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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fiji Airways new CEO incurred millions in losses in last two jobs

Track record for making a loss: Andre Viljoen
Birds of a feather flock together and this anecdote gets real every time the regime or its stooges appoint someone to a powerful position.

The latest is the appointment of Andre Viljoen as the new CEO and managing director of Fiji Airways.

Andre Viljoen, who will take up the Suva-based appointment in October, has left Air Mauritius with more than $50 million (27.7 million Euros) in loss.

Before joining Air Mauritius, Andre Viljoen was with South African Airways (SAA) and also left that company with a loss; this time $103 million dollars ($6 billion South African Rand).

Andre Viljoen joined Thomson holidays after SAA and was there for two years, making structural changes which led to job losses.

Inquiries by Coup4.5 has also established that while at SAA Andre Viljoen was being sued for seizing control of its rival, Sun Air, and then shutting it down.

Despite this information being readily available about Andre Viljoen, Fiji Airways has appointed him without seemingly making checks or, worse, in spite of his disastrous record.

Nalin Patel
A media release quotes the chairman of Fiji Airways, Nalin Patel, as saying "the Fiji Airways Board is extremely pleased that the Company would be led by someone, who as CEO of Air Mauritius, had transformed that airline, restored it to profitability and attained the coveted Skytrax 4 Star rating for product and service."


  1. Why do we need corrupt foreigners to run our businesses?
    We have corrupt people here too!

    Remember the former big boss of the Reserve Bank who took the job after Savenaca Narube left? We moved his money to NZ before devaluating our dollar and then he disappeared to lovely NZ!!!

    How come he is not being prosecuted?!?

    We have enough corrupt people here to run Fiji Airways by ourselves.

  2. Wadan's views on the flag competition : http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=311149

  3. And they bring in more corrupt foreigners without even bothering to do a background check on them.

    Wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened with Fiji Airways once that guy leaves at the end of his work term or if he decides to resign later on.


  4. Well, that's one way of forging Fiji ahead!

    Even Mr Patel didn't do his homework!

    Areh wah!!!

  5. Nalin Patel has been on the board for too long. Most board memberships are 3 years max. He has been there forever. Enjoying all the perks of free travel. Couldn't give a hoot about the airline.

  6. I plead with c45 bloggers to go back to the prior topic of our new flag to finalize our design before proceeding. I beleive and trust that we have agreed on Rt Cakobaus Flag with the new meaningful version.
    C45 administrator , we need your support too and we need to work together to bring closure to our flag followers. .

  7. A criminal Francis Kean was appointed to a high government post, so what's the point of doing a background check on others like this asshole from SA? Fiji is run by criminals so he fits right in hahaha Ask Vili Cavuka.

  8. I SUPPORT @7:58AM

    Let's post the design of our new flag (Cakobau's flag) with the National anthem lyrics and the meaning!

    We are are a crucial time and we can come back to corruption stories a little bit later! (please just move this post or hide it for a few weeks if possible so that all the focus is on the flag)

    Let's ask Rt Madraiwiwi to take position about our proposal, let's do it proper Fijian way my friends!!!

  9. All supporting or commenting on the new flag, playing right into the hands of the dictators.
    This is exactly what they want; Legitimised removal of Fiji's past by encouraging benign public debate through social media (on C4.5) at the same time introducing "year 0" reforms according to the Bhaikaiyum constitution.
    I think the colour for the background should not be blue. Do away with blue all together as it is also a symbol of Fiji's painful colonial past.
    The colour yellow should be used for it is the colour of the sun and very "kata-kata" What you reckon?

  10. Of course, @7.58, the 23 designs were posted without their respective meanings.
    Totally agree to have Rt Cakobaus flag displayed on the social network and alongside the design is the national anthem, with the meanings word by word( refer prior topic)
    I love this one please help, if some one can transform this for us and get it across our social network.

  11. 11.15...you need to transform your mindset. The day of judgement for their actions is not here neither you and me. Our day will come. Until then, let's move on with time Whether we like it or not, the new flag will be hoisted in October
    I'm in your boot too and never an FF supporter. As a citizen , I would like to contribute positively through this column to the nation. That is why I support this design - the new version of Rt Cakobau. Flag.

    Kai Rewa.

  12. @11:39 Kai Rewa
    Vinaka vakalevu!

    Please guys post the lyrics and the meaning because everything is in the MANA of the meaning, that is where the symbolism lies. It's all about symbols! And we've got the most beautiful in the world!

  13. our colonial past?How bad was it?Was it foreigners doing bad things to us or we ourselves were the one carrying out acts against our own people?

    Why dont we have many legitimate books written by ourselves about our colonial past?In fact I'll go do research now.How bad is our past?Do we blame the tongans?the British?the Americans?or the dutch? The chiefs and clans?In fact what are you ashamed about?

  14. @12:19 PM good and bad people all side, of course. Still the same today, we just need to look around... no need to read any book to see that for ourselves! All sorts of people on earth...

    let's put divisions behind us and agree on our great Rt Cakobau's flag.
    Let's focus on that ONE THING.

    Please Coup 4.5, just post our proposal if you have any graphic design tool, very simple to do I guess. Please post the lyrics and we stand with that post until we WIN. Next Tuesday is coming SOON!!!!!

  15. Nalin Patel is just another lying cock.

  16. God open their eyes and their big mouth and kick their backsides so they can do something about their country siding all Fiji taxpayers of today!

  17. Don't they have any qualified locals? Why do we have to go overseas to recruit someone? I'm sure a local would be just as good, or maybe even better than this asshole. A quick search on Google would have been sufficient to move on to the next candidate. Oilei...

  18. Don't they have any qualified locals? Why do we have to go overseas to recruit someone? I'm sure a local would be just as good, or maybe even better than this asshole. A quick search on Google would have been sufficient to move on to the next candidate. Oilei...

  19. How about we vote for Vili Raikodo to be the next CEO of Fiji
    Airways? He seems to be a mouthy assole and why not he'd probably
    do a better job than this assole? What is happening is that the two
    crooks-Bhai&Khai are trying to get a legit crook to come in as their
    falls guy? You know,when the airline went bankrupt in 2 to 3 years
    the two crooks would have their dough stashed away in overseas bank
    accounts and they'd be able to point at this ass as the culprit that
    stole your money? While they retire to some foreign land with their
    stolen money?


  20. Now that the USA has passed same-sex marriage laws in all states throughout the USA, we can expect a change to Fiji's legislation likewise not too far in the future.

    Washington (CNN)In a landmark opinion, a divided Supreme Court on Friday ruled that same-sex couples can marry nationwide, establishing a new civil right and handing gay rights advocates a historic victory.

    In the 5-4 ruling, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority with the four liberal justices. Each of the four conservative justices wrote their own dissent.

    Nearly 46 years to the day after a riot at New York's Stonewall Inn ushered in the modern gay rights movement, the decision could settle one of the major civil rights fights of this era. The language of Kennedy's opinion spoke eloquently of the most fundamental values of family, love and liberty.

  21. The aftermath of such drastic decision.
    In memory of a great nation...USA was once the land of the free. A powerful nation of an era reduced to rubble on one single night. Two bombs. Magnetic impulse explode 10000 miles above USA. Followed by 1 nuclear bomb in the heart of America.
    Russia has the capability to carry this out.

