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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reddy's sweeping generalisation reeks of itaukei purge

Mahendra Reddy’s approach to education has long been known to be cock-eyed - now comes an audio recording that shows him making derogatory remarks against Indo-Fijian head teachers and principals.  

The recording obtained by C4.5 is of a meeting between the Education Minister and QVS Old Boys Anasa Vocea and his deputy, Akuila Waradi, last month at the Warwick.

In the recording, where Reddy also uses the racial slur 'Kai India', he defends his decision to order QVS principal Silivio Tawake to leave the school immediately and be transferred to a school in Kadavu, after a parent complained directly to him about his sons being bullied. 

Anasa Vocea and Akuila Waradi ask Reddy why he transferred a good teacher without consultation or an investigation into the allegations.

Reddy says he received another complaint from a committee member who claimed an itaukei teacher “is not in the school most of the time” and goes on to say “she just goes to the village to drink grog".

Later, he tells the pair he hopes they are not defending ‘incompetence’ and reiterates his intention to ‘clean up.’

Reddy also goes on to make the sweeping statement that throughout Fiji “80 per cent of itaukei principals are incompetent” and “50% of Kai India ones are incompetent people”, who have been promoted because they are “friends of this and that".

Following this meeting, Reddy rescinded the transfer of the principal.

Reddy, like Bainimarama and the rest of Fiji First, continue to believe they are transforming Fiji for the better but their ‘One Fiji’ is warped.

As the recording shows, Reddy doesn’t want to listen to schools and has been making arbitrary decisions based on a ‘clean up’ approach that rejects all things ‘indigenous’ as damaged and harmful.

Just five days ago he insisted certain school principals, managers and leaders still have ethnic preferences and that while the country is moving towards a one Fiji, some school heads were still stuck with "ethnicity".

He claimed some school leaders did not want teachers who were of Indian descent and said
 it was wrong that a school head in Namaka, Nadi, had asked for itaukei teachers only. 

If Reddy continues to have his way, what will be the future of Fiji schools and itaukei teachers? There has been no audit or survey to justify his comments about so-called incompetency; the reference to 'Kai India' also harks back to the hardline Fijian nationalists after 1987. 

We refer to an article by Joji Kotobalavu in the Fiji Times, which argues culture is embraced in the Constitution and is being totally misunderstood by Reddy and his mob. http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=312305

Listen to the recording below. The derogatory comments are made at 6.50 minutes into the recording.


Sunia Cama said...

Leave ethnicity/nationalism/racism out of education. Reddy is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

All schools need to adhere to principles that have been thoroughly studied by the competent members of the Ministry of Education in such a way to favorise the development of equal opportunities within the workforce.

Anonymous said...

As soon as the new list of flags actually proposed by the public will be published, all those problems of racism are likely to decrease. All we need is a good flag showing the connection between all the people of Fiji.

kiwilad said...

Was it a civilised conversation amongst learned people? It sounded more like "grog talk" at Sigatoka market amongst grog-doped larikans.
How sad that a minister of the crown and an erstwhile permanent secretary involved in the conversation - or is it a backroom deal?

Anonymous said...

@10:44 PM man... the top brains have left Fiji. what do you expect?
I must say, sadly, that it is true that a good number of teachers are somewhat unfit for their job... Some of them have no clue what they are teaching... how do you expect students to perform?

But then... it's a consequence of emigration.
In Fiji, there is a need for a change of mindset. If you want to build this country, you need to work hard and deliver the best you can. The reality is that we have vucesa fever, no care for the future of our country. Blame all those involded in coups.

We certainly need a new flag...ha..ha... I would raise high in the sky any flag showing the 4 coups we had so that we can remember our PAST and learn from it... not stupidly looking into an empty future like Bainimarama is trying to suggest :( There is more to learn from the past than from the future...

Unknown said...

@10:44, well said mate, good thinking batman.

Anonymous said...

This asshole is carrying out orders from the pig khaiyum. Fijians need to do something before this pig gets out of hand, the asshole Bainimarama is so fucking dumb he has no idea what's going on. This pig is using him but then again Baimagasona is one dumb phuck.

Unknown said...

@10:44, well said mate, good thinking batman.

Anonymous said...

The calibre of all those in the meeting speaks volumes of themselves accept perhaps for Vocea. Akuila Waradi was in the Qarase cabinet and Government and is a crooked individual. He and his brother are involved Taito were involved in a number of NGO matters where they have gained from it. Untrustworthy individual Akuila Waradi. He is like a snake that slithers with snakes. Has children with different women. Claims to represent his people from Lau but is an opportunist.

N. Lal said...

These two people engaged the minister in a conversation, managed to get what they wanted and then recorded the conversation covertly. This shows the sinister intentions the two gentlemen had. Then your blogsite cherry picks to give this an ethnic dimension.

What you fail to higlight is that Minister Reddy is genuinely trying to reform an education system that has been riddled with years of nepotism, corruption and incompetency. What Reddy manages to achieve will bring about very positive outcomes for this and coming generations. Please don't bring race into everything, and discredit the good intentions of a renowned Fijian academic for reforming the education sector, and weeding out incompetence.

Anonymous said...

@11:32 AM When Bainimarama started his "clean-up" campaign, someone used to say that one can't clean up a house with dirty water.
You can't reform a system if the top people ARE corrupt...

everybody knows that Bainimarama relatives get great advantages. In some rural community not so far from Naboro, all villagers know that "this one" got a piece of land because of his connection with Bainimarama ... it's common knowledge all around the place!!! But no one talks... where is democracy? Even Fiji Times woudn't touch such a story if they knew it...

Anonymous said...

Good job reddy time to clean up and boot out all those who are not peforming.Corruption is rife in the education sector when it comes to some teachers whether low or high position.No more Facebook and texting friends whilst doing your jobs.The grog session can start after finishing work.No more throwing dusters across the room and calling for the hose pipe just because you got a hang over,time for civilization and not savagery tactics.

Anonymous said...

A dumb minister - this one Reddy. All he knows is to fire people who didnt vote for him. He hasnt even spared the VC of FNU, who dared to say no to his stupid ideas, which no doubt, he gets from his controller ASK. What a dumb guy, who copies from others - what do they call, plagiarizm? His can now only survive by hanging on to the coattails of kaiyum, who will destroy Fiji with this sunset theory. Both will rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

talk about those benefiting from Franks connections...try Joes Farm / Michael Joe and his brother Richard Chow. Marist old boy connection and years of vegetable supply to the army have made them very rich. Truman Bradley (local white so must be smart) as head of Investments Fiji. High school dropout and his family own Modern Furniture and suddenly he is an investment expert? Another Frank connection? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

@12:32 PM Truman Bradley seems to be so smart that he can be also a chairman of Tourism Fiji : https://www.linkedin.com/pub/truman-bradley/33/4a5/699

I am surprised there is nothing about his education... so henis a school dropout really? oilei...
No master degree? Nothing?

What was wrong with the previous CEO of FTIB? Annie Rogers?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Nothing wrong with Annie Rogers. In fact, everything right with her. Except that she was too smart. And this gang dont like smart and intelligent locals. If locals have to have a job with them, they must be dumb or boot-lickers. Better unemployable Sri Lankans, who kaiyum can command at will! Isa. Cry, my beloved country.

Anonymous said...

The minister is only calling a spade a spade.
why does this blog make it a racial issue
WQarases pupprts!!!

KUA NI RERE said...


When you have two leaders who are blatant Treasonists (ie Bai and Kai) then of course you are going to have Corrupt government officials.



How does anybody in their right mind think that out of these two Treasonists, something good will come out .
Are people farked in the head or what?
The Army is to blame for supporting Treason.
The USP academics are to be blamed for supporting treason.
Chaudry is to be blamed for supporting Treason.
etc etc.

You reap what you sow.

This is why Fiji is farked!

You have two Treasonists who haven't been brought to Justice....still running the country...Of course the country will be farked.
Of course Ministers will do as they like.
Of course husbands will beat up their wives.
The country will be farked.
The flag will be farked.
FRU will be farked.


Anonymous said...

Annie Rogers got kicked out for screwing Akuila Waradi...That dumb fuck is from Lau... anyone know where exactly... not to cream his ass.,

Anonymous said...

I doubt things will change when the top 2 will change...

Take one of the headlines today :

85pc of Fijians suffer from NCDs : http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=312551

There is a link between that 85% AND our poor productivity. there is a link between that 85% and our rate of laziness... No many people don't want to work the land and eat well but enjoy living in overcrowded apartments in Suva with 2 minutes noodles and cigarettes? blame the regime. Same thing with some teachers who are just interested in collecting a pay check and do f**k all for the students. shame.

Will that change overnight? sega.

You talk about husbands beating their wives... well, to my knowledge, the Pacific is the worst part of the world in that regard, and there are a lot of countries behind us economically... so shall we blame everything on the regime? Probably not. It has always been like that, it's a cultural thing...

what we see at the top today, and what we say under Qarase, Chaudry, Mara, Rabuka... is illustrative of what's going on at the grass root level. If you give 50$ to your average villager and tell him "tomorrow, I am gonna come back to collect the money, all you have to do is to keep it until then." what are you gonna expect the next day? Of course, money gone. There is no sense of integrity with money management. ethics very very very poor.

we see that EVERYWHERE in our society.... :( sad humanity.

KUA NI RERE said...

Stats reveal rise in serious sexual offence cases

Monday, July 06, 2015

Update: 2:15PM THIRTY-TWO people were charged with a total of 47 separate incidents of serious sexual offences in June this year.

Bainimarama's solders used to sodomise people with their guns.

The Bible says You reap what you "Sow".... AND THIS IS WHY FIJI IS FARKED!

YOU CANT VOTE FOR SODOMISERS TO RUN THE COUNTRY...then expect a reduction in sexual crimes. That is just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

What's Annie Rogers screwing Akuila got to do with her performance at work? Man, everyone in govt screws around. Should you sack the whole lot of civil servants? And Ministers? Cockeyed also screwing some taxi driver's chick.. why not sack him too. Get real people. This government hates bright and inteligent people. The Principal of QVS was to be pushed to Kadavu because cocky-eye didnt like him for his performance and intellect.

mark manning said...

When you can no longer see the problem, it's because you've become part of it!

Anonymous said...

@4:04 PM Who's Akuila? What happened with Annie Rogers?

mark manning said...

Hopefully Teachers are promoted on merit, not bum and testicle sucking like Reddy!

Anonymous said...

@4:33 PM one of my friend is a very nice, dedicated and competent math teacher. He told me some incompetent guy got promoted ahead of everybody else in some school...

I suppose it can happen everywhere in the world, but...

Anonymous said...

Reddy looks like a retarded money oilei hahaha

Anonymous said...

Let us assume that the proportion of Indian and Fijian principals are 50% each. That means that only 35% of principals are any good. It means that the chances of getting a good principal as replacement is very very low. Simply transferring principals/teachers out of a school to another is simply transferring the problem from one place to another. We have not solved the problem and the only change to Mr Reddy will be that he will be receiving his email from where he transfers the person to, apart from the effect on the school children?

I suggest to Mr Reddy that he really should properly identify the causes of the problem and then discuss with all stakeholders (Min. Education, parents, old scholars etc etc) how to address the problem. Thank you Mr. Vocea for the initiative to address this directly with the Minister as it has at least started a communication channel and alert people to contribute.

Every Civil servant is suppose to have an annual confidential report (ACR)done every year. These should be used to assess employees work output for the year and can or should be used to gauge people's work performances when compared to their KPIs that would have been agreed to at the beginning of the year.
The problem sound so critical when you know that only 35% of principals are any good. How about further down the ranks? Are the percentages of heads of departments, ordinary teachers and others any better? What about the rest of the civil servants??? Think of the nurse who gave the wrong injection.

If Mr Reddy's 80% iTaukei and 50% kai-Idia are correct then we have a major problem when we reflect on Prof. Peter Drucker's principle, "that we only get promoted to our level of INCOMPETENCE".

My suggestion would be NOT to transfer people as a solution unless absolutely necessary, as reasoned above with only 35% good ones.
That the MoE very quickly initiate short courses to try and raise the level of competency of all concerned (Principal, teachers etc), and hopefully reduce Mr. Reddy's % very quickly.
2. MoE with PSC, Rehire competent ex-Teachers or civil servants to fill in the gap instead of sending them to other islands, while competency training is being done, or even use them as resource personnel to run courses. And pay real money instead of peanuts.
3. Work with the Unions who seem to be quiet in this matter, to address the issue directly with their members.
4. Look for long term solutions to replace short term initiatives.

