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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beddoes fights on

  "......we 'punched' a big enough hole in the side of the Bai-Kai ship that now they have to contend with 18 pairs of eyes bearing down on them every day...'

There is no doubt the regime and the Fiji Sun have it in for veteran politician Mick Beddoes so it's not surprising both have kicked up a stink over him getting into Parliament, albeit it as the Principal administrative Officer for the Opposition Party.

Beddoes has yet to be officially appointed and is currently a volunteer but has been asked to take up the position by Ro Teimumu Kepa, who clearly wants to ensure an effective Opposition.

He wasn't elected but excelled in the lead-up to the elections in singling out the key issues and getting publicity on them and his absence is a loss to the Opposition.

In an interview with C4.5, he says he's honoured to have been asked and expects to bring some very useful advice to the Opposition.

C4.5: You've been around a long time - how would you describe your particular skills?

Beddoes: Having spent 6 years as an Opposition MP and 3 of those years as Opposition Leader, I think I have developed a few skills that might prove useful to our members.
Remember, in my days there was 2 verses 50, so with 18 Members to confront the government with, I think we will be in great position to keep them on their toes.

We also have the added advantage of a highly academically qualified and experienced group of individuals in their own     right, which I think is pretty impressive.

C4.5: What do you bring to the Opposition in this current situation that will be of value to them?

Beddoes: The majority of our Members are new to 'politics' while a few of us have been at it for a while and I have been involved all of my adult life. So I think I can provide some useful advice and guidance, as well as try to alert them to some of the pitfalls.

They all have to come to terms with the fact that they are now public figures and therefore they will be subject to a lot of scrutiny, so they need to be ready for this. They need to know how to handle negative press and know when to respond and when not to.

Just judging from their first performance, I have no doubt the people will be very happy with the Opposition's performance as it unfolds over the next 4 years.

C4.5: It must be rather bitter sweet to be working in the back rooms when you should've front bench?
Beddoes: I would have loved to have been one of the Members in Opposition; the other side  would have been ducking for cover every time my turn came around, but that's not the way the chips fell and I accept it.

I always understood that coming from the smallest population base, it would be an uphill task. And without a defined province of my own to work with, I knew I was spread too thin and with limited resources, it was always going to be difficult.

But my family motto is 'Strive to the very end' and that's what I do and this time around it meant a lot more to me because my children got involved so I had my fiancee and kids backing me all the way with my close mates and friends, and it was a good feeling despite the results. And strangely enough, I felt no regret.

Of course the down side to this role in the Opposition Chambers for me at least is that my freedom to speak out and go on the offensive when I see any wrong doing as I have done all of my life, will be curtailed somewhat. 

That's the biggest sacrifice for me, but it also presents me with a new challenge and that is how to assist the 18 Members in Opposition maintain that necessary pressure that I have done as an individual ever since 1987 on government and any wrongdoers.

It will probably do me the world of good to step back a little and play a supporting role for a change.

C4.5: What feel do you have for how things are going at the moment in the so called 'new Parliament?'

Beddoes: I think the first few sessions will be a kind of warm up match and then the people can expect to see some real debates and I am very confident in the 18 Members' ability to deliver the goods.

I am looking forward to working with the Members to ensure we keep the government of the day on its toes all of the time. It will definitely not be business as usual for them this time around.

Commentators would say Frank won, we lost? But I say 'Did he win?' He said he would win all 50 and after 8 years in total control and all the resources and managing the entire campaign, they failed to achieve their stated objective of 50 seats. 

On the other hand the Opposition parties had 3 months to campaign, limited funds,a not so fair and balanced media and an uphill battle that no one expected us to win, yet we 'punched' a big enough hole in the side of the Bai-Kai ship that now they have to contend with 18 pairs of eyes bearing down on them every day and going from zero to 18 seats is not in my book a loss.

Full democracy is a work in progress and we have just breached their first line of defense, so now we must regroup, change tact and over the next 4 years push the 18 seats up by just another 10 and the job will be done.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful attitude Mick. In the next election there will be more from SODELPA and other Parties and less from FFP. Have patience and courage.

Anonymous said...

If this Kai Loma Beddoes became PM of Fiji, would SODELPA accept it.

Anonymous said...

If this Kai Loma Beddoes became PM of Fiji, would SODELPA accept it.

Anonymous said...

why cant you stop the race game...you already have a kailoma pm and kaiindia govt...

Anonymous said...

Race baiting from Anonymous 7:15 PM and 7:16 PM. Sounds like Elbourne.

Anonymous said...

Now Micky mouse Beddoes is at the old game again. He will continue to use the Itaukies - he is the biggest opportunist.
Why has Kepa overlooked Pio and some other intelligent Itaukies.
Beddoes is broke and needs money by hook or crook.
He was the PR for Sodelpa at election time and made a big mess and caused the humiliating defeat of Sodelpa.
Micky mouse Beddoes is an old horse like chaudhary, n Qarase .

Anonymous said...

SODELPA are finally making a smart move.

Keep your enemies where you can keep an eye on them and where they can do least damage !

Good choice of office boy.

SEMI K MEO said...

Vinaka Mr Beddoes!! Ka mada ga ni sega ni dau gunu yaqona vaka sivia me mai moce lutu toka ena nona desi me vakataki so vei ira na noda gone i taukei.

Ia, qai nomu dou na Sodelpa qori...keitou na NFP sa qai vakarau vakaliuta vakamatalalai qoka na Auditor's report.

Anonymous said...

If the staying power of corrupt authoritarian/dictattorial regimes in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia are anything to go by the Bainimarama regime is likely to remain in power after its first 4 year term of "democratic" rule and might even be around after 8 years or more. The international community did sweet buggerall when it was in power undemocratically and unlawfully. Why would anyone care when it is now a "democratic" and "legitimate" government?
People of Fiji will now just have to learn to live with the Bainimarama government - I suspect for a long time. The opposition proved impotent during the 8 years of the Bainimarama dictatorship. It will remain impotent in the so called "new Parliament". There will be no change in the staus quo. of course the opposition will be allowed to make a lot more noise against the government now that we are a "democracy" but it will add up to nothing.

Anonymous said...
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Tomasi said...

Thank you Mr Beddoes. Please know that there are several thousands of people who appreciate your efforts, smart initiatives courage, wisdom and sacrifice. It takes tremendous courage to do what you have done and you continue to do. You stand for the principles and values we embrace as a civilised society. You have been a clear and unambiguous voice for many years. Your views are always presented clearly and positively. You sir are one of Fiji's leaders and person of influence. Thank you for the example your have shown and the inspiration you have given to many in Fiji and abroad.

I have a humble request to you. Please study the possibility, wisdom and effectiveness of a Censure Motion against the PM , JVB. As many of us are aware, he suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), he is not educationally qualified (High school dropout and learns his manners and attitudes from the comic characters he reads), he has committed serious crimes including torture, assault, murder, theft, tec, he continue to act in a very offensive and unacceptable manner inconsistent with the ethical codes of conduct of MPs and the high office of the PM.

I believe that by removing JVB from Parliament, it would benefit our Parliament, our Government, and our nation. He is one of the greatest threats to our nation gaining momentum and direction in moving forward and away from the evil dictatorship of the past seven years. I am willing to assist you in framing the CM but I am confident that you are quite capable of that. Thank you sir and may God bless you and protect you always.

Anonymous said...

It is actually quite good for Kepa to have Mick on her side. Obviously Mick is well known for being a big mouth which oftens gets him bad PR but he is experienced and knowledgable in the Fiji politicial arena.
His opinions however sour can only be a good thing for the government and Fiji as a whole. People like him will bring out the best in the government and thats a plus.

If Mick only had the wisdom to actually let go of continously bringing up what he thinks the government is doing wrong and instead try and advice the government of solutions then he probably would have been invited by Bainimarama to join Fiji First.

Mick brings out a lot of good points but then trashes it with constant nagging. He is good at spotting short comings but not so good on finding a solution. So with the governments talent for finding solution and Micks talent for spotting problems together it could have been one hell of a team. The problem though was that Mick still could not let go of the past and his strive to bring back his glory days was his downfall. But still he will be a good adviser to Kepa who has no clue whatsoever. She is just so out of her league it is really embarrasing to say the least.


What a joke. Mick is a complete fraud and an idiot of the first order. He ran the campaign that cost SODELPA the election. So by all means put him in the job he is in. It guarantees that Frank will win the next election. What a dick.

The way the chips fall said...
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Bury this loser said...
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Anonymous said...

@ Tomasi,

I am curious can you clarify what you mean by accusing the PM of PTSD. From my understanding Fijian soldiers over the years have had under one percent of suspected PTSD and of those 90 percent we're members of the CRW(The Fiji army special force unit)

Arguably under the United Nation military assessment team they concluded the reason behind this is that the Fiji military were mostly deployed as peace keepers thus they were not exposed to the same harsh fighting condition of military units in conflicts and war time condition.

Infact the only time in Fiji military where PTSD would have been high were the world war 2 veterans especially the Malayan class. But back then PTSD was not fully recognised therefore no one was diagnosed with it.

So with Fiji military low percentage of PTSD diagnostic one would assume their head and boss who would hardly spend time on the ground on patrol would not have it let alone suspected of it.

The one time he faced a fire fight was in the CRW shoot out in 2000 but he got taken to safety by his protection Unit therefore I am finding it hard to connect the dots that lead to your anlysis. Can you tell me what is your source because I have researched about Fiji military PTSD diagnostics and the only one so far is the United Nation reports on it which does not support your analysis.

Anonymous said...
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Loks like a pig. Is a pig said...
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Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes is not the fraud on the nation. Bainimarama is together with Khaiyum. The person who says Mick Beddoes is a fraud is obviously one of "Ali Baba's 40 Thieves". He is not likely to identify Ali Baba as a thief, is he?

FAT CHANCE said...

Mick has got no hope helping those losers. But given that it was his strategy that cost them the election, why the hell would they want him anyway? He is directly responsible for the pack of lies they told. A smooth talker but absolutely hopeless. The crap that comes out of his mouth is unbelievable. Just like the mountain of crap that goes into it . He is disgusting

Anonymous said...

Fat Chance did you notice any crap coming out of the mouths of Bainimarama and Khaiyum in the 8 years of their dictatorial rule by decree?
Or, has too much fat accumulated in your brain preventing you from noticing certain things?