  22. Fiji Airways is and always was a pathetic excuse for an airline. Delays, pathetic service, flight attendants the size of buses fitting the whole freaking aisles, poor quality food and the list goes on. I just don't fly Fiji Airways.

  23. Do many of us still miss the great deception by this deceitful government? Its the same old trick! They make everyone think that the whole country is being consulted in every step of development or change they do.
    They will make a big show of consultations and a selected few process the results and then they tell everyone the result that has been reached which is exactly what the Fiji First top two decided before any consultation took place.
    1. First it was the National Charter. Can you remember what percentage of the public supported that according to their selected few?
    2. Then it was the Ghai Constitution, with the much public participation, which was then trashed before they brought out their own version.
    3. The Election which was secretly tallied from telephone calls into different telephone numbers of the the selected few with the most amazing result that only an idiot will believe is possible.
    4. Next, the amazing lies of the TV saga.
    5. Then the public participation of the Flag, where all the public submissions were thrown into the rubbish bin like the constitution before their 23 designs were brought to the public to consider.

    Think they care about your opinion? Think again.

    6. Now they are doing public consultation on the Development Plan for the next 5 to 10 years - much like the Charter, Constitution, Election and Fiji flag. And then they will reveal what they had already decided beforehand, but for transparency show for the stupid overseas donors like the European Union and others.

    I am sure I have missed many other examples and you can fill in the blanks, but you get the drift, No?

    In the end the TRUTH will come out! God Bless Fiji and may the meek inherit the land.

  24. Politics in Fiji has always played to the advantage of the echelon of society. The public are just pawns being pushed by ideologies that befits factions within it. You dont have to be a roacket scientist to work this one out.. 1987 and 2000 were for Fijians and 2006 for Indians. We know the existence of in- betweens who blow the trumpet of justification that fits the agenda of the day, after all we all have become immersed in a messy culture of lies and deceit. May God Bless Fiji

  25. Bainimarama is a liar...A lying tongue with a kernel of truth, will no doubt appear true

  26. Nalin Patel? This assole looks like a crooks too, Hey Raikoro if you
    want the job investigate this dude and see what background does he
    has in the aviation areas? If he's one of the late A D Patel's son
    then no worry cause he's probably in Khai's destruction list as well?

  27. @2.07pm Rainbow Day is what they call it today.
    A big celebration citywide in US with rainbow flags flying high with signs carrying" love wins","love rules" "marriage for all" and we have those with" not gay, just supportive" . In the white house, on tv ,the white building is submerged in rainbow light flickering rainbow colors. .wow
    We all see here that we have entered a new era where tradition and values will be, part of history, and just something of the past. Marriage is going to be undefined. As evidenced today, from the highest law makers of the land to the ordinary, marriage has lost its traditional and biblical meaning.
    Hundreds of marriage licenses were issued hours just after the supreme court decision.
    US is taking us to another level where marriage can also mean the civil union between human and what he/she loves. Categorically, you can be issued a marriage license to marry your dog , cat, horse, etc.
    You can also be eligible to legally marry your tv, house, boat, car, plane, gun, work, money, etc under this law, the upcoming law. I thought US is the land of the intellect, but yesterday after the supreme court ruling , US is nothing but the land of stupidity. That's why what anon 4.02 is saying can be imminent. US destruction will come from without.

  28. Alex Jones stated that Los Angeles, California has become so evil that he cannot even enter the city anymore. America went to hell a long time ago. Today, we are reaping what we have sowed. We have turned away from God, and so He has turned away His face from us. We have tempted the hand of judgment of God by murdering over 50,000,000 children by abortion. We have become a lesbian-loving society. Katy Perry is the rot of America, encouraging young girls to be sexual promiscuous and become lesbians. Perry is slutty and demonic, even blaspheming the Holy Spirit of God.

    By kicking God, the Bible and prayer out of the public schools, we invited the Devil. The consequences have been devastating top our nation. Television hosts like Montel Williams exploit broken families and shattered lives to make money. It is tragic to watch the audience clap for sinners, praise the wicked, and openly reject the Word of God. Everything is crazy and backwards nowadays. How can anyone honestly expect God to bless our wicked nation. We have forgotten God!



    Alex Jones stated that Los Angeles, California has become so evil that he cannot even enter the city anymore. America went to hell a long time ago. Today, we are reaping what we have sowed. We have turned away from God, and so He has turned away His face from us. We have tempted the hand of judgment of God by murdering over 50,000,000 children by abortion. We have become a lesbian-loving society. Katy Perry is the rot of America, encouraging young girls to be sexual promiscuous and become lesbians. Perry is slutty and demonic, even blaspheming the Holy Spirit of God.

    By kicking God, the Bible and prayer out of the public schools, we invited the Devil. The consequences have been devastating top our nation. Television hosts like Montel Williams exploit broken families and shattered lives to make money. It is tragic to watch the audience clap for sinners, praise the wicked, and openly reject the Word of God. Everything is crazy and backwards nowadays. How can anyone honestly expect God to bless our wicked nation. We have forgotten God!

    1. 8.10am
      Not only in New York.
      Sources said that a sudden twist of weather from clear blue sky to lighting, thunder , wind and heavy rain happened in the city of Dallas on the night of the supreme courts ruling and during the celebration.
      It seems that every decision men make on this planet has a natural consequence.


  30. Qarona Viti! To the beloved people of this nation Fiji!

    Someone mentioned earlier that the disgusting new laws in America that revolt against God will have a trickling affect on ALL the nations of the world.

    This is THE time for God-fearing people to sit up and take note!!


  31. Yes 8.22..you're right.
    Perhaps it's time that we pray for the majority-God fearing Americans greatly affected by this decision.
    Remember the minority is making waves today and Obama supports them.

  32. with all that has gone(wrong) in in Fiji Airways the Chairman should have resigned by now. Why would and wouldn't he? He is the only one that FB and ASK haven't removed since 2006. All others with even a hint of association with SDL or others were removed systematically even without any fault of theirs.

  33. The treasonist, racist, defiler, suspended and convicted SODELPA MP has become the President of racist SODELPA Party.

  34. How how are we supposed to perform a papsmear on a transgender???

    America's decision and policy makers seem to be suffering from a deadlier disease then any other - this one is a non curable permanently-cemented mental illness.

    This is the latest shocking report??? certainly NOT, nothing comes as a shock these days from the once great nation that is no more - have a read below and meanwhile picture OBAMA as he actually sings 'Amazing Grace' to mark the same sex declaration for all US nations.

    "The Department of Health and Human Services’ most recent guidelines explaining the “preventive services” mandate under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—or Obamacare—says health insurance plans must provide co-pay-free pap smears and mammograms to “TRANSGENDER MEN.”

    As defined by the federal Office of Personnel Management: “a person assigned the female sex at birth but who identifies as male is a transgender man.”… "

  35. Julab Dean
    spoken like a true barachod pakala

  36. I have no problem with the Tui Cakau taking over as Capitano of the
    SODELPA Nationalist party.But he needs to smarten up and stop swearing
    at women or any men that belongs to other party of their choice-Ratu
    you're in the BIG BOYS GAME now? Act like one!

