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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Has Fiji's police chief fallen out of favour?

No longer doing the honours: Groenewald
What has happened to Fiji's police commissioner, Ben Groenewald?

The highly experienced former South African police commander hasn't been seen in his official capacity for at least two months with assistant police chief, Isikeli Vuniwaqa carrying out key duties, including delivering the New Year Message to officers.

Groenewald was last heard from in November giving updates on two controversial cases involving police and army officers - the beating and torture of Iowane Benedito that was captured on video and posted to Youtube and the September beating of composer Josefa Bilitaki after an argument with Frank Bainimarama.

Local media also reported a reshuffle at the time (the one that put Vuniwaqa in the acting role) but nothing's been heard of from Groenewald since then with insiders now saying the former personal bodyguard to South African, PW Botha, has fallen foul of elected thug Bainimarama over the Benedito and Bilitaki cases.

Groenewald had recommended that all those involved in the Bilitaki beating be interviewed and charged for unlawful arrest and assault. All, including police officers have since been interviewed and suspended except the chief of Bainimarama's assault squad, Sailosi Rabuka, who was sent to Golan Heights immediately after the incident.

As a result of publicity, Groenewald also said at the time that he would present a report to the Minister of Defence, Timoci Navua, and comment on it but that comment has never come.

In November Groenewald also waded into the torture video
Torture: Groenewald pledged to investigate.
case revealing Benedito was now prepared to lay a complaint and had given a new statement about his attackers. Groenewald also pledged investigations would be carried out despite the fact the incident had not been reported directly to police but posted on Youtube.

Fiji police had earlier claimed the escaped prisoner, who was beaten and tortured on the back of a police vehicle, had not wanted to lay a complaint.

"Basic principle is no one is above the law and if a crime is committed the crime will be investigated," Groenewald told Pacific Beat.

Groenewald was unsuccessful in stopping the Director of
Beating: Groenewald also investigating.
Public Prosecutions charging Bilitaki with 'assault' but insisted those who arrested the 60 year old composer, had not followed procedure and that an internal investigation was underway.

"There were interference by military police but he (Bilitaki) was arrested by police so police will take the full brunt of the consequences."

Insiders say Bainimarama, who ordered his bodyguards to beat Bilitaki after he tackled him about the unauthorised use of his songs in Fiji First's election campaign, wants Groenewald gone and has ordered Navua to send him on leave.

Email pacificinthemedia@gmail if you have information on this story.

Isikeli Vuniwaqa does the honours - where is Groenewald?


Anonymous said...

May be he has gone AWL

Anon said...

Has his family reported him MIA?

Anonymous said...

I would venture to say the South African knows where the bodies are buried but has not gone AWOL. More like shut down.

kiwikid said...

yes I noticed his absence but thought he may have gone to SA for his annual leave. A statement from the internal affairs or the appropriate minister on this important matter will be greatly appreciated by all.

Anonymous said...

Is this Sailosi Rabuka the pussy in boots that spoke in that al nusra video in syria?

Kamlesh Kumar said...

The chief of police should be around Christmas new year period and go on leave sometime in the new year.This is a well planned move to remove this useless policeman.

It's a pity Vili is recuperating after Nailuva damaged his anal passage with his vudi.

Vijay Kumar said...

May Dr Ganesh Prasad or Narend Parsad will become the next Commissioner of Police.

Anonymous said...

drama at police i guess. Well pint to be noted is that esala teleni is in the country and Pm only brings him - if he needs something done !

there is a big hush hush !

The Pathfinder said...

Bernadus could be the best police chief Fiji has had in a long time but he is not being allowed to do his job.

ratu said...

diz time we put smeone from rebals or racist side....
put qarase what say.......

Anonymous said...

Whether he's at post or not is irrelevant. Either way, the man isn't going to do his job, because the regime won't allow him to.

Anonymous said...

You work for this corrupt regime, keep in mind that your career is on the line. As long as you swear allegiance to lies and cover ups just like the distinguishable characters of the two biggest illegal sly farts who are leaders of this country, you are going to be okay. You will carry out your duty without values or morals nor follow christian principles when it comes to kissing the feet of the CORRUPT leaders you serve.

