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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Khaiyum orders number plates removed from vehicle involved in accident

Where is this car now?

Question: Why doesn't this new Toyota Landcruiser Prado, which has clearly been involved in an accident, have a number plate?

Answer: This is the Government back-up vehicle of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Frank Bainimarama's Attorney General and Finance Minister.

The powerful in Fiji, especially those in the military government who've gone on to be in the Fiji First Government, can do no wrong in the eyes of the majority of the people of Fiji, or so it seems from the election results - even though we all know the elections were not free and fair. Therefore, there must never be any link of wrongdoing to the new Government, even if it was an accident.
Two days out from Christmas (Tuesday December 23), Khaiyum travelled to Clopcott squatter settlement in Ba to hand over leases to 147 squatter residents. He was in his vehicle GP:256, a top of the range green Toyota Prado Landcruiser, accompanied by the white back-up vehicle.

After the hand-over ceremony that evening, Khaiyum was
Ironic: Accident happened near a Bainimarama road safety billboard.
treated to a dinner at a Fiji First supporter's home. The businessman had raised more than $100,000 for the party's election campaign.

He and his entourage left Ba at 1am on Thursday, December the 24th to return to Suva, via Kings Road.

Soon after Nagia village on Kings Road, the back-up vehicle, which was being driven by the back-up driver with an accompanying driver/security as passenger and was in front of the AG's vehicle, lost control, plunged down a slope and landed in the Wainibuka river. 
The driver of Khaiyum's green Prado, which was closely following the back-up vehicle, momentarily lost control and only just managed to stay on the road.

Both occupants of the back-up vehicle managed to free themselves, climb out of the river to make their way up the slope onto the highway where a shaken Khaiyum was waiting with his driver and bodyguard. 

Khaiyum told both to sort out the mess as it was their fault, and didn't even bother to ask if they were okay. He also instructed them to remove the Government number plates from the vehicle before the police arrived. He then left them on the roadside, came to Korovou Police Station in Tailevu, informed them of the accident, and proceeded home to Suva. 

The back-up vehicle was recovered by police and it was parked at the Korovou Police Station, minus the number plates. The vehicle was removed the day our sources took these pictures and its whereabouts reamins unknown.

From this incident come two lessons:

Khaiyum told his men to take number plates off this car
Lesson No 1: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has no human decency. Any decent human being would have cared about the welfare of others, especially in the case of mishaps. Here, two personnel responsible for his safety, were left on the roadside to dry themselves and denied a basic medical check to see if they had suffered any injuries. His only concern was to ensure the vehicle could not be traced to him and his office.

Lesson No 2 : Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is quick to hide any wrong-doing and scams when it concerns him. His instruction to the two personnel to remove the number plates of the back-up vehicle confirms this. 

The overall lesson? This is the Attorney General of the beloved Fiji who instead of protecting others, protects himself first and foremost.


Anonymous said...

A great story. A classic Aiyaz story. Here is Fiji's top law enforcement officer orchestrating yet another cover-ip.

Anonymous said...

I prefer stories with a happy ending. Like the time SS leader Reinhard Heydrich was being driven in his car in Czechoslovakia and was attacked by a grenade. It didn't get him, so Heydrich ordered the driver to back up in order that he might shoot his attacker with his Luger. That's when a second attacker opened up on Heydrich with a Sten gun, and shot his Nazi arse.

You know, THAT kind of happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Now how long would it have been before those government number plates were stolen ?


Chutia Rajen Chaudhry, who at 50 yrs of age can't earn a living, and survives on his father's ill-begotten wealth, is asking why 'Blackie bastard Bala naidu is still laughing after "killing" a pedestrian?

Rajen, how do you know he killed a pedestrian when the court case has not been held? have you heard of innocent until proven guilty? It's Very basic, chutiya ke aulaad.

No wonder you have a reputation as a tatti (shit) lawyer and can't get a job.

karavaki said...

khaiyum on action as da brain box of fiji has done alot to move fiji forward...on the dark side salaries of oppostion shud immediatly stop nd paid atleast dey do one thng constrative to move fiji forward.

Anonymous said...

How did C4.5 get hold of this story? Whatever story Khaiyum wants to hide to cover up his corruption will always come out in the open.

I am sure that there are many who are inside Khaiyum's government are "letting out the cats out of their bags" so to speak.

How's Victor Lal of FijiLeaks get his inside stories and even the copies of documents and emails for his evidences?

They are all interesting reading and these insiders with C4.5 and FijilLeaks should be commended.

Truth, by God's grace, will always be revealed one way or another.

Anonymous said...

The people giving those leaks from the inside are eventually let go. Many have not had their Contracts renewed.

What they don't know is that the documents in the Government are being marked with identifiers so that each copy going to a different person has slight typo particularities in the document, some have full stops where comma's should be and others have mistaken spellings in key passages.

Some documents have different fonts used for different recipients. Again that is also a security feature. Some pages have underlining on a particular heading whilst other copies don't have the underlining but its in bold and Capitals.

You leak a document and it will be tracked back to the source by those identifying features.

And then at the end of the Contract its simply not renewed. That's why all the civil service is now going on Contracts.

Just be faithful in your work because it pays in the long run.

Anonymous said...


"The Attorney General’s methods in attaining his ends, always involve Lies or Deception. Very often they involve conspiracies to do something unlawful.

The manipulation involved is akin to blackmail. He appoints them and requires them to do something unlawful. If they refuse, they are dismissed. If they fail to accomplish
His object or “cross” him in any way, they are to be dismissed. They are also to be punished. He uses his powers of dismissal of those that stand up to him to intimidate others, who then choose to co-operate with his orders."

