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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Composer beaten hours after being told to 'fuck off' by Bainimarama

The composer of the songs used by the regime led party, Fiji First, during its election campaign has been beaten after complaining to Frank Bainimarama about copyright.

The family of Josefa Bilitaki say he was attacked by army soldiers just hours after his conversation with Bainimarama.

The elderly man remains in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital almost a week after the incident.

Bilitaki's family say he was taken away and beaten by four army officers last Friday after he rung and complained to newly-elected Frank Bainimarama about Fiji First using his songs without his permission.

The composer's daughter, Asenaca, says it's not known where her father was taken but it wasn't QEB.

She says Bainimarama swore at her father, a former teacher, during their conversation, yelling "Fuck off SODELPA".

This is not the first time Bainimarama The Thug has abused citizens or has used the country's soldiers to beat, brutalize and kill their own people.

And neither will it be the last, despite the so-called democratic elections of less than a fortnight.

Bainimarama and family have shown their penchant for thuggery time and time again.

Son Meli Bainimarama took to Facebook recently to threaten revenge on anyone who criticised his friend Alex Elbourne, who used a public radio broadcast to launch an attack on SODELPA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Bainimarama junior posted on Facebook "so what if he swore at her" "my father gets sworn at 6000 times" and "I'm coming for you SODELPA." http://on.fb.me/YLlHHg

We wonder what regime supporters and the international community have to say about the ongoing thuggery and the latest unprovoked attack on a citizen?

We also wonder whether the media will cover the story.

The elections may have happened and Fiji First elected but Fiji is still being run at the point of a gun.


SEMI K MEO said...
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SEMI K MEO said...

Na tamata viavialevu o rau na veitamani qoka!!

The game is far from over!!

Get the Parliament convened ...phew...what will he spew next!!

I'll be one of the first to visit the father son thugs in Naboro..or St Giles?

Anonymous said...

Another lie,se baci dua tale na lasu,oilei,sa voleka ni oti mai na vuravura,a cava soti ni saga,me dua tale na election? waraka,namaka me oti e 4 na yabaki.Ke sega me sa Cabinet ga na opposition,dou sa lewa ga mai na matanitu,leqa gona ni sa sega na 'red carpet' treatment oqo.Sa rogo tiko na na yavala o LQ kei Asenaca Caucau ni rau na voli yaragi,ia me na qai cava? ena vaqarai tale o rau veitalia ke rau vuni tiko mai Merika.Sa qai laurai dina eke na koco i yau, na via rogo,na via vakaliuci,na via vutuniyau,me ra qaravi me voleka sara ni ra qaravi me vaka e dua na kalou.

Anonymous said...

Notice the change since the election?

Yeah. Me, neither.

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit story.
The blog has no better stories , or unbiased stories.
FF has won and crushed the racist Sodelpa and the crooks , chaudharys party.
Fiji is on the right path with FF.

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meoow,St Giles is offering free psycological trauma counselling, it will do you good to make use of this freebie from us gang.otherwise you will end up like Maraiwai. 6 feet under.

Anonymous said...

This is the right path for Fiji. Using copyrighted material without permission. Using public radio broadcasts for vulgar cursing against opposition leaders. Sending army officers to beat an elderly man for trying to stand on his legal rights. It just gets better from here!

Anonymous said...

Wow, threatening Semi Meo with death, just because he opines that the thugs need to be incarcerated or hospitalised? The regime trolls are showing their true colours.

Anonymous said...

In a real democracy, this story would be a scandal. It would be all over the press. A parliamentary committee would investigate and report its findings. If substantiated, this episode would lead to impeachment charges or a vote of no confidence and a change in government. But in the New Fiji, it will instead be swept under the rug, and Frank's thuggery will continue to worsen, along with his mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Meli, it's true that your daddy has been sworn at 6,000 times. But here's the difference — he DESERVED it.

Anonymous said...

It's going to get worse people...VOREQE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO OPERATE DEMOCRATICALLY,the election was just to get the international communities off the regime's back...
As long as Khaiyum and Voreqe are still in power nothing is going to change....

Anonymous said...

The regime stole the party's name. It stole the flag. It stole the music. It stole the election.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of songwriting, isn't it time the regime replaced our national anthem? It got rid of our constitution. It wants to design a new flag. Isn't it time for a new national anthem, as well? After all, Fiji is no longer a land of freedom, hope and glory. It's now just a place to endure whate'er befall.

Anonymous said...

Shocking and disgusting behaviour!! Onisimo Sivo who works at Neptune Shipping must be proud of this behaviour. Why did you remove your posting on FB? You coward low life! To those cowards who committed this disgusting behaviour, you and Voreqe and Sivo will be punished severely for this. Bunch of low lives! You'll regret the day you left your mothers womb!


Oh don't be ridiculous. You idiots think this is a story? The PM has been in New York and San Francisco since the middle of last week. He has been addressing the UN. Do you really think he'd be worried about something like this? You pathetic has beens need to get out more. What a bunch of losers!

Mini history of Fijian affaires said...

This is the new anthem of fiji -

Gulab jamun gulab jamun ... Pakdo Humaar gulab jam un .. Fiji ek liye ... Gulab jamun ..

- the fiji fiat will also have the faces of " chodo Chaudhary ... Qoli qoli qarase .... N Ro the ho ... It will remind people of the past that was never meant to be ...

Anonymous said...

Some people just never learn. The next time they caught in the Golan Heights, heads are going to start rolling. They're so good at beating up women and old men. When it's time to fight real fighters, lave sara na liga. Ni yavu sotia macawa.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I want to know which song,photo of the composer and exact date this happened.i want to know is there an official police complaint make use of the new Police Commissioner.Inform all media outlets including overseas and try to interview the PM on his return.

Kua Mada said...

Recall the previous lies PM earning 1.2 million dollars in salaries. Sada Reddy, Chandu Umaria, John Sami, The ex Commissioner of Police, Teleni, etc all standing for FF. This is another lie. PM is Madiba, God sent, he wont do a thing like this. Lie, Lies and Damn Lies.

Anonymous said...

6 105mm howitzers donated by the S. Koreans. Kemudou na le va dou vei buturaki tiko qori, dou ya dua, dua vei nomudou prime minister, Kua Mada...me dua mada talega vei iko. Dou vei kata.

