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Monday, January 5, 2015

Fiji descends from military dictatorship to constitutional dictatorship

It's a new year but the sores of 2014 and previous years haven't healed and will keep bleeding. Why? Because while the country boasts a democratically elected government, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's modus operandus for the past eight years hasn't changed.

And yet we've started 2015 with the master manipulators pushing an aggressive campaign to get
Colonial War Memorial Hospital: crisis situation.
citizens, even schools, to 'combat corruption', ignoring its own lapses. They're also making a big deal about this being the year of 'keeping promises.'

Much has been made about free prescribed medicines and longer opening hours at hospitals, medical centres and government pharmacies. 

Reports, however, continue to filter out about the appalling lack of resources and experience in hospitals such as Colonial War Memorial, where there is no guarantee patients with life threatening ailments will get help while those who do get attention have to take their own sheets and family to look after them because there's so few nurses and doctors and standards are well below par.

Families earning below $30,000 have also been promised free water meanwhile parts of the country have had no drinking water for some time, a problem exacerbated by broken water and sewage pipes which have caused a lot of contamination.

Preschoolers have also been told they'll get free schooling and yet Mahendra Reddy has sacked Education Ministry staff in favour of bringing in his own team, including his wife. The one-eyed bandit seems to have no regard for process and looks capable of committing blunder after blunder.

Four Permanent Secretaries are meanwhile understood to have lost their jobs: Basudra Kumar (acting PS for Education), Eloni Tora (Health), Peter Wise (National Planning) and Amena Yauvoli (Foreign Affairs).

So what's ahead of us in 2015? The following posers would suggest more of the same of what we've had for the last eight years.

Will Khaiyum ever stop interfering in employment matters and violating constitutional rights?
Will Fiji TV ever get a permanent licence?
Basudra Kumar: Casualty of Reddy's 'reforms'.
Will MIDA ever ease up on media and lash the Fiji Sun when it breaches protocols?
Will Joyti Pratibha ever get her facts right?
Will Khaiyum's conflict of interest in FBC ever be investigated?
Will Khaiyum ever act with transparency - or live down the shame of losing the TV rights to the Rugby Sevens?
Will this so-called government ever fix the country's dire health system?
Will Parlimentary proceedings such as passing 15 bills in five minutes be allowed to continue?
Mahendra Reddy: Blunders.

Will we get the full and frank details of the auditor general's report?
Will the regime ever stop using Laisenia Qarase as its whipping boy?
Will the deaths of citizens while in police custody ever be investigated?
Will the Iowane Benedito beating and torture ever be investigated?
Will the true extent of Nur Bano Ali's role helping the master manipulators ever be investigated?


Anonymous said...

A pig will always be a pig. You can put peacock feathers on the fat porker, put a tiara on his fat head, but he can never be anything else. He will ALWAYS be a pig. Same thing with these two pigs. Lmao....

KUA NI RERE said...

I don't know why the STUPID Kaiyum government wants to make promises it cannot keep.


Last week a man was complaining in the Fiji Times that his wife couldn't get Pain Relief medications at Lautoka Hospital...AND NOW THEY ARE PROMISING FREE MEDICATIONS?






This is a pathetic posting and the alleged incidents you cite are so minor as to be laughable in the overall scheme of things. Let's just look at the record: A common and equal citizenry; a common identity for every Fijian; an economy growing by more than four per cent a year; free schooling and a tertiary loans scheme; the transformation of the capital and the kickstarting of projects like Natadola and Momi; health, electricity and water provided to places that never had them before; existing roads fixed and new ones built; the first new ships for 40 years to service maritime communities. Etc, etc, etc. The SDL and previous governments were chronically hopeless by comparison. So why don't you just bugger off and let other Fijians get on with life. If this is all you can come up with, you have no hope whatsoever of winning the 2018 election either. Who gives a shit about Jyoiti Pratibah or Nur Bano Ali? Ordinary people want jobs, their kids educated and basic services and they are getting it from this Government. Whereas from you, they get a pain in the arse and more of the same.

The Opposition is the problem said...

