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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Solid win for Kepa, Prasad and team

Prasad: this round to him
Good victory: the attempts by Fiji First to have its finger in the pie again have been foiled by
the Opposition standing its ground.

The Public Accounts Committee can now go ahead and do its job - dig into the Auditor's Report 2007 to 2013 with gusto - with National Federation Party MP, Biman Prasad, staying on as chair.

Auditor's report: Time for open information.
Prasad's nomination was challenged by three Fiji First MPs but they've been unable to shake him, thanks to the Opposition sticking together, with Aseri Radrodro, backing the decision instead of getting a big head and fighting the hierarchy.

As Biman Prasad himself has said, there is no conflict of interest: the committee hasn't even started work and his comments were about process, not specific outcomes.

The committee meets properly on December 15 with Opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa urging everyone to work diligently and to remember the people will be watching.

For more on the budget see Wadan Narsey's:
The 2015 Budget: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Deceptive http://bit.ly/1tqS7ja


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Tui Viti said...

People need to know that it was the big business people who instigated the 2000 Coup not Bainimarama.

The reason being that Chaudary was changing all Govt Policies from doing business to Govt Officials,he was against the 'Fat Cats' people running big business and indstries and was also against expatriates holding Govt Post plus other posts that a local could fill.

He was warned by a Special Branch Officer Police Inspector about plans to remove him from Govt.

If we dont deal with the 1987 and 2000 Coup we are allowing those responsible to hold the Nation at ransom in the near future,the fat cats are greedy and need more to sate their greed for power and money.

Sadly the soldiers are just pawns in game,the CRW the viavia CRW and rebels are just pawns whilst the King,Queens and Bishops rule the game.

Those who planned it from Nadi were angry that Chaudary was changing the game plans on how they were to run the Airport Business. They colluded with the Fat Cats to remove MC.

One of Speights close confidantes was receiving $20 Grand [cash] every week from the Fat Cats Senior Accountant at the cafe directly opposite Sukuna Park during the Coup of 2000,that close confidante now resides in Australia obviously enjoying the $$$$.

The current PM only happen to be present in the Naval Ship at Suva Harbour with SLR, Naivalurua,Savua because he was being mis-informed about the formalities,not knowing that the President Rt KKT Mara is being kindly deposed or removed from office as he [Rt Mara] stated saying " I was like a hooker in a scrum without my props"

He was astonished when he saw his props the Army Commander and Police Commissioner present together with the Chairman of the GCC.

Well those who bankrolled the 2000 event are very much alive,together with the Govt Officials from e.g FIRCA. Min of Finance and NLTB etc who were visiting Speight in Parliament and briefing him about the Nations business almost every afternoon. THey received promotions in their post soon after that.

Even staff from the Min of Health were present in Parliament due to instructions from a Senior Health Staff who happens to be a Doctor very much up and about today.

That is how it went the FAT CATS reveal them and haul them before the courts before they strike again under the guise of advancement of indegenious people.

Anonymous said...

We SODELPA SUPPORTERS who believe in upholding the rule of law have every reason to celebrate this VICTORIOUS OCCASION!





Lauan JEW Qarase said...
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Anonymous said...

@ Dear TUI

Oh how i hate to write. Your excuses and relentless lies are becoming a painful bore to Sodelpa supporters. Will you take stock of pride and ignorance? They are your greatest enemies!

I would suggest you change your attitude. Choose the right path - stand for JUSTICE AND TRUTH for once, pointless waving Satani's banner as you know it leads to death and destruction.

With love Dear Tui... I remain

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:59 PM

'Victorious Occasion'?

Come on let's not overdo it, the opposition were going to get to lead the PAC whatever the outcome of voting.

Personally I'm well pleased it's Biman, but he would of still been there.

KUA NI RERE said...

Dr BIMAN you are being used by SODELPA. If you go on like this you will end up dead like Chaudhry. SODELPA is using you to criticise the government as they don't have guts themselves. I am sure they will not make you Minister of Finance if they win the next election. SODELPA is a racist and nationalist party whereas you are a multiracial party. They will use you and dump you like what they did to poor Rabuka.

Anonymous said...



Tomasi said...

KUA NI RERE boci, why you thinking like that. The role of the opposition is to keep the government on check. In a healthy democracy we need a strong opposition. Yes SODELPA a nationalist party but we may change to accommodate other races in future. KUA NI RERE you don't think, you are full of negavity and hate. You seem to have a very sad like as you are always on the net and being critical. Look after your partner Peter W as you need him. I am worried Peter W will leave you if you carry like this.

Anonymous said...

Will the real Mr Tomasi stand up.

Dr Bainimarama said...

Commonly seen in men over the age of 35, symptoms of a cancerous growth in men's prostates include difficulty urinating, a weak or interrupted urinary stream as well as blood in urine and semen.

The real Tomasi can't stand up because he has UTI, same condition that Vili and Kua Ni Boci have.

Tomasi said...

@7.46 pm I don't know who you are. But you are a very dishonest and malicious character trying to impersonate me to condemn others. Please stop your lie and deceit. I am sure Kua ni Rere can discern your evil prank. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, you coward.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Tomasi 8:40PM










Anonymous said...

The prank this cheap idiot is playing BRINGS OUT A PORTRAYAL OF ONE WHO HAS BEEN SORELY DEFEATED!!

Blog on Sodelpa - truth hurts!!

It goes to show that VICTORY to Sodelpa does have a devastating effect on this psychopathic lunatic who like a COCKROACH, when flushed out of his hiding place, seem to go real STUPID while running here and there.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Stop the hating you haters. We wanted democracy and now we have it. That was the purpose of the blog. I didn't agree to blindly cheer for Sodelpa. Sodelpas policies are racist and rejected by the people of Fiji.

If there is a non racist alternative to Banimarama we can consider it.

Anonymous said...

We would never support a Coup but recognize that that Banimarama is undertaking a revolution which will change how the country is governed. The Chiefly elites in Fiji have an important cultural role to play but in this day and age the best performers even if a Commoner should be leading the country economically and politically. The Fijian Chiefly system needs to evolve similar to say the British monarchy. One of Banimarama's Ministers Colonel Pio Tikoduadua is a shining example of this.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.02 Am. Didn't you think Pio Bociduadua is one of the Masi polo who acuire this position through the lie4s, deceit and intimidation of the military.

BLoody gusu veve ...lako i veka.

Let the indigenous people of this country decide for themselves...You only decide when to migrate to greener pastures.

Anonymous said...




Unknown said...

This is a good news because it will clarify and enlighten a lot of points. Although I am a bit sceptical of the time frame. Why not start from the end of 2005 when the last government was still in power???

Reasons being is that once all the investigation and analysis are done then both governments then can be compared and if the current government have done worse then look at ways to improve. If the current government appears to have done better then it will clarify a lot of things as well as straighten out a lot of negative assumptions.

Anonymous said...
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Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 7.12pm Nov 31; Well people should know how the Fat Cats operate.ok let me give you an example=The US Economy is controlled by Military Industrialists -in laymans terms,weapons,arms,ammunition,missiles,tanks etc manufacturers,they only make profit when there is a war,

so under the guise of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION [WMD]they wage wars on Iraq, Afghansitan etc but no WMD was found but they profitted in billions of dollars ,now they are turning their atention on Syria and Ukraine similar situation in Fiji under the guise of Advancement of Indeginous People rights and all the crap,the Fat Cats will stage a coup-de tat.

ok let me now enjoy my draunimoli and cassava for breakfast.

critique said...

acha right so the Fijian Chiefly elite have an important cultural role to play.so what role was Ratu Epeli Maila(dirty in hindi)tikau playing as President in the Bainimarama military dictatorship? What role was Ratu Inoke Kubuabola playing in the Bainimarmama dictatorship?
Being very selective about the role of the Chiefly elite, aren't you?
Chiefly elites are ok in politics provided they are politically onside - which is on the side of the Bainimarama gang!

nayacakalou said...

@Vili Roko...E kuvai rau...sega ni volitaki Rewai,mo compare taki rau,e i vei na ka urouro gonei.In the last eight years you have your chance of prosecuting them,and nobody,accept his three main man,Mara has to run for his life and Driti want's to kill Bainimarama,o as Baledrokadroka to Australia,and this three man have to clarify,that they have had enough of doing Bai's dirty work.Na leqa e via kila na lewe ni vanua o Viti,ni tukuna o Bainimarama ni sassamaki,me kau laivi na corruption,na ka e sega ni tukuna,,ni o koya e crrupt talega,ia e lailai ga mai vei LQ,and he will kill a few people on the way,and pay himslf a little bit more.Is that what you meant Vili? This is the process that Bainimarama should follow Vili,not the Coup,and for those that have a little bit more brain,so as the Judge,will find that Bainimarama did the Coup to save himself.The funny thing Vili is,the Court can not compare,unless LQ have been charged and that would be a president case.

Anonymous said...

Indians came to Fiji thru deceit. Siria is not the only ship that brings, them, infact two agreements were signed in England, one between Fiji government and England, the other between Indian government and England. A high chief by the name of Nailatikau found out that British where bring the coolies in the early 50, with one objective to overtake the Fijian population in short span of time. Mathematically a few hundred cannot overtake a race in numbers. But by the time this scam was revealed, 50,000 of the coolies were already in. that is why they were able to overtake the itaukei population in a century which is mathematically correct. AND YOU KNOW WHO GAVE THEM THE FIJIAN CITIZENSHIPS...THE GREAT CHIEF OF COUNCILS. the very same institution being abolished by the majority of them that coolies descendants that helped FB & ASK in 2013 election to rig the election. Folks that's not being racist, that's being factual it is about history. The 1987, 2000 coups were our Itaukeis coup, the 2016 is the coolies coup, using FB personal vendetta of the 2000 as an alibi..so wake up Fiji. These coolies were supposed to be given British passport...if wasn't for our Chiefs. Now like Mynah birds..the invasive species has already choked all the Itaukei of their land, resources, sovereignity and dignity. Lets Bring back GCC and resume the referendum, withdraw the Fijian citizen, and sent them back to Indian now that Modi has opened up visa free India. Kaila na Kaitivi!!


Why don't you just f**k off you impotent, low life, racist pig.

Anonymous said...

Mynah birds are invasive species, so are the frogs, rats and mongoose, the British brought the rats, the mynah, frogs and mongoose are all brought in from India. Not only that, they brought in their paganistic religion..350m gods and goddesses....3notable ones, first Sarasawati-Goddess of Education that is why all the tertiary institution they now controlled, check the location of the mandir..you'll be surprised. Second Lahxsimi..Goddess of Wealth in the pooja..they placed all the coins...from 5 to 100 bills and pray the Lakshimi locked up all these monetary in their homes. That's why they control economy, the third is Kali...an evil goddess who is synonymous with voodoo and trickery..this is where chants are being waged against the opponents...then comes the muslim...their prayer time is aligned to Naicobocobo...pple check this out..in the internet..Naicobocobo (in Fijian myth-it is the place where all the spirit gods jumped off into the spiritual world) is aligned to Mecca exact timing..that is why they all bow down toward the north when they pray..seven times a day, to pray to their sun god and moon god..7 times represents 7movements of the sun..yet this Govt when they won..they all went to give thankgiving thru interfaith at the stadium. This is the downfall..this government is taking Fijians back to idolatory and mockery of one TRUE GOD and YAHWEH is HIS NAME. Wake up..wake up pple!!..we are fighting spiritual battle..and sometimes we have to call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight. Without the "Indians", Fiji would be nothing. Just a group of kava swilling layabouts kissing their chiefs arses. The i'Taukei don't even have their own religion. A white man had to bring it to them and get them to stop eating each other. So face the facts and shut up. "Indians" run the modern economy. "Fijians" live mostly on government handouts and jobs and the lease money they collect for doing nothing. You should be grateful that you have some people with get up and go on your side. Instead you want to be selfish and claim the country for yourself. You are so stupid that you don't realise that by now without the "Indians", someone else would own you and you would have to kiss their arses. Look at the Kanaks in New Caledonia. They have to kiss the arses of the French. So wake up to yourself and stop provoking division.

Anonymous said...

As they say, nobody more fanatic than the most recent convert. At least Hindus have their own religion. Christian i'Taukei got theirs from a passing white man, along with the mirrors and beads.

nayacakalou said...

@ ITU TIVI 6:15...Na leqa e tiko e Viti,e baleti kemuni sara ga na sotia,ni raica nai valu ni nanuma ni kilai ira kei na nodra leqa,ni nanuma talega me mai caka vei keimami.Ke dina na ka o tukuna toka e cake,ia o cei na pusi uro o tukuna tiko,o cei e a dodonu me vakacabote taka na Airport e Nadi,ocei na sotia ka saumi tiko,qai cava ni kila ka sega ni cakava kina e dua na ka?Ia sa history kece qori,ka sa sega na betena na rogoca,it's more than thousand stories we've heard about the coup,the only thing that make's me feel sad,are those that have lost their loved one's,and those that have been a victim of this crime.

Anonymous said...

Today Bainimarama thinks he is FIJI and for the interim looks well pleased. MMmmmmmm

We have seen him unceremoniously remove every thing held sacred to the ITAUKEI.

Successfully conned the itaukei wannabe getrichquick 'skinnycats' now ' FATCATS' enjoying the rewards of wilful participation in the mutilation of the itaukei race - conquer and divide and position the itaukei race to forever stand on either side of the war zone.

The game of chess continues.

