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Thursday, May 14, 2015

28 years on and fears of another coup looms

Twenty eight years ago today saw the start of the infamous coup culture in Fiji when a third asking officer in the then Royal Fiji Military Forces, Sitiveni Rabuka, executed the first military coup and removed the five week old NFP/FLP Coalition Government of Dr Timoci Bavadra.

Today 28 years on and four coups later, the new 50-member Parliament is meeting in the same hallowed Chambers. And today the exceptionally tight security around Parliament including the closure of the road behind Parliament (the main entry) shows how the government, whose leader and other members are beneficiaries of the 2006 coup, still live in fear of being overthrown.

Fiji Times Front Page May 14, 1987
Why the need such tight security because wasn't the 2006 coup to end all coups?

Why does Frank Bainimarama's government need such tight security?

After all, the military carried out all four coups in Fiji. Even the 2000 coup led by George Speight was carried out with the firepower coming from CRW soldiers.

So why is Bainimarama afraid of the now Republic of Fiji Military Forces - the army that he led for 15 years?

Aren't the current Commander and all soldiers loyal to him?

Why block roads with checkpoints and hinder movement of ordinary citizens?

The mind boggles….

Meanwhile sources have told us Pio Tikoduduadua's resignation is more than about his cancer.

He could have resigned as a Minister but remained a Member of Parliament and would have received approval for medical leave. But he chose to resign as an MP as well.

The sources say it may well be a matter of integrity for Pio. They say it is due to his inability to no longer tolerate the dictatorial tactics of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Bainimarama's trusted ally who sits next to Pio in Parliament.

This is in relation to appointments on boards and organisations governing infrastructure which was the responsibility of Pio as Minister for Infrastructure.

Apparently Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum did not bother to consult Tikoduadua while making the appointments who are cronies of Fiji First.

Coup4.5 has been told that Khaiyum now wants to appoint R C Manubhai Director and Fiji First financial backer Bhavesh Patel to be the Chairman of Water Authority of Fiji Board.


Anonymous said...

Long Live Rabuka.

It made a future for so many Indians, whi migrated since then and living a great life overseas.

I always pray for Rabuka for his good health and long life.

Rabuka is my adopted God

Anonymous said...

There were no roadblocks at Government Buildings today.

All the Ministerial vehicles were parked along the Southern Cross Road behind the Sir Kingsford Smith stand, the drivers resplendent in their three piece suits all having a yarn under the beautiful Suva sunshine as the Suva City Council grounds-men worked on the cricket pitch on Albert Park.

The usual group of taxi drivers congregated on their benches at the Cafeteria behind the Sir Kingsford Smith stand for their customary early morning coffee.

Its a beautiful Suva day.


On this date 28 years ago god sent Rabuka to do the military coup against Dr Bavadra's government. He was supported by the Military, Great Council of Chiefs, Methodist Church of Fiji, Ratu Kamisese Mara, Taukei Movement, Ratu Penaia and 90% of the Fijian population. The coup was done to improve the standard of living for Fijians. However 28 years later the life of majority Fijians have deteriorated. Fiji has gone behind by 100 years. It was ironical that 1987 coup was done against an educated humble Fijian Doctor who looked so promising to everyone. RIP Dr Bavadra. Your victory was snatched by low life's unchristians

Anonymous said...

His scared because all the bush wackers and savages will come out and eat him along with their bibles.His scared of all the bush bunnies who crawl on here nostrils flaring and all harping and howling away like orangutans swinging on the banana tree.

According to Vili Rakoro these people are the kai yanuyanu but in the eyes of the international world these a dumb apes who haven't evolved into a human being yet.They keep parroting away internet is the new era and connects the world. Furthermore cry babies wimping away about posting anonymous without realizing in a full and fair democracy everyone has the right to anonymity unless you live in a place like Fiji or some undeveloped 4th world nation like Somalia.

Rabuka you number one star!! for bringing about the coup this led many of the citizens living a prosperous life overseas.Keep doing the coups and run the country into a 4th world nation.

Anonymous said...

