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Friday, April 10, 2015

Bainimarama loyalist Neil Sharma gets boot

Dismissed after conscience vote
Former Health Minister in the Bainimarama regime before the 2014 general election and Fiji First backbencher, Neil Sharma, was forced to resign today by Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Sharma was given the ultimatum by Sayed-Khaiyum yesterday to resign this morning or be sacked. 
He opted to hand in his resignation. 
Sayed Khaiyum is not only the Attorney-General and Minister for Finance, but Fiji First general secretary and registered officer. 

Sharma has suffered the same fate as former FNU Vice-Chancelor, Ganesh Chand, who was forced to quit in December last year. 
Both were ardent Fiji First supporters and loyalists of Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum.

During the last parliamentary sitting of Friday March 20, Sharma voted with the Opposition on a motion to have a committee to look at controlling Non Communicable Diseases.

The siding with Opposition irked Sayed-Khaiyum who was not in Parliament at that time and who later questioned Sharma.
Sharma is understood to have said he had made a conscience vote in the absence of a directive to vote along party lines.
He is believed to have told his boss that the motion was in line with his work as a Minister, but the explanation was rejected by Sayed-Khaiyum.

We predict that like Ganesh Chand, Neil Sharma will  now be subjected to an investigation over his dealings as Health Minister before September 2014 and eventually be charged.


Anonymous said...

This man needs to be taken out of Fiji first He was minister who terrorized the ministry of Health and it was a blessing he was not chosen to be minister for health again as it would have lead to mass resignations by very influential in the ministry. when the axe falls there will charges to follow

Anonymous said...

Fighting NCD is an uphill battle and the soldiers are very fat.

Anonymous said...

Neil Sharma should be investigated and jailed if found to have committed irregular/corrupt acts. Good riddance!

On PNG-Fiji relations, PNG is just being diplomatic, they don't really give a fuck about Fiji and its tantrums any more. As far PNG concerned, Fiji can go fuck the PIDF and the form its own alliances with all the non-alignment movement crap that's being done by Peter Thompson. That guy thinks he is doing a great job. He is driving up the cost of Fiji's foreign missions which is really a huge overhead on the budget. fucking idiot!

Anonymous said...

Neil should sue Arsehole Kaiyum for Unfair Dismissal.
If its a Conscience vote, then its a Conscience vote. Therefore it is unreasonable for Kaiyum to sack him.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Frank...nah, a psychologist would have a field day digging into Hey Arse's mind. That pig- fucker really thinks he rules the world.

Anonymous said...

Let us pray that all Fiji First will do the right thing from now on and follow Neil Sharma with conscience vote.
Somehow I do not think so!

No conscience perhaps?

What a shame! What a real shame!

All Hail Ayarse! All hypocrite FF parliamentarians.

Anonymous said...

Where's the election report it should be made public....if it says election were rigged or there were elements of uncertainties then please dissolved parliament and lets have a fresh election!!!!

Anonymous said...

In addition to the Kubuabola/Khaiyum/Tikoduadua struggle for power, this is another sign the regime is collapsing from within.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

This is a joke, a parliamentarian can be sacked or resign if he/she commits something serious. This is a blatant misuse of power and outright bullying.

As for the idiotic PM Baimagasona, his tirades against NZ and Australia are personal. By the way, NZ army is helping rebuild houses, schools etc in Vanuatu after te cyclone BUT what is Chief WankWank doing? Nothing except behaving like a spoilt little shit crying he won't attend the Forum if NZ and Australia aren't kicked out and replaced by China. Get real Bainimarama because you are looking like a fool hahaha

Anonymous said...

This is about the only good thing Khaiyum has done in his whole political career. If he wants to do another good turn, he should sack Rt. Inoke Kubuabola.

Anonymous said...

Baini's son in law owns a farm in Bua. He doesn't need to do much since govt trucks and bulldozers are seen working for him free of charge. Even the road going to his land is great. One wonders where he got the money in the first place to buy the piece of land.
Where is the prodigal son one wonders. Last heard he was running a mercenary style security guard business in Hong Kong after getting all the guards trained by Fiji military.

Anonymous said...

Good job Khaiyum fire that stupid
Hindu and make sure they don't
tremble on us Muslims? Time to put
them in their place-remember that
these Hindu bastards had done the
same shit to us in the last 40 years? Boy, pay back is a bitch?

Anonymous said...

Why is Fijileaks have so few followers. The leaked documenrs, its reporting is starkling with evidence, yet only few are commenting on its blog. Is it because the so called 'our moderators' is none other than the person- who created it.-Victor Lal.? If it is then it's more like the Fiji Sun where the good public image of the illegal regime who owns it must be published at all times.
Coup 4.5 is still the best platform of diverse discussion.
C45..you rock!

Anonymous said...

Fiji First is getting cleaned up now with this Dirty individual getting boot.There will be party done at Ministry of health cheers

Tui Viti said...

Hindus and Muslims are all the same, they're assholes and they should be send back to wherever they came from.

Tui Viti Fu*ker said...

Do you know where you came from ?

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Dr Neil Sharma is the next Fijian Ambadssor to USA. Dr Ganesh Chand is the next Ambadssor to England and the European Union. Both very intelligent , non-racist, and hardworking people.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance Neil Sharma you are a hopeless useless MP and even when you were minister like your boss Frank and Aiyaz who thinks he is the smartest person on earth.

Rt Epeli is quoted n Fiji times emphasizing Fiji's commitment to Vanuatu. This useless impotent piece of shit should just shut his holes. Vanuatu and PNG are now more pissed off with Fiji than ever before. Fiji's insistence that Indoensia be part of MSG observer members has really compromised MSG's efforts to do something decisive about West Papua. Aust and US were waiting for this, but it has been stalled by Fiji's sickening tantrums about PIFS membership etc. To further ridicule Fiji, ni-vanuatus are amking fun of the relief support being provided by Fiji army. 40 soldiers doing nothing except pickup rubbish and grogging all night long. No materials or supplies to give sufferring locals but these army boys getting hefty allowances and full chow with rations etc. They should just go back home, our ni-vanuatu brothers have been relentlessly scathing and sarcastic about this.

Anonymous said...

All the people of Fiji should be relocated where they come from. Nobody deserves this country anymore. iTtaukeis back to New Britain and the 19th century.

Fiji should become a world natural reserve forbidden to everybody.

Anonymous said...

'Sayed Khaiyum is not only the Attorney-General and Minister for Finance, but Fiji First general secretary and registered officer'.

