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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Insults can be thrown in Parliament - but only by a select few

So it's okay for Frank Bainimarama to insult the Opposition in Parliament but if they do it, they're pulled up for it?

Remember the kaisi bokola and Tui Cakau incidents?

In this video you can catch Bainimaram saying “...viri iko vei dua na tavaiya qo” [I'll throw this bottle at you]

Another example of one rule for the democratic regime and another for the rest!


Virisila Rakoroi said...

In the video, Bainimarama was actually talking to his wife Mary and threatening to throw a bottle at her.

Anonymous said...

Now the opposition must take this up with the AG and the speaker . The evidence is here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.... ha ha ha.... now areh Vili did not like my last comments and he is trying to impersonate me now...c'mon bro...grow a spine... and at least be tactful with your abuses. Now if any of you want to impersonate me on this blog...don't be cowards plizz... we have enough in the military already.....A military joke...how do you confuse a Fijian soldier...tell him to shoot from the hip and he will think mustabate. How do you make a Fijian Commander flee for his life...shoot in the opposite direction...how do you make Fijian soldiers surrender and raise the white flag...send them to Golan Heights - They thought it was the go learn heights....How can you tell a soldier serving in the middle east that their son or daughter is not theirs...you cant because they all screw each others wives when on TOD...why do you think Frank's eldest two children looks like Roko Ului....Qiliho's last kid looks like the band master drummer boy....remember him...

Anonymous said...

According to stats, muslims make 15% of the population but with the amount of migrants from muslim counties is growing and do not be surprised the the numbers increase exponentially. One day, Majority in the parliament will be muslims and the country will be ruled by MUSLIMS.OOPS, MY BAD, LOOKIGN AT THE PARLIAMENTARY COMPOSITION AND MAJOR OFFICES HELD BY MUSLIMS, I MUST SAY THAT WE ARE ALREADY UNDER ISLAMIC RULE...NEEDLESS TO SAY MANY WILL BE IN DENIAL BUT THEY WILL GET OVER IT, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says... anon 1:48 and 1:53 are impersonating me on this blog and is most probably areh Vili Rakoro Dil Deko

Anonymous said...

That BITCH khaiyum AND BASTARED bainimarama should get married.What the hell are they waiting for, we know that they having affair. If these two dont change their ways. They might end up loosing ALOT. And I am not talking in monetary terms. Play with fire and you will get burnt. Where are our LOYAL SOLDIERS who are still loyal to this country, what are you guys waiting for.Bring these two bastards down!

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to @ Anon 2:08pm....oh well if that does happen they are still the minority but with you hindoos, what happens to you...Have you asked Franky the clown that question. You can already see every position that was held by a Hindoo, the person has been sacked and replaced with a muslim or kai viti.....Hindoos will continue to support Franky as I explained before, they think that Franky is keeping the Kai Viti at bay. They exclaim how safe the streets are now but crime has risen by 70% since 2006. The figures released by the Commissioner of Police are not realistic figures and the COP will also agree that 80% of crimes committed are not reported at all. The collapse of the sugar industry and its impact upon all the Hindoos who rely on FSC and the sugar industry will be disastrous. Khaiyum does not give a shit about an industry founded on the backs of the Kissan San and the NFP party. New age he says and new era. Out with the old and in with the new. The old are Chaudary, Reddy's, Felix and his Union crap...In the next election, the Labour Party will not win one seat at all and they will be completely annihilated. That is Khaiyum's finality of the Labour Party that demolished the NFP party of old. All these South Indians etc are sliding towards Khaiyums FF party. Its all politics and Indians will again leave in droves...and we have Khaiyum to thank for that.

Anonymous said...

C45...time to remove the profane comments flowing in

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to 2:27pm...isa someone fled from Nauluvatu again...someone give him his meds quickly please....and don't forget to lock the gates.. Vili getting confused with who or what he really is now.....Damn I must have touched a nerve with my comments....ha ha ha....oh well...you need to know the dina...only the dina will sereki iko...lol...

