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Monday, September 1, 2014

Captured troops radioed for help, soldiers names released

Al Nusra: Stolen UN vehicles.

Fiji's rash pursuit of friends has come back to bite it on the bum.

Intel sources claim the captured Fiji troops radioed Israel for help but were turned away because of Fiji's decision to cement diplomatic ties with Iran (and North Korea) in 2012.

Sources say the captured men sought help from Israel but were told no cavalry would be coming because Fiji soldiers no longer had preferential treatment.

Negotiations are meanwhile underway for the release of the captured soldiers but it's not certain who is doing the talking to the radical Islamic group, Al Nusra.

Media reports suggest Fiji is leading the negotiations but
nothing has been confirmed with RFMF commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, reiterating only that they've had no contact with the men but are trying to get them released. 

Tikoitoga has also revealed Fiji is training more men to send as replacements for the captured troops.

The decision is an unpopular one and has sparked more criticism of the RFMF, especially Tikoitoga who earlier this week broke protocol by revealing the commanding officer had weighed up his options and decided to act as a 'cat' rather than a 'tiger'

The commander is believed to be Savenaca Siwatabu.

Al Nusra says in its statement it took the 45 troops because "UNDOF was aiding the government of President Bashar al-Assad and had ignored the suffering of the Syrian people."

It says it will release the men in exchange for humanitarian aid for Syria saying the 'detainees are in a safe place, and in a healthy condition."

Frank Bainimarama, who sent more than 400 men to Golan Heights last year knowing the mission was dangerous, has broken his silence to deny the troops were 'combatants' following wide criticism of the troop's decision to surrender, unlike the soldiers from the Phillipines who stood their ground.

Pictures of Bainimarama campaigning hard out in the past five days as he distanced himself from the capture have done him no favours. They show him to be cold and calculating and  not man enough to take responsibility for sending Fiji to war. Bainimarama only made a nationwide speech on the captured men yesterday, four days after the soldiers were taken prisoners.

Also unpalatable these past few days were pictures of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum playing up for the cameras on a Fiji First Fun Day in Nausori, a day after the men were captured.

Playing to the gallery: Khaiyum throwing lollies at the Fiji First Fun Day
Both will no doubt try to wash their hands of the fate of the 45 troops as they forge ahead with their charade of an election to maintain their illegal reign.

Update 2 September: Captured soldiers names released

PTE Timothy John Anthony
PTE Apisalome Rokotakala Waqa Balawakula 
PTE Mosese Bevu 
PTE Kasimiro Bose LCPL George Rodney Burt
SGT Viliame Cavubati 
PTE James Danford 
CPL Sakiusa Kamikamica 
PTE Talaiyasi Koro 
LCPL Josefa Lewenilovo 
PTE Nemani Matevakaloloma 
PTE Apenisa Muavesi 
LCPL Waisea Nabotiloma 
PTE Orisi Nasomia Naio 
LCPL Josefa Naivola
WO2 Marika Nakicobula
Capt Simione Qionibaravilala
Capt Savenaca Siwatibau
CPL Nasi Vilani Racaca
LCPL Sanaila Radevo
PTE Semi Radrodro
PTE Tevita Kaloulasulasu Rakabu
PTE Manasa Rasalato
PTE Atanio Vereti Ratucoko
PTE Panapasa June Ravai
CPL Paula Ravuso
CPL Tevita Madakiliva Rokobuli
PTE Aminisitai Rokoli
CPL Niumaia Romala
PTE Petero Samuela
PTE Severo Saqacala
PTE Jemesa Saqamaitoga
PTE Sevuloni Busa Duikete Sereinagata
PTE Ratu Emori Tunaosara Tagivakatini
PTE Maika Takavesi
PTE Eparama Tamanivakabuta
CPL Manasa Leone Taraki
PTE Jowasa Togavou
CPO Laitia Usa
PTE Ratu Emosi B Ranatawake
PTE Mosese Lekanagata Vatanitawake
PTE Iosefo Iferemi Vilolo
PTE Asaeli Ratusema
PTE Jone Wainiqolo
AB Ilitomasi Nawalu Waqavonovono 


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Anonymous said...

Israel could not have intervened.

That UNDOF area is a no go zone for the Israeli's.

It is Syrian territory.

The Syrians, Israeli's and Qatari's provided support for the Filipino's which enabled them to escape al Nusra.

Anonymous said...

That brown vehicle in the background of the al Nusra man next to the UN vehicle in that photo has a ZSU 23 on the back.

That is a modified anti aircraft gun mounted in the back of that Brown Utility.

Rushing another 44 to be punching bags isn't such a good idea.

Better to take time and prepare well before going. At the very least.

Anonymous said...

Kivei kemudou na SODELPA,

If you win the election, please sack Tikoitoga and the CO in the ME for incompetence.

If you lose, then consider putting forward in Parliament a motion of no confidence against Bai.

Anonymous said...

Mosese Tikoitoga, stop barking like a dog!!! This Al Nushra rebels got high technologies and they can read everything your saying on the internet... The lives of your useless, pussycat soldiers lies in your hand. One more sensitive, awful, disrespectful comment about al Nushra and your soldiers will be dead...

Nomu sotia Sonalevu, viavialevu, vakateratera , dau mokulaki keimami na lewenivanua Ina keba I Nabua era na musulaki na domodra...

Your arseholes, disrespectful, women beaters, murderers soldiers, terrorising the fiji people will get beheaded... They deserve it. Most of the soldiers captured are the ones involved in the beating, torturing and killings of INNOCENT UNARMED CIVILIANS in the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua....

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND... You Mosese Tikoitoga and The EVIL CORRUPT, COMULSIVE LIAR DICTATOR Bainimarama. You days are numbered....

Waraka namaka, drau yavu tamata kaisi bokola... God bless the fiji people and curse this Fiji Military Thugs...

Anonymous said...

Preparing troops for operations overseas in combat situations should have involved a three years planner not 3-4 weeks prep. Sad to say that the look on the soldiers faces is not that of defeat but a plea for direction. Not bad soldiers only bad leaders. Bainimarama, Tikoitoga and his officers will have a hard time convincing the troops to believe in them after this crisis.

Anonymous said...

In these moments of crisis where we have 45 sons of Fiji captured under durress, we need to be sensitive to the children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and grandparents of our brave soldiers who voluntarily went on the Golan heights. Many comments on this blog is made out of anger and vindictiveness and it does not help the situation of the families whose loved ones have been captured. Wether any one of these 45 soldiers make it back home is something every citizen of Fiji should be concerned about. We as a nation have lost the moral values of humanity if we continue to utter such despicable blogs in venting our fury at frank and khaiyum. We have all been raised with strong christian values and these values combined with our family values, customary and traditional values should teach us to be humble. Vindictiveness and anger will only stir the emotions and breed chaos. Is this the society we as fijians want to teach our future generations. God has a lesson to teach everyone in what has happened. It is perhaps a larger plan for what he is preparing and these 45 men are a part of gods plan. There is no such thing as fate. These events are happening at a moment and time when Fiji is about to enter into elections and gods timing is always impeccable. Some see this as revenge for the Fiji military abuse of its own people but some see this as a moment which should touch the very hearts of our people. There is no such thing as bravery in war but there is bravery in gods humility and resolve maintaining gods love and forgiveness. Whatsoever men sows he will reap but god will be the decider and not men. We should take a moment of silence from our anger and vindictiveness to pray for these 45 brave sons of Fiji. Please refrain from hatred and vile words and instead pray for these men and pray for Fiji to be lifted above all these moments of difficulties and particularly pray for the patents of these brave sons and the children of these brave sons that they will find comfort in these difficult moments.....may god bless you all and bring our sons home safe..

peace perfect peace said...

Unfortunately, the RFMF has now removed all doubt that they are THE weak link in UN peacekeeping missions.

No other UN peacekeeping contingent will trust serving alongside this compromised force.

They should bow their heads in permanent shame for daring to ask the Filipino soldiers to surrender their arms. Shocking.

Read and learn from the courageous Filipinos:

"Although they were surrounded and outnumbered, they held their ground for seven hours,"

"The 40 Filipinos fled with their weapons from the Rwihana encampment under cover darkness overnight, traveling across the chilly hills for nearly two hours, before meeting up with other U.N. forces, which escorted them to safety early Sunday".

"During the siege, the Philippine secretaries of defense and foreign affairs, along with the country's top military brass, gathered in a crisis room at the military headquarters in the capital to muster support for the Filipino forces and help ensure their safety."


Kinda reminds me of the movie "Behind Enemy Lines" with Owen Wilson as Bennet whose fighter jet crashed behind enemy lines and had to do a cross-country running through the woods, hills and plains to get to a safe zone... while the Serbian army tried to track him down and kill him... Gene Hackman acting as his CO instructed him to 'pull himself up by his own bootsraps' and do what it takes to 'evade and survive' until help came but never surrender!

Anonymous said...

Classic Bainimarama: our boys are taken hostage by extremists who chop off the heads of prisoners, but don't let that get in the way of a good time. No Fiji First Fun Days any more in the Golan Heights!

MTUAPATI said...



Warriors of Islam, we write to you about our husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, nephews who are now in your protective custody. We ask your compassion for these men.

We know that the men of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces have no business patroling the Golan Heights on behalf of the United Nations. They are only there because they are a product of the UN system, of which, like you, we are major victims.

Years ago, our military saw rapid and unprecedented expansion for the sole purpose of joining international peacekeeping efforts. We were grossly unprepared for this. No sooner did our military expand than it launched the first of several coups against our legitimate government.

The most recent of these coups was eight years ago. The main perpetrator of that treason is still our unelected overlord. As the commander of our armed forces, it was he who decided to send our men to the Golan Heights. Like every action taken by Fiji's regime these past eight years, he did this completely without sanction of law and without taking into account the views of our people.

This is a cowardly man who bashes women and leads our soldiers into treason and unmanly acts like torturing helpless prisoners.

On that note, thank you for taking care of our men. Thank you for feeding them and providing for their medical needs. Thank you for moving them to safety.

Our soldiers were once a source of pride, but now they are a source of shame. This is because of their allegiance to this traitor and their willingness to follow him into acts of treason, arrogance, selfishness and brutality these eight years. These men are still our family, however. We ask their safe return.

Their surrender to you without even firing a shot has proven these bullies to be cowards. In this, you have actually done our nation a great service. You see, we are now on the verge of our first elections in all this time. These elections are neither free nor fair. We have fully expected the regime to steal them through manipulation of its tightly controlled media and electronic balloting. The United Nations and its major supporters give no heed to this, as they are only interested in how many troops Fiji can supply to man their military missions. Your capture of our men has opened many of our people's eyes to the selfish, incompetent and cowardly nature of our nation's leadership, introducing the chance that our rejection of them at the polls will be so emphatic as to foil their plots and schemes.

Also, the cowardice of our troops has shown them unfit for further service to the United Nations. This means that perhaps our military can return to its normal size and duties, and no longer represent a threat to our nation and institutions. Maybe the great powers who support the UN system will stop seeing us only as a source for cannon fodder and instead see us as a people who have been profoundly wronged, partly through their own actions and deliberate inactions. We are proud of the humanitarian work our men have done on behalf of the United Nations and in the general interest of peace. But like you, we have been aggrieved by the UN system. Your capture of our men now enables us to drop out of this cycle of humanitarian and peacekeeping missions abroad and UN-abetted coups and repression at home.

We wholly support your request for humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria. We would like to participate in that effort if our security is guaranteed.

Our people are just a few generations removed from savage cannibals. We used to roast our prisoners and dine on their flesh. Our only progress has come from accepting the civilising tenets of our religions -- Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. We suggest that the greatest religion is that faith which leads man to mercy. We ask your mercy for our men. They do not deserve it -- but then, none of us do, for such is the nature of man and of God's mercy.

We await your decision.

Anonymous said...

The brave Colonel Joji Mate used to say at the Fiji Military Officers Mess in Nabua' Nuidei, nuidei''
To the Liganiwau in Syria, Be brave and do not lose hope.
To the Warriors of Islam,واسمحوا جنودنا يذهب مجانا.يرجى الامتناع عن قتلهم.

My country, my Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Back in Fiji we have been bullied around for 7 years. The incident occurred in the Golan Heights have helped expose who our Fiji soldiers really are !

These cowards have been terrorizing Fiji with their military styled coup d'etat bullcrap all these time and when they realized that the threats were real, cowardly decided to lay down their weapons and surrendered in broad daylight !

Huh! ...What a joke ! The Brig General idiot Tikoitoga had spilled the beans saying that Fiji soldiers had made their wise decisions in surrendering. Oi.... because the threat was now real ?

Ia, mai Viti era sega ni (penny lamu) rere, se loloma, se madua, ena veivakamatei, ena veivakarerei, ena veimoku, ena dokadoka? A cava ga sa laki ninini kina na yava mai na Golan Heights ?

Baleta beka ni ra sa kila ni ra vakaiyaragi tu na meca ka duidui kei ira na lewe ni vanua mai Viti?

So the most feared ' lamunaso ' soldiers from the South Sea Islands were too scared to engage real enemies for the first time and have decided to chicken out ?

Oi sa kilai ni sa voleka o mate sa qai kilai yalona na *ona ! Sega, keda sotia tagane, cola ga nomu dakai qai vala ena veisamuraki.

