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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Narsey: new era is in fact long, painful struggle to rebuild

The Voting Behavior in the 2014 Elections
Professor Wadan Narsey

After eight years of running an unelected military government, and seemingly against the odds, Voreqe Bainimarama (Leader of the Fiji First Party) has now become an elected Prime Minister, and by a large margin.

Based on 73% of the provisional votes counted, FFP has won 33 seats out of a 50 seat parliament, with SODELPA receiving 14 seats, and National Federation Party (NFP) with only 3 seats.

Four small parties, including the once powerful Fiji Labor Party (FLP) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and two Independents did not make the 5% threshold, and hence they and their votes were all discarded.

While the usual cliché is “the people have spoken” the real question is, why did they speak thus?

The result is astonishing to the opposition voices who have been highlighting the many negative aspects in the eight year record of the Bainimarama Government: it started with an illegal coup, it issued numerous decrees reducing the basic human rights of people in freedom of speech, muzzled the freedom of media, freedom of assembly, the right to go to court for perceived grievances, abolished Fijian institutions recognized by the 1997 Constitution, refused to release the Auditor General Reports, unilaterally reduced pensions, broke many environmental laws, stifled wage increases by the Wages Councils, etc.

Perhaps these factors had very little impact on the outcome of the elections because of the abject failure of the educated leaders of both Fijians and Indo-Fijians to enlighten the less educated voters.

But I suggest that it not useful to blame “liumuri” (betrayal) factor for both indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians, as some in the Opposition parties may be inclined to do.

I suggest that “bread and butter” issues had a most powerful impact on the poorer voters (who comprise the majority of all voters of all ethnic groups) while emotional and physical security were also additionally important to Indo-Fijian voters, afraid of Fijian ethno-nationalism and SODELPA’s campaign strategy. 

The rich, of course, were in total support of FFP in many concrete ways, not the least through their influence on the media and the financing of the FFP election campaigns.

The ethnic components of FFP support
I roughly estimate that Fiji First Party received around 80% of Indo-Fijian votes (corrected from my earlier estimate of 85%), around what  FLP had in 2006.

Undoubtedly, a powerful factor was the Bainimarama Government’s repetition of the mantra, that under them, “all races are equal in Fiji”.

This otherwise nebulous claim was given substance by the freeing up of scholarships and loans for education, which Indo-Fijians value most highly, and in which Indo-Fijians have been the largest beneficiaries.

Then there was the “fear factor”: most Indo-Fijians were afraid that a SODELPA government would unleash the same forces that had led to the 1987 and 2000 coups against Indo-Fijians.

These Indo-Fijians felt that Bainimarama and Fiji First Party, with clear control and support of the military, whatever their roles in 1987 and 2000, were today the only ones capable of protecting Indo-Fijians, not the alternative parties NFP, FLP or PDP.

But Bainimarama could not have won by this majority had it not been of the support of a large proportion of indigenous Fijian voters.

I estimate, by working backwards from the mostly indigenous Fijian votes received by SODELPA and that going to the small parties, slightly more than 40% of indigenous Fijian voters also voted for FFP (while about 50% voted for SODELPA).

“Freebies” were probably the most powerful factor for them, and may have led to the alleged “liumuri” of SODELPA who expected to win far more than 25 seats based on what indigenous Fijians had told them before the election.
“Freebies” or “vote buying”?

It can be difficult to know when a “freebie” is “vote buying” and not just a good policy by any good government, although the timing of the freebie can be a good indicator.

But for the majority of ordinary Indo-Fijians and indigenous Fijians, a massive factor in their vote for Bainimarama was undoubtedly the benefits of free education already delivered, and the promise of many further benefits to come.

Released in the FFP Manifesto a mere ten  days before the main polling on 17 September, Bainimarama promised voters from low income families free electricity, water, medicines, and milk for Class 1 children throughout Fiji, as well as “first home” grants.  There was $10 million dollars promised to indigenous Fijians to help develop their lands.

There have also been roads, water, and sewerage developments in many rural areas that indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians have also been grateful for (whatever the costs in Public Debt).

Some think the equalization of lease money between commoners and chiefs has been important for Fijian land-owning commoners but I doubt it.

In summary, the ordinary “bread and butter” issues were far more important to voters of all ethnicity, and emotional and physical security to Indo-Fijian voters, than issues of “law and constitutionality” and “basic human rights” which had been eroded for eight years, but “out of sight”.

This was also the case in the 1999 elections when Indo-Fijians voted for the FLP rather than the NFP which delivered to them the theoretical benefits of the 1997 Constitution and the “multi-party government provision”.

Perhaps Fiji’s choice is also not too different from the choice being currently made in Scotland between the importance of “bread and butter” issues as opposed to the dignity of independent nationhood after centuries of colonization by England.

A step forward, with headaches to come

The people have spoken, provided there is no significant evidence of vote rigging (which some parties are alleging), and whatever one may say about the manipulative impact of the electoral system, the electioneering strategies, and the powerful impact of the media propaganda and campaigns (which deserve another article).

There is now an elected Government, which may be made more accountable through an elected Parliament, where questions may be raised by the Opposition members and answers demanded of the government.

The Opposition can now call for all the Auditor General’s Reports since 2006, to be tabled in Parliament, so that the public can see how the tax-payers’ funds have been utilized (and how some Ministers’ salaries and how much have been paid since 2006).

The Opposition can also call for further debates and judicial reviews of Fiji’s constitution, including the reconciliation of the current imposed own with the 1997 Constitution which was ruled by the Fiji Court of Appeal to be still extant.

It is going to be a major struggle for the Opposition to call for a fresh look at a range of decrees which have restricted the basic human rights of Fiji people, listed at the beginning of this article.

The proceedings of parliament may also enable the media and journalists to highlight issues and be a better “watch-dog” on government and society at large.

One light at the end of the tunnel is that with all international sanctions removed and external relations with Australia, NZ, EU and US normalized, there should also be a resurgence of investor confidence, and renewed economic growth.

Healthy rates of growth of over 6% per year could make management of Fiji’s significantly increased Public Debt a little bit easier, create new jobs, and perhaps help improve standards of living which have taken a battering since 2006.

While the naïve may proclaim that this is “the dawn of a new era”, the responsible civil society organizations and social leaders know that this is just the beginning of a long and painful struggle to re-establish a just society which our people deserve.

Wadan Narsey's blog http://bit.ly/1rgZtsa


Anonymous said...

If one beleives Mr Chaudary- he raised $2million with this advertisement!!!!!!!!

Jaati Bhai said...

Wadan Narsey deserted Fiji Labour Party where he was a founding member to join National Federation Party on promise of a safe seat to Parliament.He became a MP.

When NFP got annihilated in the 1999 elections and lost all it's seats, Wadan being a fairweather friend and a political opportunist immediately deserted NFP and resigned from the party.

This to me sums up this Jamaican trained economist ( and we all know about Jamaica's economy, dont we ?)

Leslie Mumu said...

Good article, we do struggle with some rights of freedom, but at the end of the day as you have mentioned "bread & butter issues" are way way more important. No use living in an overall just society & struggling with day to day rising costs of living, next elections the other parties better bring their A game to the table & really put more effort into winning votes. I suspect FF party are consulting overseas advice on how to win votes if they aren't then i take my hat off to them for been such "stand up" people

Anonymous said...

Long Life NFP

Anonymous said...

One cannot believe the most hated man in Fiji ASK got over 12,000 votes.....vote rigging a must.

Anonymous said...

Frank and his Government will start the new era of Fiji ... Fiji's Golden years will now start. It should have started in late 80's but Ratu Mara's Coup delayed it by 25 years.

nagatalevu said...

vinaka Dr Narsey for your analysis. We need independent comments as part of check and balance .

Fiji look forward to improvement in quality of life .


Anonymous said...

I dont think the nationalist SODELPA can deliver a government that will be fair to everyone.

At the moment Fiji First is the only option.

Anonymous said...

FFP's manifestos and policies are not fair to the indigenous Fijians.

savenaca said...

poor pio, mere samisoni, tupeni baba and ratu kububuola all lost. may be they should have contested for ffp. pio will become the next pm.

Anonymous said...

Suliano Matanitobua will be a liability for the opposition. The guy is a nut case. I pity the more qualified sodelpa candidates who did not make it.

Anonymous said...