Why do they still have heavy security around them? Because these people are the manifestation of the despicable cowardice. Self-purported military leaders who will run away from the frontline (cassava dash), and self-instilled leaders who will protect themselves through immunity provisions, and their guardian soldiers who will torture and kill unarmed civilians but surrender so willingly to less armed terrorists in a combat situation; and most of all, thieves who will raid the taxpayers coffers for their own personal benefits. Pio is very much part of this rape and pillage. I have no doubts he will get hefty pension as he rots away on his deathbed. Good riddance bad rubbish.

KUA NI RERE said...

Some of us are not easily fooled by Bainimarama.
He said he was going to rid Fiji of Corruption, and even University Academics fell for it.
How LEARNED people can be so easily fooled is interesting.

And then he said that this was going to be the Coup to end all coups.
Again it fooled a lot of LEARNED people.

What we know is Corruption is now worse under Bai/Kai than under Qarase. Recently a $3mill Road Scam has surfaced . What about Waila City; Tappoos Duty Free; Nepotism; FNPF; Fiji Airways Waqavuka Investments.etc etc etc.
We are talking $Millions and $Millions!

WHAT WE ALSO KNOW IS Bainimarama's Constitution saying this being "The last Coup" is not worth the paper its written on.
They might as well use it as toilet paper.
BECAUSE ANOTHER SOLDIER WILL DO A COUP and use Bainimarama's Constitution as TOILET PAPER!

Bainimarama knows that and that's why he cant sleep well at night. Ever vigilant as to when his ursurpers might attack.
They laugh but inside they are scared little rats.
The fear is slowly eating them away. For some of them it gives them cancer.
Some it gives them incontinence.
And some become yalowai.

The Bible in Galatians 6:7 says "DO NOT BE DECEIVED, God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows he reaps"

How sad that many including stupid soldiers and dumb academics allow themselves to be decieved and now they are reaping.

Anonymous said...

no KNR. U are wrong. academics and others were not fooled. Bainimarama lied to everyone including them. that was the problem.

Anonymous said...

Here's the strategy for the solution to our problem. Let us all pray for Khaiyum to be a converted and committed Christian. He is the real manipulative power behind the FF and all the corrupt works of the coup up to now.
Once he is converted, Vore and FF will have to legs to stand on and Khaiyum the compulsive liar will become the defender of Truth.
This is Gods solution. From Khaiyum to Shalom as Saul was to Paul.

God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka did the coup 10 years late! A coup should have taken place in 1977 when NFP won the elections and were about to form the govt.
This would have meant by now, Itaukies would have gone to killing each other, having leather soup and having human beings for dinner!

Anonymous said...

Get ready to pack and flee once again.Those who always escape offshore and return only when things get better, time is dawn on you. So start preparing.
And perhaps this time never come back to stir things up. Leave us alone . We can handle and deal our own problem .
Those in Nabua are Fijians and have the same Fijian mentalitiy. Great sports commentators such as Welshman Mcllaren said of the Fijians.."" The Fijians are Unpredictable""
You can experience it when you watch them playing rugby 7s. You don't know what's next when the ball is in their hands....so get ready...someone in the barrack can do it. It doesn't have to be a commander or a col. In 1987 it was a..third ranking that carry out the first coup, In 2000..captain and lieutenants plus crw elite and an ordinary-Speight, 2006 -commodore and his group of bociguards.
Well I'm not kidding. .it's fact!

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is THE man, Speight tried to be a man and Baimagasona is a girl.

Anonymous said...

Bula readers, heed to this piece of message,there is lots of instability within Fiji First right now. The Fiji First parliamentarians are getting fed up with Khaiyums dictatorship.I totally agree with this article about resignation of Tikoduadua, ITS MORE THAM MEETS THE EYE. And FYI, dont be surprised if Bainimaraman becomes your next president and Khaiyum your nest PM. WHAT IS STOPPING THEM?Who is teh SATAN. KAIYUM AND BAINIMARAMA???Its time for I-Tau

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and Bainimarama are becoming threat for everyone. They know it and they are utilizing all resources possible for their safety,an example is this years Budget for Military Budget was way out of reality and over-budgeting.Its their strategic plan, they saving their backs knowing that someday someone will get them fair and square.

