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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another Fijian institution destroyed

Frank Bainimarama's regime government has taken a machete to another Fijian institution - boarding schools.

Adi Cakobau, Ratu Kadavulevu and Queen Victoria Schools will from next year only cater for students from remote areas in a one-eyed plan to level the playing field for Indian students.

All three schools have been prominent for providing quality education and producing great Fijian leaders, many who have gone on to become CEOs, Ministers, Prime Ministers and Presidents of Fiji. 

They have also produced notable sports players.

But Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy says the boarding schools were originally meant to cater for students who hailed from the interior and remote outer islands.

He said lately, this privilege had been abused by students within urban areas whom he referred to as the elite group.

"I want to announce today that next year, no boarding space will be given to students from urban areas or the elite in all facilities in the government boarding schools such as QVS, ACS, RKS and the likes.

"Boarding schools will only be reserved for children that come from the remote outer islands or the interior of our mainland.

"Children in urban areas are expected to get their education from the many nearby schools available to them in their areas."

Adi Cakobau School (ACS) was established as a boarding school by the government in 1948 and was named after King Cakobau's grand-daughter. Its English language curriculum included traditional academic subjects, traditional dance, music and crafts. 
Ratu Kadavulevu School

Queen Victoria School (QVS) was established in 1906 initially to provide education to the sons of Fijian Chiefs but over the years students have been multiracial.

Ratu Kadavulevu School (RKS) is said to be the largest of the three boarding schools. Its students are multiracial, but predominantly Fijian.

Former students of the three schools have vowed to 'save our schools'.

One former student wrote:

1. The three schools mentioned were not established for the reasons claimed by the Minister. The reasons for their respective establishment are facts that are well documented, and it would do the Minister good, to do his own research on this. The National Archives; for which he is Minister should have irrefutable information on this. I think that the Minister has either been ill-advised or has just been plain ignorant of the facts.

2. Although the three schools have primarily educated Itaukei students over the years, they have all also had the privilege of having students of other ethnicity, and indeed international backgrounds.

3. When the three schools were established, the Itaukei race was still largely rural based, and this is probably where the Minister's claim is originating from. However; there have been significant social and demographic shifts in the decades since. This is a fact that must be recognized.

4. The three schools, and indeed any school in Fiji; have never had any policy that excluded any student based on ethnicity, religious belief, social class, or family residential address. Any such policy would be discriminatory. I have never seen or experienced during my years at one the three schools mentioned; any evidence that it catered only to a certain class of people. There was always a healthy and balanced mix of students from different social backgrounds. In fact, in didn't matter who you were or who your parents were, or whether your home was in the city or the village; if you qualified through gaining the required standards, then that was all that mattered. That is the way it should remain.

5. There are other government boarding schools that have students / boarders who come from urban based families. Will this policy apply to those schools as well ?

6. Does the Minister realise that by implementing such a policy, the three schools will be greatly and unfairly disadvantaged, as they will not be able to accept a student who might be eminently academically capable, or possessing outstanding athletic abilities; simply because his or her family resides in a certain part of the country?

7. Has the Minister considered the great disruption that this policy will cause ? Given that (a) thousands of parents and students will have to all of a sudden look for alternative schools (b) immediate and medium term plans and strategies of schools in areas such as sports, student leadership, etc; will be thrown into disarray. The Minister must remember that schools are made up of more than just books, buildings, and facilities. Although government is the legal owner of the three schools; it is important for us to ask the question; Who is the government ? I would dare suggest that ultimately the government is ....The People.

8. Ultimately this is an issue that challenges parents' and students' freedom to choose the school that they want to patronize or enrol at. On that basis; it should not be an issue of concern only for Students, Parents and Alumni of Adi Cakobau School, Queen Victoria School, and Ratu Kadavulevu School, but should be for stakeholders of every school in Fiji.


Julab Dean. said...

Good move Minister. Now the poor rural itaukei children will have the same opportunity as rich chief and elites children.

Anonymous said...

Julab, it seems like you and the minister needs a honeymoon in a remote island.

Anonymous said...

As an old scholar of one of the subject school i am flabbergasted at this recent move by the government. I know for sure that we the old scholars and other interested stakeholders will not stand by n allow this to happen. We will oppose it from all angles n uphold what the three schools are known for. I call upon the other members of parliament to pls stand up against this ill advised education minister and tell him the truth n also the pros n cons of what he intends to do.

