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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fiji flag, cops and robbers: what a mish mash

And so begins the wait for a flag that personifies the new Fiji.

What will this flag look like and will it unite the country as Frank Bainimarama says it will?
Delana already suggesting flag will be a combination of entries. pic FBC

Remember, he's ditched the current flag for one that reflects a 'modern and truly independent nation state.'

But he may find coming up with an exceptional flag more difficult than he realizes.

The competition ended last Friday and the National Flag Committee is sifting through 1430 entries it says it received.

We note that SODELPA handed in 7000 entries which were rejected by the committee. Why?

Look to the comments of chair, Sports Minister Iliesa Delana, and we get an idea of where they're going: Delana says the new flag may be a 'combination' of entries.

The country has been promised much so no doubt those behind the scenes will be working overtime to deliver a flag that fulfils expectations and saves Bainimarama face.

Because frankly none of the pictures we've seen come close to surpassing the current flag. 

As the designer of our current flag, 80 year old Tessa Mackenzie, has said: 'It's very hard to envisage what they can choose which will be appropriate for everyone not just now but for the future.'

Editor's Note: Remember the robbery of the Nadi Aerotown Mobil service station last week? Five masked men tried to steal $500 but were thwarted after the police arrived.
CCTV footage has now emerged showing the police arriving in three vehicles but instead of blocking the thieves' vehicle from the front and back, they park on the side and throw stones and sticks at the robbers!

Who are the cops and who are the robbers?


Kamlesh-Liverpool said...

Unity, common sense, give and take, multiracialism, indigenous rights, understanding each other should take us long way. Our people(Fijians and Indians) have both suffered a lot from four coups. Selfishness and hatred will take us no more. Please don't put down any race. Debate on issue not race. There is good, and bad, in each race.

Suomynona said...

Those flags come nowhere near the current flag that has withstood time ever since independence but sadly, it might be replaced with one of those farce flags when the unity and multiracialism was already there under the old authentic noble banner blue. There are more important issues to deal with than changing flags anyways but its a really bad joke.

As critical as I am on frankie, it would be interesting to see how 7000 entries from rival party SODELPA's youth got rejected.......a good question for Delana or whoever is responsible to answer.

As for that video, quite hard to tell which one are the actual lawmen but if they're the ones throwing stones then its a bad joke as I expected better of them in apprehending the thieves who tried to rob that bowser.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Kamlesh - Liverpool.....

Race was never an issue when it comes to living side by side. Of course like any group of people there will always be differences even of they are of the same race. Even for us Fijians, we have people from different provinces and we have our issues against each other. When you talk politics, of course the issues of race will be involved. Frank has used this race issue to suggest that we the Itaukei people of Fiji are racist against Indians and other races living in Fiji. That is far from the truth. In fact we the Itaukei are very generous people and willing to share our lands and resources however, we feel the need to be protected being a group of people with a very small population compared to India. Literally speaking, if you get kill all the Indians in Fiji, it will not put a dent in the total Indian population of the world. You get rid of 50% of the Itaukei population and we will only have less than 200,000 left. Our tradition, culture and way of life is important to us. Our values differ and what you consider to be valuable, we hold a lesser value. As you said, we all have good and bad about each race and we continue to pick on each other and the bad we see because we believe in politics rather than our values. Frank like George Speight and Rabuka have poisoned us with their politics. You guys have taken the side of Frank and majority of you feel this is vengeance against us Itaukei. You must realise the Itaukei are a victim of these politics. If you refrain from attacking and talking rubbish and using racist comments against Itaukei, you will expect the same. Olive Branch is extended and you must understand however, that we are not blinded by Frank. Once when we believed in the Soldiers and thought they were our saviour has changed. Not because Frank is going against everything we believe in but the fact that what he has committed is wrong. He has committed treason against his people including you and I. We champion the truth and Frank can hide behind his constitution but the truth will be exposed. We can all live together one day in peace and harmony but we must rid our country with the vile of evil. Frank cannot be allowed to get away for the atrocities he committed against the people of Fiji.