Aiyaz Khaiyum's dream has been fulfilled, It took one desperate Itaukei running for his life for a treasonous crime committed to fall into Aiyaz's long awaited 'death trap' whereby he Aiyaz has Frank and his army bestow upon him the title "INVINCIBLE EMPEROR OF FIJI".

Anonymous said...

There is a thin line between who you are an unique and genuine race, and being racistjs. People, leaks have come out out now that when the Fiji reps went to Geneva to present Fiji human right, they were being questioned...where are the Fijians? they replied, were are Fijians...but you know countries like Kenya, South Africa and most of the British colonised countries in Africa and South America...told this wanna be Fijians...that they wanted want to see real Fijians since they are Indians. You see clustering ourselves up as a group is the very objective of dictators now I do understand that 144 countries wanted the 2013 constitution to be reviewed and amended to allow greater participation and recognition of Indigenous Fijians. Wake up people..even the rest of world knows our distinction..yet when we fight our rights in the this country, our land, our resources..we are being muffled up and stigmatised as racist!! Gee what a blunder and a terrible one. Now we see that there is no budget for review of 2013 constitution..but only increase in policing and military...maybe the objective is increase the state policing of the 2013 constitution.....sad indeed a recipe for more coups..these highly paid security guards and clerks.

Anonymous said...

The first thing you smell in India if you come out of the International Airport in Mumbai is poo shit...that's why Modi promised to build 1million toilets across India. This what got him into Power. I think she should extend that to Fiji so that he can help his relatives here who are pooing left right and center. Especially fatty ones who control the economy of this country..the elite few...who thinks they are invicible.

nayacakalou said...

@Anon9:59...Grab your inhaler bro...you are lucky that we have turned our back on our god.We can send you a basket of oranges,if you eat or anyone,it will be kalas baito,or,even if we touch you or shake your hand tacina.But hey,we are educated and a bit more civilised,and if you do not like us,do not get stuck here.The only question is,why stuck here?

nayacakalou said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
critique said...

Let us keep in the front of our minds the fact that a dictatorship has no regard for following any established process. The Fiji First Party is the dictator's party. It's members in parliament, in business, in the military, in the civil service etc owe their first alligance to the dictator and will continue to do his will. All else is for show.

rajend naidu said...

This is what Joy Stapleton has written in his letter 'A win for democracy' (The Age 1/12):
"As a senior citizen of this country ... I am no longer excited by the victory speeches of new leaders. Same old, same old words that are as tedious as the [pre-election] promises...My pride and excitement is more that we live in a country where we can seamlessly get rid of governments that are just not "cutting the mustard".
I couldn't agree more with the wisdom of this senior citizen.
Rajend Naidu

KUA NI RERE said...

Todays paper says SODELPA's NIKO didn't obey the Disputes Tribunal's ruling has he had to pay a poor guy $5000.00. This is an appalling behaviour from an MP who is critical at other parties. Practice what you preach. He is a lawyer and an MP. But what can you expect from a member who acts like a terrorist in the Parliament.

Tomasi said...

SODELPA's supporters say everyone should support Great Council of Chiefs. But they don't want or didn't support the following chiefs in past.
- Late President Ratu Kamisese Mara, SODELPA followers marched to the Government House from the Parliament house in 2000 to overthrow him.
- Late Tui Vuda.
- Late Tui Tavua and present Tui Tavua.
- President Ratu Epeli Nalitikau.
-Tui Ba, Nadi and RakiRaki.
-Late Tui Macuwata and present Tui
-Ratu George Cakabou and his sister.
- Tui Suva
- Ratu Moeidonu.
-Ratu Inoke Kubobola
etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:50am...Pretty sad when someone who claims to be Christian mocks others. Cast out the log from your eye before you cast those of others. In reality Itaukei have lost the religious plot and now you have too many evangelistic criminal talatala out there now. You have been duped and conned and your method of worship has changed to extreme religious behaviour. There are so many churches in Fiji today and so many talatala and everyone seems to be a messenger from God in Fiji and the only message we hear, Give your tithe...lol vesu mona

Tui Viti said...

So Nayacakalou wants the Fat Cats to be named,bro this is not the proper forum for that,but awareness could be spread on this forum.

The Fat Cats,as called by MC in realtiy the owners of the Huge Million/Billion Dollar Industries that have been feeding from the Govt hand, they will kick out any leader that doesnt dance to its tunes so our PM should always be on his guard.

The Fat Cats rule the world,the Families that own numerous industries,the elite,so to protect their vested interests,they begin forming Shadow Govts,in marched Johann Adam Weishaupt who had the plans with all the secret agenda to rule the world or to own most of its industries anyway.This was a brilliant man employed by Elites e.g the Rothchilds to plot their path into the future,so they formed many Shadow socities under different names and guises but working together with the same agenda,bankrolling the French Revolution, the Civil War in the Americas,World War 1 and 2,Vietnam War,Desert Storm 1 and 2,War against WMD's, now Syria and Ukraine War,

in our local arena the Fight to prevent the erosion of I-Taukei lands and ownership in 1987 and later 2000 but 10 years later it was all just lip service,they actually managed to sell I-Taukei land [Momi,Denarau] after converting it into freehold land,it is so easy to hide in plain sight,like a magician who waves his wand to distract the eyes whilst he smartly moves items with the other hand,a sleight of hand as they call it,and this was done to advance the rights of the I-Taukei and prevent the erosion of blah blah blah from the I-Taukei.

The FFP re-iterates the term: THE BUCK STOP HERE!!!

Anonymous said...

Just look at the quality of Sodelpa members..
1 the leader is unintelligent and only good at convincing the innocent Itaukies in villages in her position as a c(t)hief.
2 Lawyer member owes 5k and is avoiding payment. Soon he will be made bankrupt !
3 Their so called consultant fat Beddoes is broke and has not paid his fair share of taxes since Qarase regime.
4 No one has any clue on finance-Biman will be used and abused by Sodelpa.
5.In short, it has not got a single worthwhile quality.
6 Rabuka would have been the better and best leader- Kepa should reign and go back to her village.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:16 PM

Do not underestimate Biman Prasad.

He has his head screwed on and as he has shown so far will work for the good of the country, irrespective of party or race.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.16pm

1. The Leader Ro Temumu is Intelligent that's why she is chosen to be Leader. You ever been a Leader, bet not!
2. The Lawyer will pay in due time just like everyone else in debt. Mind your own business.
3. Beddoes is not in prison for evasion of fair share of taxes. He is enjoying his life. How about you? You living a good life and pay your taxes in full? Im doubtful.
4. Prof Biman is the name and he is Chairman for a good purpose. How much do you know about balancing your outstanding account? Dont be silly.
5. In short, you dont have anything worthwhile to say.
6. Kepa is where she is today. What you gonna do about that LOSER?

Anonymous said...

@ 3.23pm

True to your word, we do not doubt that at all.

He has his head screwed on alright and will definitely screw the whole bang lot of thieving roaches pretty soon.

Go Biman, your the mannnn!

Anonymous said...

Well Tui Viti you right in saying that the Fat cats rule the World.But didnt you know the same Fat Cats are pulling the strings on their puppets Bainimarama & kyaihum??
You must be very ignorant or just connect the dot. Bainimarama is their main puppet & Kyaihum is just the brain & keeping Bai in check with Fat cat policy & directives.

Anonymous said...

Wow - the racism and hate and hit a new level!! There has always been a lot of racism here but what has this blog come to..... sad, sad

Work and pray for a better Fiji for all Fijians. Stop the hating my brothers and sisters

Anonymous said...

@ 3:16 PM

I would advise you and your likes to not underestimate Ro Kepa. Her intelligence, her humble nature, her courage, her loyalty stemming out of her love for her country and her people and, most of all, her God, can never be excelled or even be equalled by any Fijian or Fiji citizen. No not even by Bainimarama or Khaiyum. Ridicule her and use abusive words to try and weaken her morale all you like, but she is made of sterner stuff and she will never be moved.

Praise God for His plan that He has planned that such a great lady lives during this time to lead her people.

So, never underestimate this lady.

rajend naidu said...

J Nakarawa makes the perceptive observation in his letter to the Fiji Times (1/12)that there is the tendency in the new democractic politics in the new Fiji fashioned by the erstwhile dictator Frank Bainimarama to demonize the Opposition. The mainstream media and particularly the Fiji Sun which has been acting as the dictator's paper has been actively engaged in this demonising campaign - even after the release of the Auditor General's report of widespread abuse of government funds and processes by the Bainimarama regime in the past 7 years.
By contrast in the old democracy that we have in Australia the primary focus is on the mob in power and their conduct. That tends to be the main but not exclusive focus of public scrutiny and accountability.
Thus we read for instance in W. Book's letter 'Shameless posing' to the Canberra Times (1/12) the following :
"I was surprised at Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's shameless posing with images from Close Up exhibition("Bishop challenges public officials to change how they deliver aid" Nov 28.p.7)
The [Abbot] government has cut almost $8billion from the aid budget and still has the gall to claim that aid recipients will be better off as a result.
The damage done to Australia's image as a humanitarian nation will take at least a generation to repair because of the betrayal of trust in us by the recipient nations...
Bishop may have a "political rock star" status overseas but the necessity of air brushing her photos should remind observers that her current status is all pretty superficial".
Talking of the damage to Australia's image as a humanitarian nation the UN Committee Against Torture has found Australia's refugee detention policy cruel,inhumane and in breach of international convention and indirectly that the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has been economical with the truth regarding the detention of refugees.
In a vibrant democracy the spotlight must be on the mob in power - as is the case in Australia.
Why is the spotlight on the Opposition in Fiji? Whose agenda is being served by that focus?

Anonymous said...


May God be praised!

May the Lady who leads the Opposition be encouraged, with His divine blessings, to carry out the role assigned to her.

Anonymous said...


Its obvious Rajend that the THUGS in power will stick to the same AUTHORITATIVE MILITARY RULE under the guise of a democracy. Therefore we will continue to see The Fiji Sun publish biased reporting any time at any cost against the Sodelpa Party.

Its time everyone sat up to see that nothing much has changed in the way of GOOD GOVERNANCE, fairness, honest dealings, transparency etc.

We are only a democracy by name - there is no substance in the true sense of the word when it relates to us as a nation. Frank and his Puppeteer has fooled Fiji. I dont believe that the foreign powers are not aware of what these THUGS are up to. They know too darn well.

Up till now, of course, Sodelpa is fully aware of the indirect threats and cunning that stand against them.

Sodelpa has proven that they're made of steel by their victorious win over FF. By solidifying their position, they were able to retain and maintain the goodly Professor Biman as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

HOWEVER, The Fiji First lack-of-integrity-party shall be HUMILIATED ALWAYS no matter their conniving plots to publicly ridicule Sodelpa.


Anonymous said...

""Sodelpa has proven that they're made of steel by their victorious win over FF. By solidifying their position, they were able to retain and maintain the goodly Professor Biman as Chairman of the Public Accounts ""

Ha Ha Ha

Victorious !!

Anonymous said...

@ 6.55pm

Depends how you read it and the last laugh is on you. Hahahaha

Voreqe Bainimarama said...

@KNR 12:55 PM

You are obviously no the real KUA NI RERE

So now you FFP supporters are also lying.

Lying about Niko.

FFP Supporters are like their boss Bainisona

Bai is a LIAR



KUA NI RERE said...





Diabetes shock

Dawn Gibson
Monday, December 01, 2014

FIJI'S health system is treating diabetes foot infection patients with procedures that have been given up by the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere is waking to the reality that Fiji is just a third world country, about time boy.

And we thought he was just deaf by the way he shouts but seems like he has been blind as well.

Look around you boy, THIRD WORLD !

Anonymous said...

Aunty Nur Bano's lawyer Davenesh Sharma is the only lawyer speaking at the AG's conference.-he is a sucker , a crawler-a bloody coward who threw the towel in 2006--Victor Lal has assessed him well.--the boci builder.

Tema said...

Thanks Dawn Gibson for reminding us about Dr Neil Sharma's lax, inefficient and gross negligence of his medical duties as a Doctor and as Minister for Health.

If Diabetes does spread we may all be battling each other on Coup 4.5 without feet!!!

Heck that'll mean someone who is responsible may eventually 'lose his head'!!! That's 10 times worse!!!

Anonymous said...

at least with the PAC back in action, maybe my tax dollars can do some proper 'clean up' work....

FICAC please stop looking for cases, read up on the AG's report and make your cases ...make them stick and make it count.

KUA NI RERE said...

I am now convinced that FFP Supporters ARE TRULY DUMB...



Just look at Anonymous 8:04.The article clearly says "....procedures that have been given up by the rest of the world....."

"rest of the world" MEANS = including THIRD WORLD countries.









Unknown said...

The way these SODELPA supporters are twisting their pants you would think the report has been finalised and it has favoured SODELPA. I still think the time frame should have been from 2005 to include the Qarase government which was the last government.

Otherwise how do we know if the government have improved. The only way to do that is compare it with the previous government.

Anyways I am interested to find out when these committee do finish its report and if it turns out to be favourable to the government what will their reaction be. I am assuming if that's the case then more allegations of tempering etc will be posted here.

Anonymous said...

Can Kua ni Rape,Tomasipo,Nayacanitoce all chip in to pay the DEBT of $5000.00 owed by the Sodelpa Party to the poor Indian guy as published in yesterdays Fiji Sun.

Dou kua ni mai vosa vaka vuku tiko eke dou lai carata na demu dou, dou lai sauma na dinau $5000.00 nei nomu dou MP vei koya na turaga ni Idia.

