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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sacked Fiji TV executives go after Khaiyum and Board members

(Video courtesy of Republika)

One of the two former Fiji TV executives dismissed after the rugby sevens broadcasting controversy has called on the Fiji Law Society to strip Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum of his practising certificate for unethical behaviour.

CEO Tevita Gonelevu and head of content and local productions, Tanya Waqanika, told a press conference today the real story behind their unlawful sackings.

"You cannot be the Minister of Communications and make decisions which are favourable to FBC knowing fully well that what you've done is unethical and unlawful to favour FBC which is headed by your brother," said Waqanika.

"That's just not right, you should step down. Because the Attorney General has spoken about the need to be transparent, about good governance - this is the man who has been preaching about it and he can't even follow his own words. 

"A very unethical person, shame on him for being a lawyer," said Waqanika.

"The Fiji Law Society and the Legal Services Commission should actually take action on him and remove his practising certificate."

Waqanika and Gonelevu also called for an inquiry into the conduct of two board members, Nouzab Fareed and Ioane Naiveli, who they say acted against the station's interests over local coverage of the World Rugby Sevens Series.
Tevita Gonelevu and Tanya Waqanika at today's press conference (Photo: Island Business)

The former executives cited email, text and telephone messages which they say showed outside interference with the operations of Fiji TV, especially by Khaiyum.

   IRB Letter to Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum

Both also challenged their dismissal saying Gonelevu's sacking had not been discussed by the whole board and Waqanika's firing was illegal because only the CEO could sack her.

Gonelevu and Waqanika also hinted there could be other developments that could deprive viewers of coverage.

They told media that a sub-licensing agreement which allowed FBC TV to carry the last Sevens series in December was in favour of FBC TV, which a government survey suggests commands 54% of total Fiji viewership.

They said the fee paid by FBC TV did not reflect its claimed viewership as agreed to under the sub-licensing agreement. 


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Anonymous said...

The inexperienced brother also left his Identification card in the vehicle they dumped which shows another tactical mistake.

On operations like that they are taught not to carry any identification cards or any other personal effects which gives away their identity.

It shows that the cells in Europe are a mixture of experience and inexperience and that the networks though active are probably also struggling to mount operations.

Anonymous said...

PARIS- More than 700,000 people on Saturday took to streets across France in tribute to the 17 people killed in three days of violence by Islamist extremists, the interior minister said.

From Nice and Marseilles in the south to Besancon in the east and Lille in the north, people poured onto the streets to express their solidarity following Wednesday's attack on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo that left 12 dead. The massacre was followed by the fatal shooting of a police officer on Thursday and the murder of four hostages during a siege at a Jewish supermarket on Friday.

"700,000 people have marched" in cities around France, Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters on the eve of a huge Paris rally planned due to be attended by a string of world leaders.

Cazeneuve did not give a detailed breakdown of the figure, but according to an AFP tally of demonstrations many thousands turned out across the country.

In the southern city of Toulouse, police said around 80,000 people took part in a march, with the "enormous" procession stretching up to two kilometres (1.2 miles), according to an AFP journalist.

"Live together, free, equal and in solidarity," read the banner behind which at least 30,000 people also marched in the western city of Nantes.

In Marseille, 45,000 people expressed similar sentiments with a rally banner that said "For democracy, equality, freedom, let's fight fascism".

Individual marchers held up placards with the words "Not Afraid!"

In Pau, a further 30,000 to 40,000 people staged a silent march with school pupils leading the way holding a banner emblazoned with the words: "We are all Charlie".

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama de régime réprime la liberté de la presse. Je suis Charlie Hebdo. Le régime est l'État islamique.

Anonymous said...

The comment at 9:13 AM implying that the Charlie Hebdo massacre is an Israeli plot is typical of the anti-Semitism animating the twisted thinking of the killers. This is someone who shares much of the same warped mindset as the terrorists of al-Qaeda and the Islamic Republic. It is the same sort of thinking that led to the maniacal attack on the kosher supermarket. The Nazis did the same thing, murdering Polish border guards and then dressing their bodies in German uniforms to claim that their invasion of Poland was in self-defence. The person who commented at 9:13 AM is using the same Nazi tactic of blaming the victim.

Anonymous said...

The conditions for that sort of thing happening in Europe are very high especially in the countries which went through the Recession between 2007 and 2010 and are still struggling today.

That is an undeniable fact.

