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Monday, May 11, 2015

Terminally ill Bainimarama supporter resigns

A not unexpected statement today from Pio Tikoduadua about his health.

The former Lieutenant-Colonel,  Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister and Fiji First Minister has resigned from his position in Parliament citing health reasons.

Tikoduadua has been loyal to the regime to the end; support by citizens has over the years been rather ambivalent.


Anonymous said...

Another cocksucker bites the dust!
Next is Bainimarama? The later has been shiting himself,peeing himself,farts publically etc,etc,
just a matter of time? Our custom
and mana has been around for over
3000years BC!ONE DAY MAFATU!!
Kudru ni Vanua o Viti sa na qai
kati kemuni jiko na bokala se kaisi???

Anonymous said...

He looks worse than a sick puppy. By the way Vili Rakoro looks like him. Related?

Anonymous said...

What's a good caption for this photo? LOL

kiwilad said...

Wish him all the best for the rest of his life. I'm sure what ever he did in the public service was with good intentions

Anonymous said...

This is an example of a person that tries to do good and with good intention but because of lack of wisdom and good understanding of the indigenous people of this country and our cultural tradition and may be too concern with his ego and short term gain he forgot that traditional leadership had been around for more than 3,000 years.

This country was founded on the principle of CHRISTIANITY and i Taukei wisdom and knowledge of "veidokai" and "vakarokoroko" and commitment and sacrifice made by our forefathers for them to renounced their traditional religion and bow down to God the Creator of Heaven and Earth with the sacrifice and commitment during the two world wars and the Malayan campaign. They fought for freedom and now Frank and Khaihum have taken away our freedom and know bringing in false religion (Eastern Religion) which is the worst in the world, ISIS is an offshoot from such a Religion.

What Frank tend to deliberately put aside is his "mata ni gasau" to all the Chiefs of this country.

I feel sorry for my naita and school mate and other people that I ways admire such as the Seruiratu, Rika and the minister of Health. The rest are all opportunist,corrupt and con artist kind of people.

Frank will not save you guys but please turn back and run away from this evil government.

Innocent lives have been suffering during the 2006 take over especially Christians and indigenous people of this land.

My prayers are with these people to stop the curses that are coming to them and their family daily.




Vinadu riki na veiqaravi, dei jiko ni na rawa na bula

Anonymous said...

@2.51 you are indeed a clown... "whatever you sow you shall also reap". aren't you harvesting what you have sown?

Fiji was not founded on Christianity to be correct. Fiji was founded on the simple fact that Cakobau was losing totally control over Fiji. Tonga was ruling Vanua levu, the Lau, most of Lomaiviti, and little Bau was doomed. Read you history books again! It was because of GUNS that modern Fiji came into being. FIJI IS FOUNDED ON GUNS and the MILITARY. Christianity is more or less a simple cultural frame that was set up to bring some sort of enlightment to the land, but without the GUNS, missionnaries would still be trying to convert people...

GUNS rule.

Anonymous said...

sa kata tiko mai vakamalua ke dou dro mada ga vei Jisu sa na sega ga ni rawa ..ni lesu ki na vanua na veisorosorovi vei ira noda turaga o kedatou tou kai viti tikoga.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 2:57
Hahaha you think GUNS Rule.


Pio Tikoduadua has ALL the GUNS behind him but he is now about to die.

When cancer comes to you, You and your gun will fark off to the grave.

Even down there THE BACTERIA will find you.
BACTERIA will find you and fark your dead body.

Your mother will cry for you BUT YOU CANT STOP BACTERIA.


O ira na lialia me tau ga vei ira na vakamacala e sota kei na nodra lialia.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

And Fiji is governed by the worst bacteria of all, Bainimaramacocous.

Anonymous said...

I can, perhaps, understand how Tikoduadua must be feeling during his personal turmoil. I might understand as well how his family and close relatives must be feeling when they cannot see, as we all cannot see, what the immediate and extended future holds for him.

It is comforting to know, however, that he and his family are getting consolation from their firm belief and faith in God and Jesus Christ.

I do not know whether or not he is prepared to leave this mortality and meet his Maker to be judged by the Ultimate Judge to whom we will all make an account or make accounts of the life or lives we have led from our physical birth to our mortal demise. But to have a clear conscience and to show remorse and repent of our mistakes and try to restore to them whom we have wronged certainly brings peace of mind and spirit to us during our difficult times such as this.

I pray that Tikoduadua understands this but, to the person who said "GUNS RULE"; I do not think that he or the guns he advocates can even solve Tikoduadua's dilemma at this time or at any time at all.

Anonymous said...

