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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fiji regime shies off captured troops story but we have the dirt on some of its trolls

Lal: Digicel Network administrator.
A desperate bid to save the election or a genuine jumping of the gun?

Either way, there are questions to be answered, including why they've now gone back on the announcement and why there is such an ongoing incompetency handling what is clearly a sensitive matter.

RFMF commander Mosese Tikoitoga this morning told Fiji media the captured troops would be released in a few days, without what he said were ‘preconditions.’

He said: "Al Nusra has confirmed to the UN headquarters in New York that the Fijian peacekeepers will be released within the next few days."

Such a breakthrough raises a number of questions, including
Nakacia: Fintel board member. 
why Al Nusra agreed to the release and what was the UN’s role in the negotiations.

The story was quickly pulled after international news agencies jumped on it and couldn’t find verification, with either the UN itself or news sources close to Golan Heights.

Fiji’s own spin doctors didn’t seem to know either what was happening with Dan Gavidi telling international media: "I don't think so ... someone has misinterpreted.”

The New York Times quoted Stephane Dujarric, a spokesman for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, as saying he had no information although a later report by the Jerusalem Post cited an unnamed official as saying  the peacekeepers were likely to be released within days but, yes, there was a condition. 

Smith Johns and Pratibha
Al Nusra has apparently demanded the sole condition is a video from Mosese Tikoitoga saying the captured troops had been protected, well-treated and well-fed during their captivity.

There has been no word yet officially from Al Nusra. 

Turning to another drama of the regime's own making - the so-called threats against two Fiji Sun journalists, Jyoti Pratibha and Vosita Kotoiwasawasa, because of their biased and unfounded election reporting.

Vosita Kotoiwaswasa
The paper's hierarchy have rushed to their defence as has an outraged MINFO permanent secretary, Sharon Smith Johns, who took a pro-regime Facebook group to spit on the ‘cowards’ hiding behind ‘fake names’ 'beating up' on women.

This is hypocrisy of the highest order with the regime's trolls carrying out smear campaigns on social media, especially this site.

C4.5 has been collecting statistics for months in the lead up to the election and have documented hundreds of visits from a regime team inciting racial hatred, trashing opposition parties, especially SODELPA, and its leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, and women in general.

We today reveal the three IP addresses of the regime trolls who are on our blog as many as 300 times a day during work hours, posting annonymously, attacking Fiji citizens and promoting Fiji First, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

The anonymous trolls all work for Fiji’s key telecommunication companies, and one of them sits on the management board of FINTEL.

These cowardly trolls operate individually - or as a team - from the IP addresses listed under:

Reinhard Sanjeet Lal, a network administrator at Digicel in Suva. His phone number is 679 708 0472 and email: sanjeet@getunwired.co.fj

Laisiasa Nakacia, the Manager Network and Technology (Acting) of FINTEL, who is listed on the same page as that of chairman, Ajith Kodagoda, one of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s closest allies.


Nakacia is responsible for FINTEL’s Network and Tech nology, including the Gateway and Operations Centre at the Vatuwaqa Communications Centre.

His IP details show as: phone number 679 331 2933, address FINTEL, PO Box 59, Suva. Email is lmnakacia@fintelfiji.com.

The third troll from Clarendon House is a Digicel Pacific Network administrator with the phone number 679 672 7524 and the email pacificipadmin@digicelgroup.com

Sharon Smith Johns needs to 'look in the mirror' herself before screeching publicly because there is a shit load of evidence about the foul and illegal behaviour of her and her cohorts.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha .....Thank you coup 4.5
Well done!!
Now we know who they are...you guys better becareful cos we have relatives that are working with you!!


SHARON NEEDS A CARROT... for her salad I mean. Vudi is not a salad making vegetable !!! Sharon...isa the last gasps from a dying cabal..soon to disappear from Viti and never to be hopefully heard of ever again, the whole lot of them....any takers??
Perhaps we all could use them as compensation to AL-NUSRA as prisoner exchange.


Reinhard Sanjeet Lal,has just discovered that the child he has is fathered by someone else, so he is anti women and it reflects in his blogs..poor boy..serves you right for spending more time blogging than making love to your wife, now someone else has gifted you a baby..NEW DAD!!..go on check the DNA !!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha no good like this...

Anonymous said...

