate na sotia na bale ga vei ira nira vakamuria na lewa cala ni nodra liuliu, ka sa tekivu qo me YACO NA REVUREVU NI KA NI CAKAVA. Ni yalomatua sara ni Lomana nomu vanua na Kawa I Taukei.

DO THE MATH said...

You SODELPA supporters must be beside yourselves over the latest Fiji Times-Tebbutt Poll and the proof of that is your growing hysteria. Bainimarama 49 per cent, Ro Teimumu Kepa 20 per cent, Draunidalo/Prasad 4 per cent,15 per cent undecided. Fiji First and SODELPA will be trying to get the undecideds in the next 10 days but even if SODELPA gets them all, it has lost the election. Do the numbers. Er, sorry, I forget you can't count. Well here's another banana. Moce mada and have a blessed Sunday. Only 10 days to go before you all have a combination of egg and veka over your butt-ugly faces.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning 12:11 am

Unlike you Manning the Churches do not have to try and promote themselves every five minutes.

Quote from the Manning
"" @ anon 935 p.m.
I can tell you are a man of God, not!
I actually don't know what the Churches are doing in Fiji because they've remained incredibly silent!
I hope you will enlighten me and everyone else, now that would be a blessing!
I did say "seems"! ""

Decision Time said...

If the Fiji Times poll is right and the NFP is only on four per cent, they are finished. They need to get five per cent to cross the threshold and get any seats all. The same goes for Labour and the PDP. So there is no doubt that this is a two horse race. Voting for NFP, Labour or PDP is a wasted vote, let alone the big mouth Roshika Deo. It won't count for anything. So the best thing for any voter to do is to make up their minds between FijiFirst and SODELPA. One is for a united future. The other is for a return to a divided past. Choose the future. Vote FijiFirst.

Anonymous said...

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah in Wilāyat Dara’ā: “Message to the Druze and the People of al-Sūwaydā'”

UPDATE 6/2/13 4:14 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic statement:

الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وآله وصحبه اجمعين

أما بعد ،،

We believe that it is from the Sharia politics that we cease our hands and arms from the sects that cease its hands and evil from the mujahidin during their repelling of this criminal Syrian regime (the assaulting enemy) that spread murder and corruption, for example in the Wilayah of Dara’a – may Allah liberate it – there are Christian villages that didn’t harm the mujahidin and they didn’t support the regime so the mujahidin ceased their hands from them and also in Idlib of pride there were villages of some sects who ceased their hands from the mujahidin and they didn’t support the regime so the mujahidin ceased their hands from them and this is the way of the people of jihad in our time in the jihad of repelling the assaulting enemy as it is apparent to who follows their biography and jihad. Since the mujahidin believe that the most important obligation in current time is jihad against this assaulting enemy regime and who supported him from the sects, religions and groups that’s why the mujahidin of Jabhat Al-Nusra in the Wilayah of Dara’a won’t accept that there be in the city of Al-Suwayda a headquarters for the Shabiha and the popular committees and a point of support and starting for the regime’s forces in their war against the Muslims then its people ask the mujahidin to cease their hands from them, so if the people of Al-Suwayda or other cities and villages want the mujahidin to cease their arms from them let the people of these cities and villages cease their support for this regime.

Thus we say to the Druze and others anyone who will aid this criminal regime and offer it assistance in its war against the mujahidin should bear the consequences of this action that he committed and let him wait for the response of the mujahidin and their revenge since it is not just and fair that the blood and money of the Muslims are violated and lose security in their land and those criminal traitors the supporters of the tyrant regime feel safe on their blood, money and land, Allah Almighty says: (If ye punish, then punish with the like of that wherewith ye were afflicted) 126 Surah An-Nahl.

Imam Muslim narrated that Imran ibn Husayn may Allah be pleased with him said: “Thaqif took two persons from amongst the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as prisoners. The Companions of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) took one person at Banu Uqail as prisoner, and captured al-‘Adbi (the she-camel of the Holy Prophet) along with him. Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) came to him and he was tied with ropes. He said: Muhammad. He came near him and said: What is the matter with you? Thereupon he (the prisoner) said: Why have you taken me as prisoner and why have you caught hold of one proceeding the pilgrims (the she-camel as she carried the Holy Prophet on her back and walked ahead of the multitude)? He (the Holy Prophet) said: (Yours is a great fault). I (my men) have caught hold of you for the crime of your allies, Banu Thaqif”.

The Military Council in Jabhat Al-Nusra – Wilayah of Dara’a

Anonymous said...

@ Decison Time

Truth be told I really do not care about the elections at this point. 45 of my fellow countrymen are at risk and my energies are spent praying for their safe return unlike the FF members who chose to garner votes.So please take your polls and your Fiji First party and tell them to someone that cares.

Anonymous said...

Aw..so you're the only one pray for the release of the hostages. Even the Muslims and Hindus are doing that. Self righteous idiot.

Coups must stop. said...

latest from reliable sources all lover the country Fiji First will lose. People do not want to vote for a party of criminals that hijacked the people of this country through a coup culture. people now know that voting for VB is actually voting for more coups in the future. Coups must stop so people will vote for parties that have nothing to do with the coups. That's right vote for Sodelpa, NFP, PDP or Labour but not Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

The Fijian Foreign Minister, Inoke Kubuabola, has said that soldiers of the additional Fijian peacekeeping force to be stationed on the Golan Heights (one of the strategically sensitive locations in the Arab-Israeli conflict) in late July will be issued Russian-made individual combat gear. The minister has not specified whether the equipment will be bought under a contract or supplied by Russia on some other terms. He did say, however, that "previously [Fiji] had to procure such equipment under lease arrangements, which was very expensive."