Greece is having problems with the Arnachist Organisations, France is having problems with quasi street gangs side lining as Jihadi's, Spain had the same problem and in the UK they have to set up special committees to issue detention orders supervised by the Home Secretary and a Judge whose identity is not known sitting on a committee whose sole role is to issue private detention orders against those who are perceived to be threats to National Security in the UK. The only caveat is that the Home Secretary has to report to the House of Commons every twelve months on the status of the program and on the status of those who are covered under it. The Rule of law has had to be restructured.

This thing also happened in Europe in the 70's eg the Baader Meinhoff gang, the Red Army Faction etc etc etc.

The only difference was that in the 70's it was as a result of the Cold War.

This time it is as a result of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya against Dictatorial regimes for the purposes (at least so it was said) of finding WMD's in the case of Saddam and some other fictitious reason in the case of Qaddafi and etc etc etc.

Of course training the freedom fighters is all well and good and hunky dory when the guns are being pointed the other way at the so called baddies (that is to say whoever the baddie of the month is at a particular point in time depending on what side of the bed the man in Washington woke up on this morning). The problem though arises when the guns and the gunmen start finding their own reasons for pointing their guns whichever way they want.

Of course one could say that the gun pointing (and shooting) business has become democratic in some sense, though certainly not in the sense that the Great Minds that are sitting in Western Capitals imagined.

Just nuts

Anonymous said...

US, UK and France training Syrian rebels in Jordan - reports

Published time: March 11, 2013 09:09

Foreign instructors are training Syrian rebels in modern warfare in Jordan, suggest media reports from Europe. Sources claim the trainees will be the security force if Assad goes, while the combat skills they are being taught distort the picture.

In the past three months some 200 men have already received training in two camps in the east and the south of Jordan, Der Spiegel reports. The military training focuses on the use of anti-tank weaponry, the news magazine reported, citing what it said were participants and organizers. It adds that there are plans to provide training for a total of 1,200 fighters from the Free Syrian Army – the opposition force battling the regime of President Bashar Assad.

The report said that some of the Americans wore army uniforms, but it did not specify whether they worked for private firms or represented the US military.

Last October the Pentagon confirmed that a small group of US special forces and military advisers had spent the summer in Jordan training the country’s military to act in case Syria used its chemical weapons. Reportedly, select groups of Syrian rebels were trained, too.

As Britain’s The Guardian reported on Friday, the US is not alone in their efforts. UK and French instructors are also in Jordan training the Syria rebels.

Though the American, British and French Defense Ministries have not commented so far on the information about the FSA being trained in Jordan, this move does not contradict either the US plans for non-lethal directaid to Syrian opposition or British understanding of the EU arms embargo enforced on Syria.

Anonymous said...

Weekend Edition November 7-9, 2014

UK Program to Train Libyan Soldiers Ends in ‘Disarray and Scandal’


A program by the Ministry of Defence to train Libyan soldiers has ended ahead of schedule, due to a string of criminal offences committed by several of the men. Initially planning to train two thousand troops at the Bassingbourn base in Cambridgeshire, the first group of three hundred are now being sent home – weeks in advance – and it is unlikely that the program will continue elsewhere.

Many of the original three hundred recruits were what the Guardian labels ‘former revolutionaries’, meaning rebels that fought alongside NATO in the 2011 war that destroyed Libya’s Jamahiriya government. A Ministry of Defence spokesman claims that each of the men went through a special vetting process prior to their selection; however this does not seem to have been too successful.

Apparently ninety of the men withdrew from the program throughout the course of their stay, returning home due to personal reasons and health problems, while others are said to have had behavioural and disciplinary issues. Several more have claimed asylum. Five soldiers have been charged with various sexual offences, including the rape of a man in Cambridge by two officers.

It has been reported that many of the recruits had taken little interest in the training and were not doing what they were being asked to do. The men had been instructed not to leave their barracks, but many were seen by residents in the area scaling the fences to buy food and vodka from nearby shops. Other locals left their houses to find Libyan men hiding under their cars, causing a great sense of alarm and fear for those in the area.

Other countries that planned to train soldiers have also suffered setbacks. An American-run training camp in Libya had to be abandoned following an attack by militants, and troops trained in Italy and Turkey were not returning to the army when back in Libya but joining militant groups instead.

Anonymous said...

