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Monday, April 20, 2015

Fiji First chief fundraisers rewarded

Last Friday saw the first meeting of the Constitutional Offices Commission and it was evident that Fiji First continues to reward its staunchest supporters.

The Commission has 6 members - the Prime Minister, Attorney General, Leader of the Opposition, two nominees of the PM and one nominee of the Opposition Leader, assisted by the Solicitor-General.

During this first meeting, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa added her nominee, constitutional lawyer Richard Naidu, while Frank Bainimarama put forward Sanjay Kaba and Ajit Kodagoda.

Both Kaba and Kodagoda are not legal experts therefore their nominations politicise what is supposedly an independent Commission. They were, of course, the chief fundraisers for Fiji First during the last year's election.

Kodagoda is already the Chairman of Fiji National Provident Fund and Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority Boards. 

He is also the chief financial officer of C J Patel Group of Companies, which currently enjoys duty concession on milk and has been profiteering by charging high prices for milk consumed by the people of Fiji.

And after the death of C J Patel owner Sundip Patel, Kodagoda runs the daily operations of the company.

Sanjay Kaba burst onto the scene when the regime came in and with the help of Felix Anthony usurped the contractors and project developers of the Natadola Resort after the coup.

As a partner of HLK Jacob, Kaba's firm became the project's structural engineers, and under the not so watchful eyes of Felix Anthony as NBRL Chairman, the cost ballooned to more than 300 million dollars, which had to be written off.

Kaba also oversaw structural engineering during the extensive renovation and remodelling of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum's posh home in Namadi Heights.

So yet again, Fiji First has neutralised the independence of an important body by rewarding its boys.

This is Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum's version of true democracy.


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Anonymous said...

Conflict of interest, nepotism, corruption, all play right into the hands of the ruling party to fill their pockets first before fulfilling their promises .to ordinary people like me. Apparently its their way of taking Fiji forward as insinuated by FF supporters in this blog.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Alliance, SVT, SODELPA used to do the same so why criticize now. Look at the good job madiba Bainimarama is doing. Free milk, good roads, free water, No school fees, No Bus fares for school children, Free text books, Loan scheme so many students can go to USP, Economic Growth of 4 or 5%, Establishment of FRICA to fight corruption , less crime, More foreign investments, disestablishment of racist GGC, New Constitution, corrupt free election, equal citizenship, children from rural itaukei families can go to RKS, QVS,etc.More to come. The racist nationalist are fuming as they cant resist. 80% of itaukei people are not racist but 20% SODELPA loyalist cant see how our new Fiji is progressing. Your leader RO PEKA is finished and soon will be flushed out for ever.

Kamlesh ke Pitaji said...

Kamlesh Mdiba tumar muur. Pagala ka. Economic growth 4 or 5% but unemployment 8.4% and poverty 38%. Free, free, free but poverty and unemployment rising. free free free but pocket full full full nah. kon e FRICA? Freaky batau nah.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have always and will continue to doubt Kodakodas expertise.he has been rated so highly - what does he know about super that he runs FNPF.
He had been an expatriate and CJP corrupted some one to get him PR.
He has a lot of conflict of interest and independence issues. He has no idea about corporate governance.
How can Fiji afford to gave such idiots in high posts. Ask any Sri Lankan in fiji and you will get the same answer.

Anonymous said...

This country is one fucked up society.Just look at that gang rape story in the papers.Farking sick bastards chase all those fucking rats from the seawall the police better get these sick bastards and ram one baton up their arse.All those drunken idoits too after night club hours causing street fights and intimidation better watch out as well.People like that are fucking up our society the police better start clamping down on these pests.Posting up videos of street fights acting like baboons.Grab all these assholes and give them a good hiding.Throw these uncivilized apes in the jail.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Kamlesh maichod ...your leader is a moron!!!

Samoa PM Derides Fiji’s Bainimarama Over Forum Stance
Tuilaepa: Forum depends on funds from Australia, NZ not Fiji

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, April 19, 2015) – Fijian Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, is back on Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi’s hit list. This time, Bainimarama has upset Prime Minister Tuilaepa by calling for the removal of New Zealand and Australia from the Pacific Islands Forum. Asked for a comment, Tuilaepa did not hold back. “Bainimarama’s issue is insignificant,” he said. “Remember all the man did was to play the drums (in the military) and train. “So he doesn't understand these things. He is only new and he is still learning about matters of international relations.” Tuilaepa went on to remind that Bainiamarama’s area of speciality is to “play the drum and yell left, right, stop!” The Prime Minister was responding to repeated calls from Bainimarama to have New Zealand and Australia removed from the Forum. If this does not happen, he wants China to be included in the group. New Zealand’s Prime Minister, To’osavili John Key, rejected the call, saying it is a joke. "A Pacific Forum without Australia and New Zealand would be an interesting thing I suppose, in that those leaders would be able to talk about things,” To’osavili told the media. "But exactly where would they get the money to do anything, and the answer is nowhere.” Tuilaepa agrees with To’osavili.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Samoan PM for making Fiji PM sound like the stupid idiot that he really is. Most of us PIFS members are sick of Fiji's idiotic tantrums. Like their Govt thinks it is better than all of us other members. Now they courting Indonesia and also creaming up to Japan. Which one next, Russia? We in PNG and other MSG countries have had enough of this unPacific attitude from Fiji. They should perhaps just go to India for all they need. Fucking Indians have no place in the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

All Bainimarama did was to train how to play the drums hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Here comes the WE! WE! Man.Someone give this falla a big VUDI! 10.24am yes you!

Anonymous said...

left right stop !! ha ha ha vinaka Samoa!!!

Anonymous said...

PIF is useless,just look at all those tiny little islands slaving themselves to the Aussies and Kiwis.Bai is doing the right thing.I'd advice the PM to permanently leave PIF and form a new forum with Asia and BRIC nations.Don't waste your time, by year 2020 Fiji will be 110 times better off than other pacific island nations.BRIC nations are innovating on their economies and rapidly growing.Singapore became a 1st world country by letting huge foreign corporations invest in its economy and turning away its regional neighbors as they seem useless.Follow the money trail let these power house BRIC nations flood its investment in our nation.

Anonymous said...

Asshole@1.20PM. If that's the case fuck off to India or China and take all the fucking Indians with you.

Why do you think the MSG and Vanuatu are fucked off with your drum playing dumb PM? Bai is a joke.

Anonymous said...

@1.42pm hahahahhahhahaa you butt hurt?

Tin Tin said...

Left! Right! Left! Full Stop!!......Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Just wait until the Laughing Samoans pick up on this one............

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Anon@2.42PM, you would know seeing your anus belongs to the boys at Sukuna park hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

What the fuck!! according to Fijilive there's another Bainimarama who is now the Commissioner Central who will open the Tailevu Provincial Council. He definitely looks like one of the family. If he is, which Bainimagasona filthy hole did this one spring from? I would say the sickening level of nepotism done by Frank is unprecedented and downright corrupt. And to make it worse, they take it all in their stride with the attitude that they deserve it all. Dou veicai vakaukauwa na family ni Bainimarama mai Kiuva. Vakasisila qai vakamadua. Dou yavu luveni boci ni kaidia era a kasa mai Nasilai. Caiti tukamudou era sa mate tu ena I bulubulu.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Poverty is high in Fiji because of high corruption during Rabuka and Qarase erra. Also their land grab policy from poor Indian farmers destroyed the glowing farming industry. Result: The highly fertile and productive lands have become barren and is full of PEKA. This all came down to jealousy. Overall the itaukeis are very wealthy because they own 90% of the land in Fiji. So poverty should be less than 20%. Unemployment is falling. There is lots of jobs in the sugar farms but people don't want to work.

Anonymous said...

Areh Bai Kamlesh where u been last 8 years cowering underneath mataji's skirt. Your pitaji Bainimarama always say don't dwell on past den why u? 8 years is 2 terms in government yet as u now acknowledge kaisi unemployment and poverty very high. Fact areh indian farmers don't want to work farms because returns is very little. So they cry areh no land so government can feel sorry and give extra paisa. Den they take and do sumthing else. You one pagala falla kamlesh. Must be from south nah.

aveuta said...

@Anon 4.23pm

Yea !!! Another Bainimarama promoted Commissioner whilst the real understudy got conveniently transferred to another ministry. He has all the Bainimarama qualities...lack of good education, dumb,foolish, cannot speak or write proper English, very temperamental and a true idiot............God forbid!!!

Anonymous said...

@3.27 qaruni iqo QEB!!! Baaaahahhahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Yea I agree' Kamlesh (KKK)is from Bangalore India, the district that shamed the PM and people of India for the parents involvement in stealing exam question papers for their children.

Anonymous said...

Yes Aveuta...you just forgot to add ....relying on someone else to prepare their memos, reports, speeches, etc because they are real BAVULU. Just listen to Frank's speeches, read his statements...certainly not his own make..Sad.!

Tomasi said...

What we see largely depends on where we stand relative to the object we are looking at. To the general public, because of our understanding of standard conventions and practice of leaders, governments and democracies, we see and interpret events in Fiji with the general assumption that the Fiji Government exists primarily for the people and is really the people who are making the decisions that impact their lives. The truth is far from that.

The BaiKhai led administration is really a dictatorship under the guise of parliamentary democracy. It exists primarily to perpetuate the criminal rule and to fulfill their personal and political agendas and those of their cronies. They are therefore committed to protect themselves through any means possible, and if thise means are illegal, unethical or morally repugnant, they will either change the law, confuse the public or justify their actions through devious means.

Bai and Khai are very aware of their wrongful, unjust, fraudulent, criminal and illegal activities. Their guilt is now made more public through parliament and the mass media. But deep in their hearts, they will never find peace, because their conscience also condemns them. Their fear and anxiety will grow as more of their cronies fall by the wayside and they will wonder who of their previous and current friends, supporters and beneficiaries will spill the beans on them or cross the Parliamentary floor to join the increasing voices of the people and the Opposition parties.

To the two boys, Bai and Khai, who call themselves leaders, know that the God you have sought to discredit and ignore still is the Chief Sovereign of the universe and Fiji is a part of His domain. He hears, understands and cares about the people of this land. You may have gotten away from the courts because you control them, but you will never escape from His righteous judgement.

There is a time for everything under the sun. The time will come when God's judgement will be executed. It shall be according to His timeless principle of "whatever a man soweth, that he shall also reap". Beware of God's wrath. God is slow to anger, but His judgement is sure.

Anonymous said...

Blog of the day..This is rightfully Cool!
Made my day. .

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by Kamlesh Kumari's rantings, besides he's a product of incest. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Bang on Tomasi.Bainimarama is abusing the principles of Democracy..He is raving against Democratic Giants like Canada,Australia,NZ as they will expose his illiteracy.
Australia should send its Fighter jets and Bomb the Fiji Milary camp at Nabua...Fiji doesn't need an Army anymore.

Anonymous said...

Your PM's comeback at Tuilaepa is ummm nothing hahahahaha. Baimagasona is now a joke, that's why leaders are making fun of him. Oilei Bai.

Anonymous said...

