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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Narsey: No fault of Chand that donors shunned FNU

Fiji National University, the Bainimarama Government and Bad Governance
By Professor Wadan Narsey

The sudden departure of the founding Vice Chancellor from the Fiji National University (FNU) is an important enough event for the real owners and stakeholders in the university- the tax payers of Fiji, the current and future students and their parents, and future employers of the graduates, to call for honest answers from the Bainimarama Government.

Professional, transparent and accountable human resource management, is a crucial part of the good governance of all corporate bodies, including universities and their councils, and companies with their boards of directors.

Between 2006 and 2014, the unelected Bainimarama Government hired and fired civil servants, board members and senior management of statutory authorities, as they wished, with little transparency or accountability to the public.

The Public Service Commissioners and boards of the statutory authorities were merely “rubber stamps” uncritically obeying ministers’ orders and sending out the letters of dismissal, with the victims having no recourse to appeal, either within the organization or the courts.

With an elected government in place today, the public rightly expect that ministers will be fully transparent and accountable to the tax payers, whose assets and development interests are at stake.

But the well-publicized allegedly “amicable” departure of the Vice Chancellor of FNU and the termination of two senior executives from Fiji TV indicate that good governance is being seriously undermined by ministerial interference and undesirable micro-management of our public bodies.

Unless other facts are revealed to the public, the evidence here indicates that members of the FNU Council, and specifically its Chair (Minister of Education, Dr Mahendra Reddy), are seriously failing in their fiduciary duty to the Fiji taxpayers, by pressuring the FNU Vice Chancellor into a supposedly “amicable” departure, thereby undermining the independence and academic integrity of Fiji’s national university, and denying natural justice to its CEO.

Similar events have also taken place with respect to the termination of the Fiji TV executives.

For Fiji to return to being a just society, the public must show the courage to shake themselves out of their current cowardly lethargy and demand full accountability, transparency and integrity from the FNU Council and Fiji TV Board members, who have a fiduciary duty to professionally and fairly manage the human resources they have accepted responsibility for.

The public must also demand accountability from the Bainimarama Government which promised honest and transparent governance to voters, not just during the September 2014 elections, but in the values espoused by their own 2013 Constitution.

The Departure of FNU Vice Chancellor

The Press Release signed by the Minister of Education (dated 29 Dec. 2014) ) stated:
“Following discussion’s in the Council meeting for a redirection and consolidation of the University’s strategic focus, the Chairperson of the University Council, the University Council and the Vice Chancellor have mutually agreed that the Vice Chancellor’s employment contract be brought to an end before the expiry of the same. The mutual parting of ways has been amicable.”

 The Minister also stated paradoxically:
“The University Council is full of praise for Dr. Ganesh Chand. Having worked with the Vice Chancellor over the past 5 years, and having seen his leadership first hand, I echo these sentiments as well. Dr. Chand was always on his toes. He was full of energy and determination to make the University a credible and a leading university. It was his strategic thinking, and his drive, enthusiasm and passion that saw the rapid development of the University.”

 Dr Reddy forgot to mention that it was the vision, energy and enthusiasm of Dr Ganesh Chand that saw the formation of FNU from its disparate elements in the first place.

In the process he would have had to tread on the toes of many former CEOs who were suddenly deprived of total control of their turfs, and diplomacy is not known to be one of Dr Ganesh Chand’s strengths.  But Dr Chand is also credited by many as being the initiator of Fiji University as well, until micro-managers there ensured a parting of ways.

But while the Press Release gives the impression that the FNU Council also wished Dr Chand to depart, VC Chand’s email to FNU staff (of 30 Dec. 2014) clearly stated otherwise: “Please be advised that the Chairperson of the FNU Council, Dr. Mahendra Reddy, advised me and the members of the Council of the University of the need to change the Vice Chancellorship of the University”.  (my emphasis)

It may be relevant that the FNU Council’s term was finishing at the end of the year and a new one was to be appointed by the Minister for Education.

Dr Ganesh Chand would have naturally expected, given the experiences of many others in similar positions, that the Minister could easily appoint Council Members enough of whom would be amenable enough to eject the VC without fulfilling his contractual entitlements, further reduced by costly legal battles.  It was probably quite sensible for Dr Chand to accept his contractual entitlements, and agree to call his departure “amicable”, which he did.

But, given the full-some praise of Chand by both Dr Reddy and the FNU Council, the public are entitled to ask what reasons were given by Dr Reddy to justify terminating Dr Chand’s tenure as Vice Chancellor, before the end of his contract.

While many, for political reasons, may chuckle at Ganesh Chand’s departure from FNU, there are far more important issues critical for FNU’s academic integrity and future independence.

If the Education Minister’s stated “hands-on” approach (i.e. micro-management, including termination of staff considered “undesirable” by Government), is accepted by the FNU Council,  there is grave  risk to academic freedom at FNU, inevitably leading to “self-censoring” by academic staff for self-preservation, as they currently do at The University of the South Pacific (USP).

So what were the reasons for the Vice Chancellor’s departure, euphemistically described as “amicable”?

Reddy’s reasons for termination
There have been many allegations on the blogs about the reasons for Dr Chand’s departure including unproven allegations of nepotism and fraud being investigated by FICAC, but these were denied by Dr Reddy as a reason for the amicable separation.

Dr Reddy is quoted by The Fiji Times (of 30 December 2014) as saying that he and Dr Chand had a “slight divergence of views” and that “We believe that now is not the time to make any new major expansion but the time to consolidate, and I think that’s where the difference is”.

Dr Reddy also claimed that the FNU Council wanted a “redirection and consolidation of the university’s strategic focus” which was not the same direction Dr Chand was taking the university and  “the Council decided mutually with Dr Chand that he will leave FNU“(my emphases).

But the Minister’s claim that Dr Chand had to leave merely because of a “slight divergence” of opinion between himself and the Vice Chancellor over some “focus on consolidation rather than expansion” is totally lacking in credibility and needs further examination, as is his allegation that the FNU Council also disagreed with the Vice Chancellor’s strategic direction and therefore wanted him out.