Na sotia dina ka ra bole mate sa ira na muslim sotia nei ' Allah' ! Dina ga ni ra qarava na kalou cala, era bole mate vua !

Keda valu tale tikoga ena yaca i Jiova, eda na sega ni rerevaka talega na mate, nida vakabauta dina na noda Kalou o Jiova ka sa rawa nida bole mate talega vua !

For our fake soldiers, maybe there were no cassava patch to hide in the Golan Heights and that was why they have decided to use their common sense according to their 2 I.C. Brig General Tikois*na ? LOL !

I had wished if the real culprit No.1 Boss was there to show his soldiers how a demo 'Side-stepped manoeuvre' is done when saving thy ass from enemy line !

A box full of diapers could help in combat ! That could save the ' good reputation ' of RFMF !

David said...

We need experienced soldiers in the armry, but, unfortunately they had to leave at 55. This is what happens when we have an army with inexperienced soldiers. Training has to be revised and improved to meet the sophisticated mordern terrorists tactics. They also have modern weapoary and communication devices. The army should stay away from politics and concerntrate on improving training to meet the standards of mordern warfare.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Captured troops radioed the Israeli Army for help but was ignored. WHY??
Because the Fiji government led by the Army culprits have downgraded their God to be levelled with Allah, Vishnu, Buddha any may more demonic gods through the Circular State Decree.

Now, Israel has to think twice about their relationship with Fiji who was run by the Muslim Indirectly.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you , you don't talk like that no school , it's not about the army , it's all about the leaders but now we should pray for them not talking shit, they all our brothers if you were there , by now , everywhere you can see around you is shit?

Anonymous said...

bravo bravo....calm down

Anonymous said...

kua gona na masi polo vei ira na army leaders nida kila ni ra cala tiko.... rauti kemuni vinaka....misi maleka...kemuni na mate ena ligadra na tamata yago ca qori....wara ni yaga la na boletaki ni tavioka kei na dalo ni viti..... sa rogoci mai lagi na neitou tagi na matavuvale baleta na ramai keitou koya dou vamatea na keba......ni na mate i keri

Anonymous said...

Oho, a qase koa ko Jioji Mate a Taika. A qase ni Lau.

The Lauan warrior Joji Mate was known as Col Tiger for a good reason. He was not a pussycat.

Ai Valu a meca ni tagane.

Koira a ciuciu mera toka ga ki batinilovo

Anonymous said...

Waiawe...a nuidei a meca ni yalo dei.

A Yalo Deo a Odra a YALO LEVU.


E ta meca ni Ciuciu

Anonymous said...

E taufale ga a pussy....uwe


Anonymous said...

Ratou vakarerevaki ga e Viti..yaco mai na meca dina ratou qau suka i muri..sa lasa dina.
Dou tovolea mada yani e so na ka dou dau cakava vei ira na noda.

Anonymous said...

This is second time Bainimarama's soldiers have surrendered to the muslims. First they surrendered to kaiyum & co, now it's al nusra.

Anonymous said...

Mate: Nodatou position qo. Na settlement koya laurai tu qo e sega ni tiko e na mape.

Delai: Ia sa na qai vakacava ?

Mate: suddenly pulls pistol from hip, bang bang bang

Delai: spins and fires from the hip with sten gun rat atat a tat

Delai: Na noqu ya.

Mate: sega noqu

Delai: I got him first

Mate: Okay check taka na tamata qori - where did you shoot ?

Delai: Au kila ga niu vana

Mate: I shot him in the head

Turns the body over.....neat hole in the head. Removes the watch, cuts out the gold fillings in the teeth, takes the radio.

True story.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the expression of their
faces? Yeah, they were scared to death, that is what i gathered from
the pictures?
Some stupid asseole above want
us to pray for these bastards
who killed 8 to 12 of their own comrades right here in peaceful Fiji?
Why would i want to pray for their
releases, when i've seen & knows those faces participating in Bainimarama's coup, setting-up road
blocks,checking cars,Buses,trucks,
through out every corners in: Suva,Nausori,Navua,Vaileka,Tavua,Ba
Arresting innocent citizens & beating the shit out off them
for what? Been peaceful & minding
their own business?
If i'm praying i'd be asking
the good lord to chopped-off
their frieken neck and don't
bring back any off their parts? As far as i'm concern, i pray to the rebels to cut-off their
necks and burn-up their
carcarses or throw them to
the wild beasts?We don't want them
back-enough is enough?

Laden said...

Anonymous September 2, 2014 at 8:16 AM

Osooo....Sa butako tale o Mate.

Koira a ciuciu mera toka ga ki batinilovo...lol

Anonymous said...


The book, Dirty Politics, is based on emails hacked from the computer of a right-wing blogger.
The book, and subsequent leaks of further emails by the hacker, allege the centre-right government of prime minister John Key and the blogger Cameron Slater co-operated in a sustained dirty tricks campaign. Mr Key has repeatedly had to defend Ms Collins, who was identified as a link to Slater in some of the emails. However, he said the Slater email that led to her resignation was one sent anonymously to his office and contained information that raised allegations about Ms Collins' conduct as a minister. "The relationship between a minister and their chief executive is vital, and goes right to the heart of a trusted, effective government," he said. Ms Collins, popularly nicknamed "Crusher", was previously tipped as a likely successor to Mr Key.

Anonymous said...

Mosese want to send another 44 soldiers to replace the other 44
asseoles already executed?
Why don't you send 88 soldiers instead- to double or triple
the deal and sent Aziz or Qiliho
Maybe you can unretire Bainimarama after he's lost the election next week and send him
along with the 88 soldiers to sweetened the deal?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with all the frustrations and vibes of anger in here towards these 45 killers and torturers. The fact is what goes around comes around and that goes to Bai.

If Aiyaz doesn't care as shown in the picture dancing away then why should we pray. In fact this is where Aiyaz Muslim brotherhood comes in to help those 45 chickens before they are roasted.

Kevaka e dadanisi voli ga o Khaiyum e tauni na cava meda kauwai kina na lewe i Viti. Laiva mera colata yani na nodra kauveilatai. Na ka era bolea. Tini tale ena kere masu o Bainimarama. Na Kalou cava tale me masuti. sa vo ga o Allah koya o vakatotogana tiko qori. Kerei vulua duka danisi tu qori mo drau veimasulaki ka drau veivuti vulua sara.

Anonymous said...

ka dina kece Anon @9.08am.
Cava meda mada masulaki ira kina??...ni ra sega madaga ni kawaitaka tu na iliuliu na vesu ni 45 soldiers.oti ra kitaka ga nodra election campaign

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens don't vote frank first party!

Angel of Death said...

Now hours has turn into days Tikoitoga and Bai.

This may turn in years because of what Tikoitoga have been saying and doing. Saying that you will not pull out and recruiting new personnel will work against you. And time will tell that you have done the damage on the very first day.

When you say that you will not release the names, you know what Nusar read you and did exactly that. Now you two/three should know that you have dug your own men's grave from day one. Now that you will lose the election. Prepare yourself to go to prison for all your crimes because someone is listening to the cry of the natives of this land including our ancestors who fought for Christianity in this land.

Fact is you idiots will simply be rotten on earth before you go to hell.

Oqo na i sau ni tagi ni lewe ni vanua. Sivia nomudou veibeci. O ira na mate ena ligamudrau era mate tu ena tagi osi. Era se bera tiko ni cegu. Na tagi vutugu e dau rogoca na Kalou. Oya na ka mo drau kila tiko.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the FMF leadership since 2006 have been involved in treason and other activities to enrich themselves and victimise our nation.
They have forgotten their true role ie to be good soldiers ready for combat in any situation against an armed force. They are used to facing unarmed civilians.
The army needs a big overhaul once the new govt comes in to return it to "fighting force" status. Vinaka and pls pray for the soldiers and families and stop the cursing ,,,,its Bai and the officers now in Fiji First Party who are the culprits seeking wealth and power and neglecting the rank and file soldiers.

Anonymous said...

@Laden veimataqali watch ka fancy saraga ra claim take o ira na qase ya. Ratio ke na cakava tale eso.

Koya na gold fillings va ya dau kau I Singapore me lai melt taki qai saumi.

A silini ni mama wavoki ena leave mai Singapore. Ka gona ni Tiger beer.

koira gona a Taika eh ?

Anonymous said...

Vei kemudou mai DELAINABUA.For your information, Al Nusra & ISIS had merged 2 months ago.ISIS are mainly the rebels fighting in Iraq against the Iraqis who are mostly shite's and Al Nusra are rebels fighting against the Syrian pro government force's.
Syrian government are mainly supported financially & armed by Russian while Al Nusra & ISIS are armed & financially supported by the American.
So if you wanna negotiate the early release of your useless captured soldiers.Just have to ask the US army or US administrator for help.

Anonymous said...

ISIS and Al Nusra have decided to join forces, and have announced the formation of an Islamic Caliphate covering much of Iraq and Syria. As if to congratulate them (or as a housewarming gift), the Obama administration is planning to send them an additional $500 million dollars.

Sound like an exaggeration? It's not.

ISIS began as a branch of Al Qaeda. In February of 2014 the official leadership of Al Qaeda disavowed the group in an attempt to distance themselves from the bad press ISIS attracts for itself (ISIS does after all have a predilection for mass executions), however by merging with Al Nusra ISIS has effectively nullified this. Al Nusra pledged their allegiance to Al Qaeda in April of 2013 (Al Nusra is often referred to as Al Qaeda's official branch in Syria), which means that ISIS and Al Qaeda have effectively reunited (to reverse this Al Qaeda would have to cut all ties with Al Nusra).

Now the Obama administration is seeking an additional $500 million dollars for what they are referring to as the "moderate" Syrian rebels. Trouble is, the so called "moderate" rebels regularly conduct joint operations with Al-Nusra, and refuse to classify Al Qaeda as an enemy. By the way, isn't it technically a crime to provide material support to a terrorists organization?

It's a little tricky to keep up on who is on whose side, but for now ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Syrian Revolutionary Front (aka FSA) are working together, and that means that any weapons or money that the U.S. government sends to the Syrian rebels are going to end up helping ISIS.

There has been been a lot of talk about "vetting" the rebels to insure that U.S. support doesn't end up in the wrong hands, but this is just public relations. The idea that Washington can control the flow of weapons and money after it enters a war zone dominated by Islamic extremists is almost as ludicrous as the claim that this support will stabilize the region. As pathetic as the official line may be, what else could we expect? It's not like they can tell the truth.


nayacakalou said...

So many things have been said,but we can not blame ourselves for what happen.Sa rogo na nomni masu kei na kudru ni Vanua,ni sa qai rere tale.This is just the start of everything and it's more to come.This is time for reflection for the arrest,all Fijian's fighting for Bainimarama and Kaiyum,what a joke.E vinaka cake me ratou mate to save the Nation,not very good for our Muslim brothers,but we have to understand this for 45 men without a shot fired.We need someone to survive to tell the tale.

Anonymous said...

I feel for sorry for the men held captive. Most of them are relatives in one way or another...But don't you think that Khaiyum with his Islamic faith and influence in the Iran dealings should be the first to put up his hand to appeal to his brothers the (Islamic) al-Nusra Front to at least confirm the state of their health...Then again, who knows, he might even send them an invitation for holiday or promise property here in Fiji....

Anonymous said...

Nomudou ravi tiko vei China & Russia e vakavuna beka nodra vesu. Dua ga na vakasama ya, io only God know's the truth. Plus vica nodra visit mai Viti na senior military officers ni China & Russia this year i think might have triggered the US to advice AL Nusra to capture some of your soldier's.So to teach Bainimara a lesson not to be so fickel & change side so easily.

Naliva said...

Its understood why Israel din't response to the pooohwah soldiers. Bainimarama should know better.

You cant burn the same hand that feeds you. Where's Iran and North Korea now when they're needed. The only force that will help you are the very forces that you downgraded and deported their embassador's off Aus/US and its allies.

Maybe its times for you to shove Naliva's M16 into your rear to remind you of how bad you were during the last 8 years.

Teleni said...

Will Aiyaz organise a dance party to fund raise for the release of these men. Just in case they demanded millions of dollars and FNPF can't cover the ransom. All welcome.

Anonymous said...

PAST EXPERIENCE SA OTI!!!!!sinai-lepanoni,,,gauna ni peace keeping kilai tu kina o viti(RFMF),,,i take my hats off for that,,,,This is a new generation of warfare,,,e ra tamata vuli ka kila o ira na i lala qo,EXTREMIST nodra raica na i valu e da sotava tiko na gauna sara ga qo,,,UN is just like a sitting duck to them,,,I KNOW THIS BECAUSE IM A SOLDIER AS WELL,,SO RFMF STOP RELYING ON YOUR PAST EXPERIENCE,,CHANGE YOUR TACTIC TO ROLL WITH THE NEW EXTREMIST FIGHTERS WE ARE FACING EACH DAY,,,,,DA QAI VEI MASULAKI TIKO-E NA YALO SAVASAVA,,,,GB

nayacakalou said...

@Anon...everything is possible,the land laws have changed to suit his plans.There might be big hotels build in Fiji for terrorist holiday paradise in exchange.The question to ask is,what slse this man can not do?The easiest we have been asking in the last eight years was to kill Bainimarama and Kaiyum,to me,it's better than 45 men.

Anonymous said...