Global military expenditures fallen – report

Russia: Raising Arms Sales In Africa

Is Russia’s military spending a threat to peace?

Russia gauges impact of IDEX 2013 exhibition

Fiji intends to send an additional 380 soldiers to the Golan Heights, to bring its total peacekeeping force there to 562. The additional Fijian troops will partially compensate for the departure of Austrian peacekeepers.

A source in the Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that "preliminary negotiations on this issue were held in Moscow at the level of experts, but no final decision has been reached". The Fijian prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, says, however, that an agreement was in fact finalized during his visit to the Russian capital on 29 June.

"The Fijians will probably be offered the new Ratnik individual combat kits, which are currently undergoing field trials and will soon enter service with the Russian armed forces," says Dmitry Litovkin, a Russian military expert. "These kits can be supplied to peacekeepers before they formally enter service with the Russian army because exports require less bureaucratic paperwork."

The standard individual kit issued to peacekeepers in accordance with international regulations includes a special uniform, a protective helmet, a gas mask, and a special load-bearing vest which distributes the weight of the equipment carried by the peacekeeper across their whole body. Mandatory equipment also includes communication gear, surveillance instruments, and small arms.

"To comply with the UN requirements, peacekeepers are armed only with small arms, i.e. assault rifles and machine-guns," Litovkin says. "It is possible that the Fijians will also receive some of the latest Russian weaponry, including the export version of the new Pecheneg machine-gun, as well as the export version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which uses NATO-standard ammo."

The expert believes that equipping the peacekeepers serving on the Golan Heights with Russian combat gear and weaponry would make sense because that weaponry is known for its high quality. In addition, using Russian hardware can help to achieve savings on ammo because the warring factions in this conflict zone often use Soviet-standard weapons and ammunition.

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad time in Fijian history. Fijian soldiers will lose their lives due to exceptionally poor leadership by the illegal government and military.

This regime has done some very bad things but to campaign whilst these soldiers are being held hostage is incredulous.

The world will soon witness some or all of these soldiers paying the ultimate price. Their lives.

Mean while Frank and Khaiyum continue to try and buy votes whilst the foolish leader of the RFMF makes public comments that only inflame the situation.

This is one of the greatest tragedies in Fijian History. This will be remembered as blood on the hands of Frank Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

The leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, Abu Mohammad al-Jolani, has made a eulogy to the Chechen fighter Sayfullakh Shishani, killed during the storming of the Aleppo Central Prison.

Sayfullakh and his faction, formerly known as Jundu Sham, swore allegiance to Jabhat al-Nusra in late 2013. Sayfullakh was formerly the second in command of ISIS military leader Umar Shishani.

See Also:
•Chechen Leader Kadyrov Praises Death of “Wahhabi Satan Bandit Gangster” Sayfullakh Shishani
•A Chechen Fighter’s Eulogy To Sayfullakh Shishani
•Chechen Jihadi Sayfullakh Slams “Fitna” Between ISIS & Insurgents

The knight-hero has left the battle, having carried out the glorious path of jihad from the Caucasus, and ending it in the land of Sham, where he met the heroes of the Caucasus who fulfilled their vow, concluded with Allah, in this blessed land.

History will record with pride today, adding to the great glories of the Caucasus, however, it is written with the blood of the young sons of Chechnya spilled on the earth of the suffering land of Sham.

Sayfullakh fought with all his strength for the liberation of Muslim men and women from the prison of the tyrant, Sayfullakh performed with perseverance and diligence his intention by demonstrating it in practice; either liberate the Muslims, or martyrdom and Paradise, and we ask Allah to grant him both these things.

Truly, the only condition he gave me before making his oath of allegiance was the assault and liberation of the prison., and he did not want to change this condition for anything.

There were rumors about him that he was characterized by excesses in religion, and I bear witness to Allah that I saw in him only firmness against those who showed excessiveness in religion.

And I really wished, O Sayfullakh, that you would lead the troops who removed the sieges on the people of the Ghouta, and then we would together liberate Damascus, and when I told you that I saw pleasure in your eyes.

And now, after your death, it is as if I hear you say: Do not stop the Chechen mothers from giving birth for the sake of the Ummah to Muslim leaders who will lead them along the best path.

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Putin was today directly and personally threatened by the Islamic State because of his close ties to Syrian leader Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

The chilling warning, delivered by a member of the terror group, puts the Kremlim leader on the same side as the West in holding back Muslim extremism.

But at the same time, he remains at loggerheads with the U.S. and Europe in the worst crisis since the Cold War.

In a video on Al-Arabiya TV channel, an ISIS rebel sits in the cockpit of a captured Russian-made fighter aircraft in the Tabak area of the Syrian province of Rakka.

A second fighter warns: 'This message is addressed to you, oh Vladimir Putin. These are your aircraft which you sent to Bashar, and with the help of Allah we will send them back to you.

'Remember this. And with the permission of Allah we will liberate Chechnya and all the Caucasus.

"The Islamic State exists and it will exist and it will expand with the help of Allah. Your throne is already shaking. It is in danger and it will collapse when we get to you. We are on the way with Allah's permission.'

The warning puts the Kremlim leader on the same side as the West in holding back Muslim extremism

The warning puts the Kremlim leader on the same side as the West in holding back Muslim extremism

The threatening footage comes with Russian subtitles, but the voice of a Russian speaker can be heard too.

In the sequence, in which the Islamic warriors clamber over the Sukhoi fighter, they also threaten the Syrian dictator, branding him a 'pig' and vowing to 'use these aircraft to get to you'.

The message of hate to Putin follows his strong support for Assad, without which he is likely to have been toppled.

Putin is also loathed by Islamic extremists and terror groups for crushing attempts to set up an Islamic state in Chechnya, and in other mainly Muslim regions of southern Russia such as Dagestan.