At their direct orders, you will obey vice and evil or else get your sweet ass kicked out of their ugly sights!

The Police Commissioner has made his presence felt by his loud absence from the scene.

Do we really think we'll get answers to the current pending investigations that are supposed to be 'in the process' with the Police force?


Anonymous said...

@ 3.54AM

Absolutely correct!

Corruption is rife and its growing!

The minds of men are growing dimmer by the minute and the daft old sods are like wasted drunkards!

One just has to look at the misdemeanour of Frank and Aiyaz and the military goons they hide behind ...and then compare them all to criminals doing time in jail and one wonders.

People allow themselves to become doting fools if they wish to serve the wicked and therefore should
accept whatever happens or befall them. They deserve it and they should learn from it.

Anonymous said...


KUA NI RERE said...



Anonymous said...

Fijian girl to receive Queen's award

Avinesh Gopal
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Update: 2:04PM A FIJIAN girl is among 60 young people across the Commonwealth who have been recognised as exceptional leaders in their community.

Alzima Elisha Bano is among the 60 youths who are the first-ever to receive a prestigious Queen's Young Leaders Award.

The award will be presented in London by Her Majesty the Queen in June and is part of The Queen's Young Leaders Program, according to a statement from The Queen's Young Leaders.

Will she be wearing a sari like the winner from India, or will see be wearing a grass skirt?

Anonymous said...

@ 2.31pm

Regarding Alzima Elisha Bano - This poses the question regarding Miss Bano's true identity as a Fijian.

Does she wear a sari or salwa kameez or a sulu chaba or Chinese changshan??

Goes to reveal that truth of your DNA / human make up brings out the real you. Being a Muslim, what would Miss Bano choose to wear to reveal her cultural identity?

What's the point stealing an itaukei's identity when your not full bloodied Fijian?

And you thickheads, dont start raising that finger and accuse me of being racist.


Anonymous said...


True, true KNR!

But how about minus the vosa ca?? :(

Anonymous said...

@ 3.02pm

I honestly suggest that you guys who have stolen the name FIJIAN from the Itaukei generation meanwhile confusing yourselves should all adorn the Burqa.

You need to HIDE your shameless faces before you pronounce yourselves Fijians when your not!


Anonymous said...

Who would want to steal the stereotypical Fijian identity associated with race?

Think about it.

Now you understand.

Anonymous said...

I think Alzima Elisha Bano should wear the BURQA to visit the Queen of England.

Anonymous said...

@ 539pm

Maybe not. She's Fijian remember?

Ho Ho Ho

Anonymous said...

Who ever came up with the 'all people of Fiji be called Fijians' is nuts!!

And dont be ridiculous and compare Australia, New Zealand, America etc etc any other country to Fiji palees!

It's non-comparable..maybe if we think hard and use our common sense we will find that for Fiji our case is totally a unique one.

Its stealing the Itaukei's identity and wearing it over ourselves ...you know...just like the Burqa, only try a colorful Sulu - with only eyes peering out under the camouflage..simply cause we have a lot to hide...UNCOUTH ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC

Anonymous said...

Is BURQA only by Pakistani women?
Because not all muslim women wear BURQA.
Where did the BURQA start?

Anonymous said...

A prominent Saudi Arabian cleric has whipped up controversy by issuing a religious ruling forbidding the building of snowmen, described them as anti-Islamic.

Asked on a religious website if it was permissible for fathers to build snowmen for their children after a snowstorm in the country's north, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid replied: "It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun."

Quoting from Muslim scholars, Sheikh Munajjid argued that to build a snowman was to create an image of a human being, an action considered sinful under the kingdom's strict interpretation of Sunni Islam.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Times :

Alleged baby killer bailed

Avinesh Gopal
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Update: 6:00PM A FIJIAN woman who allegedly murdered a one-year old baby in New Zealand was granted bail with strict conditions this afternoon.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the 18-year old woman was granted interim name suppression by Judge Alistair Garland in the Christchurch District Court.

