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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MPs use maiden speech to target Constitution

Early days yet but the maiden speeches give some idea of who to watch.

SODELPA MP Niko Nawaikula twisted the tiger's tail with his comment the 2013 Constitution did not have the people's mandate and that the best parts should be extracted and the rest discarded.
Niko Nawaikula

“The question I ask Madam Speaker is, Is the 2013 Constitution the People’s will? The straight answer is, it is not and this has been imposed on us."

The lawyer was reprimanded several times by the speaker for saying the Constitution was an interim measure only as Fiji morphs and seeks to achieve true democracy. 

He said a true Constitution reflected the spirit of the people.

“It is common will of the population," said Nawaikula. "It guarantees the rights of all its citizens and by that I mean individual or fundamental Rights, indigenous group rights, Minority rights, Worker’s rights, women’s rights and all other rights that are now established by the UN convention.

“It provides within it mechanisms that provides a clear
Mosese Bulitavu
separation of power, and it provides within it provisions that guarantees accountability, transparencies and good governance."

The leader of the Opposition, Ro Teimumu Kepa, also focused on the Constitution saying the history of the Deed of Cession wasn't even mentioned in it.

"..... according to the pomp and pageantry and ceremony that we witnessed on Friday, 10th October, 2014 this is an important date in the country’s calendar. 

Ro Kepa
"So why is there no inclusion in the 2013 constitution? Something does not quiet add up. This begs the question as  who really is the author of the 2013 Constitution?'

Kepa added the coups have plagued the nation, retarded its development, and cost the country more than $10 billion. 

"Madam Speaker, what His Excellency (Epeli Nailatikau) omitted to say was that ‘coups’ cannot occur or succeed in this country unless the Military is involved and we therefore, look to the new Military Commander to return our military back to the professional and disciplined force it once was and to recommit itself to acting in defence of our people and not against them."

The leader of the National Federation Party, Biman Prasad, also touched on 'genuine democracy' asking "Have the elections and the re-opening of Parliament re-established checks and balances, and fair-play?"

Fiji 'rule of law'.

He said the media, employment and political parties decrees must be repealed because they "were imposed without the participation of the aggrieved parties."

'Now is the chance to consult all our people directly or through their elected representatives in accordance with Section 173 of the 2013 Constitution."

Fiji First leader and 2006 coup leader Frank Bainimarama defended the Constitution telling parliament he hadn't wanted 'to remove the civilians we had appointed to take our nation forward.'

He claimed the 'tough decision' was "necessary to keep Fiji united, to prevent large numbers of our people from being relegated to second or third class citizens, to halt the spiralling out of control corruption and elitism and begin the task of reforming our society from the ground up."

Bainimarama insisted the 'radical intervention in 2006' was the only way of getting Fiji back on track' and the country now has a "constitution that not only guarantees genuine equality and genuine democracy, but provides Fijians with a range of unprecedented socio-economic rights."

He was at pains to thank both the RFMF and the judiciary for
Biman Prasad
"supporting the reform process, especially those who came from Sri Lanka to join other Judges and Magistrates who stood by our nation when we needed them allowing the genuine rule of law in Fiji' to prevail.

That same 'law' was referred to by SODELPA MP, Mosese Bulitavu, who apologised for his role in "Fiji's recent political history."

Bulitavu is one of five charged with sedition over anti-regime graffiti.

He told Parliament he had "strong political aspirations for the things that indigenous Fijians and a freedom fighter like me hold so dear" but hoped to be "acknowledged as equally useful as other members of parliament without stain or prejudice..."

Bulitavu's case has yet to be heard.


Anonymous said...

Well said Hon Nawaikula. Very clear and well articulated speech. Hope that common sense will prevail and open dialogue will commence soon on this very sensitive issue.

Anonymous said...

Well the Bible clearly states,"spare the rod and spoil the child..." sometimes a slap will do some people good.This is Fiji not Paris.Sa tukuni ga "Kua na veitaba" ia me kua,a cava tale.O keda eda vakaisulu taki mai vale enai tovo vakaviti kei na veidokai.The threat of coup made by Nawaikula was made against Govt eight years, ago.nothing new.ia, Dou qai sotavi iratou mada na Lions of the Desert era tiko oqori e Delai Nabua.Sa tovolea oti na CRW sega ni macala o cei ena via saga oqo,noqui vakasala,tatau rawa mai nomudou vale kei na koro baleta ni o na sega ni raici ira tale,me dau kaya la oratou mai na Tebara, "its a one way traffic lol"

Anonymous said...