The Russian leader has long argued that the West has missed the danger of such extremist groups while criticising him for human rights abuses in his clampdown.

The video was released amid a warning to Putin that far from NATO being his biggest threat - as Russian propaganda is daily arguing - the real danger to him is from Muslim extremism on his southern flank.

This was highlighted today in The Moscow Times newspaper by Judy Dempsey, senior associate and editor-in-chief of Strategic Europe at Carnegie Europe.

'Outgoing NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has repeatedly spoken about an "arc of instability" around Europe,' she wrote.

'He has repeatedly warned Russia that it would suffer the consequences after Putin's decision in March to invade and then annex Crimea, Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine and Putin's call for immediate talks on "statehood" of southern and eastern Ukraine, or Novorossiya.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2741979/This-message-addressed-oh-Putin-ISIS-threaten-Russia-ties-Syrias-Assad-promise-liberate-Chechnya-Caucasus.html#ixzz3CZqDdtUA
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Anonymous said...

24 September 2013, New York: Fijian Prime Minister Josaia V. Bainimarama met today with His Excellency Hassan Rouhani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran currently holds the Presidency of the Non Aligned Movement with its 120 Member States, while Fiji holds the Chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China with its 132 Member States.

President Rouhani and Prime Minister Bainimarama discussed the challenges and opportunities of presiding over such a large group of countries, and how the two groups can fully play their part in current global peace, security, social and economic situations.

President Rouhani stressed that solutions are needed for the instability being experienced in the Middle East, including in Syria, and expressed his hope that groups like the Non Aligned Movement would be able to bring to bear some influence on lasting peaceful solutions, while recognising the large and diverse nature of such Groups.

President Rouhani wished Prime Minister Bainimarama the best for his tenure as Chair of the G77, and assured him of Iran's support in this regard.

Prime Minister Bainimarama explained that Fiji's commitment to assisting peace and security in the Middle East came from its long participation in UN Peacekeeping Missions, most recently through deploying over 500 personnel to the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in the Golan Heights.

He said this followed on from Fiji's past participation in UNIFIL in Lebanon, and current participation in UNAMI in Iraq and the MFO in the Sinai.

President Rouhani assured Iran's support to Fiji's peacekeepers as part of these UN Missions, and expressed the hope that in each of the countries where Fiji serves in the Middle East, lasting peaceful solutions can be obtained, as it has been many years since these places have had to rely on UN peacekeeping for stability.

Finally, Prime Minister Bainimarama and President Rouhani discussed bilateral ties between Iran and Fiji, which were formalised on 30 August 2012 in Tehran.

Both expressed their desire to promote and enhance bilateral ties, including in the areas of tourism and the sugar industry. They tasked their respective Ministers of Foreign Affairs to follow up on bilateral ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Al Nusra declares responsibility for Choueifat bombing

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 12:55 AM

Al nusra front lebanonAn Islamist terrorist group suspected of links to al-Qaida declared Monday responsibility for the Choueifat suicide bombing in in which no one was killed except the suicide bomber and 2 were injured including the driver of the van.

Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon which is suspected of ties to the Syrian based Jabhat al Nusra, an Al Qaeda linked terrorist group claimed around midnight Monday responsibility for the bombing and said the attack targeted a Hezbollah checkpoint.

Al Nusra claimed that ” contrary to what was declared By Hezbollah’s al Manar station 30 passengers of the van were killed in addition to 10 Hezbollah members that were at the nearby checkpoint.” The group added ” al Manar was trying to deceive the Shiite public opinion by declaring that no one was killed”.

“The situation in Lebanon has become connected with the situation in Syria, and the explosions will not end in Lebanon before the war in Syria ends,” Charbel said.

The terror group declared last week that all the areas in Lebanon where the Iranian backed Shiite Hezbollah militant group operates are “legitimate targets” for attack and warned the Sunnis to avoid them.

“We, al-Nusra Front in Lebanon, announce that Iran’s party (Hezbollah) and all its bases and strongholds are legitimate targets for us, wherever they are,” the group said in a statement which was posted on the Internet on January 24, 2014.


If the Fiji Times poll is right and the NFP is only on four per cent, they are finished. They need to get five per cent to cross the threshold and get any seats all. The same goes for Labour and the PDP. So there is no doubt that this is a two horse race. Voting for NFP, Labour or PDP is a wasted vote, let alone the big mouth Roshika Deo. It won't count for anything. So the best thing for any voter to do is to make up their minds between FijiFirst and SODELPA. One is for a united future. The other is for a return to a divided past. Choose the future. Vote FijiFirst....

Anonymous said...

Iran is allied with the Syrian government. Al Nusra is locked in a bitter fight with that government. Al Nusra is holding our troops hostage and might very well decide to cut off their heads, depending on how charitable they happen to be feeling. And Bainimarama had to pick THIS VERY MOMENT to have bilateral talks with the Iranian president? Are you kidding me!? Really?!!!

nayacakalou said...

We only have to live in New Zealand and Australia to understand how government works.The problem we have in Fiji can not be solved for ever.We have been exposed to the warzone since 1974 and most of you guys commenting on this site were never born.Being exposed to the battle field,we bring out the idea of those countries,if we have guns we can take over any elected government.When people born 10years before and 10 year after the coup,you are all Coup products,so if you were born in 1977-2024,you are one that defend Bainimara.That is why you guys do not have respect for others but yourself.When government are elected,they create job's,export and try and get employment and education.When someone make a coup,the only thing in his mind is to protect him,so he will try to get more on his side,so to be safe.The very sad thing now is to see school's all over Fiji being trained as Army cadets,just imagin the whole of our children now are focusing on joining and have been brainwashed.Take a look at our neighbour New Zealand,we focus on education and creating job's.We are so damaged and we can not see this in our own eyes,especialy the I Taukei.For us to remember very carefuly that Muslim countries have been fighting before Christ,who are we to try and stop Muslims against Muslim's?They probably realise its not there battle why they surrender.We have the land,leave the army and go and farm the land,as farmers are the backbone of any contry.There is a close contry just next to you called New Zealand,be a good boy'come and learn.We have a very bad attitude that we think we are bigger than the world.As to remind you guys that New Zealand and Australia learn from each other and Fiji should just learn from them as Ratu Sir Kamisese did.Au nanuma sara na nona vosa o Rev Mosese Naivolasiga...There is plenty sea in the fish.

