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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fiji's ambassador to China getting salary package of $200,000 plus

Yen for travel: Naivalurua
He was getting good money when he was Police Commissioner and continues to be rewarded as a regime stooge.

Ioane Naivalurua's contract as Fiji's newest Ambassador to China shows he's earning less than the base salary he was getting while heading the police force but is cashing in overall because of his allowances.

His contract shows he's now being paid $79,009, which is at the top of the scale (grade
US02), plus allowances totalling $154,702, giving him a total package of $231,711.

Naivalurua's contract to serve 'diligently and faithfully' is for three years and was issued in February. It was signed by the Acting Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Esala Nayasi.

Naivalurua was Ambassador at Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the regime failed to renew his contract.

Senior police officers had earlier leaked information to C4.5 about his salary saying he had a salary of $97,000, an entertainment allowance of $40,000 and ran up a lot of expenses, including overseas travel.

They also said the military appointed police chief also pocketed a $20,000 bonus for hosting a Crime Free Workshop, which was sponsored by Vodafone and $87,000 as chairman of the Fiji Post board, plus $35,000 in commission from tenders for Post Fiji.

Naivalurua was made police
commissioner amid stories he was a beneficiary of the 2006 coup having taken a year’s leave before the takeover happened coming aboard through masipol with Frank Bainimarama.

He then helped remove his predecessor, Esala Teleni, former senior RFMF officers Roko Ului Mara and Pita Driti with the help of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the Permanent Secretary for the illegal government, Pio Tikoduadua, who is now a Fiji First Minister.

Another regime stooge rewarded.


Anonymous said...

Frank can't find any new blood. He just keeps recycling the old crap, spreading the money around within his inner circle. Or masipolos, as you so eloquently put it.

Anonymous said...

What a waste. Sandhurst educated, to one getting handouts from the regime.

Anonymous said...

Another clause in the FF'S strategic plan for taking Fiji forward, which says ..pocket as much as you can when the opportunity is available. Voreqe with the approval of his legal conman adviser Khaiyum had drawn up FF'S master plan on how to take Fiji forward from now. So the diplomat is just towing. At the top end is ..m not sure , Voreqe or Khaiceke...Don't know who is actually running the govt. One is a conman, the other an asshole.

Anonymous said...

The woman who police believe they found dead in the boot of a car in New South Wales was caught up with a man leading a double life, according to reports.

Daniela D'Addario, 35, and Canberra man Josaia Vosikata, 27, were reported missing on Monday. Yesterday police arrested a 27-year-old man who is believed to have ran from the car when he was pulled over near Bermagui.

He is expected to face the Batemans Bay Magistrates Court today.

Close friend Chris Reid told Fairfax Media that Ms D'Addario had been dating Mr Vosikata on and off the past few months before she found out he had a wife and children in Fiji.
Daniela D'Addario, 35, and Canberra man Josaia Vosikata, 27.

"Daniela found out he had a wife and kids back in Fiji ... probably a month ago. When Daniela found out, at this stage, this bloke was living in Daniela's unit, not paying any rent and sending money back to his wife and kids in Fiji.”

"She obviously flipped and broke up with him. For whatever reason, they got back together," Mr Reid explained.

Mr Reid said Daniela was "a beautiful girl".

"She was very caring and very intelligent and always wanting to help," he said.

Anonymous said...

A man without balls - a sucker.

Say NO to porNOgraphy said...


It is possible to express your view in a more intelligent manner so that the general public don't end up with the perception that Fiji is #10 in the world for searching porn.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a tragedy to see that the military people, who were not supposed to benefit in any way from the coup, end up running the country. They are grossly unqualified for anything outside of their field. It gives a very bad picture of the country, but then we are no different from our neighbours, who also have very decadent and corrupt administration. Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG are behind us, Tonga is bankrupt and Samoa is far from being free from corruption too.

The reason why nothing changes is because there is nobody in the streets. NEVER. We simply blog, That says a lot about us... The internet has become a simple "liumuri" way to express oneself, but who has the guts to go public and condemn these kinds of things?

Anonymous said...

Mr Naivalurua is a man of Integrity.He deserve to be Prime Minister,but that post suits him well...China is an economic giant.Fiji needs a good Ambassador to negotiate with China on economic policies.He certainly is the best man for the job.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2.57 pm

Lol sorry gotta point out, you are posting anonymously. Who has the guts indeed ey lol.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua is another overrated military guy who has in fact done more harm then good in all the places he's been assigned to. He is just military bumsucking parasite on taxpayer's monies like his boss Frank. Like Pio Tikoduadua these guys have the government's PR behind them always talking up their abilities and achievements. They should just fuck off back to QEB and smell each other's smelly backsides there with the rest of them because that's what they were trained to do and will always do, and not much else. As a civil servant of Fiji, I can say that most of us have exactly the same impression of this people. We despise these bumsucking, ball-licking military kind in the civilian govt. Especially when they expect and demand that we do the same as they do.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.55 pm

You do know that the Military is also classed as civil service. They also serve the civilian population lol.

Unknown said...

It would be interesting to know how much the previous governments have paid ambassadors. It is globally known that usually ambassadors get paid more than ministers.

Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, China etc etc all do this.


Ratu Isoa Tikoca SODELPA MP. - Charged appeared in the Court. Isa Lei, how can we trust SODELPA MPS. He is a Chief and should set examples to us.

Not anonymous said...

@3.41 it's not because I post anonymously that I can't do a good old vere vakabau when the right time comes. My comment is directed towards for the OTHER anonymous people.

Anonymous said...

"For us", kulina. Get your shit together.

Unknown said...

@ not anonymous 6.27 pm

I totally understand why you post anonymously. You may fear repercussions from your point of views. However you seem like a educated person whose heart is in the right place.

Sometimes it's not what you say as much as how you say it. The reality is that people always have their own agenda and they will criticise you to the high heavens if they disagree with your point of views.

If you keep your grace and continue to put your points across with dignity then people will notice the strength of your conviction and over time they will warm up to you. And whether they finally agree with you or continue to disagree they will respect you for what you stand for and some will even admire you for having the courage to stand firm for what you believe in.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to that chameleon, Jimmy Ah Koy

Anonymous said...

"No soldier will benefit from my Coup" Voreqe Bainimarama.

THE LIAR SPEAKS and the idiots believed him. They even voted for him.

Even some brainless people, like Kamlesh and Vili Rakoro still belive in him and follow him blindly.

I wonder what was qualification to be ambassador, for Teleni and now this fella ?

Bainimarama is a corrupt bastard.

Anonymous said...

Investment drops
Ropate Valemei
Wednesday, April 29, 2015

+ Enlarge this image

Assistant Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Lorna Eden, middle, with members of the Australian business delegation at the Tanoa Plaza Hotel in Suva yesterday. Picture: SOLOMONE RABULU
RECENT trends have indicated that Australian investment in Fiji is declining.

This was revealed by Assistant Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Lorna Eden at the 2015 Exploratory Investment Mission in Suva yesterday.

"Sadly, Australian investment in Fiji is lagging behind when we want investment to grow," Ms Eden said.

"Recent trends have indicated that Australian investment in our country is declining; in 2014 total registered Australian projects were 3.4 per cent, or $43.6million


By the way WHO actually owns Waqavuka Investments?
Why has Bainimarama not revealed this to the people?
Air Pacific belonged to the people and
Bai TOOK THE PEOPLE'S ASSETS AEROPLANES ETC AND TRANSFERRED IT TO WAQAVUKA INVESTMENTS. This all belonged to the Fiji Government so how come it has now ended up in the hands of some corrupt people?
Who are these people?
How the hell did it get there?

Anonymous said...

Can you loop back to our prior topic and answer some questions posed to you by curious bloggers. Those questions still remain unanswered. You need to pick up where you left.. so make a u turn and get going..

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, one only person is benefiting from the enormous perk and that is the better half.

Suomynona said...

Frankie is typically narrow-minded when it comes to selecting people for postings that he doesn't seem look beyond military personnel....but wait, it is a "military regime" anyways so therefore nothing (or nobody) new to consider here.

But yes, AK-47 is still calling the shots here as always since frankie listens to him whenever he has no clue on how to go about things.

And on the other hand, these under/unqualified cronies that frankie chooses seem to thrive on his "goodies" at the expense of ordinary citizens whom they've oppressed dating back 9 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vili. I have a brain between my years, am not racist live in Fiji and contribute significantly,to Bai's coffers so that he can give free milk and water and all the other freebies(like MH)to win votes. I have been following this governments rise to power in other words if they do good i will say so but if they do bad i will say so as well and i know they have done more bad than good. My name is Mohammed. I will not give my first name as this country is still not safe as far as freedom of speech is concerned. Do you want to debate me. If you do lets start with the economy as this is the most important thing for a country to have stable and growing. Over the last year i have read your comments and i have agreed with you on some but most is simply naive and in some cases plain dumb . You want to talk with the keyboard lets talk. Your turn now. The question is how much better is Fiji today economically than it was 8 years ago and why?


Unknown said...


Thank you mate for being a good citizens. When analysing the economy in Fiji western experts tend to forget that 91 percent of the lands are still owned by various I Taukei's clan/Mataqali.

These is important when measuring the poverty rate. The economy overall can do better, since we gained independence Fiji as a country has never been in a state of economic stability. After all we are a developing nation.

During Qarase's government the economy was steady if I am being honest. There were alot of Australian and New Zealand investors. After the 2006 coup those investors left.

Only this year have they started to appear again however what these government have done better than the previous governments is it has drastically improved Fiji's foreign relation opening embassies and missions in more countries.

And with that sort of relationship they have attracted investors from other nations like China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia etc etc. So rather then relying hugely on Australian and New Zealand investors now we have options.

With that comes competition for contracts in the tourism industry, real estate, fresh produce etc etc. And we are able to increase the values of our commodity. Before usually Australia and New Zealand investors pay very little knowing they have little competition in any.

Now they know there are other investors therefore naturally they are willing to pay a higher rate. Now when these are happening across the board then over the years we will benefit economically.

The past 8 years to be frank out economy would not have increased better than we would have liked because we were not a democracy yet. Now that we are I believe that it will.

So how has this government improved our economy. Well they have set the foundation for alot of options across the board. Rather then the usual customers we now have new interested ones. I am obviously simplifying my explanation so most readers can understand. No point using graphics research and investment timetables when it can be explained on a simpler level to cater for the SODELPA supporters who may have difficulty understanding lol.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed, no point arguing with an idiot.. Vili's lengthy rehearsal above and beyond is a waste of taxpayers time. You can simply know the type he is by counting the number of comments he made per hour. Little math. I can only conclude that he's a blog - a holic brat, procastinator, aimless individual and self appointed advocate of the current regime whose foolish vision is promoting hatred and division within his own community.
In the last topic, he abandoned his curious bloggers, not answering their questions, showing another side of him- a wreckless nut .
So no point arguing with someone who has all the above. If you will then please yourself.

Unknown said...

I repost this over and over until I see a change.

The I Taukei's mentality is really bad judging the posters on these blog. Anyone who disagrees with them they swear at. And some of the posts are really filthy, they swear at posters fathers, mothers, entire family etc etc.

A slang or joke I Taukei's always say is "koli ni kaidia". Barks loud knowing it's safe within it's fenced compound but outside it's tail is tucked under its belly as a sign of cowardice and weakness.

Reminds me of a poster who used to post here who lives in Australia and married to an Australian caucasian woman. He said one day he was speaking to his uncle on the fone his wife remarked on how full of respect him and his uncle had from the tone of their conversation. So he said to his wife that us Fijian are a polite and caring type.

Yet posting here in Fijian he was as bad as they come. Calling posters who disagree with him every name under the sun. Cursing their father, mother, daughter, son, brother, sister. Basically their whole family. He even posted once telling a poster to go and screw his mum.

I was amazed at how he didn't realise how contradicting his stories was. At home his wife thinks he's a polite nice Fijian yet here he was the shit.

Like most in here he probably thought it's anonymous so no one will know. But seriously at some point you gotta realise that if you had to post those venum and disgusting swear then you must have thought about it. So if you think about it then are you have to search yourself and ask yourself are you a good person. Anonymous or not if you post filth, hatred and racism then you need some serious help period.

Anonymous said...


Can you post stats to back your tirade. Percentage of investors from Brazil, China, Dubai, Cuba, etc compared to Aus and NZ? Otherwise your retort is better made use of at the Nambawan Factory.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 10.41 am

Howabout you ask your lot first to post stats about their claims about the economy not doing well ey. Or you could use that brain of your and do your own research rather then posting useless and aimless rhetoricals.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro
Can you tell us why Frank Bainimarma wore a mask, and a hat and then turned off the lights and belted a pregnant Fijian Woman at the Fiji Army Camp in 2006?