Please referring to the article i wish to ask all FFP and SODELPA and NFP one particular question.
Where is the official office of the FFP?Who runs daily activities in the office?How many staffs employed?The pre-election office in Toorak is locked up immediately after election.Who runs the affairs of the Party?

Semesa Karavaki said...

Why didn't Rabuka, Apisai Tora, Meli Veisukla, Taniela Veitata, George Speight, Qarase, Ro Kepa, Rakivi, Veisamasam, Jim Ah Koy, Ratu Inoke, and others sent the Indians back to India in 1987 and 2000. I helped Qarase by rigging the election in 2006. Indians belong to India not Fiji. God has given Fijians to Fiji as India belongs to Indians.

KuaNiRere said...

That's very true Semesa. We should do another coup. I hate Indians.

Anonymous said...

@4:36 As most people in Fiji, you seem to have missed a few intellectual developments in the last 150 years. God didn't give Fiji to Fijians, there is no such evidence as a God to begin with, we are the product of evolution and it is a real chance for Fijians to have been saved by the British otherwise Tonga would have kicked them out and then the Japanese Empire would have clean up these islands from their prehistoric inhabitants...

If Indians have to go back to India, ITaukeis have to go back to...hell? or everybody back to Africa?

KUA NI RERE said...

@Semesa Karavaki
That's because you need the Indians inorder to do a Coup in Fiji.

Bainimarama needed the Shameem sisters;
He needed Kaiyum ;
He used John Samy to write the Charter; Chaudry to become Finance Minister. etc etc

Even Neil Sharma himself.
All these were needed inorder to establish the Coup in Fiji.
They gave a legitimacy to Bainimarama's TREASONOUS ACTIVITY.

Rabuka had his Indian friends to finance his Coup etc etc.


The Bible says, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW, whether you are Fijian or Indian; military or civilian etc etc.

Neil Sharma's life is pretty much farked now.

Kaiyum's turn WILL come
and Baimarama's turn WILL also come.

Inoke Kubuabola's life is pretty much farked too.
I feel sorry for his kids who have to live with his TRAITOROUS tendency hanging over their heads.

God gives us only one opportunity to play this game called LIFE, but these people have pretty much farked up theirs and their children's.

Vili Rakoro said...

Neil Sharma, Ganesh Chand, and Kamlesh Bitch Kumar should all fuck off back to India and survive in the slums of Calcutta.

Anonymous said...

.... and take their bitch Vili Rakoro with them.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere: for your information if there were no Indians brought to Fiji back in the days, then you Fijians would still be eating the soup made out of shoes and the tin fish wrappers.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry mon'sier you'll get what your vetting for. What goes around comes around. Another coup is looming, whether its for the Indians, Fijians or Chinese, it will come soon or later. Coup de'tat is a culture that Fiji had adopted in 1987 from countries like Russia, Cuba, Thailand- (country with the highest number of coups), Argentina & others. Who knows maybe another Rabuka or Speight or a new Khaiyum, Prasad or Ming is right here in our midst and their tme isn't here yet.
What we should look forward to is how to equip our children now for what looms ahead . Just enjoy what God is giving us now and be thankful for what we have because tomorrow is not our territory.
Isa noqu Viti..au dau cibitaka.

Anonymous said...

Lol! Hey Bhaiya. ..cool..cool..re..I don't want my teeth missing.

Anonymous said...

FF will be thrashed in 2018....a bunch of fools n corrupt to the core

Anonymous said...


For the first time in California's history the entire state will have to abide by strict water restrictions. Governor Jerry Brown announced an executive action Wednesday aimed at reducing water usage by 25 percent across the state.

The order comes as California enters its fourth year of a severe drought that is expected to persist into 2016. Statewide surveyors are seeing a record low snowpack of just six percent of normal. Californians depend on the melting snow to fill rivers and reservoirs, providing a third of the state's water supply.

"We are standing on dry grass and we should be standing on five feet of snow," said Brown, during a press briefing at Echo Summit in the Sierra Nevada. "We're in a historic drought and that demands unprecedented action."

California Governor Jerry Brown speaking during the announcement of an unprecedented executive order aimed at reducing water usage CBS NEWS

The execution action calls for replacing 50 million square feet of lawns throughout the state with drought tolerant landscaping; requires campuses, golf courses and other large landscapes to significantly cut water use; and it'll bar new homes and developments from watering "ornamental" grass on public street medians.

"People should realize we're in a new era," said Brown. "THE IDEA OF YOUR NICE LITTLE GREEN GRASS GETTING LOTS OF WATER EVERY DAY, THAT IS GOING TO BE A THING OF THE PAST" We're not going to change everything overnight but we are in a transition period. People have to realize that in many parts of California, they are living in a desert."

Anonymous said...

Anon@4.40am....Hey blockhead,
you're probably the assole why
our leader had to make that false
offers of free Water;free Bus;free
Milk;free road;free sona &free!free!free!!!!
Hey we know you're
mindset and all we have to do is
promise you a free ride to the moon,the star,the sun,&other planets and we'd have your hand to
ticks our name?
If it's democracy
we the FFP knows how to get you
tow the line?

Vilimaina Rakoro said...

The Indians should be sent back to India. Why? it's because it's these assholes who are the cause of all these problems.

1. First coup was carried out because Rabuka and the Fijians did not want to see a foreigner (Indian) becoming the PM of Fiji.

2. Second coup, Speight and the Fijians had the same line of thinking. Foreigners (Indians) shall never become a PM.

3. Third coup was carried out by an uneducated school drop-out at the advice of Indians because they (Indians) want the top job go to an Indian. How many times has Aiyarse being acting PM? This is the master plan that Aiyarse and the Indians are implementing but Baimagasona is so uneducated and dumb that he just can't see it.

4. As one blogger mentioned there will be another coup and the best solution to prevent that from happening is to send all Indians back to India. Besides, Bainimarama wanted to remove all things colonial, Indians were rounded up like dogs, put on ships and sent to Fiji by the colonial ruler. Now it's time to send them back to their beloved homeland India.

Anonymous said...

@1.06 Since I am neither Fijian or Indian, my view is that native Fijians can't run businesses because of skill limitations while Indians, Chinese and European and kailomas here have a tendency to take advantage of their positions in different ways. We all know that nost shopkeepers here have 2 books... Fijian management leads to thing like the National Bank of Fiji disaster... Fijian management tend to be more grossly incompetent than corrupt while Indian management is rather very corrupt. Managing well means dealing with numbers and having a sense of ethics. As far as I know, numbers belong to an universe unknown in Fiji so you have to start somewhere and do your homework!!!