Anonymous said...

Obama calls on allies to defeat Islamic State
September 6, 2014, 6:20 am

Newport (United Kingdom) (AFP) - US President Barack Obama on Friday outlined plans for a broad international coalition to defeat Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria, but European allies gave a cautious reaction.


mukesh said...

Coward people are posting comments under anonymous and posting offensive language which is understandable why Fijians are suffering in Fiji. These bastards could only say behind their wives and daughters. Whoever had posted offensive comments to me, I challenge him/her to come front and vote FLP to clean the SIN.

Once again I reiterate
VOTE FIJI LABOUR PARTY as they are saviour.

Anonymous said...

DON'T WASTE YOUR VOTE, you've convinced me. It's now a two horse race. I certainly don't want to throw my vote away. I want to make it count.

Whether or not any Fiji Sun poll can be believed, it's definitely now between SODELPA and Fiji First.

And so I'm definitely voting SODELPA. Your sloganeering about a divided past, united future is just a bunch of hooey. Bainimarama hasn't brougt unity to Fiji except in opposition to him. That's because the guy's a bum and a traitor, and so is anyone who supports him.

Anonymous said...

Thu 24 Jul 2014

SUVA, Fiji --- A delegation from Russia is in the country led by the head of Russian Military Colonel Sergei Yurshenko.

FijiLive understands the delegation had meetings with Fiji’s Ambassador to Japan Isikeli Mataitoga, Military Forces Commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga, the country's Ambassador at Large Ioane Naivalurua and Minister for Youth and Sports Commander Viliame Naupoto.

When contacted, Bri-Gen Tikoitoga said it was a closed meeting and referred all queries to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:54, that's no way to address the PM when he posts a comment on C4.5!

Anonymous said...

Russian military equipment -- when you don't care to send the very best!

Anonymous said...

Reuters) - In recent weeks Russia has stepped up supplies of military gear to Syria, including armored vehicles, drones and guided bombs, boosting President Bashar al-Assad just as rebel infighting has weakened the insurgency against him, sources with knowledge of the deliveries say.

Moscow, which is trying to raise its diplomatic and economic influence in the Middle East, has been a major provider of conventional weapons to Syria, giving Assad crucial support during the three-year civil war and blocking wider Western attempts to punish him with sanctions for the use of force against civilians.

The new Russian supplies come at a critically fluid stage of the conflict, with peace talks scheduled for next week in Switzerland, the factious opposition losing ground, and Western support for the rebellion growing increasingly wary of the role played by foreign militants. Syria has even said some countries formally opposed to Assad have begun discussing security cooperation with his government.

Several sources told Reuters that Assad's forces had since December received deliveries of weaponry and other military supplies, including unmanned spy drones known as UAVs, which have been arranged by Russia either directly or via proxies.

"Dozens of Antonov 124s (Russian transport planes) have been bringing in armored vehicles, surveillance equipment, radars, electronic warfare systems, spare parts for helicopters, and various weapons including guided bombs for planes," a Middle East security source said.

"Russian advisers and intelligence experts have been running observation UAVs around the clock to help Syrian forces track rebel positions, analyze their capabilities, and carry out precision artillery and air force strikes against them," said the source, who declined to be identified.

Vyacheslav Davidenko, spokesman for Russia's arms export monopoly Rosoboronexport, said they could not comment on arms deliveries to Syria.

The Heckler said...

Wow, Coup 4.5 sure is building its readership!

Not only do you get contributions from Semi Meo, Mark Manning and, of course, an anonymous Graham Davis, but you also get postings from Bainimarama and the leader of Jabhat al-Nusra!

You might need to launch an Arabic language version.

Anonymous said...

Talks to free captured Fiji soldiers collapse
Scoop New Zealand

Last updated 13:41 06/09/2014

Negotiations to free 45 Fijian soldiers captured by an Al Qaeda group in Syria collapsed today.

Fiji military head General Mosese Tikoitoga says the Syrian rebel group Al Nusra Front, who seized the Fijians nine days ago, had stopped talking with United Nation's negotiators.

Separate reports say Al Nusra are now planning to put the soldiers on trial under sharia or "divine law".

The worsening crisis is dominating Fiji's democracy restoring elections although coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama has not stopped campaigning ahead of September 17 polls.

In a statement this morning Tikoitoga said he was very concerned.

"At this stage we still cannot locate the 45 soldiers that are being held by the Al Nusra Group. Again, negotiators are working hard, trying to re-establish communications with Al Nusra who at the moment have not made any contact with our negotiation team," Tikoitoga said.

"So they are trying their best to re-establish negotiations with them; but again we've been assured by the negotiators that this is normal under the circumstances."

Al Nusra have made a series of disconnected demands which include freeing a jailed Al Qaeda leader, compensation for rebels killed in action and removal of Al Nusra from a UN terrorist listing.

Tikoitoga said Al Nusra would probably come back to negotiations but does not know when.

But Rami Abdul Rahman, head of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the commander of Al-Nusra Front has declared that the 45 peacekeepers will be tried under "divine law."