Editor. According to APNIC whois database these people are the administrator contacts of the IP Blocks administered out to their respective organisation. These IP Blocks/addresses are then used by their respective customers throughout Fiji. The Whois Database gives you which organisation the IP addresses are assigned to and not who specifically is using the individual ip address. By the way Clarendon House is Digicels Office not the Military. Maybe you need to research a bit more before you ruin people's lives and lively hood by posting erroneous assumptions.Talk to your IT people they should be able to explain things clearer to you.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 : dear editor and pathetic hate bloggers : Your futile attemp at identifying some of the Vile comments are hardly admirable . Why don't you and your cronies , your brand of internet terrorists that hate other religions , cultures , and races simply own up and step down . ?
Fact remains , cowards have made some comments from fiji , but majority have come from Australia , New Zealand and your own office ;c4.5 . You simply thrive as a blog and editors because inherently you are a racist pig .
You haters have even called for the beaheading of our own soldiers !!! What a bunch of maggots !!! They have no sense of patriotism , and are calling Frank a dictator when you are the biggesr losers and social media terrorists around . You are not Fijians you have no identity , perhaps marooned on an island withc4.5 the editor - but alas you will charter a boat soon , one that may be reminiscent of a simliar maiden voyage taken up moons ago , just as your brand of " we are more equal than you " race based party " Sodelpa is about to suffer . Rest in Peace ( pun intended)

Anonymous said...

There is a Mosque in Robertson Road which is specifically for disaffected and alienated Itaukei youths. Its newly set up with funding from the Gulf.

They speak Urdu as well as Arabic

In the past these Dawa activities had been run through the prisons until the Tunisian priest who had been based in Nabua and was prosletysing amongst the prison population was deported by the Ministry of Home Affairs on the grounds that he was a threat to national security a few years back. He was suspected of linkages to the North African al Qaeda.

The issues with Israel are seen in Zionist terms by the Wahhabi's. They don't see it in biblical terms but in Zionist terms.

And on the talk back radio about four weeks back when these issues were being discussed a caller identifying himself as an Itaukei Muslim spoke and explained that counter Zionist paradigm in terms only one who has been well and truly schooled in that ideology could. It was impressive.

There's no harm in the Government Security agencies extending a hand out to the new Muslim groups which are now emerging on the fringes in this country. It is better to be on good terms and share knowledge and information rather then vilify and exclude and later regret not having used the opportunity to get crucial information at critical times of crisis such as this.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 is legally responsible for the discriminatory and vulgar comments made against the 3 beautiful women's images posted on the blog page.The 3 women should file a complaint with Police and let the law do the talking.A civil Suit for Defamation of Character is in the pipeline.Sa qai cala tale, se vaevei Coup 4.5

Tui Viti said...

Why is Coup 4.5 concerned about our promoting Fiji First on this blog site,its freedom of speech isnt it? People post insults and verbally humiliate Fiji First and its leaders mainly FB and ASK so whats wrong with our pro-FFP comments,doesnt it bring 'balance' to your blogsite,so to speak?I am not an advocate of hate, rascist and anti-female posts though,I am a moderate not an extremist like Al Kua ni Rere and Al Nayacakalou.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that it took an Itaukei Muslim to organise and lead those challenges against the State from the front, which have gone down in the history of this country as seismic moments.

His name is Apisai Muhammed Tora.

Starting with the oil uprising under the British Colonial Government and way into the beginning of the new Millenium.

So Christian Itaukei vilifying Muslims on the grounds of Itaukei nationalism need to sit down and think about the hypocrisy of such a position because the undisputed Leader of Itaukei nationalism in this country for decades has been a Muslim Itaukei called Apisai Muhammed Tora.

Think about it

Anonymous said...

Where was Smith-Johns' indignation when Bainimarama had several outspoken women rounded up, taken to the camp, stripped and hosed down, or stomped on with a jackboot, perhaps in Bainimarama's own shoe size?

Anonymous said...

Name and shame. The truth is always a sure defence against charges of libel.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:18, thank you for your interesting comment.

I agree that government security agencies should reach out to the new Muslim groups now emerging on the fringes in this country, and for precisely the reasons you listed. Situational awareness is essential to our common security.

This shouldn't mean, of course, providing these elements unfair advantages, such as through nepotistic hiring practices. Nor should it mean coursing through them ransom or bribes, such as to pay off Al-Nusra in return for dropping calls for Bainimarama's resignation.

Mere said...

I quite agree with Ms. Smith-Johns. Only cowards think that beating a woman is a manly thing to do. It most certainly is not.

It's high time these evil and hateful men were exposed. We must no longer allow them to hide behind the cloak of anonymity or lurk in the shadows with their hats pulled low over their eyes.

I'm glad to see Ms. Smith-Johns raising this important and long-neglected issue. I hope she will join with us in tackling this issue head-on. It's time we shamed all misogynists in Fiji who use brutality to hold our sisters in fear and servitude. It's time we named names.

We can begin with the two most notorious women-bashers in Fiji.

Frank and Meli Bainimarama, I'm calling you out!

busted fair and square said...

5.56am and 5.59am are the same people - how interesting. Even more interesting is how the propaganda machine is trying to shift the blame on to others, customers no less. You trolls have been busted fair and square, time to cop it.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.41

Situational awareness is only the start.

Beyond that you shape the terrain.

That means anticipation and cataloguing.

Anticipation means you identify and assess.

Cataloguing means you analyse and understand.

