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Friday, February 20, 2015

Kaisi vs Kaise vs Blue Blood

There's confusion over whether the word 'kaisi' was said by someone in the Opposition as claimed by Frank Bainimarama.

On February 11 in Parliament, Bainimarama warned the Opposition against using derogatory words like 'kaisi' in Parliament.

This is what he said:

"It's very insulting to hear one of our members being insulted from across the room from that side with the iTaukei insult 'kaisi'. "When you walk out, you can pick it up again, your Ratu, your Adi, and you walk out with it. When you walk through that door, nobody really gives two hoots about your title, supposedly your blue blood; you walk through there as in a military establishment.

Blue blood, isn't that an insult?

"This establishment is something I see along that line. Maybe we should have a mirror outside that door Madam Speaker so that when we walk in, we look at the mirror, if you can see blue blood or royal blood running through your vein, then you have the right to come and call everybody here 'kaisi'."

However there is no record of this word being said in the Hansard and the Speaker of the House Jiko Luveni says she did not in fact hear the word 'kaisi' being said.

The Speaker did not hear it, the media never heard it, the people in the gallery never heard it, the Parliamentary staff there at the time never heard it.

Only Frankie heard it.

Even when the minutes of the meeting were being confirmed the very next day, Bainimarama didn't ask for any amendment

What has actually now surfaced is that on the day, Bainimarama made a threat in Fijian under his breath. 

He threatened to throw his water bottle at someone in the Opposition. The Opposition has the video below as proof of this.


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Anonymous said...

somebody should call him BOOCCCIII

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, whatever, boci.

Ro Teimumu has seen more of the world than you have, and she didn't need a government to send her there. Neither were they junkets to the Hong Kong Sevens or to take delivery of new planes with her daughter.

Anonymous said...

kemu na sotia levu ga na vosa ni tiko na dakai..ni sona levu rerevka na vesu....ke ni via vuaviri ni basuka na lawa ni tu vakatagane..hi yavu sodomy kece!!

Anonymous said...

A kaisi is someone who is involved in nepotism, like giving a piece of land to a relative. Mara, Rabuka, Chaudry and Bainimarama all qualify.

Anonymous said...

Out of his mouth comes the content of his heart. Kaisi has been tormenting him ever since the overthrow because he is a true KAISIBOTOBOTO. Denouncing and degrading the Chiefs made him what he is today..A facade! wanna..be. Still he is a low class citizen, not a Fijian . Between Ro Teimumu and Vore..he is still her doormat In today's blog culture he is her toilet paper
Sa Boidenadena djina...dri sara

Anonymous said...

It's his conscience telling him time and time again that he is nothing but a KAISI. And he still refuses to listen to that little voice inside his head. Maybe it's high time someone changed the tape recording in his head and put in a new one that says...KASEI.

Anonymous said...


We should learn from what the HMG did in Northern Ireland to the IRA

The IRA engaged in war against the British State and all its institutions but then used British law when it suited their convenience

Should a group which attacks State institutions and kills Policemen and soldiers and engages in acts of mass terrorism by burning down shops and homes and looting then claim the protection of the laws of the nation it set out to attack in the first place ?

The killing on Gibraltar happened whilst that IRA team were doing a recce of the site they were preparing to launch an attack at.

They were unarmed.

The argument is that they were innocent and unarmed when killed.

But the counterargument to that is they were preparing to launch an attack and the British acting on surveillance and confirmation of their intent and capacity killed them before they were able to mount their attack.

They were confirmed IRA

They exercised counter surveillance. They practiced operational security.

They were more then mere criminals and the British simply weren't prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Confirmed IRA. Suspect activity. Liquidate them.

That's all they needed to engage and eliminate them.

Does the same not apply to the events of 2000 in Fiji which Sodelpa are now trying to mount an investigation over the CRWU deaths ?

Anonymous said...

anon 5.36
you seem confused
murder queried are those after arrest and those not involved in mutiny on that day

Anonymous said...

This was happening in Fiji in May 2000, George Speight group pulling in one direction. Duvuloco Group pulling in another direction. The Yasayasa Vaka Ra preparing to set up its own Government.

George Speight even threatened the President Iloilo with civil war when his choice for Prime Minister was not immediately confirmed by the President.

At Parliament Ligairi stood up and said to the gathered that there was enough weapons at Parliament to "melt" the whole of Suva to the ground.

Mua the former head of the Fiji Intelligence Service then went on Australian media and said that the whole country would go up in flames if their Demands were not met.

The same type of thing is now happening in Libya.

Libya is in big trouble

DateFebruary 20, 2015 - 3:48PM 8 reading now

Middle East Correspondent

Beirut: Trapped in a state of civil war, caught between rival governments, militia and armies, Libyans had no cause to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the revolution that brought an end to dictator Muammar Gaddafi's decades-long tyrannical reign.

February 17 came and went as Libya and its neighbour, Egypt, reeled at the brutal execution of 21 Coptic Christians, beheaded somewhere along the country's vast Mediterranean shore.

Those who took to Twitter to mark the occasion did so sombrely, with one tweet summing up the mood: "Proud of my involvement in #Feb17 uprising, though I know it's still a long way to go before we see the #Libya we dream of," activist and revolutionary rapper Ibn Thani wrote.

A Libyan military soldier stands guard at the entrance of a town 110 kilometers from Sirte.
A Libyan military soldier stands guard at the entrance of a town 110 kilometers from Sirte. Photo: AP

It has been Libya's story ever since the revolution, says Frederic Wehrey, a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

"There has been a breakdown of authority, even within the two loose coalitions that are fighting against each other," Wehry warns, referring to Libya's rival governments - one in Tripoli, one in Tobruk - and the militias that back them.

It is a long way from the high of August 2011, when Libyans – some still marvelling at their own bravery, others fierce with pride – emerged from six months of furious fighting to reclaim their country from 42 years of Gaddafi's oppression.

Libyan followers of Ansar al-Shariah Brigades and other Islamic militias at a protest in September.
Libyan followers of Ansar al-Shariah Brigades and other Islamic militias at a protest in September. Photo: AP

From the country's first democratic elections in July 2012 it took just two years for competing militia groups, heavily armed with supplies captured from Gaddafi's vast stockpiles, to take control of key centres such as Tripoli in the west and Benghazi in the east, effectively rendering any parliamentary authority obsolete. By August 2014, the internationally-recognised government of Libya had moved from Tripoli to the relative safety of Tobruk after a spate of kidnappings, arrests and killings.

This group is backed by Operation Karama ("Dignity"), the forces controlled by General Khalifa Haftar, a Gaddafi-era officer who only formed his army, made up of other Gaddafi-era soldiers, some tribal fighters and Zintan-based rebels, in May 2014.

The previous government, whose term ended with the June 2014 elections, remained in Tripoli, backed by Libya Dawn - a coalition of Islamist militias including former al-Qaeda militants, tribal fighters and those affiliated with Libya's Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Anonymous said...

At Anon 6.16 were they arrested ?

What about these people, did they get the benefit of civil rights recognition ?

Did anybody read Inspector Seavula his rights before gunning him in the back and side as he sat in a Police vehicle at Draiba ?

Coup leader's supporters ransack state TV station

Paul Tait in Suva

Monday 29 May 2000 02.45 BST

Last modified on Thursday 1 June 2000 02.45 BST

A police officer was shot dead and a TV station ransacked yesterday when a mob supporting the Fijian coup leader George Speight ran riot through the capital, Suva.
Mr Speight, who has held the prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, and about 30 other people captive since May 19, said earlier he believed the crisis was close to resolution and the hostages could be freed within 48 hours.

Last night the foreign secretary, Robin Cook, expressed alarm at the surge in violence in the Fijian capital. Eight shots were heard, most of them around the sprawling parliament complex where Mr Chaudhry is being held.

Mr Speight and his supporters took Fiji's first ethnic Indian prime minister hostage after storming the parliament in the name of indigenous Fijians, who comprise about 51% of the population. Ethnic Indians dominate the country's economy.

Last night Suva's FM 96 radio station said four shots had been fired by a group of youths behind Government House, the waterfront home of the president, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, whose daughter is among the hostages. Journalists said shots had been fired into the tyre of a police vehicle.

Police said one of their officers, Filipo Seavula, had died from gunshot wounds last night after getting caught up in a mob of about 100 indigenous Fijians.

Two soldiers and a TV cameraman were shot and wounded early on Saturday during a confrontation between soldiers and Mr Speight's supporters.

Yesterday, most of the mob gathered in the centre of the city before marching towards the parliament, supported by two vans. Two journalists recognised an armed man in one of the vans as a member of Mr Speight's group camped inside the compound.

The mob then attacked the nearby state-owned Fiji Television, which had broadcast a programme on the media's treatment of the crisis, and forced it off the air. The programme contained comments critical of Mr Speight, a former insurance salesman.

"The main studio has been utterly trashed," an Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio reporter who went to the building said.

"The cameras have been smashed to pieces, there are windows broken everywhere. Apparently the mob just charged in and all the staff ran out the back."

Anonymous said...

Were these officers read their rights before theyw ere executed by the rebels ? Were they arrested ?

By Barbie Dutter in Sydney

12:00AM GMT 08 Nov 2000

FIJIAN army officers were executed in cold blood during a rebel uprising, with one soldier shot at point blank range while he was asleep, according to accounts of witnesses published yesterday.

Reports in local newspapers gave graphic details of how renegade special forces soldiers killed three loyal officers during the failed military mutiny at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva last Thursday. One was shot while seated at his computer. His blood was cleaned from the keyboard, according to the Fiji Sun

Anonymous said...

These guys never got their rights read to them nor were they even captured

They were baited. What the Meridians did was shoot at a Bread van, hold it up and stole the bread from the Bread delivery van and also stole the money.

Then they set up in ambush and waited for the QRF team they knew would be coming from Nausori

In fact they called the Nausori Police Station themselves and "reported" gunshots knowing very well that the SOP required deployment of a QRF team to investigate.

They gave the location of their kill zone as the place of shots being heard and then they set up on the high ground overlooking the road and waited for the QRF to arrive and commenced their ambush.


USP Journalism Online: http://www.usp.ac.fj/journ/
USP Journalism on the Fiji crisis (UTS host): http://www.journalism.uts.edu.au/
USP Pasifik Nius stories on Scoop (NZ):
Have your say: http://www.TheGuestBook.com/vgbook/109497.gbook

SUVA: Fiji newspapers today branded the shooting of two members of the
security forces in an ambush early yesterday as senseless murders in a
political cause that had gone wrong.

A soldier and a police officer were killed by rebels in a a gully on an
isolated road near Adi Cakobau School leading to Navuso village in

Some reports said the rebels were on their way to join landowners in the
rugged highlands who are holding the Monasavu dam power generator and
demanding $52 million in compensation.

Military spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini described
the killings of police corporal Raj Kumar, 49, and soldier Joela
Weleilakeba, 36, as "cold-blooded murder".

Three other soldiers were admitted to Suva's Colonial War Memorial
Hospital with serious wounds.

The Fiji Sun described the shootings as "the last straw".
"Yesterday's double murders at Naqiolevu, in Navuso, effectively tells a
story about a cause that is supported by ruthless and bloodthirsty men,"
the paper said.

"Men who want this country run their way.

"It is clear there are elements intent on getting their message through.
They are ruthless and inconsiderate, to the point that they conveniently
disregard the fact that this country is headed down a path that leads to
economic and political ruin.

"These are elements who have no place in society. Elements who must be
hunted down."

Anonymous said...

demu kepa got a blue blood, she wants her lover da terrost to be out of jail plus contunes to show wea she comes from villge of lies.thnk when ministers meet after long time in parliment they shud stand middle at the debate nd start sayg kaise hai we meet each other after long time,kepa was blind but deaf also now she needs george speigt vudi asap

Anonymous said...

@10.23pm You should consider going back to school or investing in an education my friend.Bainimarama has given you this opportunity, I suggest you should make full use of it as you have many grammatical errors.

Anonymous said...

why is bainimarama having secret meetings with some of his wife's relatives to give them candies?

Anonymous said...

@11.21 did u get da fact that 10.23 is mentio ing....wait till da new fiji flag will have kepa nd george speights photo twistg on each other.

Anonymous said...

The boci @ 11:52 PM is the poster boy for the New Fiji, because he perfectly exemplifies where the regime has taken us.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing to see how a regime troll is now equating SODELPA with Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Army, which he suggests justifies SODELPA members being gunned down in the streets by security forces. He seems to have lost sight of the fact that the only organised violence being perpetrated in Fiji today is at the direction of Bainimarama. The only acts of terrorism are by or for Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...


Groupthink Is Being Used to Condition the Fijian People to agree to ALL Directives of the Bainimarama/Khaiyum regime.

Trolls used by the Regime like Vili Rakoro have disappeared from Coup 4.5 because of the realisation that they are powerless to minimise or suppress dissenting viewpoints towards these Illegal Thugs who rule Fiji under the guise of it being democratic.

To all opposing Fiji First - Wake up and take note of the 'open border' economic and trading policies taking place with foreign super powers, affiliates of terrorism and communist ruling!

Keep your eyes focused on large loans large deals being sealed with these foreign powers - China, India, Russia, United Arabs Emirate, Qatar Government (terrorism affiliated supporter of terrorist groups)

America will deny it but the truth is that CHINA has enslaved the USA!

Anonymous said...

The RFMF will never simply gun people down in the street.

They will want to sodomise them first.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fuck you ro rottern demu kepa.

Anonymous said...

kepa who was part of 2000 coup is showing sympathy to george speight,why r u not showing same to victims....

Anonymous said...

The same boci who was telling us to just drop the CRWU saga and forget the whole thing is the same hypocrite who is now cutting and pasting article after article on Coup 4.5 about the CRWU and the events of 2000.

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

The same boci who was telling us to just drop the CRWU saga and forget the whole thing is the same hypocrite who is now cutting and pasting article after article on Coup 4.5 about the CRWU and the events of 2000.

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I have observed, in a particular community of Fiji, that some people related to Bainimarama are given wonderful gifts, and the community living nearby is well informed about it (coconut wireless) What surprises me, is that no one is going to the media or the opposition to report these dirty things going around.... why? Maybe because they are afraid of the consequences....for sure! Bainimarama is not very clever.... he should have cut all his links with his extended family from the beginning, but doing so would probably have brought him some "liu muri"... not easy to be a conman! what a country.... it's time for a clean-up campaign!

Anonymous said...

Shots fired as Fiji coup continues

KERRY O'BRIEN: With the Fijian political crisis now in its fourth week, tensions flared again today when a spray of shots was fired at a car carrying coup leader George Speight as it drove through a military checkpoint in Suva.

While the potentially explosive incident was contained, it provided dramatic emphasis on how little has been achieved to resolve the impasse or secure the release of 31 political hostages in Fiji's parliamentary compound.

It also came as, for the first time, one of George Speight's key backroom men offered a chilling threat to reduce Fiji to dust if the army attempts an armed attack on the compound.

DAVID HARDAKER: What are the plans?

COLONEL METUISELA MUA: Oh, plans for that will involve the whole of Fiji and -- I can only say that much.

I cannot say any more.

DAVID HARDAKER: Are you telling us that there are groups, armed groups, around the other parts of Fiji, who might react if the military option is applied?

COLONEL METUISELA MUA: Not armed groups, but things that have already been placed to ensure that if they will apply military option, then they will have to build a new institution tomorrow right throughout Fiji in regards to the military institution, in the north, in the west, and here at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

DAVID HARDAKER: So it's not only the hostages -- there are military installations which might also be at risk in case of the military option?


Military installation and other installations right throughout Fiji that if they should exercise a military option, then the whole, you know, the whole country goes to dust.

I don't know whether you believe me but I can tell you that much and the military know that we are serious about that.

Thereafter, the problem will be a recurring problem.

It will never heal.

DAVID HARDAKER: How do you know the military knows that you have this option?


I've told them.

Anonymous said...