The ordinary public may not know that Dr Mahendra Reddy, a former colleague and close friend of Dr Ganesh Chand at USP, was in fact hired by the FNU Vice Chancellor to be one of his important Deans, and was subsequently in his innermost circle of decision-making on all strategic developments at FNU.

The Minister was well aware of the VC’s ambitious plans, based on his sound knowledge and experience as a labour market economist of the demand for tertiary technical graduates in Fiji, regionally and internationally, to appropriately plan the further expansion of FNU in both range of activities and geographical catchment outreach, not just to Vanua Levu but also the wider Pacific region.

These were plans that any labour market economist (including myself), the FNU Council, and the Bainimarama Government would have approved, given their strategic political and economic assistance to several PICs, especially the Melanesian and the Micronesian countries, such as in teaching assistance.

If the FNU Council felt differently about some specificities in the FNU plan, all they had to do was to express their wishes to the Vice Chancellor as a policy guideline which he would have had to implement.

Should the Vice Chancellor then fail to follow the accepted policy guidelines, it is basic good practice in human resource management that the FNU Council would officially notify the VC in writing, and give him the opportunity to remedy the alleged defects, with a warning of termination if the VC did not comply satisfactorily.

Is there any record of the FNU Council ever formally expressing its dis-satisfaction with the FNU Vice Chancellor’s performance in any respect whatsoever, including FNU’s future direction?

I doubt it, as I have been told by anonymous sources that Dr Chand was fully supported and praised by the FNU Council, and there was no dissatisfaction with his performance as Vice Chancellor, certainly not serious enough to warrant his termination as Vice Chancellor.

It is also beyond comprehension that an experienced academic and wily administrator like Dr Ganesh  Chand, would have refused to accede to any reasonable FNU Council decision for a “change of focus” and “consolidation” rather than “expansion”, especially if termination was given as the alternative.

Dr Reddy’s public explanations for Ganesh Chand’s departure from FNU are internally contradictory, flimsy, and just do not hold any water.

Of greater relevance may be the dressing down he gave the FNU Council and the Vice Chancellor in mid-November.

Dr Reddy’s Address to FNU Council
The Minister’s address to the FNU Council on the 10 November 2014 as Chair of the FNU Council,  included the following statements, which I quote verbatim in italics (with grammatical errors, surprising for a Minister of Education who constantly demands quality from schools and teachers):
“Members, our own National University allow government to peddle its national agenda….It can ask, direct or instruct the University to take the programme, discourse, spending in a direction that will allow the University to deliver on to the vision of Government….

the governments vision which could have amendments every now and then are to be presented to the senior management as when the amendments are made. It is for this reason Government is responsible for the appointment of the Council and the Senior Management team…..
it is for this reason, to protect the CEO and Government and provide guidance with the framework of the Decree and other policies of University, we have Council sub committees. These sub committees must scrutinize thoroughly papers and ask critical questions which will ensure that the University remains on course at all times.”

One sentiment expressed here is acceptable: i.e. that once appointed, the FNU Council, with the assistance of its Sub-Committees, is then directly responsible for ensuring that the Vice Chancellor delivers upon the Vision and Mission Statements, and whatever Strategic Plans that have been agreed upon  collectively between the Council and Senior Management.

But Dr Reddy’s speech went on to state quite worryingly: “there is a contrary view that Government appoints the CEO and then sits back and only at quite a late stage to realize that the damage is done.  The CEO/VC is accountable to the Government via the Council.  A hands off approach could spell disaster and provide room for bad governance practice hands an oversight is needed.” (my emphasis)
 So what did Dr Reddy see as the damage, nay, the “disaster” brought on by VC Chand?

Dr Reddy listed them: public relations with stakeholders and potential donors could be improved; there were concerns about the suitability and quality of some existing programs, staffing, library resources and workshops; there was a public perception of FNU associated with FICAC’s raid on FNU; and inadequate utilization of existing properties (I come to this last complaint later).

Except for the FICAC issue, all the problems would have been on-going from day one, and FNU Council and Management would have been tackling them (as also does USP).

A more specific and strange complaint by the Minister was:
“At times we may get tempted to  tap into regional market as there may seem to exist some windfall gains which the University could exploit. I strongly urge that you leave that to our regional University. That’s their domain. We remain national in our presence but international with respect to our staffing profile and research and publication…

Any knowledgeable education economist would challenge this advice by the Minister and his irrelevant reference to “windfall gains”.

FNU’s technical training offerings in many fields are substantially different from that offered by USP, far more labour market oriented, and there are indeed excellent niche markets in the region which FNU can rightly tap into, and was beginning to do so, with much appreciation by regional students.

Even in areas competing with USP, FNU’s offerings are considerably cheaper than USP thereby assisting university access to poor students unable to afford USP’s higher fees.

As important, it is now obvious to the public that Fiji’s tertiary students (including those at USP) have all benefited enormously because of the competition that FNU has brought to  USP, with the latter totally shaken out of their four decades of complacency in all areas of service delivery to the great delight of advertising and television and radio companies who are minting a fortune in the process (students might like to research how much has been spent by USP on advertising compared to the period before FNU appeared on the scene).

Keep in mind also that regional students at FNU paying full economic fees (which are higher than the average Fiji Government grant per capita) are an increasing source of marginal funds for FNU, while earning additional foreign exchange for Fiji.

As in Australia, Fiji’s entire education system including quality tertiary, secondary and primary schools, has become a valuable export earner to the region, especially Melanesia and Micronesia (not to mention the Tuvaluans, Kiribati and Nauruans who have bought housing in Fiji to facilitate their children’s education).

Bad comparison with USP

Strangest of all was Dr Reddy criticism of VC Chand that
“The reality is, for the competitive programmes, FNU is not the University of first choice for most of the students”.  [Read: “USP is”.]

 While Dr Reddy would never have said this publicly when he was Dean at FNU, this surely cannot be taken as a fair criticism of the Vice Chancellor’s management of FNU or even of FNU itself, however much it might delight USP (expect it to be quoted ad nauseam from now on).