It would be anyone's guess as to Dopey Frank's response!!!

Why do you think we still have this Sly Dictator ASK running government?

Anonymous said...

wat a fake stori.....datz not a govetment vechle nyway...

Anonymous said...

"Just be faithful in your work because it pays in the long run."

That's why we have Whistleblowers who do the good that their conscience dictates. They put their jobs and lives down the line of fire knowing that it PAYS TO SAVE A NATION AND EXPOSE THOSE GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES INVOLVED IN CORRUPTION then to follow YOUR weak advice to remain faithful in your work because it pays in the end.

If you're a coward, you're also likely to become a traitor!

Why do you think we have a reputable group of people working for COUP 4.5?

Convey your kind of advice to the empty dumbasses representing the Fiji First Government.

vani said...

thnk of 147 new leases to our people.......nd stop thnkg like sodelpa nd rotten demu kepa....

Anonymous said...

@ 2.56pm

You just said a mouthful!

They should be recommended and encouraged and given our full support!!


Anonymous said...

@ 3.14PM

Why dont you go get your twisted tongue re-aligned first before tlying ta se somfing eh?

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Thank you for your tip @Anonymous 3:02 PM. Perhaps these insiders will need to be very cautious in how to disseminate inside damaging information to those interested in acquiring such.

But your last line raises a question about being "faithful in your work". Faithful to who...Bainimarama and Khaiyum or to the people and the truth?

Anonymous said...

@ 2.33pm

Twinkle Tots Kindy are looking for children like yourself.

They have space still. Take your doodoo bottle too. He he he

Anonymous said...

@ 3.02pm

Thank you for the inside info to scare the rest of us. Weeeeeeeweeeee..we're afraid! Fiji First idiots never seem to learn!

Its just a load of bullcrap! We have FF spies trying to mislead!!

Our own hard-working 'CIA spies' are quick to pick up these fearmongering anomalies.

Try harder next time Vili & crew!!!

Anonymous said...

Jan 17th @3.2pm

Faithful to your contract. There is a confidentiality clause in your employment contract which requires you to treat critical information you handle in the course of your work as confidential

If you have reservations about the work then resign, otherwise if you feel there are issues at hand because proper procedures are not being followed then there are protocols and procedures to be followed meaning you report it higher up or to the relevant decision making authority responsible for that issue within your workplace and pointing out the irregularities

Taking it to the media or Fijileaks may seem like a brave thing to do but in the long run its is a stupid thing to do because you will end up like Tanya calling for a Commission of Inquiry after having lost her job and nobody at Fijileaks can give her back her job.

Now that's not only sad, but its also stupid because she now cannot find a job which can give her an equivalent salary and perks as she had at Fiji TV because new employers can't verify her reliability and trustworthiness. Can she be trusted with inside company information and can she be relied upon to follow the chain of decision making within the organisation ?

Once you get kicked out of a workplace for being unreliable because you leaked company information and damaged the company its very damaging

Anonymous said...

There is a pilot in Nadi who is unable to fly and unemployed because he leaked inside information on Air Pacific and ended up being charged by the Police.

He is a highly qualified pilot who can fly Boeings and even the Airbus but he can't fly because he sourced inside information from Air Pacific and leaked it to the blogsites without realising that the documents were secured with identifier features which were tracked back to the copy that was given to him.

None of those blogsites have given him a job.

He is now unemployed and totally dependant on his wife.

And that's sad

Anonymous said...

That pilot egged on by the blogsites decided he was James Bond and using the documents he sourced as Union rep for the Air Pacific Unions leaked them to the blog sites.

He was a hero for a week and a half.

Today Air Pacific has moved on with the transition to Fiji Airways all the employees have moved on with their jobs and he is still carrying the jerry can for playing Rambo and trying to proce himself James Bond by leaking documents.

Net stupidity.

Net result: no job, unemployed dependant on hand-outs.

And he cannot leave the country to fly in the Gulf because his case is still going on and he is restricted from travelling.

And where are the blogs when he needs them ?

Nowhere to be seen.

They've used his leaked documents on the blogsites and that's it

Apisai Tora said...

Khaiyum is a muslim there he doesnt have human decency like other muslims. Look at Australia, France, Pakistan, etc. Muslims kill their own people.What do you expect from them? Khaiyum your days are coming. Remember Sadam Hussein. You will fall like him. You have ruined our culture, tradition, chiefly system. You have taken the land from us. You think you are omnipresent. One day you will fall, dictator.

Anonymous said...


There's nothing more exhilarating like a New Year's surprise.

Fiji TV confirms - MIDA Chairman charged by Police even though his name was suppressed.

One sucker regime-rat down, a couple more to go!

vani said...

@ 5.16pm. your thnking is just like rotten demu kepa.....beta get sme education or upgrade ur self to catch da current system u purport..

Anonymous said...

@ 4.26pm

And that still makes him a HERO. You know nothing about his life so stop the unnecessary bullshit as I know the guy.

As for YOU? You're an obvious TWO-FACED SUCKER and a born COWARD judging by your views. If the Air Pacific incident your talking about turned out a success you'd probably be the first to kiss the Whistleblower's ASS!

Easy to depict your type! FRIGGIN LOSER!!

Anonymous said...