Anonymous said...

in the last 8 years almost every sector has seen the rot and not just government. Everyone tries to behave like a dictator- even if they are spineless. USP vc is one of them. so much rot at USP. jAI Karan gets commission on aid that comes to USP- they come anyway- Robert Hemi gets bonus for running a monopoly bookshop- students buy the book at a high cost anyway. Husmukh brij lal's brother got job as brij was very supportive of Rajesh Chandra- now he is not minister- rajesh might ditch husmuk- that is what Rajesh is known for. he is a snake?? he will now masipolo Minister for Education- but Mahen knows him better- Dr Reddy please have an independent inquiry at USP- You will find the rot is so deep- dont believe the council papers you get

Frederica Elbown said...

The negative comments above are from Fred Elbourne, aka Fredrica the gay wannabe journalist.

Anonymous said...

He's off again............

""OPPOSITION leader and shadow Prime Minister Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa is not incompetent or weak in her national role.

That's the word from Opposition official spokesman Mick Beddoes following criticism levelled against Ro Teimumu of being weak and incompetent by government and some members of the public.

In an interview with this newspaper yesterday, Mr Beddoes said the Roko Tui Dreketi was an experienced leader and parliamentarian. "She is intelligent and fearless and shows much grace under pressure. She is also academically well qualified as an educationist," he said.

Mr Beddoes said she was very able in managing her position as Leader of Opposition and politician and in dealing with her traditional role.

As one of Fiji's paramount chiefs, she was an able leader.

He said Ro Teimumu had no bodyguards to protect her 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Mr Beddoes said the Roko Tui Dreketi did not show any form of weakness when Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama sent 17 police officers and army personnel in the middle of the night to arrest her and put her in a cell because she was determined to fulfill a commitment she had made to the Methodist Church.

"She showed strength and courage. There was no weakness on her part when she led a group of supporters along Victoria Parade to protest against the proposed 2013 Constitution," he said.

Mr Beddoes said anyone who suggested Ro Teimumu was weak had no idea about who they were talking.

He said the other Opposition members were not weak as well. "The Opposition members are highly qualified and experienced. They have the courage of their convictions." ""

This is a great example of exactly what ruined SODELPAs popularity. The people are fed up with the schoolgirl mentality of continual bithhing and attempt at point scoring.


It would be a good idea if Mick Beddoes sat back and listened and learnt from Biman Prasad, who although in the opposition is viewed as a great asset to the government system even by Fiji First supporters.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 11.50 pm. Thank you for your comments which I think is quite accurate. However, I am reliably informed that JVB had been diagnosed with PTSD by a certain psychiatrist from St Giles. This was after the CRW crisis and his attempted assassination by the CRW. As you said correctly, JVB was saved by his bodyguards when they rushed him out of the RFMF camp to take refuge at the naval base.

Eyewitnesses both at the camp and at the Naval Base observed what transpired and later mentioned this to other officers and external parties. JVB had soiled his pants but was completely unaware of it. He became quite paranoid about his safety and security. His behaviour had deteriorated and he does not trust people. Close associates will tell us all about his abnormal behaviour at certain times and on various occasions over the last seven years.

I am also informed that he had a file at St Giles and this has been removed to 'protect' the man. Hotel workers (Security and housemaids and F&B staff) have been eyewitnesses to JVB wetting and soiling his pants and bed-sheets more than once at Nadi and Sigatoka venues.

The purpose of a Censure Motion is to bring all of these to a proper and satisfactory conclusion. A proper and thorough investigation could be conducted where credible evidence and witnesses can testify to the alleged PTSD. Even the US Ambassador has been privy to information about JVB's state of mind. According to his comments sent to Washington, he was convinced that JVB suffered from some kind of psychological dysfunction and he said that a field officer would have a lot to say about JVB.

JVB has not made the transition from dictatorship to democracy. he still swears at people whose political affiliations differs from his and regards them as his enemies. He regularly contradicts himself and makes hypocritical statements without feeling guilty about it. After the election and its subsequent events in Parliament, JVB our PM continued to behave woefully and criminally without showing any remorse whatsoever. The fact that he even slapped a photographer at Government House in the presence of others speaks volumes about his character and general mental state. His shameful public conduct is unbecoming of an MP and absolutely unacceptable for a national leader, MP and Prime Minister. For his sake, and that of our Parliament and nation, we must isolate him for appropriate treatment. He is a liability and a potential threat to national security and must be neutralised in the legal and proper manner. I consider the Censure Motion to be that option. Vinaka.

Krishna said...


There are 8 years outstanding corruption in the current government.


Vutuki Fred said...

Symptoms of PTSD

People with PTSD often experience feelings of panic or extreme fear, which may resemble what was felt during the traumatic event. A person with PTSD has three main types of difficulties, which include:

Reliving the traumatic event – through unwanted and recurring memories and vivid nightmares. There may be intense emotional or physical reactions when reminded of the event. These can include sweating, heart palpitations or panic.

Being overly alert or ‘wound up’ – sleeping difficulties, irritability, lack of concentration, becoming easily startled and constantly being on the lookout for signs of danger.

Avoiding reminders of the event and feeling emotionally numb –

People with PTSD can also have what are termed ‘dissociative experiences’

A health practitioner may diagnose PTSD if a person has a number of symptoms in each of the three areas for a month or more,

It is not unusual for people with PTSD to experience other mental health problems at the same time.

Up to 80 per cent of people who have long-standing PTSD develop additional problems

Anonymous said...

Fred Elbourne says to Vutuki Fred 12:56pm...thank you to share with us the condition your suffering from...it helps us understand your paranoia...but please take your meds..

Anonymous said...

Ray Worthington says...Ahhhmmmm acha right...time to fly...

Vutuki Elbourne said...

Hey Fred , you must be Bai's personal nurse eh.
How does it feel to be cleaning shit everyday?
You obviously like it cos u still wrking for him.
We can smell you.

Anonymous said...

Fred Elbourne says to @ Anon 2:12pm....seems like you have not taken your meds and are you paranoid with me as well...oh boy wheres the nurse...take this gentleman to his ward pliz...he now thinks his a dog and wants to sniff butts...

Anonymous said...
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p_derenalagi said...

can all this people with anonymous make up some alias name atleast so we know who to address. Mick Beddoes, people who stand for the Truth will stand with you all the way

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately simply telling the truth does not make someone worth following, standing by or admiring.

What we need are people with some ideas and a vision that will make things better in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

"in the last 8 years almost every sector has seen the rot and not just government. Everyone tries to behave like a dictator- even if they are spineless. USP vc is one of them. so much rot at USP. jAI Karan gets commission on aid that comes to USP- they come anyway- Robert Hemi gets bonus for running a monopoly bookshop- students buy the book at a high cost anyway. Husmukh brij lal's brother got job as brij was very supportive of Rajesh Chandra- now he is not minister- rajesh might ditch husmuk- that is what Rajesh is known for. he is a snake?? he will now masipolo Minister for Education- but Mahen knows him better- Dr Reddy please have an independent inquiry at USP- You will find the rot is so deep- dont believe the council papers you get..."

Anonymous said...

Is Sayiad Khaiyum a very intelligent man. He was a minister in Ratu Mara, Rabuka, and Qarase government too. Why is he than holding only one portfolio whereas ASK has several. All reforms are done by ASK.

Anonymous said...

I mean I thought Ratu Inoke was more intelligent than ASK. He was also a minister in Mara and Rabuka government

Anonymous said...

I think what Mick Beddoes should do is not to take up the post of admin officer in the opposition office but to prove beyond reasonable doubt that this election was rigged. He has repeated this allegation in his last letter to the Fiji Sun. The onus is on him and others who share his conspiracy theory to prosecute this case with fervour and urgency and come up with credible evidence of electoral fraud otherwise this will be another case of sour grapes. Beddoes and his supporters must lead this crusade to get to the bottom of this matter and establish the truth and investigative journalists should take up this challenge rather than skating around this issue.

critique said...

One Dr Sushil K Sharma tells us in a letter titled 'Opposition chaos'in the Fiji Sun (24/10) that for him " the most decisive speech in parliament" was by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Pio Tikoduadua essentially because he said the Opposition "have misguided the iTaukei".
That for Dr Sushil K Sharma is apparently a greater sin than the Bainimarama regime misguiding the whole nation when it grabbed power unlawfully and than hang onto power for 8 years laying the uneven playing field for its "democratic" election.
Dr Sushil K Sharma don't pretend to present an objective analysis of the perfomance of the Opposition just one week into the life of the first post coup Parliamentary sitting.Be honest and just admit it that you are a Bainimarama regime supporter.
You are fooling no one with your pretentious and superficial analysis.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:19 PM

Strange how after all the accusations of rigging all has now gone quiet.

It's also quite a joke that the Beddoes of this world keep whining on about the short time they had to campaign whilst FB had 8 years.

What they very conveniently fail to say is that if he was so bad there were 8 years for this to be recognised by the majority and count against him.

Anonymous said...

Vuwaka Mick si big time Brooke...all his money was used to tell peple abut liers -.....now ne wants to be spokesperson nd to create fraud same which he learned from fucked up qarase

Anonymous said...

@ Tomasi

That is a very indepth analysis and one which definately should be taken into account. However coming to a conclusion based on that one event is premature.

For instance anyone who has been in a life and death situation will always have a different vibe about them. And anyone who got attacked in the context of the PM is well within their rights to feel edgy. If he doesn't trust people much well guess what mate, his special force soldiers whom he would fully trusted tried to kill him. If those who swore alligence to protect and serve their military head broke their promise then anyone else would be looked upon with one eyed feeling.

If the secret service of America tried to do the same to the President he will have the same issues as the PM.

Anyways that is not a PTSD case far from it. Part and parcel of being a leader especially in the military world is to be able to handle the high volume of pressure including life threatening one. If you research about military head worldwide you'll find a consistency in how they act and go about their daily routines.

Bainimarama's behaviour is not of someone suffering from PTSD rather someone who is a head/former of a respected military unit worldwide. And in our region including Australia and New Zealand especially in the eyes of the UN, US and UK the Fiji army is up there ahead of Australia and New Zealand. The Fijian boys who joined the UK army especially their combat and special force units have continued that Fijian reputation of being fine soldiers.