Anonymous said...

The schools mentioned was built in the first place to cater for the students coming from remote parts of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Since the PM is an ex student of one of the mentioned schools then he is roped in as one of the elite....what say Hon minister for education?

Anonymous said...

The minister for education needs to have his head screwed on. This is dicrimination at its worst and the stupid leader just sits there and does nothing....against the students...why are the students been punished ? What have they done wrong...?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back c45

Anonymous said...

One of the important criteria of getting into these schools was the attainment of the necessary entry marks. Whether the students were from the rural areas or from urban areas, chief or commoner.
This common denominator resulted in the different positions of leadership that those former students ended up in.
The schools with the support of government kept these entry marks up until recently. Furthermore, it should be remembered that these schools are backed by sustainable financial allocations and resources to uphold its standards.
We need sustainable allocations for the school library, science laboratory, computer laboratories, textbooks.
More so, the QVS, RKS and ACS of old had teachers who were handpicked to serve in these schools by the ministry's staffing section, who used to staff these schools first before non-government schools.
These days, RKS, QVS and ACS would be without maths,physics, chemistry, biology teachers for weeks year in and year out.
Where we used to send the best students, we used to send the best teachers and allocate the best resources.
This is no longer happening today, when the schools go without proper funding allocation, facilities are almost breaking down, school programs are inclined more towards sports and social activities rather than academic excellence.
Students' intake policy by the Reddy ministry for 22016, is geographically based and not academically founded. In the good old days it does not matter whether Anare Jale was from Ono i Lau or the late Ilai Kuli was from Waidina, if they had the marks to RKS, they were in.
Whether Roko Seru Nabalarua was from Kadavu or the late Ratu Aisea Katonivere was from Macuata, if they had the marks, they were in.
The Reddy ministry is coming up with an outdated entry policy at a time when geographical boundaries are breaking down, he is trying to isolate and box out students based on geography.
Let's focus on the marks, the quality teachers, the proper resources and not attract attention to a meaningless criteria...Ready!!!

Anonymous said...

Good, next...they'll be renaming the schools. Queen Sarita Devi College...Leonidas College, Lodoni..Nur Bano School.....

Anonymous said...

Probably the Minister is following protocol. He was ill advised. Yes he's correct but in today's competitive and democratic world, this doesn't look bright as one sector is deprived of the other. Can you leave the schools, teachers, parents, x scholars and students alone Mahen and focus more on providing better and quality education for teachers and students. Focus on how to improve the school conditions and getting education free for all.
It wont rest well with the old scholars. Im one myself and I still owe my educational upbringing to the school.The three schools are the breeding grounds for Fijis Leaders. The likes of Frank, Qarase and Rabuka were students in either one. Likewise a home and a stepping stone for great leaders Amraiya Naidu, Tudreu, Guivalu, Boladuadua andTaufa.
Leave the three schools alone.

Anonymous said...

Julab Dean, I have one advice for you; Go fuck a goat you moron. This preposterous idea came from an Indian who has only one thing in his mind, and that is to look after Indian students.

These schools have been educating students from all walks of life and a lot of them went on to hold very prominent positions in society. Come on Baimagasona what you going to say?

Anonymous said...

During my days as a student at one of the boarding schools, my parents were not elites. Most of the students too were not from well-to-do parents but were just rural villagers or just labourers in the towns and cities such as Sigatoka, Nausori, Lautoka and Suva.

What was common in all of us as students was that we were qualified to be in these boarding schools because our entry level marks were above par. The Government of the day employed teachers who were the best and were not bent on only the wages and salaries they earned.

Anonymous said...

Greed ! Greed! Greed! First it was the multi ethnic affairs scholarship . Now the pride of the I taukei, RKS, QVS, ACS are shaken one more time.To the itaukei, the three schools are not only educational institutions, but are symbolic of their culture and tradition.The first Provincial school was RKS where the coloniel thinkers had transformed as an institution to educate and preserve Fijian language, tradition and culture.
The minister of educations' take on this is a' step' not a slap on the face of the taukei.
What's next? And Bai is sitting there as if nothing is wrong. We need someone to steer the boat correctly to stop another Mayday 1987.

