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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How will Fiji repay the $US20m Qatar paid to free soldiers?

Fiji soldiers freed: at what price?
There'll be many issues for the Opposition to dig into with the budget due later this month but one it can't lose sight of is the deal made by the regime with Qatar to free the 45 peacekeepers.

A deal was made that much is certain: we're only missing the finer details. 

Some of the answers are already there for us: look to the speech Epeli Nailatikau gave detailing the plans of 'his government'. We quote:

"With a view to reducing fuel prices and increasing our
Israel TV footage: UN finalising deal with Al  Nusra
buying power, my government will follow the lead of Mauritius in taking control of the import of all fossil fuel, such as petroleum and gas, in place of the existing private companies. We will call for international tenders for the supply of fuel and the existing companies will then buy that fuel from the government.

"As well as being able to negotiate lower prices in the international marketplace, the government will generate revenue from the sale of fuel, establish price stability and be able to pass on the benefits of competitive prices to consumers."

Fiji has tried this before and it did not work: it ended up in debt. But what's in it for the key players who hustled the deal: Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Inoke Kubuabola and Robin Nair?

So much of Fiji has already been sold to China; we need to know what else is now being peddled without our knowledge or mandate.

This was a deal, too, that narked the international community: while the United Nations insisted it didn't deal
Robin Nair: Fiji Day in Abu Dhabi
with terrorists, it facilitated negotiations for Qatar to pay the US$20m ransom sought by Al Nusra.

Israel TV footage clearly shows UN officials and Al Nusra finalizing the deal, despite the US and the UK saying they don't negotiate with terrorist organisations and even as the terrorists continue to hold and behead journalists and aid workers.

Qatar pays ransom: international report


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Hall of Shame said...

UN has lost all credibility. It is a rogue organisation that needs to be censured or ignored by the international community. Fiji has lost its moral compass when you have carpet beggars, crooks, treasonists, corrupt judges and lawyers presenting Fiji's case to UN Human Rights


yes FINAPECO was a disaster for the government...Ratu Mara's government after Rabuka's coup to bypass the established oil companies ended up in a big payout by the Fiji taxpayers running into millions of dollars....history repeats itself...and these idiots think they can fight the big oil companies???? what a bunch of clowns....

Anonymous said...

Ask vili he knows the answer lmao

Anonymous said...

Another bull story on this blog.
Fiji has not paid a single cent.
Where do you get all this bull?
A sign of losers and very very very desperate to find any thing that will discredit the FF govt.
FF will rule and you guys can cry till the cows come home!

Anonymous said...

Wow...more sensationalizing stories...no wonder the poor villages do not know any better...Was it Qarase who made this claim...c'mon guys..our boys lives have been saved. No blood was spilt. Mothers, fathers, children, brothers and sisters rejoiced when our boys were saved...You guys...wow your hatred and dislike has no bounds...God forgive you when you stand in judgement.

Anonymous said...

I would not mind my tax being spent on saving the lives of our countrymen.


C4.5, Do you have any evidence that the $20 million ransom money is gonna be paid back or this is just one of your UCU MAI DURU stories like you always publish.This is a website of devil worshippers and liars. HAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHE.


Coup 4.5, you really are the lowest forms of life on this planet. What a bunch of desperate losers.Zero credibility. Zero morals. In the next election, your stooges will be wiped out and and their fat propagandist will have died of a heart attack.

critique said...

Nur Bano Ali must be included in Fiji's Hall of Shame. See FijiLeaks Khaiyum's aunty milked taxpayers to the last drop: Regime paid Nur Bano Ali's Aliz Pacific over Half A Million Dollars to re-structure Rewa Dairy Comapny Ltd!
Regime supporters making hay while the sun was shinning on the them.
Now I better understand why Fiji Muslims in Australia almost invariably supported or defended the Bainimarama dictatorship in Fiji. It's the Muslim connection.

Anonymous said...

C 4.5 you are doing a fine job of keeping us informed and exposing things that the Bainimarama mob would like to keep hidden from public scrutiny.
People who poo poo you are regime thugs

Anonymous said...

@critique 8:32 AM

Do you have the same backward fixed views of everything in life?

Are you such an ignorant uneducated person that your knowledge of life only allows you to put everything within stereotype grouping?

Are you simply a dirt bag?


@ 8.47am

I dont see anything wrong with Critique's statement.

Its the truth.

You simply cant change truth.

You're a dirty bag yourself. UN has just told your sly Strategist Aiyaz and his band of merry men to review the Constitution which is, in case you havent realised, is NOT OF THE PEOPLE!

critique said...

@Anon 8.47 Am The Muslim connection in the Bainimarama regime is WRIT LARGE. What's your problem? Are you mentally blind? Are you a Muslim who has profited from the regime?

Anonymous said...

Its really really sad that indigenous ceremonies are now abused to glorify the infidels sitting in the chair and the traitors in Fiji....

Anonymous said...

yea also so sad that foreign ceremonies (washing of feet) are now used to glorify the infidel sitting in the chair and the illegal government side.

Anonymous said...

Thank you critique for bringing that FijiLeaks article on Aunty Nur to our notice here.
It just confirms the Bai-Kai regime as thug rulers who bestowed favours to their backers

Anonymous said...

Another regime bajaru to be inducted to the Hall of Shame is Madame Nazhat Shameemee.
This is what she said in an address to the Office of the Auditor General on 5 Dec, 2012 " An institution in trouble will often delay a report of bad news for as long as possible".
Is that why the Auditor General's report took 8 years to be made public - because the rot would have been TOO MUCH for the Bainimarama-Khaiyum thug regime?

Anonymous said...

Reading through the last weeks and today's daily we see too many debts by the current government.

With the overseas real estate overtaking our costs.

Now include the $20M debt will only makes life in Fiji much tougher.

First things first clean up the human rights abuse

Anonymous said...

It is very sad to see Prophet Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum not being honoured in his own country by his opponents. A Prophet is never honoured in his own country. Prophet Khaiyum is a much honoured visionary in the international community especially the Muslim world and by regime thugs in Fiji like Fredfricker Elbourne and Vili Silly Rakoro and by all the crooked people who have benefited by backing him.

Anonymous said...

Frederick asks...If Bainimarama is a thug to the 35% of Itaukei voters who did not vote for Bainimarama, what than is Rabuka and George Speight to you. These two men toppled the country economically. Frank stabilized the country during his brilliant reign. Love it.

Samuela said...

Dopey Frederic-ka ULULALA

The difference is that the two treasonous culprits werent as CORRUPT AND EVIL like Franco.

Franco was a TYRANNICAL DICTATOR CUM THUG. Get it or no?

Anonymous said...

Now the Fiji Airways CEO is another to leave job proves something smelly about the airline.

Samuela said...


Yes the AG Report would have damaged the 2 THUGS FRANCO & AIYAZ before elections.

Very smart and cunning. It will catch up to them anyway and I dont think their supporters will like that. They ALL love nesting under the creeps umbrella.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:59am


Let's hear your proof that it suggests something other than a perfectly natural occurence.

Vutuki Elbourne said...

Vutuki Elbourne
hey Fredrika , there is a police report on you at Samabula Police Station for shoving The Big Black One up Meli Bainimarama's rectum.

Meli wont be happy when he finds out the truth about what you did with Hosana.

So stop your bullshit because we know you.
You creep.

Vutuki Rakoro said...

I was talking to Hon Tanya Plibersek MP and she says the only way Australia will allow free movement is if we annex Fiji and make it a colony of Australia.

Vutuki Rakoro said...


1) One option is to make Fiji a Refugee Center , like Manus Island.
ie We send you more Muslims, who then can become Fijians, since your Attorney General wants to make your island a muslim state
and in return we offer regular employment in Australian Farms, fruit picking etc.

2) The other option is you take the Muslim Refugees and make them Fijians, and we pay you money, so that you can pay your debts to China.
Kill 2 birds with one stone. Problem solved ie You become a Muslim Country and you pay your debts.

Anonymous said...

can satendra nandan and rajendra prasad of tears in paradise shed some light on the auditors report please--the $500 paid to aunty nur bano etc.--

mayday mayday mmm.. said...



Pichler's exit

Felix Chaudhary
Wednesday, November 05, 2014

THE resignation of Stefan Pichler as managing director and CEO of Fiji Airways and board chairman of Tourism Fiji has sent shockwaves through the aviation and tourism industries.

Mr Pichler's sudden announcement yesterday morning that he was stepping down to take up an offer from the German Government to rejuvenate Air Berlin was described as "sudden and unexpected".

With tourism in the midst of a boom and expected to rake in more than $1.4billion this year and Fiji Airways expecting to report a record profit after posting $17.2m for the first six months of the year, many were perplexed to hear of his exit ­— especially on the eve of the acquisition of new aircraft, a decision he played a key role in.

Anonymous said...

Satendra nandan says Fiji mango nice on the outside but rotten inside. the same with the Bai-kai regime. all fancy speech to the outside world, the UN, the Commonwealth etc BUT rotten corrupt and huam rights abusing governance inside the country. The Auditor-General's report captures one dimension of that bad governance. there is more. I only supported the regime for my own selfish interest. With the Thug Rulers it's safer to be seen to be onside. You know what happened to those offside... I don't like a thick finger up my bum.
Rajendra Prasad says he had tears in his eyes when he read the Auditor General's report. He says he had a blocked nose so he couldn't smell the shit that was happening in Fiji. He thought it was just that old shit smell from the Rarawai Mill...