Wasnt he trying to be ANONYMOUS by going to that extent?

A Colonel who was eyewitness to the bashing said that it was Bainimarama who jumped on that helpless pregnant woman in 2006.

Shouldnt the Police be allowed to investigate this Assault with actual Bodily Harm and throw the criminal in jail?

Or do you support the abuse of women in Fiji?

What do you think Vili?

You talking about us being ANONYMOUS and now 3 fingers pointing straight at your boss Bainimarama.

Unknown said...

Why are you asking me? Can you ask Qarase and your Sodelpa leader why there were no investigations about the abusers in the coup 2000 who raped and beat up women???? They were the government in office after the 2000 coup and did nothing whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....

Statement by Frank recorded in Fiji Times on Thursday 30 April....by Salaseini Moceiwai...

"THERE is a need to educate our young ones that violence generally is unacceptable as a means to resolve conflicts, says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama."

This from a bully, thug, coward.

What a hypocrite. Everything he does he wants everyone to see and believe he is a righteous man. But he is using tax payers money in the process and thinks he is unaccountable. One day Mafatu.

Hey Vili Im back...your worst nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Well said... Kudos!

SODELPA HYPOCRITES by Kamlesh Kumar. said...

All the perpetrators of 1987, 2000 and 2006 coups should be arrested, charged and sentenced. Interestingly majority SODELPA supporters will be in gaol as they are the ones who incited fear and used the Military to overthrow Bavadra government. They are on the receiving ends because that's why they are complaining. 1n 1987 and 2000 they were the beneficiaries. Reap what you have sown. What goes round comes round? Now you are rubbishing Military, In 1987 the same Military was god sent.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

SODELPA Nationalists Fear God. What you did to innocent Fiji Indians in 1987 and 2000. One day you will face god and be prepared for your sins. Think how you destroyed the lives of those innocent people, e.g beatings, throwing stones, verbal abuse, setting fire to their homes, killing and stealing their animals, stealing and destroying their farms, little children, daughters and mothers hiding in jungles, occupying and taking their beloved homes by only giving 24 hours. Bullying and beating them. Fiji Indians are not immigrants to Fiji, they are born in Fiji and thus are Fijians by United Nations definition.

Anonymous said...

Why is Kepa visiting George speight now and than in prison?

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Kamlesh Kumar....

You Kamlesh are a Bhaiya. Nothing more to it. As a citizen you are considered a Fiji Islander or a citizen of Fiji. You will however, never be seen or regarded as an indigenous Fijian. When tourists come to Fiji, they know the difference. They see you and they immediately recognise that you are a spawn of a kuli indentured labourer. Of course you can argue you are born in Fiji and therefore a Fiji Citizen but your ethnic background remains the same. No different if you migrated to Canada or Australia or USA or NZ and your children were born there. You are a citizen of the country but in Australia, the Aborigines are the natives of the land, same for Maoris in NZ and Indians in USA or Canada. Your children might argue they born in Canada but they still look Indian, smell Indian and are Indians and Canadians or Americans or Australians or Kiwis, will always see you as an Indian. Though your born in Fiji, you still an Indian and unfortunately, its a bad smell you can never remove.

Anonymous said...

Why is Frank visiting Rebecca Jones after hours.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says..... What we Fijians did in 1987 was to preserve our Country from being overrun by descendants of Indentured Labourers. It is no different to any country and their native people; and the fear that they may have of being reduced to a minority group. This happens all over the world including India. Your motherland would not even accept an Indian born outside of India in its politics. You know whom I'm talking about. Does not matter to us that Frank committed treason and the coup in 2006. He is still a Fijian and a Fijian PM. Most of us Fijians not worried too much about him. As long as a Fijian is PM and President, that's fine. We don't mind living alongside Indians as citizens and share our land and sea and resources. You guys are great guys and we learn from you. When your ambitious political Indian leaders start pushing and pulling and chor and what not, that is the problem we have. Live in Fiji, get rich, help our economy, run your business, study, be free...we okay with all that... there is however a line that must not be crossed and when you cross it, well we need to take out the stick. Frank may pretend to champion equality but he is the biggest bigot and totally anti Indian man from the day he was born. It suits him to pretend for Indians and other races sake. He is still a Fijian from Kiuva and that's his roots. You may harp about 1987 and 2000 and so forth but it is in our rights as natives of this country to fight for what is rightfully ours.

Inside from SODELPA FILE. said...

Sodelpa Continues to plan a terrorist coup worse than 2000 coup

"New names and plans for coup to start... August is still the confirmed date to start coup. Speight and his Army "The Revolution Army "As they call them self has already been formed within the prison."

"Kepa has been visiting speight because she is preparing things for them on the outside."

"They waiting for the new flag to go up."
"Plus some of the prison officers are part of it to help with the break out."

A death threat is made to the Head Admin of Fiji First Party (Vote for Bainimarama) Private Forum.

Sodelpa "change plans since Kishore Kumar Publication have revealed everything the last time... little did they know it's up again, they will get the shock of their life when you expose them again...."

Source: Investigating Team

Partly Anonymous said...

Vili!!! have you seen the horribly beautiful new fiji flag designs in the fiji times today?!?!

sounds like no one has ever seen what a flag is supposed to look like.

Unknown said...

Anonymous/Josateki Daulako 5.09 pm and 6.03 pm

What a crock of racist shit. Preserve my ass. You actually believed the bullshit your Sodelpa politicians and chiefs told you. Every I taukei's village has a church where they learn how to show compassion and love yet the reality is that those churches a just a front for inciting violence, hatred and racism.

If you think about it. The only I taukei's who seems to have this sort of mentality are the ones from the islands/kai yanuyanu. In 1987 coups the PM that was overtaken was Bavadra a Viti Levu I taukei. Who took over him, a Kai yanuyanu.

In 2000 coup, PM was Fijian of India descent Chaudary and who took over, another kai yanuyanu. Now in 2006 finally a Kai Viti Levu took over and the I Taukei's from yanuyanu all shouting this and that.

They go on and on about Indians not being from these land. Yet if you look around Viti Levu there's a lot of kai yanuyanu people around. These are the one who have these racist views forgetting they are also not from the land they standing on.

Yavu qalo mai lol. That's just too funny. A vulagi/visitor to Viti Levu telling another visitor/vulagi they are not from these land hehe. Pot calling kettle black.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka kai Ululala. Tum pakala, Mak chod.
Bhaya Vili, respect Daulako. He is right I'm Indian and what he said is right.
I live here, born here and die here but still an Indian. And you? What that make of you? Born here, live here, die here, still Fijian ..re not Indian. .you can join us and support the indians but..I dont trust you...hehehe

Rajendra Singh said...

Vilisi Rakoro and Kamlesh Kumari are simply two lowlifes but actually they are lovers.


"Actions and beliefs that reflect the world view that humans are made up of exclusive races, with identifiable unique characteristics or traits. These perceived or real differences offer justification for the belief that some races are superior to others."
FIJI FIRST PARTY believes all races are humans therefore every one should be equal.

Anonymous said...

8.30.. Rajendra yes I suspect something is going on between the 2 ( Miss Vili and Mr Kamlesh). Don't be surprised that they will make headlines as being the first C45 couple to get engaged and married. Their romance is non stop at this moment. So C45 get ready to host the first ever" blog marriage" of the two.

Anonymous said...

Vili's ass needs a good scrubbing with a steel brush and sandpaper.

TDY said...

Interesting to read Vili @3.35

The kai yanuyanu (lau islanders) versus the kai viti levu... Sukuna, Mara and Qarase were all from Lau. And even the soldier Sukanaivalu, the most celebrated, is from there. And we also remember the separatist movement in the West.

It reminds me reading a book saying that without Indians, Fiji could possibly have become an other Solomon Islands. Somehow, the Indian/Fijian divide prevented more hostile rivalries between the clans in Fiji.

What is sure, is that iTaukeis don't have much attachment beyond their family units, village or maybe island in the case of the small ones. We see like 300 versions of the language and many variations of the customs. It is my understanding that a lack of "national unity" seems to be part of the iTaukei mindset, hence the challenge for anyone to run this country smoothly.

We will also remember that Rotuma joined Fiji because of a religious divide over there so they ceded their island to Britain in order to solve their problems... somehow the same story about Fiji... A nation unable to administrate itself!

FICAC said...

Naivalurua is to be charged shortly by FICAC for all the corruption in regards to prison yellow ribbon projects and all the current commissioner of prisons will follow suit.

karma is a bitch , what goes around, comes around!

Anonymous said...

Bala on death drive charge

Felix ChaudharyThursday, November 14, 2013LAUTOKA and Ba special administrator Praveen Bala has been charged with one count of dangerous driving occasioning death.He appeared before the Lautoka Magistrates Court yesterday before magistrate Peni Dalituicama.Mr Bala was bailed for the sum of $1500 and will appear again in court on December 3, 2013.The administrator, who is also responsible for Tavua Town, allegedly hit a 48-year-old man at Teidamu near Lautoka last Thursday.The man was rushed to the Lautoka Hospital but died three hours later.

Anonymous said...

Tikoca remains an MP for now

17:31 YesterdayTaken from/By: FBC News Report by: Maggie BoyleOpposition Whip Ratu Isoa Tikoca will remain a member a parliament pending the outcome of his court case.Secretary General to Parliament Viniana Namosimalua in response to our emailed queries confirmed that the status quo remains.However should he be convicted, section 56 and 63 of the Constitution spells out the criteria to be nominated as a candidate for election to Parliament.Tikoca has been charged by the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption with failure to declare liabilities under the Political Parties registration decree.If found guilty other than the vacation of his Parliamentary seat, Tikoca could face imprisonment up to 10 years or a maximum fine of 50 thousand dollars or both.- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/29029/tikoca-remains-an-mp-for-now#sthash.cGUcoP5O.dpuf

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Qarase was the PM after the 2000 coup. He was responsible for bringing those who committed act of tyranny on the Fiji of Indian descend to justice and he not only failed miserably. He actually recruited some of those perpetrators to his cabinet and then went on to rob the people by illegally manipulating stocks and assets.

Sodelpa supporters intentionally ignore this bloodshed and act of violence. They try and blame Bainimarama saying he was the Military commander and not Qarase. Cry me a river Qarase was the god damn PM. He has sole responsibility. Kinda like how you are trying to blame Bainimarama now for everything because he's PM.

Unknown said...

Majority of SODELPA supporters are from the islands / kai yanuyanu. They have these idea that only they should lead Fiji because they assume they know better.

They consistently swear and growl at Bainimarama yet have nothing to say about events of 87 and 2000 coups. That is because those two events served their purpose which is to put them in charge.

Majority of I Taukei's from Viti Levu supports Bainimarama because he is a Kai Viti Levu. All these SODELPA lots should be more sympathetic to Fijian of Indian and other races because like them they do not own any lands in Viti Levu where majority now lives.

They use the word Fijian as if they own it and decide who should be included in it. Least they forget their heritage is Tonga. During the wars behind the flags us the kai Viti Levu defeated their King and took them as spoils of wars and included them under the term Fijian.

So now Bainimarama a Kai Viti Levu with the support of the kai Viti Levu people have decided we will also include Fijian of other descend under the term Fijian.

So listen up you Sodelpa kai yanuyanu types. We the kai Viti Levu owns the word Fijian and we chose and decide whoever we want to be included together with us and live in our land.

You keep harping on about racism and hatred then we will put you on a boat and send you back to your islands like we did with Speight and his crew.

So next time you go to church on Sunday ask God to fill you with compassion and love like a Kai Viti Levu. Leave your narrow small island mentality in the past or on your small island.

Small islands small mentality is really not an attractive trade at all. As they say can take the person off the island but can't take the island off the person ey.

Anonymous said...

Old Suva crews hit the West.

On Fiji One news tonight they ran a mug-shot of Tupas.

Tupou Vuetaki aka Tupas was involved in almost all the major bank robberies and heists in Suva during the 90's. He was a member of the LGB gang which had some of Suva's most active bank robbers during that period, many of whom have died such as Joe Bugner aka Jo Baleiloa and a good number of whom were ex military.

Looks like all the old crews from Suva have headed West because of the economic boom happening out there. Nadi is booming.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili Rakoro, is Ratu Isoa Tikoca a kai yanuyanu as well ?

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says members of a delegation to the United Nations in New York have nothing in common but hatred for him.

He said this was because his Government had taken away their privileges and spoils of office.