The Fijians are part of the UN Disengagement Observer Force established in 1974 to maintain the ceasefire between Syria and Israel forces in the Golan, and oversee the implementation of a disengagement agreement.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:28, Churchill Ward is only a FORMER professor because he was fired for research misconduct. The guy is a wacko who seeks celebrity by making outlandish, provocative statements. In that sense he's quite a bit like the British MP George Galloway or any one of Fiji's last three Landforce Commanders.

Anonymous said...

Al Nusra and IS joint operation on Lebanese outpost leads to beheading of captured Lebanese soldiers

6 September 2014 Last updated at 22:29 Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

ShareFacebookTwitter.IS 'beheads second Lebanese soldier'Lebanese army's armoured personal carriers (APC) enter the town of Arsal. Photo: August 2014 The Lebanese army has recently sent reinforcements to Arsal
Continue reading the main story
Related Stories
How the Syria conflict has spread
IS conspiracy theory grips Lebanon
Syrian rebels 'leave Lebanese town'

A second Lebanese soldier taken hostage by Islamic State (IS) militants has been beheaded, reports say.

Photos of the killing of the soldier - named as Abbas Medlej - were posted on social media networks.

The Lebanese military said it was investigating the reports.

Abbas Medlej was among a number of Lebanese soldiers seized by IS in August, after the militants launched an incursion into the Lebanese town of Arsal, near the Syrian border.

Some of the hostages are reportedly being held by IS and others by by the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.

IS earlier threatened to kill a soldier every three days if the Lebanese government did not agree to release the group's members detained in Lebanese jails.

Abbas Medlej's mother, Zienab Noun, said the pictures showing the beheading appeared to be real.

"My son was sacrificed," she was quoting as saying by the Associated Press news agency.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA stands for what the UN Declarations of the Indigenous Peoples.

SODELPA will safe guard tghe interests of the indigenous people of this country.

Fiji First Party is only trying to safeguard Bainimaram,a and Khaihum's interests because they know ONLY winning this election by hook or crook will save them from jail.

Too bad guys 90% of the I Taukei will vote for SODELPA.

All Civil servants-50% Spdelpa and 50% NFP/FLP and PDP

Election Result below:

SODELPA-40 sits
NFP-5 sits
Fiji First-3 sits
PDP-2 sit

Members of Parliament

PM-Ro Teimumu
MInister-Finance-Professor Biman Prasad
AG-Semesa Karavaki

The rest will be negotiated amongst the coalition.

The leader of the opposition will be Khaihum.

Voreqe will exist from power and retire in Kiuva or Kadavu with Mary.

The proceeding towards treason will begin after 2 years supervised by the UN.

All Muslims will be migrated back to Pakistan and Iran.

Anonymous said...

High tea : not a bad take , on Islam .. Some of your stuff is accurate , although , it's not Islam or Christianity ....too much of anything is bad right ? Yup , religious extremism leads to gross misinterpretation of doctrines = war . All wars history had something to do with some religious bigots . Aiyaz , I'm not sure whether he can and should be charged for treason .. .. But like 99 per cent of politicians in Fiji .. I suspect he may also be corrupt .

By the way night tea ... Any chance you are a sexy babe ? , I'm in suva in December ... Flying from New York ... Let me know ... We could exchange emails and oh yeah ... Just in case I'm 34 .

Anonymous said...

Talks to Free Fijian Peacekeepers Collapse

The Jerusalem Post
Last updated 15:11 06/09/2014

Delicate trilateral negotiations between the United Nations and Fiji and Syrian rebel leaders of the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front collapsed today without any apparent progress in freeing up to 45 hostages from Fiji's UN peacekeeping force. They were captured nine days ago, when the rebels stormed a Golan Heights crossing guarded by the Fijians.

Reports indicate that the Nusra Front intends to try its captives under sharia, or Islamic religious law, in what some fear could be a prelude to their decapitation.

UN officials have spent the past several days combing the rocky frontier between Syria and the Golan Heights, in what so far has been a vain attempt to establish the whereabouts of the peacekeepers.

In a statement this morning, Fiji military head Brig. Gen. Mosese Tikoitoga announced that the Nusra Front had broken off all contacts with the UN, making it impossible for the Fijian government to establish talks with the rebels.

The Nusra Front has made a series of escalating demands that include freeing a jailed Al Qaeda leader, compensation for rebels killed in action, removal of the Nusra Front from a UN terrorist listing, humanitarian assistance for rebel-held areas, and the immediate resignation of Fiji's Prime Minister Josaia V. Bainimarama. A military strongman who seized power from Fiji's elected government in 2006, Bainimarama is campaigning hard in Fiji's first elections since he took power, scheduled for 17 September. The Nusra Front demands Bainimarama's resignation before the election, chillingly threatening that its Fijian hostages "could lose their heads"otherwise.

On Wednesday, the UN Security Council 15 unanimously approved a declaration condemning the detention of the Fijians "in the strongest terms" and demanding their immediate release. The Council appealed to countries whose governments are thought to have some influence with the Nusra Front, including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Professor Jerome Maloch, distinguished visiting fellow at Cambridge University's Centre for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, said that the rebels' 17 September ultimatum and their apparent unwillingness to establish contact with the UN did not bode well for the Fijians. "In the absence of political movement by Fiji, it suggests that the Nusra Front doesn't want to be deterred by anyone from carrying out what might well be the ultimate sanction under sharia law."

The Fijians are part of the UN Disengagement Observer Force established in 1974 to maintain the ceasefire between Syria and Israel in the Golan Heights and oversee the implementation of a disengagement agreement.

After abducting the Fijian peacekeepers, Nusra Front rebels then attempted to seize a group of 72 Philippine peacekeepers, but the Filipinos held their ground, resulting in a stand-off, a brief shoot-out, and the Filipinos' eventual retreat to safety in Israel.

