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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tui Cakau suspended from Parliament

Tui Cakau
The Privileges Committee has recommended that Tui Cakau be suspended from Parliament for two years for using obscene words to describe the Speaker of the House Jiko Luveni.

The Committee has an audio recording from Communications Fiji Limited where Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu calls Luveni a 'vutusona' and 'cavuka'. The incident took place at a public SODELPA meeting last Thursday in Makoi.

In it's report tabled in Parliament this morning, the committee said:

According to the audio recording, it is clear that Hon. Lalabalavu referred to the Hon. Speaker as “vutusona”. The iTaukei term is extremely obscene and gravely offensive as it literally means anal sex. Following that statement, Hon. Lalabalavu then referred to the Hon. Speaker as “cavuka”, which means retarded or mentally challenged when he had mocked her by saying that she stood up when the Opposition side stood up during a particular sitting. In all these instances his reflections on the Hon. Speaker drew laughter from the audience.

When summoned by the Committee to give his evidence, Hon. Lalabalavu was evasive about what had actually transpired at the SODELPA meeting. He also stated that the slurs in the iTaukei language may not have been necessarily directed at the Hon. Speaker.

Hon. Lalabalavu also submitted that the manner in which the slurs were said did not mean that they were abusive as such, especially since the Hon. Speaker is also a member of the Tovata Confederacy. According to Hon. Lalabalavu, that is the relationship of the “vanua” and in the context of the “vanua”, that is how they engage in such a cultural setting.

However, the fact is that this meeting was a public meeting for which a permit had been obtained. The fact is that this was not a cultural gathering of the Tovata Confederacy. This was a public meeting by SODELPA which advertised this meeting as constituency meeting in which all members of the public were invited. It was not limited to members of the Tovata Confederacy. It was covered by the media for all Fijians.

The committee's report stated:

It should be noted that under section 20(h) of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act (Cap. 5), any person who utters or publishes any false or scandalous slander or libel on Parliament or upon any member in his or her as such commits an offence and such an offence warrants inter alia imprisonment for a maximum of two years.

Hon. Lalabalavu viciously and scandalously attacked the Hon. Speaker and made a mockery of the institution of Parliament and important arm of the constitutional system of government. It was so vicious and scandalous that it would be difficult to find such contempt in other jurisdictions.

Given the above, the Privileges Committee strongly recommends that Hon. Lalabalavu must be suspended from Parliament for at least two years of the term of Parliament, with immediate effect from 21 May 2015. During the period of suspension, he is not allowed to enter the parliamentary precincts including the Opposition Office. He must also issue a public apology in writing to the Hon Speaker. Immediately upon his suspension, he must be ordered to leave the precincts of Parliament and to remain outside of Parliament precincts. If he fails to comply, necessary enforcement measures must be imposed to ensure compliance. 

The recommendation is being debated in Parliament and it is highly likely it will be passed.

Side note: When Jiko Luveni was illegal Minister for Women she blamed women for getting raped.

She said: "Women should dress modestly and help men in the national campaign to cut down sex crimes.” 

“If a girl is going out to drink with guys in an isolated area wearing shorts or clothes showing off her body, she is inviting trouble."


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Anonymous said...

Naiqama has shown his true filthy class as some of those supporting him on this forum. I wonder if they would have responded the same if their mother, sister, daughter or any other member from the fairer sex would have been the receiver of such slurs. Seems like that most of the self professing Christians on this site forgot one of the very basic teachings of their lord, Do unto others etc. shame on Naiqama and his stupid followers. Seemsa Karavaki should amend his speech to "our women are not to be punched but to be loved and hurled vulgar abuses at"

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Bainimarama swears a lot, so why not suspend the asshole too?

Anonymous said...

We will support Tui Cakau till our grave. Where was khaiyum when women were pro-democarcy women were beaten at the MILITARY BARRACKS after the 2006 coup.Than no one thought of respecting women.I BELIEVE ITS TIME FOR CIVIL WAR FOR FIJI. THIS HAS GOTTEN OUT OF HAND. THE GOVERNMENT IS STILL SUPPRESSING ANYONE WHO SPEAKS AGAINST THEM.
iji military accused of abusing pro-democracy activists


AM - Wednesday, 27 December , 2006 08:08:00
Reporter: Peter Lewis
PETER CAVE: Fiji's military is accused of targeting pro-democracy activists in a ruthless crackdown on dissent following this month's coup.

Some have spoken of being arrested at gunpoint, being taken to Suva's Queen Elizabeth Barracks for questioning and then beaten.

Correspondent Peter Lewis reports.

PETER LEWIS: Fiji coup leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has made it clear he won't tolerate criticism of the military takeover, pointing out that in a state of emergency certain rights were restricted, including freedom of expression and the right to assembly. And over the past few days reports have emerged that armed soldiers have been making good that threat, rounding up pro-democracy activists, warning them to stop demonstrating and, in some cases, beating them.

This woman spoke on the basis that her identity not be disclosed. She says she was among a group of six people taken to Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva on Saturday night for questioning.

WOMAN: Then they took us to the main ground, and there's a cricket cement pitch there, in the middle of the ground. So they told us to lie on it with our faces down, and then they asked whether any of us is pregnant, which we replied that we did not know it. So they started jumping on our backs and our lower backs and started hitting us and kicking us, and punching our faces and stuff.

They started cocking the gun and things and warning us that was meant for us, told us that we were such a nuisance and creating too much problems for them. And it's because of us that the soldiers still remain in the street and it's also because of us that this coup has started and all these things.

This all happened in darkness, in total darkness, so we couldn't see their faces, because we were down on the cement as well.

They did that for about an hour, more than an hour, then they made us, they chased us out and to run out of the camp compound, and told us to run all the way from there along the public road to the democracy shrine, which is about eight or ten ks out of the camp. But when we got to the democracy shrine it was all, it was all trashed.

PETER LEWIS: For its part, Fiji's military has so far refused to comment on the allegations. The women were later treated in hospital for their injuries. They claim the soldiers warned of further reprisals if they spoke about the incident to anyone.

The crackdown is being widely reported in Fiji, and the pro-democracy movement claims more and more Fijians are disturbed by the military's tactics.

WOMAN: I honestly think that they're just going to backfire them, because people see us like this it's going to incite a lot of bad feelings and things like that against the army.

PETER CAVE: Peter Lewis with that report.

Anonymous said...

Lalabalavu will get what is coming to him. The sexist, misogynist, self important, supercilious wannabe.
Walking proof that most chiefs are degenerate good for nothings. He will not be missed and can go back to molesting teenage girls in the vanua.

Anonymous said...

Naiqama did wrong by using vulgar words no doubt. But who says khaiyum is any better. He makes fool out of Fiji Citizens everyday.He is turning Fiji to Islamic state, he ridged elections, he is after I-Taukei land.He considers himself the law, and by punishing Tui Cakau, he is proving he is above the law and can smack opposition whenever he wants to. Bainimarama can swear as much as he wants, no action will be taken on him, but opposition is expected to hold standards. We need to understand this and stop khaiyum before he starts telling teh citizens of this country when they need to go to toilets or how they live their lives.Who will STOP HIM??????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If he did swear at the speaker it wasn't in Parliament, instead it was at a SOLDEPA party meeting as alleged.

Where's the evidence Aiyarse?

The standing orders are for Parliament isn't it?

Bainimarama swears when he was in public, now does that mean he breached the standing orders? Come on Aiyarse, people are not dumb as you make them out to be. It's pieces of shit like Vile Rakoro are the ones who should be punished.

Unknown said...

Go Fiji get rid of that bastard kaiyum and followers.

Unknown said...

He is benefitting from ISIS and wants to make Fiji an ISIS nation

Anonymous said...

I remember when Ken Zinck was watching the news at the Union Club when Frank came on the news and made a speech. Ken swore loudly at Frank and 30 minutes later, a truck of soldiers arrived at the Union Club, took Ken to the barracks, assaulted, threatened and made him run and perform exercises. Before releasing Ken they threatened Ken never to utter anything about Frank. Ken has the right to say what he wants. He has the right to swear at someone as long has he does not hurt the person or break the law.

Naiqama like all of us has the right to express his opinion about a person. Our rights as individuals had been stripped away and is slowly being stripped further by decrees put in place by Khaiyum.

Frank is the biggest bigot of all. Im sure if he reads this he wont understand what bigot means.

The interpretation of the alleged offence will be interesting, to find out. They can relate this offence against Naiqama if Khaiyum so well likes too. The interesting thing is that Khaiyum created these laws to protect him and Frank and the dissolving of the constitution only means that they will have to find and create new precedents.

Section 20 (h) states - utters or publishes any false or scandalous slander or libel on Parliament or upon any member in his capacisty as such; or

Naiqama did utter something. Was it false, scandalous or a slander against the speaker.

Well it is not false. It may have created a scandal but was it a slander.

To prove slander, four elements must be proved. 1. that Naiqama conveyed a defamatory message. 2. that the material was published. 3. the speaker could be identified as the person referred to in the defamatory material and 4. the speaker suffered some injury or his reputation as a result of the communication.

Well 2 and 4 are definitely out so I can see how this half a lawyer Khaiyum can prove any case.

This matter is no different to Ken Zinc taken to the army barracks for cursing the baku Frank.

Now what about subsection (j) threatens or assaults a member or an officer of Parliament on account of his conduct as such a member or officer.

I recall Frank was threatening to throw a bottle at one of the members. This was in Parliament as opposed to Naiqama's case, which was during a SODELPA meeting.

At least now the honourable Madam Vutusona Cavuka Speaker does know what we think of her stupidity. Leqa ga na via rogo kaca levu.

Vili Rakoro said...

You get into trouble by saying the truth hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is digging his own grave. Maybe his days as a parliamentarian in Fiji is limited, he is just instigating us Fijians to become ruthless. We do have tolerance limit honorable taliban- you wait and watch...you think we I-taukei are weak and cannot protect our nation. Let us have gun in our hands too than we shall see who rules this country.Go back to Pakistan.....before its too late for you and your family...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and baini should be sacrificed for our future generations, we Fijians need to work and solidarity, this is our land kahiyum should head back to Pakistan and baini needs to head back to naboro

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is new Osami Bin ladin- he needs to be caught and put in prison before he destroys Fiji.

Kenneth Zinck said...

Thanks for the reminder of my episode with the army above. Bainimarama rang me on my mobile phone and abused me for writing a letter to the editor against him. He said Fs and Bs and magaitinamu and all worse still he did it to Fr Barr also. Yet these guys still walk free/ petty crimes by Ratu Naiqama now earns him a two year suspension from parliament.Bai and khaiyum are guilty of TREASON and should be taken to court now. Police commissioner do your job

Unknown said...

It's really nonsense to imposed a sentence for two years not in parliament. Rt Naiqama was voted to parliament by a number of people more then the disciplinary committee who makes the decision. Reprimand is more a likely sentence

Anonymous said...

Ba chiefs just declared independence from govt and now this injustice against the vanua of CBM.....
The Kai Viti are simply fed up ,,,,waraka namaka,,,,

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Did someone say we are a Democracy??

Where is our freedom of speech?

The PM as we all are aware swore at a Priest!!! Not only that, he wore at many others!!!

Aiyaz, what are you trying to tell the people of Fiji huh???

Unknown said...

Please Fijians Don't let a Muslim ever tried to dominate the Fijians way of living. Ty Naiqama and the vanualevu Chiefs can form a state of there own because they have the resources. For this Indian Muslim kaiyum to push his rule to separate us Fijians is a no.......no. He needs to be lost unknown of his whereabouts. You know what I mean

Anonymous said...

Rt. Naiqama was morally wrong in swearing at a person either in parliament, or in parliament or in private. But if he is reprimanded for this offence, by Bainimarama or Khaiyum or any other person who also uses offensive words or gestures to other persons, then these oral abusers should not be recommending punishment.

Rt. Naiqama should take this as grain of salt and leave everything else to his Maker to mete out punishments on hypocrites like these dictators.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell all a story. There was once a frog who dreamed to becoming a king. He had a magic wand which he cast on the whole country. All animals became kings and all noble men became slaves. The frog then began charging all in his court. He became the judge. He made other frogs the team of lawyers and judges. Slowly he began killing off all nobles and kings and enjoyed the life of a king. Little did he realize that the spell that he has cast on the people would end. He didn't realise that he will soon re emerge as a frog and all goodies he had acquired, all properties he had possessed will become useless since frogs can't make any use of those goodies. The frog in Fiji is currently enjoying his days. But he is forgetting that after the spell ends he will again become a frog.

Vilimaina said...

Vili Rakoro

When it comes to naming a hypocrite you are one of them!

Seems like you have short memory. Remember all the rotten derogatory slurs you spurted at Ro Temumu?

Please keep your trap shut since you are guilty.

Qase duka said...

Lalabalavu qase duka, old enough to be a grandfather but the bastard still eyeing girls young enough to be his granddaughter.

horny old bastard must be a big vutusona himself.

Anonymous said...

How many know that the Speaker and Lalabalavu were an item in good old days.

Jihadist John- ISIS in Fiji. said...

Lalabalavu please leave our Ro Kepa alone. I don't trust you with women and girls. You sick, pathetic old man. You are a disgusting old fart who is a bad reflection on our chiefs

Unknown said...

Again as I have said over and over which is beginning to go around in circles. I criticised Kepa as a politician not as a chief or person.

I have made some harsh criticism towards her but none was verbally derogatory. Yet if you read the comments from SODELPA lots they are as filthy as Naiqama.

They call our PM and member of parliament Khaiyum all derogatory names under the sun. Some still even refer to the democratically elected PM as a dictator.

That is why they seems to think it is acceptable for Naiqama to be derogatory. All these nonsense about the venue being outside of parliament is moot.

The meeting was in public and the member of parliaments was there as representative of parliament.

Had it been a personal meeting and Naiqama was there personally then free speech totally applies. However it was not hence parliamentary procedures still applied.

This also shows the mentality of Sodelpa politicians and supporters. They think it is acceptable to verbally abuse their position and other people.

Before Bainimarama these was standard behaviour by all these crooked chiefs and politicians. Shouting Christianity one side and then turning around to shout derogatory abuse on the other side.