He was referring to a Fiji Native and Tribal Congress team of Niko Nawaikula (SODELPA MP), Rajendra Chaudhry (Labour), US-resident former SDL Minister for Women Adi Asenaca Caucau, and Tevita Korodrau (US-based anti-Government activist).

They were in New York to make a submission on indigenous rights in Fiji. Mr Nawaikula, who made the presentation, was critical of the Bainimarama-Government policies.

Mr Bainimarama said: “What a strange little group this delegation to the UN presented. Its members have nothing in common except a hatred for me and this Government. Because we removed their privileges and the spoils of office they had come to expect. When we gave ordinary people the fair share of the national cake they deserve and the justice and fairness they have a right to expect.”

He was speaking at the handover of lease documents to the trustees of Raiwai Youth and Community Council yesterday.

”Incredibly, one of the members of this delegation was the son of the former Labour Prime Minister who was beaten and held with his father in the Parliamentary complex in 2000 by the very same forces he now calls his friends,” he said.

“There was a picture of this person in the newspaper with an iTaukei chief, now resident in America, who once called people like him weeds and said they had no place in Fiji.

“Talk about strange bedfellows. These people were bitter enemies 15 years ago. Yet now they are all back-slapping each other and would have you believe that they represent your best interests.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that on the same day the PM announces the renovations for the hall at Raiwai (hope the swimming pool will be renovated as well) one of the Original Gangsters from Raiwai has his mugshot on Fiji One news as being the ring leader of a crime wave currently hitting the West.

In some ways it s a reflection of the booming economy that these guys are now back on the hustle. They are following the money.

An endorsement for the economic policies of the Fiji First party.


Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said he is very disappointed that they have been accused as a Government of disadvantaging ordinary people and in particular the i-Taukei.

While speaking during the official handover of lease documents to the trustees of Raiwai Youth and Community Council for the Raiwai Community Hall, Bainimarama said they just had a delegation of their political opponents telling the United Nations in New York that the government is working against the interests of the i-Taukei and dispossessing them, robbing them of their land and their rights.

Anonymous said...

@Dharam they are an Australian backed group.

Two months ago Nawaikula was in Australia working with Canberra interests in setting up for their trip to New York.

Their objective is to challenge the legitimacy of the Fijian State and destabalise the Fijian Government.

That is the only way they believe Bainimarama can be removed.

Anonymous said...

Nawaikula should have been charged for his role in the GSG group in 2000. It was a mistake to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Its not too late now to revisit that issue. He was a legal adviser to the GSG at parliament during the takeover. He was also involved in the Deed of Sovereignty.

That Police file should be reopened and pursued and he should be taken to task for treason or at the very least misprision of treason or sedition.

Rakuita Vakalalabure did time for his role in the 2000 coup as legal adviser, so should Nawaikula

Anonymous said...

Tikoca should be investigated for the financial abuse at the Mission in PNG and he should be charged.

Take them to task

All those chiefs who have signed up for the new sovereign nation should be taken in for treason and sedition and charged as well so that they know that this is not a game.

Anonymous said...

The South Pacific Games accounts debacle from 2003 should be revisited and If the RTD is implicated in it then charge her as well.

For too long the Government has tried to be merciful in the hope that we will all be going forward but its clear that some are simply not prepared to let bygones be bygones and go forward

So the Government should simply bring its full weight to bear on the issues and play for keeps.

Mesake Volavola said...

Niko, Karavaki and other SODELPA terrorists inciting people to form their own state should be arrested, charged for sedation and sentenced for life.

Tudraki said...

SODELPA TERRIORISTs INCITING people for self autonomy. The Fiji group in Sydney is a terrorist organisation who is encouraging the people of Fiji to destabilise the government. They are already under radar by SIS - the defence part of the Australian Government and any criminal act by them will not be condoned and will lead to deportation to Fiji.

The rebels had claimed they had formed the so-called Nadroga-Navosa Sovereign Christian State and the Ra Sovereign Christian State. Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, Apakuki Kurusiga, said the ministry was aware of this move and had alerted the Roko Tui in these provinces.

TheRoko Tui in Nadroga-Navosa, Ba and Ra had sent in their report of the chiefs’ total support to the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama-led Government.

“The Roko Tui in these provinces met the chiefs in regards to the issue and they said they were not aware of the formation of such a state,” he said.

He said this started in Ra and an approach was made to Nadroga – Navosa and Ba, but they were not welcomed.

Mr Kurusiga said the claim that they now had the two autonomous states in Ra and Nadroga-Navosa was baseless and a lie.

The late Ratu Osea Gavidi supported the rebels, but there was no support from Nadroga-Navosa.

A member of the chiefly Na Kalevu family of Nadroga, Ratu Aisea Wakanimolikula, said the chiefly family of the province distanced itself from the group.

He said the chiefly clan of Nadroga and the people of Nadroga and Navosa had given their support to Mr Bainimarama and his Government.

Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri yesterday confirmed that Police were closely monitoring the people behind the move.

“We know who they are,” Inspector Sokomuri said.

He said some were interviewed by Police in Rakiraki.

The rebels are linked to the Fiji Democracy Movement in Sydney.

Its last meeting in Sydney last Thursday was chaired by a Sera Laveta.

She told members that there were two “autonomous states” of Nadroga-Navosa and Ra.

Mrs Laveta showed the two flags for the two autonomous states and even a flag for the Federated Sovereign States of the Fiji Islands.

On Facebook, SODELPA senior woman member Nanise Nagusuca posted –“Sa vinaka sara vakalevu Mrs Sera Laveta na vei okoni iko. Kalougata iko.” (Thank you, Mrs Sera Daveta for your support. God bless.)

The woman behind this group is Ms Oni Kirwin who had earlier claimed in her visit to Fiji last year that she would be visiting the Buckingham Palace to officially meet the Queen.

But it is understood it never happened.

She is believed to be an Australian campaigner for Pacific indigenous rights.

Anonymous said...

This article is on the Fiji Sun and whoever did the reporting is misleading. It shows once again that Fiji Sun is FF'S media mouthpiece ,and a house of unqualified journalists.
Ra, Nadroga and Navosa are" vanua" , not political parties or political affiliates. Your report that chiefs from these province had given their support to Bainimarama is blatantly wrong. Bainimarama is not the vanua, he is the government.These provinces come under 2 of the Viti Confederates ( Kubuna, Burebasaga, Tovata). They fall under1 of these Confederates thus making them subjects to Ratu or Adi Cakobau - Sovereign Chief of Kubuna, Ro Tuisawau Teimumu- Sovereign Chief of Burebasaga or Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu- Sovereign Chief of Tovata .
Based on this facts please educate yourself.
When chiefs from these provinces distant themselves from the group , your term "rebels" they basically show their loyalty and support to the Sovereign Chiefs of Kubuna and Burebasaga with
Ra comes under Kubuna and Nadroga/Navosa under Burebasaga..
Vanua and Government are distinctive and different.

Anonymous said...


The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs is working with that rebel group. They have been working with them since 2007.

The group is an offshoot of the Fiji Democracy Movement which has been given special status by Canberra.

All the rebels who went from here to Australia, including the CRWU who were convicted for their role in 2000 were given special fast track status on their Visa's in keeping with Canberra's policy to give them a sanctuary and haven from which to run their activities. All the rebels from 2000 are based either in Sydney or Cairns or Brisbane, and some of them are based in Canberra.

They have a network which is linked directly to Canberra and specifically the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

When the Labour Government was in power they had special access privileges to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. During the tenure of the Rudd and Gillard Government they had regular briefings with Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr and received Intelligence briefings as well from the ASIS regarding the information they had on activities in Suva.

Those groups are backed by Canberra

Its the same strategy Canberra used with the groups in East Timor and are now using with the groups in West Papua. They give them sanctuary and then they use them to agitate against their home Governments for geopolitical objectives.

ASIS will do nothing against that rebel group because they are backed and funded by Canberra

Suva knows that well enough

Anonymous said...

The West Papua rebels are based in Australia and they have direct access to Canberra as well.

The strategy Canberra is using for West Papua is to use the Pacific Island Forum and the Churches in the Pacific Islands as the springboard for an international propaganda campaign against Indonesia's role in West Papua.

The problem for Canberra is that it cannot afford to be seen as being directly involved in that since the US and the UK have significant interests in West Papua, not to mention the Indonesian trade prospects for Canberra.

So they are using the connections into the Pacific to mount that challenge against Indonesia.

Ultimately it is geopolitical. West Papua is one of the mineral rich provinces of Indonesia and that is the main prize.

Its very similar to the strategy used in East Timor against the Indonesian interests. Once the Indonesians were turfed out Canberra has had a free hand on all East Timor's resources.

When Indonesia was in charge in East Timor they had schools and hospitals and they had guaranteed access to Indonesian Universities because they were part of the State of Indonesia.

Today they have derelict hospitals, kaput schools and 90% poverty. They can't go to Australian universities because they are not an Australian state but all their royalties from their gas an oil reserves go to Australia and they can't do anything about it.

They just fought a 40 year war against the Indonesian Government for a supposed freedom which is now turning out to be an illusion because they are worse off now then when they went down that part of rebellion in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

7.33. Well the issue with Canberra with west Papua is nothing to do with the problem we are facing here in Fiji.That is something for Canberra to solve and it's none of our business. Your piece sounds more like a conspiracy theory too.
When the people of Fiji were rounded up and forced against their freedom and will to speak out against the illegal govt of Bainimarama, who else can they turn to?
It is Canberra that made it possible. Regardless of what so many had said against Australia, it still is the mother of all South Pacific Islands and as they have contributed so much to the development of Fiji and continue to do so. Period.

Anonymous said...


Sure Canberra has continued to nurture them.

That's why all the Canberra aligned civil servants who resigned from their jobs in the Fijian civil service after the 2006 coup d'├ętat have been hired by Canberra through DFAT to work throughout the Pacific including PNG.

RAMSI is stacked from top to bottom with those former Fijian civil servants from the SDL period who were Canberra's people in the Fijian civil service and Judiciary.

Graham Leung for instance, the arch nemesis of the Bainimarama Government, is now on DFAT payroll and working for Canberra in Nauru as part of the wider Law and Justice sector plan for its South Pacific agenda.

Canberra is trying to reinsert itself into the Fijian legal system and Judiciary, which is why one of the first announcements Bishop made after the elections was directed against the Fijian Judiciary. They want Chief Justice Gates out and they want the current Judicial set up realigned towards Canberra as it was pre 2006.

They can't achieve that without using the Tribal Congress people to attack the legitimacy of the Fijian State and its institutions. And that is what Nawaikula and Co are tasked to achieve. Nawaikula was in Australia two months before this New York trip working with people there in setting up the platform with the Fiji Democracy Movement people. These are the same networks who were part of the Viti Revolution Forces in 2011 calling for civil disobedience until they were tracked down by Intelligence and Ilisoni Ligairi begged the RFMF top brass not to take in Dan Ligairi for interrogation because he was concerned that his son had acted foolishly in joining that group.

The Fiji Tribal Congress is an offshoot of this whole messy nonsense from 2000. Same people, same agenda, same nonsense.

Canberra is only using them to destabalise things in Suva but it has not worked since 2006 and it won't work now.

Anonymous said...

The time will come when all who have taken part in coups and destabilization of the Fijian people, and citizens, will be brought to justice.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum, though they are now trying to make themselves look good in the eyes of the public, should be aware that they took over the government without legal and justifiable means and they will be in the same boat as Speight.

Anonymous said...


The country is on an unprecedented economic boom. In the last four years we have leaped further and farther then any of the countries in Polynesia and Melanesia in terms of the development of our economy.

Infrastructure wise alone we have gone far ahead of any of the countries in Polynesia and Melanesia.

That is what improves social conditions and creates the opportunities for upward mobility.

And that is what history judges leaders by. The welfare of the people, not the whimsical fantasies of some deranged ideological militants who have nothing better (or constructive to do) save to seek to destabalise the nation at the beck and call of a foreign power for their own selfish agendas.

Anonymous said...

...followed with a clean warm red hot 'chilli' bath in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's the best. When Teleni was there he was the best. That post don't require qualification. As long as the incumbent can say yes, no, yes, no, lako lumu, Kato tuba, misinali....my dog can even take that job...so congratulations Naivalulua

Anonymous said...

11.05 Our economic status within the region has never changed since Ratu Mara ' s time. We were always behind Australia and New Zealand in terms of development and progress.
" In the past four years" goodness sake! You failed to understand that Fiji was at high until the Bainimaramas coup of 2006 when the economy crumbled.
Your notion of "the unprecedented economic boom in the past 4 years" is true because its the current regimes responsibility to bring the country back to where it was before the 2006 coup.
Anyway there's nothing exciting and new. Our position in the region is still the same in the past till today. Still ahead of the Polynesians, Micronesians and the Melanesians in terms of economy, development and progress.