Please LIKE our Facebook page - it makes us stronger.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1217 : dear loser :

Qarase will be arrested upon his return .. No place for racists roosters in our society .

As for sending Muslims back to Pakistan .. They never came from there ... So a history lesson should be accorded to your uneducated self .

- lastly ; Sodelpa winning those seats .... Sure thing ... In a mock election ... Or as they say " in ya dreams "

By the way : happy Father's Day grandpa

mark manning said...

Not content with thrusting and dragging the innocent Paradise in the Pacific into the modern Middle Eastern type conflict and war in the 1st. place, Rabuka now that his Nephew has been taken prisoner by those same Middle Eastern Militants he once chose to copy, turns the tables and threatens them with their own form of retribution if anything should happen to his Nephew it seems.
Well isn't that ironic and the height of hypocrisy?
The most disturbing part of this is, Rabuka, not for one second, sees the irony of his words!
He brought coups to Fiji, he started it all and he continues to sprout his form of Justice, but if he'd simply done his Duty as a Soldier in 1987 and not taken on the mantle of Saviour of Fiji, none of this would have happened, 2000 and 2006 would not have happened and the 45 Soldiers, including his Nephew, would be safe and sound and probably not even in the Middle East, the very place Rabuka learnt his trade of deceit and subterfuge.
Don't get me wrong, I like Rabuka and I wish all those men a safe and speedy return, but if Fiji is to heal, someone sometime somewhere has to take responsibility and recognise where and with whom, how and why the problem all began and Sitiveni just doesn't seem to want to accept the blame nor shoulder any responsibility for his part.
His Nephew is a hostage as a direct result, though it has taken 27 years, of his coup d'etat of 1987!
Of that, I have no doubt and that is why I say, live by the sword, die by the sword and tragically, that expression may be more real, have more meaning, and have more serious consequences than we wish for some or all of those held hostage. Not a pleasant thought for them and their loved ones. The challenge is for all the Religious Denominations to come together and begin praying in earnest for their safe return and for an end to this blind madness that has become, "The Paradise in the Pacific".
Sitiveni Rabuka now knows the feelings and emotions of the Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, sisters, Uncles and aunties of all those who have been murdered, tortured and ill treated since his 1st. coup of 1987, yet he still believes retribution against innocent bystanders back in Fiji, should pay for what has happened to his Nephew or for what may happen in the future and that's the tragedy of it all!
Rabuka must fall on his sword and take ownership and move in the opposite spirit if Fiji is to begin to heal.
God has a plan, he has allowed everyone to take sides and he is running the show all over the World.
Make no mistake, Rabuka's Nephew is captive for one reason, question is, can Fijians see that?

Only two Soldiers have taken responsibility and admitted they made a mistake, Driti and Mara!
And only a handful chose to leave the RFMF rather than involve themselves in an act of Treason and I'm sure that Frank will be watching them all very closely now, afraid that they might join forces and rest back control of the Barracks and its Soldiers, for Fiji's sake. Now there's an idea and something fruitful Rabuka could partake of, at the same time, they could all redeem themselves before their God! Let's get this party started!

mark manning said...

FEAR is the instrument of the frightened and disaffected and man should never fear another, but only God himself.
In the scheme of things, in his infinite wisdom, in this one action of hostage taking, God has all Fijians questioning their alliances.
Do they align themselves with the Devil, Frank's lawless Regime or with God and Democracy under the Rule of Law?
People filled with vile hatred and evil with squirm reading this and God fearing people will mellow and be contrite.

KUA NI RERE said...

Yes Happy Fathers day everyone.
To those whose fathers have been captured, we are sorry for you.

We are also sorry for those whose lives are captured here in Fiji and tormented by Bainimarama.
To those who lost their children at the hands of Fijian soldiers, we share in your grief.

Aiyaz Kaiyum continues to try and capture the indigenous Fijians and drive them off their land.

Last week someone wrote that he has changed the Fiji Birth Certificate to become more Islamic.
You soldiers need to wake up to what this bastard is doing.
Stop being grog-doped like your brothers that got captured in Golan.



Sow WRONG and you will reap WRONG (like the Golan soldiers)
Its time to SOW RIGHT so that we can REAP RIGHT.
Its never too late TO DO THE RIGHT THING!

Anonymous said...

It must be Sunday Manning is now trying to align democracy and God.

Is there no limit to his stupidity?

mark manning said...

God in His infinite wisdom has thrown a spanner in the works and made you all rethink your allegiances by taking 45 Fijian soldiers hostage.
This one action has polarised and galvanised the Fijian Community, in one instant.
The various Religious groups have had to put their differences aside and have been challenged to turn toward or away from God and given that some flirted with the idea of supporting Frank Bainimarama's illegal Regime in the past, this was a smart move. So now Fijians who once supported the Regime, now find themselves questioning their own choices, those Fijians who sat on the fence, not knowing which way to jump, which camp to fall in to, have no doubt now realised the futility of supporting a Regime run by a Moslem Indian, a man who at the time of Frank's coup, was a Resident of Australia and trying to get Citizenship, a man with no Loyalty to Fiji or Fijians and a man who was prepared to drop his trousers and marry an Indigenous Fijian woman to mask his real intentions.
While many Fijians couldn't see through his subterfuge, the Brides Father knew all too well what aiyaz' intentions were, to deceive the unwitting Fijian.
Time to remove Frank and Aiyaz to end the madness that has engulfed what once was known as Paradise in the Pacific.
That is your test, do that and the Soldiers will be released unharmed.

mark manning said...

