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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Khaiyum cites Tui Cakau for 'swearing' at Speaker

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum claims the Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu swore at the Speaker of the House, Jiko Luveni, and has pushed Parliament to discipline him.

Yesterday in Parliament, Khaiyum called the Speaker 'Vutusona' and 'Cavuka' then said he has a recording of Ratu Naiqama saying those same words at the Speaker. 

This recording is yet to surface.

The swear words were apparently used at a Sodelpa meeting last Thursday, not in Parliament. But Khaiyum claims Ratu Naiqama breached his Parliamentary privilege.

Should we then start disciplining any parliamentarian who swear outside of Parliament?

The Fiji Parliament is already a circus, now this.

Khaiyum put this motion to a vote:

  1. Hon. Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu be cited for a serious breach of privilege and contempt of Parliament
  2. that the matter be now referred to the Privileges Committee under Standing Order 134(2)(b) to determine the type of sanction for the breach and
  3. that the Privileges Committee must meet today 18 May 2015, and provide its recommendations to Parliament at the latest by Thursday 21 May 2015 as to what sanctions should be imposed by Parliament against Honourable Lalabalavu, after which such action as deemed appropriate by Parliament shall be taken.

A number of members in the Opposition decided not to vote.

The matter is now before the six-person Privileges Committee, one of whom is Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. 

The Committee will deliver its verdict on Ratu Naiqama's fate on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

The SODELPA members who did not vote must be sacked.
Bastardos el vutosonas cavukas tadros

Anonymous said...

Ratu Naiqama was joking about Khaiyum and the Speaker when they had a moment together and Khaiyum was banging away when the Speaker asked him...is it in yet... caita boy.

Anonymous said...

Was different with Khaiyum..he has a pinky dick and when he gets pissed off with the speaker, he will say what he always ask for - vutusonas...speaker had shoved a bhaigani up Khaiyum's sonas which made him scream cavukas..

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! serves Speaker right and it also applies to Aiyaz. Speaker likes to be vutusonataki and also vutusona Aiyaz with a dildo. bwahahahahaha. Vinaka Rt Naiqama. Rauti rau vinaka. bwahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard another FFP MP doing the same to a SODELPA MP. Sudhakar thinks an opposition member insulted ASK in Parliament today. Well well his learning ASK tactics in bullying opposition.

Anonymous said...

This is what we read about Fiji First self centered pettiness. Ayarse Khaiyum as Attorney General and Finance Minister can only come up with this pathetic motion when the whole country is in a pathetic situation brought about by his instigation and support of the coup.

Why doesn't he focus on bringing down the cost of food for the poor and making laws to catch real criminals like himself and his kutta the Pig(what an insult to a kutta) or is it the other way around - Vore and his kuttia?

Suomynona said...

Looks like Ayarse can't take a little joke from Tui Cakau as he himself said its all in good humor and veiwali and not meant to be offensive when I read it in the Fiji Times (since Fiji Snub can't help straddling on Bhaiyum's lap occasionally with bias stories and praises).

Seriously, its like AK-47 is completely humorless and can't unwind a little bit at least within the seriousness that surround Parliamentary matters being discussed.

He needs to lighten up big time during parliament breaks as I know most govt members need to relax a bit before going back in the ring for the next round of talks and policies.


The bastard Naiqama should be charged for desecrating the church. This is the same man who was behind Fijians killing Fijian in the 2000 mutiny, all for power and money. same guy who impregnated a young relative. a power hungry,hate-filled bastard to the core who has done nothing to contribute to the vanua. lock the useless bastard and throw away the key. he is a waste of space.

Anonymous said...

@ Useless Bastard...you are a waste of breath...now breath in deep, hold your breath and don't release it for 10 minutes. If you survive, you welcome back to this blog where you can worship your Chief of Chiefs Ratu Naiqama. If you lived in the good olden days, the mere mention of his ancestors name would have caused you to defecate without knowing. Did he impregnate your relative, mother sister or daughter. If he has humblest apologies. The only killing going on was the soldiers killing unarmed civilians. What brave bastardos the vutusonas who are cavuks like Franko...

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz should stop complaining. Last year him and his body guard had an accident and we happen to drive past on our way back to Suva. His body guards Pajero fell in the ditch which was at Korovou Police Station, Aiyaz was in another Pajero with a different lady .....not his wife. What a shame

Anonymous said...