KUA NI RERE said...

lol. ROFLMAO. Man those cops.
Boy I couldnt stop laughing.
Thank you C4.5. This would definitely be the funniest video I've ever seen on the Internet.

Sa vaka tale ne cemuri koli. Hehehe.

So embarrassing.
Man, kemuni na Ovisa sa qai vakamaduataki keda sara ga na kaiviti.
Qo sa qai raica kece tu o vuravura.

I bet Groenwold must be laughing his arse off to bed every night , just watching this video over and over again.
I bet he has never seen anything like this, even in Africa.
How farkin funny is this video.

O man. Sa qai vakamadua sara ga na i vuki vuki ni ovisa va tu qo.

Anonymous said...

Wow, throwing stones? Key "stone" cops? What a fkn joke. You guys don't know know how to do a PIT manouver? I bet you guys know how to beat the crap out of an innocent civilian, though.

KUA NI RERE said...

That video is just so wrong on so many levels.

First of all the Police showed their lack of training in approaching criminals in a car ( as you suggested, blocking their getaway etc)

Secondly they all ran out and threw rocks at the car.
Could have been a HIJACKED CAR with innocent people sitting in it.
What if one of them got hit then died? What then???

Thirdly they were throwing at right angles to the pumps line, so I dont know if the shop was on that side or maybe other structures that could be damaged by the rocks.

Its just all so wrong.

This viedo just shows the class of Policemen we have in Fiji.
Not using the head at all.
Watching this video I can see why they killed Viliame Soko.

Police Training in Fiji is definitely shit.

Suomynona said...

Since I had to check out that video again while being completely "facepalmed" right through, I'm expecting that SA commissioner to do work on those men in blue as they probably never heard of a "PIT MANEUVER" when approaching criminals in a getaway car. They can really use some of that training right now and not act like clueless wussies.....over to you Greonwald.

Tomasi Bukalidi said...

I saw on TV the poor North Africans trying to flee their country in their dinghies and some drowning in the process. I had tears in my eyes and thanked my great great great grandparents for escaping Africa and coming to settle in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Is it true? Hahaha!..cops lamulamu! Omg
They are imitating what Frank did in the 2000 mutiny. .the great carata to the cassava patch.

Kulina pita waqavonovono said...

SOdeopa can use the papers that they prepared the 7000 entries to wipe guy Peter waqavonovono's ass. He needs it most as he gets daily thrashing in the ass from his other half Ben padarat. SODELPA is a party full of sluts and guys.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Those robbers are rebal members of sodephäa once caught police shud butulaki Dem.

Anonymous said...

8.01...so you from the "masai" tribe?
Are you wearing anything? or vakaraitaki cici wavoki tiko qori.

Anonymous said...

Throwing rocks? You gotta be kiddin me. Maybe it's high time Frank allowed the Police Force to carry sidearms. But then again, maybe not. They might just end up shooting him instead. Lol.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Vili Rakoro, can you comment on the video please asshole? Hahahaha

Vili Rakoro said...

They trained how to throw rocks at Police College.

Anonymous said...

The different faces of our national security . First surrendering to the ISIS by our peacekeeping, second holidaying during Vanuatu hurricane relief, third throwing stones at the robbers. 5th..........coming soon

Kamlesh Kumar said...

From cassava patch dash to rock-throwing hooligans. What next Vili Rakoro?

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says... why oh why whenever Im around Vili disappears....I warned him I am his worst nightmare...C'mon Vili...lets shake the tree. Tell me what you have on Frank and Ill tell you what you don't know.

Anonymous said...

Esa qai dua nai lala ovisa BOCI! E vaka madaga eratou sa rere rawa tiko!