Great Council of Chiefs to the great council of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Tide is turning back on the very person that sent the GCC members to drink home brew and made a joke of them. Needlessly it chose a path no one had expected.
That shows that whatever you do, good or bad it will come back in the same form or the other, same way or different. Frank what goes around comes around.
It's the GCC's turn now to smile and watch the events unfolding in front of them.

Anonymous said...

It looks like some are stealing identities. Tui Viti And Kamlesh Kumar both have double personalities. Our recent topic on the sacked minister had comments from the two which are contradictory. They both started off opposing this regime . In the end they are on Franks side. Is this a case of stolen identity or not.
If the two are the same person all along jumping sides as the tide suits them then we are dealing with that serpent that tricked the first human, Eve.. Go to hell you damn moron..
If I'm wrong then please fuck all Tui Vuti, sorry Viti and Kamlesh Kumar impersonators in this blog
C45...you rock.

Anonymous said...







An Indo-Fijian community is mourning the death of a ‘special friend’ who was killed in a road accident on Sunday.
Inoke Naroba, 72, of Dravo Village, in Tailevu, was the only iTaukei in the close-knit community of Manoca, near Nausori.
Neighbour Farnaaz Hussein said: “Uncle was a loner and a very private person. When we invited him he would only stay for a short time before returning to his home.”
His home was a tiny square corrugated iron structure that was too small to take in any furniture.
Mr Naroba had lived in the community for 17 years after he separated from his family. Mrs Hussein said he was married with four children.
“We don’t know what happened to his wife. Two of his children are overseas and two are still in Fiji, but they hardly visit him,” she said.
“We have contacted them and one of his sons in Fiji came to find out if his father had really died. He then told us to contact the rest of the family. But we told him it was his responsibility. He has not returned.”
Mrs Hussein said the community was rallying together to collect money and prepare for the funeral. But they would need the family’s guidance because of the cultural differences and sensitivities.
Seventeen years ago, a family woke up one morning to find Mr Naroba sleeping on the basement of their house. Community members built his small shelter and provided him meals. Later, he was able to start a cassava plantation and he acted as security for the homes when owners went away. He was also a Social Welfare beneficiary.

Suomynona said...

From nepotism to corruption I'm not surprised at the mounting "abuse of office" incidents that frankie is continually putting up.

Bhaiyum likes to boast about so-called democracy yet even he is not really practicing what he claims to be preaching.

I was expecting his dark side to unfold revealing its ugly little head, and its been happening overtime such as right now based on what I'm reading here.

Tin Tin said...

Thank you Tomasi for your beautiful piece. FF party supporters are just not able to counter that. Bai and Khai will wait for God's judgement.After all revenge will be His and His alone!!Sharma is now pushed by the wayside for a "conscience" vote and we all know he was not alone........the bubble will burst soon.

Anonymous said...

The crybabies can keep on crying till the cows come gome.
But the facts are1
1 Baini is the best PM fiji ever had
2 FF will be in power for next 10 years
3 Samoan PM is a beggar - always relying on NZ aid
4 Samoa is still a backward country, no comparison to fiji
5 Qarase was a crook
6 Kepa has no idea - can only bludge ordinary I tau lies as chief or thief???

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that the United Nations Human Rights Commission is opposed to constitutions that grant immunity to coup makers.

Now with PIF, the UN has given its views opposing the actions of Fiji's PM and his cronies.

So to you Bainimarama and FFP supporters, the tide is turning slowly but surely against you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hahaha the Samoan PM should look into his backyard before venturing onto judging Bai leadership.His nation is struggling with both its private and public sectors.The healthcare is 100 times worse,the Education ministry is useless.The farking bus service there is 100x worse than Fijis.The bus drivers there go to work with sulu,sapo hanging out,flip flops and a pork belly in fullview of the steering wheel.Only 10 buses run a service every 2 hours and the buses always break down.You expect the driver to complete a job route but they stop half way on the journey.People then begin to wonder why have they stopped?we need to go to work or school.What do you see? The driver is on a cigarette break or buying some local produce from the roadside.He then shouts Hey 20minute break!.Like wtf its 7.30am in the morning.If the bus break down they come and pick you up in a farking Truck lol.They can't even pay their National Rugby team.Sometimes they have to go and fork out money from school children taking 1 tala from each child.When they take the team overseas the farking coach,manager and director tell the players hey no drinking you all lock up in the room me,sione and malolo going to visit our families who immigrate here.They spend those children's tala on drinking alcohol,kava and gambling.Even worse they gave some of the rugby kits for the players to their families.Just look at the last world cup in New Zealand.The world knows the story about the Samoan captain blasting the IRB and the Samoan Rugby union on how they treated their people.Samoa is been farked up the aarse by the aussies and kiwis.They are nothing but puppets been worked like a knob jockey.Even my aussie mates laugh at me and say your Prime Minister is taking no shit.Before we would go to these islands and I tell you mate they will let you fuck them for a chocolate bar.But your PM Bai his really going to be the one fucking us over.

Anonymous said...

Where are the laughing Samoans?
Hahahahahahaaaa.. emanu samoa! Manu samoa..emanu samoa!!!

Anonymous said...

"During this first meeting, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa added her nominee, constitutional lawyer Richard Naidu while Frank Bainimarama put forward Sanjay Kaba and Ajit Kodagoda as his nominees. "

I find it somewhat sad that 3 nominees are of only one ethnic group. The real tragedy of Fiji is that the natives are not kicking their asses to provide Fiji with intellectuals that are most needed and a corner stone to any robust democracy. Bainimarama has not even a proper secondary level, Kepa has a certificate in teaching (which is next to nothing). where the f**ck are intellectuals!!!!!?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

What a sickening human! A dad being treated this way by his own children?and wife?..My apology if I didn't get my facts right.
But to be treated this way is unacceptable in society and must never be tolerated.
I am a taukei and what the community of Manoca had done is a strong message for everyone. Regardless of race, faith and culture, here in Fiji we are still one. It is the dirty sickeng politiki that is creating division and rift amongst us.
And with respect and humbleness I accorded my THANK YOU to Faarnaz and Mrs Hussein and the knit community of Manoca for stepping in to help and share with Mr Naroba when the people who were responsible were ignorant. Hell awaits! God forbid!
And correct me if I'm wrong, it's prudent for the vanua of Dravo to step in and on behalf of Mr Naroba s children/family offer a traditional thanks to the community of Manoca.
Sa vakaciriloloma dina.

Anonymous said...

@12.17 Bainimarama is a crook too. He is abusing his office on a regular basis, like giving help to his large extended family... Sometimes, people offer money to some of his relatives expecting them in exchange to exert some sort of influence on him... I know an interesting case.

Anonymous said...

C 4.5 It would be nice to have an update about Peter Foster. We would like to know what the Australian authorities have gotten from him. Who brought him that newspaper? They should know by now. We need to know his connection with Bainimarama. How does Vulakoro fits in the picture? which side is she now? SDL or FF? It was reported that her email got hacked in order to extract information, is that true?

Suomynona said...

Speaking of Le Manu.......

Makes me wonder if the Samoan PM has even bothered to look at his own country first before poking his nose into Frankie's business in Fiji. His country might be more farked up than frankie and his disastrous dictator/leadership.

At least anonymous @ 10:59 AM has just explained everything so no need to say more.

Anonymous said...

Fuckshit! Kepa is a graduate with a degree from USP. The taukei intellectuals were those that were brushed aside by your intimate lover Frank Bainimarama. Those taukei running the govt.now are, let.me..say..silimilar to Frank..unqualified...Anyway Kepa is wise enough to bring Richard knowing that picking an intellect taukei( who are currently against Frank) will not be accepted.

Anonymous said...

Indigenous people of Fiji are firmly in control of their destiny-Bai
Thursday, 23/04/2015

A Fijian government delegation has said in a UN meeting that the indigenous people of Fiji are firmly in control of their destiny.

The 14th session of United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is currently underway at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Permanent Mission’s First Secretary, Gene Bai, advised the Forum that Fiji’s 2013 Constitution is consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

He spoke about the relevant provisions in the Constitution of Fiji that specifically protect the rights of the i-Taukei.

The Forum heard that the i-Taukei enjoy full rights to land, culture, institutions and religion, with all these rights firmly protected within the constitution and the nation’s written laws and regulations.

In no way, the Fijian Delegation affirmed, should these rights of the i-Taukei be perceived to be under threat.

Bai said the constitution affirms that the ownership of all i-Taukei land shall remain with the customary owners and that i-Taukei land can never be alienated by sale or transfer.

He explained that for the first time, the constitution’s Bill of Rights sets out the right to a fair share of royalties for the landowners of any minerals found under their land or under the seabed in which they have customary fishing rights.

Story by Tokasa Rainima

Anonymous said...

Because someone has to stand up to Voreqe and the fucken shit had to respect that forum. It's not his father's institution where he can do whatever he wishes. Somehow as a leader himself he had failed miserably, he had brought ridiculed upon himself, tarnished the reputation of Rt Mara..the first forum leader and shamed the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Oilei..more lies! one lie after another. ..and many many more to come

Anonymous said...

@4.03pm Bai isn't that bad at all when you look at the South Pacific region.okay his done some bad but not as bad as other rebel leaders.West Papua and Papua New guinea are the most notorious in our region when it comes to problems.The rascals in PNG are still gun tooting outlaws,real life tribal conflicts still exists in the inlands.Cannibalism,witchcraft and sorcery hunts,drugs,kidnapping,mass rape,corrupt mining,human trafficking,police corruption,government bribery etc etc.Then you have West Papua and its occupation.Genocide,mass murdering grave pits,torture,rape,slavery,racism etc etc.Fiji just needs to get its act together and start bringing about better politics.Modernisation is a good step but we really need to start working on bringing about true equality and fairness.Also better education which is currently under work.The xenophobia as well must go.I think this people who have xenophobic views have failed to intergrate with our multicultural society.Theres alot of work to be done.We already hold the championship title of Coup plotters and executioner in the region and everybody is FED UP.

Anonymous said...

@3.10 i don't think that a simple degree in education at USP is of much more utility than a form 6 or form 7 ... i don't follow up your logic... itaukei wouldn't be accepted? you obviously don't want to see the reality : where are the doctorates in economics, administration and so on?!?! my "lover" Bainimarama is a mental retard, his military staff as well and so are a good lot of people in the parliament. sad.

I hope that the next generation of iTaukeis will change their mentality otherwise the country is facing some serious problems. Right now we see the indian intellectuals , amongst others, leaving the country, which pleases the nationalists somehow, but as a result, the country is falling bewteen the hands of unqualified idiots.

E na tini ivei na gauna qo?

Rutu Suliano Mataitoga said...

Surprised that leader of nationalist racist SOPELA party Ro Tamaimu Feka is a graduate. Have u seen her speaking in the Parliament. My daughter who studies at Sir Lala Sukuna memorial in Form 4 speaks better than her.

Anonymous said...

Kepa got into USP with very low marks. This was possible of the racist policies that I taukies could even get into USP with much much lower marks that others. Then this happens , where a graduate like Kepa can't even speak or write good English.
Kepa is a very chief as she easily manipulate common I taukies and bludge them and not share the land royalties, she kept all such royalties to herself.
FF has done the right thing to get rid of GCC

Anonymous said...