And Bainimarama being the head of Fiji military would not only have been proud about it he would have had a bit of arrogance and sway about him too. His attitude towards Australia and New Zealand stemmed from that beliefs that he knew his military boys were better and Fijian boys joining the British SAS and other combat units helped pushe his arrogance towards Australia and New Zealnd to those heights.

Personally I believe what he needs is perhaps a bit of assistance and training on how to be diplomatic because this is a man who has spent his whole life in the military. His behaviour is not down to PTSD rather its down to being a military man. Most military heads and former heads around the world behave exactly like him therefore that conclusion is a more viable one I believe.

However since its a democracy everyone is entitle to table their conclusions but its going to be scrutinised and there'll be other conclusions as well. I guess it all boils down to who can provide the best evidence.

Anonymous said...

The best opposition ever. Smoke them out.

critique said...

Anon 9.33 PM with your comment you display an ignorance of understanding of how a dictatorship works. Coercing and intimidation and brutality is one way and we certainly had a fair amount of that in the 8 years of the Bainimarama dictatorship. And, we have vote buying and dirty donations from big business to prop the dictatorship. We had that as well. You prefer not to see that reality which means you are a Bainimarama regime lackey. It's as straightforward as that.

Anonymous said...

Ben Padarath make sure you look after yourself. I hear someone in camp has issued orders to hunt and he will do the honors himself. Even if you see him in town please run for your life. The guy is a rough one and when he sets his mind to something he will get it done.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Anonymous October 25, 2014 at 2:58 AM

Bainimarama definitely suffers from PTSD, no doubt 100%. Do some research and you wont be surprise with the volume of sufferers among army personal after any traumatic war fallout. The point he is suffering from the disease which many tries have yelled out will only get worse due to his isolation and public abuse. In other words the last thing one would say that he is normal because he is not seen after all outbursts.

Secondly, Bainimarama was listened to and not respected by US, UK, NZ and Australia during our cold war era for his harsh decision. However, it does not reflect his performance. His work is well documented as carried out based on instilling fear and force.

The fact is Bainimarama was carrying out his dirty work under the cover of the military.

It is our military that has the honor around the world and that's what those countries respected but not Bainimarama himself.

In other words the fallout of our coalition and good work since WWI onward is what really matters to those countries. Bainimarama on the other hand knew the benefit and uses it for his own benefit of ugly work.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous October 25, 2014 at 2:58 AM

Bainimarama definitely suffers from PTSD, no doubt 100%. Do some research and you wont be surprise with the volume of sufferers among army personal after any traumatic war fallout. The point he is suffering from the disease which many tries have yelled out will only get worse due to his isolation and public abuse. In other words the last thing one would say that he is normal because he is not seen after all outbursts.

Secondly, Bainimarama was listened to and not respected by US, UK, NZ and Australia during our cold war era for his harsh decision. However, it does not reflect his performance. His work is well documented as carried out based on instilling fear and force.

The fact is Bainimarama was carrying out his dirty work under the cover of the military.

It is our military that has the honor around the world and that's what those countries respected but not Bainimarama himself.

In other words the fallout of our coalition and good work since WWI onward is what really matters to those countries. Bainimarama on the other hand knew the benefit and uses it for his own benefit of ugly work.

critique said...

one thing Bainimarama definitely has is kleptomania and he contracted it from Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sure as we have people who are asthmatic,and we say so and so is asthmatic, there are people who are arseholes and we say so and so is an arsehole. Bai and kai are arseholes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mick sa rauta mada na bullshit. You need to not only go on a diet and get some exercise but also a general clean up of your fat brain. Get a life dude. Next election SODELPA will likely have lost another 8 to 10 seats judging by the way they are behaving. I think the signs are quite clear. The old racist dinosaurs are dying of or getting to old to be relevant. The younger generation from all races are loosing the racial bull and working together mating together and growing up together. Unless SODELPa reinvents itself they are dead.The only way Frank can loose an election is if he stops delivering and that is not happening anytime soon.Mick its time to take a chill people and call it a day.

Anonymous said...
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nayacakalou said...

@Anon...if it is not PTSD,than it would only be PDS (Pure Dokadoka Syndrome)

Anonymous said...

"in the last 8 years almost every sector has seen the rot and not just government. Everyone tries to behave like a dictator- even if they are spineless. USP vc is one of them. so much rot at USP. jAI Karan gets commission on aid that comes to USP- they come anyway- Robert Hemi gets bonus for running a monopoly bookshop- students buy the book at a high cost anyway. Husmukh brij lal's brother got job as brij was very supportive of Rajesh Chandra- now he is not minister- rajesh might ditch husmuk- that is what Rajesh is known for. he is a snake?? he will now masipolo Minister for Education- but Mahen knows him better- Dr Reddy please have an independent inquiry at USP- You will find the rot is so deep- dont believe the council papers you get...".

nayacakalou said...

@ Krishna...until the investigation is done on all Bainimarama's government dealing's for the last 8 yearsour beloved Fiji is only going backwards.When asked,why the coup?His answer was simply to get rip of corruption,and he simply lied ,and shown that he was worse than any other government, compared.

Tomasi said...

@Anon @2.58am. Thank you for your comments. I am not a psychiatrist, but when talking about PTSD and Voreqe, I was referring to a common and accepted understanding of the illness by professionals and citizens across the globe.

The following summary of PTSD gives us some basic understanding of the subject. It also helps anyone see the need for Voreqe's immediate isolation from public life for urgent medical and professional attention.

I have known Voreqe for several years and have observed him closely ever since he began to rebel against his Minister, the Prime Minister and the ComPol prior to the 2006 military coup. There is no doubt in my mind that JVB suffers from PTSD and independent observers have verified that. The former US Ambassador had cited this also in his official communique to Washington.

Voreqe's mental state would have been strictly personal if he was an ordinary citizen. But he is more than an MP. He is our PM. He has been our dictator for seven years, our first crazy leader. He is now expected to lead us into a new era. Really?

The man suffers from PTSD and other illness. He is quilty of serious crimes and has become a compulsive liar and fears for his life and that of his family. He needs help and needs it urgently for his sake, his family and our nation. Vinaka.

What is PTSD?
PTSD can develop following a traumatic event that threatens your safety or makes you feel helpless.
Most people associate PTSD with battle-scarred soldiers—and military combat is the most common cause in men—but any overwhelming life experience can trigger PTSD.

PTSD develops differently from person to person. While the symptoms of PTSD most commonly develop in the hours or days, it can sometimes take weeks, months, or even years before they appear.

Traumatic events that can lead to PTSD include:
• War
• Natural disasters
• Car or plane crashes
• Terrorist attacks
• Sudden death of a loved one
• Rape
• Kidnapping
• Assault
• Sexual or physical abuse
• Childhood neglect
Or any shattering event that leaves you stuck and feeling helpless and hopeless

The traumatic events that lead to PTSD are usually so overwhelming and frightening that they would upset anyone. Following a traumatic event, almost everyone experiences at least some of the symptoms of PTSD. When your sense of safety and trust are shattered, it’s normal to feel crazy, disconnected, or numb. It’s very common to have bad dreams, feel fearful, and find it difficult to stop thinking about what happened. These are normal reactions But if you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the symptoms don’t decrease. You don’t feel a little better each day. In fact, you may start to feel worse.
A normal response to trauma becomes PTSD when you become stuck

After a traumatic experience, the mind and the body are in shock. But as you make sense of what happened and process your emotions, you come out of it. With (PTSD), however, you remain in psychological shock. Your memory of what happened and your feelings about it are disconnected. In order to move on, it’s important to face and feel your memories and emotions.
Signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

While everyone experiences PTSD differently, there are three main types of symptoms:
1. Re-experiencing the traumatic event
2. Avoiding reminders of the trauma
3. Increased anxiety and emotional arousal

Anonymous said...

According to psychologists, one the cardinal symptoms of trauma is hyperarrousal. This is when the traumatized person lives on permanent alert fearing danger might return at any moment. The victim startles easily, reacts intensely to small provocations, and exhibits vigilance in the face of danger.

On the societal level, this results from an event that shatters the bonds of social life and damages the sense of community. One way to overcome this state is to excise those representing threats and reconstitute the sinews of community through solidarity. As the psychologist Judith Herman writes in Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence—from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror, “The solidarity of a group provides the strongest protection against terror and despair, and the strongest antidote to traumatic experience.

Trauma isolates; the group re-creates a sense of belonging.” Through these misguided and over-the-top reactions, Fiji, as a traumatized society, is simply attempting to recreate a sense of belonging as a nation in order to heal.

Given this, how should the West respond? In a way, trauma only makes the West’s relationship with Bainimarama more precarious. Seeing Fiji as a traumatized society can help us understand its perspective. In this sense, Bainimarama is living “in another world,” as German Chancellor Angela Merkel put it—a world where reality is governed by existential threats. But isolating Fiji will only feed its traumatic responses.

At the same time, Fiji should not be excused for its behavior simply because of the trauma it endured; understanding its perspective does not mean condoning it. Whichever course of treatment the West chooses must have one desired result: to convince Bainimarama that, as Yegor Gaidar stated, “the dreams of returning to another era are illusionary.”

Anonymous said...

We certainly get some good entertainment from Tomasi here.

In the last couple of months we have had his bible bashing, conspiracy theories of the Freemasons controlling what's happening in Fiji, some black pope being the cause of problems and now he's reading up in wiki about PTSD to blame this.

Just think, he could actually of helped change the situation in Fiji if he had voted.

Any guesses what we are going to get next from him?

Little Lucifer said...

Bainimarama suffering from somethibg quite basic - greed and ambition

critique said...

In the dictator's paper The Fiji Sun (25/10) we read in a letter by one Pravind Kumar of Queensland the following:
"On my recent trip to Fiji I visited a high school in Vanua Levu.There was hardly a novel in the library and not even a measuring cup to bake cakes and scones in the Home Economics section. I was left speechless.I decided that my family was going to assist this school for the next few years of our own accord".
I wonder if occurred in Mr Kumar's mind why that school was in that state after 8 years of the Bainimarama dictatorship in Fiji which had promised to bring about a "paradigm change"? So what changed at that school since the Bainimarama takeover?
The school is unresourced ( not even a measuring cup) but the Fiji military over spent $20 million!!
Mr Kumar should visit some other under resourced schools in Fiji and also assist them so the Fiji military and the thug rulers can continue to have a grand time with their hands in the national kitty.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why the regime and the regime paper The Fiji Sun give such glowing publicity and praise to Fiji people from overseas and charities that come forwrd to offer help. It preserves the status quo and the existing privileges for the political elites who can even use the national kitty then for such things as campaigning and buying votes for the next elections!

tora said...

