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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Plenty of evidence of misconduct but just as many turning a blind eye

Look away, look away: Namosimalua can't face up.
There's truth in the saying good riddance to bad rubbish.

The departure tomorrow of the US ambassador, Frankie Reed, is a blessing albeit a short one as she has a successor.

Reed frolicked brazenly with the military dictatorship oblivious to Fiji citizens being forced to live under draconian decrees with no redress, despite a supposed democratic and free election.

In media interviews today, the Fiji Times has Reed saying: "I find that here, embassies take on the tone of the country and  I think you can feel it when you walk in, it's warm, it's friendly, we talk to each other, we argue also and we're very serious, but we know how to have a good time..."

Reed and US: Also turning blind eye.
The Fiji Village has her saying "... the people of Fiji must be commended for their resilience and the successful transition of Fiji to a democratic state" and ..."an increasingly stable and democratic Fiji is in the best interest of all Pacific Island nations as well as the United States."

Reed and Barack Obama have long known of the ongoing irregularities in Fiji - prior to the the elections, during and after - all largely orchestrated and co-ordinated by Frank Bainimarama's opportunistic legal eagle, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

The examples of Khaiyum's interference are varied and plenty (and as fresh as last week) and surprise, surprise now include dictating how much funding Opposition parties get for Parlimentary staff.

Both the National Federation Party and the Social Democratic Liberal Party have been told they'll receive just $15,000 for every MP they have in Parliament instead of a preferred minimum threshold based on fairness and duties.

The news came in December from the secretary general, Viniana Namosimalua, who first said it'd be $10,000 and that the directive had come from Khaiyum via letter.

Prasad: Chair of Public Accounts Comm but losing staff.
Two things stink about this latest scenario: The first is that Biman Prasad and his team will only get $45,000, Ro Teimumu Kepa and SODELPA $225,000 while Fiji First gets $480,000 - or approximately $1.2 million over four years. The second is that the decision was made by Khaiyum not Namosimalua.

Khaiyum doesn't have the authority to stipulate the funding but gets away as he does with other things because he's running the show for the illiterate, uncouth Bainimarama.

Beddoes: Responding to funding claims.
The funding allocation is therefore an attack on the political parties to try to render them ineffective and shows that Fiji First doesn't have the wits to take on the Opposition fair and square.  

Many have turned a blind eye to the stench of Bainimarama's corruption and Khaiyum's interference because it's easy and it fits their agenda, so good riddance to the Frankie Reeds of the world who've enjoyed Fiji's hospitality but who exit as Parliament is under attack again, with their head up their ass.

This blog meanwhile applauds the Opposition parties for getting information out to the public and putting pressure on Namosimalua to front up with the letter from Khaiyum but asks is writing letters and calling for 'reconsiderations' enough? Is securing another document going to achieve anything other than prove what we've known for a long time?

It's a new year so let's give some thought to a new approach - one that includes sending questions to MPS on a regular basis and making individual MPs aware that Fiji citizens are watching their performance and that being on a Fiji First ticket next time may not be enough.

Follow the funding saga by reading the following documents, starting with today's statement from Mick Beddoes:

Beddoes responds to Fiji Sun attempts to justify funding

NFP Media Release on funding Jan 2015

Opposition Leader press release on funding

30th December Funding letter by S-G

NFP Reply to S-G's 30th December letter

S-G's Funding letter 8th January 


NFP Staff Appointment Revocation letters


KUA NI RERE said...

Since we are now "ïn a Democracy" maybe SODELPA can come up with an Office for unpaid Volunteers who would be willing to work for the party.
I'm sure there would be some unemployed Young People who would be willing to offer their services as Volunteers, whether its distributing leaflets or just helping others etc.

SODELPA might also want to have a Newsletter ( say weekly or fortnightly ) that could be printed at low cost inorder to educate the public on government policies.

I agree with you C4.5 , there needs to be a new path.





Anonymous said...

Well Madame Secretary, we await your honest and truthful response.

The heat is on and we'd like to see how the 'proverbial frog' (S-G) will react to counter-statements and denials made by the Dictator Aiyaz to the Opposition.

The LYING PIG does it again, violating all the principles set down for what was supposed to be a democratic parliamentary rule.


Anonymous said...

@ 5.21PM

Probably defined 'illegal' if the people of Namosi have their land deposited in the FF Land Vault.