99% of Security work is done in the mind. 1% is the execution.

Unfair advantages is a subjective terms - its also qualitative in the sense that it depends on what kind of linkages you need to create. That doesn't mean you "buy" or "bribe". You want quality data sets and quality contacts because that then enables proper and efficient security rings to be created.

This situation in the Golan is a security mess. The key is to not let it leave a wider crater. That means work here at home to ensure that what has happened there in the Golan does not come as blow back through here.

Getting through the static and attaining sustainable outcomes requires Objective and quality security practices.

Just Situational Logic said...

Yes, isn't that interesting? Posting a comment one moment protesting their innocence, but in the next, another comment typical of the kind of vitriolic abuse heaped by regime trolls on C4.5's readership and virtually every other community in Fiji.

Cinderella doesn't want to wear it, but the shoe fits.

It would be edifying if C4.5 were to provide us a sampling of the types of comments posted from these IP addresses. Do they, for example, pose as SODELPA as they post racist or intolerant rants? Do their comments seem intended to polarise the electorate further, even as they claim the party they support to champion tolerance and equal rights for all?

Thank you for taking the time to peer under the bridge to identify some of the regime's hired trolls.

Mataika Tui said...

Good job Coup 4,5 for publishing illegal highly corrupt and torturous Govt's supporters' names posting on your blog,

Please publish other names of the same feathered friends of the same Crook Gang...what you did is INDEED a very pale version of the suppression of human rights of Fiji Citizens, continuous clamp down on the newspapers and other media in Fiji to tow the illegal Govt lines and continuous thuggery of our Treasury.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:20, I believe we're on the same wavelength. By all means, develop contacts. Conduct nodes and linkage analysis. Zero phase is not too early to start shaping the battlespace, especially in the hope of averting violence altogether.

Anonymous said...

I certainly don't condone death threats against journalists for writing their opinions. I do think an ombudsman and a media council consisting of respected journalists (and I mean truly respected, not the Croz Walsh/ Graham Davis asswipe types purported by the REGIME to be respected) should provide peer review and sanction those journalists whose reporting is most biased and inaccurate. Jyoti Pratibha's reporting would certainly make her a candidate for such a review.

Semi Meo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Semi Meo said...

Phew!! Thank you C4.5 for smoking out these cyber thugs!!

NOW..we all could slowly put faces and names to the spews!

...and have a chat with 'em on the street or after Sunday church service/mass...uh..that is if they still dare walk around with a self righteous demeanor aimed to deceive..

The imminent release of our brothers fathers and uncles through negotiation of others is no credit to FMF at all.

What??..is a condition for release an exchange for Aiyaz and and my tauvu Bainimarama to be for ever guests of the rebels? Well, with their alleged millions hidden away in overseas accounts may just buy them their way around that neck of the woods!!

Anonymous said...

@Coup Four Point Five, my view is that instead of "exposing" the so called hate bloggers, you instead delete their posts.

Set a standard for the types of posts which your blog requires and let all bloggers on the site know in advance that if they transgress their posts will be deleted.

That way you do not run the risk of naming the wrong people (who may very well be innocent).

It is conceivable that some of the people named may in fact be innocent. What then ? Is it possible to retract the damage done to them ?

Anonymous said...

BTW those extreme views only get a platform if you allow them to voice it on your blog.

Take away that platform and they will be raging against the mirror at home instead of venting for the general public

It makes far better sense to delete and ban. And it is much more efficient.

Magaijinamu Bainimarama said...

Nakacia luveni magaijinamu drau 69 kei Lal.......Jyoti watchout we'll come for your head luveni ulu kutu kawa ca

Vutuki Bolatiki said...

Semi o Nakacia dua vei ira na dau vosa ca taki iko jiko. Sigani koya sara me vaka dau cakava vei iko. Koya kEi Lal.

mark manning said...

You have to wonder what illnesses will befall these people and their families!
Working with and for, the Devil!

Anonymous said...

Those rebels already have monies with their fundings from oil rich arab sheiks. Bainimarama and kaiyum's ill gained millions are peanuts compared to them.

Anonymous said...


Peter Thomson @ThomsonFiji

Fiji Amb. Naivalurua and UN DPKO's Shoaib Dastgir met in New York today to discuss UNMIL's Ebola management measures. pic.twitter.com/ViAs6vc1O8


Anonymous said...

Hey you Indians out there.....this message for you.

So you lot have thrown you weight behind the FFP and Frank.

Now Think!!!

Should you not also hedge your bet - just in case Frank don't make it.

Its always smart to have a plan B.

And the plan B is your boy Chaudhry.

Go out there and give Chaudhry some seats - 5 or 6 seats - thats about 30% Indos voting for FLP.

It looks like a two horse race - SODELPA and FFP and it will be close.

So what?

Lets say FFP wins 24 seats, SODELPA gets 20....and you Indians give Chaudhry 6 seats.

Guess what?

