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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fiji's new flag will be chosen out of these 23 designs

Get ready to say goodbye to this flag
The final designs have been chosen for Fiji's new flag and Fijians have been invited to give their feedback on the one they like the most.

Out of the more than 2000 designs, only 23 were chosen.

On the website, the Fiji Flag Committee says "Fiji’s existing flag contains symbols that are outdated and no longer relevant, including some anchored to Fiji’s colonial past. 

"After 45 years of independence it is time for Fiji to move on from those colonial connections and adopt a flag that reflects its position in the world as a modern and independent nation-state."

The committee says "the flag designs chosen contain symbolism that is meaningful to all Fijians and reflects Fiji’s proud status as a modern and independent nation".

Here are the final designs, which, if any, do you think should become the new flag of Fiji?


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Anonymous said...

Boring ass colors. Looks like they were all done by the same person. And what happened to my skull and Cross Bones entry?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, the black flag with the squiggly squiggly writing on it.

Anonymous said...

They go well on t-shirts and sulus but that's about it.

There's no one flag that deserves to be a Fiji Flag.

Just my honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

Designing a flag should be the of a real and wise artist. The design is not meant to be a logo which is less complicated and less complex. It should not be too complicated either to cost a fortune when reproducing it.

The noble banner blue, while emphasizing, the turquoise blue colour, has more than six other colours (red, white, navy blue, gold yellow, green etc,,,) that blend beautifully to make, a Fijian's voice "ring with pride".

Additionally, the symbols in the present flag, are representative, of how the inhabitants of Fiji live, their cultures and traditions and history, while the proposed designs show lack of appreciation for the many ethnic groups who had and have worked together to make Fiji what she is today. A symbol of our aspirations, such as racial harmony and peace, for the future should also be depicted in the design. The symbol of the "dove bearing the olive twig" is an appropriate one in the present flag.

Anonymous said...

In my 8:45 AM post the first sentence should read - "Designing the flag should be the work of a real and a wise artist".

paula raqeukai said...

isa o viti...honestly I cannot see anything wrong with our current flag, it contains our history, current & future despite our struggles & instabilities for the past 45 years...and there is nothing sincere about all the 23 short listed flag designs....please Mr. Bainimarama, can we just have a referendum on this national flag issue?...

Anonymous said...

According to the flag expert the new Fiji flag was supposed to be simple enough that even a class two student can draw it..unfortunately these flags look like a class two student did draw them.

Anonymous said...

The number 7 has been mythologized for a very long time. Modern religions such as Islam grew out of Mesopotamia, and some of that region's most ancient archaeological evidence shows us that the number 7 already had cosmic significance.

One fact about the universe revealed in the verses of the Qur'an is that the sky is made up of seven layers.

"It is He Who created everything on the earth for you and then directed His attention up to heaven and arranged it into seven regular heavens. He has knowledge of all things."
(The Qur'an, 2:29)

I knew our flag with have some connection with ISLAM-BINGO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are the designs starting at #35 ?

Of course, those designs were created from the beginning by the junta, produced using puppets.
I love the comment of 10:07 because I thought the EXACT SAME THING! The American expert said there should be no pictograms of complex symbols as they become blurry in the wind... It is one more proof that the whole exercice was a joke. It shows that at the end of the day, Khaiyum will say "this is the list,mand it will start at #35".

Those who praised the old flags have poor taste, those who chose theses flags have poor taste.
Overall, few people understand what a flag is, what it should be like, what is the value of symbols.

The biggest joke here are the 7 stars... Hey guys,mlet's put 7 stars and those dumb people will vote for it!
I am crying.

There is only one thing tomdo now : go back to the drawing table and make a REAL website where people can publicly post their designs so that we can see EVERYTHING on the table and then let the community comment freely on all designs. Much better than having a little group of self important people deciding.

Anonymous said...

The Quran is full of reflections on the Heavens. In the preceding chapter on the Creation, we saw how the plurality of the Heavens and Earths was referred to, as well as what the Quran calls an intermediary creation 'between the Heavens and the Earth', modern science has verified the latter. The verses referring to the Creation already contain a broad idea of what is to be found in the heavens, i.e. of everything outside the earth.

Anonymous said...

Flag Davui - areh in India they use to call people as well...other countries use Davui too.

Flag turtle and 3 star - What is turtle to Fiji. Turtle swim in big ocean. Turtle everywhere...are we turtle advocates now...where does the three blue stars come into the picture with the turtle..Three capital Suva Lautoka and ... I thought only two capital...
Takia in middle and front - a red takia c'mon....are they racing each other...Frank in middle and Khaiyum way in front at moment.
The next three flags with brown, dark and light yellow sail...not one village in Fiji today has a takia...

Seven yellow stars...symobilic that 7 is lucky number for Fijians...really...cmon really...See how the stars are arranged...six plus 1....do you get it...ISIS brother ISIS

Circle of 7 stars and by the way...the triangle...whats that about..

One tamani big yellow looking star or is it a sun or must be suva grammar designer....

The flag under the single star I don't get...Looks like one ex grammar, ex lelean and QVS put this flag together. The grammar one mist have been a girl.... sorry grammarians...just kidding

Now the tamani big sun drawn by a kindi kid and is that a tagimoucia...is it really...if I was from Taveuni I would be offended...

One big star - Frank

One big Sun - frank's wifes big ass...

Baci another envelop takia than one with three stars....is 3 lucky number too...

Baci two more white racing takia...he he he...

what about the last two - what about it?????

wow I bet those guys who picked these finalist must have been stoned saraga....must have been good shit too...they keep picking the same feller who drew them all - Khaiyum's sodomy Graham Davis..Well he put in 7 of the designs...lucky number man...put in your lottery people - number 7... pick one number only never mind if it says pick 6.

Anonymous said...

Same person possibly paid by khaiyum has made the designs in a software which is used to make LOGO. I have used the software myself.

Why DID they have to waste Fiji Citizens time when in the end computer generated design under khaiyums supervision WAS TO BE SELECTED, HOW LOW CAN THIS GOVERNMENT GET. REALLY, COMMON SENSE TELLS THAT HALF THE FLAGS HAVE ISLAM WRITTEN ALL OVER THEM. SO WHY ALL THE DRAMA.....REALLY!!ITS SO DAMN PATHETIC.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:22AM

It's too late now to have a website and go back to the drawing tables. Bhai and Khai want to show off their new symbol of dictatorship in the Olympics next year because our 7s Rugby Team has the opportunity to win Fiji's first Olympic medal and claim the honour only to themselves. That's how elevated in their conceitedness they are.

But that's where we are at present; there are people who are trying to break our true spirit of freedom in their lifetime. It depends on us, and not on them, whether or not they will be successful; and hopefully, not.

Anonymous said...

27 is posted here.Where's the 28th flag?

Anonymous said...

That's the one that has been selected ! Its a secret !

Anonymous said...

Fiji is being sold to the Muslims and Chinese have a look at the colours ...hey but don't worry Fijians are very tolerable people its not the right time yet cause they have been blinded by the "Freebies by Bai,Kaiyum and Co.

"Wait for it "SA LEQA Na KOLI QAI KATA"

Anonymous said...

The design that looks like a shark's fin are copied from the SPC flag/logo. The turtle symbolises Bainimarama, slow in everything. The three stars have no significance, the one that looks like a red plant growing on white shit is just that, shit flowing.

Anonymous said...

I want a flag with star to be CHOSEN.This will remind all Indians and Fijians of WHO RULES. You bloody racists, Indians supporting chaudary and fijians supporting ro-kepa, bloody idiots.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 flags dedign late to contest. If i put it on this 23 flags design no smell. Colour retains no symbol but the Red White and Navy Blue is there.

This current design will also change the lyrics of our military famous song. Era sulu kaki mai.

My 3 design simple well presented with colours. Any province wants to use the 3 designs and have it is welcome. It will best big time the current design.

Vili Rakoro said...

How about a flag showing Bainimarama kissing Khaiyum's ass because that's what is happening in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

New National Anthem

Blessing Grant Allah of Khaiyum, bless the Prime Minister of Fiji..
As we stand divided under the choice of 23 flags..
We cant honor or defend her
Cause our freedom is taken

We will protest together,
dont change the flag

For Fiji, and our history
Keep our old colonial flag

For Fiji and our history
the union jack must always remain

They took our lands
and our freedom
A new flag is not on

May Allah bless Khaiyum and kiss Frank's arse...

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05pm,

I request of you and people like you not to use Allah's name in your writings. Muslims don't insult Jesus or any Hindu god in Fiji. People who use insults against God are shallow and have sick mentality. I know that you are much better than that and that you will refrain from using Allah's name such unnecessarily. Thank you all. God bless

Anonymous said...

First 3 flags : the logos look like commercial. Stars with 7 branches stolen to Australia. looks ridiculous to put that 7 thing on the flag. Without the logos and the blue (?) stars, they would be "fine", but just about that "fine". Not much symbolism involved. 0/5

The 2 next flags with the boat : again no logo should be on a flag... according to the american expert at least! The fact that the symbol can be placed in different location shows POOR skills from the "artist". A good flag should not exist in 10 variants but only one as each element (position, color, etc.) is supposed to carry a meaning. 0/5

The 3 next logos - oooops sorry, flags - look like just that, logos. Commercial logos. I supposed Fiji is for sale. 0/5

The next one, 7 stars on light blue. Ok let's get something right here. Yellow on pale blue, anyone here would like to dress with those colors? 7 stars is clearly an attempt to lure those poor Fijians who no nothing about flags. It is a shame when a rugby flag be omes a national flag. -1/5 (minus one out of five, that is)

Again, the other flag is a copy of the 3 first flags...with those damn 7 stars. Not "ugly" per say, but poor meaning. No magic here. 1/5

The flag with... 10 branches? what have we got in Fiji which could possibly mean 10? yellow and pale blue are just plain ugly. No good symbols. 0/5

The next flag with a yellow triangle. Well it is a fairly abstract one. Yellow is just NOT a Fijian color. Light blue and yellow are not great, but at least here yellow is not over blue. mediocre meaning. 1/5

The big yellow sun on light blue. I am getting repetitive. Yellow and light blue = UGLY and yellow ON light blue is... well -1/5

The tagimoucia... NO. Again, a complex symbol. What did the American expert said? A green gradient for the leaves? Looks like taken from a cheap graphic design software... green on yellow is like yellow on light blue : forget it. Remove the flower and I give that flag a 2/5 maybe, keep the flower and it's 0/5 . This flag is a case of "more is less".

Do I need to repeat again that a yellow sun on a light blue field is ugly? Yes, because those 2 flags were produced by the same people who made the other flags were I had to make the same comments. Ugly. No meaning for the 12 branches in the first flag, the big sun is just hardly beautiful.

There we go again. 4 logos with blue stars and surprise surprise again 7 branches. Same horizontal proportions or design showing they came from the same person, who was obviously not too sure about his/her design and made many suggestions to compensate his/her lack of hability to justify his/her flag. 0/5 for the 4 flags, I give 1/5 if you remove all the stars and symbols.

The 2 last flags are plain ugly. Yellow is not right on light blue, let's put...brown! And let's make the designs look like... a LOGO. A commercial LOGO. AND let's had a tiny symbol that we can't see very well. I thought some American expert forbade the use of symbols. Someone else must have allowed them.... 0/5

So here we are. We have to chose the less ugly flag to replace a... colonial flag. My vote is #12, but I don't love it at all.

I don't see the point of going back to the drawing table because all other submissions would have been worst! if there is no good taste in our country, let's just accept it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A good case of poor design : take the last 2 flags and count the number of triangles : 15.
That's for rugby too. Crazy. Doesn't matter there are 14 provinces in Fiji.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ 2:35pm Muslims don't do that...they just chop peoples heads off and commit jihad killing and maiming as many as they can...sick bastards.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These flags didnot represent our future but a reminder of our past,
Canoe is our takia ni lotu
Turtle is our respect for the chief
Bird is Hope..SDL monogram
Sun is light of the darkness and an idol of worship for pagan religion
Star is also light and an idol of worship for pagan religion
Flower represents beauty and love
-the 3 and 7(number of stars) are both significant in
Christianity and Islam
the blue colour represents life
Nothing new.

Anonymous said...

I had a laugh about the shortlisted flag design with the Tagimoucia flower.
It looks more and more like a bunch of used sanitary pads belonging to Jiko Luveni.

Anonymous said...

fuck all designs

Anonymous said...

fuck all designs

Anonymous said...

My groups of friends and I were divided about the new flag. Half of us were in favour of the change, the other half against.
It shows there was something wrong about the okd design, certainly!

Now we all agree the old frag is better than all the new proposals. at least we are not divided about that!

very poor taste for colors and for the symbols.

Anonymous said...