What does 'Vutusona' and 'Cavuka' mean?

Anonymous said...

Naiqama likes to suck kepas vutusona. I was just joking..

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:51pm,

You are correct it wasn't kaiyum's wife but it was your vutusona wife.

Anonymous said...

Blog administrators daughter has a vutusona. I know as I just rooted it. Oops, I was just joking

Anonymous said...

Naiqama: where's the evidence?

Kaiyum: it's in your vutusona

Kepa: Kaila

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum is mad. What Naiqama said was not vulgar but pilgrims sermon of the Methodists church and its vutusona leadership. May Jisu bless all the vutusonas that are part of the Methodists church

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum has made a fool of the I-Taukei. Even the poorly led military bow to his commands. This is the new Fiji - get used to it.

Unknown said...

There has been a lot of mixed reports about this. We'll have to wait for the investigation to get the facts if there is infact evidence.

One thing is certain if Naiqama did actually say those words regardless of whether it was in parliament or in a grog session then that is a very bad thing.

As a member of parliament he holds a position of respect and should at all times hold himself in the highest of standards in terms of how he acts and what he says.

My concern is if found guilty, what were the reasons of his derogatory outbursts. Let's hope it was a moment of madness rather then him having the old derogatory idea of women belonging in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Why all the noise on something of no consequence and irrelevant to the running of the nation. The words spoken should be taken in context rather than being vilified as a direct assault on the speaker of parliament. Bainimarama as PM has abused so many people with more vulgar, derogatory comments directly and Aiyarse never made a sound. Its a bloody circus. It follows that if a member of parliament swears outside of parliament in response to questions relating to the PM, AG, Spoker etc will now be disciplined.

Tomasi said...

My contribution about the current gossip being tabled and moved in Parliament is in two parts. This first part shall be on the mover of this petty, foolish and unnecessary motion to censure Ratu Naiqama. Part two will discuss the issue of gossip and how our Parliament has become Khaiyum’s personal property, a legal and formal process of vetting his decisions and increasing his stranglehold on political, economic and social clout and authority over our beloved Fiji.

Khaiyum Aiyaz Saiyad is truly demon possessed but his demon is his own allah dog. He continues to amaze and provoke us with his ignorance, foolishness, stubborn, arrogant and undiluted self righteousness, pride and unbridled lust for power. He is undoubtedly the most craftiest, warped, cunning and evil son of the devil we have ever witnessed in this part of the world. He is absolutely dangerous and a cancerous ulcer in our society and it is time we terminate this evil influence once and for all. He is a very sick dog whose only appropriate treatment is to be put down. ,Let me elaborate.

Khaiyum actively supported a military coup to terminate a legitimate government by the people of Fiji, yet he does not tolerate anyone who dares to constructively criticise his regime. .

He has played with our Constitution, shredded two and written one to save himself and his cronies and imposed it upon the people of Fiji. He writes his own immunity clause in his illegal constitution, and calls it the very best constitution in the history of Fiji.

While penning his constitution, he has not consulted the people, especially the indigenous Fijians, whose fundamental rights, freedoms, privileges, and identity he has effectively rewritten and redefined. Yet he claims he has protected and entrenched the rights of the native Fijians. No one requested him to do so, yet he demands our gratitude and loyalty.

He planned and engineered a fraudulent election process, and oversaw its meticulous implementation to produce outcomes he had planned all along. Then he proclaims to the world that the election was the best and fairest one in Fiji’s history.
He manufactures a party with a stolen name, controls it people, office, assets and daily life. The party office remains unused and closed and belongs to him and Voreqe if the worst happens.

He spends scare resources in creating a new parliament space, even though a relatively new parliament building had been constructed and used and is still available and standing idle. In the new parliament, Khaiyum decides who will sit where, holds what power, and how parliament shall be reported on for public consumption.

He tells his monkey Voreqe what to say, how to say it and when to say it, even though his monkey does not understand 90% of his speeches.

He lies in his teeth about very important issues and decisions, but foolish people are mesmerised. by his eloquence, daring and absolute lack of respect for the rights and freedoms of the people of Fiji.

He continues to gag the press, manipulate the minds of people and uses his power to control the compromised judiciary, the police, prisons and the military.