@4.00PM Indeed GUNS rule.
Man is the product of evolution, and the latest discoveries in physics that probably ALL possibilities of ther worlds exist. Absolutely mind boggling. You are still living and thinking like in the ancient time.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Guns Rule...your attempts to enlighten us with history is what I would say..how you see it.

Fact 1 - Tonga's were never a threat to Fiji.

Fact 2 - The only threat to Fiji were the French and Americans. I dare say we should have gone with the Americans and perhaps we may have been a state of USA and may not have imported an indentured labourers.

Fact 3 - Maafu was in Fiji solely for the purpose of protecting the Tongan's already in Fiji.

Fact 4 - The Tongans learnt how the skills of war fare from Fijians and had prior to the arrival of the Europeans, had been under the thumb of Viti.

Fact 5 - The blood line of the King and Queen of Tonga flows from Fiji and that is one of the reasons Roko Ului is there.

Fact 6 - Maafu fought his wars throughout Fiji using guile, cunning and most importantly, the Europeans who gave him his guns and cannons and enabled him to pretty much win most of his battles.

Fact 7 - Maafu himself had Fijian bloodline in him and when he fought in Fiji, he allied himself with those he was related against those who were foes with his Fijian relatives.

Fact 8 - Maafu fought battles known as the Valu ni Lotu which pretty much was on behalf of the Methodist Church.

Fact 9 - Maafu's final battle under the guise of the church was the battle against Matuku. The church warned him of their support.

Fact 10 - When the Fijian's heard the church had released Maafu, a tabua was offered for him to be killed, which Tui Cakau took up and in the battle at Wairiki, Maafu's most trusted warrior Wainiqolo was slain.

The only history you read is the history of Tonga towards Fiji but what you don't know, is our history against Tonga, Samoa, Wallis & Futuna, Australia, NZ, Tokelau, Tahiti, Hawaii. These are oral stories that these people in their own country associate with the Great Fiji as they say for we were once the greatest sailors and warriors that roamed the Pacific and were feared. Just as the Greek, Italians, Spanish and Portugese did at their time.

Anonymous said...

@3.32 I can see that you la k of education. Cancer can be the result of a lot of things : radiation, mutations or virus mainly. Bacteria, which you refer too, may lead you to death too, but not too directly involve in cancer. Keep studying boy.

Living creatures are, individually speaking, mortal. It is necessary for the mecanism of life (evolution) to perfect itself. It doesn't matter too much who lives and who dies in the big picture, as all animals are, in the end, only made of atoms. Every animal is, in a sense, a simple version of a living creature. Every bad thing you do to others, you do it to yourself. Justice doesn't belong to another world. You are both Kepa and Bainimarama, both yourself and your enemy. Such is the only possibility. Otherwise, it would be impossible to have a fair justice. Our actions depend of our historical context. If you were born in the 19 th century, you would have been a cannibL like anyone else, even though made of the same body. If you end up with a specific set of genes, you would be a dangerous psychopath. Who you are is not exactly what you think.

Anonymous said...

@4.17 Lasu, lasu, lasu.
Tonga was very much a threat to Fiji, very very much! It required the diplomatic skills of te British to get the Tongans out of Fiji. Again, read your history books!

the Americans were just conning a bit to get some money, as for the French, they only took revenge after the massacre of some of their people by the people of Viwa and that was it.

Ma'afu was in Fiji to slowly take over the country as Fiji had better , much better, supplies of timber. The great canoes were designed and built by... imported labors (eh...) from the Navigators Islands.

No battle were actually made on behalf of a bloody church, for goodness sake, since when a church is supposed to go to war?!?!? Church is merely a pretext for conning. GUNS, GUNS and GUNS are ruling. One man can die from a "bacteria" but still guns are standing in someone's else hand. GUNS NEVER DIE, only man die.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:10 PM

When guns can cure diseases such as cancer, when guns can alleviate social problems such as hunger and crimes, and when guns can make natural or divinely caused disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes go away, then we can believe that guns do rule.

You have tried to cause fear in people but many have defied guns and maniacal, warped minded people like you "gun advocates", to the point of even being tortured and dying without fear.

Your remark is as of a person, who has been indoctrinated back to front, who mistakenly thinks that "guns" is the most dependable object of worship in the entire universe.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

@4.38 GUNS rule. Christianity has nothing to do with rugby. So you really think, in your little brain, that there is a god over the clouds watching a stupid game called rugby and saying like "mmmm I think I'll make Fiji win, I like Fijians better."...ha ha ha what a farce you are!!!!! what a great example of self-created "god". A god making a rugby team win...

Fiji is the product of 3000 years of natural selection my friend, only the fittest could survive, or the most conning. Here is a better explanation. Rugby is all about fitness and the capacity to deceive the other team. Unfortunately, it prevented Fijians from making scientific discoveries and making GUNS to rule the world.