Thursday 06 November 2014 Libya , UK

'Thursday night was riot night' at Bassingbourn base

Lindsey Hilsum
International Editor

"A bunch of militamen were in control of a British army base in the UK". A whistleblower gives his shocking account of the Libyan army training fiasco to International Editor Lindsey Hilsum.

"They did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, and instead of being an army to train them, the British were reduced to babysitting them to limit the damage," said a man I will call "John" who worked on the base for several months. His eyewitness testimony is backed up by others who have given similar, if less detailed, accounts.

Our source worked on the Bassingbourn military base where the Royal Scotttish Regiment were trying to turn 300 Libyan rebels into soldiers.

Workers and soldiers have been told not to talk to the media but some feel compelled to speak out.

The plan was to drill Libyans from rebel brigades that had overthrown Colonel Gaddafi so they could return to form the core of a new national army. But the vetting process appears to have been haphazard, and the country's increasingly chaotic and fragmented nature was mirrored at Bassingbourn with men from different tribal and regional militia fighting each other.


John described an aggressive, ill-disciplined band who had no interest in becoming real soldiers, but saw their sojourn in the UK as an opportunity to drink alcohol and party. If they didn't like the food or the training they rioted or went on strike.

"They would go round building by building breaking fire alarms," he said. "They attacked the shop on the base. They broke into the communal areas, stole laptops, destroyed furniture and sprayed the whole place with fire extinguishers."

He says the women on the base were terrified, because the Libyans would insult them and on one occasion threatened a woman who had reported them for taking pictures of her without permission. According to John, one of the Libyan officers told him he didn't think there was such a thing as rape in the UK as women here have sex outside of marriage.

Last week three Libyans appeared in court and admitted two counts of sexual assault of two women in Cambridge, while on Monday two more Libyan soldiers remain in the UK facing charges, the rest of the trainees are being sent back to Libya.

They were also a danger to each other.

"I saw one guy stab another in the neck but luckily it was with a butter knife so it didn't penetrate," said John. "When they were drunk a few guys pinned another down and attempted to rape him...I know that they were arrested, and I think they were deported. The victim's cousin was also sent back because he retaliated and stabbed one of the perpetrators."

Anonymous said...

'Riot night'

At first the British soldiers tried to keep the Libyans on the base but John claims that when they repeatedly escaped, they seemed to give up.

"The British army actually set up mini-buses to pick them up take them to the local Tescos. They bought as much booze as they wanted and they came back on base," said John. "Every Thursday night we'd call it riot night. They would get really drunk, riot and there were a few incidents of stabbings and fights."

The Ministry of Defence told Channel 4 News: "Whilst the majority of recruits have responded positively to the training, we regret that there have been some serious disciplinary issues and this, as the Prime Minister has said, has been completely unacceptable.

"Appropriate measures have been taken, including the involvement of the police. Training was initially expected to last until the end of November but we have agreed with the Libyan Government that it is best for all involved to bring forward the training completion date.

"The majority of recruits have already left the UK and are now back in Libya with the remainder set to return in the coming days."

Despite the deteriorating security the British troops, John says were expected to "soldier on" and keep trying. According to John, the Libyans were allowed on the firing range with live ammunition, which he said made him feel unsafe.

'Appalling' oversight

In Bassingbourn, people are relieved that the Libyans have left.

"I think the Ministry of Defence have handled the whole thing appallingly," said Peter Robinson, head of the Bassingbourn Parish Council. "They've lied right from the start. They always they always knew, presumably, they would let these trainees out out of own, but we were told from beginning that they would never be let out unaccompanied.

"They closed all facilites on site to local people on grounds of security and their own security was as leaky as ten sieves."

Anonymous said...

Syrian rebel Yarmouk Brigades ditch US and Israel allies, defect to ISIS

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 17, 2014, 6:07 PM (IDT)

The Syrian rebel militia Al Yarmouk Shuhada Brigades, backed and trained for two years by US officers, mostly CIA experts, in Jordan, and supported by the Israeli army, has abruptly dumped these sponsors and joined up with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, debkafile’s exclusive military and counter-terrorism sources reveal.

The sudden defection of this 2,000-strong anti-Assad force leaves IDF defense formations on the Golan, US and Jordanian deployments in the northern part of the kingdom, and pro-Western rebel conquests in southern Syria in danger of collapse.

The Brigades’ jump into the radical jihadi camp was negotiated in the last two weeks by its commander Mousab Ali Qarfan, who also goes by the name of Mousab Zaytouneh. He was in direct contact with ISIS chief Abu Baqr Al-Baghdadi, whom our sources report has recently relocated from Iraq to his northern Syrian headquarters at al-Raqqa.

