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Saturday, December 20, 2014

More egg on Khaiyum's face after sacked TV executive confirms they were 'sacrificed'

One of the senior executives sacked from Fiji TV over the debacle of the Rugby Sevens screening rights has confirmed to media they were sacrificed by the board.

Tanya Waqanika told Pacific Beat yesterday she and chief executive Tevita Gonelevu were 'let go' after pressure from the Minister of Communications, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

The sackings follow a decision by World Rugby to pull the plug on the screening of the Dubai Sevens after Khaiyum introduced a decree that took the rights off Fiji TV and gave it instead to FBC.

International publicity and condemnation followed with Fiji and Khaiyum publicly embarrassed.

In the interview with Pacific Beat, Waqanika rejected the suggestion the decision to sack her and Gonolevu was a unanimous one.

"I don't think its the Government," she said.

"It's one particular minister ...... Minister of Communication whose  blatantly come out and made accusations and management at Fiji TV."

Waqanika and Gonelevu were told by the board on Tuesday they had lost their jobs but it took media reports to confirm the reason: the Fijian Holdings Ltd board had done it to secure a 12 year licence.

The station had until now been forced to operate on a six month licence after a fall out with  Khaiyum several years ago.

Waqanika told Pacific Beat the sacking was unjustified.

"I've done nothing wrong, worked with integrity and righteousness and always followed what the board told and worked in the interest of shareholders.

"......We were made a sacrificial lamb."

Fiji TV has been targeted by Khaiyum because it's the biggest rival to FBC, which is run by his brother Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

If anyone is still in doubt, the sackings show while Fiji considers it has a democratically elected government, this is a Christmas fantasy. 

The ways and the self-interests of the regime and Khaiyum are still at play.

To give them their due the Opposition is doing its job.

The Opposition Whip Ratu Isoa Tikoca for example says Voreqe Bainimarama must remove Khaiyum as Minister of Communications or instruct Khaiyum to sack his brother as CEO of FBC.

He says the current situation is the 'mother of all conflicts' and cannot be allowed to continue.

Tikoca also reminded everyone that former prime minister Laisenia Qarase had been sent to jail for 12 months for an alleged conflict of interest that had occurred nearly 20 years ago and yet a 'glaring and continuing conflict of interest with severe financial consequences' goes unpunished.

Opposition MP Biman Prasad says Waqanika and Gonelevu should be reinstated and inquiry held.

Tanya Waqanika has shared these facts about Fiji TV:

DID YOU KNOW- Fiji TV is the name
of the company. No one is employed by Fiji One or Sky Pacific.

How many TV Stations does Fiji TV have?

Two (2) TV stations (Fiji One and Sky Pacific)-

a) Fiji One (Free to air - viewers can watch free via a terrestrial signal (antenna) or a digital signal (Sky Pacific).

b) Sky Pacific transmits on a digital platform and it has 25 channels (inclusive of Fiji One channel on its Sky PAC platform).

FBC and Mai TV only transmits on a terrestrial signal and both only have 1 TV station with 1 channel each. Free to air means - free to the viewers.

"Coverage"- actual physical area/s in Fiji that can receive a TV signal. "Viewership" means what each actual household is watching on their TV sets. A vital difference between the 2 is that you can change your viewership by changing the channel on your TV set.

Coverage can only be changed by adding another TV transmitter or satellite signal to increase the physical area in Fiji that can receive a TV signal. Basically, so long as the public has coverage, than viewership can be changed by pressing a button a TV set.

Fiji TV has 85% coverage of Fiji via a terrestrial signal (all those towers you see on the hilltops where all Telcos (FBC, Mai TV, Digicel, cfl, visa phone,etcetera). FTV has 12 transmitter towers - 9 on Viti Levu, 1 Malake (Ra), 1 (Delaikoro - Labasa) & 1 (Vunisea, Kadavu). FBC has 7 transmitter towers and Mai TV has about 3.
Terrestrial - you catch the signal with an Antenna.
Digital signal- only SKY Pacific.

None of these 3 TV broadcasters have transmitter towers in Rotuma, Lau Group, Yasawa Group, Lomaiviti Group, Beqa and some other remote areas of Fiji. eg- FTV's transmitter tower in Vunisea can only be seen the areas close to Vunisea. For those in kadavu(areas of Nakasaleka, Ono, etc- they cannot view Fiji One on a terrestrial signal. Same as well for those in Vanua Levu- only those close to Delaikoro can receive the terrestrial signal.

How then does one in Savusavu, Taveuni, Rotuma, other parts of Kadavu, Lomaiviti Grp, Lau, etc view Fiji One- purchase a Sky Pacific and receive the signal on a digital platform. Normal price for Sky is $99.00.

Roadshow prices were $50 & $70 respectively.- total equipment inclusive of installation costs. Sky Pacific prices are much cheaper than buying an antenna to view any of the 3 TV broadcasters( antenna prices range between $80-$120) and this is not inclusive of installation costs if done by professionals. The rural and remote dwellers purchase SKY and receive a crystal clear digital signal and watch Fiji One (only) for FREE.

They opt not to take up the sky pacific remaining 24 channels and pay the monthly fee of $49 (approx $1.63 per day to watch 25 channels). We has visitors from upper Naitasiri(only 20mins) from Monasavu. None watch the 3 TV stations on a terrestrial platform- cannot catch. But, a handful have sky pacific and boy do they watch only Fiji One. Certainly makes their day when they see our celebrities (Breakfast Show hosts, Music Masti host, Chef Lance Seeto, etc) walking through the building. They know who they are because they watch Fiji One on a digital platform.

What is SKY PACIFIC's coverage - 100% of Fiji and 12 other Pacific Island countries Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa, PNG (population of 7.6m- covers the entire country and no other broadcaster in PNG delivers the same), Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Cook Islands, Niue, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, Tahiti and French Polynesia, Tokelau. That's why Fiji One presenters will always acknowledge its Pacific viewers/communities during the Coke Games, Mana Choral Fest, News, Breakfast Show, etc because they are watching LIVE on their time Zones all the sky PAC programs and Fiji one channel as well. Sky PAC is in 12 Pacific Island leaders homes. When we have visitors from the Pacific Islands visiting Fiji TV - their faces lit up when they seethe Breakfast Show hosts- Mavis Gaunavou and Taitusi and also the rest of Fiji TV celebrities.

How big is Sky Pac's coverage- In fact, Sky Pac's signal goes up to Indonesia, parts of Aust, NZ, Parts of China), Etc. There are about 3-4 Sky Pacific decoders in our Fiji diplomats residences and office in Beijing and Shangai and they watch all 25 channels on Sky PAC. All the Pay per view local rugby games- they paid and were watching. In fact, it would be strategic for our Embassies where Sky Pacific signal reaches to have Sky PAC in the embassy. So when investors want to know what Fiji is all about- show them Fiji One and Pacific Channel(channel on Sky PAC). They will know our country through the 55% minimum local programs produced and broadcast by Fiji TV(Noda Gauna, sigi Drigi, Talk Business, News, Total Sports, Taste of Paradise, Breakfast Show and many more. Fiji TV produces around 50 local Programs per annum (not including local programs from SPC,etc). It's competitors cannot even produce 1/3 of what Fiji TV does.

Fiji TV is NOT just Fiji's No 1 broadcaster- it is the biggest and leading Pacific Broadcaster in the Pacific(No 1) - became No 1 in the Pacific when Sky PAC was launched. Not even Australia and NZ broadcasters have the coverage that Sky PAC has.

"The difference is certainly clear now"


Anonymous said...

Another lie come to light

Anonymous said...

Yes, hopefully this revelation will assist most of the sleepy-eyed citizens to better understand the sly, calculating slippery character of the great fox and master of lies Aiyaz Khaiyum!

Compulsive Liars like Aiyaz and his puppet Frank have essentially chopped their own legs out from under them through continual denial and lying.

Amazing thing is to watch Aiyaz defend any justified issue that he , Frank or his government are being criticised of.

Sometimes I wonder whether he has succeeded in controlling the minds of many. Seems like it. He is very sly and chooses his words meticulously in his defence. You cant help but think that he has just mesmerised the gullible, yet again!

Aiyaz Khaiyum's lack of guilt is frequently the result that he becomes so caught up in his lies that he is telling, he begins to believe them himself. Watch his beady eyes dart to and fro, licking his lips all the while! Sly fox! Go against Aiyaz and you will see how insistent he is with his lies. Frank is no different.