If you ask me to chose between a good GUN and God if I am attacked, I'll take the GUN thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

@4.38 "a living testimony that Fiji was on christianity"... well we could replace christianity by something else too... evrybody knows that the people are waaaaayyyyy to much involved in fornication, cunning and what other sin to be called anything else but hypocrytes...come on, give us a break.

Anonymous said...

@4.38 I fear that the Lotu is declining seriously in Fiji. Hardly any youth in urban settlement would want to have anything to do with it. Number of people going to church always drop abruptly when a country starts developping.

As for the vanua, well, it's dying a fast death. Look how many people still live in the outer islands... a lot of fijians don't give a damn about going back to the village and build their house on their yavu and going to church and giving all their money to their chief and so on... the country is changing. Fijians will have to create a new culture of their own.

As for the matanitu, well it will reflect those change. A manatinu without much to do with lotu, but good governance.

Anonymous said...

@Gun rule: Please do not mock God. If you really believe what you have written here about gun rules, please take the gun to Tikoduadua and ask him to worship it like you said in order to save himself. He is a believer in guns too as he supported the coup to down trod the people of this country. Why is he proclaiming God and not the gun. That is a testimony from a gunman that God is far greater and more powerful compared to a dead gun.

Anonymous said...

Only God can save Tikoduadua. Not a gun or the millions that his friends may have take from this country since the coup.

"Vengeance is mine", says the Lord.

Tomasi said...

We sympathise with you Pio and hope you will enjoy the rest of your days with your family and friends. However, may you take the time to reflect also on the other realities you have not mentioned.

The military coup you supported was absolutely illegal, judged illegal and wrong. It cannot be justified simply because it was both morally and legally wrong. No amount of platitudes and selective memory on your part will undo the evils, injustice, pain and suffering your actions have caused to many thousands of families.

It is a pity that your high education and moral and religious training has not opened your eyes to the simple fact that both the man you supported and the cause you represented are morally and legally without sound basis. How can a person like you be so blind or indifferent to that truth? Is it because the material benefits and loyalty rewards you obtained have been so unbelievably good that it has blinded you?

Please know that the God you speak of is the author of justice and righteousness. You have been complicit in great evil and outrageous decisions and actions that has affected this nation. While you still have your breath, please consider the following suggestions for your own good and those of your family:

1. Confess that what you have done was misguided and wrong and you have caused long term and short term harm and suffering to many citizens and Fiji.
2. Make a public apology to all those whom you have wronged. Theses include the CRW soldiers who were murdered, ordinary civilians you have abused, tortured and humiliated since 2006, and the thousands who have lost their jobs.
3. Beg for forgiveness from our chiefs and political leaders and ordinary citizens.

If you do these Pio, we will forgive you and you may approach God with a peaceful heart knowing you have our forgiveness. It may also help you find healing and comfort.

If you choose to reject my advice, then I hope you will find peace in your soul. Remember, there is no purgatory where you are going. You must decide your eternal destiny here before you breathe your last breath. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

5.13 ..hey boci,
Win or loose Fijis rugby still acknowledge and show that God matters in life in particular at home. Why care? The NZ team are doing it too, International soccer teams are doing it either.
Pio is a product of that too and is acknowledging God.
Did he ask the doctors or gun for help this time in his quest for life?
You know what, you're a fool!

Anonymous said...

Certainly your right Tomasi. He is standing on a cross road where his liberty and God given right to choose is at stake which God won't tread on. Public apology as you proposed will be seen as backstabbing by the current regime, likewise the traditional and religious protocol of vaka tutusa to both the vanua and lotu.
For Pio to live and enjoy his eternity he has to forget the past and do exactly what Tomasi has proposed here. A basic survival kit for I taukei heading for what" late Ro Misiwaini of Narusa" used to say..Eda na tini kece la I Davuke.

Anonymous said...

2.57. Where do you get your facts from? What year did Cakobau ceded Fiji to Queen Victoria? Do a research. A class 1 toddler will tell you.
Christianity is what I will say the "foundation of Fiji " because of its powerful influence in all aspects of human life , community living and welfare of the natives of Fiji. It shapes and builds true democracy(biblical based) before the dirty corrupted ridden western democracy crept in.
It came years before the cessation. Ask a class 2 kid Who will tell you the start of Christianity in Fiji.
From your writing I suspect you're a descendant of the sea slugs and beachdeemer sailors who came to our shores to con the people of Fiji with pistols and whiskeys. Is that so? Another research to make to trace your ancestors.
Thats why you are a gun advocate..you can now enjoy and play yourself with it but be careful of the barrel, not because it may go off, but it's size

Anonymous said...