UN should pay.Because it was the advice of the Indian punjabi kulina , who is the UN Commander based in Syria border to abandon their Fijian post.Let Aiyaz continue his dance cos later no dance in Naboro...only pants down, anal time.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe the excuses coming from the army commander.

the philipinos at 2 different locations were also outnumbered.

at one location they had 40.
at another location they had 35.

at both these locations they had lesser numbers then fiji's 45.

yet they defended themselves and made it to safety.

they did not lose a single man.

The illegal Prime Minister Voceke says our men are trained professionals. you can say that about the philipinos not our helpless soldiers who have put themselves in a hostage situation.

vakamadua dina.

Anonymous said...

we are wasting money on the RFMF.

big lamulamus. they only know how to torture their own unarmed countrymen and WOMEN.

Anonymous said...

vuni vinaka noqui to au sa kune tu oqo

Anonymous said...

UN Commander Says ‘Raise the White Flag’ as Syrian Rebels Take UN Peacekeepers Hostage, Attack Others

The chief of Philippine armed forces says it will ask for an investigation of the commander of United Nations peacekeeping troops in the Golan Heights who asked his troops to lay down their arms and ‘raise the white flag’ under fire. Two groups of United Nations peacekeepers — both of them Filipino — managed to elude capture by Syrian rebels in the Syrian side of the Golan Heights during the past 24 hours.

The head of the Philippine armed forces, General Gregorio Pio Catapang, told journalists in Manila that a group of 32 kidnapped Philippine peacekeepers trapped by the rebels in the Syrian side of the Golan Heights had been rescued.

“We may call it the greatest escape,” he said.

“Everyone is in a safe position,” UNDOF Philippine commander Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala, said, according to the BBC. “We left our [former] position but we brought all our arms.” In addition, a second group of 40 UNDOF peacekeepers – apparently also from Philippines – managed to escape a seven-hour siege by the rebels after returning fire in self-defense.

The Philippine government has announced it will recall its force of 331 troops in October due to the deterioration of security in the Golan Heights.

A third group of 44 Fijian UN peacekeepers was kidnapped last Wednesday near Quneitra by the Al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al Nusra terror group (Al Nusra Front). The terror organization said in a statement posted on the internet that the captives were “in a safe place, and they are in good health, and that we have given them what they need of food and treatment.”

Jabhat al Nusra seized control of the Quneitra crossing with Israel — the only border crossing with Syria — last week. The group claimed it had carried out the abductions because the UN ignored “the daily shedding of the Muslims’ blood in Syria.”

The Philippine military is planning to demand a probe of the commander of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) on allegations of endangering the safety of Filipino peacekeepers on active duty. (UNDOF was established May 31 1974, the day Syria and Israel signed a disengagement agreement to end the 1973 Yom Kippur War.)

Gen. Catapang told the BBC that Lt. Gen. Iqbal Singh Singha, of India, ordered Philippine UN peacekeepers to lay down their arms to ensure the safety of the Fijian peacekeepers abducted by the Syrian rebels. In addition to laying down their firearms, the general said the Filipino troops were also ordered by Singha to ‘raise the white flag,’ according to the BBC.

“He (Singha) said that if we were attacked we should raise the white flag. I said no way. That means our soldiers will also be held hostage,” said Catapang. The troops defied Singha and informed AFP Peacekeeping Operations Center chief Col. Roberto Ancan instead.

UNDOF is comprised of 1,223 peacekeeper troops from six nations — but it is not clear who will replace the Philippine troops in October.

Anonymous said...

Philippine Rangers damaged al Nusra.

They killed 3 and wounded 30. After that al Nusra asked for a ceasefire on Saturday night.

It was during the ceasefire that the Israeli SF found the gap in al Nusra lines and the Rangers broke out.

The KIA will probably go higher for al Nusra if those wounded are critically wounded. Maybe 30 KIA.

So as at the end of play on Day 3 of the Test at Quentera it has been the Philippine Rangers 33 runs not out with 3 sixes.

Al Nusra. All out for a Duck.

Anonymous said...

Al Nusra is demanding monetary compensation from the UN for the 3 al Nusra killed by the Rangers.

Probably will go higher if those injured succumb to their wounds.

Anonymous said...

Al Nusra demands are very well constructed. They have obviously thought through the grounds for negotiation very clearly.

They have crafted their demands to ensure that it brings Syria into the negotiations clearly as a tactical precursor to wider discussions on broader issues regarding the civil war in Syria.

Very strategic and very well thought through.

Anonymous said...

From the demands and the way they have structured the points and tied then into an obviously strategic base position for negotiations its clear that the al Nusra strategists are very intelligent military and political guys.

These aren't guys who will act on emotions. They are practical military men. Very intelligent as well.

These negotiations are happening with obviously intelligent and experienced al Nusra military strategists, not street corner thugs.

Anonymous said...

au vakabauta ni kevaka e dua a yadra tiko ena siga ya, sa kidava rawa na nodra gole tiko yani na Al Nusra,

E kena i rairai ni o koya e dodonu me yadra, e moce, ka rairai era gunu yaqona sivia beka na bogi, kevaka e sega, e ra nanuma ni picnic e lai caka mai na Golan Heights, na skype, facebook.
Sa dua na ka vakaloloma, qai rogorogoca dina, ni ra tiger dina na sotia ni Philipnes.. ka ra sa qai pussy tu na sotia ni Viti...

Na veika e yaco oqo me sa qai kila kina o Voceka Bainisona na CA ni Coup matanitu kei na butako i TUTU.

Yavu sotia Lamusona

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga and Bai are dickheads who think we in Fiji are fools. Th Sinai mission was compromised from the start when Kubuabola went to Iran on a state visit and signed a cooperation agreement. Iran arms and funds Syria and is sworn to the destruction of Israel. Syria is the enemy of Al Nusra and the Israel will not help our soldiers. They even stopped a fiji rugby team from entering Israel. Bainimarama went to Russia on a state visit during the World Cup 7s in Moscow.
These reckless ulukau visits have compromised the safety of our soldiers. Add to that the neglect of the rank and file by Bai and his officers who were busy stealing positions and wealth and now abandoning the troops to go to Fiji First.
Sa ra vakaloloma na mataivalu ni ra sa mai vakarawa ni ka vei ira na vaqarai yau keinai tutu.

Anonymous said...

Brigadier General, Mosese Tikoitoga, the Rear Admiral Bainimarama, is no longer the Commander of RFMF and do not listen to him or he may take you down too. His public address to the nation about the 45 soldiers reflected that he is still the Commander. Keep your words to your men to stay out of politic because we are watching you and Col. Kalouniwai very closely. Keep trying to do your best to listen to the people’s advises especially the Vanua and Lotu because they are your best friend right now in this darkest situation in the month of September.

Our detained comrades, friends and relatives were Bainimarama’s own decision to UN, not yours, and he must solely be held responsible if anything happens to them in Syria and so as the bloodshed that may spill over to the Muslims community in Fiji. Do not let that Fijian song come true to you if you did make a wrong turn,” KOCEI E VAKAMATEI RAQIQI”.

Aiyaz Kaiyum is the main troublemaker to the whole Fijian race and they are waiting for the right time to take him down with his Muslim family members. All living things above and below the earth, sea and air of Fiji are crying with pain and suffering of what is happening to us the Fijian race because of just one Muslim man, Kaiyum and his family.

Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga and Col. Kalouniwai, be strong and defend your grounds with your boots on, Sirs. Maroroya ga na Vanua kei na Lotu and lead us out of Egypt to the New Promise Land. God is with you and not Bainimarama or Kaiyum is with you. The troubles were already out there prior to your takeover and that is what Fiji and the world knew.

May the Good Lord God Jehovah, His Son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit be with you and all your faithful men and so as our wonderful and peaceful nation.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga, do not hesitate any longer, lest the opportunity slip from your grasp.

The next bell tolls for thee.

Anonymous said...

Sheer lies .. Lies and lies ... Captured troops did not radio for help ... The rebels don't radio .. Neither will they have allowed it . Confirmed that no radio help was sent .

Anonymous said...

isa da masulakini ira mada ga a sotia mera yaco bula ki vale..oji moi qai soli ko Aiyaz me nodrai madrali..luveni piaci..matavakacici ni maqe sigani

Anonymous said...


Lord, on the eve of Fiji's 2014 elections, we pray that you will look with pity on the struggle of the people of Fiji who have endured years of hardship and suffering due to the instability brought about in Fiji by it's military leaders. They have used the military in the past to usurp power from the rightful democratic leaders of this country who are mandated by the people of Fiji. Leaders who the misguided military were sworn to protect. Wrongly accused of corruption, these elected leaders have been replaced with a corrupt regime which has taken the country backwards and enslaved future generations with the burden of debt.
Lord, you've seen the hate and greed in their murky hearts. After repeated intervention into Fiji's public affairs, the military-led regime have forced a constitution on the people of Fiji which favours the usurpers of power and grants immunity to those responsible for the injustices and social ills caused by relentless coups in Fiji.
We pray that the Fijian people, who have seen their rights eroded by the dismantling of their former institutions such as the Great Council of Chiefs, find the strength of spirit to return Fiji to its former state.
We offer prayers to the Roko Tui Dreketi in her bid to contest the 2014 general election. Ro Teimumu Kepa, who as a Fijian leader shows great promise in taking this beautiful country of ours, into the future for the good of all its citizens.
Ro Teimumu is a mother, a woman who is educated and of chiefly Fijian status. She stands like a beacon of hope amidst the turmoil of angry power seeking individuals. Lord we hope that you will unite the people of Fiji on election day to vote SODELPA into government. As a leader with true leadership experience and qualities, Ro Teimumu is what this country needs right now. A leader who is gentle and offers all communities of Fiji a rallying point for all parties so that a common goal and a bright future are possible for Fiji under the guidance of its first woman Prime Minister. To lead us away from the injustices of past military actions that have been forced on the people of Fiji with brutal consequences. We pray for an end to the present illegal, un-mandated rule of a government which has ruled with an "iron fist" for too long. May they see the err of their ways and accept the punishment which is rightfully due for their illegal actions. May they remain true to their promise and defend wholeheartedly the government of SODELPA when it comes to power.
Together, we can achieve great things, but we must unite to reject the unlawful rule of Bainimarama and Khaiyum first. Unite to achieve a bright future for our grandchildren and great grandchildren which is guaranteed under the sound leadership of the Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa and The SODELPA political party.
Lord, we hope that you will make the blind see that they have followed for too long, the leadership of individuals who have only greed and distain in their hearts. May they open their eyes and see that it is time to reject outright these evil doers and replace them with the kind and considerate leadership of a woman who can lead us all into a prosperous future.

May God bless Fiji and SODELPA.

mark manning said...

Perhaps the U.N. should not have deployed peacekeepers to this region and Fiji's authorities, illegal though they are, should not have sent RFMF troops, their motivation it seems, was money, greed, power and definitely unrelated to peace!
The Soldiers at that point in time, didn't believe they were being used by Aiyaz and Frank Bainimarama, perhaps that perception now, has changed.
Fijians can get caught up in blaming the troops, or use this lesson to bring down the Regime, there is the choice!
This is an opportunity for Fijians to highlight the dangers of a Dictatorship, while promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law under a credible Constitution of, by and for the People!
The Lord works in mysterious ways and the taking of RFMF hostages may be what is needed to awaken the RFMF as to the futility and stupidity of this Regime of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.


ISAIAH 9:8-21 Those are ripening apace for ruin, whose hearts are unhumbled under humbling providences. For that which God designs, in smiting us, is, to turn us to himself; and if this point be not gained by lesser judgments, greater may be expected. The leaders of the people misled them. We have reason to be afraid of those that speak well of us, when we do ill. Wickedness was universal, all were infected with it. They shall be in trouble, and see no way out; and when men's ways displease the Lord, he makes even their friends to be at war with them. God would take away those they thought to have help from. Their rulers were the head. Their false prophets were the tail and the rush, the most despicable. In these civil contests, men preyed on near relations who were as their own flesh. The people turn not to Him who smites them, therefore he continues to smite: for when God judges, he will overcome; and the proudest, stoutest sinner shall either bend or break.

Anonymous said...


Times of Calamity!! said...


Before God judges a nation, He sends a warning, Tuitoga like as in Israel 9:10 has not responded with repentance, but with defiance.

Tuitoga will send forth another 44 replacement army!!

Lord Have Mercy!!

Times of Calamity!! said...


Before God judges a nation, He sends a warning, Tuitoga like as in Israel, Isaiah 9:10 has not responded with repentance, but with defiance.

Tuitoga will send forth another 44 replacement army!!

Lord Have Mercy!!

Anonymous said...

Back in the days when Fiji first served with the UN, we had stout and strong soldiers, fit and ready to put their lives on the line. Several soldiers were commended for their heroic deeds. Two were given the highest medal from the French Foreign Legion for saving a number of French soldiers who were captured. These boys were well trained. Todays soldiers are being kept by Frank to support his bullshit cause. Frank from day one never fitted in with the Military. His style of leadership does not fit in with the military. He is egocentric and careless or as we say in Fijian, no tovo...perhaps his kai loma wife has taught him to disrespect his own chiefs and tradition. Mary probably said to him, you listen to me you eat here (points to her vusi) you listen to them you eat there. That's why Tikoitonga referred to the soldiers captured as VUSI or Cat if you want it interpreted.