A Sodelpa candidate, Vani Seruvakula was placed on 4th place during the provisional counts with 6000 plus votes however, when the final elections results came she only polled 1000 plus. What happened there???????

Anonymous said...

Six people came back from the dead to vote.

What happened there???????

Anonymous said...

Ballot boxes seals were broken.
What happened there??????

Anonymous said...

dont feel pity for pio. now he will have more time with his wife, pita w.

Anonymous said...

Counting of votes were stopped for hours.
What happened there??????
Was it to remove votes from Vani's list and put it in Bainimarama's list???????

Anonymous said...


KUA NI RERE said...

The Bible says that nothing built on a foundation of Lies, Deception, Torture, Murder, Corruption and Oppression will ever last.
He has no peace. He is always angry. See what happened to that reporter.
He cant sleep well. etc etc.


All the people who voted for him will be disappointed.
The Indians will suffer more in the next 4 years.
There will be more poverty.

The Fiji Rugby Team will never win any competition.
The Fiji Sevens Team wont win anything.
The Fiji Soccer Team will be hopeless.
The Fiji Netball Team and all other Fiji Teams will be hopeless



Bainimarama's family will suffer.
Even now Meli Bainimarama is suffering.
Bainimarama will have more heartaches to come.
That is just the nature of the beast.

Bainimarama can CON the people of Fiji with all his bullshit explanations...but at the end of the day the chickens will come home to roost.
Happy reaping!

Anonymous said...

The Nationalist SODELPA Party only got 140 000 votes out of 320000 registered I-Taukei voters, which is not even 45%.

People also did not vote FLP because its leader apart from conviction took few million dollars from the most starved people on earth. Ironically his son Rajendra Chaudhary downloads photos of the food he eats on his Facebook. Food bought with the money his father took from the starving Indians.

V said...

Well with Govt members at 32 and opposition 15 plus 3 there is overwhelming majority in Parliament for FFirst,so come what may all policies and decrees will be passed in parliament this time so its legit.Commonwealth open your doors or else ,we will not knock,Pacific Islands Forum present your matanigasau to PM so that we can start on the right note.ahem!

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 8:10 PM

"" BAINIMARAMA IS SUFFERING FOR IT NOW.He has no peace. He is always angry. ""

I'll put my money on it that he's not as angry as you. loser.

Anonymous said...

Uh ohhh and Jay Dayal, don't forget to wear your diapers when you meet AG next!!! Accidents can happen!

mark manning said...

So basically, Indigenous Fijians are lazy, thick, uneducated, opportunists, near sighted and greedy?
And if that's true, then they deserve the Government they now have, one based on lies, greed, narcissism and lead by a murderous thug. A Judas who has no Loyalty to his own tribe, clan and Village, in reality.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA lost after claiming it would be a landslide win.....WHAT HAPPENED THERE?

hahahahaha......idiots.....hahahahaha.....isa....god must not of willed it....isa.

anthony tarr said...

i thought racist qarase, rabuka, mara
, cakabou, and ganilau families have suffered and are suffering. this is called karma.

Anonymous said...

The reasons for the PMs popularity is well explained in this letter from Lady Kara Davis published September 13 2014.

Dear Prime Minister Bainimarama,

For over 40 years, while living in the Pacific region, I visited Fiji often. My many visits involved travelling to all the main towns and many small villages on Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, and some of the outer islands. I met and interacted with people from all walks of life, from the poorest of the poor to the most prominent.

Because of my support for and involvement with higher education, the late Dr Umanand Prasad graciously introduced my colleague, Dr Reza Chowdhury and me to many people in the business and academic community. We also visited numerous villages where we met and interacted with local villagers and prominent professionals.

In spite of the usual island peculiarities and problems, the kindness and culture of the Fijian people warmed my heart profoundly!

In addition, everywhere I went, I heard nothing but the highest praise for you and your leadership. Finally, there was confidence and change for a better future.

Over the years, I have seen first-hand the immense improvements your leadership has made in Fiji, under very difficult circumstances and daunting challenges.

Your dedication and tireless efforts to rid Fiji of over 125 years of discrimination, inequities, division, and corruption; improve Fiji’s economy and living standards; and unite the Fijian people, are truly admirable.

When I was in Fiji last, I had the opportunity to watch your budget speech on TV.

What I heard and observed was so impressive! Your intelligence, attention to detail, support of higher education, plans for improving every sector of the population and its economy, and vision for Fiji, were and are indeed remarkable.

It took a great deal of courage to do what you have done and sacrifice yourself the way you did, for the betterment of Fiji and its people.

To those who understand what you are doing and trying to achieve for Fiji and your people, you are a true hero and leader! In fact, you are the Pacific region’s most outstanding leader!

Sadly, your critics in Fiji’s Pacific neighbourhood know little, if anything, about Fiji’s culture and the inequities of Fiji’s history; or perhaps, they have their own agenda.

My colleague in Washington, Dr. Reza Chowdhury and I both wish you and your government every success in the up and coming election. Now, more than ever, the world needs more leaders like you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Lady Kara Davis. Is that Sir Graham Davis's wife? :)

Anonymous said...

get a life dude!.

Anonymous said...

Gayal never thought that victor will expose his email .., these boys .. Young bush pigs from ba ... Think that they have some dough .. N they can make the sun shine up their cracks ... Shit has hit the fan ..., last heard Gayal telling arseneel" arre bhai ... Hamar gaad bachay raho ( please save my arse ,

Question is : how can one arse save another ...

Moral of the story " arseneel n gayal ... Are permitted under " bi " laws for same sex marriage . We now pronounce you " husband n wife " may the " Lund " be with you .

Anonymous said...

Can you spell r-i-g-g-e-d?

Anonymous said...

No, it's Graham Davis in drag.

Anonymous said...

There is more need than ever for C4.5

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ... Just got a text from a jay " gayal n arse neel ... Friend .. They are shitting n panicking ....,lol

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


SEMI K MEO said...

..mmm. so what is the learned professor up to now?? His piece here seems like plagiarism from the fish and chips wrapper of the last few days of the local media..yawn!...boring same old..

What we would expect from learned academics are opinion the consequences of probable mid-term election called by the FFP, while the going is good for them,to cement a further 4 years term.

..or may be how the psyche of majority of his lot the Indo-Fijians continues to reject real passionate assimilation into the itaukei norms.. choosing to be forever segregated as Indians migrants in paradise..

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the media about elections that happens last few weeks. In Pakistan one person has 26 votes alone and to make it worse a province of ten thousands people have 30 thousands votes in their ballot box.I wonder if this is the same place where Bai and Kai brought people to monitor our election.Could be the reason why we have 6 dead people vote.Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

My hearty congratulations to all the winning candidates for the new Fiji Parliament. It seems to be the beginning of a new era for Fij. Please leave aside your sectarian differences and work together for a better Fiji--it has a great potential. God Bless our beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

Anony.. 44

hahaha... well said


The Khaiyum family will suffer...NOT, just like the evil Mara family, the EVIL Rabuka Family and the Evil Chaudhary family and the Satanic Qarase family

Anonymous said...

Plus Satanic Bainimara.....dishing out policies of Illuminati for One World Government.

Anonymous said...


You should be thankful that the very families that have accepted ,tolerated and looked after you and your ancestors for the last years NEVER rejected you...
If you are counting on Khaiyum to save you from your miserable life sorry you are counting on the wrong person.Khaiyum doesn't care about anyone except himself and he's family.....
He's there trying to save he's own arse...
Justice will definitely prevail one day and lock all the crooks in prison.
Khaiyum and Bai will spend the rest of their lives in prison...that's for sure!!

Anonymous said...

"After eight years of running an unelected military government, and seemingly against the odds, Voreqe Bainimarama (Leader of the Fiji First Party) has now become an elected Prime Minister, and by a large margin."

Which basically means the people were on his side all along. Who cares elected or not elected.

Vueti Viti said...

The rebirth of Fijian Nationalism

The lost cause amongst the indigenous people as it may perceived from people of other ethnic groups emigrated to these beautiful islands must not be over estimated.

We are dealing with nationalistic and emotional issues which derive from the inner core of people once see their chiefs as Gods and was later conveniently removed by the new Christian faith in exchange of their age old religion.

The psyche of the Kai Viti is deeply connected to their Chiefs, Vanua and Lotu.

People have tried in the past to destroy thees connections or isolate them through education, etc and etc but this election has brought in renewed and more aggressive form of Taukei nationalism especially amongst the educated and young Vitians.

