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Friday, September 12, 2014

Captured soldiers freed

Force Commander Singha Harman welcomes back the 45 detained Fijian peacekeepers of UN Disengagement Observer Force


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Anonymous said...

wHuhaaa. Happy ending. Now let us crush terrorist

KUA NI RERE said...

I wonder if the Fijian soldiers still support Bainimarama and his Nameless God.

Fijian soldiers should stop being so stupid and learn from this mistake.




Unknown said...

Thanks for the weapons boys, hahaha. Til we meet again - says Al Nusra

UN said...

Their TRAUMA IS CLEARLY VISIBLE on their faces.

Can see their tails between their legs. Traumatised as expected is visible. Must have been hell in there. Day and night prayer they've never done in their entire life.

The look on top says it all. He wants to smash that Commander Singha.

The message is clear. Do not try to be a hero back home and become a coward in war field. Stop abusing the very people who will pray for you when you need their prayer.

Fiji has done its part by praying for you and you should pay back by thanking and apologising.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU C4.5. Job well done. You are the real hero.

Now Bai is cursing himself because he has lost himself during this time and the poll has reflected that.

Well done C4.5. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

At last they are freed, but the trauma is evident on their face = > post traumatic stress disorder is the order of the day

Jane said...

Now it has turn out that we've found the biggest shame of all during this time of need were Bainimarama and Tikoitoga.

One has a big mouth who cant stop spewing his venom on the wrong time and the other who did absolutely nothing but campaigning himself throughout Fiji during their captivity. Not forgetting the dancing Khaiyum who were seen distributing his fake shopping bag.

Pretty sure at the end these 3 stooges will want to eat the cake which was prepared well by the UN negotiation team.

Anonymous said...

Fijians should complain to the UN on how incompetent the Indian Commander for ordering our Fijian Troops to surrender.
The Indian shamed us!

Anonymous said...

It's really Bainimarama who shamed us (again).

Suva could have countermanded Singha's order. Ultimately, the RFMF answer to their command in Suva, not to the UN. But Bainimarama personally confirmed the order to surrender.

His conduct throughout this hostage drama showed appallingly bad leadership.

Anonymous said...

Watch, Siwatibau will probably get a medal out of this as the regime attempts to whitewash this fiasco and somehow spin it as some sort of victory.

paula raqeukai said...

thank God for the released of our soldiers at this important time of our destiny....thanks for hearing our prayers of sorrow and forgiveness...we will always stand united at times like this, even though we may have different political affiliates, but anything to do with our country Fiji will always touch of our heart....my prayers are for ALL the Fiji citizens to do see the truth during this election and vote for our liberty and freedom as Fijians!!! especially to ALL my fellow indigenous brothers and sisters....and not forgetting ALL my Indo-Fijian brothers and sisters...God Bless Fiji....

Anonymous said...

So they are finally released....what do you humans who have been condemning the soldiers in previous articles have to say now? On your face!! That's the reason few have commented so far! Shame eh!

Talica said...

Ivan khan is the new batman for us . Let's just try to find out where batman parties .

mark manning said...

I'm glad the Soldiers are all safe and I hope when they do return to Fiji, that they remember the people they've been responsible for oppressing for the past 8 years, who have prayed so much for their safe return.
The money is drying up now and it's time to put an end to this madness that is Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
They are selling Fiji to unscrupulous foreigners who only have their own interests at heart, from under your own Indigenous noses!!!!
I would describe Fiji's current situation as self imposed genocide.
There is vast difference between whit colonialists who give you a grant without expecting it to be paid back and the Chinese Banks which use the money Frank and Aiyaz have borrowed, charge interest, build the infrastructure the money was borrowed for, using Chinese labour, building 2nd rate structures etc.
One need look no further than the damaged roads and lost bridges etc.
Fiji now has a deficit of over 4.5 billion dollars ($4,500,000,000) though it only earns 1.5 billion a year, that's 3 times Fiji's own GDP (Gross Domestic Product)!
The Soldiers are the key to this Regime surviving or not.
Let's hope that their eyes have been opened and their hearts softened enough to have Frank and Company arrested.
The fact is, Frank didn't care about these men, he did nothing to have them returned, preferring to have them quickly replaced by anew batch of mindless numb-nuts instead of concerning himself with their safe return.
The almighty Dollar rules in Fiji at the moment, but it won't last because Fiji is all but bankrupt!

mark manning said...

The only reason these Fijian Soldiers were released is because their kidnappers are afraid of America. Their release had nothing to do with the U.N. negotiators and certainly nothing to do with a very cowardly Frank Bainimarama and his inept Military Officers.
If someone in the RFMF took the initiative now, they could easily have these clowns arrested and restore Democracy.
It's time for the Chiefs to step forward and Indians to support that initiative.
This may be the only opportunity afforded you.

mark manning said...

More to come on their Companies in Australia! Stand by!

Anonymous said...

Ivan Khan do this, Ivan Khan do that and Ivan Khan do just about anything !

Ivan Khan also try to convince you he's real which will not be very difficult on this blog will it !!

Anonymous said...

Mark manning : do you take us Fijian as fools? No one knows Fijis debts levels , no accounts have been released ? Also , you Kane it sound like we are at WAr in Fiji . We are not
- soldiers will not conduct another coup to fix another coup ? Get the point ? You arse .
- thirdly , coups were invented westerners for their eon profit .
- whatever the issue in Fiji , you are. Thief , and we will decide the fate of the country at the ballot box , not by the bullet .
- now fuck off .

Anonymous said...

05/11/04 -- DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq beheaded an American civilian and vowed more killings in revenge for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, an Islamist Web site said Tuesday.

A poor quality videotape on the site showed a man dressed in orange overalls sitting bound on a white plastic chair in a bare room, then on the floor with five masked men behind him.

"My name is Nick Berg, my father's name is Michael... I have a brother and sister, David and Sarah," said the bound man, adding he was from Philadelphia.

After one of the masked men read out a statement, they pushed Berg to the floor and shouted "God is greatest" above his screams as one of them sawed his head off with a large knife then held it aloft for the camera.

The Web site said Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a top ally of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, was the man who cut off Berg's head. The statement read out before the killing was signed off with Zarqawi's name and dated May 11.

Jordanian-born Zarqawi, 37, has raised his profile and status as al Qaeda's most active operational leader with a series of suicide bombs and attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

The leader of al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, one of the most powerful groups in the war-torn country, has told Al Jazeera that that the conflict is nearing an end and that his fighters hold the upper hand.

In his first-ever televised interview, Abu Mohammed al-Joulani, the leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, ruled out peace talks with President Bashar al-Assad and warned that Arab states should be cautious of the recent improvement of Iran-US ties.

“The battle is almost over, we have covered about 70 percent of it, and what's left is small. We will achieve victory soon. We pray to God to culminate these efforts with victory. It's only a matter of days,” he said in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera’s Tayseer Allouni from an undisclosed location in Syria.

Al-Joulani added that al-Nusra - designated by the UN, the US and other western countries as a terrorist organisation - would not accept the outcome of the upcoming international conference in Geneva scheduled for January.

For the interview with Al Jazeera, al-Joulani asked that his face be hidden because of security fears. Little is known about the al-Qaeda leader, but it is believed that he had joined the self-declared jihadist group several years ago to fight US forces in Iraq.

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

Al-Qaeda in Iraq has confirmed for the first time that a prominent jihadist group fighting in Syria is part of its network.

The al-Nusra Front is at the forefront of the armed opposition to President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The leader of the Iraqi wing of al-Qaeda said that al-Nusra is battling for an Islamic state in Syria.

The al-Nusra Front, or Jabhat al-Nusra, first appeared in January 2012 and is the best known of the militant Islamist groups involved in the fighting.

It has claimed to be behind most of the suicide bombings that have hit Syria since the uprising began in March 2011.

The US has put al-Nusra on a blacklist of terrorist organisations.

The declaration will raise concerns about weapons falling into the hands of al-Qaeda affiliated militants.

Last month in a joint news conference with the Qatari Prime Minister, the US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke of the importance of ensuring that weapons went to what he called "the right people" in Syria.

Anonymous said...

CNN) -- The U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions Tuesday on leaders of the jihadist al-Nusra Front in Syria, hours after the State Department moved to blacklist the rebel group as a foreign terror organization linked to al Qaeda in Iraq.

mark manning said...

@ Anonymous 319 p.m.
Spoken like a real hero or is that coward?
"Anonymous" says it all doesn't it really?
While I live in a Democracy, I'll continue to use my right to free speech thank you, despite your personal opposition to that.
Civil war probably won't happen in Fiji and I doubt anyone wants that and I wonder why you would propose it here?!
Frank's saving grace is that Chiefs initially decided to resolve this coup through peaceful means. Fear has not had a hand in that part of the equation.
Now, please, go back to bed and make sure you take your medication before you have a Cerebral Haemorrhage! Stroke!

mark manning said...

Tell Frank and Aiyaz to sell or begin hiding all their Companies before they are exposed!
Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Al Qaeda-linked ‘terror cell suspects’ go on trial

Mustafa Al Zarooni - City Editor / 9 September 2014

Charges include funding and promoting extremism

Eleven of the 15 men accused of joining and funding two terrorist organisations active in the civil war-torn Syria went on trial on Monday at the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi.

Five of the suspects have been accused of making explosives without procuring a license; conducting tests of hazardous materials, resulting in pollution to the environment; and handling banned substances harmful to human beings, animals and plants.

In the first hearing of the case, presided by Judge Mohammed Al Jarrah Al Tinaiji, one suspect was charged with possessing fire arms; and another one for supervising and running a website of a terror cell to promote the radical ideas of Al Qaeda.

The accused were charged with collecting and channeling funds for terror organisations Al Nusra Front and Ahrar Al Sham.

Family members of the accused, journalists and members of civil society organisations attended the hearing.

Nine of the suspects are Emiratis aged between 25 and 33, with five of them from the same family; four are from Comoros Island aged between 24 and 28; and two are Syrian nationals aged 36 and 39.

The Emirati suspects are accused of joining the two terror organisations affiliated to Al Qaeda based outside the country.

The case has been adjourned to September 23, when the witnesses will take the stand.

The charges against the accused were framed according to the provisions of the Federal Law No. 1 of 2004 to combat terror crimes; Federal Law No. 3 of 2009 on weapons, ammunitions and explosives; Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 on protection and development of the environment; and the Anti-cybercrime Law.

In a similar case, six Arab nationals were sentenced to seven years in prison in June, while the prime accused was sentenced to life in prison in absentia for forming an Al Qaeda-linked terror cell in the UAE and threatening state security.

In March, the State Security Circuit at the Federal Supreme Court sentenced the prime suspect in the UAE sedition case to seven years in jail. Qatar national Mahmoud Abdul Rahman Al Jaidah, 52, was found guilty of being a member of a clandestine cell of the banned Muslim Brotherhood that plotted to seize power here.


Anonymous said...

The US Treasury Department today imposed sanctions on two jihadists who act as "key financiers" for al Qaeda and the Al Nusrah Front, which is al Qaeda's official branch in Syria.

One of the two, Abdul Mohsen Abdullah Ibrahim al Sharikh, is a senior al Qaeda leader whose role in the terrorist network was first exposed by The Long War Journal in March. Sharikh is known as Sanafi al Nasr, or the "Cultivator of Victory." US intelligence officials have told The Long War Journal that he leads al Qaeda's victory committee, which is responsible for al Qaeda's strategic planning and policy. [See LWJ report, Head of al Qaeda's 'Victory Committee' in Syria, for more background on Nasr and his al Qaeda role.]

Treasury does not note Nasr's role as the head of the victory committee, but it does say that he became one of the Al Nusrah Front's "top strategists" and a "senior" leader in the group after relocating to Syria in the spring of 2013. Prior to the move, Nasr served "as a key financial facilitator" for al Qaeda in Pakistan and then, temporarily, as the head of al Qaeda's network in Iran.

Along with "other al Qaeda fighters," Nasr moved to Syria just before the rivalry between the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State reached a boiling point. Nasr is fiercely opposed to the Islamic State, which has been disowned by al Qaeda's general command.

Treasury cites Nasr's prolific use of Twitter in its designation, noting that he "has used social media posts to demonstrate his aspiration to target Americans and US interests." His Twitter feed currently has almost 22,000 followers. Nasr has also used Twitter to provide updates on al Qaeda's leadership. In April 2013, he reported that Abu Ubaydah Abdullah al Adam, who served as al Qaeda's intelligence chief, was killed in a drone strike. And in July 2014, he tweeted that six of his "dearest comrades" were killed in an airstrike in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. Nasr identified three of them as Taj al Makki, Abu Abdurahman al Kuwaiti, and Fayez Awda al Khalidi.

The Treasury Department also reveals new details about Nasr's role in al Qaeda's network in Iran. In "early 2013," Nasr served as the "chief of al Qaeda's Iran-based extremist and financial facilitation network."

Nasr held this position until Yasin al Suri, another senior al Qaeda figure, was allowed by the Iranians to resume his role in that same capacity. Al Suri was temporarily removed as the head of the Iran-based network after the US government exposed his position and offered a $10 million reward for information leading to his capture in 2011.

Like Nasr, another former head of al Qaeda's Iranian presence, a Kuwaiti named Muhsin al Fadhli, has also reportedly relocated to Syria.

In March, jihadists on Twitter, including Al Nusrah Front officials, falsely claimed that Nasr had been killed while fighting Bashar al Assad's forces. While Nasr was severely wounded in the fighting, he survived and made his escape from death known on his Twitter feed.

Anonymous said...

Nasr has long been included on Saudi Arabia's list of most wanted terrorists and extremists. According to US intelligence officials previously contacted by The Long War Journal, Nasr is one of Osama bin Laden's third cousins. He comes from a family of al Qaeda jihadists, and two of his brothers were once held at Guantanamo. Nasr's well-established jihadist pedigree and ties in the Gulf have contributed to his fast rise within al Qaeda's ranks.

Kuwaiti national also designated

A Kuwaiti national named Hamid Hamad Hamid al 'Ali was also designated by the Treasury Department today. Al 'Ali has "referred to himself" as an "al Qaeda commando," according to Treasury, and has raised funds for both Al Nusrah and its parent al Qaeda.

Al 'Ali "has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help" the Al Nusrah Front "purchase weapons and supplies as well as directed donors in Kuwait to send financial and material support to the terrorist organization." He has personally "traveled to Syria to deliver funds to" Al Nusrah and has also "used students in Kuwait to courier funds to the group."