Unknown said...

I see I haven't even comment here yet I've already been mentioned. Some people just can't get enough of me ey.

If I have to weigh in on these it will be simple. The government had 2 choices, pay 20 mil for our boys life or don't pay it and face the possibility of some of them dying or even worse all of them.

So the question I'll put out to the SODELPA supporters is if you were in the government's position what would you do? Bearing in mind whatever you decide you may have to face the families and friends of them soldiers.

Let's simplify it for a sec here. Say you were a SODELPA MP who blocked the government paying 20 mil and the boys all got killed.

You get approached by the families of them soldiers. Kids with tears in their eyes for loosing their Dad they look at you and ask why did you block the 20 mil?

What will you tell them?

Unknown said...

@ 12.41 pm

She says the only way to get free movements is to dump their shite. I raise her no you misunderstood us, we're not begging you for free movements we're telling you give it to us then we'll ease back on the Pacific Islands forum revised membership plan that includes kicking you out.

We don't need your money we can get it from elsewhere as we've proven for the last 8 years. The US is pressuring you to maintain influence in the region and you're using the forum to achieve that. We'll take that away from you unless you give us free movements between our citizens.

You have a choice either continue with the forum and influence or give us free movements. Your call. Oh by the way if you're out of the forum it means your precious asylum centre in PNG will be out too because we'll make sure of that. And we'll give China one of our 300 islands to set up camp for their Naval and Air force base. Your friend the US will love that.

Anyways I'm off for a kava session call me when you've come to your senses about free movements.

The Thief said...

hey vili boy, your hero says of the nbf saga and his policy now - if you rob the bank, the elephant will step on you.
wonder if he will step on himself...not likely

Vutuki Rakoro said...

@Viliboci 2:07
Well you can continue with your Look North Policy to China.
Australia has good relationship with China. We know they did manouvres recently near Australia.

If you guys don't want to deal with Australia and NZ that's fine.
You can then may be travel to China and play rugby there.
With your new airline I'm sure you can all afford to go there.

I'm sure you'll all feel at home there, with all their "democracy" and freedoms.
Good luck to you mate!

Anonymous said...

Frederick says to Samuela...you got drawn into my question like a fly to shit....Well where do we start with Rabuka and Speight;

1. Economic downturn.
2. Corruption at its highest with military.
3. Looting by SODELPA (SDL/ SVT supporters. You all same lot.
4. Brutal beating, raping and killing of Indians and Fijians.
5. Kidnapping
6. Hostage taking
7. Constitution forced upon its people
8. Rabuka PM - from 1994 at the behest of you his supporters.

I can carry on with the list but an idiot like you can only see the tip of your nose and you have luka and all sorts of shit coming out of it. Go wipe your nose and your ass whilst your at it.

Oh we prayed for Rabuka and Speight and God has forgiven them but he has not forgiven Frank. Good one Samuela.

Vutuki Rakoro said...

Please don't call muslims "shite".
I thought you are not racist.

What we are suggesting is you accommodate these muslim asylum seekers and they can become Fijians.
And we pay you money.

You need money, don't you?

And then when you want to travel overseas for your holidays, you can go to China or Pakistan.
I've been to those countries and they are very beautiful.
I'm sure you Fijians will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Frederick says...funny how you bloggers are so brave swearing and saying all sorts of nonsense on this site only because you remain anonymous. What cowards....Despite you guys disliking him, the only persons who has any credibility are Semi Meo, Rajend Naidu. The rest of you are probably bent over in some sweaty internet café, shifting sites between porn and blog. Lol...you guys are a joke and the Nauluvatu institution continues to fill up with patients.

Anonymous said...

billy goat, which coconut tree did you fall from...fiji has no bargaining powers anywhere else except in fiji land...not even in the pacific. so dont fool yourself mate. you only parrot the tough but comical talk of bai/kai...see how they have to undo their repressive decrees and constitution now that the powerful nations of the UN have directed kaiyum to do...the only way he can avoid that is to isolate fiji from the rest of the world and align with the likes of north korea...pigs fly they say.

Vutuki Elbourne said...

You said "you got drawn into my question like a fly to shit....""
You are right...He is the fly and you are the shit...
lol lol lol lol lol.

Anonymous said...

and fred elbow, which banana tree did you fall from??? lol...anonymaty does not mean one is gutless or a liar. so funny that you put your name to your idiotic racist uniformed biased posts with absolutely no shame...you are no hero fred, just an idiot of immense proportions....lol

Anonymous said...

Why waste money to bring back these
useless bastards?
I would have ask
the terrorists to cut their frieken heads off?
Bring them back to do what?
Beat up on our law abiding citizens again?
Keep terrorizing our law abiding citizen?
Pull coup on our legitimate Governments,killed our
people at will?
What do we do with
crazy wild animals?
Yes we put them down?
Kill the bastards?
We should have done the same with
Bai&Khai & hanged that chief justice bastard-Gates.

Unknown said...

@ 2.44 pm

Firstly you're anonymous second you start your debate with swearing and cursing words and you expect people to support you great. Good luck boy.

Now what I'm proposing the free movements agreement isn't for me that's pretty obvious. I'm okay personally I've travelled and gave a career that allows me to go and work in Australia or New Zealand if I choose to. Therefore I'm not the one whose selfish here boy, you are. But hey if you want to continue making yourself look like an ass be my guest.

Australia has a good relationship with China because they're no match for China. Against us and the other Pacific Islands forum members they've acted like a arrogant up your nose type. For the past 8 years we've decided and successfully to treat them exactly how they have treated us. They didn't like it and cried to the whole world about it but now they've learned they cannot bully nor influence us anymore.

They however continue that attitude with other Pacific Islands forum members. And now we're choosing to challenge that too. And their media are screaming loudly with our proposed revised plan of the forum that includes kicking them out. We've not only told but shown the other forum members that they don't have to take Australia and New Zealand patronising attitude anymore.

If we push ahead with our forum revised plan Australia will be worried because that will show the US that they're loosing influence in our region which could lead to them dealing with us directly. And that will render Australia obsolete in our region. They may have more money than us but other countries have even more then them. Whatever aid they give other countries can match or better it.

We may not be stronger financially than them but we're stronger position wise in terms of foreign relation and geographical location. Australia have alot more to loose then us by not being a member of the Pacific Islands forum. Also they don't have a back up forum incase they're not a member anymore. We do with our Pacific Islands Development Forum. So if we fail to kick them out we'll enhance our POF that doesn't include them as members.

In the previous topic one blogger commented saying how she's studying and her bro in Australia is sending money back to support her and their mum and she's hoping her bro sets her up with a job. There are thousands others struggling like her. And she said if we have free movements that will help her so much but she thinks it would only take a miracle.

It's for our citizens like that whom we owe to dream big and be bold enough to dare ask the big questions like free movements. Rather then fighting amongst ourselves let's team up and fight for Fiji with ideas so that when we're at the negotiating table with Australia we have a good chance of achieving the impossible. That female students said it takes a miracle I say yeah let's work on getting you and the others that miracle.

Unknown said...

@ 3.13 pm

Wow so these is the truth about you SODELPA supporters ey. We FF supporters wants everyone to be treated equally and called Fijian. You lot want to kill I Taukei's. Want to take us back to cannibalism. And you wonder why you lost.

Anonymous said...

Dude don't try to talk smart about Australia coz they don't give two fuck about you black asses in Fiji. Take your smart talk and shove it where the sun don't shine

Anonymous said...

bula silly billy. we are not all sodelpa supporters. the only ones killing the itaukei are the ff supporters. thats the truth. you can call everyone what ever u want but that does not mean you will treat everyone equally. thats what bai and kai have done. now the real experts in human rights are trying to teach the truth. your propaganda does not work in this modern time...sodelpa did not lose. ffp cheated.

Unknown said...

That would have been more believable if your foreign minister wasn't cosying up to our foreign minister offering seasonal workers agreement, military agreement, education agreement, aid money and drinking grog with us. Face it dude you care alot about us. You love us.

Unknown said...

@ anonymous 3.40 pm

You talk about human rights yet you wanna kill us. When you say expert in human rights do you mean the UN. Well before those experts teaches us tell them to stop over first in the US and UK and ask them about Iraq and Afghanistan. Then go to Russia and ask about Chechnya. China about Tibet. Zimbabwe. North Korea. Israel and Palestine.

Anonymous said...

Qatar is the world's richest country per capita and has the highest human development in the Arab World; furthermore, it is recognized as a high income economy by the World Bank.[17][18] Qatar has the world's third largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves in excess of 25 billion barrels. Qatar has become an influential player in the Arab world. Qatar supported several rebel groups during the Arab Spring both financially and by asserting global influence through its expanding media group, Al Jazeera Media Network.[19][20][21] Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, becoming the first Arab nation to do so.

Anonymous said...

You know all you political people all i have to say is satan is a loser man!!!!...... enjoy my world and watch the video this is what you people need


Vutuki Rakoro said...



You said "if you want to continue making yourself look like an ass be my guest.Australia has a good relationship with China because they're no match for China."...

Sorry wrong ASSUMPTION...AGAIN..

@Vili you assume too many things and they are usually wrong and it makes you look like a primary school kid with your arguments..

Question : why do you think Australia has good relations with China ?...lol
Common billy, smartarse like you should have got it right the first time.

Anonymous said...

cchhheeeeehooo satan is a loser!!!!