Vani is a slang for diarrhoea, so in other words vani is running shit. oilei hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how many expensive cars, trucks and other vehicules like ambulances are getting destroyed by civil servants over the years? in every small towns of this country you will find a TFL or a police truck "resting" in the compound of its employer... The value of the items damaged by employees is astonishing... there is such a level of immaturity on our roads!

Anonymous said...

@ 4.20pm

Funny how you lot come across as heavy bellied 'around-the-bowl' talebearers, too much idle talk, most times the long story is full of exaggeration.

If this pilot is supposed to be a miserable bugger today as you claim him to be, you'd be greatly disappointed. From what I heard he is living a happy life most guys would envy. Sure dig his new Chevy he just purchased!

And for your information, life is not all about flying for a pilot you know, there are other things to resort to in order that one can earn sufficient income. But that's none of your stinking business. People like you like to pry into the private lives of others.

Anyways, your report on this pilot is firstly, stale news and secondly, he has no regrets about it.

Read about Edward Snowden yet? Yeps, declared a hero in America and around the world. And there are others like him and the AirPac pilot you're trying to bring down..what is it really? Sourgrapes??

Anything else you might want to add to your story to make it appear a real desperate scenario for the AirPac pilot??? Real suckers!

Anonymous said...

@ 7.44pm

Correct. Cant beat the white new vehicle that's under the limelight today and the unlawful removal of the registration number plates after the crash. Aiyaz at it again!

Cant beat the non-mention of the name of the MIDA culprit on TV news tonight who was charged by Police.

Aiyaz at it again!


Anonymous said...

@ 7.44pm

Correct. Cant beat the white new vehicle that's under the limelight today and the unlawful removal of the registration number plates after the crash. Aiyaz at it again!

Cant beat the non-mention of the name of the MIDA culprit on TV news tonight who was charged by Police.

Aiyaz at it again!


Anonymous said...


Yes it's living in a planet run by apes who are still primitive.. you will get use to it sooner or later.some of the chimps are still learning how to drive safely.

Anonymous said...

Seji seji...that was the Vatukoula Gm personal car... u gang need to get ur story straight. We towed that car from Korovou.

Get better sources c4.5

Prominent media personality charged for annoyance said...

Fiji-Police-emblem_300x2001A prominent media personality has been charged with one count of annoyance.
In a statement Police Commission Ben Groenewald said the person concerned has also lodged an official complaint against the alleged manner his case was handled by police.
The matter has been referred to the Internal Affairs Department for investigation.
Person concerned has been released on bail and will be produced in court at a later date.
- See more at: http://fijione.tv/prominent-media-personality-charged-for-annoyance/#sthash.WkpRV04F.dpuf

MIDA bitch ARSEWIND RAJ said...

MIDA bitch ARSEWIND RAJ underestimated the cops. he thought they would be afraid to charge him because of his close friendship with PM bainimarama and AG Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. he thought he could act like a mini dictator,and like his bosses he could push the cops around.


Anonymous said...

@ 4.17pm

Perhaps you hold a grudge against Tanya because she made your Diktator Aiyaz and Fiji First Government look like imbeciles?

Your ill-will towards her is very conspicuous you know. Lets just say that you hope with a rotten heart that she doesn't get a job offer in the near future?

By the way, you somehow remind me of Fiji's Qorvis character..forgotten his name..if you do see him tell him that Tanya's well on her way to getting a sterling job offer in the very near future. Stay tuned on Coup 4.5 for this update!

Anonymous said...

Wow - The MIDA Chairman has just been given a new name!!

Keep your sense of humor folks the higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of its behind. Bahut tatti!

Anonymous said...

Watch Arswind raj's two great buddies, Pm Bainimarama and AG ASK rush to his defence and save his arse. The charges will be dropped and arsewind will continue as MIDA chair as they need a barking dog.

There is no justice in Fiji under Baini and ASK. Remember Francis Kean? Not only was he sprung from jail, he was given a op job

Ganesh said...

The Prado is a metaphor for Fiji. Khaiyum is running it off the road and into a ravine.

Just as the Nissan Pathfinder was a metaphor for Fiji earlier. A besotted Bainimarama using it as a dangerous weapon to assault law enforcement officers.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the pilot doesn't change the fact that he is a hero and Fijian patriot. In the end there will be justice for our God reigns.

Anonymous said...

ff party is giving sodelpa fans a very good hidg in their ass......face it u blady racist pple

Anonymous said...

Is that what that is? I thought it was a pimple. I didn't realise it was the traitors who call themselves FFP.

Anonymous said...


The proof is in the pudding Tanya can't get a job now. That's not my rotten heart, that's just the reality of the situation she has created for herself.

The Fiji market is relatively small and Fijian Holdings and those associated entities which she has attacked are major players in the Fijian economy.

How she can hope to get a job in an economy where Fijian Holdings just about has its finger in every pie and the major shareholders of the Fiji TV Board which she attacked also hold massive chunks will be nothing short of a miracle.

She has just about burnt all her bridges in doing that silly manouver. You need friends in business, and you don't make friends by attacking the integrity of their Boards, and certainly not in the media and blog sites as she has done.

That's not good commercial
sense. leave alone common sense.

Sodelpa can't pay her the Fiji TV salary or perks she lost, nor the blog sites. But they have made her do all the things that will simply burn her bridges and end any chance of resurrecting her career.

Anonymous said...

And that's not the Government's doing although it would be convenient for some to blame the Government.

That Board of Fiji TV has some of the top business executives in this country who have linkages to other major operations within the Fijian economy.

Fijian Holdings itself has linkages into almost all the sectors of the Fijian economy.