Absolute hypocrite and pure evil. These is why we the majority I Taukei's voted for Fiji First. We know first hand their manipulative ways and we have had enough.

They all shouting vote rigging and what other crock of bullshit they think. They do not want to face the reality that they are in the minority.

Not even counting Fijian of other races, just I Taukei's the election showed majority of us I Taukei's voted for Fiji First.

This nonsense from SODELPA lot about Fiji Indians taking I taukei's rights and lands is the same bullshit they have used before Bainimarama to win election. Well these time it did not because Bainimarama finally showed us majority I Taukei's the truth especially us in Viti Levu who stood by all these years since Independence and see the kai yanuyanu / islander leading us in our land.

This time we have decided us the Kai Viti Levu true I taukei will lead. Kai yanuyanu types don't like it well they can migrate to Tonga like their kai or tovata or whatever shit they call themselves Roko ULui.

Kill the Pig said...

The Tui Cakau is a pig who made a 15 year old girl pregnant. He says he doesn't deny calling the Speaker of the Parliament someone who engages in anal sex. He did this at a public meeting thinking it wasn't being recorded. Now he is blaming Vijay Narayan for exposing him. So he is a coward as well as a pig.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wow! Some1 did their research on Chaudhary but didn't even look at his own behavior not more than a month ago. Double standards there too. Monkey see monkey do in the circus!

Anonymous said...

Some politicians will never learn..Never degrade your opponents by breaking the rules! Use a bit of common sense!

Unknown said...

Surprise surprise Qarase wants even more money. First he wants his pension which he claimed was 3 quarter of a million. After being paid he now claims expenses to the tune of more than half a million.

Just goes to prove what a self serving crook he was. This is after he stole millions from the public. The one year he spent in jail was a joke. He should have been forced to pay back those millions he stole. Or it should have been taken from his pensions to compensate.

What a joke of a person. Thank God he is no longer our PM. A waste of space and bullshitter.

Anonymous said...

@Vili Cavuka Rakoro, Qarase made legitimate claims based on facts and Khaiyum, surprisingly, has agreed and paid those claims. What's your fucking problem? Vutusona!

Anonymous said...

Vili rasona, sivia nomu viavia vuku, sona levu.

Unknown said...

Another fine example of the SODELPA mentality. Don't have the ability to debate properly, just verbally abuse using derogatory vernacular just like Naiqama their political representative.

Thank you for reinforcing my points. Next time perhaps add a bit of biblical scripture with your comments. Since that is how you lot roll. Preach Christianity and abuse side by side. Hypocrisy must be your favourite word.

Unknown said...

Legitimate and Qarase do not belong in the same sentence. Corrupt, greedy, self serving, bullshitter is more up his ally.

Explain these then when he became PM after the 2000 coup why did he not pay Chaudary his dues? After all Chaudary's claim was legitimate since he won the election.

Qarase blatantly refused to pay Chaudary anything. Instead he increased his cabinet and over paid them, some of whom had ties to the coup.

And then he went on to manipulate stocks and assets to swindle money into his personal accounts. Explains why he's living it up in US. Once greedy and corrupt will always be. Which is why he's asking for even more.

I bet some people commenting in here are his relatives and friends who enjoyed the perks of his corruption and now trying to paint him as a saint. When really he is nothing more than an embarrassment.

He even asked the Australian government in 2006 to invade Fiji. Not caring for innocent lives that could have been lost because as is his M.O he is self serving to the core.

Anonymous said...

FFs journalist Jay Narayan is a snake. So I'm warning other political parties to be careful when the snake is around. He can be your popular friend, but stay away.

Anonymous said...

iko kai vei..cici levu. Iko dua dua warai ni kai Viti levu..
vaka loloma nomu koro ena nomu gusu levu.
Qai mada lai yaga nomu koro.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, Ratu Glanville Lalabalavu, Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, Ratu Josefa Ratavo Lalabalavu.

Descendents and representatives of the ancestor-gods.
The Bible says, “For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God”.

So is this “authority” that we have in Fiji instituted by God, or is the Tui Cakau and our chiefly system instituted by God

What say……..Vanua Cakaudrove

Unknown said...

Era vakaloloma na vei koro ena nodra vakalialiai vei Qarase na tamata qalo mai warai na kena qele.

Tauri koya drau qalo vata lesu I nomudrau yanuyanu drau yavu viavia levu. Gusu levu tiko ka vosavosa ca tiko warai madaga ni o biuta mai na yacamu kawa ni tamata lamulamu.

Unknown said...

Well then if that's the case then he should go back to Cakaudrove and lead his people. What is he doing in Viti Levu. We have our own chiefs here too.

Maybe he's been away too long he's lost his way.

Samisoni R said...

Vili Vutusona Cavuka Rakoro, since you have time on your hands between playing with your testicles, look back to some of your comments about Ro Kepa. You swore and said derogatory comments at her. Talk about a kettle calling the pot black hahaha. Bastard.

Vili Butang said...

Vili the same can be said off your parents. You can be here cause you're born here but your parents do not. They need to go back and lead their other kids. Seems like they have been away too long they've forgotten where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is like Bainimagaitinamu now, but they will be rewarded later. How can an MP be suspended for breaching the standing orders over something allegedly said outside parliament? Fiji is going backwards because it's run by assholes from Fiji Fucked Party.

Tomasi said...

@Vili. I respect your right to speak freely. That is our God-given right as we are all created equal in the image of God. But that is precisely what Khaiyum has taken away from us. Like trying to see the wind, many cannot see what is really happening, because it is far much more deceitful, outrageous, complex and diabolical than ordinary people can ever imagine. It takes wisdom, discernment and clear thinking to see through the veils. That is what you don’t have yet. But I will not give up or be cowed by the devil's agents to speak the truth as one of God's sentinels. When we live, based on eternal truths, we can experience God's freedom, peace and happiness.

You remark on my consistent efforts to speak out, but you fail to acknowledge that I have been telling you the truth. Please kindly revert to all my posts in various blogs. You will see that all we have been telling Fiji have been proved true. This is no accident because God is not a man that He should lie, and His words are forever true. We have tried to proclaim the truth so that people may wake up to the tragic reality we have been facing. God has allowed evil people to perpetrate terrible things in our land to wake us up from our spiritual slumber. More terrible events are coming if we do not act now. Let me elaborate.

In 1987, facing our soldiers at Veiuto, we predicted that Rt Mara would face an ignominious end for what he had done to the nation. We were protesting the coup under the guise of “ Fiji for the Fijians”. We also said that the 1987 coup would be the precedent of more coups. Those predictions have come true. But many still call it Rabuka’s coup, yet Siti was only the leader of the dogs of war.

A few years before the 2014 election, we told people about Khaiyum's devious scheme. We predicted what would happen.We also warned our people that Khai was representing the shadows behind the curtains. He would accumulate power and exercise it fully to fulfill their agenda. I also introduced two invisible players in our political drama, the Jesuits and the Freemasons. I also talked about Islamic taqqiya, and Aiyaz’s Islamic agenda. These have come true and more shall be revealed as the time-curtain passes. When we allow God to speak to us, we will hear the truth. The truth will always prevail no matter the extent of secrecy, deceit, lies and psychological manipulation. The truth will always set us free.

BTW, I am also from Viti Levu and I hold no brief for Mr Qarase, Tui Cakau or their SODELPA party. I am only one of God's sentinels trying to wake Fiji up to the evil machinations of people, organisations and governments. The Bible warns us that perilous times shall come at the end of time. It shall be like the days of Noah.

Please Vili, consider carefully what is unfolding before our eyes. I know you mean well, but sorry to tell you that you are either ignorant, or not thinking clearly or you are looking from a defective standpoint.
Try seeing things from God's perspective. That way, you will not sow confusion in the minds of people. Don’t make the cardinal error of comparing people and parties to judge what is true and good and acceptable. Seek God's wisdom and allow Him to use others to reveal the truth. God’s Word must remain our absolute standard. We must never compromise or yield to the dogs of political correctness or materialism. You will be amazed by what you will hear and see and believe.

Finally, I will make another prediction. The day will come soon, when the good citizens of Fiji will be forced to cross that invisible line. KhaiBhai and their minders have done great evil and God will judge them for they have refused to repent. Both will meet a terrible end, far worse than what Rt Mara faced. When that happens, you and others may see the light. But I warn you, it will be some of the darkest days in Fiji’s history, before we emerge into a brighter and wonderful future under God Almighty, the God of Israel and Fiji. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Is the opposition going to sit around and be bullied or seek international help on how to run a parliament.

Anonymous said...

Is Tomasi for real?

Anonymous said...

Vili na qauri ni Vitchi..bitcheeee
Gonei vaka taki iko la. Na yacaqu o Anonymous. Iko warai ni yacamu djina o Vili Rakoro..lasutaka tjiko na yacamu.
Sa waraki iko tjiko qo na noqu dogo warumisa mo mai dabeca mada. Se vakacava meu vakatalatalataki iratou na wekaqu mai colo me ratou solia vei iko na moto ni coka vuaka eratou colata tjiko. Rawa ni tovolea mada e so na qasila ni yasayasa vaka ra. Ko tjiko ya mai Nadi. .gonei vucukia na vuravura qa toso. Sa vunimemu!
Au na kai Vitji Levu!

Anonymous said...

9.32..if you have nothing to say...and understan get the fuck out with Vili Rakoro bitcheeee.

Unknown said...

Au na koi colo e cava e ca vi koko anonymous mone vaka toce. Kua ni o gusu levu tiko tamata macawa.

Mai lasutaki cei tiko ni koi Viti Levu. Koko na koi yanuyanu warai na keu qele blurry qalo mai. Nomu tautau ni vosa e warai vaka e dua na komiti Viti Levu.

Keimami na kai Viti Levu keimami tokona nona veiliutaki o Bainimarama baleta ni o koya e liutaka tu na non a vanua e butuka tu.

O Qarase, Mara, Rabuka e ratou vulagi ka ratou mai liutaki keimami na taukei ni qele. E ratou mai vakaloloma taki keimami.

E vaka gauna na ka kecega. Vinakata se warai tekivu qo lako yani na kai Viti Levu ga ena liutaki Viti. Keimami veimaliwai vinaka kei ira na wekada na Idia baleta ni ira maliwai keimami tu. Keimami tokona me ra vakayagataka ka bula ena delani neimami qele.

Kemuni na kai yanuyanu ni bula ena nomuni delai ni yavu vakai I kemuni ga. Warai ni levu na wekada na Idia ni bula vata koya e vakavuna nomuni yalo qiqo ka loma ca.

Maumau nomuni lotu. Bulubulu boro vulavula.

Anonymous said...

9.14 Tom..this is theee nailer for velee Rah khorro
Iko na kai Vitji djina and represents the Vitji Levu people.

Anonymous said...

Padre is back!

Unknown said...


You cannot be serious mate. I have been reading and following your comments believe me. You cannot preach about prophesy and God and then continue your malicious attack on other people even if they are a different race or religion.

You are a clever person judging by your diplomatic answers and the way you word your debate. You remind me of the old order of Qarase and Mara who show grace and wit nevertheless your whole arguments becomes predictable.

You constantly assume everyone like me have tinted glasses yet somehow you don't and only you can see the truth. Listen up mate we all were brought up in Christian households and community.

Any prophecy can be decrypted in many ways just like how a bible verse can be interpreted in many ways too. Each persons ideal answer usually is decided by their current or past circumstances.

One man's luck is another man's misfortune. You say Bainimarama or Khaiyum are the carrier of misfortune, perhaps but most probably to those like Qarase and his cronies who lost out. Others like us the majority who have been robbed for years by the self serving of past politicians look at Bainimarama and Khaiyum as carriers of luck because our fortune is better. Whatever floats your boat mate.

So don't waste your time trying to manipulate those who have been manipulated before by past politicians and chiefs. It is a new dawn in Fiji and one which is very much positive. Then again depending on where you're sitting ey.

Anonymous said...

Kenai balebale iko dua vei ira na dau kabawaqa tu qo mai na wavu? Solia na qele vei ira, na idia iko lai kabakaba wavoki tjiko mo rawai lavo kina.
Kua ni wiliki keimami raraba na koi colo.!!

Anonymous said...

Vili is a kabawaqa!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Don't need to I know already. I have said that I was harsh in my criticism to Kepa the politician.

Kepa as a person on the other hand, never because I don't know her personally. I only judged her action as a politician starting from the 2000 coup onwards.

I know you're trying but don't waste your time. If you read my comments about Naiqama again you'll see that I clearly stated action need to be taken when derogatory abusive vernacular are used by either side of parliament.

If you want me to simplify that, I meant politicians from any party including Fiji First and Sodelpa. No double standard whatsoever.

Unknown said...

Isa vakaloloma nomu bula kemuni. Cava sa warai ni rawa ni o vakasamataka na ka mo tukuna sa tini sara I vale ni vo.

Tukuni na vuli o saga tale na kaba quwawa. Vakasosoko taka vaka levu na wai qori me qai kuri ni nomu ulu lala. Veiba o cakava tiko e vakaraitaka saraga na lala ni nomu bula.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro
In a previous topic you mentioned that you no longer commenting on comments from anonymous bloggers. What the fuck is going on here?
Tamata lasulasu!
Voreqe, Khaiyum, yourself, all in the same boat.

Unknown said...

That was very good reply. Well thought of and worded perfectly. You forgot to put some prophesy or bible verse in it.

So next time right beside your derogatory vernacular put a bible verse that would help continue the consistency of your lots debate strategy.

Come on ey don't let your Sodelpa buddies down.

Unknown said...

I changed my mind because no one else was answering all your debates. Come on now this place would be boring if it was filled only with your buddies comments ey.

You need me to keep that flame burning ey. Now stop wasting your time and give me one of your bible verse and swear in one sentence comments.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Rakoro.... wow Vili they must either have let you out for the day from Nauluvatu or I don't think you took your meds.......

You made this comment at 9:55am...O Qarase, Mara, Rabuka e ratou vulagi ka ratou mai liutaki keimami na taukei ni qele. E ratou mai vakaloloma taki keimami.

Your Fiji First party is championing the notion that everyone kai loma, kai dia, kai jaina, kai Solomone etc who holds a Fijian passport should be referred to as a Fijian.

