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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sacked Fiji TV executives go after Khaiyum and Board members

(Video courtesy of Republika)

One of the two former Fiji TV executives dismissed after the rugby sevens broadcasting controversy has called on the Fiji Law Society to strip Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum of his practising certificate for unethical behaviour.

CEO Tevita Gonelevu and head of content and local productions, Tanya Waqanika, told a press conference today the real story behind their unlawful sackings.

"You cannot be the Minister of Communications and make decisions which are favourable to FBC knowing fully well that what you've done is unethical and unlawful to favour FBC which is headed by your brother," said Waqanika.

"That's just not right, you should step down. Because the Attorney General has spoken about the need to be transparent, about good governance - this is the man who has been preaching about it and he can't even follow his own words. 

"A very unethical person, shame on him for being a lawyer," said Waqanika.

"The Fiji Law Society and the Legal Services Commission should actually take action on him and remove his practising certificate."

Waqanika and Gonelevu also called for an inquiry into the conduct of two board members, Nouzab Fareed and Ioane Naiveli, who they say acted against the station's interests over local coverage of the World Rugby Sevens Series.
Tevita Gonelevu and Tanya Waqanika at today's press conference (Photo: Island Business)

The former executives cited email, text and telephone messages which they say showed outside interference with the operations of Fiji TV, especially by Khaiyum.

   IRB Letter to Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum

Both also challenged their dismissal saying Gonelevu's sacking had not been discussed by the whole board and Waqanika's firing was illegal because only the CEO could sack her.

Gonelevu and Waqanika also hinted there could be other developments that could deprive viewers of coverage.

They told media that a sub-licensing agreement which allowed FBC TV to carry the last Sevens series in December was in favour of FBC TV, which a government survey suggests commands 54% of total Fiji viewership.

They said the fee paid by FBC TV did not reflect its claimed viewership as agreed to under the sub-licensing agreement. 


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KUA NI RERE said...


He will get the sack.




World Rugby should withhold any TV Coverage to Fiji TV UNTIL THIS SHIT IS SORTED OUT.



Anonymous said...

No more live telecasts.Looks like it's back to the good old days, when we used to sit around the radio and listen to Graham Eden.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the country is overdue for so many Commission of Inquiries;
1. Fiji TV World Rugby Coverage
2. Fiji TV Senior Officials sacking
3. FNU VC sacking
4. Ministry of Education Acting PS sacking
5. Minister of Education restructure and reforms
6. Former Minister for Health's handling of contracts
7. FNU Appointments
8. FNU acquisition of institutions to be Colleges of the institution.
9. Overexpennditures of Government Ministries and Departments from 2007-2014.
10. Payments of Ministers salaries through a private accounting firm, 2010-2013.
11. PM's 30 years leave allowance payment ( and refund ) and FNPF contributions.
12. Government' s FNPF loans
13. The Waqavuka Investments - owner of Fiji Airways airbuses.
14. The Nawailevu Bauxite Mining Venture, in Bua
15. The Sugar Industry's declining production

These are a few of the many areas where the country needs some clear answers.

Anonymous said...

To add to the above list oof inquiries is;

16. The FBC loan from FDB of $22 million

Let's come clean.

Anonymous said...

Great news! I do wish the two Executives the best and hope they nail the trouble-making, double-tongued, lying Snake, ASK!

Yes, lets show Evil Aiyaz the true meaning of PROGRESS!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

They should take the Board and CEO to court. The truth will then be out in the open for the whole world to see.


Where is the normally outspoken MIDA chairperson, Arsewind Raj chutiya in all this? Suddenly gone as quite as a mouse. The same way AG controls Fiji TV, he controls MIDA. Arsewind is the AG's yelping chiuwawa.

Anonymous said...

Update: 6:35PM THE Fiji Police Force recorded the alleged rape of two children in the country within the past week.

Police said a 35-year old man appeared in the Ba Magistrates Court yesterday for allegedly raping a 13-year old twice. In another incident, a seven-year old girl was allegedly raped by a 15-year old in Nadi on January 4. Chief of Investigations and Intelligence, Assistant Commissioner of Police Henry Brown said the suspect has been interviewed in the presence of Social Welfare officers and released. ACP Brown said the file will be sent to the Juvenile Bureau for sanction. He pleaded with parents and guardians to prioritise their children and their safety in all aspects of their family and social life.

Anonymous said...

only the AG can take away his own practising certificate Tanya...he made sure that the fiji law society is a toothless tiger...the society , like the GCC has no role in the governance of fijians...so much for the equal rights and equal citizenry crap...

Boci Vli said...

Fiji is fucked, just like the Fiji Fucked Party

Anonymous said...

I wrk For fiji TV....thnk god she has. Been. Suspended she has spoiled our orgnisation thrughly falso dump ne racist like oppostion leader...only bla bla bla at wrk place ne big cup of tea 6 times a day.....she sud be han ed from tallest tree.

Anonymous said...

Oh, SURE you work for Fiji TV! You can't even write a complete sentence fragment, much less a sentence. Every time someone speaks out against a regime injustice, along comes an anonymous blogger claiming to be giving us the "real inside dirt" smearing the whistleblowers. Either you're a regime troll pretending to be a Fiji TV employee, or you're a low-level employee (e.g., janitor) who has ulterior motives for serving as pissant tool of the regime.

Anonymous said...

@1.16am.... I think it's the tea-boy, or tea-girl. Poor thing has to make 6 cups a day.

Anonymous said...

SCARFACE in his Movie said. I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH EVEN IF IM LYING. Tobo tale o Van Dena..AG.

Unknown said...

These was expected. Tanya is grasping at thin air. During her time in the Suva city council she was sued for corruption, and that was during the Qarase government.

The fact that this time she lost her job under the same inability to abide by her superiors orders is no surprise.

Under Qarase government and now Bainimarama government Tanya had been guilty of the same offence therefore trying to blame ASK is as I mentioned earlier grasping at thin air.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro aka Meli Bainimarama. Son of a whore. Where have you been hiding??? Inside your dad's arse

Unknown said...

Anonymous 6.41 am

I have been accused of various names in here so you can either continue to resort to pathetic name calling or you can actually contribute to the debate.

And mate calling Bainimarama's wife a whore is really low. How would you feel if people refers to your mum as such? Your mannerism is on the same wavelength as Kua Ni ReRe whom resorted to name calling is well in regards to the late CJ Patel boss.

So attacking the mothers, wives and the dead is now the SODELPA supporters way. Wow just when I thought you lot won't stoop lower you went ahead proved me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro forgot to mention that Tanya Waqanika won her case. SCC took her to court & then ended up paying her $4,000.00 in damages & the High Court found that she was not in breach of her duties & exercised her duties diligently. The ruling was delivered this year & is on public record. Go to paclii website & check : SCC vs Tanya Waqanika.

Anonymous said...

We at SCC will not forget her - she had one of the biggest farewells at the Civic Auditorium. Always helping everybody, even till today. She resigned to join Fiji TV and was giving an outstanding reference from the Council.

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of people like Vili never ceases to amaze me. Why is it that anyone who dares to question or criticise this government is branded a SODELPA supporter?

Isn't Bainimarama the one guilty of using vulgar language? He swore at Qarase and others when he was taking over government. Who can forget the words he dished out to a priest? Who kicked and stomped on defenseless women?

Unknown said...

Anonymous 7.21 am

She won her case due to lack of evidences from SCC. Eventhough her superiors at SCC wasn't happy with her blatant disregard of authority. As we all know, in court it's what you prove not assume. And this time around Tanya has to prove ASK influenced the decision.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing personal against Tanya and I think she is a good lawyer. The only consistent problem she has is disregarding her superiors orders. It's precisely that which led to her disagreement with her SCC superiors.

And she did it again with her Fiji TV superiors. No one is questioning her professional ability as such, it's her ability to follow her superiors orders that is her weakness.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 7.34 am

You see the problem is that majority of you post anonymously and along the same line. It's pretty challenging to differentiate. Therefore branding you a SODELPA supporter is far safer than assuming you're NFP or Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

Email, texts and phone messages. Sounds like the evidence is there, documentary and easily traceable to ASK.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro, aka useless piece of shit, bum licking bastard, cock sucking asshole is at it again.

Anonymous said...

This is the first that we see someone stand up with strong allegations against the AG. We eagerly wait for Hon. Khaiyum's response to these allegations. Government apparently so silent too.

Village Voter

The Heckler said...

I was the one who first recognised the uncanny resemblance between Vili Rakoro and the ruptured, shit-spewing sewerage pipe. I don't regret nicknaming the pipe the "Vili Rakoro", because it was so apt. But calling him "Meli Bainimarama"? Gee, how heartless can you be!

Anonymous said...

Vili, maybe if the regime allowed real press freedoms and stopped using its security forces to beat up dissenters, then more of us would stop posting anonymously or using moronic, fictitious names like yours. Ever consider that?

Anonymous said...

It makes no sense that SCC took Tanya to court and then lose due to lack of evidence? They were suing her, surely they would have had all their evidence ready. God has always favored this woman and he defends and fights for her and for anyone to challenge her- they are challenging her God.

Reading through the social media pages, very clear that the 2 senior board members acted against the board resolution and against Fiji TV and its shareholders. Tevita and Tanya acted in the interest of Fiji TV and the shareholders.

Anonymous said...

Tevita and Tanya have a solid case. In a real democracy, the Parliament would censure or impeach the attorney general for interference in a case in which he clearly has a conflict of interest.

In a REAL democracy.

Political agenda said...

Tanya sounds more like a politician than a Fiji TV executive. That says it all.

Anonymous said...

Just listening to Tanya talk - this is a woman with great confidence and such boldness and courage to speak her mind.

She wont be taking any nonsense from Aiyaz and his team, that's for sure.

Tanya would have made a good politician and coupled with her profession and knowledge of law, she would be hard to beat.

She knows what 'conflict of interest' is and Aiyaz will surely be nailed!

Anonymous said...

"We at SCC will not forget her - she had one of the biggest farewells at the Civic Auditorium. Always helping everybody, even till today. She resigned to join Fiji TV and was giving an outstanding reference from the Council."

So there! Vili Rakoro..this is the Tanya that won her case and loved by her fellow workers. And listen to this - SHE HAD ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAREWELLS AT THE CIVIC AUDITORIUM...and given AN OUTSTANDING REFERENCE BY THE COUNCIL!!"

Doesnt that say much about the gracious lady huh??

Admit it Vili - you do have a dislike or grudge against Tanya but sore losers are always feeling that way. When intelligent beautiful characters move on in life because they stand out, for brilliance, for good, the opposite side of good and those on par just cant stand it aye?? LOL

Sorry to hurt your feelings Vili...you need to meet up with Tanya and take a lesson or two on what INTEGRITY AND LOYALTY means and DOING THE RIGHT THING huh?