In addition to his fundraising activities, al 'Ali has "facilitated the travel to Syria of individuals wishing to fight for" Al Nusrah and "provided these individuals with money to deliver to the terrorist organization."

Earlier this month, the Treasury Department designated three other financiers, at least two of whom are Kuwaiti nationals. The third has been linked to Kuwait and also works with al Qaeda's Iran-based facilitators. Kuwait grants jihadists a permissive environment in which they can raise funds.

On Aug. 6, the United Nations adopted Resolution 2170 condemning human rights abuses by extremist groups in Iraq and Syria and sanctioned six individuals associated with those groups. Both Sanafi al Nasr and Hamid Hamad Hamid al 'Ali have been added to the list of terrorists designated under the resolution.

Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2014/08/treasury_designates_3.php#ixzz3D4Ol1NgQ

Anonymous said...

Fundraising Campaign In Kuwait For Jabhat Al-Nusra

 on May 17 |  in Latest Reports, Tracking Jihadis

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, Kuwait has become a hub for fundraising campaigns aimed at delivering donations to the rebel groups in the country. One of these efforts, which bears the name “Ansar Al-Sham” (supporters of Syria), raises money for the Al-Qaeda affiliated group Jabhat Al-Nusra.

It should be mentioned that on April 8, 2013, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi acknowledged that Jabhat Al-Nusra was established by his organization. Following that announcement, the commander of Jabhat Al-Nusra, Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani also acknowledged his group’s relation to Al-Qaeda, and renewed his pledge of allegiance to its leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri.[1] The U.S. government had already designated Jabhat Al-Nusra as a terrorist organization on December 11, 2012.[2]

The Ansar Al-Sham campaign’s stated goal is “to support the mujahideen in Syria”. The campaign has been operating at least since June 2012. It advertises itself via several accounts on social media websites, most prominently YouTube and Twitter. The campaign advertises phone numbers in Kuwait through which those interested can send money to jihad groups in Syria. Seeing that other Gulf countries forbid or crack down on this type of fundraising, those who live outside Kuwait and wish to contribute to the campaign are requested to come to the country in order to submit their donation.

Although the person or persons behind the campaign do not state this in a direct manner, they hint that the funds they raise are sent to Jabhat Al-Nusra. The YouTube account[3] features a number of clips showing Jabhat Al-Nusra fighters, and slogans and titles of clips allude to the group’s name. Thus one clip is titled “Al-Nusra Al-Nusra li Ahl Al-Nusra” (support the people of Al-Nusra). The clip shows the campaign’s phone numbers and contact information on the backdrop of an image of Jabhat Al-Nusra fighters.[4]

Ansar Al-Sham’s YouTube account features an appeal for donations which reads: “Oh you who want to do good! Your brothers are in a dire need for money. Don’t withhold money from them. Support them with money and with the tongue. To support the people of Syria contact 50757971 or 50758039…” The latter are telephone numbers in Kuwait. The statement lists further contact possibilities, including the LINE application, Skype, and Twitter

Anonymous said...

US Soldiers Beheaded by al Qaeda (Video/Images)

James Joyner · Monday, July 10, 2006 · 14 Comments

An al Qaeda faction has released a video showing the murder of two soldiers captured June 19. SITE reports:

The Mujahideen Shura Council in Iraq issued today, July 10, 2006, a 4:39 minute video that shows the mutilated corpses of the two American soldiers the group stated to have captured on June 19, 2006. The extremely graphic footage is preceded by an audio clip of a past Usama bin Laden speech, and an audio track from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is heard over the scenes in which the Mujahideen display and prod the corpses.

A message introducing the video states that this video is presented as “revenge for our sister who was dishonored by a soldier of the same brigade,” referencing the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and her family by a group of American soldiers in al-Mahmoudiya

The Jawa Report has the video and numerous still photos. Rusty Shackleford provides the following description:

The two victims, Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, were members of the 101st Airborne division abducted by al Qaeda in Iraq. A third soldier died in the attack.

Their bodies were later recovered not far from where they had been kidnapped. The US military now says that their corpses were found tied together with a bomb between them. Three roadside bombs were planted around the bodies. The bodies had been decapitated.

The video bears the logo of al Qaeda in Iraq. Contrary to reports by al Qaeda, the video appears to show that the two soldiers were already dead before at least one of them was beheaded.

After a brief introdcuction with an image and the voice of Osama bin Laden, the video shows the two dead soldiers lying on a bridge. Both are already dead. One of the men has already been beheaded, the other man is dead. An al Qaeda member holds the severed head of one of the dead soldiers. One of the two soldiers appear to have been shot, the other has multiply wounds but appears to have also been hit by an explosive. The video also blurs out one of the dead men’s genitels, apparently al Qaeda believes showing that would be over-the-top. Later, an image of the now dead leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, is superimposed over the film. Zarqawi had personally murdered several people by beheading and then released those films on the internet.

The entire video has a voice over of what sounds like Abu Musab al Zaraqawi–but it could be the new al Qaeda leader in Iraq calling Muslims to jihad. A nasheed, or Islamic jihad song, can also be heard in the background.

The photos, as one might imagine, are quite disturbing.

UPDATE: Video is available at dozens of sites including here, here, and here. (Update: Rusty has it, too.)

Anonymous said...

It was obvious that Frank was distancing himself from the public limelight during the hostages' captive period, because of its negative connotations for his campaign. Tikoitoga fumbled right through those tense moments and it showed him up as raw and out of his depth during such precarious situations.

Frank however is the first to jump into the limelight to proclaim the 'victorious' release of the hostages. It is just so typical of cowardly nature, when the going gets tough. He abandons his men to their peril, while doing the cassava patch dash, only to return and thump his chest when all is over and done. We certainly don't want a leader who is a coward, thief and a liar.

Anonymous said...

US Soldiers Tortured Prior to Beheading by Al Qaeda Mesopotamia

by Todd Davis
Thursday Jun 22nd, 2006 4:30 PM

A short article about the deaths of Pfc. Tucker, and Pfc. Menchaca
in Iraq.

The brutal decapitation, and torture of Army Pfc. Thomas Tucker of Madras Oregon, and Army Pfc. Kristian Menchaca of Houston Texas, occurred because al Qaeda Mesopotamia wanted to get revenge for the recent deaths of terrorist leaders Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and Mansur al-Mashhadani. The kidnapping, and torture
of Tucker, and Menchaca occurred just hours after al Qaeda leader Mansur al-Mashhadani was killed by US forces in an air strike in Yusufiyah.

There were about 8,000 US troops utilized during the search for Pfc. Tucker, and Pfc. Menchaca in the Yusufiyah area south of Baghdad. The GIs Humvee was ambushed by insurgents, Tucker, and Menchaca were initially taken prisoner,
and Spec. David Babineau was killed during the ambush.

Pfc. Tucker, and Pfc. Menchaca were tortured, dragged by pickup trucks, and then their bodies were encircled by several booby traps. The bodies of Tucker, and Menchaca were left out in the open in plain view, apparently to create fear, and to lure other soldiers toward the explosives that surrounded their mutilated bodies.

Anonymous said...

05/11/04 -- DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq beheaded an American civilian and vowed more killings in revenge for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, an Islamist Web site said Tuesday. A poor quality videotape on the site showed a man dressed in orange overalls sitting bound on a white plastic chair in a bare room, then on the floor with five masked men behind him. "My name is Nick Berg, my father's name is Michael... I have a brother and sister, David and Sarah," said the bound man, adding he was from Philadelphia. After one of the masked men read out a statement, they pushed Berg to the floor and shouted "God is greatest" above his screams as one of them sawed his head off with a large knife then held it aloft for the camera.

Vilimoni said...

SODELPA's supporters wanted our soldiers killed. They were celebrating while whole of Fiji was praying. SODELPA is a nationalist party led by a racist leader. Where is Qarase? Still in USA. Why is he not in Fiji campaigning for SODELPA? or has he been asked by SODELPA executives not to come before the campaign ends. Oilei SODELPA is divided and falling apart. They are using violence, fear and violence and false messages to emotionally get votes from iTaukeis.

Anonymous said...

We thank PM Bai for negotiating the release of the 45 soldiers,PM had forseen such an incident and established Fiji's Embassy in Saudi Arabia with Robin Nand as our Ambassador.The Diplomatic skills of Rt Inoke Kubuabola with Qatars Emir also played a huge part in the success plus the skills of our Roving Ambassador Iowane Naivalurua.Its all a combination of experienced and resourceful men pitched against the negative forces of Terrorism to result in V for Victory and a huge boost for our Nations and Militaries image on Peacekeeping duties overseas.OUR ARMY HAS SHOWN THEIR PROFESSIONALSIM AND EXPERIENCE IN THE MOST STRESSFUL AND TRYING TIMES.WHEN ALL THE LATEST HIGH TECH GEAR,DRONES AND SATELITES COULDNT FIND OUR MEN,WE DID BECAUSE 'KALOU SA RAICA TIKO'.THIS IS A HUGE MEGA BOOST FOR PM BAINIMARAMA POLITICAL IMAGE AND WE OF FIJI FIRST BUT AS ALWAYS,WE DONT DISCRIMINATE AND WE INVITE ALL SODELPA SUPPORTERS TO JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON AND ENJOY!!.The Govt has been able to overturn and overcome a likely crisis locally and especially overseas in the manner it handled the negoatiations since day.We thank the Commander for being steadfast and honest and sincere in his briefings but he needs to pick a page out of Naivalurua's and PM's book on Tact and Diplomacy.Sa rauta keda e dai,oya vei kemuni na FFP supporters ni kalougata tiko,me noda vata na qaqa mai Syria oqo,vakabibi kina na qaqa e torovi keda tiko mai,ni qai tei moce toka mada,o Tui Viti ga oqo. Shalom! Insha alla!!

Anonymous said...

you want to fix our problems here in Fiji then get your white trash arse here motherfucker!!!

The meaning of SODELPA said...

SODELPA. So Over Deadbeats Enunciating Lies Practically Always. SODELPA.

Suomynona said...

Had any one of those soldiers been beheaded, I would know whom to blame for it.

FijiFlop leader himself for sure

KUA NI RERE said...

I can see the dogs are back again.
Funny how the dogs have found their voices again.

Koli ni kaidia.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:41 PM.

You acknowledge that "KALOU LEVU GA SA RAICA TIKO", but you did not thank Him for His major role in the release of the 45 POWs. This is sad because your party will try to turn Fiji into a Godless state.

What is ironic is that when the news was first announced that the soldiers were taken, your military leaders virtually begged the nation for prayers for their release.

Hopefully we will all thank God for the safe return of our soldiers.

brown walla said...

dickhead Manning...the white colonialists were everywhere exploiting the cheap labour, plundering the natural resources, etc...and you reckon they wanted nothing in return. What you think they were doing in far flung places ridden with malaria and no whitewomen for fun? Charity work? Typical whiteman who thinks yeah .."we know best". You really need to stick to what you know or think you know, clinical hynotherapy - you call it. Quackery I call it. Cured anyone of smoking or some obscure phobia lately? Like an earlier blogger said, you really need to piss off.

Anna Marsick said...

My uncle used to go out with sodelpa leader when he was the vice chancellor at usp. He used to send her photos and she looked beautiful. My uncle was very happy with her.

Emoji Meo said...

SOnalevu Devil Evil Lamu Pathetic Animalistic is made up of racists, corrupt, losers and racists people. Vote Mandela of Fiji. Vote Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to be in prison for 25 yrs first and not afraid to face justice before he can become a Mandela.

Anonymous said...

Kua in rere - you are a racist .... Pussy .... Change your pads .. It's that time of the month

Anonymous said...

A Mandela doesn't torture his own people A Mandela doesn't beat up women. A Mandela believed in freedom of speech and did not control the Media.

mark manning said...

@ brown walla 741 p.m.
Thank you for acknowledging and attacking me.
Luckily, I do enjoy pain!

brown walla said...

dicko manning...don't flatter yourself, I am not acknowledging you , merely showing up a Mr-know-it-all and his ignorance and prejudice. What exactly makes you an expert on Fiji anyway? Some cheap hoSliday you took in a Fijian motel many moons ago? Did the she-boys in Nadi turn you into an expert? Stick to hypno-quackery.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the UN are so impotent. Total farkwits, losers and cowards!

Fiji SuNN said...

Y would i want to vote for the guy who lead the 2000 n 2006 coup ? . . . Y wuld i wanna vote 4 someone who's so used to iron fist dictatorship ? . . . im sick n tired of reading propoganda about this dickhead on the fiji sun . . imagine wen he cmes to power n fiji times is removed ? . . . SHIT lol. Plus - wea r the other candidates of FF? i'm sick n tired watching this dickhead all the time on t.v, reading him in the papers etc . . .wea r his other candidates ? Its not really FF but Bai First . . . Bai this Bai that . . .dickhead. Wen the 45 were taken - Bai ws busy doin his campaigns - then wen they wer released Bai gives a warm hearted speech (segai vote buying qori). First of all its Bai that caused this capture - wen Bai ws Commnda , thea ws too much soqo, rugby n drinkin ! not alot of training for the boys - proof: soldiers mainly dying of heart attack - then the Golan incident OMG. Those voting for FF are either ignorant, DUMB or have their own hands dirty. All I cn Say is this SODELPA has won majority votes n thats a fact a FACT a F A C T . I dnt care how much u FF supporters bark - you all goin down either way - stick with it - wake up - smell your shit - go to the toilet n wipe yo a55 with sand paper . SODELPA is not racist - SODELPA is simply claiming back what truly belongs to the fijian people - this has always been the norm b4 that dickhead , n people got along well from all races - we respected each others culture - Fijians Indians Rotumans and Kai loma's alike. Bai is SCARED rite NW , His SCARED SHITLESS - WELL U SHULD B .

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Treasury Department today imposed sanctions on two jihadists who act as "key weapon suppliers" for al Qaeda and the Al Nusrah Front, which is al Qaeda's official branch in Syria.

