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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fiji military to 'mould' students through cadet training

Students will learn from a young age what it is like to be a soldier in the army.

It's been announced that Cadet training to be conducted by the Fiji Military Forces will soon be introduced to all schools in Fiji.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou says Cadet training 'will ensure that our youth are imparted with values required to address social issues'.

Tuitubou says this form of discipline is being introduced 'because of the change in attitude among many young people today'. 

This announcement brings so many concerns and questions with it. 

Firstly, we all know the reputation of the Fiji Military Forces and how they 'disciplined' citizens and helped their commander take over the country in a coup in 2006.

There are so many cases of innocent people being intimidated, beaten, tortured and some dying at the hands of these soldiers.

And now these men are to become role models for our children and teach them how to have good characters and be good citizens?

This is another initiative being pushed down the throats of Fiji, just like changing the Fiji flag.

But wait, we shouldn’t be surprised. 

After all this is a military regime in power under the guise of democracy and it proves itself to be the case time and time again. 



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paula raqeukai said...

Cadet training is okay but it should not be made compulsory in school, parents and students should be given the choice...discipline life is all based from the child's upbringing at home by parents & guidance...and most importantly the family culture, values and spiritual morality....the Lord Jesus Christ is the better source of discipline than any other human institutions...

Anonymous said...

no way, please we don't want our kids to adopt the psyche of our current military who: (i) torture, maim and kill the innocent and unarmed civilians they were supposed to protect (ii) DO NOT have any combat experience except guarding checkpoints and drinking grog; (iii) drop their weapons and surrender so willingly when confronted with scantily armed, underfed and combat weary terrorist groups in Syria; (iv) continue to overrate themselves and assume we all love them so much. All we see are a group of cowards and overfed unarmed parasites who exist to milk and extort the govt. and people of Fiji of their hard earned taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

@5.25pm..Vinaka vakalevu boxer! !
Well said.
Yes , must be made voluntarily and give more funds to schools to help improve our children who are weak academically. Extra tutorials after school or in the weekends or during term breaks. Funds must go to where it is needed the most- in the classroom. As the boxer said, home, culture and spiritual upbringing are institutions of discipline to a child.

Unknown said...

Oh Please, our spiritual and traditional institutions are corrupt. In Fiji it is common knowledge that if you want to be rich start a denomination. As for the traditional side. Gosh where do I start, the various so called protocols that only exist to fill men with food and grog whilst the women do all the chores is not something we want to be teaching our children.

The military discipline is great but as someone mentioned it should be a choice. Currently there are alot of abuse cases in relation to our females especially young girls. I despise men who seems to think it is acceptable to mistreat women.

I strongly believe that we should all be equally treated. Regardless of gender, ethnicity and age. I understand that we may have different responsibility however they are all equally important.

Anonymous said...

Great news to hear someone's going to attempt to teach our children some values and discipline.

This natural learning in a child's life used to come predominantly from the home where children were valued but these days they have just become a commodity for many parents to produce with the expectation they will feed them in their later years.

This erosion in family life and values has been a result of the commercialisation of the church predominantly from the Methodist and its cult off-springs. Their tireless efforts to take over and control their followers to enable filling of the mouths and pockets of the church hierarchy parasites has resulted in a failing of the family system.

Anonymous said...

Prodding rectums with rifles as a training exercise is not great discipline Vili Cavuka. You're a disgrace, an embarrassment, a joke, an asshole, a testicle, anus, shit etc.

Anonymous said...

Reddy and kaiyum lost on education. military training dont produce discipline. these simpletons dont know this. Or is this a case of sport minister saying one thing and reddy-kaiyum -reddiyum - not knowing of this.

Unknown said...

Anon 10.23 am

Blimey another one bites the dust. Military discipline is worldly reknown to be the best. Various western countries adopted this type of teaching in their early years around the World War 2.

After the Wars they then adapted the trainings to be less militarised and more civilised but still have elements of military discipline.

They also gave people choices. Rather then being compulsory they formed establishments that provides various choices which caters for people's individual needs and wants.

Perhaps this is a good foundation to elevate our childrens lives and give them the tools later on. Military discipline is not all about the gun. You have fitness which is healthy, chain of command, time keeping, hygiene etc trainings which will help them in their respective chosen professions in the future.

Problem solving, resilient, positive attitude etc. Currently majority of our youths end up just loitering around, causing social problems and filling up Prison.

At least the government is trying to find solutions rather then just doing nothing. Given the way you have posted your point of view perhaps you could benefit from a little bit of military discipline.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:31 am

You say ""Prodding rectums with rifles as a training exercise is not great discipline Vili Cavuka. You're a disgrace, an embarrassment, a joke, an asshole, a testicle, anus, shit etc.""

Time to get outside of your box and widen you thoughts. Just where do you think the military come from? Correct, they are a representation of the general public and as you are aware a percentage of them also 'prod' what's not their's. Generally their innocent daughters or some one else's !!!!

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili...

Your getting more stupid and sound dumber every time you make comments.

This initiative by the Government to militarize schools is another propaganda by Franky the dumb ass PM to gain support within the schools and the future voters.

What good is screaming at someone- left right left right left right..kaciva na yalomu....That is not discipline. That is propoganding the YES SIR attitude. We need broad thinking younger generation not YES SIR people. Soldiers are dumb period. They are told what to do and what to think without question. Education is teaching people to think laterally and critically unlike you Vili. Like everyone here can see, what else are the military going to teach, how to raise a white flag, how to run down the banana plantation at unbelievable speed, how to torture, kill, batter and subjugate their own people. Your a dumb ass Vili. Sorry but you keep asking for it and I am here to torment you and remind you.

You go further to abuse our old traditions and customs and you call yourself someone from Naitasiri, people who have strong traditional and cultural beliefs. You are not a Fijian at all and you definitely are a bhaiya. Those were the old ways and it is hard to live the old with the new but it is our customs that differentiate us from bhaiyas like you..areh chutiya...If all other cultures can maintain there own and respect that and hold it at high esteem, who the fuck are you to disrespect ours...Its no wonder there is no pride in being Fijian anymore with you and your dumb ass Governments demeaning of our Fijian Traditions and upholding our cultures. You guys are fucked up in the way you think. We are Fijians and people come and fill their bellies and drink kava for free and people will complain but the same is in every other culture. They have their own complaints of their ways but they continue to uphold and maintain it. Look at the Indians. With respect I see them maintain theirs despite being shipped to Fiji more than 100 years ago. They hold their traditional and religious beliefs strongly. The difference between them and people like you is that you no longer believe in yours. Your dumb ass beaked nosed clown of a PM is himself, eroding our once rich traditional heritage. Fuck off now and do some teitei...we coming to take schmuck.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha The creation of Hitler youth style militarized education.Can you imagine if these poor young people are taught military style discipline? What happens if they make small mistakes that can be easily corrected? what will the punishment be for failing to listen?

Can you imagine seeing young people or should I say children 6-13 years old pulling their ears doing frog jumps up hills, duck walks and quaking away around tutors legs whilst walking trying to keep up?thrashing up and down the grounds sprinting till their legs hurt?Knuckle press ups on tarmac roads and concrete?leopard crawling every inch of a parade square?Next government will say throw in the gas masks to these youths make them wear it and thrash them up and down hills we have to give them special treatment?

What if the child has medical problems such as asthma or problems with the heart such as heart murmur? whilst carrying out these so called military cadet style physical discipline and the child collapse and dies?who will take the blame?the instructor? the government? the teacher? or the parents?or the people who agree with such a thing like Vili Rakoro? Few months back a teacher was cleared for wrong doing on invasion of privacy of a students property.WE ALL KNOW THE OUT COME.

So go ahead do your Hitler youth style program,brainwash the young generation it will only lead to a more violent future.

Anonymous said...

A TOTAL of $842,025 remain as arrears owed by civil servants, which they incurred through various means, the Public Accounts Committee was told yesterday.

Of that, Mohammed Firoz of the office of the Auditor-General said 49 per cent was considered as irrecoverable, a total of $413,902 as at December 31, 2014.

Mr Firoz made this revelation in response to a question by Opposition Member of Parliament, Aseri Radrodro, who queried the duration it had taken the Government to recover the dues.

Mr Radrodro, also a PAC member, had raised his concerns on the extent taken by the Ministry of Finance to recover the money owed by the people.

"It's not a small amount of money. It's a big amount of money owed by (government) staff," Mr Radrodro said.

He said those were genuine debts owed by people and, therefore, needed to be collected.

Mr Firoz said $842,025 were debts dating back to 2006.

Committee chairman Professor Biman Prasad put to Mr Firoz that they estimated a $100,000 incurred annually. Mr Firoz agreed.

Government member Alexander O'Connor, who replaced Sanjit Patel in the committee, then asked how those dues were incurred at first "because Government is not a commercial bank".

Officials from the Finance Ministry clarified the arrears were losses obtained through government funds via fraud, vehicle accidents, loss of Government equipment and misuse of funds.

Unknown said...


You cannot be that dumb. Seriously mann you are getting worse. Military discipline and military training are two completely different things.

As for our tradition please do not embarrass yourself you freaking idiot. Drinking grog and what not is fine as long as you also make sure that you complete your chores and not force the women and kids to do them for you.

Also church functions are not our tradition. The problem with you lot is that you are confused as to what traditional responsibility is. First and foremost your traditional responsibility is the well being of your family. When you give all your money to the church and grog for lazy men then leave your wife to worry about kids food then you are not fulfilling your traditional roles.

Learn to prioritise your traditional roles. Seriously people like you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili.... that was a pathetically poor comeback.... whats matter, grey matter turning yellow.

Military discipline is not drinking grog till morning and leaving the checkpoint unmanned and raising the white flag when attacked. They should teach themselves military discipline first you boci...

Now your saying drinking grog is fine...what the fuck is with you...stupid dumb bakuwavivi...when you follow a leader, you start thinking and behaving like one and your not too far off from Frank...

Church functions are part and parcel of our lives today and our spiritual upbringing you moron. Every Fijian was raised in such a manner.

When have you performed any traditional obligation other than talking too much around the tanoa. That is what you said you do...talk talk talk and question your elders...

Life is about sharing and giving and that is the Fijian way. What is your way.... begging your Government for handouts you macawa...

go wallow and do your teitei... sa tubua na vanua na levu ni nomu vucesa...kawa ca....

We taking over your land and will make use of it bakuwavivi.

Anonymous said...

Mr Vili Rakoro
For so long I have been reading your posts and it seems that the words, kai yanuyanu, talatala, tradition and the most recent qalo mai do play a leading role in your writings to ascertain your point. Even when the subject is nothing to do with any of these there's always a way to push them into our forum. How smart that is.
Anyway, I'm asking you one, maybe few questions to start with and you can answer them later.
This is nothing to do with the government and our Indentured family but the I taukei.
I have agreed on Raqeukai's (boxer)post above and you're responding by trashing the family, tradition and church as right institutions of discipline for our children.
Were you conceived and born into a village community or urban? Were you conceived out of I taukei parents?
If you were born into a village life to i taukei parents, did you recall seeing your parents participating in the soli vakamisinari? Did you see them attending community functions? Did you see them attending family functions, village meetings, church functions, school functions, tikina and yasana functions?
If they do, did you continue this tradition?
You know Vili we the taukei were raised in a system where the soli vakamisinari and cakacaka vaka vanua vakaturaga were duties that our parents had carried out honorably to God and to the vanua. There wasn't any give and take system where things were done at a price. Our rewards come from within our own community ( na bula ni veisolesolevaki)..we do things collectively , doors were left open to receive everyone. Food was cooked not only for the household but also for the others and abundance is the order of life. God played a leading role in our lives. 5 am in the morning ,12 noon and 6pm are scheduled for prayers and supplications and thank God for another days and to seek HIS blessings.
For the talatala that you so despised so badly. If the late Rev Rarokoliwa was around to hear your remarks against the church, what would he say? Did you know him? He is a true son of Fiji. The yanuyanu people that you despised will tell you how great he was. A man of great faith. His mission footprints are all over Fiji. He is from Serea, Naitasiri.
Now for the yanuyanu and qalo mai.
Your hate for them Vili, did you find out why Rt Sukuna, Sukanaivalu, Rt Mara,Rt Penaia, Tuivaga, Rabuka, Qarase, Vakatale, Kepa, Veitata, Siwatibau, Serevi, Tuilovoni, Rika, Qoriniasi, Jitoko, Jale, Rauluni, Salusalu, Mataca, et al have in common. They are from our Yanuyanu I taukei . Did you study to understand them before passing judgement.?
These were children of parents who had carried out their duties honorably to God and the vanua. They struggled to raise their children with little resources they have while dispensing their duties to God and vanua. They did not enjoy the mass of land that you have Vili. Their livelyhood was the sea. I have shared in this life for sometime and I have seen their struggle with the little they have to carry on in life. Isn't this struggle? Here's something I gathered Vili from my short stints with the yanuyanu life . Parents toiled hard day and night for their children to get educated. Parents ran to the church every morning, noon, and evening to seek God's blessing upon their children, family and village. The names of each family member were mentioned in prayers. God's protection was sought every single day as the island was small and prone to danger from nature. Did they complain? No. They enjoyed this life.
Over the years Vili when I saw a name emerged up the echelon of society it didnt surptise me to find someone from yanuyanu. To me this is fruit of hard work and struggle, mostly the blessings of the Almighty.
Back to you with my last . If you were raised in this kind of environment and continue to despice these institutions
then Vili you're a disgrace to the vanua of Naitasiri and the God they serve, more so to the vanua vakaturaga e tolu, Kubuna, Burebasaga, Tovata and the Church.

KUA NI RERE said...

It interesting that the DUMBOS in government want to teach the CHILDREN discipline BY PUTTING THEM THROUGH MILITARY CADET TRAINING WITH THE FIJI ARMY.

Unfortunately Mr Tuitubou IS SO BLIND he cant seem to see the Elephants arse that is shitting infront of him.


Excuse me Mr Tuitubou but that would be classified as ILL-DISCIPLINED or Un-Disciplined.
Mr Bainimarama and his Fijian Army are UNDISCIPLINED.
If you commit treason , you are undisciplined.



Sa sega na lotu ko sa mai butobuto tu kina na rai ni tamata.

Era sa vuli ga ka ta sukulu.
Mr Tuitubou kerea sara mo kua ni vakalolomataki ira na noda gone mera lai muri ira tu na sotiaboci-ni-Viti.

Anonymous said...

So what will the cockeyed wannabe self-rated education minister Mr Reddy say about military cadet training being made compulsory in schools? he is going to weave and duck and gloss over it. Bet he will say its good. Go back to the open sewers of indian slums you piece of shit! There much better Fiji Indians out there than you who don't even have a degree but have intelligence, foresight and appreciation of other people's views. you disgrace us you wannabe cockeyed overrated marthafaker!!

Anonymous said...

VR's spite for those from the islands is very much an obsessive hatred. He forgets that many from the islands are/were as opposed to Rabuka and Qarase as many from Vitilevu inasmuch as many from Vitilevu are/were opposed to Bainimarama's treasonous acts.. VR is nothing more than a racist bigot.

He forgets as well, that many from the islands, such as Mr. Radike Qereqeretabua from Kadavu who is husband to Eta from Naitasiri, are wonderful examples of hardworking intelligent people who have contributed much to the betterment of Fiji locally and her reputation abroad, a feat much more than any individual soldier who have exhibited cowardice when confronted by terrorists, has ever performed.

Anonymous said...

@3:37 Vili will accuse you of being racist or one of those who has blinded the villagers with lotu influence upon politics... thats the mitary propoganda apart from others like dividing Fijians and Indians and other races and doviding the vanua itself with his outbursts...watvh

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how military training is done.. remember no corporal punishment was brought about thru children rights. So if an officer asks a student to press up due to some fault during cadet training you cant do that.. that's corporal punishment which you can be taken to task.. or does the law not apply to army officers?

Anonymous said...

The issue here is not about "kai yanuyanu" or "kai viti dina" or "indians" or what else!
the stupidity we see on this earth is all human. only too human.

we can choose to look downward, towards to earth, like most bloggers do here.

or we can choose to look towards the blue sky.

may the clouds go away.

god bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

This is FIRST CLASS hYpocrisy by the Fiji First Government and the Military goons.

Tyrannical Leaders who commit Treason have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to 'MOULD' our children!!! I mean how could the people agree to this?

The other night on TV News Dr Luveni Jiko was saying she was concerned at the high rate of Rape and crime escalating lately.

Hellooooo does she and the rest of the sheeples not know that the fruits of the Treasonous Leader and his army who forced themselves to power have SET THE EXAMPLE FOR THE CITIZENS TO FOLLOW!!!

