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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fiji's new flag will be chosen out of these 23 designs

Get ready to say goodbye to this flag
The final designs have been chosen for Fiji's new flag and Fijians have been invited to give their feedback on the one they like the most.

Out of the more than 2000 designs, only 23 were chosen.

On the website, the Fiji Flag Committee says "Fiji’s existing flag contains symbols that are outdated and no longer relevant, including some anchored to Fiji’s colonial past. 

"After 45 years of independence it is time for Fiji to move on from those colonial connections and adopt a flag that reflects its position in the world as a modern and independent nation-state."

The committee says "the flag designs chosen contain symbolism that is meaningful to all Fijians and reflects Fiji’s proud status as a modern and independent nation".

Here are the final designs, which, if any, do you think should become the new flag of Fiji?


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Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili...Oh Vili...I have thrown you so many bones and you like the hungry dog you are, without thinking chomp down on the bones and gulp it down so fast, that now you have a bone stuck in your throat...Khaiyum's bone...lol...now don't waste your time on this site and go do some work...or some studies if you are studying....your efforts are wasted.

Vili Rakoro said...

Josateki Daulako

During the attacks carried out in 2000 coups. Racist and ignorant people like you also attacked Muslims.

That's because when they are in their homes or walking along the road you cannot tell what religion they belong too. But hey in the eyes of you lot they all look alike so must be Indians ey.

Freaking unbelievable to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I want to know more about the MUTINY in the Flag Committee!!!!
Who is talking to foreing medias?

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro is the official voice for FF to continue denouncing all Fijians including himself as Racist. Fijian calling Fijians racist nice one Vili....swallow that bone (Khaiyum's) before you choke. Give it up mannn...we know the truth...

Vili Rakoro said...

When Mara changed the country's name from Fiji to the Republic of Fiji Islands this Sodelpa nationalist types never uttered a single word.

Bainimarama changes the flag and they whine like hell. Goes to show the double standards ey.

Anonymous said...


Vili Rakoro said...

Anonymous 11.59 am

The only Fijians who are racists are the Sodelpa supporters in here and their like minded types. There are some Sodelpa supporters out there who are actually descent and definitely not racist. Their political inveiglement are just different.

Anonymous said...

Vili vili the more you say the more the fool you make yourself...JD has screwed you nicely....or rather, Khaiyum has screwed you nicely.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha Vili Cavuka you're making a fool of yourself you motherfucker.

Vili Rakoro said...

Anonymous 12.01 pm

I can't believe I have to say this but hey sometimes I forget you lots minds are just special.

Hindu is a religious denomination. Just like methodist, Catholic, Anglican etc. It's like asking how many all nation, new methodist, methodist, Catholics are in parliament.

It's a rhetorical question you dumbass.

Vili Rakoro said...

Josateki Daulako is now trying to change his tune by attacking Fijians based on their religious denomination rather then ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako, racist is who you are- READ YOUR HISTORY BELOW AND BE GRATEFUL OF THE FACT THAT NO ONE CALLS YOUR ANCESTORS MAN EATING ANIMALS:HOWEVER YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY to call other races the descendents of coolie indentured laborers,
Cannibalism was an extremely important institution in pre-Christian Fiji, practiced as early as several hundred years before the birth of Christ. According to Fergus Clunie, former director of the Fiji Museum, it was a 'perfectly normal part of life'. The practice was a function of the religion: the great warrior-gods were cannibals and they required human sacrifice. Although some clans did not in fact eat human flesh for religious reasons (their totems were human), the practice of cannibalism was widespread throughout the Fiji group.

Victims were not just randomly selected, but were almost always enemies taken during battles. Eating your enemy was the ultimate disgrace the victor could impose, and in the Fijian system of ancestor worship this became a lasting insult to the victims' families. This explains much of the sometimes extremely vicious infighting; internecine warfare and vengeance-seeking that went on in pre-Christian times. By all accounts, violence was a way of life and an accepted form of behavior when directed towards one's foes. Chiefs generally had a grudge against someone or were involved in a power struggle, and war could be an everyday occurrence. It was during these periods of warfare that cannibalism was practiced.

Fijians were not without a gruesome sense of humor. They often got a chuckle out of cutting off a piece of some unfortunate soul's flesh (tongue or fingers for example) cooking it, commenting on how good it tasted and then offering it to the victim to eat. There are also horrifying accounts of missionaries who, in times of war, were given samples of cooked meat and were later told what they had eaten.

Eating human flesh was only one of many bloody practices in a society where extreme violence and extreme kindness existed side by side. Some examples of the darker aspects included hanging captured 'enemy' children by the feet or hands from the sail yards of war canoes; burying men alive at the post holes of new homes or temples being constructed; and strangling women at the graves of chiefs so that they could 'accompany' the chiefs into the next world.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says ..... Sorry Vili what your trying now will not work....evading the question does not work...Hindu can either refer to a religion or cultural identity associated with the philosophical religious and cultural systems that are indigenous to the Indians.

Hinduism is a religion and is the dominant religion in India. There lies the difference.

Now answer the fucking question or invite any one of your Hindoo buddies to answer the question....

whats the matter Vili...the truth is revealed and Khaiyum exposed. The Hindoos are the fools for letting Khaiyum dupe and exploit them with his racial divide. He executed the coup like the puppet master he is using Frank without. The Hindoos nor Military were aware of it all and he spread his propaganda of racial hatred which you Vili, are a part of.

Khaiyum the coup protestor in 1987 who was arrested and convicted in 1987 has been exposed.

I do not consider my race the Fijian Race to be superior to the Indian race Vili and my comments though offensive is not racially motivated, unlike the many FF supporters on this site.

Anonymous said...

Change the design but retain the noble banner blue, like Bainimarama had suggested publicly before competition began. Was it because he had an apetite of the blue colour that he chose it or did he know its meaning and what it symbolised? I hope he's true to his word and stick by the blue color.
We will also know who is running the country when the new flag is hoisted(Bai or khai )
If you look at the current flag , it still has the same union jack blue color which symbolizes the relationship between man , the ocean and the sky and their connection to the thrown of God. Regardless of what man does to creation, he is still answerable to his Maker.
I hope the blue color will continue to shine in the new flag.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask in the paper WHY are some members of the committee talking anonymously to foreign media!


Anonymous said...

how can you narrow flag selection from 50 to 23 when the 23 flags were MANUFACTURED by the committee?
THAT IS THE QUESTION TO ASK! Letter to the Editor someone?

Vili Rakoro said...

Josateki Daulako

Once a racist and a hatred always will. Sugar coat it all you want, everybody knows the truth.

Vili Rakoro said...

Trouble brewing at the Sodelpa party.

Naiqama whom had been quiet after the election won his own seat under his own steam without much input from the party. Before the party launched its election campaign, there were rumours that he would not stand because of his disappointment over the rejection of his close mate Sitiveni Rabuka as party leader and as an election candidate.

Ro Teimumu’s inner circle had reservations about Mr Rabuka’s involvement. It had an influence on Ro Teimumu who was not keen on having Mr Rabuka because of his history as the 1987 military coup leader and his leadership of the Soqosoqo ni Vakavulewa ni Taukei (SVT) which Laisenia Qarase’s Soqosoqo ni Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) replaced. Whether the wounds from that fallout have healed completely is not clear.

Among the issues, were the appointment of National Federation Party leader Dr Biman Prasad as Public Accounts Committee chairperson and his two colleagues Tupou Draunidalo and Prem Singh who are all part of the shadow Cabinet.

Her position as party leader is likely to be discussed in the party’s annual general meeting before the end of the year. She could be relieved of the party leader’s position but carry on the Leader of the Opposition.

In Parliament, only the Opposition MPs have the power to elect a new leader. Some in the caucus feel that the coalition with the NFP was a marriage of convenience because their policies are poles apart.

However, in the event of a leadership challenge, Ro Teimumu knows she can count on the three NFP members for support.

Sodelpa cannot even work together for the benefit of their own party yet they thought they could run the country. Yet again these shows Bainimarama and Fiji First are in a much better position to lead the country.

Anonymous said...

Vili Vutusona, give up your rhetoric because you're a disgrace to your family. You should be ashamed of yourself you lowlife piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro is a Muslim. That is why he hates Hindus and Christians and all other religions. That is why he is so much against the Christian and traditional Fijian and other ethnic symbols in the present flag. He is more than a racist, he is a religious bigot.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's flag council confirms designs are amalgamated

A committee member overseeing the public competition to design Fiji's new flag has confirmed that members composed the 23 final entries themselves, selecting elements from submitted designs.
peaking on condition of anonymity, the National Flag Committee member says the group reports directly to the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and was told to go back to choose more after it selected five final designs.