Now you are calling men, Chiefs, servants of the people of Fiji, who has served Fiji vigilantly to protect your right as an Indigenous Fijian vulagi.

Interesting notion and it is reflective of your mentality and perhaps the mentality of your PM Frank.

The beauty is that if you think that itaukei whose birth right is the land of Fiji, its customs and culture, than I fear what Frank is telling you guys and your ideals of what the true vulagi are, who have adopted Fiji as their country.

You obviously think with your snake and spew through your arse.

Qarase being compensated is nothing new. He served the people of Fiji and particularly the itaukei including you. He brought you opportunities that today, have caused itaukei to open their minds and think laterally and to work hard and embrace the opportunities that are available. Frank is an opportunist. Im sure you are one of the vucesa who prefers to con people around the grog bowl and believe that people think your intellectual and you have your hand out to Baini and his side kick your Kai Yum to give you free privileges. Have you received anything from them yet for advocating them.

You should not speak for the people of Vitilevu because the people of Vitilevu have progressed from your mode of thinking.

Now grow up and take your meds and see Doctor Saraswati who has a med for you. One tamani big bhaigani grown in your Kai Yums garden in Rakiraki to shove up your nether region. When you yell just take it nicely and say..oilei...

Anonymous said...

Josatkei Daulako says..Obviously there are remedies to legal matters and the ruling against Ratu Naiqama should and must be challenged.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili Rakoro

What's with your hatred for the kai yanuyanu people. If you don't the strong relationship and blood ties between the people of Yasayasa Matuku/Moala and the people of Naitasiri, then you are not a true Naitarian.

There are many strong ties between those from the islands and those from Vitilevu. Trying to divide the indigenous Fijians aren't you? Succumbing and submitting to Khaiyum's whims and wishes aren't. Now we know that your real goal is to divide us iTaukeis.

Anonymous said...

@Vili Rakoro

What's with your hatred for the kaiyanuyanu people? If you don't know the strong relationship and blood between the people of Yasayasa Matuku/Moala and the people of Naitasiri, then you are not a true Natasirian.

There are many strong ties between those from the islands and those from Vitilevu. Trying to divide the indigenous Fijians aren't you? Succumbing and submitting to Khaiyum's whims and wishes aren't you? Now we know that your real goal is to divide us iTaukeis.

Tomasi said...

@Vili, did you know that Jesus called some priests sons of vipers (poisonous snakes). He also spoke of thieves and robbers and of wolves in sheep's clothing. He did not use euphemisms, he was not diplomatic, neither was he concerned about political correctness. He was Truth in person. He was Life in Person. When you remove truth, life-flow ebbs until death takes over. Fiji is full of poison, lies and deceit that people are confused to the point where lies have become truth and the truth is labelled as strange, dirty and difficult to accept.

Do you also know that the days we live in are the final days spoken about in the Bible. As sich, they shall be like the days of Noah. Please study your Bible again na wekaqu. The level of deceit and trickery, sin and godlessness shall continue to increase. Noah preached and built the ark for 40 years, and the people were scoffing at him. He suffered great isolation, ridicule,rejection, etc. The people called him crazy, building a huge funny shaped boat on a mountain. The people were right and justified by their very smart criticism, iy seemed, for 40 years.

Then it rained. It rained for a few days. Then it rained for weeks and never ceased. As the low grounds began to fill, people began to think, reflect and rethink. And it continued to rain, only these was no ordinary rainy weather. Water was also coming out of the earth. Even the hills were filling up. People began to think deeply about what was happening. You see, ordinary things often go unnoticed. It is extraordinary events, abnormal and paranormal events that stir people to action.

By the time people replayed Noah's warnings, God had already made His decision. No more forgiveness. Only Noah and his family would board the ark, and the animals. Sad to say, the people were very wrong after all. Good intentions, ignorance, and indifference could not save them. So close, yet so tragic. Noah did his best, but that was still not good enough to save his neighbours.

Back to the future. Great and unprecedented things are happening here in Fiji in plain sight. We are trying to warn people of God's principles and the need to honour them. Irrespective of who we are, God's sovereignty applies mercifully and justly.

When I call Khaiyum a dog and Voreqe a monkey, I mean exactly that from a spiritual perspective. The intention is to speak plainly, using pictures and metaphors to help people understand. I do not harbour any ill feeling against them, but I strongly detest their behaviour and I must denounce and condemn it in the strongest terms. Political correctness must be placed where it belongs, in the garbage bin, when talking or looking from God's perspective. I have served and loved people of different cultures, religions and backgrounds. I have stood up to the guns of 1987 on behalf of justice, truth and righteousness. Religious tolerance is one thing, but to deny my God for any reason whatsoever is absolutely non negotiable for me. I hope my position is clear na wekaqu. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Isa, even the blog Adminstrator agrees that there is no place for vulgar slurs as he is very productive in removing selective posts. This goes to show that Naiqama deserved to be removed for his filthy comments. Freedom of expression is not a free pass for such filth. The problem however is the double standard. This blog is a living example of such abuse. Sinners are defending other sinners. Jisu bless Viti.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

Isa your comments is so full of hypocrisy. You obviously don't remember that Qarase is a con artist and a convict.

The Fijian of Indian origin most of whom have been born and bred in Fiji for 5 generation or more are being treated by people like you as if they arrives on a boat yesterday. How many generation before you accept them as Fijian? Or is it the colour of their skin or blood that runs through their veins that dictated how you treat them?

On that same breath some Fijian from the islands/yanuyanu have been born and bred in Viti Levu for 5 or more generations. Both Fijian of Indian and Yanuyanu origin in most cases haven't been to their heritage land.

Now as a Kai Viti Levu are you forcing me to choose one over the other? if we undress it right down to the basic then the reality is this both of them arrived in my land on a boat.

So the reality here is choice. And as a Kai Viti Levu I am the one who have that luxury. Not a Kai yanuyanu, this is the basic.

So this is my whole argument and one which I stand by. It is up to me to choose whether I accept them both or just one. I can even reject them both if I wanted.

So I made my choice to accept both. All of a sudden one of them is trying to force me to reject the other. The one who is doing this is the kai yanuyanu bearing in mind in his island/yanuyanu he still owns 100 percent of his land.

Me on the other hand I have given some of my land not only to the Indian but to the yanuyanu/islander too. And on top of that I have allowed the kai yanuyanu / islander to even lead me in my land. Yet when I want to give the same opportunity to the Indian the kai yanuyanu gets mad.

So tell me Mr Daulako between me and the kai yanuyanu who has the most compassion? Who is the most understanding?

If you look at it logically, democratically and religiously the kai yanuyanu appears to be one very bad and wicked person.

Now do you blame me for having my views? Or do you want to overrule me in my land?

Anonymous said...

Naiqama is a filthy old shitbag. Fijian parliament is much better without such filth.

Unknown said...

There you go again being diplomatic yet predictable. So eventhough you called Khaiyum a dog and Bainimarama a monkey you now trying to swerve diplomatically and justify it by saying that even Jess at times didn't do diplomatic but just straight talk.

So now you're like Jesus. Funny you mentioned deceitful because from where I am sitting I see one.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Finish off Bainikhaiyum and Fiji will find liberation.

Anonymous said...

No you're wrong and lying again!
Just admit it. Your mind gets fucked every time a blogger nails home a point.
By the way you were missing for awhile. You need to behave, otherwise your better half Kamlesh gets angry and do something and again we will not hear from you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

E cava e vutu ni tukuni na ka djina vei koko?
Na ulu lala e basika ni tautau tu vaka lialia na vosa. Keda na koi Vitchi eda dau qarauna na noda vosa.
Cava o wasea kina na kai yanuyanu? O keda a dua ga na uma tamata, duidui ga na vanua e vaka daberi keda kina o ira na tubuda.Sa taura na bole bole o kodrovaka tjiko mai qori.Laivi keimami nai taukei me keimami vei volavola I tiko. Iko sa wara ni koi colo.

Anonymous said...

Not only Vili is a kabawaqa, he's a product of his kabawaqa mother hahahahaha. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again! You're lost, absolutely lost trek.

You should inherit the name from the bible..Judas Iskariot..the Judas of the i taukei

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Rakoro...you obviously do not know who you are or your history of the people of Fiji.

You offer sympathies to the Indians and at the same time slaughter them for being vulagi.

You say you gave land to Kai Yanuyanu...do you actually own a tradition piece of land.

Do you actually know where the kai Yanuyanu came from. Do you actually know where the kai Vitilevu came from before settling on Vitilevu...Yep the same boat as the kai yanuyanu so what does that make you.... a vulagi...oh yes it does because you are God's vulagi living on his land which you came but I wont get into that.

Every Kai yanuyanu from Kadavu, Beqa, Yatu Yasawa, Mamanuca, Cikobia, Islands of vanualevu and the lauan groups, you obviously think in that small mind of yours that you are a different race of people as us. Is this something Franky the bum tells you and you believe it... Wow...I applaud you. Tell me if you have the guts the name of your village, your bird, your tree, your yavusa...I'll ask it in Fijian, cava nomu manumanu - your answer Cavuka - Cava nomu kau - kau nei Voreqe - Cava kemu ika - qitawa...ocei nomu vu - Vu-lagi...

Listen here Vili, before you embarrass our tauvu, mataqali and naita from Vitilevu with your stupid rhetorics... run off to the toilet, perform your abulation with one tamani veka because that's all that's coming out of you at the moment...jilou...

Suomynona said...

Luveni just recently degraded women and now Naiqama is getting suspended just for a small simple mistake that Khaiyum is actually making a big deal of.

I guess some people can't take casual spoiling when its not really that serious.

But I take it that its been said at the wrong place at the wrong time, based on how they view it.

Anonymous said...

12.58..JD..don't stop..Keep On Asking Vili. Let's see if he/she can answer.
Vili cava nomu manumanu, cava nomu yavusa, cava nomu tokatoka, cava nomu tikina, cava nomu koro, cava na kemui cavuti, cava na kemu kakana, cava na kemu bibi, cava na kemu balavu, nomu yabaki ni bula, yacai tamai kei tinamu?
Can you answer these questions so that we can trust and beleive in your rhetoricals.
At least show us that you know where you come from.
Come on be a true warrior and come clean since your calling some of us cowards and lamulamu.

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum must be taught our tradition and be told that chiefs in Fiji are warrior's or descendants of warriors themselves. The language they use whether it's bad, abusive, swear, slur or inciting are accepted in the kai Viti society.
The lady speaker must accept it as she is a traditional subject of Rt Naiqama unless she's not I taukei.
Sa evei na I tovo ni veidokadokai..Madam. speaker. He is your chief!

Anonymous said...

The four members who did not vote in the ruling of Ratu Naiqama are Fiji First members. Interesting no.

Anonymous said...

Watch this space - Nailatikau contract as President ends in Dec,,,,Bai will become Pres and Kai PM....he he.....
memudou sici sara na kai viti lialia dou tu qori ena FF,,,,sa dro rawa on Tikoitoga,,,,,,baleta sa kila tiko na ka vakarau yaco,,,,,he he moce jo

Anonymous said...

me ratou panpan mada na caka bose wavoki tiko qo vakabibi o o gavoka gusu levu.. qori dua sa qai tuba moce jo............

Anonymous said...

I only have two words for Doctor Jiko - Luveni Yali

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro - Kakua ni vakalialiai iko na via vosa vakavuku tiko!

E veibeci nomu vosavosa, oti o via vosa sara vakavuku - Ulukau!

E sega ni dredre na kila na volavola nei dua na tamata vuli vakavo ka vakaiyalayala ga na nona vosa vakavavalagi! Lako mada lai cakava e dua na ka e yaga vei iko! Boci!

Anonymous said...

anon 2.59pm
bose gona ya e tukuni kina na dina,,,,BOCI voli taki rawarawa

Anonymous said...


The Attorney General’s Office has filed a petition in the High Court regarding the Electoral Commission’s decision to award SODELPA’s vacant seat in parliament to Mikaele Leawere.

The Attorney General’s Office is challenging the decision of the Electoral Commission.

Devinesh Sharma is representing the AG’s Office.

Jon Apted is representing Leawere.

The case will be called again next Thursday.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with expressing ones opinion in calling another vutusona or cavuka. These are common words expressed constantly by Fijians. When two Fijians joke and curse each other, they will say vutusona. When a woman is involved in the joke, the term used is cavuka. If Naiqama likes to vutusona Jiko who is cavuka, whats wrong with that. If Frank Bainimarama continues to vutusona that cavuka Jones woman, so be it. I can say 'fuck you Frank you dumb ass stupid cunt of a motherfucker. He can ban me from the Parliament House for all I care or exile me somewhere else in the world who cares. FF is taking words literally now but they better watch out, it may come back to bite them. Besides, Jiko Luveni Yali is a dumb bloody vutusona and when she gets angry, her staff says she acts like someone cavuka. For all I care if she is bent over in front of me, my dog is having the first vutusona go. Khaiyum can wait behind my dog and Frank can vutulaki while watching the cavuka getting a good vutusona. I love it when you can say whatever you want about people who think they are high profile but have skeletons in their closets. What say Miss Rebecca Jones. Qarauna, Frabks cavuka wife will be after you soon. I have those pictures of your vussy

Anonymous said...

It is true that the language used by the Tui Cakau is not unusual within a specific Itaukei context, although within the confines of that Constituency gathering it was certainly beyond the pale.

Even when the late Tui Nayau was alive that kind of language was used around the yalofi by the chiefs of Lau and some of that type of language was even used by the Tui Nayau, and/or used by other lauan chiefs and directed at the Tui Nayau in his presence and his hearing.

It was done in good nature, and mostly in jest because those Chiefs were usually cousins (vetavaleni) within the Itaukei context who are permitted to use that kind of language and make those kinds of lurid jokes.

But there was a context to the use of that kind of language within that type of situation.

It cannot apply to a Constituency meeting and it certainly cannot be applied to the Speaker of the House in her capacity as speaker wherever that language is uttered, whether inside the House or outside it in the context of a Constituency type meeting such as occurred last week.

Leonne Qereqeretabu said...