In the end we may find that the cause of the problem lies somewhere else and the solution is even bigger that we cannot solve very easily.

A Headache is not necessarily caused by something being wrong in the head region, but it could be an indication that you have High Blood Pressure that is caused by a Heart problem that can only be fixed by a change of heart.

Manning Watch said...

@4.33pm Moronic Manning has cunningly crept back here with his moronic one liners. The great white hope trying to curry favour. We are not fooled Manning.. Stick to hypno-quackery and white magic. Let us deal with our own problems. The white falla who thinks he knows it all already abound in Fiji and the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

@6:42 PM
well I suppose it can be tempting for some no-so-smart white fella to come to the Pacific to feel they are clever...and the sad thing is that they probably would next to the 80% incompetent teachers... :(

"let us deal with our own problems" is what we have been doing since 1970 and look where we are.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 3:25
You linked the 85% of people suffering NCD's to poor productivity and laziness.

We can see that you are an idiot.

How the fark did you jump to that conclusion?
A monkey wouldn't make the same conclusions you made.

Australia has the same rate of NCD's.
Are you going to say also that Australians are LAZY AND UNPRODUCTIVE?

Honestly if you don't know how to read statistics then you shouldn't be making comments on it asshole.
You are blind and stupid. Typical FFP.

Anonymous said...

Rightly pointed out Reddy. Time to weed out the rotten stool from the nepotism riddled education ministry. Forget about what people like wadan nursery and joji kotobalavu has to fart about. They think from their shithole so their ideas are like shit. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. Screw all the detractors who have less than half the IQ that you have. Joji kotobalavu should go back to sucking the magana of raijeli baba-tuivaga. He is good only for that now. wadan nursery is a barking dog with no real economic sense left in him. He is only good at licking the leftovers dumped by some rumour mill. They can both screw each other.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the Minister. Shame on the system.
There are proper rules and regulations spelt out clearly in QVS for students, parents, staff and stake holders and the question is why the Minister had to step in with this decision. Did the parent of the bullied student follow school protocol and channel complaint to where it should go first? Was the principal aware of the parents complaint? If yes, what did he do?
Hope someone here can throw extra light so that both sides of the coin is known.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reddy's action was rash. He did not have respect for the stake holders (ie. the PTA and the Ex Scholars). What did the Principal do, in regard to that bullying allegations and stories, that warranted his immediate transfer without even the slightest regard for the difficulties in moving immediately?

Anonymous said...

Good work Reddy. Fiji needs more leaders like you who can stand up despite all criticism and continue putting things right. No need to carry waste baggage when the ship needs to sail perfectly. Schools administrators don't pay any teachers so they should butt out from making decisions who they want and who not to be transferred to the schools. What matters is the provision of proper education for all students. Those who can't do that should be shown the door. Only strong actions and decisions will revamp our otherwise kava dozed civil service. Push ahead Reddy. Majority are with you in the cleaning of the education ministry of the rusted rumbles.

Anonymous said...

QVS is not Reddy's papa's property. Its not Kaiyum's property. The school belongs to the people. Reddy must stop interfering. He should focus (no pun meant) on his taxi friend's family, giving speeches in parliament, scratching his legs and drinking waka. Let the school be run by civil servants and managed by old scholars. He is no match for even retired headteachers - we can take him on any day in a debate on education. Reddy shivers when he comes face to face with old scholars. Somebody pass him a viti roll.

mark manning said...

Looks like Graham Davis is still hanging around pretending to be a credible Reporter!!
Perhaps he should stick to stories about Pedophilia because he seems to have an infinity with them.

Anonymous said...


There is a link between being lazy and not growing your own food and NCDs, whether you like it or not.

As for Australians, they are indeed fat but they are productive in other ways that we don't see in Fiji, like scientific innovation. That requires a brain, and obviously the topic of this post is about incompetent teachers drinking kava ...so there's the link... Australia doesn't have 85% of NCD like in Fiji though, and people look after themselves better. In Fiji, there is both physical and intellectual laziness.

Anonymous said...

How many rapes if Fiji in the month of June?

And here are some still blabbing and shouting they are being persecuted by those that want to clean up the country. The clean up is under way, live with it you can hide no longer.

Anonymous said...

How easily this FF supporters forget that Reddy of the FFP is actually trying to clean up their own mess. You see this FF leaders were actually running the government and this same ministry of education for the past 8 years pre-election. This will be their 8-9th year running this very same ministry of education. You could see this as a clean up or a cover up. The latter seems the norm for the FF people.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Reddy gave in to Anasa Vocea and his deputy.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Mark Manning are you accusing Graham Davis of paedophilia.... You know he will sue your ass in Australia...If his father was a paedophile.... do you think Graham would inherit those genes Mark...perhaps the coconut does not fall far from the tree but sometimes it rolls down the sand and into the ocean and re-surfaces other places...Look at Bill Cosby...Perhaps they are related.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:25pm.... if you are that dumb to link NCD to laziness than you must have been born from some dumb smuck... You obviously have a lack of understanding of the impact of the changes in life style, is causing to people and Fiji is not restricted to that. In Australia 89.2% of the population living in urban population suffer from NCD and account for 91% of total deaths. 20% relates to smoking, 12.2% alcohol consumption, 21.4% raised blood pressure and 26.8% obesity.
The biggest killer in Australia is obesity from eating junk food. In Fiji, 82% of deaths were attributed to NCD. Coronary heart disease and stroke is attributed towards 1/3 of these deaths. 58.4% of Indians were considered obese, 34% of Fijians and 5.6% other races. Those Fijians living in rural villages had a higher mean life as opposed to those living in urban areas because of their diet. They ate better and lived better and had less stress than anyone living in Towns. They worked harders and walked had sufficient exercise unlike those in the urban areas with the change in lifestyle.

Now NCD is a lifestyle disease and laziness like your lazy brain to pick on people has nothing to do with it. The changes in lifestyle for the people of Fiji from Indian to Fijian to other races is the factor causing it.

You probably got no job you jobless idiot. Instead of picking on the teachers and everyone else...go pick on Reddy for his stupidity...dumb nut no school quoter.... vakalusi cagi you bastard...

Anonymous said...

Anasa Vocea and Akuila Waradi - both aghe pitche.... Reddy thought they wanted to discuss something in confidence with them.... instead they record his discussion and use it against him. This shows the the gutter level of politics in Fiji, spawned by Frank and his gutter level ways. Even the Speaker of the house Madam Magalevu Malani is doing the same. Frank used the word rubbish in court and she smiles at him saying... sota na yakavi drami boy.... Tikoca uses the word in parliament and Madam Magalevu Speaker berates him. Frank does not care what the people of Fiji wants...He is the power and the glory. 85% of FF supporters says, don't change the flag. He says....they don't like the 23 designs but they want another design.... Ha ha ha drop his pants boy....chase taka nona bum.... He is a fuck wit and Fiji can be proud of it...Oh by the way...Im enjoying the SPG games right now and you the PNG people hate his guts for siding with Indonesia. Boy - the PM of Fiji is an embarrassment and you dickheads voted him in.... now kiss his bum...he may promote you...agree Mr Reddy.. By the way... Josateki Daulako was right - where is the Hindoo representation in Parliament today... that's him there...cockeyed Reddy - Don't you agree Rajendra Chaudary... You read this blog... Where are your Indian champions.... maichod

Anonymous said...

Akuila Waradi and his brother Taito Waradi are two of Fiji's biggest Frank Bainimarama arse lickers trying to worm their way into Government the useless pricks...Rats on the ship I call them bloody Kai Lau macawa kawa ca vakalusi cagi luveni kawa ni tamata sona lelevu vutulaki.... lesu nomudrau koro drau yavu baku wavivi.

Anonymous said...

@5:13 here is a testimony from an iTaukei lady from an outer island who moved to Suva and worked hard : she had all her family coming from the island, like 20 in her apartment, she had to walk between the people sleeping in her flat in order to go to work. She would complain she had to pay for ALL of her relatives. One day she got fed up and left them behind. They were just abusing of the fijian protocol. Of course, her relations with the clan deteriorated, but she figured out there were too many lazy people squatting her flat.

So now you call that a lack of understanding of a "change of lifestyle"? Those villagers shoulldn't be making honey, growing whatever valuable crop their island can have? LACK OF UNDERSTANDING????

Yea obviously you haven't been to the outer islands too often... Overthere people live up to 80 and 90... Life in the city is attractive because very lazy if you can squat a relative's house and do f**k all... of course you end up eating crap and junk...

you are the dumb ass here if you assume that people don't prefer to relax in Suva instead of farming. No one wants to farm... more easy to kerekere.

Anonymous said...

We see some of his traits and one of them is pride . Another is arrogance Reddy is a self promoting star who wants attention at all times. The second case on his journey to wreck the Fijian educational institutions. The first, he wanted a change in the student recruiting system at QVS RKS and ACS. What's the outcome of that?
However his decision to rescind the transfer of Tawake following this grog session(not a formal meeting) had made a nuisance of him and his leaders. What a clown. He must be winking at the 2 during their conversations. This is how we are governed. We are run by proud and arrogant Clowns and Idiots who don't think or care less bout the effect of their decisions on individuals, organizations and nation. Waste time! !

Anonymous said...

@11:29 PM a little bit of pride can't harm you... when there is no pride, we see rubbish everywhere beside the roads, beaches and so on...

lack of pride amongst the workforce or students maybe a problem in fact.

Anonymous said...

with all this discussion on NCD, I find it shocking that blogger.com is asking us to identify pizza and burgers to prove that we are not hungry robots! what about more healthy meals?

Anonymous said...

Today's Leaders are adapting the Obama-I-Lie-to-the-end propaganda/dictatorship:

The following is an excerpt from remarks that Obama made during a White House event in June…

"[T]he truth of the matter is that for all the challenges we face, all the problems that we have, if you had to be — if you had to choose any moment to be born in human history, not knowing what your position was going to be, who you were going to be, you’d choose this time. The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed then it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been."

Anonymous said...

@ 7.24am

And this funny man Alex O'Connor recently sworn as a member to the House says he is joining the Fiji First government firstly because of INTEGRITY...BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

He is more cock-eyed than Reddy!!! Its all for the fame and the glory and the money isn't it Mr O Ko Nor?( As the nervous young "Fijian" (Indian lass) Fiji TV 1 Reporter the other night tried to pronounce his name.

Its easier to pronounce the word D U M B A S S for those who blindly give credit to LAWBREAKERS AND LIARS!

Anonymous said...

@3 21am
A little bit or more. ...pride is never measured. The quote " Pride comes before the fall " has never fail. We want leaders with insight and wisdom to solve problems and to rule the land not those with prideful heart. Mahen has lost his credibility, his reputation, the trust of the people even his underwear. His fall is already going, only time will spell the end. See what pride can do to men. It doesn't do any good.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so correct. Pride comes before the fall. And Cocky has already fallen in the eyes of the parents, students and teachers. His fall from Baini's craddle is awaited. Kaiyum will kick him out soon. Didnt Cocky refer to kaiyum as kattu? Kattu wont forget this. When all the dirty work kattu wants done is completed by Cocky, it will be time to say bye. So what next Cocky Reddy?

Listen from Horses Mouth said...

Minister in Alliance Government, Speaker in Bavadra Government, Minister in Rabuka Government, and MP in SDL government stated in Fiji Sun on Monday that Bainimara Government is the best.

Anonymous said...

@10.41am ....So they are jumping ship now! Isa o Viti
Birds of the same feathers flock together and I don't trust what comes out from the house of unreliable, one sided journalism - the fiji sun.
This reporting is expected and not new. For as much as they tried to show the world how good they are performing, the shadow of 2000 and 2006 events are still upon them. Families and friends of loved ones that had fallen, berated, bullied, abused and murdered by Bainimarama are waiting for justice to be served. That is a debt remain unpaid on earth. They cannot pay it up there .no! because the good book had said so.

Anonymous said...

Alex O Connor is Franks kai loma side of family. Doesnt his appointment reek of nepotism.... he is a great guy though...family man..religious...serves his community... hey i rooted franks daughter a few times. Do you think that accounts as part of family...maybe i can raise this with franky the clown and get a high profile government job...interesting

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:15pm, why the fuck is your ass burning sonalevu. Don't tell me you were the towel boy wiping off all the cunt fluid released by Kepa after he doodle do with tarr. Seems like you licked some of the venomous Kepa wai and it's hard to get off. Clean it off with D-power. If it still doesn't come off, get salote radrodro of tupou draunidalo to wipe it clean with their rotten big ugly ass. If you are still unsatisfied, give Naiqama the pleasure of butusona if he hasn't enjoyed it enough already with the big black ugly ass asenaca caucau. Moce Mada cho.