Anonymous said...

Anon @.47

The country is far ahead of where it was on the eve of the 2006 coup d'├ętat. Economically and socially far ahead.

Today the statistics for the performance of schools has been released by the Ministry of Education and it shows a remarkable piece of information. Two schools in Lau, Yasayasa Moala College and Cicia High School rank in the top 20 schools in the country academia wise.

That is a remarkable achievement, and it shows that the work done by the Bainimarama Government to support rural infrastructure and investment is beginning to bear fruit. Real tangible results. Sustainable outcomes.

Within the next five years the numbers of Itaukei students getting into the Toppers scheme will increase as well and the number of Itaukei involved in business sustainably will likewise speak for itself.

These are solid outcomes which none of the previous Governments even came near to achieving, and not even Ratu Mara and I say that without any vested personal interest or venom, its is merely factual that none of the micro business policies of the Alliance or the FDB financing via the Qarase managed FDB at that time achieved any sustainable outcomes.

Anonymous said...

Economic boom and progress my foot!

In the early eighties we, as civil servants, were paid very well and there was less poverty than it is now. We were even getting pay rises every year according to cost of living adjustments. Now there is a wider gap between the low standard of living and the very high cost of living. That is how progress should be measured.

Rabuka's coup, Speight's and Bainimarama's have been the causes of all these downward trends.

Anonymous said...

@1.56 pm

The Fijian economy was less then 1/3rd the size of what it is today back in the 1980's.

Property prices were very low. Less then 1/10th of what they are today.

Surely you cannot be serious comparing the situation 30 years ago with that of today ?

And as for purchasing power, well that is an issue which needs to be taken in context. The current inflation rate stands at 2% as of the announcement by the RBF yesterday and the economy is growing at 4% which has stimulated the massive influx of investment now happening all across the country today.

But those figures mean nothing without the real tangible outcomes being felt where it matters. At the grassroots.

And at the grassroots the results are starting to show.

More then 75% of the children going into University and Tertiary institutions in this country are now from families who are lower middle class or poverty line. And that says something about the opportunities which are now being spread fairly to enable advancement for as many as possible. That is one of the markers of social mobility, because it is the peg on which access to opportunities for advancement are gauged.

The Bainimarama Government policies are showing results where it matters. With the people.

Every house in Fiji must have access to water and electricity. That is one of the priorities which the Government has worked on since 2007.

Every area in Fiji must have access to good roads. That is another policy that the Government has been working on.

Every person in Fiji must have access to good health care. Again another policy that is priority

Every person in Fiji must have access to educational opportunities. Again as you can see with whats happened in Lau with those two schools that used to struggle in the past, the results are encouraging. It shows that children in the rural areas when given equall access and opportunity are able to perform just as well (if not better) then schools in the urban areas.

Thank you for your service in the 1980's. But its now time for you to enjoy your retirement and let the new generation take the country forward.

Anonymous said...

1.06 Good progress on the 2 schools but with a tiny percentage like that over hundreds of schools Fiji wide, your example is not true enough to justify your insinuations " far ahead". Is this the only tiny miny mo progress you whisling about. Progress we expect must be found in improved living standard for the poor( stats needed), the percentage and ratios of salaries between the higher and lower class ( stats needed),
capital projects in terms of expenditures over 4 years ( stats needed), prove to show that policies are workable and meet the needs of all people , they are accountable to the nation for the 2006 takeover, they are true to their words that no military officer will be part of the govt, bring to justice those involved in the beatings and deaths of citizens, etc. If you can provide TRUE stats and prove that justice has been served then Fiji is really progressing.

Anonymous said...

Please @ 2:56 PM, you're misleading us. If there were no coups, we would be 30 years ahead in progress at this point in time.

The coups that you're advocating have been the stumbling blocks in our progress.

You should think again before coming here to fool us because we're not stupid even if we're not rocket scientists either. Your situational analysis as to the difference between 30 years ago and today is crappy. All coup executors and dictators should be in gaol for subverting progress

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 2.56

oooooooh! stop right at the beginning.
Houses are now worth ten times what they were 35 years ago?

Let's have a look at the numbers.
Take Inflation at 7% average bybde ade, which is under the ACTUAL average over the 35 years period where we had 4 coups and as many devaluations... Now , if you are even barely good in maths,myou realize that the cost of things double every decade... so yes indeed after 35 years the price of houses would be about 10 times higher... which in fact is the SAME price.mThe only properties that took value are in Suva and were bought be the few rich people, including new Chinese immigrants as investment!

Your average rural dweller on a more or less secure piece of land hasn't made much money...

Anonymous said...

manakwa vili, 1 na siga....

Anonymous said...

ANZ Bank optimistic about Fiji’s economic growth13:21 Wed Apr 29, 2015Taken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Edwin Nand

The ANZ Bank is optimistic about Fiji’s economic growth saying its sustained, long term improvement that bears well for Fijians. The Bank held a Market Economic Seminar in Suva this morning, giving its stamp of approval for Fiji’s progress. ANZ Asia Pacific Economist Daniel Wilson says things can only get better from here on. “Fiji is in a stage where the heart of the structure is getting quite good – up to world class standards very quickly. Investment in the next stage of the growth will be in the social side, bringing education, health and social services to a higher level. In our view this is the positive step in the path towards development.” Economic growth has been attributed to government capital works, private sector investment and foreign investment. ANZ Bank in its economic analysis says Fiji’s economy will also be supported by sustained commodities demand from Asia and rising tourism numbers.

- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/28984/anz-bank-optimistic-about-fiji%E2%80%99s-economic-growth#sthash.moutPIHe.dpuf

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Those two schools in Lau may seem like a small advance but in the wider scheme of things what has been achieved there represents a massive step forward because it shows that the policies of the Bainimarama Government are achievable.

The PM has been very much involved with the Educational sector and specifically in Lau and out in the islands and rural areas where he has put in a lot of effort in ensuring that as much as possible in terms of funding and support is directed to the rural and island schools.

He took a direct role in Cicia High School where he directed the Ministry of Education to renew the contract of the Principal who was on the verge of retirement two years ago after visiting Lau and seeing the extent of work and effort that Principal had put in.

That faith has reaped dividends. Cicia High School has shown that it can be done, and in fact it has performed better then the top Itaukei schools on Viti Levu including QVS given the relative comparison in terms of resources.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally those kids at Cicia High School and Yasayasa Moala College come from families who eke out a subsistence living in the islands.

Yet adequately resourced and supported they have proven that it can be done and that the Bainimarama Government policies are realistic and achievable.

What is not mentioned is that there has been a massive improvement overall with the rural schools in general.

Niusawa is another rural school that has done very well, and so to the other integrated rural schools.

But in terms of the purely Itaukei rural schools, the Yasayasa Moala and Cicia now lead the way for the rest of the Itaukei rural schools. And in coming years more Itaukei rural schools will reach that standard they have now set. That is a certainty.

Kamlesh Kumar -Liver Pool Sdney. said...

Fiji Democracy Movement in Sydney is a Terrorist organisation. They were happy with the coups of 1987 and 2000 but now trying to destabilise Bainimara government. Your names will be given to Channel 9 and Channel 7 soon so that an investigation starts on you guys as your movement is similar to ISIS. Majority of your members were the perpetrators of 1987 and 2000 coups. Blood is on your hand you bastards. You lot destroyed Fiji. Stay on dole and in state homes there.

Anonymous said...

Fiji: Economy Economic performance
ADB Outlook 2015

The Fiji economy is estimated to have grown by 4.6% in 2013 and 4.2% in 2014. The economic expansion that began in 2010 has been one of the longest sustained periods of growth since independence in 1970. Greater government capital expenditure, higher remittance income, and improved business confidence in the run-up to the elections held in September 2014 saw new lending for consumption increase by 72.8% and for investment by 11.3%. These trends have contributed to record growth in private sector investment, which is expected to reach 13.5% of the gross domestic product in 2014.

Economic prospects

Indicators suggest that growth will moderate slightly in 2015 to 4.0% as the economy navigates a transition in its growth drivers. Tourism is expected to continue to grow at a steady pace, while current sugar and gold prices will make it hard to maintain growth in these industries in the coming year.

Excerpted from the Asian Development Outlook 2015.

Anonymous said...

Standards and Poors lifts Fiji’s credit ratings
Fiji TV news 2nd May 2015

Rachna Nath reporting

Fiji’s long-term sovereign credit rating has been raised from B to B+ by international ratings agency Standards and Poors. Several factors including our return to parliamentary democracy and a more-conducive economic environment has helped lift Fiji’s ratings. Credit ratings agency Standards and Poors has increased the estimates of our average real GDP growth to 3.6% from 2.6% – up by a 1%. This has been based on our smooth transition to an elected government, a more conducive business environment and donor and multilateral lender re-engagement since September 2014. Standards and Poor’s expects stronger revenue growth to keep fiscal deficits low, at close to 2% of GDP in 2015 through to 2017. As a result, our sovereign credit ratings have improved and has been revised to ‘B+’ from ‘B’. At the same time, it has affirmed our short-term rating at ‘B’. Standards and Poors says it expects Fiji’s external position to be steady with consistent levels of official reserves. Given our stronger economic growth and upcoming asset sales, the ratings agency expects Fiji to post fiscal deficits of about 2% of GDP from 2015-2017. It adds, even despite government’s higher spending on infrastructure and social services such as access to education and health care, forecast deficits will remain below 3% of GDP. Standards and Poors says the stable outlook reflects its expectations that a steady political and policy environment in Fiji will sustain economic reforms to support growth and help limit the Fiji government’s fiscal deficits and net debt over the next two years. - See more at: http://fijione.tv/standards-and-poors-lifts-fijis-credit-ratings/#sthash.SklPdW4B.dpuf

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar liver pool Sydney

Kulina Kunt Boci..yes let's see if that's going to happen because the reality is you will remain victims of coup in the past, today and tomorrow. It's our land! If it sounds bad , the long fingure is available for you to use on your ass.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks good in forecast but we need results. No one knows what the future holds. Anything can happen tomorrow.
Regime now is on trek trying to get Fiji back to where it was before the 2006 coup.
What about justice for families of citizens and crw soldiers murdered by Bainimarama? The accountability of the 2006 coup and justice, ??

Anonymous said...

3.41 / 6.27. Well I'm planning to change my identity from anonymous to x- anonymous to be like that anonymous guy under the name Vili Rakoro.

Anonymous said...

Bill Ramlakhan(Vili Raikoro) is an Hindhu macafaka? No such name
in the VKB lasulasu vutulaki and
whose your daddy? Very few Hindhu
knows their daddy and bill ramlakhan is one?

Anonymous said...

A million percent TRUE!

Anonymous said...

To add ..sp and moodys credit agency has Fiji on B+ and B1 respectively by December 2005. So the improvement and progress that Fiji is making now is basically returning Fiji to where the Qarase government had left off and it takes 10 years for Bhai to achieve it. What a milestone.of a bullshit

Anonymous said...

The other asshole, Kamlesh Kumar is not an Indian He is a Fijian . Something that FF'S is good at.

To sum it up, the couple Vili Rakoro and Kamlesh Kumar are assholes in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

The average person on the street or in the village has been experiencing only that the cost of things are inversely proportional to the income he/she has been getting.

All these reports that you FFPers are posting do not mean any thing.

When we start to get pay increases relative to and directly proportional (or better) to the cost of food and other commodities then we can say that we are making real progress.

Apart from stopping progress, Bainimarama still has to answer for and respond regarding all other crimes he has been accused of.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stupid to continously
established ambassy throughout
the world with our tiny island
economy? How the hell are the Regime paying for these stupidity?
We don't have any money to pay for
all these paint brushes? Is it that Hindhu Bill Ramlakhan assole
(vili Raikoro)we're giving the Chinese? Wow, sa mosi nai cici nei
Bill (vili)! Chinese can go crazy
when its time to pay your Bills?

Anonymous said...

In August 2006 Fiji was given a B- rating by Standard and Poors. Fiji has never achieved anything above B, and certainly never B+.

This is the first time that Fiji has achieved B+.

Its only a matter of time before we get an A rating. These structural reforms will roll in those improvements within the next 36 months. By the next elections in 2018, with Gods blessing, Fiji will be sitting either on or near A- status.

The best the SDL achieved was B-.