This tough guy who said he would turn Fiji to dust was given the red carpet treatment on the way to Nukulau by officers from the Vakataukata.

The boat went the long way to Nukulau so they could be taught their lesson

Not even 1/3rd of the way through the trip these men who once said they would turn Fiji to dust were all asking for mercy.

This one, specifically, was asking for air.

The lauan soldiers who gave the red carpet treatment said this is the Commanders boat. We will tell you when to breathe and when to shyte and when to talk and right now you will learn on this boat what your father never taught you. Respect and manners. Tamata viavialevu.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like one of Franky's torturers.

Anonymous said...

Right, this is the same fuckwit who earlier warned readers not to bring up the past involving the CRW. Yet now here he is doing just that, again and again, never mentioning that Bainimarama was the one who plotted the Parliament takeover in the first place.

You called it right. A total farkin hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted earlier that the Speight group tried to capture Bainimarama at the airport when he flew back from Europe.

It failed.

That person did not also post that they had also tried to kidnap Bainimarama's elder brother.

That also failed.

They tried to kidnap Bainimarama's son from Marist Suva Street.

That also failed

Then they tried to kill Bainimarama at the mutiny

And that failed as well.

From day 1 of the 2000 coup they were trying to capture and/or kill Bainimarama.

Why would they be so intent on doing that to someone who supposedly planned the coup ?

The names which come up for that 2000 coup are Tarakinikini and Tuatoko.

The names which come up for the mutiny are Tarakinikini and Vatu.

There are lots of tough guys who are now parading around showing their muscles and having big words around the place

14 years was a long time ago maybe the memories have faded and now there's a new generation of tough guys out there wanting to prove something.

Nimacere was cornered in a house in Nadonumai. He went for his gun. He was shot centre mass. Double tap.

As he lay bleeding on the floor he was disarmed and his pulse checked. Still alive.

He was dragged out of the house and thrown on the front yard where he was butted with rifle butts and then dragged to the 4 wheel drive and thrown in on the floor and taken upto QEB.

On the way to QEB he was rifle butted and kicked. The only thing that came from him was begging for his life. Kerekere Meu bula.

Its a sad tale when you hear the ending of tough guys like that.

They got what they came for and then in the end they realise too late that's not what they wanted because the movie ending doesn't happen in reality.

There's no cowboy riding into the sunset with a cigar in his mouth an a bagful of gold on his horse

Just the Good the Bad and the Dead

There's other constructive things going on in the country to talk about then this machismo which doesn't end up anywhere good.

Lets talk about that

Anonymous said...

Point well taken, Anon @ 1:40 PM. The thug is gloating about how he and his mates tortured those guys for Franky's amusement. One day Mafafu he'll taste some of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

The cut-and-paste fuckwit dredges up the events of 2000 but can't come to terms with the fact that most of them were secretly orchestrated by Bainimarama.

Ligairi stood up and threatened Parliament -- who do you think it was who brought Ligairi out of retirement just weeks before, and why?

The CRWU took Parliament hostage -- who do you think it was who tricked them in the first place into role playing what they were told was a counter-terrorism exercise?

Why was it that the CRWU felt they'd been betrayed? Is it any wonder that as soon as they learnt they'd been had they started baying for the blood of the man who had set them up as patsies?

Who was it who had issued them their weapons from the camp?

Who authorised their transportation?

Who was it who conveniently absented himself from the country on the eve of the coup on the flimsiest of pretenses?

Who was it who saw that the CRWU continued to receive their paychecks?

Who helped arrange their meals?

Who exploited the crisis as an occasion to offer "protection" to Ratu Mara and then used the opportunity to pressure him into resigning and relinquishing to him all power?

Who then pretended to ride in on a white horse to rescue constitutional government, the same constitutional government that is now a receding memory due to his overt treason in 2006 and ever since?

Anonymous said...

Well, who can argue with and deny the power of the gun when one is unarmed? What these soldiers do not realize is that the right will always, in time, overpower the wrong.

Many in these sad stories have been punished more than enough and even far more severely than what a fair and just court of law would allow to be imposed. But when the tide turns and truth and righteousness will prevail, these punishers, who have unwarrantedly over-punished their victims will be begging for mercy which they will not have the right to. What goes around comes around doesn't it?

Anonymous said...


That's the same threat Sunia Cama (aka Phantom)made.

He changed his tune when one of the boys turned up at his restaurant and told him politely to make good on it.

Cama sat down on his chair in the backroom and said lets not do this, we are Itaukei

That's the problem.

Don't mistake the resolve, not one of the loyal guys involved in 2000 will back down from a confrontation if it comes down to it.

Anonymous said...


Nimacere was armed. He had participated in the killing of a Policeman and a soldier at Sawani.

The problem with talking about righteousness is that it looks like its one sided

The Squad went there to neutralise him as a threat.

That means either incapacitate him so that he is no longer a threat or simply kill him.

It doesn't matter.

As long as he goes down and stays down and is no longer a threat to the State thats it.

As long as he can stand on his feet and carry a weapon he is a threat. And he is a proven serious threat because he has killed innocent people.

If he survived then he would be taken to QEB and interrogated.

The civil laws of arrest doesn't apply in that situation.

The only law the soldiers went there with was to incapacitate the threat.

This talk about righteousness is being misapplied.

If the Army went there with a Bible and sat in the front lawn and pleaded with him to come out and pray the Lords prayer he would have replied by pointing his M16 out the window and shooting the Padre.

He had already hijacked a bus in Monasavu thinking it had RFMF personnel and very nearly killed a man who he mistakenly thought was a soldier.

This was not someone who you could plead or reason with.

That's why it happened that way

Anonymous said...

@ 5:18 PM

These "threats" to the state could have just have been cleanly shot and killed if they were armed. But after having been overpowered by a larger number of soldiers and then bashed and tortured is unreasonable. That is why these acts were unrighteous and could not have been misapplied. The victims were already helpless and unarmed when they were bashed.

This is why many call us, Fijians, cowards. The "buturaki" mentality we have makes us so.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I think one should read again the analysis of Gravelle (a history of Fiji) when criticizing the "coward" mentality.

Treasons were the "law of the land" and it has always been the case in Fiji, even these days in a much more "gentle" way if I might say. Most Fijians have been involved in a certain number of treasons (liu muri) and somehow it is "accepted" in Fiji. Unless the cultural frame could be changed in some sort of radical way, which I think is impossible, then one has to accept that it is the way it is, and stoo complaining about it. The law of the land is the law of the land!

Anonymous said...

The Commander was back,hard to locate and guarded by heavily armed loyalists bristling for a fight. Mr White went to QEB during an Orders Group meet and informed the officers that he has helped in taking over the Govt, Lt Col Rt Seruvakula then CO 3FIR asked him who told you guys to take over Parliament, Rt Seru has just returned from an exercise in the Western Bushland with his boys and Mr White was stunned he thought that they would back him up but realised that many senior officers were loyal to Commander so he was led away by Col Tarakinikini and other officers who supported the cause'.

But arms were illegaly removed from the QEB camp and carted to Parliament using Police Vehicles escorted by a senior officer,this revealed the involvement of the Police Commish Mr Red Hair [uludamu]. Uludamu, the Colonel and the two High Chiefs at Holiday Inn all got cold feet, they wanted to remain behind the shadows,keeping the family name clean and all because this matter will take a long long time to settle.

But after several weeks they faced a status quo,they have removed Parliament and Govt but cant take control of all Govt Departments,all Department Heads were keeping away from the fiasco not wanting to be involved but several of their boys from Min of Finance,FIRCA,Customs etc were secretly visiting Podgie and briefing him about the status of the economy and risks.These were low level supervisors but they knew the happenings in their individual dept's.

They were at a loss, they were holding hostages but the Police and the Military were just outside waiting,monitoring,surveilling and analysing the situation,so to keep their movements hidden from prying eyes, more civillians were told to go in so that it would be difficult for snipers to take out the CRW soldiers if the Military decides to storm the Parliament,human shield is the word.

Inside Parliament Podgie was facing hostility among the Vanua,each Province rep were fighting about which Ministerial post should be given to them, they were arguing among themselves and sometimes harsh word were uttered,the High Chiefs waited for his matanivanua,so how did the meet go? Will I be given the post of PM if I threw in my support..? Some elderly chiefs attneded the meet themselves and spoke about how their ancestors had been mighty warriors and such to be given Govt Posts also,they wanted a Matanitu Vanua,Podgie had agreed to some requests but was faced with another dillema when a delegation representing the Western Province arrived,they quickly put up their demand that they want the Presidency and PM post offered to them,

Tarakinikini and Vatu were present and also present a whales tooth to show their support with each vying for the Commander and Defence Minister's post.

Then the last blow came when someone rang Podgie and informed him that you have not completely taken over the Govt because Rt MR was still President,he is currently leading the nation under executive orders.Remove him and the Coup will be complete [to be continued]

Anonymous said...

@5.42 You don't seem to comprehend what I posted because you are thinking about the rule of law in normal times

In 2000 the country was in an insurgency. It was a low intensity insurgency.

In that situation there are only three types of classifications(i) the general populace (ii) the Insurgents; and(iii) The Security Forces

The life of an insurgent in that situation is worth nothing unless he/she is valuable because of the information he/ she has which the Security Forces need and/or there are valid reasons (political etc etc) for not killing them

If an insurgent has information then orders will be made to capture them alive if possible

If they are dangerous then they must die.

So when the soldiers go out they only have two orders, find and neutralise (vakasasa ka vakamatea) or find and capture

If the orders are find and kill then that is what the soldiers will do simply because that insurgents life means nothing.

The soldiers will just treat the target as a target for shooting and kicking and whatever else.

That's what happens.

And this is why I am continuing to say that those events are best forgotten and buried because there is a specific context within which they occurred and it will not do the country any good revisiting those bad times as the Opposition seem intent on doing.

Anonymous said...

Here he goes again. "Those events are best forgotten and buried," he says, but why, then, does he keep cutting and pasting clippings from 2000?

What the CRWU was involved in was not a low intensity conflict but one of Bainimarama's many acts of treachery. They thought they were participating in an anti-terrorism simulation. But in actuality it was a Bainimarama liu muri.

Liu muti is not the law of the land. It is the law of the jungle. Our Constitution is the law of the land -- our real Constitution, not the one shoved up our bum by Bainimarama.

This guy creeps me out. He says the insurgent's life means nothing. Doesn't he understand yet that HE is the insurgent? He isn't defending the state. He has overthrown the state. He's only defending Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Probably because he is Vili Rakoro doing another round of KOKI NONSENSICAL SQUAWK.

"Polly put the kettle on, polly put the kettle on, polly put the kettle on.."

He he he he

Anonymous said...

@8.31 Again you fail to comprehend why I posted those media reports (which are verified and uncontested).

They show the context within which that situation unfolded with respect to what happened in Fiji in 2000.

Those media reports establish that there was an on-going insurgency and the COIN Doctrine used by the RFMF is not new, it goes all the way back to Malaya.

An insurgents life means nothing under in a counter insurgency campaign.

In Malaya they shot dead insurgents and lay them out in front of the Police Stations in the various districts over there with bullet holes in their head or their throats cut for the populace to see because the value in those dead CT was not them being dead but the shock value of their dead carcasses being strung up outside the Police station for the populace to see that the CT were not the dangerous guys the myth made them out to be but the target practice for the Commonwealth and British forces that they were.

You may fined it disgusting, but that is the nature of an insurgency. It is brutal.

No British officer from Malaya was ever charged or convicted of anything for their activities in Malaya during the counterinsurgency. They were awarded medals, as were officers from the RFMF as well.

Hindsight may appear 20/20 with the benefit of the peace we enjoy today, but its not correct to project reality of today onto what happened in 2000.

The context in 2000 was very different.

And Bainimarama is not one man the RFMF in 2000 was a 15,000 man Force. That is the Force which carried out the actions that you are questioning.

Maybe you need to question your own prejudices.

Anonymous said...

What I question is your intelligence.

What happened in 2000 wasn't insurgency but conspiracy, and that conspiracy was led by Bainimarama.

Don't lecture me on insurgency, boy. I was fighting insurgents when you were still in your nappies.

And what you fail to realise is that you are the insurgent now, and you have been ever since since you helped your insurgent commander overthrow our constitutional government.

Put another way, you are not a loyalist. You are a traitor.

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand why you posted those old media reports, too, when you say those events are best forgotten and buried. That makes you a lying hypocrite of the first order.

Anonymous said...

Policemen were being ambushed and killed.

Soldiers were being ambushed and killed.

Police Stations were being attacked and taken.

Towns were being captured.

The Military barracks at Labasa was successfully captured and town was also captured

There was an attempt to capture QEB

Aeroplanes were hijacked (in Vanua Levu)

The leaders of the group doing all those activities across Fiji were on international media (Australian Broadcasting Commission) stating their propaganda and intimating that they would turn Fiji to dust

Its a bit of a stretch to label something that extensive a "conspiracy".

Certainly not under those circumstances.

What was happening is very similar to what we read happening in the southern Phillipines with the insurgency going on over there

You seem bothered that I have called it an Insurgency.

You obviously threw the nappies comment with some venom.

Well whatever you choose to call it, the net result speaks for itself and a dispassionate and calm and objective appraisal of these events leads to a conclusion not far off the Insurgency mark.

Anonymous said...

If I were in nappies whilst you were fighting insurgents then obviously you would be familiar with Counter revolutionary warfare because you would have been fighting during the Cold war when Irregular warfare was framed on ideological Capitalist v Communist narratives whilst the basic operational tactics on the ground were the same.

That aside it seems to me that the ideology in 2000 was unclear (mainly because the Itaukei agenda seemingly had a variety of offshoots in Parliament all vying for supremacy under the umbrella hostage taking of the Parliamentarians)but what is clear is that the evidence of the tactical actions used all across Fiji in attacking Government installations, attacking Policemen and soldiers and taking over territory were uniformly and undisputedly Insurgency tactics.

Do you agree or disagree ?

Don't get angry with the "Insurgency" word, I know it upsets you immensely for some unexplained reason so it would be good to have your viewpoint on why you believe it was not an insurgency ?

Anonymous said...

Call it what you like. I call it treason. And the dark hand behind it all was the man you're defending.

You're not defending Fiji. You're not defendng our people. You're not defending our flag. You're not defending our Constitution. You're not defending our way of life. You're not even defending the RFMF as an institution. You're running all of these down into the dust more than Mua ever could.

You're just defending Bainimarama and his treason. That makes you a traitor.

You seem hurt more by my nappies comment than you do by my explicit charge that you're a traitor.

Apparently your narcissistic personality disorder is offended more by comments related to your immaturity or incontinence than comments related to your loyalty, or lack thereof.

Were you a man of honour, you'd understand that traitor is the worst insult of all. But instead, you want us all to buy the idea that liu muri is the law of the land. Liu muri is the law of the jungle. And the law of the jungle is what you have brought to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Would it have anything to do with the possibility that the events of 2000 being classified as an insurgency may present problems for the Opposition agenda to drive a wedge within the Government in the hope of Bainimarama being charged based on some imagined evidentiary material collected by Hughes in 2006 ?

And the general populace buying into that ?

You have to accept that the counter narrative to that is what's already in the media reports going all the way back to 2000. Which reports are incidentally verifiable and true

People's memories of those events are still fresh and those media reports serve to bring them into focus with respect to those events
of the "Insurgency"(sorry for using that bad unacceptable unholy word).

And so it will only serve to strengthen Bainimarama's position as the saviour of Fiji during those darks days of 2000

Where to then ?

You obviously haven't thought that possibility through have you ?

Let me offer my humble opinion, maybe you should just start with the truth. It never hurts and you won't have to be so venomous on others who don't take your conspiracy story to heart.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 10:09
You want to "start with the truth"?


How did you miss that?

You must be a blind FFP supporter.
How come you FFP people are so farking blind?????


A government that was voted in by the people of Fiji.




He even thinks somebody call him a KAISI.







KUA NI RERE said...