Anonymous said...

vili rakoro is biased in his judgements and led by his emotion rather than facts and case by case.

I'd think yes he is Meli Bainimarama or one lamulamu keyboard warrior hiding at the army camp.

grow some brains boy

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

"You cannot be the Minister of Communications and make decisions which are favourable to FBC knowing fully well that what you've done is unethical and unlawful to favour FBC which is headed by your brother. That's just not right, you should step down. Because the Attorney General has spoken about the need to be transparent, about good governance - this is the man who has been preaching about it and he can't even follow his own words. A very unethical person, shame on him for being a lawyer. The Fiji Law Society and the Legal Services Commission should actually take action on him and remove his practising certificate." Tanya Waqanika

Anonymous said...

In Fiji, politicians don't sound like politicians. They sound like vulgar thugs. The PM is a prime example.

Tanya doesn't sound like a politician to me. She sounds more like an aggrieved party.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25pm its the other way round, she bang him to help her, now x husbands company in savusavu from closing down. She got the bonus for being a good shagger landing a good job with FBC

Anonymous said...

who is the x husband?

paula raqeukai said...

Vinaka Vili and Tanya for telling the TRUTH because the TRUTH will always prevail no matter what the evil doers will try to suppress it...God is watching the mother of ALL liars in Fiji - Aiyaz Kaiyub...his days are numbered it will come soon or later!..."isa o Viti"....

Anonymous said...

as they say.. the monkey will be caught.. just needs a little work.


Kamlesh said...

They should call the broken shit pipe the BAINIMARAMA PIPE....because, like his government, its falling apart and now SHIT IS FLOWING EVERYWHERE.


Anonymous said...

Vili Roko

Why do you need to brand me as NFP or SODELPA when I am neither. Use the stuff between your ears for a change.

Some of us do not belong to a political party but we concerned with the affairs of the country.

Anonymous said...


Vutuki Rakoro said...

MINISTRY OF JUSTICE writing letters for Fiji TV Executives to Sign


Call for TV probe

Tevita Vuibau
Thursday, January 08, 2015

DISMISSED Fiji TV executives Tevita Gonelevu and Tanya Waqanika are calling for a commission of inquiry into the conduct of Fiji TV chair Ioane Naiveli, FHL CEO Nouzab Fareed and/or the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Finance, Public Enterprises and Public Service Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Mr Gonelevu and Ms Waqanika have levelled serious allegations of misconduct and interference at the trio, saying their dismissal had to do with the saga surrounding the sharing of the sevens series live feed and Fiji TV's refusal to compromise its exclusive agreement with World Rugby.

And the pair said they would consider legal action on their dismissal but would not rush the process.

In a press conference yesterday, Mr Gonelevu alleged the interference in Fiji TV matters extended to the point where Ministry of Justice officials drafted letters voicing Fiji TV's support for sharing the sevens feed and FORCED FIJI TV EXECUTIVES TO UBDERSIGN.

"We were basically told to sign that letter or our licence will be affected or also we could face prosecution under the television Cross Carriage of Events Decree," Mr Gonelevu said. n Continued on PAGE 6

Anonymous said...

Is Luisa Waqanika Tanya mother? Remember she stood as a candidate for FFP. So the family is a FFP supporter - just like mine. Time to reconsider and re-aline political affiliation - due to our masters' integrity - or the lack of it.

kainoda said...

Vinaka vakalevu Tanya. O PM me sa vakacegui Khaiyum baleta kevaka e sega ena rawa ni vakaleqa na nona vakasama. O Khaiyum na wekadratou na samuraka na veivakamatei mai Varanise ena siga Vukelulu. Oqo na gauna moni sa yadra kina na lewe ni palimedi itaukei, baleta sa basika tiko na dina, keimami sa kila vinaka na cakacaka tu ena matanitu mai na dua na gauna balavu.
Mo ni kakua ni qai veivutuni sa bera, ena oti mai na nomuni kaukauwa na sotia taucoko e Viti ena nodratou sa veitauri vakavinaka na lewe 24 na muslim sa tiko oqo ena matanitu.
Na boso ni Immigration kei na FRCA me rau vakaraici ira vinaka na muslim sa tiko oqo ena noda vanua, kei ira na curu vou mai kei na nodra i sema ni veiwekani sa ratou vakarautaka na kena sala na lewe ni Fiji First Party.
Io, meda masu vakalevu vua na Kalou ko Jiova me taqomaka na noda vanua mai vei ira na tamata vakadomobula oqo na muslim

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 8:31pm, surely you cannot generalize a statement given that Luisa stood for FFP, the entire family supported her. Did you know what each family voted for when they ticket the ballot box? Tanya has a mind of her own & she or her mother including the rest of the family's members political preference is their Freedom of Choice. The presence of Tevita & Tanya's mothers in their press conference was to be support them as their mothers & not political affiliates to any party.

Anonymous said...

The broken sewer pipe is Vili Rakoro's mum, she spewed him out when her waters burst HAHAHAHAHA

Unknown said...

Anonymous 11.25 am

Tanya was accused of giving advice without being given the authority by her SCC bosses. It is pretty hard to prove that and she knew exactly that. Obviously she denied it in court and also knew if even there were any recordings to prove it, those recordings couldn't be used in court because it's entrapment.

Funnily enough it's alomost similar to what Tanya is now accusing ASK for. Kama is bitch.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 10.39 am

That's pure shit mate. You have believed rumours and gossips about the government somehow taking those against it to task. Those allegations have never been proven.

I understand however that you're just a weak pathetic troll who simply don't have the strength of your convictions. How can you expect people to believe what you are saying or follow you if they see how weak and scared you are.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 12.55 pm

Hey I have already said before Tanya is a good lawyer I have nothing against her. Her professional ability has never been in doubt I believe. It's her respect for the chain of command that is her weakness.

On a personal level I believe that what she did whilst with SCC and the Fiji TV was done with the best of intentions but just weak executions. If she learns to work with her superiors rather then against then she would be a great asset.

We all have bosses and sometimes even when we disagree or don't feel like it we still have to follow what they say because when we chose to work for them that is what we agreed we'll do. When you consistently choose to do otherwise then it puts into question your integrity and that affects the trust vested in you.

Your boss has to rely on you and count on you to carry out your required duties. If your bosses are worried you might not follow what they ask you then regardless of how good at your job you may be, if you're untrustworthy then your position becomes untenable.

As a good lawyer she probably needs to open her own firm and be her own boss. That's probably the best thing for her because following authority is clearly her weakness.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro Asshole. I believe it's karma NOT kama you bitch hahahaha. Your mother is the bitch hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Isa o Fareed & Naiveli caught in cross fire of demands....and ASK caught LYING. Let's see what happens next in Parliament & the Courts...

Unknown said...

Anonymous 10.43

Nice input into the debate. Very indepth and grown up. You've really shown how mature you are. Keep up the good work. Maybe SODELPA can offer you a job to join them in parliament so you can show Fiji how concrete and amazing you are at debating the points of the topics ey.

Anonymous said...

Respect for the chain of command is also my weakness. I have none, not when it comes to the pack of traitors running our government, elected or no. And I don't believe the election results anyway, since the same traitors who stole our government were left in charge of organising the elections.

Dau Vakaroro said...


Su tukene maka vi iko ni na levu tiko na gusumu u na vaka talai koya mai delena me tavulaki ira. Tamata viavia levu vaka cava tiko iko. malekate me kani laki iko na luveni vuaka. kawa ca o iko. Qarauni iko vaka maleka tiko.. Warake namake koya na gone.

Mere said...

Vili Rakoro lectures us about how we need to follow our chain of command, perform our required duties, etc., lest we be untrustworthy. He says that for this reason Tanya's job became untenable.

Didn't Vili's hero Bainimarama buck his chain of command by disregarding the civilian constitutional authority over the military and overthrowing Fiji's democratically elected government? Following Vili's reasoning, shouldn't HIS job be untenable? Why does Vili "vili"-fy Tanya but support someone as untrustworthy as Bainimarama?

Unknown said...

Dau vakaroro 11.53 pm

Ragone e kuvai rau drau kara. Kaute mai na luveni vuaka qori me mai vavi rau. Sava naka ni rourou.

Unknown said...

Mere 11.53 pm

Happy New Year lewa, hope you had a blast. Look you gotta let it go lewa, it's 2015 and holding that grudge ain't doing you any good.

If Tanya was disobeying her superiors authority because it was an illegal order then fairenough she is within her rights. Problem though the order was legal. Regardless of her personal feelings and assumptions at the end of the day the board had the legal authority to sack someone who directly interfered with their authority and their business assets.

She probably could have a case against ASK interfering but as far as the board are concerned their decision was legal based on solid facts therefore whether Tanya wins or loose her case it doesn't make any difference.

Anonymous said...

��������������☺.......keitou qoi

Keitou ka kana qore
..me mai vikana .....

Anonymous said...

Ka ka o koko Vili

Mere said...

Vili, I'll let go of my "grudge" when you let go of my country.

I thought it was bad enough that Tanya was scapegoated at a board meeting where only two board members were present and on the basis of a false promise from Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, and even using a letter his staff had dictated to the board. But now you, too, speak for the board at Fiji TV?

I'm glad you don't care whether Tanya wins her wrongful termination case, because I'd hate to see you disappointed. When even a rabid regime supporter thinks Tanya has a case against the attorney general for intereference, then it is probably a strong case, indeed.

Unknown said...


Lewa nodaru Vanua vata. Look I couldn't care less what Tanya has against ASK or vice versa. What I do care about is the fact she hasn't learnt her lesson. It doesn't matter how many board members were present to give Tanya her termination letter, what matters though is that it was a unified decision. Those two board members represented the whole board.

There was no wrongful termination. She is trying to build a case based on outside interference. Her decision to go behind the board and contacted world rugby whilst negotiations were undergoing was a breach of her contract. It was beyond her responsibilities and authority.

All she had to do to prevent this was to ask the board if she could contact world rugby to clarify their position and possible update of their current contract based on the updated media laws. I don't see why the board wouldn't agree on that and most importantly it covers Tanya's nosy ass. But as with Tanya she went ahead anyway without the boards knowledge.

And I have always maintained that world rugby is wrong in demanding they be consulted in any update on our laws. They haven't and wouldn't do that on countries like UK, US, Australia etc. Imagine world rugby demanding Obama to consult them on any changes to the U.S. laws. He'll rightly tell world rugby to go fuck themselves but that is a discussion for another time.