Anonymous said...

A medical school admission examinations scandal in India has turned into a veritable whodunit with thousands of arrests, mysterious deaths and the suspected involvement of top politicians and bureaucrats. Soutik Biswas travelled to Madhya Pradesh to investigate.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.54pm
wow - great input from a brain made of shit

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.44pm.
The comment made by 11.15pm is directed to you and anon 10.02pm.
So happy reading and swallow it.
If you're not happy then visit your old domain.....the botanical garden at night. Take anon 10.02pm with you to play with.
Be careful of the USP security officers. They are still patrolling that garden.
Drau lai veitaurikau kina.....

Anonymous said...

Yes 9.44am..absolutely right. 11.54 and 10.44 have brains full of shit. They have nothing useful to write but to defecate this blog with their shit.

Anonymous said...

the new flag design shud have current pm's head and speaker's head in it to show fijian solidarity from various forms of life.

on the bottom part is one male and male plus female and female to show equality.

in the center shud have a peeled banana and non peeled banana to represent equal family values.

sa dri yani ... Mr Waradi and Mr Vocea. QVS

Masake Vunilagi. said...

A Sodelpa supporter raped a girl in Nakasi yesterday. When caught he should be shot dead. However Raqcist Sodelpa supporters will defend this man's actions and critique the police and army when these two guys are caught and taken to tasks. These two guys are evil. Worse than animals.

Anonymous said...


Solomon Islands mine declared 'disaster zone' over dam collapse fears
HONIARA, 09 JULY 2015 (SBS) --- A gold mine sold by an Australian company to landowners in the Solomon Islands in May has been declared a disaster area by the government.
Solomons Environment minister Samuel Manetoali said the tailings dam at the Gold Ridge mine, 30km outside the capital Honiara, is in a perilous condition.
Heavy rain after unseasonal Tropical Cyclone Raquel last week has now filled the dam to about 20 centimetres below capacity, its highest ever recorded level.
The dam holds tens of millions of tonnes of toxic sludge and was not designed as a water storage facility.
Landowners and the government fear the dam wall will erode and could collapse, if there is an uncontrolled release of water.
The tailings contain concentrated levels of arsenic, cyanide, mercury and other heavy metals.

Kilo 1 Tango said...

We coming for this people 2.42 mentioned.qaruni iqo luveni Baku!stay there humping that balabala , e lauta na bici na kena ikolo tamata biligi tobo kula macca fuker.

Anonymous said...

Wooooo whoooo the FF supporters showing their deviant sick twisted minds with their pornographic views.... so sad thar you guys stoop sooo low... you all have mothers sisters daughters aunties grandmothers and your views of women reflects your low mental esteem....let sleeping dogs lie is a typical guilty asertion that frank always makes...its called self fear or fear of being revealed.... toodle dooo

Anonymous said...

Mesake he was a soldier..... and all soldiers should be castrated...like their commander who orders his viagra to get it up through Takorlal pharmacy.... he sends his boy to collect once week... poor bloke cant get it up the natural way anymore ole Franky....careful Mary one horny kailoma....was gamgbanged in Raiwai during her young days ... ask Wai... was gangbanged by Army boys returning from Leban....ask Darunidalo...sorry you cant.... franky was last man down to tawelu all the wai from her pot... godrogodro..... his son meli the same.... hosana got rooted by my mate and his kai dia. Meli picked her after and thinks their son is his

Anonymous said...

@3.29pm about gang-bang bahahahhaa dont that happen around Suva these days,so definitely the story can be true.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how coup 4.5 can make everything a race issue. Fiji has had a fairly bad eduction system for a long time. Fixing it is going to take some time and some feathers will need to be ruffled.
I am no fan of this government and neither of Cock eyed Reddy. I do not however criticize just for the sake of it. Some of the things he is doing is actually good and people should look at the whole rather than the few things they don't like. Anyone who things that Fiji has a good education system need only read these blogs the level of intellect displayed here leaves a lot to be desired.

Anonymous said...


Its truly amazing how those who manipulate the people and lie continuously are revealing who they are. One word comes to mind 'TOTALITARIANISM'.

Fiji Sun

The Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) remains defiant that there is nothing to talk about.

Its national president Daniel Urai was commenting on the public statement made by the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama issuing an open invitation to the unions to come to the negotiation table with an open mind with a desire to move the nation forward.

Mr Urai said there was no official invite by the Prime Minister to end the stand-off between the Government and FTUC over labour law reforms. The reforms are in the Employment Relations Promulgation Bill (2015) passed by Parliament yesterday.

Mr Bainimarama said during a break from Parliament yesterday: “We just finished debating a major piece of legislation that concerns them, and all what we’ve been talking about in terms of labour relations. In terms of my open invitation to them, they should have been here, listening to what was being said.”

Mr Urai said: “We haven’t received any invite from him, all we are reading is through the media,” Mr Urai said.

“On the first part in the article he is inviting the unions and secondly in the same article he runs down the union by saying that the union representatives were using their union seats for political gains.

“Is that the way to invite someone, even if it is coming from the Prime Minister, is it how you send an invite,” he said.

He said, if the Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, had made it clear that they were in compliance with the core values of the International Labour Organisation than what was the purpose of this invite.

“We all know that the FTUC and the Government signed an agreement in Geneva and it was tabled in Parliament,” he said.

“What we said is that what was tabled was not something that was agreed on.”

He said since there were disagreements, they wrote to the ILO in regards to it and the Attorney-General responded saying they were in compliance with the ILO.

“So if the A-G is saying that they are being compliant with the labour law than what is left there to talk about, what is the purpose of the invite? Mr Urai said.

When asked if they would still go and meet the PM if an official invite was sent to FTUC, Mr Urai said it was unlikely for the invite to come.

“We haven’t got any invite from the PM and I am not sure if he will do so.”

KUA NI RERE said...

Bainimarama is A LIAR.

People who have naively followed Bainimarama are slowly coming to their senses.
They should never trust that snake.

He is Evil.

Anonymous said...

Define totalitarian:

controlling the people of a country in a very strict way with COMPLETE power that CANNOT be opposed

Unknown said...

Well this is a provocative exposition. Education is practically the most important tool for our children and future. Reading this particular piece, the only thing I can comprehend is that two people colluded to record a private conversation.

And I am assuming that the recording was sinister and the person being recorded was clueless. And that for these blog site to nit pick and add racial dimensions it really is sickening to say the least.

Predictably the usual racist posters like kua ni rere and the anonymous clan bites and surprise surprise the comments section swings back to Bainimarama and Khaiyum. It works almost like the London Big Ben clockwork.

Meanwhile the vital point which is the Education of our children is completely overlooked. It would have been better if there were some stats on students performance because that would prove the performance of the teaches. And we can debate that positively.

Unknown said...

I could be wrong but is this blog site not owned by Warden Narsey. Apparently he applied recently to get his ban lifted from entering Fiji due to a lucrative job opportunity.

So the government he has been criticising has provided a safe, secure and prosperous environment for businesses and investors. And with that comes opportunity.

He, like many in here abandoned Fiji years ago for selfish reasons and from afar criticised every move we make. Meanwhile those of us who chose to stay, had to endure struggles and hardships in order to make a difference.

And with conviction everything is getting better. Now Narsey wants to come and reap the benefits. I thank the government for not allowing a self serving imbecile like him back.

Qarase should be banned too. If he really had Fiji and it's people at heart he would have stayed and help teach and guide younger generation about businesses and economy especially I Taukei's of our generation. But no he took his millions and ran abroad. Showing how self serving he is.

Our generation have been educated well and have academic careers. If we wanted, we could run away abroad for selfish reasons. But no we chose to stay regardless of lower wages and daily struggles because we want to help change Fiji for the better.

I find that those who move abroad are usually very selfish and money focused. They think that sending money over to their relatives somehow makes them better. They forget that emotional supports is better. Especially when family members mourn a loss or celebrate a birth. And their skills could have been better utilised here in Fiji to lift the standards of various industry. The country they are fleeing to were not made that way. It was its citizens struggles and innovation that led to that. Fiji as a country are currently going through that journey of development and this is where our academic generations and academic types older generation are needed but instead Narsey, Qarase and their type decided to abandoned our team Fiji and join a foreign team. Well guess what Narsey and your likes you have made your bed now lay on it.

And as time passes, Fiji and everyone changes but usually these ones abroad are stucked in time and their ideals about Fiji is as when they left or from second hand informations from relatives and friends.

Whenever someone from abroad tries to be clever I just nudge and say sorry you abandoned us so take your ideas and help your adopted land. We will do things in our way and our time period.

Anonymous said...

The union movement is screwing ATS (Fiji) Ltd up with its bullshit labour laws. Its no secret that the current ATS - CEO was appointed through union influence and now the company is spiraling southward. The hard working staff are crying out for a new "LEADER". But it seems that the same old unionism is back in play. One former expat boss has supposedly been shortlisted for a job he ran away from when he couldn't handle the heat and this at the expense of another local. Mr. Minister for Finance, please save us hard working people who have witnessed that locals can produce results, but just not with a boss like Hare and his team of cronies. Ask any ATS worker and they will testify that ATS is at its lowest point it has ever been in its 34 year history. Again thanks to Hare. We cry for justice Mr. Minister, please deliver us

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro you live overseas yourself.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back VR. Long gone.
Your last para...yes agree totally but the minister is treading on grounds where his subordinates are domained. Leave the business of the school to the owners, stake holders, etc. He has his ministry PS to rule on the case and golly! let the PS handle the case and concentrate on something meaningful , something positive like you said- provide periodic stats on student performance/ results....certainly a useful indicator on teachers performance. Some will definitely be implicated for not doing their work.

Anonymous said...

You could be right..but I believe he is one of those that migrated to enjoy the city life in Suva from his village like every kaiviti(vitilevu and yanuyanu) are doing.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.52pm

Vili Rakoro

Very unjustified your comments about 'self-serving' ex Fiji citizens who are in reality two outstanding ACADEMICS, very highly regarded by governing nations abroad and highly known in Fiji for their bravery in speaking out for fairness and freedom against a treasonous lot who dared to capture a democratic nation by the force of the gun! Two law-abiding, well respected prominent ACADEMICS living abroad currently being bullied by the Fiji First Government for the simple reason that they wish to enter the land of their birth! And you call this a democratic rule???

First and foremost Vili they are NOT criminals nor have they committed treason nor any act that depicted they manifested a betrayal of their allegiance to Fiji as a nation. NO!

You are a 'rotten bag of potatoes' Vili. Always will be - judging by your continuous misconceptions and erroneous views, you probably look yourself in the mirror and think yourself mighty fine. You are not!

I urge you to take a good hard look at the Leaders whom you so defend with your senseless arguments based on false facts. Your arguments are all in vain! No integrity - no shame!
You defend a self-serving tyrannical government lot who are LIARS who FEAR opposition through and through!

Remove the cobwebs plastered to your eyes Vili and pray that you see clearly in order to instill a change, make some sense to the contradictory rubbish you foolishly splatter on Coup 4.5.

How dare you try to make comparison to the two highly acclaimed law-abiding ACADEMICS with the shameful LEADERS and THEIR SUPPORTERS in the ruling government who by their actions reek with EXTREME HATRED with NO SENSE OF MORAL OBLIGATION AND DUTY UNDER A DEMOCRATIC BANNER. ALL in the Fiji First Government and supporters of this draconian ruling should bury their heads in shame.

Fiji desires people like the Professors who set a moral standard for the people of this nation - they speak NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH FOR LIBERTY AND FAIRNESS IN FIJI! Fiji is dying of the calibre of good honest people who are not afraid to lay down their lives and livelihood to stand against manipulative and controlling liars who shamelessly 'lead' us! Fiji is dying of the calibre of good honest people because its all about money and self-serving devious agendas!! We are losing all sense of INTEGRITY in our Leaders!!

Wake up FIJI!!

Shame on you Vili Rakoro!! SUCH HYPOCRISY!!

Anonymous said...

10.52. VR
Your assumption of Wadan Narsey can be correct. After what Reddy is doing in his Ministry only create a rift within the govt circle. As a result government will be looking for someone with Wadan's caliber to run the education Dept. It is time that Frank and Khaiyum invited Narsey to come on board and forget the personal and political vendatas . He is a great asset. It's nothing to do with SODELPA and FF . It's for the children and for Fiji.
You talked of positive debate in your earlier blog, this is one. And for Reddy..certainly , London Big Ben is ticking away on him.