One of the two, Josaia Voreqe "Frank" Bainimarama, is the self-styled emir of the Islamic State of Fiji, a collection of Iranian-affiliated islands in the South Pacific. His role in the terrorist network was first exposed in 2009 by coupfourpointfive.com, a blogsite dedicated to tracking jihadists in the Fiji Islands. Bainimarama is known as Sheik War-War. "War-War" is a term used in Vanuatu, an island group neighbouring Fiji, and means "He Who Dashes". This moniker seems to allude to an incident in 2000, when Fijian loyalists nearly killed Bainimarama in Fiji Military Forces (FMF) in-fighting. Bainimarama escaped by abandoning his forces and running pell-mell through a cassava patch. Bainimarama fled to a jihadist camp, arriving badly shaken in trousers filled with his excrement. Bainimarama leads the Fiji First Party, part of the al-Qaeda-affilated movement and al-Qaeda's franchisee in the South Pacific.

Treasury does not note Bainimarama's role as the head of the Fiji First Party, but it does say that he became one of the Al Nusrah Front's "top strategists" and a "senior" leader in the group after seizing power in Fiji in December of 2006. Prior to his overthrow of Fiji's elected government, Bainimarama served as commander of the FMF, whose primary duty was to prevent the overthrow of Fiji's elected government. He is regarded as the titular leader of al-Qaeda's network in the Islamic State of Fiji. US Intelligence assesses the true leader of al-Qaeda in Fiji to be a shadowy Islamist bombmaker named Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, also known as "Abu Squealer".

Along with other al-Qaeda jihadists, Bainimarama is fiercely opposed to democracy. He has suspended due process in Fiji and instead imposed his own brand of sharia law. His Islamic State has been disowned by the Pacific Islands Forum and the British Commonwealth.

Treasury cites Bainimarama's well-publicised transfer of FMF weapons to the Al Nusrah Front in the Golan Heights two weeks ago and his lesser known role in transferring weapons in 2000 to armed rebels then holding Fiji's Parliament hostage. Bainimarama closed Fiji's Parliament in 2006.

Bainimarama has used Fiji's tightly controlled media as a propaganda arm to spread jihadism in the "New Fiji" and to target Western and native Fijian interests. Al-Qaeda operatives linked to Bainimarama and operating out of the notorious Clarendon House jihadist training camp have repeatedly attempted to penetrate coupfourpointfive.com's blogsite or to shut it down through web-based denial-of-service attacks.

Anonymous said...

The Treasury Department also reveals new details about Bainimarama's role in al-Qaeda's network in Fiji. Until a few years ago, Bainimarama served as the "chief of al-Qaeda's Fiji-based extremist and financial facilitation network." Bainimarama held this position until senior al-Qaeda leader Sayed-Khaiyum assumed his role in that same capacity. Sayed-Khaiyum relies heavily on Gujerati financiers and his accountant aunt to facilitate his terror financing. This is greatly augmented through revolutionary taxes, or dhimmi, imposed on the citizens of the Islamic State, whose right to practice their religion is subject to strict control under Islamic law. It is further augmented through alms-giving, ostensibly for flood relief, that is instead channeled to an account privately controlled by Bainimarama for nefarious purposes.

The second jihadist sanctioned by Treasury is another FMF leader, a Fijian named Mosese Tikoitoga. Like Bainimarama, Tikoitoga was reportedly instrumental in the weapons transfer to the Al Nusrah Front. Also called "Mo", Tikoitoga is part of the former Pita, Mara, and Mo trio better known as "The Three Stooges".

Treasury's action freezes any assets the two might have in U.S. jurisdiction and bans all U.S. and/or self-respecting citizens from doing business with them.

Anonymous said...

Ni veicai ga na sotia ni viti..sivia ga na gusumuni...magaijinamuni....vakamadua na nomuni lamusona ni sa rui matalelevu ....ni veikubuti tu mada ...

C.Slater said...

John Key will win in NZ and Bainimarama will win in Fiji. Fiji's politics is much cleaner than NZ.

Kamlesh said...

Europeans in NZ and Australian ancestors came from UK and are regarded as Aussies or Kiwis. They are not reminded by Maoris or Aborigines everyday that this country doesn't belong to them. They own 98% of businesses and predominantly employed in the public service. Fiji Indians ancestors came from India centuries ago. Yet SODELPA supporters believe that they don't belong to this country.

Anonymous said...

Brigadier General Tikoitoga reveals the truth.

This token of respect will go a long way to securing the safety of our men in that region. Al Nusra will view our men with goodwill because of this very wise and gracious announcement by Brig Gen Tikoitoga.

It will make the work in the Golan much easier and improve relations 100 fold for the RFMF with the armed elements.

There were other channels pressed, not the US propaganda in the media about Qatar.

And it has borne good and now a sustainable outcome which will hold the RFMF on good relations with the armed elements in that area into the future.

Thank you Brig Gen Tikoitoga for this act of wisdom.

RFMF grateful to Al Nusra for keeping promise to release Fijian troops13:22 Fri Sep 12, 2014

Commander Brigadier General Mosese TikoitogaTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Vosita KotoiwasawaThe Fiji Military Forces is grateful for the Al Nusra group for remaining true to its word on the safe release of the 45 Fijian peacekeepers. Commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga says the release of the 45 men is a result of talks between the Commander of the group and the leader of the Al-Nusra front. “They confirmed that the release was due to a promise made to the men of their safety and security by one of the leaders of the Al Nusra team that went into position 27. The negotiation with captain Rabuka, he said that he will ensure the safety and the security of our personnel. And under Islam law, that promise had to be kept. And we are very grateful that they kept their promise and thus release of our men without any conditions or limitations.” Tikoitoga says position 27, the post held by the 45 men before being taken by Al Nusra emains empty for the time being. “We have not tried to fill it nor will we try and fill it until we have a proper assessment of the security of that location.” Meanwhile, upon their return – the 45 men were welcomed with a church service. Tikoitoga says morale is high in the Fijian camp. - See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/22921/rfmf-grateful-to-al-nusra-for-keeping-promise-to-release-fijian-troops#sthash.DP8Xm13q.dpuf

Anonymous said...

C. Slater, you should know. You lick both their arses.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:08, nice try, but you're living in a fantasyland. After what's happened, nobody respects the RFMF, least of all Al-Nusra. No, I take that back. Most of the Fijian people have even less respect for the RFMF. That's because of the disrespectful way it's treated us.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga publically thanking Al Nusra is yet another concession to the terrorists. It was part of the quid pro quo the regime negotiated in its desperation to save the lives of the soldiers. It is fulfilling the regime's end of what in truth was a very mild demand by Al Nusra, especially in view of its earlier demands.

Will Tikoitoga be issuing a similar statement of thanks to the Israelis for THEIR protection and hospitality, too?

No, I didn't think so.

mesake. said...

sodelpas rally attracted only 200 supporters in Nausori yesterday. oilei. sodelpa divided.

Anonymous said...

It is an act of goodwill.

You see it as a concession, maybe it is BUT more importantly is that within the context of the role that the RFMF plays as an Observer mission it ensures good relations.

And that is fundamental to the Mission Objective of UNDOF.

It also demonstrates another aspect of this dynamic, and that is Al Nusra has its own rationale for its decisions and it has its own decision making processes.

Which means that you are dealing with an organisation which has a structure and an ethos. And for the purpose of UNDOF it means that it is possible to reach understandings and work together with al Nusra within that Area of Operation of UNDOF to achieve the objectives of UNDOF and its mission which is to keep that line of separation between Israel and Syria secure.

That in variably also protects Israel.

This is conflict management/ conflict resolution.

It is not the dumb propaganda of the neo right in the States or the warmongers on NATO.

It is also in keeping with the mandate of the UNDOF mission.

Think about it

mark manning said...

@ brown walla said 1026 p.m.
It's very pleasing to know that you are the bastion of all things Fijian, this suggests to me that you feel the need to Mother Fijian with your words of wisdom and direct them and their thoughts where you may.
"ignorance and prejudice" pot kettle perhaps, please take along hard look in the mirror!
I've never holdayed in Nadi and as for the she-boys, what were you saying about ignorance and prejudice just now?
It seems you know a lot more about Nadi's she-boys than I ever could and I hope your wife and children don't find out, unless they are your wife and children!
Now, take one deep breath, closing your eyes, take yourself to a place of relaxation, somewhere you would normally go to relax, somewhere like, Nadi, to see the she-boys, now lay down on the bed, feeling relaxed and wonderful in every way................... You know the rest by the sounds of it!

Just remember clown, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Give your master Frank a kiss goodnight, make sure he's wearing his incontinence pad and then do what you two would normally do to each other before you shoot off down to Nadi to see your other lovers.

mark manning said...

It's good to see that the silly buggers writing garbage on this site are finally giving us all a break at last.
Now they've decided to change their tactics and begin singing the praises of frank and Tikoitoga, their new Master and incompetent clown of a Commander. Sad one clown has been replaced by another!

In reality and all truthfulness, we all know that the kidnapped soldiers were released for one reason, the kidnappers are afraid of losing access to the
Accounts, the sustained and relentless and increasing threat to their weapons supply and America's determination to stay in there for the long hall.
But think about it, now more Fijian blockhead soldiers can be sent into anew front against Islamic State in Syria and Afghanistan, in the name of their new incompetent clown Commander and sacrifice their lives for the handful of people benefiting from their sacrifices.
Do you stupid Soldiers ever learn?
Being courageous doesn't just mean going blindly into a war zone and getting yourselves wounded, killed and mentally fucked up!
Courageous men sometimes make the decision to not fight.
You have to pick your battles, so how about using your brains boys?
Don't sacrifice yourselves for this mentally retarded demented Frank Bainimarama, his new commander and the Indian Moslem who has no allegiance to Fiji.
The small envelopes of money you're all getting is nothing to the millions in Real Estate and Companies they own in Australia.
You make do with their crumbs off the table while they sip on Champaign and Caviar!
Think about your families and restoring Democracy in what was once, Paradise in the Pacific, before it's too late.
And please, ignore the propaganda and arse kissing that a lot of these clowns are doing on the various blogsites and remember, Frank abandoned the 45 Soldiers in Syria!

Anonymous said...

"" It's good to see that the silly buggers writing garbage on this site are finally giving us all a break at last.""

Unfortunately not all.

Anonymous said...

Not a change of tack. Its the truth.

They beheaded the Americans (Berg et cie) notwithstanding all the funding from the Gulf.

Suggest you inform yourself before continuing with the propaganda line that it is about funding, because it isn't.

They have not asked for removal from the US Patriot Act Terrorist list, and they specifically said so in the video on youtube with our boys.

It means that they are not the least bothered about funding.

That Terrorist listing effectively means that they cannot get money transfers from anywhere in the world because no bank will allow those money transfers to happen to Charities or other individuals associated with al Nusra, under threat of US law.

That's the problem with US propaganda, if it were really about money they wouldn't be beheading all those US people over there would they ?

ISIS also gets money from the Gulf.

Anyway why doesn't the US just offer then money to stop all the beheadings of US citizens if it were really about money ?

By the way that man in the video is the No 2 on the al Nusra council.

Anonymous said...

Brig Gen Tikoitoga has finally said what he should have said from the start. Looking to find a middle ground with al Nusra to secure a settlement.

Instead of trashing Sharia law and all that ill thought out propoganda.

Al Nusra is specifically founded for the purposes of creating an Islamic nation state on the principles of Sharia law. That is their main ideology.

So to have said that it is irrelevant, given that they now control 75% of Syria and basically hold the whole border between Jordon and Israel and Syria under their control was not sensible.

The Israeli's are already working with al Nusra. They are supply medicines and humanitarian aid to al Nusra areas and they are also taking in al Nusra fighters to Israeli hospitals for treatment.

They know the dynamics of conflict and how to address the issues pertaining to their Israeli interests within that contextual framework.

That's called being switched on

Anonymous said...

The only things the Yanks with their dumb propaganda are achieving is getting people killed for nothing

Including their own people.

And this morning they have put the 49 Turkish hostages held by ISIS at grave risk with Kerry announcing that Turkey is in key alliance with the US for the coming war against ISIS - even after Ankara asked Washington not to do that.

Anonymous said...

Its not about Islam, its about understanding the fundamentals of their ideology, because that is what gives momentum to their Salafist / Wahabi etc etc movement.

Clausewitz....war is just an extension of policy.

Dumb propaganda makes it an Islam versus the US issue.

Switched on tries to understand the dynamics involved and the thinking processes.

The Western embassies have all shit their offices in Libya and left. Even the US. This is after they had great fantasies about the April Spring in Syria unleashing a wave of democracy and liberation to the "oppressed Libyans".

Today the Libyans truly know the meaning of what it is to be oppressed.

Their Cabinet and Parliament cannot sit in Tripoli and has to convene in a ship out in Tripoli harbour because there is ongoing shooting on Tripoli's streets (they even kidnapped the Prime Minsiter at one stage and burnt down the US embassy and killed the US ambassador and the Navy Seals tasked to protect the embassy in Behghazi).

All unnecessary.

All started from dump propaganda.

Time to think. Use the brain God gave you and exercise the reasoning powers which Paul says is the fundamental of exercising a good conscience before God and any other Jew or Gentile.

mark manning said...

Conflicts in the Middle East have nothing to do with Islam per se, that is used as an excuse to inflict their own form of control over people. If these guys had their own way, the whole world would be taken over.
Money, control and power is their motivation, nothing more, nothing less.
Sadly, there are only too many idiots in the world willing to jump on the bandwagon, but when the shit hits the fan and people are made accountable, the cowards run and hide.
If their real go is to convert everyone to Islam or to go to Heaven, then perhaps they should all line up facing the same direction and just shoot each other in the back of the head, all at the same time!
But idiots don't think of the possible consequences of their actions, until it's too late.
Just look at Aiyaz and the demented Frank Bainimarama, too cowardly to face people after leaving his Canterbury meeting.

v said...

The ability of the Govt to convert the crisis in Syria into a courageous and commendable one has boosted the Govt. image politically,militarily and bravely globally.It was a huge plus for the FFParty also, the huge crowds present during FF rally speaks volumes about its support base on 'grass root level' as a former PM used to say.the ghost like crowd in the other party rally significantly potrays the results of the upcoming election.FIJI FIRST WILL HAVE A HUGE TSUNAMI OF A LANDSLIDE VICTORY ON SEPT 17.YOU CAN BET YOUR TOP DOLLAR ON THIS.FFP COULD WIN ALL 50 SEATS BUT IF NOT THEN 30 PLUS SEATS WOULD BE WON.A SPEAKER CAN BE SOMEONE APPOINTED BY PM AND APPROVED BY PRESIDENT,NOT NECESSARILY AN ELECTION CANDIDATE. IT HAS BEEN AN EXHAUSTING WEEK,HASNT IT,MAKE LOVE TO YOUR WIVES AND GIRLFRIENDS TO REDUCE THE STRESS,TWICE A DAY WILL DO THE TRICK.CHEERS.