I think Democracy is much more aligned with God than Dictatorship is! It's not rocket science.
Good to see you out and about on Sunday, you must be a Moslem or frightened Regime supporter or disaffected Indian realising that the spoils of war are now slipping through your fingers. Question is, have you left a paper trail leading straight to your own front door and will you be spending your remaining days in jail with Frank and Co. or are you one of the Co?
Forget about Fathers Day, what about the Mothers and Fathers, the Wives and Children of those taken hostage.
All in the name of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Yes @ MM.

For eight years FB and Khaiyum were continuously warned about the injustice they had perpetrated. It was an ungodly act to discard the choice of the people and try to replace this choice by their own selfish whims. They can unjustly and unfairly have all the money, properties and power they can lay their hands on, but God has said, "Vengeance is mine and I will repay." God is now repaying and there will be no end to their installments in reimbursement until every farthing is recovered.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a democracy ... The air we breathe .. To the land god gave ... It belongs to the people .. Soon the kaviti will tell us to pay " air tax " ...

Fiji belongs to all . For the first time in fiji we at the Coral coast have got an income from resources that was stolen . No govt has ever done that . Well done fiji first
Election Day is when we cast our fiji first votes .

Sebastian Sanday . Coral coast

Anonymous said...

Last month a mate of mine was in Suva taking his uncle to a well known doctor there ... He was sitting down when he noticed that a Fijian man was waiting as well and extended his hand to shake his hand ;; my buddy refused and told him.. You are a racist !!! They guy said " leave fiji ... This not your land ... The guy was George Speight .. Yup .. True story ... So George is not a born again Christian .. But is trying to gain sympathy .. He is being treated very well in prison ... I hope to god ... That he will never be released .. And is joined by qarase ... Racist pigs need to stay together ... There is no place for racism in a paradise ...

Joseph ram

Anonymous said...

victor Lal : here's the deal with Victor Lal :

1. What is he trying to achieve ?
2. Why has he taken a personal battle against Aiyaz n khiayum ?

3. He was not given a massive tender ...?, victor you need to come clean .

4. Why is he writing only about other businesses ? Can he write about his ultra corrupt brother , Richard ? And all their massive corrupt bus deals ?

Mukesh said...


Long live FLP

Don't waste your vote buy voting FFP, as Bainimarama and Khaiyum will introduce more laws from overseas that will put hardship to small business, such as market vendors, small mechanical workshops, and people doing business from home, also not forgetting residential landlords who have rental properties.
If you vote Bainimarama than you guys are digging your own graves

Once again VOTE Fiji Labour Party m as they will help small business people and get rid of unnecessary burdens these illegal government has brought.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Naomi said...

Fiji loan back with Hotchin
The hotel development saga with property at Pacific Pt, near Suva
that ended belly up continues

Read more:

mukesh said...

Thanks for your comments you coward bastard.
Give your mother, sisters, wife, and daughters to Melina Bainimarama and Kulina Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

When an indigenous person fights for his land, culture and ways of life he will be labelled as RACIST.

This will only further encourage taukei extremist/nationalists.

Look guys for too long you guys have the courage to do this under this regime.

To be fair we have not even poked our noses on how you should live your life or interfere with your religion, customs and traditions.
So, how dare to tell us how to live our lives.

we all know this is part of the Khahum's big plan to dilute our unique culture, etc and etc.

I am sorry our network is much stronger and more complicated then the FMF intelligent cell as they are bunch of no schools.

We can actually consume them and Khaihum's muslim's network.

SODELPA will surely win this election.

Yavani Pusi......... said...

Mukesh, i am Fijian itaukei and i agree that Chaudary is a great leader but i am not convinced now with the party since he is not running in this election. I read a piece of paper delivered to my home by FLP and i really agree with what was in it.

But for now, i wish that Mick Beddoes and Karavaki be on a panel with PM and Khaiyum. Bai nad Khaiyun will then learn that they are two fools.

Honestly, while i enjoy the developments that are taking place, i am fearful of the means that it came through. The fact that all that is happening is discriminating the indigenous people of Fiji.

And let me tell you this, history can tell that when indigineous people retaliate there is always bloodshed.... I pray that this will not happen after Sept 17....

Mukesh said...

Thanks for your comments Yavani Pusi. Please don't live in illusion land, Fijians will never do blood shed. These are cowards, they have been suppressed all their lives and now under BAINIMARAMA Khaiyum, more degraded.
If only they is saviour alive than MPC, that is the reason he is been put out off to context. Look at Garage, very soon we will get news that he got asylum in USA.
If there is anyone who can bring Fiji out of slavery is MPC

KUA NI RERE said...

Commander explains law regarding soldiers

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Sunday, September 07, 2014

MILITARY Commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga said the al- Nusra front had not made any threats and would not try the detained Fijian soldiers under the Sharia law as agreements do not allow it to happen.

The Times of Israel reported the al-Nusra Front said it would try the soldiers according to Sharia law.....


Which farking planet is he living on..




Nai tovo ga o vakarautaka ena vakarautaki tale vei iko.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Mukesh said -- Chaudhary is god ...Fijians are pigs ... He can make you better people ... By being prime minister .

Victor Lal's Spokesman said...

VICTOR LAL is not related to PA Lal Group in anyway - so NO point in labouring your point below:

Anonymous said...

victor Lal : here's the deal with Victor Lal :

1. What is he trying to achieve ?
2. Why has he taken a personal battle against Aiyaz n khiayum ?

3. He was not given a massive tender ...?, victor you need to come clean .

4. Why is he writing only about other businesses ? Can he write about his ultra corrupt brother , Richard ? And all their massive corrupt bus deals ?

September 7, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Arreee buni vakabakalevu bana vakalailai

Anonymous said...

Come on chaps

Victor Lal is NOT related PA Lal group - you are coming Victor Lal from Australia with the other Victor!


Anonymous said...

you are confusing I mean

What a joke! said...