Princess Merida said...



Anonymous said...

Good news for now :

1, al nusra has made 3 demands . All three are not outrageous demands . A team from New York .. Is there negotiating . The team consists of experts .. One of who is a muslim from Syria ... That has successfully freed every captured soldiers he has ever negotiated for It's sad he wasn't due to some complications not used to free foley .
Whilst it's early .. It's a good sign ... God bless our soldiers .

Anonymous said...

National Post News: Major Aviv Oreg, an expert on international terrorism and former head of the Al-Qaeda and Global Jihad desk for Israel’s military, said Al-Nusra was much less likely to carry out beheadings than ISIS. “Jabhat Al-Nusra is not [ISIS] at all,” he said. “But there’s always this possibility of a local initiative, that may turn this situation into a mass killing of the Fijian soldiers.”

-the timing of this whole fiasco cud not have been better...looks like BhainiKhaiyums Look North Policy has come back to bite them on the ass!

Anonymous said...

Mark manning : you did not get an investment opportunity in fiji to the tune of millions .. After you were trying to bribe officials for a tax free zone for 20 years !!!!! There you go .. You corrupt bastard .

The soldiers have been going to UN missions for decades ... Frank or any other govt ... Don't send soldiers in danger with a view to get them killed . Soldiers deployed overseas .. Help their families back home with extra money ... Yes that is part of the equation . Just like Australia sends troops to Iraq ... Doesn't mean we blame tony Abbott .. If they get captured . That's a risk anyone takes .

You are another white who is as usual insulting the Fijian intelligence . You think we are all fools . You are trying to topple the govt for your own greedy purposes . Do us a favour - go see a shrink

Anonymous said...

It all depends on what Syria does. The points for negotiation relate to the Syrian operations around Damascus and one of the things al Nusra wants a UN mission to set up there and provide assistance to the besieged areas which have been under siege for the last two years.

Whether Damascus allows that remains to be seen.

From a tactical military point of view it would be very unlikely for Damascus to allow those areas of the city which are under siege to be opened up to UN involvement.

Gaza is a precedent they will be considering very carefully in Damascus. The UN facilities in Gaza (eg schools and hospitals) were used by Hamas as operational bases and storage facilities and the surrounding areas were used as hides for their operatives because in the early days the IDF treated those areas as humanitarian zones.

Anonymous said...

They also want the UN to engage in the wider conflict in Syria by providing a buffer for the besieged civilians in the South.

That would mean expanding the mandate of UNDOF from maintaining the area of separation to actually setting up safe havens and protecting those.

Whether Damascus allows that is again very doubtful. Those havens can be used as safe zones for fighters and arms dumps for logistics.

Plus if the RFMF could not even protect itself at Position 27 how in heavens name can it be expected thar UNIFIL will protect a safe haven of Syrian civilians ?

Anonymous said...

The al Nusra strategists are working towards leveraging the creation of safe havens in Syria.

That much is becoming clear from the points they have put in the table.

This is a very brilliant strategic move if they pull it off because it means that whereas ISIS had to fight to create a haven in Iraq, the al Nusra will achieve it at the bargaining table.

It will put them in a very string position militarily if they pull this off because they will have effectively created safe havens in Syria for their fighters to use


Anonymous said...

God only know how me and my colleagues were taken up to the Military Camp... this same Savenaca Siwatibau Rabuka was standing there.... isa he saw us with his cute brown eyes ...when orders were given for us to be stripped naked in front of them all and we being sprayed cold water through a hose pipe as strong fire hydrant ... cold and were told to lie down on the floor with them pressing our back with their heavy boots ordering us to crawl like snakes....man....isa my best friend cried and was hurt in the process...our tears poured with anger and sorrow..and deep within us we knew that God understood those tears.. we were working truthfully for the people of FIJI.... for the sake of young people... now its their turn... God let thy will be done... eventhough i am here far away from home.... i wish the negotiators good luck... its toe to toe time..... feel it for yourself...people are asking us to unite NOW...why not when me , my mates and other people were brutally treated by these green uniforms officials... we usually mourn for those who are brutally killed in our country BUT THEY DONT...let alone their families.... NOW I DONT CARE ... THEY SHUD FEEL IT TOO....

Anonymous said...

Send Qiliho back to Golan. He was there for over a year and not a Fijian was injured or killed. They were shot at with tanks and other weapons but no one died. A Fijian position received 73 mortars but not a single Fijian was injured because of good sound leadership. Send Qiliho back to Golan.

nayacakalou said...

Oqo sa gauma me qai lako kina na yabe,for Bainimarama and Kaiyum to step down.Ena gauna oqo e sa split tu na mataivalu e vinakata ga me dua na yabe,me da sarava mada mera sa veivanavanai ga vakataki ira na Sotia,se gone ni Viti mai na keba.Ni vakaraica vakamalua,ena tekivu ga ena dua na matavikoba mai na keba.

Anonymous said...

If al Nusra get what they want then this will have been the biggest and most costliest outcome for the US and its Coalition partners in the Middle East.

Al Nusra will have gotten a safe haven for operations in Syria, endorsed and guaranteed by the International community through the UN.

And the negligence of our Fijian boys at Position 27 will have contributed entirely to it.

Anonymous said...

Al Nusra gets safe haven in Syria and ISIS gets safe have bordering Syria and Iraq and the Caliphate is set.

They are already in Alliance which was sealed in July this year.

That is where this is headed strategically.

These brilliant Islamic warriors have out thought the Yanks, the UN and the whole Coalition arrayed against them.

And our RFMF will have contributed no small part to this outcome by the debacle at position 27

This will go down in history if al Nusra pulls it off.

KUA NI RERE said...

I think the Fijian soldiers have to learn from their mistakes.

One does this situation teach us?
How did the Philipinos survive?

For one thing the Philipino commander directly DISOBEYED his commander's orders.

That Indian Commander told them to lay down arms & put up white flags.
But he said "NO WAY!"

If Bainimarama tells you to do a Coup---you say "NO WAY!"

If Bainimarama says "Torture the Fijian people--- You say "NO WAY!"

You Fijian soldiers "MUST DO THE RIGHT THING..."

ARREST BAINIMARAMA AND KHAIYUM and immediately give the government back to QARASE so that he can have an interim government to bring about the proper election.

now! now! now!




Anonymous said...

It's in the rebels interest that the boys be kept safe and unharmed. What is not being told is that Al-Nusra effectively has 44 human shields. And while the Fijian boys draw breath, their positions will not be assaulted by the Syrian forces or any other forces for that matter. The IDF is the only entity that has the resources and the will to mount a successful military rescue operation. But since we have basically turned our backs on them, they will not rush into it and will sit on their side of the border, content to watch the situation play itself out.

Anonymous said...


I agree, and it also means that the prospect of their being released any time soon diminishes significantly if they are being held as human shields.

It also means that once their value as human shields end, their lives are also expendable.

Very dicey situation.

Anonymous said...

They are using FARC methodology.

They kidnap and then they provide Proof of Life and then they drag out the negotiations.

In the meantime, they have moved the hostages away from the point of hostage taking to secure locations where compromise is nullified.

If nothing comes out of the negotiations after two weeks, we will be in for the long haul. Possibly months or years, or worst case scenario they are killed because there's no value in them

nayacakalou said...

It seems to me that the government is so desperate for money,as we know that the Bainimarama was asking for every government department to allocate any spare money from their budget.As you have seen Jikoitoga mentioned that they will send replacement for the 45 men.What he is saying is that the 45 captured do not exist,they need the payroll to keep rolling.Just imagine,will they still get paid,even,if it's going to be over a year as prisoner?

Anonymous said...

All the other nations are considering pulling out of Fiji for the protection of their soldiers while Frank and Tikoitong wants to send more of our sons to uncertainty. Two bloody blockheads - Tikoitonga is thinking like Frank...blockhead...

Ireland, which contributes a 130-member armored rapid response unit to the U.N. mission, warned Monday it would not replace its troops next month if U.N. leaders in New York do not agree on strengthening the force's firepower, command and control, and rules of engagement.

"I've made it very clear that I'm not going to continue to commit Irish troops to this mission unless there's a very fundamental review of how it's going to operate. Clearly this is no longer a demilitarized zone," Irish Defense Minister Simon Coveney told RTE state radio in Dublin.

"We need to get a significant reassurance from the U.N., and the Syrian side, that we can operate a mission safely. The risk levels, given what's happened over the last three days, are not acceptable."

He said Irish troops in armored vehicles exchanged fire with rebels Saturday as they rescued Filipino troops from one of the besieged border posts. The Indian-led, 1,250-member force includes soldiers from Fiji, India, Nepal, the Philippines and the Netherlands.

Coveney said the Irish unit remained on standby for a potential rescue of the seized Fijian troops. Ireland's current military deployment has been in the Golan Heights since March and is supposed to be replaced by other Irish soldiers next month.

An Irish withdrawal could deal a final blow to the U.N. mission, which has already seen Austria and Croatia pull their forces last year over fears they would be targeted. The Philippines, meanwhile, has said it would bring home its peacekeepers after their tour of duty ends in October.

Anonymous said...

I find it distasteful how some people affiliated directly or indirectly with opposition parties to this Government have found an opportunity to politicize the capture of our 44 servicemen in Syria. This is not the time to be laying blame on anyone, we should be rallying together showing support for their families here at home. Whoever from NFP, Labour or Sodelpa thought it was a good idea to politicize this failed miserably, I have lost respect for those who choose to manipulate this current events to their benefit. It just shows how low some will go to get in to power. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Consider the situation...does Frank and Tikoitonga really know whats happening with the 45. They keep talking about information received from contacts on the ground and negotiations being conducted by external parties. Get your big fat motherfucking pussy of an ass to Golan Heights now. Support the boys. Show resolve and courage - oops forget you one tamani sona levu who runs at the hint of danger. Maybe if you there, showing courage, negotiating with the rebels like all other great soldiers of Fiji did, you may win back some respect by your itaukei people Tikoitonga and Frank. Levu ga nomudrau vosa. Frank more worried about winning the election. Right now the soldiers are saying fuck your election. The boys wanting to go to Syria only want to show moral support and if necessary be part of the rescue of the captured 45. The Irish soldiers are on standby to rescue the Fijians. The Fijian soldiers need to rescue their own and not rely on these negotiations which will fall apart knowing you never negotiate with a terrorist. So get your fat black mully arse over there Frank and show some courage. You will never be seen as a courageous leader and the capture of our 45 boys will reveal that you and Tikoitonga are the CATS - VUSI levu.

Anonymous said...

Tikotikoitoga went on air requesting the public for support of the families of this pooftas
Where were you Tikotikoitoga when you had the chance to support your own kind in the last 8 years.
Stop giving us bullshit! Now that the tables are turned we will now sit and watch these pooftas live through hell. You sat and watched while we suffered, now it is time to get those sulu tavatava in action. Allah is now having the last laugh. Poor Fijians, easily bought and sold. Dou vacucu sara vei Allah!

Anonymous said...

Very true anon @ 1;41pm.Kerea veikemudou na Fiji Military at Delainabua, this is the appointed time for you to paint a good image and restore that respect again, that by Removing Bainimara, Aiyaz Moses Tikoitoga.
Install Qiliho to be the Commander & bring election earlier.Scrap the Fiji first.

Anonymous said...

They are soldiers, this is the life they chose. I find it hilarious how some of you are questioning Tikotoga's decision to send in more troops as replacements. What do you think the Fiji Army is here for? decoration? This is what they get paid to do. As for all of you laying blame on Bainimarama and Khaiyum, get a grip! before this happened everyone in Fiji knew what these soldiers earn after a tour of duty abroad. 44 of our troops get kidnapped and all of sudden its 'hell on earth' and you all want to blame those in power. Ni yavu LAMULAMU! this is why Bainimarama's in power and your chicken shit leaders aren't. Tell your leaders to grow a pair before taking on this current administration.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are soldiers who get paid to expect this but it was the decision by cicilevu frank and pig fucker Aiyaz to send them to Syria. Army getting really agitated with Frank and his Cabinet. Bainimarama has been in in power so far because he has been successful in getting the army to do the enforcement, and no one can resist. Now the army finally realizes that they are expendable. Get rid of Bai and Kaiyum please, hang them from the gallows in front of old govt buildings. Redeem yourselves and win back the support of the people of Fiji who really care for you. And this is not about SODELPA/FLP/NFP/FFP or whichever fucking political party. This is from the very Fijian people the army has trampled on but we are still willing to give them one chance to correct the wrong of the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:43
brother lamusona ga iko kei ratou na vesu ya.Ni yavu lamulamu.levu ga na nomui vaqakoro i viti. Gole i tube e loki sara tikoga na buini ni koli

Anonymous said...

Osobo na one on one mada ga I lomai Suva e na vei bogi ni vakaraubuka kei na vakarauwai ni suka na danisis e sega tiko mada ga ni rawa, me qai lai caka va cava I kea ?

Anonymous said...

anon 2.43 sona levu
u and Bai are in power because you pointed guns at unarmed civilians......only a cici levu like you does that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous KUA NI RERE said...
I think the Fijian soldiers have to learn from their mistakes.

One does this situation teach us?
How did the Philipinos survive?

For one thing the Philipino commander directly DISOBEYED his commander's orders.

That Indian Commander told them to lay down arms & put up white flags.
But he said "NO WAY!"