And so, WHY the big surprise Dr Luveni? You reap what you sow or have you forgotten so soon?

Kua Ni Rere is hitting on the word TREASON and educating the DUMB MASSES who do not wish to learn that the domino effects of a Leader or a group of lawless men who force a democratic country to its knees will hit hard at the economic, social, political (more corruptive practice) - there will be GREAT MORAL DECLINE from the top down!!!

Why can't Dr Luveni SEE??? Why can't the Sheeples see???

ITS SO PRETTY SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS AND YET..........we look at our well-trained dogs and we wonder...valoloma the precious gifts bestowed upon men and women who REJOICE at the SUBTLE treasonous rules being forced as a form of education upon us!!!

Another learning word today is COMMUNISM and try to make out what the DEMORALIZATION OF A NATION controlled by Treasonous minds mean??

VILI you still haven't answered the question posed at you earlier by KNR - IS TREASON A CRIME OR NOT???

Anonymous said...

Disciplining the masses,it is either that we are not coping with unemployment issue or are we preparing for imminent imaginary war(as in Israel) but with these 'leaders' in place.
What the government has NOT highlighted is what the British High Commissioner said, Fiji needed to explore,and encourage these young minds into innovation.Yesterday, the minister for education, Dr Reddy said that Fiji was...( pause in silence)....'lacking' in this field.This if produced and assisted like in NZ, as Innovation Incentive,(have an innovation month where new concepts,ideas( patented and readied,shown to public), people and I mean hundreds if not thousands could be employed in these new schemes,new products produced for local and mostly, mostly export dollars.The government's side is unnervingly silent on this issue.There should be an innovation paper presented in parliament by the Minister of Trade/AG, to encourage Fijian entrepreneurs, to design, patent, manufacture and market their new products.The government could assist by providing financial seed-money to these designers to get loans
What we,only have here, is new dress designed by FFWeek :-)

Unknown said...


You see I know you are one dumb ass who has no clue whatsoever. The way you debate is comical and entertaining hence I like engaging with you. You have no concept of articulating your points nor how to present it in a proper logical comportment.

Whenever I read your comments, it might as well be presented by a high school students. Adding a few intricate and derogatory remarks does not make it convincing.

My advice, find inner piece that will assist you to accept the reality that Bainimarama is our PM. Otherwise you will continue to exhibit symptoms of frustration and hatred that has clouded your ability to be rational.

The proof is all there for all to see in your comments. Regardless of topics or subject you always blame Bainimarama and the Indians. It does not take long for you to start crucifying the Indians and whine about Bainimarama.

You are one sad excuse of a man. Pathetic and top class imbecile.

Unknown said...

Anon 3.37 pm

Vinaka for engaging me. I have read your comments which comes across as very angry and hurt at the same time. Reading your comments it is almost as if I can see and feel your pain which for so long you have kept it in and now you just want to let it out and let it be.

You appear as someone very loyal to the church and tradition. You really do come across as someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. And I have many relatives similar to you. You see unfortunately as is the human nature, everything from tradition, religion, politics and business are opened to explotation.

As you may know coming from Naitasiri it is accessible to the city therefore frequently visiting and engaging in village functions is common practice. With that experience comes knowledge and when you add education you become different in the sense you are not illetarate like most. This enables you to see things from a different perspective.

Firstly we have to remember Culture and Tradition are two different categories. Culture reflects the characteristics that describes a society. Tradition is the passing of behaviours from one generation to the next.

It is this behaviour that I usually disagree with. Firstly lets take religion, the vakamisinari. Now this is know in the English vernacular as membership payments. People pay monthly or annual subscription to be a member of a club such as fitness gym, yacht clubs, golf clubs etc. Now no where in the bible does God say for us to pay to be a member of his Kingdom or club.

Therefore the struggles most families and Individuals go through to pay their vakamisinari is not a spiritual journey rather a business journey. So that tradition should and will be stopped. Likewise the Soqosoqo ni Turaga and Marama.

Also in the bible it categorically says that your tithe should be shared to the Widows, Weak and Orphans. Not the Church or Talatala. Usually people wrongly believe that you do or give something for Talatala God will bless you. God will only bless you if you follow his word and not Talatala's word. How can a Talatala whose been drinking grog all night getting drunk be someone capable of blessing you.

God also categorically said that the children are like his Kingdom, are his Kingdom yet when Talatala's in the house he gets the nice cake and other foods. The kids hidden away in the kitchen or outside have cassava and rourou. Eventhough God says just give Talatala a glass of water. So you disobey God to look good in talatala and your community and you expect God to bless you, are you freaking kidding me. Do you think God allows for that behaviour. Absolute not.

Anyways this is just a preview of how different we are. I love my family and extended family and have always supported them financially and emotionally. And it is that love that makes me want to provide them with the best community ever. And not only them but everyone in Fiji regardless of Race, Gender and Age.

Anonymous said...

Daulako is also an example of what 3 37pm is saying. A product of God fearing and honorable working parents.

Unknown said...

Anon 3.37 pm

Continued from my previous comments to you.

Another objection you raised is my numerous impute of the demeaning diction. If you notice I mostly use it only when I am engaging certain posters in here.

I admit that sometimes I do go over the top and if I inadvertently hurt numerous posters then I do apologise. My impute is merely used as a way to make a point in relation to certain posters racist views and agenda.

I know you specifically pointed out that your questions had nothing to do with Indentured labourers however might I point out that most of our disagreement stems from that particular moment in our history therefore as I have stated previously that tradition is merely the passing of behaviours between generations, in essence whether you like it or not they are part of our tradition.

Before their arrival Fiji as a society was a completely different one. We all know the history so there is no need to point it out specifically.

Unknown said...

God is not racist therefore he definitely is not a product of God fearing. As for honorable working parents, majority of parents belong in that category.

What I find dubious is how he tried to make out that he and his sister went to University abroad paid for by root crops his parents sold. And that is in no way disrespecting or demeaning his parents. With the greatest respect to them for doing what is within their ability.

I just feel sorry for them that they are being used as a tool by their racist son to make a point. I may be a pain to Sodelpa supporters but do not try and bullshit me with stories like Daulako because I know and understand how the economy and business works and I will scrutinise your views to reveal it's true nature.

Anonymous said...

Wow..A racist turn preacher overnight. The feminist loud mouth is going to start a denomination,? Vili will get rich soon.

Unknown said...

Anon 12.07 pm

God is not racist therefore he definitely is not a product of God fearing. As for honorable working parents, majority of parents belong in that category.

What I find dubious is how he attempted to make out that he and his sister went to University abroad paid for by root crops his parents sold. And that is in no way disrespecting or demeaning his parents. With the greatest respect to them for doing what is within their ability.

I just feel sorry for them that they are being used as a tool by their racist son to make a point. I may be a pain to Sodelpa supporters but do not try and bullshit me with stories like Daulako because I know and understand how the economy and business works and I will scrutinise your views to reveal it's true nature.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro
You haven't answered some questions that 3 37 is asking.
Were you born to taukei parents?
Were you born in the village or in the city?
Did you see your parents carry out their duties to the vanua and the church, and did you continue that tradition .
Answer these questions.
I have questions of my own too.
Do you give freely?
Or Do you give only when it's paid back?
Do you lump yourself with those who gave and turn to backstabb those you gave to?
Over and out.

Anonymous said...

@Vili Rakoro
This will be the 7th time we are asking the question: Is TREASON a crime or not?

Is this question too complicated for your simple mind. We just want a simple answer like "Yes" or "No".

WE don't want any elaborate answer or beating around the bush answers.

Any Class 1 student can answer this question. Are you more stupid than a class 1 student or what?

Anonymous said...

@1.09 Vili will answer that question by using Rabuka and Speight coups. He cannot answer that outright because he is supporting it.

Unknown said...

You sure asking alot of personal question for someone who has not even introduced themselves. What is your name? Do you live in Fiji or abroad? Where in Fiji are you from?

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.... Your response to my comments and your response to 3:37pm comments were expected. Your so predictable in your comments that your swirling in your whirlpool of blindness in your infatuation for your saviour Frank. This is typical FF and Military propaganda. Steer the response back to racism, influence of church and chiefs in the 1987 and 2000 coup. Belittle the traditional values and customs.

One thing is for sure is that I am the nemesis of FF and the military. You guys must really hate me for what I comment about your sonalevu banana running PM. You want me to show respect to an idiot who has no respect for himself, his military and the Government and I mean the Government being the people.

Oh I accept he is the PM of today but I will continue to remind people that the PM they elected is an idiot, foolish with a vengeful heart, radical and requires psychiatric help. He is no different to Idi Amin Dada, whom I know is your grandfather Vili.

Frank is our criminal Prime Minister who committed treason against the people of Fiji. He abused women and ordered his qauri troops to batter and brutalize anyone who wants to speak up against him or his regime. Even on this blog, one can still see the dumb ass military threats. Ive had a few.

You can have him has your PM. One thing for certain is that he is fast losing his popularity.

On top of all that, you continue with your same rhetorics of racism against Indians. Its getting dead boring but it is the Military propaganda to keep Indians against Fijians and vice versa. Your FF needs those votes and the other races votes to win election. That is why FF and the military propaganda continues with the same propaganda of racism. Are you not ashamed.

On top of that, you continue to belittle the traditional system and the church and in particular the Methodist. Another military propaganda. This is used in the military continuously. The dumb soldiers in most of their parade, this is the same bloody radicalisation that is driven into their YES SIR head.

It works for you guys with the uneducated in the village but I warn you Vili, it wont work forever...Those people in villages as you said, are not dumb and stupid like you and Frank and they understand what is truly happening.

What truly is unbelievable is that Frank being a supposed kai loma half caste part tongan qalo mai kai yanuyanua from Kiuva and the 95% Fijian soldiers, flow with your continuous attacks that Fijians are racist military propaganda. And you guys say your Fijian. What a laugh. You are merely part of or I wont be surprised are their military propaganda machine on this blog. I wont be surprised that a number of you in Berkley Crescent make comments using your blog. You can always pick out the dumb ass ones and than ones that try to speak academically cutting and pasting comments from their internet researches.

You twist and turn like snakes crawling on your bellies but you still smell the same, like treasonous criminals.

Even the Indians have caught wind of your propaganda of racism continuously splitting Indians and Fijians. A very good Indian friend of mine who is a businessmen and was a party supporter for FF, mentioned how stupid Indians were for supporting Frank. They now are starting to see and realise the truth. Don't be surprised with a strong comeback with either the NFP or the Labour party in the next coming years and next election.

The Indians will stroll away from Frank once they realise they backed a dumb ass stupid arse of a donkey. eeehh aawwhhh.... That's what he sound like when he speaks.

Now run off Vili to your teitei and try to do something constructive for your family. You might learn that if you work hard enough, you can earn some serious money to send yourself and your children to school.

Unknown said...

Australian days is a day Aborigines refer to as mourning day because that is when millions of their people were murdered. Which of these two groups of people committed Treason?

United States of America was established on the foundation of, what was it they committed against the British Empire?

Anonymous said...

@ VR - my name is Tono aomucici, I live in Raiwai and I am from Kalekana. Now answer my question

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako asks Vili the village idiot

December 5th is a day in which Fiji was robbed of its democracy. Which organisation committed the Treason>

Between 2006 and 2014, thousands of citizens of Fiji were brutalized, some murdered and still today the same fear is instilled by an organisation that is still influential in Fiji's politics. Which organisation is this?

In 2014, Fiji elected the head a Military Commander who committed treason against the people of Fiji... Who is this person?

Today, an organisation in Fiji is named in Fiji's Constitution as a watchdog of Fiji's politics...Which organisation is this?

Unknown said...


As usual you spit alot of rubbish. You do not have the comprehension to articulate your points. And most importantly you have absolutely no valid reply to the points I raised regarding church manipulation such as vakamisinari and tithe.

You come out with all this tales such as FF and Bainimarama are getting less popular yet provide no evidence whatsoever to back up your ridiculous claims. You are an embarrassment to modern day Fijian men. You are forever hoping for the old ways of corrupt methodist Church, Chiefs, nationalist politicians to make a come back so you can revel in your happiness of looting the people you now claim to represent. You freaking coward, useless excuse of a man.

Your level of education and understanding of the English literature and modern economy is incredibly low for someone who claims to have been educated in University overseas financed by parents root crops business. What a freaking big mouth with empty vessels.

Unknown said...

Daulako the bullshitter

You need to get over your obsession with Bainimarama dude. Every posts you make always swings back to Bainimarama, Fiji First, Khaiyum and Military in no particular order.

Whenever I present an articulate debate using various terms and vernacular you come up with a very weird theory about cut and paste or someone telling me what to type.

You do know that our generation speak, read and write in English right. I understand your level of literature is basic but to assume everyone is on your level is very amusing to say the least.

For someone who claims to study at University abroad you should be familiar with presentations, assignments, coursework, suggested readings, research materials etc. All of which would have helped you improve your level of comprehension. Gosh I was under the impression you were game hence I upped my vernacular from the basics I normally use in here to suite their level of understanding. It is becoming clear that you are definitely not what I assumed.

Unknown said...

This a Fijian blog not Tongan. Off you go to feast on your hog roast fat boy lol.

Anonymous said...

US had committed treason against your 'cici'
Damn shit Vili..don't comment on it if you don't know. Boci!

Unknown said...

Touch a nerve did we. Me too can play this game dude.

Anonymous said...

2.13 is not Tongan. He is revealing his identity. Let me simplify his Fijian name for you.
"Tonoka nai cici nei VR"

Answer the questions poised above.!

Anonymous said...

@Vili Rakoro
You are losing credibility fast Vili. lol
Why are you afraid of answering the question?
This is the 8th time we are asking the question: IS TREASON A CRIME?

You too much talk Vili.
Full of bullshit.
Answer the phucking question : Is treason a crime or not?


Suomynona said...

As much as I want to see him stand trial for treason....(which is most likely not gonna happen anytime soon as far as I know it, thank you very much)....Frankie now plans to instill the very same military principles to students.

Talk about a good-role-model fail IF your past demons from 9 years ago comes back to haunt you later on...again!

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro
Koiciku drau yalo vinaka tamana.Drau kua ni vaka waqa buka tiko. Sa rogo levu tiko na domomu.
Lomana na vanua kei na lotu.
Au sa vaqaqa tiko na yacamu, sa balavu tiko na noqu vaqaqara. Drau qarauna tiko. Tou vei tuki mada e nakoro, qai noqu na bulimu meu vutuke , ya o sa melaici.

Unknown said...

I assumed the lol smiley would have been enough to show the humour. Clearly you lot are just too smart. Freaking idiots.

Anonymous said...


New Delhi (AFP) - For the last two years Ramjanam Mauriya has made countless journeys to Azamgarh magistrate's office in northern India, laden with stacks of documents to prove he is not a ghost.

"It's frustrating. I am alive, yet they say I am dead," Mauriya told AFP.

The 65-year-old is one of hundreds of people from the giant state of Uttar Pradesh who have been classified as deceased in official records as part of a plot by unscrupulous relatives to grab their land.

Mauriya alleges it was his brother who bribed officials to have him declared dead in order to gain a greater share of ancestral property.

Others have been fallen victim to similar scams by cousins, nephews or even their own sons who bribe local officials to falsify or destroy paperwork.

Unknown said...

Anon 4:24 pm

Waiya drau biute mai na yacaudrau me rawa ni da kila o cei da vitalanoa vata tiko. E kuvai drau voro. O keda da lomane vata na vanua. E duidui no na nedatou rai.

Sa ma da oca na rogoce na malumalumu ni domodra na lewe ni koro ena levu ni loma oca oca va na soli era tiko baleta na lotu. E duidui na kwa e volai va na vola tabu vata na kwa e sa ma caka tiko. Ma warai cakacaka ni vilomani kudrau, e sa ma cakacaka ni vivakaliliai vata na vi vakabobula taki.

Koira na buinigone, yada, luveni yali vata ki koira na malumalumu esa ra vakacolai no va na lotu. Mataqwali lotu vakacava qoi e sa ma ra vakalolomataki tiko na wekada koya warai me ra rawa kwa vakabibi ni colacola e biu mai vaka na soli ni vakamisinari, Soqosoqo ni Turaga, Marama vata na dua na i katini koya e soli tiko vana lotu e warai sarano ni vaka i volatabu.

Da bau ya o keda da va soli sede vi koira. Bau mai na lotu mai tara nedra taga. Ra va kana nakwa, vaka lori o koira na i talatala vata ki koira na vakailesilesi e vale ni volavola, ratou mai nakoro ratou vakaloloma.