Of the 23 final entries, nine feature a triangle emerging horizontally from the left, while five feature an identical wave and sail design, four have an identical boat on a straight line, and four others feature yellow stars or a sun.

The public is now giving feedback on the designs.

At the end of June, the entries and feedback will go to Cabinet for consideration before a vote in parliament.

Despite ruling out a referendum on the change of flag, Mr Sayed Khaiyum says the process has been consultative.

Some Fijians who entered their designs in a nationwide competition to select a new flag are reportedly unhappy that their designs have been modified.

The leader of the Sodelpa Youth Council, Peter Waqavonono, says the process has been undemocratic from the start because the government ignored a petition with 2,000 signatures to take the matter to a referendum.

Mr Waqavonovono says reports of the flag committee amalgamating entries have further alienated the public.

"Given the designs that have popped up thus far, a lot of people have shared their opinions that they don't think that they were part of the process in designing the new flag. After 1000-plus entries that went in it seems like the committee decided to come up with their own design."

Peter Waqavonovono says he is organising a peaceful march in October against the new flag.

Anonymous said...

stop the racist crap and let's talk about the MUTINY IN THE FLAG COMMITTEE!!!

Vili, you are an insider,mtell us more!

Vili Rakoro said...

Anonymous 1.51 pm

My political inveiglement has nothing to do with my family. These is the difference between me and you lot.

I debate your points. I do not make any personal post about your personal life because I do not know you and frankly I do not give a damn.

Whenever you lot make personal derogatory comments it shows what cowards you are. You clearly display your inability to hold your nerve and debate in an educated adult manner.

One can only ponder had you lot been in a negotiation table with Australian and New Zealand diplomats debating necessary economical trades your level of personal insults will not be tolerated by them.

You will be a disgrace. Your pictures and names splattered all over ANZAC mainstream media calling you imbeciles and how you bring unequivocal disrepute to Fijians.

Learn to hold your tongue. Try and display an air of grace and humility. And do not get personal because that automatically negates any good points you may have made or shown.

Anonymous said...

Well Vili can you or any of the FF party members answer Josateki...Who is the political representative of the Hindoos of Fiji, who is the second largest population in Fiji. Do they have sufficient representation. What a laugh.....Muslims conned the Hindoos well and truly and got their own back for the 1977 events...

C'mon than Vili....answer the question. Stop being evasive.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Vili and the others including Hindoos like what Josateki has revealed in this blog site...dodge the question or what

Anonymous said...

The question right now is "WHAT ABOUT THE MUTINY IN THE FLAG COMMITTEE!!!"
What are the designs that were submitted, which one were considered by the committee at ANY point before interference by Khaiyum.

That is the question.
So Vili, you said that 20 new designs were being looked at now?

If you see Khaiyum today, tell him to respect his own rules.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro regularly does not answer questions pointed out to him. He does more; he evades these questions by calling his opponents "imbeciles" and gives lengthy posts about how SODELPA supporters being racist. So, folks, do not be surprised if he calls you that name when you demand a genuine answer for a genuine question.

Anonymous said...

Vili which one of the flag committee is you?

Vili Rakoro said...

Anonymous 2.29 pm

As I have stated before. Members of parliaments are chosen as representative of their constituents. Look up political constituents on Google and read the meaning of it.

That is how democracy works. Individual member of parliaments religious denomination, sexual preferences, sporting teams they support, etc etc are not a condition to be a member. The only condition are the votes they get.

A Fijian from Lau can represent the district of another province as long as they get the votes. And that particular district can consist of Fijians of any religious denomination.

Democracy does not treat people or member of parliaments according to their religious or ethnic backgrounds.

However it does take it into account hence we have various ministers. For example minister for cultural developments. These post caters for those issues.

People like Josateki Daulako are racist therefore they will always search for a way to separate either through ethnic or religious backgrounds.

In his attempt he mentioned Hindu as both religious and cultural in nature. Forgetting that the Methodist denomination is similar in Fiji on how it is embedded in I taukeis village traditional roles.

Both denomination first and foremost are religious in nature. That is the reason why I have ignored him. He simply cannot stop himself from expressing his racist and hatred views.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says...this is your Draconian Government...They proposed a change in flag without proper consultation of the people and today, even their own FF supporters are sceptical about changing the flag. 50% of their Fijian supporters do not want a change in the flag. 95% of their half caste supporters do not want the flag changed. 35% of their Indian supporters do not want the flag changed.

On the backdrop, to ensure that the flag is accepted by the people of Fiji without question, Khaiyum inserts a National Flag Protection Bill 2015 (No. 4 of 2015)

I suggest you all read this bill.

If one says - fuck this flag - your screwed...army pick you up bahut marqe maro yaar - see section 5.

If you hang up your flag in the toilet - you may be committing an offence. (Ditz - you cant hang it up in the ditch next to your pig pen sorry feller..follow the bill)See section 6.

You Hindoos you may have to pull down your red flag and hang up your new flag because you may be committing an offence.

Oh by the way Vili - the flag does not reflect the hearts and minds of the people of Fiji...the bill states it is a symbol of the State, the Government and the citizens of Fiji...don't go sentimental when your Government cares shit about your feeling. Its only a SYMBOL...we are going illuminati or what...

Once the flag has been selected...those of us including all you FF party supporters who may continue to protest or voice their opinion about the selected flag or write on these blogs....yep your committing an offence. See section 7 (1)

If your cheering at a rugby or soccer or any national event and you get excited...you know some fans like to dance with the flag and throw the flag - better not throw it anymore you may be committing an offence - See section 8(c)

If you want to continue using the previous flag or maybe as a momento or collectible item...better watch out...

If you have one of these new flags and it is old because your cockroach ate its corners, you have to give the flag a proper dignified burial...any other means of destroying the flag like throwing in the garbage bin may be deemed an offence - Section 12 (3) Funny they actually use the word dignified way... many people who have died in Fiji today because of the rising costs cant even get a dignified burial...

To all you FF party supporters...its your government, your new flag and your Government does not give two shits about your dumb opinions...so to speak and that is their attitude not mine...What Frank and Khaiyum says goes whether you like it or not....You will have a new flag and whether it is one of the 23 or another that Khaiyum or Frank may pull out of their arse...that's the way it will be. You don't like it, they have the bill to throw you in jail without question....You think you can do something about it...

We will continue the fight and the truth of this draconian Government will continue to be revealed. Enjoy their rule FF suckers...

By the way...I am not a SODELPA supporter...can we get that straight with Vili and those others thinking I am.

Anonymous said...

I have some "inside" information about the flag. Some really good flags were considered around the time the American vexillologist came, but... surprise surprise... they didn't make it to the top! Instead, we have a blue flag with seven yellow stars in no particular order... Why? Vili? VILI? VIIIIIIILIIIIIIIII?!?!?

Anonymous said...

@3:23 Of course the government doesn't give a damn about the people, not even the school children who were used in the flag commercials! all those of you who were dumb enough to enter the competition have been fooled... so stop crying!

btw, I have some inside information about a FNFP corruption scandal involving Bainimarama. He is using his influence in order to allow some people to access their money when they are not supposed to... apparently, it is a common thing going on...

Anonymous said...

Can someone check with the POLICE CRO and obtain the PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS of Khaiyum. It should be there. He was convicted in 1987. He should therefore resign. Same with Frank Kean.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako.... AD Patel who championed the poor Hindoo Farmers motto for the NFP Party, the political party he founded.

One Country, One Nation, One People’

The foundations of colonial Fiji rested on the idea of racial compartmentalization and on the kinds of institutionalized political and social inequality that compartmentalization dictated.

Khaiyum and Frank have used this same Colonial principals to destroy the Labour and NFP party and the supposed racial divide existing between Hindoos and Fijians.

This is what I call Political Racism because apart from politics, the people themselves accept each other as a people.

Khaiyum executed his coup perfectly otherwise, he would not have gained the support of the Hindoos. He used the Hindoos overseas whose hearts are fuelled with hatred and they in turn have supported Khaiyum and unwittingly crushed the Hindoo representation and main stream party....

Anonymous said...

GUYS, PLEASE, let's stick to the FLAG ISSUE. International medias are looking at us now.

We managed to get the momentum. We managed to show the inconsistencies of that circus.
EVEN THE FIJI SUN is not supporting the new designs, they published one letter against the new designs made by Khaiyum's children! They talk about cats and dogs stories!!!

That is quite something!!! THE FIJI SUN... even though there is a sun on some flags!!!

Flag committee, I am giving you the ORDER to publish online the 2000 flags.