One of the primary reasons in the opposition group in parliament candidate's struggle with speeches is that they have no frame of reference within which to put the activity.

Think of the aim of the speech: whom are you trying to persuade? And what are you trying to persuade them? Think about your use of the information you have recovered: will you seek to persuade the audience with a fact-based speech? Or will you try to persuade them through lofty rhetoric? Other things that you should find out: how should you address the audience (‘My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen’ or Members of the parliament). How long should the speech be? Will there be a supplementary speech, responding to another speaker? Are there multiple audiences? If it is a speech in Parliament, what is the one line that encapsulates the message that you will send the media as a quote from the speech?

Anonymous said...

The opposition are trying hard to impress, knowing the country is watching proceedings within parliament , rather than speaking on important issues. They try to oppose all govt. policies to make them feel smart but forget that govt. is elected to power by fijians ,because of the same policies they oppose.

Anonymous said...

Still recall bed-does waving to da media a photo of a car, just after elections and his false childist claim.hope this time he checks and rechecks other wise he will be damaging da losers sodelpa.they shud normanate chaudo for this top job........hope he doesnt steals again....

Anonymous said...

@ Tomasi

I am not sure why you're posting PTSD's meaning and cause. It's pretty well known what it stands for and signs of it. Again I'll emphasise that your conclusion is premature. The reason I say this is because on the one hand you have the well documented cause of PTSD as your point of reference and on the other is your personal view on how the conduct of the PM however actually connecting the two is not as straightforward as you may think.
Let me try and outline the process here. Say you've motioned your analysis. Now I'm sure you will know that your analysis and you yourself will be scrutinised. So firstly as with various motions you will be expected to show up in person and you'll be investigated. Not in a criminal sense but everything about you will be scrutinised, firstly your political affiliations, your political views, your family background and connections. Your place of work, your profession, your work colleagues, your friends. Your criminal and civil record will be checked. Basically your life will be turned upside down.
And then your PTSD analysis will be scrutinised. Who are your sources, what point of reference did you use, who are your source and what are their political affiliation and views. And then there'll be other anylisis and conclusions that will challenge yours. Now after all that. An independent investigation will be carried out to anylise the cause and factors of the PM's behaviour. And after all that the PM and his team will be given amble time to put together their own analysis and investigation. And by this time they will have all your history on basically everything from your political views, affiliation to your profession and family. And they could very well build a case against you and your political views and family.
Then the question will be asked are you playing the game or the man.

Anonymous said...

I think Tomasi has left enough evidence on certain blog sites to make it quite clear who really has a problem.

rajend naidu said...

Citing that relatively minor example of a senior health official wrongfully getting full pay for 4 years while on "unsanctioned study leave" the Fiji Times editorial 25 Oct brings home so succinctly the critically vital role the Auditor-General plays in ensuring good governance in the country.
I however disagree with head of the Public Accounts Committee Professor Biman Prasad that the aim of scrutinising the A-G's report is "not about finding faults in Government". I would contend it is. And, he should not shy away from doing that. That is his responsibility to the people of Fiji.
He should stop trying to be a good boy - for the Government.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

That's right. No need for Professor Biman to be a Government good boy. there are already a good number of university professors and doctors doing that. Professor Biman should do justice to his position as a member of opposition.

Anonymous said...

yeah don't try to be diplomatic Biman and say what the gang in the rogue Government wants to hear. did khaiyum and Bainimarama congratulate you for what you said?

Anonymous said...

One guy was charged at Nadi Town Council by FICAC about some tender procedures. No action is taken against Natuva and Teleni who are pinpointed in FMF scam with Pala Garments where goods didnt arrive but payment made in millions and LPOs etc altered etc etc....
FMF overspent budget by $20m and other numerous cirminal acts in last 8 yrs ......'
Biman should stop f'ing around, compile a case for criminal acts fraud etc and pass to FICAC / Police.

Anonymous said...

dont worry guys. I know Professor Biman and Professor Wadan. These two guys took on the government from the day go in 2006. These two openly and courageously stood up to all the misdeeds. Professor Biman will do justice to his job as a NFP leader and opposition member

Anonymous said...

"in the last 8 years almost every sector has seen the rot and not just government. Everyone tries to behave like a dictator- even if they are spineless. USP vc is one of them. so much rot at USP. jAI Karan gets commission on aid that comes to USP- they come anyway- Robert Hemi gets bonus for running a monopoly bookshop- students buy the book at a high cost anyway. Husmukh brij lal's brother got job as brij was very supportive of Rajesh Chandra- now he is not minister- rajesh might ditch husmuk- that is what Rajesh is known for. he is a snake?? he will now masipolo Minister for Education- but Mahen knows him better- Dr Reddy please have an independent inquiry at USP- You will find the rot is so deep- dont believe the council papers you get...".

Anonymous said...

Public Accounts committee should summon rajesh chandra and Ganesh Chand- how they use government funds in these two Universities. VC of USP has probably more to hide than VC of FNU

Tomasi said...

@Anon 12.57am. From your comments, I conclude that you wish to discourage me from pursuing the Censure Motion in Parliament against JVB. You claim it would cause me a lot of personal problems. You hide behind your Anonymous mask and pretend to support a worthy cause.

You sound like QORVIS or one of Bainimarama's trolls or dogs. You sir are a sad and pathetic person and a coward. You take me for a fool and think that you can intimidate me. You assume that I am afraid of Bainimarama and his task teams. So let me say these very clearly to you.

1. I do not fear any person, man or woman, government or regime. I ony fear the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, the God of heaven and earth, the One and only Living God, Yahovah and Jesus Christ my Lord.
2. The Censure Motion (CM) is not a personal action against Voreqe, but the most sensible, legal and practical solution to the greatest national threat we have in Fiji today, JV Bainimarama.
3. The CM in Parliament is aimed at removing Bainimarama from office because he is crazy, not qualified, a criminal and a moral deviant and national embarrassment. The evidence of that is overwhelming if your eyes are clear and still functioning.
4. It is the duty of Parliament to make the best and right decisions for the nation. All the investigations concerning the nature and degree of Voreqe’s mental illness and crimes will be done by the proper authorities in the course of the investigation and as a result of the tabling of the motion.
5. Rather than attacking Voreqe through blogs and such, it is incumbent upon us as honest and God fearing citizens to do all that is legal, decent and possible to rectify the situation and the national threat.
6. The Censure Motion is the best way to isolate Voreqe because is not qualified, mentally unstable and has serious criminal charges against him. Voreqe’s state of mind renders him susceptible to exploitation of various sorts. He must be protected for the best national interest.
7. I am properly qualified to make such comments and your attempt to intimidate me is futile and unnecessary. I fully understand what PTSD is, its symptoms, causes and its potential effects. Spare your advice for Voreqe and his fools who worship him.
8. For those who flippantly make remarks about God, and other issues, let me say this. Fijians are very religious and God-fearing people. Our silence thus far is primarily based on the values and beliefs we have, not on our fear of Voreqe and his criminal gangs. God sees all things, knows all things and judges all things, including our activities in cyberspace and in our most secret and private lives. We answer ultimately to Him. He has His own times and seasons. Whatever we sow, that we shall also reap.
9. Things are not what they seem; Appearances can be deceiving. There are realities that exist beyond people’s knowledge and experience. The so called conspiracy and tales about Freemasons, secret societies and the Black Pope are realities which many do not know about. But it does not alter the fact that they exist. Those who claim they are simply stories and theories are either malicious people who know the truth or sincerely ignorant.
10. To you anonymous 12.57am, may I suggest that you stop your games and realise that you will not fool all of us. Regardless of what you say or do, it will not change the fact that Voreqe, Khaiyum and their supporters have a lot to answer for to God and the people of Fiji. We are aware of all that the regime had done. Voreqe and Khaiyum have crossed the red lines many times. The Auditor General’s Report is one of the many reasons why Voreqe should be removed through a CM. We are giving Parliament the benefit of the doubt, not because we fear Voreqe, the military and all the given excuses. We do so because we are law abiding and God fearing people. But there are times and seasons in life and change happens. This silent protest may turn into a true people’s revolution. I hope it will not be the case. That will be another sad day for Fiji. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Mick got short-changed in a fraudulent election.

Anonymous said...

So Mr Prime Minister who is the lier? After what is in he AG report your salaries were being paid through Nur Bano's company. You denied this before election. So who isthe lier -Biman, Ro Temumu and he rest if the opposition members? You better be fast because it will soon be revealed what your actual salaries were.

Anonymous said...

@ Tomasi, Try as you may but NO WAR,NO LAW CAN STOP THE FIJI FIRST PARTY AND ITS GOVT;You can bring on all bull shit propaganda and post it on wherever but we will pwersevere.Remember the people have spoken and 90 % of ndians and 55% of I-Taukei have elected this Govt. in a free and fair election.Any act against this Govt will not be forgotten by the voters, bear this in mind,your posts paint a picture about you being delusional or in lay mans terms a St Giles Case,please remember to take your medication or we will write to the Matron and the orderlies to prescribe some powerful doses to your brain to keep you in St Giles for good.Now be a good patient and drink your medicine and have lots of sleep,this blog site will cause you PTSD which you are aware of.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:13 PM.

All you can come up with is for Tomasi to "take his medication ... more medication ... and St Giles ...etc". You clearly know that your response to Tomasi's post is the most foolish anyone can contribute with regard to relevant allegations and accusations against Bainimarama and Khaiyum. What you need to do is to find provable facts that Tomasi's allegations are untrue and inform the people because more upon more of us are becoming doubtful as to Bainimarama's and Khaiyum's genuineness.

Let me give you some sound advice. The knowledge about Bainimarama's and Khaiyum's lies are now spreading and gaining momentum all over Fiji. It does not matter now whether FFP won the last elections You will not win anymore elections in future because of the lies that have recently come to be realized by the people. This is why Bainimarama is suffering more from post traumatic symptoms. We thought he would be happy after he won, but he is exhibiting more signs that he is unstable and has violent dispositions.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 4.13pm. There you are. You finally admitted yourself without realizing it. You said, NO WAR, NOW LAW CAN STOP FFP AND ITS GOVT.."