If Bainimarama tells you to do a Coup---you say "NO WAY!"

If Bainimarama says "Torture the Fijian people--- You say "NO WAY!"

You Fijian soldiers "MUST DO THE RIGHT THING..."

ARREST BAINIMARAMA AND KHAIYUM and immediately give the government back to QARASE so that he can have an interim government to bring about the proper election.

now! now! now!




September 2, 2014 at 1:41 PM

Anonymous said...

very true @ anon 3:20

now! now! now!

Anonymous said...

It's time for the FMF to humble themselves and apologise to the GCC and the whole of Fiji for their wrong doings within the last 8 yrs...
The apology has to start form the ex Commander and he's military men that illegally took over the government in 2006...
Once you do this then your men will be release...
God Bless Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

To all bloggers : including and not limited to : kua ni rere ... Nayacakalou, j0e , mere ... Ratu ului ( ului Kao ) Rajen Chaudhary ... ( st Giles rapist ) Ramesh Chandra( Hindu nationalist ) semi meo .. Leonard .. ,.. Ratu thmasi .. Ashneel ( arse ) Prasad .victor Lal ... Mark manning ... Qarase .. His son in sydney .. Adi ateca
.. And a host of others ... Please go and write a decent plan for fiji ... That includes a host of actual progress plans ... After that ... You should all make copies of these plans ,organise a secret meeting ... Print the plans .., roll it up ... And shove it up each other's arses ... ...that will be true democracy for Fiji ,

Anonymous said...

Na ka iko na vakarau taka ena vakarau taki tale vei iko. ke dou vakararawa taka tiko na lewe ni vanua ena nomudou dakai se mokuti ira tiko dua na siga. Na ka e yaco qo baleti kemudou ga. Sauti au ga noqu vala2. Ira sa turaga tu sa mai vua na kalou. Dou soro matani Kalou kei vei ira na Turaga bale na wali ga ni leqa qo.

Anonymous said...

Guess we all now know what Anon 3:50pm does in its spare time. Rear ended mindset.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:50 ...bro humble yourself, repent & turn yourself to God.Go back military camp & learn to harden up yourself.If not come to Nadroga province & will teach you how to harden up & zip that loose mouth.

Anonymous said...

The Commanding Officer's name and rank seem to be missing from this list. Was he with his men when they were captured or did he give the surrender order from another position?

Anonymous said...

News from the Philippines is that the Rangers were ordered directly from the Head of the Philippine Armed Forces not to surrender but to fight.

Sa rauta me ratou steady. Sa tekivu ga mai cake na Tiger.

Gen Gregorio Poi Catapeng Jnr is one of the most experienced counter insurgency warriors in the world.

He led a Platoon in operations during the Communist insurgency in Luzon as a Ranger Special Forces Captain.

Kila vinaka na qase ya na combat

O ratou nona boys ga koya ratou vakaraitaki matanimeke ena weekend mai Golan.

Anonymous said...

Anon : 427 :hey sister .

Humble myself ? ....maybe you should teach humility to you so called " church goers " to respect other religions ... Huh !!!
Respect otter nationalities n races huh !!! You go to church for what ? Are your church leaders preaching violence ? Are u as bad as extremists ...
and about toughening up ... What do u know ...? Zero Cowardice envelops your culture ... Your ways .. C what did the other blogger call you " lamu sonas "

As for me .. I've made up of stuff ... That don't come around no more ... Kaiviti or what ... I know how to deal with you lamu sonas ... Do yourself a favour sister ... Bend over .... For a handover ... To the dark side ...

Anonymous said...

anon 1.17pm
yes Qiliho was there and no one was killed or kidnapped but one female private got pregnant......
shove your proposal up your arse!!!

Anonymous said...

Anin : 234 abs 243 pm : I agree with what you have both said ....this is a simple and ineffective ploy by mostly SOdelpa ... Even in America ... Where opposition parties hate each other. . In times like these .. They rally behind a president .. Sadly Sodelpa n others somehow want to win an election by fooling the common Fijian again !!! Can you believe the naively of such
Pathetic leaders and losers .. Those who have lost glory ... Seek to regain it in the lowers possible ways ... I read yesterday ... Bloggers calling for the beheading of our own solders .. Until one bastard was arrested in sydney . I have more respect for a thief then a traitors .... And there isn't a bigger bunch of traitors than the Sodelpa and Unpatriotic people here than any other place on earth .

Anonymous said...

Ratu Inoke Kubuabola signed a cooperation agreement with Iran who is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Bainimarama signed agreement with Russia. Iran & Russia are supporting Syria Govt the enemy of Al Nusra. Bainimarama & Inoke undermined the Fijian soldier before he even went to Sinai.
Arrest these 2 arseholes now!!!

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum and Bai celebrating at Fiji First Fun Day....whilst 45 soldiers kidnapped.

They not mourning. They celebrating.
Bai & Kai don't care about Fijian soldiers.
They only care about themselves.
They criminals and using the Fiji army to comitt their crimes.

Soldiers should arrest these 2 criminals.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they cancel the Fiji First Fun Day
for respect for 45 Fijian soldiers kidnapped?

No respect??

Anonymous said...

Itaukei soldiers have no brain

Anonymous said...

Anon : 505 pm you see why you aren't in power ? I see you can't see your eon shortcomings ..... Let me enlighten you : the reason they are not " Mourning " is simple ; they soldiers aren't dead you pea brain .... You mourn when someone dies ... Presently there's only 2 things we can do : pray and
Hope the negotiations are successful .... And most importantly :

Shut your fucking mouths before you insult other religions

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4.44....u bloody indian kulina.Fuck of back to india.we dont need you in Fiji.Wanna call your race Fijian when u indian fijian are a laughing stock all over the world.Too ashamed to be an Indian lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Latest News 1 hour ago.

Islamist fighters who seized dozens of Fijian soldiers serving as U.N. peacekeepers on the Golan Heights last week are demanding that their group be removed from a global terrorism list and that compensation be paid for members killed in fighting, the head of Fiji's army said on Tuesday.

Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga said negotiations had been stepped up between the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front and a new U.N. negotiation team now in place in Syria.

"The rebels are not telling us where the troops are, but they continue to reassure us they are being well-looked after," Tikoitoga told media in Suva. "They also told us they are ensuring that they are taken out of battle areas."

Heavy fighting erupted on Monday between the Syrian army and Islamist rebels near where 45 Fijian peacekeepers were captured and scores of their fellow blue helmets from the Philippines escaped after resisting capture. The number of Fijians captured had previously been put at 44.

Syria's three-year civil war reached the frontier with Israeli-controlled territory last week when Islamist fighters overran a crossing point in the line that has separated Israelis from Syrians in the Golan Heights since a 1973 war.

The fighters then turned on the U.N. blue helmets from a peacekeeping force that has patrolled the ceasefire line for 40 years. After the Fijians were captured on Thursday, more than 70 Filipinos spent two days besieged at two locations before reaching safety.

The Nusra Front, a Syrian affiliate of al Qaeda, says it is holding the peacekeepers because the U.N. force protects Israel.

Tikoitoga said the group was demanding compensation for three fighters killed in the confrontation with the U.N. peacekeepers, as well as humanitarian assistance to the people of Ruta, a stronghold of the group on outskirts of Damascus, and the removal of the organization from the U.N. list of banned terrorist organizations.

"We've been assured by U.N. headquarters that the U.N. will bring all its resources to bear to ensure the safe return of our soldiers," the Fijian army chief said.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors violence in the Syrian civil war, said the Nusra Front and allied fighters were battling government forces near the Quneitra crossing and in the nearby village of al-Hamiydiah.

The Observatory said there were casualties on both sides. Observatory founder Rami Abdelrahman told Reuters the Nusra Front's aim appeared to be "to end once and for all the regime's presence in the area and it also appears that the goal is to expel the international observers".

The U.N. peacekeeping force in the area, known as UNDOF, includes 1,223 troops from India, Ireland, Nepal and the Netherlands as well as the Fijians and Filipinos who came under attack last week.

The United Nations has announced that the Philippines will pull out of UNDOF. Austria, Japan and Croatia have also pulled their troops out of the force because of the deteriorating security situation as the civil war in Syria reaches the Golan.

(Additional reporting by Tom Perry in Beirut; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore)

Anonymous said...

Problem with FIjians, tooooo gullible they think just cause they have won few sevens tourney they are indestructible.

This will teach you all a good lesson. No use holding prayers maybe give them brain so they can think. God won't help them it's you who hels your self. Bainimarama and khayum has really taken the country 30 years behind.

Anonymous said...

Arrest Inoke Kubuabola too.

Waqa said...

Isa - sa taba tu qo na yacadra na vusi...hahahahahahahahahahahh

Anonymous said...


Rebels Demanding Al Qaeda Leader For Fijian Peacekeepers
Detention allegedly over UN ‘ignoring suffering of Syrian people’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 2, 2014) – A commander with the Islamist Nusra Front says 45 Fijian peacekeepers have been detained because the UN Disengagement Observer Force is ignoring the suffering of the Syrian people.
Rebels of al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front have been battling the Syrian army in the area and have wrested control of the border crossing at Quneitra, which is operated by the United Nations.
Nusra supporters on Twitter said on Sunday the group is demanding the release of Abu Mussab al-Suri, a top al Qaeda leader, in exchange for the detained Fijian peacekeepers. Al-Suri, a Syrian national from Aleppo, was captured in Pakistan in 2005 and handed over to Syria, where he is still believed to be detained.

Anonymous said...

The Army Commander and the Prime Minister should already be in Syria by now to show their support and care to the captured soldiers, help and be part in the negotiations process and show the Nation of Fiji that they are trustworthy and reliable leaders... BUT no, they don't even bother putting in an effort.
Is this the kind of leadership Fiji needs?? NO I DON'T THINK SO.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! God's grace and favour be their's and ours. God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

3 Americans are held in North Korea .. Today .. One is 24 ... No crime committed ... The other guy left a bible in his hotel ... He is charged .. For being seen as proselytising the system there .... Point is : this does not mean .. We stop our lives ... Cancel everything .. Yes it's different to Middle East ... But it is just as nightmarish for their families ....let's pray for all ...

Anonymous said...

The perfect solution : this is my brainchild ;

1. Pack all great council of shits on one plane with all ratus .

2. Send them to al nusra ...
3. Exchange them for our heroic soldiers ....
4. Those rebels need some booty at night ... So there chiefs can be pounded all night ... That's when those mother fuckers will realise how peaceful fiji was ... Until they decided to play politics .

5. Next flight ... In exchange for chiefs ... Entire cast of the cartoon movie " Sodelpa "

Ha ha ya ha ha ha... Hell ya ... I'm dying here ...

Anonymous said...

There is a gun at Delainabua which was captured by Col Mate and his band of brothers from the Japs in Bouganville during the second World war.
A no easy feat and requires extreme courage. This enabled him and his men to turn the gun around to the Japs and blew them sky high.

Just a thought folks. How sleep the brave......

Anonymous said...

Captured fijian soldiers are now having withdrawl symton.Not from missing their families but missing the yaqona drinking & laughter through the night while at work.Now reality sinking in after body self detox due to non consumption of kava for few days.Anyway keimami na veimasulaki yani, mo ni yalomatua ka tu taka na donu.

Anonymous said...

Dear sister ; I'm Tongan ... Not indian ... And you are all" lamu sonas .. Bully us at UsP .. Lamu sonas

KUA NI RERE said...

I also read in the Fiji Times a long time ago that in the first peacekeeping in Lebanon an unarmed Fijian soldier was held up by 4 armed PLO.
He somehow managed to disarm them and frogmarched them to his Commanding Officer.

Those were the good old days.

What we now have in Fiji are NOT SOLDIERS

They are THUGS
and they are a CULT.

Whatever Bai says they follow it. They cant think independantly.

Whereas the Filipinos were able to think independently and DISOBEY the command to surrender from their CO.

That's why I keep asking the Fijian soldiers to THINK THINK THINK.

Fijian soldiers should right now go and arrest Bainimarama & Kaiyum
and give the govt back immediately to Qarase to have an interim govt and take us to a PROPER ELECTION.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.58 Col Mate won a field commission in the Solomon's didn't he ?

I remember going to a Tua's house in the 1980's and hearing how George Mate made them jump out of helicopters in Malaya by tying a rope to their leg because the helicopter could not land.

He said that the helicopter pilot did not agree to the idea and refused to fly because he said it was dangerous but Mate got a Memo written and put in an envelope and told the pilot he was going to despatch it to Command HQ reporting the pilot for refusing to fly. The pilot changed his mind and flew the mission.

Anonymous said...

Why is Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai at the crisis centre conforting wwomen and children? that's for counsellors. Aren't they soldiers ?? they should be in Syria working in the field to release the soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Kerekere veimasulaki vei bro George speight curu tiko e vale ni bula! dua beka na ka mosimosi e colata voli!