Vakamadua dina! Sa No Money na Sodelpa me sa ratou dinau wavoki tiko,NO WONDER THEY ARE CRYING FOR A SALARY RAISE.Dou tauri kemudou vakamalua,o keitou keitou lewa tiko na Matanitu,We lead you follow,Sa rogoca???Dou via veisaumi se sega???De qai musu tale na kemudou i sau, e rawarawa tu ga ,we put forward the motion to reduce the opposition salary,then the raise of hands or number of ayes,i's.or yes then its law, Ia sa kua madaga,de so e domodali wale.

Oilei Navua!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Tinkerbell said...


Vili you are sooooooo slow. What happened, took the wrong trip? lol

How can you even think in the first place madaga that the Audit Report might turn out favourable to FF when Professor Biman had taken time to look through the Report when it was first released and discovered all these discrepancies, anomalies and what-have-yous which of course equate to CORRUPTION MALPRACTICE ABUSE MISMANAGEMENT THEFT ETC!ETC!

Hello, we are relating to Professor Biman "taking a look" here Vili and not some junior clerk or accountant. Do you understand what that means when a PROFESSOR takes a look and makes an assumption on the spot?? It indicates 'Danger'to those CROOKS! And when the Professor does complete his investigations the resultant end is 'TOTOGO'!!! So you understand now why FF THIEVING FREAKS were jumping up and down AND tried to place obstacles in Sodelpa's path in the frantic hope that they'd appoint ANYONE but paleeeeeese not the Honourable Professor Biman! NOOOOOOO!!! Noooooo!! Hahahaha

BUNCH OF DISHONEST CALCULATING CREEPS trying to pretend that they represent a Democratic government!!



Unknown said...


Hello again gal. What's going on you hardly ever post here again hehe.

Anyways I actually supports Professor Bimans selection on accounting the financial reports of the auditors report. I have always maintained that if there are any discrepancies then invidual department be held accountable for it.

And I extended that point to include previous government in these case the Qarase government because then we can actually see if these government have actually made any progress in terms of financial management and economic developments.

I am man enough to accept the reports when finalised whichever party it favours because in my honest opinion in order to be better we have to learn from our mistakes. No one is perfect including these government and me so if there are weaknesses then that's a tool we can use to better ourselves.

The difference between me and the SODELPA supporters in here is that if I am wrong I accept it. I do not make excuses rather I learn from it. SODELPA supporters especially those in here do not have that ability. During the election when they lost rather then accepting it they posted allegations, they swore, name calling, cursing and then quoting the bible.

They are the sort that will kick people when they are down. And swear and personally attack if you disagree with their views. Or and most importantly they hardly ever use solid facts just coconut wireless bullshit.

You keep going on about corruption malpractice about these government as if the previous government like the Qarase one is perfect. Qarase himself was one of the most corrupted prime minister Fiji has had. During his tenure our financial shape was the worst ever yet he had personal assets worth millions acquired throught corruption hence he was convicted.

People made allegations saying his trial was skewed yet they fail to face the reality that even before the coup way back in 2002 Qarase had already showed his ability to be a crook by disregarding protocols, procedures and just blatantly disregarded the constitutional laws he was meant to work within.

Unknown said...

Oh I forgot Tinkerbell woof woof lol.

Anonymous said...


Is it any surprise when Fiji has 4th world people like Kua Ni Rear in it?

Anonymous said...

Well it was due to this Govt we found out that our Doctors were using procedures that were outdated,KE SEGA NA MATANITU OQO KE SEGA NI KILAI NA LEQA OQO,TAURA RAWA?? WHICH GOVT WERE LEADING THE NATION PRIOR TO FIJI FIRST GOVT???

aNSWER: Alliance,Labour,SVT,SDL what were they doing?? Nothing!!!

and here we have a complete idiot son of a monkey blaming this Honourable Govt for the mistakes of past Govts!!

Had it not been for this Govt we would still be using guilotine amputations.


Anonymous said...


Meeeeooowwww, that's the trouble Vili Im posting nearly every day. You can learn to be intelligent too you know! lol. Toooooo slow like I said Vili, too slow ...hahahaha

By the way - there is a big vast difference between Qarase and Bainimarama. Kua Ni Rere and Sodelpa Supporters have told you lot a thousand times but as we say you are totally BLINDED and sadly BRAINWASHED!!!

So, keep your false opinions to yourself. You can waste your time doing a whole lot of research and presenting your case BUT.. BUT IN THE END, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT PUBLICLY JUSTIFY A GREAT EVIL COMMITTED BY FRANK AND AIYAZ. ALL YOU BECOME IS A DISGRACEFUL MOUTHPIECE FOR THEIR DISGRACEFUL DEEDS JUST LIKE THE FIJI SUN. And guess what, its a waste of time really. In the end you will discover that these despicable rats will be tied to their tails and be brought to Justice!!!

I mean you know this truth Vili but you are obstinately determined to sit on it!

Just a word of caution - You cannot sit on Truth. Truth is like a volcano ...period!!!



Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Fiji leads the world in other areas. It's not all bad news.

It has more fat lazy obese people wanting to live off others handouts than most countries.

It has more filthy dirty people that use the streets as rubbish tips than most countries.

It has more people per capita cleaning up the filth of it's filthy citizens than most countries.

It has more filthy dirty people that spit in the streets than most countries.

It has more churches per capita than most countries.

It has more people that spend more hours a week in church than hours they spend being productive.

It has more civil servants per capita than most countries.

It has more rape and incest per capita than most countries.

So it does excel in some areas !

Anonymous said...

@ 8.50am

That was refreshing! Apart from being branded Koo-Koo Land with our history of coups we now need to do some brainstorming from the List you've set out here. Phewww.

Hopefully we'll get there!

rajend naidu said...

Here is a piece of wisdom relevant to Fiji politics as well. It comes by way of a letter by Neil Ormerod, Professor of Theology, Australian Catholic University to the Sydney Morning Herald (Dec 2). It reads:
"So Minister Scot Morrison has conceded that "we need to work harder on the politics and managing the politics" ("PM's man to focus on economy", Dec 1). I would contend rather they need to work harder on the deficit. Not the budget deficit, but the MORALITY DEFICIT (my emphasis): the deficit in basic humanity, compassion, mercy, fairness, honesty, transparency and humility.
If the government were to work harder fixing the morality deficit, the electorate might start listening. To "work harder on the politics" without attending to these issues would be to work harder digging themselves into a hole of their own making".
From the widespread abuse revealed in the Auditor-General's report 2007-2013 it is apparent that we suffer from a big morality deficit as well at all levels of governance.
That needs to be remedied if we genuinely want to build a better Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 0850am, where did you get your false data from you bastard lying son of a bitch!!!

Remember we [FFP] are more in numbers than any other party,if we meet you in town we will give you one big buturaki!!!

Got the picture, amigo???? now vamoooosee!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 8.04 am

To quote you "By the way - there is a big vast difference between Qarase and Bainimarama. Kua Ni Rere and Sodelpa Supporters have told you lot a thousand times but as we say you are totally BLINDED and sadly BRAINWASHED!!!

So, keep your false opinions to yourself. You can waste your time doing a whole lot of research and presenting your case BUT.. BUT IN THE END" unquote.

So tell me what is these VAST difference???
You do not want me to do research to verify your bullshit right? Instead you want us to take your word for it. So your mentality is believe to you lot anonymous bloggers rather then the concrete facts obtained through research especially from the Fiji archives.

And If I do research to verify facts I am disgraceful. Lol wow and you are angry SODELPA lost the election. tell me who do you want to be Prime Minister? Just humour me.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:32 AM

' where did you get your false data from you bastard lying son of a bitch!!! '

False data?

Unknown said...

I have had a peep through the auditors report and it shows that the from 2000 to 2006 a 7 year period which was predominantly led by then PM Qarase, the Government had an average net deficit of 4.3% of GDP. The largest deficit was 6.2% in 2001.

And in 2007 to 2013 the period of Bainimarama the Government was more prudent and disciplined with its expenditure/spending with a much lower average net deficit of 1.7% of GDP.

Most importantly the Qarase led Government borrowed money for operating expenditures such as wages, salaries and everyday expenses unlike the Bainimarama Government that had borrowed funds for capital expenditure, building assets like roads, bridges, hospitals, jettys, rural electrification and schools.

What these shows that Qarase did not budget well. I mean the most basics like wages and everyday expenses is what most governments especially the western one should be able to manage so if Qarase was borrowing for the basics where the hell was the money going? And most importantly how the hell did he plan to expand the economy? In order to expand we need developments.

These is exactly the reason why I wanted the time frame of Professor Binmans auditor general investigation to extend to 2005 to include the Qarase era. I have no doubt at all the current governments loss is nothing compared to the incompetent crook Qarase.

Anonymous said...



There has only been one other time in history when the price of oil has crashed by more than 40 dollars in less than 6 months. The last time this happened was during the second half of 2008, and the beginning of that oil price crash preceded the great financial collapse that happened later that year by several months. Well, now it is happening again, but this time the stakes are even higher. When the price of oil falls dramatically, that is a sign that economic activity is slowing down. It can also have a tremendously destabilizing affect on financial markets. As you will read about below, energy companies now account for approximately 20 percent of the junk bond market. And a junk bond implosion is usually a signal that a major stock market crash is on the way. So if you are looking for a “canary in the coal mine”, keep your eye on the performance of energy junk bonds. If they begin to collapse, that is a sign that all hell is about to break loose on Wall Street.

If you have been waiting for the next major financial collapse, what you have just read indicates that it is now closer than it has ever been.

Over the coming weeks, keep your eye on the price of oil, keep your eye on the junk bond market and keep your eye on the big banks.

Trouble is brewing, and nobody is quite sure exactly what comes next.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro 10:11 AM


YOU SAID "Bainimarama Government that had borrowed funds for capital expenditure, building assets like roads, bridges, hospitals, jettys, rural electrification and schools."



new hospital.....ZERO!


(obviously into their pockets)



Sa rauta mada na mai lasutaki keimami tiko.

Unknown said...

SODELPA SAY that iTaukei land is not safe under the 2013 Constitution, that the Land Use Decree violates landowner rights and that the Land Bank erodes the power of the iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB). They say they will “scrap” the Land Use Decree and Land Bank.

FACT: Under the 2013 Constitution, the protection and ownership of iTaukei land has never been more secure. The truth about land rights is very clear, and one only needs to read the relevant provisions of the Constitution, supported by other land laws, to see that land rights in Fiji have never before been better protected.

Section 28 of the Constitution expressly states that the ownership of ALL iTaukei, Rotuman and Banaban lands shall remain with the customary owners and shall NOT be permanently alienated whether by sale, grant, transfer or exchange. If iTaukei lands are required by the State for a public purpose, for example; if the State wants to build a road or a reservoir, then the State can use land for that purpose. This provision has been in our laws even before Independence, and has been included in all of Fiji’s constitutions after independence including the 1997 constitution.

But under the 2013 Constitution, the State can only use land for a public purpose if it pays landowners fair and just compensation at the time of acquisition.(Section 27). And also for the first time, if land which has been used for a public purpose, is no longer required by the State, then that land MUST be returned to its customary owners. This added protection is expressly stated in the 2013 Constitution. (Section 28(4))

Indeed, the rights of land owners are more secure now than they were under the 1997 Constitution.
Also for the first time, landowners will now be entitled to receive a fair share of royalties or money paid to the State for the extraction of minerals from the land or seabed (mining) in fishing right areas. (Section 30)

Despite the 1997 constitution’s so-called “entrenched Provisions,” which SODELPA and other political parties refer to, there are documented cases of iTaukei land being permanently alienated from its owners through a legal loophole that allowed iTaukei land to be converted to State land and then to freehold land.

While SODELPA spread misinformation about land rights, they fail to acknowledge that in June 2006, the SDL Government approved to convert iTaukei land in Momi into freehold land title and then transferred that land to a private company as part of a land swap deal.

So when the SDL Government was in power not only did it do nothing to fix this serious breach in the security of iTaukei land, but it actually knowingly approved a transaction that alienated iTaukei land from its owners forever.

This was done by the then the SDL Minister for Lands, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu who presented this proposal to Cabinet. The proposal was approved by Cabinet, which was chaired by the former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase. And the Cabinet at that time also included the current leader of SODELPA, Ro Teimumu Kepa. They were able to do this even though the so-called entrenched provisions were in effect.

Similar land swap deals were also done by the SVT Government in the 1990s in Denarau, which led to the conversion of iTaukei lands into freehold lands. Lost forever. The Minister for Lands at that time was Ratu Timoci Vesikula and the Chair of Cabinet at that time was the then PM Sitiveni Rabuka. Now, the Constitution ensures that this type of theft of iTaukei land will never happen again. In fact, even before the Constitution was finalised, the Bainimarama Government closed this loophole.

This means that the percentage of land under iTaukei ownership – which currently stands at 91 per cent – will never be reduced, and in fact, could actually increase. The Constitution now ensures that no future Government and its leadership will be able to bend the rules like the SDL and SVT governments did in the past.

These are facts in the constitution so all these crap apat out by SODELPA are nothing more then bullshit and misinformation.

Unknown said...


Too much anger in you boy. Signs of someone whose been caught out in his consistent bullshit lol.

Shows your lack of brains and probably someone who do not actually reside in Fiji when you think there's been zero hospital build and one road.

Apart from upgrades to roads and hospitals like the Sawani to Serea roads, the Kings highway road expansions.