Anonymous said...

Meli Baimagaitinamu I'm coming for you you asshole.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.09
Sobo na via rogo gona na butako matanitu caka ena 2006 keina bribery ni 8 na yabaki rawa tu kina na qaqa keinai kuri na fixed election rules etc etc ......
dredre dina na vakamacala vei setani!

TEMA said...

So what happened to our media? Doesnt this tragic incident of an innocent man being sworn at by Frank and beaten by military thugs WARRANT immediate publicity? What is our new Police Commissioner doing? Wouldnt he declare this case a Police Case?

This form of brutality must cease. What happened to our new democracy??

Do the Opposition and New Police Commissioner have any powers at all to bring matters of this nature to the open and declare justice against criminal elements in the new ruling government?



All you stupid FF supporters who ridicule the Rule of Law will one day find your own family and friends being brutalised by the same people you look up to and praise for the great evil that they do. You (FF) all deserve to be punished as your thwarted minds are all seared with praise for evil and wrong-doings. Whatever is evil you call good!


Anonymous said...

Bloody good question alright.




Anonymous said...

Frank and his adopted Lebanese son.....what can I say. Bad, bad..bad.



Josefa Bilitaki said...

Can Coup 4.5 contact me first before posting this blog.I was never assaulted by anyperson,there was a difference over the allowances paid to me and I have been duly paid half in advance and the other half was deposited in my bank account this morning.Thanks for your concern anyway.vinaka vakalevu.God Bless.

Josefa Bilitaki said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

kua mada na via vakarerevaki tko da sota mada me da veiraimata me macala mada na comment vakasisila oni biuta tko.Na nomudou yavusa beka ga e yavusa ni soli sona.....

Te said...

@ Tema, URO, sa masi oti na yayanikana oqori se sega? Taura vakamalua na nomu cudru my dear,tauri iko vakamalua,kua ni cudru,breath in ,breath out,au kila vinaka na i wali ni nomu leqa,daru sota ena makete levu e Suva ena sigalevu ni kua.Lewa ena seavu na nomu cudru ni oti na nodaru sota.Vakamalua tu ga na kena i gu.O sobo sobo.

Tema said...

@ 11.36 am

Hahahahaha....Breath in...breath out!!

Vina'a va'a levu Te..URO!!

Anonymous said...

This blog and those that are anti FF will write any crepe .
But the truth is and all the losers will have to digest and shit it out for good so the smell still doesnibither you:
1 FF thrashed the racist Sodelpa
2 Kepa can't bludge anymore on ordinary Itaukies
3 chaudhary will not be able to be a dishonest husband, and can no long we be a womaniser.
4 Fiji will prosper with all crooks like Qarase gone.

FF will rule for another 12 years.
The only way it can face some stiff opposition would be having Rabukaa lead Sodelpa and Kepa and Qarase are sent back to their villages to plant some cassava

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:26 PM

Some strange imagination, logic, poor education or humour you have, please write more often;

""This blog and those that are anti FF will write any crepe""

Q - I thought crepes were cooked, not written?

""Chaudhary will not be able to be a dishonest husband, and can no long we be a womaniser""

Q - How does either the outcome of the election or his position in politics affect these traits in his character?

Let's hope you were too young to vote or unable to find your polling station !

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:26 PM

Some strange imagination, logic, poor education or humour you have, please write more often;

""This blog and those that are anti FF will write any crepe""

Q - I thought crepes were cooked, not written?

""Chaudhary will not be able to be a dishonest husband, and can no long we be a womaniser""

Q - How does either the outcome of the election or his position in politics affect these traits in his character?

Let's hope you were too young to vote or unable to find your polling station !

Anonymous said...

Lots of talk about Mr Bainimarama and Ro Teimumu. As Jimmy Cliff sang in his song "action speaks louder than words".

We can analyse everything and quote strategies and results of various governments till Kingdom come but in the end we only have to look to the people for validity.

Ask any parent regardless of their ethnicity especially the low paid ones which in Fiji is the majority about what their priority is and they will tell you apart from putting a roof over them and their kids as well as food on the table the other main one is their children's education.

We all know that they care about that single struggle above everything else. That to them is the day to day stuff. Since indepence no government has ever done what Bainimarama did and that is to lift that single biggest huddle in their life, school fees accompanied by bus fares.

By lifting that he has basically given parents across the countries room to manoeuvre. He has freed up money usually the burden to parents to be able to afford various other things. And that to me is one of the major factors Bainimarama won votes from voters of all ethnicity which if you calculate on a national level is roughly 70 percent of his votes. The other 30 percent is from the youth whom modernisation is paramount and most of whom as well will still have fresh memories of how difficult it was in their primary and high school years to see their parents try and pay their school fees and bus fares.

That in a heartbeat is Fiji's foundation to a prosperous future. The kids and youth of today. Once that is solid then you can build everything else around it. From the natural resource like land and qoliqoli area to human rights. From living together in harmony with other races to surviving together with various religious groups. And the single most important tool is education. Teaching Fiji on how to wisely use their resources to living together and accepting all races, gender, sexual orientation and basically modernising our life while also appreciating our past, cultures and traditions.

How can we preach about various policies and change if we forget about our kids and youth. Bainimarama remembered them and made sure that they were first taken care of before we tackle everything else. To me personally that is the best leader anyone could ask for. He had the vision to see that and with that the moral lifted because households were no longer as stressed as before about making ends meets.

He may have started at gun point but he sure as hell will end with voters point.

Vinaka and God bless to us all.

Kua Mada - Burebasaga said...

Sodelpa openly instigating violence , inciting people, producing wrongful videos, and misleading people but the army didn't do any thing to them. So why the army will beat another Fijian. FF is for itaukeis.They want to raise the standard of living of all iTaukeis. See the amount of NLTB money which is going to be distributed to all mataqalis. Under SVT and SDL the money went straight to the chiefs. FLP/NFP, FLP and Fijian association ruled Fiji for 1 year and FF for eight years. In these nine years they did lots for people. SDL and SVT bankrupted the country. Methodist Church saved Fiji from Sodelpa.

Anonymous said...