He controls the nation’s purse strings, writes our laws and statutes and considers himself the only one who can best interpret them.

Ladies and gentlemen, Khaiyum is the most powerful person in Fiji today and he will not entertain anyone questioning his authority or degrade his power. Voreqe’s neck is securely under his control. The whole nation is also under his effective control.

Khaiyum is obviously a proud arrogant, evil and foolish person, but he holds the greatest power in our land. He considers himself a god-like creature demanding absolute obedience and loyalty to him and his monkey prime minister.

He is really a very sick dog that needs to be put down as soon as possible. He is the greatest threat in our Fiji. We cannot affort to have him running around spreading his cancer. We owe it to ourselves, to our children and grandchildren to terminate this cancer once and for all.

Anonymous said...

@TOMASI- Hallelujah! Praise ye the Lord. You are spot on in identifying the traits of Devil khaiyum. Could have said it better myself. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

At the FRU AGM frank called Kean BOCI when he praised his shirt.....who shud discipline frank? FRU or Kaiyum?

Its all part of kai viti grog session jokes people and this is a waste of parliament time ,,,,,,,SA BOCI SARAGA MAI O VITI RARABA

Anonymous said...

9.59. Vutu sona is a combination of two words, "vutu" means pounding "sona" means urethra ( arse )
"Cavuka" means brain disorder.
So the honorable Prime minister of Fiji and his deputy the honorable Attorney General are both sick in the head and on the ass.
Loloma valevu .

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Now that Khaiyum, as Tomasi says, is controlling parliament, he (Khaiyum) should sack two MPs, namely Rt. Lalabalavu and Rt. Kubuabola.

Anonymous said...

In relation to Sayed Kaium's explanation of Fiji Air ways being granted exemption from Top of Descent spay from infected countries he stated that residual spraying will prevent diseases and virus fro entering our country. This is totally incorrect and misleading.
The residual spray is an INSECTICIDE.
Personally I have seen many small cockroaches in the galley area of Fiji Airways aircraft.
I quote WHO below.
Aircraft disinsection

Many countries require disinsection of aircraft (to kill insects) arriving from countries where diseases that are spread by insects, such as malaria and yellow fever, occur. There have been a number of cases of malaria affecting individuals who live or work in the vicinity of airports in countries where malaria is not present, thought to be due to the escape of malaria-carrying mosquitoes transported on aircraft. Some countries, e.g. Australia and New Zealand, routinely carry out disinsection to prevent the inadvertent introduction of species that may harm their agriculture.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Rakoro...we all have our moments of madness. You have yours each time you think and write to this blog. Just like anon 9:55Am, 11:02pm, 10:55pm. Now why don't you guys crawl back to Nauluvatu and take your meds.

Anonymous said...


FijiFirst parliamentarian, Jilila Kumar is no longer the Assistant Minister for Education.

Fijivillage has received the confirmation that Kumar is not at the Education Ministry from last Friday.

Kumar says she cannot say anything on this and referred all queries to the FijiFirst General Secretary, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Fijivillage has sent questions to Sayed-Khaiyum. He is yet to respond.

Anonymous said...

Vutusona and cavuka, I thought those terms really described Vili Rakoro.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to take down khaiyum,Bainimarama and kepa. End of story. Fiji would be a better place to live in. Khaiyum is turning Fiji into Islamic state, yo, no one dumb here, all the top jobs are being taken by muslims, feel sorry for I-Taukei whi hate Indians coz now you will have to start hating muslims and guess what, unlike Indians, they will come back and bite on your rear end. And bainimarama is a self serving traitor, Kepa is down and down racist. Best that these three people die and let Fiji embark onto real democracy. These three people are all set to ruin Fiji with self-serving motives.

Khaiyum know he will be a target one day thats why he is investing in Military. What if Military takes him down?

Bainimarama has sold his soul and he and khaiyum think Fiji is their playground.

Anonymous said...