It is a fact that USP has the advantage of fifty years of massive capital and recurrent funding support from regional governments and international donors, allowing USP to pay vastly more competitive salaries and attract better quality staff than FNU, with facilities as good as many metropolitan universities of equal size.

USP has also had forty seven years of experience, and has been enrolling the best Fiji students who remain to study in Fiji (after the cream have departed overseas on donor scholarships or privately).

Parents must think, even with relation to high schools: to what extent does the institution stamp the quality of graduates, and to what extent it is the quality of entering students which results in  the output quality of the institution.  (Of course, both factors apply and are inter-dependent: you cannot make a silk purse out of the sow’s ear).

It is surely also no fault of VC Ganesh Chand that since the 2006 coup (i.e. right from the inception of FNU) the traditional donors (Australia, NZ, EU and others) shunned providing funds to a national institution like FNU because of their sanctions against the Bainimarama Government, with USP thereby enjoying the real “windfall gains” (through no sweat on their part), because donors wished to stay engaged with the Fiji people, even if indirectly.

Now that Fiji has a democratically elected government and donors have re-established normal relations with Fiji, I expect donor funds to flood to FNU over the next four years (I sincerely hope that the exhilarated new FNU executives do not proudly claim personal credit for this turnaround).

With additional funding from the donors and the Fiji Government, most of the weaknesses identified by Dr Reddy could have been better addressed by the FNU without any need to change the Vice Chancellor.

Perhaps Dr Reddy as an FNU Dean for five years should also have told the FNU Council and  the Fiji public what he was doing about these very weaknesses he suddenly identified after becoming Minister of Education.

What of the FNU Council?
Dr Reddy’s actions and statements clearly indicate that far from the FNU Council being unhappy with the VC, it was “someone” in the Bainimarama Government itself (no prizes for guessing who), acting through Dr Reddy as Minister of Education and Chairman of FNU Council, that led the charge to have his former mate and superior, Dr Ganesh Chand, removed as Vice Chancellor.

Surprisingly, the FNU Council has not publicly objected.
A notable strength of VC Chand was that he managed to create an FNU Council with an unparalleled array of leading professional organisations of relevance to FNU programs and students: the Fiji Law Society, Fiji Institute of Accountants, Fiji Principals’ Association, Fiji Chamber of Commerce, Fiji Institute of Engineers, Fiji Nurses Council, Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association, Fiji Medical Association, Trade Unions Confederation, Fiji Teachers’ Union.

Readers might like to compare this line up with the lack lustre USP Council membership.

Sadly, the FNU Council Members seem to have been passive observers, although many expressed their reservations privately.

It may be quite relevant that the Council Members’ terms were coming to an end on the 31st December and a new Council is to be appointed by the Minister for Education, at his discretion.

The silence of Prime Minister Bainimarama?
Ultimately, however, whatever the decisions made by individual ministers, the buck finally stops with Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, whose silence on Dr Ganesh Chand’s departure is interesting for two opposite reasons.

First, I suspect that Dr Ganesh Chand was personally responsible for influencing the  Bainimarama Government in adopting many of its people-centred policies such as free education, training for rural development, reform of tertiary education scholarships and loans, the development of quality technical colleges to replace inadequately resourced small ones based at schools, and others.  These  measures which even regime critics praised as being positive for Fiji, were largely responsible for the Fiji First Party victory in the September 2014 elections.

These policies reflect much of Dr Ganesh Chand’s personal life and work experiences, including creating an organisation of friends called Fiji Youth and Students League to provide tertiary scholarships for poor denied Indo-Fijian students after the 1987 coup, and starting an excellent new Journal (Fijian Studies) to provide an alternative outlet for academics often denied publication by the established ones.

The public should remember that Dr Ganesh Chand was once a socialist Minister in the ill-fated 1999 Labour Government whose term was cut short by the 2000 coup before they could attempt the kinds of policies (some, not all) that Bainimarama has been trying for the last two years, at Dr Chand’s instigation.

But to understand another dimension of the Vice Chancellor’s departure, readers may note one more dubious complaint in Dr Reddy’s 10 November speech to FNU Council:
 “the University is not fully utilizing its existing properties while it wishes to acquire new properties… Quite a number of properties are still not utilized and there are outside entities watching the University closely to see if they can have it and better utilize it.”

On the contrary, I suggest that for a university that is destined to grow steadily into the future, especially now that the Bainimarama Government has rightly guaranteed full access to all tertiary qualified students, it is financially sensible to acquire now, urban and peri-urban properties for FNU’s future needs, at the current low prices, instead of waiting until urbanization and speculative foreign and local demand have pushed up prices beyond tax payer’s reach, however necessary for FNU.

FNU currently owns extremely valuable farm lands in Navua, acquired for its agricultural programs, but the coconut wireless (the real original one- the kudru ni vanua) apparently has it that these lands are now desired by a powerful Bainimarama-supporting company with financial interests in the dairy industry and the media.   It will be interesting to see if the new Acting Vice Chancellor and the soon to be appointed FNU Council agree to the sale of the Navua farm lands to a private company.

Ultimately, Bainimarama’s continued silence on the termination of Dr Ganesh Chand as Vice Chancellor of Fiji National University (and Mr Tevita Gonelevu and Ms Tanya Waqanika as senior executives of Fiji TV) does not reflect well on his personal accountability to the tax payers as Prime Minister of Fiji, who supposedly received more than two thirds of the votes going to his Fiji First Party, with other powerful ministers getting dismal numbers.

Neither does it reflect well on the powerful professional bodies which are represented on the FNU Council or on the influential individuals who are board members of Fijian Holdings Limited, or the apathetic public (including yet another organisation with an oxymoron for a name, like Transparency International Fiji) who all continue to remain silent, while the fundamental principle of independence of boards and councils is publicly trashed, and natural justice is denied to prominent Fiji citizens and senior managers.

I suggest that true development and social justice can only result from collective social efforts, and will never be delivered by some Saviour as mana from heaven, as some tragically hope, in splendid anonymity on the anti-Bainimarama blogs.