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...The Fiji Police unfortunately used to have an effective training system. Since the coup, a lot of soldiers have joined the police. They took with them the mental attitude of soldiering into the police. Since 1987, the police have been transformed from a serve and protect role to brutalise and kill role. The whole policing system and policemen's attitude needs to be changed. This starts from the top. Unfortunately idiots like Teleni who almost changed the police into a church and Savua who had a do as I say military attitude have left its mark in a policing that should be serving and protecting its people. What we have now are police officers who do not know their work and treat all people like animals. In this matter on the video, one police office suffered injuries when one of the robbers threw a stone or bottle at him, hence the exchange of stone and bottle artillery. One of the robbers was captured and guess where he is now...Not a hard one - Nadi Hospital. Police in Fiji is no different with police in USA, shoot first ask later.

Anonymous said...

there is an obvious reason why Sodelpa flag got no attention.
it had Kepa, Qarase and Spight picyures in them!

Anonymous said...

Frank latest remark to PIDF regarding Fiji's rehashed approach to PIFS just shows how shallow and ridiculous this Govt. is. Fiji should just stay out altogether and call their bluff. what is this tiered political viz-a-viz officials representation all about? Its a fucking joke and makes Fiji look even more stupid!! Just fuck off from PIFS if that's what Fiji wants. We the Pacific members are sick of your tirades. We will give you lip service and make you look good by sending token representation to this PIDF bullshit but we just don't have fucking money to back you up. Get real and stop using us and thinking we are foolish enough. We especially the MSGs have been really burnt by Fiji. Just take your fucking problems to China, India or where the fuck ever but stop bring us into your fucked up foreign policy. We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has a population of over 800,000 and only 1,430 entries were received? The people are saying something without actually saying anything. And those dumbos entries are fit for the bin.

Anonymous said...

@3:57 from what I see, 1430 entries for 900 000 people is actually quite a lot when you compare with other countries that changed their flag and had a similar contest. Do the maths!

As for the poor designs, well, I agree totally. I also agree that the current flag is very poorly designed. Come on, can we have better than a colonial flag? Are we still crying babies under motherland England responsability? It's not that much about having a flag that will represent the future, but a flag that represents our country as it was, is and can be. There are things that never change too, like our values and land.

Fiji is a great country, with great people, a great history and great landscapes. I hope that out of all the other entries, there are much better designs, more similar to standard national flags.

I also believe that most entries were sent by email, so probably done by graphic designers and not looking like children drawings...

As for Sodelpa, to be fair, I think they should rather use their common sense and wait for a design to be chosen, then only can we all decide if the new design is better or worst. It is already understood that some people don't want a change, that's alright, but if a really nice flag was to be presented, then we'll see. If there is nothing really great, then well... let's move on to something else.

I agree that so far we haven't seen anything to justify a change of flag.

Anonymous said...

Very true that ITaukeis value very different things, life is not about making more money or having more things, but having good time with our friends, family and visitors.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a good idea to end up with a Frank-enstein flag made up of things borrowed from here and there in order to please everybody. A good flag should be simple with only one or two things on it. If there is nothing good, then forget about it altogether.

Tevita Vakatora said...

Josateki Daulako- We both are Fijians. We left Fiji in late 1970's for education and since have settled in NZ. We have three Children who were born here. They know only NZ culture eg. Rugby, Parties, Boy Friend/Girl Friend etc They are not interested in Fiji and cant speak in their own language. Once I took them to our village but they could bear the environment there. They only know how to speak in English. They regard themselves as Kiwis. My question to you is how will you classify them, Fijians or kiwis?