The role of the Police is to ARREST AND PROSECUTE TREASONISTS:




Anonymous said...

The "saviour of Fiji" during those dark days of 2000 is the traitor who brought us those dark days in the first place, which is why he refused to cooperate with the Board of Inquiry established to sort through events.

Anonymous said...

He rants that insurgents' lives have no meaning but misses the point that HE is the insurgent.

An insurgency is a rebellion against a constituted authority. The RFMF under Bainimarama rebelled against the constitutional government of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The word Kaisi was used by Tupou Draunidalo. The government side heard and saw her her say it. The Hansard people failed to pick it up because she did not press her button to speak. It was during the verbal interjections. What Teimumu, Naiaqama, Tupou and people who think they have blue blood is that their subjects or their Kaisi did not vote for them and voted for the other kaisi's to lead them. It is a slap to their blue blood status that their (they thought) subjects or Kaisi don't want them anymore which is the very reason they on the opposition.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 7:45AM
You said the "government side heard and saw her say it".

The Speaker, Jiko Luveni, who is seated facing everyone in Parliament said she did not hear it. And she is from the government side.


Bainimarama said he heard it.

I think you should take your boss to St Giles and get a formal assessment.

I think next time he will say that he heard someone in Parliament say "Kill him. Kill Bainimarama".

I bet Bainimarama is now totally paranoid.
What a way to go!

Na I tovo ga o vakarautaka, e na vakarautaki tale vei iko.

Anonymous said...

The verbal debacle in Parliament really should have been a non issue. We have heard worst coming from the very mouth of the PM who is prone to spewing filth at anyone, whomever he chooses be it priest, foreign high commissioners or ambassadors, journalists, ANYONE!

Therefore the word KAISI would definitely have affected the VERY ONE who finds it amusing all these years to ridicule mock and insult people whom he dislikes.

Why even waste time mentioning about the Blue Blood nonsense and the rest of rubbish talk. Focus on KAISI and those who do not think before they make unnecessary foolish statements in Parliament and in the public arena. Perhaps the KAISI word was timely and effective for the one/s most affected by this word.

Fiji First and in particular Frank Bainimarama should learn to read into the signs of the times and especially when one such word can strike directly at the heart of the VERY ONE who is always prone to INSULTING other people in the past and present.

Having said this, who knows, maybe Frank has already reconsidered his immature imbecilic attitude and behaviour and will attune his mind-set for the better in the days and months ahead.

Well, we certainly do hope to see that happen. We as the People of Fiji are sick and tired of seeing this man who is Prime Minister make a fool of himself in public by the stupid things he utters. He puts us all to shame and it is a great embarrassment to see a grown man behave like a spoilt uneducated vengeful very foolish brat!

Shame on the Speaker, Frank and the Fiji First Government for distracting the nation on the KAISI word instead of keeping their attention on more serious and pressing issues that they are called to make truthful and answer via questions fired by the Opposition.

There are so many issues that the Fiji First are trying to side-step and as usual are like kids "MAKING A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLE HILL".


Anonymous said...

On a good note however, I must say there is a noticeable change in the Prime Minister making public speeches of late. The teleprompter makes it look as if the PM is delivering an extempore speech, without it, we all go back to covering our heads with our sulu, blanket, tea-towel, out of sheer embarrassment.

Then again, the Teleprompter is a good thing and it does help make one look smart!

Anonymous said...

If Bainimarama had not criminally or insurgently taken over the government in 2006, ComPol Andrew Hughes would have charged him with insurgence for his part in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Podgie quickly called a meeting and informed his boys that there is a situation that needs to be addressed,the President is the Head of the Military and Govt,he needs to be removed so that the coup is completed otherwise the situation will drag on for a very long time.Podgie rang those at Holiday Inn and informed them about the status quo and for them to do something or come up with an idea and stop being lamulamu.

The Plan was put to effect, CRW and civillians would march outside Parliament and do some vandalising and 'pass out the word' that they are after the President, that word reached Berkley Crest and 2 platoons of heavily armed soldiers were sent there and waited for the insurgents led rebels from Parliament.

The President noticed the presence of the heavily armed soldiers and asked his aide-de -camp whats happening,when told he moved to the dungeons below where there were several doors leading to caves that were secret exits,one to the Fiji Museum,One to Nasova and 3 others that will remain secret.

Silatolu and Vakalalabure have an accomplice in their midst who was a Police Agent.She was there all along and Podgie and Mr White thought that she was Parliamentary Staff so Silatolu called her boss to do something for them, his mission was to inform the President that his residence is under threat and so was his life and he needs to be taken to a secure and safe location.

But the 2 heavily armed platoon of very experienced and senior soldiers led by the Presidents son could cut the whole rebel force in pieces if they were to really storm the Presidents residence, but it was a bluff, the Plan was being implemented, so the President was removed to the Naval Base boarded a Naval Ship and put out to sea.

Plan A completed,it was time to put Plan B in motion,Col Tarakinikini and his cohorts informed the Commander that it is best that the President be informed to step aside for a little while to allow the Commander to solve the situation and free the hostages esp since the Pres. daughter was among them.

With no lawyer available to consult on the legality or the legal effects and implications the Commander agreed trusting his Colonel not realising then who Col Tara really was, yes a Traitor.

So an entourage comprising of Uludamu, TwoWars,Rambo as Chairman of GCC and Commander left out and presented a whales tooth for the President to step aside, instantly the President knew that he was being couped,he was a wise man,he knew that he is being removed from office in a polite way,the Fijian Way 'Vere' but the Commander wasnt aware of this then.

The President said that he was like a hooker in scrum without his two props,head bowed he accepted the tabua and vowed no to step aside but he will step down as Presidnet,thus the Coup was completed.

It was time for Podgie and his boys to begin selecting Ministers.

Those at Holiday Inn then informed Podgie to begin holding talks with Commander to come to some agreement on how to handle the status quo where drafts on the Muanikau Accord were drawn up by a senior Col who is now deceased.

On hearing that his friend has stepped down as President one of the major sponsors of the coup,the one who was bankrolling almost everything left Fiji for Vanuaatu,he never thought that his friend would step down completely,reaching Vanuaatu he rang and informed his senior accountant to stop paying those bastards, he was paying them $30 grand a week and the payment was done every week since get! go! at the cafe opposite the Sukuna Park, the money, in cash picked by one of Podgies close confidantes who is now enjoying the benefits in Aust.

Col Tara left the country when informed that soon Commander will know of his involvement and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal about hearing the word Kaisi when Parliament is the right arena for that..He should be glad that it's not 'magaitinamu' hauled at him.

Anonymous said...

The version of history given us at 10:00 AM is like the opposite of Forrest Gump. In the story of Forrest Gump, Gump is a forgotten hero who was actually center-stage of almost every important event in his nation's history. For the movie, Gump was PhotoShopped into the pivotal scenes. But Anonymous 10:00 AM's story is just the opposite of Forrest Gump. His is the story of Frank Bainimarama.

Unlike Forrest, Frank is not a forgotten man at all, but our former Commander, present PM, and next President. Unlike Gump, who is PhotoShopped into every major event, Bainimarama is PhotoShopped out. He was there, alright, but being the modest kind of guy he is, he doesn't want us to know about it.

He doesn't want us to know he hatched the 2000 coup plot himself, working in secret league with Ligairi, Tarakinikini, Kubuabola and others for the purpose of pressuring Rt. Mara into giving up to him his position. He doesn't want is to know he was coordinating with Speight and others through his intermediaries at the Holiday Inn.

Yeah the march on Berkley Crescent was just for show in order to put a fright in the President. The platoons Frank sent to protect the President was a show of force and to lull Rt. Mara into thinking he could rely on Bainimarama for his protection. Little did he know that he was playing right into the hands of Fiji's most dangerous enemy. Before, Frank tried to elbow his way into the Presidency. Now Frank wants to airbrush hinself out of the picture, so that he can walk through the front door.

As Forrest Gump would say, "life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get yet." The story of Bainimarama is just like that, only what we ended up with was a Milk Dud.

Anonymous said...

@11.29am you make up your stories and conspiracy theories and let the Forest Gump guy write the truth.

Those two platoons were under the Command of Roko Ului. He had 80 men with him on stand by.

The advance team was a seven man squad who went down to the Presidents House and moved the President and Ro Lady Lala away from their bedroom and downstairs to a groun floor room away from the Parliament end of Government House.

A perimeter was set up around Parliament House and interlocking fields of fire laid down on the clear ground side of the house whilst the side of the house which was covered was set up with tripe wire booby traps fixed to grenades and trip flares.

The main gate at the back was closed and three grenades were set up in booby trap on the gate.

Roko Ului was waiting at QEB with a very heavily armed squad. M203's, 50 cal, mortars and minimi's were part of their gear.

Had the GSG attacked the President that day the whole business would have been finished there and then.

The seven men at the Presidents House were the trip wire for the main assault by Roko Ului's team

Roko Ului's team would have come from tow directions from behind the GSG and hit them with orders to put every man and his dog down and finish them. No prisoners. That was Roko Ului's specific orders: kill them all.

And it was not Forrest Gump

It was real

Anonymous said...

Constructive things for the country which add value and create good.

Let George Speight and his gang stay in prison and lets get on with building a better Fiji for all, not just the Opposition blue bloods....

Equal share

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Sunday, February 22, 2015

INDIVIDUAL iTaukei landowners can now register with the iTaukei Land Trust Board and get equal distribution of lease money.

This was the assurance from the iTaukei Land Trust Board general manager, Alipate Qetaki, during the second phase of the iTaukei public consultation in Suva on Friday.

Last week marked a new beginning for the TLTB as it begun registering individual members of mataqali, tokatoka and yavusa to allow the deposit of lease money directly into their individual bank accounts.

Mr Qetaki said protocols used before where certain people benefitted more than others would be addressed once registrations were completed. He said the registrations were a joint effort between the TLTB and the Native Lands Commission.

"Sa na sega na kena vakayacori na wasewase makawa ka dau wase kina na turaga ni mataqali se yavusa, ka dau duatani tiko na nodrai wasewase na lewe ni mataqali. (This will not be the same as before where the share of money given to mataqali heads was different from the shares members of the mataqali get)," he said.

"Au via varaitaka ni sa tekivu talega na Moniti na registration vei ira na i taukei ni qele e na yasana e va oqo me sana rawa ni lai vakacurumi na yacadra ka me rawa ni ra dolava kina nodra akaude e na baqe me rawa ni sa vakau ga kina nodra dui akaude nai lavo. Sa na sega ni gole tale vei iratou na trustees o ni a digitaka. (Registrations have begun last Monday with these four provinces — Ba, Bua, Cakaudrove and Kadavu — which will allow them to open their individual bank account and their distribution of the lease money will be sent directly to their accounts and not to the trustees as was the practice before)."

Mr Qetaki said they hoped to finalise these registration processes with the remaining 10 provinces by the end of November.

The registration will be at conducted at the TLTB head office in Suva before being carried out in other divisions.

What's required

Members wishing to register should bring the following documents:-

1) Birth Certificate

2) TIN Letter or FRCA/FNPF joint card

3) Valid EVR card, Driver's License or Passport

4) Bank Account's confirmation (i.e latest stamped bank statement, stamped deposit slip or bank support letter)

Anonymous said...

Joy for war veteran exposed to nuke test

Tevita Vuibau
Sunday, February 22, 2015

ANOTHER veteran affected by nuclear testing during Operation Grapple on Christmas Island has been compensated by the Government.

The newly compensated veteran, 77-year-old Isaia Seruvatu Baro, received his payment of $9855 from the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jioji Konrote yesterday.

Mr Konrote thanked Mr Baro for his service to the nation and also took the opportunity to express the Government's appreciation and heartfelt compassion towards Mr Baro and his family.

"I would like to thank the Fijian Government for recognition of our service. This money will surely assist me in buying my hearing aid and payment towards my eye surgery," Mr Baro said.

His daughter, Sera Kaurasi also acknowledged Government's commitment in recognising the sacrifices her father and other soldiers made when sent to Christmas Island, without full knowledge of potential risks to their lives.

A total of 28 pay-outs have been made to Christmas Island veterans so far.

"The Government through the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Employment and the Nuclear Veterans Association (NVA) continues verification of surviving soldiers and dependants of those who have passed on. This process will complete Government's pay-out for medical assistance," the Government said in a statement yesterday.

Anonymous said...

"What Teimumu, Naiaqama, Tupou and people who think they have blue blood is that their subjects or their Kaisi did not vote for them and voted for the other kaisi's to lead them."

I do agree with you that everybody is a bit of a kaisi. Nonetheless, I would like to remind you of a very important point: during the last election, people voted out of fear. I was in a small town of Fiji the day before the election and I asked one dude why nobody was talking about the election at a large gathering (family function) I actually asked him if the people were "afraid" and he replied, kind of silently, "of course! of course!"

So this is what we need to keep in mind.... In Fiji's history, there hasn't been a SINGLE democratic change of governement. That's right! Mara's alliance collapse then Bavadra came in... Coup #1 . Then Rabuka passed his constitution, which he would have to change and when he was defeated by Chaudry, we had Coup #2 (I don't consider the 2 coups of 1987 as distinct) Then we had Qarase being catapulted on the scene, which in Bainimarama's mind was "the wrong governement" and we had Coup #3. if Bainimarama dies in the next 4 years (he is not getting any younger) then I can't see the "Khaiyum gang" surviving on their own. Of course, at some point, Bainimarama will have to lose and then we are likely to face some hard time because a lot of people will seek vengeance. That's the problem....

Na rerevaki na leqa!

Anonymous said...


"Of course, at some point, Bainimarama will have to lose and then we are likely to face some hard time because a lot of people will seek vengeance. That's the problem.... "

That's the problem you seem to think that the other people do not have the capacity to defend themselves and will simply collapse if Bainimarama goes.

You equate everything with Bainimarama and ignore that without the support he has he wouldn't be there.

This talk about revenge ha been going on since 2007. There was supposed to have been revenge on a massive scale after the 2014 loss at the elections of Bainimarama.

But God had other plans. Bainimarama won.

Now the revenge talk has been extended.

Na ka e tekivu ga ena loma ca ena tini ga kina sega bau.

Anonymous said...

So you must be a kaisi too

Anonymous said...

This Forrest Gump guy is more like Forrest Chump. He just doesn't get it, does he? The point isn't whether Roko Ului was sent to protect his father. The point is that the CRWU was never meant to really attack Rt. Mara. Bainimarama meant it only to scare him and his son into thinking that, so that he could take over the country, which was his objective in plotting the Parliament takeover in the first place.

This dweeb posting this shyte is obviously one of the 3FIR boys who has drunk the koolaid. Even Roko Ului wised up to Bainimarama a long time ago, but this guy is still following like a mindless zombie.

Anonymous said...

Isnt this the same mua, who got the mother of all hidings from markarava. Boss of nbf?

Anonymous said...

"The point isn't whether Roko Ului was sent to protect his father. The point is that the CRWU was never meant to really attack Rt. Mara"


Bainimarama never threatened the late Tui Nayau's life. He promised to the Tui Nayau that he would do everything in his power to protect him.

And if that was just meant to frighten Roko Ului by the CRWU it was a very wrong move. Instead of frightening Roko Ului it boiled his blood up so much he wanted them all dead, whatever it took.

They made a big mistake.

And they paid for it.

Roko Ului was the wrong guy to threaten.

Anonymous said...

I think what Qetaki really meant to say was that individual iTaukei landowners can now register with the iTaukei Land Trust Board and get equal distribution of any lease money left over after Bainimarama and Khaiyum get their cut.

That's only fair, right? I mean, it may be our land, but it's now their country.

Anonymous said...

What Forrest Chump writes only reinforces my point. But he STILL doesn't get it.

Bainimarama made a great show of "protecting" the Tui Nayau in order to frighten him and to make him think he owed to the Commander his very life.