Generally, FF tends to appeal to the majority of other ethnic groups which is understandable and the more the regime tries to protect itself from the long arm of the law the more the Vitians are being conveniently cast aside together with their dreams and aspirations.

In the minds of the Vitians they are a special race and all of a sudden a Muslim, an anti Christ and a Heathen has now taken the helm of leadership that is clearly trying to destroy their God given culture, tradition and vanuas and its resources.

Together with one of their own, the Vitians is now in the process of taking another step knowing that if they do nothing they will surely lose their God given inheritance.

Wait for the next segment....

Anonymous said...

Vueti Viti,

The only problem is that only one third of Vitians voted for the SODELPA.

You must be in another world if you think anyone has taken your chiefs, vanua and lotu. In fact it was a nationalist Qarese who took your land in west and sold it to whites. It was another nationalist Rabuka who sidelined lady Mara for top post in Great Council of Chief.

As far as the lotu goes you have no problem holding holy Bible in one hand and steal from the other hand.

Anonymous said...

@Vueti Vit

You are correct in what you say;

""In the minds of the Vitians they are a special race""

Special, in that they do not understand how un-special they are.

Look around you it is very obvious, from the unruly noisy drunken youth loitering on the streets, from the loud and ill mannered behaviour, from the constant spitting, from the drug culture, from the rape culture, from the violence culture, to the thieving culture.

This is how the 'culture' that has been born out of your supposed tradition is seen by the majority.

Until the Vitians have something others can look up to they are no more special than anyone else in this world.

Anonymous said...

Jay dayal- caught red handed!!! Singing bhajans n praises of fiji first. This rat has been a regular blogger of coupfour and acts all innocent now! You hav been an ardent Fijileaks patron trying to pass information about ag and his family in return for defaming opponents as well as venting hate for other religions. Widely known for his fowl mouth and fake pride, Jay Gayal thinks he can buy himself a better image by distributing to poor. Everyone can see through his bullshit and desperate need feel important! He is busy denying all this. Lol!!! Keep trying. It's all Sooo clear u dog! We know you are reading this, after all, victor told you about this site in 2012. You have been very busy in that office of yours!!

Tui Viti said...

What the heck, Wadan Narsey copied my analysis of the elections.forcing me out blog retirement to post this comment.O so Wadan you are pointing a finger at Govt for winning the elections on 'freebies' but now you have used my free analysis,o sobo! sa qai cala tale!Well all in all,a Big Vinaka vakalevu to all voters and election officials,expect your pay this week.

Anonymous said...

All dick-tators faced justice somehow. Baimagaitinamu will have his turn and that is worrying the bitch. His diabetes, gout, high blood pressure and asthma are getting worse because of that.

Anonymous said...

Well thought & said.

Vinaka Mr Wadan for fair commentary.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti se Ujah Wainimala.
Wadan Narsey is far more smarter & intelligent than you.
You seem to be very boostful.No one reads your analysis because it's half baked & full of rubbish. So zip your mouth & try and complete your University Degree.
Wadan is a Veteran & you just a novice.
lako mada lai analyse taka na matani demu. sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Of the 591,000 who registered to vote, about 370,000 did come out to vote. Therefore 220,000 did not come out to vote at all. That's 37% of the people of all ethnic groups in Fiji.

What happened to them? Did they heed what Dakuwaqa said and boycotted the elections? Perhaps we should investigate and get them to realize that when the next elections come, their votes will really count.

Laden said...

Now that everything is over all we want now for everyone to do their part.

We want the best of every individual in the parliament.

We want the opposition to do what we the voters wanted them to do.

First things first but get all the decrees out the window.

Do what Wadan is requesting like the Auditors Report.

Very importantly Get the Media back to its original state as a watch dog. Media is the only place where we voters will be informed fairly.

Get Bainimarama to be accountable for all the shames he's done to the nation. Its not fair to say he does not take responsibility of what happened in 2006.

To those of you who have supported Bainimarama , especially the Indians we need to say that though you disagree with 1987 coup you are now responsible for supporting this 2006 coup.

Alright lets get moving and no relax for partying for all candidates as we have work to do. No Fiji time and no false promise. Go on, start working.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.20am check your spelling for boastful, you no school ,qani bull

Anonymous said...

Correction to Wadan's estimate.

Indian Voters who voted for FFP is more then 80 %

However, Indigenous Voters who voted for FFP is definitely much less then 40%. Estimate is less then 30%.

Having said that its now fair to say that FFP, its suppporters and the world need to know that majority of the indigenous still feels unprotected by the regime now elected government.

So the message should be clear to Bainimarama that do not trash their rights as they will be watching that too and taken note of as we progress.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis by Dr Narsey..Just as I have been saying all along. It is not hard to judge how people would vote. The electoral process does not alter the way people cast their. Communal voting is still very much alive, only that it is well camouflaged

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:16 AM

The source of the information to support your figures would be very interesting to hear.

I would suggest unless there was a hidden camera in every polling booth with over 2000 people monitoring and recording this information you are simply talking absolute CRAP.

Congratulations said...

How wonderful to know that the Opposition Party NFP/Sodelpa have agreed that Ro Temumu carry on the leadership role for the Opposition Party in Parliament.

God is with you Ro Temumu and you are where you rightly belong to represent uphold and instill the path of truth justice and godly values and all that is noble and good upon the people of this Nation who stand by you and those who were grossly misled.

Like you, we believe and respect the Rule of Law.

Be comforted in knowing that our prayers and support are with you and the rest of the Opposition Parliamentarians.

God's abundant blessings be with you as Party Leader of SODELPA AND NFP (Professor Biman Prasad) & members combined.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:46 AM

You should not worry about what Dakuwaqa said it would be far more use to you if you got your facts right before letting your imagination run wild.

591,101 people registered.
496,364 people cast votes.
83.9% registered voted.
16.1% registered did not vote.

So where does your 37% of non voters come from?

If you consider 16.1% not voting as an indication that people boycotted the election your imagination is as dumb as your imaginary figures that you attempt to support it.

KUA NI RERE said...

As a Fijian, I'm happy with the fact that 70% OF FIJIANS ARE THOROUGHLY PISSED OFF WITH THE CON-MAN BAINIMARAMA....and his PUSSY soldiers.

I'm happy that they still believe in what is right and not just vote for him just because he built a road or a firkin bridge.

Anonymous said...

Personally i think Biman Prasad
snapped decision to join SODELPA
as opposition members in our new parliament may not be a wise move,
and a major political booboo?
Never get married to another Woman
if you're still married to one-cause it's illegal and caused all
kinds of problems? NFP bad vibes is
historically well known in Fiji
political lanscape? Some thing bad
happens to either parties everytime
they get an ok to merge with someone? BAD KARMA MAYBE?

KUA NI RERE said...


The vote counters counted over 6000 votes for Vani Seruvakula.(SODELPA)


What the fark happened there?


Remember the total numbers had to tally up so they had to give the 5000 votes to somebody else.


If they did that to Vani's votes, How many other people did they do that too?



Anonymous said...

RUN THE SAME UNION? The Union Decree should actually disallowed
anyone to double dips in the New
Fiji? Union should not be used by
individual or groups as a tool to
anyone political end?

Anonymous said...

If this website continues for the next four years then SODELPA better kiss the elections goodbye.

Anonymous said...

The Police commissioner hold
an illegal appointment,
the election was illegal,
The person appointing
the commissioner was an illegal
The president who officially
welcome this illegal commissioner
into town was himself appointed
by the illegal PM? The election
was a fuss?
Lets call a refrendum for the
people to vote for the Bhai/Khai or
the 1997 constitution and lets just
do it in Fiji? Don't even bother
trying to get the opinion or vote
of people that have moved abroads?
The new Government is actually
illegal since the person conducting
the swearing-in is the Illegal
Excuse me Bhai, but you're still
the illegal Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

They were not racists you muroon, its their right to defend the indigenous Fijians who are resources owners.That is not racists.So stop using those words racists to justify why you should be treated equal. Racist is apartheid in South Africa . They are first class citizens you are second class class . However in India you maybe considered first class. You stupid opportunist, bustard...have some respect.Moroon pig.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:25 PM

These statistics are derived from the Election Calculus Simulator based the D'Hondt Method.