If Fiji is now a "constitutional dictatorship" , the Opposition has only itself to blame. SODELPA and the NFP have had a pathetic start in the new Parliament. They have been outclassed and outgunned at every turn. Even Biman Prasad and Tupou Draunidalo come across as weak and not across the issues. As for SODELPA, they have behaved as if nothing has changed since 2000. All we got was more BS about how God gave Fiji to the i'Taukei and they are the only Fijians. Anyone watching Parliament will have been amazed at how hopeless the Opposition is compared with real parliamentary performers like ASK, Tikoduadua and Usamate. So stop blaming the Government and start behaving like a proper Opposition and then people might be more impressed. At this rate, Bainimarama will be in power for life.

Anonymous said...

Biman is a mediocre former academic who write terrible papers. He is a nincompoop who over-rates himself. Tupou is another lightweight who destroyed Qarase case in court as his defence lawyer. As for Ro Temumu Kepa, the less said the better.

The real Opposition is the team behind C4.5 and Victor Lal of Fijileaks. They doing more than the so-called Opposition put together.

Anonymous said...

Iowane Benedito got what was coming to him and so did every other mortherf***Ker who got in the way of the revolution.

Just Saying said...

At 4.33pm parliamentary performers is about right. They are into theatrics especially ASK who is being himself: smug and narcissistic.

Chaudhry Jnr traumatised by daddy's long-term extra-marital affair with skirt journalist Asha Lakhan said...

Given Rajen Chaushey's psychotic behaviour, one wonders if he was traumatised by his daddy's decades- long extramarital affair with skirt journalist Asha Lakhan, who is still daddy's rakhel (kept woman) under the guise of FLP media liaison, drawing a salary from FLP coffers.What a corrupt and immoral bunch, the Chaudhry clan."​

Anonymous said...

the economy is NOT growing at 4% : Fiji is borrowing money and the dollar has lost about 80% of it's purchase power since 2006... get real! the real size of the economy in 2015 if not different from what it was in 2006... that is frightening! The state is selling major assets to artificially boost the budget... unfortunately, most people in Fiji do not have the skills to understand it... :(

As for equality, there has been some progress for sure and the previous nationalist movements are to be blamed, but that doesn't justify the coup under false pretense... Bainimarama is a costly affair for Fiji!!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem with people who praise this government to the high heavens is their limitation: they lack the education and knowledge to understand and evaluate what is happening. They are content with the few developments that have been propped up as a sign of success. They fail to see the corrupt practices, the underhand dealings, pay back syndrome and the list goes on.

Tupou and Biman may be lightweights but they have proven their worth in their chosen professions. And they are in Parliament through the votes of their supporters.

The dogs barking criticisms above have yet to prove themselves in whatever they are doing at present. Their names nobody knows compared to the few they choose to berate.

milamila said...

Normally I don't agree with Chaudhry Junior but his comments about Jyoti Prabha is true. In calling her a whale he is being very kind to her. Physically Jyoti is a very unprepossessing specimen--looks like a fat cow or a pregnant sow.Unfortunately this physical ugliness extends internally. He writings are a perfect example of arse licking journalism. Vicious towards Khaiyum's enemies and overly sycophantic towards FFP and its minions.Such lack of ethics makes mockery of good journalism. I have how she is able to sleep after selling her soul so cheap. Maybe the ugliness inside is what is making her physically ugly.

Anonymous said...

@milamila 7:29 PM

Perhaps Jyoti's journalism is on a par with you ignorance and rudeness ?

Many would actually reckon it's at a far higher level than your verbal diorea.

Mohammed Khan said...

Government debt 3.78 billion inspite of all the developments. During SDL's era the debt was 2.85 billion dollars without any major development.
And according to the fiscal and economic update supplement to the 2015 Budget, the debt to gross domestic product ratio had been declining as a result of the fiscal consolidation stance adopted over the years, sustained economic growth and effective risk management.

"As of December 31, 2013, Government debt stood at $3.8billion or 51.4 per cent of GDP, a decline from 53.4 per cent of GDP in the preceding year.

"Of this amount, $2.7b comprised domestic debt while $1.1b is external debt."

The supplement said Government debt was expected to further decline to 49.7 per cent of GDP at the end of last year.

During his 2015 Budget address, Minister for Finance Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said a reform plan had been formulated with the assistance from the World Bank to ensure efficient treasury management, institutional strengthening and capacity building.

"The global bond is also maturing in 2016, the balance in our offshore sinking fund account stands at $US117m ($F232m)," he said.