Of course he chose Roko Ului to lead the protective detail because he is Rt. Mara's son, and Bainimarama wanted to bind his loyalty to him. And of course he led RUM to believe the threat was very real.

And it worked. The Tui Nayau relinquished his power to Bainimarama, which was exactly the commander's objective from the very beginning, before he ever dispatched the CRWU to Parliament on a fool's errand.

RUM understands that now. He's already told us that Bainimarama was behind the coup attempt of 2000. So, RUM has put two and two together. But here we are, 15 years later, and Forrest Chump still can't see it.

Maybe he was there, but so was RUM. In fact, RUM was his leader then, I'll wager. So, tell me, why would RUM now turn against Bainimarama if he really believed the commander had saved his father's life? Why would he now be denouncing him?

Chump said himself that Roko Ului is the wrong guy to threaten. This guy seems to forget that Bainimarama has threatened Roko Ului repeatedly. And why is that?Because Bainimarama fears Roko Ului, because RUM finally woke up to the truth.

But not Chump. He's still sleepwalking. He drank the Koolaid. He thinks he's smart, lecturing us about insurgency and low intensity conflict, but the actuality is that he's the insurgent, and it's only his own dim mind that is low intensity. He's still following Bainimarama like the rest of his minion army of mindless zombies, with a nappy full of shyte.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? He can call himself Ratu Voreqe or Chief Warwar or Emperor Voreqe the Magnificent, but for all of his pretenses, he's still a kaisi. He may feel insulted about it, but it's a fact.

Not only that, but breeding shows over time, and how his reflects on his forebears sure isn't flattering.

Anonymous said...

Whitewashing the events of 2000 as an insurgency is actually an improvement over the current regime narrative that it was a mutiny. Maybe in time people will even be able to face the truth that it was Bainimarama's first coup attempt.

Anonymous said...

After 1 month of schooling, there is still no Maths Teacher at Duavata Secondary School in Udu.

Prime Minister should sack his Education Minister FORTHWITH.

This is crap.
Bainimarama keeps boasting about Education but the firkin arsehole has forgotten about the SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS in Udu.

WHO GIVES A FARK WHETHER Bainimarama is a kaisi or not.
Fark him.


Anonymous said...


Speight has a track record for that kind of thing. He worked for an Insurance Company in Suva before that thing happened and had told his Boss he was hiring hitmen in Sydney to take him out when they had an argument over Speight's sacking.

He also threatened to kill the President Iloilo.

That's what they did to the Fiji TV station. They called and threatened it to take programs off air and then they went there and smashed it up and fired shots into it.

They killed a security guard whilst they were at it.

Its the Mafia thing.

All that subsequently happened only proves that it backfired badly for George Speight & Co.

Why cry now ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why cry now that the regime has destroyed Fiji television programming worse than George Speight & Co. (Including Bainimarama) ever did! It backfired for Speight but worked out very nicely for Bainimarama... so far.

Anonymous said...

Listen, RFMF goon, you've tried one approach after another to baffle us with your bullshit, but it isn't working, so why not give it a rest? No amount of your copying and pasting, pontificating, threatening, lying or telling half-truths is gaining friends or influencing people in favour of your treason, so why don't you try a new profession, like real soldiering, instead of bullying and torturing people and feathering your own nest at the expense of the country?

Anonymous said...

"It's the mafia thing" is right. And Frank is the new don.

Anonymous said...

We live in a banana republic.My advice to political parties is not to contest in the next election.Hyper inflation is around the corner and it will hit home hard!!.We would end up being from the next HUB, to the next Somalia failed state in the pacific.If you were to win the next election,you will be blamed for everything that has gone wrong that this current government has done.

Anonymous said...

What a mess the TLTB is creating. Do they even begin to know the implication of the enormity of the work involved? Are they trying to to spoonfeed the Fijian landowners? Please let the Fijians decide for themselves what and how they will deal with their money. You cannot spoon-feed them all the time. They have to learn to work with other mataqali members. Many are already suffering from handout mentality!
1.How are you going to decide who gets a bank account or not? What if the person is not able to do things for himself and have to be cared for by his parents for life?
2. When do they get to have an account? At birth?
3. What happens when they die early?
4. Who is responsible for reporting birth and death and to whom in order to create and close account?
5. Do you know how difficult it is to even set up a trusted account when you are an ignorant villager?
6. Who made you a judge over what we want for ourselves in the village. How many people complained to you that you are taking this decision over the whole of Fiji's landowning units?
7. Do you know that many mataqalis are still trying to get rid of people from their mataqalis because of treachery and fraud in the past because of money? Many people claimed themselves to be members of mataqalsi in order to get money from it. Many lands are being fraudulently owned by people who claimed them because of money and the real owners are still weeping for justice.

Please TLTB, I beg you not to do this but instead help the mataqali as a group by advising them to invest their money in a manner that will benefit their future generations.

Not everyone is making big money out of the lease. What happens to those who end up getting 50c year from the lease money when you divide it up as you have now decided? It will cost more to keep that account then it is worth. The only people who will benefit are the banks with all their fees for this and that every month.
The views and perspective from someone who sits in an aircon office is very different from the views and reality o someone living in a shack and constantly hungry, longing for money everyday.

The Heckler said...

This thug who fashions himself an expert on counter-insurgency doctrine doesn't even seem to know the difference between guerrilla warfare and gorilla welfare.

Anonymous said...

The TLTB is a land grab by Frank and Aiyaz.

It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should ask Vili Rakoro what happen during the may19th coup.He confessed on here he was part of the looting and robbing gang in suva.Everyone should ask him who was leading these youths and gave them the command to going loot,rob and burn all the shops in suva.

He even stated they knew all the routes to take since they knew all peoples back yards and cross cuts.
This guy knows it all his a hard infested criminal convict.

Anonymous said...


I don't feather my nest at the expense of the country.

And I don't post half truths. I post what I know.

I post it so that these conspiracy theorists who can't even provide any details about anything are shown up.

Put it this way, so the theory is that the CRWU wanted to kill Bainimarama because he betrayed them ?


So pray tell why they tried to kill President Iloilo as well then ?

Was he also behind the coup d'état and did he liumuri them as well ?

And what did Tupeni Baba of all people have to do with anything that they put his name in a hitlist of politicians they wanted to kill ? Did he liumuri them as well and was he also behind the coup ?

What about trying to kidnap Meli Bainimarama Junior from Marist Suva Street Primary school ?

Did Meli Jnr have anything to do with the coup ?

Did an 8 year old Primary school kid liumuri them as well ?

And if the story about Bainimarama were really true then why did the George Speight group continue with the circus for 56 days at Parliament ?

If Bainimarama abandoned them then why didn't they just let the hostages go and let Chaudary back in as PM ?

They didn't do any of those things.

And do you know why ?

Because Bainimarama was never behind their coup anyway. It was about them and them only.

Speight was unemployed before the 2000 coup. Chaudary sacked him from the mahogany setup.

Heath Insurance had also sacked him, after which he threatened the Managing Director that he would organise hitmen from Sydney to kill him.

This was a guy who did the coup because he had no job and no prospective employment into the future

Would his Uncle Jimmy give him a job ?

His uncle Jimmy's photocopy company was already in problem.

Would he get a job with the Seventh day Adventists ?

Well first he hadto give up his shares in the JJ's bar which was making massive losses.

So do you think Bainimarama and the Fijian Military got involved with an idiot wanna be Mafia clown like that ?

You must be dreaming.

The guy is a nutcase idiot. He got himself into that mess, and its no use crying to Ro Temumu whose sister he tried to kill.

Idiots thinking they were in a movie.

Anonymous said...

All this coup's happen because Fiji has a love for "LIUMURI CULTURE".This liumuri culture happens right from the family levels,the community levels,the schooling levels,the social levels,the sports level,the business levels,the police and military levels and political levels.Every month in the newspapers or even in social websites you will see the people all liumuri each other.

Thats why Bainimarama does not trust the people.why?because the "LIUMURI CULTURE". So fellow Fijians just watch your back because you never know when one of your own decides to LIUMURI you lmao.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 5:28PM
You have some very valid questions there.

JUST SHOWS THAT BAINIMARAMA'S GOVT IS A FARKED UP GOVT. whose main objective is to fark the Fijians.

Qetaki is an idiot.
How come he did not think about all those things you mentioned there?

Tui Viti said...

Na leqa tiko vei keda na i-taukei ni sa sivia na moce lolo ena oda comfort zones,ena gauna e vakaduria kina e dua na lawa vou me baleta na toso i liu ni taukei ni qai kudrukudruiramo tale,veiraiaki,veidusi ka kurei ulu ea levu ni rere,e rerevaki ga na ka vou,e dina ni sa yaco mai na lotu kei na vuli,e se butobuto tikoga na vakasama nei eso na i-taukei,sa rauta mada na moce tiko ena comfort zone ,da duri mai ka toso vata kei na Matanitu Qaqa nei Ratu Sir Voreqe Bainimarama.

some of us i-taukei are still sleeping and squatting on our comfort zones,kedru tiko kena levu,when the Govt implements a new law or policy that benefits the i-taukei we tent to view it with suspicion and fear,the Church has removed our cannibal ways and education given us hoe but our minds are still living in the dark days,still kai colo.

We view this new policies the same as our ancestors when they first saw an european man, they thoguht he was a demon others a god,likewise our views of this Govt policy about i-taukei.

Anonymous said...

Au duavata taucoko vata kei na nomu rai Tui Viti.

We are like the Israelites in the desert.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Tui Sona
I can see that your brain is still full of shit.

You've pointed the finger at the Fijian people but you yourself, JUST LIKE BAINIMARAMA, YOU ARE STUCK IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE.



He trashed it.
He literally burnt it.

So you come around here and get up on your high farking horse. Pointing the finger at the people BUT YOU DONT REALISE THAT 3 OF YOUR OWN FINGERS ARE POINTING BACK AT YOU.

Go back & read what you wrote arsehole!

That is your comfort zone. Up Bainimarama's arse.

The new TLTB changes is typical of the Bainimarama policies...JUST SHOVE IT DOWN THE FARKIN PEOPLE'S THROATS.


So Tui Sona

Go back & read what you wrote arsehole and apply it to you and your sonalevu father Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

The day of the mutiny was not to kill Bainimarama but to hold the camp for some reason was the order given. If they was the order to kill Bainimarama, He wont be speaking today !The sniper could have taken him..so wait for his days is numbered!!!

Anonymous said...

First of Bhai has bi-polar,second
has heart problem and he could keel
over any time.He's time is surely
numbered? Anytime he either step
down from office,keel over dead,or
voted out, would also the right time to go after his family for
his wrongful enrichements,would be
the good time to arrest Khaiyum,and
all the indians who enriched themselves during Bhai's dictatorship? I suggest setting up a hanger to execute these bastards
at Sukuna park?

Anonymous said...

And one of those typical i-taukei is Kua ni Rape,he is living overseas and educated and suposedly civilised and all but when you read his posts,you can easily tell that this guys mind is still Kai Colo, still trapped in the cannibalistic and dark ways of thinking, viewing every Tom Dick and Mary with suspicion,thinking that this Kaivalagi Demon will curse or kill him, when the Kaivalagi brought shoes Kua ni Rapes ancestors tried boiling and eating it,they viewed the Rev Bakers Shoe with suspicion thinking that it is a threat to their livelihood,but other i-taukei who have shared the same bed with the Kaivalagi saw that they were as humans like us,and offer a lot of riches like steel pots,silver ware like spoons,forks etc.

Kua ni Rere you have been living overseas for years,you must have shagged and bedded more than 10 european women by now,prostitutes included,you should be the most civilised i-taukei on earth,for your eyes have seen at close range the white womens perfurmed garden and tasted the nectar from those pink flowers,se vaevei?

sa rauta na vosaca tiko baleta o iko sa raica voleka na dina,ha,ha,ha,ha.

Cola vina turaga dreu!!

Tui Viti said...

Now where was I? Col Tara quickly left the stage before the curtains fell,his co-horts however thought that they would remain in the shadows and bid their time to strike.

The Insurgents and Rebels left Parliament and convened at Kalabu Fijian School,this was done without the consent of the Mataqali that owns the land and in doing so they have not honoured the Muanikau Accord, Podgie and his group tore up the agreements thus the Military stormed the school and arrested everyone present.they were trespassing on Native owned land.

This angered the Holiday Inn group so they secretly met in locations in Suva and Nausori and several weeks later executed the Failed Mutiny.

Commander was saved due to the experience he and his men had in combat training,the Tactical Withdrawal they executed was a class act,one only seen in the movies.even the rebel snipers couldnt find a target and all shots missed going astray.The Commander and his men ran laughing and joking at the snipers.At the last stage the Commander stood,looked directly at the sniper and gave him the middle finger,laughed and walked to his escort vehicle.

The Loyalist began turning up unarmed at QEB, they were angry that the rebel soldiers would do such a thing on the institution they hold sacred,it was like sacrilege.

The loyalists armed themselves and in the face of danger, stormed the rebels routing and killing some of them.It was a huge victory for them,they once showed the rebels a glimpse of what they can do when engaged in armed combat,some rebel soldiers managed to flee from the fight,men from all over the provinces of Fiji stormed the QEB, killed some rebels and arrested the injured,some loyalists died fighting for their country and the future,had they not succeeded Fiji would be like Somalia by now.They died so that real Democracy lives in Fiji. I will pause here to honour them. [to be continued]

Anonymous said...


The Reverand's car which Speight used to run the check point at Nasese that Fabi & Co were manning got riddled with bullet holes.

They are lucky that car was heading up a swerving bend and Fabi & Co were firing from static positions because the checkpoint configuration didn't allow them to fire on the move and follow the car.

Speight was sitting in the back and when he arrived in Parliament he was shaking and sweating so much they thought he had a fever.

The boys from Parliament called it through laughing over the mobile phone

Col Saubulunayau congratulated everybody for shooting at the car and was very upset that it missed GS.

Anonymous said...

The rebels contacted their people at QEB and demanded to know why George Speights car was shot at. They complained that it was being used by Speight and belonged to the Talatala Qase (the Reverand) of the Centenary Church (Suva Methodist Circuit) and that the soldiers who shot at it should be disciplined.

Some talk followed about disciplining the soldiers and then common sense prevailed and instead nobody was disciplined because Col Saubulinayau was very happy the car had been shot at and to hell with the bill, the Suva Methodist circuit can pay the bill for the Reverand's car.

Then a squad weapon was introduced at all checkpoints in the area. The reliable Minimi points both ways because the machine gunner can pick it up just like the M 16 A2 BUT its an M16A2 on steroids because this nice little Minimi (pretty name for a pretty lady) she goes full auto !

Next time Porgie and Co pull a stunt like that the squad weapon would make sure the car and everybody in it is stopped. For good.

Anonymous said...

"If they was the order to kill Bainimarama, He wont be speaking today !The sniper could have taken him..so wait for his days is numbered!!!"

Bainimarama has already said it in 2000, that had the sniper killed him (which luckily did not happen) the bloodbath would have been going on for two weeks after his death or injury because every single one of the rebels from top to bottom would have been hunted down and killed

It would have been a massive bloodbath.

Anonymous said...

Well why did Bainimarama and RFMF execute the 2006 coup when they had all these stories to tell in court if he was to be charged for his part in the 2000 coup? Are his sympathizers posting all these so we may think that he did not mastermind the whole treasonous acts while conveniently keeping himself out of the way?

One thing is for sure; Bainimarama was afraid to face a constitutional court of law in 2006. Qarase through his courage had faced kangaroo court and was in prison for a comparably small matter.

Anonymous said...