Anonymous said...

eda na vakaisaisa vei ira na sotia qase kei na cauravou vesu tu.

a tu mai vei o rau na kavetani, siwa kei nona itokani ka dodonu me rau solia na ota ni tu vakatagane, ka ia na ivalu. kena rairai ni rau veivutu jiko ka rau sega ni yadrava na kaba vakaivalu sa yaco jiko. dodonu me rau decommission.

raica, sa rui levu na viavia vakateratera, dokadoka ni tiko mai na keba. vosa viavialevu ka dokadoka-moku na gone ni viti, vosa ca taki, laubutu, tokona tiko na sonalevu o bainimarama. oqo na itovo ni sotia sonalevu, vaqakoro baleta ni ra sega ni ra taqomaki ira rawa na lewe ni vanua.
sa dodonu me dou vuli kina na veiliutaki ena fmf ni kua, kakua na vakamuria edua na iliuliu viavialevu, dokadoka vaktaki bainimarama. kua na mataboko vei kemuni na vo ni sotia. valataka na dina kei na dodonu, ni veicai.

Anonymous said...

Me sa boko laivi na FMF. E dodonu me ra taqomaka na matanitu, ra qai kucuva tale.

Useless and meaningless na mataivalu qo.

Anonymous said...

Maumau nomu lotu

Anonymous said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

80th Infantry Battalion


The unit's motto reflects the firm resolve and commitment of each individual members of the unit to contribute to the accomplishment of the AFP mission to protect and serve the people and to ensure national security and sovereignty. It also denotes organization unity, solidarity and esprit de corps in its performance of military traditional and non-traditional roles. The motto also indicates the collective to remain the citizenry's reliable partner in peace progress.

On June 29, 2003 the unit was tasked by H2ID to organize for combat operations to augment and support elements of Bravo Company 59th Infantry (Protector) Battalion engaging more or less one hundred fifty hard core DT's. The operations resulted to the killing of @JONAS et al, and recovery of HPA's and other subversive documents at Brgy Maligaya, General, Nakar, Quezon.

On July 24 2003, the unit was released by SOLCOM and was placed OPCON to JTF LIBRA purposely to augment to friendly forces in Metro Manila in preparation for the conduct of PGMA's SONA. Reports reaching GHQ indicating that the SONA will be disrupted by the mass actions from the different groups called MAGDALO, composed of Officers and EP from the different services of the AFP, that will staged a mutiny at the AYALA COMPLEX. OOA 270600 July 2003, the unit was dispatched to AYALA COMPLEX and tasked to contain the mutiny and link up with other unit's of the AFP.

On 13 October 2003, the National Capital Region Command was activated to secure the seat of government from the different threat groups and the battalion was absorbed as one of its OPCON units. Aside from its role as RDF of NCRCOM, the battalion was recently tapped to provide support in the government's anti crime campaign under the National Anti-Kidnapping Task Force (NAKTAF) as support in the anti-kidnapping and anti-smuggling operation of the said Task Force. The battalion also dispatched its troops to conduct chokepoint in all the entry and exit points of Metro Manila as part of the anti-criminality campaign of the government.

During the Battalion's stint as an operating unit of NCRCOM, the unit stays as sharp as a double bladed weapon that scores both in Urban Warfare and ISO. Some accomplishment includes the apprehension of some most wanted personalities in NCR; killing of a certain Robin Teves @ Daniel, Squad Leader of the Red Fighters of Rizal at Mt Domire, San Ysiro, Antipolo, Rizal; clearing of barangays of Antipolo and Rizal and recovery of assorted HPFAs and LPFAs.

On May 18, 2005, the unit was released by 202BDE and consequently placed under 204th Infantry (Bantay Kapayapaan) Brigade. The unit assumes the area of 16th Infantry Battalion covering the whole of Occidental Mindoro including the islands of Looc and Lubang as its new AOR. The unit reestablished its Headquarters at Brgy San Roque II, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

On April 01, 2006, LTC ARNULFO C MATANGUIHAN GSC (INF) PA was designated as the new Commanding Officer 80IB, 2ID, PA. Instantaneously after his assumption, the unit recovered twelve (12) assorted HPFAs, eight (8) of them were 50 caliber machine guns (first ever in PA history since WWII); killed @ Moron, PL of PLTN1, KLG2, ISLACOM MIN, STRPC; and the neutralized of MOL 10 CTs all happened in less than a month; a record breaking event that welcomes to the new Commanding Officer of the unit.

As a result of intensive Triad Operations Conducted during CY 2006, a total of fourteen (14) assorted HPFAs, ten (10) assorted LPFAs, 255 assorted ammunitions, four (4) IEDs and four (4) radios were recovered. The unit was also able to neutralize 19 enemy personalities.

Anonymous said...

Prior to their deployment to Golan in November 2013, the entire battalion went through the Army's Battalion of Excellence (BOE) program. They were plucked out of their operational area in Mindoro – where they fought communist insurgents – to undergo months-long rigorous retraining in Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija. They got new firearms, too.

On Thursday, August 28, Syrian rebels surrounded the encampments of 75 Filipino peacekeepers in the central part of Golan Heights, demanding that they surrender their firearms. The soldiers of the 80th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army stood their ground, refusing to meet the fate of their fellow Fijian peacekeepers who were taken hostage after they surrendered their firearms.

The standoff is nearing Day 3 at 10 am Saturday morning, August 30, in Syria (3 pm in Manila). Morale of the troops remain high inspite of the difficult situation, according to an officer who was able to communicate with the troops Friday afternoon.

Rebels get bolder

In the Philippines, Filipino soldiers are beaming with pride. Their sentments have overflowed into their Facebook pages. There is confidence that like the 25 troops abducted in Golan Heights last year, the troops will be able to wiggle their way out of the situation and come home safe and complete. The United Nations (UN) is in backchannel talks to end the standoff.

Anonymous said...

E sa qai lasa na sigatabu eratou bese ni via kaburaka na yacadratou na vesu na veiliutaki ni mataivalu e Viti. Siga vata ga ya ratou release taka mai na kedratou i taba na al nusra lol!!
Me tukuni ga vei qiliho me taura ga nona confidentiality tonoka cake nona shona..hehe..

Anonymous said...

As the internal conflict in Syria escalates, the rebels have become bolder. They trooped to the encampments of the UN peacekeepers to demand their firearms. The Filipinos refused and the standoff began.

It would have been a harvest for the rebels. The troops are equipped with M4 assault rifles, M60 light machineguns, K3 squad automatic weapons, and Caliber 45 pistols.

The order to the troops is clear: Stand your ground. As members of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), the troops get their orders from the UN. In another post in northern Golan, the UN has ordered another group of 58 Filipino peacekeepers to leave theirs posts and consolidate at the UNDOF headquarters.

Ancan said the 72 troops in a standoff with the Syrian rebels are prepared to fight if it comes down to it. "They know the risks they have to face as soldiers. They are professional soldiers. It’s just part of the job. They are committed," Ancan told reporters.

Anonymous said...

They are armed and are in a defensive mode. The encampment is also well fortified with a CCTV camera that can monitor movements of rebels outside the encampment

Retired General now Defense Undersecretary Natalio Ecarma III, former Force Commander of the UN Continget to Golan Heights, is monitoring the situation closely.

"Rebels are rebels....I am concerned but I believe in our Filipino peacekeepers. They are experienced warriors and Filipino soldiers do not just easily give up their firearms," Ecarma told reporters Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

O Mo, Kalouniwai kei Qilio me ratou kua ni lai comfort taki ira na tiko na radini sotia vesu. Ratou nai lala lasaituba kaukauwa qori, lakolako cega talei so na liku ni radini..

Anonymous said...

Like the rest of the Filipino troops used to fighting and losing men in the country's own internal conflicts – the communist insurgency, the Muslim separatist groups, and terrorists, among others – the soldiers of the 80th Infantry Battalion are ready for this.

Anonymous said...

Turaga Jiova, au sa masuta na ligamuni savasava kei na nomu ni kaukauwa mai Lomalagi me maroroya ka roqoti ira na luvei Viti era tiko vakavesu ena ligadra na keimami meca. Au vakabauta ni seg ani dua na tale na kalou cecere ka kaukauwa mai vei kemuni, O kemuni na Kalou levu ka sega ni vakaiyalayala na nomuni kaukauwa. Au sa kerea na nomuni Yalotabu, na kaukauwa mai Lomalagi me lutuka na nodra bula ka me ra sereki ena kaukauwa ni yacai Jisu na luveni Kalou bula.

Anonymous said...

For an hour and 40 minutes, under the cover of darkness, about 40 Filipino peacekeepers evacuated their post in Golan Heights and stealthily walked 2 kilometers to another UN post carrying the firearms and ammunition that the Syrian rebels wanted them to surrender, and some personal belongings.

It was midnight in Golan on a Sunday, August 31. It was quiet and cold. There was no telling if one of about 100 Syrian rebels, who earlier engaged them in a 7-hour heavy firefight, will catch them leaving Position 68 from the back.

Philippine military chief General Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr called it the "greatest escape."

"It came to a point that we have to leave in the middle of the night. We escaped from the Syrian rebels in the middle of the night while they were sleeping," said Catapang.

In Manila, it was 5 am. About 20 generals were gathered inside the war room in Camp Aguinaldo, monitoring every step of the way. The mood was tense while Colonel Roberto Ancan, commander of the peacekeeping operations center in the Philippines, was on the phone with one of the troops

The chief of staff, flanked by the other generals, appeared before the media shortly after the successful escape mission, all tired but proud

"UNDOF reports that armed elements also attacked UN Position 68 with mortar and heavy machine gun fire. The UN peacekeepers returned fire and prevented the attackers from entering the position," the UN said in a post on its web site.

It was suddenly war. On board 3 pick up trucks, the rebels rammed the gate of Position 68 and subjected the encampment to mortar fire. Also mounted on the pick up trucks are ZPU anti-aircraft machine guns. The gate was a safe distance from the encampment itself.

"Our troops fought back bravely and successfully held their positions after a seven hour firefight. This attack prompted UNDOF to reposition our troops to a more secure position within the mission area," Catapang said during the press briefing.

About a hundred rebels took different positions around Position 68 but the UN encampment is well-fortified and the troops were well-armed themselves.

It would have been a harvest for the rebels if the Filipino troops surrendered them. They have M4 assault rifles, M60 light machineguns, K3 squad automatic weapons, and Caliber 45 pistols.

Catapang said the Filipino troops fired at the rebels in self-defense. Syrian government forces also came in to provide fire support, which was crucial in preventing the rebels from closing in. Foreign militaries – US, Israel, and Qatar – also helped during the firefight to ease the tension on the troops.

After 7 hours, the firefight died down. The troops hatched the escape mission.

Anonymous said...

To all of you who have friends and family among the captured RFMF
soldiers. Time is of the essence in hostage situations.

Why did the head of the RFMF catch the first flight to the region at the first opportunity. Even though the Brigadier General is the supposed head of the RFMF we know Frank is still in charge. Up until very recently Frank was still Commander. Why did he not go personally to address the situation?

Because he is not a leader. He has no education. Like or hate Rabuka he was a well educated and well trained soldier/leader. Frank has no leadership skill. The lives of 44 of his RFMF are at stake and he is too busy to attend as he is spreading lies in Kadavu.

Time is running out. The rebels have made demands that will not be met. The Syrians will not release a high ranking rebel. How much compensation will they demand? Who will pay the ransom?

The fact that they are being fed and housed at the moment means nothing. Some of those journalists were well fed and housed for months and some for years. The longer time drags on the less likely of a good outcome.

This could not have come at a worse time for Frank. It has shown he lacks any leadership skill or concern for his RFMF.

It was looking like a probable election win for Frank. Now I am not so sure. This Golan Heights Fiasco could be the game changer that Frank did not want. But it is his own inaction and lack of leadership skill that is now blatantly obvious to all Fijians.

He is unfit to lead anything let alone a nation. His inaction for these soldiers may leave blood on his hands that he will be unable to wash off.

Anonymous said...

Sa lai tuberi na tabua vua na Qase Levu ni Lotu Wesele, lai kerei na veimasulaki. Sa ciqomi na tabua, ka sa vakaraitaki vei ratou na tubetube yani, ni sa katuvu sara tu ga qo o ira na lotu vakarisito na masumasu, ia sa vakasukai lesu tale na tabua. O viti me lesu ga vei Jisu

Anonymous said...

Isa.....e dua saraga na kena tabua na ka qori ?

In spirit and in truth. In the soul in union with Christ. That is faith.

War is war. Nothing to do with the matters of the soul. Ke sa lewa na kalou me ni sa tini e kea ia sa koya saraga ya.

We can't buy God with a tabua.

Even the warrior David never dared buy Gods love with anything but faith.

To donu ga vei Jisu laiva vua me lewa. His will, not thy own be done.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:59 PM

You of course totally forget that this situation could have happened under any PM or government Fiji has had.

Cheap shots like yours to make political mileage out of this simply show the type of person you are.

Too many people simply talking rubbish here.

nayacakalou said...

@Anon 3.50pm...Its a free world tacina,we may not agree with you,does not mean that you can swear at us.We see that alot in Fijians,when we lost of words we always throw the first punch.Just to sit at the meeting on this side of the world and see the plan for a contract to do a road from Nasoso to Wailoaloa for $60.5 million.When you borrow the money from China and give away to an overseas company,shows the mentality of people running the country.How many more of this kind of deals like this you do not know?

Anonymous said...

MANILA, Philippines — Col. Ezra James Enriquez, chief of staff of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), resigned Tuesday following the standoff with and escape of Filipino peacekeepers from Syrian rebels.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) confirmed the resignation to dzMM Friday. Enriquez may have disagreed with UNDOF Commander Major General Iqbal Singha over decisions on the 40 Philippine peacekeepers trapped in their encampments last August 29.