Ganesh Chand: arrogant, condescending, son-of-a-bitch said...

Ganesh was appointed by the regime without due process. He ruled like a tyrant, making nepotistic appointments and persecuting and trampling on workers' rights.

Ganesh failed miserably when it came to "Professional, transparent and accountable human resource management", which Wadan is preaching us about. You need to give that advice to your buddy Ganesh, Wadan.

Ganesh never practiced good governance or respected councils, and boards of directors, so is he expecting that from government? He had Iqbal Janif and Filipe Bole on his side and used committees to rubber stamp his dictatorial decisions.

Ganesh felt he alone knew what was good for FNU and all other committee members were useless. It was humiliating working with him.

To put it bluntly, Ganesh was an arrogant, condescending, son-of-a-bitch.

As they say, you can take a man out of Labasa, but you cannot Labasa out of a man!

Ganesh was appointed uber dubious circumstances by the regime. So what if he got sacked under dubious circtuntamces by the same regime? It's called karma.

As they say, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Wadan , you risk damaging your reputation and compromise your credibility by writing one-sided articles to protect your so-called 'friends' who have wronged the community.

ratu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Mahen Kanwa Reddy was Ganesh Chand's partner in crime, but had to cut Ganesh loose when the heat from ASK became too much.

Ganesh used to scratch mahen's arse abe mahen used to scratch Ganesh's arse.

Remember, Ganesh have taxi driver whose wife Mahen was banging a job at FNU to hush up the affair?

Why don't you highlight this Wadan? You are being very selective when you write about transparency and accountability.

It seems your rules do not apply to your friends, only to government.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is not a question of Gujji or non Gujji. That would be too naieve and ignorant. Ganesh and Mahendra Reddy were kissing cousins since 1987. It is now a matter of who can f*** over who. Like a good "mad race kanwa" Reddy out smarted Ganesh. Wadan has an opinion and we should respect it. We don't necessarily have to accept it. We can agree to disagree. Arse Kai is micro managing the government. It is he who is making all the calls. So let's not make a mistake and point the finger at a puppet but should point the finger at the puppet master.

taniyala waqa said...

wadarn story is one sided story...he has no idea or any fact for ganesh termination........


Proof that Wadan is biased against government is that he ignores Ganesh's wrongdoing and only criticises Mahen Reddy to get at government. Ganesh ran a corrupt outfit, but that doesn't matter to Wadan. he actually treats Ganesh like an innocent victim, which is far from the truth. Ganesh was the oppressor.

Ganesh and Mahen were two peas in the same pod and helped each other. For example, when Mahen's affair with his taxi driver friend's wife was revealed, ganesh saved the day by employing the husband at FNU.

But Wadan attacks only Mahen and pretends Ganesh was innocent. NO more prove needed of his animosity towards government.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can be a Professor, but if you're biased and corrupt, then WHAT THE HECK!

All irrelevant. Let's go back to listening to that brilliant Lt General and how to correctly overtake a hostage situation by Muslim terrorists.


Graham Davis Junior said...

It looks like Wadan Narsey is blind to all the revelations on Fijileaks which also publishes his columns from time to time.

Ganesh is corrupt and so is Mahend Reddy!


D Ganesh Chand's nickname is gardia (arsehole) ganesh. Here is why. Hope it opens your eyes Wadan:

According to the notoriously biased economist/political commentator, Prof. Wadan Narsey, Ganesh chand is a saint. He appears to have no idea how many lives and careers the evil incarnation Ganesh Chand has destroyed at FNU. He has no idea of the blatant corruption he indulged in, the racism he propagated through nepotism and exclusion. He seems to have no idea how unprofessional the organizational culture was in Ganesh's reign with him running the FNU as a family business. The uncivilized and unethical Ganesh Chand also preyed in female stuff, and kept many young and pretty Indo-Fijian girls as secretaries who accompanied him and his friends like Naren and others on their weekend retreats at resorts. Little does he know of his affair with the now wife of a prominent Radio Navtarang personality whom he subsequently appointed FNUs manager operations from being a FiT secretary and how she also bossed around staff and victimised them as wives do in family run businesses. The list of Ganesh chand's vices go on and on. It's a great injustice that the criminal has been spared the course of justice. Wadan should be very happy that his long term friend is not in jail where he deserves to be and instead of glorifying him as a hero, Wadan should be directing his energies towards remedying the disaster Ganesh has wrecked upon the Fijian education sector.

Anonymous said...

Wadan never suggested Chand was innocent, much less a saint. It's dishonest to claim that he did.

Was Chand corrupt? I dunno, personally, but I wouldn't be surprised, given that he was a regime appointee and the many anonymous allegations to that effect. If he was corrupt, then fire him for cause, don't give him an "amicable" separation. But let him go in a fair and transparent process.

Some of you can't seem to see the forest for the trees. Why not address Wadan's main points, which are that the regime has for years made personnel decisions willy-nilly without regard for justice or accountabilty and that this must not be allowed to continue.

Anonymous said...

" Wadan should be directing his energies towards remedying the disaster Ganesh has wrecked upon the Fijian education sector "

Actually, yes, do so Professor. You'd best listen to what is being said against Ganesh, your acquaintance whom you are defending.

While we appreciate Professor that you have highlighted a whole lot of important irregularities that has proven the FF Government to be unjust, corrupt and less transparent then we'd all like, you still have to
'hit the nail on the head' whenever you should regardless of friend or foe.

Lets be noble and let us lead by example. Otherwise, the people will doubt the rest of what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Well well well...time for Hindoos to resume their position in Fiji's politics. Right now Hindoos are unrepresented or minutely represented whilst the Mislims who are a minority group hold the power base of Fiji. They have. I guess this is the Muslim way of exacting revenge against the Hindoos for 1977 when they ousted Sidiq Koya... Surprisingly, Sidiq's sons are now in politics and have laid domant for years. Their mother was convicted for arson after burning the popular building in Lautoka down for Insurance purposes. They have always been vindictive towards the Chaudary's etc and now it is their turn to hold power. Guess who will take over from Khaiyum if he falls....

Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

When, not if.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait! All allegations of sodomising and buturaki by RFMF goons at the behest of the regime are unproven and ought therefore to be dismissed, according to Vili Rakoro.

Anonymous said...

So according to Vili Rakoro, Sam Speight was lying when he said this

"I was on the cement floor lying face down receiving blows to my back and head and my head being stepped on by a boot the soldier whom I identified as Penioni Naliva was armed with a M16 rifle and I was shocked when I felt the metal barrel of the gun forcing my shorts down from the hip exposing my buttocks and to my horror he attempted to force the point of the gun into my rear end. "

Vili Rakoro is a LIAR.
Bainimarama is a LIAR.
Aiyaz Kaiyum is a LIAR.

FFP should deliver a vote of no confidence in THE CORRUPT PM OF FIJI and HIS CORRUPT SIDEKICK AIYAZ KAIYUM.

Anonymous said...

Je suis Charlie.

Vous êtes Frank.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that's quite a paradox. On the one hand, Vili can't be wrong. He's an anus expert.

On the other hand, Naliva never met an anus he didn't want to prod.

Anonymous said...

Je suis Charlie

Vous touki Frank.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:27



I wonder what will happen when Naliva meets Vili.


Anonymous said...

Flight turns back as precautionary measure

Monday, January 12, 2015

A FIJI Airways flight bound for Apia, Western Samoa, had an air turn back after pilots detected an anomaly in one of the aircraft's engines.

Managing director and CEO Stefan Pichler said Fiji Airways would not compromise on safety standards



I USED TO THINK THIS GUY WOULD STEADY THE SHIP AFTER WHAT THE ARSEHOLE david pflieger DID TO FIJI AIRWAYS....but it looks like he is making some stupid statements.



Anonymous said...

Correction, Vili Rakoro has already had his anus prodded by Naliva's vudi. This is a fact.


Ganesh had a massive chip on his shoulder regarding USP. he was extremely jealous and hostile towards USP VC Rajesh Chandra. It seemed to us the tensions existed from their days at University of Fiji.

Ganesh showed contempt for VC Rajesh Chandra. He used to ridicule the USP and its VC to us staff at every opportunity. If we did something wrong, he would say, 'is that what you learnt at USP?' Ganesh was a crude, mannerless man with no class. We hated his mocking tone and know-it-all, superior, smart-arse attitude.

Wadan knows shit about Ganesh. He got what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

Isnt Ganesh a demi God and didn't Rajesh root his arse

Anonymous said...

ganesh acted like he was demi-god, but found out he wasn't. In the end he was rooted by ASK and his sidekick mahen reddy.

Anonymous said...

They boast about Fijian culture and their Christian ways but dump their shit on others, bloody hypocrites. They open their arms to convicted sex offenders preaching in their Churches but treat wayward youths like this !

"" ANY villager in the province of Cakaudrove found guilty in a court of law for cultivating or peddling marijuana will be exiled from their villages for five years.

And those who are not registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula to the villages in Tunuloa, Natewa, Nakobo and Cakaudrove districts will be removed permanently.

The tough stand taken by chiefs in Cakaudrove follows the uprooting of 3500 marijuana plants from farms in the district last week during a police operation.

Chairman of the Crime Prevention Committee — Tunuloa, Cakaudrove, Nakobo and Natewa — the Tui Koroca, Ratu Manoa Rakai, confirmed this saying they needed to take the drastic action because of the high marijuana cultivation in the area.

He said they had met and discussed this village bylaw and the Tui Cakau, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, agreed that traditional leaders in the four districts — Tunuloa, Natewa, Cakaudrove and Nakobo — enforce the law.""

Anonymous said...

Putin: If Europe doesn’t want our gas, we will redirect resources, build new pipeline

Russia is forced to withdraw from the South Stream project due to the EU’s unwillingness to support the pipeline, and gas flows will be redirected to other customers, Vladimir Putin said after talks with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Anonymous said...

Letter to Editor 12/01/15
Government PR

WHY does the Government spend millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars on QORVIS to give them a good image when they have the Fiji Sun?

NSW Australia


Fijileaks has done a major expose on sleazeball, Dr mahendra kumar, the over-sexed former unifiji VC, who was sacked after caught fornicating and tongue fooing a woman in his office:


Anonymous said...

mahen reddy was armed with legal opinion from Lawyers Reddy Nandan when he sacked Ganesh Chand.A hefty sum was paid to Reddy Nandan-relatives of Mahe Reddy--all in the family!!!

Anonymous said...

And whose money is used to pay Qorvis? This firm is promoting the regime's image. It isn't promoting the country's.

Anonymous said...

We've many a rascal in our PNGDF, but at least our armed forces never overthrew the government in Port Moresby.

Thanks to your "disciplined, professional" RFMF, you've had, what, five coups now? Tsk, tsk!


DR MAHENDRA KUMAR, aka, Professor of Kamasutra, sacked as UniFiji VC for fornicating with fellow academic staff member, and defiling the office of the VC.

DR MAHENDRA REDDY, contesting for Professor of Kamasutra title against his namesake and mate, Dr mahendra kumar. Reddy seduced the wife of his taxi driver friend.

Last, but not least, DR GANESH CHAND, aka Ganpat, the sex guru, who likes to surround himself with fresh Indo-Fijian female graduates whom he employs. As a demi-god, Ganpat Baba needs the gopis around him, at least 19 at last count. Ganpat seduced wife of Navtarang radio announcer. Ganpat passed on his seduction skills to his friend mahen reddy, who used it to good effect on his tax driver's wife.

This is what some of our top Indo-Fijian academics have been up to in recent years!

Anonymous said...

@1.26 Coup d'état happens in all societies France had a coup d'état before the formation of the 5th Republic which runs today.

The United Kingdom had a coup d'état with Cromwell. And worse, a series of civil wars.

The USA had a bloody civil war.

