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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Charges laid for Vilikesa's Soko's death

Vilikesa Soko RIP
Eight police officers and a soldier have been at last charged for the death of a man while in custody.

Vilikesa Soko was arrested in August last year on suspicion of robbery after $FJ50,000 dollars was stolen from a foreign exchange store in Nadi.

He died a few days later from multiple traumatic injuries and alleged 'traumatic rectal injury.'

Vilikesa is believed to have been assaulted. His medical report says he died as a result of a blood clot in his lungs, multi-organ failure and 'severe trauma to the penis'. 

Police claimed after he died that Soko was sickly, but  the lie was thwarted by an investigation by Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald.

Today, eight police officers and a soldier were charged with manslaughter, assault and rape. Manslaughter, not murder.

Two will face a further charge of perverting the course of justice by instructing fellow officers to make false statements. 

A second robbery suspect, 37 year old Eroni Baleinukulala, was also beaten.

Today's charges is heartening news but is a sad reminder of others who've also died or who have been maimed while in the hands of authorities - and the worrying concern of what is clearly systematic and ongoing abuse of citizens, guilty or otherwise of a crime.

Remember Epeli Qaraniqio, who escaped from Naboro and who had to have his leg amputated after he was recaptured and beaten by police. Isoa Waqa, who escaped with him, died after his beating.

We also can't go past the beating and torture of remand prisoner Iowane Benedito, who was repeatedly assaulted on the back of a truck by our so-called security forces as well as police and officers from the Corrections Department.

It's thanks largely again to Ben Groenewald that police have 'reopened' the case and Benedito has agreed to pursue charges.

The injuries suffered are all too common - beatings and torture, including guns being shoved up their asses or 'alleged rectal injuries' as their medical reports so politely put it.

When will this inhumane treatment of citizens, accused thieves or otherwise, stop?


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Anonymous said...

After this no mre Robery In my area...... good lesson to rebals

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Murders MUST be condemned.

Police and their children will have to suffer for this evil crime.

Police must enforce the law through its legal ways but NOT break the law in order to enforce the law.

Me veisau ga na nomudou recruitment system....me ra sa kau yani na pass ena fomu 7.

Anonymous said...

O cei e vei ota taki tiko oqo?

O Voreqe se o ira na nona yamata vuni kei Ben Naliva.

Semesa Karavaki said...

KUA NI RERE it shows how racist and sick individual you are. Indians and Chinese are the most sought immigrants in NZ, Australia, Canada, England and USA. People regard them very hardworking, least violent race in the world, peaceful etc. There is lots of intermarriage between whites and Indians/Chinese. The white population admire India's spirituality. You SODELPA nationalists are never going to change your mind-set. Your numbers are dwindling and you and your old SODELPA nationalists are dying out. You will burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Coup 4.5 Isoa Waqa is still alive. Very much so.

His brother dedicated a game to him at the Rugby League World Cup

His brother is Sisa Waqa the NRL Melbourne Storm (and this year Canberra Raiders star).

Anonymous said...

If Indians and Chinese are the most sought immigrants in Aussie and in Kiwi land, NO body is stopping you guys to migrate out of our Viti.

No...No ....Viti is still safer then those countries.


These guys deserved to die because they made lives of others hell. e.g These guys were very similar to the guy who killed CEO of Lees. The whole SEETOS family is grieving and destroyed for some time. They donot have any regard of the laws, they don't have any morality and empathy for others. I support fully the army and the police.

Anonymous said...

Apisai Tora,

Dixon and Jenny Seeto are worst form of self-glorified arse lickers. Just as bad as Vili if he was guilty.

Ikbal Khan said...

If Fiji-Indians are given free visa to those countries they will 100% migrate. Can you or your nationalist SODELPA help. Even your own racist Leader Qarase has migrated for greener pastures. The NZ/AS/Canadian and USA people know that you guys cant be trusted, are lazy, and mainly on dole. Look at the type of homes, cars, wealth the Fiji Indians have migrants have accumulated in short years whereas your own type is begging. Fiji Indians are the least racist people.

Anonymous said...

@ Apisai Tora, if you think guys who commit serious felonies like that deserve to die then it must be done by Due process. First they are charged, then they are subjected to a Trial and then if found guilty and convicted then the Death Penalty is applied.

Summary executions without a Trial for guys who commit crimes covered under the Penal Code and who the Police are well equipped to handle and the Judicial system can process is not the way to go because it opens up a floodgate where any Policeman becomes and executioner as they have in the United States where all those black people are being shot dead for swearing at a Policeman or just being disorderly or simply not obeying a Police command to submit.

Anonymous said...

The CRWU situation in 2000 cannot be compared with this situation.

In 2000 the Fijian State was threatened. Its very foundations were threatened. The Judges were threatened, the President was threatened. And gunmen were running loose around the country wrecking havoc

In that situation it was justifiable to use extreme force, including killing and torture because had those measures not been taken the very existence of the Fijian nation was threatened.

It was necessary to apply calibrated and measured force calibrated to bring the country back to stability.

Force is not the first choice, but when there is no other option because if its not applied then the risk to the nation is simply unacceptable, then the hard decisions have to be made.

This Soko situation is different. His case could (and should) have been handled by the existing Police and DPP and Judicial process. His beating and killing was murder. Unjustified.

Anonymous said...


You sir are an arse !

There are laws, there are systems and there are procedures to deal rightly with criminals.

Those are put in place by the governments elected by the majority.

The criminals deserve to be punished but NOT by those that have not been given the mandate to do so.

You Sir, are as bad if not worse than the criminals.

Apisai Tora said...

These criminals don't deserve any sympathy. They have traumatized, innocent and destroyed lives of innocent people. An eye for an eye. These murders were under the military regime not under democracy. They new the consequences

Anonymous said...

Apisai Tora what you are talking about is a cycle of violence. Instinctive and animal violence

The greatest military strategists of history talk about resolving conflict without the application of force as being the highest level of warfare.

Why ?

Because it uses the brains and the human ability to think rationally and logically and strategise and articulate a position which achieves outcomes without resort to force. It is the most efficient form of warfare because it achieves outcomes without the unnecessary shedding of blood.

Anonymous said...

@Apisai Tora 8:53 PM

Seems like your sole intention is just to make a bigger arse of yourself.

Who's talking sympathy idiot?

Anonymous said...

Frank should resign and Khaiyum to be PM

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Apisai Tora, who is the worse criminal -- the man who takes away your property unlawfully, or the man who tortures you and takes away your LIFE unlawfully?

You say we should have no sympathy for the thief. Okay. But why, then, do you have so much sympathy for the torturer/murderer?

Anonymous said...

Sorry my Indian brothers and sisters, you have to g o since you are British colonial heritages.

Anon said...

Apisai Tora,
You should be grateful that S.M. Koya got you out of your trial in the burning and looting of Korolevu Beach Hotel in 1960s - that everyone knew you and your thugs did. That's justice at work, and now you do not want that same justice to have be given to Soko. We all have been victims of crime but I suggest we leave the criminals to the police and the Judiciary.
What an aging hypocrite you still are !!!!


"Welcome to democracy Fiji style"? You guys will never be satisfied. Because no matter how many positive things happen - like bringing these thugs to account - you will still put a negative spin in everything. Coup 4.5 is pathetic. It's what you get when certain people who think they should be running the country miss out on the spoils. Nothing to offer whatsoever. And in the meantime, Fiji powers on.

Anonymous said...

The video with soko being tortured was so heart breaking that I couldnt complete the video. This people are worse than ISIS. The world should be shown the video!!!
Khaiyum and Bainimarama should step down for allowing this to happen.
They were too busy making plans on how to rig 2014 elections that they didnt give a damn on what happens in this country, whether people die is not an issue as long as Khaiyum and his wife Bainimarama get what they want, Disgusting.These two people will ROT IN HELL FOR SURE.

KUA NI RERE said...

@"Bleat of the Damned 8:43ÄM"
You said "in the meantime Fiji Powers on".





Mr Soko was already caught by the Police...dishing out judgement is not their job.
That is the job of the Judiciary.


The problem in Fiji is people ARE FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THEIR Prime Minister BAINIMARAMA.
They just carry out their own Justice, instead of allowing the Law to take its course.

Actually Mr Bilitaki was in the right; to demand his ROYALTY money.

Until Bainimarama behaves like a normal citizen under the LAW, PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO DISREGARD THE LAW.

Mr Groenwold and The Police have an UPHILL BATTLE,BECAUSE OF THIS VERY REASON.

Nomu I qaiqai ga Qei, noqu I qaiqai.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@12:48pm I doubt that'll ever happen.Fijians are too much of a bitch.You see these police and military tortures and beatings have been going on for many years right even before coups existed.The mentality of a Fijian in the Police and Military is this,a Block head with no brains who lack cognitive skills.A plain and simple Knucklehead who will bash someone up first and no questions to be asked about their intentions.

Hey if you dont believe me try reading up on the article about the Fiji military commander who said in a statement "THE FLAG MUST BE RECTANGLE" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,LIKE HEY NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

The officers or should I say the primitive savage apes in uniform clearly lack knowledge in policing,detecting and investigating crimes.You would expect a law enforcement institute to carry out implementing a strategy ,utilizing resources and the collection of evidence,witness and victim statements,conducting interviews and analysis,finding possible leads to suspects ,up holding and staying within the law of their procedures etc.Instead these baboons do the complete opposite,grabbing sticks,batons,dogs and all physicing each other up on "we will catch him and we will handcuff and stick all sorts of sticks and dick shaped objects in all holes because we are police and military primitive unevolved chest beating baboons"

You see they lack so much knowledge on their roles and the law.They don't understand their so called new constitution instead they have already gone against it hahahahahhahaha.

Their newly elected Prime Minister who an individual called "VILI RAKORO" parrots away endlessly about Bainimarama is chosen by the "MAJORITY" hahahahahahahha this really made me laugh.If your wondering why I find it so funny? hey go have a look at some of his interviews and don't tell me your falling for his bullshit too about bringing about "a new non racial discrimination society".

You see the new Fijian of today who backs this guy and all the endless torture and corrupt acts a purely stupid people.They really deserve pity more than anything else.



Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Semesa Karavaki....

This is a racist comment....Kai Dia caraway curry muncher who wipes his arse with his hands after taking a shit and is a nigger with straight hair, stinks like garlic and a breath like a camel.

A politically incorrect statement is - Indians now have the opportunity to migrate back to their motherland...piss off.

Many Indians respected....lol....An Australian and NZ policeman friend of mine who visited Fiji for a holiday said to me...I always thought Indians were actually Fijians until I came to Fiji. Most of the crimes being committed in Australia and NZ and these include blue collar crimes are committed by Fiji Indians who pretend to be Fijians. They own corner shops and are cheats and complain to the Government about everything. They mostly drive taxis and cheat their customers all the time....Sounds familiar...yes that's is how they gained their wealth in Fiji, bribery and corruption and they have corrupted their PM Franky the looney. You Semesa Karavaki can migrate to India with them. Take Iqbal Khan and Apisai Tora with you. If they don't want to go, drag them on the plane. At least Iqbal can fly back and not go on the boat.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....the reason why there is law is for the law to be enforced and that is to bring people to justice and not one men is guilty until proven beyond doubt. Beating the shit out of a person or killing a person does not make the person guilty and the person has not been given a chance to defend themselves. The police officers who involved acted as judge and jury and murdered an individual and everyone who thinks that Soko was guilty are monkeys with no brains who adopt whatever is said. Frank says something you jump. He throws you peanuts, you call him a saviour. Go figure

Anonymous said...

These Thugs deserve this kind of treatment.People You just don't understand when thugs strike eg :-In Seaqaqa when thugs ruled during George speight takeover, a 15 year old Indian girl stripped of her clothes and told to cook for this thugs in front of them while they drink beer in a house i n Batiri SQQ back in 2000 this is Fijian thuggery at its best and People on this Blog keep fighting hard for them. They should be thrown to the Sharks to feed on them my Goodness this is Satan at work and it seems The Fijian people a supporting it

Vili Rakoro said...