@ratu suliano...Kepa has a degree fromUSP...Bainimarama has none and only know how to play the drums and quick march on the paddock

Anonymous said...

A degree means nothing. USP gave her as she was a chief and Ituakies . She did not deserve it.
Kepa deserves no respect- she has been budging her common Itaukies for long in her position as chief.
You need brains and common sense and Qarase also a degree holder was a big crook - got more shares in FHL which he was entrusted to protect Itaukies. One I taukie f..up another.

Anonymous said...

Shameless "naupotism". Promotion for another masipolo. I guess he has to pay for their loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Some people think you need a degree to be classed as smart and to be privileged with senior positions.I'm sorry to disappoint you,in this day and age a degree is not enough.Okay a degree only unlocks some doors and access to careers but you will find employers also want a good solid record of experience as well.

You can have a 25years hard working experience veteran who has developed all the skills and knowledge of the trade over the long hard years in all aspects of civil engineering but no degree.The individual knows all the pros and cons of the trade,well known in the Industry and has worked in many top projects in the country by top employers.The individual has many references at hand and good networking.

On the other hand you have a university undergraduate with a 1st class degree 0% of field work experience.Their network only consists of students,lectures and tutors.The last 23years they've been studying books,writting essays about what they've read,assignments,using concepts models,frameworks and theories and examination.

So you can see the big difference.Doesn't mean you have a degree you will always be favoured and should have the privilege to be in senior roles.The world is a tough place and everyone is all out there to take a slice of the cake.You ever heard of "Get back in line and wipe your ass with that piece of paper"?

Anonymous said...

@6.13 very true, BUT...

I have met quite a few professors at USP over the years and many would say that if they applied overseas standards there, 50% would fail, a quarter would get a C, which is just a sort of honorary passing mark (useless in the real world) and the rest B. No A. In the case of MPs, you would expect that some of them, at least the most "important" ones, to have not only a bloody degree (a doctorate) which some international recognition, awards.

I have met some graduates who couldn't locate the largest country on the map.... this shows the quality of graduates. The MPs are.... FARMERS? unemployed, retired from whatever .... military people!!!!!

So I agree with you, but I disagree at the same time. Your view is not enough balanced. Yes some people have a natural common sense and skills to lead without qualifications, BUT you can't really sit in a parliament if you don't know how to investigate financial documents and all that kind of stuff....

In this case, Kepa is more or less a simple spectator telling this one or that one to make inquiries... that's not enough. I am so frustrated to say that I can't find much competence in this parliament. Those who have some skills, like Aiyaz, are crooks! Biman is "ok", but has got no charisma, no skills to carry messages. Draunidalo complements him in this regard, but they are not a very large party.... and we've got the farmers and church men from SDL.... wow.

don't we all miss Ratu Suluna?!?!? iF you can hear us sir, please come back!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@9.19 &@10.27

That's very much the point I was saying before. Fijians have a mentality to get FREE and EASY rides and thus the country ends up with a whole bunch of incompetent people in positions where they shouldn't be!!! It's all about HUMAN EGO (don't care about the job, but wants the position and $$$) what a circus!!!!!

Young people of Fiji, please wake up!!! Work hard, have real honnest DREAMS.

Otherwise we have to cede Fiji to Britain again, and we will have to change the flag back to the old dark blue colonial design!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ratu Suliano Magaitinamu, your daughter speaks better than you.

Kingdom citizen said...

A good education is important,for Ministers and leaders..The Law and Principles of life says so...Hosea 4:6...My people perish with lack of knowledge.
You train your body to have fitness and good health,you train your mind by getting educated to lead others...King Solomon requested only one thing...Lord give me Understanding to lead this great multitude of people.He was the wisest on the planet...He seek Understanding.Knowledge and Wisdom was also endowed to King Solomon..Understating is Comprehension,Knowledge is getting information.Wisdom is application...Successful Leaders need Understanding,Knowledge and Wisdom to lead.
Understanding is the most important thing in life.
Understanding destroys frustration.
Wisdom Is Supreme,it is the Ultimate goal in life.
Proverbs 2:1..The Lord gives wisdom,out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.

Anonymous said...

@10.14 If you had education, you would rather quote great philosophes... or better, think for yourself! the "wisest" man is a SOPHISM...in case you don't know the meaning, it means "error, mistake of argumentation". Keep you religious views for yourself in the public arena.

as for religions, they became deprecated with Darwin in particular, but even more so with modern science... Fiji is still a nation of children.... gosh we are behind!!!!!

kamlesh kumar said...

Fiji is a nation of coups, and is run by a school a dumbass Bainimarama who beats up a pregnant woman.

Anonymous said...












Anonymous said...

@12:56 the way I look at it, Fijians have already turned their back on the land, chiefs, customs, language and slowly religion. You see the process happening because of urbanisation and freedom. The supreme irony here is that we have a Military Regime controlling the important things at the top but giving the small democratic candies to the people at the bottom (free to fuck, free milk, free to watch porn, free to everything. Equal money...who doesn't want equal money ?) The equal sharing of lease money was actually a masterpiece of Franky boy. You probably get 10 votes for losing only one...

Look at all the young people losing their time in Suva... they could be growing so much and make use of their lands, but the Fijian custom doesn't allow anyone to run a business and the culture itself has become out od touch with modern reality! Ask any urban Fijian why he is not going back to the village. Ask the question HONNESTLY. No one wants to live under a chief, a religious conman and the likes anymore!!!!

The Fijian culture has you have known it is already gone. A new society will emerge in a generation. I predict the end of the Fijian culture when the rural pipulation will be kess than 25%. Last census in 2007, it was 45% only, first time under 50% . Now it must be around 40%.

In a sense, it is the Fijians themselves who have accepted the changes happening... there is no going back.

Anonymous said...

Niko Nawaikula's presentation to UN was spot on and won accolades from all in the room. Delaibatiki's ridiculous attempt to rebut point by point in Fiji Sun is so full of shit just like the toilet paper Fiji Sun. Delaibatiki should confine himself to cocksucking his boss Peter Lomas and Cabenatabua.

Anonymous said...

@3.16 don't use such language, people will think that everybody in Fiji are just addicted to porn. No more porn language here, we want university-level discussion. Like doctorate level. With great ideas, sophisticated thoughs.

Anonymous said...

@1:15 PM Yes I understand your point but the danger is that when it is time for the Kai Viti to reassert their claim on this land you better start building your boat so that you can quickly move out to the sea.


Anonymous said...

Let me say something about your few professors at USP who said if they applied overseas standard there, 50% would fail, quarter would get a C. Is this concrete, a perception or merely an assumption? I don't understand why the professors had to tell you these because if it's true then results you mentioned here is a reflection of poor quality and fuckall teaching. It reflected back on them.Did you ever investigate your so called professores why in the first place they ended up in USP. Is it because they didnot meet the requirements in offshore colleges or are they simply rejects. Most of those professors come to USP to get their professorial status elevated for recognition so that they can gain a spot in higher colleges. Some are here on short term contract because they are vacationing, Some are here to get money So, the prime reason for educating our children to be the best and competitive internationally is secondary to them attaining their goal first.What would you expect the results be if educating our children remain secondary. Im sorry but your judgement cannot be left unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

@5.56 Most professors would come for a change from the stiff and maybe boring life of large universities expecting a great and nice teaching environment but then they find out that things are very different from what they expected... Fiji is an attractive exotic country.

I have heard waaaaay too many times things like "90% of students can't put a sentence together " , "this is by far the worst place where I have ever teached" , "students don't even know where Europe or Greece are..." etc...etc...etc. from soooooo many of them over the years. So what it means is simple : students get free scholarships , they "enjoy" life and are not serious. It means that the Fijian culture of laziness is turning even our university into a complete joke. This is a simple fact, and verrrrry easy to verify. Some professors told me that business in Fiji don't even want to hire students from USP! It is still not uncommon to have the top jobs occupied by expats BECAUSE OF THAT.

Time for a change of culture.

Anonymous said...

@3.35 I have NEVER said that the "Fijian" would disappear or anything like that, but the "rural-church-chief-tribal-extended family" kind of culture will disappear. Actually, what I see already is iTaukeis of urban areas making fun of Vanua Levu, Lau, Kadavu, Colo, etc.... I see new "social classes" of Fijians emerging, often commoners who were not particularly advantaged in the Fijian system and found it more interesting to drop out of the system. I see a lot of family tensions too. In many cases, people refuse to provide free accomodation and food for long time to their relatives taking advantage of them through traditionnal channels.

A new Fijian culture will emerge, that will be shaped by the necessities of modern life. I see young Fijian women especially trying to escape the hardship and injustices they face in the countryside. In some islands like Totoya, you will find 1 young woman for like 3 ,4 or 5 young men...

That is also my explanation for Franky boy's victory. He gave a lot of freedom to a lot of Fijians by ...robbing them froma real democracy, but even after he will have left,mthe "damage" will have been done to the rural culture...

Viti vou, as they say.

Anonymous said...

Bula Tomasi. I will agree with you on most of the the things you say. Fiji is right now in the middle of what one with half a brain might say a constitutional dictatorship. Everything the government does is calculated perfectly to keep them in power. In the greater scheme of things they are really not doing or giving much. It is a classic case of crumbs to the peasants to keep them happy and the real block of cheese goes to the king and his loyal men. The problem in Fiji has always been the failure of successive governments from 1987 to deliver anything of real value to the people. So when their was nothing anything looks like a lot for the masses. The question is where to from here. Bai and Kai will not go easy and the country will need a very strong leader to remove them from power legally. The last thing this country needs is another coup so this has to be legal. SODLEPA lives in the past. For Christs sake Robots are doing open heart surgery and we are planning to send a manned space craft to Mars in the hope of colonizing it.Point is the world of which we are a part of has far greater problems than our petty cultural differences. SODELPA's one track sermon that somehow the i-taukei's way of life is under threat just does not hold water with the Facebook generation. Truth be told most SODELPA supporters with any gray matter know that Kepa will not be able to unseat Bai. She just knows nothing more than ethno nationalism. The real issues which Bai does not know much about either but is well coached by his minder Kai is alien to Kepa. The party in the middle of to extremes is NFP. While i personally respect Biman a great deal he is too much of an Academic and simply does not have the Charisma nor the guile to take Bai on. In Politics ones needs to be civil, smart, charismatic but also have a mean left hook if i may use the boxing analogy. That lives at least in my opinion a huge vacuum in our politics. The fact is Fiji will always have Indians and the i-taukei. We cannot change that. The second fact is that the land owners are the i-taukei. The 3rd and most important fact is that the cultural lines between the 2 races is being diluted every day. I mean if we had to take a vote on Fiji's national dish i am sure it will be Chicken curry which is an Indian creation but loved by 99% of Fiji citizens. Race and religion is not the dominant fact in peoples lives anymore. How we deal with these facts will define our future as a nation. And the leader who finds the common ground will in my opinion be the next big thing in Fiji.
I just hope we can find that leader before it is too late for all of us who love this country dearly.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Airways dismisses online article on CEO post as premature
Friday, April 24, 2015

Update: 11:45AM FIJI Airways has dismissed an online article published by UK tabloid the Daily Mirror stating that former SriLankan Airlines CEO Peter Hill has left the carrier to head our national airline.