"Given the favourable international market conditions and re-engagement of multilateral development partners such as Asian Development Bank and the World Bank, Government is exploring the best options, keeping in mind our debt position, outlook for foreign reserves and interest rates."

Anonymous said...

Now that the elections are over and the FFP has"won" them, the regime will need to refinance the debt again. This time it will want to look at the lower rates offered by the IMF, since the reitroduction of parliamentary oversight will hamper its desire to operate without accountability in either case.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call this a "constitutional dictatorship." More like a sham, ersatz democracy.

Anonymous said...

Can I still get my gumboots?

I hope they'll fit. My feet may have grown a shoe size larger since the PM promised.

Anonymous said...

Well the shit pipe has been right all along....

some shit really is spilling - there's the FNU shitty situation with FICAC hot on their heels, then straight after that there's Mahend my Man the Cyclop who's finding it hard to chew what he just bit off coz Basundra ain't going down without a fair fight. Folks you had better set your eyes on Fiji Leaks coz another world rugby shit spill just hit the fan with ASK caught with his pants down.....

what a show!

Anonymous said...

Some people think quoting some fancy statistic gives their view point credibility. You can bring in a hundred economist tomorrow and they will all have figures to support one hundred different variations of the economic status of the country. Development cannot be attributed to any one government because all governments contributed in their own way or in different areas.

The writing however is on the wall that this government has continued to flout rules after the much touted election to usher in real democracy. But alas they have continued on their merry ways of dictatorship: sacking people at will, interfering in areas outside their responsibility to support their personal agendas. Corruption has never flourished like it does today: curtsey of the FFP regime.


So what if many Fijians have no drinking water? My water is fine.

Or if hospital conditions are deplorable? I'm not ill.

Or if education is being sacrificed in the interests of nepotism? I don't have children in school.

Or if corruption is rampant? I've got my Pajero.

Or if transparency is non-existent? I don't want everybody to know who I am, or what I'm doing.

Chaudhry Jnr traumatised by daddy's long-term extra-marital affair with skirt journalist Asha Lakhan said...

Given Rajen Chaushey's psychotic behaviour, one wonders if he was traumatised by his daddy's decades- long extramarital affair with skirt journalist Asha Lakhan, who is still daddy's rakhel (kept woman) under the guise of FLP media liaison, drawing a salary from FLP coffers.What a corrupt and immoral bunch, the Chaudhry clan.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing Has Changed, All Remains the Same" isn't really a news story.

Wake me when someone finally decides they actually want to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Keep sleeping and bother to wake up.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, the guy at 11:36 PM sounds like HE's been traumatised. Why else does he keep repeating the same posting about RPC again and again ad nauseum? Either that, or he suffers from Tourrets Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Can Kutu .5 stop patients from St Giles posting on this site,their posts are so long it covers the entire aisle and they post nothing worth reading, I took a glimpse and saw nearderthals and skipped to read it.

Like Kua ni Rere I also skip his blog its too vulgar and R21 stuff this guys watches too much porn and listen to hip hop ,he swears every second line ,so I skip his posts entirely, this guys is a headache to his family.

Anonymous said...

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Soaring shale output in the U.S. is helping the world’s largest oil consumer achieve its highest level of energy independence in two decades, cushioning it against disruptions in Africa and the Middle East. The boom threatens revenues for OPEC’s 12 members, whose production is at its lowest in two years amid political unrest in Libya and theft in Nigeri

Anonymous said...


U.S. oil production will rise to 11.6 million barrels a day in 2020, from 9.2 million in 2012, as it taps rock and shale layers in North Dakota and Texas with the use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, according to the IEA, a Paris-based adviser to 28 energy-consuming nations. The report didn’t specify an output level for 2015.

Over the same time period, Saudi Arabian production will fall to 10.6 million from 11.7 million and Russia slips to 10.4 million from 10.7 million barrels. The figures include natural gas liquids, condensates and crude.

U.S. output will plateau after 2020 and the nation will lose its top ranking at the start of the 2030s, the IEA said.

“We do not expect this trend will continue after 2020s,” Fatih Birol, the agency’s chief economist, said in London today. “It will come to a plateau and decline as a result of the limited resource base of light tight oil.”

Anonymous said...