In the meantime I believe Tanya is grasping at thin air here. She is claiming outside interference from ASK. It would be interesting to see how this plays out. Because as minister of information I am not entirely sure ASK can be classified as outside interference. His ministry are technically the boss of Fijian Holdings therefore indirectly based on chain of command as such he has some sort of role within the parameters of this particular ministry and organisations as a whole.

So before Tanya actually contest the outside interference she first has to prove that there is actually an outside per say.

As I have mentioned her professional ability has never been in any doubt and more to that I believe she would have been the best person to negotiate a deal with World Rugby. But if I was her boss I would have to balance that with the knowledge that she is untrustworthy and as she has proven her action can seriously damage the business reputation. So it's a battle of risk as to how much I would be willing to sacrifice.

And having the whole country loose out on watching our sevens gladiators play on the Sevens Series may be a price too far to be worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

Now Vili Rakoro wants to litigate the Fiji TV matter on this blogsite. This is the same moron who says that no human rights violations have been proven against Bainimarama.

Human rights violations can only be proven in court, not on blogsites, dumb ass.

Talk about a nosy ass! It's Tanya's business, not Vili Rakoro's. Who wants his stupid opinion anyway? Now he's trying to play judge and jury, saying there was no wrongful termination.

Restore judicial independence to Fiji, and then give Tanya her day in court. Until then, butt out!

Anonymous said...

Related to Sam and George Speight? You are in for a rude shock.You share the same bloodline as King Kong.

Anonymous said...

Someone has already posted the findings on the regime's deplorable human rights record from Amnesty International, the U.S. Department of State, and Human Rights Watch.

But wait a minute. Who is more authoritative on the human rights situation in Fiji — "Vili Rakoro," aka Meli Bainimarama, the son of Fiji's dictator, or Amnesty International, the U.S. Department of State, and Human Rights Watch? True, they ARE the human rights experts. But he is closer to the source.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4.03 am

Yes human rights violations can only be proven in court. And Bainimarama is not guilty until proven otherwise in Fijis court end of.

QARASE in his tenure didn't follow through with the investigation on human rights violations carried out in the 2000 coups especially those Fiji Indians who were abused physically, verbally and emotionally.

He wasn't prosecuted in Fiji courts and he was actually found guilty of corruption on Fiji court so between him and Bainimarama it's safe to assume Qarase is the worse one.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4.03 am

Yes human rights violations can only be proven in court. And Bainimarama is not guilty until proven otherwise in Fijis court end of.

QARASE in his tenure didn't follow through with the investigation on human rights violations carried out in the 2000 coups especially those Fiji Indians who were abused physically, verbally and emotionally.

He wasn't prosecuted in Fiji courts and he was actually found guilty of corruption on Fiji court so between him and Bainimarama it's safe to assume Qarase is the worse one.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4.03 am

Please don't try and preach about the US. Human rights expert my ass. Guantanamo bay, Iraq invasion, Cuba sanctions, Syria intervention, CIA torture etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Just to clear some inaccurate statements made by Vili :
1) Board members act within " a board resolution". For a board resolution to be legal - you need a quorum. The presence of 2 board members & the statement made by Gonelevu in their press conference on Wed, 7th, Dec - there was no board resolution & no certified minutes of the board resolution to confirm the unlawful & unfair dismissal issued by Naiveli & Fareed. So your argument that the board had approved FAILS!.
(2) Gonelevu & Waqanika confirmed as well that the sub licence agreement that Fareed & Naiveli signed with FBC was less favourable to Fiji TV & its shareholders & also the board had not approved of this signed agreement. In fact, Gonelevu stated that the agreement that the board had approved was a totally different one that was signed with FBC. Fareed went to another law firm to prepare this unfavorable agreement against the interest of Fiji TV. So again, your point that Waqanika or Gonelevu went against the board resolution FAILS!.
(3) I read her case that SCC took against her - it was a civil case & not a criminal case so it is not a corruption case as you have mentioned. Encourage everyone to read it. Given what I was told, the 2 SCC witnesses testified again on her behalf & confirmed that what she was doing was within her legal boundaries. For you to say that SCC lost due to lack of evidence, despite them suing her in the first place (surely, they had evidence before they decided to take the matter to court & the trial took place 6 years after SCC first filed action) is totally ludicrous. You do not prepare for war for 6 years & then go to the battle field only to realize that you have no bullets. Your statement on this FAILS!
4) The major shareholders of FHL as stated on Tanya's FB page are Class A & Class B shareholders. I - Taukei trust fund and Fijian Affairs Board make up the Class B shareholders. None of the portfolios that ASK holds represent Class B shares. ASK is not the Govt of Fiji and neither is he the leader. It is Ratu Josaia Bainimarama that is the PM& ASK seems to think that he is the PM. ASK should know his place in this country & also in Govt. The PM is a no nonsense type of person & given his silence on this issue, ASK should be concerned. ASK made his entire Govt MPs in the absence of Ratu to vote against the removal of the World Rugby IRB 7s & RWC 2015 & knowingly misled & deceived his own colleagues. Given what I was told - they also want him out for using them. He made the people of Fiji curse & criticize the PM and Fiji First out of his own selfishness to save the financially ailing FBC which is headed by his brother. Your statement that ASK's Ministry of Information is technically the major shareholder of FHL FAILS yet again!

Anonymous said...

This Vili dude shoots off without a proper understanding of what he is saying. The chain of command and all this crap: oh boy you have your shit head buried in the sand and your ass in the air.

Anyone with a bit of common sense will figure out that there was political interference in the Fiji TV saga and the sacking was not done with due process or due diligence.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 8.36 am

1- Tanya acted against the board when she went behind their back during the negotiations between the board and Ministry of Information. When she dishounered her professional contract she will always be liable. It was a straightforward decision. When she signed her contract she was agreeing that if she broke her promise to the board and company she would be disciplined. if the board wanted to keep her then they would have made it known.

2- Tanya went behind the board when she contacted World Rugby whilst the negotiations was still ongoing. Whether Gonelevu knew or not is not known but as her immediate supervisor he is responsible for her however unfair it may be to him.

3- She was accused of giving out the wrong advice without her superiors approval. And proving that is next to impossible. What she did wasn't illegal, however she went against her superiors. And that's where all her troubles comes to roost.

4- I never stated ASK ministry of information was a major shareholder. I just floated the idea of whether ASK ministry of information was really an outside interference, because Fiji TV is a media business and they're govern by the ministry of information which may mean that technically maybe indirectly ASK ministry of information isn't really classed as outsider therefore Tanya must first prove that they are infact an outsider per say before claiming outside interference.

Nice try mate by the way.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 8.48 am

Politics and business cross path mate. Businesses are governed by politicians. Political interference in the business world is democracy and politics 101.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro, why don't you refute the fact that your mother is a bitch aka whore? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hello people, my name is Meli Baimagasona and I go by the name Vili Rakoro aka Useless piece of shit.

Unknown said...

Let me explain it from a different angle.

Tanya broke her contractual obligation with Fiji TV therefore her superiors in these case the FH board had the legal right to discipline her based on the severity of her actions.

The board could have either gave her a final warning or sack her. Whatever the board decides will still be lawful.

Now as she is claiming outside interference. Her argument could be that the board was pushed to sack her rather then perhaps give her a final warning. If she wins her case she would have proven that there was indeed outside interference.

That still doesn't mean her dismissal was unlawful because the boards decision was still legal. However if she did win her case then she could ask the board for a second chance and if the board agrees or not is entirely up to them.

She'll probably still get a lump sum if she wins her case as for getting her job back that's entirely up to the board.

Anonymous said...

can someone verify - police is investigating the cases of assault against Pm and his bodyguards - heard all Pm bodyguards including ben naliva has been charged !!!


Long live Vili! Fearless crusader for truth, justice and the Fijian way. Vinaka vakalevu, Saka. These foul mouthed low lifes are not worthy to shine your shoes or pound your yagona. Keep up the good work and the fight against the return of the corrupt racists in SODELPA. And also your fight against the unrelenting negativity of scumbag layabouts sitting overseas and sniping at our efforts to build a better Fiji. We will win and they will eventually fade away. Because they have nothing to offer the Fijian people to take us forward. They have already been rejected at the September election and will be rejected again. And you will live to see your prophesies fulfilled. May Almighty God bless you and all those around you. A beacon of sanity and his truth.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Vili...an attempt to justify his Attorney General. Going over your points Vili at 9:24am...

1. What did Tanya do behind the backs of the board which broke her employment contractual agreement. You never explained what she did wrong.

2. When Tanya contacted the Rugby Board, do you know the purpose of her contacting them and the discussions that eventuated. You never explained that.

3. What wrong advice did she mete out for which she was not disciplined but fired.

4. You don't make any sense at all in your explanation here. Enlighten us please where and when a Government Body can get involved in a private enterprise and their negotiations and enforcing a decree like a sly fox to allow Fiji TV to have 7s coverage when the terms were quite clear. It is a typical Indian technique to abuse something. His lucky that World Rugby has not sued the Fiji Government. They probably realise that there is no money to be made.

Lets see how smart you are now Vili.

Josateki Daulako

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

Firstly thank you for providing your real name. That shows the strength of your convictions and character. I admire that.

Now to the points I made. Let me first clarify that these are my personal opinions based on researching the legal case between Tanya and SCC. As well as the ongoing saga between Tanya and Fiji TV/ASK.

I am in no way, shape or form justifying any individual or organisation. Just like everyone here these are my options.

When FH board and the Ministry of Information were negotiating a deal Tanya without the knowledge nor authority of the board contacted World Rugby asking them to hold coverage until FBC TV pays Fiji TV what she deemed to be what Fiji TV was owed.

Now she was right in a business sense to demand that because her priority was Fiji TV and its financial assets. I actually admire her ability to maximise profits because that's what we need in Fiji businesses that are prospering. In the long run it helps our economy.

She only did one mistake here and that was not letting the board her superiors know of her plan. I am disappointed in the fact that she allowed her emotions and ego to get the better of her because if she can control that she will be an inspiration to many of our young females who have the ability to make a difference.

The wrong advice bit was about her case with SCC. She advised clients/customers of SCC whom she was representing not to take a particular package or deal that reduced the profit SCC could have made. She gave those advice without the knowledge nor approval of her SCC superiors. She didn't do anything unlawful at all.

However just like what she did with Fiji TV she didn't let her SCC superiors know of her plans and both occasions her decision either directly or indirectly affected the business/company.

As for the government body getting involved in a private enterprise. I do believe they do anyway because they sort of implement policies that affects the private businesses and in these case the media decree. There just needs to be a better engagement between everyone concerned.