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Tevita Vakatora... Obviously when you raise your children in a different environment, it will impact on how they see things and their need to assimilate into the environment and cultures of their adopted land. Their interests in Fiji their history, culture and customs is influenced greatly by their parents and how their parents raise them to understand their ethnicity. Their ethnicity is obviously Fijian but I assume they are Citizens of NZ. You should know yourself and your probably one of those people who loves asking a question yet already has an answer, that for one to be considered part of a village etc, one should be in the Vola ni kawa bula. Are your children in the VKB. If they are, good on you, if they not, you should perhaps examine yourself and how you raised your children to be proud of their ethnicity. No matter how much they consider themselves Kiwi's, they will always be referred to by their ethnic background and that is Fijian. I met some of my relatives who were born and raised in Australia and came to Fiji for a visit. Could not or probably did not want to speak Fijian or our dialect. Scared of the ocean and did not know how to perform our customary functions. When they came, they asked to learn. They said that their parents had never taught them or explained their heritage to them so they could understand it. I responded, when one reaches that understanding and wants to know oneself, esa matua. When they were young, of course they did not care about Fiji, villages etc. It was more burdensome but as they got older, the need to know, to be accepted, to be a part of, to appreciate, to be proud knowing once heritage sets in. Hopefully you are guiding your children along well and there may come a time when they will want to know. I assume you will then realise their maturity.

Kamlesh Kumar - LiverPool. said...

Josateki Daulako- The jest of the
above story is very similar to Indians in Fiji. They are born here so they are Fiji Citizens. Fiji Indians are brought up in a different environment than the Indians in India. They think and behave more like Fijians than Indians. So why do you always lump them with Indian from India. 90% of Fiji Indians haven't been to India. They will live and die in Fiji. They are more Fijians than Indians. So in future please stop grouping them together.

Fijian & Indian fucker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blog administrators daughter and wife's fucker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Rubbish! do you think they'll change the new flag if we don't like it? They'll go ahead whether we like it or not. Using the public to participate in the design is merely a cover up to make the regime look good to the rest of the world .Just a waste of our time and taxpayers money..My point is I will live to see justice taking its course in the near future. Blood spilled ,their atrocities and brutalities in the 2000 and illegal 2006 takeover are still yet to be settled. And they think their constitution will save them...wait for the next one (coup)

Anonymous said...

Te, you're not the only fijian abroad.
Your children are NZ born Fijians.They are not naturally NewZealanders. You're a native Fijian.
New Zealanders are inhabitants of New Zealand not native. The Maories are. Kiwi is an animal my friend, let the owners of the land use it because you'll make an animal of yourself.
Your weakness in raising up your children is their failure in not understanding their culture and dialects. How many times do you visit your village?. Did you teach them to know their yavusa, tokatoka, ika kau, etc?
Please don't pull your beautiful children in this dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Blog Administrators. .start deleting . Some beasts and dark figures from outside Fiji are breaking into C45
Begin with 9.03pm down to 9.32pm

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro suddenly went silent hehehehehe

Tomasi said...

The major issue about the new Fiji flag is that it is essentially a non issue.

The major issue about Fiji is that its so called leaders are no leaders at all but dealers in lies, deceit, crime, fraud and psychological manipulation or mind control.

The critical issue about Fiji right now is that the majority of our people have lost the courage and the interest to speak out against prodigal leadership.

Contrary to what the BaiKhai administration would have us believe, things are not well in Fiji. But we know what must be done to restore the sanity, integrity, purpose and direction of this nation. The only question is who, how and when.

Who will be bold and courageous enough to lead the people out of this wilderness into the promised land?

How can the real leader/s effectively and efficiently take control of the minimum body of people to move the whole nation out of its current psychological and emotionally paralysed state?

When is the best time to effect this revolution we so really need?

May I suggest that these would be far more useful than the current talk about the flag.

Hey, is this flag debate really serious? Delana is a paraplegic, of very limited knowledge, experience understanding and wisdom. But Delana is Fiji's leader to help Voreqe's new Fiji produce a new flag. That is how serious the flag exercise is to the masters and their puppets.

Finally, the critical transformation about government mindset in Fiji is that our new cabinet dealers in the new Fiji now believe and act as though they own and control everything, including our past, present and future. And the government is always right, and they will not entertain any opposition or resistance from anyone. The hidden masters tell the visible master who control the puppet. The puppet tells his followers what is good for them. You can think, but as long as your thoughts are the same or similar to those of the puppet. You may speak but as long as you praise and thank them. You may sing as long as they are magic lullabye for the sleeping masses or an anthem of praise to the puppet.