According to the Daily Mirror, SriLankan Airlines chairman Ajith Dias was quoted as saying Mr Hill was leaving because he was offered the Fiji Airways managing director and CEO role.

According to Fiji Airways manager public relations Shane Hussein, the announcement was premature and should not be taken as official.

"The Board is seeing three shortlisted candidates this weekend

Anonymous said...


Poll success hailed
Talebula Kate
Friday, April 24, 2015

+ Enlarge this image

The Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum presents a copy of the Fijian Constitution to the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Mr Kamalesh Sharma during their meeting in London. Picture: SUPPLIED
COMMONWEALTH secretary-general Kamalesh Sharma has congratulated Fiji on holding a successful general election under the new Constitution.

Mr Sharma highlighted this during his meeting with the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Fiji's high commissioner to the United Kingdom Solo Mara.

A Department of Information statement yesterday stated Mr Sharma recognised the enormous strides that Fiji has made and informed Mr Sayed-Khaiyum that the Commonwealth looked forward to warmly welcoming Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama to CHOGM to be held later this year in Malta.

Anonymous said...

@8.04 Yes Fiji will always have Fijians and Indians, but in about 20 years only the Indian population will be less than 20%. It was 37% in 2007, now less than 30% probably. Only the poor Indians and the richer businessmen and a few academics will stay. Then Fiji might turn into a poor "Solomon Islands" if we are not careful to lead Fijians into changing their old ways. It seems impossible, but let's try. That's all what we can do.

Unknown said...

Fijian society is changing and I believe in a good way. In the eras of Mara and Qarase the chiefs and Talatala's had too much self righteous ego. To be frank Fijian society in those eras were pretty much military style.

Whatever the chief and Talatala says goes. People were not asked for their opinions especially young men and women. Most people used to say that we were respectful but the reality was that we were just too blind or too damn stupid.

You see respect is something that is earned. In those days the chiefs, elders and talatala seems to get that for free like they do with most other things. If anything these blog shows the mentality of the I taukei's especially men who swear at whoever disagrees with their views, gossip about unsubstantiated facts and constantly mourn about whatever the PM or Fiji First does.

Don't get me wrong a debate is always welcomed especially constructive ones backed up by well informed research and concrete facts. However when I taukei's men stoop so low to petty name calling and pathetic analysis it almost shows the whole Pacific and World how as a generation we are just out of touch with reality.

It is really embarrassing to read comments from i taukei's who come across as nothing but unpatriotic bunch of people. It is common knowledge that most in here live abroad so maybe they don't really feel the vibe of the country except the coconut wireless news they get when they skype their Sodelpa relatives back in Fiji.

Recently it was in the foreign mainstream news that the election observers group have finalised their final reports on Fiji election and have endorsed it to be fair and democratic. SODELPA supporters will hate that.

Anonymous said...

Baaaahahhahaa oi Vili dont forget the itaukei church community.People would think they are religious worshipers and God fearing.But when you separate the wolves from the sheeps all is revealed.Anyone remembers that pastor who got sent back from overseas because his sexual assaults on young victims?

You also have the talatala's who con the people to give from their own wallets and pockets.That famous line "Give your tithe and the lord will bless you","give 10% of your earnings to the church and the lord will bless you".The next day talatala has taken those people's money and bought himself a 7 seater luxury SUV.

The talatala organize a field trip for the churchgoers and says "you all pay for it" (bus,food and hotel).So the people all start a soli but there's always the clever one who says "Shouldnt the church or talatala pay for this?after all we give our tithe every week".But you always get that narrow minded individual who keeps harping away "NO HIS GODS MESSENGER AND HAS USED HIM AS A VESSEL".The idiot can't see for himself/herself that talatala is using their money to buy his car,house,food,dinners out in the restaurant and glass of wine.

It gets worse from there,the idiot then goes on to say "oh well talatala is doing well for himself the lord truly has blessed him".These nuts dont know the government (overseas government only i.e. USA,UK,AUS and NZ) gives them (The talatala,Religious Leaders) a grant every year worth $40,000 or so to carry out their religious work in these faith communities.Sometimes they can be sent by the Methodist church in Fiji to go overseas and carry out their works in Fijian communities.I don't mind truthful honest pastors but you have some pastors out there who are completely abusing their role and peoples trust.

Anyhow thats part 1,part 2 will be about the ones who go to church because they see it as a dating platform.The judgers and hypocrites who love gossiping and shit stirring in the communities.The cheating Husbands and Wifes.The competitive and boasting individuals who just made it out of the bush.The Racist nut job that listens to too much right wing religious bigots on youtube and parrots its preaching away.The Alex Jones and illumanati conspiracies who all sit around the grog bowl.The drunkards and horny devil dogs that have been chased from many homes.TO BE CONTINUED.

Anonymous said...

Let's all remember ANZAC day for the sacrifice made by few for the many for the free lives we now enjoy. Also to remember our valiant and brave men who sacrificed their lives and effort in the subsequent WWII and others.

But this is also the day to compare that sacrifice with the selfish and cowardice of our military in Fiji. Bloody 'hide behind the sand bag' peacekeepers who surrender so willingly in the face of armed elements but come back home to terrorise and kill innocent law abiding citizens just trying to live their normal lives. So on this ANZAC day whilst we shall not forget those who sacrificed valiantly let's not forget the lamusona Fiji Military that marches to the tune of its idiot PM and AG.

Anonymous said...

What we have to keep in mind, dear friends, is that our petty lifes are beyond our control. We didn't chose to be born in this epoch, country or ethnicity. Our own existence is very relative.

Therefore, I urge you to be honnest and reasonnable when you suggest that iTaukeis are just "out of the bush" and more vulnerable to the large religious conning scheme spoiling Fiji. If one had the privilege to be born, say in Sweden, where religion is so to speak dead, and where the GDP is high (how come by the way?) then one might be tempted to make fun of those "backward people".

But again, this is just a bit of history. The Fijian society will change because of the growing access to the internet and the "outside world". The ITaukeis won't be backward forever, and it is our duty to help them to move in the right direction, even if that can be horribly frustrating.

Anonymous said...

@12.14pm The reality is there are far too many "horribly frustrating" people out there.30 or so years have gone by and some yet many have contributed to our beloved motherland to better its people.But time and time again we seem to be back at square one.

How many citizens have contributed to its people but have been either discriminated against and threaten with violence?.Coup after coup back and forth passing the blame game around?

On here we talk about democracy and freedom .However the harsh reality is the citizens of Fiji never had or knew what true democracy is,unless you have travelled and lived in a 1st world democracy country.The last 30 year's did we live in equal citizenry society?Did we ever had a government that stayed in office without been overthrown by either military or rebel thugs?there's more to it.

Bringing the internet and technology is just a step forward to modernisation but there's more to be done.Education,healthcare,public transport,laws,Business etc etc.We are starting all over again and I'm pretty sure the majority will not let this one fuck up again.

Anonymous said...

The lesson we can see from history is that those who have abused of their people where no different from the people themselves. It is unfaire to say that Qarase, Mara, the Methodists, Speight, Chaudry and Bainimarama are criminals. A man who knew Mara as a friend told me that his wife sent millions outside of Fiji, and he was a brilliant economist so I don't have any reason to doubt about it.

The Fijian society IS its own worst ennemy. Bainimarama is a criminal, but so are all those who abuse their relatives and friends, or strangers, in so many ways.

Fiji might be a shame in its current state, BUT we can slowly change our mindsets to build a better society.

The current political actors are all fairly bad. They are either grossly incompetent as it has been said, dishonnest or criminal, but haven't we all become a little bit like themselves? I look around me in this country and I see only immorality. How can dare people here even talk about some kind of god that would have anything to do in ruling our miserable lifes?

It is in harship that we can see noble men. We don't see to many of them these days.

Unknown said...

Religious brainwashing and backward doesn't necessarily mean out of the woods. After all it happens everywhere in the world. And certainly not all I taukei's are susceptible to it.

The context most refer to in regards to the I Taukei's is that basically our traditional form of governance which is the chiefly system is one that marginalise the young mens and women in terms of decision making.

Usually the chiefs, elders and talatala makes all the decision and traditional protocols ensures the obedience and abidence of such orders by all under them.

The i taukei's even if they had better ideas were simply not heard simply because if they spoke up it is seen as disrespectful therefore the illusion of backwards is the westernised term of such actions and attitudes. So in this context being backward doesn't neccessarily mean that they were not capable of innovative ideas, simply they were traditionally bound to act backwards.

So when Bainimarama took over he liberated the I taukei's from the shackles of traditional handcuffs that has held us back for generations. So when the international observers recently endorsed the recent election as democratic and fair, this tells us that the people especially the I taukei's voted in our majority for Fiji First not because they were afraid or manipulated but simply because for the very first time they were able to individually choose their destiny free of the shackles of our traditional handcuffs.

No Change Coming said...

Not the first or the last of the cronyism via the Bainimarama and Khaiyum era. It's a waiting game to see how long before the people of Fiji get sick of the blatant corruption. My last visit to Fiji showed the bulk of society under the thumb of a military government while 'government and military' reaping the spoils of war.

Supporters of Sodelpa. said...

Our itaukei people cant understand the Indians are the problems in Fiji as Minister in Qarase government Ascenaca Cacau said "They are obnoxious weeds. As Ratu Timoci Vesikula said last year, George Speight said in 2000 that they not one of us, they smell and different as Rabuka said in 1987 they are foreigners, they belong to India, you give little and they want every thing. Qarase was right in taking the sugar lands from them. Our task is to group together, unite and repatriate them to slums of India.
I don't know why we I taukeis are divided. Support Sodelpa, ask your children families to ask your sons and daughters in the army and revolt and overthrow the Muslim government. Make concentration camps where we repatriate the indos. After that we can live happily for ever.

Anonymous said...

@1.08pm you are xenophobic man seriously you need to get out more stop staying in that little world of yours.Your type of thinking is backwards

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3.51am, so early in the morning to spit venom on fijian iaukei society,you ridiculed church pastors and elders,then mocked cheating husband and wives then took a swipe on Alex Jones Documentary.

I have one question for you.

If you have never stolen,defrauded,cheated on your wife and family, boss and workmates then cast the first stone!!!

Since you are human and obviously still wet behind the ears,I have news for you,we already ok speaking for myself I already knew about what you posted DECADES AGO,but no need to put finger to wound,we are all human,our righteousness and high moral codes of conduct are nothing but a bunch of filthy rags to the Lord.

Have you heard of the Being that prosecutes and points out the sinful deeds of humans in heaven,you sound much like him.

In memory of our courageous Fiji Citizens and Aust/NZ who died in World War 1, Happy ANZAC DAY.

Anonymous said...

@1.17pm THEN SO BE IT.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone verify that Asenaca Caucau said what Supporters of Sodelpa says she said?

Crosseyed said...

Vili that was society at the time and that society was far more equitable than the one we have today under guise of new government. We do not need for history to tell us that Bainimarama and Khaiyum have manufactured decrees to create a society that suits them and justifies their power. This is illegal and unacceptable considering the democratic world and norms we live under today. You can't try to defend the wrongs of Bainimarama with the make up of traditional society.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Military and the Fiji Govt should obeserve Operation Griffin and Jade Helm in the USA.