The government have had the Navua hospital build. The new facility, which is now built on higher grounds, houses 20 beds including the outpatient and inpatient wards and would be able to tend to 150 patients a day.
And equipped with the latest technology, as well as an ambulance for emergency situations.

Seriously boy you show a lack of knowledge in regards to the developments in Fiji. It is clear you reside abroad, my question is how long ago did you visit Fiji???

You consistently embarrase yourself with your lack of knowledge to what's happening in Fiji, your personal attacks, swearing, skewed facts and frustrations.

rajend naidu said...

If the United Nations Human Rights Review has recommended to the Fijian Government to establish a constitutional commission to carry out a comprehensive review of the 2013 Constitution to ensure it is "reflective of the will of the Fijian people" and the Fijian Government rejects the recommendation outright ('A-G : no commission' Fiji Times 2/12) is that the way of good democratic governance of the country?
Where then is the point, the sense - both economic and political - for Fiji to send such a large contingent to the UN review in Geneva?
Why did the UN review make that recommendation?
If the 2013 Constitution is not "reflective of the will of the Fijian people" ( as the UN review panel apparently thinks so) whose will is it reflective of?
Who decided "the way to review the Constitution is by way of a referundum"?
Did the Fijian people decide that?
Or, was that decided for them by their dictatorial rulers who made the constitution?
An honest answer would be appreciated.

Unknown said...

Under the Fijian Constitution, you can only change it if if three quarters of the members of Parliament, and three quarters of the registered voters agree to a change.
This is the first time that the Fijian people will have a direct say and control over the provisions of the Constitution. (Section 159 and 160)

This procedure for amending the Constitution must be followed by all the elected members of Parliament, no matter who wins the election in September.

So for SODELPA speaking about changing the Constitution ignores the fact that a very careful and detailed process will have to be undertaken with the involvement of all Fijians.

We are all bound to uphold the Constitution: the Military, the Judiciary, the Executive, the Parliament, all Public Offices and the Private Sector. Just because a person becomes a member of Parliament, it does not give them the authority to change the supreme law of our land. (Section 2 and 6)

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 11:00 AM

Boy, you fail to amaze with your expertise on Fiji;



new hospital.....ZERO! ""

So what's your next idiotic statement for today?

Of course your pea brain will now retort with the usual s***t that to question your intellect one must be a FF party supporter, but the reality is that a school kid would have no problem.

Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

vili rakoro
sa mata vakai cici ni vusi saraga nomu vakamacala ni tamata butakobutako

Anonymous said...

Vili you are a parrot of FB and ASK, you stupid Kaiviti...can't distinguish between the ucv and icv paradigms that make makes leasing mechanism synonymous with racial genocide, but then you can't fathom that because you are monkey do monkey say.

critique said...

@Vili Rakoro
what happened to the 1997 Fiji constitution? Who failed to uphold it ?

Anonymous said...

Vili all you are purporting is freeze the Itaukei pple as lease receipters of land....keeps them in the ice age and while the others....are modernized and literate. Stupid stupid Kaiviti!!..the land bank is taking ownership (Lessor status) and pushing Kaiviti aside to get rental on ucv for perpetuity without factoring in economic variables such as inflation, opportunity cost, valuation cost etc..etc..but then again you can't fathom becoz you remain a monkey..and monkey do and money say..ah!ah!idiota!!

Anonymous said...

Funny vili cannot distinguish between compulsory acquisition and robbery...look at the examples...Savura water catchment..it was PWD water supply..now...its owned by a business entity WAF...so Kaiviti get ready for the sake of public use...very soon your resources and land it will be converted to private entity...and guess who will pocket the money...let alone brokers or middle men like AlizPacific gets the pie..while the Tamavua pple...lay waste to non development...then again stupid kaiviti cannot fathom because he a monkey..monkey do and say ah!!!

Anonymous said...

Vili do not know that leasing is 99yrs whether it be commercial, agriculture and residential....by golly this is 3generations of alienation of one's intangible rights of his root. By the way he doesn't know that there are two types of native land...reserve and non-reserve land. TLTB Reserve law demands you get 60% of approval to get lease, while non reserve native...you just consult without approval. Vili cannot fathom that this law is already biased....so what he does...he now moves to Landuse commission and Landbank as his ace card...since he is monkey he didn't know that the very principle and policies regulating Landbank policies are derivative of TLTB but this around just increase 10 from 6% of UCV price!! such an idiot..but that monkey and parrots do!! Don't have analytical tools to think outside of the box...pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

Vili Boci Raikoro, listen up bastard. Squat and slide your finger up your anus, make sure no one is around because the smell will make them faint. Push it in and out slowly then increase the pace as time goes by. After 5 minutes you stop that you muthafucker, stick that finger in your mouth and shut the hell up. Dick.

Anonymous said...

So much to learn Vili...feeling very pathetically sorrowful for you types of mentality..moce made...safe chatting!!,,keep on chatting..it is good to know the level of your IQ!! okay let me climb mada one of these mango tree..since it mango season.

Unknown said...

Gosh you SODELPA fools are amongst the most stupid I have ever encountered. Seriously mann get real and get with the program.

The lands is secure and it's use has a financial advantage to the landowners which is a fixed rate. Now in order to expand our economy we need investors both locally and foreign. If an investor is leasing a land he is paying a fixed rate to the landowners and probably providing employment opportunity too to them.

And as with most businesses these investors would aim to get profit which means more tax for the government. Therefore it's a win win win situation for the landowners, investor and government. The landowners with the money from lease or employment will raise his standard of living, the investor profit means more to him and possibly more investment like extending lease etc. Government gets more tax which enables it to do more like developments.

The beauty of it is that at the end of the day the land is still 100 percent owned by landowners. Now if landowners feel they're not happy they have the ability to terminate the contract through the proper procedures. Also if they feel the investor is getting more profit then guess what terminate the lease contract and open up their own business maybe they can earn that.

As for the Savura water catchment yes privatisation will happen because that's how service are improved and how economy expands. Investors and privatisation is captalism in a heartbeat and these is what drives the economy. If you don't already know it, guess what welcome to democracy, capitalism and modernisation.

Unknown said...

People our natural resource is land. We want to expand our economy therefore it's pretty straightforward. Seriously you cannot expect just to sit on it and expect the government and business to give you money for it. It's give and take, not take take take.

If you have a 19th century mindset then everything that happens in these century will upset you.

Unknown said...

This misinformation of 99 years lease is really getting old. These is the maximum and reviewed every 5 years. Most lease are only 5 years or 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Yes all you are doing is parroting...keep the Fijians as land givers and keep the foreigners as land developers (#%#&)...since you can't see the point...and have no solid ammunition to my previous posting..please go and climb some mangoes for Christmas since you don't have the answer to such intricate detail posting. Im now relegating you to posting 1.14...qori mada qai macala nomu viavia dauvosa vakavuku..uluvakutu!! sa rui vovodea nomu rai baleta ni ko vuli vakavo.

Anonymous said...

Who says Capitalism is the way forward? Look around Idiot and see countries that have embraced..UN charter on Indigenous rights...unless you forget you Fiji ratify this in 2010..under this ratification...all land forcefully alienated from Indigenous pple shall be assessed, compensated and remedial processes are to be taken. Since you forget history...go and study this topic...for your feeble mind "Terra Anulus"..study it and then come back and I shall give the authority in this forum on behalf of the Itaukei pple your goons are alienating thru means of diplomacy...dig deep Kaiviti...kua ni sakuca taka tiko na nomu intelligence..that if you have any baleta no o koki!!

Unknown said...

Really more personal attack and cursing. You think I don't have solid ammunition gosh clearly you didn't understand anything at all about what I posted.

You posted a question which was already answered in my post. Did you think I was going to repeat myself. If you didn't understand anything then ask don't make a fool of yourself mate.

Anyways just to throw you a bone. Re-read my post especially about land acquired by personal and state developments. Therein lays your ammunition, gun or whatever bullshit term you wanna use.

Anonymous said...

So what happens when one landowning unit has land that is easily leased and another landowning unit has land that no one wants to lease?

Not a trick question, but one to understand if those that can not lease land have any benefits from those that can.

Anonymous said...

What financial advantage you are refering to? let me define you UCV...since I know you can't fathom it.unimproved capital value idiot!!...that is all these land policies are perpetuating!!..Itaukei leases holders do not enjoy the ICV...that for your info Vili...Improved Capital Value.

Guess what the very institution you are lauding about are the middle agent crooks with outdated neo-colonialism attitudes that had frozen our society and doesnt allow them to integrate into the capitalistic world. This is the problem Vili...when u forget history you are bound to repeat them. Well can't say much...all brainwashed by two idiots who run the show with iron fist, intimidation and fear..well one day Mafatu..one day..

Unknown said...

Democracy is the process by which we get ourselves organized to perform capitalism. Only this time we've customised it to suit us hence landowners protection. Capitalism is a consensual hallucination of people concerned with how to divide opportunity fairly. So if you're against capitalism then you don't want fair opportunity. I suppose that's expected from you lot since you don't want to treat Fijian of other ethnicities fairly.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere !!

Caijibumu kua mada na vosa2 ca jiko. Boci o ratou na nomu i Tubutubu

Anonymous said...

Vili..you are metamorphizing into an anon..because you are afraid....my solution...scrap TLTB.and Landuse commission & Landbank..create..Land Trustees..then create inventory of assets. Rework policies regulating commerce and financial institutions...work directly with landowners..and use mitigation options against full leasing mechanism. In nutshell...you create an inventory of resources, prioritise immediate resources that are commercial value and develop entreprenuel programmes to sustain economic incentives and upgrade communal set-ups. Thats what NZ Maori, Hawaiian Natives and Abo are going...land are grouped as master lease, foreigners or investors coming in are provided with subleasing arrangement and conditions of sublease which protects lands from full leasing are inland with joint ventureship arrangement..see in a nutshell..protect land, increase communal entreprenuerships and brings Itaukei in par with the rest.

Unknown said...

Land leasing depends on quality, quantity and location.

ICV isn't enjoyed by landowners because that's how we get investors to invest on the land in the first place. Anyways if landowners are not happy with it then they don't have to lease it instead start up their own business on their land which enable them to enjoy ICV.

Again I have already answered these on my previous posts. Seriously do you have problems understanding grammar or English.

Unknown said...

There's a difference between the Maori, Hawaiian natives, Abo and us. We actually are the majority in our country and we actually lead it. They need it to protect their limited land. It's a good idea nonetheless especially if you change Maori, Hawaiian natives and Abo to Fijian of other ethnicity in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vili I see that you are have tunnel vision, I tend to admire your posting spare the rough edges. BUT vili can't you think outside of the box?? why create a landless society that feeds on a relative leasing arrangement and costs for perpertuaty? Democracy is ancient GREECE??...democracy brings about Capitalism, captalism brings about individualism..the very forces that has divided this nation into polarity. For me, your solutions is based on leasing arrangements as the only economic paradigm that will forth prosperity...you forget history...which unfortunately you perpetuate and so vigorously protected...let me give you one example..why can't we combine capitalism and communialism...and from there derive integration of policies for the betterment of everyone..Remember Capitalism creates elitism...poor getting poor..rich getting richer for the very basic and fundamental clauses as I told you above..ICV and UCV. If you can crack this open...maybe you can advance to a new enlightenment of your types.

Anonymous said...

Ah!..you are beginning to like me vili. good chatting I love it. Stay true to your cause I hope mine has reshuffle you alittle bit to see reality at face value. All of what you are posting are classical thinking style of neo-colonialism which is the birthplace of capitalism. All you are saying are theoretical economics.By the it is not the grammar that matters but the essence..ah!..I end here Kaiviti. Kaila mada!!.

Anonymous said...

There is no difference between us as a communal society. We are all communal people. The is no difference btween landless and leasing. By the time you wake up...the rate of leasing will alienate us all. I mean Itaukei.

Aiyaz Kaiyum said...

@Vili Rakoro
The problem with you Fijians ( sorry iTaukei) is that you are lazy. JUST LIKE YOUR UNCLES IN MUNIWENI who dont want to go for SEASONAL WORK in Australia because it will be cold that time of the year.

Next year 2015, MY GOVERNMENT hope to send a grand total of 63 people for Seasonal Work in Australia.

I KNOW ITS NOT MUCH....but you Fijians will be very happy with this number...because you are a stupid race.


Dont worry your village's turn will come. Maybe in the year 3015.

Unknown said...

Wow it's been a while since I've been challenged and debated with a different point of views and most importantly a valid one lol. I like you firstly because you don't resort to petty name calling and swearing. Secondly because you seem very educated which means we can brainstorm ideas and that is awesome.

Your idea of combining capitalism and communalism really intrigues me. I will look into it at length and perhaps therein lays our solution for a prosperous Fiji. It does make sense especially with the traditional aspects of our country.

I kinda disagree with you on the point of capitalism creates elitism because we have had that in our country too if we study our history. My opinion is that people are the one that create elitism. Just like how religion are corrup because people are corrupt.

The only tool against this is institutions like FICAC that holds people responsible for their actions. Especially the clever ones who tries to manipulate the system through corruption.

And you're right all I am saying are theoretical. I guess we best start with theory rather than straight into action otherwise I'll be the one with new pajero and an appointment with FICAC ey hehe kaila.

Unknown said...


Arreh yarr you stab me the back lol. Where's my new pajero you promised me lol....

Aiyaz Kaiyum said...

@Vili Rakoro
Sorry Vili. I overspent on the numbers there. It should have been 53.

Yes, thats right 53 lucky Fijians will go for SEASONAL WORK in Australia next year.