4.10..Yea science prove that evolution is absolute " theory" not absolute fact. It points to a '"someone" behind the great design of the universe.Thinkers and atheists like Dawkins are struggling with it now.

Anonymous said...

5.17..you know waaaaay to much and thats why you should be blamed for introducing fornication, pornography, and cunningness to our shores. We know nothing about this until you and your kind brought it.
You filthy barsted like your god satan!!

Anonymous said...

5.17, yes go take a break! Because of you and your kind,... fornication, corruption, cunning, pornography , filth etc are a problem in Fiji. . Did "they" emerge from thin air? No! It is those who know waaaaay to much and speak waaaaay to loud like you who are to be blamed for fornicating our land and people.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why the Bacteria Vili Rakoro isn't commenting at all lol

Anonymous said...

To these guys who talk about god and rugby---where is he when we lose?

Anonymous said...

@2015 at 8:28 AM

When we lose it is always a blessing in disguise.
When we win it is the victory to OUR CHIEFS AND VANUA AND lOTU FOOL STOP....!
I think u better talk about soccer Bhaiya.

Anonymous said...

Dozens of young Queensland women were paid thousands of dollars in cash to marry Indian men in an elaborate visa scam, a court has been told.

One woman said she earned up to $20,000 for marrying a man she'd never met and recruiting two friends to get married.

Thanee Edser leaves the Magistrates Court in Brisbane, Monday, May 11. Photo: AAP

The accused organisers, Indian-born former migration agent Chetan Mohanlal Mashru and marriage celebrant Divya Krishne Gowda, both 35, appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday for the first day of a committal hearing.

Seven young women told the court they were offered one-off cash sums of between $1000 and $5000 and ongoing payments of up to $250 a week to sign marriage documents partnering them with Indian men who were seeking spousal visas to live in Australia.

"When I signed the certificate I had $5000 given to me on that day," said one witness who was married in 2011.

"I also got money every week from my partner."

The court heard many of the unions took place at a house at Oxley, in Brisbane's southwest.

Investigators from the immigration department contacted up to 50 people who had been married by Gowda after the alleged scam was exposed in a newspaper article.

The department's Robert Ansell said investigators found the same names appeared regularly on paperwork, tipping them off to what appeared to be an organised scheme.

None of those who were married is facing charges. Visa applications are on hold pending the outcome of court proceedings.

Some of the brides said they suspected the marriage was unlawful but went ahead anyway.

"It was always in my mind that we may have been in trouble," said Charlotte Marshall, who was paid $1500 up-front plus $1000 per month to get married.

Mashru and Gowda are each charged with 17 counts of arranging a marriage for a visa in 2011 and 2012.

Mashru is also charged with 23 counts of influencing a public official and 19 counts of delivering false information.

The hearing, before Magistrate John McGrath, is expected to wrap up on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

@7.44 Read your history books. Fiji had polygamy, people having probably the most immoral lifes you could imagine, so... maybe you should nuance? If one can't stand in the right track,mone has only oneself to blame unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

@6.12 so the "corrupted western society" saved Fiji from cannibalism and then again from its destruction by Japan during WW2 but their people are soooooo bad? mmmm. I suppose westerners must be shaking their heads in disbelief...

Vili Rakoro said...

Those Indians and their bogus marriages, they're scum and these damn Indians can do anything to stay in another country. They should all be rounded up and shipped back to India where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...what is evident about people who are against the Fijian or Itaukei people of Fiji is that they are afraid that Fijian have progressed. The half breeds, and children of colonist who enjoyed a black and white society have had their candy taken away from them. They cant face the fact that Fijians have now progressed and are better educated and will eventually progress to other things. Most of the half breeds of Fiji cant speak Fijian. At least the colonial children tried and many of them speak Fijian fluently. For the half breeds, they are neither nor nether. They are the worst kind cause they think they better than the Fijians and Indians. Well, if your a half breed and making stupid comments, think again because you either have a mother or grandmother or grandfather or great whatever it is that was Fijian. Be proud of that fact. Learn Fijian. Learn the customs and culture. Criticize it but accept the fact that it is a way of life.

Anonymous said...

Can we have more love and less guns now?

Anonymous said...

Western Society saved Fijians from cannibalism...what a laugh...we did not want to be saved..we were enjoying our lifestyle until these white orangutans turned up. Well it is no different to the Middle East, China and Indian civilizing the Europeans who lived a feudal system no different to ours. The Chinese and INdians were civilised before the Europeans..well chinese more so...The Chinese are all over the world. The Monguls are chinese mixed with Indian and Middle Eastern and Genghis Khan conguered the world including most 90% of Europe and turned the European savages into civilised people. That is evolution. Once one were deemed savages even if they lived a sublime life and they get invaded and their lives change.

Anonymous said...