Republic of Fiji Assigned 'BB-' FC and 'BB' LC Ratings; Outlook Stable; 111th Rated Sovereign

August 25, 2006 - Cbonds

Standard and Poor's Ratings
Services today said it had assigned its 'BB-' foreign currency and 'BB' local
currency long-term sovereign credit ratings to the Republic of Fiji. A 'B'
short-term sovereign credit rating was also assigned. The outlooks on the
long-term ratings are stable.
"The ratings reflect the country's narrowly-based economy, with growth
prospects mainly dependent on tourism, and persistent fiscal and current
account deficits," Standard & Poor's credit analyst Kyran Curry of the
Sovereign Ratings group said.
"The defined contribution National Provident Fund covers most of the
government's borrowing requirements, partially mitigating government financing
risk. The current account deficit appears to be financed mostly with
unrecorded remittances, including foreign direct investment and other inflows."
In regard to political and social risks, Mr. Curry noted: "Although Fiji
experienced coups in 1987 and 2000, social tensions have eased with a
government democratically elected again in 2006 and a new inclusive
multi-party cabinet formed earlier this year." Notwithstanding the
extra-constitutional changes of government, the country's institutional
framework compares well with other similarly rated sovereigns. Nevertheless,
the earlier episodes of political instability, and the economic growth of
neighboring richer economies, have resulted in a "brain drain" from Fiji that
constrains its economic growth prospects. This may, however, have contributed
to the high inflow of remittances in recent years, the recorded component of
which is currently around 7% of GDP.
"Fiji's fiscal performance is weak, partly as a result of deliberately
expansionary policy settings to boost growth in the aftermath of the coup in
2000. This has lead to high deficits and hence increasing government debt,"
Mr. Curry said. The government has consistently run large deficits--although
there has been some decline in recent years--with an underlying deficit of
3.6% of GDP in 2005. Contingent liabilities are kept low and the government
has imposed additional reporting and auditing requirements for
government-guaranteed statutory bodies.
There are significant problems in measuring the current account, with the
current account deficit estimated to be in the vicinity of 17% of GDP, while
at the same time "errors and omissions" for 2005 show unrecorded inflows
amounting to around 18 % of GDP. There has been pressure on reserves in recent
years, which have fallen from a coverage of four months of imports at the end
of 2005 to 2.6 months in July 2006. See more: http://cbonds.com/news/item/347956

Anonymous said...


March 24, 2015

Bula vinaka and a very good morning to you all.

I’m delighted to be here this morning to formally open another stage of the Lagilagi Housing Project- a major initiative by my Government to create homes for ordinary Fijians living in informal settlements around Suva to increase their security, happiness and to give them dignity.

Sixteen months ago – in November 2013 – I launched the opening phase of this project, in which we built the first 33 units at a cost of almost Three Million Dollars. 24 two-bedroom units, four three-bedroom units and five units specifically designed for the elderly and disabled.

Talk to those families and individuals now and they will tell you that being able to move into these modern, spacious units has transformed their lives. They were Fijians who’d grown up in the toughest circumstances and had never had proper roofs over their heads.

Many of their previous dwellings were barely habitable and for years, they were plagued with all the insecurity and uncertainty that comes from living as squatters.

For the first time in 2013, we not only gave them proper housing and security of tenure, but we also gave them a sense of ownership and pride. Because this wasn’t a handout. We required everyone to contribute financially to their homes within the limited means available to them. And in doing so, we empowered them and have given them an immense feeling of satisfaction.

Because when you pay for your home, you value it. And when you value it, you look after it. And everyone is also more inclined to take care of their surroundings and build a sense of community. Which is what has happened here in the Jittu Estate.

I can still remember clearly the sense of excitement here 14 months ago when Father Barr and I toured the new complex – marvelling at the quality of what had been achieved. These weren’t just roofs over people’s heads and homes that many Fijians would be proud of. They were the beginning of a new way of life for those people fortunate enough to have become residents.

Just as importantly, we instituted a new legal framework in which these residents were able to use their properties in a way they could never have done before.
Because they were permanent structures built to a high standard and with secure title, they could use them as security to obtain loans for other purposes – not to go to a money-lender.

It was a bold approach to improving the lives of Fijians living in squatter settlements and a radical departure from the mindset of the past that has held many poorer people back. And I’m very proud that in so many instances, this holistic approach is working and ordinary people are better off.

My Fellow Fijians,
I said at the time I launched the first phase that this was just the start of a mammoth task to provide proper and decent housing to more than ten thousand poor or squatter families in Jittu, Wailea, Nanuku settlement and other settlements within Suva City.

My Fellow Fijians,
With the creation of these new homes, we re-dedicate ourselves today to the task of providing ordinary Fijians with the quality, affordable housing they deserve.

To the new residents I say: Treat your new homes with pride. Look after them and they will give you and your families many years of shelter, comfort and happiness.

Thank you once again to everyone who has worked so hard to bring this project to fruition. And I now have great pleasure in declaring this new phase of the Lagilagi Housing Project open.

Vinaka vakalevu, thank you.

Anonymous said...



More than 37,000 Fijians including senior citizens and persons with disabilities are benefiting from the government’s bus fare subsidy.

The Ministry of Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation permanent secretary Dr Josefa Koroivueta said that 36,280 elderly Fijians who are 60 years and above, and 1331 persons living with disability who are the beneficiaries of the bus fare subsidy.

In 2011, an agreement was signed between the Fijian government and Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) that allows elderly persons with age of 60 years and above to pay half the fare while persons living with disabilities are eligible for free bus fares.

“The Social Welfare Department processes all the applications for the bus fare subsidy, those applying for this assistance must provide two passport photos with their birth certificate and we will process the Identification Card (ID) cards. For the elderly they carry a yellow ID card and for permanently disabled they are given a red ID card.

He said that the recently established National Council for Older Persons (NCOP) is looking at programs that promote an inclusive and enabling society for the senior citizens in Fiji. The NCOP is spearheaded by the Ministry of Social Welfare and has received a budgetary allocation of $200,000 to carry out its plans within the framework of Fiji’s Ageing Policy (2011 to 2015).


Anonymous said...


January 22, 2015

Cola Vina and a very good morning to you all.

I’m delighted to be here in Cuvu to join you all in celebrating the opening of your new health centre. I’m having a very healthy week here in Nadroga. Yesterday morning, I opened the refurbished health centre in Vatukarasa, which was a wonderful occasion, and yesterday afternoon I opened the new extensions at the Sigatoka Hospital.

This was an even more wonderful occasion because I know that our mothers up and down the coast of Nadroga can now deliver their babies in a much better environment than they were used to in the past. No doubt many of you women and young girls in Cuvu will eventually give birth to your own babies in the new facility in Sigatoka and I can assure you that it will be a wonderful benefit for you at what will be one of the most important times of your lives.

About 100 babies a month are born at Sigatoka and about a 100 mothers a month use the antenatal facility there to prepare for their big days. So the new maternity section is a huge improvement to the usual standard of care of the women of Nadroga, including every mother-to-be here in Cuvu. You are the backbone of our nation. We honour you and are determined as a Government to give you the best facilities we can afford.

I’m also delighted that instead of having to travel to Sigatoka for medical attention, the people of Cuvu generally – men, women and children – now have this new health centre close to your homes.

The great thing about this new facility is that the idea for it came from the grassroots – from community to divisional level, and then to the top of Government. My Government listens to the people.

I want to repeat the message I gave to the people of Vatukarasa yesterday. I’m deeply concerned about the general health of some sections of our population here in Fiji. We have far too many instances of our loved ones having their health destroyed and losing their lives far too early through some of the non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

We all need to be more aware that these diseases can be prevented if each and every one of us changes the way we live. I urge you all to give up smoking, to drink yaqona or alcohol in moderation, to eat less and more healthy food like fresh vegetables and fish, and to exercise more. Don’t take the bus or a taxi when you can walk. Don’t eat lollies, have a piece of fruit. These are all things that our mothers and fathers told us when we were little, but far too many of us still take no notice. And unfortunately we are passing our bad habits to our own children. The role of Government is to provide you with health facilities like this one for when you get ill and need medical attention, but I urge all Fijians to take charge of their own health – take responsibility for yourself so that you only have to visit a facility like this when you really need it.

I made the point yesterday and I will make it again today, that unlike our political opponents we are delivering new benefits to Fijian families, while all the opposition seem to do is play cheap politics by criticising us at every turn. I don’t mind criticism, but the problem is that they keep going on about things that aren’t important. When you hear them criticise the Government again, ask yourself, “is this something that affects me? Is this something that is going to benefit my family, put food on my table, or give my children a better future?” Because that’s the difference between them and me. I care only about improving the lives of decent, hardworking Fijians, and giving their children the best possible start in life through such things as our free education program, free textbooks and subsidised bus fares. To give them opportunities we older Fijians could never imagine, to give them the opportunity to reach for the stars.

Vina valevu. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Bula Vinaka and a very good afternoon to you all.

I’m delighted to be here in the West this morning at the Nasivikoso Village School to open this new block of classrooms and teachers’ quarters and to have the opportunity to meet so many of you face-to-face.

My Government has always been willing to invest in the education of Fijian children and as I’ve said before, I am more proud of our free schooling program than anything else we have ever done.

But it’s also important for the community to play its part wherever it can and the fact that you have done so here has set a wonderful example to the rest of the country. I understand that community-organised fundraising raised $40,000, which is an incredible achievement.

I would also like to thank Rustic Pathways for its generous assistance.

I also want to thank the teachers of the Nasivikoso Village School for the efforts they are making to improve the lives of our young people. Teachers are an integral part of the education system and we must ensure that their conditions of employment are conducive to them giving their best.

And, of course, thanks to the parents for their support and to the students for their enthusiasm and eagerness to take advantage of these new facilities.

I understand that before this school was built children from Nasivikoso Village had to attend Magodro District School in Bukuya, Ba and Natutale Primary School in Wauosi, Navosa – either facing long walks or the prospect of living away from home as boarding students.

This strikes on a very important point to me personally. At such a young age, it is not good for children to be away from their parents and families. My Government is doing everything it can to address this problem – not only in Nasivikoso – but across Fiji.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as I look around here today, I’m especially proud to see the faces of the new Fiji – energetic, eager to learn, and looking towards the great future that awaits them as Fijians in the years ahead.

Boys and Girls, you have been given a fantastic opportunity to get on in life – the best opportunity that any Fijian child has ever been given in the history of our nation.

Not so long ago in Fiji, if you came from a poor family, you couldn’t go to school because your parents didn’t have the money to pay for your education. Can you imagine the heartbreak that caused for so many families? That their dreams for their children couldn’t be achieved? Can you imagine not being able to come to school, to not learn anything, to not have the opportunity to get on in life?

It was terribly sad. And when I became Prime Minister, I was determined to do something about it. To make sure that every child in Fiji finally got a level playing field and the chance to do their best. My Government now pays for your schooling. And if you want to go on to high school – which I want you all to do - or on to university or Technical College, we are also giving you the chance to do that.

In return, all I ask is that you work as hard as you can on your studies here, work as hard as you can when you get to high school and take advantage of the chance we are giving you to go further – to become a doctor or a nurse, a farmer, carpenter, plumber, electrician or engineer. Or any number of other jobs that any country needs and that can provide a better living for you and your family.

So work hard at your studies and play hard on the sports field or your other activities. And above all, learn to enjoy learning new things and gaining extra knowledge.

Take care of these new facilities. Take care of each other. Be proud of your school. Be proud to be Fijian at a wonderful time in our history. And above all, work hard to achieve your dreams as the new school year starts in 2015.

I have great pleasure in declaring these new facilities open and wishing you all the very best in the months ahead.

Vinaka vakalevu. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Solar power for village

Salaseini Moceiwai
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

THE years of depending on lanterns and generators for light are now things of the past for villagers of Nakorovou in Kubulau, Bua after a solar electrification project was commissioned in the area last weekend.

This is the first village in the province to benefit from the solar project initiated by a solar engineer who attended Barefoot College in India last year to attain qualify in solar engineering.

The project was commissioned by the Minister for Women Dr Jiko Luveni who encouraged the villagers to take good care of the project.

Solar engineer Maria Seremana said the solar panels were installed for the 42 households and was ready for solar electrification.

"I am so delighted to inform that our village is ready for the solar electrification project where the youths and men have helped me to put the solar panels on the rooftops of all the houses and also the solar controllers in just a period of one week," Ms Seremana said.

"Everyone in the village is excited about the project because it is the first time in 50 years for us to receive electricity."

Ms Seremana said the solar electrification project would assist more than 200 people in the village.