It involves mass movement of military armour and personelle similar to war games.
They something similar conducted in the South Pacific,a War Games Drill involving the USA,Japan,Aust,Nz,Samoa and Tonga.

For the past 5 years the voices coming out from the Prime Ministers of Tonga and Samoa are totally different compared to those heard a Decade ago.

They know they have a vast,supreme military supremo behind their arses so they are trying to coax Fiji to a fight,our Militayr knew this so we turned to China and Russia,France is also supporting us ,they are all aware of the exchanges going on,nothing is coincidence,this are all pre planned.

we are going to hear more from the PM of Tonga and Samoa in the near future and it will be nasty.

The PIF is just the front for the advancement of Aust Supremacy in the South Pacific Region.

Anonymous said...

PIF has always been a international body
that only serves the interest of Australia and New Zealand.They want to influence the political and economic factors of PIF nations.Members of PIF are slaves and lapdogs.


To digress, Victor Lal recently described education minister Mahendra Reddy as being part of the 'dog eat dog' Bainimarama government. But in Mahen Reddy's case it's 'dog eat pussy' situation in that mahen the dog eat the taxi driver wife's pussy! hahaha wailei, kaila! let's see the funny side of things too.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Supporters of SODELPA - You are a sick man, an idiot. People like you, and your Sodelpa mates have destroyed Fiji. In 2000 and 1987 you had all the opportunity to send Indians back. Indians are not the problems in Fiji it is bastard like and your SODELPA party. I saw on Fiji Leaks Asenaca
Cacau holding and hugging Rajendra Chaudhry on Fiji Leaks. SODELPA is a nationalist party. To win any future election they have change and accommodate wishes if everyone. They should have at least 20 candidates from other ethnicities in the next election. They should have candidates from other communities in their executives. Likewise Nationalist NFP. They both should become one. Race is no longer important nowadays. It is the policies that lifts peoples standard of living that matters.

Anonymous said...

The racist words of some brave and enlighten person at 1.08PM show the importance for those of us who have superior intelligence, especially emotional intelligence, to remain united in our fight against extremism. This kind of person is commiting a crime against the republic of the Fiji Islands and is trying to stir evil in our country.

This sort of crap reminds of the Nazi attemps to exterminate the Jewish people, which ironically he is probably worshipping...

Next time don't forget to put your name, and details so that we can "contact" you.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:37 PM.

So what do you think? Do you feel that Fiji should invade Samoa and Tonga? Do you think that Fiji should enlist the help of China, Russia and, perhaps, France to help in the invasion? Your post is laughable.

All Australia, New Zealand are seeking from Fiji is for it's demented Dictator/Prime Minister to realize and get through his blocked head is that they are also Pacific Nations and they have as much right as Fiji to be members of the Forum.

Australia and New Zealand are more developed than other Pacific nations and they have set standards for others to emulate towards better prosperity and economic improvements without infringing on the rights of citizens and indigenes of these sovereign Pacific Island states.

China has only had interests in Fiji for the perhaps three or less decades, more recent than Australia and New Zealand, but see what they have done already? She has depleted a part of the Bua landscape and its mineral resources with pitifully meagre renumeration, not mentioning, of course, the damage she has done to the once fertile eco-systems of the area which had provided its local inhabitants resources for nourishment in the past.

Anonymous said...

1.22pm /3.5am Who did you you see when you look in the mirror ? That thing you saw is making an ass of you.

Moving Forward said...

@ Kamlesh Kumar. Every country that has been colonised has had its indigenous people reviled for standing up for themselves, as they are entitled to. The only country I can think of that it hasn't happened is Australia where Aboriginals are so still marginalised, they remain at the mercy of governments that want to cut their benefits if they choose to live traditionally. Maori were and are still hated for wanting their rights as the first people of New Zealand who were stripped of their land, language and mana and they were clearly entitled to fight for what was theirs. The likes of your good self prefer to see Indians as the sole victims, but they are not. SODELPA still has support because indigenous Fijians have lost so much more under this illegal regime which has profited from the coup legacy. For Fiji to succeed, the rights of both Fijians and Indians must be acknowledged.

Just Saying said...

Anion@2.31 Bainimasona is playing the race card against New Zealand just as he has done in Fiji between Indians and Fijians. And just as we have in Fiji, some of the smaller island nations have fallen for it.

Anonymous said...

The blah blah blah blah blah is a blah blah blah because the I taukei is so blah blah blah. That's why Fiji Fuck fuck fuck First even in the context of the blah blah blah blah. .....MEOW

Anonymous said...

Oso sa sona mai na blog qo.These SODELPA supporters are laughing stock.Most of them just came out of the mental institute looking grog dope.I'm glad my vote didnt go to such a waste.1.08 you got dropped on your head as a child or what?

Anonymous said...

@1.37 PM

Is it just I or the level of intelligence is somewhat as low here as it is in an university classroom?

Anonymous said...

Just leave her alone. I can only verify her middle fingure had been pointing upward I guess meant for you since you're prying into her personal business.

Anonymous said...

Fucken idiot. Yes bring in samoa and Tonga to liberate us from this fuckwit bai.That's what you're good at...spying on our neighbours and pretend that you re something. I beleive Bais carata..legacy at the cassava patch is taking roots in Nabua.. oh yea. Its significant in the ISIS episode. By the way is the teaming up of tonga, samoa, Aust, NZ with US new? Thats normal trend , always every year.
What's the problem. .you scared? Do you think China, Russia, France, India will stand with you all the way? Those super powers are not as stupid as our super cassava athlete.

Anonymous said...

Niko Nawaikula’s presentation on indigenous Fijian issues was riddled with inaccuracies and distortions.

He made the presentation at the 14th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous issues.

He is the general secretary of the Fiji Native Tribal Congress.

The congress was set up in 2011 after the abolition of the Great Council of Chiefs to promote what its members call indigenous interests.

Two of its pioneers, Ro Teimumu Kepa, paramount chief of Burebasaga and Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, Tui Cakau and paramount chief of Cakaudrove, are key leaders of Opposition party SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

@3.21who are you talking about, lady?

Say NO to porNOgraphy said...


All those sexual references are inappropriate. They are painting a very bad picture of us, like if we were some sort of disgusting and pervert people.

Since we have been ranked #10 worldwide for porn requests, we should try to change our image now.

Unknown said...

The Pacific Islands forum was originally formed by Pacific Islanders leaders which excluded New Zealand and Australia. Ratu Mara was its chief architect. He came up with the idea due to being frustrated at the the old organisation called the South Pacific Commission which included at the time Australia, New Zealand and UK who made all the decisions.

One of the main reasons for its formation was that the South Pacific Commission under the UK influence refused to speak up when France was doing nuclear testing in the French colony in the Pacific.

After formation the PIF arranged it's first meetings and invited New Zealand as observer member. Australia heard of this and contacted Ratu Mara asking to join the party. So Ratu Mara sent them an invitation letter as observer.

Australia then countered that it wanted a sit at the table in return of funding. The PIF leaders then agreed to include both New Zealand and Australia mainly because they supported the Pacific Islands protest against the French nuclear testing and because they would greatly help with funding.

The first PIF was held in Wellington. Today whenever you read the Australian and New Zealand mainstream media you see them stating that they were founding members of the Pacific Islands forum. Funny how they leave out the fact that they were not responsible for its formation and that they asked for a sit at the table in return of fundings.

One could say that Fiji created the Pacific Islands forum and accepted Australia and New Zealand request to be members. So now when Fiji is requesting them to leave everyone is making a big deal of it. So Fiji formed the Pacific Islands development forum just like how it formed the Pacific Islands forum.

Australia and New Zealand use their funding as a way to influence most policies and decision during Fiji's suspension. And now that Fiji is back on the scene they know that Fiji cannot be bought like other Pacific island countries like Samoa.

Fiji is the only country in the PIF that stands up to Australia and New Zealand and that is why they both hate us.

Speaking from a personal view I think rather then asking for Australia and New Zealand to leave let them stay but take a back sit. Let the Pacific Islands leaders handle Pacific Islands affairs. It's important for Fiji to be in the PIF because they're the voice of reason for other islanders whom are usually manipulated or bullied by Australia and New Zealand. Maybe the PM is working a different angle and with the Pacific Islands development forum which Fiji formed funded by China and does not include Australia and New Zealand Fiji has an option . Whatever happens Australia and New Zealand days of heavy handed influence on the forum are over. That I am sure.

Anonymous said...

@6.05 we want money but we want our benefactors to stay away... well... tell that to the Greeks these days!!!

Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 2.31pm, those are your thoughts you are putting to paper,and alleging that they are mine.

Military drills or war games arent conducted for fun,they are for the real deal,should the need arise for a pre-emptive strike to gain the upper hand.

I am just urging the Military to keep an eye on developments out yonder for they forecast the future status of our soveireignty.

If my post was laughable then why the more than two para reply?

Military Drill cost billions of dollars of tax payers money,I will spit the dummy out since you have hinted on it,Fiji is under the radar of those Nations as being unfriendly as we speak,moreso when we have shook the hand of Red China and the Russian Bear but invasion?? where do you think that from,we are Pacific Islanders,we cant invade Samoa and Tonga,we are blood relatives!!!man.

You said China's interest in the South Pacific esp Fiji was only 2-3 decades ago,have you heard of the Malayan Campaign? When Chinese Communists led by Ching Pehn led an upprising in Malaya in their effort to spread Communism?

You see they have learnt that you gain more friends and allies by befriending them irrespective of their political status.

When Chiang Kai Sekh led Taiwan to become one of the most developed Asian Nation, Red China learnt the hard way that invasion and wars are costly.

Happy Anzac Day!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Niko Nawaikula ,,,,you did a great job for we the indig...fuck you kamlesh you pakala!!!
Simple fack is 2013 Constitution was not from the people so fuk it & fuk yo new flag

Anonymous said...

@6.56 the new flag is a good idea, what a pity it wasn't done years ago. colonial flags are for colonized minds.

Anonymous said...


We are still part of Her Majesty's Commonwealth. And our Security role in this region has increased because the Brits and French are concerned about drugs being transhipped through here on the way to Europe.

This last week British Naval officers have been here in Suva conducting training workshops, which incidentally Australian and New Zealand naval officers also attended.

The British Navy has been working to close off the Caribbean to movement of drugs (Cocaine) from Colombia and Panama through the Atlantic to Europe.

So the Colombian and Mexican cartels have started moving into this region as an alternative transhipment route.

Only two years ago Lord Tuilakepa got into trouble in Tonga after sponsoring the residency of a Colombian drug czar in Tonga for the purposes of setting up a new route through here into Asia and onto Europe, apart from the Australian market. However, the case could not proceed because the US DEA had tapped his phone to get the evidence and under Tongan law it was tainted and inadmissible.

Regardless of what happens at the PIF (which is a non sequitor anyway), our role within the region (not just the South Pacific but the actual Pacific Rim as a whole) remains pivotal in that regard, and it is continuing to grow.

Anonymous said...

