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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fiji government continues to bend rules to suit itself

In the last week, we've seen the regime led 'democratic' government get away again with breaking the rules to suit itself.

The classic example was the case of the Tui Cakau being disciplined for 'swearing' at the Speaker of the House at a public meeting in Makoi.

The Privileges Committee heard an audio recording  provided by Communications Fiji Limited and proceeded to recommended that the Tui Cakau be suspended from Parliament for two years. 

Ratu Naiqama asked the Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni to allow the recording to be played in Parliament yesterday, to show that his words were not directed at the Speaker of the House.

"When we listen you don’t only make judgments from the first part of the speech. You need to take the full context of what transpired in that meeting – and only then Madam Speaker would one be able to get the full picture of where I was coming from and what was said at that meeting."

Predictably, Dr Jiko Luveni ruled that the recording would not be played in Parliament.

Question: what's wrong with this picture? Answer: multiple examples of conflicts of interest.

1. Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the principal complainant who moved the motion for Parliament to discipline the Tui Cakau and said he had an audio recording of the incident, is a member of the Privileges Committee.

2. Dr Jiko Luveni's deputy, Ruveni Nadalo, is also a member of the Privileges Committee.

3. Dr Jiko Luveni, the subkect of the complaint, makes the decision for the recording not to be played in Parliament.   

Khaiyum insists Ratu Naiqama committed contempt. His argument was:

"....it is also contempt when you actually make scurrilous comments about judges. That is also contempt, not because they have not followed any orders but because they make comments about the institution which is represented by the judge."

"It is exactly the same situation in this, where you actually do not necessarily have orders, but where comments have been made about the Speaker which is the representative of the Legislature. So, contempt is not simply a question of not following orders, contempt is the respect for the very institution that we are talking about, Madam Speaker. It is quite clear, it is clear as daylight."

There are many many examples of the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand and leaders of the world being criticised, sworn at and belittled, but have people been penalised for this?

No, because in a real democracy, this is what you call 'freedom of speech'.

Another example of  the Bainimarama government's unfairness is the case of the 7000 submissions for the new Fiji flag by SODELPA youth.

On May 1 when the Fiji Flag committee said they had received 1430 submissions, SODELPA youth responded asking "Where are the 7000 entries we submitted?"

This question was ignored until last week, 19 days later, wehn Khaiyum told Parliament that they had received the 7000 submissions from SODELPA youth.

So why weren't the SODELPA youth entries added to the total number of entries the Fiji Flag committee received?

Let's all stop pretending everything is well in Fiji.

The Khaiyum and Bainimarama regime have been blinding the people of Fiji for years; first via decrees to stop people fighting them, then by installing their own people in positions of power and finally with freebies such as rubbish bins and promise of free milk. 

But Parliament is a farce. 

It pretends to follow the laws, quoting this and that while establishing sham committees to show accountability.

At the end of the day, guess who gets their way in the pretence of democracy?

This Bainimarama (the puppet) and Khaiyum (the real leader) government were thugs before they were elected and remain thugs, despite their efforts to be 'clean'.

The so-called Parliament will continue to trot out sanitised rulings but in reality it is as false as Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

God bless Fiji.


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Anonymous said...


Rape of the nation said...

Khaiyum and his terrorists have raped the nation. They have done this with complicit military cowards and other I-taukei traitors like the junta slag jerkoff luveni. If the I-taukei allow this rape of the nation and their families they deserve all that Ratu Khaiyum has planned for them.

Anonymous said...

All them FFP are crooks, thugs and con-artist...their end will soon come!! be rest assured of that.

Anonymous said...

Speakers prays to Allah!!...she did not name her Christian God Jesus because Aiyyaz says so in the constitution...Moce Fiji!..you are an hostage from all aspect, economic, social, political and now religion!!

Anonymous said...

The issue that bugs the Fiji regime is credibility. They will always face problems with this despite attempt to reinvent institutions and reimage their own character. They only have themselves to blame cos everyone knows they are proven law breakers.....and not just simple law breakers but ultimate law breakers. Now how can laws, organisations, processes and rules they enforce be credible given this glaring context? Simply how can a country expect to gain from the rule of a mob whose survival is fundamentally dependent on their freedom from the penalty of treason? Justice must have the opportunity to play its part for the benefit of all. If we continue to deny it in the way that it has been forcefully done by the regime, then collateral damage is an outcome. These damages include the lack of independence and integrity of governance institutions as increasingly witnessed. The credibility bug spreads throughout the offices and citizens themselves become sceptical and less respectable of office holders who try to cling to the honorable image of their position with very little success. This folks is the price and scenario you have when appeasement of people who break the ultimate law prevails.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have this muslim neighbor who I had dispute with last week. He threw a bad tantrum and said now your days are gone. Fiji is in rule of Islam. Everything will be clear crystal in due time. he said said this land is no longer yours.he said you leader bainimarama is just a puppet, he jumps when Aiyaz says jump and that the days of indo-fijian and i-taukei are over.

I felt like throwing a big punch on his face but held back as punching a muslim will be a bigger crime than murder in Fiji under khaiyums RULE.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says .... THE Fiji Sugar Corporation's liabilities exceed its current assets by $225.4million, its 2014 annual report released at the company annual general meeting in Lautoka yesterday revealed.

People of Fiji, if you cannot understand the above statement what it means is that the FSC is bankrupt. It owes more by 225.4 million than it owns as current assets. It cannot repay its debts. Tax payers will now have another burden in your hands.

You know what...we have Frank and his Fiji First party and his lapdog Khaiyum to thank for this. Thousands will be out of work. Sugar industry will be destroyed. Livelihood of many Indian sugar cane farmers gone.

This was Khaiyum's second move to destroy the Labour party and the Hindoos. He got you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Samisoni R said...

Wow Vili Cavuka Rakoro a paedophile? I'm not surprised at all hahahaha

Koicolo said...

Im just waiting for the ...............I will be very glad if I go down killing more than 100 muslims. Im just waiting .My house is beside a mosque and I just cant wait...........Happy Days

Anonymous said...

@Koicolo....why don't you go jump in your koicolo river and drown yourself you nako baku wavivi. You have no guts. If you and the kaicolo's had any guts at all, you would have stood up against Frank you boci. You have been waiting 8 years now. What you waiting for kubuta qalai tamamu.

Anonymous said...

Islamazation is happening all over the world. Read the story of Sweden. Soon there will be no pure Swedish in 2020. Totally controlled by muslim immigrants. They have even changed the laws of the country to work against the Swedes.
Soon it will be other European nations also.
Fiji is starting, thanks to Voreqe and his treasonous army and supporters like Luveni.

To you Luveni, Jesus said, "If you do not acknowledge me, I also will not acknowledge you to my Father." So much for being a Christian and praying to other gods.

Anonymous said...

Islam is no different to Christianity. Derived from same origins and that is Ibrahim. Christianity and Islam believe in one God, we call him Allah (God be praised) and Christians call your God Jehovah, Yaweh, Elohim etc.

Christianity was founded from Islam. Yesu (Jesus) is a part of our doctrines of the Koran where he is mentioned more times than Prophet Mohammed (Praise be his name).

Islam believes that Yesu will come back as a Messiah and many of you do not know this.

Islam has been patiently sleeping while the Western world have pushed and pushed and pushed for their politics to be acceptable in every country.

Fiji is no exception. Fijian people are like muslims in your culture and beliefs. You are better off being muslims then Christians because as Christians, you denounce each other. How many different Christian churches do you have in Fiji today. Each one of your various denomination believe that they pray to the one and only true God and those who do not worship like you, do not worship the true God.

Yesu has no church. Islam has a house of God the mosque, which is never desecrated by the feet of men.

Redeem yourselves Fijians of Fiji. For Yesu the messiah is coming. Remove hatred from your heart and fill your soul with love. Prophet Mohammed and Yesu bless their holy name shower you with blessing.

Allow Islam into your hearts because we do not pray or bow down to idols like Christians all over the world do today.

We shall conquer all....

Anonymous said...

Jiko Luveni is a secret muslim and this is the truth. Every afternoon at 5pm when Allah is called out on the megaphone, she lays her mat on the floor, bends down on her hands and knees and raises her arse in the air to have Khaiyum vutusona her. It helps cure her cavuka. You will hear hear screaming lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu...wannanvu

Jiko Luveni kawa ni monkey...ulu kau... wanna be...lasa nei Rabuka you kuita. Dau veiwali taki Jiko ko Draunidalo ni dua sa matai jina na jodo kei mna kubuta na soresore... wailelei.

Unknown said...

When someone tells me about their version of certain events, I researched it not only looking for one document or article but several and check if they corroborate each other and they back up the claims of that particular person.

On these blog we have had alot of different versions of the so called truth. Alot of it after checking out the facts turns out to be horse shit. So these ones I ignore or play around with for my amusement.

Sometimes posters do provide evidence of their claims. These ones I research it and make sure it corroborates with other evidences. If it does then I accept it. If it doesn't I don't discard it but I scrutinise it until I am satisfied it was not a one side opinion.

If you don't like my style then that's your problem. As far as I am concerned you are wrong and I am right.

So all of these two face Christian Sodelpa supporters listen up. If you are scared or poor then that is not Islam's fault. You lot need to really check yourself. Maybe give more money to church and talatala then you will be blessed and made to feel secure.

I prefer to help out the fatherless/motherless kids. The family who have lost their main source of income, father or mother. Rather then giving my money to church or talatala I use it on these families and kids. They need it more.

And God the blessing from that is over flowing. I am happy and secure in my God, my job, my family and my relatives. And two faced people like you lot I hate like the plague. You lot are the type that smile at you and stab you on your back.

Whenever I read your comments filled with derogatory vernacular I can sense your frustration which I am glad about because you all deserve it you bunch of liumuri snakes.

SEMI K MEO said...

13,100...yep...13,100!!!!We may not agree with all Mr Vili Rakoro contributes in this highly esteemed column , nor concur with some of his occasional spews about his own unbiblical version of generosity and Church Government.

But, hey...13,100 souls have visited, or shall I say viewed his Google profile/page...let me see, that's much much more than the few who visited yours trully.

All and am trying to say is; why not we all unmask as true authentic human being with a purpose and soul and belief in what ever ethos of life we respectively subscribes to!!

Especially, the sad "undercover" so called Christians who preach fire on us all, and coward at heart.

Or just may be, just may be 99% of the 13,100 members of Vili Rakoro cheer club are the "anonymous patriots in this cyber suburbs...lol...lol.

Oh...the Rear Admiral's Government!!..only if we all unmask, he continue to rule forever in his natural life time! Let's keep being anonymous crusades...Bainimarama thrives on that!!..

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. More Muslim bashing. lets get a few facts straight here. First of all ASK is married to a Kaiviti of Christian background. If he hated the i-taukei that much don't you think he would think twice about dumping his seed inside a kaiviti vagina. I know most of us if we hated a particular race the last thing we would do is marry one. ASK has half Indian and half i-taukei kids. How do you think he deals with that if he hated the Kaiviti race that much or as purported. ASK does not function on racial hatred or religious hatred. He is a megalomaniac who is fueled by his Ego. I know the guy personally for 20 years and i never liked him. He has to be Mr. Big all the time a bit like Rajend Chodo. His ego is number one. I like to call this Saddam syndrome or as some in the scientific community would call it a God Complex.I was a born into the Muslim community and am now an Apostate. I simply hate all organized religion but that is another story. The fact is Muslims number about 35k in Fiji hardly a majority to threaten anyone. Secondly most Muslims hate ASK as they recognize the bad name his giving to the community. Thirdly most and i mean 95% of Fiji Muslims are for all intends and purposes secular or for show Muslims are simply following what their parents taught them. They go to the Mosque on Friday (notice how empty the Mosques are otherwise) celebrate Eid once a year and that is it. As somebody from the background i can categorically say that the majority of Muslims in Fiji do not want Fiji to be an Islamic country and no one has anything too be worried about. The last thing i want to ask all those doomsday dumb bloggers to answer is what has ASK done that shows that he wants Fiji to be a Islamic state. If anything he is the one pushing for a secular state and no fundamentalist Muslim wants a Secular state. I do not like ASK and think that he is the worst thing ever in Fiji politics but Islam has nothing to do with it. Hate the guy for who is as a person why bring what he believes to be his faith into the picture. For the record i think the so called butcher of Mecca Mohammed the child molesting fuck and the religion he founded is the worst thing ever created. I do not think however that it is relevant to Fiji and the political shit we are in. Blaming it on Islam is rather simplistic to say the least. Their is no religious problem in Fiji and believe me no one in his or her right mind wants a religion based feud. Just put on CNN for half and hour and you will agree with me. For Christs sake lets keep religion out of this debate.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...