Totoka na nomuni vosa na i to ni veisaqa. Sa na qai matata mai vei keda na lewe i Viti na vei ka kece erau cakava tiko o Bai kei Kai meda vakuwai kina na iTaukei. Erau sa mai tovolea merau vakamalumalumutaki keda e na levu na lawa tawadodonu.

Maro said...

go for it Niko

Anonymous said...

Of course the Bainimarama Khaiyum Constitution 2013 is a constitution that has been IMPOSED on the people of Fiji with the connivance of the spineless self-serving President Ratu Ulukau. THAT is a FACT.
We don't get our facts from listening to what Bainimarama or Khaiyum says, do we?
And the "Madam Speaker" is a stooge.

Kamlesh said...

Bainimarama and Khaiyum should go and screw each other in a cassava patch. They're both assholes.

Anonymous said...

The least you gang in the Opposition can do - for the good of the country - is to speak your mind freely and to state the truth and not get sidetracked with all the parliamentary politeness and meowing and bullshitting. Tell it like it is. And good on you Niko for doing that.

Anonymous said...

anon 0821
setiseti boci

Mukesh said...

The maiden speech of SODELPA candidates clearly shows how immature these politicians are. This shows that the politicians are still causing divisions within the communities. Furthermore, the oppositions leaders comments that Radio Fiji TV was given exclusive right is dumbfounded. In Australia, commercial TV stations do not telecast the stupid parliament sessions. Why would an ordinary citizen waste his/her time watching their elected members debate, instead they should concentrate on their livelihood. SODELPA members should need to move out of inner circle if they want to become next government.

Anonymous said...

No, what you get from Bainimarama, Khaiyum and their cronies is not facts. It's propaganda. Or, worse da , tatti, veka, poo, shith !!
Bai and Kai especially are moo kolo tatti falas. Not a word out of their moo - mouth is to be believed. They are both compulsive liars.

Anonymous said...

No common sense will not prevail. You won't get that from the gang in power. They will continue in the same vein - manipulating and controlling, propagandizing and lying. It is the duty of the Opposition to expose their lies at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

isa se mosi vei koko na druka vakaiyanaqa ena veidigidigi, ni waraka,e sega ni balavu na 4 na yabaki oqo,sa dua tale na veidigidigi,waraka,namaka.Ia, na noqu rai ena macala ni veidigidigi oqo: Fiji First wins 42 seats Sodelpa 7 NFP 1.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 12.26pm and Anon 12.50 am, Well said. Vinaka. Given their track record and the sad events of assaults and decree ruling by the BaiKhai Administration, the questions for the Opposition members and for us as a nation who embrace the fundamental democratic values and principles are:

If this administration continues on its course as they had done for the last seven years, what ought we to do? Must we wait for another four years or do we get out of our spectator seats and take the necessary action to make changes? Must we draw a non negotiable RED LINE? Where do we draw the RED LINE that they must never cross?

I suggest we should consider this as we continue to watch the truth as it unfolds on the public stage of Parliament. Interesting times ahead. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Defeat the 2015 Budget and dissolve parliament...and have new election!!!For those of you in FFP you will show the general public that you are not there for your own opportunity of greed motive...$$$$$$$$!!!!You board the FFP with guilt in your heart!!
All educated FFP parliament must stand for the country not Bainimarama.The guilt of letting it go or go with the flow will haunt you till you die.

Anonymous said...

Rt Naiqama is leading from the front.That the type of questions need to be asked,what plans does Govt in relation to Ebola Virus.Once a Police Officer who went to Cambodia on UN Mission returned and infected his wife,new born child and he also died,whilst his other friend went out for honky dorry stuff and infected a whole district in Bua.Vinaka Ratu.

Anonymous said...

FFP parliamentarian should reject the salary out right and ask for good enough perk that goes with it.

Laurai vakamalua jilojilo levu kei na kocova sa jiko....sa jiko vei koya!!!

kemuni na tokona jiko na matanitu qo....qo nai murimuri ni matanitu e vuravura.
e ra liutaka na lialia ia era kocokoco
era liutaka na vuku ia era yalowai
Era tokona ga o ira na tamata kocova nai lavo ena sala rawarawa duadua....qo sa vakaraitaki ni sa leca na Kalou ena bula yadudua ni tamata.

Anonymous said...

what plans can this Government have for Ebola? It hardly has any decent supply of kanikani lotion in its hospitals and health centres?