Meli Bainimarama is just a loud mouth idiot.

I heard his wife punched him, a few months ago, and he ended up in hospital.

Anonymous said...

It was bad enough for the old guy to be beaten, especially when he was just defending his legal rights. But the real insult is that his music was used to help perpetuate the rule of a tyrant.

Anonymous said...

Is SODELPA inciting violence? Really?


Because if so, then I want to join them.

KUA NI RERE said...




He is nothing but a LIAR and a THUG.

I'm amazed that he still uses the army to carry out his dirty business. What a cockhead!


I don't have any good words for Bainimarama.



Sammy K said...


Perhaps you may like to educate yourself on what it means to be living in what is supposed to be a now Democratic country.

Your Admirer Thug cum Prime Minister doesnt have common sense when it comes to following Democratic law. He is still the same brutal thug that uses his power to maim citizens of this country that have every right to use freedom of speech and to bring to his attention his flaws and any illegal activity that is going on (because he doesnt know any better - SHAME!)

We all know the bread and butter issues and free busfares and rubbish bin handouts but there is also the very important bit that people like yourself keeping missing out on or messing up and that is TO BE A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN FIRST AND FOREMOST. NOT A DEGRADING EXAMPLE OF A CRIMINAL AND THUG THAT YOUR FRANK IS!

I hope you register!! What a hypocrite!!

Mere said...

Yes, we really DO think Frank would concern himself with this, just as he concerned himself with Fr. Barr, with the city business permit for Hook and Chook and with the Vodafone popularity contest. The man is a thin-skinned idiot and thug.

So what if he was overseas this past week? He sent his goons. That's how he operates. He sends others to do his dirty work, because he is a coward.

If this whole thing is a lie fabricated by C4.5, then why is Amnesty International now involved?

Face it, your hero is a man who tortures prisoners, stomps on pregnant women, and bashes innocent old men. If there is a lie here, it is the one you keep feeding yourself.

Anonymous said...

@ Sammy K.

I don't admire the man I don't know him personally. I only look at issues on the ground bro. Take your eyes off the man and look at the daily struggles of your average family. At its core is their kids education which basically is their well being. How do we build a nation of law abiding citizens we take care of them first. A desperate father or mother wanting to take care of their family will do whatever it takes including breaking the law. Survival 101 bro. In order to take care of the big challenge we start small.
Democracy has many faces. In the western world they've become expert in manipulating the truth through diplomatic speeches, so called press freedom and conditions attached aid. Is it democratic that the US and UK invaded Iraq under the guise of democracy? Is it democratic that UK politicians use tax payers money to buy 2 or 3 houses or having a one sided policy on Aborigines in Australia? Howabout the flawed Maori decree in New Zealand? Or the majority of the press in Australia being owned by one man (Rupert Murdoch) who also owned the news of the world in UK that got closed down due to the unethical work of its journalists that range from evidence tampering to voice mail interceptions.
Howabout the US policy in guantanamo bay on suspected terrorists some of whom only have to be friends or look alike with others to be booked at room there. Or the more recent Australian asylum seekers detention centre in PNG?
Or let's bring it back home to the previous racial based voting system which handicapped a large portion of our fellow Fijians of Indian heritage? Howabout the western policies on legally helping women to steal men's assets just by being married or have children with?
The world ain't perfect bro. We can't fix the bigger problem without first addressing the small ones.
Again look at the people on the grassroots, hear them and quantify the context of their words. The time for talking began on indepence day and as we near another Fiji day let's assess all the fancy talk and the action taken. And as in the court of law the evidence is what counts not hearsay and love him or hate him I'm afraid Bainimarama's actions on the ground is there as concrete evidence and as his poll election victory suggests the majority agrees. And might I add international observers most of whom are from the democratic societies you seems to admire have all put a seal of approval on the election. So facts, concrete evidence and actions all sways in his favour unless of course you think our coconut wireless is more concrete.

Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...


WHats on the ground tamana, ta na gaunisala. laurai vinaka gunu ti tavioka uto na mata vuvale, caka na livaliva still the same. Sau ni tamata $80.00 weekly the top brass taking thousands while workers getting peanuts. Use your head and think. Sega na kena yaga ke ta na gaunisala da qai mai gunu ti tapi, uto kei na vudi vei mataka. Na i sau ni tamata me laurau kua ni ra taura tiko ga o ira na kena uro.

Civil Servanat no over time pay take time off cava qo slavery?

Tui Viti said...

Vinaka Sammy K,hope your namesake Semi Meoow reads your post and thinks about it.O Sobo,sobo; sa digitaki oti na matanitu,kevaka ni qai via veisau taka,tekivu campaign yani nikua,nikua saraga.Cegu na lasa i tuba,keimami na i taukei sa vuli,keimami wili FJTimes voleka ni veisiga,sara news ka wili blog veisiga,qai suru o Ro se Ratu sa rogoca kece tu o Viti within 24hrs,yes the media is FFParty greatest asset. We used the media to our advantage eventhough they were all anti-Fiji First but you could always move a ship in numerable ways or skin a cat in more than 9 ways to achieve your goals. So whichever party uses the media to their benefit during this 3 years will reap the rewards in the next election but always there are some who want it real bad that they will commit to all illegal venues to achieve their targets.Sa rauta mada man.Da Toso, Da vakanadakuya na 2006 ka rai ki liu me bula na kawa kei Viti,kevaka e na caka tiko na veidresu qani bulu,ia da na qai tamusuka na vuana.

Muki said...

This news is yet to be reported by Fijian media, but was aired in Australia by ABC News. This shows that media is pro government and are frighten to report so incidence. The media level of journalism in Fiji has deteriorated since 2006. This news would have been a test of media freebom

Anonymous said...

Strange arguments here. The world isn't perfect, therefore we should accept as PM the thug who stole the election and sent his goons to beat this old man. Other governments are full of shit, yet we should accept their verdict on the fairness of the stolen election. Bizarre reasoning.

Anonymous said...

The composer should dedicate a song to Bainimarama. How about "Back by Thug Demand", or maybe "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick."

Anonymous said...