  37. The hiring of Andre Vilijonh is another move by the crooked AG Khai
    if he can get some crooked dude from abroad to take the job than
    certainly he'd killed two birds with one stone? Since he is the one
    who normally direct people in Government corporations to follow his
    directions, Nalin Patel does not have a chance to make any other
    decision than that of what he's told by the AG to do? But in the end
    the AG would use this event to bring down Nalin Patel for making this
    stupid appointment and caused major loss to Fiji Airways? It's his way
    of self promotion-aiming to take over as PM after he poisoned the
    President and get Bhai to move over to that position/ it's all in the

  38. Not liking for; Hibiscus matches(box) not lighting fully, company work better match head, girls walk get $1.00 for dress go catwalking,Fiji FashionWeek get the rest,Suva private medics provider saying staff on-call for emergencies,patients pay $54 fee, but company taking $40, giving $12 for staff,very sorry to workers in night, company stealing staff money.Something not doing right,sure.

  39. http://www.pprune.org/african-aviation/559044-air-mauritius-ceo-andre-viljoen-missing.html

  40. If you want to know more about transgender issues then ask Vili Rakoro or Meli Bainimarama.

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. @3.01 pm. Thanks.
    To everyone and out of curiosity.
    Let's be forthright and have an open mind. I understand that pap smear test is associated only with women sexual organ - the vagina to identify if cancer is found on the vaginal cells.
    Now can someone with a medical knowledge explain how can a" Transgender man" who is not a woman do the test. He doesn't have vaginal cells.
    If test can be made, on what organ will the test be conducted on.I know some will come up with ridiculous answer but please explain reasons on medical terms
    Haven't heard much from great minds like V RAKORO. Perhaps he can educate us on this.

  43. Fijian Nationalist SODELPA party has elected a defiler, woman basher, convicted terrorist as its new President. Even Party leader RO PEKA didn't vote for him. Oileli. The Party is heading towards oblivion.

  44. @7.05pm

    That's a valid question and a tough one at that.

    Perhaps a Transgender may have the "correct" answer??


  45. Why the faka do we have to worry about the USA changing their law
    it doesn't have anything to do with you!!! Worry about NALIN PATEL
    whom you paid with your TAX dollar to make decision to make decision
    for the operation of our National Airline-Fiji Airways? Worry about
    him hiring a major crook as CEO of our airline? We need to throw this
    assole in jail,lock him up and throw away the key? Investigate the
    AG for appointing him and also nailed that assoles? that's who we should be wooried about???? ASSOLES!!!!

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. And Viljoen is an ASSOLE, just another recruit to the ASSOLE fraternity running Fiji now.
    Now let's talk of the FLAG which is more constructive and worth talked about .The entire nation is waiting for the new Flag.

  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.





  51. Fiji needs Nationalism to protect its Indigenous people. Frank has shown totally disrespect towards his own Fijian people, Chiefs, culture and its customs. Today the Fijian people struggle to maintain their identity. This is who we are FIJIAN and this comes with certain responsibilities towards our people and our land. Whether any of you barchod Kai Dia, Half Caste or other races like it or not, we will work hard in maintaining it for the privilege of our future generation so that they know who they are and where they come from. You either respect that or get the fuck out of Fiji. Ratu Naiqama can curse and swear as much as he likes just like Franky the clown swears and abuses his own wife. The problem today is that all you FF clowns are following in Frank's foot steps and behave like him and this is now evident throughout Fiji's urban areas but out in the rural villages, we maintain who we are with dignity and respect and respect is what is now lost in Fiji because we have a clown of a PM who shows disrespect to his own, to the Kai Dia and other races. Frank removed the GCC, the BLV and the image of a statement Ratu Sukuna who played a huge role in establishing the Fijian institutions and history. Young men and women today don't know who Ratu Sukuna is, or Sefania Sukanaivalu, or the great Ratu Mara. Eventually if we do not protect our identify as Fijians, we will be no different to anyone residing in modern suburbia... Where you from? - Nadera - Raiwaqa - Suva......Fuck you FF dickheads and all you dumb ass Kai Viti siding with Frank who in your own stupidity and dillussion, you are participating in the demise of what we hold valuable in our lives...the preservation of what is truly Fijian.... The Fijians are remembered by every tourist or at least 95% of tourist who visit Fiji because of our mannerism, our hospitality, our humbleness and generosity. Not one tourist says anything nice about Kai Dia barchod....chor...Every kai loma who leaves Fiji and are overseas... realise that they should have learnt how to be Fijians and appreciated their vasu links to the Fijian people and they try to act and behave like Fijians overseas and they realise the error of their fathers who innocently segregated them from Fijians due to their Colonial route....Call me a nationalist..>Call me a RACIST....but Fiji, its culture and its people will continue to be Governed by a Fijian even though today, the puppet master is pulling the strings of our Fijian Clown Frank.... Once all Fijians realise this...whooooo....I tremble at the thought of what may befall Fiji....Even Frank's supporters today realise they have backed a clown. The Indians (Hindoos) like Josateki Daulako said realise that they are today, nothing in Fiji's Government. They have lost credible people and are now subjected to Khaiyum and his Muslim Government....Fiji will never relinguish its Chiefs. That is what we are and our villages are governed by these protocol. It has been for the last 3000 years and will continue towards the next 3000 years. No Government will bring it down. In 8 months...I tell you now that an event will befall Fiji which will resound through the world. When everything calms down. Be prepared.


  52. All you loosers here in this forum, bark all you want.Thats about all that you can do, No can can stop khaiyum//baini. As simple as that.BTW, stop being racist, your grand children are now mixed with mum & dad from diff racial background yet you cannot stop spewing hatred.

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. The right place for her is where she's right now. Who else will keep these racist govt leaders on their toes. Viljoen the crook is their making and you talked about economic development...fucken shit!! This is the worst economic decision appointment ever made by this govt. Waste of resources and ignorant to the fact. And to call her a bitch.... big call...reh. Make It Clear upon yourself and your family that she's the most high ranking woman chief on our land.Such high status has surely reduced your mother, sisters and daughters to whores and bitches!

  54. I'm still trying to see the importance of changing Fiji's flag at this point in time. I do believe that the debate surrounding the proposed change, is a deliberate act, one designed to distract Fijians from far more pressing and important issues.
    The eventual change in design, if there was ever going to be one, is a matter for Fijians and should only take place once a real Democracy is restored and Aiyaz, Frank and their supporters are behind bars. In the meantime, Fijians should take notice of their declining Economy and the consequences of that.

  55. @11.2 Be careful of what you say.You may end up in the military barracks.


  56. Yup, dont waste time on flag, one of the 23 will be chosen.


    On the brink of a major default on its loans before Tuesday's deadline, Greece shut down its banks today and created financial chaos among its citizens.

    Greeks are limited to cash withdrawals of just 60 euros a day, worth about $60 as the value of the euro against the dollar has plummeted in recent hours. This afternoon, credit ratings agency S&P cut Greece's long-term credit rating to "CCC-" from "CCC," saying that the probability of Greece exiting the eurozone is now about 50 percent.

    At least 500 of Greece’s 7,000 ATMs had run out of cash on Saturday morning, Bloomberg News reported.