Anonymous said...

The idiots in Fiji think that all is hunky-dory after the release of the 45 cowards, praying to thier false god(s), the jesus, the jehovah, the krishna, rama and vishnu, etc.

Little do they know that this was all planned and the capture and subsequent release is all part of the bigger plan. Huge ransom was paid to our Jabhat an-Nuṣrah li-Ahl ash-Shām brothers (yes, amounting in hundreds of millions) by the Fiji Govt.

Our Jabhat an-Nuṣrah li-Ahl ash-Shām brothers will now transfer this money to the Fijian arm of al-Qaeda (that's us) to kick-start the revolution. It all begins post elections - the unforunate accident (assassination) of Brother Bai, takeover by Brother Khaiyum and then the Islamization of Fiji.

Fijian and Hindu blood will be spilled. It's a warning for you to repent, pray to the true God, Allah and be part of the only true religion, Islam.

الله أكبر

Anonymous said...

The funding increases every time they behead a hostage and garner international press coverage, so who's to say it isn't about the money? Sure, their twisted Salafist ideology, nihlistic world view, resentment of the West, fundamental ignorance and need for significance drives them to do the ghastly things they do, but they need money to buy bullets, AK-47s, knife sharpeners, Vaseline, etc.

Yeah, Vaseline. Never know when they might capture some more RFMF!

Anonymous said...

Brown Walla, what's with your fixation on race and colour? Aren't we ALL Fijians now, nigga?

Anonymous said...
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nigga said...

manning's bitch@2.26pm...no Indians will ever be Fijians. No Indians will ever be niggas, just girmitiyas, always kowtowing to the white man. I just laugh when i see and hear kaidias talking to a white falla...Sir, Madam, every second word.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's computer hour at St Giles again.


The best thing to happen on Earth, ever will take place in the UK or "Great Britain" in the next few weeks, when their own divide and rule philosophy will bite them back as Scotland decides to leave the Union. The evil British have carved up lands everywhere they have set foot on Earth ,like India into 3 pieces, Palestine into 3 pieces and now they will get a taste of their own medicine because the divisions of these former countries have caused so much death and misery for all...SO now the North Sea oil will go to the Scots AND the English dogs will be broke.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Reason" truth jihad " wow

Raghad said...

"The elections will be our jihad."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:30 AM, call it an act of goodwill if that makes you feel better about it. Waving a white flag and surrendering your weapons is another "act of goodwill", I take it. Or even an act of courage, according to some regime trolls.

So, call it whatever you prefer. But don't tell me that you think the RFMF will get another call for duty with UNDOF. Surely you know better than that!

Fiji's UNDOF command thoroughly disgraced itself, let's be clear. The troops were proven completely unprepared, their officers criminally incompetent, their commanders in Suva cowardly and indifferent. They surrendered their weapons, their command and their comrades without the slightest attempt at resistance.

Yeah, good relations are fundamental to UNDOF's mission, but that mission is primarily about keeping the warring parties separated. It certainly doesn't mean handing over your weapons. The UN asked for soldiers to man gun emplacements, not Qorvis to hand out lollies in the form of frag grenades.

Sure, al Nusra has a structure and an ethos. Virtually every armed group can say the same — except, perhaps, for the ragtag RFMF. Hard to see what its structure is, when officers routinely break the law, betray the nation and betray each other. What structure there is looks like a hierarchy of treason, with the biggest traitors atop the pyramid. And the ethos seems to be one of bullying innocent civilians and licking their commanders' arses in the hope of making easy money, with no concern for the national welfare.

Al Nusra has its own decisionmaking process, to be sure, and it already made that decision, which was to overrun UNDOF positions. As a result, UNDOF's AOR has nearly disappeared.

Maybe you think al Nusra will leave the Fijian UNDOF camp vacant, so that Fijian troops can just waltz back in, and pick up where they left off, except now with the additional benefit of warmer relations with their al-Nusra neighbours.

That's delusional. The UN won't return to the same mission under these new circumstances. Member countries won't donate troops -- including Fiji, Tikoitoga's bluster notwithstanding. And if Fiji really offered, the UN wouldn't accept anyway, as Fiji's military has already proven itself unfit.

Don't kid yourself that the RFMF has been protecting Israel through the UNDOF. It is Jehovah God, the United States and the Israeli Defence Forces who have protected Israel.

Al Nusra is determined to seize the Golan Heights. So long as Syria's warring factions slug it out, Israel will watch and prepare and hope that they exhaust themselves utterly. But when one faction finally consolidates its position enough that it begins to direct its fire towards Israel, then the IDF will swiftly seize the Heights -- this time for the purpose of permanent annexation, not for use as a bargaining chip.

Yes, the Israelis are switched on. They know the dynamics of conflict and how to protect their interests in that contextual framework, which is basically a Balance of Power strategy. Von Clausewitz would approve.

It's interesting to see, though, so many Fijians already empathising with the terrorists who held our countrymen hostage. How quickly the Stockholm Syndrome comes into play with Fijians! Maybe eight years as a hostage to this regime predisposes us for that.

That's what's called being switched OFF.

Anonymous said...

The FMF will be wise never show its face in the Golan Heights again. The Nusra Front won't go so easy on them next time.

The Heckler said...

I see that some of you still don't get it . . .

Voting for Fiji First is like going to Al-Nusra for a haircut and a shave.

Anonymous said...


For all those in Fiji so concerned about the future of this countries political future and economy it seems that here is the answer.

A Mr Sandeep Singh a candidate for the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) pleads in today's press for people to vote for him. Telling the public of the necessity to gain at least 20,000 votes in the election.

As with all politicians their credentials, track record, vision and reasons for getting into parliament are of great importance for the taxpayer who will be represented by them. It is in fact the tax payer who pays for what they achieve.

This individual states in the first lines of his introduction to the public in his paid advertisement;

"" If I won't make it, then it's a complete loss for all talented people. I will not be able to produce Season 2 of Fiji's Dancing Superstars, nor other talent programmes.... ""

So is this an example of how PDP and their candidates consider that a government should operate.

Perhaps the greatest loss would be for the people of Fiji to vote for Mr Sandeep Singh of PDP who would use a government position to assist his wannabe Simon Cowell dreams?

Anonymous said...

Anon @3.48

You may be right, but then you may be wrong as well.

Time will tell.

But I can tell you this, after the boys became guests of al Nusra the guards were removed and the al Nusra boys started sharing food with the boys and telling stories and jokes with the boys.

The boys were left free to move around within the compound.

When the final decision came down for them to prepare to move for the handover there were tears all around as the al Nusra guys hugged our boys and said good byes

They had arrived as hostages but were leaving as Guests.

As for UDOF, that decision is entirely that of the Security Council. If it decides that Fiji's services are not needed, then God Willing that is our portion. Its all in Gods hands.

Anonymous said...

What our soldiers did was to show the world that there can be compassion.

Unfortunately what we have are some that just can't accept that Fiji, it's people and it's standing in the world is as bad as they want to portray for their own selfish reasons.

Anonymous said...

452 that's true

The soldiers perhaps have found new respect ..for the al nusra . They were treated as friends ... Good can come out of bad ... Ones mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter

Anonymous said...

Read " truth jihad .. Written by Americans about the Zionist war against the world .. N middie east

Sections " the real strategy is about to succeed "

What Israel wants is happening now ... A major war will break out to destroy ... All middie east... N control oil n supply n power .. They have destroyed Iraq , Afghanistan ... Syria ( almost ) n they want Iran

Anonymous said...


It was very tight security for at least the first few days. And then the negotiations broke down and the channels with the UN shut off and it became very tight as they were being prepared for Sharia trial and some of them to be moved to other secure places in Syria

It was at that stage that the "other channels" opened up and the review of the circumstances of the capture by the al Nusra command happened which then determined that there was a sacred Vow given.

The guards were withdrawn at that point and the boys were free to move around as they pleased within the compound.

They had become guests. No longer prisoners of war/ hostages

Anonymous said...

537 : thanks ... Rumours abound ... Is this guy really the silent saint who helped ? Ivan khan

oohlala said...

@ 5.37pm

Something doesn't sound right.

I'd like to know more about this "sacred vow".

When exactly was it given?

Was it given to the Fijians during the confrontation by Al Nusra at Area Position 27 - where the Fijian soldiers were told to surrender and they will not be harmed?

So if it was a "sacred vow" that would only be meaningful to the Al Nusra and the muslim brotherhood, then WHY did they even consider subjecting the Fijian soldiers to their sharia law when the UN negotiations broke down?

Esp. when they knew that not only were these soldiers under the UN, but that they were also all Christians? And therefore the outcome of a sharia trial would expectedly have very grave consequences for them.

So, "when and why" exactly did they come to the realisation much LATER about the importance of their "sacred vow"?

The world is not fooled by pretense compassion.

That was a strategic decision by Al Nusra.

Yes, I s'ppose time will tell what exactly had gone down with the "other channels" insofar as the UNDERTAKING made on behalf of a little nation that's been under siege by its "rogue" military the last 8 years.

oohlala said...

Btw, I have now voted and its definitely not for FF. So thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

koi au ko Navosa.
Vakavinavinaka vakalevu vei Jisu nomudou sere mai na taciqu vesu tu mai Syria.Dina e tu na neimami saqata tu nomudou liuliu ko Bainimara. Io, keimami na veimasulaki ga yani, baleta ni da dra vata tikoga.
Isa marau ko viti kei ira na dui wekadra na nomuni sere mai.Dua ga na kerekere mo dou nanumi Jiova tikoga.Vinaka boys my heart goes for all of you & pray almighty God will heal you mentally through the trauma you've gone through.
Hakwa tiko na cola & yalo ga me chu dodonu.

kailoma watch said...

kailoma@3.18pm...hmmm..another fence sitting monkey like the so called patriarch of the kailomas, Mickie Beddoes, Sometimes calling themselves niggas, other times anglo. Anglo your arse. I guess sitting on the fence for so long, the fence has grown into your arse and immobilised you, kailoma. Anglo?..hahahaha.. which part? Your toes? Maybe your finger nails after scratching your arse. In the natural order of the universe, kailomas rate second last. Only kutus rate lower, but only just. Kailomas will side with anyone because they have learnt well from their friends the girmitiyas. But wait you said you are also Fijian. So which is it my confused friend? Fijian, anglo, kutu or monkey?

king kong ding dong said...

kailoma3.18pm..has half a cock? Wow, really feel sorry for him. Didn't they say that's what happens when you play with yourself too much... you end up blind and with half a cock...

Anonymous said...

@Oohlala 6.29

You do the theorising.

Practical outcome is all accounted for, no casualties.

I am one who thought it could have been done differently, as the Filipino's did.

But its ended well, in any event, and that is which counts.

The Filipino's now cannot deploy there anymore because they are now compromised. They have admitted in the international media that they were helped by the IDF and the Syrian Army and its also come out that the Qatari's helped them.

In fact their exfiltration was executed after the IDF Sayaret pathfinders secured the route for them and made sure it was clear after Qatari SF gave them the all clear from inside the Golan.

And this was after they had killed 3 al Nusra fighters and wounded 2 al Nusra Commanders.

If they deploy again al Nusra will now target them to extract revenge.

So that is the end of the Filipino mission in UNDOF.

Now the question is theoretical (and hypothetical) could it have ended differently had the RFMF boys at position 27 stood and fought. I think it would have ended badly because our boys were not prepared for combat. That is a fact which cannot be denied.

The Filipino's were ready as they deployed Rangers because last year they had 25 of their men held hostage over there as well.

As for the US bombing being planned for ISIS, al Nusra still holds a platoon of Lebanese soldiers as of today and they have not released them.

And anyway they have been carpet bombed by Syrian Forces for the last four years anyway.

So what difference would US bombing make ?

It hasn't made a difference in Iraq. ISIS have just tactically moved their troops to covered positions after the US bombing started over there.

And the Kurds and the Iraqi army cannot move forward to engage them because they have started using hugging tactics on the US bombing which has now made it difficult for the US bombing to engage them without risk of hitting Kurdish and Iraqi friendlies.

The US started bombing in Iraq three weeks ago. And ISIS is still there. How long will the bombing campaign carry on for ?

oohlala said...

Just read the FijiTime article re Tikoitoga's fervent hope (see below), that his freed soldiers might be able to complete their stint in Syria in order to save his face, the short answer is: NO.

They need to come home following their debriefing. The peacekeeping show is over.

The UNDOF Commander Lt.General Iqbal Singh Singha needs to stand-down until investigations are completed.

If he was so brilliant and experienced as those who have his back are claiming, then why didn't he foresee the very likely situation that unfolded on Aug 28 and thereabouts?

As the UNDOF Commander in charge of his field troops guarding the periphery of an escalating civil war, he should have prepared for every contingency.

Giving them guns and white flags is an oxymoron. The UN peacekeepers may as well not carry arms if they're going to give them away for free and raise their big white flags each time a rebel group runs out of ammo.

What a joke! I'll bet all Syrian rebel groups are in stitches ROFL right now.

Sacred vow and my brother's keeper my foot! not when they're all committing genocide against their very own. Shame.

Come home pussycats, the show is over.

From the Fiji Times:

"Soldiers in UN compound

Nasik Swami, Saturday, September 13, 2014

THE 45 Fijian soldiers have returned to the UN compound after they were released by the al-Nusra group at the Quneitra crossing point in the Syrian-controlled part of the Golan Heights on Thursday.

And the soldiers are undergoing various assessments before a decision is made on who will be sent home to Fiji.

Military Commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga said the soldiers were undergoing medical and psychological tests including counselling and other assessments. "…After all the assessments are done then we will know whether we can bring them home or they will stay," Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said.

He said the general feeling was that the soldiers wanted to stay and complete their stint but the UN assessors would decide on this.

Meanwhile, Brig-Gen Tikoitoga revealed apart from the UN talks were held with the governments of Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates to secure their release.

Anonymous said...


UN has directed that they stay if they pass the tests.

That means they will return in August/ September next year.

Take a panadol and give it a rest

oohlala said...

@ 7.29pm

No, the ends does not justify the means. What if that were the IS butchers that had captured the Fijians? My goodness. You guys still miss this important point after what, 4 and a half coup d'etats in Fiji? tsk..tsk...