Your boy Chaudhry decides who is going to be the PM.

Say he backs , which he will, and Kepa becomes PM......and she gets out of line.......want to introduce the QOLIQOLI bill or make Fiji a Christian state or some other crap like that.

Well, she can't doodoo....unless MC agrees.

You guys know MC well ... he may be a SOB, but he is YOUR SOB.

Unlike Frank and Khaiyum.....who will turn on you some day and bite you in the arse, MC has been there for the Indians....he ain't going nowhere now.

You Indians are better off with 4 or 5 FLP members in Parliament than to have FFP have an absolute majority.


It is in your best fricken interest. Those Gujeratis, they have probably already bought a few folks in SODELPA, just in case FFP does not make it.

What about you guy...where is your plan B...putting all your eggs in one basket...No Good.

Anonymous said...

Anon (9:52am) C4.5 named the administrators of the IP Address Blocks assigned to ISPs (Connect/Digicel/Fintel/Unwired)by extracting the info from Internet Registry like ICANN/APNIC. Their info are readily available there. No way 4.5 can find out who IP addresses belong to unless they ask the ISPs. Its like saying Google is anti fiji first because the IP address used by the C4.5 site is traced back to Google.

Untraceable said...

If you folks want to blog and not be identified than use the TOR BROWSER. Its called the DEEP WEB browser. Your IP address will bounce of 20-30 other ones globally and you could be blogging from RFMF and they still won't be able to trace you.Only try not to watch adult porn as this will unmask you. So remain beyond annonymous and blog away with TOR.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10.40am...In this day and age,anything is possible. The probability that those named and shamed here as regime trolls puts the odds at a higher plane given the attempt by the Junta to muzzle the media. I certainly agree with your proposition, but nothing will not deter a truth seeker to find the truth..Food for thought!

Anonymous said...

@Untraceable..If you're doing something illegal on the Internet there is very little you can do to be safe and anonymous. Tor might work but is not safe
So, safe is a matter of opinion. If you want to hide your IP address from the casual observer it works fine. If someone really wants to find you, it can be done.

altrove said...

Breaking - just now posted by Nusra

Anonymous said...

Jyoti Pratibha, Sharon Smith-Johns and other regime apologists are in the category of Muhammad al-Sahhaf, Saddam Hussein's Information Minister during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In other words, laughingstocks. Although captured and interrogated, the American authorities released al-Sahhaf, and there was never any suggestion of charging or detaining him for his role in the Saddam Hussein government. Saddam's buffoon is now keeping a low profile, living in the United Arab Emirates with his family.

paula raqeukai said...


what is the Nusra guy saying? I can see our captured Fiji soldiers at the background, looks healthy but in despair....isa we will continue to pray for them....can any high officers from the FMF go and negotiate with them?...God Bless Fiji....

Anonymous said...

@ Paula

Sa tukuna qori niratou sa na sere a le vica.

He is saying that they are going to be released - not sure whether its all of them or just those few.

Sa main thing saraga qori.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Altrove.

O ira na noda sotia era vakawekani kau sa kerei kemuni vakabibi na noda me da ia ga naveimasulaki.

Me da kakua ni raica leqa ni veiliutakai ena keba kei Bainimarama.

Oqo talega me sa ka ni vuli vei i keda na kai viti. Sa rauta mada na kauti ira na luveda ki na sotia kei na Ovisa.

The rebels now know their soft target and I would not let my children join the army.

The FMF too has lost its credibility under this evil regime and I hope Mo Tikoitoga will stand on his word support the winning SODELPA Team as this is a fitting victory because this will be Burebasaga's time to lead the nation.

I would urge all to vote for the first Fiji's female PM and the first from Burebasaga to lead the nation.





Anonymous said...

As much as I am angry at Chaudhry for his collaboration with traitors, his undemocratic, nepotistic leadership, and his greediness, I have to say that Anonymous 10:27 is right. Indo-Fijians are much better off supporting FLP than FFP. It could have the swing vote in a ruling coalition. Supporting FFP is only going to tar you with treason and other crimes more hateful than anything Chodo has done.

Anonymous said...

Like al-Sahhaf, Pratibha and Smith-Johns are hacks for a dictator. Once the dictator is gone, they will crawl back under their rocks, together with the other grubs.

Anonymous said...

He is also talking about Sheikh Zawahari and that the Jihadi of al Nusra is according to Sharia.

Just not sure whether all are going to be released or some only.

Anonymous said...

The second guy is mentions the Shadids (i.e the 3 killed in the contact last week).

paula raqeukai said...

@anonymous 11.44am

vinaka vakalevu sara na translate taka mai nai tukutuku oqo mai vei ira na batikadi....sara vakila na power ni veimasulaki sa lako tiko yani i Viti...isa o Viti!....I pray that they all be released safely and join their families in Fiji....sa dodonu meda dau tu vata na kai viti ena vei gauna vaka oqo....dina ga ni duidui tu noda vakabauta vaka politiki....dodonu meda totaka ga na dina, savasava kei na rerevaka na Kalou levu ko Jiova...God Bless Fiji....