  58. SCREW THE FLAG... NATIONALISM when Butadroka started the movement, many older generation Fijians had been brainwashed by the Europeans to go against Nationalism and they did not understand what Nationalism stands for and its ideals.


    Therefore we are all NATIONALIST at heart including FRANKY the clown who does not realise that his Government is being run under NATIONALIST IDEALS. The Hindoos were too fucking dumb and stupid to understand and realise this. The Muslims - well fuck them they will get their just deserts in the end.

    NATIONALISM is today, a growing Phenomena. Majority of Itaukei will embrace NATIONALISM like never before for the preservation of the Fijian and I mean Itaukei not some bull shit Kai Dia or Kai Loma thinking shit of the Fijian and believing they are more Fijian than what we are.

    You guys are being sucked in like fucking suckers to this discussion of a flag by FF supporters who are twisting things around constantly.

    Already the Hindoo today realise that Khaiyum and Frank butt plugged them in their arse but Hindoos are very very resilient and thy will come back strongly and the wheels are in motion.

    Many Indians today are starting to embrace our concept of Nationalism understanding our need to preserve ones identity and culture and they in turn wish to be a part of it and we embrace that.

    We do not embrace DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS who like Franky the Girl running down the banana plantation scream RACISM and NATIONALISM at everyone who stands against them... FUCK YOU ALL FF....

    Eight months - bam bam....

    By the way Franky will be in Sydney Fiji Day. Might be his last trip. He might trip, have a heart attack, drink too much....who knows......We waiting to embrace him and hopefully Khaiyum will come along... waraka namaka.

    That fool saying careful I will be taken to the barracks... Been there and them soldiers they nothing but DUMB ASS IDIOTS - IO SAKA - IO SAKA - MAI KUNU - IO SAKA IO SAKA...DODOKA MAI NOMU DAKAI SAKA SIR...Caita

  59. When the money runs dry and it will like it has in Greece, the dumb ass soldiers will sway. besides, the kai Viti are too lazy, dumb and stupid and easily swayed wit Bribery and Corruption. We Indians bribe and corrupt and you Fijian receive. You guys think we made of money areh yaar... dumb Fijian Kulina.. ha ha ha We will bribe Frank and get him back on site. We will bribe Khaiyum and before he knows it, his pants will be around his ankle and he will be bent over with Frank giving him a tongue fuck.

  60. @3 41 pm
    If the ruling party continues to conduct the way they are ruining the country now, getting crooks from offshore, appoint their own on management positions, ignored plight of the people, misuse and mismanage state funds, involved in illegal dealings and pay themselves hectic salaries, then we are creating a little Greece on our backyard.
    Solution is vote against FF in 2016, form the new government and let the supreme law of the land take its course. Totolo mai na next election!

  61. I respect you so much Mark Manning, and I can't deny anything you said.
    But I don't know why, but the Cakobau's simplified flag speaks to my heart.

  62. @11.27 Just make sure you don't end up in the back of my truck

    1. Kilo 1 Tango.@5.57pm .that's cool!

      So you're are one of those brave armed men fighting valiantly against the enemy (weak unarmed vulnerable citizens of Fiji)
      On the war zone recently, we saw a different class of fighters resorting to the easy way out to save their asses when confronted by the enemy. You're a laughing stock to the nation- each fighters surrendered to the ISIS that day received 50 cents.Thanks ISIS.
      Model: just following their supreme leader's example.

  63. Ha ha ha kilo 1 tango very btave.... your welcome over and out

  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  66. Kilo 1 Tango... sona levu... Golan Heights sa rogorogo ca kina na yacani mataivalu ni Viti...Kevaka era vei liutaki ira na sotia makawa...ira ya na sotia dina. E sega ni yaco na nomudou sona levu me dou lai SURRENDER vei ira na toa ni vei saqa...Na nomunou lai surrender vei ira e vakaraitaka na sona levu tekivu mai vua nomudou liuliu e cake ka sirovi kemuni na sona lalai e ra. Kua mada na via via rerevaki jiko baleta nai valu dina dou sona levu kina. Rawarawa beka vei kemuni mo ni vaka rerevaki jiko vei ira na lewe ni vanua. Sota na dakai kei na dakai... dou sona levu tale... oso.... cici levu

  67. Finally, jope seniloli is dead. Hope he rots in hell.

  68. Another big blunder.
    Viljoen is the best candidate in terms of perks. To get someone with exceptional resume, govt has to offer an attractive package and willing to negotiate higher to secure the right and best candidate.
    With Viljoen, it's different. First our regime was looking for someone outside Fiji with airline industry background, who's willing to accept the low perks that our govt can offer. Viljoen , a smart candidare he is ,foresaw the opportunity and accepted the position before our govt found out his past record.
    In this scenario, once govt come to know his past poor record, it has only two options..1- ignore his record and keep him for the duration of his contract and expect a big blow to the airline. 2.Sack him or force him to resign.
    In both options Viljoen still wins. In option 1, he stays and enjoy the perks on that position for as long as his contract offers. In option 2, govt will pay him all the emoluments specified in his contract. Eg, if he is contracted to that position starting today for 3 years and govt fired him, he walks away with 3 years salaries plus benefits. He wins and govt loses.
    What a big blunder! !!!!

    1. Continue with this example. The 3 years payment of salaries on the day he is fired is legally correct because govt has breached the contract between Viljoen and govt.

  69. Fiji TV gets a 12 year licence once a Muslim takes charge. pigshit aiarse and his muslimazation continues on the backdrop of isolation of Christains and Hindoos. Welcome to the new Fiji run by 5percent followers of child molester Mohammed and camelfucking alha worshippers.

  70. Well, Fiji is undergoing a makeover by bainimarama, fiji army and aiyaz. a new Fiji which glitters in the sun. it seems they have been successful so far. the termination of GCC, the deletion of the queen from our currency, imposition of constitution on the people of fiji, the new flag design are all bits to this makeover process. however, one thing they cannot control is the rot. the rot which lowers human diginity, respect, honour, loyalty, courage, just, trust,faith, honesty. all these elements are woven into the fabric of a great nation.
    this rot will slowly eat away at the the core of who we are as a people and a nation. before the roof collapses on us, we must get rid of bai,fiji army and aiyaz.

  71. Fiji is fucked because it's ruled by the Fiji Fucked Party.


  73. Jope Seniloli was an opportunist. He jumped in during the 2000 coup and was like the 2 minute noodle. Two minute president. During Qarase's tenure he supported Qarase but when Frank committed the coup, he again stopped low and supported Frank, making the Bau and Tailevu people turn their backs against Democracy. He probably thought he would live forever or leave a legacy behind or be remembered. The opposite effect happened. May he kiss Satan's arse.

  74. When Frank kicks the bucket, he will not be remembered for anything. He will be hated for everything. People will dig up his grave and spit at his image and his grave. His death will only be celebrated by the Muslims and all the sharks will gather around and rip him to shreds and his family will be no more....His day of reckoning is approaching. Sa voleka ni tu vakarau na lewe ni vanua. Ni boletaka nomuni qaqa.