Even if its to the contrary, the thing of roadblocks with this crooked government will be eradicated once and for all. So roadblocks, land ownership are now things of the past.

Whether you own the land or you dont, licensed prospective joint ventures are able to create a giant sinkhole right in your front yard in order to mine.

The people have no say. Communist rule under Aiyaz the true Dictator of Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Reed has done a magnificent job.

She is responsible for stabalising the external dynamics applying to Fiji at a time when the country was on the verge of intra factional fighting within the military contributed to in the main by the Rudd Government's attempts to destabilise the Government in Suva.

Reed came here at a time when Washington needed a fresh and untainted set of eyes on the situation. One that understood the dynamics of conflict and the potential for instability, and was prepared to listen to the various viewpoints and take a mature approach to working out a strategic response for Washington to the issues at play.

She correctly read the Chinese position and has not fallen for the Lowy Institute propaganda.

Reed should go to Washington and get into Government. The US needs mature and intelligent political brains like hers in power in Washington.

samu said...
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matayasi sepeci said...

.@ kua ni rere.....with ur word sodelpas newspaper....it reminds me what was happning in church before election....when we go for church service for prayers instead da senior church cristian ministers forced us to c dvds which was prepared by sodelpas....which contain all wrong information prior to no facts...jesus hope this newsletter has some vision to moveforward....nd not complains complais nd crybaboes thing....

Anonymous said...

Frankie Reed carried on the same constructive policies as her predecessor Steven McGann, except that her approach was less in-your-face.

Anonymous said...

ASK has no right whatsoever in determining how much legislative staff get paid. Parliament is supposed to control the purse strings and to organise itself without interference from the Executive. That's Democracy 101.

From my point of view, legislators should get equal amounts of funding for staff, but those in leadership should get a bit more, and the Leader of the Opposition more still, commensurate with their additional duties.

Anonymous said...


Vladimir Putin has been silent lately. But if anyone thought he had been shamed into defeat or marginalized, then think again.

In the last few hours Russia has announced two key strategic decisions that show they are not going to stand idly by while their economy and way of life are destroyed by Western forces.

First, presumably in response to stiff sanctions leveled by the United States and the European Union after the annexation of Crimea last year, Russia has cut off 60% of Europe’s gas supplies right in the middle of winter. This has caused an almost immediate crisis in six European nations that have seen a complete cut-off to their supplies – Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Turkey – with more to follow. According to reports via Zero Hedge, the effect has been almost instantaneous.

Without Russia residents across Europe have no way of staying warm.

Anonymous said...

What say you Vili Tsetse Rakoro?

Anonymous said...

That should encourage the Europeans to diversify their energy sources. I can't say it will endear the Russians to them very much, but then again, their image of the Russians is already quite poor. As least Putin has a friend in Bainimarama. Putin and Bainimarama can keep each other warm all winter.

Anonymous said...

Having closely observed the American ambassadors in Suva over the years, from my vantagepoint in an NGO, I've been much amused and occasionally befuddled. I must say, though, that that struck me as quite an unfair treatment of Amb. Frankie Reed, who I consider a thoughtful and lovely person, and a friend of Fiji.

Your criticism of her seems to be that she enjoyed herself too much. She "frolicked" with the regime! Perhaps you'd prefer Larry Dinger's petty approach of snubbing the host government in its own capital. Or to see her enthusiastically square off with a drunken dictator à la Steven McGann.

Anonymous said...

Frankie Reed seemed too much of a laid-back listener and supporter to the regime's unfair , corrupt and cleverly laid out schemes pre-Elections. Perhaps I missed out on the 'constructive policies' she had in place as someone mentioned earlier. Which, tell me, pray???

I would agree with Coup 4.5's point.

Seemed to me like a subtle political ploy by the US Government and the regime and Frankie Reed was there to ensure that the friendly diplomatic 'icing on the cake' made a politically correct statement!

You cant tell us Ms Reed that you and your Government were not aware that the recent General Elections were ILLEGAL to begin with in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Reed came here as the Deputy Assistant Secretary in the East Asian Bureau, which effectively means that she was the No 2 in the East Asian Bureau of the US State Department.

That is how important Washington viewed the Suva posting back in 2011.

She came here at a time when the Lowy Institute had succeeded in misleading Washington about the Chinese intentions for the South Pacific and the Rudd Government had all but brought the relations in this region between Beijing and Washington to a near freeze.