Of these there will be 40 Indofijians, 10 Others and 3 iTaukei....

This will be in line with our policy, just like the TOPPERS SCHOLARSHIP.....

Vili, You Fijians , ( sorry iTaukei) should be very happy that we have reserved 3 seats for you.

I HAVE TOLD BAINIMARAMA AND HE IS HAPPY. HE WAS EVEN MORE HAPPY AFTER I GAVE HIM THE $30,000 IN THE BROWN BAG.(I got the first 40 Indos to give me $1K each Hehehehe. You know masia tiko the polos)


Anonymous said...

Vili, how come the seasonal workers are going to Australia and not to China and India? Asshole

Aiyaz Kaiyum said...

@Vili Rakoro
Ayreh Yarr
Tum jano, the Pajero coming brother.
Container Ship coming.

Vili make sure you tell all your brothers to put the LAND in the LAND BANK yarr.

Tui Viti said...

@Aiyaz Kaiyum 2:49PM
How come you collect $1K from 40 people and only gave $30,000 to Bainimarama?
Where's the rest of the money?

Aiyaz Kaiyum said...

@Tui Viti 3:28PM

Harreh Yarr, why you asking stupid questions.
You beginning to sound like SODELPA SUPPORTERS.


Baiya Tui Viti stop poking your nose around here. Go and confuse those SODELPA people.

Unknown said...

@ anonymous 2.54 pm

Bloody hell another thick dog. Theres a difference between seasonal work visa and visitor visa on arrival. Fiji has seasonal worker agreement with Australia and visitor visa on arrival agreement with China and India.

If you don't know the difference between the two visa then there really is no hope for you. Best you stay in the village and farm there. You can do your seasonal work there. Grog season and vudi season.

Unknown said...


Harreh Yarr don't worry about the land. I give you 5 year lease in return of a position in the foreign affairs Pacific negotiations team. I wanna shout at the Australians and Kiwis.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili R

Fijian sovereignty yesterday (its no longer in existence as we know it) - does the word Communalism fit in or not?

Just need your point of view. Ta.

Anonymous said...

You silly Fijians lol.....Democracy?.... Be honest with yourselves Democracy has failed Fiji.This framework has failed you people in so many ways.Your still trying to recover from your post colonial past.Colonialism came with democracy and all it's problems don't forget that.You Fijians will only prosper by becoming a Socialist Communist State and staying true with it's ideology.Where individuals will toil and work for the motherland and it's people.One central government to serve all and for all.I have said this many times in the past on this blog communism and socialism is the only way forward for your country.What about corruption in government some will ask?you know in China if a government official is found cheating and robbing the government he is sentence to death penalty and executed straight away.If you steal from the government means your stealing from it's people.I ask you Fijians to consider communism, just think about it and research it.I await the day when this individual creates this Communist socialist party and campaigns.

Aiyaz Kaiyum said...

@Anonymous 10:19
Bainimarama stole the government from the people in 2006.
Will you execute him like the Chinese would, like you suggesting?
Or are you just full of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

@11:30pm....That happen under democracy rule,If it was a communist rule...You would know the answer?But dont forget Bai wasnt the only one who staged a coup(George speight and Rabuka)are you still swallowing that blue pill?....But since it was a democracy the intend of the 2006 coup was to rid corruption and racism am I right?hence stability came forth am I right or wrong?or is democracy still failing? lol or should I keep listening to all kinds of stories and keep going around in circles,back and forth,zig zag up and down? .....Keep swallowing the blue pill of democracy.Fiji's military should of just stay in power,declare it a communist and socialist state and run the country for its people.It would speed up the process of achieving your goals and aims on development and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Vili,you see I am know you like me alot..ah!..ah!! veiwali ga meda pula. Now that we are on the same par, I will now show you what exactly happened in Fiji's history that has brought us Itaukei(s)to our knees today. Look at history,our Indo-Fijians came to Fiji by force thru British Colonial Masters. All of the threads posted here are racial, bad politics and anti-cultural and/or hatred, infact everyone seems to barking the wrong tree. Here's what happened. The colonial masters thru deceit means began to buy our land. They exchanged guns and iron axe for a 500 to 600acres. These lands were changed from native land and into crown grant and finally into freehold land. Some still remains classified as..crownland without title. As the white expand their territory in Fiji, most of land that are being occupied are flat fertile suitable for commercial agriculture such as cotton, coconut and sugarcane. Our Indo-Fijian friends were brought in to work in sugarcane farms and coconut estates on these fertile lands. At the time when sugar cane became the backbone of Fiji's economy...they already were involved in this industry.By the time we achieved Independence the whites move away and this is the turning point Vili.

Anonymous said...

Vili..Government provided them the best opportunity by subdividing these fertile land into blocks,gave them rations and sustain their livelihood and they were going to the bank for second mortgage of these land. So that is why they owned the majority of the crown and freehold land that were being held previously by the whites. And where were Itaukeis? They are were still practicing communalism in village setting frozen in a time capsule. This is the greatest disparity. They were riding all along on the governments priority list for development because sugarcane was backbone of Fiji. Tell me why mostly towns in Fiji are named after them..because they got it through fate and luck. I don't blame them. So what is left of us...it is only those who broke free from the village bondage are successful. That is why stereotyping Itaukeis as lazy pple is a myth, all along the government of the day allocate budget for sugarcane farmers, whilst not a single cent was spent on the agricultural products of the Itaukei (am generalizing here) but the percentage is true. We were left behind in commerce, industrial, business since we were late comers to this. So what is the next move..lock out remaining land. Create trustees, trustees leased the entire mataqali or yavusa land and protect them as master lease. If an investor or foreigner or a businessmen wants to lease let them sublease from the master lease. In this way we can overcome our poverty,and move in par with our Indo-Brothers who by luck and fortune, stumbled across our shores unknowingly stumbled right into a platform already prepared for economic prosperity by the white masters who stole these land from us thru crooked means. That is why UNCharter on Indigenous Riohts should in restropect correct these wrongs and redress these land dealings..if not Vili..Fiji will descent into a war torn country where separatism and extreme racial hatred will destroy us all. Remember the Vanua o Ra have signed a referendum...SODELPA has got the itaukei majority vote...more and more public outcry from Itaukeis are on the rise...FB and ASK have rubbed salt to the wounds, trying to lock up remaining native land for 99yrs under landuse commission and land bank. So wake up Kaiviti..we are all barking the wrong tree..we need to all go back to our village, get our mataqali or yavusa or tokatoka, create a trustee, and its business arm, the business arm runs the show on behalf of the trustees...we don't need middle men becoz the pillar of economy (three of them...Resource, Labour n Cash)..Vili we have Resource and Labour, the next thing is get government contracts, use FDB to finance operations and use our resources such as gravels, water, minerals, fishery, timber, these we all have. And that is...we locked our land,we educate our ppl with entrepreneurial skills and Kaila...we can become in par or greater than our business friends since we owned already two pillars of economic paradigm. Kaila mada na Kaiviti!!!sa dri yane!!

Anonymous said...

We don't need to lease our remaing land foreigners or business pple our resources which are rich in commodity we have to protect. Tourism still needs beachfronts, we still have alot of beaches, Real Estate in towns is plentiful..we can rezone them for residential,commercial and industrial lots...pls pls stop leasing them out Kaiviti. In our own Village trustees with business arms draw up development plans for pastoral farming..such as goats, cattle and piggery farms..Fiji spent $54m per year to import meat into our land. If other ppl can run business we also can. We need to change mind set. we need to learn too from our Indo-brothers in businesss, yes leave politics aside and look inwardly hard into ourselves, as Mandella quoted...we are the masters of our destiny..the captain of our boats..we can rise beyond these petty issue of finger pointing and embrace life at its fullest. Kaila mada na Kaitivi.

Anonymous said...

We need to move as mataqalis, tokatoka, and yavusas, list all of resources such as trees, beachfronts,gravel, sand, iqoliqoli...and put a value to them. Prioritise them and see what resources can be economically viable...remote areas may use their forests, and land for tourism, those in towns,
Get a contract from government for housing projects for those landowners near and around towns and urban or suburbans. Get loans..don't be afraid..every business ppl do this and rezone lands as master leases, apply for foreshore and don't give them to the chinese, or foreigners or business ppl. Get forest to provide logging license, go to FDB or other willing financial institution,get loans on the total cubic volume and use money to hire many muslim brothers logging company to log forest, higher return to cubic volume you still get. No need to buy trucks or logging equipment, just hire, more profitable then leasing them on royalty basis. Create mini-towns, getJV from Fiji holdings to have RB patel running a supermarket on your land for pple on queens highway near to towns etc,etc...and the iqoliqoli..stop issuing license to tom dick and harry..get the boys in the village to fish your resources they are worth millions. Damn it...the sky is the limit..kaila..kaila mada!!Moce..moce Vili. Au sa tini eke Satini.

Anonymous said...

@6:47 oh yes indeed.....This is just a recovery from the post colonial era.These racial stereotyping from both majority races flying around in Fiji's society bares links to its past!!!!.Your country is still a young nation,your people are still learning but you need to stop swallowing this blue pill.The causality is there in front of your eyes, however they keep taking this blue pill and it then blinds them from the truth. I'm not a huge fan of Democracy,I prefer a socialist communist way of system. I've been to Fiji on holiday and mingled with both majority races you people are good and have similarities but your racial stereotyping is really destroying your society as a whole. Take it from an outsiders view.Give more of the red pills and less of the blue as its been circulating for 100's of years.I would love to show you everything I know and where to start but how can I when many are still on the Blue pill?Wrong audience i'd say.Have some patriotic for your motherland in you,I notice Fijians lack this but only in a rugby game you all come together.I could be wrong but hey I welcome the criticism.

critique said...

@Anonymous 7.53AM Can you tell us where you come from to holiday in Fiji?

savusavuite said...

What about investment in Savusavu?

Savusavu Look North policy

No sewage treatment plant – army took away funding

No airport extension – Fiji First (FF) policy

Heavy lorries still trundle through the town no relocation of RoRo ferry

Residential tourism - a major income for Savusavu killed by Minister for Finance

Nautical tourism – the two major marina/residential developments killed by Prime Minister, FNPF and Director Lands

Interests of Tikina of Savusavu ignored

25% ‘upfront tax’ imposed on land sales - stamp duty and VAT

Previous Governments no better but we expected better from FF not worse

Support FF and kill Savusavu

Tema said...


Fiji is a beautiful country. People live in peace and harmony as you see it every single day. Neighbours respect each other and we go about doing our own thing without bothering anyone else. If you have been to the Suva Vegie Market, you will see how busy yet peaceful friendly and safe the environment is.

The racial stereotyping you talk about is found online amongst the few and at times our politicians in the heat of their debates throw racial comments about, but that's about it. In the US and other countries you see people on the bus, train and public areas hurling racial slurs at each other, whites against blacks and vice versa and we wonder from the comfort of our own homes what the heck is going on and we realise how blessed we are right here in Fiji.

We are a developing country which means we are still growing and hopefully we do not become like other countries that have all these public racial hatred going on. Of course we in Fiji cannot avoid having criminals abusing the law but thank goodness we dont experience the kind of real crap we see going on abroad.

We are so better off than any other country when it comes to peace relations amongst ourselves.

You dont see knife-wielding madmen chasing each other around the place. You tend to think though that while reading all these hateful comments that we actually behave this way on a daily basis. That's NOT HOW IT IS.

As for suggesting red pills rather than the blue, you sound like you are not from this planet!!

Are you Alien? LOL

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

@Tema 8:57 PM

You talk of stereotyping but seem to be doing it yourself regarding the US and other countries. Why?

You say we don't experience the kind of real crap as is seen going on abroad, so how come our papers contain the high level of rape, incest and murder cases they do for such a very small population.

You say neighbours respect each other, rubbish, some do many don't.

Like any country Fiji has it's scum and it's decent people.

rajend naidu said...

Citizens judge leaders by their public utterances. This is what one citizen has to say about Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop.
In her letter 'Bishop shows her true colours with pitch for nuclear energy'(ct 2/12) Jenny Handke says " Let's hope comments by foreign minister Julie Bishop on Australia needing to have nuclear energy puts an end to the twaddle that she is a person of substance and a potential leader..."
We know only too well from our experience in Fiji, both past and present, that we persons of no substance perched in positions of leadership - as Minister of this and Minister of that.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vili Boci, you missed the question you ugly dog. The question was, will China and India have a seasonal worker arrangement with Fiji? Read closely you boci because those two countries will never entertain the idea, I'm pretty sure your ugly boyfriend can explain why.

Meantime ask him to stop playing with your vudi.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 11:46
Vili Boci is clueless. He says that Australia is begging Fiji to be its friend, because we now look to India & China.



2 weeks ago the Bainimarama and Aiyaz WERE HAVING ORGASMS WHEN INDIA AND CHINA CAME....

Now the Party is over; Reality has set in. They have VISAs but no work in India or China.
Indians and Chinese have gone to Dubai for employment.

SO FIJI HAS DRESSED ITSELF UP PREETY LIKE A PROSTITUTE, BUT NOWHERE TO GO....maybe she will turn back to her true friend Australia.


nayacakalou said...

@Anon....Mosi ga na sona na voa vei iko Vili....au gole yani e nomu koro,o se sega tu ni vakai sulu,savu na luka e ucumu,lago walega e dela ni nomu kobo,qai mai karokaro tu yani...sa rauta mo kabiti ira toka na matai valu,mo bau rawa ka loto kina...

rajend naidu said...