Unlike the Sinai Islamists, Ansar Beit al Maqdis, the Yarmouk Brigades did not pledge allegiance to ISIS. The ir pact was forged as an operational alliance, which is just as grave a peril for the rebel militias’ abandoned allies.

For Israel, in particular, the new development is fraught with three dangers:

1. The Yarmouk Brigades are strung out along Israel’s Golan border with Syria, from the UN peacekeepers camp opposite Kibbutz Ein Zivan (see map) in the north, down to the Israeli-Syrian-Jordanian border junction in the south. The Brigades therefore sit along 45 of the total 76 kilometers of the Syrian-Israeli border. This means that a long stretch of Israel’s Golan border with Syria has fallen under the control of the Islamic State.
2. This militia also commands sections of the Syrian-Jordanian border, as well as districts of the southern Syrian town of Deraa. Therefore, the link between Jordan and southern Syria, which served American strategic interests, is now under military threat.
3. Islamic State forces are preparing to take advantage of their new asset with a buildup near the Druze Mountains for a rapid push south towards the town of Deraa, where they will join forces with their new ally

Anonymous said...

Sydney Police "accidentally" kill one Sydney siege hostage

Investigation finds Katrina Dawson killed by police during shootout at Martin Place


This story was published: 1 hour ago January 11, 2015 10:33AM

MARTIN Place siege victim Katrina Dawson was struck by a police bullet when officers shot it out with gunman Man Haron Monis at the Lindt Cafe.

Report says police bullet hit Katrina Dawson


Anonymous said...

What if we were to organise our own march in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo? Would the regime not allow it, for fear it might turn against it, the same reason it prevented past human rights marches?

Anonymous said...

French cops alerted amid report sleeper cells activated

CNN reports that French police are being told to erase their social media presence and carry weapons at all times following intelligence that a number of terror cells have been “activated.”

The American network, citing a police source who attended a briefing, says intelligence believes sleeper cells were activated in last 24 hours, in the wake of the series of attacks that have rocked the country and left 17 people dead.

The source said Amedy Coulibali, who killed four Jewish men at a kosher market in Paris Friday afternoon, after killing a French policewoman a day earlier, had made a series of phone calls about killing cops before the attack.

Read more: Thousands at vigil for kosher market attack victims; Israeli leaders tell French Jews to immigrate |

Anonymous said...


Jews are fleeing terror-hit Paris because of growing anti-Semitism in France, one of Britain's most influential Jewish journalists said today.
Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, spoke out after an Islamic terrorist took six people hostage and held them captive in a Kosher supermarket in the French capital.
This afternoon police ordered all shops in a famous Jewish neighborhood in central Paris to close.
The mayor's office in Paris announced the closure of shops along the Rosiers street in Paris' Marais neighborhood, in the heart of the tourist district and less than a mile away from the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo where 12 people were killed on Wednesday.
Hours before the Jewish Sabbath, the street is usually crowded with French Jews and tourists alike.
Mr Pollard said today's terror attack in Paris, linked to the massacre at the office of Charlie Hebdo, will force more French Jews to flee the country.
Many are moving to Britain or to Israel, according to a report published in the newspaper last year.
He said the fact that a terrorist had chosen to target a Jewish store was no 'fluke'.
In a series of tweets he said: 'Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave'.

Anonymous said...

So no surprises as to which Cinder-vella dropped his shoe.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my comment @ 3.51 was to anons @ 10.26 and just b4 that.

Anonymous said...

Some pretty disturbing implications to a few of these emails.

One remark that disturbs me is the characterisation of the link between the defence of the border of Southern Syria and Jordan as serving US strategic interests. Sure, it serves US strategic interests. It serves the strategic interests of everyone except Salafist jihadists. So, why would someone choose to characterise the situation that way, unless they were ISIS sympathisers or so oblivious to their own interests that they don't care about the advance of an ideology that seeks to force everyone in the entire world to convert to Islam or lose their head?

The other posting that disturbs me is the one that says Sydney police "accidentally" killed a siege hostage. Now, why in the world put "accidentally" in quotes? Are they suggesting that Sydney police might have deliberately slain one of the hostages? And why would they do that? Are we going to see another elaborate conspiracy spun that somehow blames the whole hostage crisis on the Australian government? Another game of "Blame the Victim"?