Anonymous said...

Purple stars on a blue background is soooooo ugly. Since when stars are purple?

Anonymous said...

Vili another question for you maggot. You still going through your hormone replacement therapy?

Vili Rakoro said...

Josateki Daulako

"This is what I call Political Racism because apart from politics, the people themselves accept each other as a people."

This is the best sentence you have ever posted. Glad you are starting to come around. Your political inveiglement should not be an excuse to be racist and hating. Keep that line of thinking then soon you will be a Fiji First supporter.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili....c'mon Vili...why are you evading the question to name Hindoos politically representing the 38% Hindoo population of Fiji in your Fiji First racially biased party. You have not produced a name of a person worthy of representing the Hindoos who are today, unrepresented.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili - Im glad you like that sentence because it means you acknowledge the Hindoos have been duped into believing Khaiyums plot to overthrow the Chaudary and NFP parties and his and Franks' propaganda of Political Racism of which you are a part of their pawn...to continue with their propaganda in your blogs...Don't be such a fool Vili...and stop choking on khaiyum's bones I keep throwing you and for which you fall into...you are soo gullible.

Anonymous said...

Vili - use words in the right context please.. inveiglement used with political... sa dua na vuli vaka vo... ulu kau...

Anonymous said...


One member of the committee is suspected of leaking information.
Threats have been exchanged behind closed doors.

Khaiyum is getting very agressive.

Anonymous said...

Vili o sa tobo tale na levu ni nomu viavia kila macawa o iko...!!!
sa vakaraitaka nomu tawa vuli.....tobo tu!!!!

Vili Rakoro said...

Josateki Daulako

In the old constitution there were members of parliaments who did infact represented certain ethnicity but never religious denomination. Infact since Fiji's independence there has never been a single member of parliaments that represented religious denomination.

So your question is baseless. You are trying to find something that is not there. That is like someone asking you to name a single member of parliament that got there as a representative of the Methodists.
Hell they can even ask why is it the national flagship sports team the rugby sevens team has no Hindus.

And the answer is the same their selection is not based on their religious denomination.

Anonymous said...

What about we ask the people who designed flags to send them all to C4.5 to see if some nice designs have been overlooked and why?

Vili Rakoro said...

If you cannot fathom the context of my enticement in a political topic then do not embarrass yourself by making stupid posts.

Anonymous said...

Lol at Vili....ha ha ha vutusona ulu lala... JD has nicely screwed you and you cant name a FF Hindu party representative of the 38% Hindu population of Fiji. If you cant why don't you just say so instead of jumping everywhere you dodo bird. JD even pointed out to you that Hindu's can identify ones cultural identify and religious...We are talking hindu people here and not religion if you cant fucking understand English you idiot....cultural identify are Indian people of Hindu religious abstract if that makes any sense...You and every other Muslim now know that Khaiyum fucked the Hindoos over....get fucked Vili numbskull...No fucking brains...I don't know why anyone on this site even takes him seriously...

Anonymous said...

I kemuni! we stick to the flag issue!

Vili, it's been a while since you told us anything. You said the committee is "out" studying how to respond to the people' anger?
When are we gonna see the real flags?

I order you to answer my question now!

Vili Rakoro said...

Tauvu kerekere vakawai taka vakalevu na falawa me malumu na topoi kaukauwa o kania tiko qori.

Vili Rakoro said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vili Rakoro said...

Anonymous 5.40 pm

"name a FF Hindu party representative"

How dumb can you lot get. There is no Fiji First Hindu party. There is no Fiji First Methodist party. There is no Fiji First Muslim party etc etc. There is a Fiji First party which welcomes people who are Hindus, Methodists, Muslim etc etc.

Freaking unbelievable the stupidity of these lot.

Anonymous said...

Vili, you are not answering any question here.

since you are unwilling to give us. ore information about the flag (your boss must have told you to keep quiet) we will ask our readers to write letters to the editor asking WHY we can't have a list of 50 flags actually submitted.
We want to know why some good flags submitted have been erased from the list.

We are asking questions and we will keep asking questions.
We don't want those poorly designed flags!

We ask for transparency. No more cunning from the regime!

Anonymous said...

Indians are aware of what Khaiyum had done. We are plotting our resurrection. Our resurgence will have far reaching consequences. We were not blinded nor duped Josateki, we flowed with the game. We had enough of Chaudary and Felix but we will rise above all this. Stay alert.

Anonymous said...

Apparently 3 members of the Flag Committee are liu muri-ing the authorities.
That is what we have heard from a 80% reliable source.

Vili, tell us more about the committee reviewing 20 other flags.
What are you relations with the committee? you told us information previously that only an insider would know.

Did you talk too much? have you been disciplined about it?

Anonymous said...

Are the flag committee members "working" full-time?
How much are they paid?

If they are still working to propose new flags, as Vili suggested before, how much are they getting per day?
The public wants to know!!!

If we don't get any answer, we will have to organise a march in Suva in front of the parliament.
Our money, our flag, our decision!

we ask for transparency and aswers to ALL our questions!

People, let's protest!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is getting on my nerves, really, He just wanted flag that has no relevance to Fiji but with stars coz they hold meaning in his religion, what about Fiji, bloody khaiyum, you were born here, whats your loyalty to this country or does your loyalty end at Islam, Indians, YES, I agree you have been duped, I would suggest if you don't want to support SODELPA, DONT SUPPORT FIJI FIRST, GO FOR ORTHER PARTIES THAT HAVE PEOPLE WHO CAN PROTECT YOU INTEREST!DO NOT BE BLIND, THINGS THAT WERE SAID ABOUT INDIANS BEING USED ARE TRUE, THAT WHAT KHAIYUM TALKS ABOUT WITHIN HIS SOCIAL CIRCLE!

Anonymous said...

The comments about the new flags are getting more harsh by the day.
I doubt these 23 new flags will be able to stand the coming week. Very unlikely.
The disapproval is simply to great!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LATEST NEWSBREAK-Khaiyum is out of control and FUMING over the leaked infor by one of the committee members, he is threatening them to own up......A LOT IS HAPPENING BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS.SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET SMACKED AS LORD KHAIYUM IS PISSED...KAILA....

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is probably facing the most difficult situation he's been through in a very long time. International media are making fun of the whole process. I doubt he understands the importance of having the full support of those in favour of the change. Without a great new flag, without an outstanding flag, without a really original concept from a single designer, the project is doomed!

Frankenstein flag is not the way to go. Get rid of purple, yellow and 7 stars and pictograms...

Pick 20 new flags from your basket, 20 flags that are very different from what we have seen so far. NO OTHER WAY!

Anonymous said...

Fiji deserves a great flag and I am sure some great flags were proposed as I have seen a few of them.
What is frustrating for the people is that we don't know why suddenly Khaiyum told the committee to design new flags instead of simply selecting them as they were supposed to do.

Khaiyum is a narcissist. He has to go.

Anonymous said...

Vili has gone quiet about the flag issue.
It shows that something really wrong is going on at the Flag Committee.
Even the mainstream medias are quiet. No articles in the Fiji Sun against the flag (only one letter) and few new articles from the newrooms...
There is something fishy here... very fishy.

there is no other choice but to come out with the REAL FLAGS that were proposed by REAL PEOPLE. as simple as that.

Truth! evei na dina?

Anonymous said...

THE FIJI Muslim League says it is unaware of any Fiji links to alleged Fijian teenage terrorist Irfaan Hussein who died recently in the Middle East where he was fighting with Jihadists.

Australian Newspaper, The Herald Sun reported Hussein's family is from Fiji. It was reported that he had died, but it was unclear whether he was killed in a bomb blast or beheaded while trying to escape the Middle East to return home to Victoria.

The report stated that Hussein's father was Fijian and Hussein, who was also known as Abu Sufyan Al Australi,reportedly travelled to Turkey in September or October last year before he was smuggled over the border to Syria.

Hussein was close friends with Numan Haider, 18, whowas shot dead after stabbing two officers from the Joint Counter Terrorism team outside a Melbourne police station last year.

Police alleged that Hussein assisted Australians who wanted to go to Iraq or Syria to hook up with extremist recruiters.

Hussein was believed to be friends withmany young terrorists including aMelbourne teenage terror suspect,Harun Causevic, who had Hussein's international phone number when he was arrested for allegedly plotting attacks on Anzac Day.

This is another story that has linked Fiji with Australian terrorists.

In April, the Fiji Police Force said they were working closely with Australian authorities in the search for Neil Prakash,a senior member of the Islamic State who is believed to be of Fijian and Cambodiandescent.

Fiji Police however have said Neil Prakash, who is Australia's most wanted man, was not a threat to Fiji.