New leaks coming in,apparently this isn't the top nor will any design of the contestants will be picked for the new flag. However the light blue background will stay but the colours maroon,green,black and yellow will be utilized.I do not know yet the objects that will features on it but the colours mentioned will be coloured on to these objects.I will update you all when our informants has more leaks.

Anonymous said...

WTF !!!!!

Anonymous said...

@9.04 that sounds like bullshit...

I just wish the whole process would be more slow. Why should be rush a decision now? Why not take the time to have a more open discussion about it. Why not meet the designers? why not talk to them? How can we know if those designs are coming from only one of two or maybe 3 different "artists"? it sounds like a repetition of the Ghai constitution... a fake contest? sounds like it. sad.

Obviously a lot of people are unhappy about those specific flags, and there might be a reason for it...
My first advice is this : if we accept the fact that the flag has to change, then... obviously this first lot is not quite right!!! We need more different designs and the names of the artists.
the only way to know if this is a genuine competition is to know who are behind the designs... which parts of Fiji are they from? Be transparent at least!!!

We don't really have 23 flags here.... we have only 5 designs or so, in different versions.... it shows that in fact they are poorly thought!!! A great flag would not be declined in 4 versions... come on.


Anonymous said...

yellow is a pale color. Fiji blue is also pale. pale against pale is so so... but yellow on light blue is just plain ugly! Make the blue darker, like the EU....but then it's not Fiji blue anymore... not a good idea too!

white and blue would be better because light blue and yellow just look horrible! the Fiji blue could be slightly darker too I reckon, so the contrast is better between blue and whatever other color is used. And make sure the stars have a meaning! If they have 7 or 10 or 11 or 15 points, tell us why!

Really I have heard only bad comments from my friends so far. Some of my neighbours told me that at USP, their friends were in favor of the change, but when they saw that crap, they changed their mind.... that's not a good sign, because now you have to fight not only those who are opposed to the change, but also those opposed to the change by one of these commercial designs...

good luck to the government.... I bet you the new flag will be changed again by the next "democratically elected government"... Wisdom tells that if the government can see that they ended up with crap that people don't like, they should put the whole process on stand by and keep working on it. GO BACK TO THE DRAWING TABLE!

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it as to why what ASK believes in matters as to what type of person he is and how he runs the country. Religion is a personal belief system. Wrong or right it is always personal and has nothing to do with peoples character. Agree Islam is f....up all over the world however in Fiji the Muslim community are far from the level of stupidity displayed by the likes of ISIS and most think that ASK is Muslim in name only.He is married to a i-taukei girl who has given him 2 half breed Children. Incidentally the 2 Muslims ASK and Koya have both been in serious long term relationships with i-taukei girls which really is contradictory to the ascertains that they hate the i-taukei community. Do you know how hard it is to wake up next to a person each day not only hating a person but hating their heritage. Before some of you start harping on about people of Christian background not committing grave atrocities please just google the crimes of the Christian world and you will be surprised. By the way Hitler was a baptized Catholic and he never renounced his faith until he died. My point is ASK is an asshole and a sick psychopath who is motivated by the greed for power. He is the type of person who becomes the Pol Pots, and Gaddafis of the world given the right circumstances. This is a blog about politics and the faith of a person is irrelevant to the debate. Lets keep religion out of this.

Anonymous said...

10.03..yes ..be transparent at least!!!
In this regime transparency is something of the past. It's not part of their manifesto so is in the new flag design.
The artist is technology. All the above designs are computer generated.
The best and natural design created by a Fiji natural citizen which symbolizes everything meaningful about Fiji is our CURRENT FLAG.
All the above are meaningless and a waste of resources.

Anonymous said...

@10.46 welll...our current flags says "we are a colony". The other day I was walking and trying to see if the flag over a supermarket was the real Fiji flag (the blue was darker than usual) I couldn't see anything on the coats of arms! Only the red cross, a bit of the lion... and a big Union Jack. British, British and British. Our current flag was made by the BRITISH. Only the blue BACKGROUND is "Fiji made".

I feel ashamed to have bananas on our flag honestly! We are a colonial banana republic, that's what our flag says. The cocoa is not from Fiji, sugarcane is not from Fiji (and even an insult to Indians somehow, like if that is all what they are supposed to be...slaves!), coconut trees are found anywhere, the dove is a bit cliche, but bananas... oilei!!!! The old flag, sadly, could be used to make fun of us... and the people don't even get it! Let's move on. All 4 countries with the Union Jack have been through the same process... Tuvalu changed its flag at some point (which shows there is an underlying problem), NZ wants to do it, at some point in Australia more than 50% of the people wanted a change too... I predict that one day only UK will have the Union Jack, which would be normal!

I don't oppose the change. I oppose those ugly flags. So let's stick to the old flag and let's not waste money to replace a bad flag by another bad flag. One day we will have a REAL competition in a real democratic frame and there will be support when we can agree on a better design. Vakamalua mada!

Anonymous said...

A flag will last only 90 days according to what I read on the net... so whatever money we waste, we have to waste it 4 times a year...

what about we renounce to having a flag? that would make Fiji different for sure!
A country with no flag would send a strong message.


An upside down current flag would be most appropriate.. To all other 7 billion human beings on Earth. It symbolises the Fijian people's struggle. GOD IS WATCHING PATIENTLY. perhaps Driti's plan may yet come into play.........sit back,relax and look forward to a very merry Christmas this December.

Anonymous said...

@11:56 cool... but the flag was supposed to be looking good on clothing. So no flag means everybody naked? ha...ha
at least that would be traditional Fijian style :p (before the missionaries...)

Anonymous said...

Yellow and light blue looks gay. With light blue, you need either black or white so that it looks like noble...

Our light blue should be a little bit darker to make it more visible against a pale color that's for sure. Black is no problem though. Brown is not for a flag unless you have a proper masi, which would have to be very simple if a child is supposed to be abke to draw it... But then...do we want blue or brown? the 2 not a good mix...

I will NEVER wear a light blue t-shirt with 7 yellow stars. NEVER!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it made it into the top 23... man! What does it say about the judges' tastes?
E levu na tamata mataboko!!!!!!!

The government has been "elected" for 4 years. Fine. They want to pass a law to make it very difficult to change the flag (Since the flags are so ugly it would be very easy to change them anyway...) so why not be honest and come down to us saying "OK, we still want to change the flag, but we are not so impressed by the new designs and the people are really unhappy. We will wait another year so that we can take our time to better pick and we will have a more transparent process, where all flags will be available with their details." How hard would that be? EASY. NO NEED TO RUSH ANYTHING. The current government survived 8 years with the colonial flag, maybe one more year wouldn't be too much?

I am asking for at least 50 DIFFERENT designs, and NO MULTIPLE versions of the same flag by the same artist. If you need many versions of your flag, it's because you've got a problem. Then we the public vote to bring the number to 10, then 3 then it goes to the parliament.

But that won't happen right?

Anonymous said...

One of those flags looks like the Nauru flag. While we're at it, why don't we copy the Pakistani flag...or the Saudi Arabian flag. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I just can't feel any connections to these flags or understand it.It just doesn't make any sense at all.The Drua is something I'm familiar with but I think of those in the central during there time of naval wars wwith the tongans.Of course it's a magnificent craft but still it didnt unify me with others as I only think of bauan history.The 3 stars what is it?What does it represents and whom?How does a triangle formation of stars means going forward?it looks more like pyramid to me but it has fallen over.and what on earth is that triangle thing floating on some thing that probably ment to be a wave or sea?I thought we would have symbols that represents us our nation things that are made of it and for it.Remember this is going to be a Flag that will represent us for many generations to come.Our children and their childrens,children will be under this new flag.

Anonymous said...

@7.03 which one is Nauru? Some looks like Palau to me.

Anonymous said...

@7.11 very true.
This is not a flag for a yacht club we want.
A good national flag wouldn't use any logo or complex pictogram.
A few flags here use 4 colors... I thought the american expert said only 2 or 3...

As 7.11 said, a big problem here has to do with symbolism. Why a sun with 11 points for example? Why 11? The designer's lucky number or what? For example, flag #10 looks alright, but why 7 stars? why a dark blue (sea) on the left and the sky on the right? weird! why is the sea pointing towards the sky that way? This is a case where someone is trying to make a nice flag, but forgets about symbolism.
Both have to be linked. These flags are of very low standard. This is what happens when you have a public competition and the judges seems to know nothing at all about flag design....

The good news is that those flags are so ugly that whatever is chosen will be changed later on. It can't be otherwise.

Anonymous said...

One problem I see is that our Fijian blue has always been in the background, as someone said. So it's somewhat ugly when you add yellow stars. Blue has to be darker if the yellow/blue designs are to be selected. Like the European Union flag maybe?

Not a big deal to make the blue darker, look at the Fijian flags on the internet and they don't even have the same shades of blue! Some very light, some darker. Let's make the blue a bit darker at least... but not purple... not really Fijian....actually NOT Fijian.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji blue came out of the fact that our former flag was dark blue, which was ugly against the Union Jack and the black border of the coats of arms. So the artist made it lighter, though not quite as light as the original flag of Fiji.
If we want to add something light (green, yellow, white, grey, pink, etc....) then the Fiji blue has to get a bit of a tan again!

I see that Micronesia has 4 little white stars on the same blue background... more beautiful than yellow, but not quite visible too. I vote for a darker Fiji blue! But who cares...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This flag doesn't represent anything unique about FIJI. Why not create a flag for Bainimarama and his more woman recruitment drive to meet UN demand??? A flag that will represent more pregnancy for Military woman who come on TOD as in reality more adultery committed while on peace keeping duties!! Sa sivia na lasa sa na yaco kina me na levu na veibiu kavoro ni matavuvale. Sa qai bulia kina so na mataivalu QAURI . Sa levu na complain ni sotia recruit vou nira sega tiko ni rawata na yadra gauna ni kata2 ni siga, Ni vakarogorogo ca taka nai Mataivalu ni VITI. Ni veitauri boci!!

Anonymous said...

Why yellow, it only make sense to those who have history with (i.e)TATII POOH POOH through the cassava patch.

Anonymous said...

The next one to go is the national anthem. Flag and our national anthem are connected. One cannot go without the other.
Dummy leaders!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting : http://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/275868/fiji's-flag-council-confirms-designs-are-amalgamated

FLAGS ARE all amalgamated!!!! what?!?!?! What a joke!!!! what a joke...

So nobody can defend their flag because.... nobody is behind any design! that shows the whole process FAILED.
Keep the current flag, or keep the competition going for some time until ONE person comes with ONE flag that has a WOW factor.

Ridiculous! NONE of these flags could be unique to Fiji. Any of these flags could belong to our friendly Pacific neighbours! shells, boats anything... NONE of these flags carries meaning to us...

Anonymous said...

If you have a flag design competition, thousands of symbols will come in, including those pleasing the government. That way they can push THEIRS FLAGS to...themselves and chose themselves THEIR favorite flag amongst THEIR selection of flags!!!!

how more crazy can it get?!?!

If you can't bring us a designer standing by his/her design, forget it. All countries in the world where they change their flag have at least a name to put behind it. No name here means that NO Good DESIGN was proposed.

2000 poor flags submitted.... or unless there are some nice designs but for some reason the regime doesn't like them... maybe the ones with bigger bananas were ruled out.

Anonymous said...

"The National Flag Committee has chosen 23 new flag designs after reviewing more than 2,000 entries received during the national flag competition." http://fijivillage.com/news-feature/23-final-designs-for-Fijis-new-National-Flag-revealed-2r5ks9/

"chosen" means "created". ha...ha..ha "amalgamated" there you go.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and Kaiyum has cheated us. We submitted a flag design with Naiqama screwing Teimumu and salote radrodro. how dare they deprive us of chiefly love to be displayed on the flag. Very unfijian. Lol

Anonymous said...

initially, the government said that the winner would raise the flag in October and have his/her name written somewhere.

so now... how can thousands of people raise the flag together?

ha...ha...it just shows how ridiculous this circus has become.

You can't bring us a REAL NICE FLAG SUBMITTED by ONE PERSON other than someone from the government? then forget it.

Now let's talk about corruption and other more serious issues.

Anonymous said...

Only in Fiji...
"Speaking on condition of anonymity, the National Flag Committee member says the group reports directly to the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and was told to go back to choose more after it selected five final designs."
- http://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/275868/fiji's-flag-council-confirms-designs-are-amalgamated

Since when a committee member should HIDE to say what he/she thinks? OILEI!!!
what's going on here? what are the REAL designs that were selected?

Obviously the committee were INSTRUCTED how to chose flags, which one were "OK" and so on somthat the public can't support a flag that the government wouldn't want, like on with the Union Jack maybe?
I hope that the mutiny in the Committee will come out! Come on guys, be men and women!
Show us some courage!!!!! Maybe there is a flag out there showing courage? or maybe no... we want to show that we are docile and submissive.... blue with yellow stars in no particular order will do. little courage, that is.