@Anonymous May 28, 2015 at 9:45 PM.. Madam/Sir. Some valid points you proposed and may be worth dissecting, thought the vulgar stench in some parts of your delivery is rough and may be uncalled for.

You sound more like an Apostle not an Apostate. Apostle in a sense you may have valid message/points worth dissecting as I earlier alluded to.

Could all us in this cyber sphere be then assured that you are not a Cyber Apostle sent by your dear friend Ask himself; with the prime task to desensitize those who see ASK as Public enemy no 1?..Henceforth, grooming public opinion towards his secularised way. A convenient neutral plateau to slowly launch a Government mooted and control religion.

Of course,of course you guessed it right as to which religion that would be should this kinda flow be not dammed to stagnate. vinaka.

Tomasi said...

Anon 6.34 pm. I wish to correct you and ask you to stop spreading your lies about Islam. Here are some facts for you to research for your own sake so that you stop fooling yourself and others:
1. Allah is not the same as the God of Abraham and the Bible. The God of Israel and the Christians is YHWH. His name means, I AM. That was the name God gave to Moses His prophet.
2. Allah is the name of one of the 360 idols that people used to worship at the kabbah in Mecca. Mohammed chose Allah out of the other 359 idols so that he and his people would become monotheistic like the Jews and the Christians.
3. Mohammed is a false prophet, a storyteller, a paedophile, and sex maniac. He was an orphan who wanted something the Israelites and Christians had, including a sacred Book to guide his people.
4. There is compelling evidence that shows that Allah is really Satan and many who worship him do not know that.
5. Many thousands of former Muslims have become Christians after realizing how sadly mistaken they were. There are thousands converting to the true God every year across the Muslim and Arab world.
6. Muslims cannot really define their god allah because the Koran does not reveal him very clearly. The description given is very general and vague.
7. Think about this: Muslims turn towards Mecca and turn their back towards Jerusalem when they bow down to pray.
8. It is said that most of the Koran was copied from the Old Testament and then bits and pieces were added from various sources. It even said that a Jewish Rabbi was part of the group that wrote the Koran.
9. For more on this, please read the book “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie. A jihad was declared against him when his book was published.

I can provide more information on this if you wish. Please explore your faith again and then explore the Bible to discover the real God of heaven and earth. You will see that God Almighty, Yehovah of the Bible can never be the same as the pagan idol called al lah. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey bush wacker semi k meo everyone has the right to anonymity.If you dont like it why not shut up and fark off to Fiji sun papers.We dont need to submit to your cynical views and hear your parroting away of how the world should be.You living overseas stay there and dont farking get involved with our political affairs ass licker.

Unknown said...

What has living abroad got to do with it. Those people are still Fijian and they have as much right as anyone to express their views in the same breath as you have the right to express yours anonymously.

If however you decide to unmask and express your opinions then that is quiet alright too. Granted you may receive a fair share of abuse but if you truly stand firm in what you believe in then that shows your integrity. That will persuade people to give you the time of the day and debate with you and even consider your version. And that helps us all to move forward.

Otherwise people will see that if you do not have the courage to unmask then why should they join your crusade. Unfortunately these anonymous choice is gravely holding you lot back.

As Mr Meo said my fan club is more then 13 thousands and it is because I am willing to unmask and truly express my opinion. Perhaps you lot should give it a go, you never know you might have more then me and that will reassure you that there are people out there who actually agrees with you.

Anonymous said...

Who fuck cares about Allah or Yawheh.?
They are all figments of imaginations of a very deluded lot.
There is only one real god; and that is thzt idiot Ratu Naiqama.
He afterall gets first chance at young girls and has a lot of blind
whinging idiots following him. Sounds exactly like a god.

Dharam Lingam said...

Vili Cavuka Vutusona Rakoro, you pedophile son of a dog should shut the hell up and go visit your number one fan Semi Vusi Meo at the old folks home he's currently residing in. Boci.

Tomasi said...

Anon 7.56 am. Your language speaks volumes about your character. You really think you are somebody very important, eh? You first sentence sums you up very well. You do not care about God, and you do not care about anyone else but YOU. Is that right boy? Well, I do have a message for you, and your evil selfish dark proud heart and foolish mind will be transformed if you take heed of this. Are you listening boy? Here it is. Listen up.

There is a GOD in heaven. He is the only true and living Almighty GOD of heaven and earth and every other realm there is. He created you, you are not a monkey, even if you think so yourself. He loves you, and will forgive you for being so arrogant and foolish, lost and dumb not to know Him.

You better seek Him with all your heart and find GOD soon, because the day is coming when all knees shall bow and every heart shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. That day is fast approaching boy, and please believe me, we are almost there. Go to your nearest Christian church or family, ask them to help you find your way back to God. But if that is difficult for you, all you need to do is to pray sincerely to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you, to forgive you and take you back as His prodigal son.

I forgive you for using abusive language. It is the language of losers, lost souls who are desperate for recognition and belonging. Find God and you will find yourself again, and a purpose to live a wonderful life whose end is certain.

Stop pretending you are smart, because you are a fool. But that can change if you find God. Do not delay. Tomorrow does not belong to you. We do not know the number of our days. So while you still can abuse others, please use your breath and energy to seek God and begin an adventure with Him. You will never regret it boy. God bless you. Vinaka.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Semi Meo is stalking Vili Rakoro, now I understand why Meo is a weirdo. A weirdo stalking a weirdo, can't get better than that. Oilei.

Unknown said...

Frustrations if not handled well can lead to stress. Symptoms are derogatory vernacular and anger. Hopefully you feel at ease after venting out online with useless debate comments however if not then I fear for your well being.

Surprised they let you near a computer at all. Your time will be better well spent treating your stress level and probably blood pressure.

Look after yourself mate. Life is better when you release yourself from situations like this mann.

Unknown said...

The only one stalking me is you. Constantly using a fake name and following me around. Without even realising you are also my fan lol.

Unknown said...

Tomasi the only one abusing others is you. After all you are the only one calling people monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake Fijians, Islam is two faced religion...within their holy book lies peace and within it too lies deceit and murder...you just look at the Hadith let alone the Surah....that's not the God of Judeo-Christian God, infact the religion came into history 600years after the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and in it they twisted all the truth..even Mohammed raped his 10 or 12wives.....just to show they lusted after the flesh...their God is Baphomet, Malok and Pan the Phoenician Gods of lust and child killing. If you die in the holy war, you'll be having intercourse with virgins in heaven..what a distortion, only Satan will have intercouse in hell with all of the souls that do not repent in the true God.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Tomasi a disillusioned Christian but I forgive you for your transgression and for not knowing any better.

Let me make something very clear to you so that you can understand.

Your Christian faith started from middle east. From wondering nomads. That is what Ibrahim was and his name is not Abraham. Abraham is the English version of what we Arabs or middle easterns call Ibrahim, like every other name in your bible including Yesu or Jesus.

Through Ibrahim's younger son Ishaq whom your Christian bible calls Issac, your Christian faith started.

Through Ibrahim's elder half brother Ismail, our faith the Muslim faith started.

Ishaq is recognized by us muslims as a messenger of God and a prophet.

You should read your bible about the story of Ismail as it will reveal to you that Yaweh had a special place in his heart for Ismail and his mother when Ibrahim had sent them away after Ibrahim's wife Sarah asked him too. Ibrahim had left them in the wilderness near Mecca with only two days ration of water but Allah (holy be his name) spared them and sent his angel to protect them and give them water and mana. When they were tempted by shaytan they cursed shaytan. This is our pilgrimage remembering Ibrahim and the suffering Ismail went through.

Tomasi, our Koran is an extension of your old testament and you continue with Yesu whereas there have been many other prophets blessed by the hand of Allah to continue and spread his word.

The God that you believe in today is a Western God. It is a God which the Romans and later Greeks and English have created for their own. They like you Fijians, believed in pagan Gods like your snake and sharks. They were enlightened by Islamic beliefs and changed it all to create their Christian beliefs including the names of the prophets of old like Ibrahim to Abraham and so forth. They converted to believe in one God but refused to stop their pagan beliefs which they have mixed into your Christian beliefs.

You will see today that Christianity has thousands upon thousands of denomination and this stems from their continuous interpretation of a bible, interpreted by pagans who never believed in One Allah (Bless his name). They believed in idols and they changed the Sabbath and the date Yesu was born and they turned Yesu's death into a rabbit and Yesu's birth date a commercial event which you follow today Tomasi.

Your Greek version of the bible and King James version is not a true translation of the word of God. There are many Hebrew and Arabic words that cannot be translated into Greek or English and when you translate the word of God from one language to another, you change its meaning.

There are too many gaps in your bible because those who wrote it refuse to reveal the truth to you Christians. Scroll being found today
if taken into account, will mean that the Christian bible will have to be re-written. Can you see it now Tomasi.

If you are a true Christian, you will not throw mud because your hands have been dirtied by the mud that you sling.

One cannot call himself a true believer in the one and true God and at the same time curse another because of their beliefs because words come from your mouth and your very soul. I forgive you though, as Yesu said before he died on the cross, 'Forgive them father for they know not what they do'.

The revelation of Allah has been brought to your islands by Christianity but we Muslims see that as a blessing. We know that Yaweh and Allah are the same one God but you as a Christian perhaps will not open your eyes or heart to understand that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @May 28, 2015 at 6:34 PM

You forget...that Muslim is no exception either.. You have Sunnies and Shiites on the other side, then you have Sufism and Ahmadiyya, then you will have Abdullarahiiim...then you have bahi, mirzai, wahabi
Alawites in all there are 73 different types of Muslim sect and religion. So please know thy self!!..and do not point fingers at Christian, you guys restrict Allah in a box, thats why you cannot allow him to become mortal...he can only be immortal...this shows inflexibility of someone powerful, this shows weakness of someone great, this shows lack of someone powerful...becoz in the end, Allah has three daughters, Lat, Uzza and Manat...born out of the moon goddess..Ashetorath. How can Allah be the true God when he such an insignificant demon!! of the Nephellim..sons of the fallen Angels. Allah is a created being made out of myths.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi i could write a book about how you and your Christian beliefs are not only illogical but is backed up by nothing but faith and here say accounts of a men called Jesus in the Bible. Main stream scientists aside most Catholic scientists are now convinced about evolution. Many credible studies have been done on the origins of man and the most recent one done in England called the Genesis project links all our DNA with a particular tribe in the Kalhari desert. The oldest fossil of our great ancestral aunt called Luci is sitting in a Museum somewhere. You see I am a serious researcher not blinded by my dislike of a particular religion or science. I study spirituality,religion and science as a hobby and to find correlations. Yes as you say their is probably a creator in fact i am convinced after much research that their is a creator however the evidence that one gets points more towards a universal consciousness like a energy that we are all part off which alines more towards the shamanic traditions of the Eastern faiths instead of the Mono theistic beliefs of Islam, and Christianity. As i write this many experiments and research work is being done across the world to prove beyond doubt that their is a creator and that ultimately it has nothing to do with our current big 3 faiths. I respect your belief in the Bible but if you are seriously religious and want to know the truth i can show you the way because it certainly is not in the Bible which is a book riddled by unprovable stories and contradictions.

Anonymous said...