Second one from Tailevu...first was Colonel Suli who died while studying in China...These soldiers should remain soldiers protecting the sovereinity of Fiji and not chase Government jobs kissing Franks arse. Memu sici

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Fiji is not the only country who practised polygamy. It was a common practise all over the world. Sai Baba had numerous wives and so did Prophet Mohammed. The old European system they practised polygamy and in fact you still find it today with rednecks.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the half breeds of Fiji tend to say they were made in Fiji. They say Fijians and Indians sailed here but they were made here. Hello, everyone conceived and born in Fiji was made in Fiji. Frank is a half breed as well.. Maybe quarter because his mother was half breed. Soon and very soon...buuuya

Anonymous said...

Pio is as good as dead..It would now be appropriate to say he is a "non-issue"...just saying! whether Pio will now appreciate standing in Qarase's shoes..after all Qarase' is enjoying his forced retirement as PM unlike the unexpected retirement of a not so colourful career

Suomynona said...

Retirement due to overwhelming health issues is nothing new but best of luck to the man on his recovery anyways.

Anonymous said...

Pio is being punished for his deeds. He was Frank's left ball and did all Frank's bidding whenever his balls swayed. Now Pio is suffering from Prostrate Cancer. This is due to licking Frank's balls which has been contaminated ever since he ran down the banana plantation in a terrified state of fear. Pio is lucky because at least he can now scratch his own balls and beg his maker for forgiveness. Like they say in Ra - warai saraga ni rawa. One message to Pio. Those that you watched or ordered and were killed by your soldiers, they are waiting for you in the afterlife. Unfortunately you don't have your Ben Naliva and others of the unit you created to terrorize the citizens of Fiji with you when you jump of your rikarika ni mate. You better start praying very hard for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Agree Suomynona....such an overwhelming issue that he has to make a public statement...The man committed treason..at least nature took care of that

SEMI K MEO said...

@ Anon May 12, 2015 at 3:07 PM. Sir/Madam. I rebuke your allegation the late Qaselevu, the Rev P K Davies is as you so blasphemed “anonymously”!!

How dare!..but,as the Good book warns; touch God’s anointed and God will deal with you mate. WHO EVER YOU ARE!!

Oh, as for Col Pio, had a couple miffs at him in his office and on the phone, but still; he like all of us deserves mercy.His faith journey is between him and God. The rest of us should just worry about our own walk lest we fall, especially us who love to shoot from under cover of anonymity…vinaka saka.

Anonymous said...

@8.14pm Tabakanalagi had an illness when he died. Qoroniasi Bale died having lost his mind and speech. Some die peacefully in their sleep. Others because of illness. Others because of accidents.

But everyone dies.

Takavesi said at Mirbat when he ran that 800 meters to the gunpit, either its my day today or God has other things for me to do before it is my day. When he got to the gunpit Labalaba was near death his last words from that Bua ni Lomai Nabua song....Tukuna na noqu I loloma vei iratou kece mai vale. He went to his maker knowing he had done his duty.

Colonel Pio Tikoduadua leaves a legacy. His name will be remembered in the history of this country and within the ranks of the military as a man of sacrifice.

A good man who stood firm in the darkest hours of 2000 and remained firm to the end. A true warrior of the Vanua vaka Roko Tui Bau of Kubuna.

What will your legacy be ?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:05pm...Your an idiot....Your attempt to compare Franks biatch Pio to Takavesi and Labalaba clearly reflects the cowardly mentality within the military. It is also clear your a military man.

Takavesi and Labalaba fought against oppression. You soldiers with Frank oppressed the people of Fiji.

Besides it was Labalaba who ran that 800m and not Takavesi. Labalaba ran 800m to man a gun to protect the other SAS soldiers. Your Frank ran 100m down the banana patch to save his own life with poo trailing behind him from sheer terror and fright.

Labalaba and Takavesi were true soldier. How dare you liken them to a poofter like Pio. Soldiers protect their country and their people and fight oppressors. Pio stood with Frank when Frank committed the coup. You refer to 2000 but refuse to realise your Frank committed the highest atrocity against the people of Fiji in 2006. Pio was his boy like I said before, licking Franks balls and doing Franks bidding. Pio is responsible for the brutality he ordered that was committed against the people of Fiji, the beatings and killing.

What is important in every persons life is what they are remembered doing for themselves and others. Pio when he kicks the bucket will be remembered by the Citizens of Fiji other than you cowardly soldiers as a butcher, a coward who hid behind his uniform and gun and ordered the brutality and participated in the brutality against the people of Fiji. What legacy do you speak of you barchod.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo - why don't you go to Lautoka...there is an area where Christian Indians live. Do some investigations about PK Davis yourself and perhaps you may change your opinion.