Basundra Kumar was disciplined for using her powers to interfere with school matters regarding her daughter. Please talk about this fact first. I am surprised this abuse of power does not seem to irk people. Please be fair. When something is wrong, it is wrong. Regardless of who identifies it.

Anonymous said...

@ NOT MY PROBLEM January 5. 2015 at 10:44 PM.

Sure it's not your problem because you're only one in five thousand people. Get real man.

Anonymous said...

Too many narratives. Not enough point. That's Coup 4.5.

Done and dusted said...

The letter from World Cup to Khaiyum is not new. It has been doing the circuit since early December - why the big fuss? Yes, it shows Khaiyum was pulled up on the broadcasting rights but so what? Is that the best the democracy movement has against him? If so, it's not enough.

The Pathfinder said...

The Constitutional dictatorship is a reality and was always on the given the determination of this gang to stay in power and enjoy the spoils of war. So what are we going to do about it? C4.5 you yourself have been revealing and exposing these master manipulators as you call them for years and it has not changed anything. Come the election, the people were either too scared or too smart and seemingly vote both Bainimarama and Khaiyum in - not just Frank but Aiyaz as well. Of course there was rigging but to vote both of them in? Now that was a master stroke so we now have the situation where both of these thieves are now legitimately oppressing the people and nothing can be done about it. So my question is what is your strategy C4.5 for the next four years to ensure the people have a genuine chance at the next election?

Anonymous said...

@ Mohammed Khan,

You say during SDL debt was $2.85billion.

This I think accumulated to so much was due to expiry of ALTA leases not renewed by SDL causing loss of earnings.

To offset this they prided foreign remittances to show their books balanced to previous years performances.

But SDL finance GURU's failed to devalue dollar by mere 5% that was required to keep check and balance on debt as well as to accumulate foreign reserves that was running in -ve growth.

They were too busy fighting to keep Indians out of Cabinet so they missed out on real work they were voted in for.

Sinking fund account of F$232m, Reserve Bank should not give out proceeds to govt over next 2 years until they have accumulated full amount for the maturing foreign bonds rather than refinancing to create more debt.

Anonymous said...

@Pathfinder 11:03 AM

The strategy has to be to find something better than Fiji has now.

There lies the problem, the opposition had 8 years to find something to offer the people.

VB and ASK had 8 years available to really piss the people of Fiji off.

The outcome, as predicted.

The Pathfinder said...

Whatever the strategy, I suggest C4.5 take the lead and initiate debate and initiatives that give us a genuine chance at the next election instead of revelling in the latest revelations that do nothing to change people's mind or empower them.

Anonymous said...

"Is that the best the democracy movement has against Aiyaz?" Obviously this is someone who prefers wearing blinders. Someone living in denial, who also overlooks his corruption, favouritism, nepotism, conflict of interest, repression of civil rights, election fraud, lies, arrogance, and treason. Little doubt a traitor himself.

Anonymous said...

How about the people start actually lobbying the government ministers, asking questions and demanding answers to their concerns?

How many opposition ministers have spoken with the public since the elections and asked what they want?

Is Fiji just full of 'Pathfinders' wanting someone else to do something.

The only genuine chance is to find and support leaders the majority want.

Anonymous said...

Military Dictator ship to Constitutional Dictator ship.

Fiji First, good as its word, steering Fiji forward full throttle.

All I can see is A SINKING SHIP!!!

Veivutu na fiji first said...

Veicai na fiji first party ni yavu tamata kawa ca muslim lotu va na tevoro mutherfuckers die in hell u kawa ni lotu matakau. M Reddy hope your other eyes closed off becoz u useless piece of shit. As for the other FFP supporters ni veicai kece va nomu ni liuliu

Mere said...

Pathfinder, the best strategies were laid out to us long before the election. I remember our friends Dakuwaqa, High Tea, and Just Situational Logic, inter alia, all spelling out exactly what would happen, and it all DID happen just as they predicted, with only one exception I can recall.

That exception was Dakuwaqa's interesting thesis, which he called the 18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama. Dakuwaqa early on predicted that Bainimarama would transform the office of the Presidency, leave someone pliant in the job of PM, and then set himself up as President for Life. That hasn't happened so far, but it still might.