Christianity brought in peace and love, Islam brings in demonic legalistic law now perpertuated by Aiyaz!! Islam is a religion of intimidation, fear and anarchy....go to your Arab brothers and see the entire muslim world bombing themselves to hell, yet you are safe here in a Christian country where you can practise your demonic God facing Nacobocobo for Mecca prayer time!! I feel sorry for your soul, Repent of your sins, and come to the the True Lord Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.07 i just finished commenting on Tomasi's post and saw yours. I was a former believer in Islam until i took the time to really study it. Dude if you believe that Mohammed started this religion and he was somehow a prophet of God you need to get help. You have a neurological disorder. If Mohammed was alive today he would have been either given the death penalty or a life sentence. How 1.2 billion idiots believe in this guys BS is beyond me. Islam is a cult period and Christianity is not too far behind because the former is simply a copy of the latter with added glorification of its apparent founder Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

Arehwa Mullah!...how can you forgive my sins..only God can forgive sins. You just a man..a created man telling a created man " I forgive your sins"...distortion upon distortion. Brother, science is a limted tool of the impoverished mind of a man that do not know the spiritual realm. Science cannot explain religion....because religion is not about logic if that is your basic precepts and conviction...so how can you explain the spiritual realm if you are studying from logical thinking. I tell evolution is outdated just as Muslim is and all its ancient and demonic tell tales. Even Rushdie says, that the shurah many of it are the utterances of Satan..thats why he called his book the Satanic Verses...wake up feeble mind...repent for your sins needs to be cleansed by the blood and name of Jesus. Take no part in the works of the Devil..Allah and his teaching will take you to hell.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:22 PM

And just what makes of you then..Masima!!

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar hit your angry nerve Vili? Your anger means Kamlesh was correct in saying that you are a weirdo. Get help because your postings are a concern, you are angry, frustrated, deluded, etc. motherfucker

Anonymous said...

I saw Pio Tikoduadua looking well driving his twin cab yesterday. He doesnt look sick as a terminally ill patient.

Can someone highlight what actually transpired before he resigned? Is AG involved?

Unknown said...

Gosh this is a political blog. We read the topic and debate about it. Yet some people like Tomasi all they post about is religious preaching.

It is as if he assumes we have not heard about the word before. Every Fijian are aware of the teachings. We were brought up with it from Sunday school to different weekly studies.

Religion is a personal endeavour in spiritual enlightenment. God teaches free will, therefore drumming it down the throats of everyone especially in an argumentative and patronising way is definitely not the best way to behave in an enlightened manner.

Perhaps he needs to recuse himself given his action and words don't exactly sync. Concentrate on the topics and subject of debate in the spirit of the blog. After all it is a political blog.

Unknown said...

Yes that derogatory vernacular really hit home your points.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad word have I uttered about Christianity. I have tried to evoke the significance and parallel between Islam and Christianity. Many of you Christians responding, makes one wonder if you truly believe in the teaching of Yesu.

You Christians in Fiji have been brainwashed by the western world who brought you Christianity like they brainwashed you to believe communism is bad. Like they brainwashed you to believe that they saved you heathens and savages.

They write so many things about Islam that you believe everything that is written. Do not be a product of politics. That is where Fiji stands and that is where you fall.

Anonymous said...

Muslims do not believe the true Christian teaching that Jesus Christ is God the Son of God. John Chapter 1..."In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...He created all things...and there was not anything made there was made by Him...And the Word became flesh..."

SEMI K MEO said...

@Anon May 29, 2015 at 3:33 PM...and the manner some so called Christians are cowardly behaving in this highly esteemed column may group them as those who " do not believe the true Christian teaching that Jesus Christ is God the Son of God."

The Jesus many of us know as the 3rd person in the Godhead OPENLY stood, or shall we say hung naked on the rugged cross for what He believed in!!

OMG..what if He had opted to be an "undercover" crusader of His Father's biddings....

Phew!!...so glad He did what He did!..in the midst of backstabbing cheek kissing, money hungry Christians and elite members of Judas club...uh...like some people we know in this cyber temple!!

Anonymous said...

PENI Manumanuniliwa prays before every rugby game in the hope he will not be racially abused.

"ITAUKEIS ALWAYS SAY WHITES ARE NO RACISIT." Look at the article below. I think they are the worst back biters, racist people in the world."

The Fijian, who plays for Southbridge in Canterbury's Ellesmere sub union, has spoken out after allegations of racism at a division one country rugby game between Mid Canterbury side Hampstead and North Canterbury side Saracens on the weekend.

He moved to Southbridge, in rural Canterbury, in 2007 and openly admits he has cried after being called a "n....." and a "black c...".

"I pray on a Saturday morning before the game I pray to God to help us with this kind of thing."

Anonymous said...

@anon May 29th 12:14pm

I find it sad that you call the Bible "a book riddled by unprovable stories and contradictions." I can only assume that your research has not gone deep enough for you to see the Truth about the Bible. You talked about Genesis and DNA. As you call yourself a serious researcher, may I suggest that you listen to people like Francis Collins who was the CEO of the Genome Project in the UK and his conclusion about the DNA structure and GOD. May I also suggest Prof. John Lennox, a triple PHD professor of mathematics at Cambridge University and his defense of science and God quoting scientist like Newton (Law of gravity) and others, and their faith as Christians while pursuing their scientific works. Or listen to his debate with Richard Dawkins the chief atheist of today. Atheist still have to come up with proof of what they claim.
Please listen to people like Michael Ramsden and Ravi Zacharias on how and why they became Christians and defenders of Jesus Christ, from their background of non-Christians. Listen to people like Paul Mayer an archeologist who will tell and show you evidence of the Bible from Archeology findings and Histories written by famous Romans and Greek historians at the time of Ceaser. Many of these presentations are in Youtube.
Listen to Muslims and other religious converts who have seen and heard Jesus speak to them when they asked in prayer.
Never call the Bible "a book riddled by unprovable stories and contradictions". I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, and I will pray that one day you will see the TRUTH. The TRUTH will set you free!

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro,
You're a hard nut to crack.
You need to be baptized with fire to set you free. Not what the bible teaches but to be smoked and incinerated. That way we will see a born again Vili.

Anonymous said...

Yes @ Semi K Meo May 29, 2015 at 3:50 PM.

Many such people who call themselves Christians are crucifying God, the Son of God, anew as they profane His Holy Name but what they do not realize is that they are doing it in vain.

Anonymous said...

All the Muslim be warned. The next coup that will happen very soon will be payback time. We will burn you alive. Your women will be raped liked animals and given the worst burka fuck. Your mosque will be burned down and all your asses will be stuffed with pork vudi. We will ensure that each and every one of you are found and made to account for the suffering your kind has brought to Fijians. We will have our revenge with all your blood you child fuckers.

Unknown said...

Have you ever thought that maybe it is you and your lot that needs the baptism. After all the election showed that majority of I Taukei's and Fijian of other ethnicity agree with me.

You are in the minority. Perhaps it is time you accept that reality and move with the time rather than resisting it.

To put it another way. If your ways and ideals lost you the election by a huge margin. What makes you think it will not do the same come next election.

Whether you lot like it or not, I believe you're not that stupid. Therefore you need to change your ideals and way of thinking and come up with better policy and speeches in order to gain votes in the next election.

Keep abusing and patronising people then you will get exactly what you deserve.


A fellow by the name of Amoz Radrordo exposed how the bitch Ellen Whippy-Knight is exploiting young and vulnerable girls. Under the guise of helping them become models, she is pimping them to rich old men for sex. She is keeping all the money from the modeling shows while paying peanuts. in effect she is running a prostitution racket. Authorities should investigate but doing nothing.I can confirm Ellen Whippy-Knight is a cougher - my Indo-Fijian friend young enough to be her son used to fuck her every weekend at her flat behind Albert park. Police should investigate this bitch rather then leave our young girls art her mercy.

Anonymous said...

Our time will come soon. We should unite and not let any of them escape our fury. Time to treat them as these fuckers and their kind treat others. They will pay dearly and we should make sure about that. Kaiyum and his breed has only seen the Fijian love. Time to show our fury

Anonymous said...

semi meo drau veifutu kei rakoro

Tomasi said...

Anon 10.18pm. Thank you for your comments. Let us continue to help the lost souls receive enlightenment. The postings suggest that many of our citizens are lost souls needing direction. We are accorded the unspeakable privilege of introducing them to our Saviour, the Way, the Truth and the Life, Jesus Christ.

To all our Muslim friends and others still seeking God, please know that we love you and care about you so much. Jesus Christ is the only way to God, and there is no other way. While we respect you as people, we are obligated to tell you the truth. The truth is that Jesus is the only way to God. He reveals truth about God and truly represents God. Through Jesus Christ and Him only can a person obtain life and salvation from God. This is not our claim but Jesus himself testified to this. We make no apology for proclaiming the truth. As the Bible says, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free " Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tomasi at 9:31PM.

Keep up the good work. Many of us appreciate your comments and enlightenment about the TRUTH and will add our support to help those who walk in the dark to come to the LIGHT.

"Be Strong and Courageous", as HE will be with you always if you stay by HIM.

Suomynona said...

Won't be surprised at the truth revealing its ugly head later on

Anonymous said...

That thug bainimrarma, khaki yum and luveni are all cunts....come try and ban me !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey has anyone not fisted BarbaraMalimali yet?...u would be one of the very very few who haven't been up to elbow in that swamp!!

Anonymous said...

It's the peoples fault for electing this Government into parliament. Now they are biting them in the ass. Stupid race. Not sure when they will ever learn. Read in the news someone was complaining about the scholarship scheme to the leader of SODELPA. RTK replied "It's almost impossible to fight for anything in parliament as FF have the majority. You voted for this government and all I can say is decide on the next election who you want to put in parliament."

Tomasi said...

Anon 10.30 pm. Thank you and God bless you for your principled stand for the TRUTH. I sincerely appreciate your support. We live in extraordinary times. The truth is being challenged and our values and ethical principles are being challenged. We ought to know who and what we stand for.

The Bible is God's word for today. It is forever relevant, meaningful and true. It is food for the hungry soul, lamp unto our feet and light unto out paths.

Quantum theory declares that the smallest particle of matter is a sound wave. It has taken mankind thousands of years to finally see what the Lord had declared at the beginning of time. He spoke the world into existence. Remember the Genesis account of the origins of life. "And God said, let there be light. ......" It was His word that created everything out of nothing. That is excellent news for us believers.

Vili Rakoro and some anonymous writers try to obfuscate the truth, but thank God the truth will always prevail. God Almighty dwells in the highest heaven. he is forever Lord and ultimate Sovereign over all creation and all realms. Khaiyum and Bhai may think they call the shots. I am sorry to remind them they are only dust and one day, they will return to dust from where they came. Today in the day of salvation and now is the accepted time. Make your peace with God through Jesus Christ.


Unknown said...

Tomasi you do know that telling others that you know the truth and they don't makes you look like a hypocrite right.

You see we chose Fiji First because finally we have a government that really is for the people. Qarase's government was filled with the 2000 coup supporters. Together they raped the nation and filled their pockets. Qarase continues to do so the useless idiot.

And Tomasi please don't post anonymously to thank yourself. I have told you before your posting style and vernacular over time has become predictable. Therefore when you post anonymously to thank a post you wrote under your name is well kinda sad bro.

It is clear you're frustrated. One can only imagine that you really lost out when Bainimarama took over. Probably your career and assets took a nose dive. And now without any concrete evidence whatsoever you tell people that you know the truth which is that Bainimarama is a monkey.

Perhaps you're the one that need to make peace with God bro.

Anonymous said...

Oilei Vilisee.Rakurolala.
Sa tavakaqiriqiri na kavalala!
Your rantings are nothing but a clanging bell full of stench air.
We want to read the voice of reason from Tomasi and his likes. Why not join in a positive dialogue session than sitting from that end with your pot belly full of hate and arrogance. The load on your shoulder is too much for you to bear. Won't do u or anyone any good mate. Unload them back to those who paid you to carry them..the FF.
I'm throwing you an honorable invitation, come over to this side mate to be a voice of reason as well.

Unknown said...

Tomasi and his likes are far from being the voice of reasons. The load on my shoulder is relatively contented given I am satisfied that the party and government I support is the one in power.

I have a great career. I have a good relationship with family and extended family regardless of my political inveiglement. I assist my community voluntarily in any way I can. So overall life is good.

Judging from the posters satrical on these blog however I am ostensibly certain that the ones with hatred and resentment are these Sodelpa lots. Their member of parliaments continue to embarrass them in lax conducts and vituparative behaviours.

The amount of contimulious idiom and denigrating opinions are clear contortions of Sodelpa and it's supporters.

Anonymous said...


Coup 4.5 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is a MUSLIM, who practices modern day version of SHARIA LAW where infiltration of a nation has been from within the confines of it legalistic fraternity. Sharia Law is now challenging every democratic -elected governments globally, you see them in Paris, Washington, London, and in almost everywhere they go, they have began their infiltration, not because it's their political agenda, it is infact their religious agenda of their creed, derived from ancient Babylonian Gods, almost paganistic in its intent and manifestations.