No one with any discernment can ever trust them as they have been lying from the start and will continue to do so. Sickening is the fact that Fiji First Parliamentarians seem to cheer and applaud their Master of Lies on TV knowing full well what their Leader is up to.

One day, they will find themselves lying to ants on the wall of their cells!

Yes, The hardest tumble a deceitful man can make is to fall over his own bluff!



nayacakalou said...

Wrong move Kaiyum...vinaka Tanya...get to the bottom of it,we are on your side.

Anon said...

Its been heard so many times that the two are inseparable and they ply their lies to protect each other and have warned each other that if something happens to one of them the other must disappear to Timbuktoo.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Tanya that lied about the cancellation of certain sky pacific programmes after public consultation which was not true.

So now we have 2 lies. Both lawyers haha

Anonymous said...

Can someone pls confirm whether fiji TV has been making losses or profits? M told its losses.

Anonymous said...

Tanya and the ceo both lied. Just check the letters to the editors and complaints resulting in Fareed over riding their decision.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.32pm

Hahahaha..yes conjoined twins now and so one cannot do without the other. Brothers in crime who will eventually lead the other to a private paradisio of their own, a 6 x 8 feet confined space each with no t.v. to tune into their favourite sport!!!


There is one way to handle this. The opposition should get up in the Parliament in February and ask ASK the following question: " Did you have any role in the dismissal of the CEO of FijiTV and its Content Manager?" If he answers "No", he has misled the Parliament. That will be a serious offence and he will be forced to resign.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you try to work against an elected Govt.These two were working behind the Board in spreading lies about the Fiji First Govt,Fiji TV and its licence.The Question we need to ask is what was their mission?,what did they plan to achieve? Did they think that this Govt will cave in to World Rugby,no it has surfaced that Fiji Govt was victorious,FBC got to broadcast live telecast of the 7's game same as Fiji TV.Now we have some people laughing at ASK or PM like school students,what is there to laugh about? nothing,anyway the PM and ASK are laughing all the way to the Bank with their slalries,perks and allowances etc and they deserve it,What we Fiji First are laughing about,yes we are also laughing is that Opposition is crying over their salary, so much ado about nothing by Biman and the AP Bills and Budget were passed in double quick time,no we are again laughing because FBC is showing the live telecast as well,os sobo! further to this we are laughing at Gonelevu and Waqaniyika for being kicked off their jobs,SA QAI RAUTI KEMUDRA VINAKA,SA CAKACAKA RAWA TU DRAU QAI VIA VAKASAGA E LEVU NA KA,REMEMBER THERE IS MORE OF US FIJI FIRST SUPPORTERS THAN YOU GUYS ,SO THERE ARE MORE EARS,EYES LISTENING AND WATCHING,SO ANY ATTEMPT OR GOSSIP ABOUT THE GOVT WILL QUICKLY REACH THE EARS OF PM AND ASK.


Anonymous said...


The Opposition Whip reminded Prime Minister Bainimarama that former Prime Minister Qarase was sent to jail for 12 months for an alleged conflict of interest matter that occurred nearly 20 years ago. Yet here we have a glaring and continuing conflict of interest issue with severe financial consequences for some independent media organizations. The Prime Minister and his Media Industry Development Authority (MIDA) are turning a blind eye to this.

Ratu Isoa said this is yet another example of ‘unequal citizenry’. While people can be jailed for not declaring their interests, a Government Minister remains untouched even when his conflict of interest is so glaring.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.33AM

Is that all you can come up with ? Blab crap about calling in to a cheap motel?

Humor has become so cliche and boring that nothing's funny anymore unless it involves something totally disgusting that offends somebody or makes them feel really uncomfortable.

In case you dont know, Your vengeful cheap and disgusting rhetoric brings out the worst of a pathetic loser.

Negative emotions like deep envy,uncontrollable rage and jealousy have an important role to play in a mature happy life; they're big, flashing signs that something needs to change.

What a pity you cant see yourself as clear as we do!! U L U L A L A!!! Hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

@ 10.33AM





Unknown said...

News of the world board sacked their top brass after UK government intervention. They acted against the interest of the company and the country.

Fiji TV board acted similarly yet we don't see UK citizens blaming the government but in Fiji well we have our SODELPA brigade of leaders and supporters who are all incompetent, pathetic, idiots and just full of shit.

Jealousy, racism and hatred won't get you anywhere. Christmas is coming up and we're about to celebrate an amazing year for Fiji First and it's leaders. We'll be feasting and jolly feeling on top of the world.

SODELPA well you'll all go to church pray and pretend you're good and then come home sit beside the grog bowl and then talk shit, gossip and swear...hahahaha as they say in Naitasiri, you guys need to get life mann lol

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fiji TV Insider spills beans said...

Tania had been at Fiji TV for too long. She thought she was above company rules and policy. She had become so big-headed, she actually thought she knew better than the board and shareholders what was good for Fiji TV! Talk about arrogance and total lack of self-awareness.

Not only that, Tanya started to disregard and circumvent board policy, as well as plot against the board. This is not only insubordination, it's being traitorous. No company worth its salt can afford to employ a person that cannot be trusted to implement board policy. Tanya, as a trained lawyer should know this, but that would depend on how good her training was!

If Tanya could not give her employers and the board her full loyalty, or comply with board decisions because it was was against her conscience or political beliefs/affiliations, she should have done the honourable thing, which is to resign. Otherwise face the sack, which she did.

Tanya was known for making anti-government political comments both publicly at forums and privately. It's her big mouth that got her in trouble. Her strong and passionate political beliefs were starting to cloud her judgement and affecting the company in major and serious ways.

The situation wasn't helped by a weak, ineffectual and inexperienced CEO. He was listening too much to Tanya. She apparently had too much influence over him. Look where it got the CEO. Tanya was acting like the de-facto CEO. If the CEO can't do his job, assert his authority and make his own decisions, than he has to go.

CEO shouldn't have allowed his junior to control him. We started to wonder if Tanya was running the company; if she was behind some of the CEO's decisions. That's how bad the management side if Fiji TV had become.

The CEO became a casualty of Tanya's big-headedness and immaturity. This is not how corporate companies with shareholders operate. The board was left with no choice but to give them the boot.

Anonymous said...

As always two sides to every story.

The gullible will always choose to overlook what they do not understand or will not recognise business best practice.

There's too many people stuck in jobs they should not be blocking progress with the same attitude as the 'Civil Servant Job for Life' !

Anonymous said...


I think Tanya has difficulties with recognising the need to distinguish between her own emotions and the work at hand.

When she has opposition to her views she tends to take it personally and gets defensive at that level.

You can see it in her comments to the ABC radio. Talking about her "righteousness".

I've known her ever since she first started out at Inland Revenue and then when she went to Suva City Council

She is very committed to her work and is a good lawyer, but being committed to your work is one thing, becoming emotionally tied into your work to the extent that it clouds your judgement (i.e undermines your ability to maintain that "distance" which is necessary if you are to retain perspective)is another thing altogether.

Keeping her own emotions (and temper) under control is one of the things Tanya needs to work on because it clouds her better sense and judgement.

Anonymous said...

Waqanika should have done the honorable thing and resign just after World Rugby agreed to share those rights for the benefit of all if she was plotting things against the cross carriage decree.Its a shame to be sacked in that manner and the uncovering of her conduct sets a clear message for any one else for that matter.We should be serving the Fijian people and the CC Decree was aimed at doing that

Anonymous said...

The World Rugby granting of the License and the sub licensing to the FBC is not an issue within her remit.

That is the work area of the Fiji TV Board.

Her role is to implement Board Policy and advise the CEO on those issues pertinent to the proposed policies in so far as they are likely to affect/ benefit Fiji TV and then leave it to the CEO to raise it with the Board to let the Board make decisions accordingly.

However once an Executive officer starts intruding onto areas of Board Policy and even subverts it then there is no choice for the Board but to sack that Executive.

If the CEO and a specific Executive have set up their own "mini Board" under the Board and "review" and amend Board Directives as to policy and then craft Operations accordingly as to how they have made amendments then that is a big problem. It means the Board has lost control of the Company to the CEO and that Executive.

No Board would allow such a situation to happen.

It is not only a breach of that Executive's Contract but also of that Executives fiduciary obligations to the Company and its shareholders.

Anonymous said...

It won't be long before another decree is released that will force Sky Pacific to broadcast FBC TV on Fiji TVs satellite platform at say ZERO cost.

Moving on said...

tanya was starting to think and act like she was fiji tv, or she owned fiji tv. only she knew what was best for fiji tv. as someone wrote, she had been there for too long. It was time for her to move on...for own good and for Fiji TV's good.