Here's an extract of another letter in the Canberra Times (2/12) that Fiji politics watchers would find relevant particularly in light of the claims of the wheeling and dealing that has been going on in Fiji politics in recent times.
Julian Robinson wrote:
"... The Prime Minister[Tony Abbot] is either dissembling again or demonstrates he has lost grip on reality when he describes his first year in office as a "year of achievement". Scott Morrison[Immigration Minister]encapsulates a good part of the problemwhen he suggests " we need to work harder on the politics and managing the politics".No, Mr Morrison, the government needs to work harder at governing, not politics. The preoccupation with ideology and politics and the consequential manipulation, point scoring and fibbing is half of what's wrong. The other half is who you should be governing for, to which the answer is the people, not cronies and other vested interests. If you simply govern well and in the people's interest, the rest will look after itself. You won't have to "sell" anything".
Now that's so simple, straightforward and profound. And people charged with the responsibilty of governing should have no problem following that.
But if they did that - govern for the people - how are they to become political fat cats!

Anonymous said...

Are there actually people around that thought the India/Chinese visa agreement had something to do with working in those countries?

It's simply an agreement where prior application for a visa is not required before arriving in the country for visit/tourism purposes.

Same as Fiji already gives many countries citizens.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is, India and China have large populations, AND Vili Wanker, these countries will never do this.

KUA NI RERE said...

The Chinese are now doing SEASONAL WORK in Fiji.

They come, plant Dalo and Cabbage at Waibau. After 2 years they migrate to Australia as Fijians.

Vacava o kemudou mai Muniweni?

Sa yawa sara na lai vaqara Seasonal Work i Australia, yavu ululala.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to go and work in India and China where they pay peanuts when Australia and New Zealand have much better pay conditions.

India and China are giving out visas to Fiji citizens without applying for them because they need the pathetic Fiji dollar to prop up their pathetic currencies.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11am...and what about the country you live in...Im sure you have the same problems tenfold. Why poke your biz in our country. Why not POKE YOUR BUM...lol.....hee heheheh hehehh..want to tell us what we doing wrong bloody one year overseas and think you know the answer...blue pill red pill...don't overdose on your pill...no no I take that back...please overdoze on your red pill and the blue pill will help you recover...I got one brown pill too its fat and its long and its purple when its engorged and its especially for you....its called a ....

hah aaha hoot

Anonymous said...

@ Kua Ni Rere...everyone else is coming to work had and make money in Fiji because you are too lazy a bloody Fijian to do the same thing you pathetic excuse of a human being....lei tei bhaigani va levu qai sosomaka nomu cici...qara levu...ha ha ha ah wah

Anonymous said...

@ Kua ni Rere...look north is to Vanualevu you son of a saqa mua...damn...too bloody dumb to know where N S E W is.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 6.47 am

Your post is very indepth yet one sided. You mentioned in one of your earlier post that you've been reading my comments. And that should give you an idea that I know about our history very well so thanks for the history lessons but I already know about it too.

And so I'll just pick out two points where I disagree with you. Firstly your entire post puts the blame on the British colonial times.I could get technical but I suspect you're not like the rest of the dumb SODELPA supporters in here so you will understand what I am summarising.

Fiji was ceeded to Britain rather then taken over therefore our chiefs and elders invited the British and asked for their help so putting the blame on them is a bit Scottish. What I mean is that like Scotland we needed help and asked the British to bail us out. So whatever happened we have to shoulder the responsibility. Also as you mentioned the Indians came in to a economic system prepared for profiteering if you're willing to do the hard yards. So they took their chances. Now us I Taukei's had the same chances but we chose not to hence the term Lazy is absolutely spot on. Especially since after independence we've all had same opportunity if not more to snap out of our laid back mentality and work had academically or even as entrepreneurs to elevate our financial status and living standard. We cannot continuously blame others, at some point we have to face the reality and shoulder the consequences of our decisions to be laid back. Westerners even to this day always say us Fijians are laid back or Fiji time and that is a patronising compliment. At school it was almost accepted as the norm for the smartest to be Indians and accepted. I chose not to accept these so rather then mucking around or step school I chose to study and challenge the Indian students academically. My friends who mucked around and now are floating about from casual jobs to unemployed are now blaming the government, Indians and voodoo basically everyone else but themselves. We gotta stop the mentality and attitude of being entitled just because we were born as I Taukei's. We gotta earn to be rewarded not expect it because of our birth rights.

Secondly you mentioned majority of the I taukei's voted for SODELPA. Let me correct you there, majority of the I taukei's actually voted for Fiji First and that's a fact so if you wanna verify that go and read the election report by the international observers group where they outline stats and voting patterns of every election booths and districts.

Anonymous said...

Who Vili ceded Fiji to Great Britain. Your King Cakobau a mere puppet to the Beachcombers and ex convicts from Australia mingled with the missionaries from NZ and marauding US and French. What right did Cakobau have to be a King of Fiji when he was merely a Vunivalu a position he and his family holds today. You a mere stupid species of a Fijian was fooled in the 1800 and you continue to be fooled today and you think you figured it out but there is more to hit you before you will realise the whole implication of the actions of a handful of Cannibals who gave their Yavusa away to be ruled. But hey, they would not have stood a chance anyway against bullets and canons. Lazy Fijians you say...and Im sure you fall into that classification and category yourself and your father because you have not wandered further from the tree you fell from and as I said, it will take generations for you to realise. You did not muck around in school...awww..your such a good boi Vili and I am very proud of you and Im sure you will be rewarded if you continue to brown tongue. Majority of the itaukei you say voted for FF did not even know they did, did they...may never be proven but hey, we need some tension to break the wire....I heard you were in a booth termed Glory Hole...good on you Vili...that's the way forward for you a FF supporter of the highest order. Im sure Franks son, whats his name...the gay boy who uses vibrators on Hosana and gets her to use it on him...wow...amazing how your species have evolved. wonderful,stunning.

rajend naidu said...

Here's one final one for today to keep us thinking about the ways of the mob in power.
Gary Humble tells us in his letter in smh 3/12 that " A top Australian scientist and potential Nobel prize winner [Dr San Thang who came originally as one of the Vietnamese "boat people" 36 years ago]works for nothing [" Nobel prize contender San Thang cut from CSIRO"] while a Prime Minister who presides over curs to the CSIRO has a salary and allowance of around $500.000 plus "expenses.
I couldn't agree more. What a shame when a nation has such pathetic leadership.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 11.46 am

Seriously are you high. Let me try and simplify this for you okay dumb ass. Australia has a seasonal worker agreement with us because they also benefit from us okay. Now both Australia and New Zealand do not have visitor visa on arrival agreement with us because it does not benefit them. It benefits us but not them. China and India on the other hand offered those agreement to us eventhough it does not benefit them.

So ask yourself these who do you think is a better friend here ey?

And seriously mann next time don't elevate yourself to Kua Ni Rere and Nayacakalou's level of stupidity. Think first before you type. And if you genuinely don't know ask and be honest don't swear because if you swear it shows you're just a fool and idiot. However if you ask genuinely then I will tell you. You gotta remember I am the same as you so any agreement or development affects us both equally so whatever I tell you will be with the best intention. And when us FF negotiate with Australia and New Zealand especially with things like visa on arrival or working holiday visa we are doing it for everyone.

I want our youths to travel and expand their horizon. I want them to have the opportunity to study and work abroad. I want you and others to get better pay so you can afford a better house, better food, better clothes etc.

In order to do that we need money that is gained from a better economy. And better deals from Australia, New Zealand and other countries. So when we go to those negotiations table we don't treat them as superior to us. We treat them as equals and when they try to be patronising or high nosed we belittle them so they know us Fijians are not like these other Pacific Islands countries who bend over backwards to them. That is how we gain their respect and mist importantly a better deal for us. What pains me is that sometimes you SODELPA supporters forgets that us FF endured the same hardships you went through. We never received any special treatments. Every time you shed a tear for a wish of a better life we were right there with you feeling the same pain. The only difference now is that we believe that rather then fighting against our brothers and sisters of other ethnicity we choose to fight with them now against Countries like Australia and politicians like the SODELPA politicians whom only wants to fill their own pockets.

Don't you get tired of fighting against us. Join us and fight with us for a better future for us and our children.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.40 pm

Wow such an indepth insight from someone evolved. Colorful language mixed with raw anger emotions. First you hate the Indians and now you're showing to hate I Taukei's too or is it just Viti Levu I Taukei's. As I've said before if there were no Indian to hate us I Taukei's will hate each other based on province or islands and you just proved it again.

You have Nayacakalou wanting to give his yanuyanu/island to New Zealand. Kua ni Rere thinking theres been zero hospital built or developed in Fiji last 8 years and bending backwards and receiving a royal vudi from Australia. And now you hating the I taukei's of Viti Levu. Blimey what a nice bunch of Fijian. I bet whenever there's a drinking session with just Fijian boys you lot are the punching bags hence you act tough in here. What a way to live. But hey there's hope for you come join FF and your eyes will open.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:03 PM

You say

"India and China are giving out visas to Fiji citizens without applying for them because they need the pathetic Fiji dollar to prop up their pathetic currencies."

Firstly you would not get a job in India or China unless you were some kind of real specialist.

Secondly, how many additional Fijian tourists do you think will now be travelling to India or China due to this new easier visa arrangement ?

Tema said...


You are probably one who is prone to lying!

You say many dont respect their neighbour? What an exaggeration! How dare you lie! If many didnt respect their neighbour as you sourly say, then we'd be seeing all the racial "crap" that's comparable to what we see between whites and blacks fighting each other or hurling racial slurs abroad in the United States, Australia and other countries - people who cant stand their neighbour alright!! You see white cops beating up blacks and it gets reversed, these are examples that are ongoing in the USA AND THAT IS FACT! These people carry out their hatred in public areas in broad daylight - you see this on commuter trains, buses, railway stations, shops, restaurants and this is happening on a FREQUENT basis, we are not talking about a one-off incident. So, do you see Fijians and Indians behaving this way towards each other in public areas?? If you say YES than you are just a straightfaced LIAR!

You got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning or what?

I mentioned CRIMINALS breaking the law didnt I? I didnt have to produce a long list of X crimes like you did. Rapes, incest, murders are the results of the works of CRIMINALS!

Fiji like any country have our Courts working around the clock because it has its share of criminals to deal with.

There are a good lot of criminals who have gotten away with crime who happen to be running the country under the FF government in case you are not aware of that!!

If you currently live in Fiji, then maybe life is dull and you are a racist and you need to pack your suitcase and go to the places where you think you'd find your sense of paradise!

I wouldnt be surprised if you'd be back knocking on our doors a few months down the line! LOL

Tema said...

@ 3.51pm

Vili, how about we all join in together and put things right at home first before we venture abroad?

Kua Ni Rere said something very very important. China is coming to Fiji to do seasonal work and here we are dreaming of going abroad for the same purpose.

You are still missing the mark or going around in circles still. Is this helping the Fijians at home? They go abroad to do seasonal work and come home to a piece of land that's still left idle, then they sit around and wait for some handouts and complain and wait for the next season! Oh my goodness! Definitely throwing precious pearls to the swines!

How about educating those desiring to go and do seasonal work to appreciate their blessings and work their butts out on their own inherited land!

You are missing the mark Vili and taking these people for a joy-ride with no real purpose. Im talking about those folks with possession of land.

And yes, I know, the good excuse now is that "Cant do much, the land is tied up in the LAND BANK". HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

Seasonal Work in Australia

The Australian High Commission are warning people that there is a visa scam out and about which will lure people to losing big bucks.

Take a tip peoples, in case you havent been informed, the seasonal work in Australia hasnt been implemented yet.

Anonymous said...

@Tema 4:52 PM

Obviously you are just yet another of the hypocritical nutters that frequent here.

You read a bit of the news online, the stories that sell papers, but don't consider the big picture.

Why on earth would you consider from my post at 11:00 AM that I am or could be a racist by what's written.

I suggest because you show your true colours.

Tema said...

@ 541pm

Actually no, you are the hypocrite.

You are also proven to LIE.

One more thing I'd like to add - FIJI IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Case closed. Next please???

Anonymous said...

Seasonal work anywhere is good but lets not forget that the agreement is going to be reciprocal.aceitecracy

Anonymous said...

@Tema 5:51 PM

Good to see you can actually write something without either stereotyping or race mentioned within it.

You prove nothing you idiot, all countries are beautiful if you ignore the bad things.

Tui Viti said...

Again another idiotic comment from Bimanji the monkey,forecast doom and end of days for our Economy like Wadan Nazi. God is in control of the situation in Fiji.All past leaders who strayed from the path the Lord led them to are now watching from the sidelines,mere spectators whilst the Baton is now in the hands of our PM running to the finish line,so that has coined a new name for our PM " THE RUNNING MAN"


So the election of Bimannji the monkey as Chairman is a big hurrah for hazel, he was already appointed by letter from the Speaker,yet they have called this a Victory,isa,so sad,clutching at straws to keep their heads above water, now crying over their salary ,

e se bera madaga ni vula dua na cakacaka sa tagici tale na i sau.vakamadua dina,even I being a FFP member was ashamed by their demand for better salary!!

Anonymous said...


Foreign Affairs Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubaubola has today stressed that the land that will be exchanged with the land in Delhi for the Indian High Commission is state land and does not need the permission of the people of Suvavou.

While speaking to Fijivillage, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola said the decision has already been made for the Indian government to lease the state land near the Fiji Museum for 99 years.