" SODELPA SUPORTERS - Why you guys supporting this this old disgusting fart. What if he defiles, or abuses your own daughter, mother or sister" As a High Chief, a Christian and saying those vulgar words in a Church is not good reflection on him and SODELPA supporters. He should now resign from the Parliament. This is Karma - how you guys treated the opposition during Qarase years. The SODELPA supporters are fuming in hate towards the government but are not able to see and analyse how some of its MPs are behaving.

Naiqama has shown his true filthy class as some of those supporting him on this forum. I wonder if they would have responded the same if their mother, sister, daughter or any other member from the fairer sex would have been the receiver of such slurs. Seems like that most of the self professing Christians on this site forgot one of the very basic teachings of their lord, Do unto others etc. shame on Naiqama and his stupid followers. Seemsa Karavaki should amend his speech to "our women are not to be punched but to be loved and hurled vulgar abuses at"

Unknown said...

There you go again being diplomatic yet predictable. So eventhough you called Khaiyum a dog and Bainimarama a monkey you now trying to swerve diplomatically and justify it by saying that even Jess at times didn't do diplomatic but just straight talk.

So now you're like Jesus. Funny you mentioned deceitful because from where I am sitting I see one.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

Isa your comments is so full of hypocrisy. You obviously don't remember that Qarase is a con artist and a convict.

The Fijian of Indian origin most of whom have been born and bred in Fiji for 5 generation or more are being treated by people like you as if they arrives on a boat yesterday. How many generation before you accept them as Fijian? Or is it the colour of their skin or blood that runs through their veins that dictated how you treat them?

On that same breath some Fijian from the islands/yanuyanu have been born and bred in Viti Levu for 5 or more generations. Both Fijian of Indian and Yanuyanu origin in most cases haven't been to their heritage land.

Now as a Kai Viti Levu are you forcing me to choose one over the other? if we undress it right down to the basic then the reality is this both of them arrived in my land on a boat.

So the reality here is choice. And as a Kai Viti Levu I am the one who have that luxury. Not a Kai yanuyanu, this is the basic.

So this is my whole argument and one which I stand by. It is up to me to choose whether I accept them both or just one. I can even reject them both if I wanted.

So I made my choice to accept both. All of a sudden one of them is trying to force me to reject the other. The one who is doing this is the kai yanuyanu bearing in mind in his island/yanuyanu he still owns 100 percent of his land.

Me on the other hand I have given some of my land not only to the Indian but to the yanuyanu/islander too. And on top of that I have allowed the kai yanuyanu / islander to even lead me in my land. Yet when I want to give the same opportunity to the Indian the kai yanuyanu gets mad.

So tell me Mr Daulako between me and the kai yanuyanu who has the most compassion? Who is the most understanding?

If you look at it logically, democratically and religiously the kai yanuyanu appears to be one very bad and wicked person.

Now do you blame me for having my views? Or do you want to overrule me in my land?

Unknown said...

Rogoca mada na veidabui ni nomu vosa. O tukuna ni keda da qarauna Noda vosa. Io laurai vakamalua o kemuni na tiko eke vakabibi kemuni na kai yanuyanu ni warai ni oca na vosavosa ca taki Bainimarama.

O tukuna ni o keda duaga na uma tamata laurai tale vamalua kemuni dua na ka nomuni sevaki ira na wekada na Idia o ni vosavosa ca taki ira.

Vakaloloma nomu bula. Dikevi Iko tale vakamalua. Sa rui lolovira na nomu rai.

Unknown said...

I'm a Kai Viti Levu. And when I see you kai yanuyanu swear and make derogatory remarks to Bainimarama I will treat you with content. Bainimarama is a Kai Viti Levu.

You kai yanuyanu throw the I taukei's around to try and include us kai Viti Levu too. Remember in the election majority of us kai Viti Levu voted for Bainimarama. So please don't ever put us together because as long as you say derogatory remarks about our fellow kai Viti Levu Bainimarama we will never be with you end of.

Unknown said...

Wow the level you lot are prepared to stoop to is truly a relevation. Please don't let me stop you. Continue so we can all see just how filthy your ideals and brain is.

Unknown said...

So now we're all God's vulagi living on his land. What a joke do you even hear yourself saying those things.

That's exactly what the Fiji Indians and other races have been telling you but no you spout the I taukei's this is my land.

However when a Kai Viti Levu does exactly to you what you do to the Indians you start preaching the same answer the Fiji Indian have been telling you.

Your views and ideals belong in the racist past. Don't bring it to the current Fiji. If you do then be prepared to taste a bit of your own medicine.

Iko sa vakaloloma saraga nomu rai kei na nomu bula. Veisautaka nomu rai. Tovolea mo loloma boy. Ke warai o na warai ni lomani.

Unknown said...

You first or and while you're at it wouldn't mind first getting to know you. My name is Vili what's yours?

Anonymous said...

"7000 flag design submissions from SODELPA, trashed". Lmao.....that is so ridiculous. Quit bullshitting and just raise your skull and crossbones., you damn thieves. And while you're at it, raise your other black flag too....y'know the one with the scribbles and shit.

Anonymous said...

Thief Cacau deserves this. Who cares he is a Tui? He can do whatever he can in his village.

Unknown said...

Veibeci e? dikevi Iko mada kei ira na nomu kawaca koya ra vosavosa ca wavoki tiko ena blog qo.

O ni vosa va lolovira taki Bainimarama na kai Viti Levu. O ni vosavosa ca taki keimami na Fiji First. Levu vei keimami Kai Viti Levu. Qai o tukuna vei au niu veibeci.

Sebera ni o dusi dikevi Iko mada kei ira na nomu I lala qalo mai koya ra vosavosa ca wavoki tiko ena anonymous.

Vakaloloma nomuni bula.

Unknown said...

Isa sa qai vakaloloma dina nai tautau ni vosa. Kemuni na SODELPA sa so na tamata viavia levu dina.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi loved your comments. Seriously dude you believe that everything in the bible including the Noahs Arc story is literally true. No wonder the secular world things that 60% of the worlds population is plain dumb. Here's a question for you religious folks particularly Christians. I am God, I go ahead and create this vile creature called men than after a few years watch them
become every thing I created them to be in my own image. Greedy, lustful, jealous, full of cunning and all the other bad stuff in other words the (God of the old testament). So I decide to wipe of all of them via a big flood and in that process save Noah and his family. Lets for a few minutes just forget about how Noah and his folks kept them selves from dying from methane poisoning from all the shit accumulating as their was only one window in the vessel and how they recreated all of us from within the family ( I guess the God of the bible also has no problem with incest)In other words we are still literally fucking our sisters and brothers. Ok getting back to God. So he wipes us all of. Than in a few hundred years we are back in numbers and at our sinful ways again. Now God says fuck it I have tried to kill them all and did not work because even the good family left behind after the flood who's kids now populate the earth are no longer good I will go to earth as my own son "wink" "wink" its is still me by the way and get my ass crucified by evil Romans so that I can wipe of peoples sin from my blood. Is this the most absurd thing ever told or what and some people including in my opinion some very intelligent beings still believe this word for word. Christianity and Islam are the biggest lies ever told. Christianity is a mix of stories derived from pagan, Greek and Egyptian, and Indian cultures and Islam is just plain bullshit because it almost copied the old testament and replaced what they did not like or was to soft for them. By the way I am not from another faith nor am I an Atheist. I am a researcher with agnostic views in that I simply do not know what is the truth but my research certainly tells me that it isn't any of the religious BS we have today as none of it makes sense to a logical free thinking mind. A lot of you closed minded brain washed folks will no doubt attack me full speed but before you do just read up on the story of the Egyptian God Osiris the Greek legend Mithra, Hercules and all the Greek legends. I think you will see what I am taking about. Start reading up on the origins of Christianity and look for evidence for things in the Bible. You will find that there is none that has been validated. Great claims require great evidence

Tomasi said...

@Anon 10.26 am. @Anon 10.36. Thank you for being so honest. I am glad you admitted you are an agnostic. I understandYou may think that it is impossible to know God. The reality is that you can because Jesus came into the physical world so that we may know God and understand that the physical realm is only a manifestation of the metaphysical realm. Because we cannot see God with our ordinary eyes, He became human so that He can take us to GOD. A Christian missionary found a sign in one of the education centres of the world which read, To the Unknown God” He approached the king of that country that he knew God and that they too could get to know God through Jesus Christ. That is basically my answer to you. As long as you keep an open mind and humble yourself, I am very certain you will find GOD if you sincerely seek Him. You can give me your email address and I will send you more information and leave the rest to you.

But to respond briefly to some of your core arguments:

1. You are not alone. Like millions of people, I was just like you, a truth seeker. I went to church, Sunday school, read books including those about various gods you mentioned, and religions, etc. At university, I thought I would find a professors to give me the answers I sought about life, death, humanity, greed, wars, selfishness, politics, economics, philosophy, education, etc.
2. I devoured various literature, engaged in discussions/debates, listened, observed, meditated, prayed, etc. Not satisfied, not happy, lonely, confused, depressed, hopeless, etc. The more I read, the greater I was confronted with the hopelessness in the world. After thousands of years of so called progress and development in education, science, technology, commerce, business, travel, communications, economics, politics, we are in a world with more serious problems and it gets worse by the day.
3. The more knowledge I had, the more ignorant I felt. The more I learned, the more I realised how insignificant I was in a world of diversity, complexity, vastness, wonder and beauty. Science taught me that all we can know depends on our senses, and there are realities beyond the finite capacity of our human mind to grapple with. How can a finite being contain the infinity of the vast universe around me? How can monkeys evolve into human beings? How can nothing give rise to something? Was the universe an accidental result of nothing? Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Why am I different from animals, mushrooms, stars and the galaxy?
4. More questions flooded my mind, Is there a God I can relate to? If there is a God, where is he? Who is he? How is he? How can I know him? Does he know or care about me?
5. Then someone challenged me to study the Bible with an open heart/mind. To pray that if there was a God, to open my eyes and ears and let him reveal himself to me,
6. I took up the challenge. That began an amazing story of how real and caring and awesome and loving God is. I found God. He was actually seeking me. I surrendered to Him. I have been on an exciting journey of discovery, learning, growth, development, education, training, discipline, love, and service ever since. Best of all, this journey is eternal, and it continues beyond death and the grave. I am focussed on doing God's plan for me, and it can be summed up in two very simple but profound statements: Love God and Love your fellow men. He is in control over all gods, realms, heaven and earth. How wonderful is that?

Tomasi said...

@Anon 10.26 am contd from above.

7. I thought I would read and study the Bible in order to know God better. I discovered that it was the Bible reading and studying me, like a scanner, so that I could better understand who I was. Then I would begin to know a little about the God who spoke everything into existence. My notions and concepts of God, humanity, life, and all else changed dramatically over time. I thought I was smart, but God forgave my arrogance, ignorance and assumptions. He is indescribably wonderful in every way knowable. Sensing His love enables us to love others and to love Him. That my friend is the answer to every single problem we face in this tiny insignificant garden called planet earth, tucked away in a little suburb called the Milky Way, in this ever expanding universe He had created to reveal Himself to earthlings and to glory Him.

Yes He loves you and He has been seeking you. The question is are you willing to let Him reveal Himself to you? Are you willing to remove your robe of pride and arrogance and put on a robe of humility and sincerity? I hope you are. He said, “Whosoever shall seek me shall find me, if …..,” My friend, I hope my story will help you in some way. When you find God, all your questions will begin to assume a different perspective. God is the alpha and the omega. You and me, life, death, the stars and the galaxies and everything else is in Him. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at May 23, 2015 at 11:27 AM
Has dementia. Dont you remember what Baini did to you at the camp while Aiyaaz stood watching and using his hands to please himself

Anonymous said...

@ Tomasi.

Your 12:43 PM and 12:PM posts are very much appreciated. Your story is somewhat like mine.

I have found that what I had learned in secular studies have been improved upon after spiritually meditating upon the scriptures and having God reveal to me the truth of many things. And I realize, of course, that in future and in the eternities to come, more will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Continue with your journey to discover what you looking for. Hope you'll discover it before the sun sets on you.
I'm sorry but I won't take your agnostic view lightly my friend because it is that view that my ancestors had been killing and feasting on each other. The two Christians David Cargill and William Cross had sacrificed their life and family to death to show our ancestors the truth . It is this truth that saved Fiji and will also set you free.

Anonymous said...

Associate Professor Rakesh Swamy of OHLONE College, California, USA has been swearing and making bad remarks about this Parliamentarian. His email is rswamy@ohlone.edu or facebook on http://www.facebook.com/rsawmy
phone contact (510) 9797457

Anonymous said...

If there was a prize for writing demented hallicinatory crap, Tomasi and his little book of fables, would win it hands down.

Tomasi said...

@Vili, what is happening today in our Parliament is precisely what we had tried to warn our people about before the elections. One of the most basic truths one can learn is about fundamentals or foundations. Water has flowed under the bridge, but I believe we can still become a better society if we choose to learn from our mistakes and make the necessary changes, no matter how painful that might be for us.

We have allowed Khaiyum and his band to dictate how we must govern ourselves as a nation. They had to rewrite a constitution because the old one condemns them. We allowed them to impose it upon us. No protest march, no organised show of protest.

Then they engineered an election, determined the outcome, implemented it, and went through all the motions to obtain legitimacy and international acceptance. Lord Khai was the major player, judge and lawmaker. He changed the rules when the game was going against them. Again, no public protest, no organised march, largely because they were in complete control over movements, speech, communications, police, military, prisons, media, etc. The outcome was predicted well before the elections. Many of us played along with them.

Then Parliament. He wrote the Standing Orders. Guess why? They wanted to make sure that Parliament would be only a rubber stamping public funded show. The result will always favour them, no matter the issues being debated. They appointed a lame duck dame to be the Speaker. What else do people expect?

So where do we go from here?

1. The Tui Cakau case should be taken to the High Court. Serious lapses and breaches in natural justice were made by Khaiyum, the Speaker and their puppies. e.g. How can Khaiyum be the complainant, the judge and the jury ? ( see Fiji Leaks for more on this ) How can Jiko sit in judgement over a matter that directly affects her? ( conflict of interest ) etc etc How can a judgement be made without sufficient evidence? The House was not permitted to hear the recording of Rt Naiqama's speech, yet they went ahead and judged him. But the question is why? Why was Khaiyum so compelled to punish Tui Cakau for the controversial words? The evidence if objectively examined would exonerate Rt Naiqama and reveal the growing disenchantment with Government by the public. Why was Parliament not permitted to hear Rt Naiqama's full speech?