@ 9:18am... ha ha ha I betcha your Graham Davis...lol.........Always following coup 4.5 aren't you? Well your father's sin has not been buried. It lives within his son.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Pio is just another of the assholes who were hiding behind guns, benefited from the illegal regime headed by the parasite Baimagasona. They will all fall and I'd ask who's next?

Why is S K Meo screaming about P K Davis?

Anonymous said...

When the Opposition boycotts Parliament, FB gets in a huff. And then he decides to make a fool of himself by boycotting an international forum. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

For all of you who are talking about guns, Why dont you stick it up where the sun dont shine and press the trigger........Kaila!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:59am - why don't you show us how to do it. Im sure you have had a lot of practise...Kaila!!!

Anonymous said...

Pio realised in the end it was them or the rest of Itaukeis, smart move but too late, everybody knows him for the blunders that befits his shortened political life.
A good man by nature, smart by normal standards, but a coward who could not speak up to the truth let alone holds the truth to the end. I wonder how many millions he has pocketed from his little business franchise he made whilst at the helm of FRA? Too bad, cancer was the distraction, the truth lies deep within him and he knows it all too well. He ate the apple that Satan gave him, his religious practices as being a catholic is hypocrisy and his wisdom becomes the poison that has made a mockery of his own sanity. Goodbye to a good man who made the biggest blunder of his career life!!! Sad indeed!!

Anonymous said...

It underscores the quality of the Opposition that when Lt Col Tikoduadua falls ill of cancer he is attacked venomously.

Yet when they busy one of their own to cancer only a month ago the Fiji First Government sends its condolences.

And its good to see because come 2018 the people know which way to vote. Vote for people who will kick you when you fall down, or a humane caring Fiji First who continue to show true Christianity

Anonymous said...
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Semi Meo said...

I heard that Bainimarama poisoned Tikoduadua.
And the next one that will get poisoned is Naivalurua.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

I also heard that Semi Meo poisoned Pio.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @12:40 PM, It basically underscores your shallow mindedness when you carry out a political comparative analysis..Hello!! it is not about politics it is about a person's integrity run foul. The "Satanic spirit of Religion" which are thrived in organized religions of Fiji perpetuate a morality that has gone wrong...and you are an associate!!

Anonymous said...

No! the next one is the Minister of Foreign Affairs...he will jump side,just like Dr. Sharma!!..Karma gone Sharma!!

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

8.28..HE is omnipotent. HE is omnipresent.
HE is everywhere.
Sa rui levu na nomu vakilakila!

Anonymous said...

Repeal decrees, says Opposition
Nasik Swami
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

OPPOSITION member Professor Biman Prasad has challenged the Government to repeal some decrees that were implemented after the December 5, 2006 coup.

Prof Prasad offered the challenge while contributing to a motion filed by the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, seeking parliamentary approval for Fiji to rejoin the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

While commending the PM's motion to rejoin the IPU, Prof Prasad said democracy could not be strengthened if Fiji had Section 173 in the Constitution.

"You cannot strengthen democracy if you have Section 173 in the Constitution which says that all the decrees that was used by the previous governments to govern from December 2006 until the last decree before the Parliament sat is all intact," he said.

Vili Rakoro said...

Correction, Semi Meo is poison.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:40pm...Fiji First party leader caring...are you kidding me. Frank is the epitome of that story in the bible when people gave alms. The poor man who had very little gave everything he had and prayed silently in the corner. Those like you saw him and whispered nasties about him. Then the rich man like your Frank made his entry known and made everyone know he was giving and prayed in a loud voice and everyone like you praised him. Just as you praise Frank. You forget or choose to forget the atrocities he has committed against his people. Pio will suffer the same fate as the rich man because you and Pio were those who admired the rich man and licked his balls and did his bidding. Even if FF wins in 2008, it still proves nothing at all but eventually things will change and idiots like you if you are alive, will realise the error of your ways. Barchod

Anonymous said...

9.09 You are taking us back to pre-civilization.I don't encourage your opinion on the issue of polygamy. Don't tread on that because you lack in that area.If you don't belong to any culture, its obvious you don't, then leave it alone. Fiji like the rest of any cultured society in the planet practiced polygamy because it was duty and honor for women to offer themselves to their master. It was done with clear conscience, good intention and was acceptable in the society and era they were in. Can you fork out a cultured society that didn't practice it before civilization?
Well it is much better than the culture of adultery, pornography, fornication , cunning , rape, beastly, etc , you were/are raised in..
Now go back and continue your history reading.

Anonymous said...