Anonymous said...

why did Pio and Bai ask for the nations prayers? shows their confused state of minds as to what is wrong and right. They have lost their moral compass. They should ask for forgiveness not prayers to live longer. We should pray for them to repent publicly for their criminal acts from 2000 to date.

Suomynona said...

Its no surprise that Frankie isn't taking any chances even though he got what he wanted 9 years ago in bringing "supposed order and stability" up until now.

The sight of heavy security obviously triggered the same typical idea that some people may have.

If this is his way of ending the coup culture even though he has his own demons, then I'd be surprised if this is more than just so-called protection from whoever is after Frankie in order to bring him to justice apart from some random hooligan.

But yeah, its like a waiting game on what might happen next with AK-47 calling most of the shots while Frankie himself listens.

As critical as I am on Frankie's wrongs, no harm in finding out what might unfold later on.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:19am...Actually a coup had
been planned by the Fijian
Nationalist Party strategic director way before the National
Federation Party won the 1977 General election.
The plan was to kidnap Koya and his appointees and
sought the support of the Military,take over various institutions etc,etc?
Formed an interim Government and call a snap\election without indian participant?
The PM Mara
somehow heard about the Nationalist coup plan and advised
the Governor General to use his
prerogative power to reappoint him over Koya?
Good thing the Governor
General listen and made a wise decision at that time?
Mara upon been reappointed immediately sought the help of
the Attorney General to arrest &
charged of the Three Fijian Nationalist Party top Executives:
Sakiasi Butadroka;Iona Walisoliso
and Jone Kama.
Had the Governor General played the wrong card-who knows Indians
would have been slaughtered in every town & Cities in Fiji in 1977?

Vili Rakoro said...

Indians should go back to India now because the situation in Fiji will become very very nasty for them, thanks to Bai and Aiyarse for causing all the dissent.

Malasebe Verebasaga Rabaka said...


A college student told likely GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Wednesday that his brother, former President George W. Bush, was to blame for the rise of the Islamic State.

The heated confrontation took place at a town hall meeting in Reno, Nevada, according to The New York Times. Ivy Ziedrich, 19, a student at the University of Nevada, approached the former Florida governor to question him about comments he had made during the event. Bush had argued that the Obama administration's weak foreign policy was responsible for the rise of the terrorist group, also known as ISIS, in the Middle East.

Ziedrich countered that Obama wasn't to blame - and that it was his predecessor's decision to disband the Iraqi army that made ISIS's formation possible.

Anonymous said...

Mr Meo
Could you pls enlighten we the people of fiji what inter sex means?
What the fark is the UN confusing the world with this rubbish???

LONDON, 15 MAY 2015 ( UN NEWS CENTRE) --- A new United Nations ‘Free & Equal’ campaign video
highlighting the diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community is being
shown today on the massive screens in New York’s Times Square ahead of International Day against
Homophobia and Transphobia.



Anonymous said...


Jihadists John said...

NATIONALISTS/RACISITS. Please Please don't provoke us. We have cells throughout Fiji INCLUDING NAILILI in Lominikoro. Don't let us do this. We are ISIS. Watch my lips, Kaiyum will be the next PM of Fiji and Bainimarama will be the next President. Our target will all nationalist/racists villages. We will make you nationalists slaves in your own country. Allah is great. Allah hu Akbaar.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...

@Jihadist John
I can see that you are blind.
There are no racists in Fiji.
I have already taken care of that.
I am sorry that you are a bit late to the party.
You know...Tube light...Bera valevu...Caiti tukamu...you know.
So go back to the pit-toilet you came from, Hahahahahha.

Anonymous said...

Yes , you can do this in the land of the free without harm. In here, it's the opposite. You'll find yourself most likely amongst the three " blessed memory" names you represent.

Anonymous said...

To Vili Rakoro
I n divans will do better anywhere they go.
Unlike Itaukies like you, they are not bludgers, lazy or have eaten human beings or had leather soup.