Read 1.28

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems you are also one of them, intellect or intelligent as you may be, but you are the type of individual that are the cause of educational embarrassment to the nation. You have ears and minds to all these, did you take steps to help since you have sooooo...maaaany information on how average our kids are in USP. Well you didn't , I guess, from your writings. Or yes, like a dog barking loudly in the presence of its owner. No substance.Your point carries alot yet you didn't do nothing. There's a phrase for such intellect .".stupid is as stupid does, "you are what you do."simply applies to an intellect or intelligent person who does stupid things is a stupid .
Happy reading.

Anonymous said...

Anon@4:48PM...So you want us to know this because????So thanks
anyway for the info and i'm real
glad that Niko is standing up for
our people-The real Fijians!
Glad that Ro Teimumu and the TuiCakau are both there in defence
of our rights? I'm suprise that they have not put out an ad about
the organization at this point?

Anonymous said...

The RFMF has been invited to participate in Croix du Sud (Exercise Southern Cross) in New Caledonia by the French.

The next exercise is in 2016. Its done every two years.

The Yanks also want the RFMF to reengage with SOCPAC (previously PASOC) but its not a good idea.

The last time Fiji was involved with PASOC (1st Meridians) lots of bad things happened and the country became very unstable.

Its sensible just to engage with the British and the French in security and only engage with the Yanks in law enforcement, not special operations.

But the main focus be trade and commerce and strengthening relations within the region and especially China on that platform

Saikusa Bolatini said...

Niko is inflaming things. This is what Isis has been doing. He should be arrested in USA. SODELPA is supporting him therefore SODELPA is a terrorist organisation. They use indigenous rights to seek personal advantages. People like Niko, Ro Kepa, Great Council of Thief's, Qarase and Semesa karavaki, what have they done to people like me, poor itaukeis.

Unknown said...

So you think society back then where people are marginalised is acceptable? The wrongs of Bainimarama, do you have any particular ones backed up by concrete facts rather then the coconut wireless?

Kamlesh Kumar said...

As we remember ANZAC day we should also remember our British Monarch. e.g. Queen. Our relationship ended in 1987 coup which was done by a thug and supported by Great Council of Chiefs and supporters of SODELPA
, a racist and a terrorist organisation. Isa lei Queen. What a loss to Fiji?

Anonymous said...

1:37 PM must have made quite a pertinent post to warrant Tui Viti's long reply. No matter how Bainimarama wishes to exclude Australia and New Zealand from the Forum it important that they be members because they, simply, are situated in the Pacific Ocean.

True that Fiji initiated the formation of the Forum but it was first envisioned by Rt. Mara and endorsed by all the member nations. Bainimarama would not have the vision. Go and figure out why...

China did not have an interest in Fiji, which was a British colony, during the Malayan campaign in the early to mid 1950's. She merely wanted to spread its communist influences into southeast Asia and was not prepared for another World War by trying to spread her wings into the Pacific seeing that the US, UK, Australia and NZ were still very strong allies only a few years after World War 2. HongKong was still very much a British Colony within China.

Anonymous said...

@sakiusa bolatiki you are a shit stirrer not a poor Itaukei so quit stirring the race pot. Speaking up for indigenous rights does not make Niko or SODELPA a terrorist organisation. If you want to talk ISIS go look up Neil Prakash, the Fijian Cambodian and former Melburmian, who us now the senior recruiter for ISIS. He us based in Syria and has threatened to attack Australia.

Anonymous said...

Sakiusa Bolatini@ 9:00am...yeah
right? More like Delkusha Boloram
or shankar makachodo? If you're
scare to use your indo identity
then piss-off to the outhouse!Why
should,nt Niko or any other Fijian has the guts to stand up at the rooftop and shout out his Itaukei rights to every bastards &
macafakas who are trying to steal
our name & land?
You macafaka, i promise you, better be ready to swim, run or fly when the time comes? Your Lord
Bainimarama is not going to live
for ever! Your time is ticking and
you better pray that the clock don't mess-up, cause when it does
you macafaka have no where to go
but 6 feet under?

Unknown said...

Anonymous 11 am

Bainimarama formed the Pacific Islands development forum. Has increased Fiji's foreign affairs activities, opening consulates and embassies in more countries. Had the Indian and Chinese leaders visit Fiji along with other foreign dignitaries like Russia foreign minister etc. Based on his foreign affairs activities Bainimarama do infact have the vision. You're blinkered by your nationalistic views.

Just because we have spread our wings further towards Asia in our foreign affairs doesn't necessarily mean we're quitting our western foreign relation.

Western influence isn't the be it all. The western countries have lost or don't have any traditional culture. Most Asian countries on the other hand still do. They try to balance their tradition with modernisation. Fiji is more similar to eastern countries then to western ones.

Don't forget the western imperialist are responsible for slavery and the slaughtering of natives in their millions like the Aborigines in Australia, Native Indians in USA etc etc.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 11.27 am

No one is trying to steal our land or name. Bainimarama won't live forever but his vision and his majority I Taukei supporters will ensure racist SODELPA supporters like you won't instigate or force your views to the ordinary Fijians of any ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

The racists and terrorists that are in our midst are the same people who support Bainimarama and Khayium: Jay Dayal and Amit Sungh people who are threatening to use 'mortein' to kill 'cockroaches.'

Anonymous said...

What is it that you know thats best for the country and its people?God forbid any of you becomes a leader of our nation.Bainimarama has done what no former leader could do.

Fiji is far better off since independence.You all mock our Prime Minister and judge him on his educational level but you seem to forget he had encountered his people.From the poorest men,women,children,our farmers and workers.He got in touch with the citizens of the nation and had united us.

Our military also will not be forgotten for the hard work and effort they have put in for bringing about political stability.

Harp and howl all you want with your ridiculous debates.The FF will rule you whether you like it or not.Dont bother replying to my comments because your just wasting your time and if you dont like it tough luck chin up and middle finger raised high,fuck you to the bone!!.FF MARCH ON GLORY GLORY FOR FIJI!!!

Anonymous said...

Despite all the good that Bainimarama has done, he still has to answer to the proper and legal courts and to the many people and their relatives he abused.

Unknown said...

Anon 1:16 pm

You talk about abuse then let's start of with the previous governments, chiefs and methodist church who in the years before Bainimarama had stole, manipulated and marginalised the ordinary citizens of all ethnicities.

All those politicians, Chiefs and Talatala's who stood by and did nothing in the 2000 coup whilst the Fijian of Indian decent were robbed, raped and beaten up all around the country.

People talk about Bainimarama's educational qualifications as if he did not have any. He went to the Australian school of military and like the British Sandhurst school this institution are the equivalent of Universities.

Universities are mostly for civilian professionals, military school are specialised university for military professionals. UK, US and Australia have military schools where students after graduating from high school have the choice of either Civilians University or Military University which is usually referred to as military college or academy. This are usually customised schools for military officers.

So Bainimarama attended this military University in Australia and headed the Fiji Military which is a respected and well known professional institution not only in Fiji but all over the world. So his background and experience makes him more then capable of leadership and on top of that he won the election by a huge margin. The biggest winning margin in Fiji's history. The international observers group recently finalised their final reports and reported in the mainstream media in Australia, New Zealand and UK that it endorsed Fiji's election to be democratic and fair.

So based on concrete facts Bainimarama is the best and right leader. But according to SODELPA supporters and their coconut wireless facts he isn't. Is it no surprise they lost the election. Maybe in the era of Mara and Qarase the Fijian people were easily manipulated by words rather then facts but now we have wisen up to the facts so we can tell the difference between people who talk the talk and the ones who walk the walk and we voted in our majority in the recent election of who we think should lead us and the multinational observers group have endorsed our decisions to he democratic and fair.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili Rakoro.

Families of Nimilote Verebasaga and Sakiusa Rabaka are still not getting any satisfactory and clear answers as to the deaths/murders that happened almost a decade ago.

Have any of the SODELPA people been implicated for murders?

Many are still waiting for answers. Your hero/god Bainimarama still has not denied nor said anything about these implications.

Qarase hase been jailed and has served his sentence to society. His conscience is clear and if he is accused by you and his opponents now of corruption, he is being punished more than once for his crime. At least he had the temerity to face the courts.

Bainimarama is still as chicken as when he sped down that cassava patch at Nabua.

Anonymous said...

@3.11 You must be teaching at USP... :p

Anonymous said...

Fiji Native Tribal Congress. Sounds like something UdreUdre would think up.

Anonymous said...

"Qarase hase been jailed and has served his sentence to society. His conscience is clear and if he is accused by you and his opponents now of corruption, he is being punished more than once for his crime. At least he had the temerity to face the courts."

Such is the Fijian mind. Fijians can forgive anything. Qarase has "served his sentence" and now he is a good old man... LISTEN TO ME Fijian people : the age a apologizing and forgiveness has to END for politicians. Shame on them all!!!!!

Very sad attitude!!!!

So now we jail Bainimarama and we forgive him after 1 year in jail. mmmm

Unknown said...

Anon 3.22 pm

Bainimarama wasn't personally responsible. If leaders were to be prosecuted for what their men did then George Bush and Tony Blair would have been jailed after the Iraq war/invasion.

There should be an intensive investigation carried out and those individuals responsible should be held accountable. And the families should be fully briefed on the outcome of the investigation. They should also receive compensation for their emotional griefs. That I fully agree and support. Anyone with a heart would.

As for Qarase please don't make me laugh. Only last year he demanded over half a million for his pensions. He's already stolen millions during his time in office from shady deals of acquiring assets and stocks. He's living it up in the US now enjoying the fruit of his corruption and evil loins.

Say No to porNOgraphy said...

I want to congratulate the 10 or so last persons who posted a comment. None of them have pornographic content, it might be a record.

On the other hand, I still see some very racist posts, which suggest that we still have some stone age people...

Anonymous said...

Most of these sodelpa lot all commenting on here live in Australia and New Zealand.All keyboard warriors,former families of SDL era and confused bigots.They cant make it there and be successful overseas so they come on here venting their septic tank of a brain.Ranting all their jealousy,racism,phobias and how the world should be by their state of thinking(Corrupt narrow mindsets).

Only them to live in a 1st world country and a striving economy.Only them to have all the creams and honey of success.Only them allowed to have dual citizenship and travel to more countries that a Fiji passport does not have access to.Only them to live in a country that offers state welfare,housing,opportunities of employment and a thriving jobs market.

But for the people of Fiji here back home?There views are No to every bit of success that the people demand.No the people cant follow them,No the people dont have the right to free education,No to innovation in its healthcare system,No to job creation and investments,No to giving the hardworkers a pay rise.No to International business and reducing the cost of living,No to eliminating poverty.