Anonymous said...

Itaukei(s) are threatened, no matter what....what this AIYERZZ doin is encouraging greater rift and polarization of the two distinct races in Fiji. The next political upheaval will be polarization of the two races, and the majority will once in a lifetime joined together, this is happening so fast that no matter how strong the dictatorial rule continuous...intimidation and fear tactic a wave of patriotism will envelop...by that time Fiji will explode, like a pressure cooker...these guys in power will be hunted down like Saddam Hussein and the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

Fijian Holdings is a highly successful Fijian Enterprise and a major player in Fiji’s corporate sector.

Its shareholders include provincial councils, the Native Land Trust Board, the Fijian Affairs Board, Tikina and village groups, Fijian co-operatives, individual Fijians and family companies. Its investments give Fijians significant shareholding in major companies thus helping to achieve the national objective of bringing indigenous Fijians fully into the mainstream of the country’s economic life.

Fijian Holdings has also broadened the scope of its training programme wherein young Fijians are prepared and groomed for business utilising the resources of its associate and subsidiary companies.


Anonymous said...


Serupepeli said...

It is always challenging to hear an opposing view, and its development into an understanding concerning a country which has imploded merely due to the senseless acts of a few.Some of us would like to make everything just black and white and very austere! Some of the most dedicated, and sincere Fijians have tried to enforce and lay upon everyone their idea of what a correct view should be. We all live or once lived in a dysfunctional political climate and I think respect for each other has the power to remake and restore what has been damaged. Unfortunately it has been very hard for some, but I am glad we are beginning to discover our own political leanings

Anonymous said...

All decrees made law shows this is not a democratic government, it is a dictatorship. All those cheering FF on are not true Fijians, just a mixture of races wanting to claim Fiji as their own. Indigenous Kai Viti are being marginalised in their own country. Constitution is not by the people and so will not endure. It is rammed down the throats with no chance of recourse in court action against the regime. This will lead to dissatisfaction and civil unrest. Fiji is a long way from true democracy. China and India support because they don't care about true democracy, just a foot in the door. Other democratic countries within the commonwealth all see it for what it is, a farce and not designed to last. A house built on sand cannot stand.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

These Sodelpa scads who persistently inculpate the government and its supporters of various transgressions without indurate evidence are overtly showing why they lost the election.

Their sentiments are so skewed it's not even plausible that they would have an open mind. Perculiarly in relation to preceding coups and governments.

Anonymous said...

** This comment has been removed by the Department Of National Security **

Unknown said...

Been doing a bit of research on Sodelpa party and found a few interesting articles and gossips.

Apparently Opposition leader Kepa foregoned the shadow prime minister portfolio and handed it to Naiqama, who had to contend with Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama on iTaukei Affairs and Sugar.

Questions were asked internally within the parliamentary caucus and the SODELPA party about the allocation of the shadow PM’s portfolio to Naiqama.

Many in the party and the caucus had wanted Kepa to stamp her mark as the alternative prime minister by taking on Mr Bainimarama.

She ignored the advice and decided to take the Ministry for Education, Heritage and Arts, which she held under Qarase’s SDL government.

Party insiders say this may suggest that she is not confident of facing off with the PM. Members of the party caucus were prepared to rally around her and support her so that she could fulfill that responsibility.

Many were surprised that she failed to accept the challenge. They felt that she could have grown into the job just like Mr Bainimarama who had to learn along the way to become what he is today.

The question now being asked is: “Will she be there in the next election?”

Party insiders say according to the SODELPA constitution, the role of party leader is reviewed after an election if the party loses.

The national executive members in the management board decided to reappoint her.

It has been the convention previously that whoever is the Leader of the Opposition is the shadow prime minister.

The delay after the election in announcing the list of shadow Cabinet ministers is attributed to the discussion over the appointments.

Questions had also been asked about Ro Teimumu’s policy advisers. Who is advising her?

The Leader of the Opposition office secretariat is under the spotlight. Party members want transparency and accountability in the selection process. Mick Beddoes’ ‘appointment’ came as a surprise to many. There were six positions up for grabs. The seventh, the chief administration officer was earmarked for Mr Beddoes. His ‘assistant’ Laufitu Malani, a former Public Accounts Committee member was reportedly tipped for one of the six posts. Her role has also been questioned.

Unconfirmed reports say Mr Beddoes could be earning more than $39,000 after his appointment got formalised. Before that, he was being paid allowances by the party and the MPs.

The MPs were surprised when they were asked to contribute a minimum of $100 towards the Beddoes fund. They paid between $100 and $200.

They started asking how long would that arrangement continue? It has also upset some volunteers in the party headquarters who felt they had been forgotten.

They felt that a token payment would help offset some of their expenses and show that the party cares.

Kepa did not started on a positive note as Opposition leader because of all these negative signals. And after reading her budget response speech where she only questioned about Qarase's pension and other minor things plus how she didn't reign Naiqama in for his outbursts against the speaker I kinda feel sorry for her really.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili Rakoro.

Can you please research FNPF. Why did Aisake Taito resign as CEO? Can you also please research whether Fiji Airways is paying its debts to FNPF in timely manner or is the account past due?

Anonymous said...

Extracts from the FSC 2014 Annual Report.
The industry is struggling indeed. Read on!

The Corporation incurred significant losses during recent years. During the year ended 31 May 2014, the
Corporation incurred a loss (before reversal of impairment loss) of $28 million. The Corporation is also not
generating adequate cash flows to meet all its commitments and obligations as and when they fall due.
As at 31 May 2014, total liabilities of the Corporation exceed total assets resulting in net liabilities of $86.9
million. The current liabilities exceed the current assets by $225.4 million.
The Corporation has significant debt repayment commitments amounting to $213.2 million during the financial
year ending 31 May 2015. Furthermore, the Corporation may require funding to meet its working capital and
capital expenditure requirements.
The above conditions and other matters as disclosed in Note 23 of the financial statements indicate the
existence of a material uncertainty that cast significant doubt about the Corporation’s and the Group’s ability
to continue as a going concern.

Instead of fueling the economy, this industry is leaning on government, FDB, ANZ, etc. for daily survival.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 5.17 pm

Why don't you transact that yourself? Unless indubitably you precedently know and are asking a deceptive question.

If you have the time to post and Internet access then you sure as he'll have the resources to do your own research.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it?Vili raboci caiti tukana is as stupid as Bainiceke?

Anonymous said...

FFP were crooks by stealing the political name coz they wanted to be the first in everything!! well now they are almost first in corruption, first in dictatorship, first in robbing FNPF money, first in stealing Fijian language, first stealing Fijian lands, first in stealing and robbing parental roles in education with their stupid freebies, first in stealing CEO positions with stolen tax money from the nation, first in increasing their army budget a scare tactic to maintain control. And first in putting family in senior and CEO position, first party to release murderers relatives into CEO posts, first in position army personnels in key political positions, first in creating $250m arrears with FSC and many..many more...yet some stupid followers paid to spend their entire days posting in this forum steals from ordinary peoples money through stupid postings showing hearts full of hypocrisy and rubbish!!

Anonymous said...

"My advice to the unemployed youths here in the urban centres is to go back to the village and plant some more tavioka." This the only advice this Minister of Labour can give the youth, graduates, school leavers and people of Fiji, What a fu.ken dumbass who definitely has no bloody clue to what is contributing to the very high unemployment rate. Get paid alot to think shit like this up. Man go retire in your village and plant tavioka and let someone with at least half a brain to run the Ministry.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ Vili Rakoko

You wrote, "Qarase's government was filled with the 2000 coup supporters." So how different is that from you and your FF government and supporters of the 2006 coup?
First take out the log from your eyes and then you can take the spec from others eyes.
One day the TRUTH will hit you and then you will know what Tomasi and others are talking about. Even if Tomasi is telling only half the TRUTH, it is still better than no TRUTH at all.
If you want to criticize Qarase's supporters then you will have to be completely clean yourself and a non-supporter of Voreqes coup to be credible.

Anonymous said...

Qarase atleast got his mandate and manifesto from the people, FFP stole everything from the people...now that is not half truth...that's alot of truths. Now we have murderers in the Leadership role itself, then you have those who are still at large, some have graduated over and over again in one of Fiji's darkest period ever of her political, social and spiritual history. And it has to be Fiji First Party meddling with all aspect of life at its best. One day Mafatu, one day!!

Anonymous said...

Funny don't they sound the same..Vili turning from a mere "Nako" type writer learns so quickly now emulate one of his own croonies....Ashwin Raj, the gay girlfriend of FB and ASK. Don't they learn quickly to mimic others, whilst their real self is lacking big time!!..FFP is a big photocopier machines...that's what happened to most of their supporters (Sapo)!!

Anonymous said...

Guys..during the music award, the minister for Youth & Sports himself wears a Beijing attire!! he thinks he can attract more money from China..instead he attracts bunches of crooks, money swindlers, greater prostitution and drugs rings in the country!...he can even anything the Chinese will throw at him...as long as superficially attune to these Chinese communists who now flood to the country buying up anything in their paths. Very soon I can assure you, that they will enter politics soon and they'll chase out all of them out!! thanks to FFP stupid security guards turned politics overnight, paid only to get fit and operate guns now wanna be's who thinks who knows it all!!

Anonymous said...

@12.02 the problem, after so many coups, is that everybody is tainted!
there is no "going back" to any previous state, because... any previous state is "dirty".

so where do we go from here? to be pragmatic, let's go forward within the current frame and soon enough there will be a new generation in charge. there is not much hope from the past, but the future could be much better if there is a little bit more maturity, hard work and integrity in this country.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think future generation will bring hope...we are the fathers and grandfathers of future generations....and if our present is not rectified, then the words of a famous philosopher will resounds over and over again...."those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it"!! this is the foundation of future progress. It has to be the right democracy!!!..not this force down our throat type!! These guys carried out the coups!!..what makes think they're clean!! they have to be taken to a fair legal and democratic proceeding where AG do not have any strings to pull..etc...etc!!

Anonymous said...

Mick beddoes,

Can I have your permission to fuck your slut daughter, Kim Beddoes tonight.

Big Black Cock

Anonymous said...

What FFP forgets is one day, they will end up in prison..these Freaks are so afraid, that they can't even sleep, one even end up poo in his pants!!

Anonymous said...

If the Leader ends up pooing in his pants...what about em down the hierarchical ladder...let alone peeing in their pants!!

Anonymous said...

Since this Blog started i read profanities against the Muslim community in Fiji who rightly or wrongly pray to their God and most if not all the time mind their own business going about life as everyone else in this country just trying to survive in Fiji. Most of them neither like ASK nor had anything to do with the coup in Fiji. Here is the funny thing you cowards. The coup was planned and conducted by the largely Methodist i-taukei Military which was commanded by its I-TAUKEI Christian leader. That's right your so called rights as the ingenious populations was taken away by a i-taukei Christian person and his 4000 merry men including Driti, Mara etc.The funny thing some of you cowards like to threaten women and children like Anon: 9.55 and 6.23 and talk big when you know you will be bullying a minority group. The funny thing is if you have balls at all you should have taken your grievances to the Military when the coup happened. That is the problem with cowards all full of hot air and nothing else. I do not see to many comments against the Military. I am not a Muslim but have many as friends and quite a few work for me. 99% of them just want to live their lives and have nothing to do with ASK nor the govt. OH and by the way what will you nationalist morons do about the 50% i-taukei who voted for FF. ASK did not plan the coup. Granted he is an ass and a manipulative megalomaniac but he is an opportunist just like Filipe Bole, Inoke Kubuabola, Jiko Luveni and the rest of the bandwagon. When are you guys going to mature and discuss issues as apposed to which freaking fictional man made God one prays to.

Anonymous said...