If you want to see a better future for Fiji, you ought to kick your ass at school and get 95% and plus in maths and economics. Look at the school results and find the solution to YOUR problems....As for the problem of ethics, I fear there is no solution, BUT more transparency at the top level is the key... but that require a real democracy, not a dictatorship kicking out a member because he is voting with the opposition...

Fiji is a long way from "salvation"...

Anonymous said...


You going to accompany your dad Tota Ram back to India?

Niko said...

Ro Kepa will be the next PM. She is the high chief and commands 100% support from itaukeis. She is very educated and down to earth. Once she becomes the PM she will chase the Indians back to the slums. Fiji belongs to the Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Kepa is no different from Peka.

She's full of it and Sodelpa members want Qarase to lead them !!

Seal team 6 and a half said...

The Person who will shoot Khaiyum shall be the next Prime Minister.
No matter who, just point and do the rest. He has become a right royal uncontrolled demon.One straight through his temple. kaalaas ,sako marijao same time truesup.

Kamlesh said...

Rumour is circulating that ASK is going to join SODELPA soon.

Anonymous said...

@Niko 6:52 PM

Thanks for today's laugh !

100% support, ha, ha, ha................

Do you know what 100% actually means?

Anonymous said...

Anon@8:23pm...We the real Fijians
don't real care who leads our
Government as long as he or she is
progressively for Fijianism?
First We demand for the immediate repatriation of all Indians back
to their homeland? secound before
the first, all these crooks must
pay back all thir leased land rental arrears to the Itaukei
Third they must go back to india via the same way they were brought here-i.e by Boats? Judging
from what we hear on the world news that these bastards in their
homeland still continue to indiscriminately rapes their women
on the train,on the bus, in public, on the street,toilets,stores etc,etc?
We have decide that Only their women folks -young&old can be
given leniency and allowed to stay
in paradise- if they so wished?

Aveuta said...

Why is Bainimarama so dumb and stupid and how did he become Prime Minister and now an international embarrassment for our nation?
Man, does he have anything in his head?

Anonymous said...

'Sayed Khaiyum is not only the Attorney-General and Minister for Finance, but Fiji First general secretary and registered officer'.

Please referring to the article i wish to ask all FFP and SODELPA and NFP one particular question.
Where is the official office of the FFP?Who runs daily activities in the office?How many staffs employed?The pre-election office in Toorak is locked up immediately after election.Who runs the affairs of the Party?
Are they using goverment facilities for their own use?

Where's the election report it should be made public....if it says election were rigged or there were elements of uncertainties then please dissolved parliament and lets have a fresh election!!!!
That election report will be shut-out by a special committee already formed and been advised that no further action to be taken upon it once they received.IT IS TAILORED MADE NOT TO REACHED PARLIAMENT!!!

Coup 4.5 the Cyber Asylum said...

This place has become a refuge for psychos and misfits. Some of the racism, ignorance and downright stupidity here tells us one thing and one thing alone. Coup 4.5 is a cyber asylum for a whole lot of effing loonies. It would be sad if it wasn't so pathetic. But it is the reason that this government - as Steve Ratuva has predicted - will win successive elections well into the future.You are all so hopeless. Yawn!

Anonymous said...

viavia vosa vakavuku we are all in the system boci u mai comment tu mada ga qori.
Vaka ga caki taka jiko na c4.5....boci u are in!!cyber Assslevu ni sona!!
Viavia ,lauti iko tale na sui ni demu...lol

Anonymous said...

Anon@3:42am...What??? Bhai is this
you? Look no other blockhead can
come up with unintelligible answer
like you? Please go away & seek Khaiyum help & approval before
speaking or posting in any websites?
Hopefully, Mosese would get it together and
put you to rest and stop giving the Fijian bad vibes?

Anonymous said...

Gonei na demu se teri raqosa..!!

Sobu bumai sa rauta na free ride.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


FICAC investigates ministry

Nasik Swami
Monday, April 13, 2015

THE Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption is investigating the Health Ministry.

Commission spokesperson Nandani Vandhana yesterday confirmed the investigations had started late last year.

"We had started our investigations in the Ministry of Health late last year. We have not named anybody or the department that is under investigation," Ms Vandhana said.

Anonymous said...

Yes Aveuta..An intelligent thick dick

Anonymous said...

Hey you..the door is open. If you don't like c45 get the hell out.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Readers Bainimara never did any coup. The late President took over Fiji under doctrine of necessity. Check your facts right. Qarase government was heading towards bankruptcy. Now Fijis debt is 3.5 billion. Under Qarase the debt was 4 billion.

Anonymous said...

@Kamlesh Kumar.
Get your facts right!
Under Qarase government debt was $1.5 Billion.
Under Bainimarama now more than $4 Billion.

And poverty still getting worse.
Now 60%

Anonymous said...

I like your comment 3.22 because your speaking life to your words. Your professing that Fiji must go back to its initial innocent beginning. The Garden of Eden.
No wonder they call Fiji the Paradise!
Oh boy, how dare you tell nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

All for sex or money

Nasik Swami
Wednesday, April 08, 2015

PICTURES of some young girls and members of the gay community in compromised positions have surfaced online with perpetrators blackmailing victims for sex or money.

This was revealed yesterday by the co-ordinator of the Fiji Woman's Crisis Centre, Shamima Ali, as the centre recorded reports from some young girls and members of the gay community being ridiculed and bullied by those circulating their photos.

Anonymous said...

Bai stop making us Fijians all look stupid like you and your regime by putting up childish, stupid and foolish remarks like the PIFS. So what Fiji will go ahead and provide core funding for the operations of PIDF to spite NZ, Aust and PNG? dowe have enough money for the milk and wheat beex for our children? MSG is barely breathing without proper funding support from committed bilaterals. China, Indonesia and your non-aligned countries will not provide core funding. They will fund boomerang programs that help achieve their foreign policy interests. Forget core funding from these big sharks.

All this foreign policy of Fiji is doing is creating disharmony in the Forum and seriously cracking up the MSG, which is the only sub-regional bloc that Fiji can rely on. But that is being seriously compromised by your naïve stupid public utterances.

Dou lai veitonocici mada o iko Ratu Inoke kei Aiyaz. You are making Fiji the laughing stock of the region. Dou veicai!!