On another personal opinion I believe the media decree wouldn't have been forced if we were a democracy like we are now because we have an opposition now who will scrutinise the policy. However I still believe there would still be something similar if all parties including World Rugby agrees on a deal because the benefit is that everyone in Fiji gets to watch our Sevens boys do their thing on the world stage. Especially those in the outer islands and mountain regions.

ASK could probably have gone about it in a different way like engaging all parties to negotiate a deal where everyone is happy rather then forcing it on everyone's throat.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili

At least you admitted one thing correctly:

"ASK could probably have gone about it in a different way like engaging all parties to negotiate a deal where everyone is happy rather then forcing it on everyone's throat."

Im glad you now know what we knew all along - that Aiyaz Khaiyum is a liar, corrupt which means his deals and negotiations are nothing short of CUNNING!!

Anonymous said...

Again Vili...

" She was accused of giving out the wrong advice"

What wrong advice Vili?????

Unknown said...

Anonymous 12.28 pm

If you scroll back on the comments you'll find the answer. There's even a link to the actual court documents. Read it.

Anonymous said...

And to recap Vili, Tanya's words. Does it make at least a tiny spectrum of sense to you or its just too plain abstract to your thinking?????

"You cannot be the Minister of Communications and make decisions which are favourable to FBC knowing fully well that what you've done is unethical and unlawful to favour FBC which is headed by your brother. That's just not right, you should step down. Because the Attorney General has spoken about the need to be transparent, about good governance - this is the man who has been preaching about it and he can't even follow his own words. A very unethical person, shame on him for being a lawyer. The Fiji Law Society and the Legal Services Commission should actually take action on him and remove his practising certificate." Tanya Waqanika

Unknown said...

Anonymous 12.25 pm

I never admitted anything mate so don't twist my words. What I posted was my opinion. Saying ASK could have done the deal differently isn't assuming he is a liar, corrupt or cunning. Infact at least with ASK you see what you get, there's no two face or backstabbing.

Qarase was actually convicted of corruption proving he was a liar, corrupt and cunning yet most in here still believe he was a saint. And at the same time they're vilifying ASK based on no solid evidence.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 12.32 pm

I understand Tanya's personal statement very well. But that's just her opinion.

ASK could come out with similar statement against Tanya and I will react the same which is personal opinions.

Good thing though is we have a court case between them coming up so whoever wins will have the upper hand.

Anonymous said...

When Pope Francis visits the Philippines next week, traffic enforcers won’t let the capital’s streets get gridlocked if they have to answer the call of nature.

About 2,000 traffic enforcers who will be on duty during the 15-19 January papal visit will be required to wear adult diapers, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman, Francis Tolentino, said.

Tolentino also encouraged people who will wait for hours to see the pope to also wear diapers.

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Anonymous said...


Vaka cava mo sa PM AG Minister og all and Minister tale ga ni vei vutu i cici. O sa kila kece ga na ka . E cava o saumi mo defend taka na cala. Sega niko raica na ka e yaco tiko o to taka tiko ga na cala. O vaka vulici ira na luvemu me ra dau totaka na cala. Iko sa vakai SCARFACE. I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH EVEN THOUGH Im LYING. Sa sivia nomu vuku sa bini nomu qavokavoka na korokoro da leve sa vaka mereke tale tu. Sa dua na koi Naitasiri se Tailevu moromoro saraga o iko. Kuvai drau saumi tiko. Me ratou samuraki iko rawa na wedaru kalounidraki me vo numu sui qo mai kere vei vosoti ei. Dre vaka da lutu vana tadevo.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.54pm

Thanks for the I-dunno-now, sitting-on-the-fence answer.

You are corrupt Vili!

They say Possession is not only when the devil plays hide and seek in your brain or poison your medula oblongata with negativity, but it is also when you are under the influence of the same specie as you!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 1.14 pm

I don't confess to know everything. Far from it mate. What I do though is do my research. I do not take allegations on the face of it. Whatever I say is based on my research and it is my opinion.

If you think I support what is wrong then that's only because you assume you're always right even when the facts disagrees with you.

If you tell me something I will research it and scrutinise it and if it's still solid then I will agree with you. The problem in here though is that whenever someone posts their opinion and I research it the reality and facts shows the complete opposite. So I challenge their opinions and what I get is instead of factual debate I get name calling, swear, racism, hatred etc etc.

It's that simple if you profess to speak the truth then back it up with solid facts through research. Anything less then you open yourself to disagreement and ignorance.

That Scarface term " I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH EVENTHOUGH I AM LYING" swings both ways mate.

And mentioning kalounidraki, the voodoo shit. You simply showed how backward you are. What a simpleton. Keep drinking that grog and believing in your bati ni tanoa gossips.

When you try and force your opinion on me I will open your lie up to the point where you can't even backtrack and the only thing you will be able to post are swears, name calling, and pig shit. Your kalounidraki shit.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 1.26 pm

Nice try mate. Next time use a better bait lol.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili.....hmmm so what we have here is an idiot who assumes things and has not undertaken a proper thorough research and understanding of what has transpired, but has made up his own opinion based on the BS the Government of the day has made, to cover their soiled arse.

Now Vili...Im sure you have some level of intelligence in you to think critically but you must also think laterally.

There is no point trying to justify an assumption based on your grog discussions and perhaps media and other means of information from which you are gathering your assumptions.

You bring up the SCC matter but that is irrelevant to this matter. There is no connection between the two to spell it out bluntly if you don't understand it.

Please don't waste your time or peoples time with your rhetorics because you don't make any sense at all and trying to justify actions by the AG and the Decree they implemented against a contract that is well stipulated is idiotic and reflective of a cunning manipulative person. Who or which Government in their right mind would implement a Decree that would undermine terms and conditions that has been enforced by an Agency. If every Government does the same thing, then we will remain an amateur body and wont be able to have our IRB Sevens. Think about it Vili, the AG screwed up here and the PM and all the legal eagles involved in drafting the decree that allowed Fiji TV access to the sevens rugby without having to adhere to the terms and conditions of the world rugby body. Well Im sure the PM is too bloody dumb to have understood the decree and just signed his dumb ass away believing that he was doing something for the benefit of the people without realising that his beloved AG had drawn him into something that has now bit him in the ass.

You are very unconvincing Vili and like AG and Frank, may have blinded the masses but there remains those who will continue to fight for the truth.

Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

@ 1.51pm

JD, I noticed you mentioned the government of the day and referred to their 'soiled arses'!

I was reading above re the Pope's visit to this country and all on duty are called to wear diapers.

I can only assume 2015 has opened a ton of sorry soiled arses for Fiji First Government - it might spare the embarrassment if Aiyaz, Frank and Co..resort to wearing diapers...well, to prevent any evidence of the people spotting their SOILED ARSES!! Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili...The problem with people in Fiji today is that Frank has instilled fear and suspicion during his 8 years of violent military dictatorial rule of the country. He has subjugated the people of Fiji to the point that people are afraid to question him. You have been duped into believing Frank and his side kick AG. They may have done some things for the people of Fiji that is commendable however, the audit report has clearly shown how he and the AG have abused their position and they continue to do so today. People are literally afraid of Frank and AG and unfortunately the Army lends their bullying had to these two thugs to keep the people silent. Now we are back to Democracy, things will slowly change and the truth will eventually prevail. History proves that and Frank and AG will eventually get their just uppence. Have you received yours yet Vili...

Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

Vili...on another note, perhaps you can enlighten us on why Frank removed the Ratu Sukuna Day holiday. I am so astonished that Fiji's Military Council had allowed this to happen.

Ratu Sukuna if you don't know him was the first Fijian to have achieved a Degree from University. He studied in Havard when the war broke out and joined the French Foreign Legion and was the first Fijian to fight in a world war. He was wounded in action and returned to Fiji and brought with him the traditional sulu style, which later became the Military and Police formal dress style uniform.

He was tasked to form the Fijian Army that fought during the second world war and had virtually made the Fijian Army known and acknowledged due to his participation in the WWI and WWII.

Now the very Military Organisation that he helped form and today be recognised worldwide for its contribution, have deserted their mentor and founder and allowed Frank and his side kick AG to remove a public holiday of a statesman, an individual whom Itaukei in particular owes the utmost respect. Very sad indeed and shameful to the Fiji Army for allowing this to happen. Perhaps it has made our soldiers gutless which is why the surrendered at the first sound of gun fire on the Golan Heights...one wonders...

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

I replied to your comments properly without name calling and here you are only your second post and you're aleady calling me idiot. I see you have a blinkered agenda.

If you really think that the SCC matter is irrelevant then that shows your level of intelligence which is not much. You talk about thorough research but it appears you haven't done any research at all.

Let me break it down to you. The SCC matter is very relevant because Tanya's previous employee before Fiji TV was infact SCC and the offence was the same. A disregard of the chain of command.

It shows that what Tanya did wasn't an isolated matter where it could be claimed it was a moment of weakness due to her passion for the job. It was a repeat, where she committed the same offence between her current and previous employee.

As for the media decree, I stated already that perhaps it could have been handled better however governments everywhere change and update policies all the time and they don't have to tell overseas agencies about it. It's advisable to engage with overseas companies that would be affected because it's good business practice however the it's not a law to do so.

And on a reality note, the government had defied two bigger countries Australia and New Zealand's pressure to hold election for 8 years, do you really think it cares about some sporting agency.

As a Sovereign and democratic nation the government could have challenged World Rugby in the Irish court where it's based and Abitration for Sport international court. And that would have been bad PR for world rugby because it would show interference in the affairs of a sovereign state.

Anonymous said...

Vili, I've read your numerous arguments. Nice try, mate.

KUA NI RERE said...

If the last eight years were tough wait
for the next twenty years. Very soon we see Sharia laws passed in parliament. Islam will be the main religion of Fiji and everyone will be converted to Islam. All government jobs will given to Muslims. Al Qadea/Taliban/Boroko Haram will or are operating in Fiji. There will be suicide bombing attacks. Fiji will become the 78th Islamic country. Oilei.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako 2.08 pm

Mate do you even live in Fiji???

Fear and suspicion my ass. Gosh these is exactly the same sort of fear mongering tactic SODELPA employed in the election where they got crushed.

It's 2015 mate not 2000.

Unknown said...

Kua ni ReRe

The last 8 years was the best. The only place you should be worried about sharia law is in your beautiful Aussie where you reside. Them ninjas are going to take their sharia spear and shiv it up your kalounidraki ass hehe.

Only kidding matey, hope you had a good new year bro. Nice seeing you back, place been dull without your colourful posts lol.

KUA NI RERE said...

Just to let everyone know,,,,, THAT'S NOT ME @2:25 pm

& @Vili Rakoro 2:32 YOU ARE STILL A DICKHEAD....