  75. Kilo 1 Tango luveni caiji tamamu. Drau vei dulu kei Voreqe kei ira na nomuni mataivalu ni yavu sona lelevu macawa. Luvata mada nomu uniform biuta nomu dakai me macala mada na viavia tera jiko vei iko. Nomu vosa mai ke e vakaraitaka nomu ulu lala, murimuri vosa, sega ni lewa rawa dua na ka, kawa ca, kawa ni tamata vakarorogo, sega ni dua na kemu yaga e vale kei na nomu vanua. Muri ira jikoga na mataivalu dau SORO SORO rawarawa. Vutusona, tonoka sara nomui voco me lobo yani ki loma nomui qaqalo taucoko me rawa ni sogo kina nomu qanibulu. Nomui bole o iko na SURRENDER nomu kuila na kuila vulavula, nomu manumanu na koli e vutuki iko, nomu kau mo sivita kina dua na boci o sosomaka e mumu. Vosa jiko mai mo sotava mada nomu bula... Magaijinamu........ni vei cai kece na Sotia, Navy, Ovisa ni yavu macawa saumi loto kana loto.

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  77. Jenny
    Pls piss off to a con web site

  78. Bai the boci and coward reversing his pledge to hoist the new flag on 10 Oct......lamu to lose power and go to Naboro after 2018....BOCI GA NA BOCI

    1. What?
      Did Voreqe reverse his decision on hoisting the flag in Oct? Is this true?


  80. Anon 5:05pm,

    Truez up. The posts will go to some Muslim pig family of aiarse. However, I'm not holding my breath that a new government will be any different. Until we go away from a system which is tailored around recruitment based on race rather than merit, there is no chance of deserving people getting any shot at top jobs. The culture of giving jobs based on race is so enshrined in the civil service culture, it will be a miracle if any government manages to change that. Fiji was doomed since the first coup in 87. Bainimarama and aiarse has just increased the pace of the doom.



  82. @6.40am Disagree Fiji for Fijians,India for Indians.....We don't need these foreigners in our lands send them back.

  83. 11.02 I agree but racism on jobs began when we got our independence from Brittain in 1970. Ask the question what was the fundamental reason for the 1987 coup? The control of the private sector, public service, the police, prison,education, businesses, labour, health, mineral, local authorities, etc, almost everything were saturated with a particular race. That is racist.

  84. Racism had been, has been, and still is very rampant in Fiji. Not only Indigenous Fijians, but many other ethnic groups are more inclined to consider people of their own races when looking for employees, tenants etc...Racism has been there from time immemorial and will always be towards infinity.

    Intermarriage can be a solution, but that does not bode well with many racists.

  85. Anon7:03, you are incorrect. Racism was present in the Fijian culture well before the independence. During the years that Fiji was ruled by tribal warfare with no outsiders, Fijians practiced racism then as well. The only difference was that the racism was within the same group of people but with different beliefs and way of life. With the introduction of missionaries in Fiji, Fijians turned to christainity for salvation. However, the racism never left them even after adopting christain values. Yes, the 87 coup was perpetrated based on racists beliefs. We are reaping the seeds that were sowed then whereby people with merit in all races are sidelined for those from the recruiters race.

  86. God made earth for everyone and everything. Humans turned it into yours and mine. The earth and the things that exist on it are not ours to give or take. The sooner we realise this, the better it is for the so called God fearing and loving humans. P

  87. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  88. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  89. 7:03am .... what a load of rubbish your talking about. You and 10:47 must be same person or Frank supporters spinning your racism propaganda continuously.... yawn... your racism is very boring.

    You ask the fundamental reason for 87 coup but you don't confirm the same applies to the 2006 coup. You got one shit on one hand and another shit on another hand and you call one shit but the other ....They both shit you shit head.

    Frank Bainimarama like Rabuka and the Military and all their supporters benefitted tremendously from their coups. Nepotism became rife because they trust no one else and this is due to their own creation.

    Indians, Chinese, Half Caste and every race in the world will have their own level of racism and dislike of any other race just as Indians in Fiji, Chinese and other races have their dislike of the Fijian race. What the fuck you guys harping about Fijians being racist.

    If we want opportunities to be on equal par with a race of people Indian and Chinese whose population in the world are in the trillion numbers, what the fuck is wrong with that.

    You don't like being called a fucking Indian Coole...pack your curry fucking smelly spicy garlic ass up and fuck off. Piss of to Australia, NZ, Canada...Now is that a racist statement. No, its a democratic statement and me expressing my opinion.

    Where the fuck is that cunt Tango 1... Bloody soldiers gandhu .... you guys have been sucked into the military propaganda machine....7 months 28 days to go before D day. 10 October waiting for Frank...bring it on motherfuckers....

    At the end of all this, we Fijians will continue to have our Fiji and the Indian population will drop further down to 20%... That would be more tolerable.

  90. 9.42am. Thanks for widen my 7.03am post.
    Assigning a period to a particular race in which racism is prevalent is morally wrong due to the fact that it was and will be a part of society even before we exist. We look no further than the animal kingdom. Even though most land species live together in one place- the jungle, differences , their fighting for territories and survival is normal. That is very much the same here.
    Going back to the past 100 years. Fiji was run and control by colonial rulers till 1970. Between 1970 to the later part of 1987, country is mostly controlled by the Indians.( evidenced by the 2 general elections of 1977- Koya and 1987 Bavadra/Chaudry ).
    Rabuka took over and displaced the Indians from top positions for Fijians. Speight and Qarase continued the race divisions, now Vore instead of bringing the 2 major races together, created a mess in doing so because he lacks wisdom and is a nut. The only govt that was more diverse was Chaudrys Labour in 2000 but they were not given the chance.
    So let's move on now with Rt Cakobaus flag.

  91. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  92. Fuck your Cakobau flag you army stoogie... go wipe your arse and your wife's cunt with it. No one wants a flag change accept you, Frank, Khaiyum and the Military so go get fucked with your dumb as flag talk boci.

    1. 12 22pm
      Hey! looks like your mind is now crapped.
      I'm not Indian, you boci. Vutuki jinamu.
      I'm not with Khaiyum and Vore but Im trying to draw something positive from what they are doing.
      Are you going to spend your entire life spilling your hatred on one single race, sorry , you're setting a bad precedent for you and your children. What goes around will get you fucked if you don't change your mindset. You will reap hatred because that is what you're sowing.
      be wise and shift habitats. You live too long in that environment .

  93. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  94. Anon 11:32am, where the fuck did I say that only Fijians are racists. Read the whole posts again you dickshit. Thats the very problem with shallow minded people like you who can't see more than their own noses. Arise and shine dickshit. As the earlier posts said, Fijian cunts did not produce land so keep your threats of chasing me out of Fiji in your cunt. Otherwise the real cunt who produced Fiji will chase you out and you will remain lost forever trying to locate where you belong.

  95. What people in Fiji do not realise is that Indians are one of the most racist breed of people in the world. The funny thing is that in India, Indians are racist towards any other black race. Funny isn't it, that one black coolie is racist against another black person. Africans in India are targeted and treated like monkeys and recently a number of Africans were killed in racist attacks. But with white people, Indans bend over, bow down, shovel shit. Probably explains why Indians in Fiji are crying Racism against Fijians whom they are racist against, because it is in their nature as BLACK NIGGER COOLIE INDIAN To be racist against other black people the Melanesians.