"We are grateful to government for choosing our village for the solar electrification project as this has given us new hope.

"Our children can have access to light and this will improve their education and we are proud to be the first village to be solar-electrified."

Nakorovou Village is one of the 10 solar villages in Bua, Macuata, Kadavu, Ra and Ba to be solar-electrified.

Solar electrification is a joint project between the Ministry of Women, UN Women and the Barefoot College in India.

There are also plans to build a regional Barefoot College in Fiji.

Anonymous said...


Posted on January 26, 2013 by admin in Government, News

CAPTION: Colonel Natuva switches on the electricity at Nakoroivau Tailevu.

More than eighty homes in the villages of Nakoroivau and Namuka in the district of Bau (Tailevu) now have access to electricity thanks to Government’s drive to electrify rural and remote parts of Fiji.

Village Headman for Namuka village Solomoni Cati said fourty three house in his village now have electricity twenty four hours a day after the commissioning of their electrification project.

“The best thing about this development is that our children can now do their study at night better and longer unlike before when the village generator is usually off early at night,” he said.

While Commissioning the Nakoroivau/Namuka rural electrification project today, the Minister of Works and Energy Colonel Timoci Lesi Natuva said today’s development demonstrates Government’s intention of installing electricity to all rural parts of Fiji before 2015.

The Fiji Electricity Authority and the Department of Energy extended FEA grid to these two villages after receiving contributions from each village. The electrification project sees government and rural communities each providing a certain percentage on contributions towards making the project a reality.

“Last year we managed to install solar power to 2,000 homes in rural Fiji with each home contributing fifty dollars per house and Government contributed $2,950 per family,” Minister Natuva said.

“Government is commended for its generosity especially for lifting the standard of living of rural villages in Fiji. Government understands that we cannot do this on our own and on behalf of the people of Tai o Bau I must thank the Prime Minister and the Minsiter of Energy and all officials for making our dream a reality,” said the village headman or Turaga ni koro of Nakoroivau Mr Ikapote Baleivotua.

Anonymous said...

Over 400 people in Tailevu now have piped water supply after 40 years

Saturday, 06/09/2014

Over 400 people in the village of Nasautoka now receive safe and piped water supply in their homes after 40 years.

The 70 households in the village situated in Wainibuka, Tailevu have greeted the recent water supply system upgrades with renewed confidence as the burden of having water problems have now ceased.

The water supply system upgrade was made possible through the Water Authority of Fiji’s rural water supply scheme.

The total cost of the project was $44,300 and was completed in two months.

The Water Authority said that the growing population and increase in water‑intensive lifestyles are two main reasons why they are carrying out water development projects.

Anonymous said...

Good Samaritan Inn’ provides shelter and employment for homeless beggars
Friday, 06/02/2015

Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Rosy Akbar

Its good news for 15 homeless beggars who now have a shelter and employment at Fiji’s first rehabilitation centre at Crest road, Colo-i-Suva.

While officially opening the ‘Good Samaritan Inn’, Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Rosy Akbar says the name of the centre is a reflection of a great initiative behind a life changing program for able bodied people who resort to begging.

She hopes the residents will take hold of this opportunity and make the most out of it.

Meanwhile, one of the residents, 44-year-old Aman Kumar said he is fortunate to be provided with shelter.

Akbar added that the Ministry is liaising with the Saint Giles Hospital as they are facing challenges to remove some mentally challenged beggars off the streets.

She said there is no facility for these senior citizens and persons living with disabilities.

The ‘Good Samaritan Facility’ has been built in partnership with the Nazarene Church with a funding of $100,000 provided by the government.

Story by Ronal Deo

Anonymous said...

Company invests in new biscuit factory

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Fiji Times

Update: 12:15PM FMF Foods Ltd board of directors this morning passed a resolution approving investment by its subsidiary Bakery Company of Fiji Ltd, for a new biscuit factory to be located at a new site near Suva.

Company's managing director Ram Bajekal says the new factory, which is expected to see an investment of about $40 million, is meant to augment the group's biscuit manufacturing capacity and will make biscuits primarily for the export market..

According to him, the investment is likely to create approximately 120 direct jobs and an equal number indirectly.

Construction work on the new factory will begin next month.

Anonymous said...

New $600m Investment Plans By Carpenters Group In Suva

21st February 2015
Fiji Sun

The Carpenters Fiji Group has revealed plans to invest in yet another multi-million-dollar high-rise retail/commercial complex in Suva.

It is additional to the announcement of an expansion of its existing pioneering heart-of-Suva MHCC complex.

This new project will be even bigger where the retail giant is looking at investing about $500 million to $600 million.

The proposed land for development is in the foreshore area just behind Kadavu House going towards the back of Holiday Inn Suva.

The plans were revealed by MBF Holdings chairman and Group chief executive, Tan Sri Sir Dr Ninian Mogan Lourdenadin, to the Fiji Sun.

“It would be a sizable investment for Carpenters and it will bring a lot just like we did with MHCC,” Sir Mogan said.

“This will bring another dimension to shopping, entertainment, open spaces and so on in Suva.

“The city is in need of shop space for restaurants and trading to enhance the trading in town. It’s in a way connected to Victoria Parade.”

Sir Mogan said the sort of concept they are looking at is what Sydney has – the waterfront, Rocks etc.

In terms of timeframe, Sir Mogan said since this was a big project, it would take a bit of time to organise the details of the project.

But, he did confirm that received their approvals from the council the past week and acknowledged the co-operation from Government.

With the upcoming project by Carpenters to add another 14 storeys to MHCC and this foreshore development, Sir Mogan said this would keep them occupied for at least two years.

However, without revealing anything, he indicated they have other things planned as well.

Overall view

Sir Mogan, one of the top businessmen in Malaysia, hailed the business environment in Fiji at present.

“It has been very extremely encouraging. All trading has been quite positive,” he said.

“Government’s policies are very proactive and growth is very good. I think there are very good high quality, competent companies and there’s a great future.”

“The advantages in Fiji far outweigh any disadvantages that there are at the current moment. The group is happy. My staff are very positive,” he said.

Feedback: rachnal@fijisun.com.fj

Anonymous said...

The Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva, Fiji: 'The Raffles of the South Pacific' elegant transition into a new century

Belinda Jackson
Apr 18 2015 at 12:15 AM

She was dubbed "The Raffles of the South Pacific", and her title, the Grand Pacific Hotel, is suitably eminent. But to the locals, Suva's distinguished colonial hotel is simply the GPH and it has always been here, as far as living memory goes back. It's the dictionary definition of colonial style: deep verandas, nattily dressed doormen and a starring role in the history of a nation.

When the hotel first opened, on May 23, 1914, Fiji had been a British colony for 40 years, and Suva its capital for just 32 years. The hotel's original layout included an array of extremely specific rooms; for dining, smoking, playing billiards, writing and drinking. There were electric lights and fans, and "the first-floor bedrooms have bathrooms with both hot and cold salt and fresh water baths", early advertisements boasted.

Unfortunately, just a few months after its opening, World War I broke out, stymying its position as the eminent Pacific hotel during the grand era of steamer-ship travel. But the hotel regrouped and capitalised on its location on the edge of Suva Harbour, the country's premier port.

Queen Elizabeth II has dropped in not once, but three times. The first, in 1953, she was a dewy-eyed girl, fresh to the demands of the crown, and locals sailed traditional canoes (camakau) into Suva Harbour to meet the royal yacht, Britannia. The Queen stayed in what is now known – unsurprisingly – as the Queen Elizabeth suite. If she was expecting grand ocean views, she'd have been disappointed. Her suite faces Victoria Parade, with a massive, private balcony that juts out over the entrance, just the spot where a beautiful, young queen could wave to her rapturous audience, who, in return, would sing their sweet farewell song, Isa Lei, back to her.

Yes, there is a photo wall where the hotel displays its list of visiting celebrities, including actor Burt Lancaster and author Somerset Maugham and our own Dame Nellie Melba, who swanned in during World War I. In 1928, aviator Charles Kingsford Smith popped in on his way across the Pacific, flying 36 hours from Hawaii and forcing the locals to cut two rows of trees in Albert Park, adjacent to the hotel, to accommodate his landing. And yes, there's the current prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, in between them all.

GPH personifies the era of travelling with trunks, of Grand Tours and afternoons at leisure. Most of the early managers were retired steamer stewards and its 35 rooms were never enough to satisfy demand. T American author James A Michener wrote in his 1992 memoir that "the barefoot Indians who served the meals had a grace that few hotels in the world could offer and none surpass". Michener had stayed in the hotel as a US soldier during World War II, when it was turned over to the army, and returned after the war

Anonymous said...

The Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva, Fiji: 'The Raffles of the South Pacific' elegant transition into a new century

Belinda Jackson
Apr 18 2015 at 12:15 AM

The fifties were not good for the GPH: it turned an ignoble shade of pink, following the lead of The Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach, also built in in the 1920s and dubbed "the Pink Palace of the Pacific". The period is captured in highly coloured postcards, an aquamarine pool surrounded by groovers and beach umbrellas, male waiters serving in sulus, the Fijian sarong and official uniform. And the eighties were even worse: by 1992, the GPH was abandoned even by the army, left to the mercy of scrap metal dealers and a corrosive tropical climate. Having a volatile parliament house didn't help, either.

But, like the Queen, the GPH is a stayer, last year celebrating her centenary. A three-year, $90 million redevelopment has bulldozed any signs of the hotel's ageing, funded by a consortium of superannuation funds from PNG, New Zealand and Fiji.

Once again the gracious hostess, on the Friday night I am there, GPH is the place to be seen in Suva. The massive new ballroom is hosting Fiji Fashion Week, and the island's most influential women are trooping through the doors in an array of glamorous gowns.

But it's really all happening on the terrace, where a band has set the pace, with a racy sprint through the early evening set before slowing down to flip into Lovesongs-and-Memories mode. Did you know that Lionel Richie has actually been reborn as a Fijian crooner? And the crowd loves it.

It all starts with a bang – well, the ringing of a large bell – at 6pm, when the first of the night's two happy hours kicks off. The first runs for two hours, then the drinkers and bar staff have a break until the second happy hour kicks the night along from 10pm.

Fashionistas, local movers and shakers, a few tourists and plenty of expats lounge on white cane chairs ordering long, frosty glasses of Fiji Bitter. The general manager, Swiss born Eugene Diethelm, now on his 16th hotel opening, estimates the crowd at between 500 and 600 people each Friday night.

Anonymous said...

The Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva, Fiji: 'The Raffles of the South Pacific' elegant transition into a new century

Belinda Jackson
Apr 18 2015 at 12:15 AM

There's formal dining inside in the air-con, filling bar snacks out by the pool. This being Fiji, where imported wine and red meat come at a premium, the best buy on the menu is excellent local fish – wahoo, walu or mahimahi. However, if you came over all traditional, you could call for a saddle of venison with red cabbage and brussel sprouts, or go nouveau-riche with a cut of beef from exclusive Wakaya Island, off Suva's coast. The view from the terrace is of the long infinity pool, lit royal blue against the darkening sky, and swathes of perfect lawn with the backdrop of Laucala Bay. And because this is family-friendly Fiji, that perfect lawn is dotted, without irony, with a set of plastic swings and slides.

The original building has 10 suites, and the pick of the bunch is undoubtedly No. 1, the largest Royal Suite and the only one with ocean views. The other original suites overlook the gardens and Suva's low-slung skyline, best seen from a rattan chair on the wide, private verandah, cool drink in hand.

There are two new wings, one for the ballroom and functions, the other housing the 03 new rooms. These range from the most economical, the Grand Pacific Deluxe Rooms in its Kingsford Smith garden wing, up to the Royal Club Rooms, in the New Wing. The New Wing rooms have views over the pool or ocean, with lush Pure Fiji toiletries, a fruit platter, complimentary neck massage in the little spa and a sweet present from the sparkling new Swiss bakery. However, architecturally, this is the hotel's downfall. From the exterior, the new wing could be any airport hotel in any part of the world. And while the interior is comfortable, it's just not channelling heritage chic.

If your budget can stretch to it – and from $720 a night, it is a stretch – the suites capture the essence of the hotel. If it's an ocean view and modern luxury you're after, you can save a couple hundred dollars and opt for the vast Royal Club rooms, with uninterrupted ocean views.

On a quick drive down Victoria Parade, it's easy to spot the GPH's contemporaries. The Law Court, Government Buildings and the city's Carnegie Library all show the same hallmarks of the architectural era: once-white facades, gracious arches and date stamps over the entrances.