Unknown said...

In 2006 before the coup during Qarase government the Suva city council sued Tanya whilst she was their legal adviser.

The Suva city council claimed Tanya as Legal Advisor of the council acted improperly and/or negligently. The particulars of negligence pleaded:

She failed her duty as a Solictor/Legal Advisor to act in the best interest of the Council.
She Failed to advise the Council that the property of Om Chand was being sold for $200,000.00.
She acted recklessly in recommending the Council that the sum of $48,162.04 be accepted from Official Receiver and failed to advise the Council that full recoverability of rates and interest is possible.
She acted recklessly and or negligently in that she did not properly consider the sale price at which the Official Receiver was selling the property for which could have enabled the Council to recover whole of the rates plus interest.
She failed to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Local Government before writing to the Official Receiver on behalf of the Council on 4th April 2006.
She wrote to the Official Receiver that the Council had approved to accept payment of $50,466.65 in full and final settlement inclusive of 2006 rates when this was not so.
She allowed the transfer of the property from the Official Receiver to Icon Investments Limited when recovery of the full rates and interest was possible.
She allowed the Council's charge on the property to be removed without recovery of the full outstanding rates an interest.

These woman Tanya has a history of disregarding her superiors. And in most cases it has financial implications. Being sacked from Fiji TV was long overdue for her to be honest.

Anonymous said...

some goblygook firm did a research about the extent of coverage by the 2 tv stations and lo and behold FBC was found to be the one wth more coverage and more people watching.

Anonymous said...

There are so many things that need to be explained to the people who are really funding the Government through their taxes in a major way.

Khaiyum and Bainimarama and FFP Government Ministers who all work in cahoots with each other are not transparent in governing this nation and they resort to always blame others but themselves when something goes wrong. They do not have the courage to admit their own mistakes.

The corrupt actions of the regime before the elections have continued in this unfairly elected government resulting in the undue disappointments the people are experiencing. Do the people really deserve what this Government is meting out to them? Do they deserve to be uninformed or misinformed on how they being governed?

Tanya may have been fired because of her non-performance or over-performance as some in this thread have alleged; but hers is an isolated case, and one of the major shareholders in Fiji TV is speaking to Bainimarama on her behalf. Meanwhile Khaiyums's and Bainimarama's corruptions in many other cases are still very much rearing their ugly heads so to speak. They have so much more explaining to attend to.

Anonymous said...


"and one of the major shareholders in Fiji TV is speaking to Bainimarama on her behalf"

But isn't that the very type of intervention which Tanya alleges to have been the cause of her sacking i.e intervention by the Minister for Communications (or so she alleges)?

So now someone is speaking on Tanya's behalf to the PM behind the Boards back ?

How is that any different to what led to Tanya's sacking in the first place ? i.e that she was sacked for acting behind the Boards back in the first place !

You seem to be just confirming that this going behind the Board business is par for the course with Tanya !

Unknown said...

Anonymous 5.02 pm

The government had offered IRB to pay the necessary money required due to their new media laws. FBC is not required to pay more because the media law being directed to them was not something they asked therefore it doesn't make sense to penalise them for such financial results of the media laws.

The government is responsible and have offered to foot such financial requirements. The World Rugby body weren't going to loose out financially due to the government's media law so in business perspective everything was fine.

Inflated egos said...

Tanya was too full of importance, with an overblown sense of her worth and position, and contribution to Fiji TV, acting like she was boss. During these delicate and challenging times, Fiji TV needs someone less political, and more grounded and mature; someone who understands corporate law, and his/her place in the organisational structure, and not overstep their mark.

Unknown said...

Rumours are that she emailed World Rugby asking them to hold the sevens coverage until FBC paid the full cost of the cross coverage. World Rugby then got worried since they had a business deal with Fiji TV and rightly so. They were protecting their business and financial assets.

It was only when government said that whatever financial shortfall the government will foot the bill and if Fiji TV do decide to terminate their contract then World Rugby should not worry about loosing a financial contract because Fiji as a country can bid for the contract rather then just Fiji TV.

Also the government will pay a bit more then Fiji TV therefore World Rugby was not loosing out on potential future business.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Seems like we don't have full story so shud not jump to conclusions...
Gonelevu should have stayed at Fijian holdings and they shud have got an experienced executive with TV background.....
At end of day exec is answerable to Board not to righteousness as stated by Tanya,,,,
Business is not church
anyway - all the best to Rugby!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems Tanya had become to big for her boots. Apart from SODELPA jumping up and down without knowing facts, the chutiya NFP leader Biman Prasad also politicise this issue. Biman is looking more and more like a SODELPA sidekick. He is the next to be removed. NFP management should get into gear and do the necessary or suffer at the next election because of Biman's closeness to racist SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

You assholes are so dumb you can't even see what's happening. You're all typical ass lickers, uneducated pieces of shit that will always be ass lickers all your miserable lives. The sad too is, those politicians are so scared of Aiyarse they just sat there and laughed at his idiotic rants.

Vili Boci, hope the ass you licked today is better than the one you licked before.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tanya

Anonymous said...

Nfp stands for not fit for parliament with biman there it seems so apt

Anonymous said...

10:33am your comments showed me two things,
1. You must be a very low down son of a bitch, & a bastard.
2. You boast about your evil views to threatened people who do not support the government of the day. Kevaka o kai Viti, e sega ni dodonu me cavuti na vosa o tukuna vei rau ko Tania kei Gonelevu.
Io, sa tukuna na lala ni koroturaga, kei na vuvale o susugi mai kina. O iko e dua na tamata viavialevu, kawaca. Sa toka qori noqu contact, kevaka e ca vei iko gole mai kina mai raici au.
Tukaitale Waqa, Top Line, Lautoka
Ph 029945632

Anonymous said...

Waqa tamata qara levu o iko na cava sa via caka qori keo vimakati au noqu number qo 9382160 lautoka Natabua.Your comments show you are an animal and you need to be taken to rask and taught what a true fijian is all about ,do call me I want to meet you asshole bastard

Boci Vli said...

FFP stands for Fiji Fucked Party or Fucking Fiji Poofters.

ghekko said...

whenever a government and that includes bainiaiyaz government, gets its nose and hands into the affairs of a business company, it will fail. government officials do not have the slightest idea of how a company functions...so fuck you and fuck off.

Temperamental Tanya said...

The Fiji TV board finally took the bull by the horns and did the right thing to sack temperamental Tanya. This was coming for some time. This final incident was the last straw. It's best Tanya take lessons from this and move on. Do not be so high-headed in future and humble yourself a bit.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro sa rauta na lasu. Think of your parents who I am sure did the best they could to teach you right from wrong.

Anonymous said...

Update: 2:15PM A JOINT operation by the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority and the Fiji Police Force uncovered heroin with a wholesale value of around $A30 million hidden in a container.

FRCA chief executive officer Jitoko Tikolevu said the illicit drugs were found in the tyres of a quad bike - tightly packed in about 80 packets.

Preliminary tests revealed the content to be heroin.

"The seizure of heroin is rare. Heroin attracts a higher price than cocaine on the streets," Mr Tikolevu said.

FRCA officers were assisted by Fiji Police officers in the afternoon raid at the Lautoka Wharf.

It has been confirmed that the consignment was bound from China and addressed to a local resident.

Acting Commissioner of Police Isikeli Vuniwaqa said police were now conducting their investigations which were at its early stages at present.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2.23 pm

Right and wrongs in you and your lot is what you assume to be based on nothing but horse shit. Rights and wrongs that I know of are based on concrete facts which I have consistently stated.

There's a difference of someone disagreeing with your idea and point of views and someone wrong, learn to know them. Calling someone who disagrees with your opinion wrong is childish and pathetic.

If you wanna prove me wrong then back up your claims with facts and be prepared for those facts to be scrutinised. Then again as consistently proven by you lot, you all have nothing. Absolutely nothing concrete whatsoever to back up your wild claims and ideas therefore you resort to name calling. The fact you even mentioned my parents shows how immature you are mate. I cannot and will not comment against your parents because I have nothing against them. My debate is with you not them. And that is the difference between you and me.

paula raqeukai said...

Io ni bula kece na lewe ni vanua lomani o viti!...wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and a prospect new year!....to my two friends kai Gonelevu and Tanya, it is not the end of the road but in fact its an opportunity in waiting for both of you to discover your value out there in the real world of business - go for it!...for those who are responsible for the evil doers and deceptions of Fiji past & present - one day you will meet Him!....my message for Christmas to everyone I quote 1 Corinthians 13:13...."And now abides faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

Unknown said...