Ro -Kepa and Qarase have been racist, they spread hatred in the minds of I-Taukei, RESULT, neither Fijian nor Indian is running this country, this country is ruled by Khaiyum. Need I say more. Fiji was a multiracial country, a peaceful country, there was no need for Ro-Kepa or Qarase to spread hatred. It divided Fiji and who took advantage of the Division, Khaiyum. today his own people are sitting in all the strategic positions in this country. All Bainimarama supporters please tell him that to earn our respect, all that he has to do is show opposition some respect, this people of Fiji had voted for them as much as they voted for him. So the least he can do is involve them, show them respect and work as a team to have a truly democratic Fiji. And secondly, stop khaiyum from behaving like he is the father of this country, He is nothing,just a fraud. The PM should have stepped in during the Fiji TV Saga. Dont allow khaiyum to do whatever he wants to,hold a leash on him so that he doesnt go astray.Thirdly, please remove all the decrees, why is it that after elections we still feel that we are not living in a Democratic country. Furthermore, let MIDA do its job without interference, we want Aswin Raj to do some real job. And last but not the least, please kick out Minister for Education, he is pathetic and the people of this country have no faith in him and on the same topic, please open an Investigation on USP, there are corrupt people sitting on the board, they children are going through hard time, also, the Statham campus- Masters Program, increased fee without prior notification and consultation, they do whatever they please.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Forrest Chump has a lot of questions about what happened in 2000, and why. So do I. I asked several earlier. Chump wouldn't, or couldn't, answer. Well, maybe he doesn't have all of the answers, which would be fair enough, except for the way he keeps pretending that he does.

Bainimarama has a lot of the answers, but he won't talk. Ever wonder why? Do you suppose it's because he's too bashful, too modest to relate all about how he saved Fiji? Yeah, directed to give his testimony before a Board of Inquiry, he refused to testify. That was supposedly on the advice of his counsel, then-Colonel Mohammed Aziz.

You remember Mohammed Aziz, don't you -- the Persian guy who, by himself, used to constitute a third of the RFMF's non-iTaukei contingent? The military lawyer who argued the importance of being a good Nazi. The attorney who didn't see the lawfulness or unlawfulness of a military order as a necessary consideration or important distinction. It seems that Aziz belonged at the Nürnburg Trials -- not standing at the bar but sitting in the docket. Aziz rose under the illegal regime to the position of Chief of Staff and the rank of Brigadier General, before Bainimarama simply kicked him to the curb. There, of course, he joined a long list of other regime sapotas. You won't find him any more, but he was last seen polishing shoes down at Dolphins, together with a chap named Ganilau -- the perfect follow-on job for a bootlicker.

Or am I being too hard on the old boy? After all, people can change, can't they? Just look at Roko Ului. It wasn't long ago that he was Bainimarama's chief coat-holder, a regular Saul of Tarsus. But then came his epiphany on the Road to Damascus, when the scales fell from his eyes. Now he's one of his former commander's most visible detractors. Now, how did that happen, and why? How did Roko Ului go from being one of Bainimarama's chief henchmen to being one of his biggest critics? By Forrest Chump's own account, Bainimarama dispatched RUM with platoons for the purpose of defending RUM's own father, and Chump was there, apparently. But so was RUM. If RUM believed Chump's version of events, then why his break from Bainimarama and the Dark Side? Why does RUM say Bainimarama was responsible for the events of 2000?

So, lots of questions about treason and a lot of other issues that have affected and hurt a lot of people. How do we find out the truth? How do we reconcile Chump's version of history with the testimony of RUM himself and others?

That's what the Board of Inquiry was supposed to do, get to the truth, but for some strange reason, Bainimarama got cold feet. Contrast that with Roko Ului"s attitude. He's repeatedly said he's willing to come back and answer to the Fijian people.

We need Bainimarama to step aside, or we need to push him aside. Then we can convene a Truth & Reconciliation Commission. Bainimarama can use Chump to help him lay out and defend his version of events before judges in a court of law. There his arguments can be tested. Speight should be allowed to testify, too, along with RUM and everyone else involved. Then we'll see if Bainimarama was really the hero, or the villain, of 2000. If the former, maybe it will be enough of a mitigating factor to save him from the noose.

One last comment. Chump asks why, if Bainimarama was secretly behind the events of 2000, did the rebels try to kill Iloilo, etc., etc. I'm saying that Bainimarama was the prime mover behind what happened in 2000. I'm not arguing that he was responsible for every action taken by the rebels. A glance at most insurgencies will reveal that their leadership and organisation are far from monolithic. They have many different players with many different aims and motivations. I'm a little surprised that a self-styled expert on insurgencies isn't more familiar with the multi-polar nature of most insurgencies.

Anonymous said...

I appeal to the website administrator to remove the vulgar comment at 12:35 PM. It has no redeeming social value.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti's comment at 6:39 AM made me laugh. Our intrepid Commander running laughing and joking at the snipers, pausing only long enough to flip one the middle finger.

Reminds me of the citation the Heckler said he found belonging to Frank:

"Commodore Banimarama heroically abandoned his command and made an extraordinarily rapid retrograde movement through a cassava patch below the camp until he reached safety, in reckless disregard for the steaming shit tricklng down his leg. His conspicuous cowardice was in the highest traditions of the New RFMF and merits his immediate promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral."

A "class act," indeed!

V for Vendetta said...

Had a sniper killed Bainimarama in 2000, it would have served him right for betraying the CRWU after setting them up as the fall guys for his failed coup attempt. It would have saved Fiji from the treason of 2006 and onward. It would have spared our economy years of decline, perhaps spared the Fiji dollar its devaluation, saved the jobs of many loyal civil servants, and prevented the raid on our retirement funds. It would have allowed the unfettered development of Fiji's democracy, media and spiritual culture. It would have saved the independence of our judiciary. It would have spared our cultural institutions. It might have prevented much of the racial and religious polarisation we now see. The RFMF would be better trained, better equipped, better led, though probably not better fed. The slaying of Bainimarama would have saved our Constitution and our flag. It would have saved our suffrage as voters. It would have spared some innocent lives. It would have preserved our friendships, our regional standing, our reputation, our dignity, and our self-respect.

A bullet through the brain would have been too good for the bastard. On the other hand, though, it would have saved me the length of cord I'm reserving for his hanging.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Tui Sona 6:39 AM
Are you sure you got your facts right?
You said that Tarakinikini ran away in 2000.
But I remember he used to be Bainimarama spokesman before they switched to Leweni.

Tarakinikini used to be there on Fiji TV everyday.
Why didn't Bainimarama just Court Martial him there and then?

I think you are making up half your stories as you go along.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Tui Viti, you're just like your bum licking, testicles sucking, anus prodding gay friend Vili Rakoro.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Fernando Lobendahn, where has he gone lately? I miss warching him squirm, trying to make consistencies out of his inconsistencies. Now that we know who he really is, why doesn't he just come out of the closet? Stop living a lie.

Anonymous said...

The liumuri is such a cornerstone concept of the Fijian culture that it would definitely deserve a proper doctorate thesis one day. Any outsider who comes to Fiji to experience the "wonderful" fijian culture for some time will invariably get a taste of it at some point... From my personal point of view, I see a real delight in the face of those involved - never any kind of shame - and sometimes I feel somsorry for those doing the liumuri because they end up cunning themselves due to their very very limited rational thinking... The "simplicity" of your average conman makes for a good laugh sometimes...
In the case of Bainimarama, he should definitely cut all bridges with some people in his family who are right now getting unfair advantages in the view of local communities... That's all what I will say...

Anonymous said...

Fernando Lobendahn would be wise to stay absent. He's already lucky the broken sewerage pipe is only known as the "Vili Rakoro" and not the "Fernando Lobendahn."

Anonymous said...

@3.42pm The RFMF Liumuri the CRW,BAI uses the police and military to Liumuri the people of Fiji,the business people Liumuri the politicians,politicians Liumuri the chiefs,the chiefs Liumuri the pastor,the pastor Liumuri the people,The people get fed up and all go wild bananas.Welcome to Fiji Where Liumuri culture is rife and ripe.harvesting starts with a coup.

Anonymous said...

@4.54pm BAI Liumuri Driti

Anonymous said...

..and viti liumuri fijians and fijians liumuri itaukeis and i taukeis knows well who..did the poohh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahha and the judge liumuri the jury and turned the not guilty verdict into guilty.KANGAROO COURT!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

If we accept the liumuri as the law of the land and stop complaining about it, would there be anything wrong? Let's just accept the liumuri and be proud of this very Fijian cultural aspect! Now let's all find someone to liumuri.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know more about the suspicious land deals happening at the moment at the Land Department where obviously some of Bainimarama's friends/family get a free ride... Maybe someone involved in those dirty dealings could liumuri the elected regime?

Anonymous said...

I think there is a big liumuri happening with our currency. I noticed last week that the price of some items like desiccated coconut went from 2.99$ to 4.20$ and rolled oats from 1.70$ to 2.70$. We are not talking about 5% inflation...and the Australian dollar and NZ dollar went down massively against thr Fiji dollar, which is just bizarre...I suspect that all this borrowing overseas is taking its toll and as Fijians. If the Fiji dollar was a floating currency, it would be quite obvious but I fear thT some devaluation might be looming. Is the Reserve Bank liumuri-ing us? Where is Savenaca Narube?

Anonymous said...

@6.39pm I'm glad you mentioned this.About two months ago I was debating this boci Vili Rakoro about the country's currency and economy.He continues to parrot away propaganda from newspapers that our economy has grown 4% and we are now better off than in the past."It is the fault of other governments why the prices are so high"( He always blames previous governments as we all know it).

These loans will only be a burden if it is not managed properly and paid back when it is supposed to be.what I fear is seeing the day come for the price of loaf bread =$100,000.That's when you know hyper-inflation has settled in and who ever was managing the finance didn't have the brains to balance the books.

If that ever happens lets hope we have a genius economist that has a master plan to implement in order for the rescue of the nation.

Anonymous said...

@7.32 with its current currency system, Fiji can face devaluations of 10-30% overnight every 10 years, but as long as tourism remains alife, the country won't face this level of inflation (hyperinflation) Nonetheless, the mismanagement will translate into poverty and the price of bread will rather double every 5 years. The big problem with Fiji is also the very very very low productivity of the people....rememeber some headlines in the Fiji Times about 40% of somof the population being labelled as "lazy"? Whatever politician you have can't change the fijian mindset overnight. In fact, you could have one "volunteer" for each lazy person in the country and they wouldnt achieve much in the end. The attitude of the people is also very much an issue.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka and Bai should stand trial for treason and Fiji will make a new beginning. Otherwise - the cycle of evil continues.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 7.32 and 9.29. You both have very valid points however the reality in Fiji is applicable to both your arguments. Here is the reality as i have been monitoring since this government came to power. The dollar was devalued by 20%. This as any importer worth his salt will tell you has a direct effect of about 35%. This is due to the fact that we have a compounded calculation method on import duties.This simply means that we pay duty on all importation costs not just the cost of the goods. We pay duty on Freight, insurance loading charges etc. In the business world this is called CNF price. So the devaluation affects every thing freight value insurance which is all added to the product cost before duty calculation. Than government increased the highest duty rate which was applicable during SDL'D days from 27% to 32 %. It is worth noting at this stage that many many food items and other grocery items such as soaps detergents etc attract import duties of 32%. This includes but not limited to peanut butter, jams, sauces pasta and many other everyday food items including Milk. Aside from the very basic items like dhal and rice potato and a few others nothing else is duty free. Not content with 32% government introduced an exercise tax of 15% and 10% on any item considered luxurious. This includes any type of biscuits, candy chocolates any snack items etc. In short under the guise of Fiji made they have created monopolies in the likes of FMF and a few local manufacturers.Government also things that we live in the 18th century when people used to live of the land. So on average we have had an artificial (government created) inflation of over the 40% mark. Couple this with natural market driven inflation based on world price increases we have an inflation of about 55 to 60%. As one can see these figures are not mine but official facts and anyone can verify them by simply calling FIRCA. This government is by far the greediest most economically regressive of all governments we have had. The 4% growth that Rakori is talking about is from massive infrastructure spending. This is a common technique used by most regressive regimes including China and middle eastern countries to keep the masses happy. Real economic growth is measured by wages and salaries. In Fiji the Minimum wages has been almost stagnant for 68% of the population.($180 a week) or less. In other words our spending power has stayed the same in real terms but inflation caused by direct government activities and policies has increased 6 folds by normal world standards. In short we are screwed. We also do not have a economic plan that will allow this to change. Governments policies have been designed to keep them in power. They are putting band aid on a c section operation and not fixing the fundamental problems with the economy like a heavy reliance on the tourist business etc etc.I can write a book on this. I also agree with 9.29 that we need productivity however i will ask him or her this how productive will you feel carrying sacks of potatoes off a truck for $2.30 an hour, or better still standing whole day at the checkout counter in the heat at a local supermarket for $3 an hour. My guess is not very. Every thing is relative. As the saying goes you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. I will welcome any of the FF supporters challenge on this as long as we keep it civil. I am a business person providing employment to over 50 people. I contribute a substantial amount to governments coffers and frankly am sick of seeing brand new 4wd's and overseas trips taken by these bunch of idiots when the common men cant even buy a decent meal for himself.

Anonymous said...

A word about "productivity"... Of course, you can't increase the productivity of a country by asking your guy carrying potatoes to work harder. You increase productivity when you increase the number of skilled workers in the country (especially the best ones) in order to generate new economic activities or increase the efficiency of the whole economic system (like one day maybe, getting rid of cashiers and replace them by machines like in NZ) In Fiji, there is very little innovation : our brains move overseas, never to come back.

In the Fijian context, also,myou increase productivity by fighting against social ills. A large number of Fijians are cultivating illegal drugs (or legal ones like kava) and thus waste their life. They could be growing all sorts of things, fruits, veges, spices, you name it! They could make things like Pure Fiji do, even honey!!! How hard is it to make honey? But that doesn't work because of jalousy....here we also come back to the liumuri culture. Fijians are their worst ennemies.

Government of Fiji, Suva, Fiji said...

Dear Ms. Juliiet Quinn, my name is Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama. I am the Minister of Finance for Fiji. I've very recently come into a rather sizeable sum of money (coincidentally equal to the Fijian treasury plus a special "Emergency Flood Fund") and I need Mr. Lim Koh's financial advice on how to invest it so that I, I mean we Fijians, can achieve the greatest rate of return on it.

Right now, I can't decide whether to: a) buy a subscription to the Clinton-Mandela Sinking Fund operated through a Western Union account in Lagos, Nigeria; b) swap it for untold riches a former finance minister has put aside from the Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha's stolen wealth; c) invest in a piece of land in the mountains of the Philippines where the stolen hoard of WWII Japanese General Yamashita has secretly been located; d) buy the Brooklyn Bridge; or e) invest in the Trust Fund of Nauru.

Please advise soonest. I'm getting itchy to spend this money.

Government of Fiji, Suva, Fiji said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

10.34 and 9.25

The Fijian economy was supposed to have crashed in 2009. It didn't.

China came in with $USD900 million IN GRANTS.

That's 2 billion Fijian in the seven year period 2007 to 2014.


The doomsayers continue to say that it will crash.

It won't.

Anonymous said...

The Fijian economy is smaller today than it was in 2006...in real dollars (PPP) That's what we call a collapse...
You must be a real Fijian to be so proud of your KEREKERE... no pride at all... well good on you. But you obviously do not realize that apart of all the free goodies Fiji gets from Turkey, Georgia, Russia and all other nations trying to get something out of this country, Fiji is still borrowing!!!! the 200M$ loand that was due a few tears ago has been paid by borrowing 500M$. On top of that, Fiji sold its infrastructures (ports, airports, etc.) just in order to keep the head over the water. Shame on you for not defending the interests of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. China never gave Fiji US$900 million in grants. That's utter bullshit.

Anonymous said...

@6.13pm you must be a top ECON 101 student of Aiyaz's modern economic theory. Just like his peep squeak brother in FBC who seems to equate losses to budgets. Pull your tongues out Aiyaz's ass or you might get too intellectualized by his brown stuff

Anonymous said...

Every year from 2007 China gave on average upto $120 million USD in grants.

$10 million here, 9 million there, 5 million to PM's office fund for the rural upgrade programs. That Navua hospital was a grant of $10 million USD on its own.