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 8.21am - vakacava me ra kau mada yani na lion of the desert qori i na buca ni valu me ratou lailaurai mada. Kua na mai vakateqateqa tiko ga i Viti. Kacabote ga mai na dakai mai Syria dou lave liga, soli muaimuri tiko...sa rauta mada na mai vakateratera tiko i Viti. Biu mada na dakai mo dou qai laurai...dou na rairai muria sobu ga nomu dou i liuliu ena veitavioka qai tawa sobu nomudou tarausese...hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

@ Annon 8:21...hahahahahahah....o ira na pusi mai delainabua....rough tiko i viti...yaco yani Syria, luva na sese, brace tale vei ira na ISIS......ratou gunu cone ice cream tale....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tako/Lavo said...

The writing is on the WALL wake up iTaukei...your Rights as an Indigenous have weaken by the Degree from last 8 years....FREEBIES from the GOVT is good..but being an alien in the land that your fore fathers shed blood is something to think about..and its being told that these people the VASU are like CAMEL which can go through a needle

Kamlesh Kumar said...

NZ PM's salary is $384,000. The minimum wage in NZ is $14.50. PM Fiji's salary is $348,000. The minimum wage in Fiji is $2.15. All ministers in NZ are paid the same salary of $243,000. How come ASK's salary is $235,00. The Leader of Opposition is paid same as the Ministers in NZ. How come she is only paid $120,000in Fiji. Where is fairness and equality preached by FF. You guys will fall as Rabuka and Qarase did. The salaries are too high for Minister

Anonymous said...

Lione ni na Delainabula.....hahahaha....ni yavu sonalevu....yavavala mai Syria white flag tiko...mai vakateratera tikoga ga Viti threat taka tiko na lewanivanu...ni yavu lamulamu...sa oni kauta mai na vakamadua vua na mataivalu rogo ni Viti....ni veivutu...ni yavu ulukau...ni vakamuria tu e dua na lialia sega ni vuli vakataki Voreqe...ni na qai vuli ni naica...bunch of cowards

Anonymous said...

Karavakimtomtell and Nawaikula both sound like idiots who don't understand they re now in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Toothless lions...caught with their tails behind their backs. Lions amongst the sheep's but puppy dogs amongst wolves...da galu madaga ni da sa boidada oti mai....ha ha

Anonymous said...

@Tako/Lavo 5:57 PM

The only way you will become an alien is if you continue to put such a high importance on anything that is free.

Get off your ass, work hard, become something, earn respect and YOU will control your own destiny.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar, from memory you're a staunch sapota of Baimagaitinamu and Aiyarse. That's what you get you asshole. Shithead.

Anonymous said...

AG is full of lies and back steps when challenged like a sissy!
If all media had access to Parliament sessions then what is the news below! Does anyone know that only FBC Photographer was allowed to take photos from inside the Parliament as well. Check their book page. Wake up Fiji you gave been lied, lied and lied and fooled by this man. Get rid of him before he becomes a dictator. Not too far now, he will take full control

Posted by: Newsteam in Headlines, News 11 days ago Comments Off 881 Views

By: Geoffrey Smith

Unfortunately Fiji TV cameras was restricted from taking any videos from inside the new Parliamentary chambers this morning.
Last week a notification from the Secretary General to Parliament stated that because of limited space in the public gallery, only the Department of Information will photograph the opening and proceedings inside Parliament.
The statement added that footage will also be made available after the event upon request.
When this bulletin was prepared, that footage was still not forthcoming.

Fiji set to celebrate independence day
Nadalo elected Deputy Speaker of the House

Anonymous said...

you guys will grieve and gripe for 4 more years but nothing will eventuate,as usual.cry and weep to comfort your sorrow for they have just begun.The threats of coup and civil disturbance and violence is nothing new,we have been hearing it for 9 years now,if a child was born in 2006 he would be in class 3 by now that is how long your threats have taken,now they sound more like empty vessels.like Diwali firecrackers ,lots of noise and bangs but full of smoke and nothing,yes NOTHING.So you all are a bunch of NOTHINGS.Well CRW tried it but got ripped apart and eaten alive by the LIONS OF THE DESERT at Delai Nabua.Their naked and humiliating pictures shown here for Fiji and the whole world to see.NOTHINGS.In I-Taukei setting of ranks you guys must be a NOTHING from your village,sorry if this is true.hehehehehe.

Anonymous said...

2anonymuos 12:23
you mean "pussies of the desert".
That's what Tikoitoga called them and that is what they are. Lowlife pussies.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 9:23AM

Mr Bilitaki "got off his ass and worked hard". He wrote a song which Bainimarama used for his POLITICAL Party Anthem, then when Mr Bilitaki asked for payment for his hard work.....he got bashed...