The days of getting ahead because you have Itaukei privileges are gone. Nobody gives you a job because you are an Itaukei. The guys sitting at the top of all the major companies in this country today are international people. Sri Lankans, Indians from India, Malaysians etc etc etc and they see things in pure business terms.

The top guy in FMF is from India, the top guy in CJ Patel is from Sri Lanka. The top guys in the Tappoo group are Sri Lankans, even their head Chef is Swiss. The top guy in Fijian Holdings is Sri Lankan. The top guy in the FNPF is Sri Lankan.

The top guy in ANZ is Indian from India. The top guys in Westpac and the BSP are Australians.

So you attack these Boards at the behest of a political party and put it on a blogsite and on youtube and what do you hope to achieve for your CV by doing so ?

You get nothing.

Its stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:16, etc., spoken like someone who lives on his knees.

Tanya getting sacked is the result of undue government interference. If she now also has trouble landing another job, it's because no one wants to cross this vindictive regime.

Anonymous said...


Io eh? That clause in the Contract to keep matters confidential would certainly apply if the Company or Organisation you work for was following the proper code of business ethics i.e doing things in the most legit, lawful, transparent and fair manner. Air Pacific Union had a purpose to fight for their employee rights too you know especially when its Employer was leaning towards unlawful unfair practices.

You heard of the idiom "let the cat out of the bag". This expression alludes to the dishonest practice of Air Pacific Chief Executive and the suckers closest to him then that plotted unlawfully against the welfare of the employees etc etc.

And we do have a HERO in the story who is basking in the sun and zooming about with that big grin on his face.

Pote !

Anonymous said...

@ 11.58pm

Actually, sounds like this someone who has a dislike for Tanya is PERMANENTLY BENT AT THE KNEES.


Apart from that, too green with envy more than anything else!


Dakuwaqa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A confidentiality clause in a contract cannot be used as a legal defence to justify committing or abetting a crime, even if the contract is with the government or with a pack of thugs masquerading thereas.

Anonymous said...

So what was the crime which entitled the breach of that confidentiality clause under these circumstances (wrt to Tanya et cie ?)

All I can see here is YALO WAI.

The Sodelpa politicians come and sweet talk in her ear and she fell for it.

When you first go to school your parents tell you to Vakarorogo, vakukauwa, gone vinaka I koro ni vuli.

Same thing when you first get a job, you parents say Vakarorogo, Yalo matua, Vakamurilewa, Qarava vinaka na nomu cakacaka.

When you follow that basic YALO MATUA common sense advise you go far in your work, but when when you don't and instead because of Yalo wai vakarogoca na vei vosa mai tuba you get into trouble.

That's what has happened to Tanya

She listened to the politicians, who used that situation for political mileage and abused her, and now they can't recompense her for all the trouble they sweet talked her into

This is the same things these people did to the CRWO boys in 2000 who all ended up in jail.

Its a very destructive type of politics which doesn't bring any life or any good, only leqa to those who get ensnared by it.

Sa levu na vakilakila...leqa kece ga

Anonymous said...

You guys should all get together and help Tanya pay her mortgage for her house at the Doman. Will Sodelpa do that now that they have gotten her into all this trouble ?

Anonymous said...


A comparison of two different things that does not use the word "like" or "as".

For example:

"An underling who sucks up to corrupt leaders in order to gain favour is permanently bent at the knees".

Does this ring a bell Vili and the rest of you corrupt FF sods?

...you can ring my be e ell..ring my bell.. ting a ling a ling........ LOL

Anonymous said...

@ 8.34am

One big LASU going on here.

Why dont you speak to Tanya and see what her real views are huh?

Also talk to the AirPac hero whom you think is living a low life...hahahahaha

VAMOOSE is the word vocab of the day today!

Especially for SORE LOSERS!

Anonymous said...

Has Fiji TV collapsed ?

No it hasn't.

Are the shareholders still making money ?

Yes they are.

Has Fiji TV been closed down ?

No it hasn't.

Is the Rugby Sevens issue a problem ?

No it isn't, because the negotiations with World Rugby remain afoot with new parameters.

So what has Tanya achieved by listening to SODELPA ?

Nothing, only the loss of her job.


You can have all the hero talk and this and that revolution talk, but at the end of the day its outcomes which matter.

And the outcomes are that Fiji TV is still operating and its shareholders are still making money.

Anonymous said...

Has Fiji Airways collapsed ?


Has the Fiji Airways restructure failed ?


Has Fiji Air ways made any losses ?

No its making profits.

Are the shareholders not making money ?

No the shareholders are making money

So what exactly did the Pilot Scott achieve with that stupidity which sees him unemployed and dependant on his wife and having to report to the Nadi Police station every week and struggling to pay his lawyer for a case which wouldn't have happened had he not done that stupid thing in the first place ?

What exactly did he achieve by doing all that ?

Anonymous said...

Is it risky to fly on Fiji Airways?


Anonymous said...


You know darn well that the Air Pacific pilot or anyone else for that matter would get little or NO JUSTICE at all if they're dealing with Air Pacific in which the Fiji First Government has substantial ownership and effective control over it.

The Pilot took a bold and courageous stance and of course is now having to face the consequences. That doesn't mean to say he has lost everything. He has his faith and good morals and all the backing and support of a good strong wife, family and friends..anything further is none of our business.

Pretty weird how you seem to be all worked up and sort of tormented in your beliefs that it is the end of the Pilot's life!

Who cares if Air Pacific is still reaping profits and the rest of it. The fact of the matter is that we have this Pilot who is admired by the general public for the selfless bold and courageous stand he took in revealing to the nation the UNLAWFUL PRACTICES OF Air Pacific Management against their own employees.

