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Monday, December 29, 2014

Links to regime overshadow tributes to CJ Patel boss

Regime supporter and benefactor Sundip Patel has died of a heart attack at the age of 52.

The managing director of the CJ  Patel Group, which includes the subsidiaries the Fiji Sun and CJ Farms (formerly Rewa Dairy), is believed to have collapsed while exercising on a treadmill at his Waimanu Road home in Suva.

It's understood Patel was known to have heart problems and had a bypass when he was just 30.

The Fiji Sun has paid tribute to Patel, hailing him as a 'trailblazing business leader' but his support of the military dictatorship and subsequent business benefits will not be forgotten by many.

Bloggers will remember him, too, from these pages as having been accused of price fixing and cheating Fijian provinces by selling merchandise at inflated prices as early as 2010.

CJ Patel went on to purchase the monopoly Rewa Dairy company, with substantial discriminatory assistance from the regime, and raised the price of milk and milk products.
The company's financial controller (a Sri Lankan) has also been appointed by and serves the regime on a wide range of influential government boards, often as chair.

But it will be Sundip Patel's flagrant overlooking of the biased reporting by the Fiji Sun and endorsement of regime propaganda, especially during the September elections, that will be fresh in many minds.

Another regime favourite, former vice-chancellor of the Fiji National University Ganesh Chand, is also under the spotlight today.

Chand escaped a number of challenges in recent years, including a  $1million law suit brought by a former lecturer for unjustified dismissal and claims of bullying, but was last week dismissed.

No official explanation has been given but a replacement is expected to be named today.


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KUA NI RERE said...

All that money, you have to leave it all behind.
Now you have to stand naked before God and answer the questions.

Next in line will be Bainimarama and Kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

I just think the cleaning up is intensifying and what a wonderful work it has been cheers Fiji First

Anonymous said...

Patel was a bypass patient and this was expected no big deals.As for Ganesh chand......Plenty people will agree he should go so 100% tick for fiji First cleanup

Vile haters and hypocrital christians said...

@KUA NI RERE, anyone could be next in line, including you, leaving whatever little money or family you have behind. All of us will die, and none of us will take anything, be it land or money, so don't gloat and laugh and titter over someone's death. Your time will come too, you never know when. You too will stand naked before God and answer the questions. from your attitude, it seems you are not perfectGoing to church every sunday, or merely being a christian does nit make you perfect or sinless, and better than anyone else. Christians, many of of them seem to have a superior attitude and think they are perfect just because they attend chirch, even though their hearts are full of hate and evil which they spread. YOu must have skeletons in the cupboard which will come out, including your holier-than thou attitude, and racism and hatred for fellow men because they are of another race. so blinded by hatred you laugh at someone's death. You and some others, who hate so much using christianity as a shield and use the name of jesus and God as a cover, thinking it will absolve you of everything. you tool will also face judgment. it could happen any day, so do not feel so smug.

Anonymous said...

Food for thought for the sober-minded.

We should all ask ourselves Do we serve God or Mammon?

Trax said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@ The 'Kua Ni Rere' posting 12:48 PM

What's it like to be absolute SCUM?

Hari Lal said...

Dr Ganesh Chand is gone but has left his connections behind. People like Sahdeo (HR), Purnima Sharma (AO Naviti Ltk), Rina (campus Admin. - Nadi), Anuj (Manager ICT), Nafiz (ICT Nadi), Rajesh (Warden - Natabua Campus), Pradeep lal(bro of Ganesh)

All these and all Indian nationals teaching at FNU - Pack and go you idiots. We dont want you people here.

Anonymous said...

Dr Ganesh Chand's behavior was pathetic, he thought he was GOD. So many staff members at FNU died/and had stroke because Ganesh made them work like dogs - day and night. Even on Diwali eve, staff members were working till 2 am getting things ready at the Ltk golf Club.

Ganesh thought Khaiyum will save him - well now he has learn t his lesson.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 1:22
Where in the posting did I say I was a Christian?
So fark u.
Anyway why the fark did u pick on Christianity?
I could be Buddhist or Hari Krishna

Secondly where did I talk about anyones race?
So why the hell are you calling me a RACIST?
You must be a firkin stupid dikhead like Vili.

MR CJ Patel now has to do some explaining to Laxmi or Ganesh or whoever. That's my point.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere
You left out hanuman baiya

Anonymous said...

Kua ni Rere works for the South Pacific Commission based in Vanuatu.You swear at the Hon Pm again and your name and address in Fiji will be posted here.

I know why you had so much hatred in your heart....tch!tch!

You are missing from home for long periods of time so the missus will want someone to fill the gaps for you,ahem!! so to speak!

She just did last time,nightclubbing and all and ended up at QEB singlemens Qrts.

Anonymous said...

Well the Christians and Muslims believe one will be judged, of course the Hindu's and Buddhists believe in Reincarnation and the Atheists believe in nothing and the Marxists believe in Karl Marx and the Rastafarians believe in Jah and his anointed apostle and descendant of the Lion of Judah Haile Sailase and etc etc etc.....

Before reaching heaven or hell or somewhere in between (which the Roman Catholics call Purgatory)one will leave a legacy for posterity here to be judged by.

Will you be remembered as a good person ? a bad person ? a naughty person ? a humble person ? a nice person ? a greedy person ? a gift to Fiji ? a gift to humanity ?

Will you be remembered 50 years after your died ? 100 years after you died ? 1000 years after you died ? 2000 years after you died ?

People still remember Hitler.

People remember Jesus Christ

People remember Genghis Khan

People remember Muhammed

People remember Machiavelli

People remember Stalin

People remember Mozart

People remember Sun Tzu

People remember Alexander the Great

And People will probably remember Hugh Hefner too, eventually I suppose.

People remember the good and the bad and the ugly.

C'est la vie.....

Anonymous said...

Kua ni Rere - you cant hide your racism. Now you have sunk to a new low celebrating someone's death.

SHAME ON YOU and all the other haters on here.

HYPOCRITES!!! Stop the hating.

Anonymous said...

THIS BLOG IS AN EMBARRASSMENT!! Nothing but hate is peddled here.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 4:49
Are you firkin DUMB OR WHAT?

If I've said anything against any race , then firkin post it.
Otherwise shut the fark up!


You are behaving like a stupid brainless PARROT.
In fact you sound like BAINIMARAMA.
A stupid PARROT.
Typical FFP idiot!

Anonymous said...

How come nothing was published about Peter Foster's capture in Fiji? it has been reported that he named Laisa Vulakoro as the one who brought him that Sunday Times newspaper. Is Laisa banned from Australia now?

Anonymous said...

@5.01 The Australian police would know by now... If she flew in and out of the country around the dates Peter showed up in the media, then well...she would probably do well to avoid the country from now on...

Anonymous said...

PAC was just starting its work looking into the Auditor General reports about the Rewa Diary restructure which involved CJ Patel and it seems is now the subject of a Defamation Writ by Aliz Pacific against the Attorney General and Auditor General.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:50 PM

""THIS BLOG IS AN EMBARRASSMENT!! Nothing but hate is peddled here.""

But an embarrassment to whom?

It's one of the best assets the government has and they take great delight in knowing that it represents those that oppose them.

It's what those wondering about the situation in Fiji take notice of.

All's well, just the religious freaks and retards with the usual.........

Nothing new, same old rubbish about media freedom but not one of them can actually come up with anything to back their crying up.

Anonymous said...

Sandeep Patel was a very nice person. RIP. Just happens to be owner of C J Patel.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:01 PM

"How come nothing was published about Peter Foster's capture in Fiji?"


Anonymous said...

This blog is the adobe of racist SDL supporters full of hate and bitterness over the election loss, who gloat and laugh when people die. Only evil, debased people who lack human empathy behave in this manner. It shows their primitiveness, lack of maturity and lack of mental development. It is the kind of attitude that has held Fiji back. On top of that they have an unbearable righteous attitude. because they are christians and go to church, the think they are above everyone else. they are sinless and and will go to heaven. whatever sin they commit will be forgiven because they go to church. Truly backward, bigoted fucked up mentality.

Bijayia Prasad said...

Sorry to hear about the sudden death of Mr Patel. Rest in Peace. But I am very glad to hear that Dr Ganesh Chand has gone.But the big question is, will he get a golden handshake in millions or is he going to be the new Permanent Secretary of Finance or Trade.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.32pm

On this site you can expect all kinds of things to be strewn across - from backbiting; defamation; gossip; mudslinging; profanity; scandal; scandal-mongering; slander; vilification,babbling and even lack of respect for the dead.

Not only from those who say they are Christians but are not, but also those belonging to other religions as well.


Anonymous said...


Dont judge too harshly.

It would be the same said for FF supporters if all were to have their veils lifted off their faces.

May startle you but if you cant see that there is a definite war going on in this side of town, you'd best be gone, as you dont want to get hurt and all ugly with similar profanities pouring forth?

You are no different.

Anonymous said...

"This blog is the adobe of racist SDL supporters full of hate and bitterness over the election loss, who gloat and laugh when people die. Only evil, debased people who lack human empathy behave in this manner. It shows their primitiveness, lack of maturity and lack of mental development. It is the kind of attitude that has held Fiji back. On top of that they have an unbearable righteous attitude. because they are christians and go to church, the think they are above everyone else. they are sinless and and will go to heaven. whatever sin they commit will be forgiven because they go to church. Truly backward, bigoted fucked up mentality"

Looks like you've all made 5.32 cry. He is going home with his ball and he doesn't wanna play with you anymore

Anonymous said...

it is important to remain calm, polite and friendly at all times.

a message from your best friend

Anonymous said...

The Diary farmers suffered because the farm gate price could not be reset without the approval of Rewa Diary

They made a net loss of 10 cents every time a litre of milk left their farmgate, and they could not do anything about it.

Their families suffered. Some have since lost their farms.

The consumers of Fiji had to buy milk from Rewa Diary because no other competition was allowed in the Fiji market.