We are living in an island named CIRCUS(AKA-FIJI)..yes, fiji has become a circus with new senseless issues arising everyday by the government.All Fijians representing Fiji First should know that they are traitors. They are supporting Khaiyum and bainimarama to change Fiji TO ISLAMIC state. Somebosy pleaselist down how Fiji is strengthening its ties with Islamic countries and in the next 10 years Fiji will become ISIS hub or headquarters in this LAWLESS FIJI.Yes, lawless coz Baini and khaiyum are above our laws. There is no law in Fiji. What baini-khaiyum say becoem the law.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all I-Taukei who represent Fiji First are TRAITORS, you guys have the power to change things from within the parliament, and bring to the attention of FIJI citizens the real cruel face of bainimarama and khaiyum. You will be doing your future generations favour by doing it. The power is in your hands.You guys should lead a revolution, and do a cleanup campign and clean Fiji off BAINIMARAMA AND KHAIYUM. YOU OWE IT TO YOUR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Dont let Khaiyum turn FIJI into ISLAMIC STATE.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Muslim League will ensure its big commercial development plans in Nabua will be monitored against time and budget through architects and engineering supervision.

This is to ensure that the development will come to fruition after it starts in mid-year.

The commercial development has not yet been given a brand name but was successfully launched this week by the Fiji Muslim League president Hafizud Khan at the headquarters in Samabula.

The project will take up to three stages of development.

“This process will be crucial to identify savings and risk mitigation especially of the unknown ground items that come forth during construction,” Mr Khan said.

“The project shall have construction contingency that will be closely managed by the architect and not be open to abuse by the builder without appropriate variation approval certificates.”

The Fiji Muslim League awarded the architects and lead consultants – apa Architects (New Zealand) Limited, surveyors – Landmark Surveying Consultants and civil engineering contractor – Wella Pillay.

“All communications shall be in writing through RFI (Request for Information) and NTC (Notice to contractor),” Mr Khan said.

“The construction award will be made to the builder who will not only demonstrate price efficiency but also a programme that will be manageable to FML needs and profitable to the tenancy plan.”

Mr Khan assured while the properties and products would have some Muslim focus and aspects, the property will be open to all races, cultural and religious backgrounds.

The development will be funded through the Muslim League’s partnership with the Islamic Development Bank.

Upon completion, income is expected to be drawn from the thriving commercial properties, the owners expect it to be. The development is situated on its freehold land which is 55-acres bordering on Suva’s Ratu Mara Road and Bay View Heights.

The initial capital injection will be $30 million and expected to start works in mid-yea

Anonymous said...

Fiji is in a really bad place at the moment,as said before by someone, baini and khaiyum are above the law. THEY ARE THE LAW.All the I-Taukei spewing hatred in this forum, change your attitude.Your hated will not bring down the regime. You need to plan and act on how to keep baini and khaiyum in check. On how to end EVIL.This is our and and this is our fight.Our generations are here to stay, whats the guarantee that our land will not be taken from us. Khaiyum such made new decree where children of I-taukei women married to non-ITaukei can also have right to land. Fair enough, BUT what if someday they decide that all native land now needs to be under government, WHO WILL STOP THEM. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING BECAUSE WHAT THEY SAY BECOMES THE LAW.This is how deep in shit FIJI is.

Anonymous said...

YEP-all the freebies before elections was a farce, I have heard from several schools that their grants have been cut for pity reasons. There is indication of further reduction of grants. VINAKA ONE EYED MAHENDRA REDDY. EXCELLENT WORK.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It will be a good idea to hold hostage bainimaramas and khaiyums family and for them to RESIGN before the families are released. They are ruining lifes of thousands of Fiji Citizens, they should get teh opportunity to feel how it is to know that the is no future for ones children or grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

What RFMF soldiers should do now in order to properly defend the sovereignty of our beloved nation is to live morally clean lives. The military has been considerably weakened because because of adultery and fornication and even same sex relationships amongst the soldiers and navy personnel.

When fanatical Islamists and Jihadists come in attempts to takeover Fiji, our soldiers will be well prepared spiritually and morally to counter these terrorists.

Anonymous said...

What sovereignty are you talking about,Military is puppet of Baini-khaiyum. They can only lick arses.

Anonymous said...

If Ratu Naiqama is convicted, the all the Fijians should take a stand to support him, swearign wastn right but bainimarama has sworn so many times, nothing happened to him, why bully the opposition, this is just regimes bullying tactic.

DOODOO said...







Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Khaiyum oh khaiyum, you are swimming in uncharted waters, you just might drown, you family might drown with you, so you want that,why should you family suffer because of your doing,same applies to bainimarama, beautiful family you have my bro, it will be a pity to see them suffer and pay for you deeds.