Say NO to porNOgraphy said...

Stop the indecent talk!

Anonymous said...

Virisila R,
It's the opposite. Voreqe had lost trek of the fact that he's in parliment and not at home.
Mary is the boss at home and he's a dumb servant of her .He runs when she yells, even on the receiving end of abuse. She has been abusing him verbally, physically, emotionally and sexually.
What poor Frank is doing to the nation is the result of this abuse.
Now with the video clip, the bottle throwing is something that Mary used to punish him with to get his attention since he is a dumb mf...

KUA NI RERE said...

The Opposition should apply on Bainimarama the same Law that was applied to Rt Naiqama.
They both said it as a joke but Rt Naiqama got punished for it and so should this man. Even worse Bai said it in Parliament whereas really Rt Naiqama's case should never have come under scrutiny because it was said in a private conversation OUTSIDE of parliament.

KUA NI RERE said...

Todays Fiji Times again shows Kaiyum trying to change the Law when it doesnt suit him.

In this article we see NO MENTION OF THE PRIME MINISTER but the Attorney General ( ON HIS OWN ACCORD) says Maybe we should change the law????
Huh? WTF!


May be the Opposition should sue this arsehole as well.

"Leawere remains
Talebula Kate
Tuesday, June 09, 2015

SODELPA candidate Mikaele Leawere will remain as a member of Parliament after the High Court in Suva sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns dismissed a petition objecting to the Electoral Commission's decision to appoint him.

The petition was filed by Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who last night said in a statement that the decision had the potential of "compromising the political neutrality of public offices and given that the ruling of the High Court was final it may be appropriate for the relevant laws to be clarified through appropriate legislative amendment"."

Anonymous said...


KUA NI RERE said...

2 days ago Bainimarama received Commendation by FAO in Rome for his work on nutrition in Fiji.
Under Bainimarama's leadership Fiji had its highest death rate from malnutriton.

Bainimarama's own Ministry of Health last year 2014 said that 400 babies died from malnutrition in Fiji that year.

How come FAO ( United Nations Food Agriculture Organisation) didnt google Bainimarama before giving their certificate?
Are they lazy at FAO?
or are they just plain stupid?
or maybe they are just corrupt.
Who told them to give the commendation to Bainimarama. (Good question. Find the answer and you'll know why and who is behind it all)

And now Bainimarama has farked up the Sugar Industry in Fiji as well.
Are FAO stupid or what?
This episode just denigrates whatever reputation FAO may have had left.
How pathetic.

Say NO to igNOrance said...

I am sorry, but even though if I am not a supporter of any government in Fiji (excuse my cynism) the responsability of eat well is an INDIVIDUAL ONE and don't try to make me believe that Fiji can not produce good healthy food... look how many people are doing nothing by CHOICE and then you can appreciate the magnitude of our problem in Fiji.

You can change the clowns at the top, but still at the grassroot level, nothing changes. Villagers can't work together, youths are fed up of the old establishment and lack of direction.

Time for an individual change in this country!!!! Time for a change of mentality. don't ignore the reality of our culture... no politician will farm for you!

Anonymous said...

4 And I saw that all toil and all achievement spring from one person’s envy of another. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says....Frank has been invited by the Indian community in Sydney as a guest of honour for Fiji Day. He was not invited by the wider Fijian community in Sydney.

Amazing how the Indians residing overseas really think he is their avenger. When he was in Sydney and NZ, Frank attended their pooja and sat through the whole thing looking like a dickhead...ha ha ha.......

Guys c'mon reality check...Franky is a Kai Viti...Khaiyum is a Muslim. Hindoos are no longer represented in Government. They have to lick Frank or Khaiyum's arse to get anything anymore. Gone are the days when Chaudary would make waves, or Felix ride waves.

Indians think like Graham Davis the paedophile that if everyone is called Fijian, one can only become a part of a country...Indians are actually proud to be called Indians. Have any of you seen the new flag design that was shortlisted... Well I don't really give a shit about the flag..It would probably be better to rid ourselves of our colonial past and hopefully the kai lomas will realise they Fijians first and half caste second.