Many of the city's Grade A heritage buildings are also being renovated, perhaps spiked by the interest in GPH. Already the bridal market has thrown its bouquet into the ring to declare it the best place for a chic, city wedding, which comes with a night in the Queen Elizabeth suite.

Chances are the GPH will become a destination hotel, though it certainly doesn't come cheap. But Suva seems to come without the hard-edged hustle of its western rival, Nadi. Well, at least on the days there's not a cruise ship in town. What is undeniable is the local pride in Suva's gleaming white hotel, which, after a generation of neglect, has made the transition from eyesore to elegance.

Tomasi Naikula said...

10 Poorest Countries in the World.
1. Congo
2. Mali
3. Serra Leonne
4. Zimbabwe
5. Haiti
6. Zaire
7. Sudan
8. Libera
9. Rwanda
10. Afganishtan

I thank my great grand fathers and mothers of migrating from those countries and settling in Fese.(Now Fiji). Those who dispute this check the traces of Lapita Pottery there I am and all itaukeis are also immigrants to this country. We should thank Indians and Europeans for developing this beautiful place as we have a good standard of living compared to our ancestral lands. Look at the developments happening in Fiji. The Nationalists living in overseas will be envious as now Fiji in 10 years will be like Singapore and Hawaii. Fiji Movement Racists in Sydney your days are over. Your SVT, SDL and SODELPA governments did nothing except stealing from the government purse. Why you guys crying for spilt milk when you left Fiji to stay there. Be Loyal to your adopted country and forget about Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi..as far as I know, there's still lack of evidence that we come from the above countries. Archeologically Lapita pottery found in Fiji was not found in those countries rather than in Vanuatu. Can you prove that we migrated from those countries?
Migration from Africa is still hanging in the air because we may resemble in colour, our culture and language are completely different. Example all Africans regardless of which country they come from in the continent of Africa speaks swahili. If you claim that we are from there , why our dialects do not carry an indication of a swahili.

Anonymous said...

11.44 Tomasi,
You need to respond to 12.41.
Your rantings about poorest nation, Fiji had never been placed below 10 in past decades by rating agencies. Plse don't publish stuffs that you lack knowledge of.

Anonymous said...

could the dickhead repeating the ministry of infor rubbish stop? whats the big deal? It is just we the tax payers paying not bai or kai.....like any govt they are just parasites using our money to stay in power. govt doesn't own anything. 90% of all land is owned by govt. Bai & kai & govt are just parasites here temporarily just like all govts. I Taukei who are landowners should form the govt cause they are not parasites but real owners.

Anonymous said...

could the dickhead repeating the ministry of infor rubbish stop? whats the big deal? It is just we the tax payers paying not bai or kai.....like any govt they are just parasites using our money to stay in power. govt doesn't own anything. 90% of all land is owned by kai viti taukei. Bai & kai & govt are just parasites here temporarily just like all govts. I Taukei who are landowners should form the govt cause they are not parasites but real owners.

Anonymous said...

Today there was an interesting article in the newspaper, about some iTaukei trying to get some other iTaukei's land that was given to them years ago by an old iTaukei through an pral agreement only. The land was planted with mahogany, now ready to harvest and well... no need to tell more...same old stories...

iTaukeis can very much parasite iTaukeis... that's the rule rather than the exception actually. People stealing from each other...abusing of each other. where are we going? E na tini evei?

Anonymous said...

Kepa can resign from opposition and politics.
Bainis govt can send her as fiji ambassador to Congo.
She will be a good fit with the locals in Congo.
She also can be paid about 100k.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi Naikula@ 11:44am....OMG the
Sonalevu Vili Ramlakhan Raikoro is
once again trying to distract us
by abusing another Fijian name above? Hey Bill Ramlakhan asshole, why don't you just use your hindhu true indo identity?
Why do you find it fascinating to
continously abusing our names,do
you like been rammed up your Sona,
wailei nai cici nei Bill?

Anonymous said...

How long will you keep on pulling out sources to justify your point and trying to make this regime look good . I'm not impressed neither convinced. What I see is one lie after the other ,quieing from your leader Frank. Your source where the B- ratings had come refers. Didn't I mention that Qarases govt had placed Fiji on both Moodys and SP ratings December 2005. SP with positive B+, Moody with a stable B1.
Perhaps you try to hide or simply don't know the cause of the downgrade. The universal political upheaval and unrest in Asia that destabilize the economy in the Asian markets 2005-2006 had affected the region. Aust, NZ,Jpn, including Fiji. And like Aust, NZ, JPN ratings on SP for these coutries were downgraded too, am I right or wrong? And for Fiji it's this plus what the Dickfucker Frank was doing against the government prior to the coup that put Fiji on ??" uncertain future" .om the international board.
Please stop lying and a mouthpiece of Frank. Anyway you deserve to be applauded for being a staunch supporter and advocate of Franks lies.

Anonymous said...

10.06. Today I read Fijileaks. An article based on theft of $100,000 from the Gokals sisters by attorney Renee kumar.
Well no need to tell more either. Same old stories....
Indos can very much parasites indos...

Anonymous said...

You ever see cockroaches scatter when you turn a light on in a dark room? Watch these mfkrs fall over each other and stab each other in the back when shit hits the fan. Enjoy it while you can.

Anonymous said...

I have stopped reading local news by local media. It gives me headache to read bullshit. Lord Khaiyum and Bainimarama spend their day giving speeches that are lie, deceitful and fraudulent in nature.Australia and New Zealand we acting smart when they turned blind eyed to our complaints on election fraud. Of course they must have known what was happening here, their intelligence department keeps eye on us. Result is that VBAI/khaiyum are pointing sword in their direction. Deserves them right. After taking over Fiji, the greedy Duo are now eyeing dictating the pacific and they wotn be able to do so in the presence of Aussie and NZ, thats why they are plotting coy to take them out....this infor is from within the for walls of khaiyums office, unfortunately, they forget, walls have EARS.

Anonymous said...

Another news from Khaiyums office. He regularly has meetings with other talibans with beards, and has been plotting against Indians. The strategy is to put his blood brothers with beard- Muslim brothers in all strategic positions in Fiji.He is doing this for two reasons:
1. He hates Indians and other minorities.He calls them parasites.
2. In case if someday bainimarama changes his mind about being friends with Khaiyum, Khaiyumm will twist baini if his little fingers till it hurts him like hell.
In anyway, for those readers who have doubts about this, take out pen and paper and start writing names of bearded men in strategic positions in Fiji now. All Ind-Fijians are being kicked out with multipkle excuses and his kind replacing both I-Taukei and Indo-Fijians.
this is the reality of Fiji. Sadly.

Anonymous said...


State asset sales
Geraldine Panapasa In Baku, Azerbaijan
Monday, May 04, 2015

THE selling of government assets to foreign parties will not affect Fiji's sovereignty over those assets, says Ministry of Finance permanent secretary Filimone Waqabaca.

In light of plans by Government to divest shares in Airports Fiji Ltd, Fiji Electricity Authority, Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd and Government Printery this year, Mr Waqabaca said this was not a total divestment of shares to foreigners.

"There's a misconception when we refer to asset sales. These asset sales that we are doing involve our domestic enterprises partnering with external parties," he told this newspaper in Baku, Azerbaijan on Friday ahead of the ADB 48th annual board of governors meeting.

Anonymous said...

Office of PM-Inside gossip- Master plan is under implementation. While the sleepyhead opposition are entangled with daily ISSUES. Baini-Khaiyum are working hard for next election.
Leaked infor as follows.
1. Create rift between SODELPA members to weaken the leadership. They find Kepa to be greatest threat, they want a weak successor so that they can easily take lead in next election.
2. Focus development in the divisions where SODELPA got most votes. Vote buying. the idea is to do sooo much developments in in the SODELPA supported areas and make chiefs soo happy that they start singing FF slogan.
3. To humiliate and intimidate opposition in their tenure and let them achieve nothing, take all credit so that come next election, they can be discredited on non-performance.
The slogan they will go by is" Kepa and team are happy with their paychecks and have forgotten the plight of their supporters.

Someone please advice opposition to make counter strategy, NOW and start working on it before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
A few years ago I was attending a workshop in Savusavu and staying in the same hotel with some police officers. These were same officers that were caught on camera assaulting one of the sons of the former army officers.

This police officer rushed to the front desk in an early morning while I was having my coffee saying that his best friend suddenly passed away that morning and it was mystery as he said that the guy was a fit and healthy guy.

After a while the same guy came to me again and said the that guy was from Vaturova.








Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama seen late night with Rebecca Jones...whats the story here...

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Raikoro....When you start calling Itaukei who live out in the Islands kai yanuyanu and differentiate them from Kai Vitilevu, you are showing that you are probably a Half Caste. Anyone who knows migration throughout Fiji that every single person from the yanuyanu, migrated either from Bau/ Tailevu/ Naitasiri or Ra. Then there are those who settled in he yanuyanu from Vanualevu. When our first ancestors arrived on our shores, they settled on yanuyanu (Mana and Navitilevu) before making their way to the mainland. The Fiji Islands are made up of more than 300 islands, not two. I gather from the way you write that you Vili are from Ba, in the village of Bangladesh...Now why don't you put on your turban and dance the Jora and paint a tika on your forehead...Juma with Kamlesh and root Tomasi up the bum and than let Tomasi root you up your nether region.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro - Luveni kai Madarasi.

Shut up and go and get teve!!! so that when you make comments we will be on the same wave length ...se va evei Bhai...

Anonymous said...

@Josateki Daulako 2:52pm
Vili Rakoro is actually 5 different people using that Blog Address. Thats why sometimes he appears clever and then other times he is really stupid and illogical.
Anyway you are right. One of those personalities is a Kailoma or half-caste.
Someone said it was Lobendahn.

Anonymous said...

Choir practice o rau. Soprano toka o raibcai, qai bass tu mai o Rebecca.

Kamlesh Kumar - Liver pool said...

Ro Matatani - Vunivalu from Rewa is asking people of Fiji to take advantage of Education facilities provided by Madiba of Fiji and his government. The High Chief said past governments only did lip service and only reached to the planning level. Now the Nationalist/Racist will start condemning him. The Nationalists/Racist should move to Zimbabwe/Congo/Malawi/Rwanda
/Sudan/ etc. where your ancestors came from. Look at the history. You people are also immigrants to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Kamlesh Kumar...

You are wrong Kamlesh Kumar. We will actually support and encourage every Fijian Itaukei to take advantage of the educational facilities while it lasts. We move to Africa....lol...You Kamlesh are a Kai Dia. You have moved to Australia and now you probably think your mates with Koala and can jai ho with kanga. Your a laugh. You are the epitome of an immigrant like the boat people, your ancestors the kulis were brought to Fiji on a boat and treated like animals by your white masters. Now you have immigrated to Australia and continue the legacy of a migrant. You will never ever really belong to any one place. The white and black (Abo) Australians despise you for being an Indian. Try going back to India...as long as you have your paisa...you ok...otherwise you might be eating cockroach and rats like the Jorka. Like I said to you before, Fiji will not be turned into Little India like Mauritius...That will never happen. We will keep it Fijian and if you want to enjoy Fiji, acknowledge the itaukei and kiss Vili's nether region...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Franky and Rebecca Jonesy...Moody thrown into it as well...problem is Frank's son had a root of moody as well...Damn...the nut does not fall far from the tree does it.

Kamlesh - LiverPool said...

Josateki Daulako - Can you fuckward racist and nationalist do one favour. Chase Fiji Indians out of Fiji so that my people can move to overseas. Our people don't want to live in Fiji because of people like you. Look at my people in Aus, NZ, Canada and USA. In ten to twenty years here they have good houses, good jobs, flash cars, own few properties. Look at your kind in NZ/Aus. e.g dole, state houses, etc. The white population in Aus/ NZ adore the hardworking Fiji-Indo population. Look at your kind bastard , they hook vulnerable white folks, use them and this year along two white girls have been murdered by your kind. No one wants to make Fiji as little India. By the way the indo- Fijians send remittance, Fiji indian doctors and nurses go each year and do community service to all people, etc. Majority Indo-Fijians are not racist but people like you and your SODELPA friends are damn racist. Don't underestimate India. It is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Due to it population it has problems eg shanty Towns etc. Your villages also stink, are very dirty and no different from some parts of India. At least we Indians are hardworking people, we don't steal, loot others and am jealous with others. Your people wanted to bring Chinese from 1987. Now Chinese are here, very soon Chinese will take away your resources, your country and through mixed marriages exterminate your race. You are a hypocrite and a racist therefore your own people in the army have turned against you. Your nationalist friends can sell your mothers/daughters for self gain.

Anonymous said...