Drau bau mai to mai sota. Rairai o koko beka dua vi koira na ciqome tiko na Uro ni lotu. Io sa ma vakarau me sa ma na tinimi nai tovo lolovira vi vakalolomataki nu cakave tiko.

Anonymous said...

Sa rui levu nomu cai vosa. Drau veicai kei bainisona.
Sauma yani na taro o tarogi tiko kina. Sona levu.

paula raqeukai said...

I think the main issue in this post by coupfourpointfive everybody including Mr. VR is the cadet training!... I think it should NOT be made compulsory but as a choice to parents, guidance & students....I believe the most important thing in ALL schools in our beloved nation is to boost student's academic achievements & behavioral in schools...thus the current government should provide more financial incentives to teachers & schools of needy students so that they can improve academically, example, more capital resources for organizing extra tutorial & weekend classes for needy students especially in needy schools....in terms of discipline I think all stakeholders should play their part, in this I mean the principals & teachers to design extra curriculum activities like sports/culture/cadet/youth fellowships/farming/prayer meetings etc., parents & guidance to provide the necessary support & advise, government through the MOE to provide the support resources....I always feel that our teachers in Fiji are not well remunerated for the important tasks of mouldering our future leaders of tomorrow as a result most of them have that no care attitude towards students behavior given the current issue of humanism...I rest my view on this issue and vinakavakalevu to everyone for their contributions...God Bless Fiji!....Isa o Viti!...I always have emotional feeling & tears in my eyes when I think about my beloved Fiji at this very challenging time...but I know from deep inside my heart that God is still in control of my beautiful country, no matter what peoples are trying to change things for their personal benefits...

Unknown said...

Sa yawa, drau kaukauwa sara tu ni drau vuni tiko ena anonymous. Levu ga na vosa one side tiko, tadola tiko I muri.

Unknown said...


Thank you for your comments mate. I fully support every single thing you said. Well thought out comments and very informative. Perhaps you could teach Daulako a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Vili, levu na vosa . Sona levu. You don't contribute anything reasonable to this site. You just here to waste peoples time. Do va vidulu vataki koira na ulusawelu mai Ganivatu.
Levu nomu vosa. Drau vitonoki cobo ki Bai.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili the village idiot....ha ha ha I drew you into it and you bit you freaking dumbo.... did not like the questions I asked did you.

Its obvious your harping about Nationalism, Churches and Chiefs because Frank himself thinks that the Chiefs and Church Leaders were involved in his attempted assassination at the Military Barracks.

Comment from William Parkinson..
Mr Bainamarama is deeply suspicious of Fijian nationalists. Six years ago he narrowly avoided assassination when rebel army officers attempted to kill him while he was at lunch in the officers' mess at Suva barracks.

Since then he is said to have become paranoid about the nationalists, according to Fiji media owner William Parkinson. "He is really concerned that the 2000 events could happen again," he said.

This is all you been harping about here on this blog site and is exactly how Frank feels...PARANOID...Unsurprising...at all and all your response points back to this Paranoia by your lunatic idiot dumb ass PM...Wha ha ha ha ha hah...Oh I forgot to add the bit about the dash through the banana plantation. If Frank competed in the 100m race in PNG, my brother...he would have won Gold Silver and Bronze... Warai ni Gold walega...nona taucoko....ha ha ha ha aha ha... bera tale nodatou boy Banuve Tabakaucoro...

By the way...congratulations to Banuve...

Bring on your paranoia of our Chiefs, Church Leaders Vili...your only a reflection of your dumb smuchk PM. Seriously Vili...he needs psychiatric help... I know his your father...just tell him.... E Ta Frank.... Au kereya mo na gole mada e noda mo laki laurai mada....His response...E kuvai.... Vili - your response... E sega...au sa leqataka na nomuni koro turaga...His response... Cava au sa drika.... Vili your response. E sega...mo lai laurai madaga e Nauluvatu.... haha ha hahaha.....

Today you really exposed and made a total fool of yourself with your posts. You really exposed your paranoia about Nationalism because it all stems from your father Frank... Isa au sa lomani iko sara Vili...
How about you and Frank go for treatment. Doctor Chaudary at Nauluvatu will assist you...you will be okay.... kua ni leqa taka dua na ka.... Nai lavo tu qo...I will pay for everything for you from my sweat farming your lands...Lako sara boy...totolo...Take your father Frank with you...kua ni lai teitei ni mataka... set ya...

Anonymous said...

Sa tu tale na da, Vili.
Change of tune, eh
The same bloggers.. 5.25 pm with anon 1.00am whose ideals you opposed in your 7.39am response.
This is what we want from someone who has great insight and wisdom and who resembled humility and humbleness. I can only see a person higher in morality and values and well versed with the bible who walks it, not someone like VR who uses his mouth first before he thinks.
Vinaka vakalevu Raqeukai ..an example of someone who was raised the way anon 3.37 was saying.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Any Idea what happened to the CHIEFS form RA. They were taken to court and than what?????

Unknown said...

Daulako the bullshitter

Amusing how you assume certain traits and then go on to conclude it yourself. Believing in your own bullshit is rather a sad state of affairs, especially for someone allegedly Overseas University educated through root crops business. Gosh I laugh everytime I type that because it is just hilarious.

Another one where you assume I am the military propaganda machine and you must be the number one enemy. Freaking hell mann talk about paranoia and self importance.

Constantly making fun of our military boys near death experience in Golant. Most other nation would be supportive of their troops but the Sodelpa supporters well they just love putting them down. How nice for the troops to know you lot have such feelings towards them.

And making fun of Bainimarama whom escaped an assassination attempt by his own troops whom were working for the nationalist chiefs and politicians that committed Treason and Terrorism act against the nation.

So if he is a bit paranoid then he has every right you idiot. Look around this blog, most of these big mouth keyboard warriors do not even post with their real name and they have been the target of anything. If you wanna see paranoia just come to this blog and you will see their home base.

You talk of the military being paranoid about nationalist politicians, chiefs and Methodist Church. Ah hello this lot were responsible for 3 coups, racial division and worst race violence and act of tyranny in the 2000 coups. What is wrong, does your memory only go back as far December 2006 ey.

Unknown said...

Kubuti Qarase

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha.. getting into your nerve eh..where's your sermon screw loose..lol!
Wanna play the game. .your mind is crapped now, eh...hahahahaha..where's your diplomatic mind. .

Anonymous said...

So what is the Military going to teach our children. How to plan a coup when you don't like the government. How to get away with treason step by step. I guess that manual should be written by Rabuka and Frank. How to bully the general public into submission. How to beat up women and anyone who disagrees with them. How to become PM even when one is stupid as a FEA lamp post by using the gun. Let me think oh how to surrender like cowards when faced with real opposition and "Mari Mari" for their lives. Above all else how to fuck up a country. What a joke. I would rather have our children taught by a gaggle of Gays. At least they will not be violent.


Anonymous said...

VR has just become a hypocrite re his 10:04 AM post. I thought he was a worthy opponent in debate but he has adopted a lowdown tactic of using indecent, inappropriate and gutter level language.

His credibility is now no more.

Anonymous said...

You have a point Ali Baba. Let's see what Vili Rakoro's sermon will be on your point.
I think your and the 40 thieves will do a better job than Frank.

Anonymous said...

Vili Sonalevu qai mai Savu ,daru mai visou.

Unknown said...

Really look around you. The only ones with screw loose is your lot, constantly posting derogatory comments. Everytime I put them in their place, all they can come back with is useless swearing showing how easily I can touch their useless nerve.

As for being diplomatic, really do you think I give a damn about your little opinions especially when all seems to do is swear in every sentence all done so anonymously. Freaking idiots.

Unknown said...

E cava sa lala na qavokavoka me biu mai so na vakasama matua. Drau biute mai na yacaudrau me da kila o cei o koko drau toce.

Unknown said...

" indecent, inappropriate and gutter level language."

Tell that to everyone in here who does that ukukau. Can dis it but can't take it. Remember no one in here is required to act in a certain way. We are all the same. We get along, we fight, we make peace. Every now and again we actually stick to the topic of the thread and then we veer back into a whinge fest.

All in the name of democracy or in your lots case nationalism.

Unknown said...

Would you prefer a Methodist Church option like what Sodelpa wanted. Yep hating the Indians, taking money from the poor and telling the world we are Christians eventhough our actions are nothing of the sort.

Anonymous said...

Enroll yourself ..refer 11.27am. You're fighting the church so join the illuminati. Become a luciferian.

Anonymous said...

There were those here VR who thought you were quite a worthy debater even if you did not agree with their inclinations. But when you went on to use that demeaning and indecent remark in your 10:04 post, you suddenly became just like any cheap idiot in here who have nothing but dirt between their ears.

Who will believe you now?

Unknown said...

Would you prefer a Methodist Church option like what Sodelpa wanted. Yep hating the Indians, taking money from the poor and telling the world we are Christians eventhough our actions are nothing of the sort.

Anonymous said...

Taciku drau mai kana waci mada I Viria.Mai gunu kai mada.

Anonymous said...

Vili should go and join the military SO THAT HE CAN LEARN SOME DISCIPLINE.

Hopefully they WILL SHOVE A GUN UP HIS ARSE, LIKE THEY DID TO that SDL politician.

Fiji Military have been anally probing anyone that is trying to do what is right.

All Mr Speight was guilty of was trying to make DVD's on Democracy and The Disciplined Fiji Military response was to shove a gun up his arse.

By supporting Bainimarama, this is what Vili Rakoro is supporting.

Unknown said...

Anon 12.31 pm

I don't give a damn. To me you're all freaking anonymous racist imbecile. You wanna be treated with respect, well you gotta earn it.

If you care to look with your blinkered glasses you will notice those whom I use demeaning remarks to absolutely deserve it because they started it.

Just like you and them I am not bound by any freaking standard in here. For crying out loud this is a political clog owned by a moron who writes his opinion and everytime you bunch of idiots just walks right into his trap.

Kalou ma reva leqa ma tiko.

Unknown said...

Church won't take me to heaven. God and his word will. You want follow the Church go ahead, you'll make a good team in hell freaking idiot.

Unknown said...

Hahahaha waisere. Qima qoi ma sava va na Ga e Nausori lol.

Unknown said...

Freaking hell another one of the gun and ass crew. Hey whatever you do in your own time is none of my business but don't you dare try and reverse that ass back here or ill get Daulako and his gun to paint you white lol.

Unknown said...

Anon 12:47 pm

Freaking hell another one of the gun and ass crew. Hey whatever you do in your own time is none of my business but don't you dare try and reverse that ass back here or ill get Daulako and his gun to paint you white lol.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Actually Vili, it was when Bainimarama was in charge that the Fiji Military was the "gun and arse crew".
Have they changed or still the same people in there?
Did they ever get investigated after what they did to Speight?
No I didn't think so.
We wouldn't expect that sort of Discipline from Bainimarama and his Army anyway.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili the village Idiot.... ooohhhh lala...I must have seriously hit a nerve spot there...never seen you so jumpy before....your just as I said....PARANOID....lol...and so he reveals himself...and ahem... where is your articulate writing...ha ha ha ululala...

Let me just say a few things to you...

making fun of Frank screaming like a bitch and dashing down the banana plantation...

Well...the camp was attacked by less than 10 men. There were more than 200 soldiers in the camp...Frank with his 200 men fled......Ahhmmm isn't he the commander. Should he not have stood his ground...rallied his troops together and did what Seruvakula had to do for him. Na levu ga ni rere.

Golan Heights surrender...well--Frank running away from battle was the catalyst to the Military white flag mentality...Sa levu rere.

By the way...all the churches that you despise and speak bad about and all the people of Fiji..prayed for those boys...even though we did not like what they did to the people of Fiji and look what our prayers did...Even the soldiers who were released thanked us for our prayers...Oh come on don't tell me you did not pray.

Chiefs and Religious Leaders were behind the CRW attack on the Military camp....where the hell did you make this up from...Oh right...Frank and his paranoia...PARANOID Franky and his brain washing first his soldiers with this military propaganda strategy, which he than extends to the general population and threw in the racist bit of Fijians against Indians and other races....Look even Alibaba who used to agree with you now knows the truth....

Now don't get upset and swear and abuse people on this site... Be articulate and ahemm... academic...

Hey don't forget to take your Ta Frank to Nauluvatu...Sa oca na wawa Doctor Chudary... Shall we send him over... PARANOID FRANK NEEDS A PANADOL.

Anonymous said...

“Dictator Frank Bainimarama’s violent paroxysm of revenge against innocent CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale following November 2000 mutiny at Delainabua barracks; Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz stopped police interview when soldier confessed to killing CRW soldiers on dictator’s orders; Kalounivale’s post-mortem report went missing from Police and DPP files” at http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2012/03/details-of-death-of-crw-soldier.html

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama ordered women to be beaten.

This arsehole should be brought to justice.

This is why there's too much Domestic Violence in Fiji, cos they follow the leader.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili... Hey village Idiot...here is something else for you to ponder about over the weekend....

This is from Ghasi..the very person Frank and Khaiyum appointed to write a new constitution....

Professor Ghai has told Australia Network's Newsline program Commodore Bainimarama's comparisons between the commission's draft and the final product have been flawed.

"I think most dictators have a great capacity for self deception and he may be suffering from that," he said.

"I doubt if he has read the Constitution - he just repeats what his Attorney General tells him to say, and those are his words."

"He has made various statements about our Constitution which are inaccurate in his criticism [and] he has said many things in praise of their Constitution which are inaccurate."

The new document will replace the 1997 constitution that was set aside by the military regime four years ago.

It includes reforms to the electoral system, a clause on free speech and a Bill of Rights.

Professor Ghai says while parts of the final version borrow from his work, they are undermined by other alterations or omissions.

"For example, they have taken a fair bit from our Bill of Rights, but they have an over-arching sort of provision whereby it'd be very easy for Parliament to disregard a human right, whereas in our case there was an article dealing with limitations," he said.

"The whole scheme of a Bill of Rights can come to nought if they declare an emergency [and] there are no safeguards that we had built into the scheme for declaring an emergency.

"So now they have a carte blanche basically to, to de-supply or set aside the whole Bill of Rights."

Well... Not only is Frank PARANOID but suffers from self deception...You better take him up to Nauluvatu....

Woohhhh the trolls trying to track me...lol..

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.....I don't believe it...Vili you made a Lauan comment... WAISERE...

Unknown said...


Yeah you keep presuming the nationalist politicians, chiefs and Church were not responsible for the events of 2000. I suppose their presence around parliament during the coup was also Bainimarama's fault.

And all those people who raped, burned and looted Indians were Bainimarama's fault as well. Maybe the events of the 87 coups was also Bainimarama's fault. As I have mentioned before, your memory only goes back as far as December 2006. You simply refuse to acknowledge the facts that the events of 2000 was the catalyst of the chain of events that culminated in the 2006 coup.

Had your precious nationalist politicians, church and chiefs accepted the Chaudary government that got democratically elected then perhaps none of this would have happened. Have you considered that or was the events of 2000 down to Gods will as the Church claimed.

I have always acknowledged that Bainimarama and the Military are indeed guilty of various transgressions however I maintained that it was the greed and racism of those responsible for the 2000 coup that led to the chain of events that we experienced. You simply cannot ignore those facts. If you do you are just living in denial.

Unknown said...

Daulako 3.07 pm

What you on about you idiot. Stop drinking that cheap Aussie red wine. Aborigines drink that shit and starts hallucinating. Probably explains your tales of root crops business and memory loss in relation to anything before the 2006 coup.

Unknown said...

Anon 2:59 pm

Abuse has been happening long before Bainimarama. Infact Fiji's record compared to other Pacific Islands countries are better.

Anonymous said...

@vili 3.43pm wasn't you also at parliament on that day?Like you said last year in a blog post you participated in the 2000 coup during the looting?when you explained to us (people who asked where were you on that day may19th 2000?)if I can remember correctly what was going on during the 1987 rabuka coup and SVT you also had explained,saying they told your family to go to church support rabuka and something about if your family had no money their names would go on a blackboard naming and shaming etc,also the claims you made of svt era training youths in ammunition and all the cross cuts in peoples back yards robbing and chasing Indian families?

Unknown said...

Anon 6.39 pm

Is that meant to be a joke or you are just incapable of adding something valuable to the debate that you resort to make believe tales. Try again, if not stick to your lots usual derogatory comments.

And do not address me until I give you permission.

Anonymous said...

Treasonous Bainimarama: “Baledrokadroka threatened my life.