Fiji consumers have been suffering quietly as well. And many families have since had to do without milk in their diet.

Meanwhile Government has subsidised and protected the anomaly.

The people cry to. And the curses of crying people who are innocent and have suffered in innocence does have an effect, especially if profits are being made at the expense of all the suffering.

nayacakalou said...

@ Anon 4:43...What is the difference bitween KUA NI RERE and that idiot Prime Minister?Those day's where you dictate are gone,we live in a democratic rule,as Bainimarama said,bring it on.This is a fuckin free world,so to remind you,we can say whatever we like.Stop the threat,you have been doing it for so long,try and change.

Anonymous said...

Both good and evil people die randomly, in their time or before their time. Some evil people live to a ripe old age, while some good people die young. Death does not discriminate, so enough of this childish, infantile comments that it was the will of god, or people's curses. It is a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:32
Funny thing is no one has said anything racist all day and yet you are carrying on like Vili the STUPID FFP PARROT.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.50pm

Incorrect. Nothing but a good debate going on each day. Our Parliamentarians should tune in, really, they'd be astounded.

You may have hate rearing its ugly head every now and then but overall, we have a good bunch of intellects that apply critical thinking to information and events that have appeared in the news re the irregularities and illegalities of the Fiji First government.

This is what makes Sodelpa supporters tick and Fiji First suppos suck!


Anonymous said...


The "curse of the people" has an effect when they stop buying your goods because they cannot afford it.

The losses being sustained by Rewa Diary is a reality which creative accounting cannot hide and hence it needs to be subsidised by the State as otherwise that whole structure which Aliz designed goes belly up.

You can only fake it for so long but eventually it catches up.

PAC comes around looking and then the media starts poking its nose and then pretty soon your own Bankers start tightening up too as that pyramid begins to sag under its own weight.

This isn't new.

The Bajpai empire collapsed in similar fashion.

The only question here is whether the foundations of this edifice are sound enough to handle this shock without ongoing Government subsidies.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.22pm

The latest on Peter Foster - he was captured in Oz early last month. Check that news out.

He mentioned your name too, says he misses you too.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:45 PM

Obviously you did not understand the question marks.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaat? Cant be!

FIJI Television Ltd has been granted a six-month extension of its broadcast licence effective from December 30 this year.

The approval was given by Minister for Communications Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

In a statement today, the Minister said Fiji TV Ltd would continue to broadcast under the terms and conditions contained in its existing licence for the extended period.

Anonymous said...

Dairy farmers say industry is no longer viable

Posted by: Newsteam in Headlines,

News October 3, 2014

By: Mika Loga

Dairy farming is no longer viable.

These were the comments by two dairy farmers who say the industry is not what it used to be.

72-year old Sucha Singh who has been a dairy farmer all his life is the biggest dairy producer in the Korovou, Tailevu area.

“It’s very difficult nowadays because the price of milk is very low. For premier we only get 78 cents, 1st grade 65 cents, 2nd grade 52 cents. The cost of producing one litre of milk is now 90 cents – if you take labour, electricity, feed everything,” said dairy farmer, Sucha Singh.

“When I started in 2009, the price of feed was $5 and get one free, now the same bag of mill mix is $15. Is very expensive, 2009 I buy the cow for $600 good milking cow now $1000,” said dairy farmer, Bimlesh Chand.

Bimlesh Chand who is only milking eight cows from the fifty heads he owns, is a new and small player.

Tailevu farmers transport their milk to the Waidalice Chilling Centre every morning where they undergo an acid test to ensure the supply is good.

The milk is then stored in a tank for Fiji Dairy Limited to sample and test further.

What’s baffling to the farmers is that they produce premium milk from their farms mixed together in a tank and the same milk are sold at higher prices in the supermarket shelves.

“We want independent milk tester that will do something, something is gone wrong there.” I’m confused about testing at FDL, the result, end of week, payment is sometime not enough for us. If the current situation like this, no use running the dairy farm – if like this in three to fiver years time farm will collapse,” Singh said.
- See more at: http://fijione.tv/dairy-farmers-say-industry-is-no-longer-viable/#sthash.njNvm6vX.dpuf

Anonymous said...

Sa basika tu na dei Gaandnesh. Faya Sara v Kai

Anonymous said...

Peter Foster misses Fiji soooooo much. he's got 2 good friends in Fiji that are willing to help him out of that shit, but one of them at least is on the Oz blacklist now... not a good idea to bring newspapers over... Everybody knows about Laisa... it's old stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Water found in Rewa Life Milk January 5, 2014
Myron Williams

A Suva woman is calling on Fiji Dairy Limited (formerly Rewa Dairy) to lift their standard of quality control and re-check their products before they are stacked on supermarket shelves. Asmita Devi Deo of Samabula says this morning she bought a dozen of Rewa Life milk packs only to find they contained water. It was not with just one packet of milk, but the whole dozen. The disappointed consumer told Fiji One News that she called the dairy company who then apologised and offered to replace her purchase. Deo says while she is grateful that Fiji Dairy Limited were willing to replace the milk, it is a matter of principle and that such an incident could happen to consumers on the outer island who may not be be able to have access to a redress mechanism. She adds that she will formally lodge a complaint and that hopefully this does not happen again. Comments have being sought from Fiji Dairy Limited. - See more at: http://fijione.tv/water-found-in-rewa-life-milk-packs/#sthash.feO6nyFj.dpuf

Anonymous said...

500,000 payout

Nasik Swami
Saturday, November 15, 2014
Fiji Times

AUDITOR-General Tevita Bolanavanua has recommended that a detailed investigation be conducted into how the Ministry of Industry and Trade awarded the consultancy contract of $500,000 for the restructure of Rewa Co-operative Dairy Company (RCDC) to accounting firm Aliz Pacific without going through an open tender process.

Following the audit of the ministry in 2010, the Auditor-General noted that Government procurement procedures pertaining to the acquisition of services above $30,001 were breached and the transparency of the process in which Aliz Pacific was awarded the consultancy contract for the restructure of RCDC was questionable.

"A tender must be called for the procurement of goods, services or works valued at $30,001 and more," the audit noted.

Tenders were not called for the restructure of the RCDC.

Anonymous said...

Acha, time to arrest Aunty! No seriously, this woman gets away with too many misdeeds.

How come she short-cut the process with this main-boy at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

No wonder milk industry submerged in water yaar. Packets of water sold instead!

Anonymous said...


Ahh yes, thank you for the gossip lady!

Couldnt you take your gossip to the grog session tonight?


Horney academics Dr Mahendra Reddy and Dr Mahendra Kumar battle it out for professor of kamasutra title said...

Ganesh Chand is gone but what about mahen reddy, his number two at FNU? mahen used his position to seduce a taxi driver friend's wife, then gave her and her husband a job at FNU when caught with his pants down, with boci in full display.

Reminds one of mahen reddy's namesake, Dr mahendra Kumar, who was caught mounting a women in his office at UniFiji, and sacked as VC.

Dr Mahen reddy is challenging his yaca Dr mahendra kumar for the title of professor of kamasutra!

Anonymous said...

Peter foster likes visiting Fiji because he like's fijian cassava up his arse.Aussie dildos to soft for his liking.Maybe he & vili rakoro should go for a blind date.

Anonymous said...

If the regime is cleaning up, it can begin by looking at the shady dealings involving Aunty Nor. Haha, that will never happen. This regime doesn't clean up; it cleans OUT ... the treasury, at least.

Unknown said...

Amazing how even when I haven't commented on a new thread yet the SODELPA lots have been mentioning my name Hahaha. I know I'm on your minds consistently and you don't like it how I consistently spoil your deluded ideas and opinions with facts but please stop enforcing my views with your constant reference to my name.

If you adore me so much just start believing in the truth ey lol.

And Kua ni ReRe we all know you're a racist sod because you have consistently proven that in your outrages comments. And now you have stooped even low with your disrespect for someone whose just past away. They have families and your comments are yet again further proof to your backward mentality.

Unknown said...

And in the news Qarase after receiving a check of half a million is still asking for more. Talk about self serving. His true colours have yet again been revealed the greedy piece of shit.

nayacakalou said...

@ Vili 4:51...What is so hard with paying the man,he has done his time,unless you and Bainimarama are broke.Sega ni baleta ga ni kai yanuyanu,me kua kina ni saumi.Au sa tukuna oti vi koko,ni racist cava o tukuna tiko vi kimami,o iko o sega mada ga ni malekati ira na kai yanuyanu.Ke me a sega na kai yanuyanu,warai o kedatou nai karua ga ni maqe.Dua na kai yanuyanu liutaka toka qori na mataivalu,lako mada laki tukuna vi koya.E dua na nomu mala ni vosa o kanaka,o cemuri ira toka kina na kai yanuyanu,ia e vinaka cake o ira na SODELPA,ena nodra via cicivaka ga na nodra vanua.To remind you Vili,greedy,is something that you and Bainimarama are known for,and if you paid him when it was due,it would be responsibility,and now it is a burden's stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Some people say that death of a person is punishment meted out to that person or to his loved ones but it is not because the righteous and the unrighteous all die.

Persons become heroes not because of how they died but because of how they choose to live and die.

RIP CJ my friend but my judgement and opinion as to the substance of your character, I choose not to divulge in this forum.

Unknown said...


Qarase stole millions from his corrupt business deals therefore he should not be paid anything. Maqe ga o koko raibaci. Io baleta ni o kai yanuyanu o maqe levulevu sivia nomu kania na uro gauna ni veikiutaki nei Qarase kabati koya.

Unknown said...


O tukuna ni o ira na SODELPA ra via cicvaka ga nodra vanua. Qai vacava o Bainimarama kei keimami na gone I taukei leweni Fiji First keimami warai ni neimami vanua o Viti. Sona levu. Cava meu mai solia kina kequ qele me mai liutaki au dua na qalo mai. Taura ga nomu vakasama warolaka I nomu sona.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro 4:47 AM
You said that "I am a racist"

I dont think you understand the word RACISM.