The penalties were overly harsh as we know it. You're a sucker to this FF Government which is CORRUPT, so you would definitely know that if you stand up to their 'illegalities' you get nailed - you lose your good job, good lifestyle etc etc.

Only a HERO who is self-less, bold and courageous will do all he/she can in his/her power to REVEAL the corrupted nature of his/her employer.

In Fiji we have our own few heroes..we are discussing two of them at the moment. With this current corrupt government, there's bound to be more heroes in future!

And if you still don't get it - you can choose the 'kneeling' approach sucker attitude like the MIDA Chairman - he is CORRUPT, but we know that he will probably get the backing and release of his purported crime by the Evil Diktator Aiyaz Khaiyum! Raj will probably retain his job, enjoy the current perks and continue to live the immoral life of corruption and lies.


Hahahaha...you dont have to say a word because its obvious!


Anonymous said...


Media Industry Development Authority chairman Ashwin Raj will appear in court on a charge of "annoyance", Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald confirmed yesterday.

Mr Groenewald issued a written media statement after media questions following a report on a popular local blogsite that Mr Raj had been detained and charged.

Asked to comment on Mr Groenewald's statement, Mr Raj told the Sunday Times last night he would not be saying anything. Earlier yesterday he had described reports of the charge as "malicious allegations".

Neither Mr Raj nor Mr Groenewald would give any details of what led to the charge. But Mr Groenewald said Mr Raj had also made an official complaint to him.

In his official media statement yesterday Mr Groenewald said, "We can confirm that Mr Ashwin Raj has been charged with one count of annoyance and was bailed to appear in court at a later date.

"However this week Mr Raj also visited my office and lodged an official complaint against the alleged manner his case was handled by our officers and the matter has been referred to the Internal Affairs Department for investigation."

The Sunday Times could not confirm last night when Mr Raj is due to appear in court.

Anonymous said...

And as for the MIDA SEWER RAT - he is down in his rotting cell crying like a silly imbecile that he was not treated fairly by Police.

Now a lesson is being revealed.

Here is the CORRUPT FOOL who turned a blind eye to all genuine complaints that were lodged with him from the Opposition way earlier and what did he do?

He did exactly what the Police did to him!!


We can only stand by and watch in amazement, the dilemma of this pathetic, evil mouthpiece of the Fiji First Government.

Anonymous said...


A comparison of two different things that does not use the word "like" or "as".

For example:

"An underling who sucks up to corrupt leaders in order to gain favour is permanently bent at the knees".

Does this ring a bell Vili and the rest of you corrupt FF sods?

...you can ring my be e ell..ring my bell.. ting a ling a ling........ LOL

Anonymous said...

Tanya and the Fiji Airways pilot have revealed the truth like it is. They are brave enough to sacrifice their jobs so that truth will come out. Their consciences are clear.

Truth weakens the liar.

Meanwhile a wine bibber is now charged and will be in court for being a common drunk despite his obsession for high sounding words he utters when he gives statements to the media.

"Pride goeth before a fall" is true indeed isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The truth is Fiji TV is still making profits and the Sevens issue has been resolved and the shareholders are still making their profits on investments.

The truth is Air Pacific's restructure has been successful and Fiji Airways is operations and its shareholders are making profits in their investments.

The truth is Pilot Scott and Tanya threw their jobs away on sheer stupidity because they achieved nothing except lose their jobs.

Sega saraga na betena. Just a waste.

In the Itaukei language its called YALO WAI.

That is the truth.

Anonymous said...

The Kneeler can spill barrels of ink trying to rationalise his own cowardice, but at the end of the day a man of integrity will sleep well knowing he did his duty. And at the end of his life will be able to say that he stood for something meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Itaukei young professionals also lost their jobs because of similar YALO WAI.

And now the complaint is that other races are taking over those jobs.

Maybe if the Itaukei had simply focussed on the work at hand instead of the kakase and all the rest of it and not fallen for the external sweet talking then they wouldn't have been ensnared in the similar problem that Tanya has fallen for.

Its a lot of years of work to get to be an Executive on a major entity such as Fiji TV and build up all those connections, but its also just one act of stupidity that can bring it all down.

And you are right, I agree, pride comes before a downfall.

I'd also add what the Bible says...seek wisdom and spiritual understanding and have faithfulness around your neck so that you don't do stupid things (sakasaka qai uchiriva) like that because of your YALO WAI.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.44am

The truth is not everyone can be bold and courageous like Tanya and the Pilot.

Many conform to choose the action of their Employers that conform with immoral principles.

That is the reason why the world is categorically divided into two kinds of people:

The good and the bad. In this case we have Tanya and the Pilot representing the good and Fiji First and its affiliated sources, bad.

To the weak like yourself, you think they've thrown their jobs away! A fool without morals or values will adapt this style of thinking.

WHO CARES IF FIJI TV AND AIR PACIFIC ARE MAKING PROFITS. DO YOU THINK TANYA AND THE PILOT HAVE YOUR WEAK LOGICS?? DEFINITELY NOT! The reason why is that they're a bunch of special people that only know how to live and work as their good conscience dictates regardless of the circumstances. YES, YOU HEARD IT!! REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES!!!

This is life - you lose a loved one, life goes on. Its not the end of the world. The end of the world only happens when you are so morally corrupted in the head that you remain 'knee-bent' for the rest of your life serving EVIL!

Haven't you heard that when a door closes another one is open?