Anonymous said...


That's confirmed. Era sega ni dau veisau tale o ira qori. One talk.

Once they give their word its 100% reliable.

Plus the first guy says that they are in contact with al Zahwari in Pakistan - who is their leader who has given them the directives on these issues.

They have also been reading the blogs - its mentioned by the second guy I think.

That release is as good as done.

Capt Siwa says at the end of the video that they are all coming home - they have probably told him already, which means its 100% guaranteed. Those guys do not lie

Very good news.

Anonymous said...

name and shame the buggers. very good

Anonymous said...

The Fijian Islamic contacts with the Taliban in Pakistan have done a great service for our boys in the Golan.

They specifically mention Zawahri in Pakistan. Meaning a lot of under the limelight work has gone on within the Islamic community contacts from here to the Un-administered territories Pakistan where there are Itaukei boys with the Taliban.

The good relations with the Muslim community in Fiji has contributed to this.

This is not a time for arrogance but humility.

Shock 28 pages -911 said...

The 28 page 911 mystery -

Like most I am sceptical about conspiracy theories but always knew there was a foul smell when 911 attacks happened . Senators in the USA are demanding thAt 28 pages of the most shocking revelations about who was behind the 911 attacks . Essentially it's an awesome read and apparently even Obama will not release it . It points fingers to Saudi Arabia and Israel .
Read this :


Shock 28 pages -911 said...


Anonymous said...

Lol 1145 ... Chodo is the name for Chaudhary .., ha ha ... Good one bro .. A fitting name .., can we add " chodo chor " ( fuckthief )

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 12:21
Of course Israel was involved.

They had 5 agents dressed as Arabs with their cameras waiting for the missiles to slam into the Twin Towers.

These 5 were caught.

Guess what happened to them????

The CIA released them and flew them out of America within 24 hours.





This is why I always tell people to QUESTION THINGS.

This is why the Fijian Soldiers must QUESTION THINGS...
They must learn to ask QUESTIONS and not just folllow orders blindly.




Ni qarauna vinaka na i soqosoqo qo. Ni cemuri ira lesu tale i Amerika.

Anonymous said...

The UN Crisis Management negotiating Team had lost all contact with al Nusra as from last week.

Those professional negotiators were all at sea. Lost.

Al Nusra announced these 45 were going to be put on Sharia trial.

Even the US and NATO were unable to do anything.

Time to think for those who were vilifying the Muslim community.

If it wasn't for the Islamic contacts and good relations with the Muslim community in this country the situation would have been probably very different.

Shock 28 pages -911 said...

There is talk that several muslim contacts from overseas have expressed fondness for the Fijian soldiers and I was told that some qataris have investments in Fiji ( top hotels ) they also love the high end resorts in fiji ... And they are lobbying for the release of our soldiers . I have a very close UN member working in geneva .

Back to 911 . America is not innocent . I think George bush had something to hide and I also believed Israel
Had a huge role to play in 911 . Netanyahu even made a speech in reference to that in 2001 . Israel is now practising the same brand of " nazism " in Ghaza .
This report will be released someday ... But I think my then ... The world will have other bigger problems to deep with .

Interestingly .. The links I sent earlier said " all navy seal officers who where involved in the killing of Osama have died !!!! Wow ... And they are saying the sea burial was a joke .

If this is the case : I cannot point fingers at majority of Middle East just don't trust usa n Israel ... Osama was also fiercely against the Saudi royals ... He was stripped of his citizenship ... I don't support terrorism .. But then again ... If the aforementioned is true .. It's worse than terrorism .. Thereby legitimising the fight against west by Islamists .

Muslims and RFMF rebels are disgusting people said...

1.09pm..What a load of nonsense from you, these satanic islamic rebels have caused heartache and quite possibly heart attacks and blood pressure to the parents of these Fiji rebels who no longer follow their oath taken to protect the citizens of Fiji.
Both parties are downright nasty pieces of goods. Both the muslims and the RFMF need to start behaving themselves.Disgusting people.!!!

Anonymous said...

These are faces of filth and shame. They should be ashamed of themselves. Posting from work during working hours. Were they paid to do so? Sack them and send them home.

Anyway anyone here who still think that Muslims are great after all that they've done are just as bad as Khaiyum and Bainimarama. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 137

On the eve of 911 look at you .. A church going bigot . The actions of some bad Muslims does not reflect badly on an entire population of over 1.6 billion people . Lady , that simply reflects your Christian values which amounts to zero values .

As for the Rfmf ... Did you bother to protest in 1987 ? About the army back then ? Did you support the beating , raping , looting of innocent Indians ?