Anonymous said...

Another case of uncoordinated policy development. What would be the role now of rural high schools which Governments have built up with assistance from owners from Junior Secondary Schools in the 1970's to High Schools now? These rural high schools were meant to stem the urban drift from rural areas where whole families had to relocate to Suva and live in informal settlements so that their kids can attend high school. Bad policy development will one day lead to a catastrophic collapse in our governance system. Dr. Reddy please think! And Dr. Reddy's advisers do not be afraid to tender the correct advice - at least your conscience will be clear!

Ram Prakash said...

I remember one time seeing an Indian girl in the QVS Uniform. The school committee happily admitted her there.
Reddy's attack on these schools is illogical.

I wonder if the Taxi Driver's wife asked him to do this for her?

Anonymous said...

Reddy...this is the last of all the institution you should touch. You dont know what can happen to you. Do you know the number of old scholars of these schools living close to your home? or the old scholars that can come to haunt you, Sir? As an old boy i suggest that you supervise the free milk and weetbix delivery to PreK schools. Vulinitu, Delainakaikai or Sawani..let them be..kaka pei..dont touch..hands off..it will haunt you.

Anonymous said...

Lol..hahaha...good one Ram

Kamlesh Kumar said...

These schools belong to the government. They are not Fijian institutions. What is wrong to up bring the lives of rural poor itaukeis? The Indians will not benefit at all from this. This move is to help the rural Fijians. No wonder rich Fijians and chiefs are bemoaning. In past these institutions created racist PMs like Qarase and Rabuka.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:04 PM

If your attitude and threats are an example of the type of persons these schools have turned out they did not do too well.

It's the bigots like you that Fiji needs to rid itself of, it will take time but the majority of people are cheering this government on to do it.

Free Gumboot said...

@Kamlesh you idiot. Have you read @Anonymous 11:10 AM ?

The Rural areas already have their Secondary schools and Rural students already have access to these 3 schools.

The Ministry should help these schools.

Is Minister Reddy stupid or what?

Just like Bainimarama, this is another idea pulled out of his arse or maybe the Taxi Driver's wife's arse.

Parnell resident said...

Kamlesh Kumar get fucked you bitch. Tell you what, let's meet up for a talanoa on this and I'll let you know how I feel about this bitch. K'rd where you frequent or the WINZ office you've been to many times? Come on let's see how tough you are bitch.

Vili Rakoro said...

Who the fuck is Bainimarama to say he'll attend the Forum if NZ and Australia are kicked out of the Forum? He's clearly lost the plot chief WankWanker.

Anonymous said...

Rakoroi Australia and NZ must go they always act as big brothers to suite what they want done and that's not fine with frank and he has come clean with them no big deal

Kamlesh Kumar-Otara said...

The rich elite Fijians and chiefs are crying because now they cant see masses of poor itaukei children going to go to these schools. By going to these good schools the poor are going to break the poverty cycle and be equal with chiefs and elites. No Indian children will benefit from this change over. I cant see any fuss why the elite nationalist and chiefs are against their own people. The verdict is that chiefs and elites want to be rich and in power by controlling the poor.

Anonymous said...

Another of ASK'relative, Abdul Khan who is ceo of FSC was reported to be abusing office by screwing one married office staff in FSC premises and vehicle. The complaint was however swept without a trace by ASK 's cohorts. The old hog is sugar daddy and kaiyums his towel boy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:18pm, I saw him with young Indian girl and two child at Shelley park during Easter. I thought she was his daughter until I saw them kissing. Later, he and the girl left the two kids to play near the waterfront while they proceeded to Tanoa Waterfront hotel to play with each other.

Anonymous said...

Fuckoff to your caste system india kulina

Tomasi said...

I will have to return to this article with a more substantive comment. But the serious implications of Mahendra Reddy's policy denads immediate response.

Reddy and his group of coup supporters turn government ministers have been engaged in many serious and unwarranted activities. The cumulative effect of these activities, policies and decrees is to radically transform Fijian society according to their whims and designs. Behind these actions and attitudes are a series of agendas that have serious political, economic and social overtones.