So what nonsense are you babbling about? The brave victims have done a just deed and we totally commend them.

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice and corruption, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest and Tanya and the Pilot did exactly that!!!


Anonymous said...

@11.48 ...u sound like mickbeddoes fattypig.....wat a rubbish nd crapt lowgraded storries u write.

Anonymous said...

@ YALO WAI "Its a lot of years of work to get to be an Executive on a major entity such as Fiji TV and build up all those connections, but its also just one act of stupidity that can bring it all down."

And you quoted from the Bible? Don't even try to quote from the Bible Yalowai as you are weak in your reasoning and Satan has a strong hold over you.

Satan's words through you is this "..but its also just one act of stupidity that can bring it all down".

He uses people like yourself and all who defend CORRUPTION to mock and ridicule brave souls like Tanya and the Pilot. He tells you that money and wealth and riches is all you need to succeed in life. And sadly, you believe it!

What Satan is afraid of is to have brave souls EXPOSE HIS EVIL DOINGS!! So he gets the likes of you, Vili Rakoro, Tui Viti, The Fiji Sun, MIDA Chairman etc etc not to mention the main Evil Dictator Aiyaz and his true puppet Frank - and all his other advocates who are willing to pay him homage and be his mouthpiece.

YES, that is why you are all considered 'KNEE-BENT'!

I will copy/paste a comment from a very wise person for your digestion AND reflection:

The Kneeler can spill barrels of ink trying to rationalise his own cowardice, but at the end of the day a man of integrity will sleep well knowing he did his duty. And at the end of his life will be able to say that he stood for something meaningful.


Anonymous said...

“TRUTH never damages a cause that is JUST.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous said...

Instead of looking at everybody else as corrupt maybe you need to start from within yourself and ask why you aren't getting anywhere with your diatribe.

Maybe something positive like get a job for Tanya and the Pilot with better perks and privileges to what they have lost.

Both Fiji TV and Fiji Airways and their shareholders are continuing to make profits. They must be doing something right.

Maybe you need to start with your own corrupted world view instead of pointing fingers at others as corrupt.

Leqa levu gona ni Yalowai na vakilakila.

Anonymous said...


Corruption can occur at many different levels and in various degrees. Some acts begin as just favors between people in lieu of small gifts. This is known as petty corruption.
Other acts occur at the highest level of a company or agency, causing a widespread effect throughout the system. This is known as grand corruption. Additionally, other
corruption occurs because of conflicting incentives or lack of a process within a system. This is known as systematic corruption

Forms of Corruption:

Corruption comes in many forms including bribery, embezzlement, theft, fraud, blackmail, extortion, favoritism, and nepotism. Each form of corruption is described in
more detail below.

• Bribery is the act of a person giving gifts or money to another person in order to change his or her behaviors. An example of bribery is the act of giving monetary rewards to sporting officials to ensure a specific outcome of a game.
• Embezzlement is defined as the act by which a person uses his or her trusted position to steal assets or monies from another person or organization for personal gain. Embezzlement does not involve physical violence but involves a
breach of trust. The most common form of embezzlement is the under-reporting of income to government officials.

• Theft is when a person selects assets or monies to steal from a random person or organization. In theft, there are no previous trusting relationships between the two parties. An example of theft is if a person decides to steal another person’s identity in order to apply for a credit card.
• Fraud is the act of a person stealing another person or organization’s assets or
monies through deceitful actions for personal gain. An example of fraud is if a financial company guaranteed a customer would receive a certain return on his or her stock investment and then does not deliver on that guarantee.
• Blackmail is a crime where a person threatens to reveal damaging information about another person if a demand is unfulfilled. In blackmail, the threat made is legal even though the act may be humiliating.
• Similar to blackmail, extortion is when a person tries to obtain assets or monies by threatening a person, but instead of threatening to reveal information, the threat is to physically harm the other person. In extortion, the threat made is
illegal. An example of extortion is if an environmental group threatens to burn a company’s office down if they do not pay $2 million to clean up the local river.
• Favoritism is defined as the act by which a person favors a group of people. An example of favoritism is the act of a manager giving more flexibility and perks to specific employees to whom he or she favors.
• Nepotism means to favor a relative regardless of his or her abilities. Many people viewed President John F. Kennedy’s appointment of his brother, Robert Kennedy, as the US Attorney General to be an example of nepotism.

Anonymous said...


A whistleblower (whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization. The alleged misconduct may be classified in many ways; for example, a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest, such as fraud, health and safety violations, and corruption. Whistleblowers may make their allegations internally (for example, to other people within the accused organization) or externally (to regulators, law enforcement agencies, to the media or to groups concerned with the issues).

Whistleblowers frequently face reprisal, sometimes at the hands of the organization or group which they have accused, sometimes from related organizations, and sometimes under law.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.41PM

Mainly because I'm talking directly to people like YOU!!!

Thank you for keeping in tune!!!

Anonymous said...

@1.02 pm

Sure, so what do you achieve by talking directly at me ?


I have expressed my own views and yours have no bearing on it.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner of Police Ben Groenewald has confirmed that the Chairman of the Media Industry Development Authority, Ashwin Raj has been charge with one count of annoyance and was bailed to appear in court at a later date.

Speaking to Fijivillage, Groenewald said an individual person lodged a complain against Raj for annoyance.

Groenewald said this week Raj visited his office and lodged an official complaint against the alleged manner his case was handled by their officers.

The matter has been referred to the Internal Affairs Department for investigation.

Anonymous said...