The US Marines were deployed to Northern Queensland and the first series of exercises began around New Caledonia on a template designed around an invasion of a Pacific Island state where the Government had lost control of the security of the specific State and intervention was deemed necessary on humanitarian grounds.

At the same time the RFMF top officer cadre were being destabalised so that the instability needed to justify intervention materialised.

That is the scenario which greeted Reed on her arrival in Suva. She came here with experience in the East Asian Bureau which essentially covers Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Caucuses and all those regions of the Far East and Near East and Middle East which have been destabalised by external and internal dynamics that have been manipulated by a variety of players and their proxies to the extent that the instability is now threatening even Europe.

She did a magnificent job and resetting the US Intelligence gathering assets in this region, in ensuring that the information and data they were sending back to Washington were solid, and ultimately she has implemented the pivot to the Pacific policy which Clinton announced in 2011.

Reed is one of the reasons why Fiji came out of that period of destabalisation by the Rudd Government in Canberra with no bloodshed. Had she not come here in 2011 there would have been bloodshed in this country and lots of it as we descended into instability and outright chaos. There would have been unrestrained bloodletting and killings as the Military disintegrated under the manipulations from Canberra.

Reed has been a blessing to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

It is misguided to criticize the US governement when Fijians wouldnt even march in the streets... do the people of Fiji expect that outsiders will solve their internal problems? The US gov has nomright to interfere with Fiji politics, and so are all other nations forbidden to do so! if the people of Fiji are willing to get by with it, without fighting, sitting down drinking kava, well then so let it be, sadly :(

Anonymous said...

back to the point pliz.....contradiction decision by mr know it all minister only in Fiji....viavia dua na ka macawa!!!

Anonymous said...


Yes, the people of Fiji expected the US's Frankie Reed to kick up a fuss about the undemocratic practices being carried out by Frank and Aiyaz in broad daylight for their self-serving agendas! Isn't the US the Democratic Watchman of countries like Fiji? Of course, AND, they do have intelligence intervention in the politics of democratic governments via the assistance of a US Ambassador residing in the host country like Fiji.

Meanwhile, Frankie Reed saw that the people had no cognitive abilities of their own - they permitted the illegal takeover by being submissive, like mentioned - no protest, just the normal grog-bowl gossip. Nothing seemed amiss according to Reed's report back to the US.

So, she played along. Not a whimper and frolicked away with her regime buddies! ' It aint about work all the time ya know, its about having a good time as well'.

Thank you for departing our shores!!

Anonymous said...

Why is Sodelpa and Biman the useless guy complaining about allocation of funding.
The opposition is useless/ toothless.
I see the broke Beddoes in limelight again- I've should be happy he will get 15k- at least he can pay his personal debts to friends who are owed 100000 of thousands!

Anonymous said...

@10.07 and 8.49 perhaps it has not occurred to you that the people of Fiji chose not to march and riot because they saw no good reason to do so ?

All the conditions for civil unrest fermented by Canberra were manifest by 2011 but the people of Fiji were wise enough and mature enough to see that civil unrest was not the way forward.

The Judiciary was vilified and attacked by Canberra and the Judges who came to Fiji to fill the Judicial posts were threatened with sanctions themselves. The first Sri Lankan Judges who came to Fiji to help re constitute the bench received phone calls directly from beuracrats in Canberra seeking to dissuade them from joining the Fijian Judiciary.

The ultimate effect of Canberra's unrestrained attack on the Fijian Judicial system would have been a complete breakdown of law and order and the ability of the State to maintain law and order via civil processes.

And they did succeed because between 2009 and 2011 the Judiciary in Fiji was non functional and arbitrary beatings and detentions and visits to the camp took the place of the rule of law. To maintain stability without a functioning Judiciary alternative means of enforcing order were resorted to during that period.

Then the military was destabalised by officers who started planning alternative Governments in collusion with external regional powers and businessmen supported by these external regional powers.

Reed came to Fiji at the height of all that. She came at a time when the suspicions were at their highest and when the stability of the country was tottering with a Judiciary which was no longer functioning having been decimated by Canberra's black propaganda campaign and a military and police which had been forced to take the place of the Judiciary and enforce stability by summary means outside the civil legal processes.