FFP 211,940
SODELPA 107,530
NFP 19,675
PDP 11,856
FLP 8,609
FUFP 813
Independent (Deo) 763
Independent (Cha) 172




% OF NON-VOTERS 225,819 divided by 591,000 x 100 = 38.101692.

(# of disqualified votes is unknown)

It is therefore likely that 38% of registered voters did not vote.

Anonymous said...

The "new era" is, in fact, pretty much the same old same-old. The Bainimarama Captivity continues.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA was suppose to win if the election was conducted in a fair and transparent way. But because of Rigging, Rigging...they lost..you stupid idiotic pig..!!! That is what your race is introducing in this country. It is in your blood. You pig , ...God didn't will it because he doesn't want election which are build from lies, deception and rigging to be won by Sodelpa, as they god's pple. This govt is evil so it will not last...you stupid pig..

V for Vendetta said...

"After eight years of running an unelected military government, and seemingly against the odds, Voreqe Bainimarama (Leader of the Fiji First Party) has now become an elected Prime Minister, and by a large margin."

Which could also mean that it took him eight years to sufficiently bully his critics, gag the media, disqualify his main political opponents, borrow massive sums to spend on election inducements, codify immunity, campaign incessantly, deregister leading political parties, and rig the election.

Who cares, elected or not elected — he's a traitor either way and deserves to be hanged.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:30 PM

Obviously your are a few days behind the rest of the world, but hey it's Fiji !




Mere said...

Dakuwaqa's advice to boycott the elections now looks correct, but we must remember that the boycott he wanted was supposed to be led by the leaders of the opposition taking a united stand. Since the leaders DIDN'T unite (boy, did High Tea ever flame them for that!), then the conditions for a boycott weren't right.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:42 PM

""SODELPA was suppose to win if the election was conducted in a fair and transparent way.""

Fiji can only hope that people with the level of your intelligence did not vote. God help us.

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Reddy, your jealousy of Wadan Narsey is quite unbecoming. It seems that Wadan cannot make a single comment without you jumping in with an anonymous comment to toot your own horn. Wadan is more knowledgable than you. More to the point, he still has his integrity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, God help us, because people with even less intelligence voted Fiji First.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If one beleives Mr Chaudary- he raised $2million with this advertisement!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Narsey say: "While the usual cliché is “the people have spoken” the real question is, why did they speak thus?"

No, the real question is, did they really speak thusly, or was it simply the latest rendition of Bai-Khai bogus nonsense?

All Hail Bainivore said...


To the uneducated asshole who wrote the above posting. Listen up you low-life piece of shit, stop making a fool of yourself because clearly you're the uneducated one. Bastard. Asshole. Shit. Cock.

Anonymous said...

Dead editor ,

We have now ushered in a new era in fiji. It is our humble request that you very strictly remove , moderate any hate comments on this blog. This is 2014 and it is unacceptable that people who claim to be peaceful Fijians advocate hate and racial intolerance . Free speech is welcome but not free shot at a persons ethnicity , race , religion or color .

Thanks and Vinaka .

Anonymous said...

Why the tea party at Nabua for the ex goons now MPs??? Doesnt look right and very bad taste,,,,,,,,ie they look like a bunch of power grabbers vakaloloma o Viti

Anonymous said...

Thank you Victor lal for exposing certain well known facts on Fijileaks in black and white despite denials from JAy DaYal from ba town. I was told by someone to have a read of emails exchanged between Victor and Jay and it all makes perfect sense. I am a family friend and know Prakash dayal very closely. Jay, kid you need to control your rubbish mouth. I'm sure your parents and family are embarrassed by you. You have yourself said all the things in those emails to me. (Maybe now you know who I am). I don't care. You have said the same things to a lot of others and these are about to surface, not on Fijileaks, but to baini n AiyaZ personally. You have in your latrine language called nur Bano names as well as calling her son "gay dog". Deny it all you want, but ppl already know son. People are not as dumb as you think. You have ongoingly called Muslims Taliban. Only stopped doing it on your fb page when you saw Aiyazs power in fiji. But privately you have made several hate speeches. People call jyoti the propaganda machine. Not true. Greedy pigs like you are the real engine behind all this. You were going to run away from fiji in 2013, why didn't u? If sodelpa was a stronger party with benefits to you, you would run after them. You don't care for better Fiji. You only care for your bank balance Jay!! You don't represent us Hindus in any way trying to act like our hero. We hav been living peacefully
With all races n religions so far but takes a few rotten tomatoes like you and Sudhakar to spoil our name and beliefs. Baini must kick out your racist n shameless friend out of parliament. You don't deserve to represent any of us. Votes to Sudhakar are all bought. No one in their right sense would vote this pathetic person. You are calling yourself a pious person and Philanthrapist. It's all a facade to buy adoration with money. You are a no class person. The society already knows what u really are. An attention seeking greedy n sly business man. No respect for women! The detrimental comments about nur Bano! Stop embarrassing us more. You are undeserving of any title in the community. You sre boastful and an extreme cyber bully. Not to mention vulgar and twisted. Words you used on roshikA deo. you can use Your pit lLanguage on anyones family n sisters and morhers If it suits you. You call yourself a good person! Stop pretending!

Anonymous said...

Bro 6:17

My name is Pradeep ... Jay will know who I am . He sacked a Fijian guy at work who refused to sell his land to this greedy racist pig ... You are right ....he doesn't represent decent Hindus .... N now he is sucking up to pm ... Guess what ... Victor does not lie !!!!!! Everyone knife that'.
He hates all other races .. At so many meetings he slams Fijians , Muslims all of them ...

Jay .. Your days are numbered ....

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Cabinet positions.
3 Muslims
2 South Indians
2 North Indians as Assistant Ministers.

North Hindus (Hindus) betrayed again.
I wonder why DR Brij Lal was not appointed Minister of Education.
Dr Mahendra Reddy would have have been better in Finance and Trade.
Parveen Bala has a case pending for dangerous driving and killing some one. What does Veena Bhatnagar know about Health. I am suprised that Rosy Akbar has been appointed as the Minister. Kaiyum again holding 5 portfolios.
Hindus will join NFP in droves.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh .... " abhe Lund ke bar " this is not about hi disc or Muslims .., or itaukei I .....,. Did u also note the religious preferences of other mps ? Or only Hindus n Muslims ... Go n join gay dayal

Tevita said...


magaichinana qarase said...

Waren ND kepa WEA Seen in cassava patch

Browneyes said...

AT 6.08PM

Tea party venue at Nabua tells us that this 'newly elected democratic government' is a militarised government! I wont be surprised if the attitude of old remains the same.

So obvious..

V said...

@ V -Vendetta stop being a copy cat, that ID has been taken by yours truly,V,go on use your grey matter,why not W, K or X.Ahem,now where was i,now that was a lot of accusations,allegations in terms of the word,but without any shred of evidence,you see my dear,

unless you have data and documents you have nothing to back your claims,surely by the choice of english words used it mirrors a high quality education, so now, be a good citizen and go along with the ELECTED GOVT,it was outright the peoples mandate,the verdict of the people,the people's choice by a humungous margin,this was history in the making,obviously there would be a lot of sour grapes about,

but that is not our or the Nations problem,that is your own problemo and you have to toughen up like hard yakka, pull your sorry arse together,get off your bum and go work it out,the sweat will do you good,cheers.Rigging- The election was rigged by close to 300,000 voters who rigged the election by choosing FFirst.

Deserves to be hanged - my goodness, are you that angry to call for death by hanging,hear,hear,you must be one of the relics of the past,the colonial era of our Nation but many of your type are on our side,why being rebellious? you know what happened to Lucifer a.k.a Satan when he led a rebellion.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Provisional results wrongly entered
07:04 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap
The Fijian Elections Office has clarified that provisional results for SODELPA candidate Vane Seruvakula were wrongly entered.
When provisional votes were released on the night of elections, Seruvakula had up to five thousand seven hundred votes – however this was not reflective in her final result.
“The provisional result for Vane Seruvakula was higher than the final and we found that in data entry there was a typo error and that’s what caused the high number of votes. But with the final results – with the three audit systems there is no mistake for the final vote.”
Saneem says they had insisted from the beginning that provisional results were to be dropped once final results were released.
- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/23180/provisional-results-wrongly-entered#sthash.tGdCrIJM.dpuf

Anonymous said...