Abhay Raj Sing said...

Opening up RKS, QVS,to rural people was part of Kaiyum's Thesis to destroy the Fijian race. Kaiyum will totally destroy fijians.

Anonymous said...

RKS,QVS,ACS,NATABUA,SUVA GRAMMER & NASINU SECONDARY SCHOOL are all qovernment schools,why pick on the three!!!
Last year it was Nasinu Secondry Sch rumours from student that there will be no more school this year as FNU will take over the whole school and convert it to a technical school,towards end of term 3 confirmation came it will continue this year....don't know how long?

Please Mr Ready before villagers were illiterate but now a grand ma or grand pa have some form of education/ qualification.which means they can read and write basic english and do understand whats going around them.

Your decision is like a wild fire messages fly over the whole of Fiji.....may be you think that we didn't know that they are a government schools or what?and that it suppose to take in pupils from rural....yes we fully understand that since its inception.

Don't try to fool us by segregating and tagging /labelling us fijians as elite or rich and poor.

we so so different from you.....your cast and your culture,your religion,your faith,your blood,your tradition and your language and your everything is different even your choice of underwear!!!we are different!!

What Bainimarama did to make us one is just like you two telling pigs that you two are one their kind!!!!

so,you and Bainimarama are same same tautau vata...!!!!


BOCI Vvakaitutuvi o iko...!!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama, the biggest wannabe overnight elites who are benefitting from the system are you, your daughters (Litiana, Bernedette and Rubyanne), brother in- law (Frances Kean), son (Meli) and son-in-law (Sale Sorovaki) and sibling (Meli snr) who have all gotten their jobs and perks through your influence. The people directly responsible had no choice but felt obliged given that their jobs were on the line if they did not recruit these 'elites'. They don’t need to be told, they just do it for the sake of keeping their jobs knowing how vindictive you are. They have committed nepotism through passive acquiescence. This has been the rule of the game from day 1. And to think that your family and in-laws might have an iota of conscience to stand down on a matter of principle. NO! because they have never gotten this far by their own merits, neither have you, and never will!!
So stop throwing stones if you live in a glasshouse that stinks with the stain of blatant nepotism. Dou veicai vaka family kei ratou nomu in-laws. luveni boci vavaku vakai nomu family keiratou nomu in-laws.

Anonymous said...

LAND GRANT: Prime real estate near the President's House or 'Vale ni Kovana' in Nasese (as it was known during colonial days), has been granted for the construction of a Fiji National Muslim Mosque.

Tu cake mai Nadroga-Navosa! Tu cake Ra! (Read 1 Samuel 14:1-23) Jonathan and his armour-bearer broke away from Saul and the 600 Israeli soldiers, and went over to the Philistine outpost. Jonathan didn't tell his father (Saul). It was the effort of these two brave men that God honoured... they gave their best and God did the rest...VICTORY to Israel came in supernatural ways...

Today 2 Provinces have broken away from the rest of the Provinces in Fiji. God is honouring their bravery...In the face of much opposition from the military, the police, the intelligence, the Rokos, even their own people. They are doing their best and we know that God will do the rest...and VICTORY will come to all the Provinces of native Fiji in supernatural ways...because "what happened before will happen again; and what has been, will be again." (Ecclesiastes 1:9) Therefore what God did for Israel then, He will do for Fiji today. MARK MY WORDS! and WARAKA, NAMAKA!

Anonymous said...

All Ra people are being called by the Prime Minister of the Ra Sovereign Christian State to converge on Rakiraki town on the morning of Thursday the 16 April, 2015 to declare their SOVEREIGNTY as the true Taukei ni Vanua Vakaturaga o Ra, in the face of the 500 Muslims camped near the Rakiraki Mosque. The Ra Prime Minister says: "If we do not stand up now for what we believe and know to be true, we will never stand at all." Please native Fiji, heed the call and join the people of Ra. "So come one and all and stand in solidarity with us in Rakiraki, Ra, this Thursday 16 April, around 10.00am, for we know and believe that we are the sovereign people of Ra. And we demand to be consulted about everything touching our land and our people, and the right to give our free, prior and informed consent." Vinaka vakalevu kemudou na turaga bale kei Ra na nomudou yalo qaqa. May the Lord be your shield and very great reward, in Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thank you for your fervent prayers native Fijians, wherever you are in the world, please pray! Sa yavala o Viti...

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Suva bus stand Sunday performers have turned to blogging.

Anonymous said...


PNG Forum Meeting To Go Ahead With Or Without Fiji
Minister Pato encourages Fiji to address issues at summit

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, April 13, 2015) – Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato says the Pacific Islands Forum in Port Moresby in July will go ahead irrespective of whether Fiji attends.

He was responding to Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama who said he would only attend if New Zealand and Australia were removed as members.

Pato told Radio New Zealand that PNG supported NZ and Australia staying in the forum.

"Just because Fiji will not be attending does not mean that we will defer the holding of the summit which is fixed," he said.

"So we hope that Fiji does change its mind and attends it because the PIF is a very important organisation for the members of the Pacific island states including Australia and New Zealand."

Bainimarama wants China and Japan to replace NZ and Australia.

But Pato told RNZ that both countries had always been "geographically speaking" part of the Pacific island community.

[PIR editor’s note: RNZI reported that ‘The New Zealand prime minister John Key says Fiji's call for New Zealand and Australia to be dumped as members of the Pacific Islands Forum is a bit of joke. ... Mr Key told Auckland's Radio Tarana that the activities of the Forum would be severely constrained without the funding it gets from Australia and New Zealand.’ Also RNZI reported that ‘The leader of Fiji's opposition National Federation Party says the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama should drop his belligerent stance over New Zealand and Australia's Forum membership.’]

"The Pacific Islands Forum is the premier organisation for the region and Australia and New Zealand have been very pivotal in its development and progression," Pato said.

"There is no reason why they should not continue to do so. We’re not going to change the structure that exists today."

He said if Bainimarama had any issues with the forum membership, "we can fix them from within".

Pato said the Pacific Islands Forum "is a community of discussion, negotiation and compromise."

"That’s the architecture of the PIF and its institutions including the office (Forum secretariat) based in Fiji, structures that are owned by all of the member states of the Pacific together," Pato said.

"So one country cannot take an approach that will destroy an institution that’s worked for so many years."

He said Fiji must express its agenda at the forum meeting for discussion with Australia and New Zealand.

The National
Copyright © 2015 The National Online. All Rights Reserved

Anonymous said...