In short, Reddy, Aiyaz and their amateur politicians are engaged in social re-engineering of a very serious, blatant and revolutionary kind that seek to alienate and disenfranchise the natives of Fiji. This latest move to change the way the three top predominantly Fijian schools is one of a series of actions against the native Fijians. Reddy would be wise to pause and reconsider his actions and intentions. What he has proclaimed to do may be detrimental to his own personal and political career and the future of the FFP regime of puffed up selfish fools. For the sake of racial harmony in Fiji, I urge our one eyed Minister of Education to try and see this issue with two eyes. Looking at things with one eye causes distortion and affects our ability to see things more clearly. Please Reddy, focus your mind on more critical and pressing issues and leave the three schools alone. It is not too late to withdraw. It is not weakness to admit you are wrong. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar Otara, aren't you the cunt who spied on your mother and vutulaki at the same time? Go back to India and rape then burns girls you sick motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 8:32PM

Well boy you had a chance to vote and help change things but like the loser you are you were too lazy to get off your backside and make the effort.

You didn't vote because you wanted to retain the position of being able to moan and whinge about ANY government that was put in power and be able to say "I did not vote for them".

Your words are like a fart in the wind, unlikely to be heard or noticed, insignificant like yourself.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 9.08 pm. It is people like you and minds like yours that really saddens me. You cannot see the deception being played out before your eyes everyday. You cannot understand the truth and the serious implications of what Bai and Khaiyum have been doing. You are very childish in your thinking and vulgar in your language. But you are the very kind of people who support Voreqe and Khaiyum's calculated and devious destruction of the values of righteous living and the protection of people's human rights and freedoms.

Please confine your comments to free milk and cereals, because matters and issues that require abstraction and analysis are beyond you. Attempting to engage in such discussions will naturally force you to swear and engage in the futile and vain exercise of character assasination.

BTW, as far as the election goes, are you proud to elect a murderer, thief, uneducated fool, foul mouthed unstable character like Voreqe to be your prime minister? If your answer is yes, then it speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for. Nothing but yourself. But if your answer is no, then you are an ignorant, confused and arrogant idiot who needs help but does not realise it. Please educate yourself better, shut your mouth and listen to the voice of wisdom around you. Who knows you and many of you supporting Bai and Khai will finally see the light someday when life in Fiji turns darker. That is where you are heading. Bai and Khai are destroying this nation at its core, but people like you can never see that. Can you?

Vili Rakoro said...

This fucked PM is so dumb he doesn't even realise that the Indians are manipulating him to their advantage. The Indians are the most racist people in the world but they're cleverly using this dumbass Bainimarama to do the dirty work for them.

If this asshole Minister wants to get rid of these Fijian institutions then he's got a battle on his hands. Former and current students will rebel and there will be trouble. Dumbshit Bainimarama should watch out because he's fucking up Fiji.

His recent lunatic comments regarding the Forum is one of the many examples that he's losing the plot. His personal crusade to rid NZ and Australia makes him a fucking fool. He thinks he's tough but a man who beats up a pregnant woman is the scum of this earth, and Bainimarama PM of Fiji is in that category.

Anonymous said...

Hi! KKK,
Idiot!! Qarase and Rabuka racist? Can you ask why and who made them? Anyway have you been to any of these schools or attend any of them? I doubt it because if you had, you wont be talking this shit .All along, the institutions were multi cultural and multi racial. They still are. Caucasians, Indians, Tongans, Tuvaluans , chiefs, rich poor all were accepted in the school because they were qualified academically. Can you send a message across to the Minister of education MKR to talk and focus on providing good and quality education for all rather then wasting time and money on meaningless issues.. And also he needs to clear the air of his involvement with the taxi driver's wife. Ask him what's the difference between a poor I taukei and a poor taxi driver whose property(wife) he is stealing. He's making a nuisance of himself.
And finally I have added K as middle initial for Mahen and you because you have one thing in common. You're both Kulina.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Moku Ni Kai IDIA"

Who will you kere kere from ??

Always biting the hands that feed you !!

Ratu Sukuna said...

50% of all places in these 3 taxpayer funded schools should henceforth be reserved for the children of the girmitiyas in recognition of their contribution in building a modern Fiji.