KUA NI RERE said...

So you are saying that the 46,000 unemployed in Fiji; its their own fault.
That they have no money to buy food for their children , its their fault.
That they are unemployed and have no money to buy antibiotics for their baby suffering from pneumonia, its their own fault.
That if that baby dies its their fault. That if the baby cant get a CAT Scan at the CWM Hospital because the machine is farked, its their fault.

The fact that over 1,000 of these unemployed have University Degrees but no job is their own fault and if their babies die its their own fault.
Are you for real?
Did this happen under Qarase's govt?
What about Rt Mara's govt?

What we are trying to highlight here is the total incompetancy of Bainimarama as a leader.
And Dictators always look after themselves rather than what is best for the people.

More money was spent on The Fiji Army than on Health in the last 8 years under Bainimarama.

Tell me what do you think will happen if you spend less on people's health?
I mean, be really honest with yourself.

And bainimarama with all his brainpower couldnt figure out why the fark the health of Fiji's population deteriorated?
Honestly. For farks sakes, a Class 1 student could have figured it out!

This is what we are talking about. Bainimarama's monetary fiscal policy is farking hopeless. And there are always consequences.

Kena ca gona ni ra mai veiliutaki na cola dakai wavoki tu ga.
Yavu tamata ulukau.

Dont these people realise that every action you take there is a consequence ?

And even now they are farking with the Sugar Industry?

Honestly, Sir, what the fark do you think is going to happen to that industry if government keeps farking it up.

Bainimarama and kaiyum have stolen money. Ripped off people.
Instead of borrowing money on a LOW RATE from the Asian Bank, they borrow on a HIGH RATE from Chinese ganstas.


Government is supposed to be there FOR THE PEOPLE......

Anonymous said...

Take it easy SODELPA...GO SLOW AND SURE....THE WEB IS SO CUNNINGLY LAID..UNTIE THEM SLOWLY...people's power will definitely change everything!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of khaiyum and Bainimarama and Fiji is HEAVEN. The thing that people FAIL to understand is that the 2014 election was ridged. The NEXT ELECTION WILL BE RIDGED. The only thing we can do to stop this government is ANOTHER COUP. UNFPORTUNATE BUT NO OTHER WAY,RABUKA, IF U ON THIS BLOG, WHY CAN YOU PULL OFF ANOTHER COUP. IM SURE YOU WILL BE BETTER THAN RO KEPA AND BAINIMARAMA?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my poor little crying baby, go and have a look for yourself! the land is as fertile as it has ever been, and our ancestors decades ago had but very little in comparison, yet nobody was eating 2 minutes noodles and crying for help BECAUSE THEY WERE GROWING FOOD!!!

Today a lot of people turn their back on the land, because THEY DON'T WANT TO WORK. Everybody thinks they can go to uni and get a degree and escape because it's just a matter of prestige. Fact of the matter is that if from your education you get something good, put it into practice! You have a degree into admin, well, I think you could start your own business?

Everybody is sitting down waiting for the government to do something, to create jobs. I say grow something. if there were not that many lazy people, we would have more good food innthe markets, more income from exports, etc.... that would generate revenue for the state! Kick your ass and do something!

Anonymous said...

On only has to get rid of KHAIYUM, and bainimajrama will automatically self destruct, when master dies, PUPPET, SELF DESTRUCTS.

Anonymous said...

You are right about the incompetency and stupidity of Bainimarama.
You are right about the waste of money.

But, strangly, if you look at some less developed country, they do better than us when it comes to health. Actually, health is far from being just a matter of money. When a state manage to eradicate child mortality, which Fiji has done so far reasonably well, then the rest is, to a large part, a personal responsibility. We have like 80% of people dying from NCD... 1% only eat vegetables in some parts of Fiji, 1% for goodness sake!!! I look at some people and they grow more veges on their little balcony than many Fijians on their big lands!!!