The muslimization of Fiji is underway. Ni moce lutu vinaka tiko na iTaukei. Kua ni qai kidacala ni sa cawadru tani na nomuni kalougata.

Anonymous said...

Ke dina.ia,Bai sa kasura na Bai sa kasura na Bai......!!!

Passport vakarau!!!


Anonymous said...

Info Fijians deserve their place in Fiji.They have contributed a lot to the Nation building of Fiji.Indo Fijians have build the capital city,Suva and towns..Majority of shops are theirs,thus pushing the economy forward in our towns..Without the Indo Fijians,Fiji would be just another Somalia or even worse.

Anonymous said...

Nz and Australia needs to make way for Japan and China as they would be neutral partners

Suomynona said...

About time they kicked out that cunt neil sharma since he's fucked up the healthcare system enough already.

As for bainimagana, he is still the same old under educated dickhead who uses Ayarse as his protege for most of his doings and out-of-the-ordinary policies.

All of this under the protection of Frankie's self-made decrees so that he doesn't get dumped in naboro for that recent coup he conjured up.

Lets see how long those decrees can protect his arse from justice.

Anonymous said...

@Suomymona 5:05 PM

Yet another great example of the anti government mob.

Your PM owes you big time for helping to show the world the opposition.

Foul mouthed loser.

Anonymous said...

Frank calls the Fiji Times..."irresponsible journalism." This coming from Fiji Sun's irresponsible leader? Vosa tu....you blery sona levu.

Anonymous said...

The sodelpha queen and her subject shud be judge for cruelty to animals under Spca rules and regulation and UN animals rights and freedom to live.

SAS said...

Smoking banana leaves again? Some constructive ideas about toppling The Aiyaz might better use this blog space. Now go fund your special forces cousin and get him to go and do what we taxpayers paid for......snipe the swine and wipe that evil smirk off that lowlife AG. Too toso

Anonymous said...

I will not attend the Pacific Islands Forum meeting unless the forum membership is changed.Hurray to you Frank the people of Fiji support you as we have come a long way....... where were they during this 6 long years we should manage on our own and do away with them so we can teach them that those reason behind their crying to drag us in does not fall in the true Forum initiative which had been meant in the first place

Anonymous said...

Fuck the PIF its useless,do we even get anything out of it?
We dont even get free visa by Australia and New Zealand.Okay they may offer employment program but most of it are shitty jobs.Cherry fucking picking!!! Wtf working shitty farms in the outback even their own people refuse to do the job.I'd rather go Singapore and get jobs in the business sector.Even UAE are offering Fijian citizens better jobs and well paid in sectors such as commercial airlines,Security services,Hotel catering,Logistic drivers,oil and gas sector and engineering.PIF is useless today and headed by neo colonialist.Fiji is wasting its time in a pathetic forum.

Anonymous said...

Fiji shouldnt even bother going back into PIF.Times have changed we need to be in organizations where true development happens.Where not only words are spoken but what they speak are put into action.Also real free trading and freedom of movements.Atleast this government has secured free visa on entry or no visa requirements with nations we do business with.Does Australia,New Zealand or the US give us no visa requirements?no not at all yet we still do bussiness with them.Good one Bai take our nation where prosperity lays and where all Fijians can reap the benefits.Stay with the global shifters and economic power houses.BRIC nations and

Anonymous said...

Fuck off all PIFS members. Aust and NZ take your aid, investment and tourists to all those kowtowing PIF members. Fiji's got China, India and other BRICS. We don't need your support. And don't give us visas anymore, we prefer our free visas to China and India because life there is so much better. And tell those stupid MSG countries that they are so gullible to think we will be on their side thick or thin. They are such ignorant fools to think we will be reciprocal with them on those MSG deals. We’ve got our interest to look after and don’t really care about them. We are too big for the pacific because we have Indians, Chinese and Muslims who are running things for us. Fuck off all you in the Pacific.

Anonymous said...


President John Momis, who has driven Bougainville’s new Mining Act, said that with it, “we are completely
rejecting the terrible past. The Act recognises that all owners of customary land own all minerals in, on and
under their land.” And now those who joined the civil war on the side of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army
based around the mine site at Panguna, are also entitled, under custom, to share in any proceeds from that

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 2.46pm. Yeah, yeah and Fiji got bucketloads of money to fully fund PIDF which will only comprise membership from BRICS and Fiji. MSG can go mollycoddle West Papua for all we care; we will have Indonesia as part of PIDF. India will train our army and we will continue to be the most effective peacekeeping army in middle-east like how our brave army boys listened to the Indian army commander and willingly surrendered without any sweat (even though we were just as well armed if not more than the enemy), instead of choosing to fight it out like the Phillipinos in Syria. How dare they did that? And we have opened 20+ embassies all over the world because we have lots and lots of money to spend on these non-aligned movement countries. They are so important to us, because they will all come to Fiji and invest lots and lots of money, bring their tourists and etc etc. We are just too big and too sophisticated for all you simple PIFS members. That’s why our PM, AG and Foreign Affairs are the smartest people in this world. Vacava that, huh huh?

Anonymous said...

Hail RFMF all the way.Our military is paving the way for its country to a better future.All those threatening for another coup bring it on,just make sure you dont end up in the back of the Green trucks.Vinaka RFMF and the FF government for booting out all the useless no gooders out of office.Vinaka tax payers for helping our poor citizens who need the money the most and combating poverty.Vinaka China for the help needed when we was most vulnerable.Vinaka Russia for assistance you have given us in our military un missions and also Qatar.If the opposition will carry on being useless then throw them out and lets have a 1 party system national rule.

Anonymous said...

sobo too many ulukau comments coming in

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah let's all hail the almighty RFMF for always fucking up the country and being the biggest common factor in all the political upheavals in Fiji. Hail the fully armed RFMF for torturing its own unarmed citizens who are just trying to survive in a normal environment. Hail RFMF for cowardly dropping their guns and pants and getting rammed by Nusraf terrorists in the backside while kept as hostages. Hail RFMF for miliking the govt of hardearned taxpayers money and enjoying all the frills of disproportionately hiked salaries and allowances to go and bullshit serve in peacekeeping missions. Hail these cowards who would rather remove the national flag only to be replaced with their own design. Hail RFMF for their own design which will include muslim and indian insignia because that is where they get their orders from. Hail what is now the most ridiculed and despised military in the region who are the biggest laughing stock after surrendering so willingly to scantily armed terrorists in Syria, only to realize that a much smaller platoon of Philippine army gallantly fought their way out of the same situation. Hail these fucked up cowards who deserve to be all shipped to india and Pakistan to serve and get fucked by their master there.