For far too long, they paid taxes while others just had a free ride.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff from the Minister.
Now you see hoe the elite Itaukies are so jealous of the poor itaukies. QVS only took chiefs relatives.
Best thing ever done.
This Govt is doing a great job by helping the poor Itaukies.
Well done

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama aka Chief WankWank of Vanuatu listen up you dumbass. You won't attend the Forum unless NZ and Australia are kicked out of the Forum. Last year you formed the Pacific development whatever but it looks like that is already dead hahaha.

Now your people of Vanuatu were destroyed by a cyclone recently and Bainimagasona, who were the first countries to step in helped the people of Vanuatu? Well it's certainly not China, a country that you want in the Forum to replace NZ and Australia!!! China was nowhere to be seen, even when Fiji was hit by cyclones and floods,NZ and Australia were the first to respond. As for China, well you can answer that.

You think you're tough but as one blogger said, Bainimarama bashing a pregnant woman is not tough it's cowardice. Shame on you and shame on the people who staunchly supported this evil bastard.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back coup4.5.....
Thought we are all equal citizens so criteria should be only those with top marks whether rural or urban.....

Anyway, agree that this is all part of social engineering master plan with the ultimate objective that there will be mo such thing as indigenous but rather a new people ie the Fijian people. I know the 3-4 people involved in this Master Plan.

Common Sense said...

Students should be selected according to their body mass index (BMI) only and nothing else. If a child is from an elite family living near a boarding school BUT is too unfit to reach safely a more distant school, can the enlighted minister tell us if he intends to bear the responsability in case of excessive sweating, smell or worst a heart attack?

Anonymous said...

Will they get free milk too?

The Elite Students in Suva are getting Free Milk.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:28PM

Have you opened you eyes and actually seen the real culprits helping to destroy anything Fijian?

It's your own people that no longer want to follow tradition, it's your own people that no longer want to take part in village custom and it's so many of your own youth that want to spend their day drunk and drugged and be a burden on others.

Wake up, the rot is from the bottom.

Anonymous said...

The new elite will be the part europeans like and part indians and some real native indians like frank, aiyuz and one eye reddy.

Anonymous said...

That's the trouble of wanting to be 'elite'. Na tamata e uluna na kau.
Na pm 'ulukau' together with aiyaz, the reddys and the kai idia of fiji see this as a channce to fuck up fiji. Ni yavu tamata kawaca, manumanu. This is slowly leading to war, a civil disobedience and who knows what else. Liu ga na kai idia, vaka mumuri to yani o koli ulu lala.

Anonymous said...

Good point Rt Sukuna. The 3 schools as far as a I know didnt have.in their intake requirement a policy of segregation. Nothing written. What separates the 3 is gender. RK and QV are predominantly boys while AC, girls but this was relaxed in the 70s. .Girls were gradually accepted at QV and RK The notion that the institutions are only for the taukei as some are claiming is baseless.

Anonymous said...

Well come up with their names

Anonymous said...

Moku ni nakoro, qarauni iqo bush Wacker's black rock and QEB waiting for you baaahahahahahahhaaha.

Anonymous said...

Baifuckermarama through these asshole Indians are trying rid Fiji of what's iTaukei. Come on Fijians let's show this cunt Baifuckermarama that he's making a terrible mistake. And you Indians sorry to say this but you're going to feel the backlash.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim and Indian are to blame.It was a Muslim that wanted Fiji to be independent country.It was a Muslim that created the itaukei movement and scapegoated us.George Speight a Kailoma that lead the coup in 2000 was funded by not only foreigners but also Muslims and Indians(Labasa Indian community said it themselves which was why they called them traitors).It is now a Muslim that is now running the government and BAI is just a puppet.The funders for all this is a Muslim Indian.Rabuka was also part of this gang and he knows it,chuadry knows it, Speight knows it and BAI knows it,Even the Indian elite community knows it.

Anonymous said...

Not on this topic.
C45 and fijileaks do have wealth and resourceful information that our government can always refer to for its day to day operation. Filter out the unnecessary and keep the importants. I'm in awe during my read as some had derived from great thinkers and intellects. Vinaka Viti.

Anonymous said...

Bai losing the plot on Forum,,,,,all leaders now support Aust n NZ.....
dua na tamata lialia dina!!!
Moce jo
By the way free milk and wheet bix equals taxpayers money going to CJ Patel (gues who gets a cut?? he he)funders of Fiji first, creates lazy parents who now depend on govt to give the breakfast......great huh? public as usual is fooled again!