Unknown said...

Yeah right Qarase is a convicted criminal. And Narsey is guilty of trying to derail the governments efforts through negative public analysis based on his own opinion. Certainly not his experience since he does not live here. They both are and we're useless. Anyone who defends them are well birds of the same feathers.

Anonymous said...

VR had been away for sometime lobbying his pro Bhai's and Khai's ideals in other blogsites but there were so few viewers that he decided to come back. In spite of his many adversaries here at C4.5 he still wants to maintain his lies which he believes are truths. VR has now come to genuinely like C4.5 which Bainimarama and Khaiyum would be so happy to shut down but just cannot seem to do so.

Anonymous said...

Lol..haha haha!
Can I change the meaning of the Centre design. .peeled and unpeeled banana to represent the 2 major races.

Matavatucou kei Lodoni....Ni sa bula na taciqu!!

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro,
Can you answer this question please.


Anonymous said...

A straight Yes or No answer to 10.49am is required not your own personal foolish explanation.
Get a dictionary meaning and post it here if you want to expand your answer.
Be positive!

Unknown said...

As usual the debate has regressed to Bainimarama again. For as long as these blog has been running, any discussion always veers back to him. You lot are engrossed with him and Khaiyum.

Let us see if you can break your habits of ineffective diatribe. In relation to the topic of this thread, what are your thoughts on the education governance, should it be left to the landowners, school boards etc to dictate which teacher is designated to their schools.

An alternative would be to have some sort of mechanism which analyses students results, attendance, area etc and formulate a grading system such as A for excellent, B for satisfactory and C for poor. And any teacher that scores C is given 3 chances to improve or face the music.

Anonymous said...

@Vili Rakoro, Someone asked you a question @10:49.
The answer is Yes or No.
What is your answer Vili.
Whats wrong Vili. Why you cant answer the question.
Any Class 1 student can answer this question.
Is treason a crime?

KUA NI RERE said...

The question was not about Bainimarama. The question was just a general question. It can be applied to people in Australia or New Zealand or America.

The questions is :

Is it a criminal offence?

If thousands of law-abiding citizens have followed the LAW and voted and then some person just comes in and STEALs THE GOVERNMENT BY FORCE, Is that a Crime?
Is that a crime against law abiding citizens. That is what TREASON is.


A very simple "yes" or "no" would suffice.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Vili has suddenly lost his marbles and cant seem to answer the question. Even though we have hinted the answer in the question.

Anonymous said...

@kua ni rere, where were you and people like you in 87 & 2000? I believe you folks were rejoicing in parliament and labelling those coups as gods will. If majority of you would have gained the soul to stand up then and labelled it treason rather than gods will, such a question won't have been necessary today. If it was gods will in 87 & 2000, then it was gods will in 2006. For those of us who condemned the 87 & 2000 coup, it was treason then and it was treason in 2006. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

12:04 PM & 12:34 PM.

You're just a pathetic sex maniac unable to constructively contribute to any discussion on the table. You bring nothing but disrepute to those who are in opposition to SODELPA and its ideals. You and your type are an insult to us FFP supporters who wish to advance the party's position.

I will not be surprised if FFP will lose some of its advocates by your evil diatribe.

Anonymous said...

@1:35 PM.

There are many of us who did not support the 1987 and 2000 coups and did not support the 2006 coup as well. They were all treasonous acts against duly elected governments. As your are obviously a supporter of the 2006 coup, your question and statement have no validity.

Anonymous said...

1:40 anon, go fuck yourself with a hot rod asshole. You no FF supporter. You are one of those SODELPA asslickers who prefer to give but can't take it. I don't give a fuck about whether FF wins or loses support as they don't put bread and butter on my table. What I care about is giving a mouthful to all those fuckers who try to destroy my bread and butter. This is no church where you have come to listen in on a sermon. If you can't take the heat, get your ass out of this site and go butulaki somewhere else motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:49pm, your assumptions are making you delusional bro. I have never supported a coup and never will as my family has first hand experience of the devastation that coups can cause. Rabuka, speight and bainimarama are all guilty of treason. Speight is paying for his crimes. Bainimarama and rabuka needs to pay for theirs. I'm a strong believer in two wrongs don't make a right. I strongly objected to the 2006 coup through letters in the Fiji times and by participating in demonstrations by Fiji women's crisis centre at the Nasser Seawall. Get your facts straight before generalising.

Anonymous said...

Prof Wadan Narsey lives in Fiji and writes from Fiji. AND he puts his name to everything he writes.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a very religious country with christians hindoos and muslims and of course buddhist. People in fini practise their faith vehermently. However the recent rape of a 9 year old and incest committed by a father against his daughter raises the ugly question of a religious society whether true to their faith. When one reads the sexually explicit comments on this blog one realises the mental level and one no longer wonders why these sexual offences are increasing in fiji. Rape sexual offences violence against women and child abuse are increasing in fiji and many of these unreported. I being a foreigner but have a love for the country of fiji now wonder what is really behind the smile. Something sinister is there when p e realises that sexual offences and particularly against children or minors is nothing new to fiji. Despicable is the word when one reads the perversion of people on this blog... hooray fiji...in drawing political lines it brings out the evil amongst its people and the trutb behind the smile us exposed...trully sad some of the comments here...there must be so much hatred in your country that you really need God in your life.

Anonymous said...

A dog natural instinct.
@1.56...yes we all know that you're barking 5000+ miles away from here. Too loud and empty like a dog infront of its owner. Your inputs are just full of shit and it's ok We understand that being a bitch yourself you'll do 2 things...(1) sniff and lick everyones arse and (2) eat your own puke and shit...that is a dogs natural instinct..

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 1:35 PM
I was not here in 1987. I was a young boy studying at University overseas.
Like the other people above I do not support Treason.
Therefore I think Rabuka and Bainimarama should be tried for TREASON.

When Bainimarama was concerned about Qarase and corruption in 2006, WHY DIDNT HE FORM A PARTY IN 2006 and use anti-corruption as his platform for election?
That would be the right thing to do.
If he knows that Qarase has committed crimes then why didn't he report Qarase to the police in 2006.

That's all there is to it.

I'm disappointed that people who should have known better then followed him into his idiocy; including USP academics and also Chaudry etc etc.
That if they support a crime, that everything will work out well???? HUH?
Are they stupid?

And this is why Fiji is farked.
This is why there is a high suicide rate amongst young people; a high domestic abuse rate; high murder rate; high rape rate; high malnutrition rate etc etc.

God says in the Bible that "Righteousness exalts a nation", so its plain dumb to commit crimes like TREASON and think that you will exalt your nation. That would be moronic.


It will fail in Crime Prevention.
It will fail in Rugby.
It will fail in the Sugar Industry
It will fail in Education
It will fail in Finance
GET WITH THE PROGRAMME FOLKS....God is always right.

Anonymous said...

Kua ni rere if you were a young boci in 1987 you still think and speak like a boci today at your age. You should be ashamed of yourself. Once a boci always a boci

Anonymous said...

We tongans and samoans would not sit by and let this happen... get up fijians.... lost your fighting spirit...too much lotu lasulasu

Anonymous said...

@anon. 2.12pm. Jul 9th
The FLAG Design
After all the proposals recommendations and comments on the new flag then here comes one...@2.12pm Jul 9th.
This is really unique and I recommend everyone to read it again. Also read the supporting responce by anon 9.45am Jul 10th just below it.

Anonymous said...


The new flag is a symbol of treason, murder, rape, corruption and it is expected to be ready by the 45th anniversary of Fiji's Independence, October 10.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 4:25 PM

YOU KNOW I'm SPEAKING THE TRUTH....but you bury your head in the sand. I'm just quoting what the Bible says.
The Bible says "You reap what you sow"
And that's why Bainimarama's government is a failure.
Its embarrassing.

NOW YOU HAVE ILLICIT DRUG RUNNING AND MONEY-LAUNDERING HAPPENING IN FIJI LIKE NEVER BEFORE....Now you even have the Chinese mafia running the farking show and corrupting the police.

Like I've said many times before You cannot sow TREASON and expect to reap SUCCESS.

Bainimarama's government will be KNOWN AS A FAILURE !

Even if you change the flag , the country will still be farked!

EVEN NOW OUR SOLDIERS ARE A FAILURE....they are not like what they used to be...they bowed down to al-Noushra. WHAT A SHAME!

IF YOU WANT TO MAKE FIJI A GREAT NATION...then God says : "Righteousness exalts a Nation".
ie Bainimarama and Kaiyum have to be thrown in jail for their crimes.

If you want to be a great Rugby nation...then this is what you have to do.
YOU CAN PAY FOR THE BEST COACH IN THE WORLD BUT YOUR TEAM WILL STILL BE FARKED....because God's Word is always right. And its upto us whether we line-up with it or not.
The longer we live in denial the longer this country will stay farked !

Anonymous said...

If KNR is still a boci today which obviously is the opposite then what that makes of you ..a qase boci?
Your judgement is a reflection of an individual with a "wear and tear"mind. Do you know what that quote means.? An Accountant will help you. You've lived long enough that your mentality needs to resonate. Brains deplete over time and can be so frustrating.

Unknown said...

Kua ni rere you are one lying racist imbecile. You said before in these blog that you were in Fiji protesting the 87 coups. Now all of a sudden you were abroad studying. Just like Qarase your hero you are both useless self serving idiots.

Back in 87 wages were very low and if you were studying overseas then your parents must be rich. Either they had a big business or they have connection with politicians who are self serving to their family and relatives. So you must fall under that.

It makes sense now why you have so much hatred for Bainimarama. It is because he stopped your likes corrupt ass from continually pillaging from the people of Fiji.

No wonder you do not want to give your real name. You claim it is for safety but the reality is you do not want people to know you because they will see a hypocrite and a self serving imbecile.

Unknown said...

Anyways now back to the subject of these thread. Education is practically the most important tool for our children and future. Therefore it is imperative that we strive for a positive solution.

People like kua ni rere and others who live abroad do not care. Their kids are in good schools abroad so they are secure. It is up to us here in Fiji to try and provide a good environment to give our children the best chances.

Those who are criticising us from abroad are selfish people which is why they abandoned their country. It is up to us here to forge a course of greater development for us.

And one of the best tool for that is education education and education.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong to call a person KAI INDIA if his ancestors were from India oor KAI AFRICA if his ancestors came from AFRICA!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Anon 10.46 PM

The Fijian of Indian Heritage have been here for over 5 generations or more. Their Heritage are Fijian period. We all know Lauan people have heritage links to Tonga. Should we start calling them Kai Tonga too ey.

However in saying that it is totally acceptable to use their heritage for the purpose of identifying their ethnicity or as a reference in a conversation. Problem though as I suspect it is easy to call them by such terminology with the intention of belittling them in a derogatory way.

Another such example is how I taukei's from Viti Levu often use the term "Qalo Mai"(Swam here) to I taukei's from yanuyanu (islands) as a derogatory term to belittle them.

Just as I have always been against using that term to my fellow Fijian of yanuyanu (islands ) extraction, I am also against using derogatory term towards my fellow Fijians of Indian extraction.

Anonymous said...

A racist indeed you are!! Talking about double standards. The term "qalo mai" you are using here exactly means the same thing when you called those opposing Bainimarama "kai yanuyanu".
Look at what you wrote...Just as I have always been against using the term to my fellow Fijians of yanuyanu (islands )extract ion....
You know I'm kinda respect you for some of your useful inputs but what you wrote here is telling me what others have been saying about Vili Rakoro..the imbecile and idiot. Of course you are.
Recap your statement.

Anonymous said...

VR is not a true indigenous Fijian because he insists that Fijians from Vitilevu are different from those in the other Fiji islands. He probably spent much of his life away from Naitasiri where he purports he is from. If he really is from Naitasiri and is aware of the traditional "veiwekani" and relationships with those from other islands such as Lau, Vanualevu, Taveuni, Lomaiviti and Yasawa, then he would not be speaking as he does about the "kai yanuyanus" and "qalo mais" which are Fijian derogatory terminologies.

If VR is of any other ethnic descent than that of an indigenous Fijian, then it is understandable that he is resorting to desecrating its cultures and traditions which is Khaiyum's prominent goal as spelt out in his "sunset clause".

Anonymous said...