Anonymous said...

vili boci, thats the kinda human rights argument bai/kai is preaching u guys...because theres shit everywhere else, fiji can do shit...u just love yourself man. idiot.

Unknown said...

@ 4.11 pm

We all know about the trade relationship between them. That's business as Usual for China.

However in Australia, there has been an ongoing debate about how Australia should handle its relationships with both the US and China in the face of a China that is being perceived as more assertive by the US, its allies and other nations in the region especially Fiji. There are questions around how Australia balances its alliance commitments against its economic dependence on China.

Unknown said...

And the one you guys teach is to kill Fiji's sons in the Military. Freaking hypocrisy knows no boundaries

Anonymous said...

oso baci start again with politics man. Remember satan is always the loser man!.


Anonymous said...

Rainmaker said that the Constitution is not of the people,yeah your right it is not of Sodelpa sapotas but IT IS OF FIJI FIRST PARTY SUPPORTERS.We the members of the FFP support the Constitution.Many Vakil's have said that it is detrimential to the i-taukei etc,etc,etc but it hasnt been implemented to test its effect on all culture,religion and race etc,etc,etc.
ANOTHER IDIOT SAYS THAT AUST DOESNT GIVE a DAMN ABOUT FIJI,Hey you are way off,way off saraga,The Aust Minister has just departed Fiji after two days and has left us with 5 good news.Its a Christmas Present from Aust to Fiji.They want us to welcome them into our arms.All the sanctions have been lifted,well,well so what's new? Well done Nazhat Shameem, you deserve a medal.The Fiji Govt must now reward all its registered members for their support either financially or otherwise.Just to keep track with what the Big Boss says,Development is for those who supports FFP.and this Govt is a Govt for that will look after its supporters first and others second.

Anonymous said...

You gang show them boys,god our lord jesus christ will show them.You are the real beacon.


Anonymous said...

21. A misplaced sense of loyalty to the boss. Employees owe loyalty to the institution, not to individuals.

vili boci, this is the statement of your governments legal adviser, the knowit allmadam...

this is an exact description of you and ffp supporters


Wrong Vili.

Do you know that Australia is a democratic country or not?

Fiji was isolated for the last 8 years because it chose to do so. Australia has nothing to be blamed for mate! Australia has SENSIBLE military leaders that dont go usurping power turning its country inside out/outside in just so that they become illegals and get crookedly rich overnight like we have seen with F & B & Co.

If Fiji was made to be an 'isolated island in the sun' from democratic countries, EU , UN and cut off from donor aid military assistance, scholarship opportunities etc etc than it jolly well deserved it!

Your thugs broke the LAW and ransacked the whole government system, killing and torturing civilians etc etc etc AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY to say that Fiji needs to treat Australia the way they treated us. Can you hear me guffawing!! Ha ha ha

Fiji had committed a SERIOUS international crime my friend! Fiji's democracy rule was trashed remember?? OK acha no, you dont remember, that's why you dont make sense. Skipping a bit here and there are we? WEILEI SOBOLEI!

So now Australia is learning the hard way eh? They are sucking up to Fiji eh?

NO, WRONG! Fiji has now reverted to being classed 'acceptable' by the UN and the international democratic nations because it has, after 8 long years of thuggery rule, now placed itself in line with every one else after 'winning' the Elections. See?? So simple!

Following the visit of Julie Bishop Minister of FA, seems like Frank was smitten - I mean after all, according to his statement in the media, he was happy!!!

Why do you always TWIST things around?? The whole bang lot of you crazy FF supporters seem to be laden with some kind of mental illness.


It was blinking hot in the teitei and now Im even sweating just trying to educate FF. By the way, in case no one has noticed. All FF supporters are being schooled !! Good to note we have all of them in attendance on Coup 4.5.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

@ 4.32PM


You are getting all the Chrissie pressies because you have now done the incredible thing - YES!!! FIJI IS ONCE AGAIN A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY EH??

Good - keep it up. Advise your FF Leaders to behave themselves and you wont be getting any more free rubbish bins but perhaps delicious Christmas puddings and Minced Christmas Pies and quality pressies for the family eh?


Anonymous said...

Who remembers this?this is all time classics,those were the days man.


Anonymous said...

@ 4.48pm

Wait. Stop. The toilet is the other way!


Anonymous said...

Show them boys you and the rugby team are leading the way wananavu!,god bless you.


Unknown said...

Rainmaker Fiji wasn't isolated mate. Are you somehow blind or in denial. Australia tried to isolate Fiji but failed especially when Fiji adopted the look north policy. Everyone knew Fiji with its previous voting system wasn't a true reflection of democracy. Ethnicity based voting isn't democratic and Australia supported this because it worked in their favour in terms of influence. They're a snake and bunch of hypocrites.

Without Fiji’s cooperation it is difficult for Australia to implement regional initiatives on issues ranging from security to trade and development hence they looked the other way whilst we continued a racial based electoral system which enable Australia to easily influence the greedy dumb SODELPA leaders and supporters filling their pockets for 32 years.

Bainimarama stopped all that and now we're a proper democracy. Australia need us more than we need them that's for sure and I say we use them to our advantage. Demand free movements now.

You SODELPA supporters should be happy because these can mean you finally coming home from wherever you're overstaying. And we can all give you a hug.

Anonymous said...

may god bless you all boys,show them war is not the way...we will never forget you.may god be with you always and have you in his kingdom.



Awwwwww thank you Vili - let's hug first!!

No man, ISOLATED in the sense that it was no longer a part of the family it had before i.e. Australia, New Zealand. That's what I meant.

When you want to misbehave in a family, you get punished a little but its for your own good. Otherwise how will you ever learn huh?


This is an educational piece for my irate student @ 4.32PM

The flawed process of constitution making by the Brilliant Prof W Narsey

The first clause of the 2013 BKC “we the people of Fiji… hereby establish this constitution for the Republic of Fiji” is blatantly false.

It is as false as the first clause of their earlier bible, The People’s Charter, which stated that the 1997 Constitution would be supreme and strengthened: that promise was negated before even the ink on the Charter document had dried.

The 2013 BKC is also being imposed by the Military Regime after superficial “consultations” and will be rubber-stamped by the unelected Regime’s President and then heroically “displayed” to the country by the architects.

“We the people” will not be asked to approve the 2013 BKC, either through a national referendum or by the first elected Parliament, or even by a bogus national signing exercise by which the Charter was alleged approved by the nation.

It is therefore a farce to require that any changes to the 2013 BKC must require a 75% majority in the elected Parliament, and following that, a 75% majority in a referendum.

While naive in international law and realpolitik, the 2013 BKC mocks the “will of the people” by stating that no changes at all may be made by any future elected Parliament, to the immunity provisions stipulated in this 2013 BKC.

KUA NI RERE said...

Since you are now good friends with China, WHY ARE YOU STIL INTERESTED IN AUSTRALIA..

If you don't like Australia then just don't deal with them.
Or is that too simple a question.
Why the fark do you keep bring this shit up?

If you don't like Australia but you like China.
...then what the fark is the problem.








@ Vili

Sodelpa would do no such thing in preventing the safety of the lives of our soldiers. How do we not know that some of the men were staunch Sodelpa Supporters.

So Helloooo! Sodelpa is not Frank & Co!! The man in question has proven to Fiji that he is capable of commiting heinous crimes via his henchmen.

Now in regards to Qatar paying this huge $20M ransom money to Al Nusra, as far as news goes, that was the actual deal and it took place and our men were set free. According to the Qatar government, the Fiji illegals had sought help from them. As we know it there were conflicting reports in the earlier stages by the UN and even public statements from the leader of the henchmen in Fiji.

But there was a happy ending.

We're trying to consider what Coup 4.5 has raised here? WHAT WAS THE DEAL? WHAT WAS THE COLLATERAL? This was a case of great emergency and a couple of 'big guys' were involved including the UN.

Now we would be the biggest idiots under the sun if we all thought alike and said "What collateral? There was none!"

Yes, Qatar paid $20M!!! This is no peanut sum where they tell Fiji illegal Aiyaz its okay bro, we've covered it'. NO WAY!!

These hidden agendas like we've said all along will not remain in the dark. If we will just read into the lines of these dodgy "leaders" they do reveal a lot!

Qatar is not crazy to pay $20M to terrorists for the successful release of our soldiers and return to smoking that hookah pipe! NO WAY!

Thank you Coup 4.5. This is a very important article. No doubt Sodelpa Warriors will be keeping watch!

PM Office said...

hey guys for clarification - it was USD 20 million hence Fijian 40 million dollars


PM Office said...

hey guys for clarification - it was USD 20 million hence Fijian 40 million dollars


Anonymous said...

So Mr PM. How are we going to squitch-all this debt?

What is there you've put aside to give to Qatar as a token of our appreciation?

Anonymous said...

vili my friend, since when did australia needed fiji more than fiji needed australia....u really fell off a coconut tree....talk about wishful thinking...

rajend naidu said...