”In January 2006 Bainimarama dismissed Lieutenant Colonel Land Force Commander Jone Baledrokadroka claiming that the colonel had attempted to take control of the army and had threatened to kill him.However, Baledrokadroka denied the allegation claiming that he had called Bainimarama to step down over his political attacks against the Laisenia Qarase led SDL-FLP multi-party government. “There was an instant when (Baledrokadroka) threatened my life," Bainimarama told reporters. “He threatened to shoot me, but I hope that threat will have gone away by now,” boasted Bainimarama. Baledrokadroka, however, insisted that he was trying to stop Bainimarama from committing treason.

Anonymous said...

PSC chairman Stuart Huggett assaulted at army camp

On 6 December 2006 Huggett, the British-born architect, business and civil servant, was removed from his post as chairman of the Public Service Commission. Bainimarama had sent his goon squad to break-up a meeting of CEOs which Huggett had called after the treasonous coup.The goons broke up the meeting and detained Huggett and Nainendra Nand, the then Solicitor-General of Fiji. There were unconfirmed reports that the two had been assaulted. The former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer had given some credence to the alleged rumours. While Huggett and Nand remained silent, it was Dinger who confirmed the assault, informing Washington in his Wikileaks cable under the heading, ‘Don’t f*** with military: “When Public Services Commission Chairman Stuart Huggett was taken to the RFMF HQ on Dec. 7, 2006, Commodore Bainimarama kicked Huggett's legs out from under him and beat him around the head, telling him, “Don't f*** with the military.” Earlier reports had said Bainimarama had pulled on Huggett's ear.” A soldier present at the meeting had told me that Bainimarama had his boot on Hugget's neck while threatening the PSC chairman.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili no I'm not joking,I managed to find the bit about your parents you mentioned but I'll look later when I have the time for the other story when you told us you was participating in 2000 coup and the ammunition training bit during SVT in 87.read below

Vili Rakoro said...
As a I Taukei I grew up in a methodist family that supported the old SVT party. As a kid growing up I've been exposed to all the big talk about basically everything.

When I am at the village during school holidays and during the elections of the 90's and early 2000's I can testify that I was in church when talatala and the chief told everyone to vote for the SVT. Few days later both Talatala and the chief have new cars. Everyone else have to worry about their vakamisinari/church fee for being a member as well as their day to day living from foods, school fees and fare, other bills etc etc. And when a family didn't pay their vakamisinari their name is put on a board for all to see. Shaming them publicly for being poor.

I grew up on these so called democratic style by SOLDELPHA old politicians. Lies after lies. Seeing my parents shamed a few times on the board for not being able to pay vakamisinari. And the shame of not being to school coz Dad and mum can't pay school fees.

And now as an adult seeing what Bainimarama has done and wishing it happened in my young time so my folks wouldn't have been shamed and burdened. And then have these SOLDELPHA supporters telling me that I'm blinded by Bainimarama. Gosh where do I start. They have no idea the life we've had as kids of that generation. We're not voting for Bainimarama because we're blind infact it's the complete opposite. For the first time in our life our eyes are so opened and with our experiences through all the previous governments we are choosing enough is enough. We want a new and better Fiji. And Bainimarama with his mandate he's offered that and his delivered most of it for the past 8 years.

Those of you SODELPA supporters who thinks were blind. Let me tell you this I will never ever live under a government that governs like the one my parents lived under. And I'm not alone how do I know this because I am a I Taukei who is from Viti Levu and have families and extended families and friends who all think the same and the election showed that majority of the I Taukei's and Fijians of other origins agrees.

We are the new Fiji.
October 29, 2014 at 12:11 PM

Unknown said...

Anon 8.29 pm

"@vili 3.43pm wasn't you also at parliament on that day?Like you said last year in a blog post you participated in the 2000 coup during the looting?when you explained to us (people who asked where were you on that day may19th 2000?)if I can remember correctly what was going on during the 1987 rabuka coup and SVT you also had explained,saying they told your family to go to church support rabuka and something about if your family had no money their names would go on a blackboard naming and shaming etc,also the claims you made of svt era training youths in ammunition and all the cross cuts in peoples back yards robbing and chasing Indian families?"

That's what you posted. As usual twisting words. Try again idiot.

Unknown said...

Anon 8.29 pm

The fact that I witness first hand the brutality of the transgressions in 2000 coup is why I have been consistently condemning it. The 2006 coup did not even come close in comparison.

From your make believe tale which you posted it seems you do to therefore the fact that you are ignoring it makes you a hypocrite and a coward. Most of you in here simply choose to ignore the reality that the transgressions of the 2000 coup was far more devastating than the 2006 one.

And that is why the current government won convincingly in the election because majority of people both I Taukei's and other ethnicities witness the transgressions of the 2000 coup and have realised that they simple do not want a repeat of those dark events.

Anonymous said...

"This is another initiative being pushed down the throats of Fiji, just like changing the Fiji flag. "

Some people say that the only language we understand in the south pacific is "force". I suppose there is a little bit of truth in it, sadly. Without force, Fiji would have had a hard time to reach modern era, but I suppose it has to stop somewhere...

Changing the flag is nonetheless a much better idea, but it seems that nobody is able to design a nice flag in Fiji... The old (current) flag is outdated (no disrespect to England) and all we have seen so far is more or less ridiculous or meaningless! But I reckon the simplified Cakobau flag proposed some time ago was a brilliant idea. Simple is beautiful, Meaningful is beautiful. Maybe if the military keeps an eye towards the sky they will get the message one day.

For Fiji, ever Fiji.

Anonymous said...

5.53am...yes Rt Cakobau flag is a better one to replace our current one. We have no choice now with the dictating authority upon us.A new one will be raised on Fiji Day So let's at least get together to push this through, it could be our last hope. For that person who spelt out the meaning. .our own nation anthem. Bring it back. .
Like Paula had said. .my county brings tears , my heart cries for Fiji.
Isa noqu Viti..Au na cibitaka...
Blessing grant. ....

Anonymous said...

Immediately after the general election of 2000 in which the FLP won the majority of votes and MPC became the PM, it was generally known that there was going to be coup. About year later, it happened but Bainimarama, even though he had more knowledge about the imminent coup than the general public, conveniently absented himself from the country. This clearly showed us that he cowardly was behind the coup and leaving us to the mercy of his henchmen to suffer the effects of his treasonous intentions and then leaving all the blame on Speight and the CRW soldiers who turned against Bainimarama after they were "liumuri(ed)".

However diligent any person tries argue the fact that Bainimarama was not the instigator of the 2000 coup, the apparent evidences speak for themselves.

Vili Rakoro has stated that the 2000 coup was worse than the 2006 coup, yet the traitor to our beloved Fiji, Bainimarama, who was commander of the RFMF during both incidents, is still highly regarded and worshipped by Rakoro. When two coups, insurgency, plus rebellion in the RFMF during one person's watch in which soldiers and civilians alike were murdered, it is an obvious fact that the commander had indeed FAILED during his watch. This stigma will stick to his name like indelible dye.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Anonymous 8.23 am

We have constantly heard about that conspiracy theory before. Unfortunately it is well known that the 2000 coup was due to the hardline nationalist politicians, chiefs and Church.

All your attempts to discredit Bainimarama remains futile simply because the people who witnessed such transgressions actually know the truth. If you are going to attempt to spin your conspiracy theory at least do it better.

There were other theories such as Speight Mahogany business contracts and various private enterprise. However these were all conspiracy theories.

It was common knowledge in 2000 that there would be a coup if Labour won and Chaudary became PM. The usual fear mongering such as loosing lands and other resources became the hot coconut wireless gossip.

The simple facts though is that the nationalist Politicians knew they were going to loose therefore they planned for it when it does actually become a reality which it did.

There were rumours that these self serving politicians approach the Church who knew by supporting them would be financially beneficial and together they approach the Military to execute a coup d'etat.

Bainimarama then refused to do it. However there were certain elements in the military specifically the CRW that got won over by Ligairi and financial benefits.

Bainimarama thought that after he turned down their approach it was the end of it. He did not expect that some of his boys would actually do what they did.

Now fast forward to after Bainimarama had regain control and given Qarase the interim government. Then the election which Qarase won. Bainimarama before giving Qarase the interim position told him that the Military is behind him and he has to manage the country and bring those responsible for the coup to justice.

Qarase then not only refused but actually started recruiting the same politicians to his cabinet. Bainimarama was furious because he knew who those politicians were, they were the same ones who approached him about executing the coup.

So Bainimarama reminded Qarase about what he was supposed to in relation to those responsibled for the coup. By this time Qarase has become too big headed and greedy. So Qarase tried to get Bainimarama removed which the Military council categorically refused knowing his true intentions.

And the rest as they say is history.

Anonymous said...

@8:23 and@1:03PM

it's hard to know what is true...
is it true that Rabuka gave the signal to soldiers in 2000 to storm the parliament?
Rt Mara said that when he looked into Rabuka's eyes, he knew he was the man behind the 2000 coup...

that's quite a lot of f****ng conspiracy!!!

oh Truth, where are thou?

Anonymous said...

Update: 12:09PM PEOPLE who signed a petition that was presented in Parliament recently want it withdrawn.

The petition regarding the conversion of Nadroga/Navosa High School into a technical institute was presented in Parliament by the Opposition.

A Department of Information statement said parents who signed the petition met with the Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy yesterday to clear the air on the reasons for the petition.

But, the statement said the parents later apologised for their decision and said they supported the move by the Government.

Same old, same old tactics..........................

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro
You got tons of information regarding the 2000 and 2006 events and I wonder where you get them from. Are you getting all these from Bainimarama?
What J Daulako is saying all along about your propagating is true . Now what is the ulterior motive? Why you so hell bent in selling your body, mind, soul, even your own relative, your own people, your church, your vanua to protect and fight for the Dictator Bainimarama. Imagine the cruelty you subjected your body to , in the name of Bainimarama...sa voraki na matanidemu...Vili I'm not kidding..read the derogatory remaks, the vulgar words wielded at your anal. Why sacrificing��
Is it because of financial gain(extra $ in your pocket). Its obvious..that the FMF IT think tank is unable to stop and break C45. Instead, the FMF employed a disgruntled, hate filled, anti taukei person in VR to be their propaganda tool.
Reading 8.23am's post, I beleive that your 1.03pm response is more of a conspiracy theory than 8.23s reality. Refer to Victor Lals exposition on what had actually happen that led to the 2006 coup. Go to Fijileaks and hunt for hard evidence rather than insinuating. The 2006 was planned well before it was carried out. To save his BIG ARSEHOLE and to suppress HIS THUGGERY and THIEVERY in regards to the FMF regimental loan account, he has to carry out the coup. To SAVE HIS ARSEHOLE and Secure his COWARDICE, he has to carry out the coup.
Despite being told and advised by his senior officers that they are not supporting him with the coup, he went ahead and fired them. Reason for their termination - insubordination. That's what Victor has on Fijileaks. Thanks Victor if you're reading this, post the article again(PS Waqainasau to Min of Home Affairs ), Letters from FMF senior rankings to the commander Frank . Confrontation in the ministers office, Frank came with his armed bociguard and swore at his boss - the PS Col Waqainasau who was having a meeting with the Minister. Minister had to intervene to quell the fiery coward Bainimarama.
If you look at what Bainimarama is doing, he is using people to his benefits . The bociguards for his protection, he is using Khaiyum to conduct the affairs of the govt for his benefit, and now VR as tonguepiece to counter the anti regime's remarks on c45 for his benefit.
Use your intellect mind Vili and evaluate what's goings-on to see the reality that Fiji is run by a coward who is using people including you to his benefits.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 6.19 pm

Yes of cause you are going to believe Anon 8.23 pm and others that helps you justify your own conspiracy theory about how Bainimarama supposedly planned it all.

You lot incessantly blatter about how Bainimarama is supposedly stupid yet from your theory about how he allegedly planned it all to perfection makes him appear like a very intelligent man. So which is it, make up your mind.

Unless of cause you have no idea whatsoever on what had actually transpired. The only thing you are certain of is your hatred for Bainimarama, which could stem from a variety of reasons such as your personal and political affiliation with his oppositions.

Therefore consumed with hatred you perceive anyone disagreeing with you as part of Bainimarama's grand master plan.

On the last bit of your comment you stated that I should use my intellect mind and evaluate what's going on to see the reality. My question to you is have you. Perhaps you should follow your own advice.

Anonymous said...

As President Obama heralded the Iranian nuclear deal on Tuesday as the dawn of a “safer” and “more hopeful” world, his staunchest allies in the Middle East — Israel and Saudi Arabia — warned of the exact opposite. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “historic mistake” that will only make it easier for Iran to build a nuclear bomb. A Saudi diplomat, meanwhile, told the Washington Post that his country took the deal as a “green light” to pursue its own nuclear program, arguing that step would be necessary to defend against a nuclear-armed Iran.

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims brothers around the world, Muslim haters, Muslim lovers, Muslim neutral, non-Muslims etc. May Allahtala grant each and everyone on this blog the wisdom to see good, do good and be good.

Anonymous said...

@7:20 PM Planning a coup, Fiji-style' doesn't require much intellect, sadly. All you need is a reason to be disgruntled... and guns. The people are fairly passive.

What I find suspicious is this simple fact: Bainimarama used the ridiculous excuse of a "clean-up campaign" to justify his coup. From my observation of the iTaukei culture, there is a weird tendency to defend oneself by making the exact same accusations against the opposite side!!! For example, I have been accused in the past of "corruption" when I confronted someone who was stealing money from her employer... It was coming from nowhere, just like that... weird!

since the coup was justified by a so-called "clean-up campaign", I am inclined to think that VB did quite a few dirty things... but then such are the ways of a lot of people in the Matanitu ko Viti... Shall we people suffer each time a thief is helping himself? We all know Chaudry, Qarase, Rabuka, even Mara, were not all clean, but so are we at the grass root level sadly :( It would have been better not to disturb the tiger in his cage... even if that is an obnoxious idea. We are not enough stable and developped to afford the kind of justice we dream of.

Fiji needs to grow up. It will take a lot of wisdom to move forward... we need to keep the actions of this pseudo-goverment in check, but at the same time we need to move on while waiting for all our current politicians to pass away...

Anonymous said...


We have no option BUT to move on. The government has invented Decrees to suit or protect itself. The judiciary and law enforcers all think alike. We have had enough mistreatment/oppression from the Military goons in the past to keep the people in check. Spies have eyes and ears on those who are dissenters! The ongoing repetitive drill pill we swallow in the dailies and media about "moving the country forward" and "we are now progressing" and "a new Fiji", "lets move on" coupled with the FORCEFUL laws being imposed upon the masses. Are we not moving forward? Of course we are, we have no other option! Our intellect however says otherwise.

The people have every right to voice their dissatisfaction and disapproval and point out the injustices unlawful and corrupt practices of this government.

But yes, because the people today have "no backbones" to actually publicly protest, you are quite right with what you stated ..."we need to move on while waiting for all our current politicians to pass away".

We are grateful for Coup 4.5 and FijiLeaks for providing real news hence the reason why people flock to these blogsites. The Fiji Sun may as well be used for wrapping kitchen garbage etc. So one-sided and a thick batch of useless reading come Saturday.

We opt for the Fiji Times and come here to be kept updated for the "real thing" kept secret in high places!!

Sad story but that is the real situation.

Apisai Natuva said...

Military training in all schools?? Is this optional or compulsory??

The way its been we probabaly dont have a choice.

This military of ours in its current form is the worst thing that our

children should be exposed to

If anything our children should be shielded from an institution that

promotes these values :


























I will ban my children from taking part in this STUPID PROPOSAL and all right thinking law abiding parents should do the same.

Anonymous said...

I just love the way the Opposition is supporting the great idea of reducing the hours of sitting in parliament, even though they... dont't support the idea as it is bad for democracy. But it shows exactly what you said: there are no backbones in Fiji :(

moce mada!

Anonymous said...

@10:54AM very true... but the sad thing is that all the things you said also apply yto your average Fijian or Indian... what we see in the military and government is what we see at the grass root level... don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili the village idiot.... your attempts to defend your Ta Frank is futile...you have been drawn in and I watch you being quartered.........you have now admitted your Ta Frank was aware of 2000 coup. You stated at 1:03 that Frank was approached to execute the 2000 coup but refused....that is what has been known all this time that the Commander of the Military knew about the plans for the 2000 coup...and supported it....the question many of us ask is why he and the Military did not extinguish it before it was executed. The simple answer is because he supported it. Only when he made the mad sonalevu dash to save his own life and left all the true soldiers behind to battle the CRW that the Paranoia set it.... you are its mouth piece of paranoia on this site.... unbelievable how you continue blaming churches and chiefs....where is your proof....of course there were the radicals but who were behind them.... you yourself harp that Fijians have no money...something like a coup had to be financed.... the church and chiefs have no money
...than do tell us villiage idiot ...where could the motivation to execute the 87, 2000 and 2006 coup come from....someone or some group had that kind of doss to motivate others to do their bidding....