Anonymous said...

According to world Bank there is a very low Poverty rating in Fiji right now under Frank due to poverty reduction programs enforced by him and his Government so cheers to you Fiji First and we fully support you.Gone are the days of SDL and Teimumu where thiefs thrive in secrecy

Tui Viti said...

Well, well, well according to World Bank Officials, Fiji's Economy is faring well similar to those of the Top Developed Nations,so that means that we are also members of the Top Table.

We are paying our National Debts well and at the same time trading in the market places with medium input but maximised output.

Roads are given top priority since this is the mechanism that will drive our microfinances to merge with megafinances.

This was how Rome came to be a World Power, the Roads and its experienced Military who could be transported overnight[by road] to any part of Rome to quell any civil disturbances.

The Roads were heavily used as trading routes as well likewise,thus the need for Pio to develop good roads.

We could draft an MOA or MOU with Middle East Nations rich with oil to fund the PIDF since our brave Lions of the Desert are on their soil shedding blood for PEACE.

The move by the PM to increase the allowances for those Lions of the Desert in Sinai from $75 to $130 needs to be applauded.

Pine Landowners receiving their Land lease money after false promises made by past guardians of the treasury.

What PM and FFP Govt is all about is that the buck stops here with us! no passing of the buck.

Nabouwalu to Dreketi Highway almost complete,Natuvu to Savusavu Highway in its final phases,thus come the next elctions I wouldnt be surprised if the opposition is comprised of 3 Ministers only.

Abhay Raj Singh Otahuhu said...

Qarase and Rabuka were the best PM's Fiji had so far. Inequality was marginal, economic growth was at its highest. They were fair to chiefs, kaises, and the Indians. You could also say that 1997 constitution was the best.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 11:14...where there is no counsel,people fall,in the multitude of counselors ,there is safety...Bainimaramas stand against Australia and New Zealand not to be part of the PIForum is a sign of Illiteracy,foolish,ignorant,uneducated Prime Minister.Aussie and NZ promote freedom and Integrity to all citizens, while Bainimaramas type of Leadership shows lack of proper education.PIF needs Aust and NZ as the nations have proved their worth to the pacific.Fiji have proved nothing to the Pacific but dictatorship supported by Army and MPs who can't stand as man to make proper decisions.
Everyone who are following Bainimarama falls into the same mental weekness.
Bainimarama is giving handouts to the people of Fiji to cover his tracks of corruption,murder and all sorts of evil he did to others in Fiji.judgement is at the corner.Stop covering your evil tracks by giving free handouts.We don't want to be the next generation in Fiji who have to pay the debts incurred by this evil regiment.

Anonymous said...

Looking good , eh? Nothing exciting.Paying national debt well at the same time borrowing more accumulating more debt for our children. Is that bright?National and public debts have reached its highest. Progress looks good but there's a price to pay -'calm before the storm'.
Is there any truth in datas provided by the world bank in terms of poverty ranking as such information is provided by none other than our current regime. And is there any truth in those figures after lying to the international community in his UN deliberation. And is Fiji still trusted after the brat's action against Australia and New Zealand in the PIF meeting.
Datas provided by the world bank need to be corroborated with the IMF and CIA datas to give real ranking in terms of poor/rich nations based on its national gdp.The latest is based on statistics and datas prepared by the SDL government which the brat had given in 2007 a year short of taking over the government by force. And who is to be credited now Tui Viti and your cohorts? Qarase or Frank?

Tui Viti said...

Calm before the storm? a lull maybe but no storm, the storms,cyclones and hurricanes are not on our radar because Fiji is for once going the right way,no corruption,preety soon corruption will be a word associated with the past, and it will be replaced by " words that have not been invented yet" to quote a phrase from a movie.

Illiterate for not being loveydovey to PIF? dont think so,much of or more than 60% of Foreign AusAid and NZAid is consumed by the salaries of those officials.30% is for their expenditure and 10% are given as handouts in huge mansized cheques with the media taking pictures in wide eyed appreciation,not of the cheques but the special invitation they later receive for parties at the Embassies since being pro Aus /Nz.They do need them though.No offence to journalist intended.

What has Aust done to address the blatant disregard of Human Rights of those immigrants held in isolation in Nauru etc.This are HR violation of Category 6 or more.

Why is Aust siphoning gas and oil from East Timor without paying the East Timor Govt their dues?
East Timorese leader Xanana Gusmao has made an open plea to the world but no one seems to care except Fiji thus PIDF will address our East Timorese brothers humble requests.Well recently the Aust Govt has paid 700 million aust dollars dollars but the balance is in the Trillions,yep that is the trick,keep them poor so that they will keep begging us for assistance.East Timor has billions of litres of Crude Oil and Natural Gas in reserves and should be one of the wealthiest nation in the South Pacific but the problemo is that it is not given the RIGHT to control and sell its oil/gas.

That is why Fiji doesnt want the two bullies 'in'.they can be present as spectators but not as policy makers.

The Data provided to World Bank is recent.Why does the World Bank need IMF and what not corroboration when its staff are the experts.

We are heading in the right direction,A Democratically elected Govt [as supported by the Members of the foreign Election Officicals led by Aust and Indonesia]

We have an opposition who are doing what they should be doing well and many more to come or as the cinemas would say 'Coming Soon'

Anonymous said...

Of course the Indians back to India, Fijians stay here and you? where will you end up?, in the jungle or hell where your dad Darwin is waiting for you and the evolutionists

Anonymous said...

Australia and New Zealand are using PIF nations to build detention centres for illegal aliens and asylum seekers.Nauru is a classic example.They are off loading their immigration problems to smaller neighboring nations(They have called this policy the "PACIFIC SOLUTION").In Nauru they are told the detention centre is important because it creates jobs for the locals.However the people dont want it there,numerous protests have taken place to abolish such an agreement to establish the facility.Its Australia problem if illegals want to claim asylum in their country.Why move them to Nauru?dont they have vast amounts of land to build and establish a detention centre?The illegals themselves have written to human rights organization asking for better conditions and treatment.You would expect the Australian government to take the blame instead the blame has been put on Nauru.I'm afraid I'll have to agree with Bai on this as the PIF is nothing more to serve only Australia and New Zealand's interests.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has nothing to gain from PIFS and vice-versa, other than for symbolic gestures of regional solidarity and cooperation. PIFS should relocate away from Fiji and Fiji should go ahead with its plans on PIDF. Fiji is talking tough as it always does, so Aust and NZ should shift their resources (aid, tourism and investment) into other Pacific countries that need them badly. Aust and NZ should also expel all ex-Fiji residents in their countries who are known to be supporters of the regime in Fiji and Fiji should do likewise with Aust and NZ citizens in Fiji. Fiji can then show what exactly does it have in terms of its relations with BRICS and the non-aligned countries. Its time all parties call their bluff on these matters.