Anonymous said...


Those are hypotheticals which you don't need to procrastinate over.

There is nothing to think about because you are alive. Full stop.

You start thinking about it and you will get PTSD.

It wasn't ISIS and that is the end of the matter.

Anonymous said...

fuck you guys here all homos.....bloody fucken soldiers are released....can we talk about another important issue like removing bainimara.....sa sere na soti...ni vicai na vosa tiko ,,yavu boci...da veitalanoa taka na ka me torocaki kina o viti.

Anonymous said...


Vote for PDP candidate Sandeep Singh as only by being in the new government and using YOUR money will he be able to support his production company and produce Season 2 of Fiji Superstars !!!

Fiji can not afford to let SODELPA win as we then lose this show on TV.

Come on guys support PDP. Nothing is more important for Fiji's progress than this.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Bainimarama for the election. God Bless You.

But it is time for you to go!

Vote for any Party but not FFP!

Anonymous said...

fuck bainimarama ....ni qai veicai tiko

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:50 PM

What a wonderful example of Fiji you are Sir.

Nothing of any use or interest to say, but because your insignificance had made you feel unnoticed you now feel better having shown all what a prat you are.

Anonymous said...

love you my fijian brothers...u been released....ke dou sega ...we will come n release u...we from the Nadroga secret force...na yalo me chu dodonu

Anonymous said...

People were at FF Rally today at Valelevu when Bai told people that if they had voted and not voted FF the their vote is in the rubbish bin.....as usual dickhead doesn't appreciate individual democratic right to vote....
Anyway pre poll figures is that SDL has 90%....
Bai vakarau taki iko mo mavolo taki mai Naboro tamata vaqakoro sona levu....
Luveni kai madarasi o tukamu

alec chang said...

navi naisoro for PM..

korovou king said...

ului mara ...for prison

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for releasing the 45 and thank you and bless Al Nusra for being so kind.

Now, there is really nothing to thank Frank the coward cassava patch dasher for all this nor Aiyaz the muslim pigfarker nor kubuabola who has now given himself credit for his diplomatic maneuverings. Inoke would have offered his stink arse to save his own self. Luveni magaitinamu.

oohlala said...

@ 7.29pm. I took the panadol and had a catnap. Now, where were we?

You said: "The Filipino's now cannot deploy there anymore because they are now compromised."

Disagree. The Fijians compromised themselves AND the UNDOF peacekeeping mission by "grog-partying away i.e sleeping on the job.

Then they allowed themselves to surrender, gave away their arms and got into the rebel vehicles to be used as bait by the rebels to get the next Area Position which happened to be manned by Filipino soldiers, to surrender.

The Fijians have proved themselves to be the "weak link" in the UNDOF peacekeeping mission, endangering the Filipinos. They will not be trusted by other contingents if they're allowed back on the job on Golan Heights.

In addition, the besieged Filipinos could not even be rescued by their other contingents because doing so would have endangered the captured Fijians.

And so no one could come to help the besieged Filipinos who then had to fight off the rebels for 7 whole hours (because and only because of the "compromised Fijians").

The besieged Filipinos had to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and with remote assistance from friendly forces regarding their surroundings, finally escaped from under the rebels' noses.

Hence, THE GREAT ESCAPE (which btw will be made into a movie), COMMANDS the RESPECT of rebels all over Syria as compared to, oh nevermind.

You said: "They have admitted in the international media that they were helped by the IDF and the Syrian Army and its also come out that the Qatari's helped them".

My goodness, what about the compromised Fijians who had established close links with Iran and Syria? And why did they cross over to Israel after being freed? Is that the direction that the Al Nusra told them to go after being freed?

oohlala said...

You said: "Now the question is theoretical (and hypothetical) could it have ended differently had the RFMF boys at position 27 stood and fought. I think it would have ended badly because our boys were not prepared for combat. That is a fact which cannot be denied."

That was obvious, but WHY? Why were they not trained and geared properly for such a mission at Golan Hghts?

The others obviously were, as well demonstrated by both the Filipinos and the Irish.

What Fijian taxpayers would like to know is exactly what kind of training and preparation (in detail pls) is provided for their peacekeepers esp. for the Golan Hghts mission??

oohlala said...

You said: "The Filipino's were ready as they deployed Rangers because last year they had 25 of their men held hostage over there as well."

Of course, all the more reason why the Fijians should have been ready as well given the experience of the Filipinos. The Irish were, for they too defended their positions.

oohlala said...

You said:"As for the US bombing being planned for ISIS, al Nusra still holds a platoon of Lebanese soldiers as of today and they have not released them. And anyway they have been carpet bombed by Syrian Forces for the last four years anyway.
So what difference would US bombing make ?"

Blah, blah, blah... its a never-ending war. So what are we doing there anyway? Making a buck instead of real peacekeeping?

Why can't the Fiji govt bring this whole pretentious peacekeeping mission to an end and find alternative forms of employment for its citizens. Other countries have done it, why can't Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Preliminary medical and psychological assessments from the UN are in. They show our soldiers are suffering from lillied livers, weak brains, missing spines and narrow minds.

The tentative prognosis is very poor: terminal bainimatosis.

Anonymous said...

The Filipinos call theirs the Great Escape.

Ours is the Great Capitulation.

Anonymous said...

Al Nusra, thank you for freeing our men. Kindly come to Fiji to free the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

The Nusra Front fighters would never make it in the RFMF. They honour their vows.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:29, you're full of shit.

The US bombing has made a huge difference in Iraq... and for the better. It's changed the momentum and the psychology. It encouraged the Iraqi government forces, the Peshmerga and moderate Sunnis to resist the ISIL extremists. It saved the Mosul Dam. It punctured ISIL's myth of invincibility. It prevents ISIL from massing its troops. It's killed some of ISIL's military commanders and degraded ISIL's command and control. It showed America's allies that the US isn't going to cut and run. It reminded America's potential adversaries that there are high costs to acts of violence against innocent Americans.

Nobody ever expected a short period of air attacks to wipe out ISIL. That is a foolish expectation and a ridiculous metric by which to gauge the value of the air strikes.

The Syrian government has not carpet bombed ISIL for the past four years. The Syrian government didn't even resort to using fixed-wing aircraft in the civil war until two years ago. Maintenance issues, a lack of precision guided munitions, and the threat of MANPADS have all cut into the effectiveness of the Syrian air force, as has the rebel capture of several of the government's airbases.

At least you got one thing right. The Fijian UNDOF detachment was unprepared for its assignment. Woefully unprepared, which shows that it's under piss-poor leadership.

Anonymous said...

@3.48pm...Sep 13...Awesome piece, bro. like finding a piece of jewel in a pigsty. What with all the personal attacks and vile language on this site.

Anonymous said...

Great job by the FijiFirst folks.....they have had you folks going in circles with the hostage crisis......and way away from the election.

Yeap....lets keep discussing Obama's of bombing.

Coup 4.5...a blog that could have made the difference....got hijacked two weeks before election.

Yes...lets discuss Obama's policy about bombing.

Sure, Rajendra Chaudhry, Waden Narsey and the rest are holding the fort on the internet - against the Qorvis boys....or are the Qorvis folks are here on this site.

Funny, very funny.

TUI VITI said...

Au kerea me sa veitalanoa taki ga eke,na matanitu mai na FFParty ka sa na liutaki keda ni oti na veidigidigi, ka na vakatorocake taki Viti ena kena i vakatagedegede cecere ka kilaitani duadua.O kemudou na Sodelpa sa na to ni veisaqa kei ira na vo ni party, me vaka era dau kaya ne mai na tebara 'there is never a good govt without a good opposition'.AU VAKAVINAVINAKA VEI KEMUNI KECE NA VEITOKANI NI SUPPORT TAKA NA FFP ME YACOVA NA NONA SA MAI QAQA ENA VEIDIGIDIGI.VEI KEMUNI NA BIUTA ENA LOMA NI KAPA NI BENU NA NOMU DIGIDIGI,MO NI VULI MAI NA NOMUNI CALA,NI SA KILA DEIVAKI TU OQORI NA VANUA ME DODONU ME GOLE KINA NA NOMU DIGIDIGI,MAROROYA TIKO NA VAKANANANU OQORI ME YACOVA NA VEIDIGIDIGI KA TARAVA 2019.NI QAI TEI MOCE TOKA MADA,SAI TUI VITI GA OQO NA NOMUNI TOKANI DAUMAKA.

Anonymous said...

PSALM 60:1-5

David owns God's displeasure to be the cause of all the hardships he had undergone. And when God is turning his hand in our favour, it is good to remember our former troubles. In God's displeasure their troubles began, therefore in his favour their prosperity must begin. Those breaches and divisions which the folly and corruption of man make, nothing but the wisdom and grace of God can repair, by pouring out a spirit of love and peace, by which only a kingdom is saved from ruin. The anger of God against sin, is the only cause of all misery, private or public, that has been, is, or shall be. In all these cases there is no remedy, but by returning to the Lord with repentance, faith, and prayer; beseeching him to return to us. Christ, the Son of David, is given for a banner to those that fear God; in him they are gathered together in one, and take courage. In his name and strength they wage war with the powers of darkness.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.39

The war ISIS will end up the same as the war against the Taliban.

This is not new war strategy from Washington. Its the same old tired rhetoric dressed up as a new Crusade against some guys riding 4WD's in the middle of the desert upon whom a couple of millions (500 million) in missiles are going to be fired.

There has obviously been nothing learnt from Afghanistan.

Once you start firing a $35,000 missile from a million dollar drone which spends $30,000 of gas staying up in the air every day at a man on a motorbike you have got a big problem. It means your war strategy is invariably a failure, even before you get under way

What is Washington planning to do ? Fire state of the art Missiles costing $35 to $80k a piece at some camels because they look like they are carrying Mujahideen ?

Its failed war strategy.

It has not worked in Afghanistan with the Taliban, it has not worked in North Africa with the Islamic militants and now its being rehashed for ISIS.

Last night Oabama was talking about recruiting 5000 men from Syria per rotation to be trained in Saudi Arabia and armed so that they can go and fight ISIL.

Good theory. Messy in practice.

Case in point: Afghanistan. You've trained hundreds of guys who have since joined the Taliban and only made it stronger. Funded by Washington.

Why ?

Because there is not credible vetting system possible in places like that where the whole idea of is based on just getting guys to fill the ranks.

Net result ?

US national debt has hit the Trillion dollar mark and continues to rise.

It doesn't require much thinking to figure out that when you are reduced to firing state of the art $35,000 missiles at motorbike riders and 4 WD's in the desert that you have created the conditions for failure. Fiscal failure and military failure.

Tell me something new.

Anonymous said...

fuck everyone on this blog including me

Anonymous said...

By the way the Taliban (yes that same Taliban whom it was said that the mother of all wars to destroy the Taliban was launched in 2001 by Washington) is still very much alive and kicking (and growing).

And it is in fact sending hundreds of fighters to Syria to support the Islamic miltia's in Syria

This after Washington has spent more than $3 billion dollars in missiles and guns and training and bullets attacking them.

They are still standing and very much active and only grown stronger.

These are guys who ride around of Chinese motorbikes and Japanese 4WD's in the Afghan desert and live out of mud brick huts. They were bombed and missiled and all sorts of Special Forces and this force and that force under the sun from NATO and the US and any other country who wanted to jump on the saddle cared to send.

And it has gone on for the last 13 years.

And they are still standing.

It doesn't need an Einstein to tell you that something is seriously wrong with that war strategy.

Anonymous said...










The Heckler said...

"Once you start firing a $35,000 missile from a million dollar drone which spends $30,000 of gas staying up in the air every day at a man on a motorbike you have got a big problem."

Yeah, you've got a problem, alright.

But then, the poor slob on the motorbike has an even BIGGER problem, hasn't he?

Anonymous said...

In the Yemen they had been running a very good reintegration program where they worked with the Islamic Charities over and allowed them to run their own villages and communities.

They also started reintegrating the Islamic militants back into society over there, many of whom went back to their villages and settlements and became positive contributors to their communities

Then the "War of terror" arrived there and the whole reintegration program of their Government went out the window and was replaced by a policy of "search and destroy". This stupid Rambo idea that the only way to resolve a conflict is to exterminate whoever is on the other side by first demonising them and then actively seeking to destroy them.

And its a failed paradigm. Yemen has now become a base for the militias in the Gulf. An active recruiting ground for disaffected youths and men seeking Jihad against the injustices they see in their homeland.

This whole paradigm is wrong.

The root causes of the conflict should be identified and then understood and then work should be undertaken to build bridges to secure sustainable outcomes.

And you can't do that over the barrel of the gun (or from the gun carriage of an Apache helicopter for that matter).

The IRA issue was only resolved at Stormont by a settlement which recognised the root causes of the conflict and set out a framework for addressing those.

And now the US has decided that there is a new policy to be implemented in Afghanistan of teaching out to the "moderates in the Taliban".

After 13 years of firing missiles at them and demonising them and rocketing them and basically doing everything to exterminate them it would be a miracle to find any "moderates" left in their ranks.

Just dumb policy

Anonymous said...

And that "reaching out" policy is an admission that the US has failed to achieve the objectives set out in 2001.

It has not destroyed the Taliban, and it is now preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan after trillions of dollars of public debt has been created and thousands of US dead and wounded and nothing achieved.

The Taliban has only gotten stronger and stronger and stronger until Washington the 21sr century super power now has to reach out and build bridges with these guys in mud brick huts because all its 21st century power has failed to subdue them.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I already smell the end of SODELPA, YIIPPEEE Ai YO!!

Anonymous said...

3 more days to change this blog site into a JOKE STATION... yaayee!!

Anonymous said...

Na lewa e nona duadua ga na kalou,e sega ni nomu.Kevaka e sa nona lewa me veiliutaki o Bainimarama,e na yaco ga me vaka kina,ke sega e na kauta tani o koya.Keda meda masulaka ga me yaco na nona lewa.E sega ni noda i tavi meda veidusi,e sega ni noda i tavi meda cudruva se vosamuri taka e dua na tamata e bulia na tamada mai lomalagi.E nona na Kalou na veicudruvi,o iko vata kei au e nodaru i tavi ga me daru masu.Meda masulaka na vanua o Viti me na duri e dua na matanitu e na liutaki keda kina veigauna vinaka,ia,me na yaco tikoga na nona lewa o koya sa cecere sara.
Vinaka vakalevu.