I finally found something I have been looking and researching for on how Qarase used the methodist church and indigenous Fijian to gain votes and power.

Australian Liberal Party election campaign consultant, Mark Textor, was involved in Qarase's campaign, using the fear-factor approach. The latter trades on the researched prejudices of voters. Just why Textor got involved is not clear, but having a business-friendly party may have been an incentive to Australia as well as the strategic interest of keeping Fiji out of China's sphere of influence.

In a radio interview in 2012 Mark Textor said that 'Methodist preachers ... were an important influence in the vote. Which most of us will be aware of.

In the United States, preachers are constitutionally forbidden from telling their parishioners how to vote from the pulpit on the grounds that religious involvement in the political process contravenes the establishment clause of the First Amendment separating church and state.

Similarly, in Australia and New Zealand, churches, which are legal charities, stand, in principle, to lose their charitable tax-exempt status if they engage in pulpit-driven political involvement.

Textor's comment seems to confirm Bainimarama's statement that

In Fiji, you don't come with your own vote. Your vote is dictated by the chiefs, it is dictated by the Great Council of Chiefs, it is dictated by the provincial councils, and it is dictated by the [Methodist Church] ... So it's not your vote. So don't tell me that it's democracy.

If you SODELPA lot are wary of my facts look up Mark Textor.

The truth definitely shall set you free.

Anonymous said...

Vili we have never lived in a true Democracy. After bainimarama government there will be another coup!! and another coup!! and another coup!!!.....COUP, COUP,COUP, COUP COUP COUP!!!!!!!!!!! TREASON,TREASON,TREASON. OUR POLITICS IS BASED ON COUP CULTURE AND MILITARISM!!!!,ALONG WITH RELIGION,RACE,CHIEFDOMS,LOBBYING,BACK DOOR ENTRANCE AND CORRUPTION.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 6.18pm

"Vili we have never lived in a true Democracy"

Amen to that Brother/Sister. The recent election is a start.

True democracy though is a wide term. Every country has their customised version. USA has the free world democracy, UK the monarchy democracy, Australia the business focused democracy, New Zealand a mixture of Free world and Monarchy democracy.

Therefore Fiji should find what sort of democracy it suits. Perhaps a traditional/business democracy version. And I believe the recent election is the start of our chapter in our strive to find what works for us.

We must learn from our past and other countries in order to have some sort of idea on what works for us.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili....Brother lol i'd rather sit down and watch to be honest too much commotion and confusion.Better to taki the grog and watch everyone argue and throw the toilet paper at each other lol.Well god bless Fiji hopefully one day we can truly unite and sort our problems.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 6.37 pm

Lol okay bro fair enough. This is the start of building a foundation and as expected there will be lots of friction.

Anonymous said...

Tanya was useless, incompetent in her role. Of purse she will cry for loss of a hefty salary.
Investors need better returns and there was no way she could make any contributions. Inefficiencies mean an early dismissal

Anonymous said...

Awwww man such animosity and jealousy towards Tanya. Get over it, she will always be better than you anon 07:43pm. Move on with your useless life.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro your parents must be hiding in shame at your show of dedicated love for criminals, murderers and thugs. These concrete facts are what you have chosen to forget so address these first before you go tooting your feathered ass for this regime. You don't even know what a wrong is if it stared you in the face. Stop your bullshit crap about this and that cause there is not a single concrete fact you've stated in this blog. Just a loser regime troll trying to build a foundation on sand. Good luck with sis.

Anonymous said...

Every dog has its day!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 8.27pm

I still don't see any particular facts from you. Just more opinion and horse shit. Keep mixing your grog mate and enjoy your time loop.

Myself and other Fiji First are enjoying a new enlightened Fiji. Free from racist self serving people like you. You an your few SODELPA buddies can spin your poison and revel in your past glory days because the present is too painful for you.

The more you spit out petty hatred comments the more you enforce my points about how pathetic loosers act. And don't forget I am part of the majority who voted Fiji First and you're the minority who didn't so you can suck on that.

Hahaha hahahaha

Anonymous said...

The regime cannot rule by decree with a sitting Parliament. It cannot pose as democratic while ruling by decree. Bainimarama's New Fiji is still a farce.

Anonymous said...

Since when is calling for accountabilty in government racism?

The Heckler said...

The yolk is on Khaiyum is if he thinks we're going to buy his excuses.

The albumen dripping from his face must be what they called devilled egg.

Anonymous said...

"When Government fear the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the Government, there is tyranny."

Anonymous said...

Firca has no money and all vat refunds on hold ,told Ministry of Finance is holding to all monies and will release part only first week of Jan

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro, whats with you and SODELPA. I bet your parents voted for Sodelpa hence the disdain for them that you're making an ass out of yourself by assuming everyone who calls you out must be Sodelpa. Enough already. The facts are all coming out for all in Fiji to see and more and more will come out eventually. We don't need you to kiss their asses and moonlight their defence. The ASK does a splendid job doing that for them. Thats why he's the top dog that put World Rugby to shame. Oh wait wrong facts there.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 10.43 am

Please tell what facts you are referring to?

I am a grown ass man like most in here so my actions reflects on me and not my parents. Are you one of those who blames your parents for your short comings?

What a fucken idiot. I am Vili from Naitasiri and I am responsible for my comments and opinions alone.

Ke ca vi koko daru sota me qoi macala ni yavu lawaki ca.

Anonymous said...

Strange how in Fiji government including opposition are jumping up and down about rugby and TV posts but when it comes to the bloody obvious and looking after peoples health they remain asleep for so long.

""Update: 1:11PM GOVERNMENT is calling on the general public to adhere to warning notices posted around the Suva coastline areas that restricts people from using the rivers and sea for fishing and swimming.

A public advisory has been released informing the public that the coastline along Laucala Bay to Suva Harbour is off limits and people are not to use the rivers and sea close to the Suva foreshore for swimming, boating, fishing or recreational purposes.

National Disaster Management director Manasa Tagicakbau said people must not use the sea or rivers because of the raw sewerage spillage from the broken wastewater trunk line at the Cunningham Creek bridge in Four Miles.

Earlier this month, the wastewater trunkline that carries all untreated waste from the greater Suva area to the Kinoya Waste Treatment Plant collapsed because of flooding - forcing the raw sewerage to spill into the river, flowing out to the open sea.

Mr Tagicakibau said the raw sewerage spillage has made it unsafe for people to use the water along the Suva area coastlines especially during the holidays.""

Vutuki Rakoro said...

@Anonymous 1:38
Bainimarama and Kaiyum dont give a phuck about the people.
They only care about their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro from Naitasiri,

Indeed you will support Frank and Fiji First as it is he who delivered an illegal constitution to throw Indians into sunset in Parliament.

Now Fiji has got what racist Fijians wanted all along to rule Fiji without fear of Indians becoming government ever, hence multiple coups in Fiji.

Now Frank's version that he started when he told Court of Appeal Chaudhry will never be allowed to return as PM.

We Fijians should cheer Frank ... for under disguise of democracy Fiji has delivered parliament without Indian's having any say, don't you think so?

Now PM must account for his mismanagement... as Qarase paid for his. Or is it no matter if millions or billions are mismanaged.. this is o.k. as you got the biggest price ...ie. putting Indian dominated party FLP out of parliamentary radar and NFP on edge of it.

So who says Rabuka and Speight's coups were different ha?

Only difference is this current lot will drain out your FNPF funds to what is worth the Russian Rubal sooner rather than later as new wave of ressioon is hitting the world come mid next year.

Now your lot including RFMF will sell off Fiji and you keep voting Fiji First Party.... while Aiyaz keep on filling military's pockets with his net deficits year after year after year.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro caiti iko ga nomu vakamacala lasulasu...caita tale ga nomu koro.Luveni macawa o iko.

Anonymous said...

very true @ anon...3.30pm....the stupid indians are so gullible like the macawa Vili Rakoro.Bainimarama is far worse than Rabuka & speight...he is more racist.A very conniving person.

To you Vili Rakoro...luveni macawa o iko.

Vutuki Rakoro said...

@Vili Rakoro
How come the shit-pipe is still leaking?

Must be very inefficient govt.

A new pipe can be reattached in 24 hours, So why is it still leaking?
Either there is no big pipe in Fiji or no plumbda to do the job.
Which one is it Vili?

