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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fiji's class of 2014 - winners or losers?

Class of 2014: Who'll be the stars, the duds, the saboteurs ... the power brokers?

Much crowing over Fiji First's 'first' win over the position of deputy speaker but given the numbers, hardly surprising. 

With the regime led party having 32 seats, the script as some are boasting, 'is written for the next four years' looks all too predictable.

Frank Bainimarama and his lot don't get off to a shiny new  start, though - too many skeletons to remind us of who they really are. Look no further than the beating of composer Josefa Bilitaki.

Questions also continue to dog Fiji First about its election victory with the International Trade Union Congress this week adding its weight to the belief the poll was anything but free and fair. 

Par for the course as it has been for the past eight years, so we're in for more of the same, albeit thug Frank Bainimarama is now sitting inside Parliament instead of dictating from outside.

The Fiji police remain typically impotent: police commissioner Ben Groenewald tried to pass the Bilitaki case to National Security and Defence but has since announced he'll release a statement on what he calls 'the arrest of Bilitaki.'

This case is destined to be buried just as that of Iowane Benedito and those of the prisoners on remand who were tracked down and beaten like dogs, were swept under the carpet.

The Opposition will have to step up its game if we're going to have any real Parlimentary debate and legislation in the next four years.

The spotlight will be on how SODELPA and NFP work - together and individually - and whether they can keep Fiji First on its toes.

NFP leader Biman Prasad was reportedly an autocrat during the recent elections - will we see this rottweiler streak in Parliament?

SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa was uncertain - will she show good instincts and allow her natural leadership to emerge?


Moose said...

Aiyaz looks like he'll be the one stealing people's lunches.

Kamlesh Kumar, Auckland said...

Why is Aiyarsehole wearing a sulu? He's NOT iTaukei the asshole.

Tomasi said...

Editor, thank you for your observations. A few in response:

1. Given the huge disparity in numbers for voting purposes and the Constitution's insistence on Party voting, the Opposition has to climb Mount Victoria to see any light of ever getting their motions through. E.G. By convention, the Dep Speaker usually comes from the Opposition. That is the fourth evidence so far that the dictatorship culture remains alive and well.
2. Many of us went to university with Prof Biman. My hope is that he develops some people skills to enhance his image, influence and effectiveness.
3. Ro Teimumu must also develop and project that natural leadership skill of the Prime Minstership quality. She must not rely on her traditional social status to engage and win people's respect, attention and appreciation.
4. The Opposition must work together as a solid team. A Shadow Cabinet must be formed and followed through with appropriate resourcing and attention to details and a culture of excellence.
5. The Opposition do not need to increase its numbers during voting. It must increase its influence and authority on matters vital to the people and the nation to win people's respect and admiration. Over time, people will see them as a group of people who genuinely care about our nation, and ones who are fighting for their best interests.
6. The Opposition must never allow Khaiyum and Voreqe to dictate to them nor to use them as rubber stamps. They must send a clear and strong message to the Government that they will do their utmost to ensure that the Government will cease serving the parochial interests of a few at the expense of the nation as a whole.
7. The Opposition must be always smart, fair, and just in everything they say and do. They are already weak in number, but their strength lies in each one of them pledging to do their best and to work as a team to force the ruling FFP to greater transparency, accountability, justice and fainess in all decisions. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

Mukesh : Sonalevu

You don't have to be a white to weAr a pants ... Nor " Ghandhi to wear a lungi .... Nor itaukei .., to wear a sulu ... It's simply a mark of respect ....

Punit said...

There is a large gap between set by the decree rather a committee.

The salaries, inclusive of all allowances, were set in the Parliamentary Remuneration Decree 2014 on Friday.

...the President will receive a non-taxable salary of $130,000, while the Prime Minister will receive a salary of $328,750.

The Minister for Finance portfolio carries a salary of $235,000 while the salaries for Ministers for Health (Jone Usamate), Minister for Education (Dr Mahendra Reddy) and the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport (Pio Tikoduadua) will receive $200,000 each.

The decree also sets a salary of $185,000 each for the other 10 ministers with the five assistant ministers slated to receive $90,000 each.

Other salaries include $150,000 for Speaker of the House, $120,000 for Leader of the Opposition and $50,000 each for members of Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Lokk closer and you'll see Aiyaz is actually wearing his mum's skirt.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kamlesh, Aiyaz got converted by his Mrs, maybe even turned iTaukei. He even took oath on the Bible instead of his beloved Koran. Influences you know! Strangely enough, his father is proud & happy with it.