Simple way to solve Fiji promblm: change kepaaz name to Ro remumu kepaaz Khan.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kamlesh liverpool
Hey, you! Did you carry out your assignment given you as a responce to your last comment ?. How did it feel? Must be good. That's why you're back craving for more.
Here's the second assignment. Use the two middle fingures and this time cover them with pounded red hot chillies . Sprinkle hot water to make chillies damp and wet. Shove them up your ass. Finish that and come back for your third assignment.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sodelpaa are really good in mkg videos.

Anonymous said...

Yes after 10 years then you achieve this 1 out of 300 schools.
Worst performance , ever!

Anonymous said...

There's so much hatred and vengeance on this website. So many prejudice, so much finger pointing, so much animosity, so much judgmental, no wonder Fiji is getting nowhere. Why can't we pray harder, swore less, stop finger pointing and bring about decency and normalcy into the discussions. All we can do is contribute to positive discussions, leave the depressions to its state and come smart with visionary inputs that makes our nation a better place to live on.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Kamlesh - Liverpool.... whahahahahahah hit a nerve there did I. Now don't go bursting a blood vessel you impudent fool. Chase Indians out of Fiji...Lol...No no no...Indians can just leave at their own accord. We don't need to chase you. You will leave when you realise we wont let you curry munchers take over our beloved nation. That's the reality. The population of Indian migrants like you in comparison to both the Fijian Itaukei and other races put together easily surpasses us all. The fact that you have left, has reduced your population in our country and your population will continue to reduce until we will only have a minority number, which will be easier for us to control. Why do you think we continue to have coups. Majority of bhaiyas like you who now live overseas, was able to get your papers because of the coup. That's one of the reasons why we are having the coup. So you kulis can just leave. We don't need to chase you. You can get back on your Leonidas and sail the fuck away with your curry pots and smelly spices.

If your successful in your country of adoption, remember that word adoption....good luck for you. Knowing you guys, your probably corrupting and bribing your way through everything. I met a cop from Australia - Campbelltown he told me. Do you know where that is. He was here on holidays. He said to me, he always thought Fijians were Indians. He said, every crime in Campbelltown committed by Fijians, they were all Kai Dia. When he finally met an indigenous Fijian, he realised that your kind Kamlesh was no different from the rest of the Indians permeating Australia with your garlic breath and smelly spices. Now the cop knows the difference between an Kai Dia and Kai Viti. The cop said in Melbourne you guys are targeted in racial attacks and that's why your guys pretend to call yourselves Fijians hahaha...The cop said that Liverpool, Blacktown and Harris Park smells like a curry shop, full of Kai Dia. Well done Kamlesh..come back and take more of your relatives with you.

Your people in Canada, Australia, USA doing well.... who gives a shit. You left Fiji, stay out of Fiji and don't come back. Give up your Fijian passport, we don't need your sorry curry ass. Don't underestimate India you say.. LOL... Your PM Frank had a selfie with your Indian dumb PM making him look like some dumb kuli. Of course you Indians are hard working. You have to work hard to survive in a country like India where there are trillions of people. That's why your one of the most corrupt people in the world. India people are known for sexual perversion. Look at the rape cases in India. Thank God you perverts have left Fiji.

You know despite our dislike of Khaiyum, we can tolerate the muslims because they are only 15% if our population. You know what, the muslims are kicking you Hindoos up the arse now. You want to know why, because you guys aghe pitche Koya in 1977. Lol...Cant trust you bastards....I don't think you guys even trust yourselves...You think Frank does not realise this....why do you think he does not mind Khaiyum...if a Hindoo was there with Frank, he would have kicked your sorry ass out already. See what happened to Chaudary, Felix and every other conniving Hindoo...All out of Franks books..The rest that's there today...they licking Frank's tati and pretending they bes mates....Now go take a very good look in the mirror Kamlesh. You will see a black man with straight hair, smelling of garlic and curry spices and bad breath. Realise you are Kai Dia okay. You can say good day mate but you are one tamani big Bhaiya...that will not change, whether your in Fiji, Australia, NZ, USA, Canada.......acha...Namaste...and have a nice day....Chutia

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Kamlesh.....By the way Kamlesh...I hope that now you live in Australia, you don't take your paint pot of pani to the toilet...I guess for you, your bad habits will never leave you...ha haha...don't forget, taqari with your left and eat with your right...or is it the other way around...you probably don't know the difference because you smell the same..like shit....ha ha ha...Hey Kamlesh...you know why people in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada don't want to play soccer with Indians anymore....because every time you Indians get a corner kick you build a fucking corner shop...lol..enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Someone had mentioned " Hot Air"
For as much as you tried to promote Bainimaramas regime, your govt is just queing from the previous regimes .
Cannot create but copying previous govt policies .

Anonymous said...

Another example that FF'S path to return Fiji to pre 2006 record is working.
Progress took 10 years. .
You see Frank! This is what it takes when you illegally took the running govt by force. It costs life, (millions $), international status and years trying to get us back. IT'S NOT PROGRESS! It is DAMAGE CONTROL!

Anonymous said...

Check with Kaiyum to verify this. He is married to the daughter of a Tourism stalwart. Tourism soared years ago at the time when sugar industry is no longer produce as much due to politiki in the industry. You know very well who controls the sugar industry. .dirty politics!
So your claim of prosperity in this industry is a piece of crap.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kulina, in India they rape young girls and then burn them. You should go back home and be part of that sick society. Remember you are an Indian and should go back to your country you cocksucking maggot.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is not a settler colony like Australia, NZ, Canada and the US.

In settler colonies colonizers will try to destroy all indigenous institution including its culture and language.

In the case of this country, Sir Author Gordon in his advise to the Crown pleaded that natives to be protected especially after the great measles and during that time cotton, and sugar need laborers.
History is very clear to the Kai Viti and people like Vili Rakoro, Kamlesh and the like MUST not poke your nose to the historical fact and truth.

so one thing is clear, Bainimarama is worrying about his future then the future of the Kai Viti.

Guess what???

who will always the winner...the Truth.

The truth is that they are scared of the brains of the kai Viti.

That is why he tries very hard to stop QVS, ACS and RKS dominating the educational scene in Fiji.

An example QVS still the top school in Fiji. This is a threat to Khaihum and Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

All this rubbish comments and racism

just decide where you are now and what future you have for yourself and your children if you have any

then make the choice???

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:04pm..your a threat to yourself with your stupidity

Anon 4:10pm...Where are we now...in deep shit and Frank is still crapping out more shit. What future is there...unless your sucking Frank off and his goons, you have no future.

Choice - Get rid of Frank

Shikandar Ali said...

Aiyub Ali Khan is the new CEO of FNPF. Just announced. Oilei Maria.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako.... Calling Kamlesh and Vili..>Calling Kamlesh and Vili...come out of that crack your hiding under...

Kamlesh let me share a secret with you. Khaiyum's sole intention is to destroy Chaudary and the Labour party.

That was his intention from day 1, to turn you Hindoo's against one of your political leaders whom you worshipped at one time.

Khaiyum succeeded in doing that. The Labour party pretty much is like a headless chicken running around in circles.

What this has resulted in is the demise of the Hindoo and your political stance in Fiji. Everything that the kuli migrant from India that arrived on our shores many moons ago fought for, has been stripped away from you.

You once had a voice in the sugar cane belt but now, you think you have a voice from Frank. With Khaiyum, forget it, he has his muslim agenda in place.

All the Guji's in Fiji they don't care because they are business people through and through and they will dance with Idi Amin if they had too, for the sake of their business and money.

You think Frank is the unifying factor, better think again because he may appear to be the unifying facto but he is not. Frank will crash and burn. His lucky if he lives the next five years. Khaiyum take over...lol....now you start ticking it over in your head, what happens and who takes over...you think the Military will be gentlemen about all this...lol...believe me, things change.

Pekapeka kaiviti said...
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Daulako's Indian Ta said...
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Blog Adminstrators wife and daughters fucker said...
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Anonymous said...

C45 Administrators, can you remove comments flowing in recently. Too vulgar!

Anonymous said...

Agree 3.57. Mindless racist bigots. We have former Fiji Indians who are living overseas acting like they know all that i going on in Fiji holding on to their old racist views and prejudices. These are the Kamlesh's of the world and then you have the local village idiots like Daulako who are also a dying breed in Fiji who are trying to fell a mountain of love and general good will within in Fiji between the races. Fiji and the world is changing rapidly and race is no longer a defining factor. People are intermarrying like no tomorrow. Hell my own daughter in law is I-TAUKEI. Who cares she is a great gal and a human being. That's it. Unfortunately their are some village idiots still around and coup 4.5 should not give these looney's a voice.

Anonymous said...

Daulako you're doing all right bro,keep these bastards on the run
and don't let up? I'm sure that
Vili Raikoro is Pratibha Jyoti bitch from the Fiji Sun?
Look at all her posting always trying to show-off her picture. Vili sonalevu!!! Show yourself
Jyoti(Vili) bitch!

Kamlesh Fiji said...

Can we all stop racist attacks and think about how we can better our country. We should have learnt from the 4 coups. No one wins. Let multiracial, democracy and Fiji be the Winner. Every race has bad, good and moderate things to talk about. In all coups majority human beings both Indians and Fijians were affected.
Kamlesh Liverpool, Kamlesh NZ learn from me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Pekapeka kaiviti said...
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Kamlesh Kumar said...
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Pekapeka kaiviti said...
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Anonymous said...
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KUA NI RERE said...

Hahahaha Kamlesh finally got his match.
Wouldnt surprise me if Kamlesh is Bainimarama himself.
They certainly have the same schizophrenic thought patterns.

I'm sure after all this Kamlesh will once again come out and swear his undying love for Bainimarama.
Narcissitic to the end!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Yes 6.02
Even, I myself have blood cousins with Indian origin. I am a taukei and I don't look at them differently. They are my blood and I'll fight for them. My home belongs to my vasu and being a taukei they have traditional rights and ownership to the land.
What You're Saying 6.02 Is Absolutely right.

Kamlesh Kumar said...
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Anonymous said...

Well on the bright side, instead of sending her as ambassador Y not do it the other way round. Appoint Ro Teimumu prime minister and Frank the ambassador to Congo. He can also elevate his status from a diplomat to a chief while outside Fiji similar to what Vanuatu did. In here it's impossible to attain a sovereign chiefly status that Ro Teimumu has.
The only traditional tittle that Frank is accorded to for life and cannot be passed down is the supreme tittle" sovereign Thief of Fiji"

Anonymous said...


Brutality claims
Serafina Silaitoga
Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A SENIOR police officer is under investigation for allegedly spitting on a man's face and ordering him to strip naked.

The complainant, Ashneel Narayan, filed a report at the Labasa Police Station.

He said the alleged incident happened while he was in police custody.

Mr Narayan further claimed he was beaten by policemen in civilian clothing while he was with friends in Namara, Labasa on March 13.

He informed Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald about the incident during a talanoa session in Labasa last week.

He revealed the identity of the senior officer to Mr Groenewald and also identified another officer who allegedly took photos of him when he was naked.

All Mr Bilitaki wanted was money for his hardwork.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...wow...no response from Kamlesh in Liverpool or Vili Raikota.......C'mon guys...I love a good debate. We all learn from it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sonalevu Daulako said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...Love it when people are so dumb they can only debate with obscenities and show how stupid idiots they are.

Anonymous said...

My nickname for Naivalurua is Jellyfish - No Backbone!!!

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua says to Anon 1:17pm...Oh Yeah..my nickname for you is backbone...you have no jellyfish. Vacava that

Anonymous said...

where the hell is qarase who sold our momi land... smart fella...........

Kamlesh Kumar said...


$100k overpaid
Talebula Kate
Thursday, May 14, 2015

A PROSECUTION witness in the $3million road scam trial yesterday told the High Court in Suva of an incident where there was a $100,000 discrepancy in payment.

Five-men are standing trial for their alleged involvement in the scam involving State-funded road projects in Ba.

TF Jan Bulldozing Company director Feroz Jan Mohammed is on trial for one count of bribing public officials, one count of obtaining financial advantage and one count of perverting the course of justice.

Also standing trial are former Department of National Roads employees Iliesa Turagacati, who has been charged with one count of receiving a bribe and one count of causing a loss with Navitalai Tamanitoakula, Aisea Liwaiono and Vijay Prasad.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua..pretend soldier..conman and criminal. Ratu Mara point him out as the uludamu thonalevu who went on the navy boat too commit treason.

Same ol shyte by Voreqe's criminal cartel to rip taxpayers money off by profiting from their f/up 2006 coup.