I'm ashamed for supporting this asshole of a man Bainimarama. I would love to watch and participate when a baton is shoved in and out of his anus.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to anon 3:26pm...You talk as though you know that Soko was guilty. How do you know he committed the crime or let me rephrase it, what evidence do you have that Soko is guilty. He was taken in as a suspect and that does not make him guilty. The 8 police officers brutalised and murdered him to gain a confession and you believe the hype by your poofter military soldiers and Police Force that he is guilty. The guilt of a person is decided in court and not while questioning people. Because Soko has a criminal background does not make him guilty. When the coup happened in 1987, 2000 and 2006, everyone was affected by it, not only Indians but perhaps Indians in 1987 more so than any other race. Were the perpetrators brought to justice...that is the question you should ask the military and police. Did the arrest and have these offenders charged and their guilt proven in court. Perhaps one day a relative of yours or you yourself may be falsely imprisoned or subjected to brutality for being a suspect and you may than open your dumb eyes to understand one thing...No one has the right to take anothers life and if a person is suspected of committing a crime, the police should be adequately trained to bring them to justice. If they cant prove their case, obviously the person did not commit the crime. Why than do Police and Military have to bash and kill people. That is dumb gorilla monkey ape shit bullshit. We do not support murderers and those 8 police officers committed a murder and they will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. I know a few of those officers and I thought they were God fearing individuals. I know better now. Sheep in wolves skin....Let me tell you about guilt....Frank Bainimarama is guilty of treason. He committed the highest offence of treason and we are all witnesses to it. He abrogated the constitution and removed yours and my civil rights as an individual to live in a democratic society and instilled fear in the hearts of the citizens, who pay taxes to pay him and his bunch of dumb arse monkey brained half wit soldiers. Now the police are following suit coping these brainless monkeys and so are you, believing that killing a person justifies some trumped up story in your head. Go figure dummy

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:26pm... let me give you another example of guilt... George Speight committed the coup in 2000 and will be in jail for the rest of his life. We were all witnesses to the coup and now he is paying for it. Many others who were involved in the 2000 coup went to jail for their role. That is justice for everyone. Where is justice now when we have a magaijinana PM who thinks that he has done you and I justice by committing a coup and bringing our country to its knees. The Democratic process was to let Qarase complete his term and if we were not happy with him, vote him out. Franky now thinks that everyone owes him as per his speech in parliament when heckled - 'because of my coup you are where you seat'...arrogance at his highest. He is an idiot and should be put in jail....Another example of guilt - Francis Kean bashing and killing a young man. He was guilty and went to jail...now what happened while he was in jail..his brother in law and now the PM continued to allow Frank to be paid his salary, released him under the bullshit blue ribbon program run by Freddy Elbourne an ex marist with Francis and now an ex- prisoner and murderer heads one of our high Ministerial office. Is that justice to the family of the young boy who lost a son. You tell me, should we support these thugs...frank Bainimarama and francis kean... stupid idiots like you make baseless remarks...

Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

No one fails to agree on that but to see a young girl stripped of her clothes and told to cook in front of thugs or would be rapist is the question here!!!! do you condone this kind of Activity in front of your Daughter if that was the case huh!!! Bastard

Anonymous said...

Frank has been voted in a democratic election and it just doesn't matter what people may say,no one has come or brought facts to all this rubbish allegations by confused individuals in order to take frank to task and they will not touch him by any means because he is innocent.His innocence has been proved by the people by voting him in because he seems to be the only good person to lead Fiji from Thugs.Losers on this Blog will remain with Satan and his evil deeds

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:37pm and 4:49pm...If such an event happened, if it did happen was it reported I ask and what was the outcome of the investigation. That is a criminal act if it did happen and needed to be reported. No one condones such criminal acts but who are we to act like criminals and bash and kill other people. That only makes you like your master Frank and it is no wonder you support his criminal activity. You even deny his treasonous act and forget that he changed the constitution so he can be pardoned together with all his soldiers from the criminal activities they committed against the citizens of Fiji who pay him. Don't tell me that you cant recall Francis Kean bashing and killing a young man following a wedding at the Suva Yacht Club and was convicted and jailed for it, spent three or so months in jail, was paid during this period which has been revealed and is now a Head in Government. Its in your face and you deny it. Your PM is a Thug and his evil deeds and your evil heart belongs to Satan. Dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

By the way that was my response @ 5:03pm Josateki Daulako

Tui Viti said...

The Hon PM is now well aware of the Calibre of the Senior Police Officers at Police HQ. They abandoned their men at the time they most needed support.

Word is that,8 Police Officers were charged for manslaughter and no senior Police Officer present except for the
Director Complaints whereas only 1 Army Officer was charged and PM and Commander showed up at Police HQ and left after 3am in the morning.

There is no leadership material in the current echelons of the Police Hierachy,there a many allegations against them.

Anonymous said...

George Speight cannot be released because he had been given the Death Penalty.

That was the only time in the post Independence history of Fiji that a Judge had to wear black in pronouncing the Death sentence.

He was supposed to have been hung from the neck until the Doctor confirmed that he was dead

But before the execution could be prepared he applied to the Prerogative of Mercy Commission and the then Attorney General (QB Bale) advised the President who then granted that the Death Penalty be substituted for a LIFE SENTENCE.

That is why there is no possibility of George Speight ever coming out of prison.

He is in there for life

Anonymous said...

Why are the Opposition speaking out for George Speight ?

Do they owe him something ?

There are other people of life sentences in prison, but the Opposition does not speak about them in the House.

What's their obligation to George Speight ?

There is ONLY ONE WAY George Speight will ever gain freedom and that is IF HE TALKS AND REVEALS EVERYONE who were behind the 2000 coup

Julab Dean said...

Josateki Daulako this is for u

In the church the nationalist act spiritual;
In the parliament they follow racist ritual.

They use degrading words like Kaisi;
In the parliament they want to again fight like dog and pussy.

While Fiji First Party is making us all equal;
Opposition sees kaisi in certain individual.

They play with lowdown words to create political controversy;
Unite and fight against these racist politicians without any mercy.

Racism and lowdown words to some have become habitual;
Such behavior can lead to war unless we burn their racist manual.

Racist remarks may end in serious war, this is not a prophecy;
Respect people's culture,religion and greatness in them we see.

Fiji is linked with China, Europe, India, Pakistan, and that is not all;
Don’t call any race Kaisi by wrongfully feeling that they are small.

Religion should bring us to our humble knee;
Leave racist politics before the nation drowns you into deep sea.

Anonymous said...

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
The Ministry of Commerce, Tourism & Labour has announced further cuts to fuel prices in addition to the cuts that occurred last month.

The cuts follow a global trend of falling fuel prices, however according to the Ministry the cuts were partially offset by a devaluing pa’anga.

The retail prices fell by more than 20 seniti for all fuel types Kerosene, Petrol and Diesel.

New Fuel Price Cuts

Kerosene: $1.80 Seniti per Litre Kerosene: $1.56 Seniti

Diesel: $2.36 Seniti per Litre Diesel: $2.14

Petrol: $2.26 Seniti per Litre Petrol: $2.03

Anonymous said...

It is not an easy thing, for man, to understand the importance to have a proper rule of law followed even when the suspects are almost certainly guilty. More education and better wages in the police force needed.

If the liganimarama has to be used, it has to come from a decision of the court of justice.

Right now we have 19th century-style mentality.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Julab Dean or Gulab Jamun....whichever it is...

Kaisi was once a degrading term used in the feudal times of old. It was followed by the term Bokala. The two goes together.

What Kaisi or Bokala actually means is lost in history but it is used to reference person who will be cannibalised.

Now the term Kaisi is used like the English term idiot or fool. Its used by Fijians widely today, said as a joke to each other or spite against another.

It is not a racist term as you suppose to think it is. We real Fijians use it against each other as a joke or to spite another but the true meaning of why and how it was used in the old feudal times differ. It is not in its context a derogatory term because if I call you Kaisi Bokala...Im not putting you in the lovo. Im saying to you that your a fool, idiot, low, no different as pakala, or whatever terms you Indians like to use.

You like Frank, continue to use the word Racism.

The only time I can admit that racism raised its ugly head is during the 1987 coup. Other than that, there has never been any form of racism between Indians and Fijians or Muslims and Fijians in Fiji. If we Fijians were racist, we would not live side by side, you will not use the same facilities as we use and I will call you racist names like, I used in one of my earlier comments.

Frank continues to play the race games with you Indians so you will think that he is on your side and you guys are too bloody dumb to realise the smirk behind it.

He was a soldier and he brought the nation to its knees. Before that, Fiji flourished and was progressive and now, you Gulab Jamun have been separated by your PM and this segregation will continue and before you realise it, it will be too late.

Fiji's links to other countries is mediocre. Frank is like a beggar with his arse raised to each of them to root. What benefits are there to be tied with these countries accept to be offered a carrot and they will take the plot in which the carrot was planted. Typical kai dia style.

You probably don't understand a thing I have explained here but I don't blame you, your too up your racist arse you need to go wipe it with your left hand and don't forget your can of paint and paniwala. Jao karo yaar...


George Speight should have hanged. And so should everyone involved in the November mutiny, including the Qaranivalu. But some died anyway and George knows he will never leave Naboro. He will die there and die the death of a dog in a cage. Not fishing on Nukulau and enjoying the sunsets but in a dreary, humid, wet hellhole. He dreamed of riches and power but he should now be dreaming of a mercifully quick death. Because his file is marked "Never to be released". So forget the whole thing, Ro Teimumu. Your poster boy and his kai vata are beyond help. And while you argue for his release, so are you.

Anonymous said...

If you say Speight should hang,
then also Bainimarama should also hang.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama would never dare release Speignt, because he wants to keep his own complicity in the 2000 coup attempt a secret.

Anonymous said...

So Julab Dean is a poet
Also a traitor, and well we know it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Fiji powers on,
under dictatorship,
towards destruction.

Anonymous said...

Oppostion is still living and thnking like covenant stoneage and they havnt cum to the terms dat we r living in civilization. Now so wake up slunt oppostion.

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa members are terrorist racisum and racist they have been recorded black listed people in the books of united nation.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Julab Dean.

The use of the word "kaisi" in parliament is so much better than the use of batons in Soko's rectum by this undemocratic government's police and military force.

Anonymous said...

Bro don't thnk like Fijian style... better do some research and work towards vision.
George speight should be hanged because he did damaged Fiji ethics his action

Anonymous said...

Speight and Qaranivalu are paying their dues to society as we speak. But as for Bainimarama and his thugs who are still running around free, if they will not pay during this lifetime, then they will answer to the Eternal Judge of mankind in their miserable eternities to come.

I didn't say it, but the Holy Book of God's commandments says it.

Anonymous said...

@8.20 Speight has remained silent thinking that in the end he would be rewarded for his silence.

But that silence is going to keep him in prison and ensure that he will never be released or see the outside of those prison walls ever again

He had a choice in 2000. Talk and reveal all the names of the people behind him. He choice to remain silent.

Today he is finally realising that he may live out the rest of his life in prison.

Eventually Speight will have to talk, whether its now or when he is 70 he will stay in prison until he talks. Only then will he get the chance of a release, but until then he will stay in prison

Stevens is also beginning to feel the same. Reaching middle age and not seeing his children grow up has been hard. He should have talked and revealed the names of all the officers who backed him. He didn't and he is now bearing that cross whilst his loyalty has not (and will not) be repaid because it has been misplaced. He trusted a cesspit of vipers.

The only reason why SODELPA is raising the question in the House is because those guys are now starting to ask why they are in prison for so long and cannot see their families.

They had gone to prison on the assumption that they would come out and be handsomely rewarded for being "stand up guys".

That was the fairy tale.

This is the reality

Anonymous said...

As a condition of forgiveness under the South African Reconciliation process all the people involved were required to reveal the details of what they did.

If Speight applies to the Mercy Commission he will be told to reveal the details of what he did as well.