Yes Bainimarama is dumb and all, BUT maybe that the massive deterioration of health is due to the fact that youths are leaving the village (prisons?) to get "freedom" in the streets of our cities, playing billiard and snoking weed (that doesn't count for veges) and MAYBE that if you have a look to your average supermarket, you will see why people die young...

I went to a poor lady's funeral recently. She was over 100 years old... with little little little money...

But I agree otherwise with you, Bainimarama is an idiot!!! let's just not let that be an excuse for us to eat ourselves to death! Come on Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed how the new flag designs all look very similar? same blue and EXACT same purple , same yellow stars. Same sort of commercial logos... This is unlikely!

It seems suspicious to me... The final design was already made and submitted from the top right from the beginning and the comittee just made fun of those who made submissions... now we are supposed to select a version of Bainimarama's flag... come on.

It would be nice to know who are the actual designers so that we can see if there are any suspicious links between them...

Anonymous said...

Indeed, all those flags were produced by the same few people.... I don't know what it is about those 7 stars? they think Fijians will be dumb enough to love it? hey we play rugby, so let's put 7 stars!!!!
Really this is a scam...

Noooooooo! said...

flags definitely all made by the SAME artist using the same software with the SAME level of zoom.
all flags are poor, all have very little meaning.

while I was in favour of a change from our colonial flag, none of these designs are great.
hard to believe.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 9:39PM
2 things:
1) One is YOU ARE A LIAR:You said " When a state manage to eradicate child mortality, which Fiji has done so far reasonably well"

I just quoted you statistics from Bainimarama's very own Ministry of Health that last year 400 babies died from malnutrition in Fiji ( in 2014). The doctors who gave the statistics then went on to say that it was the worst year they ever had.
Note the doctor said there is worsening death rate.

"WORSE" means things are getting worse. Not as you say " doing reasonably well".
Do you understand English or not?

You are beginning to sound like the CONMAN BAINIMARAMA....saying one thing but the TRUTH IS ACTUALLY THE OPPOSITE.


This is the problem with people like you getting on this website. Where the fark do you get your statistics from?

You said only 1% of SOME parts of the population of Fiji eat vegetables.
because I want to check it out myself.

Secondly you said " some less developed country, they do better than us when it comes to health."

Can you please tell me the name of that country.
I want to research it.

REMEMBER, WHEN COMPARING STATISTICS YOU HAVE TO COMPARE APPLES WITH APPLES.....that means same population etc Does that country have a COUP-ridden government like ours etc etc.
The reason why I'm asking you to give me ALL THIS INFORMATION ....is because any Tom Dick & bainisona can come and quote some statistics they've pulled out of their arse.

SO BEFORE YOU COME AND PONTIFICATE, tell us where you got your information so that we can verify it.
OTHERWISE YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER CONMAN;like your leader Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

im doing jadu on bai now n ai asss bum boi kai

Anonymous said...

A liar? Of course the situation is getting worst, that is not the point. The point is WHY. Fijians can't still control the size of their families and they have ni intention of working hard anytime aoon, don't forget that! It means that as the time goes by, there are more and more and more babies and less and less and less money availaible per baby. Overcrowding schools and more social problems. It is a universal rule. Now that Indians are done with farming, Fijians have no interest to work their land. I am basically saying that if YOU were running the country, you would be facing the SAME reality. Without a coup, there would be more money around and things would be slightly better, but that wouldn't make your average Fijian less fat right?

You seem to be living overseas and your craving for statistical data is somehow hilarious. You want statistics? Just ask one of your friend to go inside a typical "supermarket" and take a picture. I will describe you what you will see : one row of Coca Cola, on row of biscuits, sugar, salt, processed food, one row of canola oil and other crappy things, of course a few rows of cheap chocolate/ bongos. You may find a little place where they sale onions, potatoes (talk about a healthy vegetable... but never will you find sweet potatoes!) and china garlic (to make sure we import everything we can possible do) Oh you might find a few apples too, bad ones often. That's a Fijian supermarket.