2. The current manner in which debates are conducted in Parliament is out of date, ridiculous and foreign to us in Fiji and our ways of speaking and communication. Our MPs are not able to communicate effectively because they are forced to speak and communicate in a way they are not accustomed to. It is not the normal way of speaking. We need to change so that ideas are effectively expressed and issues thoroughly discussed.

3. Standing orders notwithstanding, how can a group of MPs annul the votes of the people by sending an MP out of the House for a substantive period of time? This is something that must be considered seriously.

4. How can a Parliament still considered to be fully functional when there is no Opposition? If that is the case, then it would be better not to waste money on having Opposition MPs and just let Government be the Government. That seems to be the position of Khaiyum when he was responding to questions from the Opposition MPs on why Delanas's Flag Team was still going ahead with its work when a petition was been received in Parliament requesting a public referendum on the whole exercise.

5. How can Parliament allow one person (Lord Khaiyum ) to have so many portfolios ( absolute power) when there are many deserving MPs on their side of the House holding no portfolio. Should there be a limit to the number of portfolios given to a Government MP in order to protect national interest against conflict of interest and dictatorship?

I think these are serious questions we need to consider and talk about. Fundamentals are so critical, and we must get our fundamentals right. Vinaka.

Unknown said...


You can manipulate the weak minded Sodelpa lot but don't try that bullshit with me. I have already told you that you can try to be diplomatic as much as you want but the reality is that you are a egotistical racist person.

You have called Khaiyum a dog and Bainimarama a monkey. You try to compare yourself to Jesus. You're nothing but a wannabe. You claim everyone else can't see the truth but you can. Talk about self importance.

You love to repeat yourself and talk around in circles. Get a life mate.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi..I like your reasoning...I guess Vili Rakoro may need to listen more and talk less...I don't think Vili has offered anything credible apart from the usual "racism" rant that almost everyone on this blog are hurling at each other

Tomasi said...

@ Vili. I have been very kind to you all this time in the hope that you would see reason. However, my efforts have been in vain. It seems to me that you have made up your mind about who to support and where you should locate your interest and loyalty. Let me try one more time.

1. I went to school with Voreqe and his elder brother, Jim Ibeco Bainimarama. You obviously don't know Voreqeq like we do. While Jim was a vey likable and smart person, Voreqe was very much the opposite. Voreqe had to bear with punches and gongs on the head, crying to our prefects for help. I am sure my OBs from Lodoni will vouch for that. Voreqe could not improve simply because he was unteachable. he was a spoilt brat, arrogant, peoud. selfidh and a difficult person. That is why he begged Rt Inoke, his father to take him out of RKS and he ended up at Marist. BTW, Voreqe majored on comics. he had no time for real literature. Just isten to him speak, you will get what I mean Vili.

Lord Khaiyum is a product of his grandfather and his parents upbringing. Yjey were blessed to grow up in Nadroga, and in Yavulo, Sigatoka, to be precise. He was another proud arrogant kid in the mold of his partner Voreqe. He thinks very highly of himseld. so highly that he has no respect for other views and opinions. he seems to think and believe that he is always right, no matter what other wiser and smarter people have to say. Many people in Sigatoka support him because he is a kai Nadroga and married to one of our fine lass, who happens to be Bill Gavoka's daughter.But in reality, people really exploit his pride and arrogance and take advantage of him. He does not realise how many people are using him to their own benefit and to his own demise.

Now Vili, you now realise how much I know about about these two people, the monkey and the dog. Now you see that I know them much better than you. But you have judged me, thinking otherwise. Please know that you are an idiot of a very high degree. You spout word like a fountain, but many are idle words that have only negative value. I am sorry you ahve to parade your ignorance and your childish thoughts to the whole world.

For instance, you discriminate between the kai Viti Levu and kai Yanuyanu. That speaks volumes about your ignorance, immaturity and stupidity. Please shut up for awhile and take time to let your elders reeducate you. You have been spewing a lot of nonsense and people are fed up with it. Now, shut up, consider what I have shared with you and swallow your pride. Find yourself, take a 4 month breather, and then decide what you must do. You are an embarrasment to all the people of Viti Levu and the whole indigenous Fijian race. Oh, thank you for having a healthy attitude for our Indian brothers and sisters.I commend you for that. Vibaka.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Tomasi....you''re the type of person we need on this blog..people who can bring some credibility to our conversation, knowing fully well that people like me who have an interest in Fijian politics cannot make sense the contradictory statements that are being spewed by Fijian leaders to what is actually transpiring amongst the grassroots....On the whole, nothing can possibly solved through a coup de tat..that to me is a a no brainer...no matter which side you're on!

Tomasi said...

@ Anon 9.38 pm. Thank you for your kind words. I am always on the side of justice, and righteousness. Like many others, I am only trying to be a positive influence during such a challenging time as this. Indifference and passivity will not do. You and I can make a difference by taking a stand against injustice and immorality. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Election were held in a credible manner as vouched by the International Body of Monitors led by Australia and they have already made the announcement internationally that it was a free and credible election, now we are reading the blogs of some idiots who think that they know more,sore losers who cant accept defeat.They think that being a born chief is enough to bear respect which in this mordern day a dream or fiction.

Listen to the words of someone who was born a chief,calling a mother,grandmother and aunt 'vutusona',all the women from Lau and all women in Sodelpa will be angry for such disrespect.

I know where their vote is going to, come the next election,Fiji First.

This guy was born into a chiefly household but wasnt groomed to become one.He has broken almost all protocols in parliament and even amongst his Mataqali Valelevu.

His traditional elders have deserted him.His matamnivanua is from Lau. He only received more than 5000 votes in the whole Cakaudrove whose total number of voters is about 50,000.

That clearly shows that he hasnt got much support amongst his own people.A sad tale it is.

So those within the Sodelpa Camp are now telling TC's supporters 'we told you so' 'he will make blunders that will cost the party to lose a lot,lets stick with Ro T,she has more manners and controls herself including her statements to the media.

Come the next election the words Vutusona will emerge to haunt Sodelpa Party officials if not it has already begun to cause division amognst its members and Lauan supporters.

The the decision from abstaining from voting on the subject by several Sodelpa Parliamentarians is indicative of this.

Blood is thicker than water to call a fellow Lauan that derogatory word was going to cost Sodelpa the next elections since by now the swear word has been received in all Lauan village and many are regretting already that they voted for Sodelpa.

The speaker has a lot of blood ties and relationship in Lau and the comment has already caused a stir amongst supporters.

The silence from NGO's and Women Rights Bodies is deafening.What happened? Cat got your tounge or your Political affiliations have blinded your eyes to speak out against What was said.

I believe that it is a Criminal Offence to call someone Vutusona,it amounts to Annoying Person as a lawyer said and amounts to an act that could be criminal in nature otherwise every Tom Dike and Adriu will call their Chief,Pastor and Teacher 'Vutusona' since it has no criminal element in the word.

I am now talking to Sodelpa supporters who are Lawyers,Doctors and Managers,Question,how do you feel now? Do you think it is still right to support your party since Beddoes and Ro T hasnt said a word to put it right,or make it right.Call a spade a spade!!

Kevaka e dua sa cala,tukuna vakadodonu vua ni cala na ka e cakava baleta o cei e bibi,na Sodelpa Party se na cala nei dua e sucu mai na matavuvale vakaturaga ia e sega ni TUBERI me i valavala vatakaya,

the ball rests now in your court,yes those intellectuals who support Sodelpa,speak out now or hold your tounge for it will haunt you later in life.You have principles and you live by them.So what is your next move??

Anonymous said...

2.48..Yea another kulina.
His name is noted.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro
You see, your venom is taking effect on 11.15.
You snake! Judas!

11.15...is there any criminal element found in all swears that Frank had made publicly, to the media, to the Chiefs, to those he tortured, etc?

Anonymous said...

10.26..you said that you're not christian neither an atheist, but a researcher....what you're looking for? never satisfied.
Read the book , the pilgrim's progress. There's a movie on it too.

Anonymous said...

Not sure people are wasting time on sona levus or vutusonas live vili rakoro

Tomasi said...

@Anon 11.15 pm. Thank you for your comments. Have you heard Rt Naiqama's full speech? Have you read the report by Tupou Draunidalo and Semesa Karavaki who were part of the Privileges Committee? It seems to me that you have not, so please go and educate yourself on those before you respond again.

Many will agree with you that swearing is not an acceptable behaviour. Rt Naiqama admitted swearing but he did say in Parliament he did not use the v word against Jiko Luveni. This was borne out from the recording. But Jiko and Khaiyum did not allow the MPs in Parliament to hear the recording, because the word v..... was preceded by the word ratou. If you are a native Fijian, you will understand that Rt Naiqama was swearing at the FFP and not the Speaker as an individual.

BTW, you make so much soup about Tui Cakau's bad manners and its impact on SODELPA's chances in the next election and the people of Lau. Voreqe has been swearing his way throughout the years since his coup in 2006. He swore at the chiefs, at soldiers, at the Priest Father Kevin Barr, and many others. He stomped on people including a pregnant woman. They stopped Ananre Jale from running for election and representing the Vanua and people of Lau. What do you say about that?

Yes, Rt Naiqama did wrong, but the manner he was treated was absolutely wrong, unjust and unwarranted. That is more important than the alleged swearing by him. We need to focus on the most important issues and decide the appropriate action we ought to take. Khaiyum is having total control in Parliament and outside Parliament. We are not free to speak out. Even in Parliament, our representatives from both sides of the House are nor free to speak out. They have decided to change the flag, and not even Parliament will stop them from doing what they want. Because Khaiyum controls Parliament, not Jiko Luveni. Lord Khaiyum the bomb maker of 1987 is absolutely in control in Fiji and no one can stop him from doing whatever his selfish puffed up mind can conceive. He has rewritten our laws and even the Constitution. He has taken control over our Fijian Holdings, Fiji Tv, NLTB, GCC, etc. He controls the most important Govt portfolios. He controls FICAC, the judiciary, military, etc. One person holds so much power and control, and no one, not even the circus Parliament of Fiji can stop him. Now think about that. Is that what we want in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

The antiChrist, evil, aethist and satans phrofet is here.

Serupepeli said...

Agree Tomasi..although I do not agree with vulgar language I believe this issue has overstepped it's mark. Everyone has maligned someone or some group at some point in their life and Bainimarama is on record of overstepping this mark on numerous occasions as the illegal PM. It just happens that we now live under an "elected" government that dishes out what it thinks is appropriate behaviour, when their own leader is certainly devoid of such attributes. I think this issue could have been dealt with, with caution, remembering that parliamentarians work for the people and not for themselves. Each of those sitting in the pews of parliament were elected by the people and for the people. "FF" and Luveni have certainly denied a section of voters their right to be heard by suspending their representative simply because he uttered something vulgar let alone, the lack of a fair hearing and conflict of interest. I think our government should govern with common sense rather than on the basis of past events. As champions of striving for a better Fiji they should be willing to give others a fair hearing and a fair go . We are still seeing the remnants of hatred rearing its ugly head on both sides of the aisle.

Serupepeli said...

Anon 11.15pm...We have all been maligned or sworn at, at some point . I am surprised that you've suddenly forgotten the utterances of the PM. I don't think RN should be vilified on the basis of what he said, though I don't support denigrating another human being. Even so, what was said will not change Luveni or Lau as a whole in things that matter to them - their dreams and aspirations. I think we often become too sensitive and imaginative at every wag of enemy and forget that we have just come out of 8 years of totalitarianism. It will be obvious that people are hurt but at the sametime trying to heal. Fiji needs to have a robust opposition to keep the government is check. A country that weakens its opposition weakens its own people. There are things on both sides of politics that I do not agree with but an issue like this should be left between the offender and the victim at a personal level. If Luveni knows that she is not a "vutusona", than she is not, regardless of what was being said.When matters such as this receive so much attention, it is clear that the government is really out to destroy its opponents then to govern sensibly...the coup days isn't over yet (I hope it never happens again)

Anonymous said...

Naigama is a vutusona himself. Doesnot show any respect to women. What kind of chief is he. Trust me he is a fake.

Anonymous said...

No point crying wolf about politicians and politics.In the nearer future 10 to 15 years from now Democracy will no longer be considered legitimate for the country.Authoritarianism,Communism,Nationalism or Socialism will be the next platform.There could be a new utopia because the young generation today 16-30 years of age want complete change of how things are done compared to the past.They are no longer confident in today's political climate of bringing prosperity.They know that time is limited once in office and people come and go.The young generation today are fearless and have mentality of what I say I will do straight away.If both opposition and government fail today in bringing prosperity the young generation will do it their way.The politics will be completely different compared to the last 40 year's or so.

Anonymous said...

Didnt he make a teen pregnant recently ??

Serupepeli said...

I think democracy will always be legitimate at the whim of the populace. No nutcase would ever think that democracy will not be considered legitimate in the next 10-15years. We've had 4 coups that never lasted as coups however we have witnessed the continual democratisation of the coup culture which has become the hallmark of Fiji politics. Bainimarama promised to end all coups with his coup, yet we are witnessing an attitude and an atmosphere that is a recipe for another coup.

Tomasi said...

@Serupepeli, well said. Thank you for your positive insights. As you said in your closing sentence, we hope this will never happen again. And as you would agree,we must do the right thing today so that we demonstrate we have learnt our lessons. Those who refuse to learn from their history are bound to repeat history. Again may I say, if we do not get our fundamentals right, we will have great difficulty making the progress we desire for our nation. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

I am very appreciative that some posters in this thread are coming out with deeper insight into Fiji's political scene than those who merely dwell on racist, partisan, or even personal and obscenity agenda.