TUI VITI said...

Mana na i tutu vaka Tui Viti sa taura tu oqo o au,o sa qai kacivi au ga oqo ena noqu i tutu,qarauna mana, kua ni caqeta tiko na mata ni moto.
Na siga tabu nikua,lako i lotu me seavu na nomu cudru.Sa neitou na Fiji First na qaqa,sa taura o iko na i uli,baleta ni ko biuta na nomu digidigi ena loma ni dustbin.Ke o via laba,lai labata mada e dua na moko se kalavo baleta ni na yaga vei iko,ni sa mate ga,kana sara,mana,kana mo mamau,me seavu an cudru.

Anonymous said...

Another beheading ..British national by ISIS

(CNN) — British aid worker David Haines appears to have been executed by ISIS militants, according to a video posted to a website associated with the group, making him the third Western captive to be killed by the Islamist extremist group in recent weeks.

Anonymous said...

WORD ON THE GROUND IS THE SOLDIERZ LEAVING FOR ISRAEL AND Abandoned camp. Paving the way for US and Israel bombing

Anonymous said...

(CNN) -- British aid worker David Haines has been executed by ISIS militants, according to a video posted Saturday to a website associated with the group, making him the third Western captive to be killed by the Islamist extremist group in recent weeks.
The ISIS video post showing Haines' beheading called his execution "a message to the allies of America."
It is produced very similarly to the videos that showed the executions of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, the last of which included Haines and the threat that he'd be killed next.
The new video pictures a masked ISIS militant placing his hand on another captive, whom he identified as Alan Henning, a British citizen.
In a tweet, British Prime Minister David Cameron called "the murder of David Haines" an "act of pure evil."
Cameron added, "We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes."
Retired Lt. Col. Rick Francona -- an Air Force veteran and CNN military analyst -- surmised that if ISIS planned to dissuade Britain for teaming up with the United States, the group will be disappointed.
"ISIS has just guaranteed British cooperation with the American on all phases of what we're going to be doing," Francona said. "... I think this is now a Western fight; it's not just a U.S. fight

Anonymous said...


Qoliqoli assurance

"SOCIAL Democratic Liberal Party candidate Nirmal Singh says there has been a number of misconceptions and lies spread about the Qoliqoli Bill.

Mr Singh told party supporters in Narere, Nasinu the qoliqoli (traditional fishing ground) had been there since Independence and it was not something new.

Giving an example, he said when fishermen wanted to fish as a business, they had to seek consent from the qoliqoli owners.

“Unless a fisherman produces a letter of consent from the qoliqoli owner, the Fisheries Department will not issue a licence and this has been happening under the Bainimarama government as well. And to obtain a letter of consent you have to pay goodwill to the qoliqoli owner,” he claimed.

“What the SODELPA government will do is to bring the qoliqoli under a legal structure that recognises the ownership of qoliqoli and it will protect the interest of the qoliqoli owner as well as those who use qoliqoli for commercial exploitation.”

Mr Singh said no one would restrict people from using the qoliqoli for leisure and for food to sustain their family.

“There will be no restriction if people are catching fish and other seafood for their family and there will be no restriction in accessing the sea and beachfront. What we are going to do is to ensure that qoliqoli owners benefit from commercial exploitation of their qoliqoli.

“The SODELPA government will consult widely with all stakeholders including other political parties before coming up with appropriate legislation that is acceptable and fair to all the people of Fiji.

“We want to assure our people that the Qoliqoli Bill will not stop you from going to the sea, catching fish and other seafood for food and other activities which are not commercial in nature,” said Mr Singh."

Anonymous said...

The Military third force behind ISIS is led by one man.

He is the Emir of the Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order (Arabic: جيش رجال الطريقة النقشبندية‎ Jaysh Rijāl aṭ-Ṭarīqa an-Naqshabandiya), also called the Naqshbandi Army

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri (Arabic: عزة ابراهيم الدوري‎ ‘Izzat Ibrāhīm ad-Dūrī; born 1 July 1942) is an Iraqi military commander and was vice-president and Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council, until the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.[2][3]

Al-Douri was the most high profile Ba'athist official to successfully evade capture after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and was the king of clubs in the infamous most-wanted Iraqi playing cards. Al-Douri continued to lead elements of the Iraqi insurgency such as the Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order against occupation forces and wages an insurgency against the current regime in Baghdad to this day; he has been described as "the hidden sheikh of the Men of the Naqshbandi".[4] Following the execution of former President Saddam Hussein on 30 December 2006, Al-Douri was confirmed as the new leader of the banned Iraqi Ba'ath Party on 3 January 2007.[5]

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it?Out of his potty mouth he's telling you all
of their Bhai&Khai plan to Take
the President and let Khaiyum take
the PM job?

nayacakalou said...

@Mark Manning...we are greatful that the captured have been released,it's what happen's now is something that concers me.Their boss Bainimarama congratulating them for being strong.These people should be sent home and go through rehabilitation before they a thrown on the field again.You would probably with me on this,after being captured and being released,the last thing you need is to be thrown back infront of the very same that held them hostage.They need their families and friends,to help them through the rehab process,if there is any at home.We have to understand that these people have been exposed to the violence and deaths on battle field's,and it's normal for them.That is the main reason why these human beings are so violent.as for them it is normal.

Anonymous said...

By Colin Freeman

4:25PM BST 18 May 2013
The Guardian

Now, after a decade as a fugitive, and believed by many to be dead, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri - one of the late Iraqi dictator's most trusted acolytes - appears to have re-emerged as the spiritual figurehead of a resurgent movement dedicated to restoring Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party to power.

The 70 year-old, on whose head the US set a $10m bounty and who helped Saddam lead his 1968 coup, is thought to be leading a group of regime die-hards blamed for a major upsurge in violence across the country.

Last month, in some of the fiercest fighting since US troops left Iraq, gunmen attacked Iraqi army units in northern Iraq, set up their own checkpoints, and even briefly routed troops from a small town north of Baghdad, which they declared to be "Iraq's first liberated territory".

Overwhelmingly drawn from the Sunni Muslim minority, their stated goal is to topple the Shia-dominated government of President Nouri-al Maliki, which they believe has been left vulnerable since the departure of US troops from Iraq 18 months ago.

Mr al-Douri's militia is thought to have been the main backers of the which was sparked by a heavy-handed crackdown on an anti-government protest in Hawija, a dusty town in what US troops used to call the "Sunni Triangle".

Known as the Naqshabandi Army, after an Islamic religious sect, Mr al-Douri's militia is believed to number up to 5,000 volunteers, many of them veterans of the anti-US insurgency.

Iraqi officials say that it has also successfully infiltrated the Sunni community's "Arab Spring" protest movement, which sprang up last year to campaign for greater Sunni representation in the government.

The protest movement, which claims that Sunnis are now treated as second-class citizens by government and the police, has held huge demonstrations in recent months former flashpoint cities like Fallujah, once notorious as the "graveyard of the Americans".


Da sa raica votu na cudru nei Bainimarama,sa sega walega ni kila na nonai vukivuki. Na vosa ca kei na veibeci sa qai toro cake ga. Sa ra qoroqoro nai itaukei ena levu ni vakaqoro, ia e ra vunitaka lo tu na nodra na vakagolea na nodra digidigi kina na SODELPA me vaka esa veitalanoataki oti tu. Sa dodonu kina mera vakarorogo ga nai to nei Banimarama baleta nI nodrai liuliu e sa kilai levu tu e vuravura - me vaka era dau kaya meu Kiuva " Dickhead Dictator".
Ni vakagolea na nomuni digidigi kina SODELPA, kemuni na i to ni FFP. Au kila tu ni oni kudru lo tu ga ka oni na vakagolea na nomuni digidigi kina SODELPA. MOSI VEI AU!

Anonymous said...

mosi ga vei iko nona kau o Tui Viti..misi vakadua..mmm..boka a bajimu!!

Anonymous said...

There was a papa mole, a momma mole, and a baby mole. They lived in a hole out in the country near a farmhouse. Papa mole poked his head out of the hole and said, "Mmmm, I smell sausage!" Momma mole poked her head outside the hole and said, "Mmmm, I smell pancakes!" Baby mole tried to stick his head outside but couldn't because of the two bigger moles. Baby mole said, "The only thing I smell is molasses."..lol

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Israel Radio reported that UN peacekeepers were evacuating the equipment from Camp Faouar, their main headquarters in Syria, to Israel. UN troops were bringing their gear over the border via special gates opened for them by the IDF, according to the report, and not through Quneitra which is now under rebel control. Only a small Fijian force is expected to remain at the base in a few days.

A-Sharq al-Awsat, quoting Syrian opposition sources, reported Saturday that the Qatari government paid a heavy ransom to rebels for the release of 45 captive UN peacekeepers freed Thursday.

According to the report Doha paid somewhere between $20-$45 million to the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front which had held the troops since August 28. Qatar took credit for negotiating the release on Friday, though it made no mention of a ransom.

Fighters from the Nusra Front group captured the Fijian troops late last month in the Golan Heights, where a 1,200-strong UN force monitors the buffer zone between Syria and Israel.

In exchange for the Fijians’ release, Nusra Front had demanded removal of the group from the UN terrorist list, the delivery of humanitarian aid to parts of the Syrian capital of Damascus, and compensation for three of its fighters who, it claims, were killed in a shootout with UN officers.

The capture of the 45 came during heavy fighting between rebels groups and Syrian army soldiers around the Quneitra crossing. Dozens of other peacekeepers from the Philippines managed to escape the group during a firefight.

The Nusra Front has accused the UN of doing nothing to help the Syrian people since the uprising against Assad began in March 2011. It said the Fijians were seized in retaliation for the UN’s ignoring “the daily shedding of the Muslims’ blood in Syria” and even colluding with Assad’s army “to facilitate its movement to strike the vulnerable Muslims” through a buffer zone in the Golan Heights.

Read more: Syrian rebels said to control most of the border with Israel | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/syrian-rebels-said-to-control-most-of-israel-border/#ixzz3DFbf8fW4
Follow us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook

Anonymous said...

'Qatar paid ransom for release of Fijian peacekeepers'

Syrian opposition sources say 45 Fijian UN peacekeepers were freed after Qatar paid $20 million to captors from the al-Qaeda-linked group Nusra Front in Syria.

Syrian opposition sources said on Saturday that Qatar paid militants from the Nusra Front in Syria a ransom of $20 million in return for the release of the 45 Fijian UN peacekeepers, the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported.

The report comes a day after the Qatari Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that it had helped to secure the release of the peacekeepers following "the request of the government of Fiji".

45 Fijian forces held hostage for two weeks
45 Fijian forces held hostage for two weeks

"The efforts of the State of Qatar led to the successful release of the Fijian soldiers... who had been held for two weeks," the Gulf emirate said in a statement.

Qatar said it had acted on "humanitarian" grounds, and that did not hesitate to mobilise all its means and diplomatic channels to save lives".

A UN spokesman previously said the abductors had made no demands to secure their release, "and there were no concessions".

The Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper further reported that Qatar had paid the Islamist organization $1 million for the release of each soldier. However, an official confirmation regarding this information has yet to be obtained.

On Thursday, the IDF spokesperson confirmed that the 45 Fijian peacekeepers that had been captured by al-Nusra Front rebels in the Syrian Golan had been released and crossed into Israel safely.

A day earlier, the head of Fiji's army said the Islamist militant group had dropped all of its demands to free the hostages, but at least slightly back-pedaled later in the day as the situation appeared to deteriorate.

Syria's three-year civil war reached the frontier with Israeli-controlled territory last month when Islamist fighters overran a crossing point in the line that has separated Israelis from Syrians in the Golan Heights since a 1973 war.

nayacakalou said...

@CAITI TUI VITI...Sa dina sara na ka o vakaraitaka.E vakaraitaki ena New Zealand news e nanoa ena gauna ni nodra rally,ena gauna e vakatarogi koya kina na New Zealand TV news repoter,e qai tara i koya tiko,ka qai oti qai tavia laivi e ligai Amada na microphone.E sega mada ga ni kila ni gauna e tarai Amanda kina,koya e sa sexual harrasmaent.E vakaraitaka tu na levu ni qaciqacia kei na dokadoka.

nayacakalou said...

Imean...sexual assault.

Anonymous said...

Fijian UN soldiers release unconditionally

by Mary Chastain 12 Sep 2014

The jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra, which is linked to al-Qaeda, released 45 Fijian United Nations peacekeepers in Syria to Israeli military in Golan Heights. The terrorists captured the group on the Syrian and Israeli border.

On Wednesday, al-Nusra released a video on their YouTube account of the peacekeepers in good condition. A source told Reuters the militants would only release the group if the video was published.

Fiji’s army said the group dropped all ransom demands on Wednesday. The UN told Reuters on Thursday that Fiji never asked the UN for ransom money, and no money exchanged hands.

Anonymous said...

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed their release and, according to a spokesman, demanded that all parties in the area respect the UN force’s “mandate, freedom of movement and the safety and security of its personnel.”

Nusra initially said it held the peacekeepers because they were aiding soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. Later, sources close to Nusra said it demanded the removal of the group from the West’s terrorist list.

The Nusra group on Wednesday posted a video on its Twitter and YouTube accounts in which the hostages said they expected to be freed soon.

A UN source earlier told Reuters the militants had insisted on such a video as a condition of the peacekeepers’ release.

“We are all safe and alive, and we thank Jabhat al-Nusra for keeping us safe and keeping us alive. I’d like to assure you that we have not been harmed in any way,” one hostage, who was not identified, said in the footage.

“We understand that with the limited resources that they have, they have provided the best for us and we truly appreciate it and we thank them. We are thankful that Jabhat al-Nusra has kept its word and that we will be going home.”

The head of Fiji’s army said on Wednesday the Islamist militant group had dropped all of its earlier demands.

A UN spokesman said in New York yesterday that no ransom had been requested for the Fijian peacekeepers and none was paid. He said the UN mission in the region remained viable and would continue to fulfil its mandate.

Anonymous said...

The 45 United Nations Fijian soldiers released by Syrian rebels are in Israel undergoing medical and psychological tests, following their ordeal.

The soldiers, who were part of a UN peacekeeping force, were seized in the Golan Heights two weeks ago by rebels from the al-Nusra Front, which has links to al-Qaeda.

The Israeli military says Thursday night it opened a border crossing and the 45 Fijians were driven into Israeli territory and released.