Withholding that information in 2000 was not a sign of remorse and so withholding it now will also be a sign of lack of remorse.

The moment Speight talks he will clear up the whole question of what happened in 2000.

Anonymous said...

What Speight did was mostly wrong, but at least he had the integrity to stand by his men and has served his time. He should be pardoned and released.

What Stevens did sas mostly right. Moreover, he had the integrity to stand by his men and has served his time. He should be pardoned and released.

What Bainimarama has done is mostly wrong. Moreover, he has shown no integrity. He has not stood by his men. Nor has he served his time. He was the principal architect of the events of 2000, not the others. He should be condemned and hanged.

Anonymous said...

Litia Mathewsell
Thursday, February 12, 2015

MIXED EMOTIONS ... Jeremaia Soko with his granddaughter Jokapeci Soko, the daughter of his late son, at their home yesterday. His son died in police custody. He was told yesterday that charges would be laid against his son's alleged killers. Picture: ATU + Enlarge this image
MIXED EMOTIONS ... Jeremaia Soko with his granddaughter Jokapeci Soko, the daughter of his late son, at their home yesterday. His son died in police custody. He was told yesterday that charges would be laid against his son's alleged killers. Picture: ATU
WHEN informed that his son's alleged killers would be charged, Jeremaia Soko took a deep breath.

"We give our grievances to the Lord and let justice prevail, even if it takes a long time," he said after a brief silence.

With the sixth month closing in since Vilikesa Soko's death while in police custody, the progress of investigations have been a painful stretch for his grieving family.

"My wife especially has been affected," Mr Soko Sr said.

"She's a stroke patient and only last week was admitted in hospital because of all of this. We will make sure to be present at all their court hearings."

He said the beginning of the school year had also been hard for Vilikesa's daughters.

"You know, children are close to their father and it's been hard for the girls to believe that Vilikesa has gone, especially at this time when they start school again."

But with a touch of compassion, he said he did worry about what may lay ahead for the families of the men who have been accused of causing his death.

"All in all, my son died, and personally while I'm pleased , it also bothers me that they could lose their jobs and affect their own families."

Yesterday, Director of Public Prosecutions Christopher Pryde said they would jointly charge eight police officers and a military officer with manslaughter and an alternative count of rape arising from Soko's death.

They would also be charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm to one Senijieli Boila.

In addition, Mr Pryde said two officers were also to be charged with perverting the course of justice by instructing other police officers to make false statements in regard to the investigation.

He said the police were to be commended for conducting a professional and thorough investigation.

"This case reinforces the commitment of the State to bring to justice any person who thinks that their position places them above the due process of the law," Mr Pryde said in a statement.

He said as the matter would now be presented before the court, there should be no further public discussion or media speculation apart from what will be reported in court.

The 32-year-old father of three was arrested during investigations into a daylight robbery in Nadi Town on August 15 last year and allegedly beaten. He died of his injuries at the Lautoka Hospital four days later.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.45AM

What Bainimarama has done? He has fooled the people through much propaganda in the last couple of years into believing that he is a SAINT! And the people, gullible as they always are when it comes to receiving freebies and brainwashing tactics ACTUALLY believed him.

Today we see this man in Parliament mocking the people of Fiji via his arrogant and sarcastic comments directed at the Opposition.

Do you ever notice that while Aiyaz is making a speech, Frank Bainimarama is seated at his side grinning in mockery - more like a guilty cover-up to the truths that have been thrown at him from the Opposition side? He always has that trademark of an ugly smirk all the time.

Well, the day shall come when JUSTICE catches up with Frank, no doubt about that! Of course, his favourite partner in crime Aiyaz is not too far behind, or shall we say way ahead and may in this life be the first to take the brunt of all the EVILS they have schemed up together.

NO EVIL ROTTING SOUL CAN AVOID JUSTICE WHEN IT BECOMES DUE AT THE APPOINTED TIME no matter how successful he/she may seem to be - people, take the cue that Vilikesa Soko's dad has stated:


Anonymous said...

Speight and Stevens have a simple choice. Talk. Details.

They have enough time on their hands in prison to TALK and REVEAL the names, the times, the decisions, the contacts, the payoffs.

Silatolu can end his incarceration very quickly by TALKING.

Once they talk they do a great service to the nation because that will be the evidence which will pin the REAL PLAYERS who have been behind 1987 and 2000and it will end once and for all the instability that has plagued this country since 1987.

If they do not talk they will stay in prison and never see the outside of those prison walls ever again.

Simple choice. Either A they talk and walk, or B they stay inside till the day they go to see the Spirit in the Sky.

Anonymous said...


Check out the bravery in this elderly lady telling ISIS the message that they needed to hear. Unbelievable.

Apisai Tora said...

Although I am old but I am wise. This is how I look. If an animal kills a human being the animal is shot down before they kill others.
These guys are worse than animals and deserve to be killed. The benefit is that now society will will feel safe and live peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Hmm fearless and with such power this old lady seemed. Isis just had to listen until she was finished with her message. Incredible indeed.

Anonymous said...

Speight and Stevens are in the regime's custody. If they talk, they will be dead.

Only a moron would think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Apisai Tora, following your reasoning, then it is the police and the army officer who deserve to be killed.

You are old now but still an idiot.

Anonymous said...


You should take a hint from the old lady telling ISIS off.

Your brains compare to that of a wild animal I should think.

Can you tell us whether Soko was proven guilty of the purported crime he was supposed to have committed? Did they give him a chance to speak or was it the frustrations in these murdering police and military officers that Soko had nothing to admit that brutality was inflicted on this man?

Who are you to make quick judgment? What if this was your own son, an uncle or even a brother? Would you make the same harsh and cruel judgements? Be very careful of what you say when you have no absolute proof about this case and all you do is uplift and praise the evil that these murdering thugs do!

Anonymous said...


They would have been dead a long time ago if that's the logic.

But its not.

The logic is exactly what's happening now. The pressure of the incarceration is finally show signs of breaking them.

Mentally it is getting to them. Their families visit them and they long for the comforts of home

Missing holding the wife. Just missing the comforts of a woman in prison is enough to drive many men wild.

Missing your children and family and just sitting from behind the bars and imagining what your wife and kids are doing and how their life is without you and finally having doubts in your mind about what you did is the first inklings of that breakthrough.

That is when the acceptance of the wrong comes and remorse comes and repentance comes.

But there can be no repentance without revelation. Revelation of the details, right down to crossing the t's and dotting the i's.

Eventually they will break.

The State has all the time in the world to wait for that moment.

Anonymous said...

George Speight talked about all being revealed in the "fullness of time".

Well it seems that the fullness of time is nigh.

Whats so difficult about asking for one call.

Call the Ministry of Defence and say that he is now ready to give his full Statement about what happened on May 19th 2000 and the days leading upto that ?

Reveal who exactly he was talking to on the phone whilst Jahir Khan was talking to him at Parliament on 19th May ?

It was Col Draunidalo of course, but that needs to be declared by Speight and he needs to declare what they were talking about (it was a Sitrep from Speight to Draunidalo).

Details like that.

Same thing for Stevens.




Anonymous said...

Wat about pictures that has been licked and found where ro kepa is giving full ideas in George speights ear on may 19th 2000.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you guys out there talking about pictures of who and who, just get you asses to the Parliament House and see the top of the CLOCK...you have been moslemized in your own fucking face by Kayuim...a Muslim dome on top of the clock tower....fuck you guys out there especially the Native Fijians..No gut, only big ass....you can not stop us from turning your country into small Muslim country---throwing your chiefs on fire, change your constitution to suit us Muslim, change your Paliament House tower to Muslim dome with sparkling tiles from Pakistan...You native fijians spend your times fighting each others, while we by Allar command, got all the contract to build our new Mulsim Fiji....Bainimarama won't do anything as he has been having sweet affair with our beautiful girl in Denarau..we keep this naked photos to make sure he does what Alla wants...Goodbuy native big lamusona levu...

Anonymous said...

@Apaisa Tora 9:00 AM

You may very well be old but wise is certainly one thing you are not.

You may think you are but that is just a figment of your addled brain, a dinosaur and ignoramus living in the past.

So where do you draw the line to make society feel safe and live peacefully?

How about we hang those caught speeding, how about we chop the arms off those caught stealing.

As said before, you Sir are an arse, and the best thing for society is that as you are old it will not have to put up with the likes of you for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Ro temu kepa a high cheiff of Fiji, she was a rght hand to George speight in 2000 takeover. Now she is asking to release the treson man, shame on such leaders throw them away from parliment.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why some are against flag change. This is a very good chance to reward some prominent Devils. We can put teimumus old pussy on top, mere nailatikaus ass at the bottom and naiqama lalabalavus rotten cock in the middle pointing both ways. Truly Fijian

Anonymous said...


An idiot goodfornothing like you should remember your mother and your sisters before you talk about other women in that manner.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54pm, so what really is class m/fucker-daily and continuous degrading of Muslims and Indians? It really pains when the rod goes up your ass doesn't it? As your God said, do unto others blah blah. Stop posting degrading venoms against Muslims and Indians if you can't take the same.

Anonymous said...

@3:19, wouldn't that make it non-Fijian and give and opportunity to some lowlife to do another coup? And then, some low life's don't need a reason anyway as we saw in all the coups. There is always a heard of bogans ready to eat shit and breathe fart. BTW, naiqama is on record to be content with Fijian pussy and ass especially if they are chiefly. There is no bigger chiefly pussy in fiji than that of teimumus and mere at present.

Anonymous said...

Good one anon 3:23pm. Unfortunately, it won't be long before your comments are removed and replaced with-this comment has been removed by blod administrator.

Anonymous said...

Sa kena gauna qo me tubu na Lovo. Sega ni yaga na vakamacala. Da yavala de da vekaci.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.23pm

Wild accusations without proof is like seeing you with your loud big mouth wrapped around the opening of that sewer sump that broke down.


Anonymous said...

@ 3.23PM

An idiot goodfornothing like you should remember your mother and your sisters before you talk about other women in that manner.


Anonymous said...


Not difficult to tell the nature of the woman who bore you. Disgusting cheap low down rat.

Anthony Cotton said...

AS a neutral person ,in my opinion this site mainly has articles that are indian bashing which is very sickening. In this 21st century people who attack a particular a race rather than debating on issues shows how sick that person is. One Josateki falls in that category. Fiji Indians are born in Fiji and all of them (100%) have no roots now in india. They don't know any of their ancestors there. They are similar to whites in NZ, Australia, Canada, USA etc.
The whites are not attacked in their countries with racism respectively. The whites own approximately 95.5% % business, freehold land and hold executive jobs compared to the natives . I have lots of Fiji Indian friends in Australia. They are educated, very sociable, down to earth, modern,and have Fiji at heart. They send remittances to their families in Fiji but not to India. They cheer for Fiji when sevens is played. They choose to visit Fiji not india for their holidays. In my experience they are very friendly, sociable and mix around with their itaukei friends. Secondly the Fijian Army is 99 % itaukeis and even the new Parliament has about 20% Fiji Indians. 90% of the land in Fiji is owned by itaukeis. My question than is why Fiji Indians are blamed and made escape goat each time. Josateki you should learn from Kua Ni Rere to speak on issues rather than race. There are good, bad and moderate people in each race. Josateki you have issues with FFP not Fiji indians. Blame your own people as you guys are divided. It is very sad Josateki how you think.

Anonymous said...