Absolute crap. The whole election count was biased towards the regime. How can they make mistake and still claim it was success. This is bullshit. The regime knows where to target and the did.

Get to the bottom of the whole election and find RIGGED right their.

Yet the regime was saying the 2000 election was RIGGED.

Was the international observers sleeping or just favoring the regime.

Anonymous said...

Oiiii Jay, it's funny you are giving a lame excuse about Fijileaks latest reveal about your emails to victor lal. You are too funny. You have put personal court case against local businessman in email. I'm sure victor doesn't even know that falla. Your damage to family property etc. it's all legit you monkey!! That shit can't be photo shopped. An advice to you- wear your diapers all the time. Bahaha ha

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.44pm Haha C4.5 is not to blame for Sodelpa's performance in the election. Itaukei and Sodelpa leadership and communications team are to blame.

Mohammed Tora said...

SODELPA is to be blamed. Pio and Tupeni Baba who are novice in politics were making the calls. They had no business in any committee. Pio just to earn his $35,000 a year salary made the powers to be in SODELPA hoodwinked the poor naive.

I suggest that members of SODELPA do a lot of soul searching. Those days of Butodroka are gone. The people of Fiji have spoken. No one is interested in the old song of iTaukei supremacy. Let's accept that we all are equal. Get off the high horse and embrace each other and accept that we are all children of God. There shall be no racial, religious, colour or any shape or form of discrimination.

mr kepa said...

Sodelpa big time lossers Party wth no vision moving backwards ,kerekere ND luimori style

Anonymous said...

Mr Tora,

Well spoken sir.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you Indians....majority of you voted for an illegal Pm to become a PM.

My warning to you Indians, once Bainimarama is removed, you will all be next on the list. So get ready now and start saving your paisa...cos once Bainimarama is out, Fijian will turn on you.Thats the feeling right now in most Fijians living in Fiji. Fijian have realised now through the voting behaviour that their common enemy is Bainimarama and you Indians who supported Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

Dear all .., let's stop all the hate .its a new era for fiji .., the itaukei are well protected ... This is fiji .. We are the way the world should be .,,, let's remain a happy place

Anonymous said...

V for Vendetta was posting long before you, "V." You're the copycat. So you should pick another letter from the alphabet. I suggest "U" for uneducated and uninformed.

Also, following your analogy, V for Vendetta would be Michael the Archangel. it was your hero, Bainimarama, who led the rebellion here. He would be the Satan. That makes you one of his demons.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Tora, if we're all equal, then why doesn't the rule of law apply to all? Why do only a select few get immunity for their crimes?

Anonymous said...

Showing your true colors bro. Must be tough living with all that hate

Anonymous said...

Hehe, V asked for any evidence the election was rigged. No need to look very far. The very next posting was about how Vane Seruvakula was suddenly stripped of most of her votes.

Anonymous said...

Not as hard as living with treason.

Anonymous said...

Very bad attempt to divide people along race/ and background. I vote you as an idiot

vuda said...

Its in our manifesto hat wie will alwaz critises ND we want To go back in golden dayz coz wie love wearing leaves Pilz support us

Anonymous said...

I'm not criticising along racial or religious lines. This isn't abour race or religion. It's about the rule of law vs. treason.

Anonymous said...

This is the New Fiji. Your vote doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

This message is to Jay Dayal and Ashneel Sudhakar:

I am arranging with Vodafone to print all SMS you two sent me that was anti Aiyaz and his family. Also your racist slurs about our indigenous community and the Chiefly system.

I also have some e-mail exchanges between you two perverts discussing grossly about women and Jay a few of your office workers (wont publish their name as it will embarrass innocent individuals) that you sexually harrassed!

The other e-mails of 2012 is when you were directing your anger against the regime and especially Frank and Aiyaz for the mahogany contract. The name calling and insulting deragoratory comments about Muslims and Fijians.

This will be e-mailed to Victor to publish. If Aiyaz is reading this you will be surprised about this two faggots and the manner they tried to suck to some people close to Frank to malign you! This two are racists and anti Muslim and anti Aiyaz!!

Jay and Ash - watch Fiji Leaks; will be revealed soon.....very soon!!

Ba dost

Suomynona said...

The people have indeed spoken.

Now the overwhelming SODELPA opposition is going to be a real headache for frankie to comprehend with for the obvious of reasons, like itaukei affairs being threatened.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wadan NARSEY ( wn) has lost all the plot. He is desperate. Any idiot can obtain Phd. ..no big deal.
It's all theory and that's why he can not be practical.
He can still join politics but will need to wait for 16 years as FF will be in govt for at least these years.

Anonymous said...

Jay Dayal and Ashneel Sudhakar are anti-Aiyaz?

They'll have to stand in line.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a PhD in Fiji? Bainimarama has shown you don't need an education to become dictator.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is ready to take on the opposition without his guns..Im just waiting for the moment he will shit his pants!

Anonymous said...

" The end justifies the means "..only in Fiji..when will the next one be?

Anonymous said...

Never a good thing to compromise principles by taking short cuts. This is not a message that we want to share with our children. Integrity should always be in the forefront otherwise instability and insecurity will be more rampant. Giving up is not an option but a sellout.

bubuJimaima said...


Here's what I think is good for you.

Sign up a class with PROFESSOR Wadan Narsey who will teach you the know-how to analyze monitor and report a general election with marked precision. I mean we can only admire the man or anyone else who has earned a PhD that would have taken him approx 4-7 years. Its a high level achievement and so with your gibberish, what does that make YOU out to be??

So stop ranting like a complete uneducated idiot and give the man credit where it is due.

You can do better, educate yourself to that level where you can understand the clear narrative outlined in the Professor's well-thought out analysis of the General Elections just held.

Thank you.

Ganesh said...

The democratic opposition repeatedly called on the illegal regime to relinquish the reins of government to a caretaker government in the run-up to the election. We continually called on ASK to step down as Elections Minister in view of the obvious conflict of interest. Again and again we asked for fair play and transparency, but every protest fell on deaf ears. Therefore the regime should not now wonder why the election results are questioned. The regime cannot reasonably complain now that all questions about the results are sour grapes, when it could have taken the steps necessary to guarantee an election all could have seen to be above-board. And when it is the party most responsible for engendering an atmosphere of suspicion.

Bubu.Jamaima said...

At 7.33am

I agree Ganesh. I dont think the Opposition can immediately reverse the negative parabolic trajectory firmly held in place by Fiji First mentality - they've demonstrated an obstinate determination to submerge the rule of law once and for all. We've seen it happen before the elections and we cannot expect the same group to show any signs of change. No way!

Its definitely going to be a tough battle for SODELPA. They will make it! That's the whole purpose of them being in the Opposition!

Anonymous said...

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous said...

That's right. If the regime wasn't going to cheat, then we should have seen that in its election preparations. Instead, everything pointed to a regime determined to win by hook or by crook.

Bubu.Jimaima said...

Kiwi Academic Dr Frankel was, in an exert of his speech below, being like a Kindergarten Teacher to our 2 Elected Leaders of Opposing Parties.

He said:

“In stronger democracies than Fiji, after an election the new prime minister makes a magnanimous speech recognising or acknowledging the concerns of those who voted for the opposition, and promising to represent the interests of not only those who voted for him or her, but also those who did not.” To the vanquished Dr Frankel says:”With humility, the leader of the largest unsuccessful party acknowledges the defeat, and in so doing charts a course for building a new stronger opposition over the years ahead.”

Our Leaders in all humility can also learn the way from an outsider looking in. Dr Frankel was obviously saying something very important.

No more bickering, quick temperedness (you are both beginning to worry us), not too well thought out or irrational public statements..these are real tell-tale signs that tell the people that our Leaders can do better.

We urge our two Leaders to first and foremost remember...your roles are not about pampering yourselves or fluffing around with proud and foolish statements. Self-egoistic tendencies should be buried!

You are required to serve the people of Fiji - improving their livelihoods and stamping out all forms of corruption, greed, lies, dishonest works and the long list goes on.

Vinaka..wheewww..going to my teitei now.

V said...

@ anon 9.14am, thats my favourite,lol

Anonymous said...

Jay you have put Hindus name in rubbish bin not only that but dayal families name in pit toilet ! Very unmature businessman? You playing different game,this is not Ba soccer boy?

Anonymous said...

What you talking about ?if no indian You will die first!ashole, people like you Should be dealt with belt?

Anonymous said...