Anonymous said...

you sure this is a photo of Fiji's parliamentarians? looks like a circus group with some looking like first grade clowns!

hehehe said...

Tee hee!! @ 11.33pm

@ 8.49pm - quick look down, there on your feet! It looks like bullsh!t.

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse will never be iTaukei you bastards. One asshole above talked about respect, what respect? Aiyarsehole trampled on iTaukei so shut the fuck up cos you don't know what you're talking about sonalevu.

Anonymous said...

they stand there like that with a false sense of self-importance thinking the destiny of the country is in their hands. better people have gone to Parliament and are now dead and forgotten. you are by comparision a rather mediocre lot.

Anonymous said...

Good lord does Veena think she is going to the beach for a walk during her shop assistance's job. Look at her shoes and god forbid her clothes. Can she at least dress for her age and decently. Maybe the Mrs Prime Minister and Mrs. Aiyaaz give her some lessons in dress code.

Anonymous said...

The Indians wearing our traditional sulu means they are adopting our culture. Though the mixture of Indian on sulu and turban with sulu seems funny at the start. But an indigenous wearing turban or dhoti would be much like a clown.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz legs looks funny. Not only tiny but crooked.

Anonymous said...

Why is the salary gap so much. Frank paying himself while the Preso paid less then others with much responsibilities. Maths doesn't add up it seems.

KUA NI RERE said...

1)These are the PUPPETS and the string is pulled by QORVIS.

2) Why did it need 4 soldiers to subdue a 60year old man?
I guess the word PUSSIES come to mind.

3) The Opposition Party will have difficulty influencing govt in parliament.I agree with Tomasi.

I do not want to make any suggestions because QORVIS will counter it.....but I hope SODELPA and the Methodist Church... will have WISDOM and figure it out.

LETS START BY SHOWING THE PEOPLE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A FARKED UP GOVT IS LED BY BAINIMARAMA :....just look at Pathology Services by the Second Largest Hospital in Fiji and you'll see what I mean.

NOW PATIENTS CANT HAVE BLOOD TESTS, SO WE DONT KNOW WHETHER THEY have enough bloOd or what kind of infection or Cancer etc etc


WE TOLD YOU SO MANY TIMES you reap what you sow...now you pay!

Anonymous said...

The Police Commissioner has found that wrong arrest procedures were carried out during Josefa Bilitaki's arrest. It was all wrong.

Therefore the police officer in question should be charged.

Under any country's civil law the 4 Army Officers should be charged.

Under the 2013 constitution only perpetrators prior to the election is under immunity so the 4 army in question were idiots and must not be covered by Frando.

Kua Mada said...

The President's salary is non-taxable. PM's salary is taxable.

shah rukh said...

Veena is a bollywood dancer?

Anonymous said...

Those who executed the wrong arrest procedures should be arrested too...following the "wrong arrest procedures" that they themselves executed.

Anonymous said...

All MP's salary are non-taxable.
The salary gap between Bai and Aiyaz and others so high?

Bias because Bainimarama and Aiyaz still pay's themselves. Are they in for money or for citizens welfare?

Pretty sure their responsibilities are mostly carried out by low paid clerks and secretaries.

Anonymous said...

All MP's salary are non-taxable.
The salary gap between Bai and Aiyaz and others so high?

Bias because Bainimarama and Aiyaz still pay's themselves. Are they in for money or for citizens welfare?

Pretty sure their responsibilities are mostly carried out by low paid clerks and secretaries.

Anonymous said...


I earned less than Bainimarama: Qarase
July 09, 2014 04:08:24

Former Fijian Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has disclosed his salary of 2006 and says he earned less than current Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. Qarase has revealed that he received $153,783 which is less than what was declared by Bainimarama in his assets and liabilities declaration to the registrar of political parties.

In his declaration Bainimarama mentioned he receives an annual salary of $230,000 and $48,750 as his allowances, the sum of which amounts to $278,750. ”For the year 2006, as the last elected Prime Minister of Fiji, I received an annual salary of $106,967 and allowances amounting to approximately $18,000. This was a total of $124,967-00,” Qarase said. He said with the increase in the PM’s salary, it meant that Bainimarama’s salary had increased by 115 per cent based on the published information.

“His allowances went up by $30,750-00 or 170%; these huge increases are unprecedented since independence in 1970,” Qarase said. The former politician, who cannot stand now in the upcoming elections because of his conviction, says considering the inflation in the last seven years which is around 45%, the PM’s purchasing power is enormous.