This new election system imposed on us is a con job because its one person one vote but one candidate more than 1 seat in Parliament with some candidates getting in on a few hundred votes!!! Its a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a pity that people are calling Qarase a crook. Did you realize that Qarase was found innocent by the juries but the verdict was change by the judge after Kaiyum intervene.so he was convicted for something he was not found guilty of. No justice. What about Bainimarama Treason.The whole world witnessed what he did. Stole the leadership of our country by force pay himself about $200,000.00 leave from taxpayers money.Abrogate the constitution using the late presidents name,Pay himself more then a million dollars in salary through Noor Bano, APPOINT HIS ONWN BROTHER AND DAUGHTERS TO TOP civil servant position, bribe voters and rigged election. Now he starts his thuggery again..Perhaps this what those who voted for FF want. Little they realize that they will also be a victim one of there days

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.56 pm.

Rau warai ni qoi kavou na gunuti tavioka. Qori se ratou cakava mai o Tutua. Matanitu tekivu mai vei Ratu Mara se caka tu mai kina na gunuti uto.
Leqa gona tukuni na vuli do ma kaba quwawa. Mata sau levu mo a kua ni gunu yaqona sivia se kaba quwawa mo a cakave nomudrau homework drau toce.
Problem with most people is they blame everybody else for their own short comings but themselves. Oh I only get paid peanuts because Bainimarama has taken all the money. Just drink alot of grog then maybe the money will come from there. The roads have been built for people to have easy access both to sell their produce like grog and kids to reach school easily. The ones complaining are the ones who prefer to drink their grog rather then selling it or chose not to go to school. This government has tried to provide us with more opportunities to better our living conditions and if we still struggle then we're just blatantly lazy asses.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.20 pm.

The international observers have refuted the claim and have given their seal of approval on the election. But somehow the PM stole the election according to your anology. First the PM did the beating and when told he wasn't even in the country then it must be his goons. Bloody hell.

Anonymous said...

Anon 539. Drau Tabu druta.. moromorolevu. Walu na yabaki sau niu tamata sega ni tubu. Dua tu ga. Civil servant overtime, take time off. Dont compare ko ca tiko vei kemudou qori. Dou via vaka tautauvatni iko kei ira era sa oti. Na tamata mera vaka cerecrei iko na ka o cakava sega niko iko mo kaya o cakava qo se qo. Baleta niko vei liutaki e nomui tavi mo cakava na cakacaka o lesi kina . ULUKAU vaka toce ni maqe. Kua ni kauta mai na gunu yaqona baleta qori e tiki nodra bula na leww ni vanu. Cava era sa mai levu kina na tu ena Squaters? Vosa vaka sama. Ulu lala. Ena yaco i vei na soli free ni vei ka e caka tiko? Vakarau soli free na wai. sa maca mai nai vurevure ni wai. Cava tale Livalia sa complain o FEA sa sau levu na diesel. Free mada na livaliva me qai saumi vaka cava na diesel me sauni livaliva? Me cava me loba kena sucu. Sau ni yaya sa sivia, Local SUgar worse then buying inported sugar. Oilei momo soresore levu

Anonymous said...

AT 539.
No use better the living condition when people cant afford a decent meal everyday. Work whole week get $80.00 $120.00 $150.00. One shoping sa kari liga tale. lili na kena soresore. Tawa na pawnshop,ra vei ciciyaki na money lender, levu na kere sede e gauni sala ra qai qecaru na kena cauravou gone yalewa vei kona ni town buto na volutaki ira. Sa qai levu ga gole mada i Nausori mo vakila. Voleka ga ni luva bulabula nomu sapo.

Anonymous said...

Anon 539.

Da via cicivaki bisinisi sa mokuti keda na levu ni tax, SO na gauna lailai na i sau ni yaya e vaku mai levu na kena i sau ni saumi na tax, da tosoya cake na sau ni yaya sa sega ni voli tale. Sogo noda bisinisi nai taukei baleta na mata nitu sega ni vukei keda. Ke sa rawa ni solia na vei ira nai taukei na Housing Scheem e rawa talega ni cakava vaka kina baleti ira nai taukei via cicivaki bisinisi lalai me vota dua na uma ni lavo ra qai sausaumi vaka malua na kena dinau kei na tubu. Kedatu nai taukei da kina noda draki ni bula kei na bula e vei siga. Soboi tamana a cava mada sa bau cakava vei iko na matabni tu vei liutaki qo? Sega ni dua e cata na vei liutaki. AU tokona na vei sau na ka me caka me da nanumi vaka tautauvata na lewe ni vanua me kua ni ra vutu ni yau ga na vutuniyau da dravudravua na kena vo baleta ni da sega ni rawata. Drau moce yani se ma vakaroro ra. Mai eri..oso oso

Anouk said...


Isa...I appreciate what you are trying to say but unfortunately and sadly, you're among those who JUST DONT GET IT!

Frankie and Co. HAD TO DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR SCHEMING AND CONNIVING PLOT TO ESCAPE SHARING THE CELL WITH GEORGE SPEIGHT! This is the main reason why they used unjustified and unlawful means of protecting themselves..dont you see that at all?
Look at the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS they raked up or raped from government coffers and yes, taxpayers money to propagandize and entice all those who were as you say 'in need' and didnt care or understand two hoots about being law abiding citizens. I would urge you to take a good long hard look at Frank Bainimara and who that man really is - look at his public demeanour - SOOOOOO SHAMEFUL! SO DESPICABLE! UNTAUGHT! UN-FIJIAN - NO RESPECT FOR GOD, NO RESPECT FOR ANY RELIGION (AS LONG AS A RELIGION SUCKS UP TO HIM, HE ACCEPTS THEM) NO RESPECT FOR HIS ELDERS, NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN...A DAYLIGHT ROBBER! YES...A THIEF...A GOOD LIAR. SPEAKS SO ARROGANTLY AND FLOATS ABOUT INSULTING ANYONE WHO STANDS IN HIS WAY.


If Qarase's government was even given the equal and rightful opportunity to run the length of it's governing tenure, we would be seeing new infrastructure taking place that is for sure. If they had been given this opportunity, free school fees, bus fare issues would have been forthcoming. BUT NO!!!! QARASE'S GOVERNMENT WAS ROBBED OFF ITS GOVERNANCE BY GUNPOINT BY A BAND OF THUGS!!