The woman was charged this morning with the murder of baby Aaliyah Ashlyn Chand in Christchurch

NZ Times:

Police have made an arrest in the murder case of baby Aaliyah. Christchurch police arrested and charged the Fijian-Indian woman, who is five months pregnant, this morning after ruling out an accidental cause.

Anonymous said...

Bano didn't steal the iTaukei's identity. She only adopted his nationality.

I agree, though, that it might have been better to keep the term "Fiji Islander" to differentiate between indigenous Fijians and others. But I would use the term "Fijian" to refer to nationality, and I would apply the term "Fiji Islander" to the iTaukei, instead of to others.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.18pm

Ok, its still stolen identity. Period.

Government thugs destroy the Sovereignty of the Itaukei, steal their land and natural resources by conning landowners to have their lands locked up in a land bank under their protection, trash the sacred Great Council of Chiefs etc etc..

And STEAL the God-given identity of the Itaukei people to 'Fiji Islanders', Fiji Citizens who make up Indians, Chinese, Tongans, Samoans, Solomons, Rotumans etc.

I would definitely say FIJIAN belongs to whom it rightly belongs to THE ITAUKEI ONLY!!!!

"Pacific Islanders" and "Others" remain who they are though residing in FIJI OR VITI as Fiji Citizens. Viti was the name given by FIJIANS OR THE EARLY ANCESTORS OF THE ITAUKEI TRIBE at that time.

I would never take on the name FIJIAN (Im not a Fijian but born and bred in Fiji) UNLESS this name was officially bestowed upon the Citizens of Fiji THROUGH THE BLESSINGS OF THE GREAT COUNCIL OF CHIEFS. Definitely not because Aiyaz Khaiyum says so! Oh yes, he is the main Instigator of all the rot happening here against the Itaukei, not the dumb parrot Frank!

Other than that, we remain who we are according to our individual DNAs.

Can you stop trying to confuse the people?? It just takes these LYING THUGS to brainwash the gullible and all think alike!!

If you're not ITAUKEI you are a Fiji Citizen residing in Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

@ 7.38pm

Burqa is a Muslim woman's traditional attire.

The' Bula Burqa' is the newly introduced 'Fijian' traditional attire for women of Fiji - to those who are CONFUSED about their God-given identity! Women of Fiji may wear the "BB" whenever circumstances dictate.

The new "Fijians" living abroad or residents of Fiji are most welcome to wear this special 'Bula Burqa' to hide their real identity!

All hail BB to all the BLOODY BULLSHITTERS !!

Unknown said...

Fijian is not even a Fijian vernacular word lol. Bloody hell this idiots just never cease to amaze me.

Why not just use Fijian for the true itaukei whom are from Viti Levu. The islanders/yanuaynu should be called Tongans since they're closer to Tonga then Viti Levu. Just ask Ului Mara.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.26am




Whats a few pieces of silver worth to betraying your own kind Vili?

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is the Commissioner of Police?

Anonymous said...

@ Vili - Did you say you were from the highlands...True itaukei...do you actually know what it means to be a true itaukei Vili. Islands closer to Tonga and should be called Tongans...Wow you truly have picked up from your PM Frank in your utter disrespect for Fijians and your view continues to be through that bottle you have up your anus, seeing nothing but shit. Maybe you don't realise that your PM Frank himself is part Tongan and or has Tongan blood flowing through his veins and also smattering of English so he himself is not a full blooded Fijian. Is that your point Vili that Fijians from the Islands or Yanuyanu as you state are not pure blooded Melanesian or Fijian but have Polynesian mix of Tongan. If you actually know or understand your history, you will learn that the Tongans themselves are referred to as Fijians by other Polynesians because the Polynesians know that the Tongans have been influenced by the Fijian. What about the people from Nadroga who are more Tongan then Fijians. What about the highlanders of Namosi and Serua who have been influenced by Polynesian. What about the highlanders of Tailevu and Naitasiri who has also been influenced by other mixes of Tokelau, Tongan and other. Stop speaking out of your arse Vili because you really are a fool not comprehending or understanding a whole deal about your history and if you realise how the Islander or Yanuyanu Fijians were such Adventorous that they sailed throughout the Pacific and conquered many other Pacific Countries, you would be proud of their exploits. Go do your research so you can understand better.