You Fijians would have been under Fijian rule. We Tongans terrorised the whole of Fiji. Not a part of Fiji has been unmarked by Tongan influence. Our bloodline remain in Nadroga Rewa Bau Tailevu Naitasiri Serua Namosi Ra Yaswa Kadavu Beqa Taveuni Mamanuca whole of Vanualevu and Lau. You would all be joining our coronation if not for Europeans. We would not have allowed Frank continue what he did. Vili needs more Tongan in him... malo pito

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili.....Im Back...Lol at Vili... shit stirrer thats all you are....a piece of turd floating in the water and when stirred everything turns to shit....Lets play and continue your racist game which is exactly the FF ploy. . Keeping hindoos and fijians and other races apart....one thing that is obvious is that you are a tumar ghan bhaiya and nothing more...
Firstly lets make something clear.... You Bhaiya Vili are of Indian Heritage....you can be 5th 10th or 100th generation of Inidian born and raised in your adoptive country of fiji but it does not change the fact that you remain an Indian.... an Indian can never be a Fijian nor can an Indian be an Australian Kiwi English Irish Welsh or French....An Indian will always be bakuwavivi....nothing more...now your dumb ass of a prime minister is so freaking stupid .... he made this truly dumb idiotic statement in parliament and all you dumbass FF itaukei supporting the party supports this.... he said..the term Fijian is not ours... obviously he says this because the Tongan warriors who nearly conquered Fiji did not have a V vowel and hence Feejee was coined. What your dumb freak of a PM who is too stupid to string a sentence does not comprehend is that the term Feejee has been made and accepted in reference of an indigenous group....it does not connect different ethnic groups to the indigenous so you Vili Bhaiya kulina will always be a kulina....you can never be Fijian....however we will allow you to use the name...becausr you cannot go back to your motherland...otherwise you will be a slum dog coolie.... oh by the way Vili... Your PM too sonalevu to want to fight the Tongans for the reef.... All Kiuvans have Tongan and so does Frank did you know that....go ask Frank.... his great great grandfather is Tongan..... bet you did not know this...

To Josateki said...

Josateki Daulako is the same guy as KUA NI RERE. He has used other names such as Vutaki Meo, Ki Bau etc, before. My question to Josateki is, how are you 100% certain that Vili is an Indian? What if he is not? Why are you taking Vili's anger on Fiji Indians. You always swear and write hateful and racial comments about Fiji Indians who are innocent. Because of Khaiyum please don't vent your anger on all Fiji Indians. Fiji Indians are peaceful and hardworking people wherever in the world they live. In West and North they live and assimilate with itaukeis and they hardly criticise Fijians. For God sake leave them alone. There are bad, good and evil people in each race. We are all human beings and one day we will all die. Generalisation is very sad and it reflects on the type of person is.

Anonymous said...

While you guys fight over who is a greater ass - Indian or iTaukei - the two you know who are busy selling Rotuma to the Chinese. Information is that China will pay off all Fiji's dinau in return for a permanent base in Rotuma. and of course, good bank balances for the duo.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako hates Indians for the reason known to him. He is a racist and cant stand Indians in Fiji. This week he and his friend Kua Ni Rere raped a nine year class three Indian student while she was returning home from school. Very soon both of them will be caught and castrated.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Vili Rakoro July 10 9:53PM

Its obvious that you are out of your depths and YOU ARE LACKING IN LOGIC.

Since you said that I claimed to have said on this blog site that I was protesting in 1987...Can you please point us to that piece.

Guess what Vili....We can actually point to the place on this Blog where you have discriminated against Fijians from the islands.
BUT YOU CANT BACK UP YOUR RANTINGS against me WITH FACTS....why? Because you are a compulsive LIAR like your leader Bainimarama.

When I said that I was studying at University overseas in 1987, your CONCLUSION IS I MUST BE FROM A CHIEFLY FAMILY....

Well I am not from a chiefly family, Vili.
I got there through hard work. Not by stealing other peoples hard-work like Bainimarama.


We all notice that Vili.
You cant see it but we can.
A few months ago someone actually replied to you and said THAT YOU MUST BE EITHER A LITTLE CHILD OR A Vulivakavo....BECAUSE YOU SEEM TO SKIP SEQUENCES IN LOGIC and you end up making a fool of yourself.

Also I agree with Mr Daulako that you are an Indian.
As one blogger has written above, ke o iko o kaiViti ke o na kila na veiwekani e tiko vei iratou mai Naitasiri kei Yasayasa mai Lau.
Sega ni dua na kai Naitasiri ena vakayagataka na mataqali vosa lolovira o vakayagataka tiko o iko ena buturara qo.

Vosota sara na wekaqu baleta ni o iko o carawai; e so na ka o na sega ni qisema rawa.



Here is the question AGAIN: Is TREASON A CRIME AGAINST THE PEOPLE or not, Vili?
Why is it so difficult for you to answer this farking simple question Vili????

Anonymous said...

It's ok We understand why you have to leave prematurely after making the same silly, foolish statement about the qalo mai/kai yanuyanu mistake. When your coming to terms with reality and recapped what you wrote, then come back.. C45 and followers are waiting. Your making yourself a celeb here and I admire your courage to take on anyone who dares you, but, be prepared and equipped the next time. Don't commit the same mistake again.

Anonymous said...

When the church becomes QUIET and the world's sodomites have their way.

"A historically Baptist university in Texas quietly removed a reference to homosexuality from its sexual misconduct policy earlier this year, changing the title of the policy and seemingly softening its language about “disciplinary procedures” for those who violate its standards.

Baylor University in Waco, Texas, axed the following line from its 2007 policy about the “gift” of sexuality: “Misuses of God’s gift will be understood to include, but not be limited to, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault, incest, adultery, fornication and homosexual acts.” "

That said, the school did not endorse same-sex relationships in the updated text, and homosexuality is still present in the university’s “Statement on Human Sexuality.”

The latest change to the misconduct policy, though, was made on May 15 by the school’s board of regents, with a spokeswoman claiming that the language change came amid concerns that the policy in its previous form wasn’t properly reflecting the college’s “caring community,” the Huffington Post reported…

Anonymous said...

REMEMBER JUDAH AND THE SODOMITES-- and the wickedness of all that pours forth from the loose mouths of those on this blogsite who exalt and encourage the filth and abominable acts of sodomy!! God sees - God is not blind!! God is not to be mocked!!

"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:13

You will find in the Bible that the Sodomites flourished under the reign of the wicked kings and they were removed by the good kings--
1. Asa-"And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord, as did David his father.
"And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made." I Kings 14:11-12
2. Jehoshaphat--"And he walked in all the ways of Asa his father; he turned not asidefrom it, doing that which was right in the eyes of the Lord. . . "
"And the remnant of the Sodomites, which remained in the days of his father Asa, he took out of the land." I Kings 22:43a,46
3. Josiah--"And he brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangingsfor the grove. " II Kings 23:7


In Genesis chapters 13, 18, 19 we find God's attitude toward and His judgment against Sodomites:

"But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly." Genesis 13:13

"And the Lord said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous." Genesis 18:20 "

"Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground." Genesis 19:24-25

God did not find ten righteous people in Sodom. That place was so given over to its vile corruptions that no hope remained. God's wrath was poured out upon them because of their sins.

Where Sodom once stood there is now the Dead Sea. Nothing grows there. Do not harbor the hope that God will overlook this heinous wickedness that is being accepted and legalized in America and is bound to spread it's EVIL throughout the world. We could fall as suddenly as Sodom did!

". . Sodom, that was over thrown as in a moment. ." Lamentations 4:6b

You will search in vain for any trace of God's excusing the Sodomites in their debased state.
"...God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. . . " Isaiah 13:19b


1. The sins of the Sodomites are of the vilest nature. God's hatred of their abominations is revealed in their incurable disease that strikes with near 100% mortality--AIDS!
2. Sodomy is not an alternate life style. It is a sin. It is a style of death!
3. There is no such thing as Sodomite rights found in God's Word.
4. There is one hope for America--Do as Asa, Jehoshaphat and Josiah.
5. There is one hope for the Sodomite--The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; "Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time." I Timothy 2:5-6

"Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. " Titus 2:14

"I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. " Luke 13:3

Anonymous said...

Vili Raisona is but an assole indian who lives in north America
and defending his Kai-idia from that region?

Piskete said...

A win by the people.....read on

From Fiji Times Online (9 June 2015)

Opposition hands in petition
by Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

SPEAKER of Parliament Dr Jiko Luveni has ruled that the petition handed in yesterday by the Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa be given to the Standing Committee on Social Affairs.

She also clarified to Parliament that the two Bills—Rotuma Lands Bill and the Rotuma Bills—have been tabled in Parliament but have not been referred to any standing committee.

This she did after the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum raised a point of order regarding the capacity of the House to refer the petition to a Bill that was already with a standing committee.

Ro Teimumu, in presenting the petition, said it was from Rotuman's and friends of Rotuman's humbly asking the House to stop and defer the further tabling and reading and the passing into law of the two Bills.

"Very briefly, these honourable people brought this petition to our office when they were ignored, shunned and cast aside by Government," Ro Teimumu said.

She said this was when they had questioned the Government of the day why they were not consulted before the Bills were tabled in Parliament.

After presentation of the petition, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the Bills were already with the standing committee and the committee could go to Rotuma and hear directly from the people or the 500 people could go to the standing committee to air their views. Opposition MP Niko Nawaikula said the committee was constrained where people could only comment on the Bill but the petition, however, provided the platform for them to give their opinions.

Dr Luveni later said petitions were a fundamental right of the citizens which was preserved in the standing committee.

"The petition that has been tabled this morning with Bills before the Parliament is clearly within the house's jurisdiction," she said.

She added though the Bills were read for the first time on May 14th, "I should point out that those Bills have yet to be referred to the standing committee."

She added even if this had not been done, there was no reason why the committee could not consider both Bills and the petition.

"It is then up to the committee to determine how to deal with them (petition) and report back to the house," Dr Luveni said.

© Fiji Times Ltd.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 is full of religious nutters and i'Taukei layabouts living in Sydney or wherever they go. This kind of posting is ridiculous. Reddy was having a go at both i'Taukei and "kai India" ( and since when has that been a derogatory statement except for politically correct Fiji First fanatics). And Reddy is 100% right. Everyone needs to lift their game and if people are incompetent they need to be replaced. The future of our kids depends on it. I would hate to have his job but at least he is trying. What about the fools who got the education system into this mess in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Reddy is f**all. arrogant fool,thinking that he is the only one who knows. he wanted to replace kaiyum anbd be Baini's RH man. Kaiyum knows. and now is blackmailing Reddy. If he doesnt listen to kaiyum, Kaiyum will kick is butt soon.

Unknown said...

Kua ni ReRe

Attempting to twist my words again are we. Did not work before and will not work again this time unfortunately. People like you, Daulako and the racist nationalist stereotypes may have succeeded in manipulating our illetarate elders but please do not play that game with us because we will strip your lie to reveal your true intentions and leave you with no valid argument so that the only option you will have is to post derogatory squib to show your frustration.

As for the terminology that I have used such as Kai Yanuyanu and Qalo mai, all you have to do is ask me to clarify my statements. Instead you used my terms on its own rather then the context it was used and attempting to twist it to include a racial and disingenuous dimensions.

Now you have added another coating by assuming that I must be an Indian to try and disprove my sentiment because if I am a I Taukei then there is no way I could belittle Kai yanuyanu types in here. Well guess what, you lot deserve everything you get. Most I taukei from Viti Levu attended school with Indians, grew up with them and formed a life long friendships. And then you have I Taukei's from yanuyanu like most in here especially those abroad who abandoned Fiji, come in and start posting derogatory comments about the same Indians we grew up with and have helped each other over the years. And then this same yanuyanu types went on and also posted derogatory comments about our PM who is a fellow Kai Viti Levu and then expect us I Taukei's from Viti Levu especially our generation to side with them. Like how they used to expect common villagers to toe the line and vote for who the Chief or Talatala says.

Are you freaking kidding me. What planet do you lot live in. This is 2015 not the 70s or 80s. You lot must be one bunch of idiots. The Kai yanuyanu types I detest are your types, yes both of you Kua ni ReRe, Daulako and your likes. The self serving racist imbeciles. With you lot all I see is a Qalo Mai kai yanuyanu regardless of how many generation as Daulako proudly posted regarding Fijian of Indian extraction.