Police chief of intelligence ACP Henry Brown confirmed Prakash had no direct association with Fijian nationals on the allegations levelled against him being an Islamic extremist.

Wilisoni said...

Changing the flag is but another diversion from the extremely poor performance of the Fiji First government.

Citizens want to know how inflation is going to be dealt with, how much dinau to the Chinese our future generations will have to pay off,is there anything being done to address the dismal worthless state of the Fiji dollar, what about the non existence of discretionary incomes (except if you were in Voreqe's millionaires club),rampant unemployment and poverty, high crime rates,corruption in government,in the judiciary and security forces.What about the accountability and transparency of public funds dating back to 2006. What about equality under the law when treasonous thugs are running free covered by an illegal immunity from criminal prosecution decree?

To say that the flag is a nasty reminder of colonialism is absolutely nonsense. Should we also get rid of Indians,the English language, the army, the sugar industry and so forth, of which all are also icons of colonialism and which remind us daily of that era?

Anonymous said...

Union Jack reminds me of bad colonial days..so as Indians, English language, English names, English schools, English kailomas, English yaqona, English, sugar industry,English money,Army, English laws, English cars. Can the English take all of these back to England? Might solve all our problems.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

We demand to see all original 2000 flags!!!Put it up FBC WEBSITE!!!OR IN FIJI SUN TOGETHER WITH THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO DESIGNED THE FLAG!!!

Anonymous said...

Alibaba says this to Josateki Daulako. I have read most of your posts agree with some disagree with a lot. For the record i wish to correct you on a few very critical comments you make and this is also for the many who are just as ignorant. The Fiji Indian population in totality is about 37% (as per last census) and dropping. It would be safe to assume it is about the 35% mark by now. Don't know where you got the 38% from for Hindu's alone. Fiji Indians came from largely the state of Bihar, some from South India, Punjab, and the state of Gujarat. Fiji Muslims are Indians first as per their heritage. It does not matter which faith an Indian follows the person is classified as Indian. Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are all belief systems and not races. The sooner most of you buffoons get this through your thick skull the better. The Fiji Muslims are a converted bunch and they come from all states in INDIA. Some are South Indians, some Punjabi's some Gujarati and most are Biharis. The total Fiji Indian Muslims is about 16% of the Indian population which is really about 35,000 or so. Aside from the God they bow to if one notices all other traditions they follow are the same amongst all Indians with some distinct differences within the Gujarati community only. The point here is that blatantly making stupid comments without the facts is exactly that stupid. I will also correct you that the Hindoo community is well represented in Parliament. Prem Singh,Biman Prasad, Ashneel Sudhkar, Mahend Reddy,Sanjeet Patel,Veena Bhatnagar, Praveen Bala are all Hindoo's.I have missed a few so clearly your ascertain is wrong.
I will also correct you on the planning of the coup. ASK had nothing to do with that it was all the RFMF. He is an opportunist and only joined because his secretary at BSP was Driti's wife and when no one would take the position he was approached and the rest as they say is history.
Look i am no fan of FF and ASK and want them rid of as much as the next guy. Continually harping on about race and religion which are clearly irrelevant to the debate just reduces ones own intellectual capacity.

Anonymous said...

Asshole @3.36AM. You're speaking English so why don't you speak your own language..Hang on you don't have one bastard.

Vili Rakoro said...

Josateki Daulako is a blatant lier. He comes up with bullshit statistics like the election and ethnic population. He is a pure nationalist who is belligerent in his racist and hatred views.

What I have found especially on this blog is that the majority of these so called I taukei claiming native rights are from yanuyanu / islands. They simply do not have the tolerance like Viti Levu I Taukei's.

As a I taukei from Viti Levu. I am really disappointed in them. Ever since the independence all of Fiji's prime minister has been of island/yanuyanu descent.

The last one was Timoci Bavadra from the western Viti Levu in 87 who got couped by Rabuka who later became PM another yanuyanu/islander. Funnily enough all these Sodelpa types were quiet when Rabuka became PM.

Bainimarama on the other hand they all show their true colours because he is a Viti Levu I Taukei's. Everytime there is a yanuyanu/islander PM, we the Viti Levu I Taukei's accept it. Now when we have one of our own as PM we see all these yanuyanu/islander types posting nasty comments.

In the election the least I taukei supporters were from Lau and Vanua Levu. And that about sums it up really.

Anonymous said...

Ditz to Daulako the racist B

Xenophobic, racist, probably homophobic and most likely methodist.
An excellent choice as SODELPA candidate for next election?!!

Anonymous said...


Inveiglment, inveilegmt, inveilgeqemente, invielneqeneqe, inveiiiiilmeneciqiment...whew'
can't spell it right

Samisoni R said...

And Vili Cavuka is a fucking Indian.

Vili Rakoro said...

This kai yanuyanu types are the real thorn in Fiji. They boast about themselves. They all left their villages and their land leaving that resource to waste.

They come to my land and start preaching about native rights yet they have abandoned their lands. At least the Indians do not have heritage land so it is acceptable for them to be in my Viti Levu land and I will happily share it with them.

So when yanuyanu types starts getting abusive about me sharing my land, all I will say is this. Shut the freaking hell up. It's my land so I can do whatever the hell I want with it.

You keep harping on racist slurs then I will kick you out of my land and send you in a canoe back to your little island with your little mind.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako....Vili Vili Vili...the more you make comments the stupider you become...Take Khaiyum and Frank's bone out of your throat and stop sucking him off and maybe you will come to your senses...you don't make any sense whatsoever in what your saying..Your sound like a little boci boy blaming everyone else for your retarded problems...You make Ditz more understandable and someone I would rather discuss issues with. Hey Ditch....when I do stand, my brother you can vote for me and I will ensure your rights as an individual is respected. Ditch I explained that my comments may sound racist but hey, they are comments common people may make every single living day but it does not mean it is racist. It may offend you like the comments you make on this blog may offend other people but hey...why take the offensive comments seriously....Take seriously the other portions of the comments I made to help you better understand what we can do as a people to rid Fiji of Political Racism and racial compartmentalization, which is what Frank and Khaiyum is doing in Fiji today...That's why you view anything anyone who does not accept everything FF says or does as RACIST...you have been sucked in to believing that all of us whether SODELPA or other are RACIST.....go back and wallow Ditz...Now Vili...your no longer a worthy contender to debate against...Carry on with your childish banter gullible fool...I will find another worthwhile opponent...perhaps Alibaba..

Anonymous said...

@3.06 am

To say that the flag is a nasty reminder of colonialism is absolutely nonsense. Should we also get rid of Indians,the English language, the army, the sugar industry and so forth, of which all are also icons of colonialism and which remind us daily of that era?
I respect your view , but I disagree with the last paragraph. A good flag can very much preserve the link with Britain, but in a more "appropriate" manner. You don't need an Union Jack on the flag to show it, especially in the position of honnor... This is where a good vexillologist is required to design a new flag, so that we can keep our love for Britain without depicting ourselves as a small colonized republic (like if we were condemned to be teenagers forever...)

Britain has a great flag, we can borrow some bits from the British flag maybe, and it comes down to symbolism. each designer is free to explain how the link tonthe past is preserved and that shows the absurdity of having only ONE SINGLE definition for all symbols like we see on the newfijiflag.com website. Each flag needs its own description!

The Flag Committee is really disrespectful to those who submitted flags by doing an amalgamation of everything (flags and description of symbolism)

We ask for the publication of the 2000 flags online. Internet is free, so scan all flags and put them online.
Or at least the top 200 flags, and any flag that has been considered by at least one member of the committee.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako continues with Alibaba

Since 1970, the Hindus have been politically represented by Great Political Leaders one of whom is a Muslim Sidiq Koya. Unfortunately, the separation of the two groups Hindus and Muslims of Indian ethnic origin became apparent when NFP won the election in 1977. The Hindu community would not accept him as their leader, arguing that they the Hindu community, comprised of the greater Indian population and should therefore hold the position of higher office, resulting in in-fighting and the rest of the story is history.

Hindu leaders like Chaudary have maintained that fight against dictators, coups and military since 1987 and showed tremendous courage.

What I have explained in this blog you may believe is not true however, the propaganda and the events that has led to the demise of the Labour Party and NFP party is clear. The manner in which Khaiyum executed and carried everything out is worthy of writing one day and some may applaud his foresight and execution but the Hindus in all this, have lost any credibility in any Hindu representation in Parliament today. The names of the people you gave are no different to the names of some of the Fijians in Parliament today. People who do not deserve the credit to be in Parliament to represent the people of Fiji but that is my and many other peoples views.