Lets just acknowlegde that what we now have in Fiji is a fuckall govt.

Their solution to the leaking pipe is to warn the people not to fish or swim.
They had 3 weeks to fix the farking pipe but they didnt

Tui Viti said...

The Sewage pipe saga is one of many infra-structures that previous Govt 'pass the buck' to the present Fiji First Party. Well it will take some time because the pipe was laid 50 yrs ago,during Colonial times,now that it has "suspiciously broken", because metal pipes dont break they bend, however rusty a metal pipe maybe be it wont break like wood,but bend under its own weight because it has rusted for half a century,so a handful of Gel explosive positioned in the right weak spots would 'break' the metal pipe.

Now how about that landslide,those pipes were installed several decades ago,after many hurricane,cyclones has passed,the soil above the pipe remained firm but in this case after just a normal heavy downpour the soil above the pipes 'slid' and damaged the water pipes below,now that these two isolated incidents occured within several weeks of each other made me suspicious that, maybe we have SF operatives active within our midst,maybe retired Brit Army who are pro SDL who have knowledge about explosives.

Whoever you are dont think that you a/are smart,we have found you out and only time will tell.Fiji is a small place,not easy to hide,eh?

Your actions borders on an act of terrorism,and you will be treated as such,my sources will soon find you out.so stay tuned.

Anyways, keep the light burning Bill Rakoro,we Fiji First Supporters are reading your blogs and support you all the way!!


The leaking shit pipe is not an overnight occurrence. It is symbolic of decades of neglect by successive governments. Infrastructure was in deep shit (pun intended) long before this government arrived on the scene. In fact, this government was elected because of the neglect by past governments. This government was elected to clean the shit (pun intended) of past governments. There was a big pile left behind (pun intended) after 40 yrs of neglect. This government is trying its best.

Anonymous said...

He He..............

Tui Viti's conspiracy theory along with his failure analysis based upon his metallurgy expertise must put him on a par with our friend Tomasi.

Great bedtime reading !

nayacakalou said...

@Anon 10:43...Sa guilecava tale o Vili Rakoro ni o koya ga e a tukuna ni rau Sodelpa nona qase.Na vu ni nona veisau ni raica tu ni sa dua na motoka nei talatala ka dua nona na Tui ka sega na nona o Ta.We understand your frustration Vili,you do not have to talk shit about your village,Sodelpa,or join FF,just because,dad did not get a car.Ke o a tamata vuku sara ke o a lako ga ki nomu vale ni vanua.Sa leqa ni sa lako tu ga na vosa,sa sega tale ni nanuma na ka eda u tukuna.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti @ 6.11pm

Sobo vakasama vakaloloma sara qori. Ke sa vaqori sa dua na leqa levu ni da benuca tiko ga na noda vanua.

If explosives were used on that sewer line you will see the fragmentation and the pattern of the crack on the metal pipe and it will clearly show just by looking at it (without even forsenics) that explosives were used. Cracks on a metal pipe from an explosive show the blast hole as the explosive punches into the metal plus there are small markings (like somebody just scratches and leaves scratch marks in small notches) around that blast hole which are tell tale signs that en explosive was used

The fact is that this sewer line was corroded and you can see very clearly that the joints holding the weight of that whole thing across the river was simply unable to hold the weight and gave way which led to the pipe breaking up as the support structures that were supposed to hold it up failed.

Na landslide mai Wailoku sa koya ga ya. E clay soil tu mada ga. Nodratou job na Engineer ni WAF me ratou cakava na nodratou maintenance checks on their Infrastructure plus geotechwork on the site where they have all that water pipes coming down from the mountains, baleta ni subject to landslides na vanua va ya when there is heavy rain (as in this case).

Conspiracy theories vakaqori sa rauta mada. Saratou valata mada na tell lies ko iratou a Sodelpa sa qai valata tale ga ko Tui Viti a propaganda.

Ka sa qai vereverea ga a fitifitia ke na tamayau.

Anonymous said...

the pipe says it all....now there's just too much shit... bull shit, horse shit, human shit etc! talk about a literal shit over-load and one heck of a shit storm for the country.....for X-mas!!

nayacakalou said...

@Anon9:26...Sa sega na madua,se beitaki ga na SODELPA,ia e sa walu mai na yabaki na nodratou veiliutaki tiko kina na FF,ka ratou tosoya talega,nai yalayala ,me sa city na vanua vaka Cunningham,Tacirua,Nasinu,ia,ratou se veibeitaki ga.Evei nai lavo ni City rate ena 8 na yabaki a oti?ma retou qarauna ga sa gauna tu ni cagilaba oqo,na noda Lotu eratou a vosaca taka,ia meratou tu vakarau,ka kua ni beitaki tale na Sodelpa ena Cagilaba.

Anonymous said...

Sa leqa ga na pipe baleta na levu ni lecaika kei na viavialevu ni Sotia kei na nodratou liuliu bainimarama.

na levu ni coup e yaco tiko na noda vanua, sa lai vakavuna me ra vesumona taki na lewe ni Vanua in the name of development.Yeah, Bainimarama,Rabuka dangling the carrot in the name of development to get the vote & legalise their military coup d'etat.

All bavulu leaders,they forgot to put in place a group of engineers or they call it in Overseas, Infrastructure asset management.

Leqa gona, mai na tauri dakai ga ki na office sara ni matanitu.Lecaika kei na kena vosavosa vaka Peratania....useless.

Qo vakabauta sa qai rogoca vakadua o Vili Rakoro na vosa qo...Infrastructure asset management.
Baci mataka dua mai kena i sau bullshit.

"Infrastructure asset management is the integrated, multidisciplinary set of strategies in sustaining public infrastructure assets such as water treatment facilities, sewer lines, roads, utility grids, bridges, and railways. Generally, the process focuses on the later stages of a facility’s life cycle specifically maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement. Asset management specifically uses software tools to organize and implement these strategies with the fundamental goal to preserve and extend the service life of long-term infrastructure assets which are vital underlying components in maintaining the quality of life in society and efficiency in the economy"

Anonymous said...

me da kua ni guileca 3 na tamata sona lelevu lasulasu tabetabe ena history kei viti:
sosovi da lagonilakeba
s vatuwaliwali ni vutulaki

yavu tamata boci

Unknown said...


Sa rauta mada nomu con tiko. Telling everyone that I stated that my parents votes SODELPA. I can guarantee 100 per cent that I never stated that. And you can go back in all my comments to see that.

By the way I remember you saying that one time you were on the phone to your uncle and your wife commented saying she was impressed with the respect you and your uncle showed each other.

From that comment I can assume you're living somewhere abroad and your wife must be foreign.

And that is probably why you post majority of the time in Fijian because you know in English your wife might read your comments and find out the truth about yourself. A racist and hatred pathetic looser.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 10.39 pm

In previous governments the upkeep of public infrastructure was the responsibility of the PWD.

Trying to sound smart by saying big words like infrastructure management yet forgetting that we had those already in the form of the Public Works Department.

If the pipes had broken it's either previous governments were not checking the PWD to make sure they were maintaining the maintenance of public infrastructure or it could be that the pipe just needs to be replaced.

Now all of these goes back to money. The Qarase government at one point couldn't even manage the civil service wages and had to cut the budgets of several public departments to pay them. And surprise surprise one of those department that had its budget cut was the Public Works Department.

So its fair to assume that the very department responsible for the upkeep of those pipes couldn't carry out the most basic of maintenance because it had no funds to do so.

And now the pipes have given in all these SODELPA lots are accusing these government. Forgetting that it was the previous Qarase government that is responsible for it. Their bad financial management of the country caused alot of problems including the maintenance of our public infrastructure.

Now back to the money. These government is trying to build a sustainable economy so that in the long run all our public departments responsible for the maintenance of various public infrastructure will have the funds that enables them to maintain a good working conditions of our infrastructures.

Anything goes wrong SODELPA blames the current government. After only 6 weeks in the job Opposition leader Kepa wanted a pay rise. In her budget response speech she only talked about school uniform, milk and Qarase pensions. No word on plans to have a sustainable economy, developments, infrastructure maintenance etc etc.

Now imagine if she was the PM. As I keep saying an incompetent piece of shit. She may have chiefly blood and leadership but in terms of experience or ability to lead and manage the country that is way out of her league. Useless useless and just embarrassingly useless.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro, your last post showed your true colours. You don't swear at your chief, you don't call her a 'piece of shit'. Shame on you. You talked about broken pipes, you blamed Qarase's government for it. Bainisona was in power in the last 6 years, and you're telling me that PWD didn't check the pipes?