All of these bloggers -- and others -- predicted a sham election with a predetermined outcome. Some of them explained in considerable detail how it would be done, through massive borrowing, unaccountability, patronage, the partisan use of development funding, a short campaign season, media controls, uneven enforcement of campaign laws, IT manipulation of the electronic voting terminals, the overprinting of ballots, and other shady tactics.

With ASK in charge, there was no doubt the elections would be fraudulent. So these posters urged the opposition, as did I, to join together behind a unity ticket running on a broad, inclusive platform, and to demand certain basic rules to ensure free and fair elections. Dakuwaqa even went so far as to propose a clear and compelling ten-point programme anchored on fundamental principles such as No to Immunity and Yes to Fiji's true Constitution.

But, instead, beginning with the NFP, the opposition parties each chose to go its own way. They meekly and naïvely went along with election ground rules dictated by thugs (the regime) who had absolutely no legal authority for organising elections.

At that point the writing was already on the wall, except, perhaps for the last-ditch efforts of Emil King. King proposed to organise a public political debate and an opposition march. Given the opposition's previous failure to mobilise behind Dakuwaqa's ingenious Operation Jericho, King wanted to try a different approach requiring pre-commitments, but apparently he never got far, because he couldn't reach an agreement with C4.5 on some operational issues.

And so, Pathfinder, some contributors to C4.5 have given us strategies based on analyses that in time proved to be spot on. However, C4.5 seemed reluctant to assume anything more than a hortatory role, and the opposition's elected leadership ignored their well-founded recommendations from start to finish.

It's tragic, but is it to be wondered, then, if most of those strategists no longer offer us their advice? I pray that you, too, don't end up casting pearls before swine.

Anonymous said...

Frederick Elbourne says....what are you cowards harping about. Go plant some root crops and do something useful. Your songs are boring 8 years later and no end to your harmony. NO GUTS.

Vutaki Meo said...

PM Bainimarama will become the President. Ask will become the PM and Dr Ganesh Chand will become the next permanent secretary of Finance.

Anonymous said...

Really not a lot of point reading these posts when any credibility whatsoever is lost by such un substantiated statements as this.

""IT manipulation of the electronic voting terminals,""

Mere, you need some credibility if you want anything you say to be taken notice of.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Veivutu 4:04 PM
I totally agree with you.
Fiji First People are selfish.

Thinking only of their own pockets - just look at Inoke Kubuabola.
Look at Bainimarama - watching Rugby 7s when as PM he is supposed to be in Parliament for the Budget Debate.
A total disrespect for Parliament and for the people of Fiji.
The stupid mathafaka only thinks about himself.
Paying himself Leave from 20 years ago.
etc etc







Anonymous said...

FFP got rid of Rt Sukuna Day and instead we now have Prophet Mohammed Birthday. How about Prophet Buddha and Prophet Krishna?
Whats so special about Mohammed?

Anonymous said...

Mohammed was a paedophile.
Buddha wasn't a paedophile.
Krishna wasn't a paedophile.
Why are Fijians celebrating a paedophiles birthday?
Are Fijians stupid or what?
Out of the frying pan & into the fire.
How stupid can Fijians get?
How low can you go, celebrating paedophiles.

Anonymous said...


Live by teachings of the prophet, says Usamate

Salaseini Moceiwai
Tuesday, January 06, 2015

THE commemoration of Prophet Mohammed's birthday should serve as a reminder for us to endeavour to make his teachings a reality in our lives....
Paedophilia. Rape.
Wife beating
etc etc

Anonymous said...

Oh drone on you racists, political arseholes and religious bigots. No-one else gives a veka.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Mere was to was to read the anti government mob on here she would understand why nothing has or will be done.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is already in the hands of the Vekas..!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @4.22pm
What Record???... you stupid? A common n equal citizenry bullshit!!!.everybodi in de whole world knows Fiji is home to Indigenous Fijians not Indians!!chinese, Europeans and others!! Only indegineous gives the right of ownership (or forced to) to others…to live in Fiji…that’s a fact not a lie..you freaggin monkey face!!! ..am not racist..it is under UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights idiot!!..other races have their own homes they call India, china, UK and Asia etc…now we make Fiji home for everyone, but common and equal!! citizenry that loads of bullshit!!..coz more than 60% of Fiji are indigenous!! So you cannot share that right!!! It is God given!!! Just try to think first before you begin de preachin!!