Australia has realised the mistake they made by allowing muslim pigs in their country. They have started the eradication process and have just shot dead one muslim bastard. Its time for the real Fijians to rise and revolt against this muslim occupation and domination of Fiji. Rise Fiji Rise. Time to act is now.

Anonymous said...

In stronger democracies than Fiji, the election is usually run fairly. Don't expect the opposition leader in ANY country to be a magnanimous loser when they feel they won but were robbed of victory.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that vote rigging really happened and there should be an investigation.The Seruvakula lady candidate had 6000 votes and next day, it had been reduced to 1000, where wrong data entry was given as the reason for the error.Any changes to the trend in voting or making alterations to achieve required results could have been determined by only 2 people in positions of authority, Uncle and nephew team,Khaiyum and Saneem.For example,what about the sudden jump of votes to Aiyaz Khaiyum from early dismal performance.If there was a mistake in data input for Seruvakula, what about a deliberate additional data input that caused the jump for Khaiyum? After all it is only uncle and nephew who know and discussed delicately every night about the number of voters who did not turn up at any polling station or the number of invalid votes from any station. Such information could have been used to change the data information designed by IT experts who were based at the AG's office for the past 2 years.
Sitting Ministers and Commissioners of Divisions in the Military regime were only given 2 weeks to resign because they were candidates in the election. I know one or 2 who were reluctant to resign because they were not sure of whether they can get into Parliament. But look at the number of votes they got, more than those who had been campaigning for the past 2 years......all because the careful manipulation of the votes by the "uncle and nephew" combination.

Anonymous said...

Pradeep you are 100% right! This ashole is a Hindu leader n talking about muslim and others he should be dealt in the army camp, people who got money, they think they can do everything, not this time in fiji

Mohammed Tora said...

SODELPA and NFP need to start focusing on Local City and Town elections. Both parties need to make wholesale changes in their strategy. SODELPA should bring in someone who is good at drawing up a long term plan and policies for the party. NFP needs to get away from ole boy's club. People have spoken and NFP need not to turn blind to this fact. Days of Attar Singh, Pramod Rae, Raman Singh and Biman are gone. From 6.3% votes in 2006 down to 5.4% is negative. It is only due to new benchmark that NFP has secured 3 seats. So let us not be blind.

SODELPA say "MOCE MADA" to likes of Pio and Tupeni. They need to retire and go back to the village. Bring in new blood with proper prospective. Make sure that the executives are multiracial. God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

anon 11:46am,

You are so true. These same people were given asylum by the good people of Australia so that they can be saved from the torture called Islam. Once they came to Australia, they received dole and littered Australia with tons of more freeloaders. All fed and cared for through Australian dole money financed by hardworking Australian taxpayers. Now, these freeloaders are hellbent on killing the same people who has given them protection and food to survive without lifting a finger. Fiji is in a similar state. This just goes to show that these people cant be trusted. Your leader has made a big mistake by handing power to such people. They are bound to attack you one day soon through their own disgusted way and reasoning.Be warned and be prepared to suffer.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Finance and law are both in the control of muslims now. They will now decide how much money will the Fijians get and what law they will follow. Kaiyum's plan becoming a reality. Wait for the flood of muslims occupying all top jobs, getting all tenders and all laws favoring them. In time to come, Christianity will be replaced by Sharia law

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous September 25, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Totally agree. When the world is tracking these Islamist globally Fiji has just done the opposite. One step at a time and time will tell it will happen in Fiji one day. Wont happen in a day or a year but they are to stay for hundred or thousands years to come and time will tell.

manning watch said...

manning boy...you got a huge muslim problem in your homeland. Time for you to focus on them. What? you say you are scared because some of them live down the road? Surely not, as the head master of the neighbourhood and all knowledge, sure you know how to handle this. Ok thats settled then, after calling Fijians lazy and stupid, lets see you clean up your backyard.

Anonymous said...

blah!blah!blah!blah!. I can see the mentality of some of the contributors. You are doing great and this is the way to do Fiji good. Carry on it's good for you and your children whom I believe you must not forget to teach the tricks of this trade so that they carry on with your legacy should you die infested with maggots in your blood vessels.

Anonymous said...

Time to give Ashneel Sudhakar the boot from parliament! He is a scum he calls others! Two faced as everyone knows, he will bring division between the religions and race. He is a snake trying to climb the ladder. Fiji first is for unity and the pm stands for a better fiji. Bainimarama should slam anyone now who has ulterior selfish motives and extreme ideologies about other religions. Jay dayal from ba is another businessman poisoning our system. Good scoop on fiji leaks about his extra curricular activities. PIG!!!

Anonymous said...

If one beleives Mr Chaudary- he raised $2million with this advertisement!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If one beleives Mr Chaudary- he raised $2million with this advertisement!!!!!!!!

mark manning said...

@ manning watch said 2:40 PM
As you can see, it was a question, not a statement, hence the question mark at the end of my sentence! (?)!

"So basically, Indigenous Fijians are lazy, thick, uneducated, opportunists, near sighted and greedy"?

And if that's true, then they deserve the Government they now have, one based on lies, greed, narcissism and lead by a murderous thug. A Judas who has no Loyalty to his own tribe, clan and Village, in reality.

But to answer your question, because it is defined by a question mark (?) as was mine, no, Moslems don't frighten me at all, in fact I have some very good friends who are Moslems, but they haven't tortured and murdered nor committed High Treason like Frank Bainimarama.
Perhaps you should approach replies here, in the context in which they are offered!
That is, in relation to the Topic to which people have responded, in general.

Anonymous said...

As expected Felix Anthony shows his true colours.

His questionable motives to involve himself in politics and lead PDP into the elections are now so clear to all.

The commitment was short lived and not being able to line his pockets from a job in government he immediately resigns as PDP party leader.

Is it any surprise he failed?

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony resigns as PDP leader.

Unable to fill his pockets with a government position he's off.

A very short lived commitment, but are we surprised, no.

V said...

Judging from comments,Sodelpa suppporters are traumatised by the election results and as such need trauma counselling together with the candidates.They couldnt believe in their wildest dreams that they would be whipped and thrashed in the elections.that is reality, if you arent connected to reality in Fiji you will err in your judgements and analysis.Gone are the days when Chiefs are respected after the GCC was involved in the past Coups.Respect is earned now,inherited by birth no longer applies,the people have seen what has been enslaving them for so long,A chiefly system that takes from them, no wonder many have migrated overseas,A Church that takes from them,which is why new Churches are formed left right and center because those in charge werent concerned about their spiritual and becoming material.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha, this blog site was set up for supposed freedom of speech since you alleged that Govt. has muffled freedom of speech,but right now you have done the opposite,you have muffled freedom of speech,we were right all along you guys were harping about a Democracy that benefits a few people only,the elite.Now you are suppressing freedom of speech to suit your hidden agenda,typical of Sodelpa a rascist party that supports treasonous activities but hates being on the receiving end.

mark manning said...

@ manning watch said 2:40 PM
Can you read? It was a question, not a statement! (?) for question! (!) for statement!
No, not scared of Moslems, that's not the issue, Aiyaz is running your Country and he is a Moslem and Indigenous Fijians are predominantly Christian. It just doesn't add up, never did and never will.
Thought the stupid soldiers are predominantly Christian and that doesn't make sense either.
I suppose it gets down to how much one is prepared to sell themselves for, something you might be able to explain!

Anonymous said...

Nobody should be "dealt with in the army camp", you thug. It they're to be dealt with, it should be in a court of competent jurisdiction, in a country that respects the rule of law. Certainly not the New Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Islamist extremists are a big part of the problem, but not most Muslims. I know many nice Muslims.

Another part of the problem are religious bigots who like to publish rants against Muslims. That's not how to reach people for Christ.

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa are Aimless...lack political substance...Ameni

Two rubbish qase leaders past their expiry date. If they are to move forward anytime in the next 10 years they will need to blood all the youths now.

Obviously they might have to sacrifice their nationalist views aswell....as that is out dated by 10 years aswell....and stop using christianity
As a political advance....its un-christain like.

Anonymous said...

only some people with money can do anything in Fiji. Tappoos, muslims,jokhan, damodar, tappoos, muslims, jokhan, damodar, aunty Nur Bano

he says elite wont benefit.
Bainimarama is biggest liar.

Anonymous said...