Good on Raj---he appears to be an arrogant guy---who uses heavy wording in his writing but not in his speaking without script...he is MIDA .....

Anonymous said...

@ 12.41pm

Dont you get tired parroting off the same thing?

You pretend to care for Tanya and the Pilot by rubbishing them off at first and then pretentiously 'smooth healing balm' over your double-tongued views when your dissed by saying "maybe something positive like get a job for Tanya and the Pilot with better perks and privileges to what they have lost.."!

Are you serious??? You're a big joke and you are definitely being floored!!!

Anonymous said...

Robert Kennedy was one of the most effective Attorney Generals in the history of the United States. He made inroads against organised crime like none before. He gave his life for his country. The United States would be a better place today had he lived to become President. Yes, it looked like nepotism at the timd, but in hindsight we can see he was the best man for the job.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.02pm

Yalo wai, I see, you got educated today. lol

And Mr Groenewald is taking affirmative and positive steps to clamp down on troublemakers and wannabe FF loud-mouths.

Good job Sir!

Anonymous said...


He actually was.

Best example for Nepotism?

I would say right here in our current government.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.02pm

OOOhhhhhh dont reveal your jealousy
now..its pretty obvious.he he he

Beddoes doesn't mince his words - people dislike him for that.

Anonymous said...

Since the Kneeler is so solicitous for the well-being of Tanya and the piolt, perhaps he can help them find jobs himself.

But I get the impression that he's instead trying to use their experience as a cautionary tale in order to warn us off from doing anything to cross the dirty regime.
He's like one of Frank's goons waving a gun under our noses and telling us not to do "anything stupid".

We don't show Biblical "wisdom, spiritual understanding and faithfulness" by conforming ourselves to the evil we find in the world.

When the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor, he said ”All this I will give you, if you will bow down and worship me.” Jesus Replied, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written, ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’”

Following the Kneeler's reasoning, Jesus threw the whole world away in sheer stupidity and achieved nothing but lost his life. That's what the Kneeler calls "spiritual understanding"!

Anonymous said...

Well its sad that these people (highly educated)get sweet talked by politicians into doing stupid things like that and end up losing their jobs.

What have their gained by it ?


Have their careers improved because of it ?


Have their job prospects improved because of it ?


What exactly have they gained by doing that ?


The country carries on. Fiji TV carries on. Fiji Airways carries on.

The only net outcome is these people got sacked for failing to follow job protocols.

So where are the blog sites and the politicians now that they have used and abused these two people and made a spectacle of them and ruined their jobs and rendered them unemployed ?

That's the joke.

And its also the sad part. Its sad because highly educated people like that should at least have some common sense and wisdom.

Because at the end of the day once you are out of that job and have destroyed your professional reputation, none of these people who sweet talked you into doing that stupid thing will lift a finger to help you.

Its just you regretting that mistake and wishing you had thought through the issues before you allowed yourself to be sweet talked into being so stupid.

And that's the sad part.


A big waste. Getting all those qualifications and spend so many years rising up the corporate ladder only to fall for a sweet talking politician and lose your job.

sega saraga na betena na vuli vica vata na yabaki qai mai tini tu va ya.

Yalo wai

Anonymous said...

@ 309pm

Here goes the same Parrot with the whole long list of "concerns" for Tanya and the Pilot.

Full of exaggeration and make-belief that this saga has all resulted in great regret blah blah..more LIES!

Nice try..MAYBE REPEAT YOURSELF A COUPLE MORE TIMES...you might get at least a little nod?



Anonymous said...

Plenty of good people have given more than their jobs to their country. They've given their very lives.

What did they gain from it? You can say nothing. I can say eternal glory.

You can say that politicians sweet-talked them into it. I can say that they followed their duty and conscience.

You can say they showed no common sense or wisdom. I can say they showed courage, love and patriotism.

You can say their sacrifice was a big waste. I can say it is only wasted on people like you. To the rest of us they are remembered in honoured glory.

Anonymous said...

Honour me due mada na kena yaga. That assumes you are doing something useful with your Degree.

But when you are no longer employed then what use is that Degree ?

Sa sega na job qai cava tu na betena ?

Tavi cava e qaravi ?

Kakase ga sa kena levu ?

Sa rui sivia na vakilakila, kenai soqoni ga na leqa.

Sara bini tu qori na disbarred young Itaukei lawyers ena keba no Sodelpa e na levu ni Indiscipline kei na drecala.

Sa ia ga na vakamacala vaka vuku.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there was an Executive called Yalo wai.

Yalo wai worked for a very wealthy businessman.

One day Y came across some documents that revealed Y's employer was cheating the rest of the junior employees' overtime pay by incorrectly calculating the amount due (by, for instance, carrying over one week’s overtime hours into another week, paying employees their regular rate for overtime work; altering employees’ time sheets, etc.).

Y panicked. His conscience was set on fire! Y thought , I cannot reveal my boss's wrong deeds because I will lose my job! Y's mind flashed back to his younger days when Y's mum would warn him about keeping a job no matter what the cost.

Y picked up courage and said "I would be doing a great misdeed to these employees if I did not report the matter."

The story goes that Y DID NOT report the matter and has kept this great Evil concealed all these years.

Today Y drives a Prado.

Y also bought an executive house in Domain.

Y's career has improved.

Y's prospects have improved.

Each time Yalo wai would mingle with his work mates he always felt uneasy; Y was convinced and told himself that he was following job protocols, he was loyal to his employer and worked hard.