Anonymous said...

Growing anti-Semitism in France? Of course, because of the growth in immigration from Muslim countries. The Dreyfus Affair was bad enough, but there's something particularly troubling when a bastion of free speech, anti-secularism, and liberty turns to such baseness as anti-Semitism.

Anonymous said...

ba wah ba wah wah wah,,,,,,mamakeukeu mamakeu.....

Anonymous said...

Its quite difficult to characterise the shooting of a hostage as anything other than an accident in inverted comma's.

Why ?

Because attacking into a small space (such as that restaurant) via a stack entry and using Colt variations firing 5.56 mm ballistics was bound to result in dead and injured hostages.

Which is exactly what happened. One dead and 5 others injured by the Security Forces.

5.56 mm ballistics fired out of a M4 or any of the other short barrel variations the Sydney Ninja's used in that small space would have gone through one body and lodged itself in a second body before coming to a stop.

In that small space it would have gone through the walls as well and especially if the restaurant walls were basic type partitions.

I posted here when that was happening that probably one of the hostages was killed by "friendly fire" because it was obvious from the get go that it was something that was simply waiting to happen judging the weapons and the tactical prepping of the Assault Team as seen on the TV

When you have 12 men using high velocity Colt variations attacking a small space like that and all going for one man in a hostage rescue scenario that is simply whats going to happen.

Some of the hostages will get killed and injured by friendly fire.

That is why HKMP5's with 9mm ballistics and Sig Sauer P226 or Glock are the preferred weapons to use in that type of scenario. To begin with they are lower velocity which means their penetration is limited to the body that they are shot at and secondly they are safe weapons, there's no chance in a million of accidently shooting someone with a Glock or a Sig P226 unless one is really careless.

Anonymous said...

And of course you don't send 12 men to attack a small space like that to get one man and kit them with Colt 5.56 variations.

Very difficult for the designated shooter to take his shot when he has another 11 guys vying for the same shot.

That's like getting 10 guys to punch out a mango fruit on a plate. They'll crack the plate first.

That man had a pump action shot gun.

All it needed was 4 men with pistols.

Anonymous said...

"Bainimarama de régime réprime la liberté de la presse. Je suis Charlie Hebdo. Le régime est l'État islamique...."

Non ! Mon Dieu...really ? c'est une nouveaute...I mean how low can you get trying to score political points off that event ?

tirer le diable par le queue

truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

sobo, leqa levu...

Anonymous said...

@ 642pm

They should have done better - reverse urgent call to RFMF Brigadier T for what action to take next.

I suppose the response wouldnt be as wise as yours - 4 men ?? Response from HQ would probably be "Wawa..OK..Lako..Buturaki!!"

Anonymous said...

4 men is standard.

2 men do the clearing and 2 men locate and move the hostages.

I thought the Aussies trained with the British SAS and know the Overkill method.

Anonymous said...

Five men is the professional RFMF standard. One to pin down each limb, and the fifth to rape his anus with a gun barrel.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:03, la chaussure s'adapte!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorta glad to read about the Libyans. It's kinda nice to know the RFMF are not the world's most unprofessional security forces.

Anonymous said...

Just because a specially trained unit should have been able to see and mitigate the possibilities for collateral damage doesnt mean the tragic killing of the hostages by friendly fire was any less inadvertent. It was not deliberate.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.15am

Actually you sound like a crude mannerless oaf he he he but then again, how can we doubt what you say when enough evidence of the past history of RFMF has proven that your absolutely CORRECT!!

RFMF are so damn low..behooves me how they're breezing back up at Golan Heights after their shameful surrender, arms and all to terrorists!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 6.36am

No, it wasnt deliberate but the Lieutenant was just giving us an account of what transpired...could have been a different outcome..etc etc ..you know? The real drill that only military has the know-how.

But still doesnt make RFMF look any better...hell no!! Psssst sorry Lt.General Sir!!!

Anonymous said...

RFMF is no longer the professional unit it used to be. Overweight men majority pushing 40. Their only preferred target are the people of Fiji, who has no guts to fight back against these pansies...bloody pussies...their Commander in Chief the self proclaimed Frank removed Ratu Sukuna Day as a holiday..what a bloody shame for a Fijian to do such a thing against a man of vision and integrity. Well Frank did the same to another of Fiji's greatest leaders Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. You can see soldiers putting in their 2 cents not worth a bob comments about how to tackle such situations of terrorism on this blog site yet on the Golan Heights, were eager to lay down their weapons and bend over for their captives...Born a coward die a coward

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Vili Vili Vili...you remind me of the kido who constantly wants to have the last say but cant remember what he said last and gets confused in all his rambling that his confused himself.