A few days ago some idiot sodelpa supporter on here posted a comment wanting the Fijian race to unite and build concentration camps .That now is truly an ass in the making of themself.Now you can't debate with such a low life such as that.That person needs some mental medication.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro.
Bhaiya kerekere me.. no education me speak Fijian a bit but iglish no.
I speak eh I write eh, wawa mada tacini
Iko sa matai na volavola. Iko sa vuku , Ko au tacini sa levu tale madua baleta Koya sa levu volavola sa use diffikult na iglish. Ko au sa dredre me kila., Ko au sa nanumi iko coqa kei Kamlesh Kumar baleta kemudrau sa tautauvata kila. Kemudrau qo sa kerekere Voreqe me qaruni koya. Sa levu nona pakala. Qo sa kau cake QEB me PM qo na FMF. PM ga nanumi cake FMF( flour meals of fiji)Kua PM Fiji. Au sa kerekere bhaiya..tukuni vei koya mada. Iko cakava qo au first men me vote iko PM mataka Kamlesh talega PM.mataka.
Iko kerekere tukuni vei Voreqe me solia Ko iko nona volavola, baleta drau tautauvata na iglish....Binaka tacini. Qandu tum pakala

Anonymous said...

Bula Vili,what do you think of the changing of our flag?

Do you think it is right to change it without calling for a referendum?

What symbols do you think will be put on the new flag?and what connection will it have to the country and its people?


waqarsaleem said...

Vili Raikoro,
you are one dumb macafaka how do you figure that Bhai has a vision? His only vision is to stay in power long enough in order to save his ass from being indicated for missuse of public money,muder,nepotism,treason etc,etc? The day this assole Bhai
lose an election,or been ousted by
another coup,etc,etc is the day he
will end up in the clink and he should
know that house very well,since he
has been there quite a lot previously, to kill off his military opponents at QEB?
So you
think that your hero is a genius because he had been to a military
college in Canberra Australia? Whoopee! you really didn't know how he got to go there, did you?Or
did you purposely try to leave this part out of your propaganda?
Maybe you should,nt badmouth the
Chiefly system after all since his
Farther was the Tui Kiuva and was
a humongous ass-kisser of higher
or paramount chiefs? Ratu Mara and
Ratu Penaia influence the college
in taking in a dumb Fijian Naval
officer paid for by the Mara Government? That is how your dumb
hero got to enter that college.
You know what, you don't sound like a real Fijian to me? Sure you'll obviously get one of your
friendly Itaukei to answer me back in the Fijian language just so you can make you shitty points?
But why don't you just use your real name? Bill Ramlakhan ?

Unknown said...

Anon 7.52 am

Firstly the original or current flag was designed by the colonial masters without referendum. And as a democracy we voted for our government to make decisions on our behalf. We cannot have referendum for everything we may disagree with otherwise what is the point of democracy.

Secondly as for the flag I kind of liked the one posted on the Fiji sun recently. It had the whole of the Fiji Islands drawn into it in the colour green. It had the same light blue background as the current one. On the bottom right where it had the coconut tree etc it was replaced with the word Fiji and top left where it had the union jack it was replaced with the word Bula.

Personally I do not think it should be changed however when we accept modernisation and democracy we have to be prepared to accept some decisions we may not necessarily agree with.

waqarsaleem said...

Anon@7:52AM...As per your question
regarding our Fijian Flag, in my
opinion a refrendum would be the
right way to go?
I wouldn't trust
the illegal parliament to do it, since every thing done to elect the regime were absolutely illegal?
The constitution was conceived illegally,the Government was therefore illegal,every appointment made during the election before&after were illegal, the President was illegal,the Judicial system was
illegal, the entire exercise was
a ruse? Lets clean out these illegal treasonous group & then hold a clean refrendum for our flag-i'm pretty sure we the people
know whether we want to change it
or not? What's wrong with the way
it is?

Unknown said...

Waqarsaleem @ 8.45 am

When you start of your debate by petty name calling you categorically have already lost. Every single point you make is nothing but coconut wireless bullshit.

My advice, if you want to be taken seriously firstly enough with the petty name calling. It makes you sound pathetic and childish. Secondly learn to type your comments in a proper order according to the points you want to put across.

At least have the decency to put thoughts and grace into your argument mate. Do not embarrasse yourself.

Anonymous said...

@ Vila Rakoro

You have very poor taste! Green on blue is not visible, and we don't put text on a flag for goodness sake!!!!!

the problem I see with a flag designed by the public is that we are likely to end up with some sort of commercial crap as a flag when a flag is supposed to be very simple, like the Japanese flag or German flag, not a riidiculously complex design with every possible complex objet!!!

As for having a referendum, I agree that a poor country like Fiji shouldn't waste money for it (unless funded by oversee donnors right?...) and the people have to live by their decision.mIf they haven't been courageous enough not to vote for Bainimarama, then well... you've got to take whatever comes your way now!

I would finish by saying that there wouldn't be a need to change the old flag until their are in bad condition. Flags hardly last more than a few years and I don't see the point of asking hospitals, school, etc to change it the day after the new one is selected!!

Anonymous said...

Vili Raikoso,

Qarase's half a million dollar demand was actually legally due to him as pensions which was illegally denied him while other pensioners were being paid.

Unknown said...

Anon 10.29 am

There is no rule about flags mate. Who says we can't put text or words in a flag. If your opinion is different from others it doesn't necessarily make others opinions a poor taste.

If you had read my comments clearly you would have realised that design isn't mine. It was somebody else that the Fiji sun posted and i said i kind a like it. It is original, it doesn't follow the same patterns or design of other flags. There will be other flags design too in the coming months so we'll be able to see the difference.

You went on to say that those who didn't vote for Bainimarama are courageous. Some could say that it's not courageous rather a refusal to change and move with time. Sort of like a nationalistic stand to continue the old ways where the politicians, chiefs and church marginalise the common people.

Lastly there is no point trying to force your opinions on me or others because we have experienced the difference personally growing up in Fiji. You can try and debate your points in a civilised manner and we'll exchange ideas and ideals.

Majority of us who voted for Fiji First are more than capable of making up our minds. We have lived through all the coups and government since independence. We have seen what Bainimarama has done in the last 8 or years. We have also seen what had happened in the 32 years before his leadership. So we have weighed up the positive and negatives of his 8 years and the 32 years before him and have found that Bainimarama is hands down the best leader we have ever had period.

Unknown said...

Anon 11.03 am

Qarase swindle millions in assets and stocks whilst he was PM. When he got jailed he didn't return any of those millions. So he shouldn't have been given those pension money. That money should have been taken as payments for the money he stole from the nation.

Anonymous said...

I got so many ideas but I dont know if there would be enough space to fit it all in.The bure house and our bati warriors,The hibiscus flower,sugarcane,our famous drua,the heron,tribal clubs,the whales tooth,the shell,A fisherman and farmer and the global world :).please free to add more ideas

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and the rugby ball will also be there too.

Unknown said...

The whale tooth and sugar cane definitely represents the composition of our two major ethnicity i.e I Taukei and Indian heritage. The replacement for the union Jack on the top left can be a local design, kind a like the one on the Fiji Airways.

Unknown said...

This week in the mainstream media in UK, US, China etc Australia has been questioned by US, UK, China and UN for its climate change carbon emissions policy. It appears Australia is not doing much to bring their policy in line with the international community. China and US have accused Australia of all talk No work attitude.

It is a worry for the Pacific Islands forum because one of the most worrying thing in the Pacific is climate change and it is one of its top and priority agenda.

It appears Australia does not care about the Pacific at all. It just gives money to the islands leaders and tells them to keep it on the down low. Is it no surprise Fiji wants them out of the PIF. What a disgrace for Australia to be crucified by both US and China as well as the UN.

Anonymous said...

Many of the inaccurate global warming stats encouraged and often funded by the elite controllers, have been shown to be fraudulent. (Search "Climategate".)

Volcanic activity, especially eruptions, and movements of underground magma are effecting many of the current changes in climate, and so are solar cycles. However these changes are not all about warming, and they are not due to overpopulation and human life routines.

The quiet geo-engineering of the "solar radiation management" program, and the manipulation of weather systems by the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) have been the major human factors effecting climate and weather for many years, not the daily lives of people. HAARP is now said by officials to be mothballed, but it has actually been decentralized to more mobile forms and other advanced technologies,

Unknown said...

The US, UK, China and UN have their own experts and they all seem to sing from the same song.

Dr Miller is Australian so it is no surprise he's analysis seems to justify Australia's attitude.

Unknown said...

Quote from mainstream media

"Australia has again declared war on its Indigenous people, reminiscent of the brutality that brought universal condemnation on apartheid South Africa. Aboriginal people are to be driven from homelands where their communities have lived for thousands of years. In Western Australia, where mining companies make billion dollar profits exploiting Aboriginal land, the state government says it can no longer afford to “support” the homelands.

Vulnerable populations, already denied the basic services most Australians take for granted, are on notice of dispossession without consultation, and eviction at gunpoint. Aboriginal leaders have warned of “a new generation of displaced people” and “cultural genocide”."

What a disgrace for the Australian government. Trying to tell Fiji and PIF what to do yet acting like a dictator in its own backyard. Human rights violation at its worse.

Anonymous said...

@vili rakoro

What?!? there are no rules to design a flag?!?! you have very poor taste. Green is a country for muslim countries.

you better stay outside the flag debate. maybe you should do some research on the web in case you find there are effectively some rules to design a flag.

As for the lack of courage, well of course the peoplemof Fiji voted like puftas and dumbs!!! I habe heard how many times that some community were afraid if Bananarama wasn't elected! remember how he reacted when an oversea journalist asked her what would happen if he lost? all the state machinery was geared towards sending a clear message that no other alternative would be accepted, that was obvious.

The coup has so far costed about 10 billion to the Fijian economy, plus massive oversea borrowing plus the sale of many fijian assets. Only dumbs who don't understand anything to numbers can be happy, and unfortunately the passing mark in maths is around 20% in Fiji. :( Just ask anyone around you to explain you basic concepts like inflation, trade deficit or borrowing and you will see what I mean...

The idiots of Sodelpa and no better that FF and the other small parties are just opportunistic. There is no such thing as a good political party in Fiji, but voting for Bananarama means to postpone the problems of Fiji in time. You can't resolve the problems of Fiji with a coup.

Anonymous said...

Below is apeeck by the French President regarding Muslims and immigrants who are currently creating problems to the French public.
"Most French people believe in God. This is not some Christian obligation, influence by the rightists or political pressure, but it is a fact, because men and women founded this nation on Christian principles, and this is clearly documented. It is then appropriate to display this on the walls of our schools? if God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your home, because God is part of our culture".

Well said. This MUST be done in Fiji as well.

Anonymous said...

Continue from The French President...Our culture has developed with struggles and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. Our official language is French, not Spanish, or Lebanese, or Arabic, or Chinese, or Japanese, or any other language.
Therefore, if you want to be part of our society, learn the language!

Anonymous said...

We will accept your beliefs without question.
All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in peaceful harmony with us.

Continue with the French President's speech..."This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, AND OUR LIFESTYLE.
And we offer you the opportunity to enjoy all this.
But if you're tired of our flag, our commitment, our Christian beliefs, or our lifestyle,
I strongly encourage you to take advantage of another great French freedom,.....

We are tired now of this government trying to put an band aid solution like ..we are being called Fijians trying to compromise with MUSLIMS...This MUST be removed immediately.


Kamlesh Kumar said...