This is the most dangerous development that has ever happened in Fiji, but the so called majority of "Fijians" accept it without a whimper. Fiji has therefore developed its national majority called the BCZ, Beggars, Cowards and Zombies. Welcome to the new Fiji of BaiKhai, their hidden masters and their loyal beggars and messengers.

Anonymous said...

In the Fiji police,throwing rocks is part of their training manual, and after all that training they still can't throw for shit.

In the Fiji army, prodding rectums with a rifle is also part of their training. Hence the reason why Vili Rakoro is absent since he's recieving treatment for a lacerated anus. Oilei.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Kamlesh Kumar - Liverpool...The key word I used is ethnicity. Unfortunately this is a term used to identify the origins of a person. Tevita Vakatora's ethnicity is Fijian. Your ethnicity Kamlesh is Indian. An Italian who is a citizen of NZ's ethnicity is Italian and so forth. Look Kamlesh, your right to be considered a Fijian will never be taken away from you. Many Indians are proud Fijians and we understand your connection to our lands and our seas and our people. What we have going at the moment is a political issue where Fijians take one side and Indians take one side. Then you have Franky Boy, politicizing these race issues and you have some Indians and Nationalist doing the same. Everyone will have their own opinions whether we like it or not. The issues become a problem when we have an idiot like Franky who continues to use the race issue to gain his only political mileage. When we Fijians talk about our lands and seas, we have a rich hereditary connection to these lands and seas, not something borne over 100 years but thousands of years. Our customs, traditions and cultures, social structure and everything else Fijian have been shaped around. We invite you Indians who have adopted Fiji to be a part of it. I mean Kamlesh, tell me, how many Indians you know speaks fluent Fijian. Im sure you cant count them with the number of fingers you have but if you can, good on them. Our cultures, customs and values also differ and there are many good and some bad in both however, we need to forge a lasting bridge to understand and respect each. At the moment, this Government is stripping away without proper consultation with the various Fijian Tikina etc, things that are important to us. They event want to change the flag without proper consultation. Until we rid our country of dictators, we will always be told how and what to do. I'm sure your smarter than to let someone do that to you.

Anonymous said...

Oilei sa dina, sa mavoa nai cici
nei Vili?

Bainisona said...

We Fijians know where we came from.
Indians like Kamlesh know where they came from.
You dont seem to know where you are from.
May I suggest you go and talk to the National Archives at Nauluvatu. You'll find your family's record there.

Pekapeka kaiviti & kaiidia said...


You r pekapeka like your buddy Kamlesh. Both your heritages are born through sluts and whores. Indians like Kamlesh are products of kings enjoyment in India and later on by the British rulers in Fiji while iTaukeis like you are seeds of chiefs and tourists enjoyment. Hell, all of you are pekapeka and lots of it. In time to come, both itaukei and Fiji Indians will be classified as generation of sluts in guinesses book of records.

Anonymous said...

Snake!!!Again Vili Rakoro has disguised himself. Now he is adopting Tomasi' s identity. ...Read 10.37am.

Anonymous said...

It was a sting operation that became stink!

Anonymous said...

Come on Vili Rakoro, what can you say about the rock-throwing police thugs? Oh and the anus-prodding soldiers? Funny how Vili conveniently excused him/her/itself when things become too much lol

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.... amusing reading posts from Pekapeka and other lot. Its obviously from supporters of Franky and his FF party. Their intention is to continue to fan racial hatred between Fijians and Indians with posts like Pekapeka...Like the saying goes, what comes out reflects the person you are...Pekapeka - full of da.

Pekapeka kaiviti & kaiidia said...