When posters contribute their their thoughts in wisdom and in pure and articulate language, reading them can be an enjoyable pastime

Tomasi and Serupepeli should be commended.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:15pm,

I agree. However, only if such tomasi's and serupepelis would have shown similar wisdom in 87 and 2000 rather than rejoicing and merry making and praising coups as gods will. Good to see that bainimaramas coup has taught such people that if it is your own ass facing the horny gun, it will surely pain. The 2006 coup has taught some very important lessons for the otherwise coup lovers so let's hope that any future attempts of coup will be met with adversary from all sectors. Coups only lead to suffering. Let's fight any future coups and label it correctly as Devils will rather than gods will.

Serupepeli said...

Anon 6.34pm..I agree many Fijians have always felt threatened when an Indian dominated Party wins the election but I guess the lack of trust fueled by misinformation and lies have led to opportunists seizing power and looking after their own interests. On hindsight it has had a devastating effect on the economy and the lives of all Fijians. I agree that many Fijians were certainly "merry making" and felt a sense of security after 87 but certainly a lot mixed reactions in 2000. 2006 as you know is a different story. After all no country can be free through Totalitarianism. We have had our own experiences and I certainly hope that we will not replace common sense with tit-for-tat politics. The 2006 coup has not taught coup lovers as you know two wrongs cannot make a right. So for us to avoid another coup, the core of "coup" conspirators within our elected government should avoid fuelling the desire of coup lovers who could be waiting to strike once again . At least we can say democracy has come alive once again, let's hope we can stay this course forever.

Vakatawa said...

ha,ha,ha 6.34pm,you have nailed it smack on,mate!!!

Those condemning this coup were supporters of Rabuka nad Speight Coups now the legitimate question. How does it feel if your quote:..." own ass facing the horny gun". Yep, they are feeling the pain now and no amount of painkillers will cure this people.

As an elder in my village would say quote " E na maumau ga na APC vei ira na i lala oqori" unquote.

Tomasi is paranoid about AG claiming that he controls everything I-Taukei and almost ALL of Government, this is fearmongering,common in villages and effective also.

This is the reason why education is free in Fiji to remove drawbacks such as this.Once I-Taukei people can read and write for themselves,the fear of loss of land and ownership is eradicated. Fearmongering will be a tool of the past.

The vain attempts of Seru and Tomasi who I believe is the one and same person to 'legalise' the swear word by Naiqama is a sad story. They could plainly see that the King has no clothes on but are blinded by their political affiliations that made them think that he has some sort
of garment on. Unless a child calls out that he is wearing nothing then will they realise their blindness to reality.

They are still harping about dictatorship and military govt but elections have already been held,THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN,MOST I-TAUKEI VOTED FOR FIJI FIRST ,INCLUDING MYSELF BECAUSE WE ARE ABLE TO SEE REALITY THAT THE KING/S ARE IN THE NUDE,seriosuly they need to cloth themselves with respect,honour,kindness,loyalty,
empathy, thrust,fairness,honesty and much much more values to regain the trust of the I-Taukei's who have flocked to FFP.

Calling a Lauan woman Vutusona will not be taken lightly by Lauan Men and Women including Vasu.She is not only Lauan, but a Doctor,the First Female speaker of Parliament in Fiji and the World and Parliamentarian,she helped put Lau on the World Map and Mark my words and read my lips,


Mani wacava na sasaga ni tara kawakawa ena vala sa bera,its too late to cry over Spilt Milk, this is a Huge Gain for FFP and as a member of the FFP I welcome all members of the Vanua vakaturaga o Lau kei na kena vakataukata,ni gole saka mai kina FFP,ko ni na mai maroroi ka rokovi ena FFP.

Sa kena levu saka!! na kena i rogo me tau donu! au vura saka!vinaka,vinaka!!

Unknown said...


Who gives a damn about you attending the same school as Bainimarama. Everywhere in the world teenagers at school, home and community act randomly and mostly destructively.

That is part of growing up and how we learn. Your analysis is so amateur its not even funny anymore. You're telling us that based on your knowledge about Bainimarama as a teenager he is not to be trusted etc. What a load of crap.

Everyone as they grow into adulthood change and usually your experience and memories as a teenager stays with you but not your hormonal attitude.

And how dare you try and to take the moral high ground over me. Making out somehow you represent the Kai Viti Levu and I need to learn from you.

These are exactly what I have been telling people about. That you Tomasi are an egotistical racist looser. Don't be deluded into thinking you know better because your racist tones and writings says it all.

I am very much certain and confident that my people here in Viti Levu in our majority supports Bainimarama. And you can bet your bottom dollar the next election will be another victory for Fiji First where another Kai Viti Levu will be PM.

We the people of Viti Levu have had enough of the kai yanuyanu types. The first 3 coups that happened in Fiji was caused by Kai yanuyanu politicians, Chiefs and people. And people like you Tomasi never said a word. Your types even prophesied that it was the will of God.

Bainimarama had to do the 2006 coup firstly to stop Qarase the self serving idiot from ruining the country. Also this coup was needed to end the coup culture from the kai yanuyanu people. Bainimarama represented the kai Viti Levu true I taukeis to send a message to the kai yanuyanu that we have had enough of you guys messing up in our backyard.

All of a sudden people like Tomasi start having prophecy about Bainimarama being evil etc. Get a freaking life Tomasi and your type you bunch of lowlife self serving scumbags.

Unknown said...

Oh just to clarify to the people from the islands/ kai yanuyanu who are decent and fair. My rhetoric is not aimed at you. Please know we are all Fijian whatever background and ethnicity.

My posts especially the one mentioning kai yanuyanu is aimed at racist nationalists idiots like Tomasi and his band of anonymous merry twisted groups.

In my opinion personally I don't care what island, province, village or ethnicity background you are from. We are all Fijian who share this beautiful land. We can debate about the economy, education, rugby, etc etc.

It's when a particular type starts making another feel not welcomed or calling them racist names forgetting how many generation have called Fiji home thats when I really get freaking upset and will go out of my way to make a point.

Serupepeli said...

Anon 7.30pm..I don't think there is any attempt to legitimise the words that were uttered by the Tui Cakau but I guess what we're saying is at least we could have handled this conundrum using common sense. I don't think there those words were levelled at a province yet people like yourself would rather see it blown out of proportion. Just as they treated Qarase a non-issue, this issue should have been dealt with the same way (thrown out, forgiven and forgotten). We have all witnessed the elections and surely FF won a resounding victory, no doubt.So I am flabbergasted at the amount of publicity. Is it because the "horny" gun is no longer in the hands of the master? I applaud Dr Luveni for being the First female speaker, she has put Lau on the world map indeed, and I hope she could perform her job for the benefit of the nation rather than for herself and her party. Too much provincialism is bad for the health of a nation. We're all Fijians, not "Lauans", "Tailevuans" or "Vanua Levuans". Me vaka ga na vosa nei Bainimarama " sa oti na gauna va Koloni". So throw away your "Lauanness" and your "political affiliation" and think big.

Serupepeli said...

I agree with Vili Rakoro that humans do change overtime because of experiences in their life and surely it will be no different for our PM. But certainly he is no "saint" (may be to his ardent supporters). I don't think being a "coupster" is an inherited trait for " kai yanuyanus",however it is a disease that has infested an arm of government, known as the military. May be Vili could revisit his history lesson all over again. I think the issues of race is real,however, the current political efforts should be applauded. Vili's diatribe is founded more on the lines of provincialism rather than racism...your thoughts Vili

Tomasi said...

@Vili, o iko e dua na tamata lialia, dogadoga, ka veilecayaki. E rui vovodea nomu rai ka o se mataboko ena vuqa na ka bibi eso e dodonu mo kila, ia o dolava na gusumu ena veika eso o sega ni kila. Tovolea mo dau vakasamataka vakavinaka na veika mo tukuna ni se bera ni o dolava na gusumu, de na laurai nomu bavulu kei nad lialia.

Just read your two above posts again. You attack and discriminate against the people from the islands, ( kai yanuyanu ) and then you try and clarify that your attack was against only those that are not fair and indecent. Just think about it ahain Vili. You are a confused person, just like Voreqe and many of his followers. Let me help you clarify your thoughts a little.

When you speak of Kai Viti Levu against the Kai yanuyanu, you are making a huge and a dangerous generalisation and discrimination about all our Fiji citizens. Fijian citizens come from Rotuma, Rabi, Lau, Vanua Levu, Kadavu, Lomaiviti, Tonga, Samoa, Australia, NZ, UK, USA, India, China, Europe, and other places around the world. They have made Fiji their home. They are citizens and vital part of our socio-political economy. The Govt derives its economic life from all of our taxes and productive efforts, and Fiji is the sum total of all our different communities. That is why Fiji is the diverse, colourful vibrant and dynamic place that it is today.

Now Vili, when you say that Fiji should be run by only the kai Viti Levu, then you have to tell us what do you really mean and why? What about brothers and sisters and cousins from Rotuma, and the other islands, let alone those from Lau, Kadavu, Lomaiviti, etc etc. You better talk with your leader Voreqe and discuss your proposal with him. The two of you are standing for different causes. Or you are a very selfish, shalow and confused person, that you do not know what you are standing for.

You criticise me for being racist, yet you cannot explain why I was protesting against the coup with our Indian brothers way back in 1987. I have friends from all racial and cultural backgrounds, here in Fiji and around the world, yet you claim I am a racist. Just because I am proclaiming the truth about Khaiyum's lust for power you think I am racist? That tells me that you have a lot you do not understand Vili. It is better to hut up and no one will know your ignorance, than to keep shouting your mouth and let everyone know how foolish and ignorant you are.

Let me restate my position again. I have always stood up for truth, justice, and righteousness. I spoke up and helped organised a number of protests in 1987 during the "Fiji for the Fijians" coup. I risked my life standing up against the soldiers pointing guns at us at Veiuto. I will do that again and confront our soldiers again when we shall have our protest march against this dictatorship. But before that, I will keep on speaking the truth so that Khaiyum and Voreqe and their followers like you will know that you are taking Fiji to a dangerous place. But you will never understand that Vili because you look at all this with one eye, from the eye of a Kai Viti Levu. So what you will always see is a distorted view of our realities. please take the time to think about what is happening. Educate yourself Vili, listen to those with a different view, because the truth exists in many places and you can hear it from different messengers. But it takes wisdom and humility to do that Vili.

Vili Raboci said...

Indians are like unwanted pests (not that I regard them as one)...they have slowly been cleaned up by the 4 military coups,so any attempts to curb migration is pie in the sky. Fiji is no longer a place conducive for investments so the field is left to the mercy of the big boys who will ultimately suck every penny from the unsuspecting public. Oh by the way, I heard an Indian grog seller praising the reduction in crime rates at the sametime showing grave concerns over the worsening business climate. Something has to give, can't have it both ways..Long nose "Pinnochio", could do us a favour. Cut off his nose for the benefit if the nation

Vili Raboci said...

Thank you Tomasi...you're a breath of fresh air. Vili should also be aware that Viti Levu is an Island, not a continent. That is why we are known as the "Republic of the Fiji Islands". Just getting us back to basics..lol. He is too sensitive and overzealous with his anti-racism stance that he has become vile and toxic about his own race..Na boci, ga na boci! We'll who knows..he still may have his head buried between Bai's crack or Khaiyum's..lol. Too much of the same soup, spoils common sense. I wish him all the best...

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro iko na kai naitasiri. Lako lai tarogi ira na wekamu mai kalabu na cava sa yaco tiko ki na nomudou qele na taukei ni qele. Na kai yanuyanu gona raica i liu na rarama. Ni da kaiviti vata da veivukei. Keimami mai Lau keimami saga tiko gona me maroroi na qele ni kai viti levu. Nomu kaiviti levu gona o Bainimarama sa tekivu volitaka tiko na nomudou qele na koi colo. Yadra mada na matamu mataboko.

Vilimaina said...

I would like to quote Tomasi's realistic description of the Vili Rakoro who is a hard nut to crack.

"Or you are a very selfish, shallow and confused person, that you do not know what you are standing for."

Vili brings about confusion and discord in his deliberations because like what Tomasi correctly mentioned earlier (but I add my own findings) is that Vili has truly adopted the same spirit-mentality of the Unjust and Corrupt Leaders who run the Fiji First Government and whom he no doubt supports.

When we talk about justice and even common sense in Vili Rakoro we see nothing but fallacious logic.

The blind in Vili has no other alternative but to follow the blind.


Anonymous said...




Vilimaina said...


You seem to be coming from personal experience instead of sound reasoning in what we are discussing here...well, most times.

We need not look further to find a true nationalist untruthful idiot in you Vili!!

And all the people say 'aye'!

Samisoni R said...

Vili Vutusona Cavuka Rakoro, stop trying to be smart because you're so thick you don't even understand what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

The decision by the Privileges Committee has shown that parliamentarians dance to the tune of khaiyum and Fiji's integrity is in threat.Khaiyum has become a threat to I-Taulei and this land.
The people from Indian and Muslim origin have been successful in protecting their land because the have the guts to stand up and fight. Here, we Fijians are gutless, we just know how to use slurr and no guts for taking any action. No wonder one Muslim is running this country and its will not be long before we will be snatched off our lands by this greedy duo khaiyum and baini.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro
Here , Tomasi has shown that he's a just person and stood up for injustice. Since1987 he continues to advocate true justice .

How about you? What were you doing during the rabuka/speight coups?

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Vili Rakoro is just another vutusona.

Anonymous said...


Koicolo said...

Vili Rakoro.......Isa tamana drau kua ni vakawaqa tiko vakalevu na buka........na koi viti na qoi sa tekivu vosa kudrukudru tiko mai. O kemudrau drau na wele na valu vi ira ya na ma nodra wale na i samu ni dawa.......drau yalo naka sara tamana..

Anonymous said...

When is the biggest crook , Qarase coming back to help his I taukie supporters. He has the money - now having fun with Kai palani women

Vili Raboci said...

Bainimarama had gained much wealth during his illegal tenure as PM (8 yrs!). Now that he has a further term following the legitimisation of his coup, he is in a position to take his wealth to another level whilst fooling the electorate with gifts he will never be able to pay back. His borrowings surpasses any other leader. Good on you Fiji, prosperity for you will come at a cost. Poverty will not be a thing of the past, we will be stuck in this rut until we get this man and his cronies out of parliament

Unknown said...

Serupepeli 10.53 pm

Thank you for your comments. It is refreshing to read a comment that's not hurled towards the racial and hatred line.