Our correspondent, Ricardo Morris, who was at a briefing in Suva, says the Commander of the Fiji army, said the soldiers were happy to be in Israel.

"They were having a kava session and enjoying some singing. He said they were in high spirits and they were well treated."

A Fiji correspondent, Ricardo Morris.

Despite earlier demands by al-Nusra, the UN says no ransom was requested and none was paid

Anonymous said...

"A UN spokesman said in New York on Thursday no ransom had been requested for the Fijian peacekeepers and none was paid"

Anonymous said...

U.N. Spokesman Stephane Dujarric said "no demands were made and no concessions were made" to secure the release of the peacekeepers, the AP reported. "No ransom was paid," he said

Anonymous said...

Au analyse taka toka o ira kece na CANDIDATES ni Fiji First and i came to a very simple conclusion era tamata ULUKAU KA NO SCHOOL KECE.

They simply can not read how human behave how will this can be an X FACTOR in this election.

However,the ladies, the Shamem Sisters are more clever then NO SCHOOL Bhai and his Chief Advisor Khaihum and they have known and can read the behavior of people during the election and what are still very sensitive to the people.





Anonymous said...

A leader of the Lebanese branch of the al-Qaida-linked Al-Nusra Front said on Saturday that the front had released five Lebanese Sunni troops, out of a total of 18 troops, it kidnapped during clashes with the Lebanese army earlier this month.

He added that he and fellow Al-Nusra members did not receive any ransom to release the troops

“Our fight is not against Sunnis,” the leader said.

Anonymous said...

A UN spokesman said in New York on Thursday no ransom had been requested for the Fijian peacekeepers and none was paid"

Anonymous said...

nayacakalou kere2 send c4.5 dat video of bainimarAMa and Amanda assault... sa bau vamadua sara ga...now i will not vote fiji first.

Anonymous said...

Sure, no ransom was demanded of the UN, and neither did it pay a ransom. But the Qataris paid. They paid a ransom. It's a nice way to transfer millions of dollars in oil money to the terrorsits while looking like a humanitarian in the process.

And someone earlier said it wasn't about money . . . Ha!

Anonymous said...

The ISIS committed a major strategic blunder by arrogantly provoking the Americans with the beheadings of American citizens just as ISIS was poised on the precipice of victory. That galvanised US public opinion in the same way that British public opinion is now being solidified by the news one of their own has been beheaded. Big mistake!

The US and Great Britain have now put together a coalition of nearly 40 nations to contribute to a worldwide effort to defeat the militants.

President Obama doesn't necessarily inspire confidence, but John Allen, who is leading the coalition, does, as he is a very competent US Marine Corps general.

ISIS has already paid dearly for beheading its American hostages, but it will soon pay a lot more. The Americans have only BEGUN to fight. And this time they're bringing their friends.

Anonymous said...

"The root causes of the conflict should be identified and then understood and then work should be undertaken to build bridges to secure sustainable outcomes.

"And you can't do that over the barrel of the gun."

Tell it to the RFMF, because that's precisely the approach Bainimarama is taking in Fiji.

Anonymous said...


The following is World News:


Report: Qatar paid $20 million ransom for Fijians' release

Al-Nusra front reported to be in control of 80 percent of Syrian border with Israel

Syrian opposition forces said on Saturday that Qatar had paid militants from the Nusra front $20 million ransom for their return.

This comes a day after Qatar's Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that it had brokered the release of 45 Fijian U.N. peacekeepers "at the request of the government of Fiji."

"The efforts of the State of Qatar led to the successful release of the Fijian soldiers... who had been held for two weeks," the Qatari foreign ministry said in a statement.

The reports of a ransom fly in the face of earlier statements from the UN that no concessions had been made to secure the peacekeepers' release.

On Thursday an IDF spokesperson confirmed that the 45 Fijians captured by al-Nusra front rebels had been released and crossed into Israel.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:15, yeah, right you are. So very funny and clever of Bainimarama to surrender our UNDOF detachment to terrorists as hostages in order to distract us just before the elections. Great idea, too, to intensify Fiji First's campaigning whilst everyone else was praying for the safety of our troops. Haha. And even Coup 4.5 got suckered into focusing on the lives and wellbeing of our soldiers whilst FFP just concentrated on its political campaigning and winning votes. Hohoho.

My, how we will laugh on Election Day! LOL

oohlala said...

@ 2.45pm

"Qui vult decipi decipiatur" ~ meaning: "If a man wants to be deceived then let him be deceived."

Most agree that the RFMF could not hve asked the UN for possible ransom money as the latter had made a clear, unequivocal demand for an "unconditional release" of the captured peacekeepers.

What I'm more curious to know is what undertaking exactly has Abu Squealer (thanks Anon 12.20am) made on behalf of Fiji to the Qataris in exchange for the 'ransom' paid to the Al Nusra Front. A 'ransom' that we all known is their (Al Nusra's) regular paycheck. Do we look like 'stupid'?

Are the Qataris also funding Abu Squealer and his FF party as they do with the Al Nusra Front et al?

I just have to wonder how many times does the grog-doped RFMF allow itself to be played for A FOOL (nihao!) and still beg for more.

Which part of the shrinking elephant does the Qataris want or do they want the whole thing in line with their long-term selfish vision of their dream caliphate?

Isn't it any wonder the RFMF hve now lost respect in the ME and the peacekeeping world. Very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

Heard through the grapevine that the real ransom was US$40 million. Half was to pay Qatari and other middlemen "handling charges" and to persuade Al Nusra to stop demanding Bainimarama's resignation. Robin Nair was instrumental in the arrangements.

Anonymous said...


Syrian rebels said to control most of the border with Israel
UN evacuates equipment from main HQ into Israel as insurgents capture two more towns; Qatar reportedly paid high ransom for release of Fijian troops......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:15, yeah, right you are. So very funny and clever of Bainimarama to surrender our UNDOF detachment to terrorists as hostages in order to distract us just before the elections. Great idea, too, to intensify Fiji First's campaigning whilst everyone else was praying for the safety of our troops. Haha. And even Coup 4.5 got suckered into focusing on the lives and wellbeing of our soldiers whilst FFP just concentrated on its political campaigning and winning votes. Hohoho.

My, how we will laugh on Election Day! LOL

Anonymous said...

@ 3.44PM

If reliable reports states that Qatar government assisted the release of the men via a huge ransom, than what in tarnations are you blabbing about? Is Nair your uncle or something?

Anonymous said...

The Qataris are the Aussies of the Middle East. The Aussies give away development money, but in reality they get most of it back in the form of salaries and contracts for overpaid Aussie consultants. The Qataris pay baksheesh to the regime but get most of it back in the form of ransom payments.

What's Arabic for "fair dinkum, mate"?

Bainimarama Knows Best said...

So what if the regime paid as much for the rebels to lay off of PM Bainimarama as it did for the lives of our soldiers? The rebels had no business demanding the PM's resignation in the first place. They had no business holding our men, either, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nair is my uncle. That makes him your great-uncle.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.07

ULUKAU!!! Why even bother to waste your time!!!

Anonymous said...

So if the Qatar Government did assist the illegal government/military for the release of the soldiers by paying a huge ransom, then there had to be some kinna bargaining going on between Fiji as a Nation and the Qatar Goverment!!

What was the deal???

Anonymous said...

Well, it ALMOST worked! Brother Aiyaz ALMOST tricked the dimwit into resigning. At least, this way he was able to help transfer a large sum of other people's (Fijian taxpayer) money to the mujahideen and to keep a portion for himself. The whole incident can have no real effect on the elections, since Brother Aiyaz has already fixed those. Now at least he has extra money in reserve for when the dimwit eventually turns against him after the elections.

Anonymous said...

The regime will never explain the ransom deal. No government would. That's part of the beauty of these things. It's easy to take a cut if you're a link in the negotiating chain. It's never audited. It comes out of "contingency funds".

Anonymous said...




Hmmmmm....food for thought...

David Roberts, Lecturer, Kings College London

Cutting deals with the enemy is a part of American – and Western – history. America has negotiated with terrorists and guerrilla fighters since the days of William Howard Taft. The UK, too, has conferred with the violent Irish Republican Army and Spain with its domestic terror group ETA.


But some policy pundits argue that Qatar’s latest negotiating behavior is different. Sinister, even. In the past few weeks, Qatar successfully brokered the release of U.S. reporter Theo Curtis and U.S. service man Bowe Bergdahl from the Al Qaeda affiliated Jabhat Al Nusra and the Taliban. Along with the homecoming celebrations came an uneasiness about Qatari motivations, and the nature of those terrorist organization relationships. Aside from these two examples, Qatar’s close relationship with Hamas concerns many. Some of the commentary on these issues makes some valid points that need to be answered, while some are faintly ludicrous. So let’s look at the facts.

The leader of Hamas has long been based in Doha, and Qatar seemed to play an important role in recent discussions regarding ceasefires in Israel. Qatar also has long-held a panoply of links to moderate Muslim Brotherhood associated groups throughout the Middle East. Particularly notable, for example, is Qatar’s hosting since 1961 of one of the leading Brotherhood Imams: Yusuf Al Qaradawi. He vastly expanded his influence under Qatari auspices using Al Jazeera as a vehicle to reach millions of Arabs. Qatar is also one of two states where the austere creed of Salafi, Wahhabi Islam prevails; the other is Saudi Arabia. To some, such links and associations are a context of enough circumstantial evidence to condemn Qatar as some kind of terrorist financier.

Anonymous said...

Lets get educated....learn more about how a tiny nation in the Pacific has developed close ties with QATAR!

Learn more about QATAR..

After Qatar helped secure the release of an American hostage by a Syrian al-Qaeda group, the tiny Gulf state’s uncomfortably close relationships with terrorist groups are again in the spotlight, leaving Western allies wondering about its true loyalties. The U.S. has not made the details of Peter Theo Curtis’ release public, but Curtis’ family said he would not have been released on Sunday without Qatar’s help. Meanwhile, the same day Qatar brokered Curtis’ release, Ron Proser, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, wrote a scathing New York Times op-ed titled “Club Med for Terrorists” that called Qatar the “most prominent” ally of Hamas, which Israel has been battling in Gaza for the last seven weeks and the U.S. considers a terrorist organization.

“Qatar is not part of the solution but a significant part of the problem,” Proser said. “…Every one of Hamas’s tunnels and rockets might as well have had a sign that read ‘Made possible through a kind donation from the emir of Qatar.’”

Others have also raised questions about Qatar's motives in recent weeks. Former Israeli President Shimon Peres accused Qatar of financing Hamas prior to leaving office in July, and German Development Minister Gerd Mueller blasted Qatar on Wednesday.

"You have to ask who is arming, who is financing ISIS troops?” Mueller said in an interview with German public broadcaster ZDF. “The keyword there is Qatar - and how do we deal with these people and states politically?"

The U.S. has also wrestled with Qatar’s connections to Sunni Muslim terrorist organizations. The State Department described Qatar as “largely passive” in cooperating with efforts to cut terrorist funding in an internal cable dated Dec. 30, 2009. The cable concluded that al-Qaeda, the Taliban "and other terrorist groups exploit Qatar as a fundraising locale. Although Qatar's security services have the capability to deal with direct threats and occasionally have put that capability to use, they have been hesitant to act against known terrorists out of concern for appearing to be aligned with the U.S. and provoking reprisals.”

More recently, the U.S. signed a $11 billion arms and defense deal with Qatar for Apache helicopters, missile defense systems and more in July. The U.S. also keeps an Army base and an Air Force base in Qatar.

A Pentagon spokesman, Rear Adm. John Kirby, summed up U.S.-Qatari relations in a statement following the deal. He called it “a critically important relationship in the region and [the U.S.] is pleased to be able to continue to make it stronger.”

oohlala said...

Tikoitoga's stupidity and arrogance is just staggering (see news article below)...given the real risks that he, through his men, had wittingly or unwittingly, put the Filipino soldiers through. tsk..tsk...

So instead of doing the least i.e. apologising to the Filipinos for asking them to surrender their arms (which I'm sure honourable warriors would rather die than ask that of their besieged peers, on behalf of rebels!), Tikoitoga could at least be the humble, contrite warrior and a gentleman and GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE!

But alas, the true measure of the RFMF Commander showed in his statement to the press that they (RFMF) do not feel any hostility towards the Filipino peacekeepers.


The Filipinos had just pulled off an unprecedented daring escape from behind enemy lines as peacekeepers, and atop the complicity of their compromised comrades (RFMF @ position 27), AND SUCCEEDED.

Surely, a quick nod of approval wouldn't be too much to expect of a trained military commander.. even if he stuck to his 'guns' about his men's surrender since they were not up to scratch for an "evade and escape" type of combat.

Or did Cmmdr Tikoitoga think that the RFMF is the darling play ball of the MEastern States?

To be tossed around like a play thing at will, patted on the head before being tossed about again like some kind of a sorry joke?

The peacekeeping mission needs to be SCRAPPED if they truly have the long-interests of the entire nation at heart. They've been a liability for the nation for far too long. Next.

"Freed Fijian troops call home and then celebrate.

By By Nick Perry And Pita Ligaiula September 12, 2014

SUVA, Fiji (AP) — First came the emotional calls home and then the celebrations Friday as 45 Fijian peacekeepers held captive for two weeks by Syrian militants made it to safety.

Fiji's military chief described how his troops were released at about midnight Fijian time, and were immediately given access to telephones to call their loved ones. By 2 a.m. every affected family in Fiji knew the good news, Brig. Gen. Mosese Tikoitoga told reporters.

Then, he said, came the grog ceremony. In Fiji, at least, that would mean drinking a potent local brew, kava, although the chief didn't say if that was the case.

"We could see the singing and drinking in the background, all the laughter, so they are all back to Fijian moods," said Tikoitoga, describing a video call he had with his troops. "And so I assume that all is well with them, at least emotionally."

The Fijians had been held captive by the al-Qaida linked Nusra Front since Aug. 28. They were part of a 1,200-strong U.N. force that had been stationed in the Golan Heights, the disputed buffer zone between Syria and Israel.

U.N. deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said the Fijians were released at the Syrian side of the Quneitra crossing point, which marks the area between Syrian-controlled territory and the Israeli part of the Golan Heights.


[T]he capture of the troops has raised questions both about the preparedness of the Fijian troops and of the future of the U.N.'s four decade-long monitoring mission in the Golan Heights.