I've been reading your posts, YOU ARE FARKING DELUSIONAL.

Anonymous said...

Vili, what legal training do you have that qualifies you to discuss the merits of this case?

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that when challenged by KNR to show his evidence that Qarase is racist, Vili Rakoro could only cut and paste vague partisan attacks launched against Qarase by Chaudhry that are now 10 years old? But at the same time Vili demands proof of human rights allegations by the regime and doesn't accept the specific allegations formally laid out by the experts in the most recent reports by Amnesty International, the U.S. Department of State, and Human Rights Watch! Two very different evidenciary standards here -- low for himself, high for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Following Vili Rakoro's argument about Qarase, then Barabbas was holier than Christ Jesus, since Jesus was convicted and Barabbas set free.

Unknown said...

Kua ni ReRe 2.36 pm

Hahahaha oso baraja ca makawa qori she ca vou. Bau veisau mada sa yabaki vou.

Unknown said...

Kua ni ReRe 2.36 pm

Hahahaha oso baraja ca makawa qori she ca vou. Bau veisau mada sa yabaki vou.

Anonymous said...

The earlier civil claim against Tanya has no relevance to the present case, all the more she was acquitted.

Outside interference in this matter would be any interference from a source outside the corporate board of directors. It sounds to me as if the two board directors breached their fiduciary trust to shareholders whilst acting under duress from the attorney general.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2.37 pm

Same legal training as everyone in here lol.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro, "fearless crusader for truth", going back to an earlier comment, which of these human rights violations still needs to be proven? That Bainimarama committed treason by overthrowing its duly elected government in 2006? That he dismissed our entire judiciary and replaced it with handpicked judges? That he postponed our elections? That he suppressed our civil liberties? That he rubbished the GCC and our constitution? Which of these human rights allegations do you consider unproven?

Also, if you think the regime has not engendered fear and suspicion during its sad tenure, then I think that YOU'RE the one who needs to visit Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Is that so, Vili? Then if you've had the same legal training, why are you the only one who's consistently wrong? LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm seething mad about this. I WANT MY RUGBY!

Rugby is the one issue that could bring down this government.

The Minister for Communications is a heavyweight in Fiji, but internationally he's a junior bantam. He can push people around here in Fiji, even the PM, but who is he to tell World Rugby what to do? All to make his brother more money!

And now he's desperately seeking for scapegoats so that he can dodge the blame for yet another of his screw-ups.

Bottom line: DON'T F*** WITH MY RUGBY!

FFP can go to hell until this gets resolved! This sh*t has got to end!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2.40 pm

All of those so called human rights experts were quiet on the U.S. Iraq invasion, Syria interventions, Quantanamo bay, CIA torture and Fiji 2000 coup.

As for their Fiji reports they didn't even carry out any investigation.

Qarase in his tenure didn't investigate the 2000 coup human rights violation on Fiji Indians. And he was convicted of corruption so that is a sure sign of human rights violation and that was about 9 years ago. Yet you tried to dismiss my Fiji archives links about Chaudhry calling out Qarases racist leadership like dismissing the 2000 coup investigation. Saying that was 10 years ago.

Also SODELPA supporters in here frequently bring up issues about 8 years ago. Don't be a hypocrite.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2.40 pm

All of those so called human rights experts were quiet on the U.S. Iraq invasion, Syria interventions, Quantanamo bay, CIA torture and Fiji 2000 coup.

As for their Fiji reports they didn't even carry out any investigation.

Qarase in his tenure didn't investigate the 2000 coup human rights violation on Fiji Indians. And he was convicted of corruption so that is a sure sign of human rights violation and that was about 9 years ago. Yet you tried to dismiss my Fiji archives links about Chaudhry calling out Qarases racist leadership like dismissing the 2000 coup investigation. Saying that was 10 years ago.

Also SODELPA supporters in here frequently bring up issues about 8 years ago. Don't be a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the government could have challenged World Rugby in the Irish courts, and the government would have been badly embarrassed by the severe legal beating it would have received.

KUA NI RERE said...

Muslims want to kill and destroy where ever they are. They have killed our great Council of Chiefs. They have killed our culture,religion and customs. They have taken the lands from us.They have taken the parliamentary power away from us. They have taken away Fijian scholarship scheme and replaced with TOPPAS where 80% recipients are Muslims. ASK's Masters Thesis was based on destroying the Fijian race. We are gone. Lots of Muslims are joining the army. All good jobs are given to the Muslims. Very soon they will impose SHARIA laws in Fiji. In UK Muslim man groom white girls for their desires. They convert them to islam and than they leave them.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro -

Did you know that your ways and logic can be comparable to a Monkey. Monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey!

You are one crazy dumbass who thinks he knows it all!

He he he

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2.57 pm

That's because I consistently post the opposite of what you lot say. LOL

Anonymous said...

Vili...wow you really must be a case of stupidity and ignorance. Are you the star actor from Fiji in the Dumb or dumber II or are you co starring with Frank and Khaiyum.

The wrong advice bit was about her case with SCC. She advised clients/customers of SCC whom she was representing not to take a particular package or deal that reduced the profit SCC could have made. She gave those advice without the knowledge nor approval of her SCC superiors. She didn't do anything unlawful at all.

You made the above statement and ended it with ' She did not do anything unlawful at all.

I shake my head and laugh...You really are shoving your head up Frank and Khaiyum's arse with your stupidity.

Now like I said, you don't make sense and you surely don't know what the hell you are talking about.

You think that writing on this blog supporting your beloved Frank and your believed Tavale Khaiyum will win you brownie points from them. Well it may have and good for you if you ASSUME everything is the way you see it.

Have you tried looking through a bottle mouth with the other end shoved up your arse. Should try it. What you will find is exactly what your talking about here. Interesting shit.

By the way, you don't know yet but I am typing away nooot too farrr from you....Do you know what a Dodo bird is?

Hey you have not responded to my query about why your beloved PM Frank and his side kick Khaiyum removed the holiday of our statesmen...Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna...the Founder of the Military Organisation in Fiji.

Want a banana Vili...Got two...I know you like to eat it with skin....Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

@ 3.07pm

Well, is there anything to dispute what KNR says?

Ah huh...nopes, its factual.

Perhaps Fiji's latest Imam, Vili Rakoro has something to say???

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.08 pm

Nah bro it's not a mirror it's actually a see through window so when I look in it its true I see a monkey just didn't know it was you until now hehehe. Now I know who stole my banana lol.

Anonymous said...

Vili...once again you have put your foot in your arse and mouth......aren't you ashamed of the stink your creating around yourself with your sheer dumb stupidity....damn unbelievable....What I am referring too....your last post @ 3:04pm....Qarase had commenced the investigation into the 2000 coup and guess what...yep your beloved Frank was implicated and guess what happened after Qarase commenced these investigations...

Now are you looking through that bottle yet...perhaps a fart into the bottle will help your senses.

your nightmare - Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

C'mon Vili...cut the childish responses...you not paid to do that...your paid to make your master Frank and Khaiyum look good....try to make some sense in what your trying to say here...please we beg you...we need to have an intelligent conversation about this whole issue because you really have your wires crossed today...Have another go to see what happens...By the way...you can finish your banana first...don't speak with your mouth full...

your nightmare - Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

Vili, Qarase's conviction was on trumped up charges by a kangaroo court — itself a human rights violation. But putting that aside, how is Qarase's conviction on unrelated charges a "sure sign" of human rights violations during his tenure? Also, if he was guilty of any human rights violations, then why didn't the regime prosecute him for those?

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch were not silent about Guantanamo, Iraq, Fiji's 2000 coup, etc. That's just another false accusation. The U.S. State Department doesn't include its own country in its reporting, as that is outside its constitutional writ and jurisdiction.

So, you're saying that Bainimarama didn't overthrow our government in 2006?

You're saying that he didn't dismiss our judiciary and handpick our new judges?

He didn't postpone our elections?

He didn't suppress our liberties?

He didn't unilaterally scrap the GCC and replace our constitution?

Do you still maintain that these are just wild accusations? Please stop spewing shit and instead actually address the questions.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako 3.08 pm

The fact you didn't understand that post says it all bro. Back in the real world everyone knows it's possible to disobey your boss and still be acting lawful. Problem is no one wants to piss off our boss. Tanya did that and she's now crying in the media about it.

As for the Ratu Sukuna holiday, why you asking me. Go and ask PM he's even got a direct line. Or are you afraid he might shuv that banana up your ass skin and all lol.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Qarase WAS investigating the 2000 coup, and it led directly to a certain commodore. And it was soon after that that this certain commodore decided to try to overthrow the government again.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako 3.14 pm

Hahaha it's all coming back the accusation about Frank. Did you know in the 2002 election after Qarase won he refused to choose some of labours MP in his government cabinet eventhough he was constitutionally obligated to. Instead he chose his friends, Chiefs and Politicians most of whom supported and instigated the 2000 coup.

And when Frank pushed for their investigation all of a sudden they investigated him and tried to sack him.

Anonymous said...

Vili, I thought you said the human rights experts were all quiet on the 2000 coup!

The U.S. Department of State Human Rights Report, dated 26 February 2001, begins as follows:

Until May 19, the country was governed by a democratically elected Government; however, on that date, following a protest march against Indo-Fijian Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry's Government, armed indigenous Fijian supremacists led by George Speight, with the support of a number of rebel soldiers and hundreds of civilians, seized Parliament and took Chaudhry hostage along with several Members of Parliament. On May 29, President Ratu Mara was ousted in a nonviolent coup led by the military forces. Military commander Frank Bainimarama appointed himself Head of State, attempted to abrogate the Constitution, declared martial law, and began to rule by decree. After the May 19 takeover of Parliament, violent incidents occurred in many parts of the country. Roads were barricaded, public and private property was seized by rebel sympathizers, troops on Vanua Levu mutinied, Indo-Fijian settlements were terrorized by Ethnic Fijians, and Indo-Fijian businesses were looted and burned. In July a military-backed civilian interim administration was installed after lengthy negotiations between the military regime and the rebels, and a meeting of the ethnic Fijian Great Council of Chiefs. In late July, the military-backed civilian interim administration arrested the rebel leadership, charged the leaders with treason, and began to assert control over the country. A Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) was endorsed by the Great Council of Chiefs in September and was asked to draft a new constitution. However, the CRC suspended its work in December following a High Court ruling that the CRC had no legal standing. In November the High Court ruled that the 1997 Constitution remained in force. The interim administration appealed this decision and requested a stay of the High Court's ruling. The Court of Appeal denied the request. The full Court of Appeal is scheduled to hear the appeal in February 2001.

Anonymous said...