Anonymous said...

So who actually swore or used vulgar words in Parliament Madam Speaker - was it Ratu Naiqama? The whole of Fiji is witness that Ratu Naiqama did not. However Madam Speaker we can rightfully say that the Attorney General Aiyaz Khaiyum did so in a most disrespectful unlawful and dishonorable manner.

He has DARED to utter those words in Parliament in front of you Madam Speaker - what does that make of him?

And now the whole of Fiji was able to view this shocking despicable tirade on television.

Imagine the Attorney General using those forbidden words in Parliament. He not only insulted you outright Madam Speaker but he mocked you in front of us all. He should know better Madam Speaker but sometimes power, pride and arrogance in a man misleads him and eventually turns him out to be a real rogue breaking all rules and thinking he is doing you a great favour.

Madam Speaker I suggest you look carefully into the real motives of what is behind Mr Khaiyum's shocking behaviour!! This was unnecessary - the Police should have been consulted on this matter. There was definitely no need for this GREAT INSULT against you in Parliament!

Unknown said...

Serious Fiji

Unknown said...

Fiji will be again a good place and be a paradise if we get rid of all Muslims including their leader kaiarse

Unknown said...

If any member of parliament on both sides government and opposition make derogatory remarks to the speaker they should be investigated and disciplined accordingly.

I couldn't care less what they say about each other because that is the nature of politics and politicians everywhere have a tendency to be childish at times which is expected.

The speaker however holds a position of neutrality and as a women she is a great example to females everywhere especially young girls who aspire to be leaders. We shouldn't allow them to see that they too could be discounted and abused by male chiefs or politicians.

All these tit for tat from supporters of either side is childish. Put aside your selfish views about either parties and try to truly acknowledge that what Mr Naiqama allegedly said brings disrespect and embarrassment to our parliamentary establishment.

Unknown said...

If and when you are in position in a political arena you have to expect criticism, swon at, conflicts and that's how politics are. But being a leader in parliament take it as a man

Anonymous said...

Now Khaiyum is showing out his fear in public. He should hire more security people and bodyguards in addition to the many he now has.

Anonymous said...

Its a pity small issues are made Big topics in parliament; Where will all this end; Any derogatory remarks in parliament should be censored anything outside is matter for Police to deal with if its senstivity or derogatory and the other party is insulted or offended.AG should not be involved with these issues and do some constructive things for the Country; someone has correctly sai Parliament under th guise of Democracy is a Farce; nothing has changed from last 8 years,,,Wake up Fijians...

Unknown said...

Criticism are part and parcel of leadership. Not only political leaders but managers and supervisors in any field be it government or private sector expects this.

Verbal abuse however should not be tolerated. If Mr Naiqama criticised the speaker for perhaps unfair ruling using harsh but appropriate terms then that is not a big deal.

Sadly that is not what he allegedly said. He used abusive remarks and for someone in his position who should be aware of his public standing and relation, he clearly abused his position.

Perhaps in the future he should try to be more diplomatic with his words. If he is frustrated which is understandable for someone in his position he still could show his disagreement in a harsh mannered way. All he has to do is use appropriate vernacular and a disagreement tone, his message can still convey his feelings without drawing any unnecessary negative publicity.

Mere Turabeci - Hot Springs Savu Savu said...

This supposed to be High Chief of Cakadrove is a criminal, supporter of terrorism
2000, and a defiler. He is a damn racist is an exploiter. He doesn't have any respect for women. He hasn't even got any respect for Kepa. He just wants to be a cabinet Minister at any cost. What has he done for Cakadrove and Vanua Levu.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

@ Tomasi

You have consistently proven in your comments that you have nothing but baseless ignorance and frustration.

We have debated about the election so many times and you continue to go around in circles. Your blatant refusal to acknowledge that the international observers who by the way recently finalised their report and approved Fiji election to be fair and democratic, shows that you clearly have lost out.

It is becoming clear that you were part of the old order that ravaged and stole from the people using racial scare mongering. You filled your pockets and when your time was up you ran away to Australia. Which explains why you know so much about Australia like kua ni rere.

In the Qarase election he hired one of the Australian government campaign consultant and advised him to use racial fear mongering as his strategy. Manipulating the Methodist Church and cultural tradition to gain his votes and get him into parliament.