@3.12pm It's racist Indo Fijians vs racist indigenous Fijians.Bainimarma is trying to stop this racial issue. There are some decent discussions on here but you do get the odd idiots like all hail bainimarama, josateki, tora,julab Mohammed,Military and mereoni who twist and stir up things to get the racial bigotry going.Kua ni rere is a good example of how they manipulate his blogs and some even post under his name to make others think he has posted racist comments.The reason for it is because they see kua ni rere as a threat.He brings up public interest topics that needs looking into and some people get angered by his way of reasoning and conclusions.The people who are racist here forget to understand that the new Fiji wants to stamp out racism. They are not true FFP or Sodelpa supporters just idiots who are still backwards or should I say trollers.It is best to ignore these type of individuals as they have got nothing productive to say but to spread the vicious racism cycle. These type of people are waste of time,There's other things to worry about like police brutality, reducing crime and poverty, unemployment, creation of jobs etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Cotton, I quite agree with most of your remarks, except your initial statement, which struck me as quite unfair and incorrect. I don't see your basis for claiming that C4.5 mainly has articles bashing Indo-Fijians. It seems to me that you're conflating the website with the free comments of its readers, many of which are nowadays contributed by regime-paid propagandists and agitators. Please don't confuse the one with the other. Otherwise, I think you're mostly right. It's time to stop treating Indo-Fijans as the whipping boy for our national failings.

Mere said...

First, if I am the "Mereoni" to whom Anonymous 5:26 PM is referring, then I defy him or anyone to show when I've ever made a racist comment. They cannot, because I do not harbour, much less espouse, such views.

Secondly, I fail to see how heaping sexual insults atop the racial insults achieves an end to the race-baiting on this website, and that baiting is by regime sapotas and oppositionists alike. In fact, it seems to me that every posting that distracts us from the main purpose at hand is a posting that serves the interests of Bainimarama and treason.

The main purpose at hand is the restoration of genuinely democratic and constitutional government in Fiji. That's what we should be discussing.

Don't be a sap by allowing some regime-paid cretin to distract you from that by posting vulgar remarks about someone's bottom. If the remark is truly and gratuitously offensive, it will eventually be removed by the blog administrator. In the meanwhile, let it serve as yet another example of the crude idiocy that props up this regime.

Anonymous said...

any police intervention should remain within borders defined by a legal frame. If there is a special need to beat up someone in exchange of a normal trial because the courts are full, it should NOT be taken on video.

Anonymous said...

On may 19th 2000 we say kepa toungh near the treason man George sprightly later speigt hands wea huging kepa just two days before valentine kepa was crying wea her valentine
is and asking da goverment wen he cud be realsed.its so shame on kepa and her contribution of illegal advise on may 19th coup.

Anonymous said...

Soko was one of several criminals with links to the Sodela party who were terrorising the Nation under the guise of Robberies,Burglaries,Rapes etc.

He was a member of the Sodelpa Party youth wing made up of mainly young men from Yasayasa Moala living in Nasinu region.They were led by J.Uludole ,he set u these youth wings and he sets up jobs for them and takes a cut in the spoils.

Military and Police Intelligence now knows about this.

Soko was also involved in cane burning activities in Nadi and Lautoka which was the reasoon why Police interrogated him to that extent.

They would travel to Nadi or Ltka in the evening burn the cane fields and board the minibuses in the morning and be back in Suva before 10am.

No one notices them to be missing since they travel in the evenings burn the canefields in the night,change board the minibus in the morning and were back in Suva for brunch.

When Police Intel were informed, the Police began putting up roadblocks in the morning checking for criminals who live in Suva and Bingo!! they were succesful that morning when they stopped the minibus and Soko and another of his accomplice jumped out and fled but were captured.

$50 grand cash was in their bags.

So the Police Heads pannicked when he died, no one should be charged since he was a terrorist involved in terrorist activities.

Anonymous said...

@ mere,oso his talking about mereoni elbourne,the one who licks vili rakoros bum.

Anonymous said...

Mere, don't fret. He's referring to a different Mereoni, I'm sure.

And you are right. The subject under discussion right now should be how to stop this pirate regime from changing our flag. These criminals have no right to change our flag. Even if they'd just won a free and fair election, which they didn't, they wouldn't have the right to change our flag without a national referendum.

But all it takes is some stupid anti-Indian or anti-Fijian remark, or some comment akin to bathroom wall graffiti, to throw us off-track. Coup 5 has already revealed how so many of those comments all come from just one or two sources, such as the regime trolls at Clarendon House, so why take their bait?

Anonymous said...

The easiest, safest, and most visible way to protest Bainimarama's plan to scrap our flag is simply to fly it. Show our flag at every opportunity. Display it in your window. Put it on your bumper. Wave it at events. Carry it at demonstrations. Shove it up the regime's arse.

Use it or lose it, as they say.

Anonymous said...

@6.11pm So where did you find and get this information please?Is this one of your conspiracy theories? false rumors or propaganda? provide the sources next time you post.

Anonymous said...


If Jolame influenced those boys from Yasayasa then its no wonder it has ended badly.

Jolame has no Sau to call for or organise any such thing. He is from Totoya and he knows that when Lomanikoro was left empty because the warrior there was going to Ketei Tiliva to his mothers people for the war against the Tongans he specifically mandated that there must be no war called from anywhere on Totoya or Moala whilst he was away.

That mandate remains to this day

Soko's blood is on Jolame's hands and he should take a tabua and cleanse himself because its obviously now following him. He has already lost his lawyers license.

And if there is any other youth from the Yasayasa who is listening to people like Jolame they should stop. That kuita is still valid and there are still vakasobu ni duru on Nakaukabara and Lomanikoro who still walk those yavu which those people living on those islands today see every night.

Jolame needs to go and cleanse that blood. Ke dina a meca kai, ia mo kusa sara ka laki Qusia rawa Jolame, ni sa siga toka....

Anonymous said...

blady kepa said oppostion didn't say Kaisi Durring the parliment debate but instead said kaise( greetings) so now minister while having debate should stand in the middle of debate and start greeting each other 'Kaise hai we have meet each other after long time'
Loll..... kepa u wea blind but now deaf too.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, guys. Now you're going to tell us that burning sugar cane fields is an act of terrorism against the nation? The owners of the sugar cane pay for the burnings themselves. They do it so that they can jump the long queues at the crushing mill.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the RFMF has replaced Vili Rakoro with the moron @ 9:51 PM (and many earlier postings). I don't know who I prefer -- the arrogant, semi-literate lies of Vili or the scarcely comprehensible vulgarities of this guy.

I guess I prefer this guy, because his writings are pure drivel, leaving nothing to refute.

Anonymous said...

@2.24am There was a spike in armed robberies in the West in tandem with the burning of sugar cane fields at about that same time. The burning of sugar canefields became such ahuge problem that the Police and the Military had to be deployed, and still they failed to stop it.

The burnings were happening all over the West. One night in a sector in Ba, another night in Tavua, another night in Nadi. And it made the job of the Police very difficult because at the same time there were huge robberies going on as well. That $50k armed robbery was one in a long line of armed robberies in the West during that period.

It became such a problem that the Police Commissioner Ravi berated the Police parade every week over there by waving their "poor statistics" in their faces and they were even told to pull up their boot straps or be ready to go home.

It was a huge problem.

Since the Soko incident all that has stopped. Whether that is coincidence or not I can't say for certain, but its too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Personally I think if its true that Jolame organised the youths of the Yasayasa to do that then he is responsible for Soko's death and I don't think he should have done such a thing because he should know better. He is a lawyer and he should be advising the youths of the Yasayasa away from those things towards better things.

Instead he wants to organise a Vanua Army which he clearly knows is wrong.

The last vanua army of the Yasayasa was the one which did the coup in Lakeba, with their relatives from Vavau, that placed Roko Malani in power and installed the current line of the Tui Nayau.

The final war in the Yasayasa was the defeat of the Tongans at the I curucuru to Matuku.

After that there was total peace and quiet in the Yasayasa because the tabu had been placed against any form of war or any call for war. Thereafter the focus was on education and the Church.

This thing by Jolame (if true) is pure stupidity.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

The moron @9.51PM is actually a product of incest, that's why he's posting crap.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.... Anon 6:11pm is an idiot... Stop your grog talk bullshit..Live it around the tanoa ulu lala........WHat proof do you have that Soko was linked to SODELPA. What proof do you have that he had a gang made up of youth from Yasayasa Moala or was burning sugar cane in the west...Sa rauta mera kaya ni tamata ulu lala na kai viti with the blurry coconut wireless bullshit crap you talk about around the tanoa....or is it your way being a staunch Franky the Thug supporter of justifying Soko's murder in the hands of the Police and Fiji Military. That's laughable. None of what you say has been proven against Soko. Whereever you got your story, keep it there or use it to wipe your arse. There is no coincident in sugar cane burning. It is nothing new and has always happened you moron. Go get educated and get a job instead of drinking grog all day and listening to BS....or perhaps its a military or police officer posting to justify their murderous actions. You will have to live with what you done and answer to God on your own boys.

Anonymous said...

@ Anthony Cotton...you know your right and I have said the same thing to Dharam Lingam...Indians have been victims of the coups and atrocities committed by the Fiji Military in 1987, 2000 and 2006.

The Fiji Military on each occasion carried out or was involved in the coup. In 2000 it is evident there were directly involved with George Speight. Fiji Military Forces have allowed all these civil disturbances to happen and failed in their duty to protect and serve the country and its citizens.

The Fiji Military Forces are too blame and though they may blame the nationalist, chiefs or Indian businessmen, they executed the coup and allowed the civil disturbance to happen. The Fiji Military also brought into Fiji torture and brutality like never witnessed before albeit the feudal times....The attack by the Military on civilians both Fijians, Indians and other races has been unprecedented. The level of violence particularly against defenceless citizens of Fiji is unparallel and this will continue as long has we have military persons in power.

Anonymous said...

By the way Anthony, that was my post at 10:59am ... Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

@ JD

You're very true. The military should have just left politics to the politicians and the civilian population as a whole. Now that we have had four coups, any greedy tom dick and harry in future will enlist the help of the military to be the means to his devious agenda. The corrupt person, by inventing out any reason to gain power and wealth will get hold of the military commander, pay him some bribe, to use men and weapons at his disposal to oust a democratically elected government. One only has to pay the commander and the military an amicable some of money because many people love money. And the "love of money is the root of all evil".

The people can always solve their political problems because they are the ones who put their elected officials through the properly constituted process into power in the first place. When the elected officials use corrupt means in the governance of the citizens, the citizens have the power to remove them from office without interference from the military.

The use of arms, murder, and torture by political candidates and elected politicians are rarely experienced to achieve parliamentary membership and government ministership. Only military dictatorships use such means as has been seen in Fiji and we can detach ourselves from this culture by rejecting militarily oriented parties born out of coup cultures and dictatorships. They have only succeeded in totally destroying the people as whole.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako's post to Dharam Lingam...

@ Dharam Lingam... lol..your post makes me laugh.... areh yaar bahut funny reh...

Tum nai worry karo yaar..........

Dharam you are right...Indians have been victims and were victims specifically in 1987. Indians were attacked by the Fiji Military Forces, terrorized, brutalised, raped. They military allowed looting and stealing from Indians by the rebels and military in 1987 and 2000. The Fiji Miltary Forces had committed all these atrocities against the Indians both in 1987 and 2000 and in 2006, the Fiji Military Forces are claiming that they were so dumb and stupid they were being misled...Yep, adult Military leaders who are also university graduates, capable of thinking for themselves today, are blaming others for something they committed. When you stand before God, you cannot say, he made me do it. You account for your own actions. You are right on that accord Dharam, Indians had nothing to do with the Fiji Military and had suffered the coups, abuse, torture and fled this country because of the Fiji Military. So if you have someone to attack, go for them, the Fiji Military Forces who are now wearing sheep skin. Just remember one thing your saying is true, 99% of the Fiji Military are itaukei...now what happens if these idiots in sheep skin decide to turn back into wolves...Can you Indians really trust Frank and the Fiji Military. I don't because they lost my trust in 1987, 2000 and 2006. .... JOSATEKI DAULAKO

Dharam Lingam said...

Reading the comments it's obvious that those supporting Baimagaitinamu have had some experience with anus prodding from the police and army boys. Shame on you bastards.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, appreciate 8:44 AM's postings, because they seem to give us some insight into the mindset of the police. It's a disturbing mindset that seems to want to justify the unjustifiable, but it helps us to understand how such sordid acts could come to pass.