Anonymous said...

Kulina Josateki Daulako says to Kaiyum, why the fuck did you not include my flag submission containing the slut family led by super slut Teimumu, her toyboy Ashton tarr, mere nailatikau and her friend with benefit Dennis Morris rooting her from behind. The flag also contained diverse group of cheerleaders clapping at the good deed led by mick beddeos, Niko nawaikula, Kenneth motherfucker zinck, skunk faced qarase, Teimumu cunt sucker Rajesh singh, arse wipers biman prasad and prem singh and chorus team led by junior rapists Chaudhary and big black ugly arse asenaca Caucau.

Anonymous said...

@kulina, you forgot to include a very important component of new Fiji. Let me do that for you. In the middle in a moon, there will be a picture of Allah kneeling on the ground lifting his exposed ass which gets a big pig vudi. Just near it, mohammed having threesome with your six year old daughter and aiarse. If that is not enough you sicko, include bainis cock on top with Muslims slitting each others throat to get the right to suck. Alluhu tatti

Anonymous said...

How come all the flags look same. Not 2000 people can think on one line. It's already decided. I always see Kaiyum in gail one day

Anonymous said...

@12.56 PM

Who is the MUTINEER?

1.Shaenaz Voss - senior manager of Fiji Airways and former chief executive officer of Air Fiji and board member of Unit Trust of Fiji and Film Fiji.

2.Ilaitia Jikoiono - artist and designer, and creative director of Style Magazine.

3.Shammi Lochan - radio program director at Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.

4.Lenora Qereqeretabua - public relations consultant and former Miss Hibiscus.

5.Manpreet Kaur - academic specialising in linguistics and diasporic studies at the University of Fiji.

6.Niqa Tuvuki - culture and heritage specialist at the Fiji Arts Council.

7.Tui Wainunu, Ratu Orisi Baleitavea.

8.Agni Deo Singh - general secretary of Fiji Teachers Union.

9.Craig Marlow - community artist.

10.Jiko Matawalu - rugby player and coach.

11.Dinesh Patel - businessman.

LET'S VOTE!!!!! ha...ha...ha.

Anonymous said...

the 7 stars came from #10, so not the mutineer.
businessmen always honest so not #11.
miss Hibiscus not enough smart to think about plotting, so not #4


Anonymous said...

"At 47, after decades of "drifting on dope and depression", he has finally found his niche in the art world and the world at large. "Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing as every step I've taken has led to where I am now," he says. "I'm a firm believer that nothing is so bad that it's not good for something." (http://www.rotuma.net/os/artists/craig_marlow/craig_marlow.htm)

Things are getting more clear now. DOPE AND DEPRESSION.

I believe that none of these flags are so bad they're not good for something. Toilet paper maybe? We' ve already got the Viti brand in Fiji. Maybe they light blue and yellow toilet paper would boost sales?

Anonymous said...

Blue,maroon,black,green and yellow will be on the new flag the contestants don't know they are wasting their time.

Anonymous said...

@4.50 the competition is over my friend... and everybody knows now they've lost their time... not nice from the regime! How long can you make fun of the people?

If they come with a new flag of their own, after that competition, it will be even more ridiculous, if that is ever possible.

The right thing to do was said before. Put a halt to that competition, it failed. Just like the bus ticketing system. It FAILED.
Fijians think they need many colors on their flag (it looks gay to me) but in fact the principles of the American vexillologist expert remain... If you want a new flag, don't use 5 colors for goodness sake!

Only in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@4.50 vosa vosa ga

Anonymous said...

the whole country is having a hangover.

Anonymous said...

"Some seem resistant to the change, opting to stay with the current flag." http://fijisun.com.fj/2015/06/11/public-interest-high-over-23-flag-designs/

I like the word "Some".... ah Fiji Sun, the second best option to wipe your ass after thise flag designs.

Anonymous said...

@5.19pm I know the comp is finished but none of those flags are going to be chosen.The one that hasn't been shown is the colours I mentioned.

Anonymous said...

@8:39 the one that hasn't been shown?!?!

Anonymous said...

I am against a gay flag for Fiji. One color with black or white, that's it.

Anonymous said...

1.11pm anonymous needs to be removed.

Anonymous said...

Gay or not, our flag will always be our pride. No matter how ugly it is. We haven't got much taste anyhow. Bananas, yellow & blue or many colors will do.

Anonymous said...

New flags very ugly. problem with symbolism.
A good flag for Fiji couldn't also be fit for another country. All those flags could be the flags of any other Pacific country!
We have to have something outstandingly Fijian and it has to be symbolic. what is it that makes Fiji Fiji and only Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Why's everyone all jumping up and down for?haven't you all heard the news?None of these 23 will be selected to be the new flag.The new flag is already waiting and kept safe away,It will be released either in JULY OR AUGUST!!.SO JUST RELAX!!!

Suomynona said...

Since "Noble Banner Blue" is still being honored here as it can be clearly seen, these flags are completely unimpressive without any "WOW" factor that makes it eye-catching but more eye-sore instead

Anonymous said...

First,from an artist point of view,these designs came from the same one person,computer and mind.Just slight variations on colours and settings.Two, from the outset,it is well understood from AK Indian upbringing,they heard at home that Fijian,yes, that's the real name for natives of Fiji had a powerbase, called the Great Council of Chiefs,(jutia jeej-stupid thing !!)this had to go in his thesis(we are living in his dream).Third, not only the British insignia/Union Jack had to go ,but any remnants of Fijian heritage,the coat of/arms.More importantly,the CROSS of JESUS CfareHRIST,had to go as Muslims do not have anything to do with this. A submitted design shows three stars of a partial Southern Cross, yeah, we know Muslim god'the moon had star daughters,Venus and goodluck( still don't know who the mother us )
Developments in all sectors are happening daily to please FB, who is blinded by AK's ploy to rout and eradicate any if not all that is Taukei and all that is Christian.SAS always called it subtle warfare..or as Lady Macbeth put it,'be the serpent nderneath it'.AK is proving to be the real serpent,pushing and promoting Muslims in top posts.Almost,almost succeeeded in puting Aziz as head of RFMF as Aziz 'baited' Mara and Driti into a plot and telling on them....Aziz is guilty also!
I went to school with FB and one day he was joking, he said....'hey,here I have both, Bhaini and Marama(names for woman in both lingo)..in his name..how proverbial... today,through him, Baini will write their names in VKB...sad, very sad OB.(I mean, how blind can you get)
I do not do politics, but changing a country's flag is an enormous and solemn and serious undertaking.People have died for the present one-may I ask, how many relatives of AK have...I bet it's zero.In a democracy, I believe it takes decades to think and having referendum is the proper way.It shows that we are in an illiberal democracy, bordering on subtle dual/dictatorship.
This changing of a flag is almost like another country invading ours and raising their own here.This usually lead to a Revolution, in our case.OB,we just HATE it.

Anonymous said...

@ June 12, 2015 at 6:38 AM.

Yes. People like Khaiyum are definitely referred to in that Shakespeare's Macbeth quote..."to beguile the time...look like the time...look like the innocent flower...but be the serpent under it.". But like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth who eventually were doomed, those who try to beguile the time by looking like the time will eventually get what they deserve. Yes, a term in prison.

Anonymous said...

@6.38 It's not about the flag under which we want to die, but the flag under which we want to live.
If the flag is as ugly as those proposals, I would be honored to die under it. But I want to live under a beautiful flag.

I have one suggestion : use the blue and white of Micronesia instead of blue and yellow of Palau. Much more beautiful.
And flush the purple. One blue is enough on a flag. We never see different shades lf a same color on a flag, it looks commercial.

Anonymous said...

@11.13 we'vre heard the news...from YOU. Show us the design the !

Anonymous said...

Stop talking shit for fuck sake.If you really think that than why don't you get off your arse and do something about it?Seriously what's stopping you all?People laugh at some of the comments on here posted,too much keyboard warriors.Your all afraid and weak,fear has been embedded in you.Even Sodelpa seems to be crumbling away in parliament with the FF rules it has in place.There's something in Fiji that has been taught to the weaklings you may heard of it before and it is called "ACCEPTANCES" so chin up and take it like a bitch if not do something about it.

Unknown said...

I would have preferred our present flag design where the only thing changed is the union Jack on the top right with maybe the turtle ir the drua canoe.

Anonymous said...


no offense, but it's people like you who should NEVER make suggestions for a flag... You don't "charge" a flag in such a manner! it's ugly!!! have you ever seen an Union Jack on the top right? Nope. there is a reason why... to begin with, you don't put the flag of another country on your flag... come on!!! that's why the flag needs to be changed in the first place. And no bananas too!!!!

there is no good taste for flag design in our country or what?!?!? Rainbows, Union Jacks and yellow on light blue? :(

I challenge the committee to come with all the ORIGINAL flag versions that have been considered by the them and put them on their website. Simple and democratic. What are they afraid of?

Anonymous said...

How about a picture of Robin Hood seeing that the present government is made up of Robin Hoods?

Anonymous said...

@10.37 No pictograms allowed on a good flag! You may just have black and white vertical stripes to suggest a prison.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Rakoro...well it took you a while to respond to my blog...did you have to run a thorough research to realise that what I said to you is true with Indentured Labourers and the fact that the Indentured Labourers who chose to come to Fiji, the choice was a much better choice than they had living in their country where extreme poverty was a part of their life.

The conditions they had to adhere to when working in Fiji was no better than they had in India, where they served their Lords and worked for nothing.

The saviour of the Indians was AD Patel and others who came to Fiji to free them from their bonds of labour and fight for their rights and taught them how to live.

You see the difference between an Indian and a Fijian is that a Fijian did not need to slab under any conditions nor work for a living. We had our resources, our land and seas and rivers that provided. We were never hungry like the indentured labourers who came to Fiji with their hungry bellies and sickness riddled bodies and ganja that is now prevalent in our society.

You talk about changes of your generation. Every Fijian generation have had to make adaptation to changes that is foreign to them. Your ancestors that is if you are a Fijian and I know that you are not, have had to put up with the various foreigners who seem to think they know best how our people should live our lives.

Our social and communal structures, rich heritage, tradition and culture has been put on the back burner and we today live like second class citizens in the country of our forefathers. I can go on and on but you do not have the mental capacity to understand and realise these things as you only think about the now and you can see the past and history that has shaped our future.

You think we deny the coup is wrong. Every coup as I said to you from Rabuka to Speight to your lick arse Frank is wrong. We have realised that and we move forward wanting to correct that. We will not stand alongside Rabuka, Speight or Frank and ignorantly accept their treasonous action. If you ask me, Rabuka and Frank should be in the same cell as Speight and the keys thrown away.

Yes Vili, you may have voted for Frank but its not your vote that won Frank the election. Its Frank and Khaiyum's ability to dupe the Indians like you into believing that they were acting upon the best interests of the Indians that made 90% of Indians vote for your beloved Frank and him winning the election. The vote amongst us the itaukei was split with a slight majority voting for SODELPA but I assure you, I did not vote for SODELPA.

I will tell you again Areh Vili because I know your an Indian, Khaiyum have fucked you Hindoos over and today, every Indian in Fiji and overseas, believe that Frank is their vendetta and will protect them with his army. The truth is hard for you to behold but Hindoos today do not have equal representation in politics as much as they had in the past. The decline will continue and this will result in more and more Hindoos living Fiji and they will be replaced by muslims and Chinese. Do we care, it makes no difference to us because both are still vulagi and Frank is still a Fijian and as long as a Fijian is a PM, who gives a shit even though he is a hell of a dumb one to throw in. Hell if Hindoos got rid of Khaiyum, we will be shaking hands and dancing with Hindoos on the street, that is how much dislike there is for Khaiyum.

Now though you think I and the likes of me belong in the dust of history, you might be surprised that I may possibly be younger than you but have a clearer understanding of the events of the past that is shaping our furture. I have my vei tavioka Vili but you permeate the City of Suva with your smell and bullshit and your lazy arse so send your sorry body back to nakoro, and hopefully you will learn how to be a Fijian. Better still, jump on the next boat to India. Leonidas is ready to sail.

Anonymous said...

From the coconut wireless, I am told that really good flags were submitted but never made it to the top for reasons best known to the committee. Yes, I know someone who knows someone... this is Fiji,,,,, There is something going on here.

The public outcry is amazing. I have never seen such a clear opposition to the change.
Initially, I think the divide was 50-50. If a great flag had been chosen, it may have moved towards 60-40 or 70-30 maximum, which would be good enough since the colonial flag itself is not THAT popular with everybody.