By the way, I saw you floating past after the sewer pipes broke, yeah you Vili Rakoro is a piece of shit that floated past. Bastard. Magaitinamu.

Anonymous said...

CEO job advertised for Fiji TV,who wants to join a company with SIX monthly license

Unknown said...

Anonymous 9.43 am

Kepa is not my chief. I am not calling her out on her actions as a chief though. I'm calling g her out on her action as a politician. Kepa the chief and Kepa the politician are separate entity. Learn to know the difference.

Those pipes that broke has been there for over 50 years therefore wear and tear are possible. The fact it happened during this government means that previous governments maintenance of it was weak.

And then you went on and got personal. Showing an emotional weakness. Swearing at me. You're a looser and swearing at me anonymously makes you a coward. I am not going to stoop to your level because I like Bainimarama are better than you in every way.

I will just enjoy my new four wheel drive thanks to a fat bonus. And you can suck on that Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro, what a disgrace to your parents. Cant take the heat dont talk shit. Sa qai murimuri ga ni Kai Naitasiri. We supposed to quake when we hear your lame ass threats? This is exactly what cowards do. Again blaming Sodelap and accusing everyone not FF, Sodelpa supporters. Ulukau you think only 2 parties contested the elections. What a waste of your parents efforts sending you to school. Blame Sodelpa the previous Government but neglecting to acknowledge the last 8 years of government rule mind you with no opposition, decrees set up to suit themselves and yet its the previous Governments fault. Taura ga nomu facts qai tavucaka i socomu.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro, enjoy your bonus, you fucken traitor to Fiji.

Pipes will burst under any government, even an illegal one. What's pathetic is blaming it on previous governments, especially when this government has already held power for eight years.

And it still doesn't explain why this public health emergency remains unresolved after so many weeks. If it's a question of money, then take it out of the bloated RFMF budget or re-channel one of Bainikhaiyum's multiple cabinet salaries.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 10.25 am

You sound like a frustrated individual. You always get personal. It's not hard for me to make you loose control and spit your dummy out of the cot.

You hate it when I bring up the facts because it doesn't help support your hatred for the government and Fiji First supporters.

Remember this majority of us voted for this government therefore we outnumber you. Whatever views or ideas you have is irrelevant because you lost the election by a huge margin.

We didn't only beat you in the election we absolutely smashed and crushed you. And now as an anonymous blogger you're spitting out your frustration in petty name calling and pathetic foul language.

Listen mate whatever you say doesn't make a difference one bit in my life or any of the FF government and supporters. We rule you and we own your ass so learn to live with that facts. Like it or not the facts are on our side.

Anonymous said...

Vili is absolutely right. we are victims of past government's neglect and thievery. you can't fix a 50-yr problem overnight fools. The truth hurts - especially sour grapes SODEPLA supporters after the hiding in the elections in which voters showed they were sick of same old parties and politicians who promised much but delivered little. And fill their pockets with premium Fijian Holding shares, leaving crumbs for the rest, or steal donations raised in the name of the poor.

Anonymous said...

someone posted a site about Creamy Reverse Cowqirl alleging that the fijian female was Ms Waqaniyika,after viewing the tube it appears that it is someone else,a fijian lady who is of prominence in the West,to be exact Nadi.

So stupid of them if they are a married couple to post their private acts on the tube.

Sa leqa saraga na qavoka. This has completely changed the way I look at this I-taukei woman,She was well respected in her community and among her colleagues and fellow old scholars.

She should make it her prority to delete it ASAP.


Vutuki Rakoro said...

You are absolutely right about your assessment of Vili Rakoro.
He is still not happy that his family didnt get a car.

I think a few posts back, Vili himself did ask Aiyaz Kaiyum what has happened to the Pajero that was promised to him.

What a loser!

I think Vili is blogging so much because Kaiyum promised him a Pajero, if he did a good job.

And that is why Vili is here Day and Night.

And it doesnt matter what we say because he will find a way to twist it. What a loser!

Unknown said...

Vutuki tubumu 12.51 pm

Wow I can see in your posts how I have an effect on you. In most of your comments rather then focusing on the points of the debate or topic of the thread you put all your efforts in me.

To go to that extent of consistently focusing on me as a person rather than the points of my debate shows that one you just don't have the intellect to debate my facts and two you admire me so much to the point you wanna be like me.

If you want my approval just join the party for the people Fiji First. When you do it will show that you've actually stepped into the light and to the present. Where you are stucked at the moment is the dark and the past.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Take a break folks. Didnt you guys here the trumpets blow for a ceasfire??

Its that time of the season when you are all suppose to be mellowing down towards year end and reflecting on all the good you did and not so good events that you instigated yourself, how you hurt your brother/sister and refuse to reconcile with him and attempt to change for 2015? Be the new you for 2015 that's just around the corner!

Hey, tomorrow is Christmas Day for us in Fiji! Chill folks!! Put your weapons away and if you are stubborn enough to continue to war, then, let's do so after New Year's!!!

Merry Christmas to Vili Rakoro, Kua Ni Rere and all their staunch supporters and eager-to-do-battle warriors behind them!!!

Have a great day with your families. Hope the lovo will turn out just great and all the delicacies that some of us eat only once a year will be just as delicious and sweet!

Merry Christmas Coup 4.5! Thank you for the site where we can all come together and vent our anger and speak our truths and bluffs for 365 days in the year!


Anonymous said...

Meeeeeeeeoooooooowwwww! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes it's Christmas and you should all be thankful that the WAF has given you this present !

From the FT;

"DATA released by the Water Authority of Fiji shows that 200 litres of untreated sewage is being discharged per second from the broken sewerage pipes at three miles in Nabua, discharging mega litres of waste water in the past 16 days.

National Disaster Management director Manasa Tagicakibau said 6000 people would be directly affected by the spill plus people who would be using the picnic spots in Suva for recreational activities.

Mr Tagicakibau said if people take that 200 litres per second and calculate it by 24 hours it would mean mega litres of waste water being discharged into the marine life every day.""

Perhaps Mr Tagicakibau is good example of the expertise of WAF, he was unable to actually give the people an amount that they could relate to.

At 200 litres per second as he states;

That's 17,280.00 TONNES a day roughly equating to 17,280.00 CUBIC METRES of raw shit and piss a day dumped into your living environment.

So over 16 days that 276 THOUSAND TONNES.

WAF does not have the technical expertise to come up with a simple initiative to join between two ends of a short length of pipe crossing a shallow narrow river.

The only thing they are any good at is bullshit in the papers from their management, being totally over-manned in their work practices and having the reputation for technical expertise being the most inefficient in Fiji.

Vutuki Rakoro said...

All you people that voted FFP, you should all be happy now that you are all going to have a SHITTY CHRISTMAS. Hehehehe. Vinaka vakalevu Turaga.

All you FFP people, next time you walk along the seawall; STOP AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH and give thanks to Bainimarama and his secular god for a shitty christmas. Hehehehehe.

nayacakalou said...

Am sorry Vili to upset you....Au vosa vaka Viti baleta niu kai Viti,ka au sega ni doka e dua na tamata e sega ni rokova na nona Koro,baleta koya na vanua eda lako kece mai kina,ka sega ni dua e gone ni Suva.Sa laurai toka niko baci lasu toka ena nomu a vosa ca taki ira mai nomu koro,ka talanoa taka na nodrau sa vaka Pajero o Talatala kei nomu Tui ka sega na nona o nomu qase,ka tukuna vei iko mo vaka kaukauwa ena vuli ka volia e dua vei nomu qase.The very same thing the last government did to the talatala and you chief in your village,is axactly the same as you are getting now from Bainimarama.Let's hope,that Pajero,is not paid by taxpayers....you are axactly the same as the very people you are hating.

nayacakalou said...

@ Anon 1:13...you guy's eat lovo too ?....lol

Anonymous said...

@ Vili Rakoro.....

WE still waiting for your response to anon 3.30 pm and 3.42pm from yesterday.

R U running away from truth?

Anonymous said...

@Vutuki Rakoro 3:39 PM

The shit you are being given by the WAF for free is nothing to do with politics but the simple fact that Fiji has too many people in jobs they are not qualified to do.

The WAF like the LTA are simply institutions that suffer due to the brainless morons at the top.

If the government kicks them out, the anti government mob will jump up and down and blame it on race, religion or nepotism.

You only have yourselves to blame.

Unknown said...