My terminology are not aimed at the good kind I Taukei's from yanuyanu who I have respect for and welcome with open arms and will defend them if any of my Kai from Viti Levu belittles them with terms as Qalo Mai. Just like how I defend the good kind Fijian of Indian extraction from racist I Taukei's in general.

Anonymous said...

Only a great flag could solve this whole issue in the long run.

I believe that Cakobau's simplified flag is the only acceptable solution.

Anonymous said...

VR is defending bigotry. He thinks he is an expert on Fijian cultures and traditions. But he shot his mouth too fast about "kai yanuyanu" and "qalo mai" but he's too late now to be corrected because the brand of "racist bigot" has now been stamped on his forehead for all to see.

Anonymous said...

The more you write the more you expose who you are..the imbecile , the idiot and you talk of generalising...
Minds get screwed when temper is lost.
Do you remember your last several posts where temper was lost when bombarded- you wrote kai yanuyanu are opposing Bainimarama because he is a kai Viti levu. You even mentioned that Rt Mara, Rabuka, Qarase were representations of the yanuyanu people running the country was the cause of the problem in Fiji. Please revisit old topics.
When you mentioned this, you are creating two kinds of I taukei. Yanuyanu I taukei and viti levu I taukei. By doing this you are planting the seed of hate within the I taukei society.
In your 11 39 am comment to KNR(last para), your tune is different, a newer version of the kai yanuyanu is mentioned, hence another division( the good kai yanuyanu).
You need to explain the 2 divisions. Who is the good kai yanuyanu that you extract from the kai yanuyanu? The other group is always never mentioned, the group I belong with-kai viti levu, why no extraction was made?
You need a lot of explanation VR to prove that you are not who you are and not racist?

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili...you are funny in your stupid attempts to use words that you obviously are unable to fathom. Fijian of Indian extract...So your calling Indians - Fijians extracted from India...how the fuck can they be Fijian you bakuwavivi...which is pathetically stupid. Its like calling an Irish who holds a passport of England an English of Irish extraction or a Welsh in Australia an Australian of Welsh extraction. The Irish will beat your ass for stating such a term and you wont stand a chance against an Irish because you like Frank your PM are cowards. The term itself is politically incorrect you imbecile. let me tell you a story in which you can use this context....When the Leonidas sailed into Levuka, there were 522 human cargo of Indians from India of Indian extract of which 92 were Muslims from India of Indian extract. Also travelling on board the Leonidas was five Fijians. They had been living in Culcatta for some time and today have left a tribe of Fijian Indians in India...They had said that they boarded a vessel in Galoa Bay which sailed to Australia than onto California and they from thereon, boarded boats travelling to different parts of the world until they came to India. When they were in India, they heard of the Leonidas sailing to Fiji and got a job as cleaners on the boat and returned to Fiji. They are Fijians extracted from India but their children will be Fijians of Indian extract...do you see the difference Kulina...Nationalism is alive and breaths through your puppet kai loma part Tongan Prime Minister Frank...

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha Vinaka Mr Daulako.

Vili your last paragraph is stupid. You may as well get onto that bilibili and sail out to oblivion!!!

The more you confuse yourself the more you look a pipsqueak!!

Anyways a word of comfort though, without your messed-up contributions we wouldn't be having a lively debate!!

Do better so that you don't have to appear to be such a MORON!!!

Anonymous said...

Sedition hearing

Litia Mathewsell
Sunday, July 12, 2015

SIXTEEN people charged with sedition and inciting communal antagonism were released on bail after appearing in the Lautoka Magistrate's Court yesterday.

Accused of forming a new government in Ra last year, the Tui Nalawa Ratu Epeli Niudamu, Sailasa Malani, Sereima Adidave Rokoadi, Nanise Nagusuca, Waisea Duailima, Isikeli Kabakoro, Laisiasa Mocevakaca, Emosi Toga, Waisake Racaca, Samuela Ligabalavu, Mikaele Gonerara, Josefa Natau, Sulueti Waqalala, Ulaiyasi Tuivono, Apolosi Qaliwawa and Ilisapeci Natau appeared before Magistrate Kashyapa Wickramasekara.

He ordered the accused persons to each provide two sureties at $1000 each and personal bail bonds of $2000, with other bail conditions. They were also ordered not leave Viti Levu, not to interfere with witnesses and not to reoffend.

A plea date has been deferred and the group will reappear on July 27.

Their lawyer, Aman Ravindra-Singh, said they were not sure what specific activities his clients had been accused of as they had just received the first part of disclosures.

"The two charges have to do with activities possibly against the State, but those are just allegations only and my clients will be pleading not guilty and we will vigorously defend the charges," he said.

The 11 men and four women were arrested on Friday, and kept overnight at the Ba and Lautoka police stations before yesterday's court sitting.

The other person charged is former Rakiraki special administrator, Seini Raiko, who was not present in court and is believed to be overseas.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili ... recently the army and police arrested 16 people from Ra. These Vili are patriotic Fijians fighting for their rights as Indigenous people and I salute and applaud them for their bravery to stand up against the Military and Franky the clowns Government. They are what we term uluda....for they were the vuda original... you of course are a bulina... but anyway... what are you as a Vitilevuan intend to do for our fellow men from Vitilevu, unlawfully arrested for staging their rights. Remember, unlike Frank they did not commit a coup and treason. They exercised their rights and political belief and are being arrested for doing so....So what can you as a fellow Vitilevu Islander, do to help these people...

Anonymous said...

Hey Vili...interesting no...that Fijians were in India before the human cargo of Indians were brought to Fiji on the first boat Leonidas. Perhaps your great grandfather was one of the human cargo of coolies. Your mother had an affair with an Indian man and gave birth to you.

Anonymous said...

All Indians wishing to be called Fijians....please meet Vili at the Ivi tree in Suva on Tuesday morning 14 July at 9:30am. He is taking registration for Indians and other races to be considered in his Tokatoka and Mataqali.

Frank Bainimarama will have his registration at 2pm.

Please be there prompt so that we can register has many as we can.

Be a Fijian - Join a Mataqali

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.48. All i have to say dude is really. Honestly i come onto the blog to read and laugh. In particular i love the brain washed religious idiots and you my friend are A GRADE. Aids was not a punishment from God. Chimps carry the hiv virus and have been dong so for a long time. It does not do anything to them and that's the difference.It some how infected a human being and the rest as they say is history. Around 4000 species of animals practice homosexuality from Lions to the most common male Sheep. Homosexuality is part of nature and for the lack of a better term "God given". No rational human being would like to be gay on purpose. Have you seen how most bigots like you treat them. Why would one willingly one to be an outcast.In some countries they get killed for being gay.
The Bible, Quran and other religious books are stories written by bronze aged primitive nut jobs. The only problem is that their are some who follow it literally to this day. Just love the stupidity.

Anonymous said...

All Africans wishing to be called Fijians....please meet Vili at the Ivi tree in Suva on Tuesday morning 14 July at 9:30am. He is taking registration for Africans and other races to be considered in his Tokatoka and Mataqali.Frank Bainimarama will have his registration at 2pm. Please be there prompt so that we can register has many as we can.Be a Fijian - Join a Mataqali..."

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA These Africans think Neil Armstrongs family own the moon, God gave the moon Neil Armstrongs family just bcos he was there first!!!!!!!!!heheheheheheehh oh by the way Neils Armstrongs family are NOT from Earth but INDIGENOUS people of the moon bcos they came first! hahahahahaahhh Its their right to push people on the moon who are NOT Armstrongs decandants! hahahahahah
Far ken Afro Negroid sheets- far koff to Somalia!

Unknown said...

It is noticeably cruel when you are being belittled is it not. Daulako picking on my use of the term extraction rather then heritage. As I have said we will strip you down to reveal your true racist, hatred intentions and leave you with no valid argument except derogatory useless points. Which is now happening.

And now few of the anonymous clans posting about clan or mataqali registration. How incredibly naive of them. The only persuasion that posts things like that are the Kai yanuyanu types. Perhaps forgetting that where they are registered to is their little backward Islands. And where they are now as far as Kai Viti Levu are concerned, they are vulagi/visitors to our land.

I know it is a sensitive subject not many touches but guess what, I am more than happy to rigorously strip it and throw it in the air to be discussed. Yes why is it that every Prime Minister before Bainimarama were Kai yanuyanu. The only one that got elected Timoci Bavadra in 87 got removed by Rabuka another Kai yanuyanu who went on to be a PM.

I have noticed that only the Kai yanuyanu types are the ones whinging about Bainimarama's coup. They claim all sorts yet during the other coups before that they were so quiet. Maybe because those coups resulted in one of their own a Kai yanuyanu being a PM.

Funnily enough, now when I bring this up they accuse me of all sorts yet they just can not seem to grasp how that makes them look in terms of whinging about the Indians and Bainimarama.

As the saying goes if you can't take it then don't dis it Qalo mai. And I couldn't care less what names you call me or what you accuse me of. As far as I am concerned on these site all you lot ever do is show your racist and hatred feelings towards the Indians and Kai Viti Levu especially our best PM ever.

Another joke Kai Viti Levu always say about this Kai yanuyanu types is that when you marry one of them you marry their whole clan because they have no land in Viti Levu so they will crash your place. This is on top of the Qalo Mai and various others which I have always found really insulting and incredibly sad. And I have always defended them. It's only when I start noticing their double standards especially those on these blogs that I start to realise few truths.

This is why I am so disappointed in the Kai yanuyanu types because if anything they should know better than to treat Indians those with no land in Viti Levu with love and respect. And maybe just maybe they need a little reminder of what that feeling is like. To be belittled.

Unknown said...

Lol I think whenever we enter these blog both sides leave their commonsense on the gate and enter with their moronic sense.

Don't try and take the moral high ground here. You know we are all guilty of moronic posts and what not whilst in here. It's what these place does. After all the blog is owned by a moronic self opinionated Professor who believes his own bullshit.

Unknown said...

The seed of hate has already been planted by these Yanuyanu types who hate Fijian of Indian extraction. Either we are all Fijian and celebrate our different extraction be it a different province, islands or country or we play these moronic games round and round till they learn or not.

Unknown said...

And these is why I know Kua ni ReRe and Daulako who may be the same person really lost alot when Bainimarama took over.

Any topic of threads like this one Education, they will always swing it back to Bainimarama or Khaiyum. They are not interested in a debate about anything else. Especially topic such as Education which is a positive for our children and future.

They are so blinkered by their hatred of Bainimarama that they kidnapp any topic and replace it with Bainimarama, Khaiyum and Fiji First. Kua ni ReRe slipped up before where he mentioned he was at University abroad in 87.

He already mentioned in here that he was protesting in Fiji that year so already he has lied. Just don't know if it is about protesting in Fiji that year or Studying abroad.

When I questioned him about how he must have come from a wealthy or politically connected family he tried to brushed it aside by saying he went abroad through hard work. Are you freaking kidding me. We all know hard work usually is in the form of dedicating your time to study and research, and at that age there is no way you could afford going to Uni in Fiji let alone abroad. The only way is your parent are loaded or they are politically connected so must have used that connection to get a scholarship or funds.

It makes sense really why he hates Bainimarama with a passion.

Anonymous said...

@9.10pm You should be grateful and thankful that your here to share the freedom Fiji has offered everyone including the likes of you, whether you're living here or elsewhere. This freedom was earned when our ancestors had laid down their hunting and killing tools- (war clubs and spears) and accepted Christianity and the Bible. The Bible, Koran are books of wisdom that carry spiritual insights and instructions on how human life must be lived on this GOD made planet. The good books also carry judgements upon the good and the evil. Constitutions of nations across the globe are drawn from the Bible. Look up the US declaration and constitution. Both were created by GOD fearing men and none of them was a non beleiver.
Billions are followers and I beleive your parents, grand parents, great grandparents great great parents...were believers.Thats why you're here today.
As for the gay society, it looks you're one of them dude. We all love them as the good book has instructed but their choice to create another family society which is inhumane and more animalistic (per your article) is attracting judgement upon themselves. The book says its Evil. We are happy to live together but as long as they DO NOT twist the good LAW of human to accommodate their cravings.( marriage is redefined today)
If you haven't done so and to understand my point, why not spend some time reading the Bible. Its a free read on Internet.

Anonymous said...

Temper is lost, mind is both screwed and unscrewed..nonsense has prevailed and VR you're out of control. You have a medical condition. Did you take your prescribed pills?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.45. Your post reeks of underlying hatred towards the gay community by labeling me gay its like you mocking me because you think i am gay. No i am not gay i am completely heterosexual with a wife and 2 kids. I am not a Atheist but despise organized religion or as i like to call it organized stupidity. You know what the problem is when a rational person argues logic with a Bible basher. The bible basher's only argument is to read the completely illogical Bible. You see my beliefs are based on evidence and yours is based on gospels written by fictitious characters many years after a men called Yashua died.