Vili, I'm so disappointed that the "Crusader for Truth" would lie to us!

Anonymous said...

Vili, why would Josateki fear that PM Bainimarama would shove a banana up his ass, when according to you, Fiji is now free of fear and suspicion?

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.20 pm

So the US state department can't investigate it's own countries human rights violations eventhough it's the best equipped to do so. Yet it should be trusted on its report about other countries. Nice touch there. So eventhough none of these experts set foot in Fiji to investigate human rights violations they should still be believed.

You do know we have our own organisation to do that right?

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.33 pm

Nice copy and paste skills there, where is that from wikidick.

That report was useless. Everything that happened on that report is well known in Fiji.

Get me a report about the actual investigation that prosecuted those who instigated and carried out the human rights violation in the 2000 coup. Frank was pushing for those until 2006 when Qarase tried to shut him up by attempting to sack him or give him a diplomatic post.

Anonymous said...

The 30 May 2001 Amnesty International Annual Report Summaries stated:

"Following the May coup in Fiji , at least a thousand Indo-Fijians were forced to leave their homes as a result of racist attacks and threats."

That was just the summary. The full report said more.

Vili, why did you tell us they were silent?

KUA NI RERE said...



Anonymous said...

Whaat, Vili? You now maintain that George Speight was convicted for the events in 2000 without an investigation ever having been conducted or a report ever having been filed? Shouldn't he be released then?

Btw, the Wikipedia references were already provided you a few days ago, and you already dismissed them.

Now, you were about to answer the questions put to you (a third time) back at 3:20 PM. How about it?

Anonymous said...

Wow Vili Vili Vili...you sure as hell are disillusioned. I should not have told you to look into the bottle mouth with the end shoved up your ass because as you carry on now, your talking more shit and I don't blame you because that is all you will see looking up through a bottle shoved up your ass.

On which planet are you residing. Boy oh Boy...You know an Englishman once said to me which I must say offended me than but now I see the wisdom in his words....He said that they the English had civilised our country when we were barbaric and living like savages. He went further to say that when they allowed us to gain our independence, it was like watching the movie planet of the apes where all these apes. Like I said I was offended back than but now I can understand what he meant. Your Fiji today, governed by Frank is like the movie planet of the apes. All these monkeys governing and doing as they please resulting in people like you following suit. Monkey See Monkey Do...know that saying.....literally you Vili are like a monkey...doing exactly what you see your Government do and believing in it too. Three cheers for Vili everyone...Do you know what happens when you build your house upon the sand Vili.....Good boy

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.48 pm

If you've been following my posts on these blog site then you would know I may joke here and there but the one consistent thing I do is research about everything in details.

its the detailed research that led me to uncover a certain Australian Mark Textor whom Qarase hired as his election campaign consultant. And guess who recommended him to Qarase, yep the good old Aussie government.

And Textor himself in an interview with ABC in 2012 admitted that racial differences and the Methodist church was part of his strategy specifically using the preach/talatala and Chiefs to his advantage. and the Aussie government knew about that.

You know all those international human rights organisations experts you shouting about. They all have offices in Aussie and guess who they select to investigate and report about Fijis human rights violations after the 2000 coup till 2006, yep some good old Aussie aussie aussie.

I told you they were silent because I actually research about them as well and know exactly why they were silent.

Anonymous said...

Ohh by the way Vili, I forgot to sign off on my last post at 4:01pm..that was me your worst nightmare Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

Vili, you try to speak authoritatively about matters in one breath but in the next you show an appalling ignorance of them, as with the U.S. Department of State.

A human rights commission appointed by a dictator is not to be trusted advising on human rights allegations against that dictator. Surely even you can understand that, can't you?

Having Shaista Shameem heading a human rights commission has been likened as akin to putting Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum in charge of elections. Do you understand the simile? Sort of like putting the hamburglar in charge of all catsup.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says ..... you actually researched something Vili...well done..now can you put your footnotes in your blog so we know where your getting your material...and stop biting your toes...Now Vili is doing some research and not assuming it makes me wonder has the ape morphed....Oh Vili do you know what that means to morphed...its a short term...

Anonymous said...

Sorry again Vili...did not sign off properly in my last blog 4:06pm ...your worst nightmare - Josateki Daulako

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4.01 pm

Let's do a game. Why don't you post a link on factual evidence that backs up your opinion on why Qarase investigated Frank.

And then perhaps I'll do the same. So rather then swinging to and fro about our differing opinions lets just put the facts down ey.

Now let's see if you're man enough to put your money where your mouth is.

This should be interesting.

Julab Dean said...

KUA NI RERE the racist bastard. What have muslims done to do. Have they stolen your wife, or mother or sisters or they have a vudi put inside you. Why cant you accept Fiji is a multiracial country. You will burn in the hell for racism and violence against Indians.

Anonymous said...

Vili, if the human rights people were silent, then why are we now able to adduce their comments?

If you did the research, then you've read some of their comments. So why did you lie, saying they were silent? Or was that just another one of your jokes? Tee-hee.

So, now you're saying that the U.S. Department of State, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch — just to name a few of the human rights folks watching Fiji — all used Australian Mark Textor to do their research!?

Anonymous said...

Planet of the Apes. Ouch! But an apt metaphor for the New Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vili wants to play a game...shall I toss the stick and you can fetch it for me Vili...

I thought Vili that you had morphed and are starting to research matters and not searching for links to support your assumptions. Does not work that way Vili..You research, back it up with footnotes etc... if you look for links, you might find you are descendant from a missing link....ohhhh....that's probably it...I better research that...Do you want me to research your missing link Vili...Ok....now why don't you put up some research on why you don't believe Qarase investigated Frank...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Vili...did it again...forgot to post my name after my blog at 4;20pm...its me your worst nightmare - Josateki Daulako

The Heckler said...

Monkeys, jokes ... Vili reminds me of the monkey and the cork joke. You remember the one, where some zookeepers plug a cork up an elephant's ass, and after a couple of weeks, when the elephant looks like it's ready to explode, they train a monkey to pull out the cork? The zookeepers all get covered in shit, especially the one nearest to the elephant. And yet he's the one who can't stop laughing. Asked why, he replies: "You shoulda seen the monkey trying to shove the cork back in!"

This regime, of course, is the elephant full of shit. Vili Rakoro is the trained monkey last seen furiously pushing a smelly cork.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4.14 pm

Please read my post to you again. Mark Textor was Qarase's election campaign consultant curtesy of the Aussie government.

All those human rights organisations have offices in Aussie and they select Australians to report about Fiji. For the past 8 years I am sure you can see how the Aussie media, from mainstream, regional, personal etc have reported about Fiji.

Now compare that to after the 2000 coup, and then research how these Australians representing international human rights organisations do their investigation, look at the source of their reports, research their contacts etc.

Trust me when I say it if you really do a detailed research you'll be surprised and you will understand my position.

Yes Bainimarama and ASK maybe bad but when you research in detail about these western countries and how clever they are with bending and caliberating their pieces of materials to formulate their reports and swing public opinions you'll be surprised.

To give you few reference points, base your research around, slavery, colonial, touch a bit on Wikileaks, the recent CIA saga, Guantanamo bay etc.

Once you start trust me you'll branch out to whatever interests you. Mine was power, East and west. I touched a bit on capitalism too. Apartheid, Hitler, Saudi Arabia and Japan specifically Hiroshima, and Vietnam war too.

Anonymous said...

Poor Vili does not know what the long term of morphed means. Can anyone help him and its not metaphor...Josateki Daulako......

Anonymous said...

Vili Boci, Vili Sona, Vili Magaitinamu plus your many other names, you are a joke. You don't get it do you, people are making fun of you asshole. But then again, what else can we expect from a son of a bitch? hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Lol at Vili...oh Vili you poor poor dillusioned illiterate fellow...whatever your morphing into we better reprogram that mind...research on topics you say....lol....that's far of the mark Vili and can cause a mere minded individual like you with limited grey matter to assume many things. ...I get it now...are you trying to pretend to be an academic Vili..to understand what you read and interprete it according to your own assumptions....wow...Im impressed with the morph...at least its working...Eventually you will find it if you keep researching Vili....I should not stop you from researching and in fact it will open your arse....my apologies...your eyes....I like that Laughing Samoan saying....look into my eyes....try again Vili....reference guides are not open topics Vili....whats the Lauan saying..Ko vuli ga ko tawa sukulu....I like that...

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako 4.20 pm

I see you're just another empty vessel making useless noise. Well come on give us the link to your so called truth about why Qarase investigated Frank. If that's too difficult for your pea size brain why don't you just quote it.

Tell us exactly what charges Qarase had against Frank?

Go on make my day.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4.40 pm

I have never stated to be academic, smart, better etc. my style is simple, read what people post in here then research about it using whatever materials and source I can get hold of.

Using the internet, library, archives etc. what amazes me is that those in here who profess, assume or pretend to speak the truth always turn out to be full of shit.

You know how I know they're full of shit. It's simple, when they resort to petty name calling and pathetic trolling that's when I know oops there goes their argument and here comes the default debate points which are usually just so consistent, the name calling, the swear, the accusations about me being someone else lol.

Never cease to amaze me. I actually enjoy watching them dissent so low after usually a promising start.

Obviously it doesn't affect me nor bother me at all, infact us Fiji First supporters laughs about it. They always tell me I am too horrible because I rub it in to you lot about the facts you're in the minority and part of a loosing side.

And you know what I tell them, in here I am a celebrity, everyone knows my name and wants a piece of me. You're all lol ke my subject, I point and you lot bark.

Hahahaha bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Lol at Vili...its so funny when a person like you thinks that you are so important and have caused an impact against others........lol...you are as the saying goes...IMMATERIAL...now look that up...no one has taken you seriously on this site Vili..you are actually an object of our amusement and a source of distress. Where in heavens earth did you think anyone ever took you seriously at all...lol...Now perhaps if you point at your arse...Frank and Khaiyum may drool...your style of writing --sorry to tell you but you have none...you are a typical Fijian who gathers his information from his grog discussions...we see it every day...wanna be clever and important lol...now stick to the subject young man and don't morph too quickly from your ape like stage...we will help you progress...now can you cut paste your research...hold on...your not gathering your research from the children's library are you...c'mon Vili that's not fair at all...Read Chicken Little...Good moral of a story there...that's what we need in Fiji today..Good morals..

Your worst nightmare - Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...


Enjoying reading JD's comments...so hilarious!!!

JD is surely giving you a good sound ass whopping Vili!!! You deserve a thrashing anyways!!!

Now... is that really you morphing into a Orangutan???..Check mada in the mirror!!! Woilei.. hahahahahaha

Keep it rolling JD - there's a crowd drawing near - too good mayne!!