Anonymous said...

We the Vanuatu people are pissed off with the Fiji soldiers assisting in Vanuatu because we heard they are doing nothing more than filling their pockets with big Fiji govt.-paid allowances, with full rations and getting full pay at home. Vanuatu people see them now as pests, because they are not providing any additional relief or supplies for the cyclone victims. All they do is pick up rubbish, play touch rugby and grog all night. What you do to the people and taxpayers funds in Fiji, don’t come and do it here.

Anonymous said...

So shocking and nerve recking!!. The Prime Minister of Fiji must offer his public apology to the people of Vanuatu for his useless illiterate men in uniform. Take your position as chief wank wank and apologize to the people who made you chief. Now how is it feel being ridiculed and disrepected..
Wait for someone from Vanuatu to tell you and your waste fools to go and drink home brew under the mango tree.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Ro Peka is the leader of Fijian Nationalist SODELPA Party.

Anonymous said...

Hi KKK!..good morning Ratu Kulina.
It ain't matter what name , brand or tittle you address Ro Teimumu with. Her influence , status and royalty in this country still stand .
For thou, let me refresh you the words of the creator of the Nationalist movement and true Fijian warrior and unwavering leader the late Sakeasi Butadroka.."A good Indian is a dead Indian" Now swallow that and sink it deep you freak'n shit of an ass.

Tui Viti said...

Recently Hybrid Engined vehicles are imported for sale in Fiji.
can the Fiji Govt look into this and draw up laws that would govern,control and regulate the import of ALL HYBRIDS whether Vehicle,Computer,Animal,Bio,Human and Machine.Artificial Intel is on the rise and we must see what is best for Fiji and those to be banned, before we regret our curiousity about importing ALL types of Hybrids.

Thank you all.

I am not a robot nor a hybrid,but human.

Anonymous said...

@1.59am That was a White man's (General Philp Sheridan) statement to Native Indigenous Americans during the Indian war of great plains.Imperialist who looted and plundered the natives of America and mass genocide.Come over here to the U.S and say that to the indigenous,I guarantee you a Shot gun barrel will blast your head away.You dont represent the itaukei you dumb farking moron.

Anonymous said...

The Indians had long known, in fact for thousands of years, the value of money, education and work before even the iTaukeis established themselves in these islands. This is why the Indians are managing well their financial affairs and are frugal with their possessions. It is also because evaluate whatever they possess in terms of the financial value these possessions will bring them.

I have seen many of them love money and their material possessions so much that they would sacrifice many others things such as families. For example; there was a car accident in which the indian father was driving his vehicle with the family inside. His first exclamation without even finding out whether or not the family was safe was, "Oh my car!!" There is another case where an old indian man died of hunger. When people took him out of his bed, they found more than $20,000 stashed under the mattress.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:06 PM

""There is another case where an old indian man died of hunger. When people took him out of his bed, they found more than $20,000 stashed under the mattress.""

Luckily it was not you who discovered him then because no one else would have found out about the money because it would have been in your pocket.

Gee, the haters on here, oozing jealousy from every pore of their body.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:06PM &6:27PM...OK who are
we're discussing above? American
Native or Indians from Indian who
were brought here by the colonial
adminiastrators to plant Rubber &
Sugar canes? The former do not use
migration as a mean to live,they made internal migrations ony
within their own country?
The later are a group of under-
priviledged human being, called untouchable whose business at home
in India, was to clean the Rajas
house,animal,and feces with their
open hands just to name a few of
their occupations?
These later group came here cause
they heard that there were food
every where in Fiji.
No one has to work in Fiji as most food grows naturally &
abundantly in the forest,fish in the river and sea,tree,leaves & grass to build your own house etc
etc,no shit!.
When our Chiefs were told by the
Gorvnor of the plan, especially of
the untoughable low caste-my grand
farther stood up and told the then
Governor that he opposed the presence of these bastards in my
country, before he stomp outside!
So the Governor devised a contract
that would only allow these macafaka to be brought in by white
farmers to work for 3 years & return to India immediately after?
Indians after their 3 years contract were begining to discover
a new life & they established the kerekere culture by going to our
villages and Kerekere for our matagali land, where they could build a hut and plant their subsistances crops which they bater for other products?
That's how the elphant started in
Paradise? After a few years he ask
the Itaukei, if he can move the head-in-this too was allowed,Baini
has allowed the whole head in to the tent-the question is:are
we the current generation going to
wake up and burn-out this monster
before he gets his two front hoofs
into our tent? I say enough is enough it's time to beat that animal out and make sure he stay
the faka out?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:48 AM

The inferiority to all others that you feel is your own doing.

It has eaten away at you to such an extent that your life consists of nothing other than looking for excuses, but that will never work.

You will remain as you are, sad and pathetic, the world will continue to laugh at you as they do now. Make the most of your miserable life, it's not hard when you have nothing, the most important being pride.

Anonymous said...

Good research and I applaud you for this. "Come over here in US and say that to the indigenoius..I guarantee. ...?
What you doing there you freaken immigrant! Are you a red Indian or an x indo fijian living in the bay area, wanna be american.You and your likes here in Fiji are inhabitants and occupiers of the land that belong to someone else. Simply put.
For the part"say that to the indigenous" you deem to forget whether your writings had originated from your head or from an empty vessel because an Indeginous red indian and a native fijian ,like me, are facing the same fate from occupiers like you, shit!
And why not you "say that to an indigenous American since you are occupying his land.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:06 PM

There was also a case of an Indian beggar in Nadi Town. He was approached by an American who wanted to test the beggar if or not he would trust him. The American showed the beggar a $10.00 bill and told him if he would give away the saqamoli he had on the floor in front of him, the American would reward with the $10.00 bill. The beggar would not give away the $1:00 after a few attempts but demanded the $10:00 from the American. But, of course, the American refused to reward the untrusting beggar.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by Baimagasona's, aka Chief WankWanker, apology to the people of Vanuatu. We've always know the Fiji military as a group of cowards using the guns to intimidate ordinary people. They are fucking useless.