Your worst nightmare - Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

Funny how Khaiyum and Fiji's Military Intelligence are so involved with Fiji Blog...

Anonymous said...


Its coz they're amazed at how much intelligence their opposition on this blog have.

Secondly, they're dumbfounded that the LIES spread by Vili Rakoro to hogwash their illegalities isnt working.

Thirdly, they cant believe that their stooge Vili Rakoro is getting the hiding of his life on Coup 4.5. This is the reason Vili disappears every now and then, its all to do with licking his wounds, recuperating and bouncing back like a true idiot to spew more LIES!

Vili ....you can purchase a BB at Designers Wear, Downtown Suva...except for your parrot nose, the BB covers your entire identity.

He he he he KOKI!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 9.31AM

With Vili...doing some REAL research based on 'facts'!!!

Anonymous said...

Rakoro is name that is synonymous in South Africa. Rakoro is not a Fijian word but an African. Vili Rakoro's father is from South Africa but he does not know this yet. We will introduce your father to you on this blog Vili. His name is Tietsi Able. Go ask your mum. He studied in Fiji 9 months before you were born. By the way you have a sister Molefu April Rakoro.

Josateki Daulako

TUI said...


Anonymous said...

I thought Vili's South African father's name is Tsetse? Hmmm there must've been more than one man that night.

Anonymous said...

There are two types of thugs in this world. One that is loquacious and, one that shuts downs completely after knowing the truth. Com of pol has turned a thug after shutting down all these times.

Dau Vakaroro said...

@ Vili Rokoro..

Tubuna kemudrau sa tukune sara tuga nomudrau koi colo dokadoka. Kila na vosa na i taukei e vosa raraba. Na vosa vaka Viti e dredre me vaka dewake e dua na vosa vaka valagi.

O ira na wekada tou na Idia ni ra vi vosaki taki keda e dua na vosa era na tukuna. Ira era na tukuna. areh.. Kaiviti lon.. SO if our indians brothers and sisters can call us by that name why then we use the word I taukei? Ke iko gone ni koro o Navigatoyaki ena warai ni tukuni vi iko. " Gone mai vei o koya qori" ena tukuni koya koi Navigatoyaki. Sega ni na cavuti koya na i takei mai Navigatoyaki. cava nomudrau rai komai na Navigatoyaki.

Keo gole mai yaniyanu se mai vai e da koi Viti taucoko. Warai o ira na gole mai yanuyanu o warai ni vulu maleka o iko. Kua ni drau moro vakaraitaki kedatou baleta ni datou tamata dokadoka warai vi kedatou na kua. Drau qua vaka da lutu vana devo.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5

That Colossal Thigh keeps distracting me!

Can you blur mada that part??

Poor guy!

Dau Vakaroro said...

To my Indian Brothers and Sisters

My comment on the above is to highlight the word I TAUKEI as we are being called now. The word I TAUKEI has so many meaning. It means OWNERSHIP. Eg. WHo is the owner of that Car.( O cei na i TAUKEI ni Motoka).

I grew up with my Indian brothers and sisters eat sleep with them. Whene ever they talk about us. ( I TAUKEI now. They use this word. From first generation until today. they will say' KAIVITI or KAIBITI lon. Areh kaiviti lan yar. So if they have called us by that name because they know who we are. SO why the change to I TAUKEI now? Areh wah... KAIBITI lon nhai sudari.. O Kedato na KOI VITI e da na warai rawa ni kila rawa ga.

Anonymous said...


Vili is the brother of the South AFrican player who has the Sir name of SHITHOLE..

Anonymous said...


Free education

THE only freebie we get is the air we breath and the spoils we receive before a general election. All these education schemes provided by the Government have been paid for. Do I have to remind you who paid?


Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro cici levu. Drau veicai kei bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

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Newcrest is the operator and manager of the NJV.

Anonymous said...