9.13, that's how you perceive it. Christianity stopped cannibalism in its path and changed a brutal society into a kind and peaceful people. Wouldn't that create an environment for your ancestors to take advantage of ,when they came to Fiji? the kindness , love and hospitality they received from the converted taukei was good ground for outsiders like you to plant your seed of western corruption, and, yes , eastern corruption as well.
By the way, in one of my responce to the Japs , I'm proud to be a descendant of a Fijian protecting Fiji from them. He sacrifice d his life to protect the inhabitants of this country including those like you or your kind who had their tails curled inward up , in hiding, like Bainimarama had done during his 100 meter dash that saved his ass in the 2000 mutinee. .

Anonymous said...

One day evil was found in Lucifer, now there was a day when the sons of god came to present themselves before the lord and Lucifer the one who will later be known as Satan, the accuser and the adversary came also amongst them. Then God said unto Lucifer, “Oh Lucifer son of the morning why is it that I find unrighteousness in your heart?”

Lucifer responds “I am Lucifer the bright and morning star look at my beauty and look at my splendour! It is beneath me to serve the inferior being that you call man? Are we not higher than that worthless creature? Yet you have proclaimed that the human your crown possession creation setting him over the works of your hands and you plan on making us subject to this weakling? Will man be our judge? NOOO! I will not allow man to be my judge nor will I be subject to him. But I will take away his dominion and make it my own, all the kingdoms of the world will be in my hands and their glory shall be mine.

I will be the God of man’s world and man will bow down and worship me. For I am the swiftest I am the strongest and I am the wisest of all your sons. Who is most liked onto me? And who is able to make war with me? I should be sitting on the thrown of god showing to everyone that I am god”.

“I am the workmanship of the day and the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and beauty therefore I am perfect in my ways”.”Every precious stone was my covering the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold.

I was perfect in the ways from the day that I was created and iniquity was found in me. By the multitude of my merchandise they have filled the midst of me with violence, and I have sinned. I was on the holy mountain of God which I walked back and forth in the mist of fiery stones till I was cast down to earth with the third of the stars, I will weaken the nations, looting and plundering destroying the earth and Gods precious creation (mankind).

I am Lucifer the light bringer, the bright morning star, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God and above all the angels, I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the furthest side of the north. I will ascend above the high clouds; I will be like the most high”.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4.12. What's your point Padre? Care to share the preaching??...you are out of tune to the rest of the posting!!

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Semi Meo said...

Bainimarama poisoned Tikoduadua and now wants to poison Naivalurua.
Bainimarama is one big liumuri. Aghe piche.
Kepa was right when she called him Judas.
He liumuri the Fijian race.
He liumuri his own soldiers CRW
He liumuri when he was the first one to dash in the cassava patch
Now he liumuri his own soldiers who helped him, Tikoduadua and Naivalurua etc etc.
All you Bai supporters, he will liumuri all of you too.

Anonymous said...

Some who post here think that anything anti-Frank or FFP is pro-SODELPA. FFP can go get rooted in the back side by SODELPA and vice -versa as far as care. The point is many of us bloggers just hate, despite and abhor the ill-intended actions of this govt. right from late 2006 and its consequences on our innocent families, friends and relatives. It has come under the guise of a noble agenda which was nothing more than self-preservation, cowardice and voracious envy and greed for things that they could not rightly attain. And this applies goes to Pio Tikoduadua who knew all this and now tries to sound a statesman. Go die you rotten motherfucker, you did not even bother to apologise for the all the hurt, pain, and misfortune you've caused to innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...hear hear anon 6:21pm...right on...........
This is something every race in Fiji should realise. Many of us may not support FF or SODELPA but one thing for sure is that what we do not condone is Franks 2006 coup and his actions thereon.

We want a free Fiji. Free from all this bullshit decree, fair and equal. Preservation and protection of the rights, customs, tradition of the rightful owners of the land. Laws to incorporate the customary laws of the Fijians. Laws that will recognize those that settled and made Fiji their home. Equal opportunity and to live with dignity.

Anonymous said...

Someone let Padre out of Nauluvatu

Anonymous said...

childish posts!

99% by men I suppose.

SEMI K MEO said...

@ Name thief of May 13, 2015 at 6:17 PM.

Oh Junior "Semi Meo" You sure your mum told you the truth about your true identity?..and your real name is?

apisai natuva said...

Donu Vinaka TOMASI.

Pio was a brash and arrogant soldier in the mould of his mentor bainimarama.

Like his fellow treasonous colleagues in the military they have enriched themselves very handsomely and the proof of their guilt is the illegal immunity decrees they mistakenly believe will protect them from prosecution????