LETS JUST WAIT AND SEE WHAT'S AHEAD....Frank would be like that "Genie in the Lamb" if the current LASULASU care and handouts continue!


KUA NI RERE said...

@Tui Boto 5:12

First of all only few days ago , you said you were not coming back to this site.
SO NOW YOU ARE A LIAR TOO like Bainimarama.

Secondly , before you left, someone called you TuiCarawai, which I think is appropriate.

Now what you've written above is that if you get bashed because you want to get paid for what rightfully belongs to you ( in this case Mr Bilkitaki's royalties).


So its OK if people brave the HEAT and Walked for miles to go to a polling Station...its OK for their Prime Minister to cheat and STEAL THEIR VOTES HUH?


HOW ABOUT IF SOMEONE BREAKS INTO YOUR HOUSE AND RAPE YOUR MOTHER....IS THAT OK...because according to you its all in the past and we should move on.
Tuicarawai is more appropriate.

CRANKY said...

Absolutely bizarre how Frank has broken every law of the land and all his followers approve!

The business money-makers actually love him to bits because like Frank, they dont care about law...its about themselves and how much booty they can make in a day! Dodgy lot who support each other ..break the law..you think they care?

Do you wonder how corrupt these business misers are? They have countless properties..fancy vehicles..fancy expensive lifestyles.

They actually think like Frank. Dont you think it uncanny that they all think like him? Probably something in the air!!

Really and truly strange!

Anonymous said...

ni vicai kece na support taki bainimarama wili kina kemuni na sotia yavu boci.Ni buturaka tiko ga o ira na tamata se vanua e na sega ni rawa ni duri matamuni....tovolea mada vei keimami na kai Navosa...o ni na cici na yavu sotia sonalevu...ni kawa ni tamata boci...sonalevu. dua na kai Navosa e moku...e na kama na keba ni sotia.Ni yavu sonalevu.
E ra digidigi na gauna ra veimoku kina.Moku na veiyasai viti...io ke dua na gone kai Navosa se Nadroga...e loki sara na bui ni kuli...e vaka ga nodra vesu mai Golan heights vei ira na Al Nusra.Levu ga na vosa but boat lamusona

Anonymous said...

I just want to hear Bai's broken english in the parliament (english, fijian & swear) And if he can show professionalism during parliamentary debate especially when confronted head onfrom the opposition. But i think he will win all debate because his soldiers will be at the door. Ridiculous.

Kua Mada said...

PM is a good man. He is god sent to clean the mess left over by Rambuka and Qarase. It is a propaganda by racist Sodelpa to discredit Madiba. Lies
lies and damn lies. Remember the Sodelpa videos before the election. My villagers laughed and booed them as they watched. Close your eyes and block your two ears. They are losers.

Anonymous said...

Kepa is crying because the land monies just got distributed and has gone to the ordinary I taukies-these are in millions of dollars. Kepa would have only given 5% to commoners .
No wonder she wants GCC to be returned- most commoners I taukies do not trust the chiefs . Chiefs were only good in the days of Cakaubau - 1874?

Anonymous said...

AT 9.29PM



Anonymous said...

AT 9.29PM



Tui Ba said...

Next time Kepa will get 12% votes.

Vilimoni said...

PM is a world leader. He speaks at UN. How come is his english broken. Your Sodelpa leader cant speak in English.

Anonymous said...

ni vicai kece na kai viti support bainimarama....his a fucken murderer...ra luveni caganam....kai viti support baini & indian supporter of bai...are all same school....using Bai for their protection.Well my indian bro....kaiviti will fuck u up ...so get ready

Anonymous said...

Indian will still be indian no matter how you put it....!!!!
A dog is a dog...!!
A Fijian is a Fijian.....!
An indo-Fijian is an Indo-Fijian...!!
You cant be everything.


Coup 4.5 said...

The comment purported to be that of Josefa Bilitaki at 11.07am is not genuine. The story about him being beaten, is however, certainly true. C4.5 Editor.

Anonymous said...

I know both Bainimarama and Kepa very well. Bainimarama is everything Anauk has said. On the other hand, Kepa is a brave, gracious and dignified lady. She isn't racist at all. Her biggest fault is that she is too gentle.

I cannot prove it, but I would bet my bottom dollar that Bainimarama stole the election. He is a conniving thief. He never would have put himself on the line if he thought he might lose. He's too big a coward for that. So he put his chief accomplice in charge of the election, so then brought in his IT mercenaries from India to reprogram the voting machines. As an extra precaution, he had ghost call centers monitor the numbers, and even had some of the precinct officers literally stuff the ballot boxes.

The election's international observers barely scratched the surface. Every country and entity represented wanted improved relations with Fiji. No one wanted to level accusations without proof. No one wanted their country on worse terms with the inevitable "winner". No one came with a mindset to debunk.

So, Bainimarama it is, again. Some may have hoped that with the greater security on tenure that presumably comes with being elected, he might have reformed himself and liberalised his regime. But the earliest indications are instead that he is as arrogant as ever, sending army officers to beat this old music composer and regime trolls to continue submitting their nonsense on this blogsite. No one claimed he beat the man himself. He's too cowardly for that, unless he had others holding him down first.

When will they stop doing his bidding? When will they stop holding Fiji down? So long as they're profiting from the lying and cheating, perhaps they never will.

Anonymous said...

Now, why would someone who isn't Josefa Bilitaki impersonate him on this blogsite and lie about the allegations posted on his son's Facebook page? Some people have no sense of shame apparently. They will say anything and do anything in their attempts to cover Bainimarama's tracks. Apparently they have no sense of personal honour or fear of God's judgment.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:09 PM

So how do you explain the manual voting tallies that were done?

Program what voting machines, moron?

Perhaps he programmed all the humans that did manual counting.

Anonymous said...

I thought if only all party agent also seal the ballot boxes with their own party seal and signed on top of it and have their own security lock and also signed on the sides of all ballot boxes.
This boxes should only open in their presence for them to identify their own signatures on the seal and on sides of boxes.

Anonymous said...

Why did presiding officers dismiss the others but remain alone with the ballot boxes for 1-2 hours, moron?

Anonymous said...

What were the Ghost Call Centers for, moron?