The nexus between cane field burning and armed robberies remans quote nebulous, however. I can imagine the same thugs engaged in both, but in the case of the field burnngs, it would only have been in collusion with the farmers.

Whether Soko was innocent, I don't know, and I rather doubt. But I do know that he was deprived all due process and was a victim of brutality that was worse than any crime he committed.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says... there is no justification when a person is unarmed and at the mercy of police officers and military, to be subjected to brutal and terrifying torturous ordeal. All 8 of the police and military implicated are itaukei. Knowing all 8, they go to church every sunday and have families, probably claim to be God fearing and can pluck verses from the bible. The level of brutality meted to Soko reflects the derangement of the mind and pure evil at its worse. They shoved batons up his anus which could no longer protract and battered his manhood which was squashed. They broke his bones and smashed his skull and jaw. What kind of human being does this to another. Can these actions of violence and brutality be condoned and justified. If we accept such actions of brutality and violence and say its ok, we are teaching our society that violence begets violence. Frank the thug and common criminal himself had made statements in the past supporting such actions of violence by the military against the unarmed civilians. When it comes from the top, then there will be a flow down effect. Frank has hid himself behind a constitution that may protect him but one thing is for sure, Frank, the soldiers and the 8 police officers and soldier who murdered Soko, will stand before God one day and they will have to answer for their actions. They may escape mans law but they cannot escape God's wrath.

....Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

The relatives of Soko should force the type of BATON up Bainimaramas and Khaiyums Arse...THEY DESERVE IT.
what happened to Soko was brutality at its worst and it happened because the police and army think they can do whatever and they will face no consequence.They learnt it from the best, Khaiyum and his wife Bainimarama.Someone should hold hostage both of them and squash their manhood. Eye for an Eye!

Apisai Tora - Sabeto said...

Tupou Draunidalo is the parliament's
best achiver. She gets 10/10 for her performance while SOPELA's Ro kepa gets 2/10. She is the shinning star. Ratu Laiqama should be our next president.
IF someone is straightforward regardless of who is in power, then it is none other than the honourable Tupou Draunidalo. She is admired for her uncomplicated manner that is well liked by the general public. Britain had an Iron Lady and I am sure Fiji has an eye fixed on our very own simple lady. She is a probable and notable future leader.

Apisai Tora - Sabeto said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kamlesh Kumar said...

Apisai Tora of Sabeto is the next one to have his anus examined with a baton by his mates in the army and the police.

Anonymous said...


Its not the mindset of the Police, its the Itaukei mindset.

What Soko & Co are alleged to have been doing is burning canefields. First of all those canefields are invariably on Itaukei land belonging to Itaukei landowning units.

The farmers are the Tenants of the Itaukei landowning units.

When Soko & Co turn up and burn the canefarms they are not only spitting on the farmers, they are also spitting on the landowners.

In the olden days vanua which were conquered were sacked and burnt. Burning was the ultimate humilitation. So when Soko & Co went there and burnt those farms on Itaukei land it is seen in that light.

The officers involved in that thing are mainly from the West. For them Soko is someone who has no respect for them and their Vanua. They aren't only Policemen in that situation, they are also sons of their various Vanua vaka Turaga. And when somebody has been burning half their places down and running around their province taking down business payrolls and Money exchanges they will be tuned up for a confrontation when they meet the man who they see as responsible for it

The fact that it is a "kaitani" or "kaiwai" only worsened the situation once that confrontation happened.

This was bound to happen.

In the olden days the warriors never went out and burnt down somebody else's vanua or attacked innocent people on their land without cause.

The same applies here and if Jolame organised this thing he will know that it was wrong from the word go because its notonly illegal it is against the tabu that is in place on Totoya for calling any war like this anywhere in the Yasayasa.

The canefarmers are innocent

The businesses are innocent.

This is the net result of stupidity. Gross stupidity

Fiji is not the Middle East where one can go around and do the kinds of things like they do over there. In the Itaukei culture it is the height of disrespect to do things like that, and the net result is what has happened here.

This is a very sad outcome.

Nobody wins.

Those Policemen lose their jobs and go to jail. Soko is dead. The cane-farmers lost last years cane payment and are struggling on top of the massive debt burdens they already have. The businesses end up struggling with all these robberies raising Insurance premiums.

Everybody suffers. Its just a disaster.

It was bound to happen, and the guys who manipulated it should have known better then to send Soko and those guys to create this situation in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 2:51pm...You are obviously as big a fool as Frank....Where the hell are you guys bringing all these coconut wireless stories from.....The allegation against Soko is for armed robbery. You are now bringing up another allegation of burning sugar cane farms and trying to justify his death in your explanation that does not make sense and reflects your intellect....Efff off to school you blurry ulu lala and learn something. Whatever your trying to imply is a figment of your own imagination. Soko was brutally and horrifically murdered by cowards...that's what happened to Soko. There is no evidence that he was involved in the robbery, There is no evidence that he was a SODELPA strongarm person. There is no evidence that he led Kai Yasayasa Moala to burn sugar cane farm but there is evidence that you my friend, are an idiot. Half those police officers who murdered him are from Lau by the way. Where are you from...the moon you half wit.

Anonymous said...

Indian farmers have been burning their own farms since they were all given plots of land and the reasons are varied; get rid of snakes and bees, harvest first, poor yield...There is of course the usual idiot who drives pass and throws his cigarette out the window or the loser who has nothing to do better and sets fire to crops because the farmer did not give him what he asked for. Burning of sugar cane farms does not have any major political implication if these idiots are trying to infer such a thing knowing the police had no evidence whatsoever against Soko and brutally murdered him to gain a confession. Its obvious Soko did not know because any human being would have sang like a canary noting the appalling injuries he suffered and there would have been arrests but today, no arrest. What a sham and now we have this idiot trying to call it an itaukei issue. What a half brain dimwit... Must be an Frank supporter otherwise he would make sense. Frank when he speaks...the citizens of Fiji cringe and wish he would just shut up. He does not realise that he is the biggest idiot whom everyone jokes about how stupid he is....What about his selfie with the Indian PM...what a joke. You guys supporting him can have him.

Anonymous said...

Daulako, if half are from Lau then the rest are from Viti Levu and specifically the West (which they are).

And by the way, one of the boys in that thing is from the Yasayasa anyway.

So do you think that because they are Lauan officers they will go slow on a Lauan ? no they won't. In fact they will be the most brutal because they take it as a poor reflection on them as Lauan

Jolame is known for this type of thing. In 1987 he organised the SYC boys here in Suva whilst Phantom and Long John organised the boys in Nadonumai and Delainavesi. So I wouldn't be surprised if that story about the involvement with Soko is true. There is already a track record here in Suva for that kind of thing.

The problem is when the shit hits the fan none of these guys who are behind this thing show their heads above the parapets. And the guys like Soko get left to take all the hits. Just like Nimacere. Just like the CRWU

Anonymous said...

Daulako don't be surprised that if its established that Jolame was involved in this thing that a squad will go after him.

That's where this thing will go.

Frank has Lauan personal bodyguards and Lauan men in his inner circle and what has happened to Soko is felt personally.

The leader of the interrogation of that Youtube is the PM's trusted bodyguard and driver from Kabara.

Me kua ni qai ka ni kidacala ni sa vakamuri na ka qo baleti Jolame.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 3:52pm...

What happened to Soko would never have happened pre coup period. People were sensible. Ever since the coup, the military came in with their torture and brutality never seen before in Fiji. The police only followed suit. Many soldiers were drafted into the police and a number of those police officers are ex army. These army guys have always been given immunity and they think they can get away with everything they commit. After the 2006 coup, many taken to the army camp were asked where are you from...when their province was identified, soldiers from the same province were called out and they beat the living shit out of their kai vata. Obviously you are referring to something like this but soldiers are dumb idiots and will do as they are told. They are not taught to think but how to think. Police is different. They are taught to think and evaluate and determine things. When the police start reducing themselves to the level of the army torturing people and you look within the police and find numerous soldiers now serving in the police, that answers the question. Soldiers serving in the police today treat the police like it is the military organisation. A captain in the army was known to be of the same rank as a sergeant in the police. Now a private in the army can scare the commissioner of police by saying his Frank's cousin. Your stupid views does not make sense. Its nothing to do with Fijian provinces Tovata Burebasaga and Kununa. Its about the army and their bullying techniques. Its about the police and the recent murderous actions. Its about the Government of Fiji led by some monkey who like you, does not make sense...

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...what kind of cowardly fool are you...you make all sorts of allegation, raise names like Jolame and think your so smart that the military should go after Jolame. For what. If any criminal act has been committed, it is the role of the police to apprehend the suspect and take them to court to be answerable to the charges. When the military are involved, obviously, what happened to Soko will happen to people and you guys support Frank...Beyond reasonable doubt is the legal word when you want to charge someone and take them to court. Not suspect, allegation and all these bullshit words that means nothing until you can prove it in the court of law....it needs witnesses and evidence and the people of Fiji have the biggest evidence of all, the ACT OF TREASON committed by Frank the looney thug and his bunch of gay soldiers. We all saw what he did and every citizen of Fiji can testify against this thug. His goons like you say continue to roam and create fear but you know one thing, my satisfaction is that you, Frank and everyone of these soldiers and police officers who are brutal to their people, will one day face their maker and on their own...Frank cant say, Khaiyum made me do it, or soldiers and police cant say, Frank ordered me to do it.......Sa bui vinaka na buka ni lovo...sa waroi

Anonymous said...

Daulako, e pop a omu vakamacala.

Ke a ta lai vala a meca uchiriva mai ei ke ka ta yaco a leqa.

Sa kena levu saraga ga mai ei.

A vakamacala tale ni piaci ko valata tiko ?

Sa mate ko Soko....

Anonymous said...

Daulako Just ask Jolame, did he organise it or not ?


Don't bring the Bible or Jesus or God into this. God didn't make guys go and burn down cane farms and attack innocent businesses.

So when the roundabout is reached don't look to God. It has nothing to do with God because it didn't start on anything Godly in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 4:12pm...Vakamacala e vala jiko yani iei moni yadra kina na lewe ni vanua...Meca ka vala vei Soko vaka kina na vuqa tale era mate kara mavoa ena liga ni mataivalu kei na ovisa e sega ni dodonu me yaco...Niko sa vakasukasuka, lesu ki nakoro ko laki tea kemu tapi mo bula kina...Na veika esa mai yaco...esa dodonu meda na tarova. E sega ni dodonu me yaco...ko kaya ni valata meca ujiriva moi ko Soko...vaka dinadina cava e jiko vei iko..yalo ga ni tamata vei dusi ka riva e laubo vei iko...moi yalo ni tamata butobuto...me kua ni ka wale ona mate ko Soko kei ira tale na lewe ni vanua...Sa dua ka viavialevu kei na dokadoka esa basika mai na noda vanua nona valata wouviri ko Voreqe...tamata vei beci, qaciqacia, viavia levu ka Kaisi Bokala onai tovu.....Ko koya au sa biuta vua na Kalou mena qai totogi takini koya...Kevaka drau to vata...meqai nomudrau vata...kena madrali ena qai tara na ona matavuvale e bera ni boka nona bula.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 4:17pm...why imply something when you don't know the truth...sheer stupidity....by the way...all this ends with God...it may or may not start with him but it will end with him.

Anonymous said...

Daulako well before it ends with God it will start first with Jolame being investigated.

The men involved in the Soko issue have been charged and are being processed through the Legal system.

So whats the problem with Jolame being investigated and the Sodelpa youth wing being likewise investigated if there are adequate reasons for opening up such Inquiries ?

Frank Bainimarama won free and fair elections. Do you still have a problem with him being PM ? If you do then stand for the next elections, maybe you will have enough votes to become the next PM !

Kemudou, a oso ko valata tiko sa ta vala rawa....

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 5:55pm...

The problem with investigations in Fiji today is that idiots like you can make ill founded allegations and idiots like the military intelligence or stupidity as I like to call it, believe in your crap and commences investigations with torture and brutality.