Pio must realise that he may protect himself here but i will not be the judge of the consequences of the place that we all pray to.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.21 quite rightly sad although i did hope you would not resort to such obscenities which you most certainly did. Curses do nothing to get your point across. I guess you had to make a point. In any case i think the same as you do. I am not a FF supporter nor am i a SODELPA supporter. I voted for NFP. I hate both of the the 2 major parties as they stand on 2 extremes. The only way to heal this country and take too new heights is to find the middle ground. As always the party that has the most intellectual capacity never gets the vote well at least not enough to form government. The problem is not the likes of Bai or Qarase or Rabuka. It is and always has been the ordinary mindless idiots who we call our public. The very people who deserve a good fair caring government cannot use their sleeping brains at least once every 4 years to vote correctly. AND THAT IS FIJI'S BIGGEST PROBLEM. If the public stops getting hoodwinked by freebies and all the other bullshit that they themselves are paying for via their taxes which the politicians and wanner be dictators offer we will fix Fiji Until than forget it.

Banwari said...

On 14 May 1987 the then third in rank Sitiveni Rabuka executed a mutiny in Queen Elizabeth Baracks and then a coup to take over the People's Coalition Government.

He gave one solid reason for the coup. Fiji to be ruled and controlled by iTaukei Fijians only. No Kaindia to control Fijian Government.

Fair enough and this was supported by the former Great Council of Chiefs and shockingly openly supported by the Methodist Church In Fiji and Rotuma.

Few months later, a coup was executed in the Methodist Church as well. Ta Levu Reverend Koroi was removed forcefully by Reverend Manasa Lasaro.

Hence, politics became embedded in the church to the delight of Lucifer.

After the 14 May 1987 coup, an Interim Government was set up and Rabuka returned to QEB.

On 25 September 1987 Rabuka executed another coup but this time removed the Interim iTaukei controlled government.
IF the first coup was to remove Kaindia from Government, what the hell the second coup was all about?

One thing we can conclude from this history, race is only a scapegoat factor when the real reason to coup is something else. In the name of race, evil politicians created enmity between races and religion.


28 years ago my beautiful country was destroyed by thugs/Taukei Movement/Great of Chiefs/Nationalists/Methodist Church. This latter was followed by 3 other coups. We are now 50 years behind the rest of the world.The poor have become poorer since 1987 and suffered the most. The sufferings/the violence/migration has been the norm. Let now all races reflect together and come to an amicable solution. Reconciliation is the way to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Semi H Meo said...
That is correct Bai will definitely Liumuri all you followers. He's poisoned anyone that attempt to oust him or anyone
he suspected. Look guys the assole
his not a full Fijian, his Great
GrandPa was the American Whippy that Liumuri Ratu Seru Cakobau.He
led the group of white farmers in Levuka to rebel against the Cakobau Government and ask the
American Navy to forced Ratu Seru
to give up his Government to his
Group? So Bai is carrying on from
where his Great GrandPA had left
off? WTF!!!

Vili Rakoro said...

Semi Meo Snr, you better confess to your wife that Semi Meo @6.17 is your son. You even referred to him as Junior Semi Meo you sneaky mongoose.

Francis Kean said...

THREE Fijian rugby touch players were arrested and charged with robbery in Hong Kong earlier this week, the Hong Kong police have confirmed.

The three men aged 20, 26 and 29 were part of the Browning Bombers touch rugby team that was invited to be part of the ANZ International Touch Championships.

Well done boys, Fiji is so proud of you all.

SEMI K MEO said...

@Vili Rakoro."sneaky manivusi la i keri.... am a faithful one woman hubby everyday of the week..lol..

Fiji should have, yesterday!!..been deducing from a pool of credible alternative Prime Ministers on the ready for the next National elections. NOW!!...not a few months before elections..or FFP may yet schock all of us with a mid-term national election.

My tauvu the Vice Admiral may just before the next national elections divulge his own health challenges as reasons to opt out. He has done his bit, what ever the varied quantification one may conclude of his Prime Ministerial performance or lack thereof.

Are we now ready for a non-itaukei PM again?

Anonymous said...

@May 13, 2015 at 9:05 AM
What legacy you talk about?

One must know that legacy must be based on truth and NOT lie. Pio succumbed to Frank and Khaihum'sd lie.

A class one kid can differentiate a lie from the truth.

Is this the kind of legacy that one can propagate?

I hope you have children to that will NOT follow your lie guy.

Please wake up ..sa levu na yalowai vei kemuni na totaka tiko na matanitu lasulasu oqo baleta beka ni sa rawa tiko kina na nomuni bula.

What is the long term impact on to the next generation?

Anonymous said...

Pio's legacy is of a soldier turned politician through a coup...enough said!

Proud Half Caste said...


You said a mouthful Fiji is now officially in kai-loma mode until 'nationalsits" like you can do something in the next century!!! NOT!!!

Khai-yum said...

Murimuri ni kai Navunisole...Tikoduadua should shut the ferk up and ferk off damn ahole!!