Ganesh said...

Mere, I recall some of those contributions were indeed very thought-provoking and, yes, many of them did prove to be prescient. You, too, have given us some thoughtful and articulate contributions, for which I thank you.

I've often lamented Dakuwaqa's sudden disappearance, which came just hours before what was perhaps his greatest contribution, which was so frightening Bainimarama with his Operation Jericho campaign that Our Brave Leader decided to cancel his travel to the UN General Assembly. That was nothing short of hilarious.

The fish god promised to return when Fiji is free again. Since he still hasn't come back, the implication is clear.

Please don't leave us, too. I very much appreciate your views. If you can talk the others into returning, too, well, so much the better.

I'd also like to mention someone else who perhaps belongs on your list. That would be Faceless, Nameless Cyber Bully. For two years he directly and bluntly challenged Semi Meo's fuzzy-headed advice to put our hope and trust in the regime's election roadmap. Cyber Bully was another contributor who proved to be absolutely right. I hope he isn't gone now, as well.

Monkeys, apes and destiny said...

Who is the monkey, arsehole. Some trumped up semi educated ape descends from the trees saying he has a God given right to the whole jungle. F***k off! The UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights is meant to protect indigenous people on the margins of societies around the world, not people like you who are privileged and see it as your right to lord it over your fellow citizens forever. You have a God given right to nothing, you f***king loser. So shut up and get a life or die like the dog you are.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Well now, Mere, don't forget to include me, too, as one of those who got it right. I told you that we would rape you at the polls, and we did. I was right. Did we steal the elections? Maybe, maybe not. Probably we did. But so what? I told you, and I'll say it again. There was nothing you could fo about it then, and there's nothing you can do about it now.

Ben Naliva said...

Sorry, All Hail Bainimarama, was that rape? I thought you were just giving me your usual blowjob.

Anonymous said...

THE Ministry of Education has officially accepted the resignation of former acting permanent secretary Basundra Kumar, with Kelera Taloga being officially appointed by the Public Service Commission as the new acting permanent secretary.

In a media statement yesterday Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy said: "We urge members of the public not to get distracted with the comments made by the former acting permanent secretary on blog sites."

He said the information circulated by Mrs Kumar were meant to destabilise the ministry and bring disrepute to the office of the minister.

"While we do have disturbances that impinge on us from day to day, we will not allow the resignation of the former acting permanent secretary affect us or the system one way or another," Dr Reddy said.

Kamlesh said...

People that should be investigated :

Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy.

Also former Minister for Health - Neil Sharma - for Abuse of Office ; Corruption;
FICAC should investigate & throw these corrupt officials in jail.

In China they shoot the corrupt officials via Firing Squad.

Anonymous said...

"Fijian Sunset, when you're not with me we cant share, and the silver moon, looks down and laughs, at me without my other half, and the warm breeze whispered in my ear, WHAT A FOOL AM I, TO HAVE LEFT HER THERE!!!

Oh sweet lyrics of Ali Campbell'S (UB40) title song "Fijian Sunset".

For all the people of Fiji and particularly those that have such negative views about your own nation, hey, snap out of it, FIJI IS BEAUTIFUL, IT IS A NATION OF VERY FRIENDLY SMILING FACES!!


Seems I could go on and write a song myself.

Cheers people! Why commit to wasting your lives away committing suicide??

This country is a blessed nation no matter what and all who believe and are hopeful are those who live their daily lives full of love, sharing, peaceful living and a happiness and joy that all visitors to Fiji just cant help but notice!!!



Basundra Kumar said...

Fiji is fucked up badly, that's why it is run by FFP, Fiji Fucked Party.


Dr Mahendra Reddy said Basundra bring disrepute to the office of the minister.

Aare chutiya, you yourself bring disrepute to the ministers office by seducing and fucking your taxi-driver friend's wife, than giving them jobs to cover. You bring disrepute to your family. You betray your friend, your wife and your family.

you not fit to be minister F=Dr mahen Reddy. you have no morals or loyalty.

Dr Mahen Reddy's wife in revenge fuck said...

Dr mahendra's wife got her own back for her husband's infidelity by engaging in revenge fuck with a young, single, attractive male teacher af Bhawani Dayal. It is the talk of our school.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has some good points and a few great points.

This government isn't one of them.

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