Anonymous said...

Why were the presiding officers feeding the vote count numbers to anonymous people at a Ghost Call Center — a.k.a. Clarendon House? And why did the count center take vote count numbers to be authoritative when they were relayed by anonymous people at an unauthorised call center? Why couldn't the presiding officer phone the count in directly to the counting center, in the presence of the other officers, moron?

Anouk said...

We owe it to you Coup 4.5! Thank you for clarifying this story with proof from Josefa Bilitaki's daughter's claims on facebook.

How low can they go who are accomplices to Frank Bainimara's evil deeds!

Look at the similarity in character in Frank's shameful son, Meli! Like father like son. So are we surprised that all who back Frank's evil deeds are like-minded?? NO!!!! We are not surprised at all!!

An EVIL person is like a dirty window..they never let the light shine through. The person or persons will continuously praise and glorify EVIL and the ADVOCATE OF SATAN WHO IS IN POWER IN THIS BELOVED NATION!


Praise God, we see!!!

The Lord's people have a solid foundation. The Lord knows who belongs to Him. He sets apart in this Nation iniquitous men, those of bad principles and practices from those who LOVE AND REVERE THE LORD, WHO FEAR THE LORD, WHO ARE DEVOTED TO HIM.

The Lord has set his people aside. They will NEVER AGREE to EVIL.

All who choose the pathways of EVIL in Satan's Advocate are already marked with hatred for all that is of God.

God bless Fiji in His people who stand up for the fight for JUSTICE AND TRUTH!

Anouk said...

Proverbs 16:17
The highway of the upright avoids evil; those who guard their ways preserve their lives.

It is very important that all of us understand that the Mark of the Beast is not a possibility, it is an absolute certainty. You and I are going to face it. Yes, you and I are now living in it, the era mentioned in Scripture.

It begins in the way you perceive things, people, good, bad, right, wrong, holy, unholy, righteous, unrighteousness, heaven, hell, God, Satan.

It begins in the way you live your life.

It begins in your choices between good and evil.

It begins with your disregard for all that is LAW! The Laws of God, the Laws of the Nation!

It begins in the desperate attempt to save one's life for survival, wealth, power, security, promotions...

It begins in how you can be easily deceived by selling your soul to Satan and not living a steadfast life of the Fear of God.

It begins in accepting all lies, falsehood, guile (deceit), hypocrisy and evil speaking.

It begins by exalting evil without realising it.

It begins by hating all God's people.

It becomes a way of life.

And then there is the loss of Our Saviour Jesus Christ.

And then there is the acceptance of the false teaching that our GOD can be equalled to false gods.

And then there is the false worship in Fiji today called Interfaith.

And then we have been clearly marked and bought by lies and deceit of the evil that we happily serve, SATAN!!!

Seru said...

Commissioner of Police said he was not beaten at all. He had high blood pressure and was released and taken to hospital. A white man will not tell lies.

Anonymous said...

@Anouk 4.56pm.

The 2000 coup was a racial one carried out by some elements who claims to be doing it for the I taukei's. Suva and other towns were looted and burned. Fijians of Indian descend were robbed, beaten and humiliated. It was a dark day in Fiji's history.
Bainimarama and the Military were the only ones who decided enough was enough and put an end to it. He installed Qarase as the interim PM to lead an interim government. Qarase initially was doing a good job but then he got greedy and big headed.
Bainimarama told him few times not to pass the qoliqoli bill but he refused. If you look at the qoliqoli bill that Qarase tried to pass it would have handicapped out tourism industry which is majority of our resource hence our economy would have really taken a dive into desperation. In a democratic society a capitalist way of governance is its backbone and resources are the capitalists fuel. The qoliqoli bill would have tried that fuel hence it was paramount Qarase stopped.
Basic economic means capitalism and democracy go hand in hand. All these allegations about Bainimarama is firstly unproven and so far fetched that people who bring them up are patronising bad loosers.
Just like Mr Beddoes there's a lot of empty vessels around here that tries to bark louder then each other.
Pathetic the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

The regime never cared what Australia had to say about it before. How is it, then, that when the Aussies pronounce that the election is credible, that gets ballyhooed by the regime?

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Sounds lke someone never got the memo that it was Frank who orchestrated the attempted coup of 2000. No, don't wake him.

Anonymous said...

Wow so now Frank also did the 2000 coup. Seriously mann this is becoming a blog for uneducated imbeciles. Coconut wireless haven.

High Tea said...

The Aussies may claim they found the election credible, but colour me incredulous as to both the election and the Aussies' claim..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:38, where have you been hiding the last few years? It seems like you're one of the last to learn that Frank knew of the coup in advance, and did nothing to stop it, because he was behind it in the first place. He planned it, brought Ligairi out of retirement to lead it, furnished the weapons, duped the CRW guys into thinking it was a counter-terrorism exercise, made sure its participants continued to receive full pay, and then used the crisis to pressure Ratu Mara to hand over the government to him. When the attempt began to collapse, he pretended he was the champion of constitutional order in order to deflect suspicion from himself, cloak himself in greater power, and silence the CRW guys. He betrayed the nation, and he betrayed the CRW guys, which is why they came after him.

Sorry to be the one to break this news to you. But, in fact, there's more. Frank was also behind the coup in 2006. I'm sorry if that comes as a surprise to you too.
I thought everyone knew.

Kamlesh said...

Frank never did any coup. The 2006 was the take overbuy the late President under doctrine of necessity. Frank has been following the late President 's mandate.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12 . 24 pm.

The amount of unfounded allegations coming out from you is what is so common about people on these sites. They sit around the grog bowl and start conspiracy theory and after a while they begin to believe their own bullshit and when questioned about their evidence they throw 5 he usual bullshit reply which is Frank covered it up or influenced the media and justice system or he beats them up. Cry me a river you lot are really a bunch of bad loosers mann.
The word credible evidence, solid proof and refuted in court is as alien to you as democratic votes of one person one vote.

Anonymous said...

Anything Frank does is always gonna be misty to you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah grog bowl crap. No evidence just crap and crap and same old crap.


All your bullshit history lessons can't mask the truth that the Fijian people turned their backs on you, you lost the election and Voreqe straddles the world as a winner while you are all LOSERS.