Its obvious that you are farked in the head.

I challenge you to look back at ALL MY POSTS IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS and if you find ANY RACIST REMARKS, then post it here.

Like has been mentioned before, YOU VILI ARE DELUSIONAL....JUST LIKE BAINIMARAMA...


By the way whats happened to YOUR HOBBY HORSE " SEASONAL WORK IN AUSTRALIA" you firkin BIRDBRAIN.


Anonymous said...

Had Qarase stolen millions from corrupt business deals, as Vili Rakoro now alleges, then the regime would have tried and convicted him for it. After all, it tried and convicted him on lesser charges.

Anonymous said...

Kua ni Rere works for the South Pacific Commission based at Mead Rd, Nabua however he is currently away overseas on work.His wife lives in Raiwaqa.

4Fiji said...

Kua ni Rere - i am on to you. Your racism shows through with your comments although it is apparent you are trying to hide it. You are right though you are probably not the most racist on this blog. Nayacakalou would be ahead of you on that count.

Screaming and swearing and being a prat will not bolster your case.

Anonymous said...

@ 4Fiji
Hmmmmm. OK this KNR didnt say anything racist.
But I think he's racist. I feel that he is racist.
Therefore he must be racist



Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro kua ni vosataka na kai yanuyanu....tamata boci o iko kei nomu koro....sonalevu nomu bula magai tinamu.luarai sara tu ga vei iko na levu lialia via siova na ka ni qase. Muru vi nece lemu nene ra magaichinamu..
Daru na sotu au tatavucaka kemu i vacu.ra sonalevu.Tata vina koto ra caganamu.kai wai se kai dia ...da vei lomani....we all the same in God eyes.kua na yaloca tiko, vutulaki.Oi au na koi yata e sega vei keimami na veivaka duidui taki ko cakava tiko....vakarau ga ni tamata boci o cakava tiko, ka o sa boroya saraga tu ga na rai ni nomu dou vanua...ra kwaisi,sonalevu.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in his right mind who honnestly look at how people handle money in Fiji would come to a single conclusion, no matter they are FF, SDl, fijian, indian, chinese. We always end up with what we deserve, I suppose.

I find it immensely sad to see Bainimarama helping his own crowd under the table, Qarase having done the same thing before.


Anonymous said...

the blind date is between Peter Foster and Laisa Vulakoro...

Anonymous said...

@ 4:08
Oh really???....peter foster the dog with steel dog tie around da neck whipped from behind with a giant dildo from laisa..a sight to see...plus Vili licking their scum like a kitchim poppie...kaila!!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Doesn't matter how many dictators you suck up to. At the end of the day you die and leave everything behind

Anonymous said...

It's very simple, really. If you're repeatedly going to accuse Kua Ni Rere of racism, then show your evidence. Especially since he's repeatedly challenged you to do so. Otherwise, we're not going to believe it, and nothing else you say will have credibility, either.

Anonymous said...


A person who heedlessly or maliciously reveals private or confidential matters is a sneaky talebearer.

For this, your the type that's not to be trusted!

Anonymous said...

@ 4.16pm

Obviously you have an addiction to cheap porn.

Cheap trash of a character! We dont need you to give us a run down on porn videos that give you a turn on!

Anonymous said...


Well, too bad..Qarase got all that was owed to him. Im sure he enjoyed his Christmas with family.

Pote Vili! You suck!

Kainoda said...

God is the best judge for all our actions and dealings in this world. The time for Patel is over and my best wishes to the members of his family to continue with business as usual. Just a Reminder to Dr Nur and Minister for Finance Khaiyum the untimely death of Patel will help both of you in defending the award of tender case in the Rewa Dairy Ltd re-organisation project.
See you in couple of months in Naboro or beside the graveyard of Patel.

Anonymous said...


May I suggest you go lick Aiyaz and Frank's frodo feet bro. Tell me later if you enjoyed that.

Come back later if you have enough balls to accuse Qarase.

We can tell you are blind as a bat but you wont wear glasses! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

TV licence

I READ in your papers (FT 29/12) that Fiji Television has been granted an extension to its broadcast licence for another six months. Last week I read that a radio station has been granted broadcasting license for 15 years. Where is the justice? Is this some form of blackmailing? Does this also apply to the other two TV stations too? The people of Fiji need answers as to why Fiji TV has been victimised where FHL has got the majority shares.

Nardeo Mishra, Suva

Anonymous said...

FINAL peace deal - bring it on - its happening.

(Reuters) - Arab U.N. delegations on Monday endorsed a Palestinian proposal to forge a peace deal with Israel within a year and end Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories by late 2017, despite fierce Israeli and U.S. opposition.

The timing for a U.N. vote on a measure that faces almost certain defeat is unclear.

Several Western council diplomats told Reuters they had been surprised by the Palestinians' sudden push to submit a final draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council on Monday and put it to a vote on Tuesday or Wednesday.


2000 coup conspirator Simione Kaitani, dole bludging in Australia, has surfaced on Rajen Chaudhry's facebook. Like Rajen, Kaitanai is spewing anti-muslim venom.

Fiji has returned to democracy, so why is Speight's political henchman Kaitani still in Australia, at Australian tax-payers' expense?

Is Australia providing a racist and seditionist like Kaitani a safe haven to engage in anti-Govt activities to destabilise the country, as in 2000?

Is Australia a safe-haven to engage in anti-muslim propaganda by the discredited coup conspirator.

Why is Kaitani allowed in AUSTRALIA on false claims of refugee status, while the real refugees are not allowed in?

Whys is Australia allowing itself to be used by opportunists like kaitanai, who bludge off taxpayers, without making any positive contribution to Australia?

There are other 2000 coup seditionists hiding in Australia and plotting against the elected Government.

This situation brings Julia Bishop's credibility into question. Is she sleeping on the job, or is she playing a double game with the Fiji Government?

Is the Abbot Government genuine about restoring ties with Fiji's elected government or not?

What is the Fiji immigration minister doing, sleeping in the job? Why has the minister not expressed concern with Australian High commission?

Why is the minister not taking action when Kaitani and rajen are engaging in anti-muslim and racist activities to create communal discord?

Fiji's immigration minister should be replaced for not doing the job.

Maybe Australia can keep kaitani as he is unemployable and will be burden on Fiji taxpayers after all.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.34 pm

luveni magaijinamu. Ke ca vi koko tukuna mai na yacamu daru sota. Ke o via kauti ira mai na wekamu, au na kauti ira mai na wekaqu kai colo me da veibuturaki. Kua ni levu tiko nomu vosa baleta ni o lamu sona tiko na tukuna na yacamu. Daru sota o tovolea mo vacu au na dresudresulaka nomu I sulu. Vakaramusu taka nomu sui. Ceuta na yaloka ni matamu vana tavaya ni bia qai musuka na yamemu. Ke ca vei ira na wekamu era na buturaki vata kama nodra vale ra qai cemuri lesu me ra qalo lesu kedra qele.

This is what i have been saying all along. These SODELPA lot keeps forgetting the majority of us I Taukei's who voted for Fiji First are from Viti Levu and we own Suva, Nadi, Lautoka etc. We have accepted Fijian who don't have land in Viti Levu which includes the kai yanuyanu. And when these lot try and speak down on our Fijian of Indian heritage saying they should go back in the boat to India they forget they the kai yanuyanu will be on the same boat because their destination is on route to India.

Us here in Viti Levu are loving and accepting people who welcomes everyone. That doesn't mean when it comes to violence or vei buturaki we will stand back. As i have mentioned in another thread i would rather die on my feet then live on my fucken knees.

When we debate let's keep it clean and on point when you SODELPA lot continue to swear and threat you're forgetting I am a I taukei kai colo who have no problem whatsoever in getting nasty too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we know you have no problem getting nasty. You only have a problem with ejaculating anything but garbage.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rokoro

Vacava mada meu na vakatalai koya mai delana me vutuki iko mada. Ke iko se bera ni kila o cei. Tarogi ratou mai delai vuna(sawani). Kua niko tukuna ni ko koi colo. Moromoro. Kutusebe. Me tavulaki iko ra noqu vu.

Sa tamata viavia levu vakaca o iko. Yacamu o iko warai ni o gone mai vi kitou. rakoro na yaca mai Naselai, Tailevu. Kua na lasutake tiko na yacamu. Kawa ni vakaroro manivusi o iko. Tamata kanakana da o iko. Qavokavpka levu vaka da lutu vana tadevo. Warake tiko me na, a curumi iko rawa na vu ko ai.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4.20 am

Nomu sauni taro qori e, au gone ni naselai. E cava so drau voro drau toce. Drau raice ni drau vosa e loma ei drau vosa naka. Da veitalanoa se veiba vakapolitiki e set tu. Drau kua ni dau vosa vakalialia, vosa ca se threat tiko baleta eda rawate kece qori rau.

If I disagree with your opinions it doesn't mean I don't respect you, it just means I don't agree with you so when you threaten me you're actually disrespecting me and that invokes me to reply back in a nasty way.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Does bad weather cause crashes?

Indonesian officials have confirmed that bodies and debris found in the Java Sea off Borneo are from AirAsia flight QZ8501 that went missing on Sunday, a statement by AirAsia says.

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes said he was "devastated" by the news.

President Joko Widodo told media he had instructed all search teams to focus on finding the passengers and crew.

The Airbus A320-200, carrying 162 people from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore, disappeared on Sunday.

The head of Indonesia's search operation, Bambang Soelistyo, says three bodies have been retrieved, not 40 as previously stated by naval officials.

Relative of victim at Surabaya airport - 30 December
Families had to endure an agonising wait for news
The discovery came on the third day of searching. A navy spokesman said rescuers were "very busy now" with the salvage operation.

'End to uncertainty'
The AirAsia statement said the remains were found in the Karimata Strait, south-west of Pangkalan Bun in the Borneo province of Central Kalimantan.