You are indeed a bunch of criminal, lawless, evil, foolish and stupid people who are blinded by your own cravings for power, control wealth and God knows what else.

I do not knw who you are, but this I do know. The Bible says, "You shall know them by their fruits" You people will do anything to achieve your goals. But your end is secure and sure. "There is no peace for the wicked" the Bible says.

Wait for God's judgement. It may come sooner than you think. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Why is this blog wasting time on Micky mouse Beddoes.
He is a loser and opportunist.
Currently broke, he will manipulate innocent Itaukies and make money.
He is the only one to blame for Sodelpa loss.
Beddoes- your time is over. How about paying a fair share of taxes and paying your creditors in full and on time.

Tomasi said...

Thank you 4.13pm (2). I appreciate your positive comments. Yes, more people are waking up from the deceptive influence of the last seven years. May Fiji learn from history and become wiser as a result of allowing swines to pose as leaders. Vinaka.

fiji fog said...

Reposting my post below as i thought it had gone through like 15mins ago.


I'm just wondering: is Tomasi in Fiji or is he trying to lobby MPs to move his CM via pleas from blogosphere?

If its the latter, what makes him think that MPs should listen to him given that he didn't bother to cast his vote at the elections to help bring about a change, albeit a small change and step towards fully, functional democracy?

Surely, his remedial action for removing the ONE pain in his butt (JVB) must lie outside of Parliament.

Hence, the Q begs: can he mobilise ground action such as the massive Hong Kong umbrella movt we've seen in recent days?

On his conspiracy theories of freemasons, black poppies and what not - what is the evidentiary basis linking one, two or all of them to the events in Fiji since 2000? Or at least since 2006?

Or is this the usual tragic case that Fijians are very well-known for - seeking a convenient scapegoat and smokescreen to hide what really is man's own weakness and his refusal to be held account for his actions and share in Fiji's sorry coup culture?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.15 You said "..results of the election doesnt matter,....FF will not win election in the future" what, have you become the prophet? we heard these before the elections and now you are referring to the next,yawn! 4 years away.OK Tomasi is typical Sodelpa,he is suffering from PTSD after learning about the election results,this was what i talked about, people sufferring from some form of psycological trauma after learnig about the elections results.The next thing Tomasi and anon 6.15 will do is write their home address or P.O.Box number as 279,ha,ha,ha. funny but it could or already has occured,paranoia or paranormal i dont know.QUESTION - ANY REMEDY? YES,THE ONLY REMEDY IS TO ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTION AND Do your homework [wink,wink] at home,plus project [more wink,wink] at home with the missus or girlfriend.IF you dont have one, then Adi Lima will do the job for you.You see I am a prophet also,Kua ni Rere and Nayacakalou will post their blogs soon after this.Have a blessed Sunday enjoy your lunch,I am off to Village 6 to watch either Dracula or Fury to bask in Fiji First Party election victory!Cheers Mate!

Anonymous said...

It's really time Tomasi spent some time around reality and away from that keyboard.

Does he not realise how meaningless his continual references to God are within his vendetta?

Tomasi consider who fills your prisons, who the ones are that have been dipping in the government coffers for years, the rapists, the thieves and the bludgers on society. Yes the vast majority consider and call themselves God fearing people.

In Fiji it's got no more significance than saying you are a vegetarian or a rugby fan.

fiji fog said...


Annabelle would be a better choice for a horror movie plus its the prequel to The Conjuring which I had to watch twice in Suva because a screaming idiot who was seated behind me spoilt the first show.

Anyway, I hope not to miss Annabelle on the big screen as I hate DVDs.

nayacakalou said...

@ Anon...you still raving about,who won the election.You have to understand that some people have been hurt so badly and even lost their loved ones by the man and he has to front up in Court.No one is above the law,even he has been paid more than $300,000 to look after the citizen's of the country,and he did not do a job.Can you tell us what is the job description of the Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

@Nayacakalou 8:07 PM

"" Can you tell us what is the job description of the Prime Minister? ""

I'm sure you can?

Unknown said...

@ Tomasi

Right firstly I am now posting under my name since you accuse me of hiding behind my anonymous mask. Those anonymous replies to you earlier wasn't me.
Now let's dance. You've been going on about how you think the PM is suffering from PTSD and you posted extracts from medical journals which by the way I have research about as well.
And as I suspected it didn't take long for you to start attacking the man (me) rather then the ball (topic of our subject). You've accused me of intimidation, you've thrown insults my way and then started quoting the bible therefore contradicting yourself. Rather then hearing the contexts of my post you got emotional and started having an angry attitude. You've asked Mick to forward a censore motion and in my post it clearly shows that the process would mean Micks life will be turned upside down but you ignored that because you're safe where ever you are and trying to make someone else (Mick) do your heavy lifting.
Now read the PTSD extracts you posted again. You'll realise that all the signs of it has been displayed by you too.
Now if I can see it do you not think the PM and his team can't if you were to choose to table your motion in person yourself.
Tomasi Kerea mo vakasama sebera ni o dolava na gusumu. Think before you open your mouth because anything can be interpreted many ways. Whilst you've been focusing your accusations on the PM about PTSD I've just come under your nose and made you realise that if i wanted to I could accuse you of the same thing.
I did all that just by your posts here. Imagine if I had more data like your entire personal and professional history.
Again this is not intimidation it's being straightforward to you saying that if you're going to try and throw accusations and use people to do your heavy lifting then remember be ready to face the consequences.

fiji fog said...

Aww... how touching,everyone baring theirs hearts in here, making me feel a 'lil foggy-eyed.

Did I hear the word 'dance'? Well, no dance is ever complete without the 'belle of the ball', and that's where yours truly comes waltzing in like the angel that she is. You amigos may now call me "Fijibelle".


Unknown said...

Oh and Tomasi what is your second name?

rajend naidu said...

We read in the article 'FBI Chief : Citizens Should be 'Deeply Skeptical' of Government' (Newsmax 11/10) that the director of FBI says Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power. "Don't trust people in power " he reported told a 60 Minute segment interviewer.
Remember our own Big Chief Ratu KKT Mara saying after being "set aside" as the President by the very people who were suppose to protect him and uphold the Constitution "Who to Trust?".
Good governance is better assured when citizens are "deeply skeptical" of Government and demand to know what the Government is doing in their name.
And, the media diligently maintains its watchdog role.
Rajend Naidu
Atlantic Blvd
(ps : this piece is dedicated to my fan who keeps a track of my quotings from various articles)

Vutuki Elbourne said...

PM's worry

Salaseini Moceiwai
Sunday, October 26, 2014

PRIME Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama says he's a bit worried about continuing with development projects in the Northern Division because a lot of voters there didn't vote for the FijiFirst party in the recent general election.

While addressing government officials and some villagers at Naulumatua House in Nabouwalu, Bua yesterday, Mr Bainimarama said a lot of people didn't want developments to take place in their respective settings, prompting them to vote for SODELPA (Social Democratic Liberal Party).

Accompanied by wife, Mary and Labour Minister Jioje Konrote and some government officials, this was Mr Bainimarama's first official tour of the North after the election.

"Dua na i wiliwili levu ni koro e Vanua Levu e ra sega ni vinakata na veivakatorocaketaki baleta ni ra sega ni digitaka na FijiFirst. E ra a digitaka ga na SODELPA (A high number of villages on Vanua Levu don't want developments because they didn't choose FijiFirst. They only chose SODELPA)."

Mr Bainimarama said such voters only wanted the restoration of the GCC and discussions about the church but they didn't want free bus fare, among other developments and incentives his government had provided for the people of Fiji.

"That's the bit that I am worried about right now, whether we should continue with developments or not in Vanua Levu."

However, Mr Bainimarama said this would be an inclusive government.

"This will be an inclusive government as I have said earlier but at the same time, we'll have to be worried about those people who don't want developments. Let's not shove developments down their throats."

He added development projects tabled out by the Commissioner Northern were basically the government's but unfortunately, a lot of people in the North didn't want them.

Mr Bainimarama said they would have to relook at the list of developments and prioritise those who needed them in the North.

Meanwhile, Mr Bainimarama and his entourage will attend the FijiFirst party's thanksgiving church service at Labasa's Subrail Park today.

Anonymous said...

"in the last 8 years almost every sector has seen the rot and not just government. Everyone tries to behave like a dictator- even if they are spineless. USP vc is one of them. so much rot at USP. jAI Karan gets commission on aid that comes to USP- they come anyway- Robert Hemi gets bonus for running a monopoly bookshop- students buy the book at a high cost anyway. Husmukh brij lal's brother got job as brij was very supportive of Rajesh Chandra- now he is not minister- rajesh might ditch husmuk- that is what Rajesh is known for. he is a snake?? he will now masipolo Minister for Education- but Mahen knows him better- Dr Reddy please have an independent inquiry at USP- You will find the rot is so deep- dont believe the council papers you get...".

nayacakalou said...

@Anon 7:18...You do not have to be a genious to know who won the election.Bainimarama have opened his big mouth once again ,admiting that the people in Vanualevu did not vote for him,for that he would not help them.This is where he has been doing most development,and if they did not vote for him,than how can he win where he abuse,assault,kill,etc.E sa sega mada ga ni kila ni sa dolava na gusuna qai lakovata mai kei na nona yalo ca.Ke tamata,e digitaki ena cakava na veivakatorocaketaki lelevu ena vanua e sega ni digitaki kina me rawa ni veisautaka na lomadra.Kerea mo bau vakaroroga mada vei Tomasi me rawa niko yalomatua,ka kauta laivi mada na yaloca ni via veiba.E dua na ka ka solia kina vei iko na Kalou me dua na gusumu ka rua na daligamu,mo vakarorogo vaka levu ka dau vosa vakalailai.Ia niko sa vakarorogo vakalailai,ka vosa vakalevu,o sa sega mada ga kila na kena macawa na nomu vosa.Tovolea mo vakarorogo mada,ka bau katona eso na ka era kaya eso,me bau tawa vakalailai na koro turaga ena yalomatua.

Anonymous said...