So you explain how come the Fijian economy did not collapse in 2009 since you are an expert economist ?

Everybody said it was supposed to go kaput in 2009 after that devaluation. Canberra was absolutely 100% sure that it would

The Judiciary was in tatters. Tourism was in tatters. Everything was in tatters. Sugar was in the dustbin

Garments was kaput

People were laid off all across the country. Civil servants had pay cuts.

Air pacific was finished

Fiji Air was bankrupt

Everything was upside down. Even the Sheraton was in trouble with Korda Mentha in Auckland.

So how come Fiji survived ?

Where do you think the money came from to strengthen the economies liquidity ?

Who pumped the cash into the Fijian economy that capitalised it enough to ride out that shock ?

The PM doesn't give China accolades for nothing, he doesn't call China our friend for nothing. IT MEANS SONMETHING VERY VERY DEEP when he says China was here when everybody else abandoned us, and in the case of Canberra actively destabalised and imposed sanctions on us.

So you have a problem with that ?

Anonymous said...

@7.19 yes i have a huge problem with the kerekere. China is not "giving" anything. They want a lot from Fiji... they supported the military because the thought it was a good bet to bet against the other countries for the future... but when the table will turn around, they will pay a price for it... it's a gambling

. there are no such things as friends in politics. everybody wants something.... you are so naive!

Anonymous said...

China doesn't bet, they invest.

Bet is when have nothing and roll the dice hoping for something.

Investing is when you have something and you seethe value in something else and you invest in that or attract investment from that.

That is what China does.

That is what we are doing

What do you think the Chinese are doing in Australia in all those mines over there ? Betting ?

What do you think they are doing in New Zealand in the Diary Industry over there ? Betting ?

Its investing. They see the value in specific areas and they invest.

Same here in Fiji. The comparative advantage we have is we are sitting in the middle of a hub within the Pacific Rim which has value.

Location, location, location.

The Tuna fisheries to our East and West. The seabed resources all around us and the logistical advantages we provide at the centre of it all with the land mass and the capacity to handle the infrastructure required to synergise the utilisation of these resources.

And that is quite apart from the logistical routes for shipping which are now opening up into the western seaboard of South America

Naïve is being stupid and not realising that comparative advantage and not deriving the value which is now being developed and realised.

What do you think the Sri Lankans are here for ? They are here to help develop the Port systems so that the ground work towards setting up the logistical hub is implemented that will then enable us to link into those larger shipping routes beyond the mere South Pacific logistical spoke of Australia, New Zealand and the islands of Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia.

Why do you think the UAE guys are here ? They are heavily linked into the international logistical infrastructure (heard about the Port of Dubai set up and how they have branched out even into the United States where they handle logistics on the Western and Eastern seabed cities of the major US ports ?).

That's the future, and its here.

Anonymous said...

To get access to the optical fibre of the Southern Cross the countries to the East and West of us have to link into Fiji otherwise they don't have high speed affordable internet or even a reliable international connection for their telephone systems

That's why Tonga linked in two years ago.

That's just a current example of the infrastructure linkages that come through here for the region.

India set up its Southern Hemisphere space station here in Fiji for the recent Mars mission - and they have since put in place a permanent agreement for the set up to be developed so that all their sattelites and missions will eventually have a contact reference station here in Fiji

These are the things which are linked into what the Government is doing in that area.

Anonymous said...

You think we're deluded and naïve, but you're the ones who don't realise that all roads lead to Suva. Fiji is the navel of the world. We are the strategic cockpit of the South Pacific. We are positioned like a mighty Colossus astride the world's main trading lanes to Wallis and Futuna. We command the strategic lines of communication running through Bligh Channel. We are the dagger pointed at the heart of Samoa. We are the yaqona breadbasket of the world. Just look at a map! We are the place where Oceania meets Africa/India/the Middle East/Southeast Asia/Northeast Asia/North America/South America -- you name it. That makes us the strategic chokepoint for not only the world but also for the Kingdom of Tonga.

China isn't just loaning us this money. It is investing in our future as a source of fish, mineral resources, women and land for its teeming populace.

Our economy would have collapsed in 2009 had it not been for China. The judiciary was in tatters (not because of Frank but because of something else). Tourism was in tatters (not because of Frank but because of something else). Everything was in tatters (not because of Frank but because of something else). Sugar was in the dustbin (not because of Frank but because of something else). Garments was kaput (not because of Frank but because of something else). People were laid off all across the country (not because of Frank but because of something else). Civil servants had pay cuts (not because of Frank but because of something else). The airlines were finished (not because of Frank but because of something else). Everything was upside down (not because of Frank but because... Well, okay, it might have had a little bit to do with Frank's 2006 coup, his 2009 abrogation of the Constitution, his sacking of the judiciary, his curtailment of civil rights, his postponement of elections, and his mismanagement of the economy, but only a little bit. Mostly it was probably something else.)

If it wasn't for China and Angel Club, where would we be?

Thank God for my army salary, otherwise I don't know how I ever would have made it through those dark times.

Anonymous said...

Investing is a form gambling.

Anonymous said...


U.S. sends China millions in foreign aid despite $1.3 trillion debt

February 23, 2015

China has become one of the world’s largest two economies, and is wealthy enough to buy up at least $1.3 trillion of the U.S. debt. But that hasn’t stopped Uncle Sam from continuing to send foreign aid to Beijing.

In 2014 the U.S. State Department and its USAID program provided nearly all of the $12.3 million in taxpayer-funded aid set aside for China. And another $6.8 million is on tap for Beijing this year, according to ForeignAssistance.gov.

In the big picture of things, China’s aid package — mostly centered around pollution and pro-democracy programs — is a mere drip from a foreign aid spigot that has been as great as $50 billion annually in recent years. But taxpayer watchdogs say it’s a classic example of the U.S. government not being able to reign in aid on projects whose effectiveness is immeasurable and could easily be funded by the country itself.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.16am

You are Fiji's blind fool!


Anonymous said...

Chinese president pledges continued assistance to Fiji

Updated: 2014-11-22 12:39

NADI, Fiji - Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged here Saturday that China will continue to help Fiji develop economy, improve people's livelihood and tackle climate change.

China stands ready to work with Fiji to step up exchanges, cooperation and advance bilateral relations, Xi said at a meeting with Fijian Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama during his first state visit to the Pacific island country.

China views Fiji as an important cooperative partner among the Pacific island countries, respects the development path the Fijian people have chosen and appreciates Fiji's efforts to prioritize developing ties with China in its Look North Policy, Xi said.

"We are willing to maintain exchanges with Fiji at high levels and different other levels and strengthen bilateral cooperation," Xi said.

The president noted that Fiji enjoys convenient transportation, abounds in agricultural, forestry, fishery and mining resources, and pushes for "green growth," while China has advantages in capital, technology and market.

"The two sides should give play to complementary advantages and lift the level of cooperation," he said.

China welcomes more Fijian competitive products to enter China, supports Fiji in tapping China's tourism market and encourages Chinese enterprises to invest in Fiji, Xi said.

"The Chinese side will, just as always, continue to help Fiji develop economy, improve people's livelihood and well implement its projects of small hydropower plants, agricultural development, highway renovation and bridge construction in the country," Xi said, "China will continue to support and assist Fiji in dealing with climate change."

China will open a Chinese culture center in Fiji, continue to dispatch medical teams and artists groups to Fiji to boost people-to-people exchanges, Xi said.

China appreciates Fiji's efforts to help the Chinese government chase fugitives and illegal assets, and hopes continuously strengthen bilateral law enforcement cooperation, he said.

"The Chinese side is willing to work with Fiji to hold a successful leaders meeting between China and Pacific island countries, and pushes for an in-depth development of the relations between China and these states," he added.

For his part, Bainimarama said that the Fijian people have a friendly feeling toward China and appreciate China's support and assistance.

Fiji and China share a solid foundation of their relations and enjoy broad cooperation in a wide range of areas, he said.

Fiji values its traditional friendship with China, and being a good partner of China is always the starting point of Fiji' diplomacy strategy toward China, said the prime minister.

Fiji hopes to keep political contacts with China, expand trade and economic cooperation as well as people-to-people exchanges so as to promote Fiji's economic and social development, he said.

Fiji welcomes China to actively participate in the Pacific island countries affairs, he added.

After their talks, the two leaders witnessed the signing of cooperation deals between the two governments, involving economic and technological cooperation and visa exemption, among other.

Anonymous said...

This is Zhongnanhai's position on strategic geopolitical engagement with Fiji as officially announced by Xinhua.

Xinhua does not publish anything about Chinese Government policy without the approval of Beijing

Xinhua and Staff Reporter 2014-11-21 10:22 (GMT+8)

The upcoming visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Fiji is of strategic importance and will spur bilateral relations, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Huang Yong said Wednesday.

From Friday to Sunday, the Chinese president is scheduled to pay a state visit to Fiji, where he is also to meet with leaders of Pacific island countries that have diplomatic ties with China.

Fiji is an important country in the South Pacific and the first in the region to forge diplomatic ties with Beijing, said the ambassador.

China-Fiji relations have progressed steadily and demonstrated increasingly positive signs of growth in recent years, said the ambassador.

"The two countries have deepened practical cooperation in politics, economy and trade, people-to-people exchanges, ushering in a new historic opportunity for growth in their bilateral ties," Huang said.

On trade and investment, the two sides have witnessed continuous growth, Huang said. China has assisted in the construction of hospitals, housing, hydro-power stations, agricultural projects and road renovation, playing a concrete role in improving the livelihood of the nation's people.

On people-to-people exchanges, the two sides have achieved fruitful results, said the ambassador.

In 2014, a "China craze" swept across the nation, with a Spring Festival performance from Chinese band Tang Dynasty and Chinese TV series drawing a large local audience, the ambassador said.

China also provides annual government scholarships, humanitarian medical services, and various training programs to the island nation, Huang said.

On international and regional affairs, China and Fiji have maintained close coordination, said the ambassador. China supports Fiji to play its part in regional cooperation, and Fiji has kept good communication and coordination with China on major international issues such as climate change.

The comprehensive growth of China-Fiji ties has not only brought tangible benefits to the two countries and two peoples, but also is conducive to peace, stability and development in the South Pacific, Huang said.

China and Pacific island countries are both developing countries with common historic opportunities, sharing the goal of peace and development, the ambassador said, stating why China has offered a large amount of aid to the Pacific island countries.

"Xi's upcoming visit will fully demonstrate the great importance China has attached to developing relations with the Pacific island nations," said Huang. "The goal of the trip is to jointly chart out the future of China-Pacific ties and promote the practical cooperation and friendly exchanges between the two sides."

The visit is the first by a Chinese head of state to the South Pacific region, and the meeting with leaders of all nations in the region that have diplomatic ties with China is unprecedented, Huang said.

"It is a major event of important strategic significance in the history of bilateral relations between China and Pacific island countries and will certainly push bilateral ties to a new level," said the ambassador

Anonymous said...


Nadi, September 20, 2012

It is a great pleasure for me to pay an official visit to the Republic of Fiji, a shining pearl in the South Pacific Ocean, at the invitation of Prime Minister Bainimarama. I wish to take this opportunity to convey the heartfelt greetings and best wishes of the Chinese people to the warm and friendly Fiji people.

Although China and Fiji are separated by vast oceans, the hearts of our people are close to each other. Fiji is the first Pacific island country that established diplomatic relations with China. Since our two countries established diplomatic ties in 1975, our relations have, on the whole, been developing smoothly. We enjoy political mutual trust and support, and economic complementarity and common development. We respect and learn from each other on the cultural front, and maintain close communication and coordination on major international and regional issue. To further consolidate and grow Fiji-China relations is not only in the fundamental interests of our two countries and peoples, but also conducive to stability and development of the Asia-Pacific region.

I look forward to having in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations and other issues of common interest with President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Prime Minister Bainimarama and other Fiji leaders, and to engaging extensively with Fiji friends from various sectors. I am confident that, with our joint efforts, this visit will cement our friendship, boost mutual trust, expand common ground and deepen cooperation between China and Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fiji will never forget the support that China gave - PM
Monday, 23/02/2015

After 40 years of forming diplomatic relations, Fiji and China will continue to expand economic ties and strengthen cultural and educational exchanges.

This is according to the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama while speaking at the Chinese New Year celebrations at Yat Sen secondary school today.

Bainimarama said Fiji will never forget the support that China gave after 2006 when some of our traditional friends turned their backs.

He said China stayed by our side because it recognized that what the government was doing was for the long-term benefit of the Fijian people.

The Prime Minister said the Chinese New Year of the Goat is special as it signifies the historic visit which President Xi Jinping made to Fiji last year and the 40th anniversary of establishing of diplomatic ties between Fiji and China.

He said China has greatly contributed to the development and improvement of our infrastructure, including roads, public housing, hydroelectric and solar projects and hospitals.

Bainimarama said the annual volume of trade between China and Fiji has reached $695 million Fijian dollars, and is growing on current figures by 12 per cent a year.

He said the Chinese community has played an important role in our nation’s development.

Anonymous said...

@12.16am It's not an investment you fuck wit!! Nor is it a grant!!!.China was assisting Fiji with soft loans due to the sanctions that was imposed on us by Australia,NZ etc during those 8 years in hardcore authoritarian and totalitarian rule.The farking coup sets the country 10 years back which farked up the eeconomy and the huge floods we had few years back(output decline) so the government took out the biggest loan in it's history.

GDP is fuck all it always bounces up and down on the chart.You can have a high GDP and say the economy is doing well but in reality the people in the economy isn't doing much so well.So the econcomic growth failed to benefit the living standards of the large majority of "WORKING PEOPLE".So it's pretty much farked on the macro and micro economic levels.

Like stated before in politics countries don't become friends they have a mutual interest of one another.But don't worry it will get farked over in the end because why?"LIUMURI CULTURE"

Anonymous said...

Singapore technical support came when the legal system was in real trouble needed every helping hand it could get


The Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment in conjunction with Singapore Mediation Center is organising a two-phase training for the period September 10 to 14, 2012.

The first phase of the training, which will be spread over four days, relates to managing conflicts and resolving disputes effectively through mediation for ministry officials, primarily from the inspectorate division, from September 10 to 13 at Hotel Tanoa Plaza, Suva.

The Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Jone Usamate will officially open this program.

The second phase of one- day mediation training for our Judges and magistrates will be held on Friday, September 14, 2012 at Holiday Inn, Suva. This training program will be officially opened by His Lordship, the Chief Justice, Honourable Anthony Gates.

Both the training programs will be coordinated by professional trainers from the Singapore Mediation Centre, which is a leading training institute for mediators within the Asia & Pacific Region, in conjunction with Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment

The two course coordinators have in-depth knowledge and extensive practising experience on mediation both locally and at international level and are highly qualified.

George Lim as the principal trainer has served as president of the Law Society of Singapore and vice-president of the Singapore Academy of Law from 1998 to 1999 .A board member of the Singapore Mediation Centre, he has helped to train judges, lawyers and professionals on Mediation in Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji, Nigeria and Philippines.

Josephine Hadikusumo is a graduate with Bachelor of Law and Master of law from Australia and has taught international trade law, commercial law, contracts & mediation in Malaysia and is an Associate Mediator and a trainer at the Singapore Mediation Centre.

This training is part of the ministry’s ongoing capacity building initiative, to further develop the professional competence in mediation skills of our officers to effectively resolve employment related problems.

The seminar for Judges and magistrates is designed to provide hands on experience in the practice of mediation and appreciate how Alternate Dispute Resolution [ADR] and mediation could play a central role in civil jurisdiction.

Since the inception of the Mediation Unit in 2008, there has been growth in the number of grievances reported with the corresponding increase in the settlement rate of such grievances, starting from 75 per cent in 2008 and now hovering around 80 per cent.