Here's extracts of an aricle that I think people on C4.5 would find they can relate to. The article 'Press Freedom: George Brandist is talking plain rubbish' in the Canberra Times (5/11) is by Jonathan Holmes a Fairfax columnist and a former presenter of ABC's Media Watch program.
He writes" I am not a fan of the Attorney-General Senator George Brandis. He's a politician with a slender grasp of matters such as fairness and accuracy, as he demonstrated last year when he branded me publicly as an enemy of press freedom. I defended myself at the time, and don't need to do it again here. The sad truth is few politicians have much regard for fairness and accuracy. Exaggerations and distortions are much more useful on the hustings...On Q&A on Monday Brandis said "the prosecution of a journalist [under the new national security law his ruling party has enacted] could only take place with the expressed consent of the attorney-general. We journalists can rely on that "democratically accountable officer...to take personal and public responsibility for a decision to allow such a prosecution"...
Holmes writes " No, Senator I don't trust you or your party's DNA. Not one bit".
Is there any politician and his party in Fiji who can't be trusted?constantly trurder.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

You ASK any politicians like that in Fiji - the kind you can't the TRUST?
Fiji full of politicians like that - the NO TRUST variety. The dishonest, lying, corrupt kind. Now politicians like that are actually in power. They came to power through deceit and force. The Trust worthy politician has become a rare breed here.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to give you the names of some of the top politicians in Fiji who got corrupted by power. Ratu Mara ( ex-PM ), Saddique Koya (Opposition leader), Mahendra Pal Chaudhry (ex-PM), Sitiveni Rabuka (ex-PM), Laisania Qarase (ex-PM), Frank Bainimarama ( current PM), Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (current President). This list is not complete. If you ASK Chaudhry, Qarase and Bainimarama they will also give you names of politicians who can't be trusted. Then you can ask Karam Ram Rakha he will add to the list...

Anonymous said...

If Al Nusra will need another $20,000,000.00 US which is equal to about $40,000,000.00 FJ, they can always capture the Fijian soldiers at Golan and then demand the ransom. It's gonna be easy as the last time. Fiji will not put up a fight because PM and RFMF Commander will just order the soldiers to surrender. No problem at all.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:31 PM

It's so easy to forget where the politicians come from.

Are they not a proportionately representative sample of what they were chosen from and the people that chose them?

Anonymous said...

Lot's of sodelpa looser's & Fiji first boci in here.Why you useless people attacking Vili Rakoro.His good for nothing the more you confront him,the more his head swells with pride like Bainimarama.

Better use your time, energy & debate with people more represented in the Bainimarama government.Vili is just a wannabe academic & diplomat.

Let's not waste another 8 years debating with looser's.The more you debate with him & Fredrica, the more stupid you will get.

All his reasoning about China & Australia inclusiveness & exclusiveness in Pacific Affairs e sa rui vovodea.Baleta beka ni gonelailai qai via siova na kani qase.

Simba's papa said...

Vili is what we can call a good-for-nothing (bon a rien).

Vili is a troll. His job is to sow discord on this blog by starting conversations that will deliberately lead to arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic subjects.

Vili is mentally unstable and enjoys what he does.

Anonymous said...

Fiji surrender to Al Nusra were all planned by the Bainimarama & Khaiyum & the UN.It was false flag operation,the main reason was that it was diversion for the election, cos UN & secret society, like those proposing the One World Government wanted to make sure Bainimarama becomes the outright winner after the election.

While Fijian & Indians minds were pre-occupied with the capture of Fijian soldiers.Lots of villagers from yasawa & other parts of Fiji did not make it to the polling station to cast their vote cos they were given a short notice.Plus media all the time focussed more on Fijian captured by Al Nusra but not giving attention to what was happening in their neck of the wood, like the discrepancies in the election process leading up to the final counting.

All thanks to Qorvis,Qatar government & UN for working hand in hand with crooks like Bainimarama & Khaiyum.So who's the winner after all??...It's all of them.Diving the 20 million dollar of poor Fijian people to UN, Qorvis,Qatar & percentage of the million dollar back into Bai & khaiyum overseas bank account for a job well done.

This is Navosa.

Anonymous said...

Lot's of sodelpa looser's & Fiji first boci in here.Why you useless people attacking Vili Rakoro.His good for nothing the more you confront him,the more his head swells with pride like Bainimarama.

Better use your time, energy & debate with people more represented in the Bainimarama government.Vili is just a wannabe academic & diplomat.

Let's not waste another 8 years debating with looser's.The more you debate with him & Fredrica, the more stupid you will get.

All his reasoning about China & Australia inclusiveness & exclusiveness in Pacific Affairs e sa rui vovodea.Baleta beka ni gonelailai qai via siova na kani qase.

This is Navosa.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:29 PM

You are wrong, Tomasi has said it is the Freemasons that control everything.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:36....yes Freemason, builderburg group, Knight Templers & various secret societies are all interconnected....Bainimarama & Khaiyum are just their puppets.Goal is ...One world order / one world government.

I know lots of Fijians blogging in here are well aware of the devil's plan.Like Tomasi.

This is Navosa.

Simba's papa said...

Frederika seems to suffer from social phobia and anxiety disorder. Her absolute fear of the mere mention of the word ANONYMOUS AND MENTAL INSTITUTIONS is proof in the repetitive and involuntary manner in which these words are used countless of times when trying to express herself.

Frederika needs urgent psychiatric help. A visit to the Nauluvatu House she so often speaks about should see a vast improvement in overcoming her mental disorders.

Anouk said...

@ Navosa 9.45pm

More on the New World Order and the questions being asked by US citizens.

Notice the very last sentence below? Dont you think its similar to what is contained in FF's Land Bank Decree? Hmmmmm - a 99 year lease!!!

If you should read more on the New World Order you will discover that all hierarchial systems like our Great Council of Chiefs will have to be abolished!

Tomasi is correct indeed.

So put 2 plus 2 together and you get your answer on the sudden shocking changes facing Fiji. Its not over though. More to come. Just be wary and prepare for the great evils that will be introduced into this country of ours.

" On the USA - Why is the federal government so obsessed with grabbing more land? After all, the federal government already owns more than 40 percent of the land in 9 different U.S. states. Why are federal bureaucrats so determined to grab even more? Well, the truth is that this all becomes much clearer once you understand that there is a very twisted philosophy behind what they are doing. It is commonly known as “Agenda 21″, although many names and labels are used for this particular philosophy. Basically, those that hold to this form of radical environmentalism believe that humanity is utterly destroying the planet, and therefore the goal should be to create a world where literally everything that we do is tightly monitored and controlled by control freak bureaucrats in the name of “sustainable development”. In their vision of the future, the human population will be greatly reduced and human activity will be limited to strictly regulated urban areas and travel corridors. The rest of the planet will be left to nature. To achieve this goal, a massive transfer of land from private landowners to the federal government will be necessary."

Totoya said...

It has been a plan that has been in development for many generations, and the final chess moves are about to take place.

There are secret societies behind the world's most powerful governments, and the masses are seen as "chattel," animals to be controlled, manipulated, influenced, and used as they see fit.

While you have enjoyed many freedoms in your life, you are not as free as you have thought you were, and the freedoms you have will be fully removed if the New World Order conspiracy has its way.

It is not a conspiracy, really. It is an agenda that is put out in the open

Tomasi said...

@ Critique, Rainmaker, Totoya and friends. Thank you for your efforts to share the truth. By doing so, we are protecting it, nurturing it, and making it grow so that more of our people may know the TRUTH and be set free from its bondage and destructive effects.

Some of us have been trying to help our people to exercise greater caution and wisdom in order to understand what is really happening behind the Fiji public events every day. Connecting the dots will help us to see the outline, the realities behind the masks and layers of lies, deceit and manipulation. Let me cut to the chase and tell you what I want you to see.

“Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum is working primarily for Islam. He is not working for Fiji. He and his secret cabal are using Islamic Tagiyya to lie and deceive Voreqe, the military and the whole of Fiji’s non Muslim communities. He is loyal only and pays supreme allegiance to the Islamic global agenda to convert Fiji into an Islamic state. The UN is party to that agenda of one world government and so are Aiyaz’s brothers in Qatar”

Coup 4.5 has given us another two dots to work with and connect with others we already have since the events of 2000 and beyond that. The two events are the UNHCR ( UN and NWO) meeting in Geneva and the QATAR intervention (Islamic global agenda). While these two events appear to be entirely independent and unconnected events, I beg to differ. In fact I contend that they are connected and they are both material and very relevant events to our political situation here in Fiji. The two events confirm the fact that the whole world is a global village and we are more closely and deeply interconnected than many of us realise. The world has radically changed and the world that our children and grandchildren will live in will be far more different and worse that what we have today.

Very briefly, as some of our friends have said, there is a global agenda to make all nations and Governments subservient to a One World Government. Our secret societies including our Freemasons and Satanic cults in Fiji and the Islamic world know that ultimately, a world ruler is coming who will be the most ruthless, evil and powerful dictator. Christians and Israelites call this man the Antichrist or the Beast. The secret societies and the Islamic mullahs call him the Mahdi.

The world is changing rapidly. The world is changing demographically more than most people realise. These changes are not random or accidental. They are happening as planned. Do you know that the majority of countries in Europe will soon become Islamic nations in the next 20 – 30 years? Do you know that one out of every four French people are Muslims? There are similar stories in the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain. I will elaborate on this in my next posting. I will also clarify and present the evidence so that we may all see behind the tagiyyah (lies and deceit) and connect all the events to Aiyaz’s Hong Kong thesis and the Islamic agenda which he has pledged to promote and champion. Finally, please think about this very carefully. One of our greatest threats in Fiji is Islam. It is not our Indian brothers and sisters, but the Islamic fundamentalist agenda that is being subtly introduced under the FIJIAN and CONSTITUTIONAL door of Khaiyum Saiyad Aiyaz and Nazhat Shameem. The sooner we realise and act on this, the better off we shall be. Please take the time to explore this topic and let us tell our people about it. Vinaka.