Sonalevu Daulako,

You dickheads don't need outsiders to flame racial hatred in Fiji. All that is needed is some lunatic like rabuka, speight or bainimarama to convince some retards from either race that the coup was gods wish. Everyone like Daulako and Kamlesh will be ready to open their ass or them to have their ways. What you haven't learnt in years, chances are you will never learn in the future together so get in boats and fuck off to your heritages leaving Fiji to me and my sicko types.

Anonymous said...

the problem with Fiji is that the europeans leaft early and the kai indian never wanted to leave at all...lol...ur government reflects your mentality you hopeless "fijians"

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:35pm,

Nope, the problem with Fiji is that one race, kaiviti, wants to do nothing and expect mana to fall from haven while another race, kaiindia, wants to do everything and expect to be given special recognition like the kaiviti. Both have got serious mentality problems. Let Chinese, European or Arab lead them. It will be good for all concerned

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 should now be called Coup for retards. For the life of me i have never seen so much plain manure spilled out via a key board.

We live on a shitty small planet which got separated into pieces many moons ago and hence we now have little specks in the ocean known as Fiji, Vanuatu etc and some bigger specks known as Australia the Americas etc. Does it really matter where one particular ethnic group came from. We have a world that is literally dying and if we are not careful we will be space dust soon. Point is this planet has got bigger problems than our culture who is Indian where we came from and all that bullshit. Is it not enough that we are human beings stuck on a dying planet that we are killing and in the greater cosmos we matter as much as an ant matters to an Elephant in other words nothing. Humans and their petty fucking prejudices....... grow up you morons.

Anonymous said...

yeah it is the training,no one is training the police on how to confront armed thieves on vehicles and even on foot.The training was done way back in early nineties but stopped because the current think tank thought it is now irrelevant.The training was called "high risk vehicle stops".

The current top leaders of the Force are all corrupt and the officers beneath know this.That is why they arent allowing arms to be supplied to junior officers because those in the top brass might get shot.

an example is the JEE allowances,some cops were really pissed off and some even muttered that if they had been armed,the story would be different.

Anonymous said...

@9.43 the lifes of iTaukei women is not easy in the countryside (high domestic violence, etc.) and they had quite large families over the years because if no possibility of contraception. So they move to the cities and they face also a though reality.

What is happening now whas predictable 2 decades ago, just looking at the demographic patterns.
Indian women are also facing a harsh reality. While they had less than half the number of kids of iTaukei women, still they face a cultural harsh environment.

Not easy to be a woman in Fiji :(

Anonymous said...

Most of the people who live above the poverty line are the ones who are advocating this corrupt government. The increasing poverty in Fiji stems for the fact that the cost of living are drastically increasing while incomes continue to be almost at the same level for many years. The last four coups have been the cause of the major devaluation of the Fijian currency.

Even this last coup which happened for Bainimarama's reason of cleansing out corruption of the Qarase's administration has resulted in worse corruption. We are now in the ninth year of of his dictatorship regime in one form or another but racism, hatred and bigotry have never subsided but are still increasingly prevalent.

Anonymous said...

This is for Daulako and others asking for Vili Rakoro.
If you read Kamlesh Kumar's comments May 7th 8.40 and 12.29 you'll figure out why Vili is not responding.
Vili's absence is a family issue only between the couple ( Mr Kumar and Mrs Vili R Kumar). Please leave the couple alone to sort things out. There are issues that we shouldn't interfere with and one is family. The two are family of c45 and they deserve our respect.
Kamlesh! what did you do!?

Suliano Turaga - NZ said...