V for Vagina, perhaps you're drinking too much V drink. Get you face out of Khaiyum's ass so that you can see sense.

Tui Viti said...

Ro T isnt old or cant lead,as of now,she is the second choice of the people of this nation as PM.We FFP supporters know that and never underestimate any person, being a woman doesnt make them weak or unable to lead, a few examples to illuminate the mind,Margaret Thatcher alias the Iron Lady,Queen Victoria, The Queen Mother whom Hitler refered to as "the most dangerous woman on earth", why? she refused to leave London when it was bombed by the Nazis and burning;Mother Theresa,Queen Esther in Bible, these are just a few of many iron willed women who led Nation/s through their darkest hour.Ro.T is only human but a Lady,FFP supporters,its best to refrain from negative comments against the lady,you have forced me out of retirement to post this.We have won the battle but the war has just begun.focus,do it right,the first time and maintain consistency without promises.Word is that Civil Servants or a certain Govt Dept is receiving some form of pay increment soon.God Bless our Govt [opposition incuded]

Mere said...

I can't say that I agree with my friend Wadan this time. This is not the beginning of a new era but a continuation of the old. And we cannot even begin to rebuild anything lasting until we first restore the rule of law.

This election didn't do that, even if it was legitimate, which it was not. In fact, all it did was to further prolong thug rule.

Anonymous said...

The good muslims should completely detach themselves from muslim terrorist cells who destroy and kill people in the name of Allah.

If the the good muslims would fight the bad muslims to regain their good name, then they should get on with it.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Tui Viti, aka Meli Bainimarama, why don't you ask you idiotic father instead of spreading your filth in here. Get a life you moron.

muddled manning said...

yes moronic manning... whats with trying to incite violence and breed hatred? You reckon Fiji will become Chindia? Ya homeland Oz already is.. The Oz economy depends on the coal and iron ore bought by China and India. Once that slows down and it will soon, you'll be using coal for heating your home. The cheap made-in-china bras and undies you bought from Big W will cost more too. Soon the Maroubra and Lakemba Muslims will be telling you what to do.Simon says perhaps?

nayacakalou said...

KUA NI RERE @8:10...E dua na ka dina o tukuna,na noda i vakarau(i tovo)sa ka bibi.E dua na ka era dau tataunaka na noda qase,baleta,e tukuni keda,se ocei o iko,se luvei cei,se kai vei.Ke o qito tiko e na timi ni Viti,qai o vakacala e dua na ka,e dau tarogi se o kai vei,luvei cei? Na qito e create taki me sosomi taka nai valu,ka dau caka na yaqona kei na vosa malumu ni vakadre vakavanua mai vei ira nomu qase.E na gauna o rogoca kina na vosa oqo,sa bera ga na gauna nida sa via vala.E na gauna oqo,vakasamataka mada,me laga na National Anthem,eda raica ni ra voleka ni tagi taucoko.Na tagi e dau vakaraitaki ni druka,rere,eda sa druka rawa tu ni se bera ni tekivu.E vakaraitaka tiko na FFP,sa dua tu na tiki ni noda i tovo vou na druka.Nanuma na wekaqu ni o keda ga nai taukei eda lako ena buca ni Valu,Qito,ka da valataka na noda Vanua,ka sega na Idia.Mai na buca ni valu,e sega ni rawa mada ga na vana,na qito eda kanakana kuita wavoki tu ga oqo.E tagi tu na noda vanua,ni o ira na luvena era sa vukitani mai vei koya.Na macala ni noda veidigidgi e vakaraitaka na stat's,kedou lewe tolu nai taukei dou vakarau cakava vata e dua na ka,mo nanuma tiko ni rau lewe rua e rau na liumuritaki iko.Sa vakaraitaka tiko moni veilomani sara ka cakacaka vata vakavuvale,ka caka galugalu ,ka cakacaka kaukauwa me vaka era dau cakava na noda qase.E dua na ka meda nanuma,na leqa eda sa sotava nai taukei baleta ni sa rawati keda na mate levu duadua e vuravura,o RATU VUCESA.Ni sa yaco mai o RV,kona liumuri,lawaki,lasulasu,butako,vesumona,laba,kei na kece ga e sega ni rawata me vakayacoca e dua na tamata,ena vakayacora.

mark manning said...

@ muddled manning 420 PM
Graham Davis?
You are typical of Frank's supporters, you make unfounded accusations and mix truth with fiction to suit your own agenda and once you've made the accusation, you never respond to it.
You are a small minded clown and like a naughty child, you step into the room and make a loud noise for attention, then run out before you can be confronted.

The violence and hatred to which you refer, is ingrained in Fijian culture, just look at the history of torture, illegal detentions at the Military Barracks and the murders of the 5 CRW Soldiers in 2000 and innocent, unarmed Indigenous Fijian Civilians and Fiji Citizens murdered since December the 5th. 2006 under Frank Bainimarama's command by members of the Fiji Police and RFMF.

Your words, not mine :- "yes moronic manning... whats with trying to incite violence and breed hatred"?

Australia needed to become multi cultural, because the World is changing, but it was done honestly and through a Legitimate Parliament, not some pretend parliament like you have currently in Fiji.
At the moment, you can sing the praises of Frank and Aiyaz, but once your own land is taken from your clan, will you be the 1st. to begin complaining?
Supply and demand is the key to any Economy, but along with it goes good Governance, something Mr. Qarase delivered in bucket loads.
Frank and Aiyaz, like the Italian Mafia in Las Vegas in the 1950's & 60's, will skim some off the top for themselves and they won't deliver functional nor functioning Services to the Public of Fiji.
Good Governance won't be in their vocabulary!

You should be asking, why else do Frank, Aiyaz and others in the Regime, seek Medical attention and treatment, offshore.
Aiyaz takes his own son to Australia for his blood disorder, yet he criticises Australia. A little bit hypocritical don't you think?
And frank often goes to china for his ailments! ailments which will be his undoing because if he doesn't succumb to them, he undoubtedly will suffer an embolism from all his frequent Globe trotting!
On a flight out of Fiji, he will meet his Maker and the CRW Soldiers he had murdered in 2000.

Our Reserve Bank makes the necessary adjustments to the Exchange Rate to allow for fluctuations in trade and in Trade Variances and Prices whereas Fiji's Reserve Bank has little scope to do this because it has nothing left to leverage its Economy against, except the gifts to the Chinese Government and Chinese Banks, of Resources and Indigenous Land!

I'm not so certain about you, but I don't wear bras! now that's another tail to tell!

Your words, not mine:- The cheap made-in-china bras and undies you bought from Big W will cost more too.

Unlike the Moslem Indian you have running Frank and the RFMF, the Moslems in Australia came here to get away from violence and oppression, not to inflict it as he is doing in Fiji!
Australians confront and resist Moslem propaganda and ideology, Indigenous Fijians foolishly embrace it!
The consequences of which, are self evident in Fiji today and in the longer term will be catastrophic.

Predominantly, Moslems understand that they will never be Christians, unless they renounce Islam.
They understand their Ancestry and where their beginnings took place, through a bastard child.

"Your words, not mine:-
The cheap made-in-china bras and undies you bought from Big W will cost more too.You reckon Fiji will become Chindia? Ya homeland Oz already is.. The Oz economy depends on the coal and iron ore bought by China and India. Once that slows down and it will soon, you'll be using coal for heating your home. The cheap made-in-china bras and undies you bought from Big W will cost more too. Soon the Maroubra and Lakemba Muslims will be telling you what to do.Simon says perhaps"?