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:15pm...listen-up macafaka
Kerekere is a indian culture and
what you perceived as Fijian Kerekere (begging) from the indo that is not so!
We normally demands from you
macafakas to pay up your frieken
You cannot make money
in Fiji and you cannot take care of your family unless you come and kiss my ass and give me false
promises which you don't intend to
keep, in order to get your 30 years land leases?
What's the matter assole,are you frieken stupid?
The Government of the day
have indicated in their finacial
reports that you macafaka indos owes the Fijian landowners back-
rents of 29 billion dollars. Enough money for Fijians to build
a five story building and 3 cars
with $10,000 in the bank each
month? Look assole, ask your
economic expert Professor Biman
he's saying the same thing-yes
you indos need to pay up your back
rent to the landowner Fijians? Also read Professor John Davis
economic study on Fiji and he had
said the same thing 25 years ago?
So look macafaka-you don't have a
good defence and my ancestors have
been looking after your ass since
you were brought in to slaves in
the cane fields?

Anonymous said...

$24m debt

Talebula Kate
Friday, April 10, 2015

ARREARS for State land leases total $24million, it has been revealed.

Ministry of Lands deputy secretary Malakai Nalawa said the arrears as at the end of last year was $29m when they embarked on Operation Saumia.

He made the statement while appearing before the Public Accounts Committee in Suva yesterday.

He said the ministry had formed a team and through their effort, they managed to collect $5m in arrears.

"In the first quarter for this year, they collected $4.6m," Mr Nalawa said.

"We have taken into account that $16m in agreement with the Ministry of Finance, we should be able to clear 90 per cent of that arrears by the end of this year with that $500,000 budget."

Committee chairman Professor Biman Prasad raised the question on how the ministry had planned to deal with the $24m arrears.

Anonymous said...

Word from MSG members is that Fiji's condition for re-entry to PIFS i.e. Aust. and NZ to butt out, is despised and seen as arrogant and disrespectful of all the leaders. It is an unrealistic condition and PNG is very pissed off. The traditionally warm attitude towards Fiji by its MSG brothers is quickly cooling off as the current power holders now see through Fiji's thinly veiled arrogance. What is clear in these countries is the non-Taukei (which is not Pacific-like) attitude that now appears to dominate Fiji's disposition. Fiji Military assistance in Vanuatu is now being derided and mocked by locals, as they are seen to be doing menial bullshit work around the place which the locals can do easily if not better. Who is paying for the cost of soldiers allowances and rations and etc.? Interesting to compare the cost of that with with value of their relief work. Some locals just want them go back to Fiji and not bullshit helping because it seems they are benefitting more themselves. This is now seen as typical of Fiji's arrogance like they did to Solomons few years back with their insistence that Solomons Government pay huge cost for their useless presence to grace their independence celebration. And Fiji did with great aplomb with no guilt conscience at all at Sol people's taxpayers expense. Come the flood in 2014, Bainimarama's promise to provide help did not eventuate at all. This are the real actions of the Fiji government those people are seeing. It is not surprising that most of them are saying it is good riddance that Fiji stays out of the Forum. It indeed lessens the unnecessary problems Fiji bring is with it to these forums, just to try and show its muscle.

Anonymous said...

i know a relative of Bainimarama who got a piece of land from Bainimarama and who has an arrear on it. Amazing, isn'it?

Anonymous said...


Lease money query

Serafina Silaitoga
Friday, April 10, 2015

A LANDOWNING unit of the newly-constructed hydro on Taveuni has given Government until the end of this month to pay up outstanding premium.

The mataqali Valelevu of Nasarata Village in Somosomo (the descendants of Ratu Nemani Kavuru and Ratu Apenisa Ralulu) claim they have not been paid any premium or lease since giving their consent last year.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse@2:15pm April 10

Listen carefully you kaisi bokola botoboto.

Take your face away from your arse, stop licking your shit, and look around the world which is now quite different.

No more gravy train for you, go do a days work and no rent money for macafakas like you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.16 you sound like Taito from Legalega Nadi. Only one person i know who uses the curse "macafaka" like it was going out of style. Is it you old boy.

Anonymous said...

Dua mada e pecuka yawa a yaloka ni matai Mahendra.