Those Hindus representing Hindus in Parliament today...do not have the balls the likes of CHaudary and Jai Ram Reddy. They are part of the puppet masters regime. Ask them to stand up for FSC, for the poor Indian farmers, to seek answers for the state of the FSC and they will be told to back down or get out and they will choose the latter. I must say that even us Fijians have lost the stomach but surely not the will. Im sure there are Hindus out there who understand perfectly well what I am saying here, that Hindus have lost their place in Fiji's politics and need to regain that position to maintain the Hindu's stance in Fiji otherwise, over the next 20 years, that 37% population will be reduced to 20%. Or perhaps they have lost the will to fight against a draconian Government and have accepted the manner in which Khaiyum have duped them into believing that Khaiyum and Frank, will have their backs but hey, how can one trust a criminal who committed the highest offence of Treason in a Country. Khaiyum took an opportunity that presented itself to him and he has made the most of it as you can see. My other point is that to win the election, he did exactly what the Hindu population wanted to hear, that compartmentalization of Racism or Political Racism as I like to call it. He fuelled the Hindus hearts with their anger of 87 and 2000 and made them believe that Frank is their deliverance and protector and between him and Frank, made Hindus vote en-mass. Get this...for a Fijian (Frank), like they have never done before in Fiji's political history. You should agree on that because 95% of Hindus voted for Frank and 100% of Muslims voted for Khaiyum. That was the turning point of the election. Why the shift, it was not because Labour Party nor NFP mandate was terrible. What appealed to the Hindu was the feeling of vendetta that Khaiyum and Frank offered them, against the very people they hated the Fijian people. Now that is RACISM. I suppose rightfully so for the actions of 87 and 2000 but at what peril. They have lost credible people and I maintain, those Hindus in Parliament today are only worth the puppet that pulls their strings...

Anonymous said...

@12:39 we are not here for a lesson of history and statistics.
we are here to talk about...the FLAG!!!!!!

we ask for the REAL FLAG PROPOSALS to be published!!! at least the top 50 or top 100 would be better.
and we ask for each flag to have some explanation, if required.

we ask formthe rules to be respected.

Anonymous said...

12 passengers seriously on Fiji's flag carrier, Fiji Airways. None of the related, however, all stayed at the same hotel. Qori ga, kocova tiko na kokoda. Maleka! But then again, folks, you really have to be careful when booking at the Capricorn Motel.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:01pm...no one wants the flag or changing of the flag..fuck the flag proposals...who gives two hoots about the flag they want to change to....whether you have the 50 or 100 proposed flag, it wont make any difference. Khaiyum already has the wheels in motion to have his flag replace the old flag...we can harp all we like but it wont change a thing...you think he or the submission committee will give you the benefit of responding here on this blog what you are asking. Go march on the street instead when we all march..you need a lesson in history to understand why all this is happening and it is all beyond your and I power unless we stand together and do something. We have in power a draconian government with the majority to do as they please. Before any of the proposed flag is selected, I suggest we create copy of these flags and every Fijian on this planet who is against the change in flag, burn the copies of the 23 flags and post them on FB, in foreign news in front of all consulates and embassies so that he draconian government understands that at the moment, the will of the people is that our current flag remains and that we are not satisfied with the means by which the Government is going through the process. Burn it before it is selected. After that...off to jail you go if you do in accordance with the new Flag Bill...

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum, with the help of his relatives whom he has hired in top positions in the public service discarded I-Taukei's and Indians of Hindu origin so that he can muslimimise the public service. New recruitments done are mostly Muslims. Kaiyum has strategically placed Muslims in control of all key ministries so that he can utilise the Muslim brotherhood to curb any uprising from I-Taukei's and Indians. If Kaiyum can't trust other races to work for the betterment of all, how can he expect others to trust the most untrustworthy race in the world? Destroying Fijian customs, traditions and support structures seems not enough for this Muslim pig. He is now attacking our livelihood which shouldn't be tolerated. We all want a better Fiji but not as a slave of Muslims and their mentally sick ideologies.

Anonymous said...

I heard from insiders that the deal between Bainimarama and khaiyum is that Bainimarama does public appearance, going to attend international conference ect and khaiyum will handle affairs back home and that Bainimarama does give a shit about what happens here as long as he gets his share of wealth. And that khaiyum is free to do as he pleases. it is said that that khaiyum devised and executed the VOTE RIDGGING during elections last year so Bainimarama owes his life to KAHIYUM and they both are closer than blood. They both need each other and nothing comes in between them. It is said they want to see a better Fiji but the way their are handling things, like pre-elections, the cabinet is just useless, not a single thing that opposition says is ever considered. sO THEY are just continuing with the dictatorship and people are now realising what is happening.

Anonymous said...

while it is true that Fijians are passive, I think that changing the flag for one of those poor 23 rags would not go down well...
Khaiyum is a pure narcissist, and the weakness of a narcissist is that they end up living in the illusion that they can do whatever they want.

it won't work with the flag, this is why someone at the top should wake up and sticknto the rules of engagement.
show us the real flags sonwe can pick the best one.
if you disagree, then enjoy your colonial bananas!

Vili Rakoro said...

Josateki Daulako

There has never been any debate. All you do is post racist, hatred posts. Also you post complete fake statistics that you make up. You have been caught out twice. First with your fake election stats and then your Hindu population stats.

You are an imbecile and a moron of the lowest order. You and your fellow yanuyanu types like convict Qarase and those in here can all take a canoe and row back to your freaking little backward islands bunch of racist imbeciles.

Freaking yanuyanu types trying to tell us Viti Levu I Taukei's on what to do with our land and country.

Anonymous said...

Vili...any update about the flag committee?
you said new designs were now considered?

if you see Khaiyum, please tell him to listen to his heart!

Vili Rakoro said...

I never said such things. You're most welcome to scroll back to all my comments by the way.

If you want information why not go and see them yourself.

Anonymous said...

Vili, they may be imbeciles, but you're a maggot feasting on shit.

Anonymous said...

Alibaba to Daulako. Again you confuse yourself dude. Fiji Muslims are Indians they are part of the 37% statistic. I highlight again how they pray and what delusional beliefs they have have nothing to do with that fact they are Indians. Secondly your comment on Hindus fighting the colonials for Independence is factually untrue as Sadiq Koya was one of the foremost persons involved in the freedom movement. True there were people of the Hindu faith with him but it certainly was not a Hindu only fight as I-tauklei and Muslims were very much a part of it. Last rebuttal of your broad ascertain that 100% of the Muslims supported FF. Totally incorrect. I am formally of the Muslim faith and maintain many Muslim friends despite our religious differences. Most of you on the blog will be surprised to here that only 40% of the Muslim support went with FF. these were largely folks getting favors from ASK just like many other races. Most Muslims voted for NFP. Most Muslims think of ASK as a gay pig faced condescending fool who thinks too much of himself. Faizal Koya was a NFP candidate. He certainly did not vote for FF so how do you get this 100% BS from. I am assuming you are someone who lives overseas. The reality is fella most of us in Fiji are fed up of you wanna be experts spreading BS and racial crap trying to incite something in Fiji. This country has governance issues which is being exacerbated by the arrogance of 2 men. It does not have race issues at least not to the level that is purported on this blog. ASK is a Megalomaniac and he is being supported by a dumb PM who in turn is backed by the men in Green. This country needs a fresh crop of leaders certainly not the current government nor the has been's across the bench. I urge you to check your facts before belching out this broad general statements. OH and by the way the Flags are crap.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Vili while you're comforting Khaiyum, make sure he plays with your 'aurat'

Anonymous said...

Agreed that we need change in leadership in this country. Lets put the crappy race issues aside, I know its difficult because of khaiyum and his pull towards his own race but fact being fact, he is a PIG, someone should serve him lovo pig maybe than his head will start working properly, maybe his craving for LOVO PIG that's why his behaviour is so peculiar, oh by the way, his wife must be making pig since she is eating it, than he must be EATING PIG AS WELL, than what the bloody hell is wrong with him, even pork did not work wonders on him, he just needs to be go to heaven to meet ALLAH AND WE CAN REQUETS ALLAH NOT TO SEND HIM BACK TO EARTH AGAIN.

Vili Rakoro said...


Josateki Daulako is a blatant lier. He comes up with bullshit statistics like the election and Hindu population stats. He even asked for a member of parliament who is a representative of the Hindu party which we all know there is no such party.

When cornered he retaliate with more bullshit and try to post insults as if he thinks that makes his lies believable which just makes him look like a deluded backward imbecile. Pretty much sums him and his Sodelpa types all posting like idiots in here.

Ateca Karavaki said...