Devaluation has increased Tourism to Fiji. In Fiji we have import cost push inflation. There fore we need import substitution. Itaukeis shouldn't be affected by inflation in Fiji as they have 90% of the land, 100% of sea and rivers. Grow dalo, lettuce, lemons, cows, goats, sheep, bread fruit, cassava, catch fish, use sugar from sugar cane, salt, your own rice, egg-plants, cucumber, cabbage, etc. Like wise Indians in rural areas can grow some of those things plus beans, etc. You don't need lots of land. You just need to work, one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. I see both Indians and Fijians who have land in Fiji buy vegetables from the market and depend on imported goods which are mainly junk food. Build hotels in Tailevu, middle of Tailevu/RakiRaki to take advantage of Tourism. Jobs in those areas. Plenty jobs in Sugar Industry, $20.00 per tonne, etc. Government should get markets for Garments and this should be spread through poor towns and cities. People in Fiji expect everything to be given on their plates and by the government. Money doesnot grow on trees. In Fiji people don't want to work in factories or farming jobs but when they migrate they work in factories or farms. Change your attitude. Fiji is a lovely place but one has to work.


meanwhile, i was sick to my stomach after watching the shit reporter Edwin Nand of FBC grovelling to MIDA mongoose Ashwin Raj (he really does look like a mongoose).

Motor mouth Ashwin was allowed to dominate the one-sided conversation while the two other speakers were reduced to spectators because of Edwin Nand's poor handling. Edwin was clearly in awe of Ashwin. So much so that when it was break time, and Edwin asked the mongoose to stop talking, the mongoose scolded Edwin.

And Edwin actually apologised to mongoose, saying "I'm so sorry". This is the fucked situation of journalism in Fiji. Media in Fiji has been fucked over by MIDA.

Anonymous said...

Today's FT.
Relief workers commended. What a shame despite numerous complaints from hurricane victims and ordinary people of Vanuatu for the improper work they do. So what's next? A medal of honor for their bravery and gallant effort on wasting our money?

Anonymous said...

Rebel group under investigation
Saturday, 09/05/2015

Police are now awaiting the DPP’s decision in relation to the investigation file on the group of people who are forming so‑called “autonomous Christian states”.

This illegal move has attracted a small group of people.

However chiefs from the vanua of Nalawa, Saivou, Navitilevu and Nakorotubu in Ra have stressed that they do not support the so called Ra Sovereign Christian State idea.

Saivou High Chief, Adi Sereima Adidave says she is one of the four chiefs who have decided not to engage with a group of people who want to form the Matanitu Vanua of Ra after their recent Bose Vanua.

Adidave says she was approached by this group of people and later became President of the group for only one week.

She says she changed her mind after the village elders advised her that what the group is doing is wrong.

Adidave says she was told by the group that they disagree with the current government.

According to Adidave the group was misleading the people by saying that the land rights of the i-Taukei has been taken away and they want to reinstate the Great Council of Chiefs.

Tui Nalawa Ratu Epeli Niudamu says the chiefs have decided to advise all village elders in Ra to be careful about this group of people if the group visits their village.

The constitution states that any attempt to establish a Government other than in compliance with the constitution shall be unlawful and anything done to further that attempt is invalid and of no force or effect.

No immunities can lawfully be granted under any law to any person in respect of actions taken or omitted in furtherance of such an attempt.

Story by Watisoni Butabua

Anonymous said...

$th senior Military officers been
pushed-out by Bai and sent abroad
to keep him out of the reach of
others? Mosese may be the next one
on the choping blocks? Bais even
got galailo to keep an eyes already on Mosese? He's even got
this idiot to be the military spokesman-Neumi Leweni use to do
the same as sergeant-next he was a colonel and he's been sent abroad for the last 5 years. I don't think that he will return
anytime soon? Here's goes Naivalurua and he will also die
in China-with an excuses that he
had an heart attack etc,etc?
Bai we know whats going on!Naivalurua if you want to live
it's time to take a stand?

Anonymous said...

What will the change of flag do to the countrt? Will it reduce unemplyment? Will it give civil servant payrise? Will it bring payrise ro private sector? Will it stop people sleeping on the street?

The neg has no value to our daily life. Did those who think about the change of flag know how much it wl cost to have a new flag?

Its not easy as some think it may be. Alot of money needed to change all these as it will affect all department Army Navy Prison Police all government department.