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

@ 4.40PM

Hey Vili, remember Kua Ni Rere??
Well.. some time ago you had incriminated that Qarase had made racist policies??? Remember?? KNR wanted you to RESPOND and name one of them. Did you ever???? After that I noticed you had morphed into oblivion and we never heard from you again!!

Well, Im digging this case up again because like a true funny monkey I see you chewing on banana peels and playing hoity toity with JD!!

Why not answer KNR's question first eh? We're all waiting for that answer ...Name a policy of Qarase's which you had implicated was racist??

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:42pm...where would you like Vili to start...ok just a small one...Qarase's Social Justice Bill...29 programmes - 17 for all communities 10 for indigenous Fijians and 2 for Indians and other minority groups...that's Racist you dork

Anonymous said...

I believe Vili Rakoro is daughter of Bainimarama, who's married to former Fiji rugby player, Sorovaki. She's got more brains than Meli Bainimara & is a CEO for the Fiji Sports council..

4Fiji said...

Kua Ni Rere is the biggest racist just like Qarase. KNR my BOY is always yelling and swearing and cant even see where he is being racist. Obvious to everyone but him as he attempts to hide his racism.

My Boy Kua Ni Rere's recent racist comments"

He cant even see how people can tell he is racist. I will do a KNR impression:


Anonymous said...

@ 7.03pm

Wrong! She is a CEO of the Fiji Sports Council because her father is the illegal treasonous coup dictator who forced a democratic nation to its knees while he stomped on all who dared to go against him. And, you forget, his family and closest friends have gained positions in high places they did not rightly deserve via merit nor qualifications.

And most importantly, say a negative word about them 'according to their books' and you're fired!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 7.03pm

Vili Rakoro is a loser pretending to be an honourable degree student from Timbaktu ... a lost jungle forest similar to what many may call a Zoo.

He gets paid by parroting off FF bullcrap and finds that instead of making a great impression, his audience finds him a morally corrupt dumbass!

KUA NI RERE said...

I am not a racist but I have a disliking for Indians and Muslims. Because of them our beautiful country is destroyed. We had to endure four coups because of them. They are the most hated race in NZ, Australia, Canada, UK and USA. It is time to deport them back to India and Pakistan.

paula raqeukai said...

@Kua ni rere

Isa brother! I humbly request you to please embrace the gracious love of the Lord Jesus Christ and as an indigenous Fijian of our beloved Fiji to LOVE our fellow Indo-Fijians...they're were not sent here by chances but by the gracious love of the Lord Jesus Christ the son of the Living God Jehovah....kerea ga meda veilomani vakalevu ena gauna bolebole oqo....era na qai galu mai baleta na Kalou sa raica tiko na veika kece.....God is watching over us and everyone will be answerable to Him....Glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ....the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL IN THE END....GOD BLESS FIJI!

Anonymous said...

The problem with those who have been ruling outside of any legal framework for too long when they jump again into a pseudo de democratic environment is that they tend to forget what they are not supposed to do...

Unfortunately, Fiji is a hard democracy and in a hard democracy, the judiciary is dependant on the government... It is often a "small country" problem.

Anonymous said...

Vili thinks he's now a celebrity. Well, if becoming the new "Baghdad Bob" of Fiji is his idea of celebrity, then fair enough. He can call it celebrity; the rest of us call it notoriety.

Vili no doubt admires his stool every time he defecates, which, given the quality of his submissions here, cannot be often enough.

I tell you I'm not impressed with the quality of his writing. The man is barely literate. But then, English is a foreign language, and he is certainly not alone on that point.

Worst of all are his self-proclaimed research skills. We've already seen how he couldn't find references by human rights organisations to the 2000 coup, although these are legion. He couldn't find the Wikipedia entry about human rights in Fiji, although these can immediately be obtained by using any browser and typing "Wikipedia" followed by "Human Rights in Fiji". His research still hasn't yielded any evidence of human rights abuses by the regime. Apparently it overtaxes his research skills to answer the questions put to him at 3:20 PM and elsewhere. Since the answers are so glaringly obvious, I can only infer that his inability to answer is due to his difficulty in finding "research" that would support his desire to explain these away.

If Vili finds himself a celebrity amongst his FFP friends, it's only because scum tends to accumulate at his lower end of the pond, whilst the rest of us feed at the top.

Anonymous said...

Vili is actually Litiana Loabuka, the fat, ugly Bainimarama daughter who is a thin-skinned bully, just
Iike her father? That would explain his stupidity and his passion in defending the regime. It would explain his mixed feelings towards ASK regarding his mishandling of the Rugby Sevens. It would explain his arrogance and superiority complex. And it would explain his pussy.

Anonymous said...

If Vili is Litiana, then I'll actually have more respect for him/her than I do at present. At least, then, he/she is defending his/her father, even if he/she is betraying his/her country in doing so.

Anonymous said...

don't know why the sacked tv execs had to bring in their mothers,,,,,,big babies or what? embarrasing

Anonymous said...

What's embarrassing is the superficiality of the regime apologists' criticisms of the sacked TV execs and the depths the apologists will go in order to try to discredit anyone who criticises the regime.

Unknown said...

It is 2015 and these lot have not changed one iota. You have Josateki Daulako repeating a topic that's been consistently debated on this blog. His post about Qarase investigating Frank.

It seems they think by bringing it up again after a while people would have forgotten about it. The beef between Qarase and Frank was public knowledge. The 9 points policy that Frank insisted Qarase not to change for example the Qoliqoli bill and Qarase's attempt to overrule the military council and not renew Franks contract or in other words sacking him.

And when questioned about his allegations Mr Daulako posted a whole multi posts of the usual side stepping the points raised and directing his comments to the person instead.

Haha it is rather sad that this lot seems to think that somehow posting laughable petty insults makes them somehow take the high ground.

I mean no wonder the Fiji First supporters who are basically the majority of Fijian laughs at this racist minority black sheeps. I mean whilst debating I bring in research materials and rather then trying to scrutinise my argument with their own material they post about my research source or style and calling it all sorts of whatever name they can think of.

I mean seriously for the love of God challenge my facts, scrutinise it using your own source and materials. It is simply too easy to belittle your lots opinions and turn your argument upside down. And then further reduce you to nothing more then a bunch of pathetic idiots who thinks posting foul language and name calling is a sign of you winning.

You win when you challenge my points not when you swear, curse or laugh at me. Come on people show some debate spirit.

Unknown said...

Just to recap the accusation I have heard in here.

First I was accused to be a Fiji Indian from Muaniweni.
Then I was accused to be from Naselai in Tailevu.
And I was accused to be a group of people all posting in my name.
Accused to be a paid government blogger.
Accused to be posting from Alaska, this was hilarious I mean a Fijian in Alaska.
And then I was accused to be Bainimarama's son Meli.
Now the latest I am Bainimarama's daughter Litiana.

Hahahaha thanks you lot for the laughs lol.


Aiyaz Khaiyum is right about this matter because the the Qur’an says that Muslims are the “best of peoples” (3:110) and non-Muslims are the “most vile of created beings” (98:6).

Anonymous said...

Vili, when someone posts provocative statements 20 times a day on your favourite blogsite, it's not to be wondered at if people conjecture regarding your true identity and motives. It's not in the vein of "who was that masked man" in most cases, more like "who is that bloomin' idiot".

You've been challenged at least four times now to clarify your "facts", as per the comment at 3:20 PM, 9 January. All that is required are yes or no answers, although you are of course free to elaborate. Repeat: elaborate. That does not give you licence to exaggerate or prevaricate.

You keep pleading your willingness to debate. Why then don't you debate and stop sidestepping?

kua ni rere said...

sodelpa members are monkies,fat pig,dumpheads,born on roads ,thugs

Anonymous said...


So what about Aiyaz carrying his baby around the place - on tv all the time.

You see anything wrong with that? Hypocrite!


Anonymous said...

@ 8.25am

I would like to know then who are we really warring against.

What if this race of people weren't living amongst us?

Would it make a whole lot of difference?


Now, we will just have to live with the current situation and stop sulking and stop cursing.

Life in Fiji goes on no matter what has taken place. Anyone can make a change by contributing positively.

I dont see any positivity in hating a particular race or group of people.

I refuse to be that way. I would be unhappy, surly, miserable, depressed, vulgar and imprisoned in my own confined darkness. That is really horrible.

Let's just chill this weekend and think about it all aye? Mwah!


Anonymous said...

First impression always counts - how others view us:



KUA NI RERE said...

@Paula Raqeukai 8:45PM
Mudrau dua sara na tamata magaitinana sa mai butakoca tu qori na yacaqu ka vola tu kina THAT I HATE INDIANS AND MUSLIMS.


( except 2 posts yesterday to deny I WAS THAT RACIST BASTARD doing the recent posts)




Being the farking LOSER that he is , Vili never replied.

Having found nothing racist about any of my posts, they then went ON THIS SMEAR CAMPAIGN BY HIJACKING MY NAME and posting racist stuff.

What a bunch of Dickheads!



KUA NI RERE said...

I would like to take this opportunity TO CONGRATULATE TANYA WAQANIKA AND TEVITA GONELEVU for standing for WHAT IS RIGHT.


Lewis Sperry Chafer used to say "ALWAYS DO RIGHT THOUGH THE STARS MAY FALL".


Because He always causes us TO TRIUMPH IN LIFE....Hallelujah!

Da totaka tiko ga na DINA ragone. Ya ga na noda i drodro nai Taukei.
Na noda Turaga Levu o Jisu ena qai veisaumi ga mai ena nona gauna.

Anonymous said...

"Do right though the heavens may fall" is an ancient Latin axiom. And a good one.

Impersonating KNR for the purpose of posting racist garbage that seems to vindicate their lies is a very low thing to do, but leave it to FFP sapotas to plumb the depths. They claim to be anti-racist, but all the while they deliberately stoke the fires of racial animosity.

Anonymous said...

Vili you just an as ole...end of story and no big deal.

Anonymous said...

Hostage-taker dead after special forces storm Paris grocery
4 hostages dead, 15 rescued
French president calls it "an anti-Semitic attack"
Gunman claimed allegiance to ISIS in phone conversation with TV station
The second hostage-taking in France today — which French President François Hollande called an anti-Semitic attack — ended with the deaths of four hostages and the gunman.

Explosions and gunshots were heard outside the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket, in the Porte de Vincennes neighbourhood on the eastern edge of Paris, almost simultaneously with a raid counterterrorism police launched at a printing factory north of the city, where two suspects in Wednesday's deadly shooting at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris were holed up with a hostage.