Like I said Vili...you and the rest of Frank and Khaiyum's underwears or supporters, as he cant hide the shit that he has hidden anymore and needs you, his supporters to hold it up for him, are a source of amusement to this blog site.

You know if Qarase had sacked Frank...the progress of Fijian's and I mean itaukei like you if you are a itaukei and understand what an itaukei means, would have advanced tenfold in the last 8 years. Tell me Vili about this Qoliqoli bill that Qarase wanted to legislate, what was wrong with such a bill and don't tell me you believed in Franks bullshit because right now, he is enforcing much of Qarase's qoliqoli bill.

PS - when researching an quoting can you use file notes rather than the bull shit style of referencing you have been doing to date. Do you know how to even do this....

Your worst nightmare Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

@ 11.29am


Growing anti-Semitism in France!

Growing anti-RFMF in Fiji!

Strange how RFMF no longer is looked upon as "Fiji's loyal dedicated soldiers defending a democractic nation i.e. the people" but rather, they're looked upon with disdain like never before. All simply for the love of money and obedience to corruptive motives by their Leaders. Bullying thugs ready to manipulate and destroy the minds of those who are dissenters to their fancy ideologies.

Ratu Sukuna Day for Prophet Mohammed Day- we might see a 21 gun salute for this holiday soon. Ahhhhhten shion!!

Do they actually have any shame at all??

Anonymous said...

@ 1:12pm...Soldiers are expected to be loyal and dedicated to their nation, not to a COWARD like Frankie and Khaiyum. Their people who pay their wages via taxes. It is not therefore strange that Fijian soldiers are no longer deemed as they used to be, dedicated and loyal. How can one be brutal to their own people and pretend to be loyal at the same breath. Shame...is a word that does not exist with their Commander in Chief and like the saying goes, shit flows from up down and not down up so they are all wallowing in Franks shit of shame.

Josateki Daulako.

Anonymous said...

Well said JD!!

Okay Vili Rakoro, you may want to morse code this message by JD direct to the Iloveme Coward in Charge Frankie and his dodgy-googled-eyed sly pet, Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Vili you moron..there is only one board that Tanya listens to, that is the FijiTV Board of Directors. Not the FHL board of Directors. Levu tiko na vakamacala lasulasu..ulukau!!!vuli vakavo!!

Anonymous said...

thought we were supposed to comment on tv saga ,,,ni vicai mada na military types ni comment tiko eke baleta nomuni tactics ,,,,ni caita ni galu ni vala ga,,,,,
anyway this press release by gonelevu etc is no use as kaiyum will not even blink

Unknown said...

Regarding Tanya case, the chairman of the board clarified that the decision to terminate her contract was a boards decision.

As for Kua ni ReRe trying to accuse me of not giving any evidence regarding Qarase being a racist sod wow. I replied copied script from the archives as well as Mark Textor his campaign consultant who told ABC that part of Qarase election campaign was using the church and taking advantage of the racial tensions and history in Fiji. What a pathetic excuse of a leader Qarase is. And after receiving more than half a million from government for his pension he still wanted more. Greedy convict bastard.

As for the anonymous poster asking for my picture. Really, you cant even post your name and you are asking for my pics, talkabout double standards and hypocrisy. Go back to that cave you crawled from you dumbass.

Anonymous said...

It is now obvious that the chairman bought his degree.

Otherwise he is just another no school bush lawyer like vili rakoro.

Unknown said...

Its now obvious that you lot dont accept facts if its against your theory. If I am a bush lawyer then what does that make you? Hahaha idiot. If you're gonna have a dig at least be colourful and dont leave that door wide open otherwise you're just asking for trouble lol...

Anonymous said...

Vili, KNR asked you to list Qarase's policies, and you failed miserably. All you could do was rehash unsupported allegations. You're just a smear artist and not a very good one.

Anonymous said...

RFMF was a piece of shit during the coups of 2000. Kua ni dou via vavinaka taki kemudou tiko ina forum qo.

The world knows about the cowardice of the RFMF during the 2000 coups, so RFMF, don't try to elevate your institution into a hero status. You are a shame to the people of FIJI.

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