Anonymous said...

John Jihadists. where is your ass? Is it up in the air or on your fathers nose behind you?
Take your allah hu akbar prayer and replace it with this island version. .are wah aleh akboidadaaaa..cu cake allah cu sobu akbar..lalalaaaaa...alleh boi cici..areh boi sonasona gaaa..aleluyahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Another Bollywood pornographic star- Indo-canadian Sunny Leon coming to Fiji and this regime is encouraging it.
This is why we need only the taukei to live in Fiji. Our land and people have been fornicated by these comers, making Fiji one of the world top porn watchers. If only the agency can pinpoint those involved. I'm pretty sure the taukei would be a small percentage compared to Sunny ' s breed. Then now we have the fijis version of boko haram and isis. Can you get out of our land, go kill each other in mecca. Take your Kaiyum with you and f..off. You can take your new convert Bainimarama too and f..off to mecca.

Anonymous said...

@Jihadists John, I totally agree with you bro, these racists I-Taukei and these bloodsucking Indians need to pull their socks up, gone arethe days when they were supreme authority of these country, its now time for Islam to take over. Our head Khaiyum will pave way for us..just watch and learn from the very best.You land will be ours one day and Allah will ensure this happens.

Anonymous said...

10.44, John Jihadist, julab dean,
You are all the same gutless boci. You cowards!.
Do it here and you'll find yourself against the wrath of the taukei. It's ok to do it elsewhere because you can hide. In here, you do it today, we'll find you today and you know what I will do? I'll make you jump off Suva wharf and make you swim to eternity to receive your 10 virgins. As for me I will poccess and enjoy all your assets including your daughters, sisters and mother as my reward here for what you did.

I am not a robot said...

@10.15 You have to realize that there are many parts of Fiji where there is no Internet access for porn and where the level of pro iscuity is alarming. In one remote village of Vanua Levu, the village law forbids married man to drink kava outside their houses because there is way too much fornication going on. In another part of the same island, an article in the Fiji Times talks about high promiscuity within families. It is absolute bullshit to think that porn is the cause of a problem when the problem is observed where there are no internet connection available. When a team involved in the 2007 Census visited a particular small island (which I will not name) they had great difficulties to get the name of the parents of 25% of the children! 25%!!!! why? well because too many relatives abusing of their children.

That being said, it would be nice to have internet providers doing something about it, even though it is really difficult to censor everything.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Pio cannot take it like he gave it. He supported Kaiyum and Baini to take the rights of the Fiji people away and when that right is taken away by force from him he does not like it!

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is fearful of his own wrong doing...lol...all the bullshit that goes on about looking after the nation is simply to sugarcoat the past which in reality is permanently "pasted" to Fiji's history. "All that glitters is gold".

Anonymous said...

4.07. I certainly agree with you, I am not a not a robot. But if we can move a little back to the 80s with the arrival of the first video.Everyone was watching beta mex and vhs tapes in the urban, mostly in the Suva area. What followed was the infux of smuggled illigal tapes into the country. I was one who got caught up to watch the first ever blue tape movie from a friend who owned a store in Cummings st. My life had actually changed the day I watched it. Wouldnt that also happened to the rest of the taukei in the country, in the mainland, outer islands who had never watch something like that in the entire life?
My point here is the arrival of the video followed by the smuggled porn stuffs into the country were not done or created by the taukei but by those who came in to our shores.
Maybe we can look at this now as the root cause of promiscuity within families as you had mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I don't think pornographic material triggers anyone to become promiscuous. Although that in itself may strengthen what already undergirds a vulnerable situation. Instead of pointing a finger elsewhere why don't we look within our own society. We call ourselves fearless warriors of the God of Heaven, yet we stack our prisons with rapists and add to the already high levels of divorce and teenage pregnancy. Is it porn or the lack of family values? We can look as far as the depth of our skin but the real cause is within each of us...our propensity towards carnal desires. If we can overcome this, I believe it is most likely that we can win this battle. Porn is here to stay whether you like it or not, let alone the half clad woman we see on our streets everyday..Islam would certainly have something to offer to the solution (my opinion)

Say NO to porNOgraphy said...