What rights do the indigenous people want in Fiji? They own are 65% of the population but own 90% of the land in Fiji. In the government they have 22 Fijian MPs, 15 Ministers, overall 27 Fijian MPs, the President is the Fijian, all except 4 Permanent Secretaries are Indians. About 65% Public Service employees are Fijians. Majority Diplomatic positions are held by the Fijians. Per Capita the Fijians are the wealthiest ethnicity in Fiji as they own 90% land and sea. What else SODELPA wants? The indigenous rights are very well protected by 2014 Constitution. The SDL supporters in overseas will be fuming after reading my blog. Most of them living in USA, Australia, NZ and England are terrorists as they supported 1987 and 2000 coups. They should be arrested and deported to their ancestral home land e.g to Sudan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Serra Leone, Zambia, Mali, etc. Fiji is a land of migrants which includes Fijians, Indians, Pacific Islanders, Chinese, Rotumans, Europeans etc.

Fiji First Supporter said...

Happy birthday to our dear Prime Minister of Fiji. Long live you Sir and rule Fiji for ever. You are the champion for real democracy in Fiji by brining equal citizenship in Fiji. You abolished apartheid and discrimination which was a big and difficult challenge on your part. Majority people in Fiji like and love you. Don't worry about 20% SODELPA Nationalists?

Anonymous said...

Tum pakala baichod.....govt indigenous are bought ....no trust ...tum jao maichod them

Anonymous said...

Dear PM, On your 61st birthday please do remember that some like us have suffered a lot because of your coups in 2006. My immediate relatives had nothing to do with SDL or the corruption that went on but they were somehow laid off. Since they were reaching pre-retirement years their shelf life was running out so we the immediate family and dependents have had to suffer. I have been forced to work instead of finishing my studies and some of those relatives have since deceased. As a Taukei, I jut cannot get a scholarship like they used to. My relatives in the private sector like tourism and construction have been laid off because of lack of economic activity in those areas. We are still surviving but clearly suffering. One of my uncles died at the hands of the army for no reason at all in 2007. So I cannot help but to curse you and your family to hell you are nothing more than motherfucking suckers and parasites. Fuck you, your family and your children and your ancestors. May you all rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

The biggest damage to fiji was done by Mara/ Rabuka coup and the Speight/ Qarase coup.
But most are happy with Rabukas coup. May be it should have happened in 1977 when NFP won but was scared to form a govt because of army threat.
What this meant Indians would have left Fiji in 1977 and by now Itaukies would have got back into their old habits of killing each other, enjoying leather soups.
Baini is now trying to damage control the damages caused by nationalists.
Fiji will only progress under FF and happy birthday to Baini.

Pita said...

Its good to see Hon. Ashneel at GPH winding down on Friday with a the model from Digicel.

Hard work must be for Fiji First !! Please make sure our submission on companies act is well taken:

Anonymous said...

Yes I go with this. Globalization is always thought to be a political gimmick to fool the world that climate change is the cause of global warming. A monopoly to keep forking out money from nations to feed the globalists.This planet is not new, is still the same. Climate change happens naturally as it always does.Tuvalu island is still floating, sea level today is the same as it was 100 years ago. The main figure behind ushering this is Al Gore. .where is he now?
The only planetary change that affect the whole world took place more than 2000 years ago in Calvary, Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

KKK (Kamlesh Kulina Kumar )
Singing different tone now after you read the French President' speech.
You cannot fathom that, right?
Simple fact is " It's happening in his home!" and he is fed up!
Your barking about indigenous 90%, 65% , off the knee to justify your point ( yours only) is nothing but a clanging bell.
We are fed up too !
Didn't Nehru feel the same with the English controlling India?? If your ancestors is from India, and if your great grand father is alive today he would have slammed his knuckles on your face to get your attention and told you shut the fuck up, right.
There's no point arguing with you because you don't get it. Youre like your doll Bainimarama.
moce mada kulina.

Anonymous said...

To add, it's sad that the social media is not able to expose what Program is taking place inside HAARP because of its secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Yea, why not make it historical?
Engage Nasilai reef as venue of his birthday celebration. What a splash birthday party!

Anonymous said...

For the birthday boy, it would be nice if instead of celebrating, send some relief to the Nepalese who are suffering from the wake of the recent earthquake that hit Nepal recently.

Anonymous said...

You're not alone na wekaqu..more like you are out there suffering silently and don't know how to express it. Today you're their voice..C45 I think is the best medium to chanel our grievances when freedom of expression in this country is strictly monitored and censored. Your grievances together with the suffering public will come to an end. Keep up the fight and keep our hope. Ena sega ni ura me tei damu . Nona siga ena qai mena sici..

Unknown said...

Anon @5.47 pm

Green is not a Muslim colour you imbecile. Any green on a flag represents whatever that particular country feels. For us it can mean nature, sugar canes, coconut trees etc.

We will have to wait and see about other designs. One thing for sure they will not be accused of lacking passion as you proudly shouted out.

So tell us since you want to act like you are the flag design expert. In your so called passionate opinion enlighten us about your thoughts on what the new flag design should be.

As for accusing people of being afraid hence they voted for Bainimarama lol. You really need to come to Fiji and speak to the people. Stop believing the bullshit your relatives tell you on Skype.

As for political parties, since when has any worldwide been perfect ey. Your argument is very hmmm how do I say this politely, could do with brush up ey.

Anonymous said...

There is no such creature as god. So you and the Frenchie can shove your rhetoric up the nether regions. If there was a christian god why would the followers of muslim god be farking them all over the globe? Idiot stop believing in mythical creatures and get off your backside and do something for your family, neighbour and country. You sound as bad as that other idiot who keeps spouting from the bible without an inkling what Jesus was talking about. Desist

Anonymous said...

V rakoro,
And you? kakua ni vaka madua taki keda nai taukei ena nomu volavola. We understand your level through your writing and your logic is improper. Find someone to edit your article before publishing it. Secondly it's too lengthy, cut it short and to the point. Your lengthy articles begin well but left the audience at the end with a questionable mind trying to understand your concept.
Why don't you cut and paste like you did to some of your articles. That way it's more logic since we hear more from the article itself rather than from you.
You have a wealth of knowledge but present it properly. Learn from some bloggers here at c45. They are good in it.

Anonymous said...

Cops beating people to death. Just like the soldiers. But it really should not come as a surprise. On the one hand, we have a commander who perfected the art of stomping on pregnant women, and on the hand, you have a police commish who got his rocks off by stomping on natives in the ghettos of Soweto. Same shit, just different country.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh kunt, there was no poverty as worse as this from all previous governments, go check on your mother she might be getting laid for a dollar

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kunt Kumar can't even write proper English. Well what do you expect seeing he was conceived via incest.

Anonymous said...

I see Vili Rakoro has just been discharged from St Giles. Welcome back Vili, hope your temporary release will be short. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

8.10..You know what? This is a free world and everyone is allowed to do or say whatever they like. It is free also to the monkeys, the baboons, gorillas to express their feelings.
With that you're most welcome to join c45 and be part of the human race. So go back to Darwins kingdom where you emerge from , say goodbye to all species , creatures like and non alike and join our race.
And when you get here please don't go back.

Unknown said...

Anon @ 8.33 am

Are you guys not tired of consistently behaving like imbeciles. It baffles me that you seem to think petty insults and name calling reinforces your points.

Seriously it won't hurt to put a little bit of effort into your debates. You know that our opinions differ on every aspects and nothing is going to change that, not your little childish pathetic attempts at juvenile insults or your coconut wireless ill conceived ideals.

Your only hope is an educated debate using well researched facts. So enough with the grog bowl sheninghans mate.

KAI KIUVA said...








Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro- You do not deserve decent response for any one as you are just perpetuating the lies of your Boss the Boci Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Vili-Are you unemployed or a paid propagandist?
Go and plant some cassave mate.

Levu ga na vosa....vaka ga na koli,

dau kodro tiko ka sodra toka.

Do some thing useful and do not waste tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 8.38
you seem to look down on monkeys and baboons. Don't. They are your ancesters. And they are not the ones writing on this blog threatening tthreatening to kill Bainimarama and rape Ro Teimemu. So you feel you are somehow superior to them.?

Unknown said...

Anon 10.35 am and 10.38 am

Look at you two vomiting your filth in here. Fiji First party had majority I Taukei's voters. Certainly pretty much majority of I Taukei's in Viti Levu supports them especially my province Naitasiri, Tailevu, Nadroga, Lautoka, Nadi, even Rewa Sodelpa leaders province.

The only ones that seems to hate Bainimarama are the islanders/ kai yanuyanu. They seems to hate the fact that finally a Kai Viti Levu is a PM.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Vili Arse, what you say to this?

ONE Hundred Sands Ltd application for a judicial review of the Government's decision to revoke their casino licence has been refused by the High Court.

Anonymous said...

Vili Cock, and this one too.

A WOMAN and her three children who claim they helplessly watched as police beat their father as he lay half naked on the village ground have pleaded with Commissioner of Police Ben Groenewald for justice.

Lanieta Baleiwasawasa also accused police of the most inhumane and heartless act they carried out on her husband Sakiusa Niulala on March 20 at Naibalebale settlement, Viani Bay in Cakaudrove.

Anonymous said...

Vilisi Rakoro, we are waiting for your responses to what was posted above. Toso.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

I no longer reply to anonymous posters.

Unknown said...

I no longer reply to anonymous posters.

Unknown said...

I no longer reply to anonymous posters

Unknown said...

I no longer reply to anonymous posters

Anonymous said...

Let's say that Bainimarama used his influence to allow someone to withdraw money from his FNPF while it wasn't permitted. What could he be charged for?

Anonymous said...

@6.37 I like NZ too much to live under your green flag. At least on the Fiji flag, there are green bananas.
Nobody wants to see green on the Fijian flag, it's NOT a Fijian color, period. It belongs to Saudi Arabia.

I am still laughing about your "Bula Fiji" on the flag!!!! what an idiot you are!!!! what an idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what Vili loves : http://fijisun.com.fj/2015/04/24/new-fiji-flag-designs/

very kind old man I am sure, but he knows nothing about designing flags... He did all the possible mistakes... the most obvious trying to put "everything" on it... it looks simply ridiculous for a national flag!

If that is what the people want, stick to the current colonial flag. Poor taste is worst than a colonial flag. Keep the green bananas.

Unknown said...

I no longer reply to anonymous posters.

Unknown said...

I no longer reply to anonymous posters.

Anonymous said...

11.39..You were simply asked to return which you did, but bringing your species along makes you an outsider for the rest of your life. God is real and the belief there is - is a Reality. So it is this Reality that you're rejecting and label a myth.
My point is when you treat God a myth, you are basically renouncing your status in our human society, placing yourself with the Apes in Darwins theism world.
I don't want to tread more on that side because I'm not an advocate of god - without like you do.
To make it simple, it is the God of William Cross and David Cargill that saved me and my ancestors from cannibalism. It is this same God that gives your freedom to live and enjoy the beauty of life in this island.

Anonymous said...

I'm a kai Viti levu and all my Viti Levu commumity are with Qarase.
Please retire yourself from c45 and switch your Internet off. Your just an x blogger of c45..bon voyage comrad...good bye mon'sier

The farewell song ...isa isa vulaigi lasa dina, nomu lako au na rarawa kina...good riddance!


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