Your mind is one dimensional and your heart steeped in racial intolerance . Funny 2014 - and Fijians living in fiji and abroad .. Who themselves are " considered " outsiders ( read about racism towards Fijians in rugby ... Tuqiri , Speight , nadolo , etc ) are calling themselves practising such racism today .

indian revolution said...

ALL Sunni muslims should be sent back to....Afghanistan to practice whatever they do there...making bombs from fertilizer?? and sucking up to army commanders for a post in government.
Incidentally they should also be kicked out of India,because they got their own country carved out of India,so bugger off to your pakistan

Anonymous said...

@Muslims and RFMF rebels

Sure we have issues within the country which need to be resolved, but it won't be solved by vitriol of your kind will it ?

Whilst the country was praying and crying and angry and frustrated last week with the break down of negotiations, having relied on the UN and the US and NATO, Islamic and Christian warriors of good conscience sat down in Suva and talked about the problem and a few phone calls to Pakistan and the Middle East later and the problem has now been solved.

That is called respecting each other. Look in the dictionary. Maybe you will learn something.

And please stop vilifying the Muslims, as a Christian I find it unchristian.

They are fighting a war in their homeland which is not for us to judge.

It is their Umma and their Jihad



Anonymous said...

Surely we are not going to be fooled that an IP address and who it is registered to within a company determines the individual that has used that specific computer?

Lets take an internet cafe as an example, how many individuals access and use the same computer during the day?

Anonymous said...

My Muslim Brothers expect the worse if something happens to the 45 fijian soldiers

Anonymous said...

If all that you say us true, Kua Ni Rere, and it might be, then you shouldn't hate America, but you should hate the hidden government within the US Government. This hidden government came to power 22 November 1963.

Anonymous said...

Atlast we see Tui Viti's face, aka Nakacia. Vinaka C4.5 please smoke them all out.

Anonymous said...

Sanjeet Lal is a closet racist. He ridicules Ro Kepa on blogs. To all Rewan natives there's the kulina that posts shameful comments regarding RTD.

Pfft Pfft said...

It's impossible for it the same IP address being used by 300 different people - c'mon! All of them writing crap about Ro Kepa etc etc - it's just not likely. It's these guys logging on with their log ons from their work places and then posting comments. They are also probably running tag teams for them to be popping up several hundred times a day. Nobody else has that much interest in C4.5 only the regime.

Pfft Pfft said...

ps the network administrators like Reihard Sanjeet Lal are the ring leaders. Same with Nakacia - he's using or allowing his log on - since he has a lot of access - to be used by a monitoring team. Shameful behaviour.

Anonymous said...

If they were only monitoring, that would be one thing. But no, they're very actively blogging, posting lies, making vicious attacks against the fine character of Ro Teimumu, blaspheming the Holy Spirit, stoking anti-Muslim resentment, etc. Really despicable behaviour in the employ of the bastards who robbed us of our rights, our dignity, our government, our institutions, etc.

Anonymous said...

These trolls are all part of a disinformation campaign targeting Coup 4.5 and aiming to discredit Fiji's opposition -- first Qarase and Chaudhry, and now the Gone Marama Bale. They work in teams with MINFO and Qorvis -- Graham Davis is a contributor -- and they're affiliated with the IT specialists here to reprogram the electronic voting machines in order to ensure an FFP victory. They also liaison with a media intel unit in the RFMF.

Manasa Tabu said...

Fijian UN peacekeepers released in Syria
20:57 Thu Sep 11 2014
Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, al-Nusra Front, has released 45 Fijian UN peacekeepers after holding them for two weeks on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, an activist says.
"The release was brokered by a Gulf state," the Syrian activist said on Thursday, on condition of anonymity.
The activist added that the details will be disclosed after the soldiers are handed over to the UN Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan.
Rami Abdel-Rahman, the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said that his Britain-based watchdog had information the soldiers had been released.
"We are still waiting for information that they have reached a safe area," he said.
The peacekeepers were abducted on August 28 in the volatile area of Quneitra, where Syrian regime troops and rebels have fought in recent weeks.


Anonymous said...

Please leave the I-Taukei/Kaiviti dina alone...Fiji is a Christian country...so let it be...As for the 45 Fijian soldiers,95% vei keimami na kaiviti dina,keimami rawa ni vakila na dredre ratou curuma tiko na cauravou,baleta ni veireguci na dra,sui,lewe...loloma dina...For the other 5% I really don't know where you guys are from,maybe from the Naboro landfill...Laurai vei ratou na cauravou na qaqa...they can face their enemies even without weapons...but by the power of Jesus,our Lord and our Savior...their action speaks louder than words,indicating that what Mr.Siwatibau had said is kind of 50/50....but that wont stop them from lamenting the Psalm 23...We support and salute our Fijian Troops,serving in the Middle East,and will always be....

Anonymous said...