The difference is this: societies which go through those tumultuous events and earn from them and develop as a result of them grow into vibrant and sustainable one's those that don't regress into unsustainable and unstable tribal type or even clan based or even Mafia based "societies".

And as for the professionalism of the RFMF, well soldiers from the RFMF have been going in numbers into the UKSF (SBS and SAS) since the UK started recruiting here back in 1997. A significant number of the Fijian personnel in the UK Special Forces today are ex RFMF

Anonymous said...

And not only UKSF but also with the US Special Forces.

A number of ex RFMF (who did not participate in the rebellion) are with Yank Tier One SF Units.

These men did not get to enter those Units by fluke. They passed through the selection processes and are in those Units because of their professional discipline and skills.

Anonymous said...

The soldiers who participated in the rebellion and the mutinies and the putsch in 2000 haven't been able to transition into UK SF opportunities or US SF opportunities because of the black mark from their participation in those events, but they still have managed to get Security work in various parts of the Middle East and Latin America.

The money which the Iraqi Government uses today was moved by Fijian soldiers from central holding locations within Iraq to the various banks at the height of the civil war over there.

The work could not be given to local Iraqi Government forces because of the fear of robberies. It could not be given to militia's either. There was no Iraqi Police. And none of the Western companies which specialise in moving money and other valuables was sufficiently capable of handling the contract because it required specialist military skills.

The RFMF soldiers who moved that money took long leave from the RFMF to go to Iraq to do that work over a period of 6 months.

They were led by an RFMF Major and ex 22nd SAS Officers, who did the planning.

They successfully completed the work in the 6 months and all returned to the RFMF.

Anonymous said...

The first SF unit on the ground in Iraq in 2003 well before the invasion was an SBS (Special Boat Service) team with a Fijian soldier.

That Special Boat Service Unit was captured by the Syrians as they were moving about in the grey area between the Syrian and Iraqi border doing their recce work.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.29pm

Boy o iko sa moce tiko se cava?

Qorvis is promoting the image of the thuggery military lot internationally and so is their communist newspaper The Fiji Sun - they're doing more promotion of the illegal lot in power today in this nation to blind more silly gullible people who refuse to wake up, while of course telling us all the good that the FF is doing like the great efforts that's put into cleaning up the shit spill around the Cunningham/Suva areas.

Just look at the dead creatures, fish, crabs, etc floating about due to this sewer spillage.

It pays for Frank and Aiyaz to be honest with the people and stop painting a beautiful picture of themselves through QOROVISI AND FIJI SUN!!!

The Emperors have New Clothes...well they think they do!!! Hahahahahahaha.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 4:53 PM
I fully support the move by Cakaudrove Villagers to get rid off Marijuana Runners.

It sounds like they have warned these people before and it has been falling on deaf ears and hence they had to take this drastic action.



Anonymous said...


The Fiji authorities have been tooooooooooooooo lenient and its about time the village chiefs and elders do something drastic in order that marijuana farmers learn their lessons.

Right now, despite years of publication of the great haulage of marijuana plants etc etc, STILL WE SEE MORE FARMS CROPPING UP EVERYWHERE.

Its like the City JAYWALKERS...funny in the news last night we here the same thing being announced that the Laws will come down hard on Jaywalkers blah blah...such bullshit!!

The Law is toooooooooooo lazy these days getting fat pay cheques and looking the other way most times when people break the laws and right in front of their noses too!!! You ever witness people crossing the roads anyhow in Suva and doing so RIGHT IN SIGHT OF A POLICE OFFICER OR EVEN SEVERAL OF THEM ALL STANDING TOGETHER LOOKING THE OTHER WAY!!!

Fiji is becoming a land of Jokers - 'true harmony' between the lawbreakers and the law!!!

Its 2015 please!!! Stop sleeping folks!!!

Anonymous said...

And while we are talking about the ordinary people breaking the laws.

What about those in power who are obviously corrupt?

Who is going to deal with them?

I mean, who is going to try and drag Aiyaz and Frank to a Court of Justice to answer to all the criminal charges against them.

Oh by the way, do we have a Court of Justice in existence or not?? The Judiciary all sound or not??


KUA NI RERE said...

QORVIS is an extension of the government of United States of America.

It is manned by Ex-CIA and current CIA.

After the Coup in 2006, the American Embassy personnel in Fiji was replaced with people sympathetic to QORVIS, ALL THROUGHOUT AND INCLUDING Frankie Reed.

The CIA, only last month was found to HAVE LIED to its own government.
The CIA lied to Congress.

Its an evil organisation and those people run QORVIS IN FIJI.

Qo sa sega ni gauna ni moce. Sa kena gauna meda rai tiko.

O Bainimarama kei Kaiyum rau tamata ca.
Na kena balavu ga nodrau cicivaka tiko na matanitu o Viti , na kena balavu talega ni noda vakamalumalumutaki na I taukei.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to drag Bai and Kai to the International Court of Justice when the US government is sleeping with Frank.

There has to be another way.

Anonymous said...

"I have come to believe that politicians are in the business of 'marketing' their product to the public, by exaggerating threats and over-selling government solutions."

And I attribute the above statement to the Leaders of the Fiji First Government who are hell-bent on LYING to "Fijians"!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:58 AM

Absolutely right.

The police in Fiji have become a joke, on a par with the LTA.

More time and effort is put into getting themselves in the papers with their latest idea of crime fighting than actually getting off their backsides and doing something.

Anonymous said...

@KNR 8:41 AM

Once again you miss the point.

No one is talking about laws in Singapore or any other country. Fiji has it's laws but these hypocritical chiefs have turned a blind eye to them for years and at the same time have asked why they are laughed at these days.

They have pretended that they are or should be the ones controlling those under them, they have failed miserably.

Anonymous said...




Many stories like the one below is evident of the fact that the CIA is corrupt...the USA is a corrupt nation today!!!

Brutal Military Police in force against the people in the USA!!

John Kiriakou, the former CIA officer who blew the whistle on Bush’s torture program and is now in prison, sent an open letter to Edward Snowden warning him not to trust the FBI.