All the conditions for chaos were there, but the country did not descend into anarchy and chaos and instead with Reed's arrival things changed for the better because she brought new and unprejudiced eyes to the situation and an experienced and mature political approach to the issues.

She as done magnificent work.

Anonymous said...

Driti's plotting to remove Bainimarama was supported by Canberra.

The alternative Prime Minister they planned to put in place was Tavola.

The military unit which was nominated to execute that attempt was the Unarmed Combat group of the RFMF.

Israeli military specialists attached to the RFMF mined the phones of the two key officers involved in that plan and retrieved their text data which led to the events and investigations that followed in the arrests and charges.

Anonymous said...

Between 2009 and 2011 there was an Israeli Unit attached to the RFMF and operating from a location in the Domain.

That Israeli Unit is responsible for uncovering the electronic data which led to the enquiries and then investigations and charges which led to Driti's jailing and Roko Ului's escape to Tonga with the help of Canberra through the Tongan Navy.

Anonymous said...

The historical revisionism going on here borders on hysterical revisionism.

First of all, being a Deputy Assistant Secretary didn't necessarily make Reed Number 2 in her bureau. Each bureau has several Deputy Assistant Secretaries.

Secondly, the Bureau for East Asian and Pacific Affairs does not have responsibility for most of the countries listed here by 8:19 PM.

Third, US Intelligence has more important things to do than focus on Fiji, even if we do make the best roti parcel.

Fourth, it was primarily Bainimarama's arrogant despotism and his listening to the advice of ASK rather than the Military Council that pushed Driti and Mara to whatever they were about. The greatest source of destabilization of Fiji's officer corps is a certain selfish coward named Frank Bainimarama.

Fifth, the whole saga involving Driti and Mara was basically finished before Reed ever arrived. Don't you remember how Bainimarama wanted to kick out US Ambassador Steven McGann, but instead nearly had his arse handed to him in a sling by the Americans? He ended up quickly having to backtrack. One week later Kubuabola was declaring McGann a "true friend of Fiji".

Finally, don't you think that part of the reason why Fiji's judiciary wasn't functioning after 2009 might have something to do with the fact that Bainimarama dismissed the entire judiciary when he abrogated our Constitution?

Anonymous said...

What did we really expect from Reed? Challenging the phony elections, when the UN, Australians, and even American monitors couldn't conclusively say (much less explain how) there was cheating? Bad-mouth the same government she wants to tap for peacekeeping forces in the Sinai and elsewhere? Publically criticise, as the thugs they are, the very forces who daily protect American tourists and her mission? I say "publically" because we don't know what she was saying to them behind the scenes.

Perhaps, after her successors, our expectations were too high. But even the dour, scolding Larry Dinger and the ebullient, pugnacious Steven McGann would have done just what Frankie Reed and every other ambassador resident in Suva are doing now that elections have been held, which is to declare victory and go home. Anyone who would expect otherwise is either very naive or delusional.

vani said...

again again rotten temu kepa plans to boycott parliment nxtweek.it shows her party iz not prepared for parlimnt or dnt now much nglish no wonder dey wanna speak in fijians......

Anonymous said...

Vani, Ro Teimumu is obviously far more literate in English than YOU are! Even your pidgin English sucks.

Anonymous said...

Frankie Reed was there to look after US interests, not Fijian interests. It's the Fijian government's job to look after Fijian interests. And if it doesn't, regime change is the responsibility of the Fijian people, not the US government.

V for Vendetta said...

McGann should have punched out Frank. Reed should have bitch-slapped him.


Chutia Rajen Chaudhry, who at 50 yrs of age can't earn a living, and survives on his father's ill-begotten wealth, is asking why 'Blackie bastard Bala naidu is still laughing after "killing" a pedestrian?

Rajen, how do you know he killed a pedestrian when the court case has not been held? have you heard of innocent until proven guilty? It's Very basic, chutiya ke aulaad.

No wonder you have a reputation as a tatti (shit) lawyer and can't get a job.

Anonymous said...

Ey turaga 406. Whybis ths until todsy tbere id no magistrste to take the case. Answer that. Tabudruta. All other case can be heard n done but for this man Bala was never. A guy who killled a tourist by accidebt on a motorboat recently was remanded and charged. Other similar case of drink n driving n desth on foads have been remanded n charged. Why thec2 face. Is it because he is FF or blackie or what laws for every one not for selected few only. He should step down. Others who wants to stand for the election n have driving incidentvwere not allowed even 5 years back they commit and this cici loaloa still given this special privillage.