Now we probably have 20-80, but my own survey amongst my friends and in my community is 0-100 so far! That is, I don't know a single person who prefers any of those new designs to our bad colonial flag. Amazing. If the government ever wanted to screw their chances to change the flag, they just did it!!! ha..ha..ha. good on them.

In order to change a national flag, you need to think like the people do, that includes the Opposition. They might be opposed to the change, but nevermind... you have to ask yourself the following question : "if we could erase all memories of our flag (let's say we never had one) and we were locked inside a small room and nobody can go out until we agree on a design, what would that be?" I bet you that if you want to show what Fiji is, you have to show what the Fijians think. That includes religion, of course. If it's not there, the new flag will become and old flag soon enough!

The government failed by not following its own rules!!! they messed up with the committee, they changed the rules, etc...

Looking forward to see who will raise the new flag on Fiji Day... Bainimarama, Nailatikau or Khaiyum?

Anonymous said...

@11.25 Bavadra was Fijian... and he was overthrown!!!!

You can never predict anything in Fiji, NEVER! we had 4 coups, and this is not enough to come to any conclusion.
Talking about coups, maybe that should be on our flag too... let's not forget our history if we don't want to repeat it!

Anonymous said...

@11.25 if out of the 2000 submissions there was someone brave enough to put symbols for ALL the coups we had, I would back him up even if I am against the change.

But of course no one would dare to do that! No, we want rainbows and crazy things like that... that's why we can't design a national flag. We are puftas when the time comes to speak and do great things. To design a national flag one needs to be fair and have courage. If you want to show Fiji, then show it as it was, is and can be!!!

Anonymous said...

@pekapeka, you have given me a great idea about the new flag design. Why don't we have Teimumu on the right with a bunch of supporters sucking her cunt and Naiqama on the left with a bunch of supporters licking his arse. This would reflect the vibrancy of Fiji and the real Fiji and its mentality. It would also be unique and add glamour. Only problem is that it will still reflect the old Fiji where people like Daulako will go to every extent to please their idol Chiefs. Pit toilet pita waqavonovono submitted such designs but it was disregarded by the flag committee. Delana has done us a great disservice by rejecting such designs which reflected the true patriotism and mentality of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

1) stop watching porn;
2) learn to respect the complexity of the Fijian lifestyle. Tradition has its rules. No tradition=problems.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@1:39 one star no good. 7 stars no good too. 3 stars no good.
why are flag labelled from #35?????????????????

Anonymous said...

Why not you start with your grand mother. Go to great girmitiya grand mother and do it also. If not enought go to Mohammed let him bend down and su k his ball. If not enough go to your moulana and molbi do the same. You girmitiya. You need a Vudi up yo ass when you bending down praying. YOU PHEDOFILE worshiper.

Anonymous said...

The takia is a strange symbol for Indians.
The number and shape of stars is irrelevant.
The turtle is a strange symbol for Indians.
The flags are essentially not unifying.
Yellow is not iTaukei.
The only color that is Fijian and Indian is white.

very sad week.

did you notice no letter of support for the new flags in the papers? In the propaganda paper, there are no letters about the new flags... this is the most polite way to say to the government that they have to form a new committee and restart the competitiob with new entries.

Anonymous said...

If the selection committee selected these 23 flags, the selection committee should use the flags to wipe Khaiyum and Franks curry arse.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.... lol at Vili Rakoro...areh Vili yaar...you cant debate and you hide as Pekapeka anon 12:11 and 12:35...you thought we wont catch on that you are a Kai Dia...Don't do your people injustice bhaiya...the MV Leonidas is ready to sail...pack your shit and fuck off. Take the rest of the Indians who have nothing good to say about Fijians...Rt Sukuna said a good Indian is a dead Indian. Ghandi said ' a good Indian is one you cant trust'... Churchill said ' bloody bunch of cowards '.... Frank Bainimarama said when Khaiyum turned his back - carawai pani... Julie Bishop said - Indians are ignorant, unsavoury, smelly and whinge more than Australians.... John Key said... Indians you cant play soccer with the and in particular Indians from Fiji...You give them a corner kick and they build a fucking corner store...They worse then Jews...Sidiq Koya - Faiyas Koya's son said - Hindoo aghe pitche barchod...Saiyad Khaiyum quoted - Fuck Chaudary...fuck Rajendra...we will get rid of them and their Labour Party. We will drive the Hindoos out of Fiji...I say to you Vili Rakoro...caiti tamamu

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 11:42am....Mr Anonymous your right.....Now understand what I say...We have learnt from 1987 and 2000 and we understand that coups are wrong. We Fijians realise that today. We don't blame our Chiefs, Political Leaders or Church Leader. we blame ourselves for allowing this to happen.

We also blame the Military, an organisation who should have stood fast against the threat yet, committed the coup. They continue with that tradition of coups because if has benefitted them most of all. Look at Frank, Naval man, thrown into army. That was all he could achieve but he committed the coup and today, PM and numerous port folios. Look at Rabuka, same...just a Major when he committed the coup than all of a sudden. Look at all the Military Officers who supported both Rabuka and Frank and where they are today. Useless military men who just obey orders and now, holding Minister Portfolios and ambassadors yet bloody useless in what they do.

The coup culture must stop and the Military must realise that we the people of Fiji do not want any more coup. Frank cannot say....I committed the coup to end all coups....How stupid does that statement sound...

Politics is ugly and today, it has created a racial divide amongst Fijians and Indians and now Muslims.

The poor Indian farmer and the Fijian villager in the rural area does not care about this. They share, they care, they are true people of Fiji yet, Politics have drawn them into this web of propaganda.

Look at these 23 choices of flags...The people of Fiji hate these designs. There is no inspiration in these designs. This Government has not properly consulted the people of Fiji. This is not the time to change the flag when there are more pressing issues to deal with.

Costs are escalating. There is a lack of employment. 40 plus thousand people are unemployed. Urban drift is rife. Squatter settlements are being set up everywhere. Government is using tax payers money unwisely. FSC has gone backrupt an will affect thousands of citizens of Fiji including Indians and Fijians. Crime has increased tenfold from 2006 and the nature of crimes are getting more and more violent. There is almost a murder every 3 weeks. Rape is committed every 3 days and these include ones not reported. Corruption, nepotism and bribery is rife. There is unfairness in the public system and against workers both in the public and private sector. People continue to be suspicious of each other. Neighbours are turning against neighbours, sons against fathers, daughters against mothers.

That is the Fiji we live in today, created by the tyranny of Frank Bainimarama.

This will continue because the Military firmly believes in Frank and Khaiyum's bullshit.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@3:07 PM
We need a flag saying that we don't want any other coup! there you go! ha...ha

Considering the mutiny going on inside the committee, we are asking for transparency!!! Khaiyum is messing up with the committee!!!
We want a new committee that will consider the 2000 proposed flags independently from Khaiyum and will select 20 of them for the public to judge. No more stupid merging of flags. If you are not happy with the flags, then maybe you should have proposed one?

Show us 20 REAL PROPOSALS, no more cunning from Khaiyum!

Anonymous said...

The government can't respect its own rules... HILARIOUS!!!

Who's gonna raise the new flag? Who's gonna win the competition? Well... I suppose "everybody" will win because there will be a little bit of everybody's efforts in the new ugly flag... DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!

Percentage of people in favor of a change of the flag : 50% probably.
Percentage of people happy with the process so far : less than 5% probably.

That means the government shoot itself in the foot, it's that simple!
Please write LETTERS TO THE EDITOR saying what you think about that mess. Question the government why they said they would "select flags" while they actually MADE 23 flags from proposals... Not quite the same thing!!!! Easy to make sure they get what THEY want... Any idiot can see through their game.

Shame on Khaiyum.

And if there was an Opposition in Fiji, maybe they should question the process instead of getting paid for doing nothing. At least they could give their pay checks to charity if they wanted to have any credibility as they chose to do nothing. But I suppose that is too much to ask... That mess could have been prevented if some of the Opposition had named members on the committee!!! Welcome to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to support the new designs in the paper because even if they support the regime, they don't want to say "hey people, I've got poor taste too!"

Funny to see Khaiyum in the papers saying that the flag change was announced in 2013 to justify this poor selection of commercial logos... For sure they never said that the process would be so undemocratic!!!

I want to know more about the mutiny within the committee. Any informant? If only the Opposition had put some of its people in there, we would know the truth....

Anonymous said...

Kivei Josateki Daulako.....sa qai misi vakadua o Vili.
Kemudou a kato ni vosa ca e jiko vinaka kina o kemuni....lol...lol

Anonymous said...

It's no big deal. Whoever is in charge at the present time can decide whatever they want to do. Sooner or later, somebody else comes in to office, takes this new flag and wipes his ass with it, and goes back to the old one. No big deal. Let's just go with the flow. No use getting worked up over stupid shit. It's not good for the old ticker.

Anonymous said...

According to Semi Koroilavesau, less than 2% of Fiji's population oppose the new flags : http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/international/radio/program/pacific-beat/fijis-new-flag-designs-divide-opinion-in-first-week-of-consultations/1458318

how more disconnected from reality can one be?

the 2% must all be living in my street because none of them likes any of those designs! and about half are in favour of the change, mind you!

Anonymous said...

@9:14 PM

Right... but Khaiyum wants to make it hard to change the flag, like 75% of parliament AND a referendum with 75% too?
Man... SODELPA is too much focussed on rural Fijians so there is no way 75% of the MPs can ever be attained. Their influence will never grow even if Bainimarama keeps doing stupid things... Urban Fijians value their freedom from villages more than anything else now.

We could be stucked with that flag for longer than you think... apart of that, there is a negative effect when a flag is changed all the time, think about international impact, visibility, commercial impact, etc...

If the flag has to change, it should be done carefully! Whan about having a poll about these new designs? a poll doesn't cost millions? a sample of 1000 people will give us a fair idea! so we can see that only 2% of the people reject the new designs...ha ha ha

come on, let's have a POLL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The boats and turtles looking towards the right are wrong. It is a symbol of cowardice on a flag. That's why for example the lion on Sri Lanka's flags is looking towards the LEFT. So I suppose they are good Bainimarama flags...

That's the problem when you have a committee who knows nothing about flags (I can't believe the American expert let that happen... or was he too diplomatic to interfere with the top brains of the committee?)

No pictograms on a flag he said! If you put a boat or turtle in the triangle, you have a problem because it doesn't look good if they have to look towards the left. They should be in the middle, but even there they just look plain odd. The American expert said in the media that they agreed not having these kind of complex symbols on the flag... now that he is gone, we see flags with... pictograms!!! Khaiyum has a lot of influence...

We all understand the concept of "land of the first sun" but the concept is already used by... Japan!!!! Land of the rising sun. Yellow sun on our light blue is UGLY so you can't keep that idea if you want to keep the light blue.... make up your mind!
A vertical line, probably white & red and on the left, would have been a better idea! Just forget YELLOW and LIGHT BLUE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can 23 people think alike,am sure these was all done by one person.Just as what Kaiyum did to the constitution he has also done to the choosing of the flag.Look carefully at some of the flags in question.....stars and sun....isn't it ironic symbols of islam?????

Anonymous said...

Well the story going around here in Suva is that none of the 23 flags will be selected.It was a hoax to hoodwink the public and see the peoples reaction based on the 23.The new flag was designed 6 months before it came into public interest of the current flag to be changed.From what many are saying is that military officers and top branch historians of USP and FNU were formed together to create the flag that will be released next month or august.They want it to be featured in the 2015 rugby world cup in September.

Just 5 days ago the flag was presented to the board officials and those in power in a highly private meeting.One of the informants said they were told to leave the room but as they were about to leave the protector and key holder who they assumed were the flag barriers came forth holding a triangle shaped cloth wrapped around a masi he openned it and threw it wide open and the flag was assembled on the table.the colours they saw was light blue background,maroon,black,yellow and green.

Anonymous said...

@11:43 yeah yeah...but how do you plug your story into the current competition? how can the government make fools of themselves by coming forward with their own idea in 3 weeks? I mean it is already ridiculous, how could it be more? well there is no limit to non sense apparently.

All what they could do now to save face would be to say "ok guys the polls show that you don't like those amalgamated designs, let's chose amongst 20 or say 30 or 40 designs that were ACTUALLY submitted." Maybe make that 100 since there are so many horrible designs... maybe that's not even enough... :( In that case, those who complain would have to shut up since they didn't submit anything... at least it would be almost democratic.

Right now the meaning of colors and symbols is the same for all 23 flags... how could that be? each flag is a different product and must have different meanings... why a star with 10 points? why 11 points? why 15? I mean they can't possibly all mean the same thing...

Anonymous said...

@11.43 Im hearing the same story too in this grog session sounds very convincing.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

I have chosen not to reply to your posts simply because you are one dumb ass who is doing a good job making a fool of himself.