Ro Kepa is calling Bainimarama to be fair to the people of the North. We know Bainimarama is an unfair leader. We know through his own words that he loves buying his voters. That's the new Fiji for him. People cant be left to make their own decision.

However now that Prof Biman has found a large hole of abuse in the Auditors Generals report. Bainimarama and his heads of departments under the regime government must be investigated and taken to task.

He may be protected in his own constitution but the corruption committee still has a duty to put people behind bars when such practices has evidence like the Auditors Report. Put Bainimarama in jail is the best way to resolve the countries crime.

Anonymous said...

@Vutuki Elbourne

Since Bainimarama doesn't want to help the people of the North unless they voted for him.

The question is, is it fair for the election office to reveal the voters support location or otherwise to the election leaders.

Or maybe there should be law that punishes leaders who doesn't help certain part of the countries because they choose not to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:48 AM

Obviously you were sleeping through the election period.

Party support figures for each polling station and hence area were publicised openly for all to see.

rajend naidu said...

I can fully understand the shock and pain of high school teacher Divane Waqaninavatu when she heard her brother Josese Qaraniqio 39 - an ex-military officer who had served in peacekeeping in Lebanon, Sinai and East Timor and was currently working as a security officer at the InterContinental Fiji Resort - was found dead and half submerged under a tramlime bridge in Sigatoka on Friday.
A police spokesperson said he had visible injuries.
He was last seen going out with some friends for a drink.
I pray this is not a case of a political argument turning violent and resulting in this tragic death.
That would be a national tragedy as well because that is not how Fiji politics is meant to be -regardless of the political affiliations and political differences.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

To Prime Minister Bainimarama,
Na vosa ko cavuta mai Bua ena Vakarauwai 25th Okotova ena macawa sa oti sa vauci keimami vata kece sara na Matanitu Tovata, Cakaudrove, Bua, Macuata kei Lau.

Oqo sa qai matata vinaka kina na mata ni meke ni matanitu nei Bainmimarama e nodra ga era digitaka na Fiji First Party se 90% na Kai Idia kei 20% na Kai Viti wili kina ko Tui Macuata, Katonivere.

It is now fully evident that the your government is facing bankrupt soon. There is no more money in the bank for any development and you want to cover it up by saying to the people of Bua and to the whole world that to justify your statment “ A high number of villages on Vanua Levu did not want development because they did not vote Fiji First and they vote SODELPA.” In short , NO MORE DEVELOPMENT FOR VANUA LEVU. 80% Kai Kadavu and so as Matanitu Kubuna and Burebasaga voted for SODELPA and not Fiji First. The real truth that there is NO MORE MONEY. The truth is supported by the Auditor General Reports on the Military’s misuse, abuse, missing and unaccountable of money from 2006 to 2013. In 2006 Auditor Report’s on Military alone about $42,000,000,000 including falsification of Local Purchase Orders signed by Colonel Natuva who is now the Minister for Defense.

Na nomu vakanananu kei na gagadre lo voli ni lomamu KAISI mera SORO ka mera tube tabua me nodra MATANIGASAU vei iko na veituraga ni vanua ko Bua, Cakadrove, Macuata kei Lau raraba. Oqo me rawa kina ni raica mai ko vuravura taucoko kei na Pasifika niko sa nodra TURAGA BALE levu duadua na Matanitu Tovata. Sa vaka vei au era sa na wili talega eke ko ira na Turaga Bale kei Kubuna kei Burebasaga era digitajka na SODELPA, koya e 80% na KAI VITI ERA TAUKEI NI VANUA OQO KO VITI, QELE, QOLIQOLI KEI NA YAUBULA.

Bainimarama beware of what you saying and every steps you take because they will destroy you and your government. Nomu kawa era na colata na kena bibi kece sara. Ko ira na Turaga era SAU. While you still have time please soro to the Vanua and Lotu before it is too late.

Tui Macuata Katonivere na nomuni dokai mai vei keimami na Kai Macuata sa tekivu me luluqa mai vakamalua baleta na cala ni vanua koni lako voli kina kei Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

what does that true believer - the cult hero worshipper - Graham Davis have to say about the widespread abuse highlighted by the Auditor General.
Let's hear his defense for the dictator. And, let's hear from the other Bainimarama regime apologists as well.

Anonymous said...

@Naidu 11:17 AM

Just how low will scum like you go to attempt to make political mileage out of a case of someone's death?

You are pathetic and sick in the head.

Anonymous said...

Can we also hear what Donald Singh another regime masipolo has to say about the auditor general's report on the Bainimarama government's misrule?

Anonymous said...

anon 12.59 PM do you know how or why a fit 39 year old ex-military man was found dead in a tramline ditch?
when someone dies so suddenly and brutally - police said he had visible injuries - people spectulate on what might have happened. There is nothing "sick" about that. The speculation will end when the authorities have acertained the true circumstance of death. There are many other cases awaiting the authorities investigations and findings. So don't start jumping up and down like an idiot because some one has made an educated guess on what might have happened. He could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 1:24 PM

If you consider Naidu's comments as as a speculation based on an 'educated guess'that said as much about you as what Naidu does about himself.

Talk about making an idiot of yourself, you are up there at the top.

Anonymous said...

2010 Audit report on the Office of the PM
13:10 Today

Auditor General's reports
Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap
Volume 2 of the 2010 Auditor General’s report states the Poverty Monitoring Unit was provided a sum of $300, 000 in the 2010 budget.
This was to facilitate the Integrated National Poverty Eradication Program to be undertaken in the first quarter of 2010.
However, the report states the funds over $28, 772 were used for other purposes.
The Audit also found that the PM’s office provided grants know as Government Seed Donation to FENCE Fiji since 2009, but no grant agreement was drawn.
In addition there was no evidence to suggest that the utilization of grants provided in 2009 and 2010 to FENCE Fiji was monitored to determine whether it achieved expected outcomes.
The AG’s report also states that the PM’s office engaged Ajiliti Pty Ltd to implement Performance Management System for the government but irregularities were noted in the engagement.
These include tender Board and PSC approvals were not obtained and no contract agreement was drawn up.
No cost-benefit and needs analysis was carried out before installing the PMS software.
- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/24009/2010-audit-report-on-the-office-of-the-pm#sthash.Zi7p1Nki.dpuf

Anonymous said...

frederica elbourne

got justice when her exhusband used to beat her black and blue at natokowaqa.

she doesnt care about justice for others but herself.

Anonymous said...

frederica elbourne

got justice when her exhusband used to beat her black and blue at natokowaqa.

she doesnt care about justice for others but herself.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rajen walla watch said...

@rajend 11.17am...how low will you go for some political mileage? As someone mentioned before, you are back to your best, grandstanding and trying to act smart by quoting various news reports from abroad. I guess in your sick shallow mind, anything bad that happens in Fiji has to be politically motivated. Fat Mick Beddoes farted after his heavy chow, he must have been commenting on the political slant of the fish he just ate, right?

Anonymous said...

Have the authorities got to the bottom of how Soko died? Or, is the PolCom still awaiting for a medical report to drop down from heaven? My speculation is he died a victim of State brutality. But that's just speculating.

Anonymous said...

does anyone smell the presence of regime rats on this blog ?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.31 PM Have you noticed anything bad happening in Fiji under the Bainimarama dictatorship AT ALL?
I bet you haven't because you are a regime scoundrel or sycophantic supporter. Go read the Auditor general's report you ignorant fool.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:32 PM

Your speculation would be warranted because enough evidence was put out immediately to the public that supports this.

Naidu's comments and others speculation regarding the death he mentions are simply the words of unsubstantiated political rumour mongering because that's what they do.

Idiots and scum like Naidu have no thought for the relatives of those they use for their own cause. Nothing is more important to him than to get his name in print.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:44 PM

"" Go read the Auditor general's report you ignorant fool ""

Yes, a perfect example of what is bad in Fiji. Just about half of the people that are in a position where they can get away with performing poorly or cheating others will do it.

That is very simply Fiji and absolutely nothing new.

Anonymous said...

regime thugs dutifully doing their job : defending the indefensible.
If you ask them they will tell you the Auditor General's report is a fabrication to discredit the Bainimarama Government. Such idiots!

Anonymous said...

what happened to the asshole who was suppose to provide an example of a quote from an article which he claims is "totally unrelated to Fiji's situation"?

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.44 PM what about the Prisoner Torture video that went global? was that "unsubstantiated political rumour mongering"?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:21 PM

Do you actually read what others write before you make yourself look an idiot?

Obviously not.

GO..GET THEM!!! said...


'Widespread abuse'
Nasik Swami
Monday, October 27, 2014

PUBLIC Accounts Committee chairman Professor Biman Prasad says it has now become abundantly clear there has been widespread abuse of public funds and blatant disregard of fundamental financial procedures, highlighted by the Auditor-General through his audit reports on State finances and ministries for the past seven years.

In an interview yesterday, Prof Prasad said pilferage, wastage and abuse of public funds had been highlighted in the reports of the Auditor-General together with continuous disregard of recommendations by the Auditor-General.

"This is causing disquiet amongst the people," he said.

Prof Prasad said while the job of the committee would be difficult, he was confident the committee would be able to scrutinise all reports and make appropriate recommendations to Parliament.

"We will not hesitate to summon where appropriate heads of ministries, departments and public enterprises to appear before the committee to explain the lapses.

"The committee will also not hesitate to refer cases of fraud, abuse of office and mismanagement to the appropriate authorities to deal with."

The vocal economist also highlighted that the last Public Accounts Committee appointed by the interim government had already prepared reports on 2007 and 2008 Auditor-General's reports said that those reports should also be tabled in Parliament as per that Committee's terms of reference.

"Those reports should also be made available to the new Public Accounts Committee. We are also concerned that reports of audits of statutory organisations have not been made available to Parliament.

Tui Viti said...