These are attributed primarily to the quality and high level of training conducted by the Singapore Mediation Centre in contemporary techniques and transferring skills that has improved dialogue between disputants resulting in a greater settlement rate.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Avinesh Gopal
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Fiji Times

For the past few years, doctors have been coming to Fiji from overseas to check heart patients and perform surgeries. Among them are doctors from India who have been coming here since 2012 to perform heart surgeries on adults.

Dr Shantanu Shashtri is the chief anaesthetist of the visiting team of cardiac surgeons from Sahyadri Hospitals in India.

He returned to India yesterday but is looking forward to the next visit some time in May.

In an exclusive interview with The Fiji Times, Dr Shashtri said the disease was not that bad in the patients who had heart surgery this time.

"Compared to our previous visits, the cases were of a better variety this time and we got patients in the early stages of the disease," he said.

Dr Shashtri said the free clinics the hospital team conducted prior to heart surgeries identified people who needed surgery.

He said it was good that most people who had cardiac surgery this time were identified in the early stage of the disease and operated on.

Dr Shashtri said patients operated on were happy with the surgeries.

Dr Shashtri also said the number of iTaukei patients who turned up for clinics was always less as observed in their visits so far.

Dr Shashtri also said that Sahyadri Hospitals was looking at training local doctors to be cardiac surgeons so they could assist the Indian visiting team.

He said they wanted to build a local support team, saying three doctors had been trained in cardiology.

Also, he said the Indian team had good support from the staff of Colonial War Memorial Hospital this time.

"We could rely on them for few work while we could use our manpower elsewhere.

"The locals are enthusiastic and keen on learning and we also had less problems with the beds this time.

"We had six in the ICU compared to four previously and because of that we could keep patients a bit longer in ICU without hurriedly shifting them."

Dr Shashtri also said the overall cleanliness inside the operation theatre, which was important to prevent infections, was good this time.

He said unlike before, hospital staff knew this time what was the dress code for entering the operation theatre.

"Overall, there were changes seen in this visit compared to the past and it's something positive for the health of all Fijians," said Dr Shashtri.

Sahyadri Hospitals director Professor Manu Munibhargav said they would carry out free clinics in late March or early April followed by surgeries in May.

Prof Munibhargav said they intended to perform 50 cardiac surgeries in the next visit, with some neuro and orthopaedic surgeries also.

Anonymous said...

Avinesh Gopal
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Fiji Times

For the past few years, doctors have been coming to Fiji from overseas to check heart patients and perform surgeries. Among them are doctors from India who have been coming here since 2012 to perform heart surgeries on adults.

Dr Shantanu Shashtri is the chief anaesthetist of the visiting team of cardiac surgeons from Sahyadri Hospitals in India.

He returned to India yesterday but is looking forward to the next visit some time in May.

In an exclusive interview with The Fiji Times, Dr Shashtri said the disease was not that bad in the patients who had heart surgery this time.

"Compared to our previous visits, the cases were of a better variety this time and we got patients in the early stages of the disease," he said.

Dr Shashtri said the free clinics the hospital team conducted prior to heart surgeries identified people who needed surgery.

He said it was good that most people who had cardiac surgery this time were identified in the early stage of the disease and operated on.

Dr Shashtri said patients operated on were happy with the surgeries.

Dr Shashtri also said the number of iTaukei patients who turned up for clinics was always less as observed in their visits so far.

Dr Shashtri also said that Sahyadri Hospitals was looking at training local doctors to be cardiac surgeons so they could assist the Indian visiting team.

He said they wanted to build a local support team, saying three doctors had been trained in cardiology.

Also, he said the Indian team had good support from the staff of Colonial War Memorial Hospital this time.

"We could rely on them for few work while we could use our manpower elsewhere.

"The locals are enthusiastic and keen on learning and we also had less problems with the beds this time.

"We had six in the ICU compared to four previously and because of that we could keep patients a bit longer in ICU without hurriedly shifting them."

Dr Shashtri also said the overall cleanliness inside the operation theatre, which was important to prevent infections, was good this time.

He said unlike before, hospital staff knew this time what was the dress code for entering the operation theatre.

"Overall, there were changes seen in this visit compared to the past and it's something positive for the health of all Fijians," said Dr Shashtri.

Sahyadri Hospitals director Professor Manu Munibhargav said they would carry out free clinics in late March or early April followed by surgeries in May.

Prof Munibhargav said they intended to perform 50 cardiac surgeries in the next visit, with some neuro and orthopaedic surgeries also.

Anonymous said...

"China doesn't bet, they invest.

Bet is when have nothing and roll the dice hoping for something.

Investing is when you have something and you seethe value in something else and you invest in that or attract investment from that. "

Sometimes I wish monkeys were not allowed on the internet. Your definition of betting is plain wrong : you need something in your pocket to bet. Have you ever been to a casino with 0$? Eh. Betting, put simply, is taking a risk to lose something in exchange of a greater gain. China is betting that, whatever government will come (civil or military) they will be in a position to get some advantage of any country (hence their non-interference rhetoric) It means, basically, that if Bananarama wants to beat up people, waste money or get some side kicks, China will, in a very friendly manner, look away.

In the Fijian culture, when someone helps you, you normally have to try to "beat" that person later by giving something even bigger. You are very righ to talk about all the natural ressources that are yet to be found. China is thinking about tomorrow. Fijians don't.

The coup in Fiji was a blessing for China, a great opportunity to put a foot in the South Pacific. But the risk they face is, in the future, some sort of vengeance when the Fijian nationalists come back... But I suppose they will mellow quickly when China will give them more money.... what a country of clowns we are becoming.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Bainimagaitinamu and his fucked up family. Fiji is fucked because it's ruled by Fiji Fucked Party. Bainimarama Kaisi.

Anonymous said...

We should adhere to Dakuwaqa's proposal that we repudiate the regime's illegal debts.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Sri Lankans were here because Tony Gates brought them here for judicial and sexual exploitation.

Anonymous said...

So where do Fijians go for truth updates on Fiji's political economic trade and military scene if it weren't for Coup 4.5 or Fiji Leaks?

One would likely puke at reading the very latest exposition of the fancy lying hypocrite and thug QIHILO!

These monsters need to be behind bars NOW!!!

Anonymous said...


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

VIDEO interviews will soon be part of the Fiji Police Force's strategy to eliminate complaints made against them by suspects during interrogation.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Isikeli Vuniwaqa says there are a lot of preventative programs that the force has undertaken, though it may not be the solution.

In his submission to the Foreign Affairs and Defence Standing Committee of Parliament yesterday, Mr Vuniwaqa said they had piloted the program of introducing video interviews.

"The other one is the introduction of video interviews that is currently in the process; with judiciary we're trying to inculcate that into our interview program," Mr Vuniwaqa said.

He added however, they would begin with Totogo or Central Police Station and their Criminal Investigation Department before they roll out the program to other stations around the country.

"Because of the diversity of the police establishments it will take time for all the interviews to be under that scrutiny.

"We should be starting very soon within this year, we hope to expand it, and it will start here in Totogo and CID headquarters and probably move out."

Mr Vuniwaqa said they wanted their officers to be transparent in the way they did things and this was the reason for the program.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:21 PM

Does your mother know you are on her computer again behaving like a sad pathetic piece of filth.

Anonymous said...

Have a good look into the Kean family... make their family tree and see who gets what from Mr. B.

Suomynona said...

Even frankie himself here is acting like a typical kaisi bokola.

Very immature of him to come up with such a small word like as if it were a very big issue.

He looks like a big-time showoff in this scenario.

Anonymous said...

True, Fiji's economy was tottering on the edge of the abyss in 2009. But it wasn't because of anything the Commander did. How dare the opposition insinuate that our economic problems somehow had something to do with the Commander abrogating the Constitution, postponing elections, dismissing the judiciary, introducing the PER, torturing opponents, devaluing our money, introducing early retirement, raiding our pension fund, mismanaging the economy, etc.

We in the FFP know better. Any simpleton can see that Fiji's economic woes were all because nearly a decade before Qarase held elected office, he commited the crime, premeditated and with malice aforethought, of investing in Class A shares in an undersubscribed stock offering.

Anonymous said...

The way to give this government a reality check is very easy. Print copies of audit reports, and all the other reports on coup4.5 and Fijileaks(This is to be done by our educated young generation). And Gather you family members, all the elderly in the family and villages and discuss it, show them prove. Bainimarama has brought unprecedented levels of corruption that Fiji never faced in its entire history. I must commend Bainimarama for being a real politician and excelling in giving convincing talks about accountability and transparency. The innocent may be influenced, so its important to keep educating people that there is huge difference in what that KAISI BAINIMARAMA says and WHAT HE DOES. Let him not EARN RESPECT AND CONFIDENCE OF PEOPLE ON BED OF LIES.THATS UNETHICAL. Can some really educated people on COUP 4.5 please think of ways in which we can let the world know THAT ALL IS NOT WELL IN FIJI AND THAT WE ARE STILL LIVING IN DICTATORSHIP! Is there any Human Rights movement where we can send details of all the people tortured under Bainimarama. All the speeches that they give in inetrnations forums is a farce.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The crybabies who are anti Baini....
Ff is the best govt ever, unlike the bigger crooks of Mara, and Qarase.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.54PM. No it's your mother and your sister who are cry babies, that's because the soldiers boys had anal-prodding practice on them.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think FijiFirst supporters must be secretly getting anal probing and they are enjoying it thats why they are SO BLIND AND CANT DIFFERENTIATE RIGHT FROM WRONG THE IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:22 you talk like one as you are already blind by evil deeds 0f Gearge Speight and Teleitinana Kepa ans Naiqama

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.06PM, you talk like someone who has had his anus prodded by Meli Bainimarama. Bastard.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:08 PM

So what we need are people that can come up with something to support the claims such as yours.

Until such time as they can you will remain being laughed at by all those that continually hear your whining.

Facts girl, not your school-yard gossip.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Why would Baimagasona attend a court hearing when he's not being summoned to attend?

Anonymous said...

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights all already know about the regime's deplorable human rights record. The problem is that the UN, Australia, New Zealand and the United States all need Fijian soldiers to staff peacekeeping operations nobody else wants, so they want to declare Fiji a democracy, even though they know the elections were a sham. China will turn a blind eye to anything so long as it can corrupt our officials and suck the life's blood out of our resources and economy. Russia doesn't care about morality either and just wants diplomatic support for Russian-backed breakaway republics and the like. So, the problem isn't that these countries don't know about our human rights situation, it's that their motivations cause them to turn a blind eye to our suffering.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:15 speaks like someone who is really hurt down the rear if he was not than he would not be talking in this manner sorry bro for their shaft were only pumped a little bit more to suite your size lolls

Tui Viti said...

With Traitors and liumuri Army Officers out of the way the Commander quickly embarked on the road 'Fiji's return to Democracy'.Military cleaned up and those pending have fled overseas.

Well Elections were held last year and we the people of Fiji have seen that the PM really cares about Fiji's future and putting our hopes in him we voted him in to power voting 279.

More than half of what was promised during Campaign period by PM have been fulfilled, well Budget was passed in double quick time due to inconsistencies amongst the Opposition.

I concur with Anon who stated that Fiji's economy fared well during 2009, it was the manner in which our complex economy was set up and the manner PM handled the cash flow.FIRCA staff need to be congratulated for recovery of tax in the 100 of millions ,vinaka vakalevu,that money is now being well utilised by the Fiji First Govt, when in past years even most of FIRCA staff [as I was reliably been informed], dont have any idea where and how that money was being used by Govt.

China has a population in the billions,it cant feed itself so it has to rely on friendly nations to supply its population demand for food,therein comes Fiji,with clean unpoluted seas, we could suply some of their demands with clean,healthy and tasty fish including beche-de-mer,seaweeds and salt.

28,000 Chinese visited Fiji last year,that number would triple this year and coming years after ther Chinese President visited Fiji it has put Fiji on the world map in China,when the Indian PM visited Fiji it has also placed Fiji on the world map in India.

Tourist from both countries are flocking to breath clean fresh Fiji air,drink pure Fiji water and bathe in the white sands and clean beaches of Natadola,Denarau etc.

The movie industry are keen to follow after seeing a sample of the scene we offer to the world.

Its hello world,we are Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

One BOCI from Fiji is ISIS recruiter in Australia - latest news

Qarona ISIS peoples...breeding secretly and spreading places

"The terrorist death cult Islamic State has reportedly found a new senior Australian jihadi recruiter after its highest-ranked Australian, Mohammed Ali Baryalei, was killed in October.

The fighters have chosen Melbourne man Neil Prakash, who goes by the name of Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, as former Sydney bouncer Baryalei’s brainwashing successor, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Al-Cambodi, who previously appeared in jihadist propaganda videos on YouTube, has been using his Twitter and Ask.fm accounts to answer questions about IS.
‘Worry what Allah is planning,’ the Fijian and Cambodian man reportedly instructed nonbelievers.

Al-Cambodi’s Twitter page frequently describes Islamic State activities in real time, including the capturing of an air base, and encourages others to join the extremist group.
'Heavy Clashes in tabqa, fireworks is the agenda tonight! Please done forget the brothers in your duas (prayers)! [sic]' he previously posted.

Baryalei is alleged to have recruited half of the 60 Australians fighting in the Middle East.
After his death was reported on social media in October his mother and a senior defence force member claimed they believed he was still alive.
Baryalei left Australia in 2013 to go to Syria and a warrant was put out for his arrest in September as it emerged he was recruiting fighters to the Islamic State's cause.

Defence force chief of joint operations Vice Admiral David Johnston said he has seen no information to confirm social media reports the Australian was killed in Syria.
'Increasingly, it looks less likely than likely,' he told reporters.
'I have not seen anything to indicate, on balance, that he is dead.'
His phone calls to Australia, allegedly regarding a plot to behead a random member of the public, sparked the largest anti-terrorism raids in the country's history, which targeted 25 homes in NSW and Queensland.
A social media report at the end of October said Baryalei had been martyred, although it gave no details, and the Australian government was unable to confirm the reports.
Vice Admiral Johnston said he has seen reports indicating a number of IS leaders have been targeted in air strikes, and there is no doubt that is having an impact on their leadership capability.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti, kindly remind the PM to deliver my gumboots. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's traitors and liumuri officers are not ALL out of the way.

He's still here!

Anonymous said...

@10.35 so the Aussie Security services knows this Prakash aka al Cambodi is doing all that stuff and what are they doing about it ?

I thought he would have had a special strike team from the Aussie SASR take him for a ride to the Blue Mountains for some rest and relaxation exercises to teach him to calm down and be a good boy ?

Prakash is a Hindu name. Seems like he is a recent convert to Islam.

Anonymous said...

The movie industry is now flocking to our shores. As Tui Viti tells us, they are keen to follow after seeing a sample of the scene we offer to the world.

Everyone remembers the movie "Blue Lagoon", filmed right here in Fiji with Brooke Shields. A new one is on the way to show the spirit of the New Fiji, with Forest Whitaker in the role of PM Bainimarama and Anil Kapoor as the AG.

It's hello world, we are Fiji!

That's why the movie is appropriately titled "Bula, Goon".

Anonymous said...

To charge anyone for the CRWU deaths at the mutiny the Police first need evidence from eyewitnesses.

No eye witnesses no case.

Expecting loyal soldiers to give evidence against other loyal soldiers for that action and hoping that somehow it will lead to convictions of soldiers and possibly a case against Bainimarama is fantasy

It will not happen

Anonymous said...

Hughes had NO CASE against Bainimarama

He tried to make up a case, to the extent of trying to have the New Zealand Police charge Bainimarama in New Zealand on fictitious counts and charges

Winston Peters looked at the so called Charge sheet and baulked.

The New Zealand DPP choked.

It failed.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:10 AM, you call them loyal soldiers. Loyal to who? Loyal to what?

Certainly not loyal to Fiji, not loyal to the people, not loyal to the Constitution, not loyal to the flag or even to the truth.

Loyal to a man who betrayed your fellow soldiers and then led all of you into treason against the state, bullying the people, burning the Constitution, shredding the flag, and lies and cheating.

Get this through your fat head. You are not loyalists. You are traitors.