Mr Fernandes said: "I am absolutely devastated."

He told a news conference there could now be an end to uncertainty for everyone involved.

"This is a scar with me for the rest of my life," he said.

"It doesn't change anything. There is at least some closure as opposed to not knowing what's happened and holding out hope."

The AirAsia statement said family members would be assigned care providers and an emergency call centre would be set up for those seeking information.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 6.33 am

Don't you worry mate I hold my own ground just find. This racist violent SODELPA lot cannot be allowed to continue to rain their filth without challenge. Every now and again I clean them up real good. As they say "in order for evil to succeed is for good man to stand by and do nothing".

Have a good new year to you too mate😎:-)

Anonymous said...

@ 6.58am

Courage is grace under pressure.

Keep it clean mate but let the heated challenge continue aye?

Happy 2015 mate!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 7.42 am

Fair comment mate. Nice touch there with the happy comment. Enjoy the drinks and don't do anything I wouldn't, actually on second thought, give them hell :-)

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro ra sonalevu....via threat tiko i vei.....tamata boci iko kei tamamu.....ra caganam.Qarauni iko tiko, au sa kila na yacamu.Vinaka me yacamu dina qori baleta na siga daru na sota o na sotava na i vacu koi yata.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro comment that he will tore up my clothes...."dresudresu laka noqu i sulu"....Aye sa qai laurai qo ni ko yalewa ke sega o Qauri qase.
Na yalewa ga e dau dresudresu laka na i sulu gauna e viavala kina, ke sega e rau vidre ulu.
Na boci ga na boci.Sa kila tu na i yacama baleta ni o tamata lialia....dua ga na siga qo daru na sota o kana i vacu.Tekivu wili siga tiko qo.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 8.04 am

Sa dua na tamata dau threat o koko rau. O se anonymous tiko ga. Vacava mo vola mada mai na yacamu me da kilai koko.

E cava daru na sota I taoni oti o tarogi au cava au vosa ca taki Iko kina. Au na qai tarogi Iko o cei o Iko. Iko qai tukuna o au o anonymous mai na coup 4.5 blog. Au na qai tukuna vei Iko e levu na anonymous era dau threat taki au vana blog qori. O cei vei ira o Iko. E cava o na qai tukuna vei au me sauni taro ya?

Anonymous said...

Au na sauma yani o au na koi Yata...sega tale ni dua ke e kacivi koya na koi yata.
Veitalia kua ni ni matakucia ki na kwa.....kalougata koto lemu cola na yabaki vou 2015 vu roro koto ma.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 9.02 am

Koi Yata e. Au sa na waraki koko koi Yata. Lomani yabaki qo au sa threat taki vaka 50 beka vei kemuni na anonymous I ke, sa voleka tale ni cava na yabaki se warai ga ni dua e sotavi au.

Ragone ni sa matai ga na vosa threat ena ruku ni yaca anonymous. Ni bau saga mada mo ni veiba vinaka ena buturara ni veiba vaka politiki. Levu tiko ga na vaka taramasa. Sa qai so na yavu tamata ulu lala o kemuni na SODELPA e loma qo.

Anonymous said...

How's the weather over there at Bournemouth Vili ? Must be very cold. 2 degrees centigrade tonight ?

Relax mada. Da I taukei vata tikoga. Sa rauta mada na rough rough tiko.

Kalougata tiko na qaravi tavi....


Happy New Year Coup 4.5. After a disastrous 2014, you will be glad to see the back of it. Going back over your pre-election postings, you were so confident that SODELPA would win. Isa. It must have been very traumatic coming to terms with the fact that the Fijian people thought otherwise. Perhaps you could make a New Year resolution. You have four years to convince us that we should vote for Ro Teimumu and her kai vata. But we will only do so if we hear good reasons for doing so. You need to lift the general standard of debate on your site. There is too much racism, too much abuse and too much bad language. It does not do you any good. It turns people off. So why not use the next four years to start being more reasonable and behave like a genuine alternative to FijiFirst. That's the only way you are going to shift Bai-Kai. Because the average Fijian much prefers them to your lot. You can protest all you like. But it was there in the election result and you can't argue with the figures. You also need to stop arguing with the result. It was confirmed by the international monitoring force. Bai-Kai won fair and square. Anyway, here's hoping for a better you for you in 2015. Vinaka.

RIGHT ON! said...

Thoroughly agree with 4.5 having to be more civilised. It isn't only the constant abuse but the selective reporting. eg. why keep calling it a "regime" when it is now a democratically elected government? It is not a "regime" and to say otherwise in your stories just makes everyone doubt the rest of what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 is exactly the reason people will never vote for SODELPA. What you see here is what you will get from a SODELPA government. Racism, intolerance and abuse. Thank God Fijians have woken up to the fact. Happy New Year losers!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha you are correct in that they are a bunch of losers Anon.They have lost everything from 2000 till today even this blogs have slowed pace and there is a saying that states the truth never fails.Long live Frank and his vision for all the peoples of Fiji happy new year all

KUA NI RERE said...


He is Kaiyum's parrot.
A Dumb parrot.
A Demented Parrot.
A farked up Parrot.
Long Live to the Thieving Lying Farked Up Parrot, Bainimarama.

Sorovakawalu said...

@Vili Rakoro
Kua ni levu tiko nomu viavia levu.
O mai koi colo tu vakacava. Tamata ni silikai.
Toce kavo.

O koko vata ki Bainisona drau tamata viavia levu.
Drau cakave tiko.
Du na siga qoi drau na moku vata.

Tui Viti said...

Why did the Australian Military visit QEB, Nabua when the PM and Commander are away on tour??

I was surprised that they didnt wait for the two gentlemen to return before making their visit.

Why wasnt the visit made before the two gentlemen went om tour.

Did they make any offer to Aziz, Qiliho and Commander Land Force, if they did then it borders on Treason.

Did this visit resulted in the reshuffle where Commander Land Force is transferred to UNDOF and his post was taken over by Qiliho.

IT would be of interest to note that Qiliho was Commander of the Battalion that returned from Qolan unscathed,the Al Nusra terrorists saw how he operates and controls his men and knew that they wont achieve anything from a Lion of the Desert

Eratou iro ga mai na Al Nusra spies ka lai vakadewataka nai tukutuku 'o iratou na tiko oqo,me datou sa kaseti iratou ga,sa kua sarala na via storm,karua ga ni da curu buto ena loma ni qara ni Laione ni Veinuku' 'sa da waraki ira ga na veisosomi ena yabaki ka tarava' and the is history.

Congratulations to the new post holders!!

Happy New Year to all, Sodelpa included, hic!!

nayacakalou said...

@Vili 11:09....That is axactly what we want you to admit,that you are a racist MF.Rakoronivuaka,o sa baci cemuri ira toka na kai yanuyanu,ka via maroroi ira na kai India,ka cava o sega ni rawa ni cicivaka kina na nomu vanua.O Suva e sega ni nomu na vanua vaka Burebasaga ka ko vosa ca taka tiko na kena marama,ka vinakata meda tou tu ga e veikau?O koko e dua toka na tamata ulukau,ka sega ni kila na nomu history,meu tukana tale vi koko ni sega ni dua e kai yanuyanu,ka ra kila vinaka tu na vanua era dui lako mai kina.Meu tukuna vei koko e vica,me vakataki Matuku era lako mai Waimaro ka meu remind taki iko ni sa solia tale o Waimaro na kedrtou qele.Oira na kai Kadavu era lako talega mai Bau ka vakavuna na nodra kaci naita toka vi kedaru kei Gau baleti Lomai e lako talega mai vi kedaru.Edua nai wase ni Vanua levu e Vanualevu era lako mai Ra ka vakaraitaka tiko ena yaca era veikacivi kina,ka vanua talega eda lako kece mai kina.O ira na kai Nadroga,era sa biu ko Kadavu ka soko cake tale ki Nadroga,ka donuya na nodra cabe talega na kai Toga e dela ni nuku vula mai Nasigatoka,ka Qase vua na Tui mai Toga na yacana ko Maile Latamai,na gone ka sa Tui tiko mai Toga ena gauna oqo ko Uluvalu.E dua nai wase ni Matai e Kadavu,ka ra sa kau lesu ki Narauyaba e Ra.Meu tinia vi kudrau Vili,ena gauna ni vakaqara vanua,era dau liutaka na Tui kei na tamata qaqa,ke ra sota kei na meca era rawa ni vala,ka biu tu mai na tamata malumalumu,me vaka ko dau tukuna na fact's,me vakataki kedatou e toka laivi mai ka gone ka valu wavoki ko Tiu Matuku ka laki vakamatei Ma afu na nona kawa.E dua na ka meu tukuna tale vi koko drau sogota na gusumu drau ,kua na cavu yaca tiko.

Ben Naliva said...

O Vili na tamana o Varasati mai Muniweni.
E sega ni mai kai Naitasiri o koya.
O koya na kawa ni silikai.

O ira qo a ra qalova cake mai na Rewa River e na gauna makawa.

A viavia mai kai Naitasiri tiko. Caita na pusi. Sona levu.

Qai tale Vili vei ratou na wekamu mai Nasilai.

Anonymous said...

O Vili Rakoro e sega ni kai Naitasiri.
E sega tu kedratou qele mai Muaniweni.

O ratou ratou tu vakararavi ga mai Mauniweni.

Nodratou vale e tiko ga e bati ni wai ka sega tu kedratou qele.
Ra kitaka tu ga na silikai.

Me ra tu mada mai Muaniweni me ra cemuri ira na sa mai viavia levu tiko qori I Muaniweni.

Anonymous said...

DID YOU KNOW that Fiji TV's broadcast license has just been extended for another 6 months with effect from Tuesday, 30th Dec, 2014. This certainly contradicts Chairman FHL& Acting Chairman Fiji TV, Iowane Naiveli's comments in the print media that the CEO of Fiji TV, Tevita Gonelevu and Head of Content, Tanya Waqanika's employment contracts were terminated to secure a 12 year long term license.