Anonymous said...

To make it simple...the coup of 2000 was not finance by any business man nor was there any influence from politician, it was the pre plan that the coup should be disguise as a CIVILLIAN coup and military will come in as this was already planned by the commander and some senior officer. Only thing was to find out which person is best person to allow this military personnel to storm parliament by using his vehicle. So George was best man because his dad his member of parliament and that how it was executed.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili the village idiot...... you know its the soldiers who had the weapons and training.... not chiefa of church leaders... in fact the military approached and sowed the seed with chiefs and others to gain the support of the people..... no one but the soldier like Rabuka.....rebel soldiers with speight and Frank the coward held the guns and used it to commit the coup... not the chiefs or preachers as you say..... the military wanted pendanium and they got it through the fuck around men of the street....hard men syevedoers and thugs.... unfortunately the people particularly fijians toom advantage of the situation and looted... than you had the effect of what the military wanted....diversion....everything focussed on these chiefs abd rekigious leaders and Frank in his paranoia blames them..... he forgets that the real threat will come from within.... the chiefs and religious leaders do not have the capacity or knowledge to execute what has happened and all three coups of 87, 2000 and 2006....only the military had the capacity.... we are talking about senior military men who have the capacity to understand and realsw right and wrong.... why blame chiefs and religious leaders now when they had the capability to prevent the coup from happening and i mean all three coups..... they all knew about it including Frank....some felt guilty about it opposed it and were kicked out or walked away...others used it as a means of gaining and they all have.... they all know this and the military leaders will contjnue the propoganda of raci and propoganda against chiefs and religious leaders.... the diversion has worked for them fpe 8 years....Rabuka and Speight did the same to Ratu Mara whose name God bless his soul continues to come up in this bitter propoganda to divert everything from the mitary. The military pretend and act like pawns and victims of this political game claiming influence from chiefs and religious leaders but think about it.... all three coups would not have veen succesful if the military did not have the support of the chiefs and leaders across Fiji and they used racism to gai it from Chiefs and others...... mow they use it within the military and in introducing military training in schools will continue their propoganda and division.... what these fijian soldiers do not wish to accept nor admit is that their actions destroyed and set our nation back..... behind all the facade that Frank and the military may porotray....we see beyond all that........it needs to be exposed.... back to gain..... some within society had to gain in all events that gappened and i mean the coups.... senior military soldiers and CRW admit being offered large amounts of money for their support... who are these people or organisations that supported these coups financially Vili...
Somekne did otherwise ut would not have happened....who has that kin d of doss Vili..
You yourself cant believe that Fijians can have that kind of money so who did you village idiot.....

Anonymous said...

It's no use looking for answers where rule of law does not exist because the truth has been twisted, to mean something else.

Unknown said...


That's a nice little story to tell your illetarate mates around the grog bowl. Amusing how you assume so much to the point you actually believe your own bullshit.

These idea about Frank supposedly planning it all especially the 2000 coup is frankly getting boring. Stop making shit up or listening to bullshit from whoever is brainwashing you.

You must be closely linked with the Church and preachers because you strongly defend them. You see all these soldiers from the high ranks to the bottom they belong to a village and a church. That's is where they first get brainwashed by Chiefs and Church.

They only join the military when they are adults so blaming the military for all of Fiji's coup is absolutely bullshit. The Church in Fiji is a freaking corrupt institutions because it it no longer a holy institution. It can claim to be religious but they are just a business.

Their teachings is no longer based on the bible. The vakamisinari is a membership payments. No where in the Bible does God say we have to pay to be a member of his club. The tithe as well, the bible advices we give it to the weak, orphans and widows. But the church says give it to church or Talatala. How freaking embarrassing. How can you support an religious organisation that does not even follow the religious doctrine which is the bible.

Everytime I bring this up you change the subject to Bainimarama and Politicians because you know I'm right. This military men and politicians gets brainwashed by the church since they were young to disobey God. In the bible God says one thing, the church tells this young kids future politicians and military men to do another thing.

And they grow up and do the wrong thing. Hellloooo the root of that was planted by the freaking church. God is not present in Church anymore therefore this kids no longer have his blessing so is it any surprise they make wild decisions.

And now you are all angry and surprise about whatever is happening. Hellooo people if you choose to disobey Gods word then don't be surprise if bad things happens to you.

Unknown said...

The Church, Talatala's and Chiefs are corrupt to the core. They manipulate the word of God to people so they can receive monetary rewards or gifts in other forms.

Most of these people especially villagers are poor yet the church keeps taking from them. The elderly some of whom the Government gives them state benefits like money. And the Church swoops in and take their money through vakamisinari, tithe, Soqosoqo ni Turaga and Marama, church functions etc. What a freaking pathetic way to treat the people.

The military may have committed 4 coups however the church does that every year since even before independent. That is over 40 years of corruption.

Anonymous said...

@6:32 AM I think it's been posted on a few facebook pages.

Anonymous said...

So Vili are you saying that well educated senior military leaders were brain washed by the church and chiefs to commit all the coups of 87 and 2000. That the senior military leaders were t o dumb and stupid to make the right decision and prevent the coups from happening. By the way...JD did not say Frank planned the 2000 coup. He says Frank supported it otherwise Frank being the commander at that time would have prevented it..... can you explain what has soli or giving tithes got to do with the coup.... people have to take responsibility for their own actions. Are you saying that the methodist since they first brought christianity to fiji in 1800 have been brainwashing us to soli....thats the way it has been since the europeans brought the word of God to Fiji...all these soli.... perhaps if ypu disagree...instead of being a key board warriror figjting against christians who believe in God...you have the right and choice to seek another belief...you dont need to be a christian....

Anonymous said...

I recently joined the Fiji Military in two years ago and JD is right...All Frank harps about is the Chiefs and Church's and he blames them for the coup of 2000 and attempted assassination of his life. He also harps about how the Chiefs and churches especially the Methodist are greedy and take everything. We as Fijians understand and accept our hierachial system. We were also all born Christians though different denomination. Vili can call it brainwashing all he can but it is our individual choices to give to the church. Every religious organisation requires donation from its members to ensure its survival so the various soli in the Methodist is no different to other denominations Catholics, Anglicans, Bahai, LDS, Seven Day and all the modern churches take donations from their members. Even the other religious groups Hindoo, Muslim, Buddhism, Judaism....all take donations from their members. Are we like Vili says all being brainwashed....Hmmm....Many of us who joined the Military have university degrees because we could not get jobs and we are in the cadet scheme and wonder now what really is happening.

Anonymous said...

JD is right...The coup of 1987, 2000 and 2006 were all executed by Fiji's Military. Rabuka in 1987, Rebel Soldiers in 2000 and Frank in 2006. The Chiefs and Methodist whom the Miltary attack continuously did not have the weapons required to execute the coup. It was the Military who raised their concerns with an Indian PM and how it may impact upon them. The Military sowed the popoganda of racism and division. JD is right about how the military in all 3 coups cleverly diverted attention from them and directed it at the heart of the Fijian people, the Chiefs and the Methodist church. We have all read and been told of how terrible Chiefs are, taking everything, Churchs taking everything from the people. That is the only thing that the Military continues to raise today and they use every means including this blog site to continue that diversion. It allows the military to sit quietly in the backdrop, let Indians and Fijians and other races tear each others throats out and justify their illegal action of treason and the coup. Today all Fijians know that Rabuka's coup of 1987 was not for the Fijians. Every Fijian knows the George Speights coup of 2000 was not for the Fijians. The Fijian people have not gained anything out of it only the unscrupulous senior military soldiers like Rabuka and all his cohorts and Frank and all his cohorts.

Anonymous said...

This dumb fuckwit Vili Cavuka is indeed a fucking idiot.

KUA NI RERE said...

The funny thing is Bainimarama ( and Kaiyum and the conman Vili) keeps talking about
"those ELITE" and
"those CHEIFS" and

And now after 9 years in power Bainisona hasn't been able to point any of them out , let alone convict any of them.


According to CRW soldiers their Commander Bainimarama gave the order, not Rabuka, not some Methodist Minister or Racist Fijian OR SOME OTHER BULLSHIT FIGMENT OF HIS IMAGINATION...


WHY ?...BECAUSE THERE WERE NONE. ONLY BAI HIMSELF masterminded the 2000 Coup.

All these talk about Elites and Methodist Ministers and Racist Fijians ARE ALL BULLSHIT.


Anonymous said...

@1:19 PM Everybody is somehow connected in Fiji... church, military, businesses, government, etc...
this is a mentality of the vanua, of the people.

Bainimarama is giving free rides to some relatives. Abuse of office... I know one case but I can't talk.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Hey Vili. Even someone like you who is blind to the misdeeds of Frank will agree that the coups and i mean all of them were conducted by the Military. At least stop behaving like a child on this issue. All the evidence is out their. To the other bloggers who are blaming the Military. Yes the Military did carry out the treasonous events what is bothersome though is the fact that the Majority of the Chiefs and the Churches not only supported the coups well at least the 3 prior to 2006 but some also participated in Indian bashing rioting etc. I have always regarded the i-taukei as the most hypocritical Christians in the world. You pray like their is no tomorrow yet you sin more. During the coups most i-taukei blatantly ignored some of the most basic pillars of Christianity i.e. love your neighbor, treat all as you would like to be treated, thou shall not steal etc etc. The herd mentally that most i-taukei posses is the reason why most remain in the dark ages to this day.

The greater sin was and always will be the silence of the Churches and the prominent members of the i-taukei society when wrong was done in the name of nationalism.

Wrong is wrong period.


Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Alibaba...I remember my father telling me when the coup happened in 1987, he was only a young men at that time and he had no idea what it meant. Majority of the people of Fiji had no idea what the coup meant or what was happening.

Behind the scene, what had happened was that Rabuka had planned every detail out well including seeking and gaining the support from Nationalist, some Chiefs and some Religious leaders...Everyone was blinded by the Military Racist Propoganda at that time, that Indians were going to take over Fiji, Fijian Land and Fiji would be a Little India. That was the Military propaganda. They propagated fear into the Fijians and the Fijians took up the challenge. 99% of the attacks that were carried out against Indians were carried out by hired thugs from the wharf and street men. They led all the attacks throughout Suva and the looting. Majority of the Fijians followed like sheep but many were there more out of curiosity of what was happening then anything. You know Alibaba, Frank Bainimarama was one of those Fijians who supported the 1987 coup.

The same happened in 2000. Senior Military Officers were jostling over who to execute the coup. What they could not get too was Frank. The only problem with Frank was that though he did not want to be part of the 2000 coup, he did not do ANYTHING to prevent or stop it. In fact, he also supported the 2000 coup and has made a number of statements confirming this. The same Military propaganda was used, racism against Indians, gain support from Chiefs and Religious Leaders and divert the attention to the Chefs and Religious Leaders. You can see the same method used with propaganda documents faxed from Government offices and distributed throughout villages and churches by the Military. Ratu Mara did not support the coup so they attacked Ratu Mara and the same story about Ratu Mara that circulated in 1987 came back up in 2000.

Frank could have but did nothing to stop the 2000 coup. His actions thereafter to bring down the rebel group is commendable however, he went further. Unfortunately his heart was filled with vengeance and his mind PARADOID after his near miss assassination attempt.

Frank through his command resulted in brutality, beatings, rapes, murders of so many citizens never experienced before.

On top of that, he continued with the Military propaganda of race hate, citing the Fijian attacks upon Indians, separating the vanua and the church.

I have said it before and I will say it again, what the Military have now caused is a country that will never rid itself of coups. Frank cannot guarantee it wont happen again and the greatest likelihood is that it will and the only one to commit another coup will be the military. They have gained from the coup.

Historically the military should have been disbanded after the Malaya campaign. Ratu Mara's biggest mistake was accepting Fiji's participation with UNIFIL. That gave the Military the financial support they needed and the ground to declare the need to maintain am army in the Defense Forces. The Samoan PM was right, what do we need a military for. Who are we fighting.

The Nation of Fiji should no more be fooled by the Military, an organisation that owes its existence to the people of Fiji who pay their wages.

There is more to it than meets the eye Alibaba and that is why I say, the Military needs to reconcile itself to the people of Fiji, for what they have done and allowed to happen and that is the three coups.
The Military has destroyed Fiji and will continue to do so until stopped.

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Ali...

I recently had a discussion with Jone Baledrokadrokoa in ACT and Seruvakula in NZ and they both said the same thing as JD. The ex Military leaders that decided to walk away from the Military are ashamed of what the Military had become following the 1987 coup and 2000 coup and now at its worst the 2006 coup. They agree the citizens continue to be hoodwinked and the Indians and Fijians are driven into racist propaganda by the Military. The Military find the Fijians easier to manage by keeping them divided particularly the Lauans and people of Kadavu who seem to always produce some of the greatest Fijian minds and leaders. The lieutenants and warrant officers and most of the Captains have no idea. The foot soldiers... well they just YES SIR and never NO SIR so they are easily propoganded into the Military ideals. Anyone in the military who disagree..is shown the door or leave on their own accord. If they are a big threat, it is not hard to drum up something to have them charged and convicted. Look at what happened to Driti and Roko Ului...Frank felt they were a threat and started the military propaganda that these two men were planning to assassinate him...When Paranoia sets in, your mind believes anything even if its shit.

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Ali...

I recently had a discussion with Jone Baledrokadrokoa in ACT and Seruvakula in NZ and they both said the same thing as JD. The ex Military leaders that decided to walk away from the Military are ashamed of what the Military had become following the 1987 coup and 2000 coup and now at its worst the 2006 coup. They agree the citizens continue to be hoodwinked and the Indians and Fijians are driven into racist propaganda by the Military. The Military find the Fijians easier to manage by keeping them divided particularly the Lauans and people of Kadavu who seem to always produce some of the greatest Fijian minds and leaders. The lieutenants and warrant officers and most of the Captains have no idea. The foot soldiers... well they just YES SIR and never NO SIR so they are easily propoganded into the Military ideals. Anyone in the military who disagree..is shown the door or leave on their own accord. If they are a big threat, it is not hard to drum up something to have them charged and convicted. Look at what happened to Driti and Roko Ului...Frank felt they were a threat and started the military propaganda that these two men were planning to assassinate him...When Paranoia sets in, your mind believes anything even if its shit.

Anonymous said...

Military told to 'own up'

Tevita Vuibau
Saturday, July 18, 2015

RFMF chief of staff Commander Viliame Naupoto says Fiji needs to start looking at the military as a tool of nation building instead of a watchdog to be released when all else fails.

He made the comments at the Fiji multi-stakeholder security symposium in response to a question on whether the military would take responsibility and apologise for the role it has played in the past 30 years in Fiji.

Commander Naupoto said it was wrong to blame the military for the events of the past 30 years saying instead there were ideologies such as ethno nationalism that contributed to the coups and following instability.

He said at this point in time the military was no longer part of Government adding that "saying for the military to return to the barracks" was an "incorrect attitude".

"If you keep the military in the barracks you are treating the military like watchdogs, that was what happened years ago, if police, if something happens and police cannot handle it you release this dog that will come in and do the job that is there," Commander Naupoto said.

"I think the change is that the military should be like a house dog and not the watchdog, it should be part of nation building. The military is a good nation building tool."

However Opposition parliamentarian Roko Tupou Draunidalo said it was time the military be held accountable for their roles in the past 30 years.

"They should start talking about their roles in the last 30 years, they should exhibit some shame in the hundred of millions of dollars that they have taken away from schools and hospitals in this country," Roko Tupou said.

"They should start talking openly about that and how they contributed to this economy, the unemployment rates, all this we must leave at their door and ask them to start accounting, we don't care if you have weapons."

She said it was the job of every citizen, parliamentarian and the democratically elected Prime Minister to do this and to tell the military where they stood in the scheme of things.

Commander Naupoto said they were working to change the attitudes of people in the RFMF and towards the RFMF saying that while it will take time, it's something they are doing.

Anonymous said...

The best long term solution for Fiji is the Military to be reduced to about 500 men. Their role should be more ceremonial like guarding the President and providing support to the police like a tactical armed unit with some offshore deployments. In a serious war with modern weaponry our Military would be eaten alive in a day. All it will take is a surgical strike from the air and its all over. Point is aside from scaring and beating up its own citizens our Military is impotent against the modern well equipped armies of the developed world and we are certainly not going to fight the Tongans anytime soon.