Its a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

@10:27 it is possible to change the flag for virtually no cost. you can change the flag legally without changing all the flags on current uniforms and on all the sites where the current flag is already used.

Let's put it this way : a flag will last only a few years in good condition. It has to be changed all the time. The current flag, even though it will become an "old flag" will still remain a flag of Fiji. You may as well fly Cakobau's flag if you please, it's not illegal isn'it?!?

As for why we should change a colonial flag.... the answer is in the question. It wont change reduce unemployment or give you some money for sure. For that, one needs to work, like farming for instance. Lazyness can't be fought with a flag that's for sure.

Hopefully the government will have the wisdom to change flags only progressively as they become too damaged.

Anonymous said...

Wait to see colour green in new Fiji flag. It has already been designed.

Anonymous said...

How can we not have Kepa, Qarase, Speight and Rabuka on the flag.
I pray to God that Rabuka did the right thing in 1987- at least it saved a lot of Indians who are just doing great overseas a.

Long live Rabuka!

Anonymous said...

YessY!! Come on crew!!!! The new flag is designed and yes your sapo,my sapo,your mums sapo,your sisters sapo,yout friends sapo,your next door neighbor sapo,your bus drivers sapo,taxi driver sapo,your doctors sapo,rabuka sapo, qarase sapo,Speight sapo,everybody sapo including your girlfriends and wife's sapo will be on the flag!!!!!!.

Taaataaa dooom dooom taaadaaa taaaa aataaa booom booom poops paaaps!!.

Fiji going be a multi ziggylair not even the piepples saw it coming!!Laast night an angel came to me and said at the strike of dawn 12th of July to flap and flop your ears just like you dont care!! Then smack your ding dong and wave it in the air!!!!.Fiji will appear to the planet earth as the wealthiest nation in the galaxy and even the piepples from other continent will want to jump on our ding dongs and sing a song alalalala long I wanna make you sweat!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Well Ben Ryan has done it again &
has got our little Rugby Gods to
take the Glasgow 7 by demolishing
the New Zealand all blacks.
I vote that Ben Ryan be appointed
President of Fiji and sacked that
idiots Eveli vutulaki or whatever
his name is?

Anonymous said...

I have heard that BainiKhaiyum have paid individuals to design flag, and that the colour combination should include green, as it represents islam and it must have have certain linkage to islam. And a very stern order has been given that after the flag is done, the flag creator should write a story to narrate to Fiji the relevance of the flag to new Fiji including the use of colour green.....RIP FIJI

Anonymous said...

how many flags in the world have both green and blue? not many, the reason being that green and blue are too similar. You have to chose colors wisely. it's either blue or green, and as Franky boy said he likes blue, then it's gonna be blue.

Fiji's colors were chosen in the 19 th century by Cakobau on his flag, period.

Anonymous said...


then what do you think flag will be made of. Air? Money is needed to change the flags buy new ones government pins diplomats cars here abroad military flags n badges police flags n badges goverment department.

Your brain is full of shits n your a.... is full of brains.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

You are like a nagging wife constantly following me around. I do not bother with you because everytime your argument goes around in circles.

Your argument in one of the previous topic claiming Viti Levu I Taukei's all came from yanuyanu. Gees as usual your claim is not only moronic but baseless.

To give an example the people of matuku in Lau migrated from the waimaro clans in Viti Levu. You must be one kai yanuyanu empty vessel.

Leave Fiji to be ruled by people from Viti Levu because we are the real I Taukei's. You can always tell which of these SODELPA lots are from yanuyanu/iislands. They are the one who are the most vocal and angry about Bainimarama because he is a Kai Viti Levu.

Anonymous said...

We cannot stop the new flag. Only we cn oppose it by not naming it the fiji flag but the dictator flag or the bai kaiyum flag. Patrioticaly raise our current flag as the true fiji flag coz its the flag of the majority..long live. The banner blue....

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Tikobyhimself's his mouth...slanting sideways? Too much kubu vei Voreqe and Khai-yum..kaila!!!