Anonymous said...

Acha..so MIDAS Chief Rotweiller lying sucker-leech spends night in Samabula Police Cell???

Every dog has its day eh Fiji First???

Anonymous said...

@ 12.00am

Gosh what parrot family do you belong to?

Koki Inglees dis one??

Listen, if you cant write proper English so that we know you are not a robot, then you are hambakman!

Neva u mind. Teenkeen about um makes me all pupule already!

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being unfair to Frankie Reed, I get the sense, reading between the lines, that she was the kind of ambassasor the regime wants from Washington. Someone who doesn't really challenge the regime in any substantive way. Why else did the regime praise her for her small talk? Why else do obvious regime trolls now claim she did a "marvelous" job, if not for the fact that the regime found her much more pliable than her predecessors?

Claiming she prevented Fiji's destabilization — what utter nonsense! The Driti-Mara episode began in November 2010, at the latest. Reed didn't take up her post in Suva until, what, August 2011?

Why such a long reach by the regime? I can only surmise that it's because Bainimarama wants another ambassador who will be passive like Reed, not someone critical like Dinger or dynamic like McGann.

Anonymous said...

"All the conditions for civil unrest fermented by Canberra were manifest by 2011 but the people of Fiji were wise enough and mature enough to see that civil unrest was not the way forward."

Is this why Reed emphasized on the word "resilience"? What a sigh of relief it must have been for the US Government! Everything quickly sprang right back to normalcy after the Military Goons had their filthy boots implanted into the mouths of each and every citizen of this nation after the Rule of Law was trashed!!

Yeah indeed, the people of Fiji, like lambs to the slaughter, had every good reason not to resort to any form of uprising!!

Look at Aiyaz today peoples - see what he is able to do to you all today?? He has taken away the powers you once had bestowed upon you as a Itaukei people. He has stripped you all off nice and clean and continues to spurt LIE AFTER LIE. He has disrespected you and the true God you worship.

And if you still havent noticed - Aiyaz, your new Dictator has NO RESPECT for the Opposition! All we see is a butt of grand mockery and vilification against the Leaders of the Opposition. Parliament is a Circus!


To use the terms "WISE" and "MATURE" enough for not making a stand when all were called to do so is just your form of Fiji First propaganda to further lull the brains of the people to thinking that this is what a true democracy is all about, that Godly people, yes Christians, should - SHUT UP, PRETEND NOTHING IS HAPPENING, LOOK THE OTHER WAY, LIE IF YOU HAVE TO AT ALL COST, TAKE A LUKEWARM APPROACH TO EVERY EVIL AND WRONG-DOING - THIS IS THE WISE AND MATURE WAY TO BRING ABOUT PEACE AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, REMEMBER WE HAVE MILITARY AND POLICE INTELLIGENCE KEEPING AN EYE OUT ON DISSENTERS TO THE TRUTH. THEREFORE, LET INJUSTICE, CORRUPTION AND LIES RULE OVER YOU ALL.


Anonymous said...

The takeover was planned for October/ November 2010. Washington sent Reed here in August 2011, about 9 months after that attempt was prevented.

Reed worked in Africa during the 90's as a "political Section Chief" in Dakar and she also worked in Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria and Cameroon.

During that period the bombing of the US embassy in Kenya happened as well as the various attacks on US interests in that region which led to the deployment of the US Special Operations Command units in that part of Africa.

There are 5 Deputy Assistant Secretaries in the East Asian Bureau, one of whim is designated the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary who is the No 2 to the Deputy Secretary who reports directly to the Secretary of State in the State Department.

And no there is no revisionism going on. It is what happened in that period.

Washington sending Reed here after the failed coup attempt by Driti was not a coincidence. She came here to sort things out, which she did. Very successfully.

Fiji has gone to free and fair elections. A new Constitution is in place. The institutions of the State have been strengthened including the Judiciary and she oversaw the renewed deployments of Fijian troops to the UN.

Fiji moved away from the abyss. And Reed played a key role in that process..

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.20 so go ahead and make a stand, why do you call on others to do it for you ?

The country has transitioned to stability and is doing very well compared to whats happening in Egypt and Syria and Libya and the other countries in the world who subscribe to your type of ideology of militant stupidity.