As usual everything you say Tomasi is based on absolutely no evidence but coconut wireless hear say. You continuously refuse to acknowledge the International observers.

You only acknowledge the international organisation if it helps your argument for example the international human rights report. However when those same international standards approves the Fiji government in anything you suddenly cry corruption or hidden agenda etc.

You need to realise that all of your comments paints a clear message. You clearly have a chip on your shoulder in regards to this government. You need to chill out and accept that life goes on. The people of Fiji in their majority have given their decision in the election. Accept that and move on. If you don't want to then tough luck we don't care.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much you try to hide, trash, destroy, kill, bury or break it into little pieces, THE TRUTH will always win out in the end.

Even the Holocaust LIE could not be sustained forever as the TRUTH is now starting to appear.

John 14:6

Anonymous said...

What about when the PM wants to pick up his bottle of water and throw it on the opposition? First parliment sitting november last year.

Watch on youtube.

What about when PM push aside the female reporter from New Zealand at Syria park in Nausori last yesr?

What about when he call opposition Macawa?

Was there anything done?

Unknown said...

Like I said couldn't care less what politicians do to each other from either side. Using harsh tone and vernacular isn't really something new. Fijian politicians have been doing that to each other long before Bainimarama and Fiji First.

Its when they become verbally abusive using derogatory vernacular is the time to reign them in. Also it's not acceptable to try and justify their action by claiming so and so also did it.

And most importantly there has to be concrete evidence presented to justify the claims. And like I said on these particular one regarding Naiqama, if there is evidence that he acted that way then deal with him accordingly. It certainly won't be his first because his history is filled with ego filled moments. He doesn't even respect his boss Kepa.

I for one have been one of Kepa's critics but I will never call her derogatory terms. I criticise her as a politician but never as a women or as a person. My criticism has and will be harsh but never derogatory.

Unknown said...

I know most of the SODELPA lot in here don't really look at the world with a clear glass, theirs is always tinted.

You only have to read their comments where they use derogatory vernacular mostly in Fijian vernacular towards Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Fiji first and their supporters.

It's filled with vicious hatred and just pure filth. It is no wonder they can't seems to differentiate what Naiqama said and did. Birds of the same feather.

And as I have always said it's usually the kai yanuyanu/islander types. Majority of whom are overstaying in Viti Levu.

Tomasi said...

The Fiji Parliament was designed to be a circus, a false fa├žade of true democracy, in order to legitimise dictatorship. Under this guise, Khai’s boys would rule Fiji, rewrite the laws and the Constitution. Time will erase the bad history. A new generation will emerge whose knowledge of history is that generated by Khai’s propaganda.
Khai’s top priority is to rule Fiji for as long as possible. Ratu Naiqama's action is a threat and he must be punished. Parliament belongs to Khai. Imagine doing that fifty years ago. Tui Cakau is only human. Whether the allegation is true is another matter. The fact that AG deems it important to move Rt Naiqama’s censorship should be of vital concern.
Wisdom dictates that we speak no evil and do no evil. People swear to let off steam or express their disgust against a person without resorting to violent action. Being the target of gossip can make things very awkward. How do you act around people who’ve been talking about you behind your back? Do you continue to relate to them as though nothing happened? Confront the gossiper directly? Resort to some form of passive-aggressive retaliation? Or maybe retreat from social interaction to nurse your wounds in private?
But though we’re aware of the negative effects of gossip, how many of us have never indulged in it ourselves? Maybe we’ve felt the sting of someone’s nasty personality and want confirmation that we’re not alone. Maybe we’re projecting our own insecurities onto others. But constantly bathing in negativity takes its toll on us. We all take part in creating our environment, and whatever poison we contribute, we will have to live with its effects.
According to AG, because Tui Cakau swore at Luveni, he was actually swearing against Parliament, and it constitutes a breach. Talk about siege mentality, there you see it clearly in AG's spontaneous reaction. Look also at how Khai jumps to attack others who may commit silly mistakes while he gets away with treason.
The alleged swearing was a personal action against a person. It was an expression of displeasure against Jiko. The words he allegedly uttered are commonly heard in many places and accepted as expressions of dissatisfaction. A common response is to laugh and forget about it. Khai has chosen to forget that underneath our modern Fiji is a strong foundation and multiple layers of traditions and cultural practices which have been the social norms of Fijian society for hundreds of years before Christianity and colonisation arrived. Some of these bad practices are fading away and we must always strive for excellence.
Rt Naiqama’s action concerned another Fijian while addressing a Fijian audience during a political meeting. It is understandable to us natives. But obviously Khai still has a foreign ear despite his grandfather's many years in Yavulo. As Speaker, Jiko is not good enough for Rt Naiqama. She is Khai’s puppet, just like Voreqe. She is so captured by her ill-gotten fortune that she has rejected her Fijian culture, basic courtesy and good manners. She could have done one or more of the following:
She could tell AG that she was the object of the alleged abuse. It had nothing to do with Parliament. The matter is settled. The allegation concerns her, so she should excuse herself from the matter and let her Deputy chair the session. She could just thank AG and remind him it was gossip and pettiness. As such, she would not entertain it in Parliament.She could remind the Members to conduct themselves honourably at all times and that they should be models of excellence.
Jiko displayed her lack of wisdom by responding the way she did to the scoundrel who masquerades as Fiji’s AG and Minister of All Things Important in Fiji. By doing so, she further lends truth to Rt Naiqama’s assessment that she is not worthy to be Speaker.