And what makes of you...a moron who knows it all idiot..overbloated ego centrism..paganistic goon who knows nothing about politics in Fiji. You are worse off than all of the mass in this posting! You freak Paganistic moron!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posts---reasoned, logical and mostly factually correct. Then I read the people replying to you--their replies full of swear words, threats, insults, hate, jingoism, racism and xenophobia. Its is my personal feeling that Ratu Naiqama ran into trouble because he had been reading and learning swear word from this blog!
Tomasi occassionally writes well but spoils it by his belief in some ridiculous creature called god, who is responsible for everything. If that is the case then whatis happening to sodelpa and its whinging supporters is his will. Shut up and accept it.
we itaukei are basically moral and physical cowards. We will rarely take on people in one to one fights, unless we are drunk. But put us in a group--we love to steal, rob , rampage and attack the defenceless. We behave like a pack of hyenas. This fact is often utilised by our chiefs, padres and politicians to take advantage of us. We are a lamusona race who want to bully other races, and religions, and are jealous of others for their works and achievements. In the name of our indiginousness we want everything for free; instead of getting off our arses and doing some work!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:27pm...areh bhagwan... spoken like a true FINDIAN...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:02pm...areh baghwan . tumar - from dis day on...I announce you the most true FINDIAN and nobody else.

Anonymous said...

Areh Baghwan... bahut forgive e reh... I read up and upper and I read Vili Rakoro... Areh yaar Baghwan...forgive me but ishke feller Vili - him number 1 FINDIAN bahut chodo feller reh

Anonymous said...

Oqo turaga sa lebu bosada. Oqo na turaga sa sega dua turaga sa sega bosada. Turaga taucoko oqo sa vosoda. Sa levu kitaka qo na bosa beidai. Oqo sa bia kitaka oqo na butusona magaijinamu...sa sega vinaka oqo na bosa. Oqo sa binaka sa beidai oqo Naiqama oqo Jiko Luveni. areh yaar sa binaka bei Naiqama... whhahaha lululululu...bidai na kai biti... Qo ko au na Daquwawa....

Anonymous said...

Oqo turaga sa lebu bosada. Oqo na turaga sa sega dua turaga sa sega bosada. Turaga taucoko oqo sa vosoda. Sa levu kitaka qo na bosa beidai. Oqo sa bia kitaka oqo na butusona magaijinamu...sa sega vinaka oqo na bosa. Oqo sa binaka sa beidai oqo Naiqama oqo Jiko Luveni. areh yaar sa binaka bei Naiqama... whhahaha lululululu...bidai na kai biti... Qo ko au na Daquwawa....

Anonymous said...

Sa bia pepeka oqo na levu na vosa sa sona....sa sona kai biti. sona oqo na kai dia...sona na kai banana...sona oqo half kas...bidai kecega...chodo chodo chodo...

Unknown said...

Sa dua na ka nomu dokadoka mo vosavosa ca tiko va qori warai madaga ni o tukuna mai na yacamu anonymous.

Unknown said...

These Sodelpa supporters are mediocre types. Their level of academic apperception is delineated by their usual caluminious posts.

Their debate are usually in relation to scrawny points with no indurate evidence. Whenever I formulate a compelling point endorsed by well researched specifics they scantly ever dispute my points.

Instead they attack my points with personal disparaging idiom. The moment they do that they have lost. Howbeit they do not even comprehend that. So if they can not discern that then what chances do they have to essentially argue my points.

Inherently I am debating against simpletons. I have invariably tried to elucidate my syntax and idiom to suite their peculiar minds however it is so hard to succor them into the lucidity side because they are entrenched in their ways.

Anonymous said...

Soon and very soon, Vili's written responce will be in the King James English version. He is doing a lot of readings and researches for us.
"Thank thou art Vili thee thee"

Anonymous said...

Vili .
Sa vakamadua mai na nonu volavola. O iko tamana me modroki iko ga e dua na koi Colo. Sa melaici!

Unknown said...

Blimey did not even take long for one of these imbecile to emphasize my points. Did not endeavour whatsoever do cogitate my assertion. Just ostentatious disparaging idiom.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro is inebriated in the exuberance of his own verbosity...lol.

Unknown said...

These is precisely my point. I use simple syntex for these simpleton I am a "nako". I revert back to my standard I am overusing. Perhaps rather then dissecting my vernacular, try concentrating on my assertion.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Oh Vili Cavuka is back in action. Vili, trying to use complicated words without making any sense would only make people laugh at your stupidity. Stick to simple English because clearly you're a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

My innocent COUP 4.5 followers, why do you even give 2 cents to what VILLI ROKO has to say, for all you know, he must be ASHWIN RAJ, anyone can be behind that name.BUT THE JOB OF THE PERSON BEHIND THAT NAME IS TO DISTRACT COUP4.5 FOLLOWERS AND PAINT A GOOD PICTURE OF THIS FRAUDULENT BAINIMARAMA REGIME.

So lets discuss more important things like how to bring this illegal regime down, yes, illegal because the election was a fraud.We all know that its a fact and what international observers had to say was what khaiyum was BULLSHIT COZ THEY JUST CAME TO FIJI FOR HOLIDAYS - CHEERS ON THAT!IF KHAIYUM HAD ALLOWED LOCAL OBSERVERS LIKE NGOS AND INDEPENDENT POEPLE LOCALLY, THAN WE WOULD HAVE BELIEVED THEIR REPORT ON THE CREDIBILITY OF TEH ELCTIONS.



Anonymous said...

Your "assertions" are hogwash @ Vili Rakoro because see only one side of the story and that is that Rabuka's and Speight's (he, by the way, like you, is from Naitasiri) coups while Bainimarama's, to you, is justified. For many of us, they were/are all not only illegal but treasonous.

Your "assertions" are almost tyrannical by the tone of your writings. You rashly and radically ignore that God given agency of freedom of speech and association and to have free and fair elections, which the last of which was not only because of the changes in fair election laws which was shoved down the throats of citizens.

Your proud and conceited behaviour calling your opponents idiots, imbeciles and simpletons makes us realize that you think that you are the most intelligent being. But be wary of your pride because you're still too young to realize that a fall is always preceded by it.

Tomasi said...

Anon 9.00am Thank you for your wisdom and excellent advice. We shall make progress if we ignore Rakoro and people like him. My contributions were focussed on persuading him and Voreqe's followers to see the light. It is now very obvious that their motive is negative and harmful. They think or claim to be right when all of us know the truth and how indefensible their position is. Their own constitution which gives them immunity is damning and conclusive evidence of their guilt, no matter how fanatical their claim is to the contrary.

But reading Rakoro and others of similar persuasion, I am reminded of Nazi Germany and what its chief propaganda mastermind said.

"Propaganda works best when those being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will" Goebbels.

Vili may not be Vili, because there is something about his surname that is not Fijian and is meaningless. His comments reveal different minds and vocabulary. Vili must be a group of people who are happy beneficiaries of this illegal administration who will defend their fortune and lifestyle to the last battle and bullet they have. Vinaka.

Samisoni R said...

I use simple syntex for these simpleton I am a "nako"

Vili Vutusona Rakoro, please explain your usage of 'syntex' in the above sentence from one of your earlier postings.

Anonymous said...

Bahut chaar feller Vili areh...oqo kai biti Vili oqo tamana sa buku buku baka na baku.. Oqo Vili sa lekaleka oqo na rai ko Vili. Oqo sa raica oqo na baku ko Vili...oqo na boci nei Bainimaram..deko Vili...acha.. Oqo Bainimagana sa bolitaka oqo na magai Jiko....sa sucu oqo na luvena qo na Vili...areh baghwan kalaas deko... dil deko deko

Anonymous said...

Tomasi wants to make B/K see "the light". Isnt that contradiction in terms; blind leading the blind. He is so deep in his biblical (arse)hole that he cannot see the forest for the trees. He believes that lifes answers lie in his book of religious fables, goes on to vilify anyone who does not agree with his delusions. Such a false christian.

Anonymous said...

Vili come on, respond to the request posted at 10.30AM.

Unknown said...

These Sodelpa lot have belligerently criticised Bainimarama and his government. Let's focus on that for a moment. He did come into power by virtue of a coup, that is a permanence and I cannot dispute that neither would I try to rationalise it. Sodelpa supporters desires their party to be in power and anything Fiji first does even if it is a propitious notion, Sodelpa supporters will perpetually disregard it and conceivably will always ascribe back to Bainimarama's coup as a validation of their sentiments.

Sodelpa party majority of whom were Qarase supporters. Let's focus on them now. To do that lets go back in time to the 2000 election where the Labour Party won and we had our first Fijian of Indian extraction Prime Minister. The Fijian nationalist politicians expanded their slant of politicising the church and tradition with fear mongering slathers about how I taukeis' will dissipate their land.

The results was the coups by Speight and his boisterous men. Amid the protest march in Suva city which was organised. These so called Sodelpa supporters ransacked shops and burnt them. These escalated to other towns and worse the Indian families also received these act of cowardice, they got ransacked, house burnt, and their women raped. What did the Fijian chiefs and politicians do, absolutely nothing. Instead they attempted to legitimise it. Some even imputed that it was Gods will.

These were the exploits of people who proclaimed to be Christians. Bainimarama having had no luck in exacting to negotiate a deal with the chiefs and politicians conjointly Speight and his boisterous men asserted enough was enough. So he reestablished stability and jurisdiction. After doing that Fiji entered a critical phase. If ever there was a point where Fiji could have retained a government that was not blemished contiguously by coups then it would have been that labour government. So had Bainimarama restored them given they won the election things might have been a bit divergence today.

Howbeit as commander of the military his prerogative was the nations safety and contentment. And considering the apprehensive atmosphere at that time he opted for Qarase a I taukei businessman. With the recommendations and optimism that he as PM will indict those responsible for the instigation and transgressions of the coup. Consequently not only did Qarase failed to indict the culprits instead he appointed a fair few of them into his cabinet and consecutively they filled their pockets.

When Bainimarama prodded Qarase about the agreement Qarase tried to overrule the military council who are responsibled for appointing the military commander to remove Bainimarama. He even attempted to indict Bainimarama citing insubordination. So the consequences of Qarase's backstabbing is as they say is history. So now we have the same 2000 coups instigators and benefactors grumbling about Bainimarama's transgressions. Well guess what between Bainimarama and them we the majority prefer Bainimarama. Some might rationalise it by suggesting he is the nether of the two calamity.

There will never be contentment until we undergo a government which is unburdened of coup blood. And that resolve will come from us the children of the coups. As we continue to filter into various private and government sector leadership. We are influencing decisions and affecting changes.

My advice to you lot, be patient and support us.

Unknown said...

Simple is for simpletons. If that is what you lot are content with then a political blog is not the place for you. Is that simple enough for you freaking imbecile.

Unknown said...

Admiring your crude use of the English literature. Keep it up you are a prime example of Sodelpa supporters level of debating skills.

Unknown said...

What is the difference between debate and wining???

Unknown said...

It seems I just bring out the best in you Tomasi. Keep it up mate you are a fine example of self righteous Christians.

Unknown said...

Description and applications is all I will tell you. You simply cannot debate any topic or points. Since you have joint up all you post are derogatory idiom.

You don't even attempt a debate. Your political alignment has tainted your ability to keep an open mind and debate logically.

Try to educate yourself on the reality of people's political inveiglement. Different opinions does not translate to violent or derogatory abuse.

Understand that it is possible for people to disagree and still be civil. The day you loose sight of that is the day you lose your humanity and religious direction.

Unknown said...

Let me guess, you're either the same person or a mate/relative sitting or posting together.

Word of advice be spontaneous.

Anonymous said...

Vili Cavuka, stop trying to be smart because you're one dumb fuck. Your postings are full of spelling mistakes, even Baimagasona the school drop-out writes better than you oilei.

Unknown said...

Vakamadua na vosavosa ca kei na vosa vakalialia o ni cakava tiko. So na tamata warai nodra I tovo.

Cakacaka ni tamata lamulamu levu tiko gusuna ni anonymous tiko.

Unknown said...

He does have a point though. Too many people especially those from yanuyanu have left their villages and are now scattered all over Suva.

Fiji is a small economy with limited opportunities. Meanwhile their land you know the one they claimed the Indian wants are left unattended.

What a waste of resources.

Unknown said...

My or my, touched a nerve there did we. Perhaps if you cogitate my sentiments you will comprehend my premise.

Unless of course my spelling was too "dumb for your highness".

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro I'd like to meet you in person is this possible?

Anonymous said...

Vili Takoro oh Vili, we are honoured to be reading your bullshit. You have learnt well from your master-Khaiyum. Since you are mouthpiece of the cho0r regime, please enlighten us by listing down all the high level posts taken up by muslims under Bainimarama and khaiyum leadership. Also please tell us where MIDA guy Ashwin Raj is nowadays, we haven't heard from that idiot in a while.

Anonymous said...