The suspects, brothers named Cherif and Said Kouachi, were killed in that standoff.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

KUA NI RERE you say you are not racist. Then will you accept Professor Biman as the new PM of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Aujord'hui, Libertie est morte. Ou peut-etre hier., je ne sais pas.


(To paraphrase Camus)

Charlie Hedbo....

Anonymous said...

Parigi, o cara(caro) noi lasceremo,
La vita uniti trascorreremo;
De‘ corsi affanni compenso avrai,
La mia(tua) salute rifiorirà.
Sospiro e luce tu mi sarai,
Tutto il futuro ne arriderà

Anonymous said...

NATO small infantry contact skills shown by Charlie Hedbo attackers.

One man placing suppressive fires whilst the other man moves to flank the helpless and very brave Policeman who stood no chance whatsoever.

The coup de grace was pure SF. Making sure the downed man stayed down for good.

And they used single bursts. Controlled fire. Only trained professionals do that.

All the training that the UKSF and USSF have been giving all across the Middle East is now on show on the streets of Western Capitals.

Just madness.

Anonymous said...


The policy of this dictatorship with Khayium as the mastermind is the removal of all rights of the taukei to their customary institutions, their land and all that hold them distinctly as an ethnic group with its identity. It is called mainstreaming & it is boldly expressed in the peoples charter and Fijis report to the UN.
Despite the UN disagreement the Dictatorship has passed many laws and continue to do so in its mainstreaming exercise. They include :
1. The Fijian affairs GCC regulation of 2007 to suspend the GCC.
2. The GCC amendment decree of 2008 to terminate GCC nominees to the Fijian Affair Board to be replaced by govt appointees.
3. The Fijian Affair ( Provincial Councils ) amendment regulation of 2008 to terminate attendance at Provincial Councils of educated urban I taukei.
4. The Fijian Trust Fund ( amendment ) Decree No 2 of 2009 that terminated the GCC as appointing authority for the Fijian Trust Board & replacement by government.
5. The Native Land Trust (amendment ) decree No 31 of 2009 to terminate the appointing authority of the GCC to the Native Land Trust Board and its replacement by government alone .
6.The Native Land Trust (amendment ) Regulation of 2010 that terminated the share of royalty income for the chiefs.
7. The Mahogany Decree No 16 of 2010 that terminated NLTBs power and authority over mahogany leases & NLTBs power to fix & negotiate financial return on Mahogany and its replacement by a council headed by Bainimarama & Kaiyum.
7.The Surfing Areas Decree No 25 of 2010 that terminated control of surfing areas by Itaukei & their trustee Tltb vesting all rights under the Director of Lands.
8. The Fijian Affair (amendment ) Decree No 31 of 2010 that took away "Fijian " as their name replaced by i Taukei.
9 The Native Land Trust (Amendment ) Decree No 32 of 2010 that removed the President as chiefly representative & chairman of Tltb Board and replacement by the Prime Minister.
10. The Land Use Decree No 36 of 2010 that gives to the Prime Minister unfretted power to designate native land to a land bank to be administered by the land use unit & Director of lands.
11.The Native Land Trust (amendment ) Decree No 20 of 2010 that terminated the GCC authority over extinct mataqali land.
12. The Native Land Trust (amendment ) Decree No 20 of 2012 that terminated the power of the GCC to determine customary ownership of extinct mataqali land.
13 The Taukei Affairs(amendment ) Decree No 22 of 2012 that terminated the existence of the GCC.
14. The Taukei Trust Fund (amendment ) Decree No 23 of 2012 that terminated the GCC administrative power of the Fijian Trust Fund.
15. The 2013 Constitution that removed the entrenched provisions allowing the government of the day to change native land legislation without first obtaining the prerequisite prior consent of native owners

Anonymous said...

Dear posters who love justice and the restoration of true democracy in Fiji.

I have watched this blog and how "Vili Rakoro" energetically and consistently posts on:
1.any accusation against Muslim takeover of Fiji;
2.attacking Tanya on one point (insubordination)
3. responds to ALL posts against Frank and ASK.

I read but never post on this blog. It is amazing how much of a picture you gain just by watching! A lot of intelligence work is that - boring day in day out information collation. The result is priceless!

One thing is certain - Tanya's outburst has rattled ASK!!! Hence the effort by "Vili Rakoro" on this blog to undermine Tanya on one single point. That is the they will use in court if Tanya/Tevits ever make it there.

For posters responding to Vili Rakoro, his name is not real as he claims. I sense your frustrations in trying to hold a dishonest person to account. Ask him to post his picture so you know who he really is!

I know ASK uses junior researchers to work for him; he is known workaholic as confirmed Graham Davies!

So Vili is not one person but a team led by ASK himself supported by a team including one from Naitasiri; he does this because he needs to put down any emerging public opinion that casts any aspersions on ASK and his Agenda. This is the way of dictatorship!

Blogs are meant for real responsible exchange with responsible people - so why don't you ask Vili Rakoro to post his real picture so you can all research if he is a real person!!!


Anonymous said...


Someone may say to you, "Let's ask the mediums and those who consult the spirits of the dead. With their whisperings and mutterings, they will tell us what to do." But shouldn't people ask God for guidance? Should the living seek guidance from the dead?

Anonymous said...


Do not quote scripture selectively. Why don't you quote the whole 22verses of Isaiah 8 so that the real message is clear; which is "the Lord of Hosts is, the only Refuge".

Anonymous said...

The Day of the Lord (Joel 2)

28 “And afterward,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.
29 Even on my servants, both men and women,
I will pour out my Spirit in those days.
30 I will show wonders in the heavens
and on the earth,
blood and fire and billows of smoke.
31 The sun will be turned to darkness
and the moon to blood
before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.
32 And everyone who calls
on the name of the Lord will be saved;
for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem
there will be deliverance,
as the Lord has said,
even among the survivors
whom the Lord calls.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.13 am

Thank you for making the message clear and completing the verse.


Yes, indeed.

Anonymous said...

No telling yet if the maniacs who massacred the people at Charlie Hebdo were trained by the RFMF's new buddies in Al Nusra. Or if some of the weapons they used to slaughter these poor people were the same as those cravenly surrendered by the RFMF in the Golan Heights.

Anonymous said...

Something like the Charlie Hebdo massacre could never happen in the New Fiji, because this regime would never allow a satirical publication like Charlie Hebdo to exist in the first place. Its first satire of the regime would be its last. This regime has repeatedly proven itself an enemy of press freedoms. The values of this regime are more aligned with those of the murderers than with those of the victims.

Anonymous said...

According to reports from Paris, the al Qaeda raid marks a radical departure in the terror group's methods.

Typically, one associates al Qaeda with suicide missions. Obviously, this was no such thing. Instead, today's attack was extremely well-rehearsed and professional in nature. This team of al Qaeda killers have obviously played on the same line for some time, if I may indulge a sports analogy.

This was the unveiling of an entirely new al Qaeda strategy. What does this portend for terror ops of the future? Has the day of the lone fanatic with a suicide vest passed into history?

Was this the work of European ISIS sympathizers who have been professionally trained and battle-hardened in the streets of Aleppo? If so, how many such teams are on the loose in the capitals of Europe?

Today we have witnessed a new stage in the evolution of terror…

Or could this be something else entirely?

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By James Perloff 15-01-09
Food for Thought

It all boils down to the age old question.

With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that would certainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel?

Who benefits?

It seems like they’re spinning out PSYOPS these days faster than the writers of plots for a daily soap opera. Ottawa and Sydney are already old news.

The three latest headlines have probably been: the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France, the downed AirAsia plane, and “North Korea hacks Sony.”

While no conclusive explanations have yet been reached, these three seemingly distinct events all have something in common: running afoul of Israel.

On December 2nd, the France Parliament passed a resolution asking that France recognize a Palestinian state. And just a week ago, Israel informed France that it was “deeply disappointed” with France’s vote on a UN resolution that would have required Israeli forces to withdraw to their pre-1967 borders by 2017.

Teaching everyone to identify as Jews
Teaching everyone to identify as Jews
With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that would turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel? We are told the motive for the atrocity was publication of cartoons satirizing Islam and Muhammad. What Muslim would consider cartoons more important than Palestinian rights, which Muslims have spent decades earnestly striving and bleeding for?

Clearly, the beneficiary of the Charlie Hebdo incident is neither France nor Islam, but Israel.

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They had to have procured those weapons from somewhere and someone must have kept it as their Quartermaster.

4 persons participated in the series of attacks suggesting that this was a Cell.

That means they had a command structure to which they are answerable. There must be a handler (who is probably still living in France or in one of the nearby countries) who gave them the targets.

This is also a reflection on the open borders policy they have over there in Europe. Those weapons could have been procured from any of the other countries bordering France, eg Italy or further towards Eastern Europe where the Mafia networks are very solid and simply driven into France (no border checks - porous borders) in the prepping for the attack.

This cell would have been trained somewhere. The video's show clearly that they were very comfortable with their weapons handling. It was reflexive to them. Instinct. They
were obviously very well taught.

The shooting of the Policeman shows one of them on the run whilst shooting the downed Policeman to confirm the kill. That's an AK 47 he was handling from the hip as he ran past the Policeman firing that burst. Only someone who is very very well trained with weapons does that, and only someone who has engaged in similar operations before reflexively does that to a downed target. Handling an AK 47 with one hand from the hip pistol style and firing a shot burst accurately isn't an easy thing for a novice. The weapon jumps and the AK 47 is a weapon which has a solid kick and jump.

All those tactical skills the Yanks and Brits have been teaching in the Middle East since Afghanistan against the Russians are now being used on Western city streets against Western targets.

Just pure carnage.

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The only give away about which brother did the final kill on the Policeman is the way the second man moved from the base fire support position he was at.

Probably the brother who had fought in Iraq is the one who flanked and then punched the Policeman's position, killing the Policeman.

The brother who had not been to Iraq showed his lack of experience because he left his fire support position and moved to see what his other brother was doing to the Policeman.

That is a tactical error.

Tactically the fire support man in that position is to take a knee position and stay in that fire support role because you are also the backup man in case there is contact from left or behind you on that street. You take a knee so that you minimise your profile but at the same time you have all around views in fire support so that if contact comes from your left or behind you you can switch your fire that way and the man who flanked can then move into support and then you punch your way out.

He made the mistake of leaving his fire support position and moving to where his brother was finishing off the Policeman. Probably caught up in the excitement and andrelin.

The experienced brother looks like the IC of their cell. He was giving the commands. He gave the command for regroup with his left hand signal as he moved back towards the car.

His brother should have retained that for support position all throughout and waited for that regroup signal to withdraw to their Rally Point, which is the car, but he probably shows his inexperience with all that moving about to see things.

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