You simply refuse to accept that you are wrong mate. You come out with long boring sentiments which are just full of contradictions. Simply you are trying so hard to justify your reasons of being racist and full of hatred.

Indentured labour is slavery end of. They changed the name because slavery was abolished. Terms and conditions were over exaggerated. Do you really think the Indians would have left if they were told their life will be the same. There will be no point leaving if there is no improvement.

No the colonial masters manipulated them. You are racist and ignorant and trying to justify it with baseless idioms.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

Beggars belief to actually compartmentalise your ignorance. First you assume that I am an Indian and now you are operating as if I am.

You actually refuse to accept the reality that I taukei of my generation simply do not conform to your generation backwards idiom. As for your laughable assertion that my reasoning for late reply is due to research of some sort.

Please some of us actually are academic and have important jobs which is actually affecting changes. We do not talk the talk like you lot in here, we actually walk the walk.

It is rather sad how you assume all sorts from me being Indian, replying to your comments anonymously etc etc. At this point I am even handling you with a touch of empathy, I have tone down my grammar to suite your understanding and I have eased back on quoting my evidences.

Basically I am feeding you a bone. So think about that for a moment mate.

Anonymous said...


Zimbabwe is phasing out its local currency, the central bank says, formalising a multi-currency system introduced during hyper-inflation.
Foreign currencies like the US dollar and South African rand have been used for most transactions since 2009.
Local dollars are not used except high-denomination notes sold as souvenirs.
But from Monday, Zimbabweans can exchange bank accounts of up to 175 quadrillion (175,000,000,000,000,000) Zimbabwean dollars for five US dollars.
Higher balances will be exchanged at a rate of Z$35 quadrillion to US$1.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro tamata kanabuta masipolo....valoloma nomu bula,macawa.

Anonymous said...

Vili e vaka mo dokadoka taka ni ko bau dua vei ira na tamata vuli ..ya o sa tukuni iko jiko ni ko tamata cut and paste nomu rawata na vuli qori..se cava?
Ni ko sa tamata vuli ga kena i balebale ni ko a vakavulici mai vei dua e vinaka cake mai vei iko...se vaevei e dina se lasu?
Qo o sa mai vosa lolovira taka e dua tale ya kenai balebale ni ko sa jiloma na veika o vulica me dua na ka...se cava?
Qori sara ga o ira na masipolo vei PM kei AG....na ka gona o vulica qori o sa mai vaka tu kina qori nomu bula o sa 24/7 tu kina ena blog qo.
laurai vei iko na levu na kana kei na vakamacala..!!kena i kuri na vaqara tawa na taga!!sa rauta mada.

Anonymous said...

grog sessions are NOT a reliable source of information. someone will read crap, say here, and repeat it like a little parrot and it becomes suddenly "reliable"? ha..ha..come on.

No right now the government is truly in the middle on a very embarassing situation. They won't be able to come back with a proper winner and therefore it shows there own rules set at the beginning have already changed.

With FF, the rules are made on the fly!
Still I have heard reports of a mutiny in the committee... some are bad mouthing Khaiyum... and they have been put there by the government... so it tells us something no?!?!?

Again, we are asking for the REAL DESIGNS to be published, with the name of authors and proper explanation of symbolism. I don't think it is too much to ask... Take one more week and come back with your homework done properly!

Anonymous said...

Fuck off the new flag and story's if it is true than show us what you got that is better then the other 23?show us the public! The people of Fiji what you have to offer because right now it is evident these flags are fuck all and doesn't resemble the people of our nation.show us the people of this country what you got to offer? aNd for vili biyah! You still haven't answered so many questions directed at you such as do you work for the government as a propagandist?or one of the media editors?,yes or no your legitimize still lays and to be answered! Dont come on here fooling the people practising their freedom of speech and expressions and more the right to anonymity!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vili is quiet on the MAIN TOPIC here : please let's stick to the flag issue. Those who want to talk about porn should go somewhere else. Vinaka.

When a nation doesn't have enough courage, force and determination to look at her history, you end up with these dull corporate logos. Let me tell you something : the flags are boring NOT that much BECAUSE of the (bad) choice of colors (a good flag might have only 2 colors, look at Japan, Canada, Pakistan, Ukraine, Tonga, Micronesia, etc.) BUT BECAUSE OF POOR SYMBOLISM!!!!!!!

Let's be clear : we live in a country with a long history that goes back thousands and thousands of years ago, who knows! we had all sorts of problems (tribal wars, cannibalism, colonization, slavery, diseases, world wars, coups, coups, coups, corruption, you name it) but it is our FAITH in God (whatever faith it is but still OUR faith in the future, in something ABOVE us all, let it be an ideal if you like) our faith in FIJI that we want to show. Make it a simple flag if you want, but make it MEANINGFUL! The current designs have stars with 7 points. On the australian flag, it makes sense, they've got 7 territories! In Fiji? I suspect the regime thought they could buy us with the number 7. Sorry guys, not your lucky day!!!! In my opinion, 7 might as well show that we are just superstitious people, not RELIGIOUS people.

If the government can't be honnest with us, we shall all turn our backs on the new flag when it is raised in October!
O ira veiwali ga!!!

Unknown said...

Vakamadua nomuni I vakarau. Ni vosavosa ca vakalolovira. Ni sevaka na tamata e warai ni vakamuria nomuni rai lolovira. Ni yavu tamata viavialevu.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 10.05 am

Main topic is this. Our flag has another flag in it. Any design that has one flag is better. Those who seems to think that having another flag within a flag is fine are well either lying or just too stupid.

The only reason these Sodelpa lots are causing alot of noise is because Bainimarama came up with the idea. Had it been Qarase or Mara they will all be saying it was Gods will.

Personally I do not really care. A flag is just a symbol of a country. The personality and heart of the country are its people.

Anonymous said...

What I find fascinating here is that we have one of the most unlikely flag in the world for an independant nation.
To begin win, the position of honor is occupied by the Union Jack. Then on the field, position of honor is occupied by the British lion and then the next position of honor (the middle) is occupied by the British cross... On top of that, we celebrate Indian slavery with sugar cane, Fijian slavery with coconuts and well... we are the only nation brave enough to have... bananas!!!! BANANAS!!!

And we like the flag because of the COLORS!!! come on, we can't be that dumb!

So now we have a competition, and no one can submit anything good?

I am totally disheartened.

Anonymous said...

"I do not really care" is very much the problem about us in Fiji.
and that explains the comment above.

Anonymous said...

"the personality and heart of the country are its people"

very true! why don't we show it on our flag? what does it mean to be Fijian? why are we different? people all over the world come to see us to enjoy our kindness, hospitality, sense of humour, happiness. How can you say that you don't care about the flag when our flag should tell the world to come and visit us because we are the #1 people to spend a good time with?

If the government like that much yellow, then put a yellow smiley...

Unknown said...

Anonymous 10.34 am

"Yellow smiley" lol that was a good touch. Can see you are a very humorous person. I stand by what I said that a flag is merely a symbol.

The real signature of a country are its peoples personality and hearts. There is no point having a lush flag if its people are cold, ignorant and racist ey.

The yellow colour on few of the designs intrigues me because I am actually not sure what that colour represents.

One thing we can all agree on is keep the light blue colour. As for the designs well the jury is still out on that.

Anonymous said...

@10:48 "the jury is still out on that.". what?!?

Their job is over now, those "great designs" will go to...parliament! Khaiyum will tell everybody which one to chose and then a law will make it almost impossible to change it in the future. Lovely.

how to change a flag, Fiji style.

Anonymous said...

Ditz says to josateki daulako,
You racist fijian bitch.
all you do is bitch about indofijians.You think they care about your empty threats. They know your type--the lamusonas-- who can be brave only when backed by army guns or a crowd of other likeminded racists.
One to one you shit in your pants. The indos have got you beaten at everything except perhaps rugby--education, business, proffessions --you name it. I suspect if they took up rugby they could excel at it.
Stop being the dog in the manger. Get off your arse and do some work.
Vili is too much of a gentleman to put you in you place; I am not . I enjoy wrestling with pigs and getting dirty.
Desist with your puerile racist and xenophobic posts. It seems some indo has literally or figuratively screwed you, and you are still hurting. No one gives a dogshit about your empty threats.

Anonymous said...

some people want a flag with plenty colors.... some with only 2 or 3.
some people want to show history, some want to show the future.
some people want to show lali, vonu, tabua, you name it... some don't want pictograms.
some people want to show religion, some don't want.
some people want to show hospitality, smiles and some make fun of it.
some people love a colonial flag, some don't.
some people want to show connection with the Pacific, some want to show what makes Fiji different.
some people want to have stars with 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, 14, 15 points, some don't want any star.

well, give that to a good designer and he or she will drive mad.
but we can agree that the 23 proposals are of poor quality, almost like all the same design so we have no real choice. On top of that, the government didn't stick to its own rules (Khaiyum's Narcissistic Personality Disorder couldn't tolerate any form of independance for the committee anyway...) so we can't even figure out who's gonna raise the flag in October... wananavu! job well done guys...

Anonymous said...

If your story was true, then Khaiyum would have given that flag to a poor person living in the countryside and told him/her to submit it in exchange of money. Then he would have told the committee which flag to pick up and that would have been it.
The Ghai Constitution should remind us that Khaiyum governs using deception.

Let's go back to square 1 and do the whole competition in a transparent manner. Let's make it clear that Khaiyum should not interfere by having at least SODELPA observers in the room at all time. I find it very childish and irresponsible of them to boycott the whole process, that's why we are in such a mess now. To SODELPA MPs : give away your pay check if you don't want to do your job. All politicians are greedy for $$$ and power, including YOU TOO.

Anonymous said...

"Sayed-Khaiyum said people from all walks of life submitted their entries during the national flag competition."

But what he doesn't say is that only one person made the 23 flags and only one person designed them all and only one person will chose the best one, if you allow me the irony.

Unknown said...

There's over 40 designs mate. Has not been chosen hence jury is still out.

Unknown said...

Hahaha. What a classic post. Designer will definitely go mad.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Rakoro.... a fool showing contempt is no different to an educated idiot....the bone is back in your yard and the MV Leonidas is ready to sail....

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to anonymous person Ditz or is it Ditch are you related to Bitch ot Bitz....with a name like Ditch its no wonder you enjoy wrestling with pigs.... and careful....you may offend Khaiyum...now run off descendant of a slave....or perhaps you prefer indentured labourer....no matter how much your kind have achieved...you still have that branding on your forehead...like the descendants of penal colony Australia...enjoy your weekend wrestling with pigs bitch

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Rakoro....you really like to step in shit making such comments dont you.... Qarase and the late Honourable Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara would not have bothered to change the flag...and if they did...they would have had a fair and transparent system in place....not like your pathetic FF party and idiot of a PM who obviously is being licked in the balls by Khaiyum and pretty much lets Khaiyum do as he pleases. Not even Chaudary would have had the disrespect to do it the way FF have....all you FF party supporters whingeing about the change in flag....suck it up dickheads....you selected them and now you realise what we have been stressing all along....your choice is limited if any....if you had limits....a decree from Khaiyum will nulify it....

Anonymous said...

what? 40 designs? you know more things than we do... are you spying on the committee?
from what we hear in the media, this is it ... 23 designs and we text our "favorite" (the one we dislike the less...) but that won't change anything so guys don't waste your money.... there are no prizes to win!!!

let's be honnest : if the committee is unable to show us whatever number of ORIGINAL proposals, then they are simply not doing their job. Period. STICK TO YOUR OWN RULES!

I have a good one for you guys : do you know how we call 23 flags made up of 2000 submissions?
FRANKenstein flags!!!! ha...ha... Frank Bainimarama is a buffoon.

Anonymous said...

The yellow colour is frank bainimaramas hatred....it reminds him of yellow banana or banana plantation when he fled like a coward. It also reminds him of the yellow trail he left behind while running for his life....it also reminds him of his yellow soldiers who surrendered on the Golan Heights.....

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili....areh Bhaiya.... where are you getting the other 17 flags from...baichod..your bhoor.....your government has selected the 23 designs ith their myopic lens....areh bhagwan....chootia

Anonymous said...

The biggest fools in Fiji are Hindus. They have been systematically ridden to third class status by Kaiyum. Sacked from high positions, send to jail or awaiting sentences in court and the remaining treated like shits and slaves. How low will you all go in licking Kaiyum/bainimarama balls. Daulako is right. It's better you board a ship and scoot of to India. You will be treated better there. In Fiji, you have becomes Muslims ball polishers.

Anonymous said...