The rest of the boys should be absorbed into the Police force and other areas of government. Their budget is to be reduced and allocated to other government ministries. We need a more robust Police force with better resources.The only way to end the coup culture is to make the Military irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

@8.55pm Modern Weapon's failed in Iraq,Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam and North Korea.For goodness sake the taliban fought wearing flip flops,outdated weaponry,Toyota hilux,bicycle s,kids walkie talkies and damn donkeys to carry cargo yet they booted the Soviet Union, US,NATO and other ancient armies in history out of their country,which gives them the title AFGHANISTAN:THE GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES.

Anonymous said...

Naupoto's response is just as Josateki Daulako called it.... this time they dont want to be blamed for the coups again shifting the blame trying to divert things towards groups they call ethno Nationalism. They the military used these Nationalist like Taniela Veitata and others. Taniela V was instrumental in pulling in the thugs and criminals who caused mayhem on the streets of Suva attacking Indians and looting, planting bombs and moving military propoganda throughout Fiji. Josefa Waqabaca has a lot to say about this. The military gave them guns alcohol drugs to carry all this out....in the end the military started to lose control over these ethno nationalist and reigned them in and beat them up and tortured them. The military executed it well that the chiefs and religious leaders copped the blame and they thought for the right reasons. Even those senior soldiers who left knowing this are too embarrassed to admit to it. The so called ethno nationalist will continue to be used as a racial tool of hatred to fuel the Indians and other races and in turn, the Fijians are being split up.

Unknown said...


You think you are clever aren't you. Posting as anonymous bloggers all supporting yourself as well as Kua ni ReRe. All the anonymous bloggers posting messages that supports you including kua ni rere all seems to have the same idea as you so it's safe to assume you are indeed all of them.

As I've mentioned before. Your story are lovely around the grog bowl with your illetarate mates. You mentioned it is a choice to give soli to the church. How freaking bullshit, the vakamisinari is forced. Those who do not give it have their names written on black boards or mentioned out loud in church. The church doesn't receive because people chooses to give. It dictates to people to give period.

It really is pathetic how you wanna cover up the transgressions of 2000 coups. The Church, Chiefs and nationalist politicians were responsible for the coup in 2000 and all the abuse carried out against Indians. The military led by Bainimarama came to the nations rescue.

Rather than reducing the military, perhaps we should have a rigorous procedure when choosing politicians who has the green light to stand for election. And being a chief should not automatically qualify you to it.

We should also force the church to stop dictating to people to give them money in the form of vakamisinari, tithe, Soqosoqo ni Turaga and Marama and other useless functions.

Unknown said...

And please taking the word of disgruntled former military men who have abandoned the country is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Those idiots are freaking illetarate who got promoted through back door channel whilst in the military. Take for example Mara who is a useless piece of crap. Even his speech posted on YouTube is an embarrassment. What a freaking idiot.

And people who listens and follow them, well it's safe to assume they are all freaking illetarate. And majority of them probably are there illegally.

You see our generation here in Fiji. Our academic levels and qualifications are on par with the rest of the world. Most of us would be able to secure professional high end jobs in Australia and New Zealand. Majority of these Fijian Sodelpa supporters in those countries are there illegally or work in freaking minial jobs like supermarkets shelf stackers or picking apples from farms.

And they come in here and pretend to be expert in fields they know nothing about. I have been to Australia and New Zealand on work purposes and saw all of this first hand.

Most of them think because they are abroad they are better which is sad really.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili.... aha the village idiot is back to join us..... Vili only an idiot like you will spreas false lies and demean something held spiritually savred by people who choose to give to God... call it what you like and demean the principles of a church but people know better now more than ever.... run off now to my kai yanuyanu Naupote and perhaps the two of ypu can come back with a better military strategy to keep the people divided. Your military racial policies of division is yawn.... boring....these church practises will remain and so will the soqosoqo ni marama and turaga.... funny though cause majority of soldiers practise religioysly what you denounce.... your making yourself out i to a bigger fool and idiot....au sa lomani iko dina....kua niko caqeta jiko na matani moto.....

Anonymous said...

A watchdog and a housedog are the same. They both are fed by their master.... the people of the nation pay taxes to pay the military who should listen to the people who are their master. Dont bite the hand that feeds you or you will be thrown out eventually dog.. .

Unknown said...

So to recap, you lot are basing your coup and military analysis on the words of disgruntled former military men who have abandoned the country. Top class idiots who only got promoted through back door channels and not because of their ability as military officers.

And on the Church soli front you are stating that all religions do and if people don't want to soli they should join another religion. Freaking idiots.

Nowhere in the bible does it say you have to soli because other religion does it and if you choose not to then join another religion. What idiotic hypocrites you are.

Howabout a third option don't be a member of the Church but still be a Christian. Follow Gods command in the bible. Rather then giving your hard earn cash forcefully to the Church as vakamisinari or tithe Howabout actually doing as God commands which is help those who are in need the most such as the weak, widows and Orphans. And maybe God will bless you.

All these bullshit so called Christians preach are nothing but pure lies and it's no surprise bad things are happening to them. Because they are disobeying God. No wonder all these non Christians call you hypocrites because that is exactly who you are.

Unknown said...

Daulako the bullshitter strongly advising people to blindly give their hard earn cash to Church eventhough it goes against everything God teaches.

We shall see who God unless his rath on. Those that follows his command or those that disobey it.

Unknown said...

All those people following blindly you need to read your bible again because that is the only command that you should follow.

If you know God tells you to do one thing and you do the opposite because the Church and Talatala's says so then ask yourself this, who will bless you God or Talatala, also more importantly who should you be worried about disobeying God or Talatala.

Don't be a sheep and blindly follow the crowd. I am sure you have all had relatives or friends or even yourselves who have moaned about having being expected to give so much of your hard earn cash to Church in the form of vakamisinari, tithe, Soqosoqo ni Turaga and Marama and other useless functions. And you still give because you don't want to look bad in front of the community or Talatala. Well guess what, walk away. You don't even have to say goodbye or let anyone know.

Don't allow yourself to continue be a slave to the Church. Have the wisdom and strength to actually become a true Christians through Gods command rather then a Christian that the Church forces you to be.

We all know the command Jesus said. His house is not in Church it is in you. Where ever you go Gods church goes with you because it is within you. I am no Talatala and I admit to be a sinner however I believe that the only way to be a good Christian is to follow Gods command in the bible and not the Church or Talatala's command. Don't let their fear mongering continue to stop you from getting Gods blessing.

Anonymous said...

It's not their fighting spirit or their outdated weaponry that gave them victory. It's the dangerous terrain and weather that forced great armies to abandon Afghanistan. They abandoned , not defeated. The great Ghengis Khan and his army, Alexander the great were amongst them. The 911 war on Afghanistan changed this when the cork eyed Taliban leader and his men vanished into these terrains. They were defeated.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Again you're leading the attack on the church, the bible and it's teachings.
From now on can you quote scriptures from the bible to support your attack. "Quotes" please not hearsay.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 5.30 am

Most of you lot claim to be Christians therefore I do not need to educate you on the scriptures. If you need a quote open your bible and read the new testament. My advice read it all till Revelations. Pray to God to help you understand and make sense of his word.

Do not rely on people be it Talatala's or anyone. Reasons being most of these ones will nit pick and twist the words to suite their agenda. One most important factor which I guarantee there's no where in the bible advices is the action of giving and helping. The vakamisinari, tithe and various other groups and functions which the Church dictates for you to give them is not stated in the Bible.

Vakamisinari is a membership payments. God clearly states he does not charge money on anyone wanting to be a member of his club or Kingdom. He advices that you help the weak, widows and Orphans period. Therefore when you give money to church and Talatala you are disobeying God. He says to give them a glass of water. Why, because he will pay them.

So if they are not getting paid from God then that's their fault. And because they continue to disobey God and not receive his blessing they have dictated to you to pay them instead. What a pathetic behaviour.

In the world one of the richest organisation is the Catholic Church yet their members around the world many are struggling. In Fiji it's the Methodist Church yet many of its members struggle daily.

So if you look at Fiji's history, we've had 4 coups. And you wonder why, because we portray ourselves as a Christian land. Well perhaps we need to re examine that. Is it because we say we are Christians but we do not exactly live by its teachings. We have made up various protocols and tradition and humanly deem it to be spiritual. We have forgotten that the only one who would deem us worthy is God. And his word clearly lays out what we need to do to be blessed.

So 4 coups, racial hatred, daily struggles etc. Well that clearly demonstrate that we are definitely not following his rules right. Pretending otherwise is just delaying the truth.

So we ask why delay and twist. Well look at the Church. They clearly enjoy the perks of receiving millions of dollars from blinded members who have been manipulated to give in the hope of being blessed. Well if you keep denying the truth and keep following the false rules of the church then you will be waiting a long long time.

It really isn't hard or complicated. Gods advice is pretty simple. Follow his command and receive his blessings. That is the rule. Break it then you will continue to play the blame game and continue to struggle.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.50. You seriously believe that our overfed fat as pigs Army will stand up to an Army such as the Russians or the Americans. First of all the Afghans have been fighting somebody since the beginning of warfare. Second as 5.09 rightly pointed out Afghanistan is a vast country with one of the most inhospitable terrain in the world. Third yes they did fight in Flip Flops but they did not have just guns. They had and still have some pity good weaponry even surface to air missiles which they procure by selling opium, kidnapping etc. Last but not least the Taliban are psychotic nut jobs and they seem to enjoy fighting and killing. They are driven by the ideology of 70 virgins and jihad. The context the people and the country are different. Our soldiers were ready to sell their mama when the al Nusra took them hostage. They surrendered without a fight.If that is any indication of how low our Military has fallen to since the days of Sukanivalu then yes they will get their buts kicked in a day.Years of bulling their own civilians has made them soft and just that bullies.


Anonymous said...

Vili enough of this Bible bullshit. The rest of the civilized world is leaving organized religion in the bucket loads and you illogical idiots in Fiji literally hang on every word the Bible says. Do you know what type of property is one of the hottest to buy in Australia, churches. Yes they are being sold by the dozens as people with a brain a researching the bible and its contents and realizing that its absolute nonsense hence moving away from organized madness. Please keep your religious bullshit out of the political debate.


Anonymous said...

Cakobau rules.

One Nation under Cakobau Flag. Let's forget about man-made religions. Let's look above it all.


Anonymous said...

The only thing the Mataivalu Ni Solisona will teach is that being gay and getting your arse rooted is part of the Fiji Military Forces - Discipline .My Arse. ..

Anonymous said...

And the Greatest Heretic of the end time is a joke. Not only does he embrace communism, but he also accepts homosexuality and promotes… “climate change”. Climate change is the new religion everyone has to accept.

Guess who??

Anonymous said...

It was kinna interesting to know that we actually DO have a contingent of MILITARY POLICE in Fiji!

We are becoming copycats like the United States of America.

And we have navy blue government yutes with bold letters that state so.


Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili Raikoro the VILLAGE IDIOT.... Isa Vili...I am starting to really feel sorry for you. The more you attempt to defend the Military and denounce the Church and our Tradition...the more you make yourself sound stupid and dumb and the more people accept and understand why I call you the Village Idiot. Your responses is not even worth responding too.

Is it because the truth has now been revealed and your continuous slobber of racism, nationalism, church's and chiefs do not have the same effect as before.

You talk about following blindly like a sheep. Well let me tell you something...that is exactly what you and the MILITARY have done. Been blindly led by your senior Military Officers and Commander and taken up arms against the nation...and destroyed the nation of Fiji with the Military propaganda machine.

It is sad but the Chiefs, Church Leaders and the Fijian people were gullible and foolishly believed the Military propaganda of Racism against Indians in 1987, 2000 and again the Military continue that tradition today.

I remember military people quoting in their propaganda that not one Indian joined the army to fight the Japanese in world war II. All the Fijians took that racist propaganda and used it against the Indians when in fact, there were five Indians who fought. The Indians had actually raised a platoon in Fiji in 1934, which was disbanded. The English always felt the Indians were a threat and used racism to keep Fijians and Indians divided. The same racism the Military is using today.

Look at Vili...he cant help it but use racism continuously. Blaming Ethno Nationalism and Chiefs and Church's, when it is quite clear, it was the Military that executed each coup. We all know the propaganda documents and information sent out by the Military against the Indians. I mean, the Military are Fijians or 97% of them. These Fijian Military soldiers committed the coup and the rebel military soldiers in 2000 committed the coup. Frank and all the senior military officers supported the 1987 and 2000 coup. All these Fijian Military soldiers who had racist convictions against Indians and understood how to use this in the coup and its aftermath to their advantage. They created the racism, the violence and brutality against the Indians and they pretended to be watchdogs or housedogs as Naupote calls them, pretending to come to the aid of the nation.
They had the guns and were trained to use them not the so called ethno nationalist.

They were behind the whole thing from day 1. How can Naupote without any sense of foreboding say...the Military had nothing to do with the coups and people should not blame the Military. The Military had everything to do with the coups...they committed the COUPS. They have misled people all along and continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako cont...

Their military propaganda and strategy today is go to Indians and remind the Indians of what the so called Ethno Nationalist did in 1987 and 2000. That is enough to stir emotions amongst the Indians and drive the Indians to do what they have never done ever before in Fiji's political history, vote for a Fijian - Franky the Clown.

Than they went amongst the Fijians and blamed the Church and Chiefs.

They executed their military propaganda so well, that the Indians forgot that these evil monsters who claim to now be their saviour in nation building, were the very people that held guns to their heads. The very organisation that terrorised Indians throughout the whole of Fiji. I remember hearing stories of soldiers going through farms where they suspected Indians were hiding arms and brutalizing the poor Indian farmers, men, women, old and young.

The propaganda the military threw at their own Fijian people, completely diverted the events of all the coups to the Chiefs and Religious leaders. People forget that the only Nationalist we had were Butadroka and Taniela Veitata but the Nationalist were far and very few. No one took them seriously. They were never a threat to anyone but themselves.

The Military stirred up Nationalism pre 87 coup by spreading the propaganda of Racism. That Indians when and if they won the election of 87, they would take over Fiji and turn Fiji into a little India. Their propaganda went so well that even today, some Fijians still believe this. That is why some Fijians still will not accept an Indian to be a PM of Fiji.

I say to Naupote...put back on your navy uniform and scurry back to one of the naval ships and keep our waters free from illegal fishing and the task you were trained to uphold.

I say to the Military, reconcile yourself to the Nation and beg for forgiveness to the people Fijian, Indian and All Races for the atrocities you have committed. We will no longer be blinded.

Fiji must be governed by its people in a clear and democratic way. Fijians, Indians and other Races have grown from the racism of old. We do not need this military propaganda continuously disrupting and swaying the country from its path.

Fijians, Indians and other Races can and will work together but not with a military watchdog or housedog looming over the Government. We don't want a spy type of beaureaucratic system where when something goes wrong, the Military is involved.

The watchdog or housedog whichever you want to call it, needs to be put back behind the fence where people will be safe from them. The people are getting bitten by these watchdogs and housedogs and no chain at the moment is big enough to restrain them. Only UNITY will.

Anonymous said...

Quit Trashing God’s Church

Mr Vili Rakoro The prank hypocrite!

The radically arrogant propagantist spending his life bad-mouthing tradition , church and greed. It’s perplexing why anyone would be swayed by his sanctimonious propaganda. Yet he influence some here who pine for anti-establishment reputations.

Let me just put this bluntly… Vili Rakoro You are a phony. You have benefited from the Methodist church since childhood, yet now spend your adulthood and success trashing it. In your mind the church has been irrelevant, intolerant, legalistic, racist, hypocritical, judgmental and self-centered. So you utilize C45 to constantly ridiculing the church.

Now, admittedly, many churches are flawed and some church leaders have really embarrassed the Kingdom of God. Yet rather than working to counter that stereotype, the self ego maniac judge VR and the likes find it easier to just bash the church altogether.

Sadly Vili, numerous immature believers like you have become convinced that yesterday’s church was a total failure and pursue a relationship with Jesus apart from any involvement in a local congregation. It’s hip to say, “I am a spiritual person but I’m not into organized religion.” Or “I don’t go to church — I am the church”. Or “I’m a Christ-follower but I’m not a part of the institutional church”.

Of course the church has been imperfect because it’s made up of human beings like me and you. Yet while the bride of Christ is flawed, thankfully Jesus is perfect. And, if it weren’t for Christ’s church you wouldn’t know Him, wouldn’t have experienced the joys of salvation and, in many cases, if it weren’t for generous church people you wouldn’t have an income!

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus told His disciples, “Upon this rock (the truth that He was the Messiah) I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” Jesus did intend to build a church – a church so powerful that even death and hell couldn’t stop it! – A church so permanent that in spite of vicious external attacks and inept internal mismanagement it would survive and thrive.