@12.51 & @9.24
pointing at specific cultures or religions as causes or solutions is ridiculous. Rich Saudis going to Tunisia to abuse too young women is well documented...isn't Saudi Arabia a muslim country? You see these problems everywhere. If you talk to people over 70 who are very open about life, they will tell you that some chiefs and headmen would help themselves on any woman in their villages... porn is now made in Fiji as well, by locals. it's like you are trying to evade your responsabilities by blaming others.... wait a minute! the roots of your own evil are very much within your own being.

Sorry boci, you have to think more about it. That being said, I remember some children of about 10 looking at porn magazines brought to their villages by military people... sometimes they also bring veneral diseases or AIDS. All of it came from Africa maybe? so why don't we just blame those poor Africans instead! Crazy.

Shannon said...

The mind does indeed boggle. It boggles at how such ridiculous stories end up in the public domain.

The local grapevine must certainly be in overdrive mode!

Shannon said...

Your life no doubt changed. You discovered masturbation.

Understand taka said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Vinaka, Viti! Frank, can we have a 5 day weekend, starting now?

Oh nooooooo!!!! said...


Anonymous said...

Voreqe, can you grovel to Khaiyum and beg for some money to pay all the players $10,000 each and Mr. Ben Ryan $50,000 please.
If no money, then cut all the Ministers salary by 90% and the Speaker by 100% to reflect the values we place on the Team and the coach, and the government in promoting overseas the Christianity of this country, the unity of its people, the joy of the nation and the self-centered pettiness of the Fiji First party.

Binaka, Dhaneyabhad.

Anonymous said...

@8.28 .... the christianity of this country???? what about porn?

Tomasi said...

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the greatest threat to Fiji at the moment is the dysfunctional and prodigal military. Until and unless the military is reeducated and reengineered to submit to civilian democratic rule, there is little hope for Fiji.

The current consultations to formulate Fiji's strategic defence plan for the next 15 - 20 years must take this into account. Comlementary to that would be the need for a reeducation of the general public to respect the rule of law, respect for what is right, legal and morally correct and the absolute subservience to God and His eternal sovereignty over all human and earthly affairs and over all other realms.

Finally, Fiji must come to terms with the ruthless and uncompromising demands of God's righteousness and holiness. We as a nation must never entertain illegal and immoral rule by dictators and rebels. We must demand that all those responsible for Fiji's current prodigal state must account for their actions. This includes Rabuka and all those responsible for bringing Fiji to its confused and dysfunctional state.

Anonymous said...

10.17..porn runs in your blood .You inherited it and of course will continue down your line. Hope someone in your blood will see the light and save the family.

Anonymous said...

8.28. Agree. Our 7s team had made Fiji proud once again!
Instead of begging or groveling, Voreqe must use his tyrannical power to demand these payments made to the boys and coach. They deserved it.
I think it's on hold pending the appointment of the new FRU chairman..x -con and Frank s brother in unlaw Francis Kean.

Anonymous said...

Nothing instrumental!
Why not 10.50 and Shannon participate in a porn session . They are advocates and good at it.

Anonymous said...

No problem with the payment unless Francis and Frank will be paid along with the team(of course they would greedily want to)

Anonymous said...

Well this is a free world and you are most welcome to participate in this blog otherwise you are welcome to f...off if your mind boggles by what it encounters.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely, when they feel for the safety of their loved ones than will they only realise that they ARE NOT NEEDED IN THE FIJIAN PARLIAMENT.

bali said...

Christian belief is that nothing happens without Gods will. So accept everything and move on.
Blaming anyone is like blaming God for that matter.
Many comment without knowing the reality.
Most don't want to know because it will bring shame to them.
So cast the first stone if you have not sinned.

Anonymous said...

@Bali Freedom of expression everyone is entitle to express ones views why should they be dictated by religion? Do you know religion has caused more wars then one who has sinned?Its 2015 not 1 bc time to come out of your cave.