Anonymous said...

And Junior Fijian Officers of high caliber will be attending West Point under the implementation of the new program which Reed has overseen in liason with the Fijian Government.

The US is widening its scope of educational engagement with the country to secure places at Ivy League Universities in the States for top Fijian students as well, and in all fields.

That comes on top of the EU ERASMUS program which is targeted at raising the number of Phd's in this country through a pathway to the top EU universities for post graduate programs.

These are all coordinated and integrated setups which Reed together with the other Yank aligned countries on Europe have worked with their Foreign Ministries for the purposes of helping stabalise this country and entrench a sustainable democracy of enlightened people into the future.

And its already in play.

Anonymous said...

Vani is another word for shit in in Soweto.

karavaki said...

rebals who voted for racist sodelpa have been caught plantg marijuna in vanulevu nd kadavu r caught..

face da law u lazi shits........nd get bang bang

Anonymous said...

So, now you admit that Reed's bureau had five Deputy Assistant Secretaries. Why, then, did you say that as a Deputy Assistant Secretary she was second in her bureau, especially since you now understand that the second in a bureau is the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, and Reed didn't have that position? Oops, Already caught out in a lie by your own words!

And what about the rest of your lecture, professor, such as when you told us that the countries covered by her bureau include Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Caucasus, Near East, Middle East, etc.? You're awfully silent about that. Do you still want to stand by that claim? Adter all, if you're wrong about that, too, then it shows you really don't know anything about your subject, doesn't it?

I also note your silence regarding the point that perhaps the turmoil in Fiji's judiciary after 2009 had something to do with the fact that Bainimarama illegally dismissed Fiji's entire judiciary and then hired back only those immoral judges who would do his bidding.

Finally, you claim that Reed was sent to Suva by Washington to "sort things out" in the RFMF's officer corps. Just how does an American ambassador do that, smart guy?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Karavaki went to the Vani School of Remedial Pidgin English.

The Heckler said...

To test which Fijians get to attend West Point, I propose a cassava patch sprint with fully loaded nappies. That's where today's RFMF finds its leaders.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Heckler!

It's aso funny how the same FFP supporters who not too long ago claimed they didn't care what Canberra or Washington thought are now turning to these very capitals for validation. LOL.

Abraham Lincoln said...

There should've been some decorum from Reed and US whether they supported regime or not instead of the blatant pro-regime stance taken.

It aLSO doesn't matter if the people of Fiji protested, marched, walked or not - Reed and US could've/should've shown some thoughtfulness for the quandry the people are in.

LT Col . RFMF said...

to all the assholes who think US , Australia and Driti planned a coup - get a life. IF USA wanted to topple frankie - they have enough men to do it and you cant stop them !

stop feeding baseless theories and get the real fact. Driti and Roko Ului weer upset with AG not PM, the file of AG corruption was showed to PM and PM returned it saying get more evidence.

AG then plotted with Aziz and Now commissioner western to remove these two. I remember the day Roko Ului and Drii were called to PM house with Inonane ( that time commissioner of police ) there present who recommended these two be charged.

Driti and Ului are real men as they raised voice against AG, only time didnt favor these two - but there is a saying when GOD sways his stick - its soundless. The Bastard AG time will come !!

well you see come of these army intel who framed driti and Ului are now facing chargers for assault by this compol. Karma is a bitch !

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere Totally agree with you - there definitely has to be a new path if we are to make the difference in four years time. Some might rubbish the newsletter idea but I think it's great - it's about educating and raising awareness. Money well spent if something got off the ground. Let's hope the SODELPA publicity team is better than what we got for the elections. Cos if they ain't, not much will change.

Anonymous said...

Reed's farewell to Fijians: "I'll see you. Wouldn't want to BE you."

Anonymous said...

All very well the talk about Driti and Roko Ului being upset with the AG.

Maybe they were most upset because of the new procurement Decree that the AG proposed so that all procurement came through the Ministry of Finance and therefore affected their interests in Defence Logistics the procurement company where they had Jo Gucake and Amit Chand as their front men.

Ask Driti about the meetings he had with Chand and Gucake and asking then to ensure that his involvement remained top secret.

Defence Logistics contracts were reduced as a consequence of the realignment of Logistics procurement by Khaiyum's advise (which was correct) to the PM because the Police Force was procuring millions in unnecessary logistics through Defence Logistics to the extent that they did things like changing the uniform colours so many times it became a joke.