When Jesus talked about building a church he wasn’t just referring to a universal, invisible body of followers. The Greek word, “Ecclesia” which means, “called out ones”, is used over a hundred times in the New Testament; and ninety percent of the time it refers to a local congregation.

The New Testament church was structured enough that it had elders who were assigned to oversee it and teachers who were to edify it. The church was organized enough that when one member suffered the others were to suffer with it. It was visible enough that when one member strayed the others were to hold that member accountable. It was systematic enough that they weren’t to forsake the regular assembling of themselves together.

I’m old enough to remember some of the spiritual giants of the Methodist church for the past two generations and, in my opinion, most of the contemporary critics aren’t worthy of untying their shoes! Many local congregations in the past made invaluable contributions to their communities, faithfully honoring Jesus Christ in their ministries. The soqosoqo vaka marama(women's arm of the church) soqosoqo vaka turaga(men's ) mataveitokani (youth) had made tremendous contribution in their communities and towards nation building.
Vili, did you know the schools like Lelean, Dudley, etc , the Ba Mission hosp, the Dilkusha orphanage ? Do you know who was responsible for building them? Not the army , not the atheist, but the church.

Anonymous said...

Daulako dua na taro. What is the i-taukei tradition you keep going on about. You seem to be a realistic person who knows a few things about the world. Here is the thing Culture and traditions is not having a chiefly system. The chiefly system is and was used as a system of governance. I am fairly sure that the chiefly systems in Fiji like most monarchy's all over the world stems from the bravado and strong man culture of old. When you embrace democracy which i understand most of you cried about when the coup of 2006 happened and hence this blog than you must agree that the "Turanga" system is old and no longer relevant. It is undemocratic and designed to keep the masses stupid and gullible.Culture is defined as a way of life which includes food, dressing, how one gets married and gets buried amongst other things. Now here is the thing. The national fast food in Fiji is noddles (Chinese in origin) the national dish is most likely to be chicken curry and rice both of Indian Asian extraction.I am basing my assumptions based on visible consumption.Most i-taukei do not even wear sulu anymore. The point is the minute you excepted bread as your breakfast instead of tavioka the end of your culture started. We kai india have a very old, rich and expensive culture. The difference though is that we live in a practical world and the i-taukei don't. We no longer spend over $5000 for a death ceremony
nor overspend when someone is getting married. In short we have adjusted to the 21st century and the new realities of life. Please do not misunderstand me i am not being judgmental. I am merely pointing out facts. I myself am of both Indian and i-taukei extraction hence my ability to see on both sides. The world does not value culture anymore. It is good for a few minutes when we are entertaining the white men with a "meke" but it does not hold much relevance in a world rapidly changing from one gadget to another. In short i am saying that the kaiviti need to look long and hard at themselves and start adapting and changing as the world demands. One of the reasons that the Asian community does well all over the world is that they are like the chameleon. They adapt very very quickly. This world is a global village like it or not and unless the indigenous populace of the world adjust you will soon become strangers in your own land for the land would no longer be recognizable.

Anonymous said...

Now that the people of Fiji won their first battle against the democratic regime on the flag issue, let's remain alert and keep highlighting the whole issue as it is strongly connected to the military.

Let's NOT SUPPORT any flag proposed by the regime through the flag committee!!!
Let's be faithful to our history first!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Vili Rakoro is more than phony. Perhaps his real name is Jack. Jack Ass to be exact.

Unbelievable his superficial rants on the church, bible etc. He decides to be a "talatala" now.

He has just got to be joking! Regretful we don't have a circus as Rakoro would have no difficulties acting Bill da Clown from Nat ai sir!

Robert Green said...

It is useless to fight against people’s rigid ways, or to argue against their irrational concepts. You will only waste time and make yourself rigid in the process. The best strategy is to simply accept rigidity in others, outwardly displaying deference to their need for order. On your own, however, you must work to maintain your open spirit, letting go of bad habits and deliberately cultivating new ideas

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:35... you sound just like Vili...similat sentiments about tradition and culture.... you ask what is Fijian tradition... well you say you have Fijian extraction...and Indian extraction... words Vili uses continuously.... oh well if you have Fijian and I dont know if its your mother or fathers side.....my only response to you is this...go to your fijian sode of the family and ask your elders....perhaps they may school you on tradition and you can then perhaps dofferentiate and respect such values which identifies us as distinct from other races or people.... they all maintain theirs the Europeans Indians Chinesr Tongans Maori Aborigine...that is how important it is to the various social groups of people..... now there is no similar Fijian word to tradition...the word we use in fijian is TOVO.... Cava nomui Tovo..... the values gained from understanding ones tobo is respect.....not monetary...its moral and thats why its more important to ypur ideals.... we lose these traditions pr tovo and we lose ourselves...as a certain group of people..... its difficult enough that the western influence will have an impact on our tovo but why lose something that teaches moral values and integrity that helps any individual in self growth and having a sense of appreciation of the cultures and customs that go with it....Josateki Daulako

Anonymous said...

@6:05 PM well said. It's nice to see there are articulated people on this forum sometimes.

@1:41 PM It seems obvious to me that no "new design" can win, but only variations of an old Fiji flag in order to please the "rigid" views of others as stated by 6:05. We basically have 2 flags - the colonial flag (same flag but one dark blue and one light blue) and the Cakobau flag (which has an irrelevant seal for the 21st century) . Plain light blue is too simple, but Cakobau's background makes for a great flag. Its vertical bands carry some revolutionnary flavor that should normally please those willing to turn the page on the past...paradoxically!

Hopefully the youth of Fiji will look more towards the sky to find inspiration, hope and discipline instead of looking dumb carrying guns.

If Cakobau changed for the best, everybody can change too.

For Fiji, ever Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Daulako 12.35 was Alibaba. I did not sign of as i usually do. I certainly am not Vili. Did you even read my post. I am not suggesting that the i-taukei abandon their culture. As i said the kaiindia have not abandoned their culture what they have done is adjusted it to a ever changing world where priorities such as wealth creation education etc has taken precedence. It is safe to assume that a typical i-taukei spends about half their lifetimes income in the maintenance of culture this is via all the handouts and social obligations to the vanua to their extended family and to the church which incidentally is not culture but religion that you have adopted from the kaivalagi. That is a lot of wealth that should be going into the betterment of the Nuclear family. How do you than expect the kaiviti to prosper. It is mathematically impossible. Within my friends and family i have noticed that those who have chosen to bite the bullet and have changed their old ways they have prospered. The gist of my argument is simple and that is the i-taukei must adapt to changing times or become irrelevant.By the way my mother is from Beqa and i spent 12 years of my life in the village before coming to Suva.


Arul said...

Thumbs up!!

Anonymous said...

And meanwhile while the FF propaganda is to MOVE FIJI FORWARD the actual gist of the moral decline in the brutality of our law enforcers still exists.

Read today's front cover of the Fiji Times regarding extreme brutality claims. Cops with boots stomping over the backs of their captives who are ordered to lay face down on the ground.

I mean, is this LAWFUL?? HUMANE??? These guys are already defenceless lying face down, why the need to go the extra thuggery mile and stomp the living shits out of them???

Why can't the Fiji First Government and its officers in high places clean up their own acts completely and thoroughly well before all this new flag, new Fiji BULLCRAP!!!

Anonymous said...

@9:44 AM yes indeed, it has to change!
I doubt a society can actually change as quickly as we would like though. Police brutality remains a problem even in developed countries.

Certainly a flag can be changed faster... but probably not in Fiji... even though we've had our very own independent Fiji flag since the 19th century. Cakobau's flag will do with me.

Anonymous said...

The Flag Committee should be changed as they didn't do their job of choosing a flag from the 2000 entries.
The AG should be blamed for interfering in the process.

Anonymous said...


Beaten up

Talebula Kate
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CLAIMS of police brutality have surfaced in far-flung Vanuabalavu where a 42-year-old man said he was hospitalised for two days because of the beating he received from officers.

The alleged incident, which was posted on Facebook on Monday, has prompted a police investigation.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed receiving a report saying a team will fly out on the next available flight to Vanuabalavu to investigate the complaint.

Anare Cama of Mavana Village said the alleged assault took place on Saturday morning at the Mualevu Police Station.

Mr Cama said he was drinking alcohol with two others on Friday night but on Saturday morning, police officers came and took him and his two friends to the Mualevu Police Station.

He claimed he was neither asked any question nor was he aware of the reason they were being beaten by three officers at the Mualevu Police Station.

Mr Cama claimed they were told to lie on their stomachs after which boot-clad officers stomped on their backs. They were also allegedly beaten with batons. After the alleged incident, they were then told to walk back to Mavana.

He was taken to the Lomaloma Hospital by his 19-year-old daughter, Sisilia Vakacegu, who said her father was weak and bleeding from the mouth when he reached home.

Mr Cama's mother reported the matter to the Mualevu Police Station on Monday and his sister Losana Moceiwai also filed a complaint in Suva.

Medical officials at the Lomaloma Hospital confirmed Mr Cama was admitted and had been under observation from Saturday. He was discharged on Monday.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:44 am and 12:59 pm

Let's not forget where these people come from. Whilst what they did was totally wrong it's really no different than the behaviour we see and hear about that happens within many average families in Fiji.

Change isn't restricted to only being made from the top, it can also be done from below but as always the Fijian culture is to look to blame someone else.

Anonymous said...

It is not a Fijian culture to blame someone else...that is not a culture..... nor is it anyones culture....it is a human trait....to blame others...you dont make sense in your comments...what behaviours....relate to police brutality....what change are you talking about...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12 59am..beaten up
Frank should look first in his own security armed backyard and clean up its house. Enough is enough!
Any right thinking human knows exactly Mr Cama' and his friends inability to think right. Their minds are literally weak .Their bodies are weak because they are drunk and the damn cowards stomped, kicked them and made them walked home. Cowards!!
Perhaps the so called cadet training program to be instituted on school must first be applied to those tasked to undertake it. The armed force and Fiji police is lacking in discipline and require cadet training.

Anonymous said...

When the Treasonous Government put in place a constitution which gives them the get out of jail card...the flow on effect is brutality ..to top it off people actually support police and military britality believing that it would be a deterrent....this is not true...in fact it causes and creates more violence....police are custodians of the law and order and should set an example not break the law themselves.... when discipline fails this is the result....

Anonymous said...


You are missing the point and going around the mulberry bush ultimately confusing yourself, not us!

We are SHOCKED AT POLICE BEHAVING LIKE REAL PSYCHOTIC CRIMINALS!!! The Police are supposed to be the LAW or have you been brainwashed so bad like the rest of the blind brain-damaged 'mice' of this nation that you simply can't see or even worse - DONT MAKE SENSE! You need help!

"Fiji culture is to look and blame someone" - Your statement here reveals how DUMB you are! You have COWARDLY cops who don't adhere to nor try to understand the LAW go to the extent of maiming or killing people they apprehend because of the LACK OF DISCIPLINE and LACK OF MORAL SENSE and HERE YOU ARE pretending that they are cool!



Besides the popular Jackass Spokesman cum Preacher as of late, the List of budding Jackasses seem to be escalating all the more!!!

Anonymous said...

Alibaba - The relevance of a person or a group of people is not measured by monetary wealth but their identity and who they are. You of course are correct in your views that the ever changing social and economic system envelopes and affects any indigenous group of people. Does that mean though that we should become like everyone else. I don't believe so. Many Fijians educated and well off today realise and understand the importance of these traditional values and Spiritual values in our lives. They are the cornerstones of what builds individuals. Yes we must adapt to the changes that influences the social fabric of our society but we must retain those values that are important to us and these include the existing systems in place. Remember, the villages still exist and their existence is dependent upon how they co-exist amongst one another. This requires the sense of giving. A Fijians wealth too is not measured by how much he has but by how much he gives. Our traditional system cannot be removed and this Government seems to be hell bent upon destroying an demeaning such a system. It has a humbling effect upon people. Many of us know that money gets misused or misspent and all that but its no different to any other culture. The difference is that this Fijian Traditional System - Noqui TOVO is ours and that makes us uniquely Fijian. Besides, when one dies, all that you may have profited from is left behind, so might as well share it. Hopefully you can appreciate your maternal links and understand its values rather than its gains. Josateki Daulako...

Anonymous said...

I dont know about you guys but I am an avid fan of Mr Daulako.

My friend student mentioned 'quality thesis service' and the other 'dissertation'. You have it Sir.

Thank you for the well researched thought out professional style of writing based on facts -- tradition and culture of the Fijian way of life which is sacred and should be cherished by all good thinking Fijian. Makes me sit up and read until I'm through and I feel like I've learnt heaps and yes I do nod my head in approval.

Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

The traditional indigenous Fijian way of life, while misunderstood by many is not understood by many who even call themselves Fijian. It is not even understood by Bainimarama, Khaiyum and all their ilk that have not lived it and benefitted from it.

This way of life does not regard large possessions of money and material means as more important than the sharing and enjoying of it. The saying that, "it is better to give than to receive" has been inborn and inbred in the native Fijian's character for ages, but fear for the loss and abuse of their loved ones had brought in distrust and a protective mentality amongst those who were attacked and cunningly mistreated by others.

Only less than 150 years ago, cannibalism was still a practice in Fiji. This time lapse is equivalent to two lifetimes of a normal person. For one who understands and is aware of the history and the evolutions of peoples, it not abnormal for him that many are developing and becoming civilized at a slower rate than others.

This is why the indigenous Fijian Chiefs and Leaders in the 1960s were not as enthusiastic and as eager for independence from Great Britain as A D Patel and S M Koya who were impatiently vying for common roll in those days.

Anonymous said...

@7:31 AM
You've got a good point.

On the other hand, I like to look at things this way too:
our lives are short. all we actually know or experience is related to the very same "time frame".
if you take the child of a primitive human family somewhere deep in the jungle of New Guinea and bring him/her up in the centre of one of the largest and most sophisticated city of our world, then that very same child could become a world-class scientist, artist or what else.

In other words, we all have a fantastic power to change quickly, it doesn't have to drag down over centuries.

I think it is important to preserve the Fijian soul (sharing, selfishness, happiness, etc.) and protect Fiji from the negative sides of the modern world (competition, greed, etc...) We need to keep the best of Fiji, give up the not-so-good, and borrow whatever good we can get from the rest of the world, while discarting what we don't want.

We shall remain Fiji, the way we want to be.

Anonymous said...

wow there is now a page for the Simplified Cakobau Flag on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-New-Flag-for-Fiji/1117120371648599?ref=bookmarks

at last someone kicked his/her ass and did something about it.
at least that flag would be an acceptable solution to me. More than acceptable actually.
better holding that flag than guns.

vinaka mysterious artist

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji must understand what is happening and what has happened in Fiji and the way the Military propaganda machine works.

The villain has transformed into the hero.

Everyone has been blinded by the military propaganda which has swooned and swayed the people all along.

In 1987, the Military committed the coup led by Rabuka. Prior to committing the coup, they gained the support of the minority Nationalist Group at that time led by Butadroka and Taniela Veitata. The started the propaganda of racism against Indians. They used the Government Departments decimating their racist propaganda against the Indians...stirring up the mob. In this way they gained the support of some of the chiefs and Methodist leaders.

The Military's intentions was to stifle collaboration between Indians and Fijians for a non-racial political discourse. What this means is that the Fiji Military, feared their position as an Army being 97% Fijian, if an Indian Government came into power. To counter this, they started the propaganda of racism, to incite hatred towards Indians and justify their coup.

They used the Nationalist Taniela Veitata who paid dock workers and street men to create and cause mayhem on the streets of Suva as a diversion. If one watches the footages of the hundreds of Fijians chasing one or two Indians...the ones punching kicking and brutalising the Indians were these dockworkers and street men. The rest of the mob were just curious and following in their hundreds wondering what was happening and curious about an event that shook Fiji to the core.

The Military than systematically put in place their racist policies and placed the Chiefs and Religious leaders in front of them to show that the Fijian people supported the coup.

The Military than went through the Indian leaders, taking them to the camp, torturing, brutalizing and abusing their human right.

When guns were being smuggled into Fiji, the Military swept through the Indian population picking up any suspect and torturing Indians. I am told that you could hear the screams of the Indian suspected of arms smuggling from the police stations and military barracks.

Anonymous said...


In the year 2000 the same thing happened. The only difference is that many young military officers saw the benefits of the 1987 coup and when the approach was made of who to execute the coup, many hands went up. The rebel group is a group who decided to take matters into their own hands hence, when they waited for the military support to come through, it couldn't. The Military could not be seen to support it. But you could see the support everywhere by the military. The arms the rebels had, food taken in military trucks and used by the rebels. The same propaganda as in 1987 quickly spread through the population and the unsuspecting Fijian villages got caught in the melee and many of them were brutalized. The army was playing a double role, supporting the rebels on one hand and denouncing them on another.