Who has the authority to issue the broadcast license under the relevant legislation?
Minister of Communications - Hon Aiyaz Sayed - Khaiyum.

Who is the majority shareholder of Fiji Television Ltd?
Fijian Holdings Limited(FHL), they purchased Yasana Holdings Ltd for FJD$24m back in early 2013.
Fiji TV is a public listed company and all Fijians (as defined under the new Constitution) can buy shares taking into account residency and citizenship issues when buying shares in a media company.

Who is FHL and who are the owners?
FHL is a restricted public listing company - only the I-Taukeis who are registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula (VKB), notwithstanding Class B shareholders as well who are also the shareholders.

How many Classes of Shares does FHL have?
2 classes :
1) Class A shareholders - FJD$10 million class A shares held by individuals, corporate, yavusas, mataqalus, etc I-Taukeis' who are registered in the VKB.
2) There are two (2) Class B sharholders - a) Fijian Affairs Board holds FJD$10 million class B shares. FAB looks after all the 14 provinces.
b) I- Taukei Trust Fund holds FJD$10 million Class B shares.

Who appoints the Class B board members to the FHL Board?
Minister of Fijian Affairs - Hon Ratu Voreqe Bainimarama.

What do shareholders do with the dividends that they receive from their investments? when you buy shares, you receive dividends - similar to a lease money received by landowners.
Class A - the individual shareholders churn their monies back into education, medical, build homes, etc.
Class B - funds goes back into Govt consolidated fund which then helps improve & develop our nation (eg : free school fees, improvement of our medical services, roads, airports - anything that Govt owns).

In a nutshell, FHL is majority owned by the Government of Fiji and the same Govt of Fiji indirectly owns the majority shares in Fiji TV.

How many subsidiaries does FHL own?
1) Fiji Industries Ltd
2) Basic Industries Ltd
3) Blue Lagoon Cruises
4) Fijian Property Trust Company Ltd
5) FHL Stockbrokers Ltd
6) Merchant Finance & Investment Co Ltd
7) Fiji Television Ltd.
8) Standard Concrete
9) Humes
10) Pacific Cement
11) South Seas Cruises
12) RB Patel
13) FHL Fund Management Ltd

FHL also holds shares in ATH,Goodman Fielder, Golden Manufacturing Ltd, Marsh
Source : www.fijianholdings.com.fj

Question? Why is our Govt allowing a 6 month license to be issued to Fiji TV by the Minister of Communications when in the strategic long term planning of Govt's development, the 6 month license will hinder and or restrict ROI (return of investment to FHL and back to Govt. It is in our Govt's interest that its own investment is sustainable and long term given that they collect a handsome dividend from FHL.

Anonymous said...

So how come FBC has a one year license and Fiji TV 6 months. No wonder the sewege line broke. Something stinks in MIDA. Maybe we should see who all is associated with MIDA.

Anonymous said...

Au pasi tali vili rakoroda ena traps ....sa boidada vakaca...dina saraga nai talanoa no qauri o koya

4Fiji said...

The Fijian Govt is well within their rights to grant a 6 month licence to Fiji TV. Fiji TV is majority owned by the Fiji Govt.

Its the management's job to ensure they are working for the company's interest which is represented by the Board which is appointed by the shareholders.

Looks like some in Management were working on their own personal agenda's. Can you imagine what would happen to someone at News Ltd who was working against Rupert Murdoch. They would be gone faster than you can say "Dont bite the hand that feeds you"

Happy New Year to All!!

Stop the hating. :-)


SODELPA is now questioning why Dr Ganesh was removed from FNU. Before they were asking him to be removed. Ha Ha Ha. Where does SODELPA stand?

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Fiji is the happiest country in the world.

A SMILE goes a long way in Fiji and this year, the Fijian smile seems to have gained Fiji further recognition as one of the happiest countries in the world.

Highlighting WIN-Gallup's 2012 survey that found 89 per cent of Fijians reported being happy people — making Fiji one of the happiest countries in the world — award-winning Lonely Planet author and travel writer Celeste Brash brought this issue to the fore last month.
Brash states colour as the first reason with myriad greens in the landscapes, yellows and chartreuse mingling as palm trees rustle in the breeze and bright oranges of ripe mangoes and papayas, said Fiji flaunts all the feel-good colours.

Climate, she noted as the second reason with the balmy temperatures, and with all the sunshine and plenty of rain to keep the land fresh and thriving with abundant food and clean water.

"Fiji has a very tight-knit society that is mostly village base. The bond between people and the support they offer each other is palpable," Brash states.

"Perhaps, it's this solid base that makes Fijians so friendly and welcoming to visitors," she states as reason number three.

Fresh food, she said is the fourth reason because Fiji is known to have some of the best food in the South Pacific, citing the local fresh produce and the evolving organic kitchen garden movement from villages to resorts.

The fifth reason is kava sessions - the close and social ceremony brings people together; the sixth is music citing the fast-paced Fijian tunes or upbeat Western favourites; the seventh is the renowned Fiji time; the eight is ceremony - noting how deep religion runs deep in Fiji with the Christian, Islamic, Hindu and Sikh faiths well represented here; multiculturalism; and the tenth being peace.

"Fiji has had a rocky political past and only recently held open democratic elections again after a coup in 2006. But even at its most tense, serious violence has not been an issue here and the current situation appears to be solid.

"With the isolation of island life, most people try not to worry too much about the problems of the world and the closeness of a system of local governments means people feel that their opinions and community actions actually make a difference."

Anonymous said...

@opposiron SODELPA criticising ganesh Chand sacking, SODELPA have shown they oppose blindly without just cause. Stating that the govt. is interfering is like saying that a shopkeeper cannot dismiss his staff for non-performance.

No doubt, the opposition was the govt. of the day, they would have probably done the same or worse as they tend to play the race card at every turn. SODELPA has no principals, just political opportunism.

In its previous avatar SODEPLA was SDL and sacked DPP Ridgeway for doing his job too well in prosecuting 2000 coup convicts.

The main people behind sacking was disbarred lawyer Qoriniasi Bale, who was also behind sale/exchange of of native land, and Reconciliation Bill, and of course Qarase.

Muslim 'bravery' said...

Witnesses report about the hell ferry Norman Atlantic chaos after it caught fire Sunday morning at. 6 local time 61 km from the coast near Corfu.

The fire broke out on the deck, and has been impossible to extinguish. And it took 32 hours before the last person had been evacuated.

The Greek soprano Dimitra Theodossiou was on board the ferry. She saw men beat women in order to come first to the rescue helicopter.

“There were men, Iraqis, Turks, Pakistanis on the ship, who was told to sit down to allow rescuers to prioritize children, elderly and women.

"But they climbed, beat and pulled the people to come first to the rescue helicopter and into safety. I was also beaten. I was so furious. It was really ugly. I will never forget it.”

Anonymous said...

The UN Security Council has failed to adopt the Arab coalition’s bid calling for the creation of a Palestinian state and an end to Israeli “occupation”. The veto power US and Australia voted against the move with 5 abstentions.

The draft resolution gathered only 8 votes in favour, so it was automatically defeated. The US however still used its veto power and voted against the resolution. Another veto power state, the UK, along with Lithuania, Nigeria, Korea and Rwanda have abstained from the vote.

Anonymous said...

@ 206PM




Anonymous said...

@ 1.40PM



Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks there can be a final peace deal in the Middle East without the buy-in of the Israelis and the Americans is a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

Fiji TV gets only a six month licence because Aiyaz wants to keep it on a short leash in oder to make sure it cannot broadcast any news unfavourable to the regime and also to give his brother a competitive advantage. It's just another glaring conflict of interest involving Aiyaz and his position.

Anonymous said...

Here is sensible and fair logic from this vulagi's perspective in regards to Qarase getting his long awaited pension and the malicious opinions of a few like yourself. Vili, take a hint..maybe take a hike as you tend to rubbish facts and make untruthful statements.


I BELIEVE the report in our two main dailies regarding the payment of pension to former Prime minister, Laisenia Qarase clearly illustrate the two faces of journalism. For those who prefer factual reporting the article Former prime minister receives pension (FT 30/12) is a classic example. On the other hand, I believe the article Qarase gets half a million: Wants more (FS 29/12) is sensationalism at its best (or worst). The fact is simply one where Mr Qarase is being paid what is due to him.

J NAKARAWA, Hamilton, NZ

Anonymous said...

@ 3.04pm

I know, the Palestinians and Co must have been very disappointed and frustrated, to the extent that they will certainly call for a mass suicide-drone attack upon them all!!

Allahu Akbar الله أكبر!! All is bloody lost!! Strap ourselves hard, the virgins are waiting!! Aiiieeeeeeeee!!

Anonymous said...

@9.50 pm
I know that you are having a relationship with Peter or Laisa.
Where is your credibility?

Anonymous said...

I could prove a case of abuse of office involving Bainimarama... and other peoples at the top. But for the time being, I will keep quiet. Tsunami coming later...

Anonymous said...

whether mere or vili is more persuasive is a subjective matter, based on which side of the political divide one supporters. Those who support the Qarase regime will see mere's submission in more positive light; those who support Bainimarama will see vili contribution positively. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro...sa qai laurai qo ni dau silikai ...hahahaha.Tamata no koro, macawa.Tamata dau dresu sote.
Kerekere vei kemuni na noda, gauna ga me kune na tamata qo Vili Rakoro, me laulau vacu na gusuna.Tamata kaisi bokola.

Anonymous said...

O Vili me kua ni lauvacu kemuni...me lau viri la ena dua nai korokoro da.

Revenge fuck said...

According to Rajen chaudhry's faceBook, education minister mahen reddy's wifey had a revenge fuck to get back at mahen reddy for his infidelity with taxi driver friend's wife:

"All those claims regarding Mahen Reddy's wife are true and yes teachers were transfered to other schools. The school is Bhawani Dayal. Mrs.Reddy was and I guess is still very chummy with a single teacher known as Shiu Lingam at the school. She has however been transferred to another sch. Their relationship was known to all teachers in the school although she continuously denied it. They have been seen several times dining together...Seen by teachers. We all knew about it."