Unknown said...

Hahaha bloody hell these lot are just full of it. You have the ones that thinks they're teaching or telling us the truth then you have the ones popping up barking and grovelling. Then the ones thanking everyone for presumably telling the truth. And all done anonymously.

The coconut wireless conspiracy theories in here is off the chart. I mean seriously these guys who blog anonymously really are so mad at the government and FF supporter they'll cook up whatever lies, half truths and twisted truth tales to post and then have their idiot sheep's follow in unison like it was ten commandments.

You have few Idiots defending Australia. If you love Australia so much then stay there and burn your Fijian passport, change your name to Kevin or Dickey Jones or something. Some here calling us kids because of our wild ideas in Pacific relation. These are the same lot with the mentality that has never moved us up anywhere better since independence. Playing Iit safe filling their loins and talking alot of shite.

If you don't like Bainimarama and FF well well Howabout take off that cloak of invincibility and come to Fiji and rally your supporters for a march and petition to motion whatever backward idea you have going on in that head of yours.

I know most of you left Fiji years ago. And your idea of Fiji is when you left. Look Fiji has changed. You should see the kids today they're all computer savvy. They're influenced alot by the social media and are up to date with their peers abroad. Our previous governments was stucked in the past. SODELPA supporters and politicians are stucked in the past. We needed to build a democratic and governmental institutions that performs better. We had to modernise our system. We've sent our top students and workers to top institutions worldwide.

We've had a few off to London school of economics to study economics. Oxford university to study international and business Laws. We've sent our medical students to the US of A and Brussels. And various others.

When these students come back we'll put them in various departments. For example our economic students fresh from London school of economics will be on the foreign relation departments. I would love to be present when they negotiate with the Aussie foreign relation team.

So you see Fiji is moving ahead. Join us and you'll move with time. Overstay there then you'll be mistaken for an Aborigines from the outback.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 12:12 AM

Is there any reality whatsoever between those two big ears of yours?

You seem to live within an entire fairy-tale world.

Do you ever consider fact?

Raj said...


Yes, I gather we're to discover that Tomasi has brains and knowledge of the intentional evil in the UN under which the NWO thrives! If you'd care to look up some of the facts he's given us, you'd hesitate in your tracks before opening your big salulu baffoon mouth yacking and fighting aginst FACTS!! You are no better than your family of pea-brained FF monkies like Uncle Vili who know nothing, dabble like idiots and pretend to have some kinna worthwhile intellect!

Go back to the Jungle - have a good scratch behind those flopping ears acha?? Eat banana - good for brain functions!

Suomynona said...

Good question for Ayarse and Bainimagana to answer as the country is already screwed up in debt to China.

Always good to see how they responds to something that can potentially bite them in the arse.

Anonymous said...

hey coconut billy, you complain about anonymity, why dont you reveal your true identity...nothing to fear...other than hide behind an anonymous facebook page huh???
and facts, why dont you check out fiji leaks about your corrupt ministers and government and suppression of ficac and facts....answer that boy

Anonymous said...

You lot can go on in this blogs but the reality is we Muslims run Fiji and will take your land soon. Thank Mr Vili ,tell them who runs this country and who are the brains behind Mr Bainimarama. Just like what my brother Aiyaz told me, just give some freebees and we will have the support. Thank you Vili tell them that they will be bowing down to Allah soon. FF all the way. Welcome to the Muslim world Fiji. We will run you monkeys. Allah

So Typical said...

not so fast my boy .... enjoy your roll in the mud with the pigs like vili and baini... your time will come to an end very soon. and then you will never be trusted again,,,ever.


@ Tomasi

Thank you my brother. We're uptodate with the realities. Aiyaz Khaiyum and Qatar! What's with the Qatari government?

In December 2012 the New York Times accused the Qatari regime of funding the Al-Nusra Front, a U.S. government designated terrorist organization. The Financial Times noted Emir Hamad's visit to Gaza and meeting with Hamas, another internationally designated terrorist organization. Spanish football club FC Barcelona were coming under increasing pressure to tear up their £125m shirt sponsorship contract with the Qatar Foundation after claims the so-called charitable trust finances terrorist group Hamas. The fresh controversy follows claims made by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that the Qatar Foundation had given money to extremist cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi who is an advocate of terrorism, wife beating and anti-semitism.

kai jaina said...

hey coconut billy, when the aussies wake up and realise that they have been fooled by the emperor in fancy clothes, they will strip him naked...yu know wy.????? cos the aussies dont like their hard earned aid dollars being wasted by you coconuts...then u and the naked emperor can take you coconut bowl to kai china for a jaina...funny how that rhymes...

Anonymous said...

the ignorant coconut who said that Fiji government did not pay millions of dollars for the debacle of FINAPECO only has to look up the hansard reports of that era to find out the facts because you were not born at that time for sure....dont just dismiss stuff you dont know about,,,,just google or go to the real source....its there for your eyes. dont follow blindly like vili the coconut crab village idiot.


Is Qatar the most 2-faced nation on earth? They're supposed to look like the real Robin Hood of countries in distress.

"These new-found Arab friends of British royalty who profess their love of the West have no interest, however, in a parliamentary democracy and tradition of free speech.
Back home, they rule a hardline Islamic state with absolute power — a state that practises a strict regime of sharia law, in which homosexuals and adulterers face a possible death penalty, life imprisonment, or flogging.
They are also accused of turning a blind eye to the funding of terrorism and the bankrolling of the Islamic State — the butchers responsible for the torture and beheading of British hostages Alan Henning and David Haines — while simultaneously signing up to the coalition of Western and Arab countries against IS.
Little wonder a growing number of leading voices in Britain, America and the Middle East have branded this the most duplicitous country in the world. It has even been described as a ‘Club Med’ for terrorists on account of some of the dubious characters living in luxury in the country."



Where's my Hookah pipe folks??

The mula said...

money talks my friend...fijis business now, its soul has been sold to the devil..just ask vili and tomasi...i'll just go back to scraping my coconuts....hehehehe

Anonymous said...

In connection with Dr Neil Sharma's corruption (Fijileaks) whilst he was minister of health one Dharam Lingam's name has been mentioned . Is he the same fala who used to heap idiotic praise on Bainimarama and his "govt"?


@ 1.51am

To Vili. If your Fiji First government was a government of integrity and kept its promise to uphold the rule of law, people like ourselves (Sodelpa Supporters) would definitely not need to conceal our true identity.

Unfortunately, its unsafe for me and my brothers and sisters of the Sodelpa family to express freedom of speech ; to point out errors and flaws in the two Leaders who have destroyed Fijian sovereignty and hoodwinked the rest of the new so-called 'Fijian' nation.

So as you can see, you can be who you are as you defend their ERRORS AND CONCEAL THEIR WICKED DEEDS but we cant. Can you see the difference Vili??

So to continue, I will help you further in this tutorial:

ISIS as we all know are slaughtering Christians. These creatures or demonic entities are inhumane and void of all conscience. A supporter of ISIS is free to expose himself, his evil deeds and beliefs. Whereas a Christian cannot do that because he or she is in danger of their precious lives.

So has this educational tutorial cleared matters up a bit as to WHY we cannot be as free as you and your vicious FF supporters are Vili?

Come talk to me. You'll find me in my teitei up at the Plains. Beautiful and cool up here. Only problem brother, no Ganga here.he,he,he

Anonymous said...

please dont get dharam lingam and vili together....maybe dharam saw the light..

Anonymous said...

Why don't Viliboci and Fredrica go away and continue to do what they do best...and that is playing with each others bumholes hehehehe

Dr Phil said...

Vilisi Raikoro and Fredrica Elbum deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

vili boci is not as open as he makes himself out to be...doesnt even fully disclose his facebook biodata...afraid of what??? for all we know he could be BILLY Singh or BILLY Khan...come on Billy, come out in the open like frederika...whats u scared of???

Totoya said...

Qatar is so filthy rich.

Fiji could easily benefit from their oil and gas resources.

They might be generous to us or we could cut a deal with them.

Well, as long as our fuel price comes down, might be okay if we go this way. So our existing companies buy from the government. Okay I see.

Totoya said...

Qatar experts can come to visit and improve all our agriculture efforts here.

Israel is the world's experts in the agriculture technology but maybe Qatar might be even better.

Fiji - the way the world should be!

Anonymous said...

vili had just reinvented the wheel....hes sending all the top juvenile brains overseas to learn how not to be coconuts so he can watch and marvel at how these curry munching fijians can negotiate with the aussies for a free pass and access to the dole in aussie land for his grand children...


One more thing Vili.

Thanks for reminding us that Fiji has changed dramatically.

You say that Sodelpa has been STUCKED in the past together with previous governments. Its like they didnt offer scholarships or pave the way for our kids to go to school abroad.

We've also seen one such kid return from overseas studies, become military lawyer and later assist in the illegal overthrow of Fiji in the QARASE government. Now he is wearing Sulu! He is Muslim but through his LAW he is Fijian!

Mind boggling!

Unknown said...

All of you checking me out on Facebook, friend request me and when I accept then you'll be able to see my page. That is usually how Facebook works you idiots. Problem is you don't because you know if you do I'll know who you are and I'll tell people here exactly who you are and how full of shit you are. My name is there, I'm from Naitasiri. And what'd your excuse ah right you're afraid of the truth. If you lot are as real as you make it out to be you won't be afraid to tell people who you are. I may disagree with you but I will respect you for having the courage of your conviction. Otherwise you're absolutely nothing to me but a weak person who don't have the courage to stand for what they believe in.