Unknown said...


I do get your point and completely understand that as people not only us I Taukei's but every race have a tendency to swear at others to express our frustration. That is normal and is part and parcel of life.

The difference here is that if it was two ordinary people it is pretty much nothing. However Mr Naiqama and the speaker both hold a high office.

Their position is one where their professionality is on the spot light when they are on duty and off duty. Mr Naiqama could even have got away with it had it been a personal function.

Unfortunately in this case he allegedly made the derogatory comments in a gathering by his political party. In parliament even some of his own parties didn't vote in support of him to avoid investigation.

It maybe because they were pissed off at him. Think about it for a moment. During the lead up to that particular meeting there was alot of negative news about it.

The place of meeting was a methodist church hall. The party and methodist church both had to give statements saying they were not politicising the church.

Sodelpa said it was just a political party gathering and the church said it's hall was open to use by any person and organisations.

When Sodelpa got its permission from police it was because it told the police that it wasn't their party meeting with the church. It was strictly a political party meeting held at a church hall venue.

So after all that Mr Naiqama then stupidly went ahead and made that derogatory comments against the speaker. I mean seriously was he asking for trouble or did he wanna be talked about even if it's negatively.

The meeting was political, he is a politician and he made derogatory remarks about the speaker who happens to hold a position in parliament. You couldn't even make that up if you wanted to.

Vili the mongoose said...

Fark khaiyum and all he stands for. This interloper has raped Fiji and all it stands for. What is next from this terrorist - sharia law?

Anonymous said...

So what? Is that taboo? Every tom dick or harry does that everyday. Bai does that most of the time as PM on other public officers.

Its different if it was uttered in Parliament directly at the Speoker. This was spoken in passing in response to a question.

Unknown said...

Also if Mr Naiqama was allowed to get away with it then what message does that say to other politicians of either side. That somehow it's acceptable to verbally abuse each other in public.

Also what message is that giving to young boys and girls who aspire to be leaders one day. Do the boys start thinking it's acceptable to disrespect a women like that and do the girls start thinking if I aspire to be a leader one day will I get be treated like that by men. Might as well give up ey.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Vili Rakoro came on strongly on non-issues but was silent on the important ones. Fuck you Vili and may you continue to offer your anus for extra favours from your soldier boys.

Anonymous said...

There is only one solution to all our problems, holding khaiyums and bainimiramas family hostage and getting them to step down. Nothing else will stop these rapists-they have raped FIJI of its dignity and all that Fiji is made up of. Its time to play game on their level.They are playing dirty, let us play dirty, every I-Taukei should collect the guts to take some action, this is our country, not khaiyums and definitely not lowest of lowest creature bainimiaramas.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this land is I-taukei land, kjhaiyum and Baninimarama need to DIE.And some I-Taukei has to do it so that our name goes in the history of Fiji that nobody should take mess with Fijians and their land.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

All this that happen is outside of parliament. People have the right to free speech weather it's swearing at someone in palimentary position it doesn't matter. Fijian life style is different as they joke a lot. If the speaker and kaiarse couldn't handle what is said of them in a joke they should resign. One goes back to join the ISIS, the other back to Ono
Fijians needs to wake up now there is no other time or its too late. Make sure that kaiarse doesn't escape out of Fiji

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum is so much into himself that he has lost the plot. The power has gone to his head and he is soo worried about his own millions hidden in HongKong, Australia and Pakistan that he wants no one, no one to go against dream of a Aiyaaz controlled Fiji. Just see him on live streaming- he is just beyond a normal sensible and just human being. He is showing all signs of a dictator. What's wrong with people of Fiji. Have we lost our balls that we are passively allowing such a monster to control us!