Anonymous said...

And who said there was no free media........................

Anonymous said...

No where in the world does a govt interfere with a business owned by shareholders. Its the board to decide and for Mr Khaiyum mother fucker to dictate things on behalf of his brother who does not know how run a business is a big fuck up. Even the FBC road show is all a bull shit where ministries pay large amounts to be part of all for nothing. Let business be business and govt be govt. The problem we have a lot of business people who made money out of govt especially Muslims

Anonymous said...

Medisure pharmacy in Nadi is been investigated for issuing drugs which were wrongly prescribed to a child who later died. Rumours are the owner Mr Xavier Khan is related to Mr Khaiyum who has been delaying the case. So can someone check what kind of qualification does this pharmacist have. Medisure may have been the cause for other ill health which the innocent public are unaware of and should be closed.

Anonymous said...

Question - Has anyone seen a copy of the FBC Annual Report lately? Since it is a government owned entity, shouldn't we the public be informed of the state of affairs there? Financial and otherwise? Isn't it required by law?

Anonymous said...

@ 959AM

We agree, it should not be called a regime but an ILLEGAL REGIME RULED BY BLOODY THIRSTY CROOKS AND THUGS!!!

Julab Dean. said...

Next to go should be Dr Mahendhra Reddy, Praveen Bala, Veena Bhatnagar and ASK. They are nothing but pain in the neck for Bainimara Government. They are having bad reflections on indo-Fijians. Dr Biman should be the next finance Minister and Ro Kepa should be the new Minister of Education.

Anonymous said...

@ 326pm

You freaking idiot! Just because I dont think highly of you because you're nothing but a slanderous character doesnt mean to say Im with Peter or Laisa.

Take your gossip and share it amongst the toads!

How low can you go dumbass!!

nayacakalou said...

@Anon 4:39...You have noticed that,everytime that someone stood up to Vili Rakoro,or when she is caught with his bullshit,he stay's away for a while or come up with a new topic to argue.Now he is caught,he is likely to come with a new identity.Man if he was on this side of the world,the intel here will track him down with those kind of threat and throw him in Prison where he belong,s.Seem,s to me that Bainimarama is olso writing under Rakoro,s name,if you read the anger very carefully.

Anonymous said...


So let's have it Vili. Aaah I see, you are playing rogue detective eh? What's the answer to all your speculations and or presumptions?

Are you writing a book or something? Seems like you're into a thriller or suspense yet with no plot and no climax!!!

ho ho ho ho Happy New Year FF Tui Boto!

Horny academics: Ganesh Chand's sex affair said...

Like mahen reddy, Ganesh Chand also had an affair. No wonder they are such good buddies - they are peas of the same pod.

Anonymous said...

Sa mate o vili Rakoro.

Anonymous said...

@5.15 PM
this is not "gossip" but FACTS. You can actually verify them yourself by simply asking to someone who has access to the airport's database about departures and arrivals around the date where Fosters appeared on the front page of the Fiji Times last year.... it has been CONFIRMED by at least 5 independants sources that I know... maybe you can ask Laisa herself where she was on that particular day... make sure she will show you her passport... how come the authorities in Fiji and Australia aare so dumb while the confirmed "gossip" has been going around for MONTHS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what's the gossip about that useless conman Peter Foster & Sua niu Queen, Laisa??
pls enlighten me.


The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America:


Anonymous said...

@ 6.51pm

Meet me at the veidogo Nasese for the latest gossip lewa.

Your .....is dating so and so!

Anonymous said...





Unknown said...

So when I comment in a civilised and professional manner I get all these threats and personal crucification. And when I return the threatening and personal comments in the same nasty way I am somehow to be blamed and villified.

Great mentality from these SODELPA lots. Here's an advice for you if you do not like nasty and threatening comments then don't dis it out. If you can't take it then don't dis it.

You all can't debate me with facts so you resort to personal comments. Showing how weak and incapable you are. I have never threaten or swore at anyone first however I have no problem returning the favour.

If you debate in a civilised manner with me I will keep it civilised too. However you get nasty guess what you are the one who opened the door so don't fucken bitch about it when I return the favour you bunch of idiots.

Revenge fuck said...

According to Rajen chaudhry's faceBook, education minister mahen reddy's wifey had a revenge fuck to get back at mahen reddy for his infidelity with taxi driver friend's wife: "All those claims regarding Mahen Reddy's wife are true and yes teachers were transferred to other schools. The school is Bhawani Dayal. Mrs.Reddy was and I guess is still very chummy with a single teacher known as Shiu Lingam at the school. She has however been transferred to another sch. Their relationship was known to all teachers in the school although she continuously denied it. They have been seen several times dining together...Seen by teachers. We all knew about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes Viliboci Rakoro conveniently excused himself if the issue is too hard for explain. He ran to his boyfriend's house, bends over and offered his disgusting anus in exchange for information for his next lot of comments. That's how useless his piece of shit is, just like his useless piece of shit of a mother.

Anonymous said...

First Vili is tricked into comparing Bainimarama to Hitler. Now he's speaking of his own crucifixion.

Who is he comparing himself to now?

Anonymous said...

SODELPA - dou vicai mada kei biman....cava tale dou vakataroga kina na sake nei ganesh,,,dodonu mo dou tukuna me vesu ia qo dou tukuna tale me lomani....
au a digitaki kemudou ia sa boci tiko mai vei au o kemudou,,,,
tovolea mo dou tu mada vakai butadroka ena yabaki vou sivia tiko nomudou lamusona se sa tawa beka na taga sa relax???

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro is a blooming idiot. The question of whether Mere makes him look sillier than he does himself is moot.

Btw, I'm not a SODELPA supporter, just someone who usually recognises stupidity when I read it, which is mostly every time Vili comments.

Anonymous said...


Nothing like cleaning your own back yard first, and how many rape cases against children in the news this week?

Update: 3:14PM THE Fiji Police Force has acknowledged that it is serious about reducing crimes against women and children.

Acting Commissioner of Police Isikeli Vuniwaqa said that with a number of positive achievements this year, there were still contentious issues that continued to be a concern for the Force, which included crimes against women and children.

More needs to be done not only be the Fiji Police but by everyone to curb the incidence of these crimes in 2015, ACP Vuniwaqa said.

Anonymous said...

And these 'anti government' supporters always forget what many of them are like.

What a joke.

Fiji the land of wife bashers, incest, child molesters and convicted sex offenders whose flock look up to them whilst preaching !

Unknown said...

Mere does have the ability to comment in a civilised and professional manner. Given how the majority here are just too incompetent to hold a proper debate I appreciate Mere for her audacity to refrain from such personal derogatory comments. In saying that however it does not take away the facts that Mere has never backed up her claims and opinions with substantial evidence.

As I have mentioned in another thread I could easily do the same thing by mentioning the Human rights abuse carried out by Qarase's government. He recruited various chiefs and players that heavily supported the coup in his cabinet illegally. Under the constitution Qarase was meant to abide by he was meant to recruit labour party members because it was the second largest party to win. And with Qarase's friends in the cabinet they voted and worked to brush under the carpet all the investigation that was meant to investigate human rights abuse during the coup. And on top of that he continued to suggest racist policies that handicapped Fijian of Indian and other ethnicity which is also a human rights offence. And as I have mentioned before I didn't have the facts to prove my allegations of Qarase sweeping the investigation under the carpet eventhough it was quite clear and evident of the physical abuse the Indians received.

Mere claims Bainimarama did similar offence based on hear say of certain individuals receiving abuse. Even the criminal who got beaten by police case was also a weak attempt because firstly those police were acting on their own and second there was an investigation carried out and completed. The fact Mere didn't agree with the results if the investigation doesn't make her opinions valid.

Again facts facts and facts is the name of the game.

Anonymous said...

"Fiji the land of wife bashers, incest, child molesters and convicted sex offenders whose flock look up to them whilst preaching !"

Don't forget land of traitors, torturers and murderers, too!

No wonder Fijians are so happy!

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro 10;07PM
You constantly carry on about Qarase's RACIST POLICIES.

Can you please list Qarase's racist policies.

Can you please give us a list of 10 at least.

Anonymous said...

Always the first to back stab someone else and ignore what they are known throughout the world for.

Biggest bunch of hypocrites there is, go to church, go home beat the wife and then rape the niece or daughter.

And they want to be treated with kid gloves, pathetic race.

Anonymous said...

No, no. Treat Fijians with an iron fist, Bainimarama-style!

nayacakalou said...

@ Anon 3:31...It is not about sides,it about knowing the truth,as Vili been caught without fact's again.

Ganesh said...

True. Only those without moral compasses think the truth is relative. Their attitude seems to be "it must be true, if I can get a Pajero out of the deal."

Aiyaz Kaiyum said...

Qarase's Racist Policies:
1)One toilet for Indians and a separate one for Fijians
2)Fijians must dress up in white hoods and burn Swastikas infront of Indians homes
3)Fijians must lynch and hang Indians
4)Indians not to work in Fijian Businesses. Ooops, sorry that was supposed to be the other way round
5)Indians must sit at the back of the bus.
6)Indians must give up their seat in the bus when Fijians turn up.
7)Indians must not fish or walk on the beach infront of Fijian villages
8) Cant think of any more
9) Ooops am I talking about the right country?
10)Does this really happen in Fiji?
How long did Qarase rule for?
Wow he did all that in 6 years?
Where are my PARROTS Vili and Voreqe?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:21 PM

""No, no. Treat Fijians with an iron fist, Bainimarama-style!""

Exactly, it's what so many of them need unfortunately.

Let's face facts, they are still having to be taught how to cross a road, how not to dump their shit everywhere, how you need to pay for something if you want it, the need to work to earn money, why it's bad to spit everywhere and how to wash their hands.