Truth about KaiBai democracy
If you are Chinese, Sri Lankan, Malay Muslim, from Middle East, rich Fiji Muslim, Hindu or Gujerati, from military, and without ethics and principles: you are in luck.
If you supported any opposition party during last election: you be careful. KaiBai thugs are monitoring all your movements.
If you stood for elections in any opposition party and not in parliament: you can be taken to court anytime for not declaring that you are earning for a living now.
If you stood for elections in an opposition party and in parliament: you are penniless. FICAC is 24/7 watching all your transactions. Your phone is tapped. All your movement is monitored. Your house, vehicle, friends and family is under the special branch's watch.
If you support KaiBai: you can walk free even if you kill anyone. You can buy any land- maybe even Albert Park. You can post porno and still preach ethics and moral in parliament.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@9.03pm What can Fiji special branch do?They lack all the resources to conduct special operations.They are still training staff on cyber crime and tele communications on new equipment that have been donated to them.They can't even stop a Fijian resident from hacking the online banking system such as ANZ bank and Westpac.Few years ago the Fiji police website was hacked so as WAF.

Did Special branch know anything about human trafficking occurring in Fiji? The answer is NO!they had no clue at all until law enforcement authorities from abroad informed Interpol.One familiar case was an indo-Fijian woman who was human trafficked into Canada and ended up in the sex slave trade.Did they also know about the illegal broffals operating under so called massage parlors?Again No they didnt,tourists and locals knew more about these broffals than the damn special branch .The public had to inform them first in order to take action according to the law.

The only method special branch is using is old fashion short and long range covert operations.Planting undercover cells into groups and communities,doing the odd stag watch taking pictures and sat bored in the truck,sometimes mixing with the people just to find out whats their intentions.This unit is also now doing most of the torturing when they are called up for prison escapees this is considered dirty job for them but it's given to them just to keep them busy.

Our Police force can't even supply our officers with bullet and stab proof vests.Not even a single Kevlar can be supplied to a patrolman.Not even radios and ear pieces can be given to every officer on duty.They dont even have enough batons to be supplied to every officer in the force.They dont even have a good equipped operational response team,few weeks ago was an example.An armed robbery at a service station where our officers responded with a reasonable time of arrival but was ill prepared for such an incident.No tactical equipment was seen in clear site to reduce the risk of injury.No riot helmet,no Kevlar vest and pads,No shield,no pepper spray,no tazers,k9 unit,gas powered rifle to fire rubber bullets and vehicles weren't modified for ease of access and dismounting.A 8-12 modified transit van would of been alot better if they'd turn up in one of those.

Now if that's all the troubles of the police force can you imagine how much worse it can be for special branch?

Anonymous said...

Aaree biyah special branch got coconut wireless no radio and batteries needed.They operate no tech because nationalist,the aussies and kiwis got big satellite in space to intercept.It will be like the Americans listening to the Taliban.Thats y they dont establish radio comms because no software to have secure radio frequencies.One alternative was moss code but that was too slow and inefficient.low tech bugs was created with pcb, capacitors and a bit of soldering copperwire as antenna but found it can be tapped too by using radio stereo.Best solution was no Tec just park outside and take pictures.

Anonymous said...

12.28..you're more for an arse than an ass. stop making a fool of yourself and be part of our human society.

Unknown said...

Reading all these comments ensuing my last one and not any even bothered to rationalise the events of 2000 coups. Instead they pertained back to Bainimarama as though they predicate it validates their blemished sentiments. They envisage anyone to heedlessly follow them irrespective of individuals privilege to choose who they affiliate with politically.

They persistently crave to revile the individual rather then the sentiments which is expressed. Certainly these scads of derogatory idiom does not diminish the transgressions of the 2000 coups nor will it succour you to enlist new supporters. Unfortunately it does not work that way. You cannot constrain people to join your minority party. You lot staunchly need to come up with a proficient policy and strategy to persuade new supporters.

You still behave like villagers where whatever the Chiefs, Talatala and Elders say you blindly follow. In the days before Bainimarama that included being told what party and who to vote for. And you prattle about democracy. You lot would not know what democracy is if it is standing right beside you, clump of freaking simpletons.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered why Ashwin Raj of MIDA has not appeared in any of the news media lately? Have you ever wondered why anyone cannot hear from him or where he has disappeared to?

Well...he is right here on C4.5 in person trying to gain popularity with his brevity. He wants to impress us with his high sounding words in the name of Vili Rakoro.

Also an observant person can find out that Vili Rakoro is not only one person by the way the posts under that name are written.

Ratu K. said...

Vili it's a simple question and you're dodging it on purpose. What's 'syntex' your used in one of your postings?

Anonymous said...

Areh yaar Vili Rakoro..... tumar mangta Franky Bainimarama... tumar can have him yaar...areh sa sega dua sa bia beiba ko iko reh...ko iko tamana sa drau fire mada...

Ko iko sa bosa qo na 2000 coup....ko iko sa bosa qo na 2006 coup...Oqo sa both coup sa both tautau vata reh. Oqo na 1987 coup...oqo sa all tautavata reh...sa sega qo different archaah..jiha...

Deko - Oqo Rabuka, Speight, Bainimarama... oqo taucoko sa kitaka na coup sa binaka oqo na kaidia.....kaidia sa rawa lako migrate oqo overseas sa binaka... oqo sa lailai na kai dia sa migrate oqo sa lebu na kai viti reh...

Areh ko iko sa bosa oqo na coup sa kitaka na SODELPA... areh yaar...na coup sa kitaka oqo na Kai Biti.... sa taucoko na coup oqo sa kitaka na Kai Viti...

Rabuka oqo na tamana sa kai biti
Speight oqo na tamana sa kai - areh half caste feller reh bahut kai biti talega

Oqo na Frank...oqo sa rogo tamata sa half caste talega sa kai biti....

Deko - Vili Rakoro ko iko talega oqo na tamana sa kai biti...Kai Biti kecega sa sega binaka oqo na coup...sa tautaubata ko iko kai biti kecega sa bitch reh.

Sa sega oqo na duidui...Ko iko sa bosa oqo na Frank sa save na tamata sa coup taka qo na Qarase... sa segai vinaka....Ko iko sa pakala sa nanuma sa dua na tamata oqo Frank sa binaka...Oqo Frank sa commit talega qo na Treason...sa segai binaka reh...sa tautaubata oqo Frank Rabuka oqo Speight....dou pamu mada reh...

Sa binaka sa dua tale oqo na coup archaa Vili... Oqo ko iko taucoko qo na kai Bitilevu, oqo na kai Banualevu, oqo na kai Yanuyanu...oqo kemudou na kai biti sa vala mada...sa mate na kai Viti...sa taura oqo na kai dia na Viti...bahut good idea sache...bahut julum idea number 1... taucoko qo na kai biti sa lialia...sa leqa sega na paisa na kai Viti....Sa sivia na credit...iko talega Vili....sa sivia na bosa oqo na kai Biti... areh yaar.... Mr Bean

Anonymous said...

Wow someone finally makes sense...thank you Mr Bean

Anonymous said...

Asswank Raj, piss off you lying asshole.

Anonymous said...

Why cant Mikaele join the opposition?????Khaiyum is bullying opposition like Fiji is his toilet where he can shit anytime. Someone should teach him a lesson the hard way.

As for Ashwin Raj that boldhead,I see his disgusting face in front of Gloria jeans In Damodar City.Someone should ban him from entering the premises of that place,no one wants to see his ugly face there.I will one day corner and beat the shit outta him one day.

Anonymous said...

If LEAWERE is not allowed to join the parliament, than be rest assured that this is a sad day for FIJI, praveen bala can become a parliamentarian with pending criminal issues, and many more cases can be highlighted that shows LAW does not apply to FijiFirst , just OPPOSITION AND OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES.

Anonymous said...

June 2 ,10 30 am Samisoni.
Your question to V Rakoro regarding his use of 'syntex' in his postings according to what I know is a word commonly used with error when a PC program (computer) is fed garbage/trash. Syntex Error tells the user that the program does not recognize and understand the inputs . In view of this one would draw the conclusion that Vili Rakoro's inputs are just gibberish and full of trash.
Hope that answers part of your question .

Rajendra Singh said...

Anon@12.58PM. Thanks for that, I also have this to expand on that.

SYNTEX 110 (Brevicon 35 mcg / 0.5 mg)

Generic Name: ethinyl estradiol/norethindrone

Pill imprint SYNTEX 110 has been identified as Brevicon 35 mcg / 0.5 mg.

Brevicon is used in the treatment of acne; birth control; abnormal uterine bleeding; endometriosis; polycystic ovary syndrome (and more), and belongs to the drug classes contraceptives, sex hormone combinations. Not for use in pregnancy. Brevicon 35 mcg / 0.5 mg is not subject to the Controlled Substances Act.

Perhaps Vili is currently on this medication for his acne and for hormone replacement therapy.

Anonymous said...

let me focus on the issue of SODELPA parliamentarian, Mikale Leawere and tell the people of Fiji on what I know about this man. To start off, he is a totally corrupt person.
When he was appointed Divisional Education Officer Central, these are the crimes he committed:
Most, if not all teachers in central division know how corrupt he was.
. Asking teachers for cash handouts to him for various reasons like giving promotions, fixing school problems the teachers had within the school administration and with the school committees.
. Bundles of fish, dalo, clothes and cash were given to him to fix small problems teachers, Head teachers and principals had within their school administration.
. He was always surrounded by corrupt school teachers who wanted favour from him like promotions and the like.
. On one occassion (2006) he told a group of teachers (I was present there) that he was only doing mandatory education reforms as required by Bainimarama Govt BECAUSE Bainimarama had a six inch bolt thrushed up his ass.
. There was a very corrupt head teacher promoted to TE04 position who was sacked from four or five schools for non performance and ended up working with him in the Nausori Education Office. He would pay Leawere $100 a fortnight for giving him favours and letting him remain in Education Office Nausori and not losing his job
. Leawere had totally corrupted the Education system in the Central Division.
. These are few reasons why he should not be appointed a parliametarian. When I write next I will tell the people of Fiji his other associate and equally corrupt Senior Education Officer, Cakacaka who also contest the election on SODELPA ticket.

Anonymous said...

Vili is here to distract us thats all. Just so that we dter from talking on topics thats important to US.

just ignore his very EXISTENCE on this SITE.

Anonymous said...

1.55...then what about the daylight corruption in Bainimarmas govt.?...sorry to hear this but it looks like you are roping yourself with those who are nice to their bosses only to stab them in the back. Do you hold any grudge against him for not getting the promotion you think you deserve?
Hold on and perform to your best and prove your worth to your supervisor . And stop backstabbing your superiors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updates on MIKALE LEAWERE, I think I know that is a CORRUPT PIECE OF SHIT.BUT, SO IS BAINIMARAMA, KHAIYUM , PRAVEEN BALA AND OTHERS IN THE PARLIAMENT. We already have GOONS running our parliament. There is no DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Leawere and bainimarama. So if bainimarama can be in parliament, WHY NO LEAWERE.tThe fact is that we DONT HAVE ANY SAINTS SITTING IN OUR PARLIAMENT.

But the matter here is, why IS OPPOSITION BEING BULLIED.

Anonymous said...

Anon June 2 ,8.38 pm
Subject::: Mr Vili Rakoro
My personal opinion and evaluation on Mr Vili Rakoro.
He is male and is dark. Age between 46 and 56. Between 5 ft to 5.7ft tall
Weighed between 190 to 220 lbs. Has short scruffy hair with a scrawny forehead(the Fijian word to describe this facial is ' qavoji). Nose is slightly flat, results of repeated slaps.Ears overgrown due to physical abuse- ear pulling
He is from Viti levu , not a kai Colo as he is faking. He used to teach in one of the schools in the Colo divide, where he earned his colo accent. He is from the southern end of the central division. Maybe an x scholar in one of the boarding school. A USP undergraduate with double major, one of which is political science. A staunch nationalist in the Rabuka's regime, an associate member(not openly) of Chaudarys regime, a supporter of Qarase's regime and now a mouthpiece of Fijis First. Born and raised in the methodist , converted to the 7th day adventist and is willing to explore other religion. Could wound up an Islamist if Bai Kai remain in power( he has the charisma to do it)
He owns between 1 and 2 properties, one of which is in Suva. He's got more than 3 children and possibly married to a woman half his age.
Thanks to every single followers of Vili Rakoro . He is thee most wanted brat in this blog.