@3:21PM Fijians ans Indians' destiny are linked forever. we both struggled together and we both can succeed together.
read what Sukuna said. He was a gentleman like no one.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....the two Indian parties founded on the blood, sweat and tears of the Indentured Girmitiyas has been deserted. These ancestors of Indentured Labourers forget that their ancestors fought for equality and equal rights and freedom from the tyranny of colonial subjugation, forming the NFP party. The Labour party championed the rights of the workers and fought for equality. The Indians of Fiji have forgotten all this and today side with a tyrant. In ditching their main frame parties and political beliefs Indians and particularly Hindoos are and will once again allow themselves to be enslaved per se. It is obvious that Khaiyum is the man pulling the strings with puppet Frank and the muslims are leveraging on a political power they lost when the Hindoos stabbed Sidiq Koya in the back. The muslims never recovered from that however they fought hardest against the 1987 coup. Khaiyum and a lot of people either dont know this or it has been suppressed was actually arrested and convicted in 1987 for his anti coup protests and actions. His records remain or should remain with the police CRO. Perhaps he should now resign if revealed. The only threat to Rabuka during his coup were muslims not Hindoos. Now the muslims and particularly Khaiyum who was an anti 1987 coup advocate sides with the beast. The muslims will not relinguish the political power they lost with NFP in 1977 and their political representation and Hindoos have lost out on theirs.....i mean can you Hindoos tell me, who is your political champion that will continue the legacy of what your ancestors fought for; freedom equality preservation respect etc etc...thats right...you got no one but a Fijian Frank....do you really trust him with muslim beside him....your champiom Chaudary who showed immense courage whilst held hostage in 2000, khaiyum has finished him off....your NFP party who has levell headed unbiased people continuing to fight the legacy of your ancestors is a minority. You Hindoos aoday have lost everything that your ancestors strugglef for and you will continue to lose with Khaiyum in power and he has made sure of that. Everything that has happened reveals that but you have been duped otherwise and like the poor scared coolies your ancestoes were, you deal with it with your backs bowed, your heads bent and your armd outstretchec with money, filling frank and khaiyums pocket and hoping they may give you back twofold.. you hindoos have been softened with your success. Your almost fair game to Khaiyum today...its over for you....or do you have a new champion....i cant see one yet...there is no hindoo in franks government that has a voice...we have a dumb one -Frank....

Anonymous said...

Good Indian is a dead Indian...thats what Rt Sukuna said...you kidding

Anonymous said...

@4:06PM what you don't understand is that a little clique of people who happen to be from the same "extended family" , in this case Muslim, happen to be pulling the strings : that doesn't mean Fiji is governed by muslims! that doesnt mean that all Muslims are like that!!!

look at all those poor Indians who are still struggling in the cane fields and tell me in my face that they have forgotten their grand parents' struggles! I went to a funeral of an old Indian lady who knew the Indenture and the family knows very well about their history!

If it is true that we shall not forget our history, it is also true that we should be looking forward and not live forever in grief.
Maybe that a good flag should acknowledge these 2 aspects... past and future.

Itaukeis too had their struggles. Forgot about the measless? probably. I bet you not many iTaukeis know that a third of their ancestors died of it...

And what to say about our Solomon brothers? their ancestors were kidnapped! maybe they forgot too?

Let's remember that our ancestors struggled and that WE TOO ARE STRUGGLING right now. But let's look forward.
A good flag would certainly have the guts to show our past as well so we don't forget what our ancestors went through!

Many nations focus on their struggle for independence... look at Mozambique... they've got a gun on their flag...

Unknown said...

Sodelpa supporters will never be contented. No matter what this government asserts, it will be treated with repugnance by them. Their disdain and nationalist ignorance has occluded their adeptness to comprehend a good development. They are very sensitive to anyone who comports with the government.

They candidly refuse to accept the fundamentals which was demonstrated in the election that they and their ideals are not supported by the majority of I Taukei's and Fijian of other ethnicity. Which is why they disprove the election eventhough it has been endorsed by international observers.

I emphasize with them really. I discerned that the likes of me come across arrogant and explicit, the reality is that we are constrained with our choices.

Had there been a political party with young leaders and professionals who have no links to our past governments and coups then I am certain they will be the popular choice. And I hope in the future we will have a party of such credentials.

As the children of the coups who have been educated, travelled and experienced professional relationships with our counterparts from abroad we are very aware of our past politicians short comings.

We are also aware of our PMs weaknesses and believe me sometimes we grovel at certain decisions and policies. However what the PM has shown is his ability to learn. He is very resilient and his heart is definitely in the right place eventhough sometimes his mouth and mind isn't.

So with that in mind we decided to support him and whatever bad decisions he may make we will make the best out of it. And as much as we the children of the coups teaches him. The old man every now and again teaches us some invaluable lessons too.

We have also analysed Sodelpa and Kepa's abilities to lead and govern, considering the playing field of our current modern day Fiji as well as the international relations arena. And it is our conclusions that unfortunately as the past have shown they are just not fit to lead.

Some could argue that it was merely the better choice of the two bad options.

Anonymous said...

@3:21pm, you forgot to mention that some who could have made a difference are blacklisted from entering Fiji like the good old professor brij lal. See the reality now and stop clinging to baini's false hope. He is but just a puppet of Kaiyum and his Muslim cohorts. The irony is that Hindus were worried that SODELPA would make me third class citizens. Little did they realise that their very vote would turn them into third class citizens. They have dug their own graves by believing someone like baini. Where's your saviour now? Roaming around the globe while Kaiyum is making it a Muslim show in Fiji. It's too late to change things now. Protest with the Fijians to save all the good work your ancestors put in giving you all a good life in Fiji prior to kaiyums Muslim coup.

Unknown said...

One word democracy. We choose our leaders to make decisions on our behalf. If we have to vote every single decisions then what's the point of having a democracy.

You really showing your true colours lately. You are a really hateful person and just downright nasty. Please sometimes think about what you say.

Unknown said...

Wow. Do you realise that you are making fun of I Taukei's who had their life in danger. That type of mentality is exactly the reasons we needed Bainimarama's government.

Unknown said...

My apologies I typed it wrongly. I meant to say over 20 designs.

Unknown said...

My bad. It was a typo. Meant more than 20 designs mate.

Anonymous said...

@vili, you seem to have been blinded by kaiyums seimen. Why do you think Kaiyum is bringing in Sri Lankan judges to Fiji. Simple-he knows very well that Sri Lankans don't like Hindus. He is using these judges to send Hindus to jail. Look at the recent case where two Hindu teachers were put into jail for disagreeing with a Muslim judge.
Fijians institutions have already been dismentaled by this thug. Now he is destroying Hindu families so that he can restore the Muslim kingdom in Fiji. He along with the Koya kid is taking revenge on Hindus for not allowing Koya senior to lead the country. It's high time that you realise what this Kaiyum thug is doing in Fiji. Very son, there will be Islamic file in Fiji if things continue the way they are.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Vutusona Rakoro
You forever talking about " we the children of Coup"

Well guess what. "the children of Coup" dont like change to the old flag.


May be you should consult them before revealing your ignorance here on C4.5.

You definitely dont speak for the youth of Fiji.
I think you should grow up and learn to listen to your fellow youth.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....same rambling of a fool attempting to defend an idiot....so be it that hindoos and r0% of Fijians voted your senile thrant but cameleons have to reveal themselvrs eventualy

Anonymous said...

The fundamental difference between the Fiji flag and the new designs made by the regime is that the Christian cross is gone! Fiji is where it is today because Fijians accepted Christianity. The world is where it is today because of the message of the cross. This is the single theory that transformed the world forever.

Now Islamic and ANTI CHRIST symbolisms are creeping in.

Let all Fijians be clear about the difference between Christianity and Islam:

Christian is about tolerance, diversity and respect of others freewill.

Islam is about making everyone a Muslim. Those that refuse are infidels, and need to be killed. There is no middle ground in Islam. Moderates in Islam are either waiting to be killed or have escaped to Christian countries in Europe and America and Australia where they know their views will be respected. And once there they become fundamentalist and support ISIS - what a confused bunch. They will on be free when they discover the truth and love of him that is symbolized in the cross.

Keep that in mind and do not worry. one day you will wake up and Khaiyum and his puppet Frank will be gone and forgotten, because Jesus reigns.

Unknown said...

So you are accusing I taukeis who chose not to be racist and ignorant like you to be fools. What does that make you a tool?

Unknown said...

Scroll back on previous threads and see what I wrote when someone first asked me the same question.

Anonymous said...

Fiji IS DOOMED.RO-KePA is a piece of shit who cannot run a country, who cannot make wise decisions and her Only MOJO is spreading hatred through RACE card. On the other hand, frankyboy, the puppet of khaiyum is equally shitty piece of shit, he can sell his wife & mother if khaiyum tells him its the right thing to do.In the elections, people voted for Bainimarama and NOT KHAIYUM, the only votes khaiyum got was from muslims AND VOTE RIDGING. SO PEOPLE FEEL THE PAIN WHEN THEY SEE BAINIMARAMA NOT USING HIS COMMON SENSE AND RUN THIS COPUNTRY LIKE MILITARY CAMP, HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THE DIFFERENCE BY NOW, BUT IT seems greed has blinded him coz he cannot seem to understand whats happening is this country. He bloody well dug his own grave when he allowed the FLAG CHANGE JOKE TO HAPPEN.

In the next election he will need to do lots damage control but thaat aint going to work it seems.

Anonymous said...

The 40% itaukei who voted FF 25% of them were between 18 and 21. 30% between 22 and 35. 30% between 36 and 50 and balanxe over 51. Many of them were former Labour party and NFP supporters. Others disgruntled by lack of attempt to displace Frank. Balance just did not care enough and wanted things to just move ahead. The 40% itaukei who voted Frank did not win the election for him and he knows that. Its the 90% Indians of which 80% are hindoos that won the election for Frank. Not the children of the coup. Many of us know better and your not convincing at all. The Hindoos have made a fateful mistake and they have yet to realise this. They have allowed their emotion and vengeful hearts to overtake common sense. They have tajen themselves backwards after all the hard work of their indenturex ancestors to give them a voice in fijis political arena. Now their voice is but a whisper. Someone here said they thought SODELPA would reduce them to 3rd class citizens but FF has done that for them. Hindoos do not have anyone of credibility or the courage that Chaudary and Jai Ram Reddy displayed in their political career to voice the Hindoos. Now they whisper......the hindoos overseas still live in 1987 era and they blinded by those events and they think Frank is avenging them...80% of Hindoo voters residing overseas voted for FF. Why do you think khaiyum allowed them to vote. He knows their hatred for Fijians because of 87 coup....you Vkli in the spectrum of things is vasically irrelevant because it is the hindoos that catapulted a muslim khaiyum to a position of power and he has now destroyed their base and all their ancestors fought for - the Labour and NFP are no more and thoughHindoos maje up 40% of Fijis population....is now a voiceless ethnic group.....many hindoos think they can control frank and khaiyum with their money but it is not working the way they anticipate...any hindoo in parliament and members of FF tries to speak up.....tell me bhaiya Vili what happens to them....thats right they are sent packing.....so Vili remove your relevance from thought because the balance of the 2014 election was decided by Hindoos and they are welcome to have a Fijian and Muslim govern them. They never accepted a Fijian PM nor Muslim but they got one now....well done....applause

Anonymous said...

Fiji is fucked to the core as Muslims who make up 5% of the population own Fiji. The other 95% of the population are spectators and slaves. Fijians have been made to see and bear the pain of seeing all their traditional institutions uprooted. Hindus have seen themselves going back to the girmit era. Only difference this time is that they are not slaves of white people but of Kaiyum and the Muslim pigs. Fijians will get their respect and traditional structure back soon. Hindus will never get back their dignity. As someone wrote, Hindus have dug own graves for themselves.

Anonymous said...

You racists Fijians, get over yourself and see what the reality is,go on national TV and R0_Kepa during debates, she behaves like an uneducated lady who is extremely racist, she just cant seem to make one decision right, all that she has given I-Taukei is talk about hatred for Indians,do not forget that Indentured labourer times are over now and so many of you daughters are married to husband of Indian Origins and so many of your sons have married girls of Indian origins and that your grandchildren are now mixed breed. What are you going to do about it, kill your children and grandchildren, time have changed but some people still remain RACIST due to hatred fuelled by like of Qarase and Ro-Kepa, what have these politicians really given you in reaity???Empty promises???They are just interested in their pay cheques, so is Bainimarama and khaiyum, today Fiji is under dictator of one empty brain I-Taukei and opportunist Muslim who is ensuring that the 5% muslims become the elite population, and hey, there is nothing you useless beings can do about it, coz if you don't have the decency and humanity to leave in peace with the Indians and the minority than not even God can help you and that's why you are in deep shit today, Indians will survive through this, Cozz if as yousay that you will get rid of frank & khaiyum(Most welcome for that), whats the guarantee that there will not be another coup to get rid of the next leaders whoever they might be and this saga will continue unless you throw away your hatred and learn to love. its your hatred that motivates all this coups..