Than the blame game propaganda started. The Chiefs and Church leaders were pushed to the forefront. The Fijian tradition, culture and custom was demeaned and blamed for Fijian downfall. Chiefs and Religious leaders were blamed for misleading the military who screamed innocence at every opportunity. The Fijians were divided. Even amongst the provinces, the military propaganda machine reached each village and spread rumours and many went against their chiefs and were rewarded by the military.

The Chiefs and Religious leaders were made to be the villain and the military spread this propaganda to the Indians. They told the Indians it was the Chiefs, the Religious leaders and particularly the Methodist who were behind the coups and the Military only carried it out because they were misled. The Military followed this up by methodically picking up any Fijians who were a threat to their cause and beat them up killing some of them in the process. This was seen by Indians as revenge for the 1987 and 2000 coup and the Indians screamed for more blood to spill, for more Fijians to be brutalized. It made Indians feel safer and Indians felt the military presence on the streets of Suva was a deterrent to crime and their feel safe card.

It worked and the timing was perfect that it set the stage for the 2014 election. Indians en-mass voted the Military Commander Frank.

The brutality of what the Military committed against the Indians and Fijians were quickly forgotten or swept under the carpet.

Anonymous said...


Today the Military needs that division to continue. Keeping the Indians divided from the Fijians. Separating the other races resulting in Mick Beddoes loss of support. Denouncing Chiefs and Religion.

What people do not realise is that it is the Military intention to lead the country for the next 60 years. Frank himself had made this statement.

Rabuka had also set in motion the process of making this happen but things turned against him. The 1997 constitution was his demise and he lost the election because he embraced the very essence of what the military had set out to achieve, non-racial political discourse.

The military survival was at stake. Since the 1950s, every Government wanted the military to be downgraded.

Because of Rabuka's failure, he lost favour amongst the Military and even his presence at the QBE barracks at the height of the CRW storming the barracks was unwelcome. He failed the Military.

The moment Qarase brought up the subject of reducing the military and defining their role...the Military had to do something about it. The result 2006 coup.

All these actions by the Military is their fight for survival as an organisation within the Government and political scenario of Fiji.

With a military head leading the Government, their position is concrete and they will slowly militarise Government. Unsuspectingly, Khaiyum is part of the ploy itself, putting in place all these measures. He like Speight is the FALL guy. Even today, the military propaganda against Khaiyum diverts attention from Frank.

How many of you today believe, if Khaiyum is removed, Frank can be acceptable.

Khaiyum cannot be removed because if it all turns to shit, someone needs to be blamed. The same play they made in 1987 and 2000.

And the game continues.....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:09 PM

Let's also hope you are equally shocked at the below ! It's in your genes and culture numbskull , you can't deny it but we all know the reality is that you try so hard to hide it idiot.

""Over 600 domestic violence case reports has been received by the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre from January to June, this year. 342 cases were reported in Suva, 141 cases reported in Nadi, 95 in Ba, 46 in Labasa and 18 in Rakiraki. Meanwhile, the statistics, released by FWCC this morning also revealed there were 37 child abuse cases during that period. There were a total of 12 sexual harassment cases and 293 reports were classified as other cases. FWCC Coordinator Shamima Ali says the statistics are shocking. She told FBC News, there are still a lot of unreported cases out there.""

Unfortunately it's the idiots like you and their attitude that wish to think one group within a society, in this case the police, is going to be more law abiding than the vast majority. They have the same bad apples as the church, the politicians the public and no doubt your family within them. Open your eyes and remove those blinkers.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5, I think we've covered this article well enough. Can you put something up on the PAC and how the AG is lambasting them for being political. All they doing is drawing from the Aud-Gen's report. This mathafarking muslim pig farking homo Aiyaz is defending his undefendable slut of an aunt in Nur Bano Ali. The biggest conniving corrupt and mother of all beeetches!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bio-Security Officer In Court On Drug Charge
Bio-Security Officer In Court On Drug Charge
July 21
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�� by Waisea Nasokia, SUVA

A Biosecurity Authority officer at the Nadi International Airport yesterday appeared at the Nadi Magistrate Court on a drug charge.

The charge is in connection with a $6.5 million drug bust.

The suspect, Paula Baravilala Seru, 35, appeared before magistrate Siromi Turaga charged with one count of unlawful transfer and supply of illicit drugs.

The court heard that between July 11 and July 13 the accused was allegedly present with suspect one Sosiceni Toa, who is remanded in police custody.

They allegedly picked up a consignment of methamphetamines which weighed 21.43 kilogrammes from the DHL office.

The 20 packages were found in the consignment containing a pressure cooker which was allegedly addressed to the accused one, and originated from Mexico through Los Angeles on board on a Fiji Airways flight to Fiji.

The pair allegedly picked up the consignment and dumped it in a sugar cane farm at Legalega. Police followed and picked it up. Accused one was also arrested in the process.

Police prosecutor Kinisalote Lagivuki told the court to deny bail and to move the case to high court.

She mentioned the seriousness of the offence carried a penalty of life imprisonment and $1 million fine.

However, lawyer Eparama Sailo representing the accused applied for bail.

He said the accused was present with the co-accused on that day on picking up the consignment which was addressed to the co-accused but his client was on day – off.

He said his client had no previous conviction. If the accused was remanded, it might lead to him losing his job of 10 years.

He has sureties and has two young children.

Magistrate Turaga refused bail on the condition that the case was of public interest, involving category four drug cases – hard drugs from country like Mexico.

The accused has been remanded at the Natabua Correction Facility to appear at the High Court in Lautoka tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The Executive Chair himself is a drug lord. A pharmacist by profession who could import drugs in the form of pharmaceutical drugs and the ass hole officers at the border would not even know. So how much drugs have come in through Biosecurity and why hasn't the x-ray machine that was supposed to be put at Nadi cargo not up yet, is the chair getting his cut from the drugs cartels not to set up the x-ray machine at the Nadi cargo. Not the first time drugs came through this line . Xavier Khan been in charge of biosecurity is not surprising that drugs came through Biosecurity. In a raid by customs they found drugs in the room with cartons of pharmaceutical goods from his pharmacy Medisure Pharmacy. ingredients to make drugs. So nothing new and been the chairman of pharmacy no one is surprised. How does a business man be in charge of security at the border. What else is coming in that we do not know Mr Xavier Khan. By the way how is it that you are holding that position of Executive Chairman. What's the connection anyone.

Anonymous said...

He sits in both Board of AFL and BAF. So when there is a security risk he is the biggest threat. Maybe that is why there is no x-ray machine at the cargo because he colluded with the executive chair of AFL not to put up the machine. Very fishy business.

Anonymous said...

In Fiji we have the vampires guarding the bloodbank. Kaiyum and his never ending lists of extended family members occupying key government posts and the reform taking place which is mostly to muslimimise the public service at the expense of I-taukeis and hindoo Indians. Kaiyum and his Muslim folks are the real winners of the coup while hindoo Indians are the real fools.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:16pm...We have all been fools Indians Fijians and other races and particularly the Fijians...hoodwinked by the Military in supporting them and now the military has done a big turn around. Funnily like JD said, the Military comprises of 97% Fijians and these Fijian soldiers are denouncing and destroying Fijian values and traditions. We Indians have been hoodwinked to support the very monsters that committed the coups and had attacked and brutalised Indians...areh maichod...

Anonymous said...

@ 12.15PM

Geez I regret to say but you will have to be added to that 'List of Budding Jackasses' I was talking about!!

You're another mentally deranged subject that slides off topic - just don't get IT do you?? Do you understand what we are trying to project here??? The subject is focused on Police Officers whom we all understand (except for your pretty 'smart' self) that they should be role models for all of us - you and me included!

What is being said is that the Police should follow the laws just like us, as citizens, should. For the most part they do but sometimes that’s not always the case as per the current case of Police Brutality reported in the Fiji Times yesterday. DO YOU GET THAT?? I suppose not!!! But that's okay.

While I do appreciate the statistics of domestic violence, rape and the rest of it that you have presented here, your point of argument is regretably irrelevant! No need therefore to tear your balding hair out trying to make a defense here. You're only fluffing about the place! If you rather defend Police Brutality (seems like you have family in the Police Force) by distracting us or by evading the main topic of discussion like you have done here YOU HAVE SADLY FAILED.

We are not ignorant citizens of what goes on around us. The topic here is POLICE BRUTALITY - law enforcers who forget the LAW, who opt to become VIOLENT CRIMINALS by their ONGOING demeaning acts of violence.

Calm down and please get your thesis in order!!

Anonymous said...

12:15pm is like Vili...hell bent on insulting people...sexual offences is not part of culture or maybe your culture and you are one of these perverted animals committing those crimes. There are sick people out there including you. The police role is to serve and protect and not to serve and brutalize...Maybe those brutalizing are the military in the police today...Cama and his fano might be able to enlighten us.

Hey 12:15pm...no culture no good - baku,.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Vili Rakoro the village idiot...dua tale na bose mai Berkley Crescent...nodratou boso mai Serua dua na tamata ulu lala tu mada....woilei...

KUA NI RERE said...

The Police's role or "job-description" IS TO APPREHEND CRIMINALS.

They are not "The Judge" or "Jury".

Therefore if you see a criminal you are to apprehend him.
You are not there to DISH OUT PUNISHMENT. That's the Judge's job.

If you are a Policeman and you are dishing out punishment then YOU ARE A CRIMINAL and you will have to be apprehended and taken to Court.

The Police are allowed to use REASONABLE FORCE inorder to apprehend a criminal.
In this case Mr Cama was stuck on an island. He wasn't going to swim and escape to Viti Levu; so the Policeman could have just waited until they sobered up and then apprehend them.


Those Policemen involved should be apprehended and be hauled before the Judge.
Your farking Policemen are a disgrace.
What the fark are they learning at The Police Academy?


Unknown said...

The problem in here especially with these nationalist Sodelpa supporters is that whatever the Government do they blame the Military. Quite rightly the Military have not covered themselves in glory however as it stands now the government is a democratically elected civilian government. Most of the current MP do not have any military background so blaming the military for their short comings is twisted and pathetic.

Josateki Daulako as usual praising his comments using anonymous posters. He is a twisted racist backward individual who is a proven lier. He has on many occasions been caught out on posting bullshit here say comments. He always contradicts himself without even realising it.

One anonymous poster mentioned in relation to the church how some past Religious leaders have lead by examples. I agree that there have indeed been few of those however I disagree that they did so because they were members of the Church. They did it because they were truly living by the word so their success was visible because they followed Gods command and rule. Academic institutions such Lelean, Dudley, Delkusha etc are Church owned organisation as well as business institutions. As I have stated before the Church is a business organisation which is why they no longer follow the religious doctrine.

And as Alibaba have mentioned quite rightly this is a political blog so we should keep these religious discussion off it. Problem though these anonymous Sodelpa lots arrogantly always posts the scriptures as if to claim they are religious. I have always kept away from that particular subject however when I saw how twisted and manipulative their messages were I just had to raise a few issues about how they are hypocrites.

As for the Police brutality, I do not and never have condoned any use of excessive violence. Those responsibled should be dealt with accordingly.

Unknown said...

Most of these Sodelpa supporters are sadly using the experience of our troops with Al Nasura as a justification of their views to the professionality of our troops and are defending the Church as if it was a faultless institution.

Goes to show how deluded they are. In relation to the situations our troops faced any professional military unit would have done the same. They were surrounded and outnumbered. If 3 people surrounded you and you choose to fight then you are one dumb ass and will most likely die. Our troops showed their professionality and they eventually lived to fight another day. As the famous quote stated,"sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war".

At least they don't try to rob and manipulate the people to pay them subscriptions to be a member of a club that is supposedly free according to the holy doctrine the Church professes to follow. And while the troops pay taxes the Church don't. What a disgraceful organisation. They should be forced to start paying taxes like any other business.

They manipulate people by using both the scriptures and tradition in a twisted way to suit their agenda. In the bible Jesus instructed Peter to build his Church yet now the Church have managed to manipulate people to believe that Jesus also instructed them. Obviously Jesus when giving those instructions to Peter he meant it in a spiritual sense however the Church have twisted it into a literal sense. Freaking pathetic lot they are. In the Fijian customs we like to help people and give them our assistance sometimes in the form of money. Now the Church have manipulated that into giving money to them. So the assistance that could have been given to the widows, orphans and weak are now all raked in by Talatala's and the Church.The shepherd who is meant to look after the sheeps is now being looked after by the sheep instead. The Church is nothing more than a greedy organisation that continues to be the major reasons people cannot get out of poverty and daily struggles.

Those that continue to strongly defend it are the ones who have and continue to gain from it.

Unknown said...

Majority of the time Daulako accuses me to be the mouthpiece of the Military or government here yet at the same time he does exactly the same for Sodelpa and Church. I have never accused him of the same. This can only mean that he probably is the mouthpiece of the church and Sodelpa and in his paranoia he accuses me of being his counterpart.

Everytime I point out facts to him he will try and twist and avoid it. For instance lately I have stated how the church vakamisinari is basically a subscription and is not stated in the bible. Or the tithe which the bible advices us to use on people who needs it like the orphans, widows and the weak abled. I have pointed out the facts which is categorically crystal clear in the bible and the church have been found wanting and guilty of twisting it for their profit.

So what does Daulako do he steered clear of it. Instead him and his other anonymous I.D came up with bullshit like tradition, racism, history etc.

So simply I am telling people, please use your hard earned money first for your family and if you wanna help and follow Gods word then do as he says on his word. Help the weak abled, widows and Orphans. Please do not give it to Talatala or the Church because you are not meant to. When you do you are disobeying the advice of the very God you profess to follow.

And what does Daulako and his lot do. They advice people to give their hard earn money to Talatala and the Church regardless whether it's against Gods command. But do it because it is your tradition. Eventhough this tradition is flawed and completely full of shit.

Anonymous said...

You're back! Missing in action for some time?
"Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war"
This doesn't apply on this situation. The war was never lost, they surrendered and brought bad reputation to the whole peacekeeping body. Vaka madua! !! Shame!

Unknown said...

There's no shame in not being stupid. As I've mentioned if 3 people were pointing a gun at you and you decide to shoot one of them then the other two will shoot you. That is basic common sense. The Fijian soldiers were outnumbered with weapons pointed at them. Choosing to fight in that situation would have been a very stupid move because the odds were heavily stacked against them. They took the only option and chance left for survival. Which is to put their weapons down and rely on negotiations which in the end worked. It's called strategy.

One thing I am curious to know is why we're there no intelligence on the possible attack on their base by that terrorist group. The UN intelligence unit let them down massively. Warfare nowadays involved not only physical confrontation but also the ability to out think your opponents. If you can beat your opponents without lifting your weapon then you are a classed unit.

Anyways you all know that Fijian guys hardly ever step back from a fight. That is why the British Military recruited our boys in numbers. Sometimes being strong is not enough so you simply have to choose your battles.

Anonymous said...

@ Rakoro at 2:49 AM.

Please don not refer to the scriptures if you cannot interpret them in the way God wants His word to be interpreted. Our 'solis' are our way of giving back to God part of what is His in faith. People who understand God's word understand that their 'solis' or 'tithes' are not theirs but God's. They understand that they are ROBBING God or stealing from Him if they do not give their 'solis' or 'tithes' to their respective church authorities whom they regard as God's representatives. Please read Malachi chapter 3. "wherein have we robbed Thee?....in tithes and offerings...etc..".
Theirs is the faith to donate these "offerings" to the advancement of God's work disregarding their own selves.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro.

In your 6:57 AM post you ask why there were no intelligence as to the impending attack on those soldiers which lead to their collective capture.

The answer is that they had been partying for some time oblivious their surroundings and not on the lookout for signs of attack. They were not on their toes like the Filipinos who managed to defend themselves and escaped to freedom.

Their capture caused much loss in monetary terms to the taxpayers and much embarrassment to former and current men and women who have cared to don our uniform with courage and loyalty, and all the good citizens of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:49 AM

You say

""Our 'solis' are our way of giving back to God part of what is His in faith. People who understand God's word understand that their 'solis' or 'tithes' are not theirs but God's.""


""They understand that they are ROBBING God or stealing from Him if they do not give their 'solis' or 'tithes' to their respective church authorities whom they regard as God's representatives.

So why is that so much of this money ends up in the massage parlours around Suva?

Anonymous said...

I like you Kua Ni Rere. You say it like it is.

Vinaka Mr Daulako and all you strong-willed God-fearing bloggers who uphold and defend the laws of Almighty God and violently rebuke all the LIES CORRUPTION AND GUILE coming from the Fiji First lot.


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