A bit of knocking into line is needed before they can progress.

Anonymous said...

Sa tutu na tamata ulukau viavia vuku sa qai kena sara i cake o Vili Rakoro na ulu kobo.

Sa dina ga nai mau: empty drums make the most sound.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a bit of knocking into line is needed, and Bainimarama is just the guy to do it. Anyone who can stand in the dark and stomp the pregnant belly of a women's rights activist is the sort of leader Fiji needs and deserves right now.

Anonymous said...

Bai is no leader but a thug.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:47 PM

Don't be so soft.

Let's not forget you people welcomed with open arms a convicted sex offender back into your church.

And he continues with his perverted ways but that's different of course.

nayacakalou said...

@ Vili Rakoro...And as I have mentioned before I did not have the facts to prove my ellegation on Qarase sweeping the investigations under the carpet,eventhougt it was quit clear and evident of the physical abuse the Indians received...Vili you told us that you were one of those that did the physical abuse,so,did Qarase ask you to? O tukuna tiko na nomu qaciqacia,dokadoka,ko cakava vei ira na Idia,me bilitaki kina o qarase? Sa rauta mada me sega na kisi e bulia rawa o Bainimarama,me beitaki kina.Tovolea mo dou tukuna na dina,kua na lasulasu,e vakamadua na lasu baleta ni na rogo.

Unknown said...


I do not need to dignify your twisting of my words with a reply. All I say everyone go back to all my comments and see for yourself how manipulative Nayacakalou is.

Enough already Nayacakalou you're getting more and more desperate in your attempt to look genuine and following me around in every thread.

As we near the end of a great year. I am putting my difference in political opinion aside.

Firstly thank you for the debates SODELPA supporters. It has been a blast and want to wish each and everyone here a Happy New Year and a blessed 2015. God bless to you and your families.

Taki mada,


Anonymous said...

I was redirected from Coup4.5 to Coup5.com. This seems fitting as Fiji's recent fixed elections completed Bainimarama's last coup.

Anonymous said...

Funny how when Vili's interrogators use his words against him, he always says they twisted his words. Did they really, or is it possible that Vili simply contradicts himself?

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro

You carry on like a stupid PARROT saying Qarase has racist policies.

So please Vili Im asking you again:

Or are you just a farking lying scum?

Unknown said...

Kua ni ReRe

Qarase recruited Australian Mark Textor to be his campaign consultant. And when interviewed by ABC Textor specifically said that using racial division and the church was actually a strategy he and Qarase used in his campaign to win votes.

So when he won he was obligated to follow through with his racist strategy. From the start he refused to choose most of labour parties representative which he was constitutionally obligated to. Most of those representative were Indian. And then he tried the land bill, Qoliqoli bill, Scholarships, lease etc etc.

I am enjoying my New Year for now and when the holidays are over I will get back to you with conclusive evidence of just how racist Qarase really was.

Unknown said...

Also why is it that Kua ni ReRe continuously post derogatory comments yet none of the anonymous SODELPA supporters pulled him up on it.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro
Let me just enlighten you Vili.
When you say "Qarase has racist policies", it means that you are talking about his GOVERNMENT has policies that are racist.

FACTS Vili. We want FACTS.

Which policy was racist?


"A policy is a principle to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. A policy is a STATEMENT of intent, and is implemented as a procedure[1] or protocol. Policies are generally adopted by the Board of or senior governance body within an organization whereas procedures or protocols would be developed and adopted by senior executive officers".

NOW ANSWER THE QUESTION Vili....Name the policy which was adopted by the SDL government which was blatantly racist?

If you are going to ACCUSE somebody of something serious like RACISM then you better PRODUCE THE EVIDENCE.....

because right now Mr Textor has said something AND YOU TRUE TO YOUR NATURE AS A PARROT , you parroted him.

DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU THAT QARASE had asked Chaudry to join him and govern BUT Chaudry flatly refused.

It just shows that you are a farking dickhead.

Secondly you talk about Scholarships.....What was the SDL government stance on Scholarships?



Also tell us whats racist about QOLIQOLI; LAND BILL; LEASE etc.

Does the Qoliqoli Bill stop Indians from fishing in Fijian Waters?

Can you please tell us what exactly is the racist part in the bill?


And about the LEASE????

I don't know what you mean?

In Australia,UK and India, when you finish your LEASE, THE LANDLORD TELLS YOU TO FARK OFF....

So, which is the racist part in SDL policy on Leases?

Even the SDL government gave these Indians Land and Money after their leases expired.


Anonymous said...

O Vili me dua ga vua nai koroko da levu

Anonymous said...

Dua na tamata dau kubu qo o Vili Rakobo

Unknown said...

Kua ni ReRe


Replace Qarase with Bainimarama and racist with all the colourful allegations you lot have consistently accused him of. I have always backed up my accusations with facts. Something you lot consistently never ever do. Bunch of racist idiots.

And let me remind you Qarase's racist policies starts with his party. You know the one he was leading. Just like how Bainimarama is associated with his party.

You are one dumb ass with a foul mouth and no facts.

Anonymous said...

What is a fact? Its a matter of personal views unless it is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

Vili all you have been doing is throwing wild allegations around. You have not proven anything...so cool down.

Anonymous said...

The world is full o racists so there is nothing extraordinary about it. Its human nature.

But some are good at hiding it (like Bai)as means to fulfilling his personal agenda.

Anonymous said...

You go to any country in the world and racism is rife.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is racist a bustard to the core..masquerading in sheep skin for his own benefit.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that people look after their own kind...the rest is superficial for the benefit of observers i.e. the public at large-including the international community.

Anonymous said...

But to be guilty of racism as required by law amounts to discrimination on racial grounds.

To prove racial discrimination someone has to prove and show how he or she had been treated differently on the basis of race and how he/she has suffered.

Anonymous said...

Vili where the hell are you?

Sona Vili said...

Vili Boci is still knocked out from too much grog and too much anus prodding last night.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro
You haven't answered my Questions

YOU CALLED QARASE A RACIST ....SO WHICH "POLICY" WAS RACIST and which specific part of the policy is damaging to Indians ?

Come on now Vili.
Don't runaway and hide?






KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro
You said that Qarase's "Land LEASE" policy was racist.

You said it there @2:25AM

So give us the evidence Vili.


So where was Qarase, SDL racist?


Qarase's GOVERNMENT WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND in helping Indians whose leases ran out.
Qarase's government GAVE THOSE FARMERS MONEY and LAND.


SO Vili
Whats happened to your BIG MOUTH NOW!



Come on Vili, be a TRUE KAI NAITASIRI and acknowledge to everyone that YOU WERE WRONG; because right now YOUR REPUTATION IS ALREADY DAMAGED.




Funny how you, Bainimarama and Kaiyum all suffer from the same problem.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 10:14 AM


Is there no limit the the dickheads stupidity?

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 11:47
If you are going to call someone stupid, then at least give us an explanation.

Otherwise you'll be known as :another stupid FFP Bainimarama /Kaiyum supporter WHO SLAG OFF PEOPLE but are lacking in the LOGIC DEPARTMENT.

IF A TENANT HAD A LEASE FOR 70 YEARS ON A PIECE OF LAND and that after the lease runs out HE NOW CLAIMS SOME SORT OF OWNERSHIP TO THAT LAND... and is now refusing to leave...What will the Landlord say?


Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 12:41 PM


Obviously there no limit to the dickheads stupidity?

Now just what could be simpler than that?

But of course you could try and add something to it and pretend it had some logic if you were some prat.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 2:22PM
You're a bit slow my friend.

You should have figured it out the first time I said it.

I hope your brain works a little bit quicker in 2015.

You sound like Bainimarama.
You are farked in the head.


Anonymous said...

O vili sega ni kai Naitasiri.Tamata kaisi o koya.luveni caisatamana.kesu va ceke qamuta na i sogo.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 2:28 PM

Obviously as said earlier, there is no limit.

One day that hole you keep digging deeper will collapse on you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are stuck in a hole yourself.
Probably Aiyaz kaiyums arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Took a while for the bum boys to show up.

3:05 PM must of had a hard time last night and couldn't get up today..

nayacakalou said...

@KUA NI RERE...In New Zealand,as the lease expired,those that have been used in the Forestry,has to be replanted,before the lease expires.The Tuhoe tribe on the East Coast had thousand's of hectares of pine trees ready to be logged returned,and this could be for commercial lease.This tribes in New Zealand are some of the richest in the world,and the claim for compensation is still going on today.It is a shame that we are the victim in our own land,especially for people like Vili,that hates's his own so badly,only wanted to give his land away.

Anonymous said...

Vili Magaitinamu, go back to the village and plant tavioka you useless piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro... U R not from Naselai. Which family from Naselai Village you belong to e.g. Taniala, Timoci, Tauba, Maika, Dudukoro, etc. How can we know u r not a fake!

1. Who stopped rehab compensation of $28k for farmers on ALTA Lease granted under Bill of Rights that allowed everyone's right to live?

2. All ALTA land are donated land by Chiefs / landowners to the Crown for economic developemnt of Fiji with matagali having no control over them.

3. So what policy NLTB followed to reissue leases of land that are Govt controlled as ALTA land?

4. What applications did matagali's make to seek these leasehold land in keeping up with govt's economic machinery/policy, before NLTB refused to renew these leases which otherwise were to be govt's responsibility to compensate the farmers by $28k if those lands were surrendered by govt for matagali's personal use outside of ALTA?

5. Were these individual leases be transferred to required individual persons from that matagali having applied for that piece of land and their farm development plan & approval of loan from FDB to show that individual had funds to pay for acquiring the land to pay the market value similar to what those Indian farmers paid or inherited or put value in the standing cane?

6. Whenever an Indian farmer sold the land a new aspiring farmer be it Indian, Fijian, or Kailoma, they all paid for value of improvement in the planted cane field. They used to be averaged around $3,000/acre of standing cane land and other improvements on land such as building, shed, etc. They had mortaged their lease to FDB bank paying thousands in interest only over many years.