Anonymous said...

By the way vili...if ypur wondering yes thats my response to you Josateki Daulako...

Anonymous said...

It seems most are not satisfied with the design and so I'm voting for the "Jolly Roger" flag instead as our new flag to preach to the world the type of leadership in Fiji today. The flag must be used until this regime is overthrown.
How about that Vili?

Anonymous said...

...a pictograph flag of the "Tom and Jerry" cartoon is a good one. In Fiji, leaders can be allys in one minute and foes on the other. Both, friends and nemesis eat from the same plate.

Unknown said...

More bullshit from you mate. There were more than 72 percent of I Taukei's who voted for Bainimarama and Fiji First. And that's a fact based on the election statistics reports provided by the international observers in their after election reports.

Your figures are completely wrong and just pure bullshit. Viti Levu I Taukei's were the majority Fiji first voters providing just over 51 percent and the other 20 or so from yanuyanu. The least Fiji first supporters of I Taukei's extraction were from Lau and Vanua Levu.

And then when you add in the Fijian of other ethnicity votes you get that figures that gave Bainimarama and Fiji First and crushing victory. So Josateki Daulako do not make a fool of yourself. Actually on second thoughts you have been making a fool of yourself with your lies. The fact you've attempted to give some bullshit election statistics just goes to show you are now grasping at thin air to remain relevant.

By the way out of those ITaukei voters, more than 50 percent were ages 18 to 35 the children of the coups.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro
Isa Vili. I feel sorry for you Hindu people.
I think Mr Daulako is correct.
I think Kaiyum has just relegated you to 3rd Class Citizens in Fiji.
I wonder whether that was why Kaiyum did away with the preferential system during the voting.
Very sad for your lot Vili.
Its sad that Hindus still giving money to Bainimarama and yet you are digging your own grave.
Now you are in the shit.
Theres a verse in the Bible in Proverbs 26:27 which says "IF YOU DIG A HOLE YOU WILL FALL INTO IT"
Looks like the Hindus have dug themselves a hole.
Bye bye Vili. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Love making tips for seniors
1-Put on your glasses.Double check that your partner is actually in bed with you.
2-Set timer for 3 minutes, in case you doze off in the middle.
3-Set the mood with lighting. Turn them ALL OFF!
4-Make sure you put 911 on your speed dial before you begin.
5-Write partner's name on your hand in case you can't remember it.
6-Keep extra polygrip close by so your teeth don't end up under the bed or between the thighs.
7-Have Tylenol ready in case you actually complete the act.
8-Make all the noise you want. The neighbours are deaf too.
9-If it works,call everyone you know with the good news.
10-Don't even think about trying it twice.

Anonymous said...

Frank did not win the Indigenous Fijian votes during the last election but won the Indo Fijian votes. In the next election, he will lose the Indigenous Fijian votes as well as the Indo Fijian. Khaiyum will still have the support of the Muslims. So Frank will gain less votes than Khaiyum who will become the leader of the Opposition. Frank will become a back bencher if he wins any seat at all.

The Indo Fijians have had enough of Frank and Khaiyum.

Unknown said...

The dilemma with Sodelpa supporters. They appear to presume that it is up to politicians like Khaiyum to categorise us in various class. This conundrum arises when you envisage others to provide for you. Your prospects is in their hands.

We the children of the coups chose to make our own. Rather then following our I taukei relatives who focus on functions where they indulge in grog and grog bowl gossips.

We clinched education using our spare times to study advancing our academic qualifications. With that comes knowledge and high flying careers. Accoutered with those resources we have options to either open our own businesses or choose a career trajectory that will one day put us in a political leadership sit.

And when there we will have the power to make a difference. And these allows us to elevate our class and influence to the elite level. So while people like kua ni rere and Daulako spread fear mongering slathers. We are educated enough to research and know the reality. These is why us the children of the coups generation are no longer easily manipulated like our elder generation.

And this frustrates Sodelpa types who have been employing this strategy in the past successfully. Everytime they accuse me of being an Indian I just shake my head. They have got nothing substantial to negate my points hence they employ cheap weak shots.

Anonymous said...

Vili, fuck you you low-down piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

I hope the GCC is never reinstated ever again!.It is useless and waste of government funding to such a body that seems to dictate people's lifes.I dont give a flying 100 hoots if you don't like and disagree with my views.This body was full of corruption and money pinching.Chiefs have a lot to give back to the people because they have let so many generations down during the last 30 or so years.Nobody respects them these days especially in the cities they are just as worse as any criminal behind bars.Heres what really pisses me off they can claim the title even though they have a disgraceful criminal record such as rape,murder,robbery and so forth.There are some who lack education and I don't know how they are installed into the position when they dont have clue about leadership,ethics,community service etc etc.There some good hard working chiefs out there and lead as an example but I'm talking about the ones who are the complete opposite.No more using tax payers money to pay sky bill,pajero,mobile and wine,dines.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.....ha ha ha Vili Vili...plucking figures from your arse again and your supposed research from your toilet paper Fiji Sun..areh bhaiya bahut pakalah....oh well bhaiya lets just hope you hindoos realise what you have done just as we created a monster in Rabuka you have embraced one in khaiyum who today with all other muslim leader political leaders are laughing at your faces for a coup they pulled off and being a minority ethnic group....to achieve blinding the majority hindoo population of fiji here and abroad is worth applauding.....well who laughs first laughs last....and right now muslims laugh at hindoos for your stupidity....hindoos like jai ram reddy tried to embrace a government of national unity but chaudary would not accept that...he had hindoos continue to remember the events of 87 and 2000 and that racial hatred drove hindoos en mass like never before in Fijian political history...to vote a Kai Viti into power not realising the puppet master khaiyum....he got rid of the hindoo political power struggle because he understood precisely what burned in your hindoo hearts...racial hatred towards fijians....he used that to his advantange and lo and behold...hindoos fell right into his lap and are now sucking him off and every hindoo businessmen in Fiji knows this today....how does khaiyum counter evonomic threat from hindoos...thats right chinese and other investors...indian businesses which choked the country once will slowly be replaced...the ultimate collapse of hindoo businesses will be FSC....so many poor hindoo farmers shop keepers and small businesses rely on FSC....when this goes down thousands upon thousands of hindoos will be displaced and turn to fijians for help..... continue learning vili and get out while you can...mv leonidas is ready to sail..maintain your supposed innocence but we the youth of fiji understand better.....for it will be up to us to remedy the failures of your father....frank.....you know what...things happen for a reason and we let frank become pm but we will let all that will happen unfold....welcome to the truth....now go pray to shiva and rama that what khaiyum has in store for you will never happen...start up your sugar cane kissan san churi revolution again because you have lost the leverage great hindoo leaders fought....to gain your preservation and humanity in a country you claim you did not choose to come too and were once nothing but coolie dog slaves....have blessed sunday
...by the way here speaks a true warrior of waimaro...

Anonymous said...

@12:01 GCC
Rogoca vinaka sara qo....ke dina na ka o tukuna,taroga mada vei iko se cava na vuna e sega ni via tara se vakayagataka se vakasausa taka o Bainimarama na VALELEVU ni bose jiko qori e Nasova!!!Qori na mana ni Vanua, na kaukauwa ni GCC. e rere ni curuma se cakava kina e dua na ka...e sa kidava jiko!!!

Ena qai vakayagataki ga ena kena gauna donu ni sa vakalesui tale ena kena i davodavo donu.
Kua ni kauta mai na bula vaka RIGHTS....Na Vanua[GCC] e yavutaki ena LOLOMA dina mai loma no string attached.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to anon 10:22pm...well you seem to be interested in what has been said...i assume from your comments that you are a hindoo. Interesting that you call fijians racist against Indians yet your tone reeks of racism and hatred for Fijians....alas or should i say ek dham kalaas...you have fallen into khaiyums propoganda like every other hindoo. . ..i dont blame you though because what we fijians did in 87 in particular wss wrong but like any indigenous people in any country...the same would have happened...look at samoa when they kicked out the chinese in 1960s...tongan artacks against chinese in 2006...Solomon islands.. uganda against indians by Idi Amin and so forth...India would do the same if the people of india felt threatened by other groups in their country...the actions of fijians in 87 is nothing unusual...in fact it has also caused fijians to raise arms against each other...racism is a term used in fiji under the wrong context...if finians were racist against indians we would be like south africa and the aussies against abo.... none of this other than 87 coup has really happened in fiji..fijians do not racially hate indians..we may call each other names but that is as far as it goes.....you yourself realise this but you have been burned by frank and khaiyums propoganda of racism between hindoos and fijians whilst from which they have gained their political leverage...fijians will live with anyone as long as our traditions culture and livelihood is not threatenef...frank is no real threat to fijians because he is a fijian...the military are fijians...hindoos are no longer are threat to us fijians but now we have the puppet master to contend with...who has blinded your hearts with racial hatred propoganda and a sligan from frank that he has committed a coup to end all coups...what a laugh...what guarantee can a coup maker give thst there will be no more coups...zilch i tell you....hindoos have been instrumental in the political power struggle in fiji to gain not only their freedom and equality but that of ours the fijians from our colonial masters. Hindoos have now relinguished this leverage and lost your voice...frank is one of the most racist person ever....you think he respected all the pooja he attended...it was convenience for him...the language he uses against hindoos makes mine a compliment...is that the racism you speak off....and who do tell me...have you hindoos got in the hall of political power in fiji.....fiji needs to return to true democracy....this choice is the peoples choice and we need to work together to eradicate this ciup culture started by the very institution we pay taxes and their salary to protect and serve fiji....the army....we fijians know and accept 87 and 2000 were wrong....we cannot than accept 2006 is right....now quit your racial bull shit and accept the fate of hindoos is back in the hands of muslkms....just as hindoo leaders did not accept sidiq koya in 1977...faiyaz koya is laughing his head off...his criminal mother sent to jail has been avenged...khaiyum convicted of 87 coup protests is now the coup master....

Anonymous said...

Seems like tivoro Josateki Daulako didn't get his talatalas message of love thy neighbour in todays sermon at Waimaro Methodists circuit. Or maybe hes just repeating all he learnt in his Sunday service today. Can't really tell whether people like Josateki go to church to pray to tic jisu or the demon that lies within the Methodists church. Seek salvation tivoro Daulako. You are going to end up six feet under just like most of us except the Hindus. The venom you spit will one day become too hard for you to digest. Bainimarama and Kaiyum has taught you and of minded arseholes a good lesson in life. As your jisu says, do unto others.....It pains when the vudi penetrates your arse doesn't it Daulako. I will advise you and likeminded to board the leoindas and head off in search of your father first and then your origin. Both are unknown and I can gurantee you that Indians has nothing to do with it. Your slut mothers got screwed by one to many to exactly tell you whose dirty and filthy seimen resulted in a product like you. Those that discarded you want nothing to do with you as they know that your kind are known for biting the hand that feeds you and cursing the same people who played a big role in turning you from cannibals to humans. Go and suck your mothers nipple some more and it might give you a clue as to who your father is.

Anonymous said...

Pekapeka Josateki Daulako says to his slut mother, please tell me whose sin I'm. I can't live like this anymore not being able to write my father name in the birth certificate. Please tell me who all and how many fucked you and at what times. I will take those details to my biology teacher and he will analyse and tell me exactly who was responsible for a filth like me. I know that you got screwed from a very young age first by the village chiefs, then by the any Tom dick or Harry that came your way and were willing to put their infected vudi in you. Please mother, tell me and let me find my father. I know that I' m a product of your sins and filthy pleasure but I do want to know the person who has led to the filthy, ugly and bastard genes in me.

Anonymous said...

Ditz says to Daulako
You rather stupid racist bitch.
I note that you live in a very deep and dark hole, almost as deep as your arse--which
is infinite as your racism and stupidity. Sit znd stew in your envy and jealousy of other races
till you implode.
Do you really think that your constant stream of filth make any difference. It only loses votes for sodelpa
in the next election. You may be doing ffp more of a favor than Vili with herculean attempt at cleaning
you ordure.
The descendents of Leonidas and Lutunasobosobo have become national and international citizens.
Your hindoos and muslims are now fijians. If you dont like it, who cares? Go drown in your hate and

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....hah....exposed and they hate it....lol....you all have just swallowed vili's bone....now you understand

KUA NI RERE said...

I think everyone should be aware here that the one who is actually stirring up racial hatred here is Vili Rakoro. Ever since he started on C4.5 I've been looking at his posts.
In fact it wouldnt surprise me if he is here mainly as a distraction from the failures of the Bainimarama government.
Vili is the one who TOLD US ABOUT RACISM BETWEEN INDIANS AND FIJIANS WHEN THERE WASNT ONE. He keeps bringing up the 1987 Coup and 2000 Coup.
Like a little boy who keeps going back and scratching his arse.
The youths of Fiji should ignore people like Vili Rakoro.