You are straight and simple racist to the core. Your excuse for only posting in Fijian is that because you are a Fijian as if no one would notice you are a Fijian if you did not post in Fijian. Pathetic excuse to justify your racist views.

You say that you don't respect anyone who doesn't respect his village. Well then please tell us what constitutes respecting your village? Is it blindly following the chiefs, elders and talatala? Is it giving all your money to the church and vanua even at the expense of your kids education and family expenses?

Your idea of respect is one that shuts the voices and ideas of majority of the villages. My idea of respect is one that enables all villages to engage and work together on a level playing field.

So if you don't respect me for not conforming to your idea of respect then I don't really give a shit because your views and ideas matter little because it belongs in the past and most importantly it belongs in a loosing party.

As for my personal form of transportation well my ideas and education have paid for that so don't you worry about that.

I suggest during this Christmas you really take a deep look at yourself Nayacakalou because your views and actions are very bad. I know it's pointless to try and influence you so my advice is this. If you have Fiji Indian friends or know a few go over and a have a heart to heart conversation with them.

If my sources are right about this name then what I know of you is these. You're living in Australia married to an Aussie woman whom you left your ex Fijian wife for. Most of your views and idea of Fiji are from listening to your uncles in the village whom obviously are from a generation that had been brainwashed by SVT and Other racist politicians like Qarase.

It's not too late Mr Nayacakalou. I believe you have the potential to raise above your racist views and learn to understand what it truly means to be an accepting and loving person.

Anonymous said...

Fiji National Provident Fund CEO Aisake Taito is on leave.

FNPF Chairman Ajith Kodagoda said Taito has not been asked to step down as reported in the social media.

He said like other senior staff, Taito has accumulated leave over time.

Kodagoda said it’s that time of the year, which is a quiet period after a heavy year of work for FNPF staff to clear outstanding leave.

Anonymous said...

Early christmas for Qitawa in the 4 miles creek,Nabua.16000 tonnes of raw sewege, ra buffet sara la na Qitawa.

Bau wili kina o Vili Rakoro & tui Viti,freebies & kanaloto from Bainimara. O rau qo Vili & Tui ni Sonalevu nodrau mona e tautauvata ga na qitawa...kana da & no morals.

Vutu Vili said...

Vili Boci, in case you were too busy bending over and exposing your filthy anus to your gay boy lover, the problem with the pipes were detected a couple of years back BUT the illegal government chose to ignore it.

As for swearing, you swore at Ro Kepa, which is a woman. Bastard you don't do that unless you're an uneducated asshole. If you think of her as a useless piece of shit, then your mother is one useless piece of maggot.

nayacakalou said...

@ Vili Rakoro...sa kua soti na via kilai keimami,ka kua na veibeitaki,kei na via threat tiko.Me vaka ko tukuna,na levu ni tamata e digitaki kemudou,ia dou sa digitaki mai vei ira na lewe ni vanua mo dou fix taka na paipo,ka dou vakaraitaka tiko ni dou sega ni kila na cakava.Au a kaya vakavica vi koko,ni vu ni nona solia na Kalou vei iko me dua na gusumu,ka rua na daligamu,mo rawa ni vosa vakalailai ka vakarorogo vaka levu.Me cegu na mai vosavosa tiko,e ega walega ni sewarage pipe me fix taki,so hurry up and fix it,because there are more to come.Meu tinia,e dua nai vunau mo qarauna oqo...when you do thing's at right time,it's called responsibility,if not.than it will become a burden.

Unknown said...

@ vutu tubumu 8pm

So what Kepa is a woman. She is the opposition leader so as much as you swear at Bainimarama. Kepa will get her fair share.

Stop being too sensitive mann. What's wrong with you lot. Seems you don't have the ability to separate your feelings from reasons in a debate.

Kepa like Bainimarama will always have scrutiny because they are public figures so learn to understand that side of their life.

Unknown said...


Your way of thinking and ideas are similar to those of a high school kid. Do yourself a favour and stop embarrassing yourself boy.

As a grown ass man you should be able to understand that in life and work not everything works according to plan. Sometimes shit happens so we learn to adapt. What you're asking this government is to be perfect. Can you honestly say that your Australian government or Qarase government is or was perfect?

Quit your childish thinking and grow up a bit mann.

Anonymous said...

Vili rakoro....vakarau ni qauri o kitaka tiko.Luveni boci o iko.Sa rauta mada na vakamacala halfcook o cakava tiko, gusugusu vaka yalewa, wacece nomu bula.

Anonymous said...

"The shit you are being given by the WAF for free is nothing to do with politics but the simple fact that Fiji has too many people in jobs they are not qualified to do."

Yeah, like the "duly" elected Prime Minister and his arse-licking ministers?

Unknown said...

Anonymous 1.55 am

Vakamacala half cook ni demu. You lot are too sensitive like women. You can't separate your emotion with logic. When facts are thrown at you, your reply is emotional which is why you all comments personally.

Play with the ball not the man for once for crying out loud.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2.44 am

So you want someone whom the majority voted for to make way for Kepa right?

Anonymous said...

Imperfect though all governments are, this government is the most imperfect. Better governments were the elected ones before Bainimarama chose to illegally exploit the 2006 Qarase one. And of the three/four illegal regimes since 1987, Bainimarama's one is the worst in corruption because of the unexplained murders of several people.

My only conclusion about people supporting Bainimarama and Khaiyum is that these people are doing it not for principle but merely for the money; a very corrupt reason.

A merry Christmas to all at C4.5.

Anonymous said...

The majority did vote for Kepa. Their votes were switched by the regime.

nayacakalou said...

@ Vili Rakoro...let me invite everyone else to read my comment above,and read the respond from Vili,and ,am sure that it is what Vili neads to understand.Do not even try to compare Australia or Qarase,your Bainimarama said that he has the perfect government,with no corruption,ever.Are you telling us that the Coup did not work to plan?....and you have just learned to adapt to reality?I will tell you why the Australian Government and New Zealand,why they are perfect,only because they allow the public to scrutinise them,because they employ you and Bainimarama,but for your government it's the opposite.

The Heckler said...

Phew! 200 litres of untreated sewage discharged per second ...

17,280.00 cubic metres of raw shit and piss a day dumped into our living environment ...

Over 16 days, that's no less than 276 thousand tonnes of fetid filth.

That's a lot of smelly sewage being spewed in Fiji, and this time it's coming from a source other than the pen of Vili Rakoro!

In fact, given the similarities, maybe the ruptured sewerage pipe should be renamed "the Vili Rakoro".

Anonymous said...

I agree. There's a lot of similarity between Vili Rakoro and a spewing sewerage pipe. The name fits.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.17am

Its amazing how Vili Rakoro has a dislike for Ro Temumu and with such DISRESPECTFUL DISGUSTING negative comments too.

Does he even see how he himself is hated and cursed on a daily basis by many because he represents nothing but a cheap, weak, corrupt-natured, evil-minded hooligan who spends the whole day defending Fiji's worst leaders ever & the entire corrupt FF government who lie and cheat their way through to the nation without even blinking an eyelid. And here we have a foolish man in Vili Rakoro working 24/7 on the internet to HOGWASH the evil deeds of his new-found gods in Aiyaz and Frank and FF Government!

Its a wonder we have sewer spillage problems to the max - signifies the significant who 'speaketh forth nothing but lies and corruption'!

How much do they pay you Vili Rakoro?Why dont you go get a life bro.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.17 am

More coconut wireless bullshit. All your claims about this government has been refuted with facts yet you're still going on about it. Looks like you are the one that needs a life mate.

So you lot a fixated on the spillage pipes problems and are trying to use that to claim the government is the worse in history. What a pathetic attempt and a failing one at that too.

In comparison about the auditor generals reports of these government, Qarase government and Rabuka government it was clear that these government had the least financial loss and highest development prospects.

Yet you lot are insisting it's the worst government based on absolutely no facts but just your opinions which is clear is a fible attempt to show your frustration on another fact which is you lost the election plain and simple. Infact we crushed you back to the 19th century where you belong.

Qarase tried to free Speight the terrorist but to you guys that's fine. What a bunch of pathetic imbeciles who don't even have the guts to post in your true names.

Unknown said...

Nayacakalou 11.45 am

Again you're showing yourself. You just don't have the intellect to debate properly mate. Your line of thinking is that Australia and New Zealand governments are perfect because they allow themselves to be scrutinised by their public wow just wow.

So all these scrutiny the government has been getting from opposition is nothing but it's the public scrutiny that's more important right. Or wait the public voted for them in majority so basically you're saying that the minority that didn't needs to scrutinised the government only then can it be perfect like New Zealand and Australia right?