”Also note that in a survey carried out in 2010/11 it was revealed that since 2007 paid employment declined by 3% while incomes declined by a massive 30%." ”A careful examination of the Prime Minister’s published income, assets and liabilities indicates that his declaration is incomplete and misleading.

Income from term deposits and other savings are not shown in his income statement. His savings with the FNPF, which would be a significant part of his assets, are also not revealed. These could be in the order of up to $500,000.00, based on certain calculations. But at any rate he needs to declare them." He said with large salary inflows during the last seven years Bainimarama has very little “net assets” to show for it.

“The people of Fiji who pay him and the ministers are entitled to be given the full details. Bainimarama now enjoys a luxury lifestyle that his predecessors could only dream about. He has achieved this at a time when hundreds of thousands of ordinary people are struggling to put food on the table," he added.

Anonymous said...

Fiji with a smaller population, smaller economy, smaller income then Australia but the salary is ABOVE the AUTRALIAN MP's.

Federal backbenchers take home $195,130 - almost double that earned by British MP's and nearly three times the national average full-time wage.

The average AFL player, however, pulls in about $251,559.

A report tabled in the British House of Commons this week as part of a proposal to index UK MP's annual wage increases to the growth in average earnings, shows that only Italian MP's earn more than their Australian counterparts.

Federal politicians pocketed a 2.4 per cent pay rise this month turning Prime Minister Kevin Rudd into Australia's first political half-million dollar man.
This was the third pay rise for Federal MPs in the past 16 months, delivering a salary boost of $54,220 or more than $1000 a week since March last year.

This increase in MP's pay was in return for losing perks such as global study trips and the closing down of the Gold Pass for retired members.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott's salary has risen to $360,990.

This is just below the $400,000 earned by US President Barack Obama but well above UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who earns around a paltry $235,000 compared to his counterparts.

Anonymous said...

only logical that Bainimarama should enjoy a luxurious lifestyle which other democratically elected PMs could only dream of in an accountable, transparent democracy. Bainimarama is the only true dictator Fiji has had. He remains Fiji's dictatorial ruler only now with a "democratic garb".
You know of ANY dictator who has not enjoyed an opulent lifestyle whilst in power and often even after - with the loot they accumulate while in power?

Anonymous said...

Salaries totally unjustified. A number of these people elected have no political experience and have yet to prove themselves.

Sylvester said...

A variety of looks on these faces ....smiles, half smiles, cocky smiles, lost smiles, no smiles (Biman Prasad), cat that swallowed canary (guess who) and bullshit smiles (guess who).

Anonymous said...

Messy start no speaker or protocol followed with speaker front and middle and pm on one side and opposition leader on other side. Too lame.

Anonymous said...

Salary is unjustified. But they'll argue that we chose them and they can pay whatever to justify their worth.

Biman Prasad rightly argue the point,as to why didn't a committee discuss the pay instead of their own gazetted decree.

We reap what we sow.

Anonymous said...

Of course salary is too high and normal people will pay them.

When cost of living in Fiji gets higher its only right that people living overseas should ask their relatives who they elected.

Whoever says elected or supported them must be left to fetch for themselves to feel the pain of electing the wrong people. One who bluffs people with roads but praises himself by increasing his own salary, drives Pajero and free lifestyle.

People didn't think that all are done from borrowed loans to be paid by the people themselves.

Anonymous said...

There is a vast difference between PM's salary and the ordinary Paliamentarian's. We now deserve this unfairness because we chose and elected this regime.

Vutuki Bai said...

Well well well, Fiji first. You have made your bed, you may now sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

very revealing to watch indo fijians at the gold coast sevens coming dressed up as soldiers...have very short memories of the suffering of all fijians at the hands of the very thugs they are trying to emulate.
Wadan is right...one day these indo fijians will rue the day that they voted for baini and the 2013 constitution...because fiji for fijians will never change...the signs are already there...pretend president has already said that there must be moves to make sure that the itaukei enjoy the benefits of landownership...is this affirmative action in the new fiji??? equal citizenry at law is not like equality in mathematics. one day when the kaiviti decides to block vote, the rest of us minorities will come to suffer the reality of this propaganda of equal citizenry, and the new constitution will be the butt of the rifle that is the weapon of minority rights destruction...and you wonder why the kaivitis say that kaiindia is shrude and calculating???? go figure that out...baini will be your enemy one day soon ....

Anonymous said...

@ 8.36am

Nothing will change if business interests can keep the itaukei 'elite' in their pockets, as they've done before.

So what we're seeing in Fiji is nothing new at all - its the degree and severity of corruption that is the difference between then and now. Puppet Pressie should know that for he was part of both landscapes..