Josateki Racist Read below.
THE European Union is impressed with the Fijian Government and now considers this country a true democracy.

EU Co-chair at the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly Louis Michel said the European Union had once doubted the capacity of Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama to deliver in a democratic system. But yesterday he said he was obliged to recognise that Mr Bainimarama worked rather well and Fiji was on a good path.

"When I hear and when I see the development of this country and the progress that was made in a certain sense in a very short term, we're all very impressed at the European level," Mr Michel said.

Mr Michel said the EU and Fiji were working very well together.

"We believe it is the personal commitment of the Prime Minister that means that now we can consider that this country is a true democracy and that of course in all democracies of the world, including the European democracy, the job is never achieved.

Democracy, he said, "is a permanent progress process".

Mr Michel said he personally wanted to say what he did because it was a question of intellectual honesty.

"I am very favourably impressed by the progress that was made in this country and the leadership of the Prime Minister."

Anonymous said...

@ Vili 3:22PM:

Vili 10:48 AM said
"One thing we can all agree on is keep the light blue colour. As for the designs well the jury is still out on that."

Vili 2:01PM
"There's over 40 designs mate. Has not been chosen hence jury is still out."

So now your memory is refreshed? Obviously you are closely connected to the flag committee! How come you know they are out on 40 designs?

You are guilty of lying in this discussion room! You shall be damned!

Anonymous said...

@Vili 3:22

I am an overseas keyword warrior man! I won't buy a ticket to go to Fiji to ask you and your friends at the committee (unless you are actually part of the committee yourself) how things are going.

Listen Vili, we rely on you to tell us more about it. You clearly said the committee was still working on the flag issue! What does it mean?

International medias are looking at you!

Ann Nonymous said...

Maybe someone should write a letter to the editor to ask more information :

1) What is the Flag Committee doing right now? are they still re-reviewing flags? Are they still on the pay roll?
2) What is their relation to Khaiyum right now? NZ Radio reported that " Speaking on condition of anonymity, the National Flag Committee member says the group reports directly to the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and was told to go back to choose more after it selected five final designs." (http://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/275868/fiji's-flag-council-confirms-designs-are-amalgamated) Why are some members speaking on condition of anonymity? Are they aware they are doing something wrong? How come they were supposed to pick "more flags" and they ended up "designing fkags"?

These important questions have to be brought into the Fijian medias!!!
Keyboards warriors, to your keyboards and write LETTERS TO THE EDITOR!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alibaba says to Vili Rakoro ... You know what Josateki has said makes sense to me and I accept most of his explanation not all...but you obviously are a moron with your comments on this site and he is true with the racist trip you and I and everyone else carries on with...you sound like some Gay Boy from the hills of Ba screaming so Vili,..you don't need to tell me what I should or should not consider...you claim to be a youth of Fiji and academic or studying but you obviously don't understand nor comprehend what Josateki and I are discussing. No point explaining it to you...Go back to your hills in Ba and scream like the Poofter you are...and STOP claiming Racism against everyone here....Your doing exactly what he is saying and it makes you look dumb and stupid...chootia...barchod

Anonymous said...

@6:30 please keep that for later, Vili is now being charged for lying under oath.

Vili, what is your relation to the Flag Committee?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@7:54PM You are interesting to "study" in that your way of talking betrays your Low IQ. There are sites for kids and also porn sites for people of your intellectual level.

Now back to the matter : Vili, what do you know exactly about the Flag Committee and the mutiny going on in there?

Anonymous said...

No matter how much we cry, the flag will be chosen by khaiyum, he will pinpoint what he likes and the committee will chose it. THe only thing we can do it not attend Fiji Day celebration and be part of it in any way, everyone should take to social media like facebook to circulate message of dismay about the whole flag selection,firstly. no referendum was taken, the petition was totally disregarded and then to make it worse, the time of FIji Citizens was wasted coz in the end, the flag committee did the designs and khaiyum obviously will chose it, the wasn't involvement of anyone, no one likes the flag, every single person in my community is disappointed about the whole flag selection process. FIji has become a CIRCUS.

Anonymous said...

Vili says to 8:08pm....I know just as much as you fucking dickhead dumb ass motherfucking cock sucking loser...what the fuck you asking me for drau vei dulu kei Khaiyum/.///suck him and go ask him you son of a faggot lesbian mama....what the fuck do I know...boci...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

After the election, BAINIMARAMA AND KAHIYUM started playing GOD. IT was time for them to make the country move forward, to remove decrees and to uphold democracy and all good values that a good government upholds. But this government took it upon themselves to make it their business to make this country a CIRCUS.

Post elections we still have to go to FIJILEAKS DAILY FOR UPDATES ON WHATS HAPPENING in the country and vent out our disappointment on coup 4.5.

The local media is still as controlled as it was re-election, the decree making machine is still going strong, our leaders are portraying unprofessional behaviour and Ministers are known by their personality such as Minister for Kama Sutra ect.

The judiciary is still as controlled as it was except for one case recently where opposition Mikaele was allowed to join opposition party but I personally feel that khaiyum let that happen purposely because people had started questioning the neutrality of our judiciary and one whole book can be written on why our lifes has taken a turn for worse after elections...

Anonymous said...

You want to do something...copy all these 23 flags and burn them..burn them in towns...those of you overseas..burn them in front of the embassies and consulates where you live....burn their designs...no use talking and wasting time on this site....get your ass out there and protest and burn these designs...go march..opps qarauna the decree....create as many of these flag designs as you can and burn them...once the flag has been selected... cant burn, cant throw, cant dispose off in an undignified manner...shiiiit

Anonymous said...

I'll stick with what has been circulating around social network sites and Suva area.This was indeed a hoodwink!! None of the 23 will be selected and the real flag is already up their sleeve.July is the month it will be released.The competition was to fool the masses
and the gullible sheeps.

This to give these hidden forces something to laugh about.Remember they know you the masses are so gullible and will swallow anything that goes out.They love it when you react with anger and start the jogging on the spot tantrums.You are all like little cry babies in their eyes who are been lead to jump up and down to the tune as they want you to play the musical chairs game like the children you are.

Keep harping and howling away your democracy is a hybrid that is modified to favour the top 10% of the population.blurry gullible sheeps.

Anonymous said...

it must have been love, but it's over now.

Anonymous said...

Politics aside, I am asking LTA why in all the countries we have been to, all taxi drivers wear seat belts, Australia/Japan...only Fiji they do NOT.In the recent road accident in Nausori, the taxi driver died, he just got thrown about and killed as he was not strapped in.
Why is the law allowing our taxi drivers to fatally injure themselves on steering wheel and get thrown out just because they are not strapped in.The police should see that the law keeps our taxi drivers safe.Please help keep our dad safe.

Anonymous said...

The move to change the Fiji flag is a costly but useless affair. It has brought in much opposition from people of all parties. The soldiers who know (perhaps they don't) most about the meaning of flags and the meanings of the designs on these flags should voice their collective opinion on them because they are going to be saluting the flag when it is hoisted up and down.

If I was to choose the design, I would choose the "noble banner blue" background with three lightning flashes each coloured red, white and navy blue signifying the three colours of the armed forces. Or add another flash of golden colour: the three flashes, to make the number flashes four, signifying the four coups since 1987.

Anonymous said...

@7:34 red and golden are not Fijian colors.
If the noble banner blue is to be a noble banner blue, then it should use only ONE SHADE OF BLUE (certainly NOT 2) and white would be a more appropriate color than yellow because blue is very light.

Beautiful flags use white and another color.
As for the costs, they tend to be miscalculated. Flags hardly last 6 months and uniforms have to be changed all the time. Changing a little badge wouldn't mean much in the long run. I wouldn't cry because of it, I would rather cry because I see only colonial symbols on our flag! Indeed soldiers don't know what they mean...

I think we shall keep the fight for a beautiful and meaningful flag!

Tomasi said...


Kahiyum and Bhai are not leaders and will never be the respectable people we want because they are people of very low and evil characters and evil and selfish inclinations. Their sole and most compelling motivation is to avoid the eyes and glare of the law for the many serious wrongs and illegal actions they have done and to enrich and empower themselves while doing so.

Voreqe and Khaiyum are people we must not trust and they have proved this over and over again. Please remember and consider these.