I have revisited the history lines before Bainimarama's coup and two things stood out in particular for me. One is the military involvement and second is Kai yanuyanu involment.

I have been a commentator on these blog for a while and have never brought that up before. However when these Sodelpa lot stepped up their racist tones, I had to bring that up to level the playing field.

I completely understood how these will make me look. As you said I came across as a provincialist. In most of my posts last year I provided concrete evidences which I got from the national archives, Australian strategist institute, lowly institute, Pacific beat etc etc.

That was met with hear say coconut wireless bullshit plus the usual racist and hatred fear mongering posts from the useless Sodelpa lot.

Now as I have mentioned in my posts about Naiqama, any member of parliament from any party including Fiji First and Sodelpa that uses derogatory vernacular should be displined.

And if people here especially these Sodelpa idiots actually read the constitution they'll realise that if a member of parliament gets disciplined and suspended it doesn't necessarily mean that they will have to vacate parliament.

Naiqama has been suspended but he is still allowed to stay in parliament and attend the usual official functions as a representative of his constituent.

It is flabbergasting how every comments about any topic seems to always find its way back to Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Speaking of Bainimarama well we know he ain't no saint. However constantly calling him derogatory names will only lead to topics like Kai yanuyanu and Kai viti levu separation popping up. These Sodelpa lot have to remember that majority of I Taukei especially in Viti Levu voted for him. And that's not even including Fijian of other ethnicities.

Unknown said...

Tomasi and his band of anonymous and fake name idiots

Firstly Tomasi stop telling me about how you supposedly campaigned against the 87 coups. Firstly there was two coups in that year so which is it? And second you haven't provided a shred of evidence to back up your claim

Are there any links to pictures, articles, news piece etc etc. you haven't provided any such evidence. So again as I say you are a bullshitter. Or I have no doubt that most of those anonymous and fake names comments that seems to agree with you are all probably you or at least majority of them.

You see you think you're smart but your writing habits and views overtime can be predicted. As I have said in one of my earlier comments I have been following your posts and the vernacular, tones, ideal and references are very consistent even if it's under Tomasi, anonymous or othe fake names.

Tomasi if that is truly your name, get a life mate. Stop embarrassing yourself. Lately you seemed very needy and obsessed.

Tomasi said...

@Vili, please listen to the voice of wisdom. Although many people are trying to help you see sense, you continue to remain stubborn, resistant and foolishly reject sound advice. You are not my enemy Vili, you will never be my enemy. It is not you that people hate, but the immoral and unjust cause you stand for. Unable to speak to our arguments and reasons, you resort to other means to attack us. It seems to me you are one of these younger kids who think you know many things and are therefore qualified to speak and condemn others that do not share Voreqe and Khaiyum/s philosophy.

Listen again Vili. Many of us who contribute here and in other sites do so with great hope and sincerity that people like you would listen and see the light. We have served our country, we have done our best to build our nation and we continue to do so in our own different ways and means. We care about this country and all its citizens. Some of us never belonged to political parties, yet we served Fiji to the best of our abilities. We worked with people from all political and cultural backgrounds, and gained great satisfaction from seeing the positive results of our many years of toil, sweat and tears. We had great hope that Fiji would become a stronger, vibrant and sustainable economy, with more and better opportunities for all its citizens, especially our younger generation, children and grandchildren, a beautiful, peaceful and wonderful place under the sun.

That is why it saddens us to see people like Voreqe and Khaiyum doing what they have done, exploiting people’s ihnorance, gullibility and vulnerabilities, and destroying the moral fibre and character of our nation through lawlessness, greed, cunning, trickery, thuggery, violence and political subterfuge. Change is a constant we must live with, but not all change is necessarily good, especially that which destroys lives, cause pain and sadness and allows a few thugs and criminals to prosper at the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. It takes wisdom and experience to know the difference between what is politically expedient and what is good for society. But people like you Vili, very simple-minded or ignorant or just plain dumb, would never be able to see the potential destruction until the storm has passed by.

I am sorry to see your confusion and ignorance. If you want to know more about me, send me your email address. Perhaps we can meet so that you will know me better. You accuse me of being a racist, a person with several fake identities. Wait until you meet me. Maybe, you will then realise that the people you are supporting, including those in the shadows, including QORVIS, the Fiji Sun, and others, are really your enemies and the enemies of our beloved nation. But one thing you must know, Tomasi is not your enemy, never was, never will be. Life is too precious Vili, too short and too important to be spent on triviality. King Solomon warned us about vanity and a striving after the wind. Let us be wise and think seriously about things that really matter. Our nation needs all of us, people of all backgrounds, young and old, public and private sector, chiefs and commoners, rural and urban dwellers, Kai Colo and Kai yanuyanu, black, brown, yellow, white, even purple, no matter our differences. Fiji has tremendous potential and our hope lies in our unity and our ability to work together in spite of our differences. Unity in diversity, and our hope in God; that is our strength Vili. Vinaka.

Unknown said...


There you go again. Please I have told you so many times do not assume people of my generation are gullible.

The way you described Fiji now under Bainimarama, had someone whose never been to Fiji or is not a Fijian heard it they would think Fiji was like Iraq or Somalia, torn by years of ethnic cleansing and resources conflicts. Years of bloodshed.

It is all very over the top and exactly the kind of fear mongering nationalists politicians and chiefs of the past are used to.

Today's generation, my generation have access to a whole world choice of information. We have the opportunity to travel. Our mind and life have been exposed to the world through these Internet information age, travelling abroad for holiday, education and work.

Unlike our village elders most of whom were uneducated and believed everything past politicians and bullshitters like you said we are now capable of researching evidences of your claims. As well as getting a second or third opinion. And sometimes we get it from overseas expert like the international observers.

I have heard countless stories from my village elders and one thing always stood out. That what they know was based on what they were told by people like you.

So I decided to actually check out most of these tales of land resources being threatened by Indians etc. I checked the national archives, researched the lowly institute and Australian strategy institute, Pacific beat policy.

One thing that I discovered that most of these stories cannot be corroborated with any other news piece let alone factual evidence. I went back as far as the early 80s before the first set of coups.

So believe me when I say it my views are very well founded. I am not the sort who believes the coconut wireless hear say. I am a very curious person who likes to double checks people's claims and conspiracy theories.

I am lucky enough to have the academic resource and profession that enables me to expand the parameters of my curiosity research.

Yes I sometimes come across arrogant and harsh but make no mistake about it when I tell you I am perfectly capable of calling out your bullshit if after researching your claims I find it to be nothing more than horse shit.

Anonymous said...

vili rakoro-da,

gusu ni da nei bainimarama

Anonymous said...

If bainimarama had so much support than why was there vote ridging, and why were all other political parties bullied before elections.If bainimarama had the support. There would have been no need to ridge elections, the truth is that more than 50% of the population voted for SODELPA. All those crying foul and and saying that the elections were legit, go do your research as you claim to be enlightened, well informed and educated.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys actually seen how disrespectfully opposition is treated in the parliament, when the opposition gets fed up and works out, they are tagged as uncooperative and unprofessional.

Everything happens in front of the nation, Fiji Sun continues to write crap about opposition but if Fiji Times writes one article on comments made by opposition, Fiji Times is threatened with below the belt reasons.

Unknown said...

Give it up mate. The rigging claim was proven to be wrong. The international observers have refuted the claims gave their final reports. Which endorsed the election to be fair and democratic.

SODELPA and it's supporters are in the minor. You cannot accept the reality so you cork up conspiracy theories. While you lot are stucked in your time loop, life in Fiji has and will go on.

Unknown said...

Another frustrated Kai yanuyanu who cannot accept a Kai Viti Levu for once is leading his land.

Get back on your canoe and row back to your little island with your little narrow mind.

Unknown said...

Are you kidding me. They do act like spoiled brats. They are very unprofessional. You don't see Australian and New Zealand politicians pulling that crap let alone in the democratic world.

The opposition stood up the Indian PM, swore at the speaker and walked out. If they had brains and we're professional they could have come up with a better professional way to deal with it like for example stayed together and voted together to dismiss the investigation.

They could have visited the speaker at her resident with perhaps grog and tabua (whale teeth) and requested a traditional apology.

Their leader could have made a speech to show that the party do not condone derogatory verbal vernacular abuse by any member towards anyone whether in parliament and public.

Instead they lied, tried to dismiss it as a I taukei traditional joke and didn't stand together in their vote to dismiss the investigation.

There are protocols both legally and traditionally that they could and should have adhered to. They chose to walk out of parliament. Gosh even their idiot supporters in here could have done better.

Sodelpa needs to up their game to win voters for the next election because at the rate they are heading it looks very very dim.

There is a solution which is very obvious to everyone which could be a good start to lay the foundation. They have to get rid of the old politicians.

These old timers are a waste of space. They are stucked in their time loop. They need fresh face and fresh ideas. They have to pull in young professionals and also they have to expand to other ethnicity.

Their election campaign was just so amateur. Their policies were very racists and incomplete. During the debate between Bainimarama and Kepa most of the policy questions directed at both only Bainimarama had answers for. Kepa was simply lost, her go to response was we'll think about it when we get into parliament.

I am sorry but if you were a voter looking for a leader she did not come across as someone who actually knows what she was doing. Therefore I will most definitely be very doubtful about choosing her.

Now I am not putting the entire blame on her like how most Sodelpa supporters like to put on Bainimarama. I actually pitty her for having some of the worst advisers Fiji politics has ever had.

After watching Kepa since she joined opposition I have cooled down from my previous harsh criticism towards her. Firstly she is by no means equipped to be the leader as seen by her budget response speech where she only questioned about Qarase's pension and other minor things.

It seems she is being runned or controlled by Qarase still or the old order. Kepa I probably would keep her but as a minister for either cultural and rural development or something similar.

The opposition needs a leader who can stand up to not only Fiji First but also to the SODELPA old order like Qarase. Qarase needs to be told in no uncertain terms to shut up and enjoy his retirement. If he insists on chipping in not only should he be cut off from the party he should be banned.

Anonymous said...

My brother Villi, its astonishing to hear your views in the light of all these information with proof available as facts.Are you really some Villi or are you khaiyum in disguise of a villi??????Coz no I-Taukei would ever speak in favor if Khaiyum after all that whole of Fiji is going through. Its understandable if soemone from village speaks like the way you do coz they dotn have access to social media for information, but you do,so why you turning blind eyed,will you be turning bling eyed too when Fiji becomes slave to Islam,amd you wifes and sisters stoned to death just liek muslims do. Islam followers have divided teh entire world, now a taliban khaiyum is here to destry fiji, Everything is evident but you still backing the regime???Soemhting is funny, your not one I_taukei so shut the F##K up.

Julab Khant said...

Vili Cavuka, in NZ and Australia no politician was suspended for saying things about another politician outside parliament. You are just as fucked in the head as those asshole politicians who voted to suspend that member. Shame on you anus licker Rakoro.

Anonymous said...

Fiji insistence to have Indonesia in MSG is really working up vehement resistance in PNG, Sols and Vanuatu. There has been public demonstrations in two or three of these countries in the last week or two regarding Indonesia's position on West Papua. The fucking idiots Kubuabola and Frank are puppets playing into the hands of the Aiyaz's contempt for PNG and Solomons defiant stance against Fiji on MSG business matters. Fiji will be embarrassed when it goes to Solomons for MSG because PM or whoever is going will be told to leave Indonesia outside or Fiji go and fuck Indonesia and fuck off from MSG.

Anonymous said...

iti Noqu Viti - Truly Fijian Voices
March 8, 2013 ·

Is Fiji being Shaped to become a Muslim Nation? Will Islam Sharia Law under illegal AG Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum become the Rule of Law in Fiji?

Lets examine the type of person Khaiyum is considering he is the brains behind Bainimarama together with his named Muslim inner-circle that now have replaced Great Council of Chiefs and other Community Leaders i.e Political Parties; Religious, Other Races in Fiji.

After running a snap-shot search on this guy we came across an interesting piece by Michael Field who is very familiar with Fiji Issues and also of the Pacific Island Nations.

Read more;

Profile of a megalomanic: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum~
Michael Field

Described as a lonely, inadequate megalomaniac, Fiji’s Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has always been deeply unpopular despite the considerable power he yields.

Central to the dislike among indigenous and mostly Christian Fijians is that Sayed-Khaiyum is Indian Muslim.

With his brother, Riyaz, who now heads state owned Fiji Broadcasting, they where close to Voreqe Bainimarama through the events leading up to the coup of 2006.

So was Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara who, with other soldiers, made up the military council that backed Bainimarama.

A lawyer for a Colonial Insurance, it was Sayed-Khaiyum who put a legal gloss on things.

But Col. Mara, now in exile in Tonga, revealed what was well known; the military did not like Sayed-Khaiyum.

“For inexplicable reasons, Commodore Bainimarama, weakened by ill health, morally and intellectually bankrupt, is no more than (Sayed-Khaiyum's) hand puppet,” Mara said adding he suffered from “megalomania … inspired entirely by the self importance of a lonely and inadequate man.”

A reflection of Sayed-Khaiyum’s power was his known government salary: F$336,000 (NZ$240,000). Bainimarama pays himself F$267,000 (NZ$191,000).

Sayed-Khaiyum defends the higher salary saying he is minister more things, including justice, anti-corruption, tourism, trade and being the attorney-general.

A distinctive looking man, he wears tailored suits and heavy gold jewellery.

Sayed-Khaiyum did his law degree at the University of Wollongong in Australia and his masters at the University of Hong Kong, writing a thesis which advocated the removal of the right of indigenous Fijians to own land exclusively.

In Fiji he was, for a short time, in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions but left under a performance cloud. He went into private practice with a law firm in Australia briefly before returning to Suva to work for Colonial.

His aunt, Nur Bano Ali of accountancy firm BDO Ali, lives in New Zealand. It handles the payroll for the government, including her newphew’s pay (read the full story here).

Bainimarama’s 2006 coup was regarded in Fiji as a counter-coup; all previous coups had been indigenous Fijian led, while the 2006 was to restore Indo-Fijian power.

In March Sayed-Khaiyum married Fijian Ela Gavoka, daughter of former Fiji Rugby Union chairman Viliame Gavoka.