Anonymous said...

3.19pm I've been asking to meet this individual in person, in fact I will meet any FF supporter that comments on here in person.

I don't mind as I don't see what's the harm in it?We are all Fijians after all.We all comment on here anonymously and some put their name after all its up to them.Its time for all of us on here to step away from the keyboard and meet in reality.

Unknown said...

You have Internet access so Google it.

Unknown said...

You do realise that people have Internet access and can Google anything. They do not need you or me to elucidate anything. They are adequately competent to research and draw their own conclusions.

Now how about you veritably respond to my posts about the 2000 coups transgressions rather then side stepping it with semantic taunts.

Unknown said...

5.04 pm

First open a google account in your name with your picture and then comment in here again so we know you are for real.

All of you anonymous posters are just too timid. I actually welcome us to have a vigorous debate. We can debate on policies, economy, solutions etc and still progress positively.

The issue however is that the anonymous bloggers on here are not civilised. You don't have to take my word for it just glance through their spiteful comments to see for yourself.

These are typical "village people" mentality. Until they learn to actually debate in a civilised manner they will always be simpletons.

I only wish they were enlightened like us Fiji First supporters.

Unknown said...

Vili Rakoro is gay.His mouth is too big,so is his axxse.

Anonymous said...

Reading from fijileaks
Khaiyum's Electoral Decree exposes another gaping hole: Does this bumbling lawyer expect that public officers who fought & lost election must not return to their old jobs; but just wait for seat to become vacant? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????If khaiyum decides that we call day -"night", than we should be obliged to do so"That is the direction this country is heading in. This country has become like a mental asylum.

"Under section 64 of the constitution, when a seat of a member from a political party becomes vacant, the Commission must award the seat to the candidate of the same party who in the past general election is the highest ranked of the candidates who did not get elected to Parliament and who is available to serve." Aiyaz Khaiyum's 2013 Constitution

Fijileaks: Tyrant's Own Wording - "Who is Available to Serve" - means one and only one thing: Was Leawere Available to Serve? YES! And he resigned as acting general secretary of FTA to serve as a Sodelpa MP!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Freedom under threat in Fiji

Play Fair Fiji - Videographer Vlad Sokhin talks to those concerned about issues that have lead to a climate of fear in Fiji.

Fiji must end its terrible record of human rights abuses

In September 2014 Fiji held its first elections since the military coup in 2006.

Over the past eight years Amnesty International has repeatedly raised concerns about draconian laws, intimidation of critics and human rights advocates, as well as reports of torture committed by Fijian security forces which had created a climate of fear in Fiji.

In August 2014 we published a briefing, ‘Fiji: Play Fair’, calling on the Fijian government to play fair and respect human rights in the build up to the election and beyond.

On Monday 22 September, Fiji’s former military leader Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama was sworn in as the Prime Minister after taking a reported 59 per cent of the vote.

Now that the elections are over Amnesty International calls on the new government to respect the human rights of the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has a history of human rights abuses

Torture, arbitrary arrest and detention. Restrictions on freedom of expression and assembly. Harassment and abuse of human rights activists and defenders. Fiji has a long and shameful record of human rights abuses.

As a human rights watchdog in the Pacific, Amnesty International has long had its eye on Fiji. In 2009, following the abrogation of the Fiji Constitution, Amnesty released its report Fiji: Paradise Lost - a grim record of human rights abuses that occurred in Fiji between April and July 2009.

“The military government has passed a decree which gives them blanket amnesty to do what they want do to ‘enforce martial law’. There is nothing to stop the soldiers from harming or killing us if we try to protest, march or speak out.”
- Prominent Fijian Human Rights Defender, 16 April 2009

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The Three Freedoms

The Fiji court building in Suva. © Vlad Sokhin.

The Fiji court building in Suva. © Vlad Sokhin.

In 2012, the Public Emergency Regulations which saw public meetings and protests banned and placed media censors in newsrooms, were lifted. But abuse and intimidation of media staff, human rights defenders, trade unionists and government critics remains all too common. There is a climate of fear and self-censorship due to the intimidating behaviour of authorities and the existence of laws that continue to restrict freedom of expression, assembly and association.

Freedom of Expression

In June 2013, a market seller was arrested and charged with committing a “malicious act” for expressing anti-government views. The market seller allegedly suffers from a psychiatric condition and was beaten by police on arrest.

Freedom of Association and Peaceful Assembly

Fiji Times office, Suva. © Vlad Sokhin.

Fiji Times office, Suva. © Vlad Sokhin.

On 6 September 2013, 14 activists were arrested for gathering peacefully outside the President’s residence on the day he was due to assent to the Constitution. The activists were detained for several hours for questioning, they were verbally abused by police, but were eventually released without charge.

In July 2012, police detained and intimidated staff of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) for holding a private organizational meeting, claiming that a permit was required.
As elections approach, Fiji must guarantee the right to freedom of expression and open political discourse.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

let's turn the page on all abuses... 1987,2000 and 2006.
we need to move on.

vanua novo said...

what Fiji needs is a new beginning.

a new country is possible with a new mindset, a new generation of politicians, new symbols, new everything!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Prime Minister,
We have a huge problem in our island paradise. Ice! Do us all a huge favor.... The next time you and your Attorney General decide to make new decrees...do this... Death Penalty for the next asshole who is caught trying to bring this drug into our country. This is one poison you do not want amongst the populace. Come down hard on these sumabitches.

Anonymous said...

The abuse continues, now its in the form of intimidation........we will never be able to move on from the abuses, the CULPRITS HAVE YET TO BE BROUGH TO JUSTICE!!!

Anonymous said...

I applaud such courage. Be my guest and take the next positive step. Submit your name and contact. You're playing right into the web of Vili and his claws.
He must be laughing right now for such open challenge.
Do that and wait for a truckload from Delainabua or Totogo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@8.09 Ice is in the country to fund the gangs activities.Gangs are now growing in huge numbers operating underground conducting organized crime.Because of all the torture on prison escapees etc they are now uniting and launching attacks on the police force.The government better clamp down hard on drugs or it can get very nasty.We could end up like Brazil's drug gangs where the drugs are sold to fund more organized crime,smuggling of stock ammunition and weapons,territory control,racketeering,money laundering,human trafficking etc etc.The drug gangs in Brazil offer protection to the population in the fa velas,free electricity,water and security,food and jobs in return if they allowed to move freely around their settlement.The Brazilian law and enforcement are in gun battles with these gangs everyday and often find themselves being outnumbered and less well equipped against the gangs.This can also happen in Fiji.If villagers are been tortured by the authorities they will loss trust and loyalty and ending up turning to gangs to protect them.Though there's no evidence of these gangs in Fiji able to obtain fire arms,it is possible.If they can smuggle ice in they can smuggle anything in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This was bound to happen. You bring in the Chinese, the Triads come in with them. So do the "massage therapists", the heroin, the meth, human trafficking and all the other shit associated with organized crime. We warned you years ago.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Police officers from the K9 Unit were attacked by armed robbers after a home invasion in Visama, Nausori.

The attack has raised public concern about attacks against Police.

It was the third incident since April 27 when five masked men tried to rob Aerotown Mobil Service Station and fought Police with bottles and stones.

Last Thursday, Commissioner of Police, Bernardus Groenewald, was attacked with a wine bottle at the liquor shop, distill. He received 13 stitches.

Early Thursday morning, seven men armed with bottles and stones fought six Police officers and their dogs.

Mr Groenewald said: “We must accept that these people will do anything to get away if they are caught in the act. They will try to escape the Police and the only way they can escape is that they will do any ways and means to prevent the Police from arresting them.”

Police Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said:

“We have been doing arrests. We have stepped up with our patrols and community policing in such areas. We are not taking it lightly given the series of robberies that have been taking place lately. We are working hard to strengthen our operation. “We are trying our best given the limited resources that we have. We have identified the groups that are operating but I would like to confirm that there’s nothing to worry about because we are trying to be on top of all these things.

“These people they have nothing to lose because they have robbed people and they escape. They will do whatever they can do to evade arrest but nevertheless that is part and parcel of our work, going through that kind of situation.

“Seven men made a forced entry early Thursday morning at a businessman’s residence at Visama Road, Nausori. The family did not want to comment or be identified for fear of reprisals.

A neighbour said: “Ten men fully equipped with pinch bar, cutter, hammer and cane knife made a forced entry from the front door.

“They asked them not to make any noise. A female member shouted and they started beating her and she ended up having stitches on her head. They took jewelries, mobile phones, cash money and assorted items worth $32000 from the house.”

“The family (11 members) is traumatized after the incident.”

“This type of incident is taking place every week but nobody takes action.”

Police Chief of Intelligence and Investigations ACP Henry Browne said six Police officers who were on mobile patrol with the K-9 Unit were then attacked by the same group.

While the officers were heading to attend to the report they saw the stolen van being driven at high speed near a high school and immediately pursued the vehicle up until Farm Road, 10 miles where it was abandoned.

All seven suspects then proceeded to attack the Police officers and Police dog by throwing stones and bottles at the Police vehicle which was damaged. The Police chased the robbers on foot but they disappeared.

A 38-year-old man is in Police custody in connection with the incident

Unknown said...

Sodelpa supporters refuse to acknowledge their transgressions in the lead up and throughout the 2000 coups. They are such hypocrites, who clamour about human rights.

When they were ransacking, burning and raping people in 2000 it was acceptable. None of their politicians, Church leaders, chiefs and elders blinked an eye lid and even tried to legitimise their comportment.

These government have done nothing of the sort of destruction carried out in that terrorist attacks. And all these accusations about abuse are over exaggeration of events and typically they do not have tangible evidence to validate it.

Just repeated fear mongering idiom. When the subject of the 2000 coups is brought up they side step it with spiteful idiom and try and dramatise any action by current government.

As I have said these are typical "village people " attitude.They simply don't have the academic inveiglement to discuss the needs and solutions of the countries economy and political atmosphere.

They simply lack the political and economic understanding to discuss the subject. Hence the usual run of the mill comments.

Compare these political blog to an Australian or New Zealand one then you begin to comprehend just how out of depth these Sodelpa supporters are.

Basically they are simpletons in a political blog.

Anonymous said...

@919pm Anonymous

Your right about the Brazil situation but the only difference between them and fijians is that when it comes to fijians....they are SONALEVU!!... the favela system will only work if people work together. 80% of Fijians love Kakase, viavia levu and most of all are tamani sonalevu....the 20%
Remaining are very hard to come by and are most likely the educated ones in good jobs.

Anonymous said...

Let's drive Muslims out of Fiji. That is only way we can get our country back. As long as aiarse is there, Fijian land and traditional structures will be dissected. Let's follow burma's example and kill some filthy Muslim pigs so the rest run away in leaky boats to Indonesia, India and Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Where is that religious imbecile Tomasi.?
Probably gone to ask god or Ro Kepa as to how to get rid of these heathens and non christians like catholics, 7th day etc. Thdy are not christians because they belong to Tomasi's denomination.

Anonymous said...

Should read" they do NOT belong to same denomination as Tomasi"

Anonymous said...



12 Howard Place, Tamavua, Suva, FIJI
Thursday, 13th February, 2014

"A Fijian civilian, Mrs Laisa Digitaki-Weleilakeba, is extending a public invitation to Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, to a get-together at her home, to share with her what he knows about the incident at the Fiji Military barracks on Christmas Eve, 2006 where she, Fiji Human Rights Movement Director Virisila Buadromo, former journalist Imraz Iqbal and Youth Advocates, Jackie Koroi and Pita Waqavonovono, were taken from their homes by military personnel and later tortured for their pro-democracy and anti-coup stand following Bainimarama’s coup d’etat of December 5 2006.

Mrs Weleilakeba’s statement was in response to Commodore Bainimarama’s address at the opening of the Women’s Resource Centre in Tavuki, yesterday Wednesday 12 February 2014.

At Tavuki, Commodore Bainimarama said that, “if anyone hits or mistreats a woman in any way, they had better watch out.” He added that, “men who engage in such acts will face the full brunt of the law.”

Mrs Weleilakeba says that while she’s glad that Commodore Voreqe is advocating violence against women, she wants him to first admit what he knows and his involvement in their pro-democracy group’s beating at the Nabua military barracks on Christmas Eve 2006.