Do you even hear yourself whilst you comments. Seriously mann you need to stop embarrassing yourself because your points and style of thinking and debate is so bad to the point I feel bad and embarrassed for you.

You hardly post facts just your opinions. And when you try facts it's usually skewed so it's easily scrutinised. And then you do it over and over thinking it will have a different outcome each time.

Bro that is sad and pathetic. Focus on your style of debate first because your time loop is really getting boring.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 9.31 am

Do you have any facts to back that up mate???

The international observers group dismissed those claims. Are you going to say they're wrong too? Based on your opinion right because let's be straight it ain't gonna be based on facts because we all know you don't have any.

How sad you have been reduced to unsubstantiated claims. Bad loosers are well just so so bad ey.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 9.17 am

Are you forgetting who was responsible for Qarase coming into power in the first place? Qarase was a corrupt and self serving piece of shit. I have consistently posted facts about his unconstitutional orders from choosing his cabinet to trying to fire Bainimarama.

Majority of us voted for Fiji First because we have had enough of the self serving corrupt politicians and leaders since independence. Kepa asked for a pay rise after only 6 weeks on the job. Talk about self serving.

Anonymous said...

A bad odour emanating from the Vili Rakoro.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand Vili Rakoro's parents should be ashamed of themselves for ever gtiving birth to Vili. Vili's name is actually Vilimaina. They didn't realise he had a Vagina and initially called him Vili. Sa rauta mada na nomu con taki ira na FF supporters.

Anonymous said...

I have learnt something new that I had not known before regarding the Muslim Holy Book vs the Bible and the prophecies foretold. The coming of Madhi who is Antichrist.

At least the Salesman from Kadavu is keeping us updated.

Vinaka Tui.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4.50 pm

Isa your weak argument is really sad. Rather then focusing on trying to debate properly you think going personal will.

I have always backed up my comments with concrete facts and you lot haven't. You only post your opinions and half truths yet you claim I am the one conning.

Well that type of arguments was used by SODELPA and they lost by a huge margin. So it appears majority of I Taukei's and Fijian of other ethnicity actually do not support or agree with your argument hence they chose Fiji First just like me.

So again based on solid facts you lot are the con artists but as is your style you'll try and argue otherwise based on absolutely nothing but just your own racist and hatred opinions. And then go personal.

Hahaha you lot never fail to amaze me at your stupidity. Personal opinions and personal attacks ain't a strategy that's going to win you support you know. Perhaps try the truth for a change you never know you might actually like it.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili Rakoro, you are too coward to proper debate brought out by anon 3.30 on 23/12.

Can you debate on the comments therein and also of anon 3.42pm of 23/12.

Regarding burst sewer pipes, the Alliance Govt put in those pipes, and rot had set in by 1992.

From 1987 to 1991 Fiji had a Chief's transit govt after Rabuka's coup. Praise the Lord...

From 1992 to 1999 SVT Govt had no money to replace those pipes but temporarily repair only, because all of money was stolen by NBF bad debt w/offs which included Fiji First candidate / Foreign Minister Kubuabola.

Rabuka effectively ruled for only 5 years as GCC's party after GCC ruled for 4 years. He awaited a handout (begging bowl) from NZ & Australia & C'wealth for them to reward him for his racist constitution. In that process he did not have any money to replace those pipes.

Then came RFMF's PM Qarase. He effectively ruled for 5 years (Sep'01 to Nov'06).

Qarase could not fix the pipes because he was too busy meeting RFMF's agenda to keep Indians out of cabinet and continue to breach the constitution.

In that process he allowed NLTB to not renew cane farmers leases for ALTA leases that are Gov't controlled. As such he chopped off ITaukei's feet to spite the face as this caused major crisis on balance of payments and depletion of foreign reserves.

As such he had no money to pay to replace those pipes as he was delivering Fijian aspirations to keep Kai Dia's away from govt, given the fact RFMF always announced they support Govt of the day, ie.e one without FLP in it!

NOW since Dec 2006 RFMF had been effectively the Govt with PM as its PM. So Voreqe with his left Aiaz effectively ruled for LONGEST i.e. 8 years to Dec 2014 as they went to CLEAN UP the neglegence left behind by Qarase and his CAMV partners.

The real rot sat in these 8 years that finally the shit hit the roof literally.

Now it took Indians to handout tens of millions to Fiji First as grant i.e. FREE MONEY from Kai Dia's and I guess it will be Kai Dia's money that will be put into general funds and then go on to now fix these broken pipes from which shit is flying everywhere now.

At the end of the day it is not Fiji First... it is Kai Dia money... isn't it Vili Rakoko from Naitasiri?

So the real answer is 27 years of RFMF installed gov'ts of Rabuka, Qarase and Voreqe have really caused these pipes to remain unreplaced, because these govt's had to feed the fat salaries and corruption in FRMF's funds to keep all these 3 govt's in the office.

Any debate on this Kai Naitasiri while only Speight is paying the price in Jail for his part?

Anonymous said...


Very true. Indian Prime Minister Modi came to the rescue... and again a handout will fix these broken pipes as Govt is running budget as -ve.

Would it be true that when the wind blows the shit smell would be going striaght to RFMF and Tikoitonga to smell?

Unknown said...

The pipes have been fixed temporarily while a new one is going to be constructed. Now that's what I call developments. And only the Fiji First government has the will to do so. Unlike previous governments like the corrupt criminal Qarase.

Get with the times mann. That's the problem with you overseas commentators. You're not here to see for yourself the updated developments. You're commenting based on old news. Get a life

Anonymous said...

@Vili Rakoko 11.59PM
Old news hurts doesn't it?

However the truth is the road expansion that had started in fact by civil service planned upgrade well before 2006 was going to require expansion of the bridge where the pipes run, thus new pipeline to be then constructed.

So now before that has happened that the pipes have bursted.

So the reality is whichever govt is in office will have this fixed by the new pipeline programme to be excellerated as a result of this burst pipe.

Politicising even the shit is quite shitty isn't it while making some look like idiots and some like god!!!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.44 pm

"So the reality is whichever govt is in office will have this fixed by the new pipeline programme to be excellerated as a result of this burst pipe"

Funny you said the above yet never said anything when your lot were blaming the current government for the pipes bursting in the first place. As soon as this government finds a solution you come out and wildly claim that any government would have done the same thing.

Look who's politicising the shit now ey. If all those previous governments were as good as these current one then we wouldn't be dealing with these shit in the first place.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili Rakoro 3.55am

Certainly "my lot" you referring to are not my lot as I do not belong to any lot.

Nor do I go on this blog but went on to reading crap on it to see whats on it these days. Then I thought of pointing some facts out and lead you on some facts, but certainly not a party to any lot of bloggers on this site.

Then too I never supported any previous govt of SVT or SDL or current lot as IG of past 8 years.

But fact remains that current Govt did not find solution for the burst pipe. It is the solution was found as road upgrade infrastructure of adding extra lane from 10 miles through 4miles upgrade progressed during these years that started prior to 2006.

Under the current govt it has to be dealt with and not a single govt is to be blamed for this burst pipe happening but you should name the PS under whose Ministry this falls under for during last 8 years and prior to that during SDL years.

Can you show if this longest serving infrastructure PS under IG of 8 years had applied for a budget for the upgrade each year in past 8 years and why was it not granted over past 8 years by Finance.

So really any current govt has to deal with this shit problem because it is in the open flying into everyones nose now!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! so much shit! The facts of the matter are that the shit treatment plant has been crapped out the past 6 years, maybe more. All this time shit has being flowing into Laucala Bay. So we had a broken pipe, shit ran into a creek rather than a pipe outlet in the bay.
Frank has had 6 years to repair the treatment plant, but did shit about it.
The pipe is now repaired and raw shit will continue to flow into Laucala Bay, what a bloody joke!
This is the truth, go check out the treatment plant at any time and see how f#*ked up it is, and that did not happen yesterday.
This regime is 100% responsible for raw sewage spilling into Laucal Bay. You don't govern for 8 years, 2 terms, and get to blame any past government!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous January 2 at 5:49 PM.

I couldn't have found and uttered a more appropriate explanation...lol.

Anonymous said...

Laucala Bay now smells like tbe breath of Graham Davis, and we have the neglect of the Bainimarama regime to blame for it. The Vili Rakoro didn't just happen on its watch. It happened because of the years of neglect of our sewerage system by the regime.

Steve said...

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