Anonymous said...


Tinkerbell said...


REALLY? Tut tut

I cant but help thinking that you are a patronising lover of coups and your ill-founded theory re the Qoliqoli bill is incorrect. I mean was the Qoliqoli Bill really going to destroy the Tourism industry?? We all know that the Qoliqoli was set up to protect indigenous landowners monetary claims/rights etc etc ..period! You know anything about the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights?

Anyways I will shortcut a long story...The sole reason for Frank taking over the country was to scrap off all investigations against himself and the army for sedition etc. A serious crime which could have seen Frank locked up in prison for ever! Every other reason that came from him were excuses to 'escape from the dungeon'. Why??? Because he was aware of the crime of Treason and what the end result would be.

So Qarase got greedy and big-headed?

Geez where have you been all this time sleepyhead...drinking grog and just decided to pop your head out for some worthless 2-cent comment to protect a Tyrant of the 2000 & 2006 Fiji coups?

Do you understand what Democracy means. I didnt earn a Degree at some Uni but I know that a Democratic Government rightfully makes laws in a parliamentary process, introduce new bills and decrees and under this legislation, democratic values, principles and traditions (Indigenous laws included)
are declared law for the good of the nation - Fiji. And when Parliament approves a Bill such as the Qoliqoli one...I cant see it being lawful that one Frank Bainimara should step in with his military and start making serious threats at gunpoint and instilling fear with all sorts of excuses to take over a democratic government.

And accusing Qarase of being greedy and big headed...hahahahaha...take those blinkers off your blurry eyeballs and refocus on Frank Bainimara...go on..rewind all the way back and be true to yourself and do us all a favour who hate narcissism, greed, lies, pride, arrogance, manipulation, corruption, murder, tyrannical behaviour and the lot..oh my gosh, talk about being snatched off your freedom of speech and being hunted down like an animal if you but squeak an inch of truth ...... DO ME...NO, DO US ALL A FAVOUR AND TAKE THAT BIG LOG OUT OF YOUR EYES!!

Listen, I could go on but I guess you're still grog-doped ..we will talk later when you've removed all that unsightly CIKA that's obscuring your vision..get some wash-down..might assist with clarity of mind and good logic.

Thanks for the adrenalin..Ive got to run!

Anonymous said...

@tinkerbell 7.27 pm.

Ha your argument about monetary claims by landowners about the qoliqoli bill is very narrow minded. This same landowners most probably helped build those hotels in their land so if you're looking for monetary income why not think bigger. Help them have shares in the hotel and together with the lease money spread it out fairly to the whole "mataqali". And together with the job opportunities in the hotel it's all a appreciation asset for them. That's the problem with people like you, all you want is for the people to have stagnant depreciation assets.
As for accusing Qarase of being greedy, it's not an accusation it's a fact that he is greedy as he has been guilty of hence he's a convicted criminal. It's you whose got the blinkers on mate. Every argument you have against Bainimarama can actually be proven wrong based on credible evidence. On the other hand every argument against Qarase I can throw at you can't be proven because there's no credible evidence. By the way hearsay don't actually mean shit.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Na matanitu e tauyavu ena laba, lasu kei na lawaki ena naqai mai rerevaka tiko na lasu, butako kei na laba ia ena sega ni rawa ni na lako tani mai na laba, butako, kei na lawakai baleta ni tama ni matanitu oqo na dau lwaki, laba kei na butako.


Anonymous said...

@ Tinkerbell 10.43 am.
I'm not gonna answer all your nonsense childish reply except two points you included in your post.

Firstly the qoliqoli bill, yes it would have destroyed the tourism industry perhaps not fully but the impact would have been massive. The bill was drawn up to provide monetary asset for the landowners so you're right but it was poorly set up. Basically it was narrow minded because it didn't really analyse the impact as a whole throughout the entire tourism industry.
The better option would be to try and avoid the negative impact on the tourism industry and still provide monetary assets for the landowners. One such option is to help the landowners own shares in the hotels on their land, so if you add that to lease money and job opportunities in the hotels suddenly the landowners have an appreciation asset. Whereas the Qarase option means they only have a depreciation asset. In the spirit of moving Fiji forward if you have a better idea then lay it out.

Secondly you said I am accusing Qarase of being greedy. Well I'm not because actually its a fact hence he's a convicted criminal. If you wanna have an argument then by all means let's do a healthy one and that means throw credible evidence and better options to me. Don't throw hearsay because that makes you sound like a sore looser.

I don't condone coups and what not but let's be honest based on all the fancy talks since our independent the only government that seems to have had a monumental positive impact on the grassroots is the Bainimarama one. The recent election they showed that appreciation on the polls and that's democratic so maybe it's about time you listen to the people's wishes.

Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

re Anonymous @ 8.54pm.
No, the only reason Bainimarama won the elections was because 80% of Indians want to be called Fijians and loved the bullshit rhetoric of equal citizenry.
Unfortunately this marketing strategy is soon reaching its 'used by' date.

Anonymous said...

While going through this retired assistant head teacher profile it shows how useful he was.

Mr Bilitaki himself was even assisting the regime when the teachers went on strike for the basic fact that he loves helping the youths of this nation.

Him being attacked may have come down to the fact that he was a SODELPA supporter or basically just a citizen raising his concern on issues relating to his original song being used by FijiFirst during their campaign.

All Bainimarama could have done was apologise and investigate the use of his song. And pay him.

But to go to the extend that he did is too much. As we all know this case like all other pending cases will never be resolved under his leadership because he is so corrupt.

Therefore we urge that the opposition get this right this time by ensuring that this case is resolved and Bainimarama and Tikoitoga themselves taken to task. Or better still they regign from their post because they dont have the brain and professionalism required for any job in the country.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.36 am.

Bainimarama won because people have had enough of the same old bullshit since independence by self serving politicians who talk alot but never back it up with actions.