“DO NOT,” Kiriakou wrote, “under any circumstances, cooperate with the FBI. FBI agents will lie, trick, and deceive you. They will twist your words and play on your patriotism to entrap you. They will pretend to be people they are not – supporters, well-wishers, and friends – all the while wearing wires to record your out-of-context statements to use against you. The FBI is the enemy; it’s part of the problem, not the solution.”

Anonymous said...

@ 9.35AM

Hello, I think you are the one missing the point here.

The point is the Chiefs are in the process of doing some drastic turn around clean up campaign. And yes, perhaps they fell off to sleep once upon a time, BUT, the issue here is that THEY ARE DETERMINED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW TO CURTAIL DRUG ECOURAGEMENT and its about time!!

And we support them and we cheer them on!!

Nothing like a good beginning huh??


Its clear! Have a good day! Do some good your end! I wont ridicule you, I'll say - Good on You!

Hope you do same for me and everyone else who are trying.

Anonymous said...

...yeah..whatever..caught..not court!

Rushing...catch you later!

KNR mwah!


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:43 AM

If these chiefs and elders had not of been sleeping and turning a blind eye over the years they would not need to be taking these knee jerk reactions now.

Their problem is that all they ever do is talk, the consequences being that they are now trying to save face. So why are they not coming out publicly with the same rules for such crimes and violence, rape, stealing e.t.c?

Let's be honest here, nothing will change, it's just a publicity stunt from a few leaders to try and improve their perception by those who see through them.

We have heard it all before.

Again, laws and punishment in other countries is irrelevant, Fiji has it's laws and it has been the chiefs and village elders that have chosen to ignore these for years.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear poor VLal liumuri C4.5 but keeps coming back to it to promote Fleaks lols as Academic Playboy. Oilei Victor

Anonymous said...

@ 1.20pm

You could be right there but still again we are always a hopeful society and any good is always regarded as 'progress', 'moving forward', 'forget the past and let's push the nation forward', 'bring about new changes' etc etc.

Just realised - All fine words of Fiji First Government??

Like we say, the Chiefs perhaps have always leaned towards the traditional communal style of granting 'forgiveness' for the offender after some grog ceremony.. But we have always learnt that sometimes this practice needs more then 'forgiveness' as there's always the need for harsher punishments in order that one may learn from one's erring ways and it will be a good lesson learnt with the rest of the community.

Its like parents being forever 'forgiving' to their wayward children who turn out to be liars and thieves, rapists etc etc. Do we have an example of a parent handing over their children to the Law each time they commit grievous offences?

I dont know if we can rightfully say the Chiefs and village elders have chosen to ignore these misdeeds over the years. Where's the proof?

They probably dealt with the problem by discussing it with the offender, his parents and rest of family members and promises were made, you know how it goes over the grog presentation and all. Im sure they would have done what they were supposed to do. But it would be wrong perhaps to make it sound like they were truly irresponsible regardless of their roles as chiefs, parents, elders.

Rebels and criminals have a weaknesses are like everyone else that gets addicted to a crime and cant seem to stop. They continue to rebel against their elders i.e. parents, chiefs, church ministers, school teachers. They definitely know they're doing wrong but that's how it is. The law to criminals matters very little while they're hard at work.

So what we are saying here is that it is a good thing that the Chiefs and village elders are now F I N A L L Y WAKING UP and taking stiffer measures against rebellious Drug Farmers.

Hopefully the rest of the village crimes will be highlighted during chiefly meetings from now on and the criminals pay their evils getting kicked out of the Village and doing jail time. Not just the drug farmers, drug addicts but the very chiefs and village elders together with lustful men who themselves are molesting and or raping young women/teenagers, very very young underaged children. We are sick of reading these evils in the newspapers one too many times. So yes, regardless of status in the village life - criminals should pay.

And if these chiefs and elders all seem to be just waking up from a deep slumber and taking serious action now, let's consider it a good deed being done. Its about time but at least we see them now putting their foot down and instilling some discipline.

Better now then never! Malua Fever or what..that doesnt matter - at least its finally happening!

And I dont believe that NOTHING WILL CHANGE with the Chiefs and Elders. Actually, we are seeing something like a change. Its a good one too.

Same with criminals we see everywhere - there is always hope that they will come face to face with Justice one day. May take time but like the saying goes 'ONE DAY MAFATU, ONE DAY!'

Peace out!!!

Isa O Viti!!

Anonymous said...


Now it emerges that Ganesh Chand had "forged" Professor Rouse's signature to appoint a "relative" of then Education Minister Bole to a job she was "not qualified on merit"! Fijileaks.

Areh bapreh bap..

Anonymous said...

If Ganesh is an elephant God and Prue Rouse is a whale god and Rajesh the rat god rooted Ganesh the elephant God, how come Graham Davis the paedophile has not been caught.

Anonymous said...


But it’s unclear just how many of those sudden supporters of Charlie Hebdo really knew about Charlie Hebdo.

The irreverent — the buzzword fellow journalists used was “satirical” — magazine has published dozens of cartoons mocking Muhammad, as well as religious icons. One magazine cover showed Christianity’s holy trinity engaged in a vile anal sexual threesome. In fact, that was pretty much the goal of the fringe magazine: To incite anger from those with faith — any religion; to mock those who believe.

And so it did. The magazine has been condemned by French presidents (several) and leaders of many religions worldwide. Editors of the magazine reveled in the hatred it could stir up among those with faith; and then they pointed to angry rhetoric accusingly, saying in effect, “Look, they’re as intolerant as we say!”

But the politically correct stance to take after the murders was to support the murdered “journalists” — however vile, vicious and disgusting their diatribes against religion were.

Many U.S. news organizations, while also showing solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, decided against running the cartoons in reports about the murders at the magazine. CNN President Jeff Zucker wouldn’t run them, saying “protecting and taking care of the safety of our employees around the world is more important right now.”

On Saturday, Fox News host Neil Cavuto, a solid journalist and a real nice guy, said that the Muslim terrorists in Paris were “killing journalists for doing their jobs.”