The resignation of Enriquez, who also serves as contingent commander of the Philippine peacekeepers in Golan Heights, came after AFP Chief General Gregorio Pio Catapang called for the investigation of Singha.

Related: ‘Pinoys defied UN commander’s order to surrender’

When the besieged Filipino troops sought his advice after they were ordered by Singha to lay down their arms as part of an arrangement with the rebels to secure the Fijians' release, Catapang said he asked them to defy the order.

"I told them not to follow the order because that is a violation of our regulation, that we do not surrender our firearms, and, at the same time, there is no assurance that you will be safe after you give your firearms," Catapang said.

Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1
"Our stand is, we will not allow our soldiers to become sacrificial pawns in order to save the Fijians," Catapang told The Associated Press.

Catapang and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin approved the troops' decision to hold their ground. The troops then staged a daring escape from the Golan camp over the weekend, ending a tense, days-long standoff.

The military chief also accused Singha of having "unstable" decisions at a crisis situation.

"He kept on changing his orders," he said. - Camille Diola with AP

KUA NI RERE said...

Its good if they take the Tabua.
But honestly, you have to do the RIGHT thing.
Like someone wrote before : "God is not mocked"".

I've written some strong words against Fijian soldiers in the past but in my heart of hearts I am really trying to help you guys here.


In the book of Revelations 2:5 Jesus is rebuking the Church and tells them "REMEBER WHERE YOU FELL....TRACE YOUR STEPS...GO BACK AND SEE WHERE YOU FELL & START AGAIN FROM THERE....

This is why I say "Lets GO BACK" and put QARASE back....THAT IS WHERE WE FELL..

I personally did not vote for Qarase, I do not agree with everything he did...but THAT IS WHERE WE FELL...SO LETS GO BACK.

and put Qarase back there for an Interim govt ( because its already 8 years and he probably would have lost power by now)


Anonymous said...

Vakacava me ratou lai tube Kamunaga tale vei ratou na Qase Levu ni Muslim, Hindu kei na Bhuddist... Sa ratou guilecava tale beka ni da sa Circular State tiko qo??

Ra downgrade taki na Kalou ko Jiova me tautauvata kei Allah, Buddha kei Vishnu!!
Hahahahihihi Circular State ga ni VOTE.. Qori na idea nei Kaiyum.

Io Circular State beka ni VOTE e??
Vakaloloma dina na Itaukei.

Anonymous said...

Kua in rere - you want another coup to fix one coup .... What you need is brain transplant .

- Cameron slater , Nadi

Anonymous said...

Muslim Terrorists, Indian UN Commander who ordered the Surrender, Confused I-Taukei Soldiers.

Anonymous said...

@Kua ni Rere sa sese saraga na nomu theology.

I am not a Theologian but I am a Christian ia au sega ni kila se rau lai connect taki vata tu vakacava na sega no tereni vaka vinaka koya lai yaco tu kina na ka sakasaka qo mai na Golan vata kei na treason you are proposing ?

sa loli saraga kei lola.

question of Good governance and poor systems yes - definitely needs review.

question of Policy within Ministry of Defence - yes definitely needs review

question of RFMF operational readiness and capability - yes definitely needs review

ia me caka tale e dua na coup ? I don't think so. sa na chaos saraga qori - sa leqa tu mada na vanua sa da tu kina qo sa na qai leqa levu sara koya o mosoni taka tiko mai qori

Anonymous said...

8:42 This can't happen to any other PM becoz they respect the Chiefly System and have never downgraded Lord God Jehovah to be levelled with Allah, Vishnu and Buddha.
Brother you know exactly what Im on about here and you cannot deny the fact that God has done this to prove to us Itaukeis and Fijians that He is still God and no one, no one is equal to Him. He is a jealous God, He said "Worship no other God but me".
Fiji is heading towards destruction my friend.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Cameron Slater
I'm not advocating another Coup
Don't try and confuse the soldiers.



The Psalmist says If I regard iniquity in my heart THOU will NOT hear me."


GOD HAS HIS WAY and we human beings have to learn to acquiesce to it.

Anonymous said...

Qarase off to free hostages ... Al nusra ... Have issued official state tv" we will free soldiers provided we get former terrorist and racist ... Qarase ... They have said " sometimes it takes a terrorist to fix a terrorist ... They will " bombard his old arse ... Unitil he can no longer control his bowel movements ... They will turn him into their bitch ... So at night ... He can wear a hula skirt n perform to soothing sounds ... Of the pacific ... Or a few songs from sakuisa ... Or perhaps a few reggae tunes from " root" strata ... If you know what a I mean ... Once qarase is converted to a muslim .. They will put a hat on him .. Sit his ambushed arse on a rocket and launched right to the office of Sodelpa ... So that all the racist mothers can be forever united ... Ha ha ha

If qarase was a true leader .. He would have issued a statement to support our troops ... He did not the bastard ... Still holds grudges against the heroes

Anonymous said...

Cala. O Tevita e sega ni coup taki Saula. Even though he had Saul in his power in the cave.

Qori na qai nona job na Kalou.
Biuta ga me nona na veivakasavasavataki.

Keda relax ga kevaka da kila ni dua na Kalou ka nomu Turaga ko Jisu.

Anonymous said...

Levu ga na vosa,liutaka tikoga na komai vakacegu,viavia PM na surrender sa ra na surrender talega na gone...ni sa cici rawa ga o komada,sa ra na cici talega na gone,ni sa tawa ga na tarausese nei komada sa na vacava na tawa ni tarausese kei na boidada ni loma ni lori,ni sa na tawa kece tu na tarausese,ra sa muria ga na nodra boso..kodrokodro tiko vaka edua na koli ni kaidia!!!
Just bunch of cowards..vakateratera tiko i Viti,sotava na katakata,biu tale ira na yaragi.

peace perfect peace said...

This is what I meant in my earlier post last nite (pls read news link below) about the RFMF trained peacekeepers being THE WEAK LINK in international peacekeeping missions.

I totally agree with the assessment of the situation made by the Filipino military when they were confronted by the murdering jihadhists...

"Gen.Gregorio Pio Catapang said he advised the 40 Filipino peacekeepers NOT to lay down their arms, and they defied the U.N. peacekeeping Commander's order. Instead they staged a daring escape from the Golan camp over the weekend, ending a tense, days long standoff."

"I told them [the Filipino peacekeepers who had quickly sought his advice after being ordered to lay down their arms as part of the arrangement with the rebels to secure the Fijians' release] NOT TO FOLLOW THE ORDER because that is a violation of our regulation, that we DO NOT SURRENDER our firearms, and at the same time, there is no assurance that you will be safe after you give your firearms", Catapang said.

"Our stand is, we will not allow our soldiers to become sacrificial pawns it order to save the Fijians [Tikoitoga's Cats!] ... "they should look for other ways and means to save the Fijians."

Vinaka Gen. Catapang, I could not agree more.

Weak links in such a volatile situation as that presented itself in Syria should NOT have been there in the first place and will NOT be respected by the world for endangering the lives of other peacekeepers!!


Anonymous said...

9:15 PM fark your story and fark beanymarama

Anonymous said...

Ka yaco mai Golan sa bale saraga I na duka ni systems ni mataivalu kei na matanitu. Corruption led to unfit men being drafted and poor vetting led to the mess.

Sa raica tu na Kalou.

Cava tale o moqe tiko kina Kua na Rere ?

Sega nomu vakabauta ?

Relax ga ka work for the common good. Ya ga na glorify God dina. Be salt and light to the earth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:15pm is the same person at anon 3:50pm. Advocating a SODELPA victory.

peace perfect peace said...

Oh thanks anon @8.57pm, was just reading the resignation of their general. Oh boy he must've been so livid! So was I when I first read about the standoff!

Here's the link for the rest:

Anonymous said...

Anon : 924 : .... How about I out my 9.15 inches up your crack.. Ha hs hs hs ... Then you can 925 ... And call 000 ... You fucking moron ... 666

Anonymous said...

Isa when they came for sakiusa rabaka and returned him pretty much dead...which he died a few days later....waraki ira mai cake qori saki....you all crying out loud that some of those soldiers are kids well saki was younger than than the youngest soldier that's captured....karma is a bitch...

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 9:15PM you are the kind of person that will suck off Bainimarama and Khaiyum cock... Give your arse to the fiji military so they can fuck you really hard and you screaming Allahs name to save those PUSSYCAT Fiji soldiers waiting to get beheaded by the Al Nushra rebels...

What goes around comes around... We all know that you anon 9:15, is in the Fiji Surrender Bend Over army. Fuck you all, you scumbags. Only good at terrorising beating and killing the civilian population...

When come across some malnutritioned, unfit, scronny and skinny Al Nushra rebels you surrender like a pussycat just like your big pussy leader Bainimarama.

Behead them Al Nushra, behead the bastards low life's that beat up, torture and kill their own people...

peace perfect peace said...

I reckon the Brave Filipino Peacekeepers' defiance and deft move, now dubbed as "The Great Escape" would make an excellent sequel to the movie "Behind Enemy Lines".

Like General Catapang, Actor Gene Hackman in that movie had also defied the NATO Commander's order (but only a bit later although better late than never, aye!)... and LED his rescue team to get their own - Owen Wilson, who by then must've criss-crossed Bosnia twice trying to get to a safe zone for his extraction, whilst the ruthless Serbian army hunted him down.

And in doing so, Hackman got themselves an even bigger scoop in the form of digital photos taken from their fighter jet of the mass graves (EVIDENCE of GENOCIDE) of Bosnian Muslims and Croatian civilians.

There you go, some great instincts (also a honed skill), coupled with luck (God's grace perhaps?) and viola!

Like General Catapang's resignation from the UN, Gene Hackman also resigned from NATO but both commanded the full RESPECT of the men and women that served under them.

Amazing parallels don't you think?

History repeating itself?

Anonymous said...

Captain Savenaca Siwatibau sonalevu. Sai i vei nomu hit squad koya dau, vaka saurara, vaka matei ira na lewe ni vanua e Viti..
E cava o vakila ni yali i dakumu o Bai.
Nodra tagi na lewe ni vanua o Viti mo vesu Lau moku nomu i cici qai musu nomu qavokavoka.

Anonymous said...

ko au sa kerekere kemudou kaibiti taura bakamalua.Guiledava na pussy soldiers...kemudou concentrate ga qo bei Jisu & your family.Keitou kaidia marau sa besu qo pussy soldier, qo keitou moku na murqi oti daka na hot curry, oti kana na puri.Oti job mataka , kila no paisa no fun.Kerea kemudou guiledava, malua sa sega paisa na bank, kemudou kerekere bei keitoi kaidia...oilei kemudou kaibiti lebu leqa kaidia.

Anonymous said...

God is a God of Justice..We can all cry out to heaven to save them but his will will be done..There seems a way that seems right to man but at the end leads to death..And the dickhead Tikoitoga is sending another 45 men..Sa rauta mada na via vakarerevaki tiko..dou sa vakamadua taki viti..sa yaga ga mo dou lesu mai dou mai polish taki vava ga i na keba..sa rauti kemudou ga na tereni cake i mead road yaco i coloisuva..

Anonymous said...

Al Nusra terrorist, When we catch we will behead you and all your families.
We are the Fijian Soldiers, no retreat no surrender.
Allah is not a true God. Muhammed is illiterate. He can't read or write an how can he be a messenger of God.
You Al Nusra terrorists and Muslims believe in the devil called Muhammed.
We will come and get you soon you dirty terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First supporters accuse the other parties of politicising the plight of the RFMF who surrendered in Syria, but here they are themselves using this episode to post anti-Qarase, anti-Kepa, and anti-GCC remarks.

Don't ask us to pray for you and then mock us at the same time.

Anonymous said...

45 pusi sa vesu oti 45 kalavo to replace them. Vinaka Tikoitoga na vakasama ....dua ga vei iko na Vudi.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:15 PM writes "we are the Fijian soldiers, no retreat and no surrender". Won't someone please tell him the news? I haven't the heart.

Anonymous said...

I'm not muslim my friend .. I'm a justice seeker .... I'm the warrior Kailoma .. That is a current soldier .. We are the real men ... Fiji fiji fiji ... First first first

Anonymous said...

iko anon @11:15 pm

kua na vaqakoro tiko.Bloody rebels in Syria reading this blog too.Your verbal diarrhea might provoke the Rebels to behead all captured soldiers.So watch your fucken mouth boci.Leave the pussy soldiers alone.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:24...
brother, this guy still in high
school and using dad's laptop.Told to go & play x-box but wanna get involve in adults blog.Bloody stupid boy.

Anonymous said...

Savenaca Siwatibau, sonalevu, macala sara mada I keri nomu dau viavia levu, qaciqacia, kasiviti, mokulaki keimami tiko na lewenivanua Ina keba I Nabua.

Tamata kaisi o iko, qori varerevaki Sara mada ikeri mo qai laulauvutu qai musulaki na domomu vei Ira na rebels qori. O sa qai tobo tu qori, mata tu vakasona nomu taba tu Mai qori, sau gona ni vakateratera, viavialevu tiko Mai I viti qori... Na Tagi ni lewenivanua e rogoca na kalou.

Ni nanuma tiko na sotia sonalevu ni dau veimoku tiko I viti. E dau Tukuni tu e dua nai vosavosa vakavavalagi...