This piece of state land is valued at $1.5 million.

In return, the Indian government has given a piece of land to Fiji in Delhi which is valued at $107 million.

Ratu Inoke has made the response after Opposition Leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa said in parliament that the government should look at other pieces of state land in the Suva area to give to the Indian High Commission.

Ro Teimumu said that giving the land near the Fiji Museum to a foreign mission is insensitive.


Ratu Inoke Kubuabola said the land in question is state land and the deal is already done.

He also clarified that the land is outside the Thurston Garden area.

It has been confirmed that the new Indian High Commission and residence will be built at the site in Suva while Fiji is planning to build a High Commission in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

Vili are you high from Bai's farts? Man you need a psychiatrist to assess you since your ravings and rantings are getting out of hand. Perhaps you continuous fascination with Bai's anus has affected your thinking.






Unknown said...

You mean the truth and facts are not making any sense to you. Well that's the problem with years of being a crook led by crooks, you can't see the truth even if it's staring at you in the face. So you've been reduced to petty name calling. What a sad state.

And don't you worry about me my government is doing alright so I'm chuffed lol...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.20pm
Vili, don’t lie, just admit it that no one has challenged your intelligence like mine. And the result is reflected in your postings. Your history is pathetic, go and check Wikipedia and you’ll know where I get my info from, Wikipedia for your info is derived from established peer review international journals so the stuff there are genuine. Again you cannot fathom that so don’t try to climb trees when you are still crawling. Your entire parameters of thinking is that of high school level.

You failed miserably that I have systematically linked my logic to the history of our Land, in regard 2010 Fiji’s ratification of UN Charter on Indigenous ppl. Go read article 12.1, which says that “ States shall provide redress through effective mechanisms, which may include restitution, developed in conjunction with indigenous peoples, with respect to their cultural, intellectual, religious and spiritual property taken without their free, prior and informed consent or in violation of their laws, traditions and customs.

Inlight of the above, thing have to be done in restropect, or if the word is too technical, it has to be in the light of the first alienation of land. It was the white ppl that came to plunder our resources just like the Aboriginese and Maori cases. Cakobau tried his best to get rid of the Americans, but realize that they were much powerful, when they bullied their Warships into Bau Maritime Territory. Cakobau was frightened to see the whites, marauding around Fiji alienating Fiji land thru deceit, crooked dealing and sorcery (Freemasonry).

Vili the koki, go and read the Mabo case…to begin your lessons for today, since I have finally brought u up to my level of reasoning…WAIKAU…Kaila mada na Kaiviti!! Sega na qele nei ASK kei FB sarauta me o rau rawarawa na soli lisi tiko veira nai taukei qele lelevu…Kaila mada!!AH..ha. he!!

KUA NI RERE said...

I find the GOVERNMENT handing over Thurston Gardens to India a bit disturbing.


These people in governement have no respect for the area and the people of Fiji.

Thurston Garden is an important area to the people of Fiji.
Its not Cumming Street for farks sakes.
Surrounding it is Government House, Museum,Government Buildings; Thurston Gardens; GPH etc etc.

Just shows how bai and kubuabola are two kaisis, WHO LACK VISION.

Very very disrespectful.

critique said...

One country nincompooh went to visit his city folks and told them instead of "gossiping" about the Auditor-General's report they should be doing backyard gardening. Wow! And the mediocre journalist in the Fiji Sun saw it fit to present this under the caption "stop the gossip" in their own gossip column - Coconutwireless!!
And we thought it was the duty of every citizen to be actively engaged in the affairs of the country under what is termed democratic participation. So discussing the Auditor-General's report is not important; it's gossip! There is no shortage of stupid people and some are in the Fiji Sun!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3.20pm
Again you are so illiterate..you don’t understand it….the economic disparity has been created by the central government to facilitate their economic progress…so where is Itaukei’s opportunities? Where Vili..define your parameters and cover it with concrete evidence…even monkeys can say that…but humans learn to differentiate. It looks like you lack seriously in detailed critique? Are you one of them highly paid security guards? Give me one project that Fiji government prioritizes…tell me??? Give me an example? You and everyone here would agree that Sugar is the main list of governmental agenda and budget. That is why ALTA was created and became an entrenched one. WHY VILI?...what was ALTA for idiota? Is was made for sugarcane farmers, majority Indo-Fijians…am not racist or stereotyping…I am providing solid facts, you are just throwing me shallow argument for the sake of argument…..Ia..ia..vakacava oya Vili..io mona rere…tiko.o Degei nomu Kalou Vu e vosa tiko qo…Ah!..Ah!..levu tale na ka o mai vulica veiau…set tu oya..we need to help you see the light….Kaila mada na kaiviti!!

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 8:09 PM

Boy, this is your best to date;

""I find the GOVERNMENT handing over Thurston Gardens to India a bit disturbing ""

Now just where the hell did you magic that info up from?

Anonymous said...

Anon @3.20pm
Vili I am not continuously blaming others, please differentiate historical facts and blaming syndrome….have you ever heard....Root Cause Analysis? Ah that’s another upgrade in your so to speak academic background…I don’t think you have a good academic background…I think you have a candycal background…coz all you spew are nonsense…I sense you are indignant of strong argumentation why not becoz I zap you from AtoZ and vice versa. I have stated historical facts, provide appropriate solutions and come up with very innovative idea that even a white person was jealous of me….WAIKAU..ia ia!!...Sa rauta mada na talimagimagi veiko de o lakolako o na qai spin….psst!! WAITUI…kaila mada na kaivit. Moce Jo!!,,oh sorry Moce Vili.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 7.46 pm

Wikipedia wow that's your source. You know those are written by the same western people you blame for the system twist we have. And anyone can enter information there to suit their point of view.

Now if you want the uncut absolute facts then go to the Fiji archives mate. Also the Suva and USP library. If you want my choice of institutional system customised for Fiji then look no further then the Fiji 2013 constitution and the Fiji First governmental mandate.

So rather then spitting bullshit system based on Wikipedia which we all know is a western version try it from the source. You never know you might actually learn the reality but then again it's clear from your posts that you already don't like the current government and are stretching out ideas based on Wikipedia and your own dim opinion.

Seriously mate a high school student with a strong economic study can and will put you in your place let alone me lol.

Enjoy living as a stranger in a white mens land.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.20pm
I agree with you with attitude change and change in mindset, but remember History has to be told in its totally. Remember please remember what George Santayana (December 16, 1863 – September 26, 1952), a philosopher, once said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Vili if you forget what happened in your past, please take away this childish mentality of ignorance….we will always repeat it over and over and over. If FFP has the final solution to answer, why is this outpour of criticism toward government? Why is the 40% of entire population didn’t vote for them? It’s a staggering figure? Why immunity clause even before they apologise to the nation…why is the increase in military and police budget 2015..are they going to create a state police like the Gestapo? Why when 137countries of the UN wants Fiji to amend the 2013 constitution? Vili my goodness sake..Wake up Na Kaiviti!..
As for majority votes…the observers just went to what..49 voting stations…tell me Vili how many voting stations in Fiji? More than 2000!!!....if it was fair..the international observers should be stationed in all stations…Aha! I caught you with that pants down again. Kaila mada na Kaiviti. Are you so blind not to see that we are all barking up to the wrong tree??...Sobosobo Racobo!!

Tema said...

@ 6.00pm

Ive just proven to all what a twofaced hypocrite and liar you really are!

I can repeat again what you denied in the first place with all your negative rantings about Fiji - FIJI IS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! THE PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL EXCEPT FOR DISGRUNTLED LIARS LIKE YOURSELF!! I LOVE FIJI!

Dont confuse yourself now Donkey!


Anonymous said...

Gee..everyone knows..except you that Wikipedia produces staff from international refereed journals..derived from Fiji Achieve? but you don't know it becausse oiko na vulivaka vo.. Oilei ko Vili na Koki...na tawa sukulu..viavia vuku..uluvakutu...Waitui!!

Anonymous said...

Vili is our entertainment.

Hey Vili what were you doing at Bainimarama's GLORY HOLE?


Did you let him have look at your glory hole too?

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with Silly Vili, he doesn't know that people are making fun of him lol No wonder his glory hole is now a gory hole hohohohohoho

Anonymous said...

Vili now you are real damn fool...its not about liking or disliking a government...its about the truth Vili...that sets us two difference apart!..you cannot think for yourself, your emotion of royalty is to a party lines even if they stab you in the back. You are like a ding dong boo!! might as well become a zimbamboo!!or worse still a zimpanzee...opps sorry for kicking below the belt...but as a Teacher for you...I just want ga a jolt in your face so you can wake to reality!! yes Vili..Kaila mada naKaiviti...man sa oca ga na vosa vakavuku veiko...au sana tailasa saraga.

Anonymous said...

Must be school holidays, Tema's allowed up late to use the village computer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vili..lako ivei?? Sobosobo...lesu tale mai...medaru mai marau....sa tailasa saraga na nomu yali....Kaila mada na Kaiviti!!Moceeee Viliiiii....sotaaa taleeehhh!! nii machaka lailaiii...

Tui Viti said...

@Vili Rakoro
The Police report at Samabula says there was blood around Meli Bainimarama's anus.
Now you said that you were there.

So obviously Meli fainted when Miss Idaho shoved the Big Black One into him.

So Vili, how come you had no problem when Hossana used it on you?

Tui Viti said...

@Vili Rakoro
The Police report at Samabula says there was blood around Meli Bainimarama's anus.
Now you said that you were there.

So obviously Meli fainted when Miss Idaho shoved the Big Black One into him.

So Vili, how come you had no problem when Hossana used it on you?

Unknown said...

Anon 8.54 pm

It appears we are not and never will be on the same page. Calling me ignorance is trying to divert your own ignorance and your lack of information.

The election observer group came with a team of assistance that were stationed in over 150 polling station and the ones they weren't they inspected it's ballet box. It was part of their directive from the UN so again your little Wikipedia source was so wrong it's embarrassing lol.

Anyways let's look at it slightly different shall we. Now the government have had analyst doing research about various governmental institutions around some of the government's of the world. You have the US of A with its free world democracy, the UK monarchy democracy, Saudi Arabia with its Islamic system, the Vatican with its Catholic system, Cuba with its mixture of capitalism and communism. Russia with its mixture of democracy and communism, China with its communism, India with its traditional democracy, North Korea with its state military communism, Australia and New Zealand with its free world democracy with a traditional twists etc etc.

What can be learned is that all of these countries have a system customised to their version. Now usually we tend to try and pick their strong points and leave their weak points but it becomes apparent that their weak points don't necessarily mean weak for us too. Same as their strong point may not necessarily work for us. So their weak points could work better for us and their strong points doesn't necessarily work. In saying that some of their good points actually work for us too. So after gathering all the valuable points and then add our chiefly traditional system as well as other ethnicity traditional system you start to have an idea.

Now also include our history and what has failed and work also theoritising the idea of the failed version if it had a spice of new data would it have turned out favourable so what became clear is that the dynamics of our modern Fiji required an overall overturn of majority of our institutions and then start from basic using a formula based on the accumulation of researched data from various countries as well as the data from our history.

One of the main stumbling block that was clear is our ethnic division which was actually inscribed as laws in all our previous constitution. Alienating a race that is the second largest in Fiji was something that really hold us back. So the first phase in our new journey is to get us working together in unison and ending the corrupted ways that had been accepted as the norms, the vakavanua style.

Now second and most important was jump starting our economy hence the need to accelerate developments. And the tool necessary for this journey to start was a new inclusive constitution.

Obviously there'll be most who still prefer the old ways especially those who benefitted from it so they will be the most vocal as clearly seen on these blog but their idea of Fiji has been tried over and over and failed miserably so time for a fresh idea and fresh outlook.

Tema said...

@ 9.19pm

Im on to an assignment and yes I do live in a village and have access to internet just like you.

Where are you? In some jungle nearby?

Anonymous said...

Okay this is my last lesson to you today...this is what Wikipedia does...it uses footnotes to quote references...or Bibliographies that are derived from academic documents or papers...most are produced as international scientific journals. These journals are result of years of study of academics in the field of anthropology or sociology just to be fancy to you...with quotes taken from local Fiji achieve, Fiji Museum, Pacific Island study at USP...and collated together to form a journal. A journal is a peer reviewed and are recognized internationally. Ahaha!..this is where I got my quotes and/or sources from...now please Vili give me the source of your history narrative? I bet your legs (not your bottom), you will give me coconut Wireless taken from thin air...Vosota Boy...qo vakasota ga na nodaru qavokavoka..qai macala o cei na kaiviti ena kaila!! Moceeemadaviliiii...

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili 9:31
ITS OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE still childish in your thinking

YOU SAID "...the tool necessary for this journey to start was a new inclusive constitution"..

Did it ever occur to you that Bainimarama's 2013 Constitution was forced down our throat.

At least in Yash Ghais constitution, people were INCLUDED and consulted.

Who were "INCLUDED" during the consultation for the 2013 Constitution?

WELL AT LEAST YOU ARE CONSISTENT IN THAT LIKE A CHILD YOU HAVE an inability to step back and analyse what you've just said.

Just another day in your DICKHEAD Paradise, I guess.

critique said...

@Vili Rakoro.
You have not answered my question. If the Fijian Chiefly elite only have an important "cultural role" what have Ratu Epeli Nailatikau amd Ratu Inoke Kubuabola been doing in the Bainimarama regime?