Yes, Khaiyum spoke against that and as a result was vilified.

Anonymous said...

And the ridiculousness of that situation is now borne out by the Auditor Generals reports showing millions which went into all sorts of logistics for the Police Force during that period and are shown as massive irregularities by the Auditor General.

Teleni was reassigned away from the Police Force precisely because of that mess.

Anonymous said...

The code Roko Ului, Driti and even Ratu Epeli Ganilau used for the PM was "gold digger" in their phone conversations.

And yes it was gold digging but it wasn't the PM doing the gold digging.

Why wasn't Joveci Tuinamuana picked up for that mess at the ILTB with Keni and Bakani ? Who was protecting who ?

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului used the Unarmed Combat Group to collect debts for his business associates outside the RFMF and the NCO's did not like it and reported it.

They reported that Roko Ului was using them as private debt collectors because they became concerned that it was illegal and if they got into a confrontation and hurt someone they would be charged for that illegality

The Hapkido military skills are not meant for collecting debts for private debt collecting business.

Anonymous said...

@ 8.43am

If you read correctly, you wont see any suggestions for the people to make a stand now.

What the writer is saying is that it seems rather too late to make a stand.

So, for your wrong assumption, perhaps you may consider MAKING A lone STAND?? ULUKAU!

Anonymous said...

wow government troll alert ..

someone it a nerve with driti and ului case ?


Anonymous said...

Roko Uli should explain what he did with the Lau Trader, and how it ended up in Ika Vuka instead as an asset of the Yasana of Lau.

Then using military assets to threaten and shut out the Lauans who wanted to ask questions as happened when the people from Ono were shut out using military unarmed combat specialists on his orders simply because he didn't want to explain all these things.

Anonymous said...

Attacking Khaiyum is convenient.

Ben Padarath himself revealed under interrogation that his uncle Driti was in charge of planning the attempted coup, confirming all the other information that Driti was pivotal in that planning and that Ben had called businessmen around the country and gave them the line up of the proposed new Cabinet and PM seeking their approval.

Anonymous said...

i thought all police uniforms are supplied by Lotus garments - Lala the big time crook ..

Anonymous said...

So funny to see even the AG and his muppets now posting on Coup5!

Tell you what we'll do. You lot step down from government. Allow for the return of an independent judiciary. And then you tell your side in court and Roko Ului tells his.

What's the matter, my idea doesn't appeal to you?

I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

With a rifle barrel prodding his anus, Ben Padarath can be excused for telling you goons anything you wanted to hear.

Anonymous said...

Defence Logistics got the procurement jobs sourcing logistics from China with approval from the Minister for Defence at the time Ratu Epeli Ganilau to secure those contracts for the Police and the Prisons and the Army.

Military suppliers in China came to Fiji and made presentations to the Police, the Army and the Prisons Service as well as the Minister for Defence.

Defence Logistics financed Logistics workshops for the Army, Prison and Police which the Logistics personnel in the RFMF, the Police and the Prisons Service were required to attend.

Khaiyum gave the advise which took away those Logistic Contracts from those private companies by proposing the new Procurement process that required it all to go through an Independent Tender process. And in giving that advise he became a problem for the officers who held vested interests in the Logistics supply chain.

Anonymous said...

What Khaiyum proposed meant that the private military suppliers in China would have had to send through their tenders to an Independent body of the Fiji Government who would then make the decision on procurement.

It meant that the process of Defence Logitics having blanket approval as the main (and only) source of procurement for the Fijian Police, Army and Prison service ended.

In effect Defence Logistics no longer controlled the logistics supply chain as exclusive supplier.

That made Khaiyum a problem. a big one because guys lost their cut

Anonymous said...

vani has changed its name to karavaki. That's because vani and karavaki are synonyms for 'piece of shit'

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Now trying to get us to believe ASK is a champion of transparency in contracting! The same Khaiyum who gives lucrative contracts to his Aunty Nur without going through a tender process. Are we talking about the same guy? He's a thief, you're a thief, and the whole thieving lot of you are traitors who deserve to hang for your crimes against Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Frankie Reed is a nice lady. Maybe too nice. I'm not sure how much she really accomplished, but she can now go on in her career boasting how she helped restore "democracy" to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum's authority to procure arms for all bodies delegated to bear them bothers me. Is the authority to do this solely his? Is he also the sole distributor?