Anonymous said...

Sa koela!. Sa yali tu mada e dua...se viavialevu ga na dokadoka ..vuji riva..me kau yani ki Lau me laki fakawelataki

mothercord said...

Oilei baini toom bahut Kali paisa

Anonymous said...

Well, it runs in the blood. Frank's ancestral parents were survivors of the shipwrecked Syria that went aground Naselai reef(remains are still there today) Ship however was a Brittish vessel bringing the slaves to work in the sugar cane field here in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

.. because the original slaves who were already here couldn't be trusted to do a days work then.

Fast forward 125 years and the descendants of the "slaves" from Syria are now employing the descendants of the original slaves as housegirls, garden boys etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 1:11am...Please explain why
you think that Bainimarama ancestors were from Syria? First
off Bai is not from Nasilai but
he's parents are from Kiuva? Two
different Villages in the Nakelo
district.Bais Mom is a whippy-yep
a afakasi and she is the descendant of the American John
Whippy who had 10 Fijian wives and
was involved in lots of political
upheavals-just like Voreqe? E lutu
na niu e lutu e vuna? Apples don't
falls too far from the tree?
The name Bainimarama is also an
official title established
during the Seru Cakobau Government
it's very similar to "females'
Jail Warden" ...Bai-ni-Marama.

Anonymous said...

Sir lets be on the same page here.
Now are you exposing something that we don't know that Bai is half Kiuvan.
Thanks for letting the world know. Its your lack of understanding that will cause your downfall. Read through the lines. First I'm not saying that he is from Syria...Syria was the name of the wrecked English ship carrying Indians to Fiji to work in the sugar cane farms. It struck the reef killing nearly all leaving few. Its'remains is still in Nasilai reef ,am I wrong? I've seen it .Secondly Nasilai reef happened to be the location of the wreckage, se nei cei na cakau ya? Tovolea mo kila nai tukutuku makawa. Third and final thank you for exposing the devil he is ..The man at the helm of leadership in the country is a Whippy! This is a disgrace both to the Fijian race and the Indian race more so the vanua of Kubuna.
Loloma yani.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:49am...uh read through the lines?let me wade into the
discussion please? First you said
that Frank ancestral parents were
survivors of the shipwrecked Syria
on Nasilai reef? Hello,ancestors
were indians? Frank under the VKB
is a true iTaukei(Fijian)although his Mother was not? His father was
the Tui Kiuva a village located a
mile & half from Nasilai village.
He Frank is a Fijian by birthright
who would believe that he is a Fijian Chief by bithright? His
action today does not give the
assole a lots of respect in the
Fijian community! But lots of
people think that he thinks & act like a fox?

Anonymous said...

12.10..you're absolutely correct but a thinker would be able to evaluate what ' descendants of the survivors of the shipwrecked means. It is a synthetic antonym which do not necessarily mean that he is an Indian but his action against his own race places him on the side of the Indian.
How about other bloggers of c45 who call him pig, or Vore? ? ever comment on that?
Let's talk on the issue of bringing him down. He is a shame ..da vaka loloma na kawa i taukei.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymouse at 2:33pm

Bainimarama is a man of God.

You are a mere ar*ehole

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:33pm...i'm with you and i'd support anyone that advocates
the total destruction of this bastard Fijian?

Anonymous said...

support the move 100% for the sake of ordinary rural fijian. the problem with this gov sch is that your father/mother have to be an old boy or girl than automatic inclusion to these schools. for example a bright fijian from a rural or maritime who is not accepted to this schools will will resort to one of the urban schools as a day student an tiko vakararavi vei ira na weka...well from experience he will not be treated that well than make up this mind to return to the village and become a village....a bright future is wasted.

Anonymous said...

12.10. Chief by birthright!! Nomudrau arse ga. I thought someone called him Kaisi in parliament.

Anonymous said...

This is a move that will make PM and Fiji First the enemy of the Kai Viti.

90% of the indigenous Fijians in this country occupy management to CEO positions in this country and 80% of the ITaukei work force.

Voreqe the quicker you remove this Boci Minister the better or other wise....??????? You know what will come next.

This is like spitting on the eyes of the Kai Viti and collateral damage will indeed unimaginable.