THE ONE WHO LAUGH LAST, LAUGHS THE LOUDEST!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Anonymous said...

Da vaqakoro yani vei ira na Al Nusra me rawa ni ra vakamatei kece na Sotia pussy lelevu qori.
Vaqakoro se sega e ra na musu kece ga na domodra. Sa ra qai raica na kunea.

Anonymous said...

Brother : 1125 true ... It's not a joke ... A Fijian guy has been arrested in sydney and they are considering deportation after jail ... He threatened terrorism .. He says it was a joke ... asio have said . .. They take every threat seriously ... And given that sydney have had men join Isis ... We should not abuse Islam . Islam is not the enemy ... But extremists are . ... History has taught us that ... ku klux klan .. Apartheid in South Africa ... In India ... Stalin .. Hitter ... Mao ... Were all extremists ... Doesn't mean we crucify Germans , Chinese etc .


Anonymous said...

Yes for decoration! Good for nothing. RFMF never use to recruit pussies!!!

Anonymous said...

O ira na Al Nusra e ra lewe ga ni vanua ra sega ni taleitaka na nodra Peresitedi kei ni nodra Mataivalu.

E vaka sara ga i Viti. Qo me da sa former tale ga me da saqata na PM keirau ira na nona mataivalu Lamulamu qo.
Veivakalolomataki tiko qo ni sa qai kila.

Me support taki ira na Al Nusra... Infact they are not rebels, they are only fighting for freedom. Na rebel ga o BAI ko vesuka na matanitu digitaki me rawa kina ni PM. Ya ga na rebel se vavei?

Anonymous said...

.vinaka na veiqaravi..vei kemuni na cauravou na tama vinaka na veiliutaki na keba I Nabua ..

Anonymous said...

I know some people are angry about some of the captured soldiers, but plz think of the innocent ones among them, kua mada na vosavosa vaka lialia, veitauri liga mada ga ena masu

Anonymous said...

Ro the shit head .. Has refused to comment on speight being given amnesty .. If such is the case ....the we simply should have a coup culture in banana republic fiji ... Criminals get pardoned .. This will set a very dangerous precedent .. She has also killed any Indian votes that would have come her way . Way to go for democracy n justice

Anonymous said...

Amen well said

Anonymous said...

Ke ra moku na wekada na keba ke sa kau na nodra bula io ya na ka ra bolea era via vaka rerevaki kenai sau ya na yani ...ke ra vesu na nimami mataivalu na lewe ni vanua o Viti io qori na ka era kacivi kina ... nio sotia iko mo xpect taka tiko nio na mate keo qai na peace keeping..da sega ni kila tu na noda veisiga ke sa ni nanuma moni curse ike baleta na nodra bula na wekamuni era vakaleqai na keba sa sa vinaka cake moni lako ni lai vaka liligi kemuni baleta na yalo ni tamata dau laba sa kune na ka ni vaka vola... nomuni tagi cudru ni qai Caita ...nomuni sona ke me ra kua ni dau coqa na lawa ke ra sega ni moku vaka na vuaka .. vinaka Tagane na veiqaravi vaka kaukauwa tiko we soldiers never dies..we regroup in heaven ... thats what we a paid for....nomuni tagi ni qai Caita ena maka ni rogoci sona lelevu na nomuni bula ni veisiga ...

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga and Qiliho, the picture of Aiyaz campaigning with the kids and Bainimarama's obvious disdain for being questioned on the 45 showed it all. These are the two arseholes who's led you to this. They have no qualms about the 45 and the next 45 to be sent. Can Bai send his son Meli as a gesture of commitment? No sa kua ga, dromodromo ga na tarausese se bera mada ga ni sobu yani. Taukei are not united and genuine about the 45's plight. You need their solidarity and support behind the military but its almost too late. Best thing to do is stop sending more boys is to focus on getting 45 out alive and rest of them out of Golan. You are faced with the most embarrassing and lowest moment in the history of our once proud and reputable military. Leak you wounds and clean out FB and Aiyaz, the judiciary, Gates, Shameem sisters, muslim lickers like Aslam, Sri Lankan businessmen, Nailatikau, Gailau, Manueli, other conspirators and those in the army found innocent of murder(directly or indirectly) of innocent lives. Hang these motherfuckers and their complicit family members in Sukuna Park. Confiscate all their property. Send all those who partook to jail like Chaudhry, Bune etc. We are willing to forgive you and army if you do that. Then do free and fair elections. Whichever govt comes into power should be tasked with rebuilding. we need to start with clean slate, and this is your only chance to save the country. Turn this tragic situation into the most positive thing the military will ever do. Remember we are forgiving people, but if you are not willing to be forgiven then you will remain cursed and will take Fiji down with you to its darkest days yet. The ball is in your court. Think about it carefully.

Anonymous said...

E cala tiko na nomu spelling ni circular, dodonu me "secular", tauri iko vkamalua kua ni katakata.

Anonymous said...

Levu ga na vakateratera na bootcamp e caka e veikau mai tini tikoga e loma ni town/city area.. me vaka fancy beka vei ira na lewenivanua..
qori sotava mada.

Anonymous said...

Oi naaau lei!!! Na circular state qori e kauta tale mai na cacawiriwiri wavoki :)

Anonymous said...

Some bloggers here seem impressed by Al-Nusra's negotiating approach, even calling its demands "brilliant". I beg to differ. The demands are unrealistic and non-starters. This does not bode well for the early release of the Fijian hostages.

First, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not going to release the al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Mussab al-Suri in order to save the lives of UN peacekeepers. Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people and has no great love for the UN.

Secondly, no self-respecting government will agree to pay compensation to Al-Nusra for its slain combatants, since Al-Nusra was the attacker. Such a demand is arrogant, really.

Third, UN member states are not going to send their forces to create a safe haven for terrorists in Southern Syria, especially at the behest of the very group now destroying the existing UN buffer zone.

Fourth, Assad is not going to lift the siege of his enemy's stronghold at Ruta in order to accommodate Bainimarama.

Unless this is simply an opening bargaining strategy, Al-Nusra is being totally unrealistic in its demands. It will soon discover that the Bainimarama regime is rather indifferent to the fate of its troops and more preoccupied with the elections. It will find that the Fijian people are ambivalent toward the troops who have victimised them for the past eight years, with some bloodyminded types even cheering Al-Nusra to kill its hostages!

Such callousness might perversely help the Fijian prisoners if it lowers Al-Nusra expectations and gets it to settle for achievable demands.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't Speight get amnesty? He was just a front man who was betrayed by the real coup organiser, Bainimarama. Bainimarama and Rabuka run free, but Speight rots in prison. It's time Speight got out and the others are thrown in.

Anonymous said...

The RFMF will never live this down, unless it shakes off the yoke of Baininmarama's tyranny and liberates Fiji. That's the only way it can redeem itself at this point.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12.21am,

Gonei, ko a kaya mai cake:

"sa sa vinaka cake moni lako ni lai vaka liligi kemuni baleta na yalo ni tamata dau laba sa kune na ka ni vaka vola"

Brother, keimami a wele vinaka tiko na lewenivanua dou mai laba, veivakareirei, veivakatotogavi, butako tutu vakamatanitu koi kemudou mai na Keba.

Sona levu ga o kemudou kei na nomudou i liuliu.

Dua tale na yaloyalo ni nomudou sonalevu sa laurai tiko gona qori mai Syria.

Au kerea mo tauri iko vakamalua, rogoca na tagi nei ira na lewenivanua (ko ni dodonu mo ni maroroya mai na coup) ka toso mai keya. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

If Al Nusra demands gumboots, then we're REALLY screwed!

Levani said...

Kivei kemuni na weka voleka vei ira na noda sotia, tiko vakavesu mai Syria. Sa noqu masu me sotava na nomuni lomaleqa na Kalou ko Jiova, vakatalega kina o ira na sotia tiko vakavesu. Ni vakararavi tikoga vei Jiova, gumatua na masumasu kei na lolo. Oqo e dua nai tukutuku ni veigauna ni noda vanua. E katakata tu na draki ni vala vakapolitiki, cudru tu beka eso na turaga ni vanua, rarawa tiko eso na vuvale ena vuku ni dreddre ni bula, kei yaluma, kei na leqa vakailavo, vak talega kina ko ira na vuvale e ra dui cavutu mai kina ko ira na noda sotia tiko vakavesu. E levu beka e ra taroga se cava e yaco kina ni voleka na siga ni veidigidigi, e ra qai vesu na sotia. Sa rawa ni da kaya e levu na ka, ia na Kalou ko Jiova, e kila na ka kecega, na ka sa caka oti, na e caka tiko e dai, kei na veika na yaco ena siga nimataka. E levu na wekada e ra sa sega ni taleitaki Khaiyum, vata kei Ratu Voreqe (PM) kei ira na noda lewe ni RFMF, ia, au vakamasuti kemuni na wekada, meda lomani ira baleta me yaco na Loma ni Kalou e Viti, me kakua yaco na Loma ni Tamata (tabu saka yani) Isa, kemuni na wekaqu, na noda vanua e bula lako ga ena loloma ni Kalou, e dina ni da rarawataka na veika sa yaco ena 8 na yabaki sa oti,ia, au vakamasuti keda meda lomani ira na lewe ni noda mataivalu ni Viti kei na nodra vuvale baleta na nodra vesu e rawa ni kila na Kalou ko Jiova na kena inaki ni donumaka tiko na gauna ni noda digitaka na Matanitu Vakapolitiki e Viti.
Au vakabauta ni vakarautaka na Kalou ko Jiova na gauna e ra vesu tiko kina na noda sotia, me sa kena gauna talega, meda cabe na lewe ni vanua e Viti vei KOYA NA KALOU LEVU, KALOU LOLOMA OQO KO JIOVA. Au vakabauta ni sa vunau tiko ko Jiova vei keda na kawa itaukei, meda vakamalumalutaki keda rawa vua, veisorosovi, veilomani, ni bera ni qai tekivu na veidigidigi ena ika 17 ni Siga 2014.
Ena vuku ni tikina au vola mai cake, au kerea tiko na Peresitedi ni Lotu Wesele,(TEVITA NAWADRA), Turaga PM Ratu Josaia Voreqe, Commissioner ni Ovisa, Commander ni RFMF, Liuliu ni Soqosoqo Vakapolitiki, kemuni na mata ko ni na tu tiko ena veidigidigi, ke kemuni na lewe ni noda vanua. Me da masumasu vata ena 10:00am ena mataka ni Siga Lotulevu (5/9/14) ena veitauni kece e Viti kei rau na kena siti (Suva & Lautoka). Me caka ena park ni veitauni kece e Viti, kabraki ena walesi, taba ena pepa, na gauna kei na vanua me caka kina. Sa rauta mada nai tukutuku vakapolitiki, Meda masuta na Kalou ko Jiova me sereki ira na na noda sotia, meda veilomani, veisorosorovi ena yalo vinaka, yalo savasava, yalo malua kei na yalo loloma. Kevaka e 30 na miniti eda masu vata kina kei keimami na tiko e valagi, au vakabauta ni da na raica ka kunea na vakacegu ena vukudra na noda sotia tiko vakavesu, kei na veika dredre talega e sotava tiko na vanua ko Viti, ena yali yani vakamalua, ni bera na veidigidigi.
Au kerea kevaka eso e dau wilika na biau livaliva oqo, me qai bau vakadewataka yani vei ira na iliuliu ni Lotu Wesele, PM, Police Commissioner, RFMF Commander, Leasders of Political Parties, Township Administrators & others.
Vinaka saka vakalevu. Me noda vata na Loloma ni Kalou ko Jiova, kei na Luvena ko Jisu Karisito, kei na Yalo Tabu.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

2:15 am. Kua na vosavosa ca tu vakalialia ni vakaraitaka tu na nomu vuli vakavo, vovodea nomu bula vakayalo, kawa ca na vuvale o qai main kina ka o tamata sega ni rawati iko baleta no o sakitaka tu na nomuni butako, kana loto, corrupt kei na veibuturaki.

Ke o ni bole mate dina, cava la na vuna e kere veimasulaki tu kina o nomu PM o Bai kei Commander Tikoitoga??

Ke o ni Sotia tagane dina ka boletaki mate ke o ni veisaqasaqa yani kei ira na Rebels.. Ia e mani sega baleta ni o ni tamata Lamulamu kece. Kodro tiko ga i Viti.
Kauta vinaka sara na I lavo bitakoci ko sakitaka tiko qori laid valania kina na watimu kei nah luvemu ka o susugi ira r na I yau tauri vakatawa dodonu.

Luveni macawa o iko.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

3:31 Kakua na vosavosa ca tiko vakalialia. Na Sotia cava will rule the world?? REBELS and Islam e rule they world.

Au raica rawa ni o iko tiko ga e na dua na vale kava, pit toilet, sega na tolili, dravudravua tu nomu bula...
Au na sega ni vosa ca taki iko baleta au vuli vinaka ka u vakai tovo ka u rawati au. Au sega ni vakania noqu matavuvale e na I yau butakoci nodra na lewe ni vanua.

Vinaka vakalevu na vosavosa ca tamana. Laurai vei Iko ni ko tamata ciuciu ka Lamulamu ko ira na dau kaukauwa tu vaqori na gusudra.

Io se gone ka e...

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