So apparently if you are being honest and work hard and demand what rightfully belongs to you IN FIJI YOU WILL GET BASHED.....EVEN THE PRIME MINSTER IS AUTHORISING THAT...so what is the ordinary citizen to do when this is THE EXAMPLE SET BY THE LEADER OF THIS COUNTRY.... It is no wonder there is increased crime in Fiji...WHAT THE FARK DO YOU EXPECT...


Anonymous said...

What did you expect from someone who the freedom of the people of Fiji. What did you expect from someone who stole millions from the people of Fiji. What did you expect from someone who stole a Party name. What did you expect from someone who stole an election.

Its normal for the guy.

Anonymous said...

In his not maiden speech Ratu Inoke Kubuabola said he was so thankful to the PM for returning Fiji to parliamentary government. Ratu Inoke Kubuabola is like the bighole prostitute acting the virgin.

Tako/Lavo said...

October 17, 2014 at 9:23 AM

fuck your Father...it seems you are a FF party cock sucker....Iam concern of my race the iTaukei who are the owner of resources in this LAND but the constitution is anti iTaukei

Anonymous said...

Tu mai vei o ira sotia sonalevu qori...levu ga na vosa...solia mai na dakai vei keda me ra qai macala mada sega ni ra bully tiko...ra vicai..

Kua Mada said...

Tako/Lavo if the constitution is anti itaukei than why itaukeis have voted FF in droves. You are a loser and suffer from mental disorder. Explain to us how itaukeis are threatened. I am an itaukei, explain to me how our resources are threatened. It is SVT/SDL who have destroyed this country. By the way I am not indo-Fijian but have links in the military.

Tako/Lavo said...

October 17, 2014 at 6:23 PM

There they are another cock sucker...The Fiji Military....hahaha mai Syria surrender tale...links to the Military vacava meu Rere...We are the First Fijian to set foot on this LAND and Iam from NAVOSA

Anonymous said...

Kua Mada
Becos of bribery ra luveni ulukau!

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Nawaikula was absent from parliament yesterday as Bainimarama threatens him.

He now fears for his life. The way to go now is to get rid of the bad apple Bainimarama from taking matters into his own hand.

The police need to have a closer look at the kind of Prime Minister this crook is creating for threatening everyone who questions him.

The whole threatening and bullying of civilians must STOP.

Police must take Bainimarama to task for once and for all.

Tomasi said...

May I suggest that Voreqe has been displaying serious systems of mental disorder over the last seven years. His words and actions tell us that he is not fit to be a Member of Parliament, neither the PM of Fiji.

For the sake of the country, I urge the FFP to take their leader for review at St Guiles. It is their duty of care to their party leader and their solemn duty to the nation. Should the FFP fail in their duty, then I suggest that the Opposition move the motion to have the PM visit St Guiles for review. His trauma from 2000 has affected him deeply. And his vile and criminal behaviour has deteriorated. he must be removed and given professional help for his sake and the nation.

I am afraid that if the above is not done, our PM is bound to commit more serious crimes. That will be bad for him, his FFP, his family and the nation. He is already a disgrace to our nation, regardless of the spin that QORVIS has done. We need excellent leaders to lead our nation. Bainimarama and Khaiyum are both unfit to lead. They must get professional help and be cleared before they continue. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Mukesh watching Parliamentary debates will be one of the ways to educate the people of Fiji on issues.Clearly the Indian people are just worried about their livelihoods and watch those stupid Hindi serials which has no relevance to their lives....except to learn more katch katch.Comparing our selves to Australia OR NZ is terms of educated voters is not even a comparison.People in these countries have excess to political education from when they are in primary school,these are developed countries you're talking about....so please put things into perspective before giving advise.

Anonymous said...

Tako/Lave sona, gunu ni ko mai bolebole tiko vakavaeitalia eke,ra sona levu,Mai cavuta tiko na nomu vanua me ka ni nomu sona.kau ni vakarerevaki tiko,na nomudou timi ni rakavi e thrash taki vei neitou timi mai Cakaudrove e nomudou dela ni yavu,Lautoka se Western.A cava o kemudou taudua dau dauni valu,se tamata qaqa ena i valu? Caiti tamamu.Luveni ba'ola i tubumu!!!

wairuaruaboy said...


gone ni colo said...

October 18, 2014 at 1:15 PM
ei tou dau ania...

baraca kilai iko ena link i cake qori

Anonymous said...

Opposition you are doing great. When people start to do crazy things like this government, they are rattled. The end is nigh. God is not mocked. He will repay.

Continue to speak the Truth Niko. WE are with you and praying for you and all the opposition. God is our strength. He is not a God who likes murderers, liars, thief, persecutors or cowards.

His time is coming soon.

"Vengeance is Mine".

Suomynona said...

No surprize there as the constitution reflects nothing about the people's needs