Anonymous said...

Sad that the Fijian special relationships by provinces and other divides such as tauvu and others is totally ignored in this instance and as we have always claimed - Fijianeses and all things valued by the taukeiis are now totally dismissed by Khaiyum as irrelevant and non-existent.

So Long Viti! May you be blessed where ever you have been banished to.

Unknown said...

Joking around as a tauvu and I Taukei's is one thing. Derogatory verbal abuse is another. And on top of it all Mr Naiqama is reknown for his sexist and racist views. Blurry kai yanuyanu should be put in a boat and sent back to his island. He's overstaying in Viti Levu.

pekalevu chief said...

forget about scapegoating muslim - is it fijian way of life to swear in a church? why are people defending him? is this our fijian Christianity - swear in church? is this the example chiefs set for us and our children? christ hates hypocrite christians and adulterers but devil loves them, just like some who are defending this pekalevu chief.

Anonymous said...

Vili Joyita Raikoro you certainly
are a macafaka and non-iTaukei.

Unknown said...

Wahahaha....chief or no chief, we are all human/mortal and are abide by the law of the land............Lesson to all wanna be "GREAT COUNCIL OF CHIEFS"...Anonymous posts hide behind their computers & bark like an 'Koli ni kai dia'.............LOL

Anonymous said...

A lesson that is always learnt,is no matter wat situation we are in,blogging,in Parliament,as an mp,as a chief,as a pm etc etc in whatever decision. we are always at crossroad on things........Is Wheather the principle of 'Love' is being practised during our decision.......

Anonymous said...

By Graham Davis
– February 7, 2012Posted in: All

Grubsheet has taken the site to task before for publishing comments describing Indo-Fijians as “mongoose” or “mynahs” – the clear implication being that Fijians of Indian descent are imported pests. It regularly refers to the prime minister as “the Baini”, a disparaging play on words on the popular Hindi description of a person of low breeding or class. But now comes something far more grave, an all out attack on Fiji’s Muslims on one of the holiest days of the Islamic calendar – the birthday of the prophet Mohammed.

This wasn’t in the comments section of the site but in the main editorial column. And it deserves to be read in full, as it appeared, not only to appreciate the appalling nature of the attack itself but to appreciate why the Bainimarama regime is so determined to stamp out this kind of racial and religious intolerance in Fiji once and for all.

“Fiji is going through a false scenario of reforms and modernization to have a new Fiji. This was reiterated by the PM in his address during the November 2012 budget. Sadly it is bound to end up with civilization with darkness.
The truth is Muslims, through Aiyaz Sayed Kaiyum, is colonizing Fiji. They are deceiving the people of Fiji using nice phrases and words such as modernization, a new Fiji without corruption, transparency, fairness to justify their staying in power. Look at what has been happening:
Muslim riding hard on power (RFMF)
Rule by decree
Increase in the number of key positions in government being given to Muslims or those supporting Khaiyum
Weakening of Fijian institutions and culture and land ownership
Recruiting of non-Fijians, especially kaivalagis, to weaken Fijian’s capabilities
Wake up Fiji. Wake up to the radical changes in our beloved peaceful and friendly country. Regrettably, Banimarama will not do anything: only he knows why it is Yes sir, three bags full Sir!”

Anonymous said...

@Vili..where were your forefathers when rt naiqama's chiefly lineage strategically bravelly,courageously secure the islands of Fiji from foreign invaders,did they took part..

Unknown said...

Kaiyum in regular contact with ISIS

Anonymous said...

anon@11:34AM...Vili's Father was no way near our water but he was
close in Aussie land but came to Fiji in a boat as a crew and met
Vili's Indo Mamas'HO- selling her only product by the suva warf! O
Setani na tinai Vili.