Tikoitoga said his troops had to make a decision to surrender Aug. 28, in consultation with U.N. commanders, based on their position and the firepower of the militants. He said they did so only after receiving reassurances from the Nusra Front that they would not be harmed.

He said his soldiers felt no hostility toward Filipino troops, who were also surrounded by the Nusra Front but who refused to surrender and later escaped.


oohlala said...

Say it again loud and clear, boyz & gals!

What do we want??

What don't we need?

Great afternoon all.

Oh btw, I wore a white dress to church today. So let the truth be known to all.

Anonymous said...

US Propoganda to portray al Nusra as a Mafia organisation.

And this is exactly what nearly got our boys executed last week. US propaganda escalated the issue when they falsely fed into their media contacts that al Nusra wanted to betaken off the US Terrorism list, which was actually untrue.

And now they have fed further US black propaganda without considering for a minute that this now puts our Fijian boys at greater risk because they are now being portrayed as optimum targets for ransom kidnapping. This makes our boys liable for engagement in contacts which may very well see men killed and maimed

And for what ?

US black propaganda.

Dumb idiots

Which Syrian Opposition forces supposedly said this ? It doesn't even say. Typical black propaganda.


Syrian opposition sources say 45 Fijian UN peacekeepers were freed after Qatar paid $20 million to captors from the al-Qaeda-linked group Nusra Front in Syria.

Syrian opposition sources said on Saturday that Qatar paid militants from the Nusra Front in Syria a ransom of $20 million in return for the release of the 45 Fijian UN peacekeepers, the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported."

Anonymous said...

The US would be happy to see our boys engaged in contacts over there and killed and maimed.


Anonymous said...

If the US is happy with getting its own people beheaded, then enjoy it yourself, don't pull us into your stupidity and dumb games


TUI VITI said...

@ Anon 1.09pm and 12.44pm o veka,au tu e valenilotu drau veiba taka tiko na noqu kau,ragone!Au nanuma sara na sere oya,'cinalivaliva,batiri walu, oilei na idi oilei' ia ena sega wale ni toto vei koko, ena malaude talega ni sa vodo ena noqu bavelo me vakasisi ena dela ni misi.O sobo se qai sigatabu sa bai biri vakasigalevu na taunamu.

Anonymous said...

The reason why our boys were taken is because information had been fed to al Nusra that they were giving intelligence on movements of al Nusra within the UNDOF area to the Syrian Government.

Which was UNTRUE. Our boys never at any time breached the UNDOF rules as they remained impartial and neutral.

Somebody fed that false information to al Nusra.

al Nusra intended to hold our boys as hostages in exchange for the release of a number of key al Qaeda men who were held in Damascus on the belief that because our boys were supposedly involved with Damascus that the men held by Damascus would be released in exchange

One of the men held in Damascus is a Top ranking al Qaeda leader who had founded al Qaeda with Sheikh Bin Laden and Sheikh al Zawahiri in the late 80's

He had been captured by the Pakistani Intelligence in Pakistan in 2005 and handed over to the CIA who it is believed took him to Diego Garcia (renedition) and then Guantanemo.

The Americans released him into the custody of the Syrians in 2008/ 2009 because they hoped that the Syrians would use methods of Torture and Interrogation to extract information from him which methods of interrogation and torture could not be used in the United States and then share the information with the CIA.

This is the reason why our boys were taken.

It is important that this is known and understood. They weren't taken for a game of hide and seek or cowboys and Indians or Cops and Robbers

They were taken for seriously deadly intentions.

And the false black propaganda being peddled by the US is likely to create more risk and adversely affect the security situation over there for not only our boys but everyone else

Keimami na Lewenivanua said...

O keimami na lewenivanua sega ni lewe ni mataivalu se veiwekani ni mataivalu,o keimami a sega ni tokona na vuaviri ena 2006 ka keimami a sega ni tu i Palimedi ena 2000 kei George Speight,KEIMAMI SA VOSOTI PM KEI IRA NA LEWE NI MATAIVALU ENA COUP NI 2006,KEIMAMI SA TOKONA NAI LAKOLAKO VOU SA DA GOLE KINA OQO NI KEIMAMI SEGA NI TALEITAKA NA VUAVIRI SA YACO TU MAI ELIU,ERA RAWAKA KINA E SO KA VUQA VEI KEIMAMI E GUILECAVI ENA VEIGACAGACA KECE NI VEIQARAVI KEI NA VEIVAKATOROCAKETAKI NI MATANITU,KEIMAMI SA RAICA NI RA SA SAGAI IRA GA O IRA ESO NA LEWENA NA GCC,SENATE KEI NA VALE NI BOSE LAWA ME RA RAWAKA ENA GAUNISALA BUTOBUTO KA RAWATA NA NODRA I YAU KA VAKAYAGATAKI KEIMAMI NA LEWENI VANUA ME I ULUBALE NI VEICAKACAKA DUKA ERA KITAKA.KEIMAMI SA VOSOTI PM BAINIMARAMA KEI IRA KECE NA VAKAITAVI ENA VUAVIRI ENA 2006 WILI KINA O IRA KECE NA LEWE NI MATAIVALU E VANUA KEI NA KENA E WAI.SA I VAKARAITAKI NI NEIMAMI VEIVOSOTI OQO OYA NA NEIMAMI SA REGISTER ME LEWENA NA FIJI FIRST PARTY KA KEIMAMI NA VAKARAITAKA NA NEIMAMI DIGIDIGI ENA VEIDIGIDGI SA VAKAYACORI OTI [PRE POLL] KEI NA KENA SA RORO TIKO MAI.KEIMAMI SA DUAVATA KEI PM BAINIMARAMA ME SA LIUTAKI KEIMAMI KI NA DUA NA SALA E RARAMA,VAKALOU KA KEIMAMI QARAVI VINAKA KINA NA LEWENIVANUA E VITI MAI NA VEILIUTAKI ENA MATANITU, ENA GAUNA E DAI,VAKAUASIVI VEI IRA NA NODA KAWA E MURI MAI.Ena siga vukelulu,ka 17 ni sepiteba,2014 keimami sana vakaraitaka na neimami tokona na Vitivou esa tutaka tiko na PM,keimami sa oca ka rarawa vakalevu ena kena kovei ka kocovi ka vakayagataki na sala butobuto me rawa lomadra kina na vei Turaga,Marama Bale me tawa na noke ka sinai vutuvutu nai lalakai me yaga ga vei ira.Keimami sa mai kila oqo na volitaki ena sala butobuto na qele mai DENARAU kei MOMI me rawaka kina eso ka guilecavi o ira na i taukei ni qele,ia era qai vakayataka na lewenivanua me nodra i le ni ra matataki keimami,ka keimami digitaki ira me neimami liuliu,io,e dina oya,era digitaki me ra veiliutaki ena sala rarama,ena sala vakalou ka sega ena sala butobuto,ka sega ni ra digitaki me ra volitaka vakadua na neimami qele,ka sa neimami masu me sa liutaki keimami kina dua na VITIVOU na PM Bainimarama, me sa kua na vuaviri, e kauta mai na tawase,dravudravua kei na lecaika.KEIMAMI SA NA VAKARAITAKA NA NEIMAMI NANUMA KEI NA YALO I KEIMAMI ENA SEPT 17.IA KE SA MANI DUA TANI NA MACALA NI VEIDIGIDIGI KEIMAMI SA TU VAKARAU ME VEITOKONI KEI IRA SA NANUMI MERA LIUTAKI KEDA.SA KENA LEVU.VINAKA VAKALEVU.KEIMAMI KEREA ME KEIMAMI VOSOTI NI KEIMAMI TAURA NA NOMU NI GAUNA MO NI WILIKA NA NEIMAMI I TUKUTUKU OQO,VINAKA.NI KALOUGATA TIKO ME NODA VATA NA LAGILAGI NI SIGA TABU NIKUA.

Anonymous said...

Farking idiot. The RFMF surrenders to the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria and gets bailed out by Qataris, but it's all somehow the Americans' fault.

Isn't everything?

Asharq Al-Awsat is the world's premier pan-Arab daily newspaper, Launched in London in 1978, and printed simultaneously on four continents in 14 cities, Asharq Al-Awsat is often critical of the US. Yet you claim its coverage is somehow US black propaganda?

You sound like a farking Taliban. Do us all a favour and cut your own head off. You're not using it anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Our boys never at any time breached the UNDOF rules as they remained impartial and neutral."

No doubt the same way that Tikoitoga says they remain impartial and neutral in our elections.

Anonymous said...

"Al Nusra intended to hold our boys as hostages in exchange for the release of a number of key al Qaeda men who were held in Damascus on the belief that because our boys were supposedly involved with Damascus that the men held by Damascus would be released in exchange."

Let me make sure I have this straight. You're saying that Syria's leader, Bashar Al-Assad, the same guy who used chemical weapons against his own people and was instrumental in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the creation of over two million refugees --all because he refused to resign -- you're saying that Al-Nusra believed Assad would have released their top leader from his torture cell because of pangs of conscience regarding the fate of 45 Fijians? Because Al-Nusra thought the Fijians had shared troop movement information with the Syrian government, therefore Al-Nusra thought Damascus would be willing to barter away a top Al-Qaeda leader?

That's a very interesting theory. It's hard to see who you think is most gullible and naive -- Assad, Al-Nusra, or C4.5's readership.

So why, then, did Al-Nusra go after the Philippine troops? Because they thought the Filipinos were giving ballroom dance lessons to the Syrian government?

Anonymous said...

I have just watched the close up between Voreqe and Stanley Simpson. I must say that i am madua saraga about the level of incompetent and poor general knowledge on leadership in particular.

I won't vote for this person at all and will try to convince all my relatives NOT to vote for Fiji First.



Anonymous said...

Na bavulu ga na bavulu.

Dredre kubukubu toka o Khaihum

Anonymous said...

This guy , Vore can't even answer simple questions

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how can he make important decisions for the nation.

All along it has been Khaihum the master of magic.

Anonymous said...

O koya e ya yaco g an form 5 mai Marist....can't u understand that?

All along he was being coached by Khaihum and text have been prepared and he only have read the text provided.

Anonymous said...

@7.04 The only westerners being beheaded by ISIS are US citizens (and this week a British citizen)

All other nationalities are being released by ISIS. The Italian who was taken with David Haynes was released by ISIS.

Why is it that all other nationalities are being released by ISIS and the only westerners being beheaded by them at US and British ?

Can't a ransom be paid for their release as well ?

Anonymous said...

Fijian UN soldiers release unconditionally

by Mary Chastain 12 Sep 2014

The jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra, which is linked to al-Qaeda, released 45 Fijian United Nations peacekeepers in Syria to Israeli military in Golan Heights. The terrorists captured the group on the Syrian and Israeli border.

On Wednesday, al-Nusra released a video on their YouTube account of the peacekeepers in good condition. A source told Reuters the militants would only release the group if the video was published.

Fiji’s army said the group dropped all ransom demands on Wednesday. The UN told Reuters on Thursday that Fiji never asked the UN for ransom money, and no money exchanged hands.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed their release and, according to a spokesman, demanded that all parties in the area respect the UN force’s “mandate, freedom of movement and the safety and security of its personnel.”

Nusra initially said it held the peacekeepers because they were aiding soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. Later, sources said it demanded the removal of the group from the West’s terrorist list.

The Nusra group on Wednesday posted a video on its Twitter and YouTube accounts in which the hostages said they expected to be freed soon.

A UN source earlier told Reuters the militants had insisted on such a video as a condition of the peacekeepers’ release.

“We are all safe and alive, and we thank Jabhat al-Nusra for keeping us safe and keeping us alive. I’d like to assure you that we have not been harmed in any way,” one hostage, who was not identified, said in the footage.

“We understand that with the limited resources that they have, they have provided the best for us and we truly appreciate it and we thank them. We are thankful that Jabhat al-Nusra has kept its word and that we will be going home.”

The head of Fiji’s army said on Wednesday the Islamist militant group had dropped all of its earlier demands.

A UN spokesman said in New York yesterday that no ransom had been requested for the Fijian peacekeepers and none was paid. He said the UN mission in the region remained viable and would continue to fulfil its mandate.

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Interview tonight with FB and Stanley Simpson

"I keep going back to Biman and Tupou..Tupou would like to bring back the GCC..Biman is not worried about the average Indo-Fijian and not worried if something hits the fan! I keep harping about NFP..what NFP fought for is now here..all of a sudden some people have started up NFP..saying we are fighting for the rights of the Fijian people..I want to bring about the rights of true democracy.

My being here and making those decisions ....is the understanding I had with the military..in 2006 Biman Prasad wasnt around..there was no participation from him...and all of a sudden he wants to come out of the woodwork..this is true democracy (holding up booklet)..lets find out exactly why the soldiers died..they died because of discrimination.. the losers, the opportunists who think if we get rid of this guy I may be a senator, a minister, a politician..

People are voting because of the lies they have been told..if you voted for Sodelpa its gone to the rubbish bin..but that's democracy in the evil form Stanley..if you go to parliament because you lie to people..hold on Stanley, I havent finished..if you voted for Sodelpa because of these lies your vote has gone to the rubbish bin...Stanley, Ive been asked whether I will accept the decision of the election...of course Stanley..ask the other parties whether they will accept the decision.."

Excuse me Stanley I just want to correct your statement "I will win this Election..We have 1.8 Billion dollars in the bank..

Stanley I think this guy is a liar..there's an ad going in your station that poverty at 45%...but seriously it was 32% then but we have more money now in our economy..anyone would think it has gone down..now we have 1.7..1.8 billion dollars. Listen to me I havent finished..where's your evidence to allow him to make that statement in your tv station..



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Just watched kept and bainimarama on straight talk.
Kept was a baby, lacked communication skills and logic and was a disaster.
After she is a chief, who can convince the innocent common Itaukies in villages.
She has no qualities of a leader. Rabukaa would have been a better choice.
Bainimara s Fijifirst will thrash Sodelpa because it has a weak leader and its policies being racist.
Eagerly waiting for Baini to be PM next week.

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Anonymous said...


The only westerners being beheaded by ISIS are US citizens (and this week a British citizen)All other nationalities are being released by ISIS.

The Italian who was taken with David Haines was released by ISIS.

Why is it that all other nationalities are being released by ISIS and the only westerners being beheaded by them at US and British ?

Can't a ransom be paid for their release as well ?

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