And further, he must know that the cheap "carrot and stick" approach is kinda too obvious to all Fijians...

Anonymous said...

And you may very ask' "then why did they vote the regime back in office?" Two obvious responses:

1. That's hard to know for sure given the controversies hanging over this elections and I'm not just referring to the actual polling day but on the entire electoral process that was compromised from the start. Many have already stated this point.

So the FF 'winners' if they're honest with themselves, can never be confident of their 'win' - considering all circumstances..

And even if they insist in their 'dream win come true' that there was no rigging of the election - they could perhaps ask themselves the obvious Q: if the powerful duo were confident of the nation's support, then why didn't the regime simply step down and hand over the entire electoral process to an independent, interim, administration to run the entire show without any interference from the regime for at least 6 months before elections??

2) the opposition was divided - but that couldn't be helped given the kind of stubborn, compromised, out-of-touch-with-reality, selfish, corrupt, vengeful, personalities that still wanted it all. And in doing so, simply handed a lovely convenient cover to the rigging that we all know took place by the desperate incumbent.

Now you may ask: Then why on earth did an overwhelming majority of Fijians take part in an election that was compromised from the start?

Good question. I too hesitated and only registered during xmas holidays last year because they was no viable alternative to bring about a change if I could.

So i think the obvious response for you is: What alternative did you compromised idiots and critics have to offer them against this small advance towards democracy?


There was no choice but to move along and rebuild the nation in the best way one could. Yes, the election was a small step forward towards democracy and freedom but the opposition was in disarray and made it worse.

So what can we say but life is a journey, stay focused and try not to drop the ball that really matters..

For the powerful duo and cronies - that "ball" could mean holding onto power with all their might for as long as they can.

Kuni Rere said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

why is Khaiyum always standing next to Frank??? Is he going to be the Deputy PM or what???

Tomasi said...

@Anon10.42. Thank you for your comments. Very positive and encouraging. Shows some are still free from the LDV (lying deceitful virus) of Khaiyum and Bai.

@Anon 9.47, very interesting question. But the answer is really made up of two parts. First, Khaiyum is Voreqe's brain. It is absolutely important for us that our PM has his brain when making statements. Otherwise, he will be swearing at people or slapping them across the face.

The second part is even more interesting.Khaiyum is the real PM and Voreqe is the shadow. I hope that answers your question. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

@ Tomasi

Thanks but your response that "some are still free from the lying deceitful virus" is rather strange and also indicates you're out of touch with Fijians in Fiji. Where are you? I take it that you did not vote in this last election?

Tomasi said...

@Anon 11.18 pm. Yes, you are right. I did not vote because I did not want to be part of the scandalous election and its ultimate objective. We knew the whole process was engineered to bring Voreqe to Parliament and so on. We were trying to urge people to boycott the election, set up a caretaker Government and establish a democratic process. Only then could we have an election outcome that truly reflects the will of the people. Also that no matter the election or Parliament, Voreqe will still be the same arrogant and corrupt person in a PM's suit. So that is a lot of time, energy and scarce resources just wasted. The only people who will gain most from tis is Voreqe and his team. Legitimacy, international endorsement, and the formal endorsement of their self imposed Constitution. I opted to have nothing to do with that.

Anonymous said...

The first official photograph of our elected parliamentarians should have been organised properly according to parliamentary protocols.

At the center should have been the Speaker, and to her right should be the PM with senior cabinet ministers, with the Leader of Opposition to the Speaker's left, and senior opposition members.
I did not see the Speaker [she probably did not know there was a photo session], the Opposition leader was at the back.
Funny, the PM was even sidelined, for Ms Eden to take center stage, may be unknowingly. Pictures say a thousand words.
Well, it was probably just a snap short of things to come!

Anonymous said...

Between the announcement of the 2014 general election results and the convening of the new parliament, the salaries decree of parliamentarians was sneaked in.
Why at that time? May be just waiting for a favourable FFP victory! Just guessing.

When we have a parliament, everything of parliamentary nature should go through parliament.
Now even after the election of parliamentarians, we still have decrees, we still have midnight arrests by non police personnel, bashings and beatings, etc.

Are these only indications of more serious dictatorial ways of leadership yet to come?

All actions by each and every citizen should be tested through the court of law. ALL ACTIONS! by ALL FIJIANS should be tested legally.

1000words said...

yes the picture definitely tells you heaps...the favourites are in the middle and front row...expect to be hearing a lot from them..the opposition is impotent thats why they are in the back.
such niceties in public but the hate and animosity is obvious...just like the country..liumuri country...