Fijians of Indian descend have been hear for generations after generations. How many more generation till we accept them as Fijians ey. I'm from Naitasiri in viti levu and since independence I've seen politicians from yanuyanu (the outer islands) ruling me in my land in viti levu yet I've never onced regard them as outsiders. I accept them as Fijians equally like how I accept Fijians of other races.
We can all start to say patiotric things about our land and class anyone including kai yanuyanu as outsiders but I chose to accept and live in harmony with everyone so why shouldn't others especially the qalo mai kai yanuyanu.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 12:48

You say won ""people have had enough of the same old bullshit since independence by self serving politicians who talk alot but never back it up with actions"".


Rt MARA built Sawani-Serea Rd for you.
Rt Mara built Monasavu Rd for you so that Highlanders can bring their crops to market.
Rt Mara built up Vunidawa for you.
Rt Mara built Lomaivuna farming community for you and built houses for farmers...to plant Bananas for NZ.
Rt Mara built Health Centres in Naitasiri; Schools in Naitasiri...


What has Bainimarama done : Sealed a road; built a farking bridge and built a classroom.


YOU ARE SO FARKING STUPID....for a kai Naitasiri.

Drau kua ni mai vakaraitaka tu eke na nomudrau yalowai!


Anonymous said...

Give credit where its due that's a nice little line there. Bainimarama won the election by a margin Ratu Mara boci and Qarase qara levu can only dream of ha. Let's give credit where it's due.

nayacakalou said...

@ Anon 8:58...au na tukuna ga vakalekaleka vei iko...o Suva era a tauyavu taka na kai yanuyanu,e baleta nira sa Lotu oti tu ka vuli dou se vakasa vuaka tiko e loma ni colo.Na kena i vakarautaki oqo,nai matai ni Talatala qase e Viti na kai Kadavu o Rev Elimi Kurusiga,ka i matai ni Peresitedi ni Lotu e kai Matuku.E rau lako ruarua mai Waimaro.E dua na ka meu tukuna,iko dua na kai Naitasiri o sega ni kila iko,me tekivu ni kua me lako yani,kua ni kaciva e dua na kai Matuku na Tauvu,se Naita vua e dua na kai Kadavu.E dua tiko ga noqu kerekere meu sa vosacataki kemuni mada...iko sa dua na kai Naitasiri Tjidamu drasa.

nayacakalou said...

@Anon...meu tomana tale vei kemuni mo ni kila tiko,ena gauna sa ta oti kina na Kings Road,sa qai rawa e so na sede,nanumi me ta na gaunisala me yacana na Queens Road.Sa gauna mai nei Ratu Mara sa qai nanuma me ta e dua na gaunisala me yacana na Princess Road,koya dou sa qai yaco rawa tu mai kina.Na tauyavu ni koronivuli o RKS,QVS,ACS me koronivuli ni vuli turaga kei na marama,mera mai vuli kina na gone Vuku mai na vei yanuyanu me rawa ni dou tautauri mai kina.E dua na ka bibi mo kila tiko,ena veitarogi Vanua nei Ratu Sukuna dou qai vaka qele kina na mai Naitasiri.Na kenai i vakadinadina ni a rawati kemudou enai valu o Namosi,ka mai vakayacana toka kina vanua o Samabula o Tui Namosi....Sa ma bula ni dou sa mai dro.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is fucked.

Anonymous said...

If i was the fijian pm id be having alot of people belted too..Too much talk not enough action half the country will be getting belted at my say so if i was pm anyone that talks shit will be getting hanged u steal u die shop keepers will be handing over half their take..one indian will be excuted per day till all indians are gone (best way to get rid of racism) hindu and muslim or any other religion other then whichcraft will be abolished..black magic will be the key to a new fiji..indias shall be free labour untill there day of excution or till they wish to go bk to where they come from...sitiveni rabuka will be givin the death penalty simply because of the way he looks like mick beddoes will be warned if he ever speaks politics he would be shoved into a oven and turned into a pizza..chaudry id personaly shoot in the head..qarase id order decapitation and for a body part to be sent to every corner of fiji...so keep open for our new party called fiji second caio

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And take his margin up your rear

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a Taliban country now. It no longer belongs to the iTaukei.

Anonymous said...

better off rather than racist extremist fijians of the past who hide behind the Mehodist church and racist parliment

Kamlesh Kumar, Auckland said...
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Anonymous said...

sa malumu tiko ga mai na yalo ca ni sa qaqa ko Voreqe ka sa sega sara ni dua na betedra na dabe e yasana ni veisaqa

Te said...

Yes Meli .. Good on you bro .. Defend your father ...

F.K said...
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Anonymous said...

@ Nayacakalou

Kua ni o lasulasu. This is what I hate about fucken kai yanuyanu. They're so up their rear end they end up believing their own bullshit. They talk of history where they only state the bit that favours them and make them look good. They forget that as kids growing up in various villages and province we have our granny's tell us tales of our history which is way different then what this douche bag says. Half of the kai yanuyanu are probably Tongan or some other Polynesian backward country.
And the other bitch that said Ratu Mara build this road and that. Cry me a fucken river the boci had no choice because he was being asked by the vunivalu looking after his people. Twisted tales of bullshit proportion normally associated with the boastful yanuyanu shit heads.
I nearly fell of my chair when he mentioned about a Namosi Naitasiri war where Namosi won and decided to name Samabula as a message. Fuck me sideways more grog bowl bullshit from the kai yanuyanu types.
He went on and mentioned the schools like QVS and RKS were started up so the kai yanuyanu can come and be educated there and then at the same time educate the us the real I taukei. Talk about boasting then again it's the norm for them kai yanuyanu. I'm not gonna even touch on Ratu Mara and the questionable lineage in his blood line. His son fucked of to his family in Tonga when he realised that his father's bullshit isn't something he can continue because the kai Viti levu have had enough of his families self serving attitudes and lies.
If this so called Kai yanuyanu are so smart why didn't they just stay in their little islands and build their own Suva there where they can all talk each other up till they die of hunger.
All of you kai yanuyanu the Fijian of Indian and other origin are here to stay. They're welcome in my land and so are you. If you don't like it guess what swim back to that backward island you come from you bunch of arrogant and ignorant islanders.

Anonymous said...

No excuse for ignorance now about Bainimarama's leading role in hatching the 2000 coup. That's been documented by C4.5. Go back and read past issues. No wonder Bainimarama wouldn't answer to the Board of Inquiry. But I see there's no lack of people willing to cover for his treason. We call them traitors.