Coup 4.5 is a nest of traitors. And Ro Teimumu Kepa is the biggest lamusona in the history of Fiji. So having challenged the PM to a debate and him having accepted, she has now pulled out of their debate in both i'Taukei and English on FBC What is she afraid of?. What a pathetic coward! The whole of Fiji has witnessed this gross act of cowardice and the election is lost. And undoubtedly because of the rumours that Lenora Qereqeretabua is about to give an interview accusing Ro Teimumu of deceptive behaviour in having an affair with her husband. That's the thing about moral hypocrites like the SODELPA leader. When the going gets tough, the skeletons spill out of the closet. Long live FijiFirst! Long live the Revolution! Down with the chiefs and their anonymous storm troopers! Gutless bastards, all of you. As your High Chief has shown, all talk and no action. Pathetic losers, all of you!

Anonymous said...

The Qereqeratabua interview is being recorded at a secret location on Thursday for transmission on Friday night. No wonder Ro Teimumu has pulled out of all other appearances.She is going to be exposed in a manner that will destroy her political career and her authority in the vanua. It's all over and all because she is immoral and can't control her insatiable desires. If you doubt me ask around. Everyone in Lomanikoro knows the story but keeps it to themselves. But any women with an attractive husband knows to keep a close eye on him or he will be set upon. Shocking and about time the story was told.

Anonymous said...

I've heard these stories too but I never thought it would ever come out. Isa. SODELPA's opponents will stop at nothing but I guess she asked for it. At least Frank doesn't cheat on Mary. Voting for somone who can keep their evil desires under control.

Anonymous said...

WTF. Are you seriou?. Kemudou. Game changer vakadua.

Lay off it! said...

What the Lady does in her spare time shouldn't come into it. We all know she has a soft spot for younger men but so what? Who doesn't? We have to stop all this concentration on her personal failings and look at her ability to lead.

Stating the obvious said...

This is character assassination. Or at least it would be if the SODELPA leader had any character. lol.

Ro Teimumu's dirty secret said...

And I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Honestly. Who gives a shit about the GMBTD's sex life? Why has she called off her TV appearance with Voreqe? I think we deserve a proper answer not all these anonymous rumours.

Anonymous said...

The grim reality is that black people don't make for good bargaining chips. Nobody else in the world gives 2 hoots about our boys held hostage, only Fiji. If Al-Nusra had captured Americans or British citizens, the Navy SEAL's and the SAS would have been on the ground within 24 hours to formulate a plan of action. We send a three men team in two different directions to "put pressure on the negotiators". Yeah, right, like that would make a difference. Al-Nusra has probably realized nobody cares about our people except the Fijian govt; and we don't have the ability to cater to their demands. Don't believe all that hype from Mr. Moonie, it's a "make-them-feel-good" propaganda. The UN is just as clueless as anybody else regarding the situation of our men.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Ram@2:34pm...listen up macafaka,So your interperation
of a Racist only falls on everyone else except the
When Ghandhi, Nehru and other Indian Nationalists fought a
war to kicked out anyone of Europen Heritage,especially
if they were British(even
though most were Indian Born)
and other European people out
of India, that
to your frieken stupid mind,
was not racist?
You,d hail that as the nationalist war against
the racist Europeans in order
to free India for the Indians?
That to you was ok, as long as Indians were not in anyway involves or effected by other
in the kicking of their ass
out of other country,than all
is ok?
The minute
you start kicking Indians ass, you,re immediately branded by
Indians as the raciests-look whose calling the kettle black?
Why are you trying to make Qarase
and King George Speight sound like 2 murderers?
Would you accussed Ghandhi,
Nehru and all other Indian nationalists the same for
kicking out -Indian Born White Europeans -from Indian land?
Would you also call all these macafakas,Ghandhi,Nehru & company, a bunch of raciests
as well?
As a Fijian Nationalist, I
am proud that there are people
like Qarase,Butadroka,King
who are still around to continuously remind us-the Fijians-who the real macafakas are-and you included!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1030
Bro you must be a faggot . You cannot possibly compare Gandhi to ghauri qarase n queen George .. Gandhi never kicked anyone out ... British were Slave masters .. There were the masters of slavery .. India simply got independence ...

Pardon me but is that a red herring up your arse? said...

I think this is called changing the subject. Anything to divert attention away from the SODELPA warrior bitch and husband snatcher.

Anonymous said...

Sa dina .. Ro kepa... Is now named " raw cocker " I heard she can take it all night ...if only she could lead the country all day ... Lol ... Sa Rota

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Commander Mosese Tikoitoga is
really not serious in sending
an Idiot-Ioane Naivalurua to
the UN to do fakall? There is nothing new that he can say that the
UN expert doesn't already know and
are doing as we speak? Don't know
much about Col.Jone Kalouniwai
don't know if he's an educated
dude or another Bainimarama tool?
But sending Ioane Naivalurua is
probably a smart move to get rid
of personal threats during the
election? I'm sure Mosese strategic moves may pay dividend
to all democratic loving people?
Mosese is making the moves which
should worry both asseoles Bhai&
khai cause he's da man!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

anon@10:36pm...look macafaka,let
me give it to you gently, so you
can understand me.
your hero- Ghandi was a first class raciest and this has been
said by many Indian writers back
home in India.look it up or google
it for your own record?
Ok you said that British were slave masters-fair enough-so why
don't you leave Fiji and go back
home to India after the British
left in 1970 and gave us(The Fijians) back our independence?
You said that India simply became
Seems to me that you
simply don't know how that independent came about?
Did you know that there were hundred of thousands of
human lives on both sides, killed during that war of independence?
So before you get slaughtered
after the next week election(if
Bhai&Khai wins)why don,t you
macafakas smartly exit and
go home to madras or culcatta?

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