1001words said...

mmmm...the crawlers are in the front and the backstabbers are at the back...

Tomasi said...

Anon 10.13am. Thank you for your observation and constructive comments. The people must expect the charade of a democracy to continue, since the election and Parliamentary sittings do not automatically change people. Habits die hard and they took many years of practice. Discarding old habits take even longer.

Voreqe can change if he really desires to change.But his old habits have done well for him and his family and cronies. Why would he want to change? I believe he will only change if he is forced to. That is the only language he understands. Force, coercion, intimidation, violence, torture and even murder.

As others have noted, Voreqe really needs help people. National leadership is way beyond his mental and moral capacity and patience threshold.

I think that as the heat builds up, he will opt for the President's position. In that role, he can continue to pretend to be the king of Fiji and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with Mary and the kids and grand kids in their royal palace, with his security guards protecting him.

There will of course be some minor amendments to certain State documents to give him absolute power, absolute immunity, absolute oversight and absolute peace and prosperity until he kicks his bucket.

If that does not happen, then I am afraid he will have to face the Court someday or observe his face in the mirror at St Giles or the Private Hospital somewhere. He needs our prayers folks. The sooner he gets out of the hot seat, the better for our photographers, women, journalists, and our nation.

Anonymous said...

We are all FIJIANS now...huh.Can the PM and A- arse ensure that there is equality everywhere - civil service-currently 80% natives,please change to 50%,military-currently 99% natives should be 50% indo Fijians,police force-currently 80% natives,please change to 50% indo fijians......let's see all your fucked up talk in action.....currently both of you are pathetic....infact you both will remain pathetic forever-but at least you can try to redeem yourselves a little from all the filth and rot you've accumulated in the last 8 years.yuccck....want to throw up.

Mavoa said...

hey mate, thats the whole point about frankys equality...no more races...so you can have 100% merit based...so in reality, in the new fiji, we will have .01% indigenous or itaukei and the rest all "vulagi"...and one day the whole army will be 99.99% vulagi so there will never ever be another coup...thats why franky promises that his coup will be the last one....so my anonymous friend, you will be chucking up for the rest of your short life....lol

KUA NI RERE said...

I hope that your comment was a tongue in cheek one, BUT IF YOU THINK THAT BAINIMARAMA IS HONEST ABOUT "EQUALITY", then you are to be pitied.


HE SAYS SCHOLARSHIPS AND JOBS TO BE MERIT BASED, and then he gives his daughter as CEO of Fiji Sports.

And his murderer brother in law a get-out-of jail card.

Bainimarama does not believe in it.

When he says he wants to get rid of corruption.... THAT IS BULLSHIT....

His govt is the most corrupt govt that ever existed in Fiji.




Mr Bilitaki had Royalty Rights to his hard work...DID BAI PROTECT IT?
He even sent thugs to go and beat up Mr Bilitaki.

Where is the fairplay...
Where is the Work Hard and Get Paid for it?
Where is the Police?
Where is the Justice?


THE POLICE MUST PROSECUTE BAINIMARAMA....otherwise they will be seen as Bainimarama's BITCHES...doing his bidding, and not the upholder of the law
as supposed to be.

PEOPLE WILL LOSE FAITH IN THE FIJI POLICE IF THIS IS HOW THEY ARE GOING TO BEHAVE....then basically you reduce yourself to the level of a dog.

THEY SHOULD NO LONGER BE CALLED "POLICE"... but be called Bainimarama's Dogs"
Bainimarama's Bitches.


Maybe you Police should stop doing Bible Study and go do what you were called to do.

Anonymous said...

Going back to the photograph of our parliamentarians, I noticed our rep with the turban and the 'sulu' also has the RFMF necktie on. What a mix!

I thought that we have more than enough male legs in the front, and we don't need any more female ones, particularly for an occasion like this... 'sa wara me so'a, or it is a'duikadakada' [ things don't seem to match/blend]
Again, their fist picture of a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:26 PM

It must be a pretty sad life you lead to feel the need to make such a diagnosis of that picture.

Anonymous said...

Sa bau sakuca ka vakaloloma dina na i taba qo...who the bloody hell took this photo...the person incharged ofthe Ministry of Information should be fired...so unprofessionally done...what an embrassement! Bunch of amateurs....sa vakaraitaki saraga ni vakaloloma kei na lolovira ni veiliutaki.

Anonymous said...

He's not wearing a sulu. He's wearing a skirt.