The Govt doesnt need to front up, it was the Head of Govt Ministries who misused the money before the Govt stepped in to stop the rot.Anyway any money that was allegedly misused by the Govt from 2006 to Sept 17,2014 is to be written off as quote " Water under the Bridge" you see, we were illegal then,so we have the right to use Govt funds where necesary without acquittals,but now after the elections,we are legal so any we have to be accountable for all funds used, from post election should be accounted by Bimanji. Most of the funds were allocated for the cyclones,carting off water and emergency supplies but we didnt take it into account because quote 'keitou sa oso oso saraga,very busy saraga,tight schedule mate' All the carting off water to Lau cost a lot but we managed.Anyway free water and electricity plus free school fees and bus fare for school children in "ons". The opposition are only doing what they are being paid for,$50 Grand each plus double for the Leader.We will persevere,rise up,stand up ,we will take this on board and discuss the issue of unaacounted money,FF was honest enough to allow Audito Gen to publiscise his audit,ke me a dua tale na matanitu,sa warai la,da sega mada ga ni raica se rogoca na kena talanoataki,as usual,oilei o keda.Au via vaka vinavinaka vei PM kei na Cabinet ena nomudou lomasoli me vakaraitaki mai na i tukutuku ni lavo,savasava saraga oqori,nanuma tiko na noda motto na FFP " DINA,DODONU,SAVASAVA" vakaraitaki me kila o Viti ni datou sega ni ubiubi se via vunitaka na kena vakayagataki ni lavo,baleta ni o sa sarava tu nikiua o Viti na vanua e sa vakayagataki kina na i lavo kece,na Dam mai Nadarivatu,Gaunisala mai Buca ki Savusavu,Nabouwalu ki Dreketi, Kings Rd mai Ra ki Korovou,na wavu vou,koronivuli kei na telecenter vovou,ratai,a cava tale me da kayanaka.What else do i have to say,money was spent on all development projects from Vanualevu to Korovou and Rakiraki,Tailevu,Suva new roads and bridges.This Auditor General report is just a formality,once the budget for 2015 is anounced,Game Over.

Rainmaker said...

@ Tui Viti 6.21


D-Day is here and there's no two ways all these corrupt practises mentioned in Biman's report will go unheeded.

Haul the bang lot in and give them their just desserts. Totogo is waiting in our new democratic society for ALL CROOKS no matter the status in government.

Haul them all in Biman!!!!

Last Laugh said...

Anon, Graham Davis has had the last laugh. He played a big part in turning Bainimarama into a successful democrat and Mick is responsible for SODELPA's defeat. So I wonder whose got the biggest smile on their face?

Anonymous said...

This not about who has the last laugh. It is about right and wrong and Graham Davis attached himself like a bakewa to the wrongdoers so that he could profit personally from his attachment.
So much for being an "objective", "independent" journalist!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Graham was right and Mick was wrong. He's a spin doctor not a journalist and he spun Voreqe to victory and Mick spun Mrs Kepa into opposition. Pick the smart one, Loser.

Anonymous said...

I can pick out the unscrupulous one : Graham Davis. Some people admire such types and put them on a pedastal as "smart". Not smart. Just crooked. Just like the dictator whom GrhaM Davis adopted as his new religious guru and became his true believer. Good example of birds of a like feather flocking together.

SIMBA said...


Will you stop going back there? Take stock of what's happening IN YOUR FACE today and the days ahead.

Take front seat with Graham Davis and watch in horror as the curtains rise..tables will be turned!!

Already as it is...we, the people, who have been conned by illegals for 8 whole years and hogwashed by Graham Davis's (the man with no scruples as we know him to be) obvious lies will be having the last laugh.

In case you're missing IT there is an ongoing case against corrupt perpetrators taking place right under your nose.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Simba's papa said...

@ 7.04PM

Stop being jealous of Mick will you?

Sodelpa doesnt think like you do, so stop wasting your time.

Sodelpa's cool re Mick and so are we all..


Anonymous said...

Corruption ?

Bad management ?

Not very corrupt really if you make no attempt at hiding things.

But hey, who cares let's just watch in HORROR it may be better than what's on TV.

Anonymous said...

Fatty piggy is now kepas boy......

Tui Viti said...

@ Rainmaker, hmm you are a witch,wizard or something,whatever,this is just a formality,Govt has nothing to hide,there werent any acquitals but money was spent on developments etc ,yes you a right in one aspect though,we will need to account for unaccounted Govt fund from now onwards.Govt fund was spent mostly on Developments.Well Biman is jumping like a monkey from jumanji,but this is just a formality,someone has to take the rap for this though,yes ,the Permanent Secretary for Finance and all Supervisors in the Min of Finance for not informing PM and Cabinet about the need for acquitals,they didnt do their job well.Govt was doing the right thing-SPENDING MONEY ON DEVELOPMENTS but the problem was the PS of Finance and his boys were sleeping on the job,they shouldnt be sacked,but surcharged,that way we get something back,surcharge all the PS of the Ministries that overspent and he will also name a few from his Dept that would be responsible.Its not over yet,there is always Sunshine after the rain,bear that in mind Rainmaker.

kamlesh kumar. said...

the auditor general is a sodelpa supporter. obviosly he will be anti ff. time for biman to have grog at nabua.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Yeah tables will be turned. SODELPA will be wiped out in 2018. A bunch of inbred racist no school dropouts.

kamlesh said...

auditor general should be independent
person. time to have white people there. white people are very fair.

Rainmaker said...

@ Tui Viti

I think despite your thorough explanation I will resort to taking into full account what Biman is telling us at the moment.

But thank you for your efforts ..I will eat over your views during dinner soon and see what's what and get back to you.

I like this comment of yours..going back @6.21pm .." you see, we were illegal then,so we have the right to use Govt funds where necesary without acquittals,but now after the elections,we are legal..."

Just thinking...how can you be illegal back then and now legal?? HAHAHAHA. You seem to be the Wizard of Oz that can work such magic!

Yes, yes..that's what we will be seeing now - SUNSHINE - where everything that was hidden will be brought to light and heads will be rolling!!

OSOBO!! Vinaka Tui!

nayacakalou said...

@Tui Veveka...E sega ni dua e a tukuna mo drau tara na matanitu,na nomudou i bole na get rid of corruption,ia qo sa tu na da.E sega ni dua e via kila na cava dou cakava,oqori nai tavi ga dodonu me qaravi.Sa yali na silini ka sega na kena matabose kei na kenai vola,sa vakaraitaka tu na driva ga sa vala.E
dau kena i vosavosa toka mai nodratou o Bainimarama...E sa tukuni ga ni sa yali,sa yali.A driva kowa...lol

Unknown said...

The I Taukei made up 297,818 (60 percent) of the total votes of 496,364.

If SOLDELPHA were to win they had to win at least 247,188 (83 percent) of Taukei votes to be able to win 25 seats (50 percent), the minimum threshold for any party to claim.

Instead, SODELPA won 139,857 votes which translated into 47 percent of the total Taukei votes. But assuming that some Indo-Fijians and minorities voted for SODELPA also, the figure could come down a bit to around 46 percent Taukei votes.

This meant that about 54 percent of the Taukei votes were cast in favour of Fiji First. This clear division in Taukei votes is reflective of the shifting nature of Taukei interests, expectations and political choices in a fast changing social, economic and political environment.

With 202,459 votes, Bainimarama’s massive victory, which was more than four times Ro Temumu’s votes and more than 70 percent of the total Fiji First votes, was unprecedented in the history of Fiji.

So those of you claiming SODELPA won 80 percents of I Taukei votes are a bunch of liers. Stop bullshitting, if SODELPA had indeed won 80 percent of the I Taukei votes they would have been the government of the day today.

Sa rauta mada na lasulasu.

rajend naidu said...

I wonder how long a Prime Minister would remain a Prime minister in a "true democracy" if he or she said what Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said - that certain sections of society was not entitled to state help because they did not vote for his party?
Just on Sunday I had a visit from a relative who returned from Fiji where they had gone to provide assistance, including medical assistance in Vanua Levu, through his religious organization. In our discussion I told him anything that Prime Minister Bainimarama was doing to bring about any development to better the standard of living and quality of life of the people of Fiji was not out of his pocket. Responsible governments must do that using state resources and finances.
I see Professor Warden Narsey making that same point about nothing coming out of Bainimarama's own pocket (Fiji Times 28/19).
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is the democratically elected PM - even if he did not get to be one on a level playing field. He must learn to do the right thing for all the people of Fiji.
Rajend Naidu

Tomasi said...

Thank you Rainmaker, Nayacakalou and friends. Let us continue to speak the truth out of love for our nation and our people of all communities. As we had said many times, whatever is hidden shall be exposed from the rooftops. How great is our God. How sweet it is to finally see truth being revealed for all to behold. Bai is seriously out of his depth, totally entangled in his own web of lies and deceit and their end is sure. The Auditor General’s Report is fundamentally about three things, namely, responsibility, integrity and accountability. But these are beyond the mental and moral capacities of Bai and his arrogant monkey brain Khaiyum. Here is a story to illustrate that point.
In February 26, 1995, Barings, the oldest bank in Britain, announced it was going into bankruptcy after losing almost a billion dollars. In late 1994, the chief trader at Barings’ Singapore office began betting big on Japan’s Nikkei market. Then disaster struck. An earthquake hit Japan and on January 23, 1995, the Nikkei plunged more than 1000 points and Barings lost big money. But instead of cutting his losses, the Barings Singapore trader doubled his investment, betting that the Nikkei would rebound. But it didn’t, and Barings London office had to put up nearly a billion dollars to support its failing position on the Singapore investments.
So here’s the question, how could a 28 year old trader in Singapore lose nearly a billion dollars and ruin a 233 year old bank? According to TIME magazine, the problem was lack of accountability. London allowed (the Singapore trader) to take control of both the trading desk and the back room settlement operation in Singapore. This was a toxic mix, A trader keeping his own books is like a schoolboy grading his own tests. The temptation to cheat can be overwhelming, especially if the stakes are high enough.
Prof Biman and his PAC are simply unravelling seven years of an illegal and derelict administration with no accountability, transparency and integrity whatsoever. What we have heard so far is simply the tip of a huge iceberg and complex web of lies, deceit, fraud, nepotism and counter lies. Just as is true for the Barings Bank, bankruptcy is the result and cost to the nation. In our case, we have bankruptcy of the financial, moral and spiritual kind. What is the most effective solution to this threat to our nation? The answer is quite simple and clear. Destroy the root cause. Isolate the tumour before the cancer destroys the whole body.
The Censure Motion in Parliament is one of these cures to our national threat. Bai and Khai are primarily and ultimately responsible. As Finance Minister, Bai knew absolutely nothing about his portfolio. He was responsible only to himself and his coup supporters. Without accountability, integrity is difficult to have. Bai should be removed through a Censure Motion. Prof Biman must action his plan to make all those responsible accountable for their decisions and actions. The election has shown that we are already morally bankrupt by choosing a person and a party that have no respect for the rule of law, personal lives and property. If we hesitate or procrastinate any longer, then we will harvest the whirlwind.