Returned after a long time to coup 4.5. I just find that with the exception of a few and i mean a few commenters the rest of you from both sides are ignorant buffoons. The FF supporters are like mindless robots still supporting an equally stupid as shit corrupt PM with his side kick ASK who is a power hungry megalomaniac. If these 2 wrap a pile of their own shit and threw it onto these peoples faces they will still think that the sun shines out of these 2's asses. The opposition supporters cant seem to get past their bigotry and hatred of all others in this country and they simply will not except that the politics of the past don't work no more and the only chance our nation has is the gelling together of the 2 races into one formidable people with tolerance and acceptance of each others differences and the exploitation of each others strengths. Their is no other way. Isn't it time for you FF supporters to wake up and smell the shit that your PM is cooking. And to all of us opposition supporters maybe its time that we took the higher moral ground and left the bigotry of the past behind.

Anonymous said...

You speak as if diamonds fall out of your mouth or something! lol

Anyways mate, good constructive criticism 'kicks da horse' that's dragging 'da dead cartload'!

Anonymous said...


The Pope says people 'cannot insult the faith of others', adding that he would punch someone if they offended his mother, as he debated freedom of speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

The Pontiff said there were limits to freedom of expression and that 'provocateurs' should not purposely anger religious people.
Speaking on board the papal plane on his way to the Philippines, he also insisted that it was an 'aberration' to kill in the name of God and that religion can never be used to justify violence.

nayacakalou said...

@Vili 7:26....Your kind should think a little more,as Ului Mara has just shown,the fact's,as you always say.The Ului Mara has shown,when you have no where else to go,he has to go home,and the Indian's have got a few countries of which they call home.This people,and not only Indian's,have a place to run to,accept for the Fijians.

Anonymous said...

@ Nayacakalou

Roko Ului has been told by the current Tui Tonga to stop making comments attacking the Government in Suva and to stop working with the FDFM because the current Tui Tonga does not wish to been seen as condoning these attacks on his own kainga in Suva, the President of Fiji.

And it is Kainga. The same blood from the same Grandfather.

Leanr how to suck eggs said...

Meanwhile shaenaz voz and jackie robinson going ahead in leaps and bounds in Fiji Airways. That's what happens when you get on with the boss!

Coup 4.5 said...

Jioji Kotobalavu tells us belatedly - some three decades later in fact - that certain Fiji Indian civil servants "who distinguished themselves in serving their country with total devotion, loyalty and professionalism ...[and] were exemplary in setting high standards for others" had "unfortunately" become "victims of the military coups of 1987" (FT 15/01/15).
I can't recall Mr Kotobalavu taking any principled stand against the coups at that that time nor any time later. He not only continued to thrive under various post coup regimes but was a key player in the Qarase Government's ethno-nationalist agenda.
It is rather late in the day for Mr Kotobalavu to be shedding crocodile tears for the Indian civil servants who were victimised by Rabuka's racist coup and the ethno-nationalism that followed.
Many others apart from Mr Kotobalavu lend their support to that agenda.
Rajend Naidu

Unknown said...

All these idiots thinks they're winning the debate lol. Keep em coming and like your SODELPA politicians who showed the world during the Indian PM visit how stupid they are, you lot their sheep are following in their footsteps. Bunch of ignorant racist.

Anonymous said...

Talk about sheep! There goes your leader, Bainimarama. You know, the one who overthrew your government. The one who beats up pregnant women in the dark. The same guy who has his goons beat up people who displease him. The guy who texts that Indians worship Tevoro and who tells priests to go fark themselves. The same one who rubbished your constitution and wants to toss out your flag. You follow right along now. He looks like a wolf, talks like a wolf, and smells like a wolf, but don't let that concern you none, lambchop.

Unknown said...

Allegations after allegations which are all baseless. No factual evidence whatsoever to back it up. Looks like a bullshitter, talks like a bullshitter and smells like a bullshitter, hmmmm definitely a bullshitter but don't let that concern you lambchop.

Anonymous said...

Right, Vili. Bainimarama's overthrow of our government and replacement of our constitution are just baseless allegations.


Anonymous said...

good to see trouble makers bashed by poice and army

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