So why the compensation of $28k was removed by Crown and why the new aspiring farmer given the land to did not have to pay for around $3000 market value for the improvements in the farm, when Indian leaseholders had to pay these to buy this land from existing tenants?

7. Were those ALTA land returned to matagali with a reward of $10k grant for taking back lease title that Govt no longer had interest in for key purpose to send Indian skilled farmers into squatter settlements, so that the cane fields are to be left without cane to help bankrupt Fijian economy under the disguise of lease having expired?

CONCLUSION: Bottom line is ALTA land was gifted to Crown makes Crown the owners of these ALTA land. So matagalis at the hands of FAKE GURU'S of Crown have been cursed for taking food away from people who build up the economic backbone of the nation, with sweat, blood, hunger and generations of hard labour to provide not only for their family but to the life of the nation.

Anonymous said...

@ Kua ni rere...12.41;

In India when u rent a house for more than 10 years, as another Indian you can no longer be evicted from that house.

Go and ask Indian Consulate Office about this.

But in Fiji the ALTA (Agriculture Landlords and Tenants Act), the Landlord is the "Crown" who were gifted this land by Chiefs in return for a small fee nominated by Crown as lease payment and this managed through NLTB as trustees to manage reveiving and distributing the money.

If the lease expires for these specific ALTA land, then crown is responsible to continue to pay the landowners the annual lease even if they are unable to find another tenant to lease the land to.

Or Crown as owners must surrender those land back to matagalis if they no longer have ALTA use for that land.

Ultimately Crown are deemed owners of this land until such time they surrender the land back to landowners.

But under the ALTA Act matagali members must aquire lease title to their name and pay lease money just as any Indian farmers would have. Thi sis for distribution to all matagali members and no single member has sole benefit to that piece of land but only by way of lease title under their own name, period.

All politicians from Alliance, SVT and SDL have politisied this while only CAMV had policy mandate in 2001 that said they as Govt would reissue new lease to sitting tenants.

Go back to see CAMV's manifesto in 2001 thus indicating Crown are policy makers for ALTA land and not matagali's to be surredered land back to that were gifted out to Crown in the first instance.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.03;

Yup, only Bua chiefs did not gift land for develeopment purpose to make way for ALTA as they revolted against this Crown's policy because they were quite happy with the level of lack of regional developmental ofd their provice.

I guess they rather lived poor with their regional lifestyle then to seek handout from Crown.

So only under NLTA lease one can say FARK OFF upon expiry of lease as they are in control, but not for ALTA land which Crown has full control in leasing and renewals.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's just a "wild accusation" to say that Bainimarama committed treason by overthrowing its duly elected government in 2006. I guess it's just another wild accusation to to say he dismissed our entire judiciary and replaced it with handpicked judges. More wild accusations to say he postponed our elections, suppressed our civil liberties, and rubbished the GCC and our constitution. All just wild accusations, according to Vili Rakoro. Never proven.

Vili Rakoro said...

That's right. All just a figment of your overly vivid imagination.

Anonymous said...


As if crime exists only in Fiji.

Helloooo stupid, its 10 times worse abroad okay?


Anonymous said...

vili and kua ni rere should marry each other and spare the rest of us their love fest.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro is none other than the evil dictators son Bainimagaitinana. Vili Rakoro is MELI BAINIMARAMA, that's why he is defending his evil corrupt son of a whore dad, Frank.

Vili Rakoro A.K.A Meli Bainimarama drau veivutu Sara vakaukauwa kei tamamu na conman.... Keimami sega ni lialia na kaiviti, keimami kila vaka vinaka na kena rigged taki na election ena caka caka lawaki nei tamamu kei Khaiyum.....

Cava mada e milamila tiko kina nomu I cici na comment tiko ike baleta na vei kadina e Tukuni tiko???.. Drau lai bulia vata kei tamamu dua nomu drau website, drau veivutu....

Anonymous said...

In defence of Vili Rakoro, I know it looks like Vili was comparing himself with Jesus Christ, but I'm not sure he was. He was talking of his crucification. Crucifixion and crucification are two very different things.

Crucifixion is a ghastly form of torture and execution where the prisoner is nailed to a cross and left to die of pain, slow strangulation, or exposure. This is what happened to Jesus Christ.

Crucification, on the other hand, is where an individual allows himself to be hung upside down and f****ed in the throat by his homosexual partner while cassava is shoved in his rectum. This is a practice brought from Sri Lanka by Tony Gates. That's probably what Vili meant.

Anonymous said...

Rampaging soldiers at the Moresby medical school: implications for Rudd’s PNG solution

By Stephen Howes on July 23, 2013

Damage at the UPNG medical school following the attack by military personnel. On Sunday 14 July, the day Prime Minister Rudd arrived in PNG, two truckloads of rampaging soldiers attacked medical students at the University of PNG medical school, firing weapons, holding knives to their throats and causing injury and widespread damage to property (photos here). The attack was apparently some sort of pay-back following a minor incident the day before.

The attack drew little publicity in Australia, even though apparently Rudd had originally been scheduled to visit the same medical school, which receives considerable Australian support. In PNG, however, it was the topic of the week. Classes were suspended at UPNG, and students marched to Parliament House in protest. The medical school remains closed, a crime scene. The Port Moresby General Hospital doctors went out on strike in sympathy with the students.

Anonymous said...

14 September 2011

Australian Commandos and PNGDF soldiers
train under Exercise Night Naip

An Australian Commando Platoon Group and Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) soldiers recently conducted Exercise Night Naip at the Goldie River Training Depot, near Port Moresby.

The exercise involved the deployment of soldiers from the Australian 2nd Commando Regiment to PNG to conduct a range of combined activities with the PNGDF over three weeks. The focus of the exercise was to provide advanced individual infantry skills training for Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) from the First Royal Pacific Islands Regiment (1RPIR).

The training consisted of a series of advanced dry and live fire, close combat activities using the range facilities at Goldie River Training Depot. The Commandos also mentored PNGDF participants in medical, signals and amphibious skills training. The PNGDF NCOs were very receptive of the training and this allowed the Commandos to conduct a range of more advanced practices, led by the PNGDF.

Deputy Special Operations Commander Australia, Brigadier Mark Smethurst visited Exercise Night Naip at Goldie River Training Depot along with Commander PNGDF, Brigadier General Francis Agwi, and were both impressed by the training, skill and commitment of the soldiers involved.

Anonymous said...

'I froze and pretended to be dead': Four female cadets' shocking accounts of rape and sexual assault inside the Australian Defence Force Academy

The investigation, which aired on the ABC's Four Corners, uncovered allegations which took place from the 1990s
The report also revealed that complaints by female cadets were unresolved and put away in a filing cabinet dubbed the 'chamber of horrors'
The Defence Abuse Response Taskforce, which has already assessed more than 2,400 complaints of abuse, paid $28 million in compensation and referred 63 matters to police
But Len Roberts-Smith, the chairman of the external review of the Department of Defence, said he found the problem of abuse to be bigger than it has been publicly acknowledged

By Sally Lee

Published: 15:46 GMT, 9 June 2014 | Updated: 06:04 GMT, 10 June 2014

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2652937/Fresh-allegations-sex-abuse-four-former-female-cadets-Australian-Defence-Force-Academy-unveiled-ABCs-Four-Corners.html#ixzz3NbbE2HUC
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Anonymous said...

04 October 2012

The PNG army in Bougainville - dirty damned rascals


Charlie AndrewsIN 1989, WHEN THE POLICE (the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary) was getting nowhere in solving the Bougainville crisis, except in visiting brutality on Bougainvilleans, their 'little army' - the PNG Defence Force – was called in.

To the disgrace of the State, they continuously harassed the ordinary people, but what the PNG government had invested enormous resources on was of no use against the native militants.

Then on 11 April 1989, the Post Courier newspaper carried an article entitled Soldiers to step up action.

The author, Sema Rea, wrote that Defence Minister Arnold Marsipal had announced that his Chief of Operations on Bougainville, Colonel Leo Nuia, had issued the order 'shoot to kill' four days after two of his soldiers had been killed.

Under this order, our homes were burned or looted, our women raped, civilians tortured or killed, domesticated animals killed, and gardens destroyed by the infiltrating security forces, even though it was denied by some.

In the video documentary, Sandline Crisis, PNGDF helicopter pilot Charlie Andrews [pictured above] says:

Militarily we cannot stop the war. I mean, it is against our brothers and sisters out there. So most of the soldiers, the service men, God blessed them with big hearts, they are not out there to destroy and kill others unnecessarily.

In late 1989, a cocoa farmer from Kupe was in his plot at Bakabori when a PNGDF patrol came by. He was shot, had his feet attached to a tether and, still alive, was dragged downhill to the Bovo River with some captives. There he was buried alive and he died.

My brother and I were soon to walk into these killers but an escaping family rescued us.

Weeks later, the PNGDF troops stormed the mountainous villages of Kupe, where I grew up as my second home.

Charlie Andrews and his 'bird'From our care centre, Kaino, we watched as two helicopters machine-gunned the mountain jungles and people, knowing that the militants at that point were all from Panguna.

The operation captured Louis Kepetu, who was taken by air to Panguna where he was tortured for months.

Back in my hamlet, Kavarongnau, in the Tumpusiong Valley of the Panguna District, the PNGDF arrived one day in 1989.

As the truck patrol was driving in, my extended family members escaped having gone through nightmares with the police.

My hamlet in those days was the only well-off homestead. It had family business operations and took its electrical supply from Bougainville Copper Limited.

As the Army entered, their first action was to help themselves to store goods and cash.

And then they torched our nine houses. My family stood just above a hillock and wept.

Later, the PNGDF shot dead a mentally retarded relative, Arenama, who was an elder brother of an old BCL friend and current member of the United Panguna Landowners Association, Michael Pariu, as they further tracked uphill seeking our escape routes.

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