To show tolerance and understanding is one thing. But to continue to be indifferent when the nation is seriously under threat by a few criminals and terrorists is irresponsibility and moral cowardice of the highest order. The most effective means of making a difference is to ACT NOW. Let's request our Parliament to do what is right for our nation. A Censure Motion is necessary NOW. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

As long as Graham Davis remains in a powerful position in Fiji, he will continue exploiting the young Indian girls. He is a paedophile just like Reverend PK Davis.

Anonymous said...

sure vili, but what bhai cant claim is that he got more than half of the kaivitis votes. and when the truth be known that number will tumble like dominoes...

Unknown said...

Off cause he can claim that he's right it's a fact he got more than 50 percent of the I Taukei votes especially in Viti Levu. It's SOLDELPHA who's claiming they had 80 percents of the I Taukei's. The election results and report was provided by the overseas watcher group and was available for everyone to see. The numbers don't lie.

Unknown said...

When SODELPA realised they were gonna loose based on the unofficial statistics before the official announcement they claimed election rigging.

And what makes it so obvious was that the rigging they claimed happened was even before the unofficial stats. They waited until the unofficial stats was released before they claimed rigging. They made sure they timed it before the official stats to try and make it look concrete. The multinational observer group did the investigation and their findings disapproved what SODELPA was claiming. Yet SOLDELPHA and it's supporters started claiming conspiracy.

Tomasi said...

@Vili, your analysis on the voting results is based on the assumption that the whole electoral system and process was just, free and fair. Please know that is not. It was fundamentally flawed and engineered to produce the result they wanted. Any analysis based solely on poll results is superficial at best and foolish to be true. So I suggest you reserve your comments for the people who are foolish or ignorant enough to believe that white is black and right is wrong. Your reference to the external observer group that came to monitor the voting is also part of the whole deceptive scheme. Just think about these:

1. PNG kindly donated several millions of dollars for the elections. Why were they not part of the Observer Group?

2. Why were our own local NGOs and other independent parties not allowed to observe the voting process?

3. How can the election/voting be fair when Khaiyum made all the rules, defined the boundaries, decided what, who, where, which, when and why of everything about the elections?

4. How can the election be fair when one party was the law maker, referee, player, score keeper, announcer, reporter and judge?

Give those questions a think before you decide to tell us more about the voting percentages and implications. It is foolish to make conclusions about something based on very limited information. It reminds us of the blind man who claimed that the animal he was touching was a large snake, when in fact it was an elephant. The man was holding part of the tail. That is precisely what I call those observers. They only saw the tail of a stage managed election process and concluded it to be a snake (free and fair). They were blind because they did not see the whole 'animal'. Please do not make the same mistake. It is stupid and it insults our intelligence. Vinaka.

Unknown said...

@ Tomasi

I don't have assumptions I have facts which was scrutinised by overseas observers and clarified. You are the one making assumptions based on here say and conspiracy.

You are the one whose blind because you are in denial of the facts. Yes for the past 8 years the government was undemocratic therefore they made all the rules. The international community asked for a democratic election and the government as they've promised delivered it. You know since they were in power they could have chose not to but they didn't. Instead they chose to.

Since independent our so called democracy have failed to create opportunities and developments like the one this government have done for the past 8 years. Yes SOLDELPHA and it's supporters have said the only reason they were able to was because there were no democracy that would have enable an opposition to challenge them.

So basically what that means and as our history have shown is that past governments have been voting to stop developments and opportunities. So if we look at the people since independence is it fair on them that past so called democratic elected government have failed them in basically every aspects while the politicians and chiefs ride around in their pajero and drink grog in their fancy house all the while the people are scrapping around for day to day living.

This generation of I Taukei have grown up in that Fiji where Dad and Mum gave all our money to the church and chiefs and we have to eat cassava and tea for dinner and miss school because there's no money for the school fee and food. And yet they told us its a democratic government. And we believed that is what life is under democracy. We thought democracy means church, village and everything all mix. No developments, not much opportunities etc.

And then 8 years ago Bainimarama stormed into power and he started to change things. Firstly he dissolved the Great council of chiefs then he separated the church and government. Then he gave free bus fares and fees etc etc. Suddenly our future looks bright, opportunity started coming. Then they told us that is not democracy. And we thought what so democracy is tea and cassava for dinner and no school and no democracy means opportunity, free school fees and chicken curry and cassava for dinner. What choice did we have.

Then now after election life under Bainimarama is still the same and it's also democracy. Do you blame us for choosing to vote for Bainimarama. Now we've seen that democracy isn't good or bad. It's the leaders who are good or bad. So we choose democracy and a good leader hence SOLDELPHA the party that represented tea and cassava for dinner will never ever win.

In conclusion Tomasi try and separate idea and reality on the ground. When you do only then can you start to see clearly.

Anonymous said...

@ Tomasi

You did not vote.

Anonymous said...

If Tomasi and the other idiots like him that did not vote due to some misguided principle, imaginary conspiracy or plain laziness had of voted they may have been able to stop crying.

SIMBA said...


Judging from what you say, you'd sell your soul any day to corrupt, brutal, illegal and unjust practices as we've witnessed over the last 8 years by the FF Party.

You'd rather sell your soul and that of your family members to the Devil himself and receive 'handouts'( free bus-fare, free rubbish tins, etc etc) than to vosota and eat the basics of life, tea and cassava knowing that you did not vote for a Leader and his group of evildoers who UNJUSTLY overtook a democratically elected government, established harsh decrees in order to cover up for all their WRONGS and save their heads from falling or forever being locked up in Totogo.

Oh yes, you speak like a real parrot with no morals and no logic - BLIND AS A BAT CAN BE!! TRUE LOSERS!! TRUE SUCKERS AND DEFENDERS OF EVIL POLICIES!!

By the way, do you all go to Church on Sundays?? Tut..tut.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...

@ Idiot of October 28, 2014 at 10:52 AM.

Are you sure you wish to maintain your wild evil allegation against the late Qaselevu Rev P K Davis??.


His son G Davis may probably be what you allege,given local Intel from those in the know points to...uh...what allege...but...but...let it stop at G Davis feet.

Also, the dead can not defend themselves..you're an IDIOT and a FOOL should you choose to persist with your spew...

Tomasi said...

@Simba 4.28 pm. Thank you for your very wise comments. It is sad that many of our people have lost their moral bearings. They have sold their souls for a few happy meals. They have swallowed the poison from the vipers. It will take a lot of patience and effort to bring them back to their senses. We must never give up. We must help them. We owe it to them, to our children and grandchildren and to our nation. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo....what PK Davis did alive continue to haunt the living emotionally and physically. His son Graham Davis is following in his fathers footsteps as you say from the intel you say you have. Where do you think GD would have inherited such behaviour but from none other than his father PK Davis. You want to respect a paedophile, you can have him...alive or dead his a paedophile that has abused a number of Indian girls in his congregation when alive and now his dead, he cant pay for his crime but the ones who suffered from his vile indecency continue to suffer and so do their children. Only a fool like you will regard venom a glass of milk. Your probably the same stock.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...

Blogger Semi K Meo said...
Clown of October 31, 2014 at 1:49 PM..I am not sure if you're the same idiot who previously made wild unsubstantiated and blasphemous allegations against one of Fiji's hero in the Faith!

..but..but...the measure of your ruler only testifies to your own admission and demonstration of "inherited ...behavior" of being a low down blasphemous fool and coward blogging from under the "sari" and "sulu i ra'.... may be under the cover of a dark corner of an internet shop in a back street in Lautoka..easy to fish out a lone dried nut!

Don't you worry..one day soon I'll "shirt front" you in person and demand you retract...or would you be shocked with urinal urgency!!

Or is it 'cause today 31/10 is known for demons to roam the streets...blogs..

You bothy!!

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo - Your Fiji's Hero in faith PK Davis has blinded your already corrupt inner faith like many other reverends in Fiji who have committed crimes against their flock who turn a blind eye believing they are God's prophets yet they swim in their wine and spoon you with their deceitful tongues...lap it up as you please but don't try to convince those that know better and know victims of your saviours lustful immoral decay...now you as a person cant scare a mouse even if you tried. Now run off to your talatala and beg him to forgive you for your transgressions.

SEMI K MEO said...

@ coward of October 31, 2014 at 4:49 PM.

Madam, I am so sorry if a person who claimed to be a man/woman prominence in the church sexually abused you...was it a talatala,turaga bete, vakatawa, pundit, mullana??

We may never know, but our advise is you seek professional help.

In the meantime; gather as much evidences and credible witnesses you could lean on to support your allegation.

However, if you can not do that...phew! mmmm... you probably may only be mirroring your own corrupt personality of a closet pedophile?

..or some one in a Church, temple or mosque you attend may have suspected a pervert in you hence your probable eagerness to isolate yourself from sane moral values and logic...and creep around blogs anonymously..what a life....what a measurable one...this is my email semimeo@gmail.com...let's talk off blog...

Anonymous said...

Whats the matter Semi Meow..did I hit a nerve there somewhere...your leaving a bad smell on this site.

Anonymous said...

whats the matter Semi Meow...did I hit a nerve there somewhere...a supposed academic like you reacting...lol...your leaving a bad smell on this blog site......better stop going out in your over sized coat......someone might report you for exposing yourself like you are on this site.

SEMI K MEO said...

@Manivusi of October 31, 2014 at 6:09 PM and " Manipusi" October 31, 2014 at 6:11 PM..

Kua na mai vekaveka ca voli ena blog qoka.

Vakalusi gauna na sauma na nomudrau kodro na manivusi..

Cowards for ever!!..vakaloloma...

Anonymous said...

Can Jone Usamate and his assistant Veena Bhatnagar come and personally inspect the toilets for patients in all the wards in Ltk hospital.I advise them to bring a little towel with them to keep their pretty noses covered

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:14pm...ask Semi Meo to inspect...He does not need a towel...you will need one when he comes around....oooo la la...

Ex-Lelean said...

@ Semi

Whatever happened to the unpaid rental case you were involved in?

Suomynona said...

Beddoes looks determined as ever to push for true democracy