Do you know that almost all cabinent minsiters daughets and sons are attending QVS, RKS and ACS.

This is the kind of leaders we get as a result of coups.
This guy was not even a Head of school at USP but was promoted to DEAN at FNU by Ganesh.

Now Ganesh will be sent to Jail what about this one eye fellow Frank?

What's next will be interested.



Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:38 PM

""90% of the indigenous Fijians in this country occupy management to CEO positions in this country and 80% of the ITaukei work force.""

Are you for real?

Perhaps it's not a good idea if you try and involve yourself in discussions on schooling !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is behind this new policy because he was an elite kid, whose father was boss of Suva Prison, who went to RKS for Forms 1 and 2. But because he was a weakling with effeminate mannerisms his rectum was abused by those village boys. He ran away home never to come back. That's why the cassava patch was just all slippery from the crap when he deserted his men during the mutiny.

Anonymous said...

Bai was made to look stupid and idiotic with his wanna be tough talk on the Forum after the latest response from John Keys who just stopped short of saying "we don't need this idiot, because we've been coping very well without his foolish tantrums. Good riddance to bad rubbish." And the should apply to Rt Inoke and Aiyaz. The leaders will be a lot more comfortable without these shallow idiot Fiji leaders around.

Anonymous said...

sa qai macala dina ni o Bainimarama e sa vakayagataki koya tiko o Khaihum kei ira na boci.

O ni sa boci kecega na tokona tiko na matanitu usuraki oqo.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi.

The TRUTH by you will win the day for all of us.

May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to Bless you mightily for your courage and strength as you stand up for our rights.

It is not long now.

"The meek shall inherit the earth!"

Anonymous said...

@Anonomous 11:57 AM

"The meek shall inherit the earth!"

Possibly one day when they put some effort into doing this.

Until that happens they will remain where they are being conned by the likes of the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi who only has her own interests as priority.

Suomynona said...

This is the biggest discriminatory move undertaken by Mr. Reddy and yet again almost all the policies implemented by government is done without prior consultation and is therefore bound to fail sooner or later.

The schools no doubt were doing fine until Ayarse decided to rezone the areas therefore greatly restricting the choices of students who wish to go to their school of interest.

Multi-racialism was quite healthy, but now it may start fading away with this bullshit policy in place if it hasn't already.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:48 PM

Why's it discriminatory?

You say "No doubt", that suggests you have not got a clue?

"may" and on the other hand may not.

Just another whiner.

Anonymous said...

Wat da fuck

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:48 PM

Good point. The target now is NOT the indigenous people of this country but the institution that was created by Britain to protect the Kai Viti. This is smart move by the Vore BUT the kai Viti is musc more ahead of Khaihum, Gates and the Shameem sisters. The main guy that gives the advice is none other then Khaihum and that is why Kubuabola and Pio are working underground to oust this muslim fellow out and the also the one eyed fellow too will soon join that Doctor from Nadi.

Remember folks these guys were NOT leaders NOR born to be leaders-they have now demonstrate the real INDIAN politics.


Ni raici Ganesh ga, VC mai USP, Dr Sharma, kei na vuqa tale.
Ni ara kau ga mai me ra mai tei dovu.

Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

Abey chutia jaati, kai viti bhasa me konchi bolta hai ??

Anonymous said...

If the Minister of Education wants to enforce this change on the 3 schools then I want the government of Bainimarama to create a new immigration law of citizenry here . To become a Fiji citizen one MUST speak, write and understand the language of the native Fijian. And back date this law to the time when Fiji was ceded to Queen Victoria..1869.

Anonymous said...

Can Dr. Reddy explain why Indian College name was changed to Jai Narayan College and they are many such examples.
Why Dr. Reddy the Muslim schools have not changed there names?

Anonymous said...

Can Dr. Reddy explain why Indian College name was changed to Jai Narayan College and they are many such examples.
Why Dr. Reddy the Muslim schools have not changed there names?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing you racist bunch can do about it. What does school zoning has anything to do with races.

Ofcourse you will build hatred into few young hearts because that is the only trick some political parties have up their sleeves.

It is childish and reflects a lack of maturity which will clearly evident in this post and the vulgar language used to justify your posts...

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Dua la na SUMARIA i domoi Voreqe kei nona Minisita ni Vuli - oti na veitalanoa.