Glad to see some of the trolls outed. Anonymous 10:28 deserves it as well. He sounds like the same guy trying to pose as a Filipino on this blogsite on September 10, at 5:10 PM. Remember him, the crumb-bum who called himself a "Pino" and all Indians and Fijians "niggars"?

Every Filipino in the world knows the true term for a Filipino is "Pinoy". Nobody says "Pino". Also, most Filipinos still speak English and many are highly educated. They know how to spell the word "nigger", but they almost never use this very racist term. They do have other somewhat pejorative terms, the absence of which was yet another giveaway that the author was only posing as a Filipino.

I can only surmise that this was a crude and dishonest attempt to deter C4.5's readership from sympathising with the people who's courageous exploits put Fiji's own army in a very unfavourable light by comparison.

Anonymous said...

I normally don't comment here but now and then read if something is of interest. I work in IT and do understand how IP address ranges are distributed to network operators and ISPs and deploy in their networks for routing and also customer use. If C4.5 admin can share the tools they use to detect posts via IP addresses then perhaps we can verify whether those are authoritative to back your findings. In the Asia Pacific, IP address blocks (ranges) are distributed by APNIC and they have a public Whois where one can enter the IP address and the query will show which network that IP address originated from. What that shows is the name and contacts for the network or ISP. Every device connecting to the public internet has to have a unique IP address supplied it by its service provider. So it's irresponsible to point fingers at network administrators of Fintel or Digicel or any service provider for that matter claiming they are your C4.5 trolls when all you see from a Whois search is their name because they have been delegated that IP range to manage by APNIC. Again a customers device or public or even work terminal using one of the IP addresses from any of the service provider can only be found out by the network provider NOT C4.5 admin. I hope this helps as pointing fingers at innocent network administrators of service providers is just wrong. You owe them an apology. Ask any Law enforcement agent working in cybersecurity and they know they have to work with Network operators to pin point the ISPs customers from their own logs. I'm in Aust and want to raise this awareness. No politics from me.

Anonymous said...

Post 9:59 pfft: it's possible for a many devices to use the same public IP address. We entering into technicalities here. Networks (ISPs) can configure using contention ratios like 1:200 for example. Meaning 1 IP address for 200 customers to save on IP addresses. Another example: those who have routers at home can configure and connect say up to 25 devices to a router to use their same single IP address supplied by the ISP. Pocket wifis can connect 5 devices. Even hotspots in town have 1 IP address and allows lots of devices to connect if you can. Imagine how many Smart phones are out there and connecting back to base using single public addresses again using contention ratios. So cant blindly blame the network operators or c4.5 assuming all posts coming from service providers. Just Saying.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I also heard that some " Ivan khan from austrlalia ... Helped in our soldiers release . My brother is one of them .Issa Ivan khan ... Vinaka ...

We are told " he is a " nice bola " Issa mr Ivan khan , handsome angel ..., our love to you

Anonymous said...

Ivan's brother in law is son of Ratu epeli Ganilau - Leonard Ganilau . Ivan and Leonard are married to 2 sisters of Half indian n Tongan descent .
Ivan is a banker , a Senior finance person . He was a big ( handsome ) playboy in his day .. I think he is still quite young . ( late 30s ) but has really matured and is a very strong personality ., extremely intelligent ... Head strong , gifted talker and just a nice fair person . I believe he was a very young union representative For national bank once . Apparently had a fallout with the corrupt Dewan Shankar ... He hated dewans corrupt ways .i met him last year in fiji for his Xmas trip ( must admit .. He still has the charm n looks :) ... )

- Kathryn Johanson


Anonymous said...

Sa qai tobo tu o Tui Viti..Nakacia na sonalevu!

Anonymous said...

Too much nuts and keyboard warrior that hide behind the INTERNET!! kua so na threat tiko vakalialia ke o sega ni kila e dua na ka. Sivia na vakamumuri vakalialia. The person that posted this doesn't know anything about the internet but is just causing unnecessary threats and defamation of character. Where's Isaia Lawaniyasana's comment? Looks like he revealed the truth and C4.5 Admin deleted it!

Anonymous said...

Issa ... I calked a Girl from the Fijian embassy in sydney .. They know a Ivan khan .. He is got a sad story about his wife n son .. He is a really nice guy .. He lost everything when he separated from his wife ... His job , his money ( they said he paid thousands to lawyers to get his son back ...) his wife is half Tongan ( catholic ) and he is a non practising muslim .. They say that he was almost broken as a man .. His son was just 1 when they wife's family took him away from Ivan khan .. N he resigned from a top job .. And pursued to get his son back .. He lost everything .. My friend told me ... He is the most generous big hearted guy you will ever meet ... I don't know the truth but my friend at fiji embassy don't lie .., they say Ivan still has a smile on his face .. And manages to still laugh .. N help people ...

Issa lord , help this man , Ivan khan get peace n happiness , hearing his story , broke my heart .

- talica

Anonymous said...