Investigations should be undertaken non biased. Soldiers supporting Frank will investigate these matters and beat the living shit out of Jolame and most likely kill him...You want that blood in your hands you fool.

If there is any suspicious activities by Jolame and SODELPA, investigate it properly but not the ulu kau way...no evidence beat, torture and kill them. That's Franks way..his a thug and a common criminal to me.

What about opening investigations into Francis Kean's release from prison, Khaiyums fatal accident, numerous citizens taken in for questioning and beaten, sexually assaulted.

Oh oh I forgot, your thug of a PM got his get out of jail card with his bull shit Constitution.

Frank may have won this election but he wont win when he stands before God on his own. He will answer to all his atrocities committed upon the people of Fiji. We are not his people. He is only a paid person to serve us his citizens and not we serve him.

Oso ena vala ga...kevaka ko via galu...laki tea kemu tapi ni pia beka tapi ko tea rawa...mataqali kai Viti vakacava tu mada ko iko, vosavosa vaka ulu lala ko valata tu eke...vakasama takina vakamalua meca ko kaya ni bera niko vosa...Ko sa kila yacaqu...omu tamata ciuciu ko ta biuta madaga mai yacamu...Rairai ko luvei Sudaya beka ko iko...kania wawa nei Sudaya.

Anonymous said...


Ko mamake toka ga ka yakavi mai. Keimami laki yadra mai ko se oso wavoki toka ga ki valenikuro.

Uwe....ko kaya wavoki voli a tei tapi, a meca koa a ta mai kai...me laki vala sara...

kemudou a uchiriva vakaitamera kau sa qai boka

Ko via maopo....waiawe a popo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Let the legal process go ahead. That's the only way to handle this issue without aggravating and creating more hurt.

No-one has benefitted Daulako.

The Policemen and soldiers are looking at long sentences if they are found guilty.

Soko is dead.

There are families grieving on all sides.

And Fiji comes out looking like a stinking corrupt mess if this prosecution is not handled fairly and efficiently.

What has happened has happened, the question now is going forward.

And going forward I am firmly of the view that if there was anyone who influenced Soko and that group then it must be unearthed and they must also be brought to justice and given the maximum sentences under law.

That is my view as a Lauan and a Fijian.

E meca fitifitia toka, ia me vala ga vakamalua.

Anonymous said...

"Qarase Planning Legal Action Against Peter Foster"

Anyone knows where's the case now? sa malua sara ga na lawa!

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to anon 7:24pm...esa sivia ga omu moce...se siga vanua ko vala moce. Sivia ni moce ko tawa tea rawa kina kemu tapi. Maopo meca rau sema vata kei na yalo matua. Yalo matua ta meca e vulici, meca ka cakacaka taki. Kena e moce moce tu ga ena siga ena tawa maopo rawa....kania wawa nei Sudaya

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 7:37pm...My views is that anyone who influenced the police to commit murder upon Soko, must be brought to justice. Mamasa attempted to do so....Obviously to commit the barbaric torturous heinous actions against Soko reflects as I said before, the mental derangement of a individuals. Being angry does not even make one that deranged. Hate - how can they hate someone they don't know and has only taken the person in as a suspect. There is more to it that meets the eye and it boils down to the type of Society that Fiji has become, with the level of brutality and violence we have experienced through each coup including the influences of Frank.

This is the result of it all and though we now live in a Democracy, we still have our heinous past following us and reminding us of those acts. The level of violence in Fiji today is unprecedented and our society seems to breed on thuggery, bullying, corruption, bribery, sexual offences against women and children more so now than ever. Some say that it has now come out but perhaps our leadership and the Military has calved this path which is now being followed. That needs to be looked at on a Social Scale because it is affecting the people and our social, traditional and cultural structure....sa rauti au moi Oso...au se laki cavu tapi mada...sa buta tu bele vakarakara kei na dua kena tini ika lailai...keirau na kana kina vaka veitamani...

Vilimoni Natewa - QEB. said...

Josateki Daulako who the bastard are you. Seems like you are another SODELPA dog. You always change your name from time to time. You always degrade the army, FFP and the indians. Are you the toy boy for Ro Kepa the adulteress chief of yours. She cant even talk in the parliament. She was with you supporting your friend George Speight in 2000. You were also responsible for
thieving from Indian farmers to support your people in the parliament. You hide in overseas like your friend Tarakini and Rajesh Singh. You are on our radar. If we catch you your situation will be worse than Soko. When you speak only venom and diarrhea comes from your mouth. Go and clean your self.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oho, ko sa baci kaya mai a talanoa ni omu tapi.

kai kai mai a cavu tapi veiraiyaki ko baci valata toka koa ?

a tini ika ni Jaina ?

kau kaya saraga e dua a kena kawakawa....

Anonymous said...

@ 8.38pm

As far as we all know Josateki Daulako has given us a good insight into what is factual which makes him another brilliant and influential SODELPA scholar. Can't say the same for you 8.38pm. You're all confused and making erroneous statements.

In your negative emotional state of mind you appear angry enough to kill yourself.

Truth hurts so bad doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

The first shedding of Itaukei blood which started this cycle of violence was the killing of the Itaukei Police Inspector by the George Speight Group at Draiba.

The next shedding of blood was of Shadow when he was gunned in the back at Vuya Road by the guys who were given the CRWU weapons by the George Speight Group.

Shadow was lucky. Had that bullet just been a few inches down and to his left he would have not survived the trip to CWM and I would not have drank with him a few moths later in downtown Suva because he probably would have had his last post that day.

That was an Itaukei gunman who shot him.

Just like the gunman who shot Jay Blood at Sawani. I had a few beers with Jay Blood a few months before he gave his all to Christ and began community work at Waila. It came as a shock to me that Jay Blood went like that. This was a guy who knew how to "share his fists" on Suva's streets, In Raiwai he was known for his fists, just as he was in the Lomaiviti team. He went in an ambush just trying to do his job. Shot by an Itaukei group of gunmen

So this cycle of violence has left many dead (Itaukei) and many grieving.

And now Soko...

That should be the objective for the Itaukei leaders. This must end

It is senseless.

E tamayau saraga....

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni Natewa sounds like a rabid dog -- well, puppy, anyway.

Woof, woof!

This is the kind of guard dog we now have "defending" Fiji.

One that still needs potty training.

Here, Vilimoni, go fetch! Go fetch your bone from Bainimarama!

Anonymous said...

Interesting debate between Daulako and the guy trying to get Jolame investigated. One argues that whoever influenced Soko should be brought to justice. The other argues that whoever influenced the murderers of Soko should be brought to justice. Of course, both are right, as far as that goes. The problem is that justice no longer seems possible in Fiji, since Bainimarama, with the help of Gates, Shameem, and Khaiyum, has completely subverted the administration of justice and ended all semblance of judicial independence.

I wish Daulako would run for PM. Almost anyone would be better than the blurry traitor there now. But of course the problem there is that elections in the New Fiji are not free and fair. Even the international observers sent here for the purpose of validating (yes, validating, not monitoring) the recent elections couldn't bring themselves to claim they were either free or fair. Nothing organised by Khaiyum will ever be.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

All you human parasites, I speak on behalf of Honorable Aiyaz Khaiyum,the AG of Fiji Island, stop complaining will you. Otherwise you will face the same ending as Soko. All the armed forces know that under the current leadership they will be protected, you all can cry all you want, if you dont stop whinging, otherwise honorable Khaiyum will send ISIS after you,if he could dismantle GCC, make a puppet outta I-Taukei-Baimimarama, have his own people(Muslims) strategically placed in all top positions including Elections Office than he can do anything, he is more powerful than Obama and any other Prime Minister. He Will WIN NEST ELECTION BY RIDGING VOTES AGAIN, AND YOU ALL WILL JUST BE COMPLAINING, MANY WILL GET FREEBIES AND BE HAPPY AND KEEP HIM, SO ALL YOU FUCKEN LOSERS, YOU B CAN GO AND DIE..YOU INDIANS AND I-TAUKEI KEEP FIGHTING EACH OTHER WHILE MUSLIM WILL RULE THIS COUNTRY, YOU DONT EVEN HAVE IQ TO FIGURE OUT THAT YOU ARE UNDER MUSLIM -ISLAMIC RULE, THE DAY YOU VITED FOR FIJI FIRST PARTY, YOU VOTED FOR FIJI TO BE RULED BY ISLAM, SO GO FUCK YOURSELFS AND GET OVER IT-STOP COMPLAINING AND LET KHAIYUM AND BAINIMARAMA LIVE IN PEACE.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

heheheheheeh good on you this i s Fiji and the army will fuck every bodys ass no matter what you stand for Isis or Sodelpha, Temimi or Naiqala Drauni bele Drauni Vau the army is waiting to get you ass hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Sokos death is a result of dictatorship in this country, there is no accountability on anyones actions, the past Auditor Generals Reports are full of discrepancy.
Baini-Khai are doing whatever they please like Fiji was their playground. Many lifes have been sacrificed. How many more is the question?

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni, Silly-Monki go to jungle and stay there.

Go clean your mouth against bark of tree and kaila as loud as you can you friggin junklee murgi!

Hee haw hee haw hee haw

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...areh waah Vilimoni Natewa...you write like Dharam Lingam and very very funny.

Let me remind you Indians and other races who support Frank and the Military about one thing and this is the ultimate truth and I will continue to voice it.

The coups of 1987, 2000 and 2006 was executed by the Military.

If you consider like Dharam Lingam said, what has Indians to do with Military which is 99% Itaukei...that is true.

The Military role is to serve and protect the people of Fiji without regard of race or religion.

The Military failed to do this in 1987. They failed to do this in 2000 and again through Frank's leadership, had a total disregard of the citizens of Fiji and executed the coup in 2006.

The looting, violence, rape, murders, brutality and heinous acts that we continue to witness today is a result of the Military's failure to carry out their role, to serve and protect the people of Fiji.

Today, they blame Nationalism, Church and businessmen having poisoned and influenced their action.

I say they failed to recognize their role as guardians of Fiji.

They allowed themselves to be influenced and carried out coups and allowed the brutality, looting, rape and heinous acts that followed the coups.

Indians suffered thefts, rapes, brutality, murder and these were all carried out by the Military or with the Military support. Even in the 2000 coup, the Military role was evident. CRW soldiers and other soldiers who joined the Parliament House hostage continued to be paid. Military trucks were used to pick up cows, pigs, goats, foot etc from Indian farmers (stolen livestock), shops (stolen food) and from Fijian supporters to accommodate the rebels in Parliament.

Now Franky the thug claims to be a saviour for the other races and Indians of Fiji. Franky was in command in 2000 and he failed in his duty to prevent the 2000 coup. He may have come to his senses in the end but he failed in his duty to prevent the coup. A coup he knew about and did not prevent the atrocities that followed.

He wears a sheeps coat now and dances and sings the tune of Indian songs because he has gained something that is very dangerous and this is called POWER. He has a taste for it and he will not relinquish it because he has gained from it.

You guys continue to sing and harp and play your merry songs with Frank but remember one thing, Frank was at the helm in 2000 and failed to prevent the coup, the killing, the raping, the murders, the looting. He is also a Itaukei first. He has a heart of vengeance. The Military is also Itaukei who make up 97 or 99% of the Military.

Like they did in 2000, the sheep may again change their coat and wear a wolves coat...What then.

I do not support the SODELPA party if your wondering. I like many other Fijians are sick and tired of the coup and the impact it has had on our country and our livelihoods.

We want Fiji to be truthful, honest, respectful, humble, happy and free.

Like I said before, Franky will one day stand before God and be judged. Every one of us will go through the same. We will all die and face God but we can only redeem ourselves while we live.

Soko's death like many others who have been killed or brutalized in the hands of the Military or police should smear our conscious. If you don't feel the same then you should be worried because you have lost all sense of emotion and humility like Frank. Are we any better than those who commit crimes if we do so?

Fiji is now a Democracy and Frank has a responsibility towards the people of Fiji who pay taxes and pay his salary and the salary of all those in Parliament including the Military and Policy and they need to realise that.