  96. 'India Is Racist, And Happy About It'

    A Black American's first-hand experience of footpath India: no one even wants to change

    Diepiriye Kuku

    One thing I ask all you Indians, go to the Military Camp and sit with your Military brothers. Talk to them and tell them to speak in English only and never to speak in Fijian. Ask them how they feel about Indians. You should not be surprised the soldiers are the WORST RACIST CUNTS IN FIJI. They hate Indians with a vengeance.

  97. Oh by the way....the Soldiers are Fijians

  98. 12:37pm,

    Where do you get your piece of contradictory shit from. Believe me, if Indians are treating Africans like monkeys, then the Africans may be treated like God. Don't you dare use black nigger again as you are forgetting that you are a black nigger as well. Indians are black nigger coolie, Fijians are black nigger cannibals. As far as bending in front of white people, Fijians do it as much as Indians do. your queen bee Teimumu Kepa used to bend in front of Anthony tarr at every available opportunity.

  99. 12:25pm .... one thing for sure is that Indian cunt did not produce the land...they only produced monkeys like you who where a human suit and pretend to have a conscious and language. Go languish in your tree in India and worship your monkey and get probed by your elephant God Ganesh and get ass slapped by that bitch with octopus hand...wallow back to your hole and hide you coolie slum dog.

    You guys keep spinning it and we will keep giving it but...this is my democratic right to say what I please so fuck FRANK BAINIMARAMA> FUCK Him, his fat ass ugly troll looking daughter and his skinny ass poofter of a son who gets a dildo up his butt by his gorgeous yummy wife. FUCK KHAIYUM and all you Muslim ass bending dickheads at five o'clock every afternoon.

    This is Fiji and Fiji will be Fijian and not some curry smelling country with garlic stinking cunt of women or some chow mein fried rice slant eyed horizontal pussy small dick Asian country. This is Fiji, with its rich Melanesian culture and heritage and will remain Fiji. Take your stinking coolie slum dog out of Fiji and be treated as a Nigger in countries where you think there is democracy. Boci.

  100. Anon 12:58pm,

    You forgot to mention that there is a load of coolies in India who say amen to a Virgin who popped a stable dunk named Jesus from her cici and his impotent father joheva. What melenisian culture shit are you talking about- culture where you kill and eat each other, make boot soup and pray to dakuwaqa, tivoro, kubukawas and birds droppings. Fiji has democracy. It's shits like you who need to move on if you don't like the democracy in Fiji.

  101. 12:57pm have look in Wilkipedia you slum dog...this is what you Indian Cunts brought to Fiji - your racism your barchod...

    People from other countries[edit]

    People from other countries are treated differently by some Indian people based on the country they come from as well as on the basis of their colour. African people are especially affected by racism in India.[29] Many African people coming to India to study have been victims of racism. Some people are denied accommodation on the basis of their colour and are improperly treated.[30][31]

    Why are Indians so racist when it comes to darker skinned people?

    When in the US I often heard remarks made by Indians about blacks that would simply not be acceptable if said by a White American. In India this is even more pronounced with things like a bias toward white skin completely accepted by the culture at large and skin whitening advertisements on prime time TV trumpeting dark as synonymous with ugly. Why is this?

    The above was written by an Indian who saw how fucking RACIST Indians are in general and particularly with other black people. Indians are FUCKING BLACK - NIGGERS- SLUM DOG COOLIES. MORE BLACK THAN MELANESIANS...They think and pretend to be White but their stinking galic breath and smell gives them away.

  102. 1:27pm.... stop your talk on flag crap than you cici oso.. got nothing to do...lai teitei mada sa tubua na qele... boci...

  103. 1:23pm... your lucky to be swimming in the pacific ocean than swimming in diseased riddled Ganga sewer river which is really a sewer. India is a prostitute country where you sell your mother and sister to get some rice. You say your civilised and have been more civilised than Fijians but you still wipe your curry ass with pani and your fucking hand before you shove your hand in your mouth you dirty fucking coolie. You bring your corruptive and bribery ways and your like fucking rats...eating through everything until nothing is left you locust. Who the fuck worships monkeys or elephant or some bitch with 6 hands...you guys suck cows for fucks sake and some children in India are born looking like goats, or cows or monkeys...you guys are into beastiality you sick fucks that's why you worship these animals.... because you screw animals...run away and hide in your hole you coolie slum dog who should be living in some rat filled garbaged spilling India and swimming in the sewers of the Ganga River. Piss off.

  104. 01:35pm, Wikipedia is a load of shit and crap just like you. It's an open source media where all sorts of garbage can be posted from shit minded people like you. Don't kid yourself by thinking that you are some true Melanesian blood. You are also a nigger just like Indians, Africans etc. you also smell the same nigger shit and eat the same nigger shit. Your kind are a step ahead in bending in front of the white people. Your have even adopted the White God and name him jisu. Assholes, it is Jesus, the same God that Europeans have given to you after you bent in front of them so that they can make you all like them and free you of the shit life as a nigger worshipping dakuwaqa and tivoro shit.

  105. 1 41..good, now you have nothing constructive to write but to be defensive.
    You don't know who you are dealing with, so keep your shit to yourself and stop defecating everyone here with your stinking shit and your gusu kabasu.
    Go and put your land to good use. Show your child that you're a strong Fijian who knows how to plant dalo, tavioka, na bele, moca, Jaina ...se sa teitei tiko ga qori I loma ni vale.

  106. 3:03PM.. butt out... we letting steam off because your guys have no sense with your nonsensical bull shit on this blog. This is the real thing we talking here started by Soldiers in their hole in Colo-wai-suva where they monitor everything on social media. They crawling out of their holes now - fucking cock roaches.

  107. 3:16pm, toilet paper is not the Melanesian product. Hey, why don't you distribute some of the toilet paper to the villages who wipe their arse with rourou, vudi and kumala leaves and later on sell it in the market which you have cooked for lunch today. Yeh, it's the 21st century you motherfucker. Get out of your melenisians dream and rise to the reality that you have succumed to white man and are bending to them. You are so enshrined in the White man that you have copied their God to their lifestyle. But all that doesn't make you a white. You are still that cannibal shit eating nigger. Born a shit and will remain a shit. Take your toilet paper and wipe that shit out of your face. Jesus fucking Christ. Shits place is in a shithole and shit dump and not on your face. It's the 21st century shithead. Learn civilization

  108. 3:16pm.... oh oh oh the niggar assed Coolie Slum Dog Indian is back after licking Franky Bainimarama's assole... Hope you licked his crack nicely and got all the ones stuck in the grooves of his old slack cici. Now if you run to Khaiyum...he loves ass licking. Ask all the ghandu Indians and Tongans in Town... They nickname Khaiyum... drami qo ko au na sona... That mean lick my ass. Wait for 5pm though when they pray and time it when he bows his head and touches the ground....your tongue in his crack.... wha ha ha haha... that's all you Indian are good for. In india you lived in shit made houses, you sleep on a shit made floor, you wipe your shitty arse with your shitty hands and you eat shit. खाना मल Gandagi Sira गंदगी सिर
    you know what those words read you NIGGAR bara cheda बड़ा छेद

  109. 3:27pm, hehehe the nigger assed cannibal shiteating nigger is back after bending in front of father Barr for some more white shit dump. You seem to have become a master in shit licking. How well you visualise your deeds and put it in words is mind blowing. You definitely know everything about Bainimarama and Kaiyum. that can only come from years of experience. Let's all give a round of applause to this shit licker of Bainimarama and Kaiyum. Keep up the good job. I won't dare to steal your job. You seem like the perfect and the most meritorious candidate for the role. All hail king shitlicker.