In any case i do not wish to argue any further as this is a political website and arguing logic with a faith based believer is like talking to a coconut. Full but still empty. By the way the good book also condones slavery is that OK to.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.10PM

Take the good brotherly/sisterly advice of Annoymous at 4.45am my friend.

Be informed that there is nothing that relates to "gays" or "homosexuals" or "transgenders" etc etc. These are all new fancy terms invented by a lost society.

SODOMITES are an abomination in the sight of God. True Repentance is the only cure.

The recent US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage just legalized a sin so egregious it cries out to Heaven for vengeance.


There is one more thing if you insist to continue to preach this LIE - GOD WILL REJECT YOU!!



Anonymous said...

@ 7.18AM







Anonymous said...

Shouldn't surveying firms/personnel be armed with latest GPS gadgetries and laser measuring devices to confirm boundary pegs?(NLTB and HA has them).Hired Landmark Surveyors, based at Nina St, arrived home hands and feet,had to be guided to existing pegs and erroneously repeatedly marked new boundaries.It's sad to see while we are in age of state of the art/computer wizardry,these firms are paid large sums for surveying,are still resorting age old trial and error methods.At my workplace, we daily look at the human bodies in 3D/4D methodically,meticulously and to locate pathologies, diseases,therein etc.Could the association of Fiji land surveyors see that this be rectified? and these companies buy appropriate equipment accordingly, for their work?No cheap-line business,please and hopefully review all their cases attended to 2015 and clarified.Raising this issue also with other authorities.

Unknown said...

Anon 8.07 am

You have a valid and good point. Although I wonder if every finer details like boundaries etc have been converted and stored in a computer database. So when they have the measuring devices they have something to cross check it with.

I know there are manual boundary maps however as you mentioned in this day and age of technology it needs to be updated. This will ensure a fluent and smooth operation which has to be the satisfaction of the customers and individuals.

Anonymous said...

According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a significant proportion of all the fatalities in armed conflicts around the world last year were in wars in the Middle East.

By far the most numerous victims of violence in these conflicts were Muslims.

Another study looking at six conflicts worldwide in 2012 - in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen - found that the majority of armed/insurgent groups involved had a jihadist ideology.

While the world as a whole is arguably becoming less violent, certain regions, in particular the Middle East, are going in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

Well done Reddy. You are doing an excellent work so far. Please continue with it. Technical colleges is a great initiatives and terminating lazy principals was long overdue. Only you have shown the balls to take concrete actions to rid the education ministry of the malua fever that it's so engulfed in from decades. Do not get put-off by detractors as they have nothing positive to add but just shoot off their mouth without any purpose or solutions. Empty vessels make a lot of noise and these people are no less than empty vessels. More of problem creators than solution providers. Majority of us are with you and support the great initiatives that you have brought for the betterment of the education sector. Keep up the good work. God bless.

Anonymous said...

@9:42am, did a Muslim fuck your mother. What has all that got to do with Fiji Muslim. Look closer to home and you will find that the races that exist in Fiji has also done similar things. Committing coups and raping women and children is no godly deeds and has happened in Fiji during the coups as well. Get your brain examined you fucking racists. If you are trying to saying that actions of a minority few is a reflection of the whole community, then the I-taukeis are also jihadis and cruel people as they did coups and all other deeds associated with it. Get your brains examined you racists fuck.

Anonymous said...

8.07..agree with you. It points back to our trading partners abroad. What material is shipped to our country are of good quality?Look east policy on our new trade agreement maybe good economically but this is what we got- cheapline quality stuff. To the Eastern countries their best exports are made to the richest nation like the US, UK, EU, Aust, etc while we get the cheapline stuffs. Perhaps our current leaders are reading this and raise it up with authorities.

Anonymous said...

Must be full moon in Fiji...someone let out a sona ua 11:14pm

Anonymous said...

Fuckwit@10.00AM. It's you fucking muslims are the cockroaches of this world that need exterminating. Go fuck your mother since that's acceptable in Islam.

Anonymous said...

And his intimate relationship with his friend-- the taxi drivers wife? Do you also encourage him to destroy that family?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:51, that's his personal life. On the professional front and as minister for education, he has been doing a tremendous job. How and what he does in his personal life shouldn't be anyone's concern as taxpayers are only paying him for carrying out a professional duty of managing the education sector which he has been doing extremely well so far. There are many like him on both sides of the house who has issues on the personal from. Merchant club deeds of most pasts and present MP's are well known to most of the people.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili...you poor sod...you really are a moron and don't have a clue whatsoever....Me and Kua Ni Rere same person.... Yep sure and just as much as I would believe your a Fijian....

Listen here ole chap...if Kua Ni Rere's parents was able to work hard and afford to send him to gain his education in 1987, good on them and I applaud Fijian Families who are able to do that for their children. Unlike lazy arse parents like yours, who rely on Government handouts.

I am still in University today and have been for the past 4 years and all paid for with sweat by the folks from selling dalo and kava.

Your views of Fijians is myopic like many others who think that Fijians are unsuccessful because we are lazy. There are more Fijians today successful in Society than prior to 1987. The reason, after the coup in 1987, there was a lack of jobs and people had to compete and this drove Fijians in droves to educate themselves. Today the educated Fijians are many and you do not count amongst us. That is why Frank's con will not work. We see him doing exactly what Rabuka and Speight did and only idiots like you are blinded by this.

Fiji does not deserve a stupid clown like Frank. We deserve better and our children and the future deserves the same. We don't need one minded military idiots with Yes Sir and lick ass mentality and nothing more to offer running our Government or a cock eyed useless Education Minister easily manipulated like he was by Vocea and Waradi.

We don't need these military propaganda of which you are nothing but a stool (note I did not use term tool - go look up meaning of stool) continuously dividing the races and in particular the Fijian people.

I asked you before - you claim to be from Vitilevu. You speak on this blog representing the people of Naitasisi and I cringe to think what they would do to you if they found out who you really are....Now 16 people from Ra - Uluda were arrested. They were arrested for exercising their human rights. They believed what they believed for their reasons and should be respected for that. That is the modern norm and democratic ideals. They did not commit a coup or planned one like Frank. They did not commit Treason like Frank. NoW WHAT CAN YOU THE VILLAGE IDIOT DO FOR THEM. Are you all talk.... Just so you know...we are already putting measures in place to help and support these 16 noble patriotic Fijians fighting for their political and inherent belief as itaukei. If you want to meet me, you will find me there with these people in court, supporting them, but you don't have the guts my boy.

Anonymous said...

Let me add my tuppence on gay marriage or same sex marriages. While homosexual marriages are not approved by God, they are just like committing adultery or fornication but in a more gross and more serious manner. God does not approve of these unions and are abominations in his sight. The penis is divinely intended to be inserted into the vagina and not in any other way or any other orifice ONLY when those engaged in the intercourse are legally and duly married.

God also has given us His divine law and gift of free agency. He allows us to worship Him according to the dictates of our own consciences. He lets us worship whom, what or where we may. But there are false gods and wrong ways to worship Him. And when we worship false gods and worship Him in the wrong way, we suffer the consequences of our own choices although we have the freedom to do so.

We cannot choose false gods and expect the true God to bless us. Thus, on homosexual relationships; same sex couples are free to engage in these, but will not reap the true blessings that God intends for those married in the right way by His divine standards.

Anonymous said...

11.04..yes, its personal on the expense of a destroyed family. When it comes to his accountability to his duties and to the nation, his personality will come to the furore.
The London Big Ben is tick tocking!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the Hon Reddy is still holding that position when allegation of adultery was brought against him publicly . Why is Frank keeping him? He has defied his own code of ethic.
US Congressman of the past had to resign and apologized publicly when their immoral acts were exposed.
Come on on Reddy, step aside and face the nation with your public apology. Do that for those who voted you in .

Anonymous said...

@11:27am ... and where in the bible does it say that GOD does not approve of same sex marriage. Where in the bible does it say that he does not approve of homosexuals. All men and women are created in Gods image. God was angry at the goings on at Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed the place. He did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of Gay people. In Ezekiel 16:49-50 declares - "Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom. She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned. They did not help the poor or needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me...The Hebrew word translated "detestable" refers to something that is morally disgusting. Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion.

This is precisely what is happening on earth today and this is not the doing of Gay people. Pornography is rife and available on the internet, in books and magazines. Children are able to access them today. Look at the book "Shades of Grey". Every wife in 8/10 household has read this book. Sexual crimes against children and minors are vile compared to homosexuality. These are all immoral acts and they are committed not only by homosexuals but by supposed straight people as well. Mind you, more straight people have sexual relationship with homosexual men than homosexuals with each other.

Worry about your own morality because when God was about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns, Abraham begged him and for there might be righteous men destroyed with the wicked. Alas no righteous was found. Lot was spared because he was Abraham's nephew. But get this, he committed incense with his daughters.

There is no righteous amongst the wicked whose thoughts will drive them to wickedness.

If you care, humble your heart and pray for those who are homosexuals, pray for those who are wicked and immoral, pray for yourself.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:27 - see the comments from 12:48pm talking about immorality...it is rife in the world today...someone must be begging God to spare the world and he is just holding back but for how long. This my friend is worse than homosexuals. At least they expose themselves for who and what they are. The bigots are those that ridicule them and practise immorality at its worst.

Anonymous said...

Many are giving lame excuses to harbor the evil and wicked law of same-sex marriage and defend the abominal sin of homosexuality. Sin is sin and adultery, rape, incest, murder etc etc are grievous sins that one must repent of if he or she believes in the Christian God.

But what was the SIN of Sodom and Gomorrah? Perhaps we need to return to Scripture and see what this Chapter of the Holy Bible tells us.

Answer: The biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah is recorded in Genesis chapters 18-19. Genesis chapter 18 records the Lord and two angels coming to speak with Abraham. The Lord informed Abraham that "the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous." Verses 22-33 record Abraham pleading with the Lord to have mercy on Sodom and Gomorrah because Abraham's nephew, Lot, and his family lived in Sodom.

Genesis chapter 19 records the two angels, disguised as human men, visiting Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot met the angels in the city square and urged them to stay at his house. The angels agreed. The Bible then informs us, "Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom — both young and old — surrounded the house. They called to Lot, 'Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.'" The angels then proceed to blind all the men of Sodom and Gomorrah and urge Lot and his family to flee from the cities to escape the wrath that God was about to deliver. Lot and his family flee the city, and then "the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah — from the LORD out of the heavens. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities..."

In light of the passage, the most common response to the question "What was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?" is that it was homosexuality. That is how the term "sodomy" came to be used to refer to anal sex between two men, whether consensual or forced. Clearly, homosexuality was part of why God destroyed the two cities. The men of Sodom and Gomorrah wanted to perform homosexual gang rape on the two angels (who were disguised as men). At the same time, it is not biblical to say that homosexuality was the exclusive reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were definitely not exclusive in terms of the sins in which they indulged.

Ezekiel 16:49-50 declares, "Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me..." The Hebrew word translated "detestable" refers to something that is morally disgusting and is the exact same word used in Leviticus 18:22 that refers to homosexuality as an "abomination." Similarly, Jude 7 declares, "...Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion." So, again, while homosexuality was not the only sin in which the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah indulged, it does appear to be the primary reason for the destruction of the cities.

Those who attempt to explain away the biblical condemnations of homosexuality claim that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was inhospitality. The men of Sodom and Gomorrah were certainly being inhospitable. There is probably nothing more inhospitable than homosexual gang rape. But to say God completely destroyed two cities and all their inhabitants for being inhospitable clearly misses the point. While Sodom and Gomorrah were guilty of many other horrendous sins, homosexuality was the reason God poured fiery sulfur on the cities, completely destroying them and all of their inhabitants. To this day, the area where Sodom and Gomorrah were located remains a desolate wasteland. Sodom and Gomorrah serve as a powerful example of how God feels about sin in general, and homosexuality specifically.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.03pm

When God speaks through his servants, the world and its followers become their most vicious enemies.

There is no humility to be found whatsoever in a servant of the Living God when TRUTH must be spoken against the rebellious lot of which you yourself is akin. Here is the lot of hardened hearts and stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears, who make a mockery of God, resisting His laws, His commandments.


Unknown said...