Anonymous said...

Me sa dua madaga na noda movement nai taukei ni vanua o viti.. me caka veiira na kawa tamata qo na muslim na ka a caka veiira na na kai Esia mai tonga...a kama na nodra vale e ra qai cemuri . ke da tu vata nai taukei e levu na ka e da rawa ni cakava. Noqu vakasama ga me sa vamalumalu taki madaga na na keba ni mataivalu koya ga ya sada na qai tiko vinaka... e vacakacakai ira toka ira na tiko kina. Qo sa sau lailai tiko ira na vuli vinaka mai na tertiary schools sa sau levu tiko ira na taschool mai na keba ni mataivalu.

Anonymous said...

@10.45 Veitalanoa saraga ni leqa caka tiko mai qori. Koya saraga na kena I vatagedegede e cake.

Koya ga ya...."A sa vosa vakakamikamica na gata vei Ivi....."

Niu dau wilika na tikina ya au dau nanuma ni cala na kena vakadewa.....e dodonu me "A sa vosa vakasese vei Ivi na gata...."

Baleta ni sa tekivu ga ena sese, ka tini kna sese.

Se vakaevei ?

Anonymous said...

@ 9.48pm

So seems like all that drank with you met their death!

You some kind of blood-sucking hound?? lol

We enjoy the talanoa session though.

More please but hopefully no more surprise deaths of anyone after they drank with you.


Anonymous said...

nolle prosequi ? What's that in regards to Midas Rotweiller?

Anonymous said...

@1.03pm Shadow didn't die.

He became the PM's "shadow" after 2006.

Everywhere the PM went between December 2006 and September 2014 Shadow has been there in the background.

Shadow is currently in Lebanon.

One Fiji said...


The men aged 24, 19, 19, 20 and 24 from Wainiyavu Village in Namosi allegedly assaulted the deceased on February 6. Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri said the man was admitted at Navua hospital and was later transferred to CWM hospital in Suva where he died on February 12. All suspects are under interrogation, Mr Sokomuri said.

Anonymous said...

Although this government has won the elections in an election it appears not many people are happy. Why? This government is only supported by only some rich businessmen and they are all making money left right centre. FB suits businessmen as he makes decisions instantly. People can complain as much as they like things won't change for the next 4 years and even the next. So the best bet is to 2022 election. By the ind generation of people will have gone. Fijians would have lost their own destiny as they wanted in 1987 and 2000.

Anonymous said...

Its good that Sodelpa attacks the Indo Fijians and the Muslims and the Chinese and all the other races in Fiji.

Don't stop them from doing that.

The next elections are now only 36 or so months away.

If the Indo Fijians, the Chinese and all the other races don't vote for Sodelpa because it attacks them then that is half the work done.

Rajesh Singh said...

One Fiji asslicker, in case you missed it you incestuous bastard, those men aren't in the police or military.

Rightfully they should be arrested and questioned. In Soko's case, he was arrested and instead of being questioned, the army and the police bastards decided to interrogate his rectum. Perhaps you should be treated like that you incestuous son of a maggot.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

HOW CAN WE TRUST PEOPLE LIKE HIM TO LEAD US. By the way SODELPA supporters killed a disable itaukei man. So sad.

Lawyer and SODELPA parliamentarian Niko Nawaikula has been suspended from practice for two months and fined $2,000.

Nawaikula was handed this sentence today by Independent Legal Services Commissioner Justice Paul Madigan after he was found guilty of two counts of professional misconduct.

The charges relate to Nawaikula not responding to complaints lodged by two individuals and the Chief Registrar.

Nawaikula had at the first hearing of the charges freely admitted that the two allegations were correct.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh that's why you should vote Fiji First in the elections in 2018.

It represents stability and progress, and you can raise your voice on issues and you will be heard.

You will not been ostracised or attacked because you are an Indo Fijian or Chinese or any other race.

The Itaukei in the villages already see the difference. The No 1 man in the Fiji First Government who is the PM, the No 2 man who is the AG and the No 3 man who is Col Tikoduadua go right down to the grassroots every moment that they can and talk to the grass roots and get their views and prepare Government policy accordingly.

You can see how Sodelpa talks about your people on this blog. They refer to Indo Fijians as no better then parasites. Just look at the language and you can see the fullness of the heart.

That is why you all must vote Fiji First in 2018

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...the young men implicated in the murder will and should face justice. Or perhaps what the Fiji First Party members are trying to say on this site is that the Police and Military should kill all suspects as well. That is the mentality that they have and believe because it is the mentality their PM Franky the Thug has ingrained into them. Will the police and military brutalize these young men to gain a conviction. These young men at this point in time are not guilty unless proven and once proven, we have the facilities where they will be incarcerated but at this point in time, it is up to the State to prove their guilt in the court of law. Fiji First supporters on this site have clearly shown the level of stupid mentality they have. Frank or the Military say...His guilty and they all agree like sheep...Frank says his not...they nod their heads like monkeys. If Frank says yes no, they will nod and shake their heads at the same time. These youth whether SODELPA supporters or Fiji First supporters or just plain villagers, have the right to a fair trial and should face a fair trial. Right now, the Fiji First supporters are condemning them as SODELPA supporters and making out that they are guilty. Typical.....

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....there was a number of times I attended meetings held by Fiji First where the PM presided. I remember asking him a question about his policies and he answered it with a question...Iko kai vei....When I responded Lau...his answer was -iko SODELPA sa rauta dua tale taro...The question I asked him was very simple...What if he does not deliver his promises. Silently the people in the villagers are coming to terms with Frank and his entourage of bullshit. People who once supported him are turning against him. Only those who benefit from him continue to believe in his lies. The truth and only the truth will prevail one day.

Anonymous said...

Dai dai Jo.

A kai Lau a ona tamata niutaki a PM ko Naupoto. Mai ei sa taura ai Tutu key post saraga kina na Mataivalu. Chief of Staff is the main link between the RFMF and the Government, and the man sitting there is the PM's most trusted man from way back in 2000.

Noone else was trusted to handle the movement of the leaders of the 2000 coup d'état from the camp to Nukulau and then to secure them at Nukulau other than Driti (who has since backstabbed the PM) and Naupoto who has remained loyal and absolutely trustworthy.

There were weapons still out in the country and rebel units still at large, and the moving of that package was absolutely TOP SECRET because were it compromised the prospects of the leaders of the rebels breaking out was real.

Sa cegu mada a omu dai wavoki toka...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoroi says... ni vei cai taucoko na kai Lau....Drau caiti Naupote na Navy sonalevu solia nona sona vei Frank...Koya kei Teleni...Kemudou Anon 3:30pm kei Anon 3:33pm kei Naupoto dou kawa ni Kai Tonga...Kua ni dou vosa mai ke kawa ca....Nomu vosa e vosa vaka Tonga dou vei samu...caiti tamamu...Na veika ko vakamacala jiko kina mai qori e kila ga ko iko kei tamamu. Sega ni dua na dina e laurai kina...boci...

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 3:30pm...I don't think anyone can make sense of anything your trying to say here. You talk about Naupoto being Franks right ball than you talk about weapons and TOP SECRET shit...Are you telling everyone that Frank did not trust the Army and had to use his Navy personnel. Are you also trying to tell us something about guns and rebels which the Army gave weapons too. That's a problem when supporters of Frank speak, they don't make sense and they only expect people to agree with their nonsense...As for Anon 3:33pm...sa rauti kemudrau na vosaca e biuta yani qori ko Vili...

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Rakoro. A meca saraga kau via rogoca koa.

Koya na dina ni veitalanoa ni Taukei ena SODELPA sa qai votu mamaca saraga ena nomu vakayatuyatu qori.


Drau veikai mada ke Jo...kusa totolo tagane.

E dina ni gone ni Lau o Naupoto ia e qarava tiko e dua na I tavi e nuitaki kina. Sega ni baleta ni Kai Lau, ia baleta ni tamata dina.

Ia na nomudou strategy na Sodelpa me vakayagataki na Kao Lau, na Kai Naitasiri, Ma kai Rewa etc etc etc me da veirai oti ya ni sa tu na tawase dou sa qai yavala rawa kina.

Ia e sa tarabu taki ena kayavi ni kua

A meca saraga kau a saga tiko meu rogoca ko sa valata mai, baleta sa yaraneke saraga kina ko Daulako kei a ona vakamacala piaci ka sa qai laurai sara tu ga kaiei.

Dou bose bose tale mada....dua tale ai tuvatuva ni meke...come on Sodelpa...sa vakaevei ?

Anonymous said...

Eratou sa veidre droto na sodelpha ni sa kune mai na lasu kei na lecaika ena Blog qo

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoroi says to Anon 4:09pm...Qo na noqu sevaki kemuni na kai Lau kau vosa jiko yani kina. O au mo rogoca e daligamu na lewe ni Fiji First kevaka ko sebera ni kila...Iko sa vosa tu mai vaka sese vaka dua na kai Tonga e sega ni macala na yavamu e butu tu e Viti se Tonga...Drau lai pamu madaga kei Roko Ului....me qai pamu taki iko mai muri ko Naupoto...vaka madaga na yacani kai Japani na yacani..o sobo na kai toga lau...Malo Malo Malo...sega ni mai vosa vaka viti ya....dramica

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 4:09pm and Vili Rakoro....

We will leave you Fiji First Party supporters to argue and curse each other on this blog site...Very entertaining guys...Gutter level

Anonymous said...


Ah acha..what was Shadow's name bosso??

Ah I know this is the Shadow at Golan Heights eh? Was he the coward leader of the pack that was smiling front row and spokesman for the boys?

And then...what again, Shadow still the PM's favourite boy - he must be top gun fallah.

Anonymous said...

Na veivosacataki sa yaco tu e na blogsite qo, sa vakadomobula. Ke na vaka tiko ga qo na veivosacataki, e na sega ni dua na ka vinaka e na rawa kina. E na yaco ga mai na gauna me da na rusa vata kece, SODELPA, FFP, Kaidia, Kaiviti, kei ira kece ka ra via vakatubura tiko na veimecaki.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 5:11PM
"Shadow" gave his arse to Jabat al Noushra.

Anonymous said...

"Shadow" was one big lamusona.
One small boy from Jabat al Noushra pointed the AK 47 on him and Shadow started shaking like a pussy.
Even Tikoitoga called him a pussy.
Fijian soldiers in Delainabua too much vaqakoro.
In Fiji they beat up and murder defenceless civilians. They go to the battlefield they big lamusona. Good for nothing.
No one is scared of Shadow.
He is one little pussy.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with Rosie Akbar on television that we should not be giving money to beggars. I hear today that we are going to close the road for some prince or other who is giving us some money for a energy project. So i ask myself what is the difference between Fiji as a nation and those beggars on the street. The answer is none. All Fiji as a nation is good at is begging. We used to beg the Aussies and the Kiwis. Now we beg the freaking Chinese the Russians and now the UAE.We seem to have our hand out for everything from building bridges to making our roads. Just like the beggars who get a pass from the DO'S office maybe we should get one from the UN. Every time i see Frank and company standing pretending like Fiji is the land of Milk and Honey all i can do is cry for my beloved Fiji and reminisce on what we could have been had the politics of race and plain dumb stupidity did not plaque us every time we went to the polls. We have to be the dumbest most passive bunch of loosers on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Sa nomu kece madaga Rakoro.

O sa vosaca taki Frank oti e cake (ni rau vevutusona kei Naupoto) o sa qai mai Fiji First Party tale era.

Sa dina.

Drau level vata toka ga kei Daulako.

De drau dudvata beka ga ?

Gata ruarua...

Anonymous said...

Shadow wasn't on the Golan last year.

As for pussies, I don't know maybe you're Superman and would have dodged that hail of bullets on Vuya Road and in the blink of an eye turned into a Ninja and did the spiderman on the CRWU and turned your M16 into a lightening Rod like Rambo did with his M60 in Rambo Part 1

eh, waddaya reckon ?

Anonymous said...

Rakoro dua na ka rataou dou cakava na psyops oya na reverse psychology.