In here it's only Naidu and Meo who have that courage. However different our views may be I respect their strength in being firm to stand for it.

Anonymous said...

Frederick says to Anon 9:16am....and what does that make you, an anonymous blogger afraid to put you name down...a COWARD...that's what you are like Rainmaker and Kua ni Rere and all the other COWARDLY bloggers who rant, rave and curse but deep inside, too bloody scared to face anyone....Bloody useless.

Anonymous said...

If Fiji had to pay 20m to Qatar to release our soldiers held hostage, so be it....what are you guys going to do about it...SHIT...that's what...our boys are alive and will reunite with their parents, children, wives, families...all of you who wished them maimed or dead do not have Fiji at heart and are selfish foolish idiots.

Anonymous said...

Frederick says to Rainmaker...your 9:11am comments is reflective of your cowardice. If you stood for the truth and fought for freedom and democracy, what do you have to fear....LAMU LAMU

Raj said...







Anonymous said...

@ 9.57

I think you cant read and see sense.

No use.

Tosoyani said...

@ 10.01am

Hey Freddy-rica!

Hahahahaha...you think we're all stupid dont you Mr Freddy-rica?

Cool down will you?

ISIS & Fred - wonder how you will react. Dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Vili - you are no match for Sodelpa Warriors and facts thrown at you!


Unknown said...

@ Raj 10.07 am


Hahahaha what a freaking Idiot not realising his basically just putting into words what SODELPA supporters here do on a daily basis.

Clearly literature is not his thing, another SODELPA dumb ass.

Anonymous said...





Kate said...



Whazza next topic?

Unknown said...

@ anonymous 10.19 am

Yes the SODELPA warriors are very strong. They post anonymously, they lost the election, they stalk me on Facebook but don't have the guts to friend request me incase I know who they are. Oh yeah and they posts facts. Regardless of different interpretation and other facts that are better theirs is obviously the best you know because they said it. Hahaha na jule ni hanahana.

critique said...

I mean the idiots are idiots but what perplexed me was how come some very educated people - both in Fiji and overseas - were big time supporters of the Bainimarama dictatorship?
When you look at the corruption linkages(see FijiLeaks) you can put one and one together. These educated supporters are either themselves or have family or close relatives who were benefiting from the corruption inherent in the Bainimarama regime. That's why they were such big spokesmen for the regime. Praising the regime at every opportunity. Some educated friends of mine - especially Muslim friends - would say "Bainimarama bahoot acha admi" even before their backsides landed on the seat offered to them!!
It makes you sad when good people lose their moral compass.

Tinkerbell said...


Unknown said...

@ anonymous 10.22 am

So that's your way thinking. When people respect each other with a valid reason then it must cosy.

Seriously mann stop drinking too much green grog. But then again no one will amuse us FF if you lot grow a brain. Keep going mate you're doing fine, I've got tears flowing here. Oh wait that's tear of laughter. Hahahahaha hahahaha waisere

Dr Pillay said...

Vilisi Raceke and Fredrica Elbum,
St Giles security are looking for you escapees.342

Unknown said...

Hey Tinkerbell where have you been girl, SODELPA boys Tinkerbell is hot. And she's got a cute brain too. Explosive combination.

Although I've always thought she wastes it here with all these idiots. Gal you'll only work yourself up with anger in here. You're better than these.

Totoya said...


Nopes. My brother is telling it like it really is.

You are not respecting nobody on this site at all. You are just SUCKING UP to Naidu and Semi.

You are a SUCKER. What you say on this site portrays you A NO-RELENTING SUCKER!

Anonymous said...

tEEHeehee - just like he suck up to corrupt people!

Unknown said...

Dr Pillay stop playing doctor in the doctors office. Go back to your room and take your goddam medicines.

Tinkerbell said...

@ 10.43am

We're all hot! Focus on debate Vili. Meooooowwwwww!!

Unknown said...

Hey toyota stop taking that pill to enlarge your sucking stick. We all know all women in Fiji say the yanuyanu/Island boys are not at equipped in that department. Viti levu boys on the other hand they say it's tears of joy. Hahahha

Dr Phil said...

News Alert from the Police. Two loonies from St Giles escaped from the mental faciltiy early this morning. Vilisi Raceke and Fredrica Elbum were last seen running towards Walu Bay. They are very easy to spot as both are very girlie.

They're considered unpredictable, especially Vilisi who is suffering from a severe case of paranoid schizo, so don't approach them.

Unknown said...

Tinkerbell woof woof. A gal like you who's hot and not afraid to speak her mind are a rare type in Fiji. It makes debate so goddam awesome. Wink wink

Unknown said...

Dr Phil yeah you would know the route won't ya. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey village boy, you are very good at avoiding the issue...reveal yourself to the world. we are not the ones claiming to be the brave at heart and foolish in the head to publish their idiotic thoughts and put their names...so do it boy...stop pointing at us and using it as an excuse...you are the one that shouted from the top of the hill....do it boy or you like baini...say something else but do opposite...thats u my boy...just do it....bet u cant...lamu sona levu

Anonymous said...

sorry but vili is like his fijian soldiers and their leader...very brave and big talk at home but out in the real world...timid like a mouse and a kulina with tail between legs....hehehehe

Anonymous said...

One Arveen Chandra was party to the corrupt Bainimarama regime (FijiLeaks). Rajesh Chandra the vc USP is another goli of the regime. Any other Chandras supotas of the regime and making out that all that glitters is gold under the Bainimarama Government?

Anonymous said...

and lawyer jon apted has turned coat for the baini cash...wonder if rockhard naidu will do the same....the all powerful cash...

Anonymous said...

so neil fell for the cash...

Unknown said...

@ anonymous 11.40 am

Are you kidding me. These blog is specifically for you where you publish your idiotic thoughts out loud. Firstly you comment anonymously, second you want me to reveal myself which I've never hidden including where I'm from.

Who are you? Where are you from?

how can I keep track of all your comments when I don't know you. You may have commented about silly ideas and swear left right centre in here but I can't know that. So you're claiming you're not the one publishing idiotic idea or shouting from the hill, how does anyone know you really haven't?

Kua ni vosa vakavarada ni o sona levu tiko na solia na yacamu kei na nomu yasana. Au na kai Naitasiri au butuka tu na kequ qele. Kua ni vosa tiko vakaviavia levu luveni magaijinamu.


I thought FULL-MOON only happens at night! LOL

Keeping us updated is a good thing and we now learn that Indo-Fijians are knee-deep in corruption, including Dr Neil & FNU Staff??

Investigative journalism! Awesome!

I cant say how grateful we all are to have Coup 4.5, Fijileaks, the Brilliant Prof Wadan Narsey and the rest of the team in keeping the public at large well-informed.


When you consider how Vili and his boyfriend Fredderaicka get all mesmerised and excited in their wild and crazy summed-up notion that WRONG IS RIGHT and RIGHT IS WRONG. Makes you actually wake up to the fact that Fiji has indeed changed. The majority are FF Supporters! WHAT DOES THIS TELL US??

Very worrying indeed.

critique said...

@ Rainmaker. You too right. Truth has a way of coming out no matter how much dishonest scoundrels seek to suppress it and keep it hidden from public view. People who have the genuine interest of Fiji at heart owe a debt of gratitude to Fijileaks, C4.5 , Prof Warden Narsey and other alternative media for exposing the truth about what went on in the Bainimarama regime in the past 8 years of dictatorial, unaccountable rule.

Unknown said...

Rainmaker what's more worrying is how you lot don't like our money to be spent on releasing our boys from possible beheading and death. WHAT DOES THIS TELL US?


Fijileaks: As we have pointed out previously, these financial scandals, bribery, mismanagement of public funds, were sinister reasons for Khaiyum and Bainimarama not to release A-G Reports before poll.


You can now put your hands down Vili and Fredderaica! No point holding it up any longer, we get your notion!

Anonymous said...

you can rant and rave village boy but you cannot face the reality and that is u are a no body as far as baini is concerned...u r just another idiot for him to smile at and give a rubbish bin and toilet block to shit into for now until ur full of shit then he dumbs u like the good doc neil....blablablalhahahaha boy oh boy...very good modern fijian...so go boy show us your legs and guts....still lamusona levu mate

Anonymous said...

again poor vili boci's pea brain cannot keep up with the posts because they are anonymous...so hows that gotta do with you not being able to answer whats posted???? let me give you a lecture....read this line.......u got it???? then answer it boy.

rajend naidu said...

Came across this article 'Pollster Pat Caddel: Harry Reid Is a 'Disgrace to Democracy' in Newsmax Independent American 6/11 which C4.5 followers - who are standing up for their country - would find inspirational.
Democratic pollster Pat Caddel said Senator Harry Reid, the erstwhile Senate majority leader,"should be in the Chicago mob" because he "became a dictator" allowing only 19 amendments in the past session. "The man is a disgrace to democracy" Caddel said. " I want to say this as a Democrat: I think at some point you should stand up for your country...".
That's what all good citizens must do : stand up for your country. NOT ROGUE LEADERS.
rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

What you guys whinge about on this blog is no different to the difficulties faced by any Government. Tell me a Government that does not have similar problems and Ill tell you that Rainmaker, Kua Ni Rere...the idiot blogger 11:10am, Toyota and all others cursing and swearing on this blog site, are nothing but COWARDS - in Fijian Term - KAWA NI QARA LEVU OR SONA LEVU - CICI LEVE. No Guts there is no Glory. Keep it up boys...or girls or perhaps Monkeys.....All who read your blogs realise what stupid idiots you are with your cursing and abuse. That's SODELPA for you.....Long Live FIJI FIRST. LONG LIVE FRANK BAINIMARAMA. Viva Le Fiji....LONG LIVE OUR SOLDIERS WHOOO HOOOO...And there is nothing any of you pansy pussies can do about it but cry wolf and continue to whinge and complain like big QAURI'S.....YAVU BOCI

Unknown said...