1. Voreqe used the military to conducted a coup in order to save himself. Then he spent time and money and killed people and jobs and hopes of thousands of families in order to convince Fiji and the world that he did it for a better Fiji. People believed him and supported him afetr many years of forceful and subtle manipulation.
2. Voreqe and his close friends, family and associates have benefitted tremendously at our our expense and they will not stop. They will make sure they are in power for as long as they live. The moment they lose power, they will lose their wealth, freedom and will spend the rest of their lives in prison if they are still standing.
3. They have lied about the 2006 coup, 2009 elections, Constitution, elections, public accounts. They will continue to lie in order to save themselves.
4. The flag circus is just like the others they have stage managed before. The NCBBF circus, Yellow Ribbon, Free roads, schools,toilets, bus fares, foods, Constitution, election circus, and the current Parliamentary circus.
5. All these are simply highly organised and engineered to give people the impressions that they are real, but in reality, we the people are being effectively manipulated to believe the lies.

Let us march together, all of us, in all our towns and cities, to tell these dictators that we have had enough. It is time we take back control of our lives and our freedoms and our rights and our future.

I call upon Ro Lala and her team, Prof Biman and Tupou, Mr Chaudry and former members of Parliament, local chiefs and leaders in the private, public, non government sectors. Please let us come together and march and retake our Fiji from the hands of these evil and power crazy cowards who have robbed us. It is time to END THE CIRCUS. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

I believe that Parliament was the only peaceful way of settling our differences and consulting together on how we should live and work together as different people and communities. Khaiyum and his group have transformed Parliament into a rubber stamping circus to give credibility, respectability and legitimacy to their immoral and illegal rule. When Parliament fails as it is happening now in Fiji, the next option is civil war. Let us avoid civil war. Let us march peacefully and tell these thives and robbers and liars and murderers,


May God help us all. May God help Fiji. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako is a blatant lier.

Vili Vutusona, it's liar NOT lier you dumb motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....the time to submit what you think the flag should look like has passé. This Government is not interested in what you now think the flag should look like. They have made their selection the 23 flags...They are making us choose from these 23 flags...Perhaps some of the people of Fiji may like these 23 choices and others are on the fence and the balance of us don't like them but the Government is not giving us any other choices. They have made their choice and picked a selection committee to make it appears to be a democratic process of flag selection. Whether they have another flag to pull out of their arses is a question. Whether they have made their selection and it does not matter what anyone of us may pick out of these poor selection may not matter as well....The question that have been put forward by the Opposition Government with regards to the flag selection has not been answered. We are faced with a Draconian Government who cares nothing about what we the people and citizens of Fiji care about. Even the very basic things are neglected like the Right to Express oneself. The right to freedom of choice. The right to self dignity. Someone said here on this blog, a means of protest is to openly display by means of burning these 23 selected flag designs. That would be a terrific idea. A protest should be organised and these 23 selected flag designs burned in public to show the Government that a vast majority of the people of Fiji do not agree with their selection. That the process of the changing of the flag has to be more transparent than the manner in which they have carried it out. Create banners of these selected flags - all 23 of them. I urge brave people like Mick Beddoes and other leaders, those in the NFP who have a very balanced perspective of things to lead the charge forward. The people of Fiji want to see brave and courageous leaders take on this Government. That is what is lacking in Fiji today...courageous people who can stand up against the Government and not back down. The people have been let down too many times and the fuel of revolt is burning. Even the very people who supported the FF realise today how this Government operates. There is a lack of sense of belonging when in particular, a flag which symbolise many aspects of our lives from cessation, to Independence to the troubles that we have encountered albeit the 87, 2000 and 2006 coup, will be removed by the Government who believes that in removing the flag, it will wipe away all these moments of Fiji's History; yet there is no sense of real reconciliation. There is no longer any humbleness and humility but thuggery and bullying and suspicion.

Burn the designs everywhere...Overseas - set up protests in front of Fiji embassies and consulates and express to the world your disdain of the Governments choice. In Fiji, we should march and burn these designs. The Bill Decree has yet to be enforced but once enforced, we can be assured the Government will push to suppress our voices. Why else have they created this decree but to silence the people with the threat of offences, which carries extreme fines and jail time.

I urge you leaders of Fiji to rise to the occasion and show the people of Fiji your courage, resilience and resolve. Lead the march to show the Government of Fiji that this is our Government and they should heed the voices of the very people that make up the Government. If we stand UNITED the Government and its guns and Military are useless. DIVIDED as they have driven us today to become POLITICALLY RACIST, we will achieve nothing.


There is an old Suva saying - SHOW THEM TO THEM.

Anonymous said...

@9:56AM Chaudry is corrupted, I won't walk with him.
SODELPA takes the $$$ but are not doing their job. I won't walk with them.

I will walk alone. I prefer to be alone than to associate myself with any of you.

Anonymous said...

we know that something is afoot.
the flag committee has disappeared behind closed doors and wont talk to us about these issues.
a mutiny happened and some members are talking to foreign medias...

we ask for 50 real designs to be released. it's that simple!!!

Now you do as ai said.

Anonymous said...

Ditz to Daulako
Hey whats wrong with you?? Your post of 10.47 does not
mention hindoos and muslims even once. Are you feeling well?

See one can write sense and sensibly with very little effort. Or are
you losing your touch (read that as your natural inborn envy of other races)?
Whatever the reason keep it up!

KUA NI RERE said...

Mr Daulako only responds the way he does to the FFP Closet Racist Vili Rakoro.
Vili has his agenda of "stirring the pot" here on C4.5.

Vili Rakoro is the only person in this blog that goes about dividing Fijians as "kai yanuyanu and kai Viti Levu".

He thinks that we are all racist like him.
He thinks that Qarase was racist, AND YET QARASE WAS THE ONLY PRIME MINISTER EVER IN FIJI THAT GAVE FREE LAND TO DISPOSSESD INDIAN FARMERS. Not even Bainimarama or Chaudry could match that.

Yet we hear Vili jumping up and down, like somebody has shoved a pineapple up his arse, saying Qarase is racist.
Well we can say that Bainimarama is more racist aginst Indians ,according to reasons I've written above.

Anyway, Daulako has a point, that Muslims see themselves as different from the rest of the Indian population.
I can prove that to you if you want.
Do you know what happens when a Hindu boy wants to marry a Muslim girl?
Nahi sako yaaar!
Usually the Muslim parents will tell the boy to F..k Off.

Secondly, I remember after Rabuka gave Electoral Seats to the Indians. The Muslims went to see him and told him that they were not Indians and wanted special allocations for them... and it was so.

Further on Daulakos point, I think Kaiyum deliberately took away the Electoral Seat Allocation for the specific reason of Nullifying the Hindu influence in government.
He's doing a very good job of it. Albeit ILLEGALLY.


Anonymous said...

Love will triumph.
One day all bloggers will love each other.

Anonymous said...

dou caita na kuila vou qori

Anonymous said...

sa dina!

but be careful, the police commisionner warned us not to express bad feelings against the new ugly flags!

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Ditz...welcome back im glad you read my comments...it means you are paying attention....well the seed has been sown...the Government is worried. The police are urging prople to refrain from making any bad comments on social mefia about the flag....the Army is moving around in plain clothes trying to identify disidents...watch out for aghe pitche.... but be courageous....they are trying to track me as well which i find hilarious .... they dont need to look far..... im sure ditz you should know the term piggy back surfing.... in fiji protests are being organised...whether the government issues permits or they dont the protest will happen... overseas...we would like to see less barking from behind the safety of a fence and genuine protest i front of the fiji consulates and embassies....burn these 23 flag selections...if true leaders do not show courage today......you are not worthy....

Anonymous said...

It would be really interesting to find out how they would select the winning design. Eeenie, meanie, mynie, mo?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He sold out our Melanisian brothers and sisters in West Papua for free military training and handouts from Indonesia. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Ditz to Daulako
I too think that these new flags look like penants of some soccer or rugby teams
rather than flag of a new and better nstion. Dont like the old one--reminds me of old colonial masters
before whom our chiefs and kaisi bent and bowed. Some of the older folks and kailoma still miss them.
Keep up the good work--keep the pressure on . And the debate clean!
Maybe some idiots in govt.will see the light.

Anonymous said...

@7:35 Burning flags is childish.
@9:13 Fijians are (fortunately) not as dumb as your average human being. Go hide yourself.

@8:16 very true. We want a change of flag, but the current selection is not nice. While the law can force us to respect the new flag, it can't do anything to force us to love it. The opposition to those designs is very important, this is why we are asking to the government to include many real designs that were actually proposed or extend the competition for 2-3 weeks. We desperately need new flags!

Anonymous said...

"We have too many lawyers, and some crooked one's too....". This coming from crooked lawyer himself. Fkn crook lawyer, the bastard.

Anonymous said...

@8:49am...desperately need new flags....I bid to correct you there....we desperately need to create a harmonious Fiji...we desperately need to crate new jobs...we desperately need to improve our infrastructure.....we desperately need to bring reconciliation and unity to the people of Fiji....we desperately need leaders and those that can stand up against tyrannical rule...and the list goes on....