“It’s the eve to general elections and many “feel good” words will be released by aspiring politicians like Commodore Bainimarama. But what we Fiji citizens must be able to discern is whether the fruits these individuals are bearing is a testimony to their own words of non-violence.”

“I will be glad to have Commodore Bainimarama over to my home so we could have a one-to-one discussion on his involvement that night and to put to him whether he really believes he is a good role model on violence against women or Fijians in general for that matter.”

“Commodore Bainimarama must be reminded that many Fijians have been tortured, maimed and some even killed by his military personnel under his command as Commodore of the Fiji Military Forces and that he owes it to himself, to those military officers who were misled, and the people of Fiji, to be brutally honest about his involvement.”

Fijilive reported that in Tavuki, Bainimarama encouraged Fijian women to exercise their rights to ensure their protection saying “they must no longer accept being mistreated.”

“In reply to Commodore Bainimarama’s call, I’m now exercising my right as a Fijian woman to ensure my protection and would like to tell Commodore Bainimarama that enough is enough and I will no longer accept being mistreated by any member, servant or affiliates of his military regime. I’m also speaking this on behalf of many silent majority Fijians who’re unable to publicly voice out their opinion on this non-violence matter.”

Anonymous said...

yup. we want to live in free Fiji, where democracy is the guiding pillars of this country, NO UNDER NAZI DICTATORSHIP.

Anonymous said...

Vili, how's your hormone replacement therapy going?

Anonymous said...

DECADES after the implementation of the Financial Management Information System (FMIS), some Government ministries and departments still cannot use it.

That was one of the many flaws outlined in the report of the Public Accounts Committee submitted to Parliament yesterday on the 2007 to 2009 Auditor-General's reports.

In the report titled No More Repeats, the committee highlighted ongoing problems with the FMIS not capturing all the revenue and expenditure activities of all of government departments.

The report said the repeated examples of infrastructure projects being incomplete or non existent, despite full payment being made, included essential infrastructure such as airports and ports.

It noted that the laxity of certain agencies to public sector accounting standards was in breach of the public sector accounting law of Fiji.

"As an example, many agencies failed to produce an annual report in one, or all of the years in question," the report said.

The report revealed that discrepancies were identified between what certain departments and agencies provided as a record of holdings, compared with their actual cash-at-bank.

It further revealed flaws such as the repeated concerns about the low rate of student loan recovery, recurring practice of un-presented cheque's or "December Cheques".

The report also highlighted the repeated examples of systemic vehicle fleet management problems across government.

"Repeated evidence of over-expenditure on salaries, wages and conditions by various agencies, particularly the portfolios of RFMF and police," the report said.

Anonymous said...

Amazing the increase in porn, drugs, teen pregnancies, homosexuality, robberies, rapes, child rapes, drunken brawls, divorces and drunkard behaviour since Baini Kaiyum coup of 2006. Where is our country heading?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4:14 PM.

Fiji is deteriorating and not getting any better. This is a moral breakdown in society and if we are not careful we will be heading toward disaster. All civilizations and societies that have broken down and have been destroyed in the past like the Roman Empire, already had internal moral problems before they were conquered by others.

Anonymous said...

I believe the therapy is working properly on Vili and is effective except some peculiar change in his behavior. He runs to the restroom every hour with a bar of soap. I don't know why the soap?

Unknown said...

After the events of 2000 coup Fiji is at a far better place. The problem with these Sodelpa I taukeis are they are too freaking lazy.

They whine about how their land is under threat yet for decades they hardly ever cultivate that asset. Excessive grog intake and too freaking lazy to farm.

Let us not forget that the Fijian of Indian extraction arrived decades ago to cultivate the sugar plantations which I taukeis were to freaking lazy to do.

That sugar cane bolstered Fiji's economy combine that with the Fiji Indian talent as entrepreneurs Fiji elevated its status above other Pacific Islands which led to us becoming a hub.

And the I Taukei's gave the Fiji Indian no appreciations whatsoever instead they treated them with contempt and racial abuse. The coups in 2000 took it further to physical violence which included ransacking properties and raping.

And these are exploits from people who actually proclaimed to be Christians. As a I taukei I am freaking embarrassed to be associated with these reputation.

These Sodelpa lots however continuously show the same ignorant and arrogant behaviours. You lot need to sort your freaking selves out because you are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I personally dont gave a damn about SODELPA NOR FIJI FIRST, all I want is a credible government that is no racist, not fraudulent and definitely not running dictatorship, I just want a good government that cares about the countries economy and the citizens.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro, good luck on your hormone replacement therapy programme. Your quest to becoming a woman is long overdue because you started to look and talk like a woman when you reached puberty. All the best faggot.

Anonymous said...

Villi Roko, I too agree that SODELPA supporters are racist, I dotn blame them, its people like Ro Kepa and Qarase that are spreading the hatred.

I however, dont like Bainimramas government too, they are no better than SODELPA, I see that bainimarama cannot lead the country because as everyone says, he is puppet of khaiyum and kaiyum is only hoarding his race everywhere, all the strategic positions of this country, they dont listen to anyone, they do whatever they please, SO WHATS THE USE OF THE PARLIAMENT?????


I believe a day will come when I-Taukei and Indo-Fijians will stand united and oppose khaiyum , muslims and chinese who are infesting this country thanks TO BAINIMARAMA AND KHAIYUM.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Rakoro... You comment as a itaukei you are embarrassed to be associated with this reputation.... what a laugh.... you obviously are a Indian posing as a Fijian with the pseudo name Vili Rakoro. It is obvious in your tone and comments....Or you Vili have been duped by an Indian who is helping you write your post....You should be embarrassed of yourself for being too stupid to write what you just did.

What need did Fijians have to cultivate land when our people survived on subsistence living and there was no need to be a slave to another. The Indians were practically slaves and leaving India for Fiji was the bet option they could ever dream for.

The descendants of Indentured labourers today should thank their ancestors for the decision they made to move to Fiji and be slaves to colonial masters otherwise they would be rooting around in India today living on the very meagre.

You Vili think with your arse and spew from your coka................

You continue about the 2000 coup but what difference does it make with the 2006 coup. Both were acts of treason. I said before that Hindoos today have been duped into believing that the 2006 coup protects them. Khaiyum has stripped Hindoos of any political ambition and they have been thrust into the backdrop without realising the consequences of what has happened.

They claim to be victims of the 2000 and 1987 coup but everyone is a victim because of the stupidity and callous actions of Fiji's Military.

The culture of violence created by the MILITARY of Fiji is evident in our society today and it will continue. You yourself said that you are a child of the coup and a victim yet you see no better than to applaud one coup 2006 (Frank) yet denounce another. What a hypocritical bastardo you are.

Go back to the drawing board and think of something else to write which will make sense you curry baigani...

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Anon@12.15PM. Vili is confused with his sexuality, that's why he's on a course of hormone replacement therapy. He's even confused about his identity, but he shouldn't be because he's a frigging low-life Indian. Sometimes he used Fijian in his postings, but that's because he/she's typing while his Fijian gay lover was prodding his anus. Vili you disgusting filth.

Anonymous said...

Vili racism is all over the world.Ethnic tensions can be found in every continent and region.Even India has its racism with darker Indians seen as peasant class or bahari people been discriminated against.Africans who go over there to study at university are even discriminated against.Australia has its fare share Aboriginals conflicting with Caucasians sometimes even pacific islanders such as our Samoan neighbours.The US again still trying to heal its wounds from its colonial past.African American vs Caucasian vs Mexican vs Asian again conflict can be seen.Japan has laws and policies that sounds discriminating to anyone that is an immigrant.We are no different to any country in this world and we all have our fare share of problems.However I believe Fiji problem was never RACISM.Foreign media and even our own journalists say it's ETHNIC TENSIONS but that's a lie.The problem has always been the economic imbalance between Indigenous and Indo Fijians.Government policies and communal style voting is another addition to the real problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm not one who is a. Economist but when I look at government expenditures we operate on such a small tight budget.There's not enough to go around to the poor or social welfare,housing and mass scale government employment programs.I don't blame government or SODELPA because the fact is we just don't have the finance.Our nation would love speedy over night developments and level the economic platform in all households to close the cap on poverty but it seems a long way to go.I'm all in for increasing government budget to at least 100million a year but our revenue must exceed expenditure at all costs.The funds can never be abused because the whole nation depends on it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....Indians and particularly Hindoos in Fiji and overseas have pledged their support behind Frank. What they don't realise is that Khaiyum is standing behind them rooting them from behind.

Hindoos probably are just grateful to Frank for being the vengeance towards the Fijians but what they don't realise is what Khaiyum is doing to them. Look at Koya, the son of the later Sidiq Koya. He was only a two bit lawyer who opened a practise in Nadi but no one took him seriously. His mother was sent to jail for burning the popular building in Lautoka. Through that time, the Koya's have known it was a revenge act by the NFP supporters who disagreed with his father Sidiq's actions when NFP won the general election in 1977. The Koya's have tried to clear their mothers name and attempted to get into the main stream political action but they have been suppressed all these years until Khaiyum.

How many Hindoos do you see last in Khaiyum's Government. Every Gujarat in business have their hand in Frank and Khaiyum's pocket. Other Hindoo businessmen, play along but they know the reality of this Government.

They all thought when Fiji returns to Democracy, money would rain upon Fiji like it did after 1994 election and 2003 election.

Not this time and it is clearly affecting the economic situation in Fiji across the board.

Khayum will collapse the Sugar Industry and this will see the demise of thousands of Hindoos who rely on farming. The backlash to Indian businessmen who rely on supplying FSC an all the workers etc will be phenomenal but Khaiyum cares less because they are Hindoos.

The stage is already set. Hindoos understandably feel the need to avenge what happened to them in 1987. For them, Frank is their salvation but Khaiyum is in the background changing things.

The Hindoos thought the Labour Party, Chaudary, Felix Anthony and the lot would get behind and gain power in Government but they underestimated Khaiyum. Chaudary got kicked out and so did all his cronies. Now the Hindoos have turned against the Labour party, sided with FF and NFP and the Labour Party now is a dying party. A party that supposedly championed the rights of the working class.

Hindoos are still trying to worm their way into power but Khaiyum's has Frank wrapped around his cock and no way, will they get in and the Hindoos do not realise this. If they need anything today, they have to go through Khaiyum and hey, he has secret accounts today that will make you gasp.

Keep on supporting Khaiyum you Hindoos. See where that takes you. Rajendra Chaudary knows this and other Labour Party stalwarts.

Anonymous said...

@2.41pm Fiji will and never be a state any religion as we are a SECULAR STATE!!! Ahhjaa!!!?Now I understand there is a lot of fear mongering amongst the religious communities Christian say this?,Muslim say that?,Hindu say this?,atheist say that? Let me remind you to go read the new constitution where it says FIJI IS A SECULAR STATE!!!!!...SODELPA IS TESTING THE CONSTITUTION SO KEEP YOUR SAPO ON PLEASE.

Bris Fiji said...

apparently the dishonourable minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Mereseini Vuniwaqa is heading to Aus to meet with Native Title staff??!! WTF !!! what happened to the 'Look North policy',,.... why on earth isn't she going to China for guidance? It seems at every opportunity the thugs and cronies are heading back to western countries for junkets. They have had eight long,long years and all that has resulted is they are presumably looking for cash injections from Aus EU , NZ and US of course to fund their whims.

This regime and their flunkies will always talk sovereignty and partnerships but what they means is 'shut up and give us the money with no strings' The Thug in chief also cannot stand the scrutiny so he even has the gall to insists that Aus and NZ should be giving aid but be observers ?? Fuck off!

The Aus taxpayer for one has had a gutful and cannot understand why we even bothered to lift sanctions. It was so much cheaper for us.

Anonymous said...

Caught taki!!!! Look at vili last post his not itaukei only an Indian speaks like that.

Anonymous said...

I wish khaiyum, Bainimarama, kepa, qarase die AND pave way for new politicians who are not RACIST OR CROOKS.PERIOD.SOMEOEN WITH GUN PLEASE DO US THIS FAVOUR AND FINISH OFF THESE 4 PARASITES.

Anonymous said...

9.05 anon
M sorry but we don't have that government any more. Wait for the next election if you still want a true govt by the people.
Fiji is facing its worst nightmare right now with the current ruling party so in the meantime accept it and go with the flow or join our resistance movement.

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