Y felt great about being highly educated and earned a good living. Y began to scorn people he knew who opted being Whistleblowers and lost their jobs because they unveiled information showing that their Employers were involved in unlawful business ethics. Y despised them for their honesty and courage.

In the village where he came from the story continues on till today that there was a rich and successful person called Yalo wai who despite all this person had, became miserably unsettled, lost, unstable, violent and slowly lost his mind when reaching his 40th year due 'to some kind of pressure in the head' the village elders said.

Sad story eh?

AND THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS........................

Anonymous said...

Got the story Yalo wai?

Because you are in a state of confusion, constantly repeating yourself, you are given a tale in the same manner.

But the message is clear isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Many people still giving of themselves to ensure Fiji doesn't become a wasteland and the contribution of the pilot will not be forgotten. He will be able to hold his head high unlike those supporting regime

Anonymous said...


Making up fairy tale stories is probably par for the course seeing there's nothing else substantive other than that those two were sacked and started making up stories to justify why they leaked the documents.

Of course the documents showed nothing and proved nothing, but it was good political mileage whilst it lasted (which wasn't very long) because the politicians who put them upto it are now nowhere to be seen whilst the two have lost their jobs.

And the moral of the story ?

E sega saraga na betena. What a waste of talent and good schooling and a career. Maumau.

Sa tini ga kina making up stories kei na kali bhat kei na kakase.

Anonymous said...

Yalowai is the kind of person who would not report to the law enforcers if his employer was burning his home.

Anonymous said...


Hehe that was funny!

Anonymous said...

@ Yalo wai 4.42pm

Isa sa rauta ma Yalo wai.

You just plain dumb PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.32

Sure, I'd report it to the Police.

But I don't understand why one would go and burn another's house ?

Is that like the Muainaweni thing or the Suva rioting thing ?

Why do we have to be so destructive ?

sobo sobo

Anonymous said...

Yalo whatever is just another regime ass-licker who was ordered to spread FF verbal diarrhoea in this forum. His reward? A night with Nailuva.

Anonymous said...

Wake up from your slumber before Baini and Aiyaaz mow you down with their 4 wheel drive. It is a govt vehicle Fullstop

Anonymous said...

@ 6.48pm

Woilei, o Ululala! How is it you guys just dont get the gist eh?

Is it the rain or the grog or the Ululalas?

Whose your boss again? Frank or Aiyaz? Seems this time must be Frank!

Anonymous said...

Only time will tell who is more racist. Already much drainage of both races is being seen. The only race FF respects is its own neonazi kind. Not race.

Anonymous said...

sa rauta ga me na-ulu i wai na prado ena levu ni draiva vakalialia era dau cakava na draiva ni matanitu. sa ratou qai qori o iratou na PSO's na rokana dina o Aiyaz. sega ni kawaitaki rau ni rau sa tu suasua tu i batini sala. tala biu-taki rau tu ga, qai saga mai nona bula i suva. vakacava mo drau tu vakatagane, drau ucuna na nomudrau yaragi, drau vanai koya? ke sega, ia dou sa veikata ga...sa dri yani

All Hail Bainimarama said...

And the moral of the story is


Anonymous said...

@ 3.41am



Anonymous said...

Jesus to Satan: "Get thee behind me!"

The Kneeler to the regime: "Sir, may I have another?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YALO WAI just reminds me of a
blind mice. And did you see the whole list of 'goodies' he/she/they listed earlier if Tanya and the Pilot had bowed to Satani??

Just goes to show - follow their evil leaders and they become like-minded!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good morning lovely people of this lovely paradise

Anonymous said...


Its a gorgeous morning.

The birds are chirping, the bees are zz z zing and the minds are a racing.

Its a beautiful paradise.

Anonymous said...

this when happens when corrupt leaders like Bainimarama need to cover their crimes and asses.

Anonymous said...

This asshole off doing more deals.

A FIJI Government delegation has met with their counterparts in India to discuss key issues including the possibility of code-sharing between Indian Airlines and Fiji Airways.

Fiji's delegation includes Minister of Finance Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Siddiq Koya and Fijian High Commissioner to India Yogesh Karan.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said their meeting with the Indian Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj was to progress talks on a number of key bilateral issues that were discussed during Prime Minister Modi's recent visit to Fiji.

"Air connectivity is important for the growth of trade, investment and tourism. Therefore, discussions were initiated at Government level regarding air services agreement and possibility of code-sharing by Indian Airlines with Fiji Airways," Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

Technical assistance and cooperation and private sector participation in the area of trade, investment, health, agriculture, sugar, and air connectivity between the two countries were the key issues discussed.

Anonymous said...

Back up vehicle for what? Assassination getaway? Or what?
What an on-going waste of tax payers money!!
They need not worry as it will surely catch up with them! It is written in the Bible, in the Gita and also the Koran. But, it will be in His [God's] good time!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz never met a government junket he didn't like.

Vutaki Meo said...

A question from a recent History Exam.

Question 1.
Contrast Qarase government with Bainimara government.

This is one of the students wrote.
"Qarase government moved the country forward with its growth policies, improving the lives of indigenous people and living within its means. Bainimara government has ruined the chiefly system, high nepotism and corruption, dictatorship, borrowing and fooling the people, has moved the country to dogs (backwards), muslim government with most senior positions tagged for muslims."

Anonymous said...

Not a bad answer by the test-taker, but the student should have said something, too, about Bainimarama's torture, murder and treason.

Anonymous said...

can't take it

Anonymous said...

check out 2 brand new 4 wheel drive for biosecurity written off. Audit please.