C'mon, what's going on here? All of these heartwarming stories about Ivan Khan carry different signatures but appear to have been written by the same person. Sorry, but this looks like a contrived public media campaign.

Anonymous said...

2pm : who is this Ivan khan ? Is it true ? He brokered the deal ?

Anonymous said...

Picking on people who manage the Internet infrastructure in Fiji doesn't help your cause, whatever that may be.

If someone sent you a death threat using the postal system, would you put up photos of the postman (or the Board and Management of Post Fiji) and put forth accusations of wrongdoing?

That's exactly what was done when those individuals were wrongfully targeted.

Please remove that article, it's not doing any favors to your site, credibility or perceived intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Dear admin and readers:

Whoever wrote this blog piece caused others to unknowingly flame/ name call innocent law abiding ppl because of this very damaging and false article on Fiji service providers. Be impartial and refrain from abusing your special privilege as site host and admin. (Not cool man) Have you thought of the harm and danger to lives of the people you are accusing? How did u authenticate your finding? If anything we should applaud ISPs in Fiji and especially Fintel as the Fiji gateway for ensuring confidentiality, availability and integrity of the network (security) so Fiji users especially Anon ones can participate on this site. Imagine if c4.5 was blocked like how FB and Twitter are blocked in other countries.
Now don't give ideas to govt to give directives to Fintel to block 'cos we want an open and stable internet.

Isaia Lawaniyasana said...

Thry tried to block it back in 2007. And this guy, Laisiasa Nakacia was the one who managed to convince the
Military that it was a stupid course of action to pursue.

And now you're calling him the troll?!?!? You're all idiots.

Internet Registry said...

Herewith the long awaited Identity of C4.5 editor;

From: Bain Chand
Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 10:43 AM
Subject: Comments on Coup4.5 Website
To: sanjeet@getunwired.co.fj, lmnakacia@fintelfiji.com, pacificipadmin@digicelgroup.com

Hi Guys,

Just to inform you guys that my comments on the coup 4.5 website was commented using very offensive language which is beyond comprehension.

I have taken them very seriously, I request you to apologise to me and put the apology in the coup 4.5 or else I will lodge formal complaint to the Fijian Police and to your employers and professional body your organisation is affiliated with. I will not sit down idle until such time your career comes to an end.

I hope my email is clear, and urge you guys to do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mukesh, but your email is unclear. Would you please try to restate it, this time in English? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nakacia and sanjeet have chance to redeem themselves, vote SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Nakacia and Sanjeet, look at the bright side. Your boring lives had already grown stale. You're now beginning a new phase of your lives as fugitives. It should be a short but exciting final chapter!

Sakiasi Ditoka said...

Guys, I went to school with Laisiasa Momo as he used to be known in Lelean Memorial School in the late 1970s and early 1980's.

He has confirmed that this is very troubling because it is mistaken.

What he effectively said was that, he is the Administrator for the Internet Gateway to Fiji at FINTEL, therefore all internet traffic would point to him. He said, that he knew nothing about the alleged pro-regime trolling that he has been unfairly accused of.
He further said, that if he were to close it, then nobody in Fiji would be able to access the internet in Fiji.

I would be most grateful if the Admins of Coup4.5 could please correct this grave mistake.

Vinaka vakalevu and GOD bless.

I have pasted his reply to my email below:

Sakiasi Ditoka
Sep 12 (3 days ago)

to lmnakacia
OB ni bula vinaka. Kemuni ni cakava dina na ka qo se ni sa frame taki.

Vinaka vakalevu. GOD bless


Laisiasa Momo
Sep 12 (3 days ago)

to me

Bula vinaka..
Sa veivakacacani saraga vaka vinaka na c4.5..
Au sega mada ga ni kila e dua na ka baleta na posting tu qo kau qai rogoca ga mai vei ira eso nai tokani.

Na IP address e a vakayagataki e baleta ga na gateway nei Viti kau kena administrator tiko ia any Internet customer from Fiji can be using this even the government or a Kiosk on the road. Whoever does this I do not know ia au sa mai cola kece tu qo nai samu ni dawa.

Keu na sogota qo sana sega ni dua e rawa ni access to the Internet from Fiji but we do not want to be involved in this..
Sa na qai lewa ga na Kalou na macala ni veivakacacani sa tu qo.

O ratou mada ga na Blog meratou bau taroga mada na dina se how come I got involved.
All this information ratou postaka came from the company website.

Sa via oti sarga vakadua noqu via trustaka na Blog site qoka.


Mr Laisiasa Momo
Vatuwaqa Network & Operations Centre

D: +679 3387202 | M: +679 9974064 | F: +679-3372007

This email is confidential and intended for its recipient(s) only. Do not copy, amend, disclose or forward this email without prior approval from Fiji International Telecommunications Limited [FINTEL]. The views expressed in this email may not necessarily be the views of FINTEL.

"Please consider the environment before printing this email."

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