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.....We need to show the Government our dislike of their choices........protests must be organised here and abroad...we call on Suliasi Daunitutu and Rajendra Chaudary in Australia, those in NZ, USA and other parts of the world to join in our protest against this Government and their choice of the 23 flags...to put their money where their mouth is and openly protest and burn these flags in every Fiji consulate and embassy...The world and Fiji should know right now, for the people of Fiji the flag issue is not a greater issue than the growing poverty, escalating violence, lack of jobs and all other associated problems we are facing in Fiji today. Create these designs into banners and flags and burn them in a sign of protest against the choice not by the Government of Fiji, but by the few who are in power in Government that are dictating what is best for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@9:38 You are right, but a great flag can help to change the mindset. You are referring to challenges that not only our country is facing, but the whole of humanity. Many nations have actually depicted their struggles for independance on their flag. in the case of Fiji, it's struggle for stability... I would rather prefer a flag that has some "spice" into it rather than a childish flag with turtles or boring symbolism.

@9:44 Burning flags is for children and people who can't argue rationally. We don't want violence, we want a civilized discussion.

Anonymous said...

If by the end of the week the flag committee comes back with some real designs made by real people, we might start seeing a positive response from the public... MIGHT... because we need to have some great designs to have a "wow" factor!

Hopefully some people at the top will show courage and common sense... listen tonthe plea of the people!

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to anon @ 11:27am...Im not sure that everyone understands what is happening. Frank and Khaiyum have selected the 23 designs. That is all there is. The select committee is working to determine the expression of the people to select one of the 23 flags....There is no other flags...These 23 flags are your choices. There is no WOW factor here. The only WOW we will hear is the final selection and then people will say WOW, we should have done something but by then it would be too late....You have the Flag Bill Decree to silence your voice..........Whilst the flag has yet to be selected, you should be making as much noise, protest and whatever needs to be done for this Draconian Government to take heed and realise they cannot go against the will of the people or not have a transparent means in place of doing this. For too long people are literally speaking, taking it up the arse and not saying anything....Eventually and which is what is happening now...people are saying...yes but just screw me up the arse slowly because this Government can and does do what it pleases.......You don't like it your out...you don't like it who gives a shit...that's their attitude...Your right with Courage...We need leaders with COURAGE today...Maybe Kepa should grow some balls as well but those men who claim to be leaders do not have any balls to stand up against Frank and Khaiyum and properly represent the people who voted them in. They are their for their two weeks pay packet and it keeps them in their safety zone...We have too much talks but there is no real action. We need leaders today to stand up and face these thugs and bullies including the Military and show them we are not afraid of them.....Fiji is being squeezed by the Government who implements measures and they know people will stir scream and shout but they stomp on that with new decrees...BURN The 23 flag selections......C'mon Mick and Opposition members and those in FF who has any dignity in them knowing the truth about what is happening...DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE> Give us hope that the new Fiji is a Fiji of freedom, of free will, of dignity and respect....We don't have that anymore.....

Anonymous said...

@11:49 burning the flags will not add anything to the debate and will picture us as backward retarded people who can't resolve problems in a dignified manner.

you are very right to say that the opposition has got no courage, but they love their pay check. Refusing the pay check especially when you boycott the parliament is the only acceptable thing to do. But how many people in Fiji are clean when it comes to $$$$?

the people voted for Frank partly out of fear, partly out of ignorance and stupidity, partly out of dislike for alternative. certainly that a lack of courage when comes the time to take civilized & courageous decisions is THE problem. If a civilized, well-balanced, educated and clean opposition had stand in the election, and if the people had had courage to vote for them, things would be different.

How can you ask people to even walk, let alone burn flags, when they would accept a pack of noodles to keep quiet?

It is a tragedy that we will end up with one of those ugly flags.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Anon 12:31 - it is not the flag that we burn...it is the 23 flag designs that we burn...it is a protest against their choices that we burn...passive protests have led to 8 years of Military Rule and today ... Fiji is considered in the pacific as Island of the Apes - second to Planet of the Apes - Now that is what makes us look retarded and backward and we have no Dignity because we allow Frank and Khaiyum to dictate their terms and passively seat there asking them to screw us up the arse...Even the flag that will be selected will have more dignity than a citizen of Fiji and it is stated in the Flag Bill Decree.

Anonymous said...

the government are focusing too much on the flag ,not the economy not the unemployment strategy au kaya ga CAITA !!

ben said...

someone give vili rakoro a vudi.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the new flag design committee deliberations will be no different to the recent debacle in relation to our Reserve Bank currency coinage, which was utter shambles and cost lots of money to correct.
Shows such incompetence from those on the committee and also the Governor of the Reserve Bank.
Wait and see. The flag will follow the same manner.

Anonymous said...

Ben, no point in giving Vili a vudi because he's had a lot of it up his rectum.

Anonymous said...

"1. The Fiji flag should communicate Fijian identity, beliefs, values and aspirations.

2. The new Fiji flag should use effective and powerful local symbols that communicate Fijian identity, beliefs and values.

3. The symbols should be drawn from the major local ethnic and religious communities.

The 23 probable flags should be evaluated and critiqued in light of these three points. The comments we are getting in the media show the 23 probable flags fail to communicate the Fijian identity, beliefs and values.

Any Fijian who sees the Fiji flag should see something of the Fijianness in his or her heart."
- Archbishop Peter Loy Chong is the head of the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Suva.
- http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=310230

It is obvious that a good flag would have to refer to some FUNDAMENTAL dimensions of Fiji, like the fact that her people identities are iTaukei and Vulagi (others = Indian, European, Chinese, Polynesian, etc.) The main Fijian values are friendliness, happiness, hospitality and resilience. There is a general belief in a better world, in a "way the world should be", a Fijian paradise.

I don't think the symbols should be "too ethnic or too obviously religious" but if they borrow to local cultures or religion, they should be general enough to be acceptable to everybody and the symbolism should be abstract enough to be acceptable to everybody.

We haven't got any such flag in the list.
I am surprised (well not really in fact) that no one so far bothered to defend a single of those 23 flags!!! not even one troll!!!

Anonymous said...

If the Flag Committee doesn't want to publish the flags that were actually submitted, what about designers send their flags to The Fiji Times (or less likely to the Fiji Sun) or what about we post them on Facebook or somewhere else?

Only then could we realize the magnitude of the fraud going on at the Flag Committee. The 23 flags have been submitted by Khaiyum... what about the People?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone reach out to overseas media or Vanuatu MEdia,and share our grief with their PM, our PM hates Vanuatu PM like anything coz he passed a comment that Bainimarama wasn't able to digest..haha

Anonymous said...

Anyone wants to give feedback of whats happening with new flag as a anonymous person
Vanuatu Media
info@pacmas.org –Vanuatu Media Associatiom
mecar @ abyznewslinks.com

Or google media contacts of Australia, NZ and other countries and contact the journalist, the journalist here have sold their soul, OUR LOCAL MEDIA IS A WASTE, THE MORE KHAIYUM THREATENS US ABOUT COMEMNTING ON THE FLAG,THE MORE WE FORGE AHEAD WITH VENGEANCE.....

Anonymous said...

I will contact wikileaks by email and tell to publish classified documents that's reveal how khaiyum ridged the elections and what has been happening behind the scenes/.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any major problem with our current flag-so we have
the Union jack>big deal! They also brought in the Indians who are
currently a pain in the ass to the Fijians? Why not just remove
the lion and put a whale picture to replace it? Whale is the
largest Mammal on the universe and we-The Fijians have an ancient
historical ties to this BEAST?

Anonymous said...

Just leave Jesus Christ's Cross on it.Someone is intentionally, in all the submitted new flags, omitted the Sign.Both PM and AG went to the School whose founders motto was based on that age old maxim..'In hoc signo vinces'( With this sign, you shall conquer/win), or have they forgotten.
From the Romans to Hitler, to Communism, Atheism, Islamism to Whatyoumayhaveism....the Cross of Jesus Christ in nation's flag somehow, protects and guides its course through wars and tribulations and gives its citizen...unparalleled peace.
You can compare flags and see how citizens fare.

Anonymous said...

What is the significance of the stars. If there is a significance then why does the number of stars vary in number.

The Australian flag has the southern cross stars what des the Fiji stars represent?

The flag needs to represent the core values of symbolisms of the country. I understand the turtle and outrigger.

Please explain the rest

Anonymous said...

Today's news - PM believes the mood for change of the Fiji flag is strong. Tomorrow's news - PM believes the sun shines from his @r$3.

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