Now you want statistics about the 1%? I propose you something better, since statistics are always "damn statistics and damn lies" according to a famous man... Come and visit our country, and look at what people are eating : 2 minute noodles, cassava, salt, tea, sugar, rice (starch) white bread, CRAP!!!! CRAP!!!!! CRAP!!!!!! For a fact ,,I know a lot of people here who eat practically 0% veges (by veges, I mean GREEN VEGES, not cassava and potatoes!!!)

You are indeed disconnected with the reality of Fiji.
You want a much less developed country doing better than Fiji? Easy. Solomon Islands! They are one of the lest advanced nation on Earth, and they have much better teeth and quality of life (actually things have started changing slowly already , it's sad)
One country is not enough? Let's take a poor country in Europe : Albania! Life expectancy around 77, and they are sligtly BEHind Fiji in the Human Development Index (and that Index takes into account...LIFE EXPECTANCY... which means that without their good score for health, they would be MUCH BEHIND in the ranking)

So my point is simple, clear and no matter what you may say,mit won't change the fact. NO ONE FORCE Fijians to buy crap in the corner store!!! NO ONE!!!! Nothing prevents Fijians from having proper gardens like they used to have.... unless of course something is pushing them out of their villages.... this may require investigation....

The solution to Fiji's problems are quite simple, and the good news is that one can always make up for the pathetic deficiencies of the government...or so-called government.

basically, what you are doing now is blaming the government because... Fijians don't want to kick their ass... well... you can do that if it makes you happy. But I will still be right and you will still be wrong.

KUA NI RERE said...

@10:47 AM
The other day I walked into Lami Supermarket and I saw people buying onions etc. And then they walked straight to the market stall there and bought rourou. In fact at the end of the day the whole market was empty of vegetables. The Lami people bought them all.
So 99% of Lami people eating vegetables. (JUST FOLLOWING YOUR LOGIC lol)
Where do you live?
You must have a hopeless supermarket and no vegetable stalls.

Government is supposed to create an environment that helps the population economically. Not burden them with HIGH COST OF LIVING which is what is happening in Fiji.

There is a reason why people buy noodles.

If people had money THEY WOULDNT BUY FARKING NOODLES.....you yourself know that.

So tell Bainimarama to get his shit together and fix the problem he caused.
Increased poverty in Fiji was caused by this arsehole.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Suomynona said...

Clearly the video shows Frankie being the biggest kulina right here bending the rules to suite himself while others can't do the same.......very unimpressive.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Voreqe is threatening to shove bottle up Madam Speakers big brown ring after she told him to sit down.

He is only saying military method of discipline..dakai up the nevaneva!!

Anonymous said...

Io meca o na ga ni tawa vuli vakavinaka a omu English mada e kabete tu .
....HAHAHAHAHAHA a cava ko na nanuma a nomudou bose vakoro I Qoya ???
Io sa na so mada ga a tamata me rawa ni keta mai vakalasa ,dredre tu kina...

Mai' Ca'au ! said...

The comments here seems ALL out of context and astray from the issue- Bainimarama's uttering a threat to throw a bottle at someone or a group in Parliament.

No wonder, no one will take note of it; and our sling bashing in this forum will lead to nowhere if we take our focus away from an issue.

Sa rauta me ra na vakacakacakai ira jiko na tiko I cake, ka da na qai mai kudrukudru I ra Mo toka o keda.......

Ena kaya ga o Khaiyum.....ni veivutusona ga!!!

mark manning said...

Don't allow yourselves to be distracted by trivial arguments surrounding a piece of clothe.
While you are doing that, Aiyaz continues to strip Fiji of its wealth and he continues to erode your Institutions and Culture and Traditions.
Each individual knows the meaning of their flag, it doesn't require a Dictator, pretend Prime Minister nor pretend Attorney General to tell you of its value.
Don't allow yourselves to be distracted by this clever tactic.

Anonymous said...

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