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro boci ululala vaka i tamamu.fresh idea cava o tukuna tiko.E sega ni dua na ka fresh kauta mai na nomu boci qori o Bainimarama.
Bainimarama is just the puppet of the bilderberg group.Na gauna iko sa tiko na qalai tamamu, o Bainimarama sa groom taki tu mai vei Ratu Mara me qai dua na siga sa na liutaki Viti. O ya na plan ni Bilderberg group.
Na UN observer kece qori e ra kau tu ga mai, me rubber stamp taka that the election was legitimate & following the true protocol of an election process.Bilderberg group directs & control most the policy & agenda of the UN. Thats how Ratu Mara was able to secure Fiji army to be part of the peace keeper in Middle-east.At that time u were still in your daddy's ball.
keu via kila na vakamacala ni group qo, sa i qo na kena vakamacala...Whatever its early mission, the Group is now “a shadow world government….threaten(ing) to take away our right to direct our own destinies (by creating) a disturbing reality” very much harming the public’s welfare. In short, Bilderbergers want to supplant individual nation-state sovereignty with an all-powerful global government, corporate controlled, and check-mated by militarized enforcement.
check taka na web page qo...


Anonymous said...

Vili Boci, qo sarava qo mo kila na ka sa yaco tu...na titobu ni nomu kila se vovodea saraga.Na boci ga na boci.


Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro boci , na deal made by this Fat Cats( Bildberg grp)to Ratu Mara for Fiji army participating as observer & peacekeaper for UN.Sa seal taki tale ga kina me qai dua gauna mai muri, sa na dua ga na local boy me mouthpiece & enforcer for this Fat Cats... o ya na nomu liuliu ko Bainimarama.
Mo nanuma tiko o ira na kaivalagi e sega ni dua ga na ka lailai yacovi ira sa lako sara na response.O ira dau plan dede before it goes into action.
O keda na kai Viti sa da mai veivala tu ga qo , vata kei ira ga na noda baleta o ya na nodra plan...to divide & rule.The real culprit ga o ira na sonalevu qo na fat Cats...vinaka me kau yani o Tui Viti me lai dramica tu mada nodra vudi...e na qai vina beka..eh??

Anonymous said...

Seriously you are one sick guinea pig. You have not gone out into the sun and your skin don’t have enough melanin to absorb UVrays…you r just lonely voice in a lonely colorless society…your identity resembles that of a match-stick…paint them red all over, no culture, no identity. no religion, no morality…coz your roots vanished during the ice age. Whilst your so called self righteous know it all mentality reared its ugly head…my grandfathers already circum navigate the Pacific Ocean, 3000 yrs ago....whilst yours are still in the ice age..pure Neanderthals…just recently 800yrs ago Columbus discovered America..infact Red-Indians were there first...nobody wanted to study where they come from..it will embarass white dominance in the colonial and post colonial era. In your whitewashing fashion to patronize Fijians…you opened up yourself to everyone to see how vulnerable you are. No one wants to hear anymore of your types..your types are the main agents of modern day mess. You ravaged in the entire world out of greed, power and racism. You uproot what is not yours, you destroy what stands in your ways…you murder ppl, introduced slavery and pooed all over. Now you have the tenacity and dare to raise your voice in this forum…one sick psycho lunatic. Remember GREECE stole philosophy from the black...ransack Alexandria library in Egypt and stole philosophy..psychology..literature..Engineering, and Mathematics etc. Incase you forget. So leave us alone and go back to where you come from and this is your homework…pls trace your ancestry background..maybe you have royal blood of the Earl of Canterbury…descendants of German Narcism or Russian Socialism Dictatorship that kills 50million of their people Bolshevik Revolution dwafting what the Nazi did…in WWII. So stop the crap and bite pill color black..that is what you have..a black heart full of ignorance, pride and know it all syndrome….Kaila mada na Kaiviti..na kai Valagi qo me kau cake yane veiratou na wekadatou mai Nakauvadra..vei Nawawabalavu.

Anonymous said...

Your patronizing attitude makes a mockery of your intelligence...really you have an attitude problem...reflecting an arrogant character tainted with cynicism. We don't nid you [this type of Kaipalagi]...we can help ourselves rise beyond this mess. Gee what a crap..socialist/communism..will only perpetuate paganistic and oppresive regimes that have ruined millions of lives...is that all you give us?? garbage!! we are not guinea pigs...that's ancient crap not classical ideology it belongs in museums for amusement sake. Kaila mada na Kaiviti.

Anonymous said...

@7.53am...then again if you are not white..you must black but live in a white governed countries...where all the blacks are second class citizens...if you are that then your noise is growing longer than our eyebrows...you can't distinguish between your eyesight and smelling ability. You see Aussies...kick Abo out and put them in reserves, NZlanders kick Kiwi out and put them in reserve parks..and so on and on..now it seems you going to kick your own from them white environment..pathetic indeed..Kaila mada na Kaiviti.

Anonymous said...

Дмитрий :.....@ TEMA 7.53am........Yes yes the racial stereotyping online and few childish politicians I am fully aware of this. The US I’m not so surprised either with its ongoing racial conflicts between Blacks, Whites Hispanics, Polacks, Jews, Muslims, Germans and native Americans etc etc...Again this raises the Flags of its post colonial past. Its expansion of western imperialism, colonization, than which followed with its slave trade system and the likes of research in ethnic studies (Darwinism), globalisation and capitalism. Furthermore the immigration of both world wars from European nations such as Italians, Polacks, Germans, Jews, and Hungarian etc etc. Yes your country is highly better than other nations when it comes to multiculturalism and relations of peace and along with less crime figures. If anyone disagree I welcome the criticism perhaps you should start looking things up such as Genocide, Neo Nazism, Tribal middle eastern warlords, various types of mafias and kingpins in North and South America, The war on drugs, global terrorism, Human trafficking within Europe and Asia, Modern day slavery the list will go on. It would also be a benefit to get figures of prison populations you will be surprised that some countries hold more convicts in their jails then the population of Fiji. “Are you an Alien?” Hahahhaha I love Fijian humour it is unique. I would say yes our language is different and many have said it is difficult to learn, read and write but can be mastered if you are willing and determined once familiarised; our politics is not the same but we have taken a bit from democracy style, we like to call this evolution rather than a revolutionised step like many western media portrays.

Дмитрий .......... @ December 3, 2014 at 3:13 PM............LOL again the quick arrangement of comical writing displays brilliance of comedy....but I hope you’re not mistaking me for being the poster of 11am lets not be confused. The poster sounds more from a democracy society.....Here swallow this red pill= Democracy- Where any two idiots outvote a genius.lol

Дмитрий.......... @ Vili rakoro 9:31pm “Russia with its mixture of democracy and communism” Yes it is a little of Democracy and Authoritarianism which the westerners like to call Putinism. Yet he is admired by many western citizens for standing up for his country and its people on the international arena, mentioning the likes of many international laws that have been violated by these so called democracy plutocrats. Who dictate and enforce their made up new rules to the game. I am enjoying this blog reading the frustration of your people this question still looms is democracy working for Fiji? I highly agree with this magnificent move you stated ”So the first phase in our new journey is to get us working together in unison and ending the corrupted ways that had been accepted as the norms”
Can this appeal for change become a reality? Can you people deliver this symbol of the unification of Fiji? Can you make an effort to come together and get rid of each other’s prejudice and to help and help again? I imagine there are a lot of your comrades out there appealing for the same cause. Can it be delivered? On the international world stage don’t take no for an answer because you will be taken advantage of, they attempted to do it with us and China but we are continuing to chew them up and spat them out back into the gutter. If democracy fails join communism and authoritarianism I guarantee you will deliver more effectively. I’d recommend you should send your citizens to attend the Valdai international discussion club and understand more on our role in the world; again this is red pill invitation.
I am fully aware that some of you will not want some of these red pills and I respect that. If you’re comfortable with the blue pills of democracy then that’s your choice. Don’t forget some Democracies have been diagnosed by some political scholars, analysts, academics and professors as Bipolar Democracy lol.

Anonymous said...

And for those who still carry on with the racial stereotyping and boasting about who is better because of such and such....well there’s a good saying a teacher told us when he saw us doing the same bigotry on the parade square which ended up in a brawl after it had stopped the teacher said....Comrades if you pick up a yardstick to measure your life against anyone else’s, you’ve then picked up a stick and beaten up your soul.<------RED PILL.

Unknown said...

Anon 9.42pm

The National Archives of Fiji was established in 1954 as the Central Archives of Fiji and the Western Pacific High Commission.  
It s initial role was to preserve the Public Records of Fiji.  The name of the department was changed to the National Archives of Fiji after Fiji attained its independence in 1970.

The National Archives of Fiji is a department under the Ministry of Information, National Archives & Library Services of Fiji. The department is responsible for the acquisition, care, preservation and administration of the public records of Fiji, and ensuring that these records are available to Government, the people of Fiji and the public at large for information and research purposes.

This is my source and I can tell you it beats WIKIPEDIA anytime and every time.

Anonymous said...

Gee Bili boy...arehyarr...aren't you seeing that we r sourcing de same???...go check Wikipedia..it sources de same referencing..but gud you passed class one test. Gee u do wake up early indeed....gud on you...but you boring..just let me tackle mada na Kaipalagi viavia vuku qo...E nanuma jiko ni kila vakalevu sara okoya e levu na ka.

Anonymous said...

Such a waste of time writing up so much garbage when your basis of argumentation is tinted with deceit and racism..hidden under the veil of arrogance...boy oh boy..so now you are going to teach us Fijians the world history as you know it? Is this a charade of ignorance, we don't need to swallow your coloured pills...because we can create ours..there is no originality in it let alone creativity...let me give you this originality ...Capimunalism!! make sure do not pillage this idea!!..otherwise you will again repeat what your forefathers did in Alexandria Egypt..yes Intellectual Property Rights Espionage!! We do not need ancient Socrates and Plato medicine on Democracy. Too bad you better come back with more crisp intellectual original not lecture us on history..you might as well end up as History Lecturer at FNU...oilei...Uluvakutu.

Anonymous said...

Yes you love Fiji so much because what is happening in Fiji it defies your already established sets of accumulated class room bigotry ideologies that are based on events that embraces violence, suffering and fear that are synonymous with western and eastern countries...here in Fiji you need to come up with orinality and creativity..otherwise you are barking up the wrong tree.

Unknown said...

Anon 7.30 am

No we are not referencing from the same source. Wikipedia is a combination of sources from Pacific and Fiji research mixed with the opinion of the western researcher who inputed those journals. It all sounds interesting and all but remember these foreign academic do not understand the Fijian traditional relationships and history like we do. If you're a I taukei then you know as kids we have heard tales/tukuni from our elder generation. These are undocumented stories passed down generation. With these in mind and adding the professional research carried out by scholars in Fiji and the Pacific then what we have is a true reflection of our history through the eyes of us I Taukei's and not through the tinted western version.

Also as someone who profess to use Wikipedia you have to know anyone can update it using their version.

You were doing alright at first but then you started getting arrogant thinking your source Wikipedia was the best until I told you that the Fiji archives which was set up in the 1950's is the uncut conclusive source for any facts based research and now you're trying to make out that your source Wikipedia and my source Fiji archives are the same thinking you can somehow argue that point to be believable.

And along with that you've resorted to the usual name calling, swearing and personal attack which is a clear sign of someone who has lost the debate and is frustrated about how little they appear to know.

Do me a favour quit copying and pasting your postings to make out you're some sort of expert. And stop resorting to name calling and swearing. Both of which makes you look pathetic. And if you're going to continue copying and pasting then at least proof read it so you know where you need to join your piece rather then jumping from one point to another. Proof read it first so it makes sense and if it doesn't then change it.

I like you at least you do your research and are trying to argue a different option then what I have been laying out. These is not a post to belittle you rather it's one to help you. You're a bit rough around the edges but your heart is in the right place. So enough with the name calling, try and join your copying and pasting posts to make sense and reflect one conclusive point rather then different ones then you'll do alright in the future in terms of debate. You have potential just don't get arrogant. I will continue to debate and brainstorm with you because you out of most in here at least tries so thank you and have fun okay.

Remember we are on the same side.

Anonymous said...

You are parroting again..you have no clues to what you are saying. you are repeating yourself with stupidity ideologies...Authoritarian and Communism are created by greedy, godless and warped scientific freaks in the likes of Darwin? I will quote this to you this " Darwinism is not a scientifically proven fact but only an interpretation of already existing findings from biology, genetics and palaeontology; in fact an interpretation depending on a specific view of the world – just as any interpretation is depending on the observer’s view of the world" . This is universally accepted critique of Darwinism. His idea of equating men to animal in cognitive thinking allows freaks like Marx and Lenin to kill humans like animals...becoz it is based on Darwinism Survival of the fittest theory. Gudness me stranger...you are a freak!!

Unknown said...

In December 2005, the scientific journal Nature published the results of a study comparing the accuracy of Wikipedia and the printed Encyclopaedia Britannica. The researchers found that the number of "factual errors, omissions or misleading statements" in each reference work was not so different — Wikipedia contained 162, and Britannica had 123. The makers of Britannica have since called on Nature to retract the study, which it claims is "completely without merit."

When visiting controversial entries, look out for edit wars. Edit wars occur when two contributors (or groups of contributors) repeatedly edit one another's work based on a particular bias.

So in restropective the Fiji archives is the best source for your research.

Anonymous said...

Vili..please just say that you now are falling in @$%@ with me...Waikai..gud on u Kaviti..gud on you..let's be friends..please give me ur email address....ah!..ah!..ah! Wolla!!

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