  110. Write those in English as this is a English only forum you Indian shit @4:02pm. If you are men enough, write in English and I will show you the fun


    Burst main, Nasinu residents face water cuts

    By Online Editor
    Thursday, July 02, 2015

    Update: 5:20PM THE Water Authority of Fiji advises customers living in parts of Laqere in Nasinu to store enough water for their immediate use.

    While water carts will be on standby during the water supply disruption period, residents are urged to use water wisely.

    WAF says a burst main at the junction near the Laqere bridge is the cause of the temporary water cut.

    Areas affected include the Nadera, Nadawa, Nepani subdivisions and parts of the Kind Road from the Ratu Dovi Rd junction to Kinoya Rd.

    "Supply is expected to gradually be restored by 11pm tonight, (02/07. For further enquiries, customers can call 3346777 and 5777 (Vodafone & Inkk users)," the statement read.

  112. 13He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men.

    14And he deceives those who dwell on the earth

    because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life.

    15And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak

    and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

    16And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    18Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

  113. Indian text is translated FIJI BELONGS TO INDIA

    The previous ones are just extreme swear words and blasphemy.

    Some Indian shit is asking for sheer beating.

  114. Those that wish to shit and piss on jope seniloli can come down to bau Island tomorrow. This is a community message by Adi Alisi lalabalavu. All are welcome.

  115. @5:32pm, money allocated for replacement of those rotting pipes were used by the SDL government to cure clemedia and syphilis of leba Qarase, Teimumu Kepa and asenaca Caucau. The balance was used by simi kaitani to screw Rosemary baleiverata at sunset motel.

  116. Arsehole made the promise but cant keep the promise.
    Only big mouth blah blah blah. No money, like Greece.

  117. @ 6:36pm... your pipe must be so rotten that all that comes out from your mouth is vile...you should be ashamed of yourself. You do have a mother and a sister and to belittle women in the manner that you do, totally reflects the type of person you are, a very sick individual. You really need some professional help my friend. Disgusting.

  118. 5 The beast was allowed to brag and claim to be God, and for forty-two months it was allowed to rule.

    6 The beast cursed God, and it cursed the name of God. It even cursed the place where God lives, as well as everyone who lives in heaven with God.

    7 It was allowed to fight against God’s people and defeat them.

    It was also given authority over the people of every tribe, nation, language, and race. 8 The beast was worshiped by everyone whose name wasn’t written in the book of the Lamb.

  119. 7:05pm, focus your energy into getting the professional help for your daddy Naiqama lalabalavu. He wasn't spreading gods gospel but you enjoyed it. Selective judgement passing like yours is disgusting. I was but just revealing the truth.

  120. @7:28pm, and the beast was...wait.... Wait..... Wait it coming.....ahhh it has come silently


    13 The Beast performed great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men.

    14 And he deceived a lot of people on the earth

  122. @7:42pm...oh it was a volcano. Silly me, I thought it was semesa Karavaki. Wolf in a sheeps skin..

  123. No hope no future no direction only a medium of hate.
    Good bye c45. Done my part
    Moce Viti.

  124. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  125. @8:39
    Sobo don't give up so easily.
    Lesu tale mai ragone
    Nai lakolako qo e lakolako balavu.
    Its not only Fiji that has this problem.
    America has the same problem but on a bigger scale.
    Me ra lomani ga na gone. Tou tovolea tiko ga me ra vueti cake o ira na wekada.
    O ira na Sotia era sa mai vakaleqa tu na bula e Viti.
    Amazing how Bainimarama lied to the Fijian soldiers and they believed him.
    Bainimarama lied to Chaudary and he believed him
    Bai lied to Indians and they believed him
    Bainimarama lied to USP Academics and they believed him.
    Bainimarama lied to the Fijian people and they believed him.
    He promised the people a new Constitution but he fooled them. Not their constitution but noe cooked up by Bai and Kai.
    He promised a New Flag but not of their choice...
    He promised to get rid of Corruption...but now more Corruption and more crimes. More rape. More Domestic violence than ever before.
    Even young children are committing suicide.
    More Unemployment

    Yes welcome to Bainimarama's Fiji.
    Fijians voted for him , now they have to deal with it.

    I hope we don't make the same mistake next time ie next election.

    C4.5 is doing a good thing.
    C4.5 has a very important role....as our Media still has some Censorship going on.

  126. Ahhh ohhhh.... latest is that with Uniting Church accepting GAY preachers... Fiji will also accept GAY marriage. This is being pushed by Bainimarama's daughter who is known to have had pancakes. She is an advocate GAY people now.

    Get ready for gay Methodist preachers and GAY marriages. Very encouraging No.


    The jury may be out permanently on the old question of if money can buy happiness, but that hasn’t stopped wealthy Chinese families from trying. There is a growing trend among China’s richest to use their wealth to move themselves and their families abroad. This is done primarily in the form of investment visas.

    On the flip side, a number of countries are opening the doors to the estimated 1 million Chinese millionaires … provided they bring their money with them. It’s something of a bidding war in reverse, for which Australia wins the prize. All it takes is AU$5 million (US$4.65 million) of investment to apply for permanent residency.

    Read more: China's Millionaires Are Leaving China | Acumen | OZY

  128. To Ratu Epeli Nailatikau-hear this Al Presidento! DO NOT DRINK
    THE BOTTLE OF champagne and don't eat that CAKE they're both full
    of poisons enough to kill an Elephant? Don't trust the asseoles
    that brought that items over to you cause they've been paid by Khai
    your AG- you're going to Tonga and that's where they want you to
    have an heart attack so you're death can not be trace back to them?
    Take the Cake to Kaiyum and stand there while he eats it and the
    Champion to Bhai and make sure he drinks it? Or share the cake with
    Qaliho & Gate?

  129. Ratu Epeli don't eat that cake or drink that champagne it's both
    beign poinsoned by khai & bhai. Move to Toga you'd live longer
    in Toga?

  130. The Fiji Sun is well known for its exaggerated LIES and PARTIALITY where there is a normal tendency to give the people of this nation UNfair reporting. Because of the fact that they have proven time and time again that they are the mouthpiece for the Fiji First Government, we the people are hardly fooled with the recent reporting...see below AND we are definitely not going to accept that what they report is true.

    I feel that they will continue to LIE that the majority are in favour of a flag change and do all possible to keep the people brainwashed via subtle propaganda until their views are changed and all sing the same song!

    Fiji First has therefore EXTENDED the deadline to suit their ultimate Agenda!!!

    FIJI SUN yesterday

    “While we had originally set a deadline of today (yesterday) for the first phase of the flag selection process to be completed, the Government has decided to extend the period of consultation. More choices are going to be offered over the next few weeks and months.

    “By extending the deadline, there is now ample opportunity for Fijians of all ages and backgrounds to further contribute and consider what symbols most appropriately represent our wonderful nation.”