It truly is mind blowing how full of shit these lot are. We all know sometimes the truth needs to be released appropriately. For example on these occasion it was imperative that no one knew the deal. If it was known that a ransom was paid then that jeopardise the lives of other UN peacekeepers not only from Fiji but from other participating countries.

Terrorists organisations and cells will be persuaded to hold UN force for ransom if it was known they'll be paid millions. And they won't stop there, they may extend to other Fijian nationals abroad if it became known Fiji will pay up. Therefore on these particular circumstances it was the right call. Especially when we get to release our boys too.

Most of you lot live abroad and I'm sure at Christmas you put presents under the Christmas tree and tell your kids Santa brought it. It's a small scale and means no harm but it's still withholding the truth. And you do it to put a smile on your little ones.

The government did these to put a smile on our soldiers kids. Put yourself in their position during captivity. Knowing these terrorist frequently behead and kill their prisoners, it must have been a heartbreaking and scary feeling. Most of these are there to put food on the table for their little ones. If you noticed majority of those boys were just fresh off school on their first tour. These boys don't do politics nor care. All they wanted was a job and an opportunity to better themselves and you lot wanted to kill them. However you wanna twist and justify your reasoning it is pathetic and low. Our boys were already feeling low being there not knowing if they'll make it out alive and at their lowest you SODELPA supporters wanted to kick them while being low there. If those soldiers were SODELPA supporters I'll still agree to the deal to release them.

You all should be ashame of yourself. It would be a joy to have you lot go up to those boys and tell them you wished they were never released. You'll all be sitting in your pants within 5 mins. The SODELPA anonymous warriors vs The Actual Warriors. I'll pay to watch that match.

Anonymous said...

boci villi...are you saying that the reason this ransom payment never went public was that if other terrorists knew then its all hell for leather for them to do the same??? or are you saying that no money was paid at all????
and, you say these boys just wanted a job bla bla bla....but they were used by baini for his campaign to bluff the people like u boy that hes doing it for the country....did you forget that other countries refuse to put their citizens at risk thats why baini was approached and put his leg up willingly...thats the fact which u conveniently forgot....


Hey Vili,

I was reading through comments. Didnt Raj answer this question already? 10.07am

Wara na cockey ...have to keep on repeating ourselves.

None of us in our right frame of mind would like to see the chopped off heads of our soldiers displayed on these demons (ISIS )website.

Why dont you divert this question to the military thugs under Frank and Aiyaz's control who tortured and murdered all the victims whose pleading faces will never be erased from their darkened un-Christian craniums ever! Yes, their guilt will live on for ever and their apparent lack of human compassion and sense of dignity is gone - gone to the Devil himself whom they serve. You'd think they'd stop after public evidence was shown to reveal all the thugs involved. This is what we are trying to drum into your thick skulls but you are either cursed or plain dumb!!

We are relieved that these soldiers were released!! So what you trying to imply? Sensationalise, distort and fiddle around with our comments? You think we are that stupid like the whole bang lot of you??

These solders, some of them, their families were staunch Sodelpa supporters. HOW DARE YOU QUESTION OUR INTEGRITY? YOU DARE COMPARE US TO YOUR BAND OF RUTHLESS MURDEROUS THUGS???

Listen - the concern here is the COLLATERAL DAMAGE? (You understand this term or not). Did you not read what was being said?

The FF are definitely in communion with Qatar that's certain.

We would like to know what was done by the ILLEGALS in exchange to save the lives of these men.

Or better still, you may like to enlighten me Honourable Vili as to why WE THE PEOPLE are continuously kept in the dark by the ILLEGALS on this deal and every other deal that goes on behind closed doors.

Being a Democracy as they say we are, we would like to be informed. We have every right to demand that Frank and Aiyaz front up on this matter and every other blinking matter that we have been talking about. Talk about blind mice!!

I just wish you guys would stop repeating yourselves and competing at how much donkey-ass-of-a-mule you both are capable of being.

Gosh!! Is it that bad with you??

You are TROLL - hope you realise that- you fool nobody but yourself Vilimone!

Anonymous said...

ur head is all screwed up by baini...no one is saying that these lamusona soldiers should be left on their own...what is being said is that this should never have happened in the first place. but its happened and the people of fiji are being made to pay for a bad and devious decision by baini to save His ass, not the poor dumb kaivitis cowboys....and explain to us, why the Phillipinos stood their ground and got a way and lamusona kaivitis got cowered like baini as he shat himself through the cassava patch...please explain lamusona boy....

Pio said...

@anonymous 12:34
Funny how you call these people cowards and you post it anonymously.
You must be Bainiamrama's son
The only PM so LAMU he had to have guards around him 24/7


Vili, your comments at 12.35pm

This is what I mean!

You are that donkey-ass-of-a-mule and your speculations and insinuations are shockingly comparable to donkey-crap!

This is from me to you Vili boy!!

Eveli Nailatikau said...

O Vili Rakoro e sega ni kai Naitasiri.
E viavia kai Naitasiri
O koya na tamana na kaidia mai Muniweni.

Bainimarama said...

Vili has every right to call himself a Fijian, no matter who his father is.

However if your father is indigenous then you cant be called a Fijian.

Eveli Nailatikau said...

O Vili na tamana o Varasati mai Muniweni.


@ 12.34PM



Who's next ?? BRING IT ON!!!


Hear! Hear! Critique!!

Notice how BONKERS all these useless FF Supporters have become when TRUTH stares hard at them in their scrawny faces???


Graham Davies said...

@Fredrika Elbourne
You shouldn't wear that dull blue skirt on Facebook. You should wear something nice like floral design or something like that.

Unknown said...

You continously blame the government for shady deals. Let's be Frank here excuse the punt, the last 8 years we weren't a democracy therefore continously trying to hold them to act democratically is a moot point.

Yes we all can assume without concrete facts that they misused funds here and there. Those allegations are fair and I have never defended it because I don't know the facts. Those who claim to have facts are lying because the government have never shared their side of the story nor open their books on it therefore you lot and us FF are all in the dark as far as that particular points are concerned.

However the difference between us is while you're still fixating on that and concentrating your efforts on a moot point we're choosing to tackle the reality and the present. Now these doesn't mean I disagree with your allegations nor am I accepting what the government did. It's just means I don't have concrete facts to answer you and rather then fixating on it I have turned my attention to other things like our Pacific Islands forum relation. If at any point the government chooses to let us in on their past 8 years various deals then we can continue that particular topic.

So in the interest of trying to maneuver our generation to prosperity let's debate on the Pacific Islands forum because international trades and opportunities like free movements is something that can help us lift the nation's development in the fields of education and employment. On the idea of free movements with Australia and New Zealand we all know they're rich and have more resources as well as they're a proven democracy. I've floated the idea of using our current position as the hub, China's friendly attitude of not meddling with our internal politics and open chequebook. Now I am aware those chequebooks comes at at a price however what I'm proposing is rather then actually using it can we use that as a bargain asset against Australia and New Zealand.

They have had that asset in the form of aids over the years since independence that allows them to dictate terms. They may well call our bluff but we have a strong case since we've actually taken China's chequebook in the past 8 years. And they know that so they won't be so sure about our bluff.

I know free movements is a big idea with little assurance if at all however I believe it's at least worthy of a discussion especially since Australia have offered seasonal worker agreement without us asking. In the past seasonal worker agreement with Australia was just a dream but now it's a reality therefore what I'm asking is let's attempt to ask the difficult question.

From reading you lot comments it's fair to assume you're all have ideas. At the moment you're all focusing on the past 8 years shady deals etc. Put that on hold for now and throw out some ideas particularly our disadvantages because knowing our weakness and strength will be a great start to formulate a strategy on how we approach these negotiations.

Our Flying Fijians are playing France this Saturday and everyone already knows we're gonna loose. Now if we were to debate on how they could possibly win what ideas would you suggest that can improve their chances.

With that in mind and with the same enthusiasm just replace France with Australia and rugby with Pacific Islands forum.

Come on boys and Gals let's hear some ideas that may change the lives of our citizens for the better.

Anonymous said...

hey bainimarama, until your namesake changed the law by himself, vili the village boy could not call himself a fijian unless his father was a kaiviit...so what u spewed is not true, just vomit, my boy.

KUA NI RERE said...

$70million LOSS




COULD HAVE BUILT A BRAND NEW HOSPITAL WITH THAT MONEY or send 100 students on FULL SCHOLARSHIP to learn at London School of Economics, lol.

Loans review

Nasik Swami
Thursday, November 06, 2014

Opposition parliamentarian Professor Biman Prasad at the NFP office in Suva yesterday. Prof Biman, who is also the Public Accounts Committee chairman, says losses and unpaid loans are important issues they plan to look into. Picture: KIMB+ Enlarge this image

Opposition parliamentarian Professor Biman Prasad at the NFP office in Suva yesterday. Prof Biman, who is also the Public Accounts Committee chairman, says losses and unpaid loans are important issues they plan to look into. Picture: KIMB

THE Finance Ministry incurred substantial amount of foreign exchange losses totalling tens of millions of dollars last year.