Moslems will never run Australia!

more manning quackery said...

moronic manning .. your words...Unlike the Moslem Indian you have running Frank and the RFMF, the Moslems in Australia came here to get away from violence and oppression, not to inflict it as he is doing in Fiji!
So why was a Muslim youth recently shot dead in Sydney, 700 Policemen conducted raids on "radicalised" Moslems two weeks ago in Lakemba in Sydney and Logan in Brisbane and 150 Oz Moslems fighting in Iraq and Syria, and countless Moslems calling for jihad and Fatwa on Tony Abbot? Not to mention the countless Oz passports for Moslems that were cancelled so they are effectively trapped in Oz? This is freedom? What is Australia scared of? Seems you have a bigger Moslem problem then Fiji. The AFL finals will have heighten security I understand. Why? Scared of moslems bombing you? I hear razor blades have been found on the grounds.
Yeah we read the news too, boy. Fact to fiction you accuse me, hmm. Yeah get your facts right.
And no I am not Graham Davis, he seems to be your nemesis and you seem paranoid he is attacking you. Nothing I hope your "training" in clinical hypnoquackery cannot fix I hope.

manning watch said...

moronic manning...you reckon hatred and violence is ingrained in Fijian culture? How would you know? thats right you read it somewhere. Your Brit ancestors brutalised thousands into slavery, subjugated the natives of Australia and countless nations into indentured servitude, stole so much the British Museum is over flowing with stolen loot from Greece, Egypt, South Asia, China, etc and you accuse Fijians of having a culture of violence? Moronic hypocrite. You should touch base with your homeland, England the home of soccer hooligans now and then to learn of your history.
BTW how does one acquire a diploma in Clinical Hypnoquackery? 3 week correspondence course from a fake technical college? you must have "passed" with flying colours. And that makes you an expert in world affairs but specialising in Fijian affairs. wow

mark manning said...

@ more manning quackery said 525 p.m.
& manning watch said 547 p.m.

I'm very flattered that you take the time to read and respond to my infrequent contributions here, vinaka.
I suppose we equally have issues depending on each others individual points of view. Me with some Moslems, and you with some English and Australian people, and in a Democracy, we are entitled to those differing views no?
I only have issue with anyone trying to thrust their beliefs, be they Political or Religious, upon me, though I respect their right to have differing views, I may not agree and I will defend to the death, their right to those views.
You seem to believe that Australians are fearful of Moslems and that we don't like them, yet my views stated here, you have deliberately, again, taken out of context, because where you choose to rant and rave about India, the Middle East, Moslems, Australia and English Colonialists, I prefer to stick to the topic of what is occurring within Fiji's borders, as is my right under a Democracy and Freedom of Speech, an International Right.
I don't speak for anyone else, only myself, that doesn't imply that I am ever correct.
I suspect that you are Indigenous Fijian and that you are so close to Frank Bainimarama, that you believe the demented ones rhetoric about English Colonialist without question. Sadly, that is a closed minded approach and not worthy of attention.
You can attack me all you like, you can insult me all you like, you can question my integrity all you like, you can oppose my views all you like, you can even try to influence others to change their views toward me with your lies and deceptions, it doesn't phase me one iota!
I think you are one of those people who always wanted to be white skinned and doesn't feel good about his own ancestry! That's a very sad situation and I hope you get some help for that and by the way, I know a good Clinical Hypnotherapist who may be able to help you.
Now just take 3 deep breaths, relaxing more and more with each breath in and as you exhale, all the stress of the day is released and now, we'll count from 5 to 1 backwards, closing your eyes, 5, feeling relaxed all over etc. etc..
And while you're in that state of relaxation, consider putting yourself in the shoes of those you oppose and picture yourself allowing yourself to grow and expand your views to something more in line with reality!

mark manning said...

@ more manning quackery said 525 p.m.
& manning watch said 547 p.m.
I think it's imperative that the Australian Government respond to the current threats by Moslems and others in the Community who choose to thwart the Laws of the land, unlike Fijians, who for the past 8 years in particular, have bent over backwards to accommodate Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, your Indian Moslem friend.
If Moslems are not confronted from the beginning, they won't stop until they own and run every facet of Society, as has happened and continues to unfold in Fiji.
Thanks for asking, but I'm afraid I don't know nor understand why young Australian men and their Father's are fighting in their Ancestral Homelands!
I'm guessing they feel a need to defend their homeland, something the Soldiers in the RFMF will never do, because they are blinded by greed, corruption, money and nepotism!
The 18 year old Australian who recently converted to Islam was probably radicalised by an Islamic group for their own purposes and used to do their fighting for them, or he was simply a young man full of testosterone and too much unspent energy, unable to find his way in the world.
It's very easy to entice and enrol this type of personality into a group who are hell bent on causing and inflicting harm on others in their Communities, because the leaders of those same groups, are too cowardly to do their own dirty work or risk dying or going to jail for their own views etc.
Then we have the Imams around the world who show that they are unable to interpret the Koran in the same way as each other, as many say Islam is a Religion of Peace, while others say it is not a Religion, but a way of life and that the objective is to kill all non Moslems!
Perhaps you should be approaching the Imams to find out what's going on, unless you're too busy enjoying the fruits of your recent take over of Fiji!
Either way, you seem confused and angry and too full of energy. Your views seem clouded by propaganda and an unhealthy love of and alliance with Frank and Aiyaz, you seem to me to be a misguided individual, incapable of making sound and honourable choices, though you may try!
I feel sorry for your children and wife, because your views will poison theirs and subject them to a lifetime of misery and poverty and poor health, either mental or physical or both.

oolala said...

Your statement quoted below rings so true for you, doesn't it? @ MM 4.35pm:

"And while you're in that state of relaxation, consider putting yourself in the shoes of those you oppose and picture yourself allowing yourself to grow and expand your views to something more in line with reality!"

Dear Mark, I say this to you with Christ's love and affection: it's way past time that you just GO AWAY and leave us alone to sort ourselves out.

What you've stated above is exactly what you've been doing: Growing up at our expense.

And that's a terrible thing to do to a people who are oppressed when you and your family live in a free, democratic society.

You have the means at your disposal there to help you deal with your obsession about Fiji. Please get a life or just go away. Bye now.

mark manning said...

@ oolala said... 503 p.m.
The only thing worse than a misguided Moslem is a misguided Christian!
Please don't bother Christ, hasn't He endured enough suffering on Fiji's behalf, especially when you take into account the tortures and murders of the 4 to 6 innocent Indigenous Fijians Civilians since December the 5th. 2006 and the 5 C.R.W. Soldiers in 2000?
Growing up! No, growing old more likely.
I doubt Fijians will resolve their issues at home because too many people have too much to lose and others too much to gain if the Status Quo is disrupted and a proper Democracy is ever restored!
The G.C.C. has not functioned as proposed and at the same time, has proven its worth, were it allowed to function as intended, though some don't want it restored for their own hidden reasons, which lately are beginning to become exposed for all to see.
No, I'll continue to voice my opinion and it's not for you to brush me aside, but for the moderator of each blogsite I visit, and if they choose to do that, I'll respect their decision.
I'll pray for your redemption and ask God to show you the way however!

oolala said...

Yawn. Calling me a 'misguided Christian' is an oxymoron. One cannot be a Christian and be misguided at the same time. You are either a Christian OR misguided.

Jesus' teachings, particularly his parables, as recorded in the Gospels contained in the Sacred Scriptures are simple, they are straight-forward and are unambiguous.

If you put yourself out as a Christian yet try to drive a wedge through the two major ethnic communities in Fiji (both oppressed by a dictatorial regime) through propaganda; OR try to impose a "Christian State" with your interpretation of the faith that should reign supreme over a multi-ethnic, multi-faith society as we have in Fiji, then you could simply be considered a fraud instead of misguided.

And ought to be called one.

But certainly not a 'misguided Christian'.

So you're insisting on staying, well, the blog's not mine plus its your own free will, so stay if this is therapeutic for you.

I will leave you now with Blessed Mother Teresa's words of wisdom to ponder over:

"By blood and origin I am Albanian.
My citizenship is Indian.
I am a Catholic nun.
As to my calling, I belong to the whole world.
As to my heart, I belong entirely to the heart of Jesus."
~ Mother Teresa, 1910-1997.

moron watch said...

moronic manning.. you make too may assumptions. You assume because I am anti-morons which you clearly fall into, I must be pro-frank. Where have I ever stated or alluded to support for frank or aiyas? As for your claim that my deepest desire is to be white skinned, I'll put that into the loony tunes greatest hits by moronic manning. i am assuming you think white skin represents the highest form of human beings. HAHAHA.
Stop pretending too, to be a Christian praying for the salvation of others. pray for yourself, your family and your quack profession. The hatred, prejudice and crap you spew out is hardly Christian like.
Another of your assumptions is that I am Graham davis. What is your fixation or paranoia with him? Spurned long lost lover perhaps? Scared he might reveal some of your cross dressing fetishes? Hope you can cure yourself with some of that quackery you dish out. Even if it doesn't work, you might cure yourself of baldness.
You accuse me of going off topic, you seem to that very well.
As for enjoying the fruits of the recent take over in fiji, thats a little hard to do. I live in Sydney like you. Not too far from your quack clinic.