But the question that went unasked in defense of the Hebdo “journalists” was this: Is it really the job of journalists to belittle religion, to mock the faithful’s beliefs, to denigrate those the faithful deem most holy — in any religion?

Oddly, it was the Qatar-based news outlet Al-Jazeera that took exception to the meme. After the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Al-Jazeera English editor and executive producer Salah-Aldeen Khadr sent out a staffwide email.

Mr. Khadr suggested that Al-Jazeera employees ask whether the attack at Hebdo was “really an attack on ‘free speech.’”

“Defending freedom of expression in the face of oppression is one thing; insisting on the right to be obnoxious and offensive just because you can is infantile,” he wrote in emails first reported by National Review. “Baiting extremists isn’t bravely defiant when your manner of doing so is more significant in offending millions of moderate people as well. And within a climate where violent response — however illegitimate — is a real risk, taking a goading stand on a principle virtually no one contests is worse than pointless: it’s pointlessly all about you.”

Staff reporter Mohamed Vall responded to the email: “What Charlie Hebdo did was not free speech, it was an abuse of free speech in my opinion. Go back to the cartoons and have a look at them! It’s not about what the drawing said, it was about how they said it. I condemn those heinous killings, but I’M NOT CHARLIE.”

Anonymous said...

@ 3.42pm

Only a fool would be CHARLIE!

The Jews control America. Rabbinical Judaism ..Jews control the Banks in America...they control the World!

America the Puppet!

While the Muslims strongly adhere to their worldy Caliphate beliefs and are vigorously working towards it , the existence of an international Jewish conspiracy will step into the open and assume control of world affairs as soon as the time is ripe.

Anonymous said...

And here we go again, the religious misfits, extremists and conspiracy theorists......................

loner said...

Victor Lal piss off to your own blog. You coming here coz not enough comments on ur blog and most of them made up by you. Tired of talking to yourself?

Anonymous said...

In case you guys start speculating,Vili Rakoro is not well at the moment because he had a meeting with Nailuva last night. Needless to say Nai's vudi did some damage.He will be back once start walking again.

Anonymous said...

Simply nuts...

"Conservative Jewish newspaper edits Angela Merkel out of Paris rally picture."


Anonymous said...

I see anti-Semitism is alive and well in Fiji. Some Fijians have much in common with the Nazis amd Al Nusra

Anonymous said...

At 3.49am

YES, any right thinking person would make anti-Semitism news by attacking these dumb herd of Jewish Cartoonists who thought it their lawful right to blaspheme and mock any religious deity/figure using sexual connotations!!

Get your thinking right DUMBASS!!!

Not everybody is DUMBASS CHARLIE like yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Who said they were JEWISH cartoonists?

You, sir, are a bigot of the worst kind. You're no different than Adolf Hitler or Heinrich Himmler.

Please don't be Fijian. If you ARE Fijian, please be FFP.

Anonymous said...

The slogan in French "Je suis Charlie" ("I am Charlie") was widely used following the 7 January attack on the magazine, as people sought to show their support.

Three million copies of Wednesday's edition are being printed. Normally only 60,000 are sold each week.

Charlie Hebdo's lawyer Richard Malka told France Info radio: "We will not give in. The spirit of 'I am Charlie' means the right to blaspheme."

Survivors of the massacre have been working on the magazine from the offices of the French daily newspaper Liberation.

Five of Charlie Hebdo's cartoonists - including the editor - were killed in the attack.

The new edition will be created "only by people from Charlie Hebdo", its financial director, Eric Portheault, told AFP news agency.

Contributions from other cartoonists were declined.

The four Jewish victims of the supermarket attack - Yoav Hattab, Philippe Braham, Yohan Cohen and Francois-Michel Saada - will be buried at the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

No right to blaspheme in Fiji. Thou must not take the name of Aiyaz in vain.

Anonymous said...

A viewpoint...

"How France has fallen"


Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro doesn't want to comment so much any more, now that we know she is Litiana, the despot's fat, ugly daughter.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the "freedom of movement" in a leading democracy?

"Hundreds of 'No-Go' Zones across France are Off-limits to Non-Muslims".


Unknown said...

I am amazed at the stupidity of this anonymous bloggers. Allegations after allegations, apparently according to this idiots Fiji government is working with the CIA wow, there's mentions of FBI etc.

They must be blogging from America then, and just like those who post in details about Australia its safe to assume that majority of these anonymous bloggers live in US and Aus.

It make sense now why they hardly have any facts. They are either friends and relatives of politicians like Qarase etc, the ones who used to manipulate us and fill their pockets. Or they were born or move there whilst they were young hence no idea whatsoever of the realities in Fiji. Just the racist stories of their own kind.

It makes sense now all the swearing, the diversion of facts, the baseless allegations etc. Birds of the same feathers.

Well they're frustrated because they're irrelevant. They're in the minority. They cling on to any gossip like Tanya and Fiji TV that gives them justification to post wild allegations against the government.

They're part of Fiji's history and us Fiji First are the present and the future.

Rajesh said...

FNU couldn't get donor funding because they have incompetent underqualified cronies of Ganesh like Sarita Harish and Neil Singh taking senior positions...how pathetic!

Anonymous said...

@ 6.55am

So Vili, you've been away playing the role of the CIA on behalf of your military?? Wasting your time reporting back to HQ??

You're a lousy spy and a useless 'Qorvis' journalist slogging day in and out at your feeble attempts to drown what you would term negative contents being made against your corrupt FF government? Lol

Get a proper job Vili ...go some place, try a column in The Fiji Sun aye? You and Jyoti, the vicious non-schooled ill-mannered disrespectful disgraceful loudmouth whatever..How is it that you both look alike and speak alike? he he he

You are useless on this blog - none whatsoever, just your own kind swallow up your daily flow of LIES!!

Anonymous said...

Vili now wants us to believe the CIA is behind our postings.

That's right, Vili. The Americans are trying to steal our recipe for roti parcel.

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