Anonymous said...

I think you need a mouthful of Georges vudi first, You badly need it .

Anonymous said...

@2.50 Loyal to your comrade in arms.

Its a simple logic. Men came to kill you and your comrade in arms. They shot dead one of your comrade in arms who was asleep. They shot dead another comrade in arms who was working on a computer. They tried to shoot other comrade in arms and thankfully missed, but they did wound many more. And but for the Grace of God they would have killed you too had they gotten the chance to do so.

Their leaders get killed.

Now they want you to give evidence against your own comrade in arms who killed them ?

Logically it will never happen.

That is why it is a fantasy.

Why should any loyal soldier give evidence in support of people who tried to kill them in the first place and then got killed as a result of trying to do so ?

It will never happen

Anonymous said...

Nawaikula revealed details of drug gangs on Tunuloa being made to duck walk without their clothes whilst being "taunted" by a military team in 2013.

He fails to mention that in Tunuloa and all those areas in Cakaudrove where those gangs have taken root even the authority of the Chiefs he supposedly stands for have been eroded to the extent that Chiefs are threatened by those gangs in their own villages. Chiefs are sworn at and abused and their authority is virtually nil in many of those drug areas.

Those gangs have engaged in gun crimes as well, such as the attempted assassination in front of the Taveuni Post office a few years ago when one gang member gunned down the leader of an opposite gang member in broad daylight.

That's the context in which these events are happening.

Its far better that those boys be made to duck walk naked and eat cow dung and giving them the opportunity to make a change rather then wait until the become a true threat to national security (rather then just being a threat to their own region) and have to engage them.

Whats happened there in Cakaudrove is simply the manifestation of the breakdown of the village system because the big Chiefs have been busy playing ME BIG MAN at the GCC to be bothered with their own youths.

So the Army is forced to come in and reign in those boys who have run wild and become a threat to their own region.

Maybe if guys like Nawaikula start with working with the youths in his own province so that they stop marijuana cultivation and all the associated crimes coming out of that and helped them to find alternative a better and sustainable livelihoods instead of all that GCC nonsense, this thing of the Army going there because those youths have gotten out of hand would not be happening.

Anonymous said...

Here's another simple logic.

You're a loyal Fijian soldier. Some of your comrades who specialise in counter-terrorism activities are directed by their commanding officer to participate in a realistic drill where the scenario is a terrorist takeover of Parliament. They're issued weapons, transport, and baraclavas to wear as props. By Day Two of the exercise, they already know they've been misled, but they don't know to what end or how high up the command the deceit runs.

As time passes, it becomes clear to them that they're pawns in a coup attempt, but they're not sure by who or for what ends. They are getting paid their salaries, though, which is a strong indication of support from the Commander, RFMF. He is the most logical person to be orchestrating the coup.

Outside of Parliament, all sorts of things are happening. Someone is trying to rally different elements in support of the coup. Your comrades in Parliament have little practical choice but to play the role assigned to them and to see how the mystery unfolds.

In the end, your comrades find that the Commander was a traitor who exploited the situation in order to pressure the President into handing him extraconstitutional power. They learn it was all just a cynical power grab by the Commander, and their ultimate role was to be sacrificed, as his patsies, for the advancement of his personal career.

Seething with anger, they rashly attempt to wrest control of the military from this traitor and to kill him. They use lethal force in trying to take over the camp but just miss their main prey, who abandons his command and barely escapes by running through a cassava patch, without even pausing long enough to wipe away the shit dripping down his legs.

Taking back the camp from your comrades, the Commander portrays your comrades' action as a mutiny and lauds all who resisted them as heroes.

At the first opportunity, he seizes control of the government from the duly elected government, claiming his motives are pure and his administration temporary. Instead, he decides to hold it by hook or by crook for the rest of his life, and to enrich himself in the process.

When the courts find his actions unconstitutional, he replaces the courts and the Constitution, too. When unarmed citizens complain, he beats them. When the press speaks out, he muzzles it. When our traditional allies complain, he ditches them in favor of new allies. When our traditional chiefs stand up for Fijians, he strips away their authorities. When the Church murmurs, he forbids it from meeting. When he's told his acts are unconstitutional, he replaces the Constitution. When his top commanders finally decide to remove him and restore civilian constitutional authority, he arrests them and accuses them of disloyalty.

Following this simple logic, who is disloyal -- your comrades or your commander?

Anonymous said...

Duck walked naked and forced to eat cow dung?

How about the idea of due process, of trying them in court, letting all of the facts and arguments be heard and challenged, and letting the courts decide their punishment?

Why is it that the accused are punished before they have the chance to defend themselves before their accusers? Why doesn't anything ever happen to the true criminals, who are the soldiers obstructing the course of justice?

Anonymous said...

@8.49 The Itaukei villages have their own rules of discipline which have existed for thousands of years.

Up until the 1970's the Turaga ni Koro and the elders meted out summary justice to those who were "out of line". That is how discipline and respect was maintained in the villages.

A good example is "Vakasausa" eg drunkness in the village, fighting, swearing, not respecting the dignity of the village etc etc etc All these things could be handled by the Turaga ni Koro and the elders with a "summary hiding" on the offender.

You will see that upto the early 80's when this system was still very strong the level of crimes in the villages were virtually NIL. The Fijian villages were all safe and respected places and homes. The Chiefs authority was respected. The villages were kept clean and the people were healthy and happy. There was abundance of food and there was virtually ZERO social problems in the villages. Cultivation of marijuana was UNKNOWN.

When youths in the urban areas got caught up in crime the Judges and Magistrates were quite happy to send them back to their villages for some "Itaukei discipline".

That system broke down after 1987

The attendant consequences of that breakdown are now evident all across the land.

Crime in the villages has now reached the stage where many villages are drug producing as their sole source of income.

In some villages the drug lords even fund the building of the Churches. This is whats happened in many villages as a matter of fact.

And the respect for authority and traditional Itaukei discipline has totally broken down. Youths have become a law unto themselves, they have become rebellious to authority, they threaten their own Chiefs, they refuse to follow village decisions and in many places such as the example in Tunuloa they freely cultivate drugs as a prime industry for the village.

In my view the old Itaukei methods are still relevant in the villages. There has to be a bicultural context to the law and those things which have been proven throughout millennia to be successful in keeping Itaukei villages strong, healthy and happy should not be discarded.

The reason they have typhoid and dengue and all those outbreaks in villages today is simply because the Turaga ni Koro is unable to call the youths of the village to do village cleaning. In the past when the Turaga ni Koro called the whole village lined up and did the work required to keep their village clean and healthy so that nobody would get sick from the kind of problems that's happening now.

Today its the opposite. When the Turaga ni Koro calls for "were koro" he gets a fuck you and piss off and I'm busy and this and that from the youths. And what can he do ? Nothing.

So then the Government has to go to the villages with the Ministry of Health and do all that work which had the village itself been doing would have prevented those diseases in the first place from emerging.

That's just a sad example.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying that Due process and the Constitution is irrelevant.

All I am saying is that the old methods should not be discarded because they have been proven to work over millennia.

What the RFMF drug teams did was simply apply the cultural context to bringing those youths into line. Had their parents and their village elders been doing that, then those youths wouldn't be cultivating marijuana and threatening the safety of their own communities in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs authority has broken down to he level where they are now talking about banishing youths from their own villages.

That's just a sign of complete resignation to the fact that they simply are unable to control their youths.

Its also very sad, in my view.

They are banishing those youths from the land where their umbilical cord is planted. That is an Itaukei tradition, the childs umbilical cord when it falls out after borth is planted on his home land and signifies his ties to his land.

When the Chiefs start talking about banishing their own sons of the soil from their own Yavutu then there is a really big problem in the social fabric of the village

And we are talking about probably hundreds of Itaukei youths falling into that category.

So where do they go to ?

This is all a sign of the failure of the system in the first place. And it didn't start now. It started way back in the mid 80's when the Chiefs became more interested in the gravy train and the GCC and screwing around in Suva motels with the ladies of the night (that's what all those weekenders at the Peninsula and Pender Court and the Suva hotel and all that was all about) instead of looking after their main responsibilities to their people and village.

So who cleans up the mess they create ?

The State.

Who pays for it ?

The people of Fiji.

All the prisons in this country are full of Itaukei youth.

The criminal lists of all the Courts in every corner of this country on any given day is just crammed with Itaukei from top to bottom.

They now even have to set up special Courts in the villages because the crimes there have risen to levels where Courts can be set up there.

The question is simple: is the system working to reduce delinquency and crime or is it only feeding its increase ?

Anonymous said...

Instead of attacking Bainimarama, Nawaikula and the Tui Cakau should look at their own province and its villages.

Frank Bainimarama's island of Kiuva has ZERO CRIME RATE, NO DRUG CULTIVATION, its children go to school, the village is clean and the people work hard and live quietly as responsible Fijian citizens

Nawaikula does not feel any shame for highlighting his own province as having a drug and crime problem, and yet he and the Tui Cakau constantly attack Frank Bainimarama who at least can speak from a position of credibility on the issue when he talks about good Itaukei villages because its proven on his own island of Kiuva.

The only thing that the island is always coming on the radio Fiji one for is their Village choir and the church services from there

There is no story about crime or village fighting or dengue or any sort of typhoid or the like from Kiuva

The contrast with the Roko Tui Dreketi's place where factionalism even within her own household is discussed in the Fijian media is stark.

Maybe these so called wanna be champions of Itaukei rights should start at home. E tekivu mai Jerusalemi.

Go fix their own villages and provinces before coming and making pretense on the national stage

Anonymous said...

Many people are living in denial thinking and wishing that this status quo will remain. They think that previous PolCom Andrew Hughes had not any evidence against Bainimarama's treacherous participation in the 2000 coup. Even the guns and weapons of the RFMF will not prevail against the truth.

Time will come when many present soldiers and former soldiers and other accomplices will wish they had never participated in executing the coups of 1987, 2000 and 2006. Even Rabuka has expressed his regret and so has Speight who has now spent more than a decade in gaol. Bainimarama needs to do so now or it will be too late for him.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:02 AM

You could not have summed the situation up better.

The Chiefs not only looked after themselves but stood by and let the Methodist Church control peoples lives to the extent where it compromised there ability to function as families.

So today we have more than one generation that are incapable of adapting into a progressing society. No skills, no responsibility and totally unemployable. They will be a burden on society for the duration of their lives.

Whilst many are now coming to recognise this not enough has been done yet to solve the root cause of the problems and that is the Methodist Churches continuing effort to curtail family and individuals personal development.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 10:02
What you forgot is that the people of Kiuva hate Bainida.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 2:07PM.
I don't know where you got your idea of The Methodist Churches curtailing Family and Individuals Personal development from.

The Methodist Church runs The Dilkusha Homes for orphaned and abandoned babies. Most of them of Indian origin.
This was done to try and help these helpless humans to become somebody.

The Methodist church runs Delainavesi School.
THAT IS THE METHODIST CHURCH....trying to help women in society.


Thousands of people of DIFFERENT RACES have been helped by the Methodist Church.

Honestly, if you are an FFP Supporter, then its understandable why you have this moronic level of shit in your brains.




IT JUST SHOWS a certain level of inability to think logically, so typical of FFP people.

YOU DID NOT EVEN THINK before you wrote it.

Anonymous said...

@3.15 there are nice and bad people in every religions, and the best people I know are atheist. It is not because you can point at a good thing about a religious organization that they are, overall, desirable. Fiji would be a much better place with more rational people and less religious people. If a non-religious person helps you, you know it is genuine. With an organization like the Methodist Church, you always "wonder why" they behave the way they do...

Anonymous said...

The best people you know are atheists? I don't know whether that says more about them or about you.

I agree that the Church and the chiefs should do more to channel young people into productive pursuits and to model purpose-driven lives themselves. But I certainly wouldn't look to the RFMF to have a positive role in this. Bainimarama has shown zero respect for the chiefs his whole life. Now he wants to elevate himself above the chiefs. He has done more than anyone to weaken the Methodist Church in Fiji and to undercut the role of the chiefs.

Forcing youth to duck walk naked and eat cow dung isn't modeling the kind of behaviour we want to see from young people. It is instead indulging the immature and undisciplined amongst the rank and file and letting them bully our children, with the only result being that our children want to grow up to be bullies, too.

Restore dignity and authority to our chiefs and the Church. Use the RFMF to defend the country, not run it.

Anonymous said...

True that most inmates and former inmates are iTaukei and their parents and ancestors are and were brought up in the Methodist Church. It is also true that several Methodist Church ministers, pastors and preachers have and had committed serious crimes and sins. But this is not to blame the Church for all the crimes that have and had happened.

The teachings of the Church as taught by true and faithful Christians are clear, but it is the individual person who has the responsibility to live his life as a law abiding citizen or as a criminal. The Church can only set guidelines as to how one should keep the law and commandments but it cannot punish law breakers.

But what is happening is that since the 1987 coup in which some Methodist senior ministers participated in its execution was that the law was broken by these ministers, Rabuka and many personnel of the RFMF. This is where many youths of today have somehow imagined in their minds that they too may break the law. The coups of 2000 and 2006 have made things worse and Bainimarama, and many in the RFMF are also to blame.

Anonymous said...

Those on this blog who attended Itaukei Boarding schools for boys eg RKS, QVS, LMS etc etc etc know that the belt or the cane or the hose pipe is used extensively for disciplinary purposes in Itaukei boys boarding schools.

For the bigger boys the teachers used the fists and/or the slap.

It was done with restraint by the teachers and/or seniors boys.

And we all turned out good and our parents never complained.

So please, lets cut the pretense.

Any boy who went to an Itaukei boys Boarding school and says that's not true is either suffering from dementia or just lying.

Anonymous said...

The Methodist Church has been a pathway to political power and social status in Fiji. It's not to be wondered if some vultures have roosted in its branches. That's no excuse, however, for Bainimarama's persecution of the Church. He's not looking to reform or purify the Church. He's only looking to neutralise it, in order to monopolise all political power, concentrating it in his own hands only.

Anonymous said...

You all turned out good!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

Bainimarama went to Marist. He turned out to be a coward, thug and traitor.

Or was he the exception? Not enough of the hose pipe?

Anonymous said...

Do the teachers and senior boys at iTaukei boarding schools beat students until their testicles are obliterated, their anuses cannot retract, and every rib is broken?

Or is that just an RFMF custom?

Anonymous said...

Vilitati Ligairi was beaten to death on the Rewa bridge in 1991 (in Nausori) by the Police Mobile Unit after they captured him whilst he was robbing the Service station next to the bridge. He was involved in many other robberies in the Suva area of service stations, pay roll deliveries and banks and was well known to the Police.

David Wise was beaten to death by the Police as well (at Waila). He was also captured after a chase duting a robbery when he was beaten to death. He was also well known to the Police

Those are just two incidents which happened way before 2006.

Interestingly enough there was no hue and cry when those two died and no one has been charged todate for their killings.

Apparently they were "good killings" because they were done under the "right kind of Democracy" and right kind of "rule of law".

Contrast with the killings since 2006 where those involved have been charged and taken to Court starting with Rabaka, then Malasebe and now Soko those men who died before 2006 seem to have died under the right Government so nobody cared that they were beaten to death, it was a legal and democratic beating to death under a legal and democratic government which seems to have made it okay to the extent that there were no investigations and no one charged.

Anonymous said...

@5.31pm I disagree.In fact that treatment made me more violent.On social grounds it made me more defensive and more offensive when ever anyone tried to corner or mock me.

Those type of disciplinary measures are outdated and useless today.It has been proven in scientific study's that disciplinary measures such as beatings can cause a huge effect on the individual psychological state of mind.The person will only be driven to violence or to defend themselves.
This method of beatings and beltings only
ended up for me bashing and re-arranging the teachers,head boy and prefects faces.Some will say oh well you didn't learn you need more beatings.Let me tell you the only thing I got out of beatings is an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth,do unto others what they have done to you.

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