Is it possible that he might just distribute these arms to others?

Anonymous said...

US Ambassador Larry Dinger was okay, up to a point. He took a principled but ineffective approach that endeared him to Canberra and to the many guileless Americans who still think the Australians are safeguarding their interests in the Pacific. This approach undercut US influence in Fiji. You just can't accomplish a lot by refusing to meet the de facto leaders of the host contry's government in their own capital. And counseling his government to follow Canberra's lead down the rabbit hole probably wasn't in anyone's best interests, with the possible exception of the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Dinger's successor, Steven McGann, took a more pragmatic approach. He brought to Fiji more engagement with the USA than Fiji had ever had even before sanctions. But he did it within the limits of US sanctions law and his government's policies against travel to the USA. He opened the largest US mission in the Pacific and would have brought USAID, too, if the regime hadn't just then manufactured its silly visa "crisis" where it threatened to expel McGann. The regime quickly retreated on that one!

Anonymous said...

McGann was a driving force behind Washington's whole pivot to the Pacific, which Canberra was beginning to regard as its own bailiwick. McGann's muscular foreign policy approach and lack of deference to the Aussies angered Canberra, but he didn't care. If Canberra wasn't going to change the regime in Suva, then neither was Washington going to concede Fiji to Moscow and Beijing. McGann was effective. With his help, American business interests successfully penetrated Fijian industry, including sugar, airlines, mining, and water.

Anonymous said...

The thing about McGann is that he didn't mince words with the regime. This, and his swaggering persona, annoyed thin-skinned Bainimarama. By some accounts, they almost turned to fisticuffs at a bar in Natadola, maybe because McGann warned Bainimarama that using the RFMF against Fijian civilians was a red line not to be crossed.

Anonymous said...

Frankie Reed carried on Steven McGann's fundamental policy. But the McGann approach without McGann just isn't the same. I don't know if I'd say that Reed "frolicked" with the regime. It wasn't like she was gamboling on the beach with Aiyaz in his trademark Borat-style Speedos. But she did mix rather chummily with the regime on a personal level. She wasn't very confrontational. Also, her apparent willingness to let Bainimarama travel in the US on non-UN business was a major departure from her predecessors.

Anonymous said...

Not only did Reed adopt McGann's approach, but so did everyone else. Even Canberra gradually stopped disparaging the McGann approach and instead swung in the other direction, a complete volte-face from its policies during the Rudd years. If anything, Canberra now tracks to the left of Washington, indulging Bainimarama in a way Washington never would.

Unknown said...

Here's an idea why don't you lot in here go and volunteer at the SODELPA office. Starting with Kua ni ReRe. Oh are you just all talk No substance lol. Spineless bunch of ignorant racist.

Anonymous said...

For once Vili has a good idea. It had to happen sooner or later.

Unknown said...

Only problem is there's no way in hell any of you are going to volunteer. You're scared enough posting your anonymous views in here. Imagine if people knew who you were lol. You're all scared to face direct opposition to your views. You prefer the safety of anonymous bloggers.

Hahaha irrelevant is the word of the day indeed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the experience of those who have been harassed and tortured by the regime might be a disincentive, what?

Unknown said...

You mean the unproven allegations. Face it you lot in here talk the talk but will never walk the walk. All your anonymous names is the first sure sign lol. Bunch of spineless idiots.

Anonymous said...

You're the coward. Until you stop hiding behind you army, shut the f up.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:23 AM

Gee, and you moron are sat there hiding behind a keyboard.

Anonymous said...

How are you any different, asswipe?

Unknown said...

If you can't figure that out then there really is no hope for you to be on our level ey Hahaha idiot.

Anonymous said...

Typical moronic comment from Vili. Who would want to debase himself to such a low level anyway?

Anonymous said...

Aye.There is no lower level than a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Canberra and Washington both understood that the elections were designed for only one outcome. They also knew that the democratic opposition is gutless, so they calibrated their policies accordingly. Who can blame them for looking out for their citizens' interests? Sure, too bad about the people of Fiji, but if the people of Fiji weren't going to protest, then why should they?

They know Fiji doesn't have real democracy, and they probably wish it were otherwise, but democracy in style rather than substance protects their interests well enough, it seems.