And those of you who are supporting his rantings about kicking out NZ and Aust of the Forum are just as mad as Baimagasona. China is a fair distance away, so as Japan, in natural disasters NZ and Aust are always the first to help. It will take Bai's friends days if not weeks to get here, if they care about Fiji at all. Migration to NZ and Aust is increasing. And from this remittances help out those at home. I wonder what happens if Bai said stop the migration to these two countries, go to China and Japan instead hahahahaha. Your dumb ass leader is just that, and pieces of shit like Kamlesh Kumar should lick his shitty ass hahaha

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:30 PM

But we all know who would have stolen it and run don't we !

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.48. Their are so many things that one could say to you in retaliation but that would make me like you, a pity full hate filled person who simply cannot accept the reality of life in Fiji. By retaliating to your dumb tirade i will say things inadvertently about the i-taukei which would be generalizing and this is not good because i have met and have very close i-taukei friends who are nothing like you. Their is a Bacteria called Ralstonia that eats shit. It consumes feces and keeps the world clean. No you are not that bacteria because that bacteria is actually useful to this world. You are the shit that comes out of this bacteria's ass. The lowest of the low. Their are a few low life's like you in Fiji still alive and spewing hatred. Well here's the things Indian hater (can we call you that) the Indians are leaving Fiji slowly but surely. They would like to leave tomorrow but it is not that easy. You see most Indians know the truth about Bai. They know he is no better than all the other fuckheads before him but they still voted for him to keep the country stable. This so that they can slowly get out of Fiji. Guess what happens after the kaidia have gone the Chinese will come in and boy wont you and the likes of you have fun being the slaves to the Chinese. You will not be able to bully them because they are not passive like the Indians. Have a bit more Patience my boy and you will have an Indian Free Fiji. Their is an old saying " be careful what you wish for you may actually get it" and not like the result. Have a blessed day tomorrow and try to reduce the hate a bit because if you get HBP you might need to take medicine that is made in India, prescribed by an Indian Doctor and bought from an Indian owned pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:07pm...Lots of hot air
without any movement? Indians like
yourself that lives in Jamaica,
Trinidad,south America etc have said exactly the same thing you're
saying? Where are they now? still
living in the same country they're
badmouthing just like you?
Look buddy, no one is begging you
macafakas to stay, the Boats & planes leaves the warf & airports
every 15 to 20 minutes, Please get
inside one of them and fuck-off
very smartly to any country that
would accept you?
OMG...you have descrates my land,
my hemispere,the air i breath,the
water i think,the food i eat,and
the site i see.
No more promise please just get
the fuck out!!!

Anonymous said...

3.05 My friend, I think it's unfair to rate all Indians equally. I'm a taukei like you and a land owner. I hate what Bainimarama is doing and most of the Indians don't like what he is doing too. I cannot remain silent while the attack is raging on between us and the Indians specifically when the subject of the talk is gone out of proportion. We all should go against this regime. My neighbor is an Indian from Trinidad. He is the only person who went out of his way to help me established in my new adoptive country. He is also like me , an immigrant to this country. I look at him as my own brother because who can go out of his way to give thousands of $ to assist me established and didn't want me to pay it back. He is a Hindu who had never refuse an invitation to attend the church I go to.
Hope you this will make some sense because in the kingdom to come God will not ask whether I'm an Indian or a Fijian, male or a female, He will simply ask what good things have you done on earth .

Anonymous said...

Bainimagasona's reply to Tuilaepa is pathetic. He is defending an indefensible idiotic statement that exposed his one track military-type take it or leave it mentality. That is not the way you conduct foreign policy especially if you are just a small fish in a small pond. As for his comment about being Tuilaepa being lap dog, what if Aust and NZ pull out only aid but also tourism and visa privileges and other forms bilateral relations? If so and if Frank still doesn't budge, then he is a fucked dog who likes to fuck up his country without realizing his fucked up mentality. You fucking idiot, go and die motherfucker, and stop taking the country down with you.

Anonymous said...

ANON 3.05 Please Indian Hater. Please get some help from a mental doctor. You need it very very badly.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, hi andrayno. How did you find yourself here where you don't belong. Can you take your shit and back off to Africa. This is not a scam blog site . Your invitation to join the illuminati is blatantly unwelcome in this country. Take your shit and piss off to where you come from.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that the Current
Bainimarama Government came to
power via an illegal coup against
the Qarase illegal Government as well? Lets not forget that facts?
after illegally running the country for 8 years-Anthony Gates
the Chief Justice(Illegal)decided
that it was time to legitimized the Government?
The illegal constitution was enacted as the first step toward the election?
The election was only a means to
an end i.e to legitimized these
crooks in being choosen by majority of Fiji citizens and thus
enable these bastards to get finance & international loans to
keep the country solvents?
And the
UN would continue to have the use
of Fijian troops in all the world
hot spots?
The Government of the
day is an illegal Government-you
the Fijian people were manipulated
by the trusted words of western
democratic countries in cluding
the Unite Nations-that the election was fair?
But you and i
know that it aint true?
Even today
the Chief Justice was illegally
appointed,so was the constitution,
the judicial system was illegal,the President was an illegal appointment as well,so is
the commissioner of Police,the
commander of the FMF and other appointment-as well?
It's awful
how the whole world are using our
people to fight& get killed in their economic war with the middle eastern nations? Just remember the Bainimarama Government is an illegal Government?
He Bainimarama can only be legal
if appointed by the GCC and the
Senate? So hey people do not allow this rascal to feel that they've beat us?

Anonymous said...

You Sound like comrad rechard andrayno

Zameer Ali said...

Samoan Prime Minister talking shit. He wants the office to be shifted from Suva to Apia. Samoa is not fully democratic. Matais's sitting in the Parliament. How is that democratic? Standard of living is very poor compared to Fiji. Lots of Samoans in NZ, Aus, USA and majority are on benefits are criminals. Respect Madiba of Fiji, PM Bainimmara, who threw apartheid out of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ April 28, 2015 at (:24 PM.

Fiji is not fully democratic either, and Baini is not Madiba but the Rariva of Fiji.

(Ask any person from Nadi what "Rariva" means.)

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...There is no such thing as Loyalty when your dancing with the Devil. As they say in Tailevu - Memu Sici...