    “It has taken some time – in the Fijian way – for many people to become fully engaged and I very much welcome the current lively debate on the flag designs.

    “We will soon be announcing precise details of the revised timetable for consultations. And I appeal to all Fijians who have yet to do so to become involved in the process in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, goodwill and nationhood.


  132. The people ultimately deserve the government they get. The sad reality in Fiji is that the Moderate parties with brains never win in the case of the last election the NFP did not win because people were either suckered in by the MH like freebies and marketing sway of FF or the racist bigotry of SODLEPA.We failed in 1998, and we failed again.

    We deserve the FF government because we voted them in period.

  133. Vinaka Kua Ni Rere @ 12:38 PM.

    All news medias and the press are still afraid to report fairly and justly. They only tell part truths which are in fact lies because of fear that their licences might be revoked.

    This will be a long drawn battle between those who dare to be free and those who are curtailing freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of beliefs and freedom of association.

    But we need to persevere in exposing truth without fear of being abused by those who would hide this treasured gift for truth makes us free. To be persecuted and abused for exposing truth has been the norm for thousands of years and will be for the many more years to come but this must not demoralize us because truth is like a diamond that lasts forever whether it is concealed under a pile of garbage or found as the the crown jewel on the head of a monarch.

    And thank you C4.5 for this blog site. There are those who come in here only to try and suppress truth and those who will only utter obscenities because they have nothing better to say and because they try to divert truth by their dirty rhetorics but they know that there is no truth in their statements.

  134. Chaudhry retires from national politics.

  135. Thank you Kua ni Rere. Well summed up.

    It is fact that events are the result of people's thoughts, motives and actions or a lack thereof. It is also a fact that people do not change overnight, and that given the opportunity, people will tend to repeat theur actions in similar situations. Now about the Fiji Airways long saga since the leasing and purchase of Airbus aircrafts, employee relations and the much talked about ENI decrees by our very own dictators.

    The two people of significance in the Fiji Airways stories are Nalin Patel ( Board Chairman ) and the Minister and Unoffical PM of Fiji, Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum. When we objectively investigate the true personality and behaviour of these two characters, we will conclude that the whole saga around Fiji Airways is primarily a reflection of these two very crooked, corrupt and morally bankrupt individuals. Much has been written about both of these scoundrels to implicate them and put them to shame, but it is quite worrying to note that their importance to national decision making continues to grow.

    Nalin was directly involved with the Chaudry Haryana letter and exchange control fraud. He represented the former PM and submitted false declarations to FIRCA. He continues to fly with the national airline as its Chairman. In normal democratic circumstances where accountability is valued, Nalin would have found the integrity and chracter to resign from his post. But no. I wonder whether it is him only or Khaiyum, the dishonourable Minister of All Important Matters in Fiji insist that Nalin continue in his post.

    But no need to wonder. You only have to know who this monster is to understand what is really happening in our cocomut.banana republic of Fiji. For those who need reminding about Khaiyum's true character, just read Kua ni Rere's article above and you will get my drift.

    Nevertheless, the so called citizens of the new Fiji, under the new Fiji First leadership, wander along without wondering about what is tryly happening and where General Khaiyum and his deputy, the mentally retarded JVB are taking Fiji. But these characters know they are just little players and absolutely subject to God's absolute sovereignty over all people, things and realities. Cheer up my fellow citizens. Let us do our best, and continue to live by godly principles. Let us stand up for the truth and for what is good, just and fair for all our people and communities. Our God understands and cares. He will answer our prayers in the name of Jesus. But He will never listen to Jiko Luveni's prayers in Khaiyum's Parliament because it is addressed to an unknown god through an unknown mediator. That my fellow citizens is the sad truth of our national Parliament. So sad, yet so true. It is more important to discuss that than the flag which has already been decided even before the so called public appeal. How sad. Vinaka.

  136. Wonder if the president has left for Tonga as scheduled?

  137. Many surveys and several case studies have been conducted around the world over the years to identify those characteristics most desired in a leader. In virtually every survey, honesty or integrity was identified more frequently than any other trait.

    That makes sense, doesn’t it? If people are going to follow someone, whether into battle or in business or ministry, they want assurance that their leader can be trusted. They want to know that he or she will keep promises and follow through with commitments.

    The Bible speaks about the integrity of Samuel and Israel’s high regard for Samuel comes as no surprise. Samuel was a man who exuded integrity. Nowhere is this best illustrated than in 1 Samuel 12:1-4:

    Samuel said to all Israel, “I have listened to everything you said to me and have set a king over you. Now you have a king as your leader. As for me, I am old and gray, and my sons are here with you. I have been your leader from my youth until this day. Here I stand. Testify against me in the presence of the Lord and his anointed. Whose ox have I taken? Whose donkey have I taken? Whom have I cheated? Whom have I oppressed? From whose hand have I accepted a bribe to make me shut my eyes? If I have done any of these, I will make it right.”

    “You have not cheated or oppressed us,” they replied. “You have not taken anything from anyone’s hand.”

    During his farewell speech, after having led Israel for decades, Samuel promised to repay anything he had unjustly taken from anyone. What a promise! Even more impressive was the people’s response. Not one person rose up to make a claim against Samuel.

    Samuel’s honesty and personal integrity permeated every area of his life. These two characteristics directed how he regarded his possessions, his business dealings and his treatment of those who were weaker than himself. Samuel held himself accountable to the people he led. He opened himself up to the scrutiny of everyone with whom he had ever had dealings. As a result of this practice, Samuel’s leadership has become legendary as this story has been told and retold throughout the centuries.

    People want to know that their leaders can be trusted. They want to know that leaders will keep promises and follow through on commitments. Promises and commitments are significant, though, in our day of Machiavellian ethics, it seems that they have become optional. We often seem more concerned with convenience and performance. We give lip-service to the importance of character, but we have the idea that when things get tough, the rules can be changed and commitments and covenants may be discarded at will.

    The most critical challenge we have in Fiji today is the crisis of leadership. It is not the economy, or business or anything else, although these are very important matters. Our leaders lack integrity and honesty. They lack that moral character an adherence to righteous principles of ethics. We see and hear about this lack of integrity everyday. Let us demand the highest integrity from our leaders and make integrity a characteristic of those who wish to lead or represent us. Resolving our leadership crisis will go a long way to solving our political, economic and social crisis.

  138. Thank you Tomasi.

    Our leaders do lack integrity and honesty and God is watching.

    It seems that with the flag issue they are trying to run away from the past and make all things new - just like that! Without an ounce of sincere REPENTANCE! More proud and boastful speeches and individual self-praise! I this and I that - the Bainimarama government this and that!!! And yet they have subtly DEMORALIZED the Itaukei people of this nation by taking away from them what rightly belongs to them in the first place through rightful inheritance!

    We should be asking ourselves first and foremost how are we demoralized by the Leaders of the Fiji First Government? Maybe ALL will then wake up and realise where we are truly headed - a new Fiji for all Fijians?

    The story of the Pied Pipe of Hamelin just came to mind. Its very sad that the people of our beloved nation permit themselves to be mesmerised by trickery and falsehood by Leaders who have lost all sense of moral character!

  139. Any news on the ATS investigation report about the loader that hit the aircraft or is CEO - Hare Mani still dreaming about where to start from


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