The Auditor-General's report for 2013 reported a loss of $70,711,949.77.....

The Auditor-General's report said the findings indicated ministry officials failed to discuss the hedging exposures with the overseas lenders to avoid foreign exchange losses.

Anonymous said...

vili stick to the debate, dont start another one that you gonna run away from again...u gone soft my boy???? show your self lamusona levu

Anonymous said...

hey vili gal, let me start the debate on how we can improve the lives of our people...REMOVE BAINIMARAMA!!! how do you like that???

Unknown said...

E kuvai rau drau mila mila. Show myself and this is coming from anonymous. Sa rauta mada varerevaki tiko. Koya qori me caka gauna ni veidigidigi.

Anonymous said...

man vili boy, no wonder you worship baini. u use the same tactics...bluff the people...bluff the aussies, bluff the kiwis...dont bluff the kai jainas...cant u see the dishonesty in your childish post???? boy, u really need help...sorry a brain transplant....lololol...bahhhhhhaaaa

Unknown said...

Anonymous 1.45 pm

You mean the debate about how you lot want to kill our soldiers. I've already said I don't want to and agree on the deal made end of.

So what are your thoughts on free movements with Australia and New Zealand.


@ Vili 133pm


So what do you say to Kua Ni Rere after all the load of usual nonsense you just dished out at 1.33pm huh???

Swallow your pride and admit that your lying days are over!!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 1.48 pm

that's what the election was for. It seems majority of the Taukei and other ethnicity disagree.

Tinkerbell said...

@ 1.45pm

We dont wanna kill anybody?

But you may as well go hang yourself!

You have committed serious crimes in LYING AND OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE - PERJURY ETC ETC.

Bye bye......meoooooooowwwwww!!!!

Tinkerbell said...

Getting it right once again

@ 1.55pm Mr Vili Nilli Silly

We dont wanna kill anybody?

But you may as well go hang yourself!

You have committed serious crimes in LYING AND OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE - PERJURY ETC ETC.

Bye bye......meoooooooowwwwww!!!!

Tinkerbell said...

@ 1.58PM

Do YOU understand what FRAUD means Vili?

The whole Elections was a FRAUD! From 8 years in preparation with strong propaganda to a cabal of secret advisers and all corrupt heads under Franco & Aiyo, it was declared a FRAUD!!!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 1.53 pm

Well if that bluff gets me a free movement agreement between Fiji, Australia and New Zealand then so be it.

Anonymous said...

elections finished...truth coming out now..so new ball game...now we know baini/kai are crooks...u know that now. so u ask the question so i answer but u dont like us to remove the crooks....u want them to crook some more....u one big dickhead village boy.

Tinkerbell said...

@ Vili

If you dont have concrete facts like you say you dont then please SHUT THE TRAP UP!!


Unknown said...

Rainmaker 1.56 pm

Have you read my posts on the past 8 years?

Yes the loss is massive but guess what mate those loss were accumulated when Fiji wasn't a democracy. You're trying to hold them to a democratic standard when there weren't any.

Now we are so the next report you can. If you don't like it guess what don't tell me go and tell Bainimarama.

Tinkerbell said...

@ 2.04pm

Vili - its in your dreams!!!

You will never get us a free movement or free pass or free flow of nonsense talk.

Will you stop being silly Vili??

Will you stop LYING Vili??


Anonymous said...

Rainmaker says...I have just had the soldiers pick me up 2 hours ago. I was blindfolded and taken driven away. I was questioned about my blog and there was another person whom they kept referring to as Kua Ni Rere and I could hear him whimpering and crying when the soldiers abused him. For 20 minutes I was brutalized. They made me do things with the other person Kua ni rere..My cici is sore and my jaws is aching... I hate this Government and the Soldiers and my hatred will have no bounds.

Tinkerbell said...

@ 1.56pm

Now you are jumping the gun Vili!

You are cornered with your goose-stepping unwise moves!

You are trapped!


Tinkerbell said...

@ 2.09PM

I dont think so. Rainmaker is the man that he is. He has no fear of you COWARDS!

All you cowards ever do is round people up who stand up for Justice!



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tinkerbell said...

@ 2.09pm

You are pretty loose in your head arent you donkey?

Rainmaker is in his teitei enjoying his yumyum pineapples.

What happened to democracy donkey head? What happened to freedom of expression??


Tinkerbell said...

@ 2.14pm

No because you dont have one silly! You are as CORRUPT AND ROTTEN like the rest!


Unknown said...

Hahaha Tinkerbell Yes I do not have facts on that particular allegation so I haven't debate on that. The only facts I can say is that loss was based on the sum of all losses from various departments. To answer for the loss every department needs to answer or Bainimarama can answer to it all which is what you lot want. I think it's unfair to blame a boss if an employee chooses to mismanage funds and prefer the employee to answer themselves but hey each to their own.

However what I will say is go and take a look at Qarase and Rabuka governments auditor reports during their reign, you'll be surprised that's for sure but 2 or 3 wrongs don't mean right so no point digging that up.

I've moved on to free movements between Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. What your thoughts on that Tinkerbell woof woof hehe.

Anonymous said...

yes vili boci,,,u are morally corrupt...u will tell lies to get a visa...what an admission. now we know we are dealing with a real village idiot otherwise known as bainimarama....lol..the funny thing is that ur lies will not fool the aussies into giving u a free pass cos u gonna run away and bludge off the aussies just like u do now in fiji...





Unknown said...

Tinkerbell if there was a slim chance of me getting that free movements will you help?

Do you think it's good for us or not?

No one is side stepping by the way. I just choose not to debate on things I don't have facts on. Coconut wireless conspiracy theory and grog bowl gossip ain't my thing.

How's MOMO by the way woof woof

Unknown said...

Rainmaker I've already told you I don't have facts to disapprove or agree with your allegation. I have seen the reports alright and yes it's a massive loss but you're placing the blame solely on Bainimarama which is understandable since he's the boss. But don't you think individual departments that accumulated those loss should also be held to account?

And have you seen the auditor reports during Qarase and Rabuka reign? Won't make any difference regardless of both being more than Bainimarama but you can see that Bainimarama government ain't the only ones with the massive losses.

Tinkerbell said...

Ocei Vili?? Momo Jale??

Garosa!!Garo garo!! Meeeeoooowwwww!

Dont dodge the game Vili....stay put right there and respond to the FACTS stated by KUA NI RERE!!

Woilei turaga....you really want that free movement eh?

Ok. A deal, yes I would like that and will go along with you on ONE CONDITION!









Anonymous said...

weilei billi the goat...stop blaming la andrabuka for bainis fakups and corruption...hes the boss so the buck stops there with him...u one dickhead corrupt morally bereft kulina...


@ 2.09PM

Why instil fear and cowardice when it is only God I fear?


Unknown said...

Hahaha Tinkerbell I'm assuming your Momo Jale is the grog doped kanikani one. Pai Karaik is the one and only Momo you know the one who hates me coz he thinks I'm an arrogant piece of hms bilibili no comeback. Hehe.
That condition is tough gal. I've never been wrong. How can I be wrong if I choose to debate only with facts. I'm not side stepping the evidence infact let me clarify the auditor reports is a fact which i agree with. I just think blaming it all on boss man is unfair. All the departments that accumulated those loss should also be held to account.

So any ideas on that free movements?

And when are you gonna invite me to have some grog. I'll bring the grog you just have to provide the chaser woof woof. Hehe

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro
You seem quite determined about "free movement".

Let me just try and help you with your argument.

1) First of all you must define what "free movement" is.

Because when you say "free movement", you sound like one of those stupid FFP people like promising free water and then only deliver 2 buckets. What the fark was that?

So first you must define what "free movement "is.

Don't just say Free Movement between Australia and NZ, because that aint gonna happen.

Right now there is a Melbourne surburb called Broadmedows where the Unemployment rate is 26%
ie On in every 4 people ( including a lot of young school-leavers)
One in every 4 people you meet in Broadmedows is Unemployed and living on the blood, sweat and tears of other Australian Taxpayers.
The very next 3 surburbs to Broadmeadows ie Meadow Heights, Campbellfield and Coolaroo has have an Unemployment Rate of 23 per cent,



Now think about it Vili....
Think about what is going to happen when you have Free Movement.

Now you can probably see why Australians will think that Free Movement is the dumbest idea they've come across.


Why don't you write to Bainimarama or even better speak to him on his mobile phone.

IF YOU WANT BAINIMARAMA'S PHONE NUMBER, JUST ASK Mr Bilitaki. He'll give it to you. Hahahaha.
Good luck my friend.

Unknown said...

Rainmaker 2.51 pm

Cava qo na rebuke tiko. Cava kana tevoro vasigalevu.

Anonymous said...

Here's a definition of "Free Movement"

Kua Ni Rere's uncontrolled verbal diohera

Anonymous said...

Sobo sa vakasisila dina na corruption ni Fiji First sa ceburaki tiko ena Fiji Leaks......
Boidada wale na viavia dina savasava !!!! He he hehe
See F First corruption exposed in Fiji Leaks from FICAC files but no one charged ,,,,,,,,,
Bai talking about NBF but he is the chief Ali Baba and the thieves......
Boi Da DA wale

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