Bainimarama blessed the wedding, saying he was “very very happy” to see Sayed-Khaiyum at last married

16 May 2011

Tomasi said...

@Vili, I can see that you will never open your mind to other possibilities and different points of view. That is what is known as a closed mind and you have consistently displayed the symptoms. Others may call you a fanatic, very similar to the ones who currently fight under the ISIS banner. Khaiyum must be so proud of you. I wish you the bery best. I will not persuade you any more.

It is interesting that you claim I am a fake, yet you refuse to take full adavantage of the oppoerunity to know me better. You avoid our sound arguments by posing false assumptions as facts. You claim you know the truth about our history and our current events, yet you display a personality suggesting a closed mind that does not yield to truth and reason. You show ample evidence of fallacious thinking, irrationality and a fear of being exposed as wrong.

Please know that your version of the truth may just be an opinion. There is something liberating about surrendering to a higher truth. Your mind Vili is operating on a different plane, a lower plane to be exact. You therefore cannot see what many of us are able to see. You know why, because your heart has pride and it prevents you from seeing the truth. Our minds can be our asset or our liability. A lot depends on how our mind operates with our hearts. A proud heart will not see what the humble perceives. Lucifer saw everything including God, but his pride led him to his downfall. You see, it does not matter how much you know, what matters in the final analysis is the quality of your heart. This is true in our dealings on earth, it also applies in our spiritual relationship with our Creator. That is precisely why the Bible exhorts us to let God's Word (truth) be lodged in our hearts. The heart conceives, the mind imagines and controls, the body, including our tongues, declare what our heart contaminates. Listen again Vili: "Thy word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee." ( King David talking to the Lord. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh"

Please take time to consider what many people are telling you. Humble your heart so that you can see the truth. Your pride blinds and distorts your vision Vili. When you finally do, you will be set free. I remind you about that famous quote Vili, in case you refuse to hear divine wisdom, here is some human wisfom. Sir Winston Churchill once said, "The truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance may may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it stands."

You see, there is something called truth. It is something that is not created by man, rather it is something eternal, of divine origin and comes with God's life paradigms, and therefore absolutely indestructible. It is in fact a divine attribute of God Almighty. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,..." I wish I could explain this to you face to face. But very briefly, life and truth and other divine attributes go hand in hand. When you hide, distort, deride, obfuscate or bury the truth, you are affecting life itself. In other words, the more we embrace the truth, the higher the quality of life we shall enjoy. When we allow people to sow lies, deceit, trickery, secrecy and fraud, the quality of life changes. It is not the physical that affects the metaphysical, rather the other way round. But the two are inseparable. We cannot have peace without embracing the truth. Absolutely impossible. This is one reason why many people like me fight for the truth, justice and righteousness. These are absolutely fundamental to realising a better quality of life that has love, peace, and prosperity as its characteristic features. That Vili is what we all strive for. Vinaka.

Unknown said...

Fiji becoming a slave to Islam with claims it's all evident. Please do tell us about these so called evidence.

So the coup in 87 and 2000. We're people not blind then ey. If you guys actually listened to us the younger generation you will learn a thing or two.

You see Australian scholars refer to our generation as the children of the coups. We grow up experiencing this power struggle and manipulation between our politicians, chiefs and elders.

We sat quietly doing our homework while elders had grogs and gossiped about politics, economic, reasons, ideals etc etc. We heard all of these gossips and remember them still.

We finished our education and started our careers. By then the world has modernised, information was easy to access, Internet, blogs, main stream media, social networking and we have travelled more and further than our elders.

So with that comes the ability to actually have our own conclusions after all we have minds of our own. Our elders believed in gossips around the grog bowl, the speech by the talatala, the speech by politicians. They were gullible understandably because they had little education mostly because they had little opportunity.

One thing they did though was tried their best to put us the children of the coups through school and insisted we do our best to better ourselves. They said once we grow up and get a job we can afford and do whatever we like.

Guess what we have. So now when the same old school politicians, Talatala's, bullshitters etc try their usual trick on us like they did to our parents and elders they are surprised it doesn't work.

Instead it's met with resistance, questions and different opinions. Shocked with the response and not being able to have a credible answer they resort to verbal abuse, telling us we are being manipulated by Islam, Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

I am sorry but your time is up. The sweats of our gullible parents are now bearing fruits. If you old timers think Bainimarama is the end you are very much mistaken.

He is just the beginning. Its our time now. You had your chances and blew it. You don't need to tell us about our history because we have lived it. We were the quiet kids by the corner who you didn't notice while you were having your grog session gossips.

We heard everything, seen everything and experienced everything. And we have been educated. We now possess the best tool to move Fiji forward. So Tomasi and your merry men stand aside and watch us correct the wrongs of your generation.

So yes you are right I will not listen to you and your likes. I do not need to because I have lived it. It is about time you let go of the past because we the present and the future are here.

Vilimaina said...

Common sense is being washed out of people's minds and souls because people do not want common sense, they don't want reality, they don't want the truth because they don't want GOD!

They want to create a new world without God.

Vili Rakoro is one such person.

Anonymous said...


Which fucking God says to use vulgar slurs at women. If you are really a women, you should be ashamed of defending someone who has openly degraded the modesty of another women. But then, you think from your asshole so can't expect wisdom.

Vilimaina said...


The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.


Anonymous said...

Fiji election fraud complaints pile up

Updated at 12:32 pm on 19 September 2014

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Five political parties in Fiji say complaints about electoral fraud have been trickling in from around the country.

But preparations are underway to settle in the new government even as final results in the landmark polls are yet to be declared.

Sally Round reports from Suva.

"The office of Fiji's head of state is already making preparations to swear in the new cabinet. A final election result is expected by Monday, and will more than likely confirm a landslide victory for Frank Bainimarama and his FijiFirst party.

The elections authorities have refused to heed a request to stop the counting despite allegations of widespread irregularities. Mick Beddoes of the rival Sodelpa party says it's not a case of sour grapes. "The incidents are widespread and the reason that we are only coming out now is because it's only now that the information is trickling in from around the country." The parties say it looks like systematic fraud and their allegations include ballot box spoiling, and no counting in some areas. They have been meeting this morning and are collating evidence to present to the elections authorities. An international observer group - in its initial report, said the election was credible and the result broadly represents the will of the Fiji people."

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili...your comments at 11:29am is spoken like a true Capitalist with fundamentals of a Socialist.

You can either have one or the other not both. You can all a coup treason but you cant say that it had to happen, just as you condemn the events of 1987 and 2000 but refuse to condemn the Frank's coup of 2006.

You speak of idealism however, you wallow in the shallows of socialism causing you to drown in ideals that though you think you now understand, have had difficulties comprehending.

Era dau kaya qase mai Lau, 'KO VULI GA IA KO TAWA SUKULU'.

There is much that we learn from our history over the past two hundred years and beyond.

You speak with disrespect of our Chiefs and Religious leaders and as Ghandi had said, 'If one disrespects their parents how can one respect others'. I see that you fall into this category and are one who truly disrespects the very culture of socialism which your parents and ancestors had once thrived.

You lose your Chiefs, you lose your people and you have nothing but a memory of what was. The same has happened in other countries but we have a rich culture and customs that bind us as people of a unique group that differentiates us from others. Perhaps you are one of these Suva boys, when asked,"Kai Vei" your response would be, "gone ni Kinoya, or Qauia or Delainavesi or wherever you live. Your sense of pride in a tribe that once existed that had a culture of respect has been replaced by your youthful exhuberence. When you have children, I feel sorry for them because they will be raised believing a truth that is false.

Now run off back to school and learn something. Run off back to your village to understand something.

We evolve in culture and customs but we maintain the integrity and morals of what is important and this is 'truth'. If you cannot accept this truth, how than can you be enlightened to understand. Sitting with your elders, showing them respect, understanding their views rather than criticizing their mentality does not help you at all. You will be amazed at how much they know and understand and their foresight to understand and comprehend the effects of what Frank is doing to Fiji, the itaukei, its culture and customs and rich heritage and effectively decimating a tradition that we will one day wonder what happened and what caused us to change.

Perhaps it is not your foresight that is causing you to misunderstand or misconstrue the ideals of those that are against Frank because you still have a foreskin...Lako mada lai teve you bloody baku.

Anonymous said...

An online article-
Islam a hidden threat to peace

If only extreme Islamists are a threat, then why do we rarely if ever hear from the moderate side of Islam that the so-called extremists are the problem? If you are not part of the solution, then you are a BIG part of the problem. Most Muslims want complete sharia law in force everywhere, and they will remain silent about the extremists until their dream comes true. Beware infidels (that's all of us except the Islamists)...They will be coming for you soon.KHAIYUM IS ALREADY HERE.

Anonymous said...
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Vilimaina said...

God bless you Tomasi for words of wisdom which is lacking in the souls of many, it is the TRUTH that you speak not only directed at Vili but for the rest of them who sadly cannot see.

" There is something liberating about surrendering to a higher truth. Your mind Vili is operating on a different plane, a lower plane to be exact. You therefore cannot see what many of us are able to see. You know why, because your heart has pride and it prevents you from seeing the truth. Our minds can be our asset or our liability. A lot depends on how our mind operates with our hearts. A proud heart will not see what the humble perceives."


Anonymous said...
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Vilimaina said...

ALWAYS protect your good image from the eyes of negative viewers, who may look at your good character with an ugly fiendish eye, and ruin your positive qualities with their chemical infested tongues.”


Anonymous said...


If you are so pure, what the fuck are you doing defending the chemical infected tongue of your God-father Naiqama. I hope the chemical infested tongue of the dirt old rag Naiqama is not infesting your magana. If the rest of us have chemical infested tongues, what does Naiqama have? Holy wine. Then his vudi might be the holy bread for you bitches

Koicolo said...

Vili Rakoro....tamana au kera rawa na bulimu meu vutuke

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what Vili Raikoso is saying about only SODELPA people using demeaning obscenities, posters 12:14 PM and 12:32 PM who are obviously Fiji First people are frothing in their mouths with bigotry, racism, ultra sexism and plain and ugly use of abominable rhetorics.

FK said...

Vili Cavuka, can you elaborate on this?

According to Section 63 (1) of the Constitution, the seat of a MP becomes vacant if the member dies or resigns by giving to the Speaker a signed resignation.

I'll come back and check after 24 hours since it'll take time for you to read and ask your loverboy to draft a response for you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A traitor and his oaths
February 21, 2012

Bainimarama has the nerve to remind police officers of the oaths they swore when they became police officers. Obviously this traitor has forgotten that he betrayed his own oath to uphold and defend the constitution. If he was not so stupid, oaths are the last thing we would mention to anyone in uniform.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@anon 2:48,

Naiqama goes after a special breed like yours. Not only the fairer sex, the male colony are also on his firing lines. I can gurantee that you are one of his loyal vutusona subjects. Bending over for Naiqama at every opportunity similar to in this site defending him. You cheap slut. Get w life

Unknown said...

Elaborate what exactly? And what response are you after?

Anonymous said...

Well, its really cheap how everyone is talking about getting fu___ked, I think the two people who need to get f__ked are kahiyums and bainimarama wifes. That way,baini and khaiyum will stop F__king Fiji.They will feel the pain that teh citizens of this country are going through.

Anonymous said...

Vilisona, I understand the question was asked with reference to this below;

According to Section 63 (1) of the Constitution, the seat of a MP becomes vacant if the member dies or resigns by giving to the Speaker a signed resignation.

In other words he is still a member of parliament despite being suspended.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

These is the problem with you old snakes. You have the inability to separate certain elements and protocols.

You have mixed our tradition, religion and politics all in one. When someone questions political opinions you accuse them of disrespecting tradition. I respect my tradition and adhere to its protocols.

However if my elders tells me about their political beliefs and I disagree I will debate with them. They ask me for some money for our vanua function I will give it. They ask me to mix the grog I will do it. If they tell me to hate the Indians and Bainimarama I will respectfully disagree.

We have heated debate but at the end of the day they know and understand that our political debate doesn't necessarily mean I disrespect them.

I often throw back their teachings to us as kids. Like how they always pushed us to do better academically. And now we have and have formed our own opinions based on academic research and life experiences as children of the coups we have full filled their wishes to make a difference.

Otherwise as I often tell them what's the point of sending us to school to learn and have good careers. We should have just stayed in the village and follow you around like a lap dog. Their answer is Vili sometimes you're too smart for your own good. Which I reply by saying, it's that education you wanted us to have that made us do academic research to corroborate all these stories you tell us and it has been proven time and again to be nothing more then fear mongering.

And now our elders are starting to listen to us. Because the politicians and Talatala's over the years have come and gone and left them nothing but broken promises. As for us their children of the coups we are still around and most importantly we don't ask them for money for the soli in church which is alot counting the various types from vakamisinari, soqosoqo ni Turaga, Marama, Talatala's pocket money for wherever he goes etc etc. Instead we give them money And help them out with other things.

And so little by little they are seeing that our generation political opinions are very genuine and right. We are influencing Fiji now so soon there are going to be even less Sodelpa supporters unless they change.

So my message to people like you Josateki, Tomasi and the oldies, we the children of the coups have been listening to you lot our whole life. Perhaps it is time you return the favour ey.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Can I also add the following for Vili Rakoro from the speaker Jiko Luveni.

She said: "Women should dress modestly and help men in the national campaign to cut down sex crimes.”

“If a girl is going out to drink with guys in an isolated area wearing shorts or clothes showing off her body, she is inviting trouble."

Vili I hope you take heed and listen to these words.

Unknown said...

Oh please the only ones feeling the pain are the ones who lost out after years of funking these country up.

Unknown said...

I know he is still a member. I covered that in one of my earlier comments you freaking idiot. Goes to show that you lot don't actually read or follow comments. I don't like to repeat myself so if you're lazy to read all the comments then that's your problem.

It's not even funny anymore how you lot continue to embarrass yourselves. A trick questions is something you ask villagers with no formal education.

Cry me a freaking river.

Unknown said...

You mean like if a Kai yanuyanu comes to Viti Levu they should be aware of how they swear carelessly about Bainimarama a Kai Viti Levu otherwise they are inviting trouble???

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 15:2

The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouths of fools pour out folly.

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