Honestly Vili you should be proud of your Indian heritage.
Why live in DENIAL?
I'm proud of my Fijian heritage. Sometimes when I'm overseas some people call me names, but you know what I DONT GIVE A SHIT!
There are others who are welcoming.
I remember I was on a train once going through a French village and the Train Conductor was checking tickets and this white man took one look at me and he said "BULA". He said he loves Rugby.
When Im overseas and I see Indian people I always nod, hoping that maybe they are from Fiji.
Honestly Vili, you should grow up.
May be you should travel to America and go feel what real racism is all about.
Stop being such a crybaby.
What I suggest Vili is you contact your fellow youths of Fiji. Now 40,000 of them are unemployed.
Dont waste your time looking for racism where none exists.
We are not dumb Vili.
We know that Bainimarama keeps playing the race card.
We know that his American advisors are telling him to keep saying it. Just like you Vili.
Just watch Vili, its the beginning of a new week and as sure as rain, Bainimarama will bring up "race" again this week. This is an American tactic but we are aware of it.

Anonymous said...

"By the way out of those ITaukei voters, more than 50 percent were ages 18 to 35 the children of the coups."

It is a fact that the youth would vote for Frank, that's why the voting age was brought down to 18. What is it that Frank gave them that the opposition could never have done? Why would such a man be elected?

The answer is fairly simple : freedom from the village life. Anyone who knows a little bit what life in a village is knows why young Fijians would rather elect an incompetent, stupid, dumb and thief than a "christian fighter"... The problem of SOLDELPA is that they are rural-based (Lau, Vanua Levu) and the population of those regions are going down because no one wants to live in a christian/traditional prison...

Looking at the difference of pattern between youth and old is interesting. Surprisingly,mthe next election might see... an increase of the iTaukei vote for Frank despite poor economic performance! Youth population going up, old people dying early now... sad reality!

I doubt very much we will see a change if the same political parties are back in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

"The fundamental difference between the Fiji flag and the new designs made by the regime is that the Christian cross is gone!"

The English cross you should say... but that's an interesting point of view. A flag with a cross - whatever cross - would have been thrown to the rubbish bin that's for sure. Even though a cross is not per say a religious symbol, it would be ruled out. The australian flag has a cross and it is a secular state, but in Fiji it wouldn't be tolerated by Khaiyum. The regime actually lost a great opportunity to show some sort of common sense as Fijians clearly want to have a cross on their flag.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a competition to design the new coats of arms? ha...ha...
there has to be a link between the flag and the coats of arms. If the cross is removed from the flag, it will have to be removed from the shield too... but how can you put 4 symbols without a cross in the middle?

yesterday I was walking in Suva and everybody was sick to look at those new designs on a giant screen near Temptation Bar. No one was tempted by those new designs...

I don't think the regime understand how deep is the opposition to those flags!
If only they could have come with a diversity of flags, including flags with christian cross... that would have been a different game...

By the way, the coats of arms have "rerevaka na kalou ka doka na tui"... it seems obvious it will have to go as well!
Rerevaka ko Khaiyum ka doka ko Bainimarama.

Unaisi Raiwaqa said...

Josateki Daulako/Kuni Rere/Kai Bau/Vutaki Meo are the real racists in most of the blogs. They live in overseas and each time they are cornered they bring the race issue and try to play with minds of itaukeis. I don't like this government either but I don't want SODELPA either. I will choose Bainimara Government over SODELPA anytime. SODELPA is a racist party which has very arrow focus. No party in western countries are based on race. SODELPA will take Fiji backwards. It consists of old farts like Niko, Karavaki, etc. Grow up Josateki.

Unknown said...

Kua ni rere


This is just classic. So the 87 and 2000 coups had nothing to do with racism between Indians and Fijian. Eventhough in 2000 George Speight specifically said in a media speech that their action were to protect the natives Fijians from the Indians.

Kua ni rere just like Josateki Daulako making a complete fool of himself.

Unknown said...

Kua ni rere

"He keeps bringing up the 1987 Coup and 2000 Coup. Like a little boy who keeps going back and scratching his arse.

Another classic from Mr contradiction. All these time Sodelpa supporters like Kua ni rere and Daulako keep referring to the 2006 coups yet I mentioned the 87 and 2000 coups I am the one going back.

Seriously mate your mentality is really mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

The government is likely to choose either the second last or last designs.

Have to keep things in uniformity - as with the AirPac airplane designs, either of the two flags will 'march' hand in hand. I mean 'match'.

God bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Actually, yes, the excellent unique touch of the 'tribal' brown tapa design is awesome

for the new Flag.

Onward we march!!!

Anonymous said...

Any update about the munity in tha flag committee?

Anonymous said...

A good flag should be white and blue in order to contrast with the brown/black that we see everywhere.
If you hang a blue and white flag in a bure, it would look nice. AND NOT 2 SHADES OF BLUE, ONE BLUE, ONE FIJI!

But the greatest problem with those 23 flags has to do with symbolism. There is nothing sophisticated about them. No great ideas behind them, no imagination. Complexity is not good for a flag, therefore the few symbols displayed must be very striking!

Go back to the drawing table, or name an independant committee to review all proposals. Not very long to do since 90% of proposals are simply not fit for a flag!

Anonymous said...

Can someone question Khaiyum why suddenly he changed the rules about the way the flag was supposed to be selected? the committee was supposed to select flags for the MPs, not actually designing them!!!!
can someone ask Khaiyum who's gonna raise the new flag?

More LETTERS TO THE EDITOR about this ridiculous SCAM would be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Ditz to Daulako the racist bitch
You sound like one of those freeloaders whose snout got pushed out of the trough when Bai took over. I may be wrong--you may be a born arsehole.
Quit your bitching or your mama or papa may run out from under the verandah and bite you on your arse when you get home!

Anonymous said...

A good flag designer would have been wise enough to put something acceptable to both sides of the parliament. This is how we are supposed to rule in a democracy, with compromises! There is no way a flag without a cross of some sort would be acceptable to Fijians. This is not about being arrogant, but considerate. If England can have one, so can Fiji!

Anonymous said...

My country is light blue and white.
White cumulus in the sky for a wonderful day in paradise.
My country is light blue and white.
White beaches under the sky for a wonderful day in paradise.
My country is light blue and white.
Light blue is where dolphins dance in my paradise.
My country is light blue and white.
Light blue is the color of the sky printed in the sea of my paradise.
These are the colors of my country.

Go back to the drawing table NOW!

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...this is your Draconian Government...They proposed a change in flag without proper consultation of the people and today, even their own FF supporters are sceptical about changing the flag. 50% of their Fijian supporters do not want a change in the flag. 95% of their half caste supporters do not want the flag changed. 35% of their Indian supporters do not want the flag changed.

On the backdrop, to ensure that the flag is accepted by the people of Fiji without question, Khaiyum inserts a National Flag Protection Bill 2015 (No. 4 of 2015)

I suggest you all read this bill.

If one says - fuck this flag - your screwed...army pick you up bahut marqe maro yaar - see section 5.

If you hang up your flag in the toilet - you may be committing an offence. (Ditz - you cant hang it up in the ditch next to your pig pen sorry feller..follow the bill)See section 6.

You Hindoos you may have to pull down your red flag and hang up your new flag because you may be committing an offence.

Oh by the way Vili - the flag does not reflect the hearts and minds of the people of Fiji...the bill states it is a symbol of the State, the Government and the citizens of Fiji...don't go sentimental when your Government cares shit about your feeling. Its only a SYMBOL...we are going illuminati or what...

Once the flag has been selected...those of us including all you FF party supporters who may continue to protest or voice their opinion about the selected flag or write on these blogs....yep your committing an offence. See section 7 (1)

If your cheering at a rugby or soccer or any national event and you get excited...you know some fans like to dance with the flag and throw the flag - better not throw it anymore you may be committing an offence - See section 8(c)

If you want to continue using the previous flag or maybe as a momento or collectible item...better watch out...

If you have one of these new flags and it is old because your cockroach ate its corners, you have to give the flag a proper dignified burial...any other means of destroying the flag like throwing in the garbage bin may be deemed an offence - Section 12 (3) Funny they actually use the word dignified way... many people who have died in Fiji today because of the rising costs cant even get a dignified burial...

To all you FF party supporters...its your government, your new flag and your Government does not give two shits about your dumb opinions...so to speak and that is their attitude not mine...What Frank and Khaiyum says goes whether you like it or not....You will have a new flag and whether it is one of the 23 or another that Khaiyum or Frank may pull out of their arse...that's the way it will be. You don't like it, they have the bill to throw you in jail without question....You think you can do something about it...

We will continue the fight and the truth of this draconian Government will continue to be revealed. Enjoy their rule FF suckers...

By the way...I am not a SODELPA supporter...can we get that straight with Vili and those others thinking I am.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

"Oh by the way Vili - the flag does not reflect the hearts and minds of the people of Fiji"

The above sentence by Mr Daulako clearly shows how he is just too stupid. If you are going to try and manipulate my words atleast have the decency to be smart about it. Then again can't force an idiot to think smart ey.

I stated that a "A flag is just a symbol of a country. The personality and heart of the country are its people."

And you tried to twist my words with a resounding failure. What a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...it never seizes to amaze me that all you FF supporters on this site including Vili, Ditz and the rest of you anonymous warriors as Semi Meo likes to call you because you refuse to put your true name in your blog, continue to call SODELPA or any of us writing upon this blog RACIST.

I spoke about this previously and you probably refuse to accept it as the truth and that is; Khaiyum and Frank have duped all you Indians into believing that Fijians are racist towards Indians. You guys have been sucked in and you cant accept the fact that you today have a MUSLIM puppet master and your Hindoos no longer have political representation. I will say it again, you Hindoos have lost the leverage your coolie Indentured Labourer of an ancestor had achieved fighting for your freedom, your equality and your right to live in Fiji as a decent Citizen.

Let me explain what RACISM means so you can understand RACISM. Anyone can say whatever they want or please against any other race but it does not mean they are being racist. If I call you Kai Dia Carawai Mani that does not mean Im being racist.

Being RACIST is to believe that ones race is superior to another so if the demeaning word is stated because one believes they are superior to another, one is than considered a RACIST. Hitler was racist. The whites against the blacks in SA were racist. Whites against the Aborigines was racist. The colonial masters against the Fijians and Indians were racist.

If you consider the above, yep you will realise that Indians have always considered themselves a far superior race to the Fijians and we see it in many of their comments on this site.

Considering the above, can any one of you Fiji First Party supporters tell me, what did SODELPA do that is racist.

What have I commented upon this blog that may be construed as racist or what Semi Meo or Kua Ni Rere commented that is racist. Apart from Butadroka but even he does not think the Fijian race is superior to the Indian. He just did not like Indians period. He knew that Indians were better positioned because Indians are a very old race...older even than the white men and were civilised far before the white men. Butadroka just wanted Fijians to be on the same playing field but understood its immense difficulty because of the difference in tradition, cultures and in particular, values.

Your interpretation of racism is precisely what Frank and Khaiyum made you believe to enable them to win the election. They made you Hindoos believe we Fijians are racist and have racist policies. They fuelled and fertilized the racial hatred you have and in turn Khaiyum cunningly crushed Chaudary and the Labour Party and the NFP party.


This is a fact and you Hindoos fell into Khaiyum's trap. Frank does not have the grey matter to pull this off but this is a coup of all coups.....cunningly and deceptively executed that you HINDOOS still believe this coup is to end all coups and that you are safer under Frank than anyone else.

You have asked previously, who else is there to guarantee there will not be another coup....

We the people of Fiji that's who...we the Citizens of Fiji that's who. Reunited and Reconciled people of Fiji that's who. The people have the power not the Military or a select few it is the people and the Military must not be allowed to commit treason continuously and get away with it. For heavens sake we pay their salaries with our taxes. The Government should be serving the people and the people should not fear the Government and today we live in a draconian Government that creates bills at its leisure to ensure, your voice is silenced.

Remember, when the flag has been selected, you FF supporters better not say nothing or your in jail...

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

"By the way...I am not a SODELPA supporter...can we get that straight with Vili and those others thinking I am."

Tell us then what party you support? Because based on all your posts it is crystal clear that you support Sodelpa. So why did you leave it till now to all of a sudden say you are not Sodelpa ey.

Is it making sense to you now that your precious Sodelpa are a bunch of racist hating imbeciles. Don't get me wrong I know it's not everyone of them. Some are actually okay. I am mostly on about those commenting in here.

Unknown said...

Josateki Daulako

Your long winding useless posts are just tedious mate. The events of 2000 coups are actions of people who are racists. To attack people based on their ethnicity is racism.

Your posts in here are full of hatred and nastiness towards Indians. You are a racist end of.

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