Daru raica mada na proposition or sa biuta mai. Naupoto is loyal therefore (according to Rakoro rau sa veivutusona tiko key Frank).

So if we start in that proposition it follows that very other officer who is loyal is also veivutusona with Frank.

Why ?

Because according to the Rakoro theory they are all giving their arse to Frank.

Kevaka sa starting point oya, ia a vinaka me talevi lesu tale na underlying proposition koya e caka kina na statement ya.

And the proposition is that this whole narrative is designed to undermine the morale of the RFMF.

How ?

By suggesting that their loyalty is not due to their integrity but due to some other ulterior (and perhaps self serving agenda).

Now where would we find that storyline Rakoro ?

E kune ga vei iratou na SODELPA.

Na nodratou story line saraga oya.

E sega ni a kaya wale e cake ni drau duavata toka ga keu Daulako.

Because you are.

Sa rauta mada na via matavulo tiko eke. E rawarawa sara na deconstruct taka na nomu postings.

Drau lesu tale vata kei nomu partner or Daulako drau lei tuva tuva ka tale mada.

Sa rui matailelevu na nomudrau I vadi ca.

And just to rub salt into it...a meca I a fika ga....

Anonymous said...

E vica na false flag a caka tale tikoga ena blpg qo.

So era caka threat on behalf of the RFMF. That is a false flag. Na purpose ni threat vaka oya me undermine taka na Institution kei na perception of the Government

So era postings me caka na veisei vaka yasana se vakatamata.

Vaka e cakava o Rakoro. Kenai vakatagedegede sara I cake e cakava okoya. That is designed to undermine the UNITY message of the Fiji First party.

Levu na postings along those lines being done by people claiming to be from the RFMF or to be supporting Bainimarama.

Era lasu.

Those postings are designed to create a negative perception of the RFMF and the Government.

Vadi duka qai vadi vuni

Ia sa matailelevu qai sega na betena

Anonymous said...

“You cannot move forward if you do not accept the Fijian Constitution.”

Those are the comments of Prime Minister and Minister for I-Taukei Affairs Voreqe Bainimarama at the launch of the I-Taukei Affairs roadshow.

Bainimarama said a big number of Opposition parliamentarians do not accept the constitution.

He said there is a problem with those people who do not accept the constitution.

Bainimarama stressed that I-taukei rights and land are well protected in the constitution.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.59pm

Must have been pretty expensive - cost approx $20 Million!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of Bainimarama's Idiot Supporters here going on about Bainimarama winning the General Election last year!!! Win what election??? You mean the RIGGED ELECTION last year....

Who are you kidding??? You bunch of Losers.... Bainimarama said what is going to happen before the Election during his election campaign, that the FFP is going to win the election with majority of seats and even knows the exact number of the opposition.... Who was running the whole election??? Khaiyum's cousin brother and all Bainimarama's corrupt thugs.... It wasn't a fair election....

We the people of Fiji are not that stupid, of course we know really well the Election last year was RIGGED, full stop...

Bainimarama, you and Khaiyum's days are numbered. There's a split in the army and a lot of soldiers here in the Queen Elizabeth's Barracks in Nabua are getting fed up and sick of all your Lies and Corruption and are planning your assassination.

Waraka namaka, drau yavu tamata kaisi bokola. Lasulasu, kawa ca...


The election was RIGGED because you say so? Where's the evidence? A multi national team of observers led by Australia, India and Indonesia says it was credible, fair and represented the will of the people. They didn't say anything about it being rigged. So take your medication, Psycho Boy. Time to grow up and stop trying to turn day into night. It DIDN"T happen.

Anonymous said...

Anon 734 Rigged mai vei From 2000 to 2015 and you are still loosing think about your strategy if not than maybe your screw is loose some where please check it.Bainimarama is the man

Anonymous said...

Bainimara the cassava patch sprinter

Anonymous said...

more like lamuusoona

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:12 AM is right, of course, about the election being rigged. You don't make Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum Minister for Elections if you don't plan to rig the election. You don't make ASK minister for ANYthing, unless you plan it to be rigged.

Anonymous said...

evidence today is useless.

once it gets to the DPP it all disappears.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is the man.

Bainimarama is the man, indeed.

Bainimarama is the man who deserves to hang.

Bainimarama is the man who deserves to hang for treason.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 9.33am ha ha. GOOD ONE.


Anonymous said...

How much did regime PAY YOU to post your comment. To defend them. You are ignorant psycho. Just because international observers who came here for holidays wrote in their report that the election was credible does not change the fact that the election WAS RIGGED. Go do some homework before you open you mouth coz its stinks coz maybe you have been licking Khaiyums ARSE!

Anonymous said...

You don't make ASK Minister for Elections if you want them to be fair. If you want them to be fair you ask a respected jurist or someone like that, so everyone can see the elections will be fair.

Anonymous said...

PHYSCO ALERT we all know that you're Meli Bainimarama, the son of the Evil Dictator Frank Bainimagaitinana.

Drau veivutu kei tamamu, yacova ni dra nomudrau sona, me qai lai dramica yani o Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says... The abrogation of the 1997 Constitution and Franky the thugs constitution was designed for one reason and one reason only. To give Frank and his Military Goons who committed Treason and and carried out atrocities against the tax paying citizens of Fiji a 'get out of jail' card. Without the new Constitution, Franky would have been charged and everything he has done overturned. Franky the thug never had the mandate of the people and he ruled the people with intimidation and fear. Get on his good side and he will promise you the world. Give him the evil eye and your gone. Chaudary and a bunch of the Labour party members realised this too late. Unfortunately we the people of Fiji have let ourselves down by not standing up against this goon. Having said that, what happened to Sooko and numerous others who have been illegally detained by the Military, abused, brutalised, sexually assaulted, murdered, reminds us that we are dealing with a Force that does not have the people of Fiji at heart. Fear and Intimidation is the name of the game and the Military Goons for Franky the thug played it out to a 'T' that many of us were fearful and this led to suspicion against each other including our own families. Still today there is a feeling of No Trust when talking about politics or military. That fear that if one says something against Frank or the Military, even ones family, friend or neighbour will report on them and along comes the green wagon with the merry men in green who whisk one away for some stiff talking too, physical abuse, probing and threats before one is released. Even cases of a criminal nature was investigated and persons apprehended by the military on some ill founded information. Information that was passed on because of disputes between neighbours, families, friends leading to unlawful detention by the Military and abuse of ones civil rights.

I had been taken to the camp on a number of occasions where I see old men, Fijian, Indian or other races held by the Military for no reason other than that they are suspects for some criminal activity that the Military was unable to prove or because they were against Franky the thug. There were many bashing by the military upon those detained and the Military did not hold back even against old men and women.

Men were made to carry logs from one end of the army compound to the other with some young dumb ass soldier following yelling obscenities and throwing punches and using a stick or rifle to probe the persons along.

What gets me is that these soldiers always seem to have a taste of probing or shoving batons up peoples arse or sexually assaulting women in their captivity. They like to strip men down naked and stare at our private parts making smirk remarks. Was it their intention to demolarise, demean a person or did these soldiers suffer from some sick sexual perverted mindset. This seems to be their turn on. Funny that they commit all these atrocities against the citizens of Fiji and on Sunday, sing the loudest in churches.

No one can tell me these did not happen and though soldiers may today deny it....I again repeat...you will stand before God and you will be judged for your actions.

Anonymous said...

looks like the flag only represents the goons at the barracks.
they want to get rid of our history and the british. yet the nation speaks english

Anonymous said...

because of my coup im here in parliament. ulu lala

Anonymous said...

If the elections were on the up and up, then why did Khaiyum hire his unqualified cousin to be election commissioner, instead of someone with experience and known integrity? More than nepotism was involved here. More than just giving his cousin a job. Khaiyum wanted someone he could trust to do his bidding. He wanted someone with whom he could collude. He didn't seek an honest and experienced election commissioner. He wanted a criminal co-conspirator.

Anonymous said...


And its ongoing. Whatever was heard to be uttered in Parliament lately is bugging Frank Bainimarama. While Sodelpa Opposition Leader is saying "why are they making a big issue out of it..we have more important things to do than talk about that silly word" Frank will not allow it to rest.

What a laugh!! Frank Bainimarama - the most despicable, disrespectful insensitive, kawa ca and self-loving law-breaker cum thug blurts out pathetically that " such insulting remarks were not good for the house ....it did not augur well with the relationship...." blah blah blah.

Can you fartheads with Fiji First remind your supposedly 'democratically elected PM of Fiji' that he is nothing but a HYPOCRITE???

The alleged offensive word that was supposed to have been said in parliament was nothing compared to the vulgar F PLUS shocking words he uttered to a priest and to many others whom he considered his enemies in public - all with the intention to scorn, humiliate and degrade.

So again, Sodelpa together with Ro Temumu would like to ask the Fiji First Government - why the unnecessary fuss??

'Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the PLANK in your own eye?'


Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.... We the people of Fiji today really need to examine our past and the impact the Military coups have had against our beloved country.

I state once again Military coups because each of the coup was executed by the Military (1987/ 2006) or with the support of the Military 2000.

Today we as a race are assimilating and this has been made possible through being open minded, educated and well travelled.

We need to examine what has happened and determine the future of our country, not allow ill trained misguided soldiers to dictate and ruin our country.

We must unite as a people Itaukei, Indian, Chinese, Other races for one common cause and that is to enjoy as an individual our civil liberty and freedom.

Though today we are a democracy, we have not released ourselves from the atrocities committed over the past 20+ odd years. There has been too much pain and its evident this pain continues to affect everyone.

There continues to be disunity amongst us to the extent that lines have been drawn between Franky the Thugs supporters and those of us who seek real democracy and freedom.

At least today, we have a voice in Parliament and though they are outnumbered, the cries of the people of Fiji must be heard so those that died and were brutalised by the hands of the Franky and his Military, is not in vain. We have a responsibility towards these people and our future generation.

We must continuously remind Franky the thug that we still see him as such and nothing more until, he humbles himself. He pretends to understand the plight of the people and goes around making promises though some delivered, he must realise that there is a protocol to everything and most importantly, a responsibility towards his people and he is answerable to his people and not to the military.

We still see Franky the thug make references to the Military and the Military Council and we know this is his way of reminding us the people of Fiji that they the military are in charge.

Do we need a military council advising the Parliament on matters of national security when this very organization have betrayed their own people.

Until the Military leaders realise that they have been misled by Frank and not by Nationalist or Church Leaders or Businessmen with bags of money, they will understand their duty, to serve and protect the people of Fiji, who pay taxes to pay their wages.

They should not remind themselves of how Nationalist and Church Leaders and others have poisoned their minds resulting in the coup but realise their leadership weakness because the decision to carry out coups is not made by the 3000 odd soldiers but the very few Military leaders at the top, who executed the coup and today, we see the benefits they enjoy because of their participation in the coup.

The mere soldier of low rank will say, I only follow orders but what does the Military leader say, I committed treason to serve and protect my country.

We have a rule of law and without this law, we will live in chaos. Unless we build a society that believes in Truth, Honesty, Respect, we will continue to suffer the consequences of hate.

Anonymous said...

YES KAISI- what are you gonna do about it Frankie. I will say this every single day till this government is toppled.

Anonymous said...

Frank is KAISI- Converted to Islam, a terrorist and wife of Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Lets start a chain mail-Bainimarama is kaisi- He is incompetent to lead, he takes directives from Kahiyum. How will he run this country if he keeps listening to Khaiyum,Unless he kicks Khaiyum out of his government, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS KAISI.

Anonymous said...

Some good points. May I add that if the elections were fair, there would have been no need for the election supervisors to be alone with the ballots for over an hour after the voting ended. There would have been no phantom counting centers. There would have been no need for Aiyaz to reach out to INDIA, Computer Hack Central, so far ahead for tech support for electronic voting terminals manufactured in CANADA.

Anonymous said...

Frank's plotting of the 2000 takeover of Parliament didn't augur well for the relationship, either.

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