Suspicious how you sternly defend Kua ni ReRe and vice versa. It is becoming clear that you and him are one and the same.

My sentiments about KNR/Yourself on overseas university education has nothing to do with laziness, It is basic economics. In the 80s Fijian families and Individuals struggled in relation to financial independence and support.

Sending someone to USP was a very costly expense. Usually if one does attend, it is typically seen as a novelty. And to send their son to university abroad, that was reserved for the real wealthy ones or politically well connected.

And you naively said that selling root crops in the market will do that. Your lies and bullshit are catching up with you.

In relation to the 16 who got charged. You claim they were exercising their rights. Well we shall see in court. I am curious as to what their villages and province thinks. They remind me of the old days where chiefs, politicians and Talatala's compels the villagers through manipulation or threats to conform to their desire.

I have heard whispers of a financial inspiration rather then a good old fighting for what they believe in and what not.

As for my people from Naitasiri. Well During the election they showed who they supported. And now they are quite content especially for finally having a PM from Viti Levu.

Anonymous said...

Here are some questions for the Bible bashing self-riotous bigots. As of today 20 countries in the world allow for gay marriage. Of note is the fact that at least 5 of these countries are the most God less. Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Canada and a host of others. Sweden is the most atheist country of all the above than followed by Norway. What is also intriguing is that these 2 countries consistently rank as the best places in the world to live in with the most civilized and rational people and some of the highest levels of human development. If God so hated Gay people and was exactly the type of hateful,jealous deity the Bible and the Quran seems to portray why are these countries doing so well and their people some of the happiest and most developed mentally and socially. Would God not have punished them for being unbelievers and allowing Gay marriage.

New Zealand is another country where same sex marriage is allowed. NZ was recently ranked as the 4th most peaceful and safe country to live in. Why has God not reined hellfire and brimstone onto them. On the contrary we look at the middle east a region full of Abrahamic religions and followers, look at the African continent same story wars hatred corruption and plain stupidity. One does not have to go far look at Fiji. Average of 4 churches in each village a mosque in every town and a temple in every community. Yet we have had 4 coups, our people are largely poor corruption bigotry and plain stupidity is rife. The i-tuakei community perhaps one of the most religious is also economically the worst off. Why is God not blessing us. The answer is simple. If indeed a God exists it certainly does not intervene in our daily lives. Rationality science logic, respect for rule of law, love for humanity and mankind makes for a great society not attending Church every day. I hope people in Fiji realize this but the way things are the rest of the civilized world would have left the planet and settled on Mars when that would happen. We truly have one dumb society.

Anonymous said...

Josefa Daulako says to Vili.... ha ha ha suspicions smittens... you are a smug fool to think that we need to disguise ourselves as you do under other persons blog names...think what you please but it only heightens what we say all along.... your expression and thoughts of a typical Fijian family in the 80s is just as shallow and poor as your parents were at that time. I was born in the 91 but I know for a fact that many educated Fijians managed to pay for their education abroad with their hard earned FNPF. My parents farmed the lands of Naitasiri to plant dalo and yagona while your lazy ass slept and drank grog and stole our crops... The fruits of their hard labour saw an older sibling achive two degrees and doing his PHd in Australia. Yep..thats true...many Fijians today have grown and educated themselves unlike your lazy fat complaining ass who has your grubby fingers extended to the Government of the day and any Government of the day.... begging for handouts...that is why you support this Government. I know for a fact that the people of Naitasiri are waiting and waiting for the fire to burn and they will fuel that fire so take your Indian ass out of the picture areh Vili...you have no patriotism for your country...you are like the soldiers, foolishly following the ram over the cliff...The only financial inspiration anyone ever achieved out of all this is your boci PM Franky the clown. Once again you spew foolishness from your arse as you always do....So as you tend to speak championing the people of Vitilevu...now you will like the lazy ass you are, crawl into a hole and watch from your big hole what happens to these 16 men and women of Ra...all you can come back with is financial inspiration.....just as we have come to Naitasiri and leased and farmed your lands and made money while you laze around doing nothing with your lazy ass...no your going to hide in your big hole and watch what happens to your fellow Vitilevuans... There is only one thing to say to you... LUVENI SONA LEVU....Now run off and plant some dalo and tavioka so you can pay for your cigarettes and grog instead of getting your handouts from your Military Masters you boci.

Anonymous said...

I'll continue from my 2 31pm post.
The sins of Soddom and Gomorrah as anon 1.37 had mentioned had actually provoked God's wrath. The Bible has mentioned men having sex with men and there's no mention of women having sex with women. Today we are far worse than the two cities. We have lesbion sex, gay men sex, beastly and worst of all is the creation of a law that encourages these acts. It is the law of privacy. This law implicates someone interupting or disturbing one, two or three individuals engaging in an unlawful act in the privacy of their home. Then here we have same sex marriage- the new law of the land that US is playing the leading role
If the sin of Soddom and Gomorrah is based primarily on homosexuality what would God do to the sin of legalizing homosexuality through same sex marriage?

Anonymous said...

4:03pm... That is your view and the view that you have been led to believe. I say this because I do not wish to be judgemental upon another lest I be judged and I live my judgement to God alone and not men. When men translate Gods words to reflect their beliefs than it becomes the belief of men to condemn other men for their actions based on what they have been led to believe. What has happened in Sodom and Gomorrah only God knows. How we translate it to understand it today depends on how you view things but as I said, that is not important. What is important is how one lives their lives. You can have an angle of God right now beside you and you wont know. That is another message from God in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. It tells us that God uses angles to walk amongst men to test us and the two angels were tests to men. We can go on and on and on about all this but I would rather show love, care and tidings to a homosexual or a lesbian and I would show the same love care and tidings to a poor men and help those in need and preach Gods love and not his wrath because God is not to be feared but to be loved. Thank you for your thoughts and I believe we should live it as it is and let God judge you and I when we stand before him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.36...Sodom and Gomorrah were great cities in the near east and were the craddle of trade in that era. They were the CITY to live by whereby people of all nations flocked to, to share in its beauty and life. Sin became normal to the people and that sparked God's anger.
However the brimstone and fire that came upon the two cities was beyond men's jurisdiction to know. It is God's timing and for you to ask why fire is not reigning upon Sweden Norway or NZ..No one knows. Only God knows. Punishment doesn't have to be fire or sulphur It can come in other forms. Remember when sin becomes normal and wrong becomes right..get prepared.
Note that Sweden and Norway are sitting on dangerous location on the map. They are countries closer to the north pole, the coldest point in the universe.
The destruction of Soddom and Gomorrah had come from above because the two cities had boasted and elevated themselves above the rest. The quote" Pride comes before the fall" proved correct here.
The remains of the 2 cities are still visible today to serve as a reminder of Gods wrath upon a nation who had abandoned HIM and the TRUTH and continue to flourish in sin

Anonymous said...

To those who advocate and support same sex marriage: the reason why God does not and will not condone this practice is because He first commanded Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to "multiply and replenish the earth". He also said that a "man is not complete without a woman". That was when God Himself married Adam and Eve in the divine manner of marriage. Because we are all His children, God wants us to be products of His divinely organized programme and that is the true order of marriage.

We as God's spirit sons and daughters, are to obtain our bodies, the tabernacle, of our Spirits, through the divine order of marriage between a man and a woman. There are still billions upon billions of God's spirit children who are still to gain their bodies,"to replenish this earth", through male husbands and their female wives who with God are procreators with Him in the emergence of a new human being. This is why homosexual marriages have no place in the eternal destiny of man as planned out by our Creator.

Anonymous said...

Vili - something for you to ponder about. This was said by one of our blog preachers at 4:57pm.

"Remember when sin becomes normal and wrong becomes right..get prepared."

Right now in Fiji, the coup has become normal. Coup is a sin against the people of Fiji. All the atrocities committed by soldiers is wrong and a sin but it has now become normal and the wrong that Frank has committed people today like you view as right but it is wrong...so get prepared on your bilibili you bakuwavivi.

Anonymous said...

Vili - something for you to ponder about. This was said by one of our blog preachers at 4:57pm.

"Remember when sin becomes normal and wrong becomes right..get prepared."

Right now in Fiji, the coup has become normal. Coup is a sin against the people of Fiji. All the atrocities committed by soldiers is wrong and a sin but it has now become normal and the wrong that Frank has committed people today like you view as right but it is wrong...so get prepared on your bilibili you bakuwavivi.

Anonymous said...

This fricking blog is getting full of effing christians who think bible is a true story rather than a fable. Jesus was a great and very subversive political leader and he was having it off with that Magdelene character. There is no creature such ss god, so stop threatening the the readers with this religious bullshit. Do you really think anyone is impressed with stories of sodom etc. Many gods have come and gone,! All useless creations of piteous creatures who need a crutch for thier failures. They will of course forget chistos and his teaching if there are snops to loot.

Anonymous said...

This farking motherfarking cockeyed overrated minister for education is an idiot. Go back to your agricultural economic background you stupid idiot. He made himself a laughing stock when he was chair of the commerce commission making all those stupid calls based unrealistic, oversimplified theoretical and impractical assumptions. He thinks he knows everything better than anyone in Fiji and does not listen to the real practitioners that abound in Fiji in both the private and public service. This guys thinks he is smarter than anyone. Mahend Reddy, go look up the stupid naïve and ignorant decisions you have made in the past. It will make a good research material for "how not pretend to know what you never were trained in nor have any iota of practical understanding of the subject matter" You should go back to teach in one of those rural agricultural institutes in India you farking idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

Was that Rajendra Chaudary statement or what....im referring to 6:04 pm... go RC.... these arse lickers used to ream you and mahen but not they looking at you with a cock in their eye....

Unknown said...


As usual you revert to derogatory vernacular. For someone who claims to be educated and worldly you sure do act and speak like a illetarate person.

What is amusing though is because of your stupidity you slipped up. You just claimed that yourself and sister studied abroad. Well Kua ni ReRe also claimed the same thing. You said your parents worked hard selling root crops to send you to school. Surprise surprise kua ni rere claimed the same thing.

Let me just educate you on simple economics. Let's take USP for example, to start off on a degree course, first year is usually 4 units which cost average 2000 dollars. Add daily expense like food and transport or campus the you are looking at an average of 3500 dollars a year.

Now to get a degree usually it takes 3 to 4 years of full time university studies. So if you multiply 3500 by 3 at least the you are looking at 10,500 dollars. And if you were to go abroad as you claim you and your sister did then that figure triples. So you are looking at around 30,000 each so in total your parents would have had to fork out 60 thousand dollars in 3 years.

That is more than what most people in Fiji earn in 15 years or more of their working life. And you are trying to make out that your parents managed that all from selling root crops. Again your lies and bullshit is catching up with you.

You wonder why most of our generation who are the most academic support Bainimarama. Well that is because we do our own research and actually understand his plan rather then listening to fear mongering from idiots like you. The fact we can counter your argument which used to work so well with our elders now makes you frustrated and resorting to the usual derogatory posts.

Unknown said...

If you want to look at sin against the people then look no further then the freaking methodist church that manipulates people especially those in the village to give money them.

Never mind they are already in poverty. The Bible gives people the freedom of choice yet the church makes it a rule to give money. From the annual vakamisinari to the various groups such as Soqosoqo ni Turaga and Marama.

And if a family or individual does not give it. They put their names on black boards to embarrass them. You wanna talk about sin against the people, Howabout you start there you freaking Qalo Mai.

Unknown said...



So you claim that your parents farmed the land in my province. What happened to your own freaking land. So you basically did what the Indians do which is lease lands in Viti Levu yet you try and treat them differently. What is this, "do as I say not what I do".

You truly take the term imbecile to a whole new level. Kua ni levu tiko na gusumu tamata vulagi warai na kemu qele.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:56PM.

Let me show you some things I am so very sure and certain about:

1. You do not know that God exists therefore you conclude by your own thinking that He does not.
2. You do not know by your own thinking that Jesus Christ lived and was crucified, died and was resurrected, so you decide for yourself that the Bible stories about Him are false.
3. One, if he looks for truths about God and Jesus Christ, will not find Him in archeological researches, through scientific methods, or any other worldly means such as telescopes, microscopes, micrometres, and calipers, or even dnas and genomes. No, we cannot find Him there.
4. "God is Spirit, and we meed to worship Him in spirit and in truth". We can only find God through following His own way to Him in order to find and experience His influence, inspiration and even see Him if He allows it. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God".
5. The differences between one who disbelieves in God and one who believes in Him is that the disbeliever does not know of His existence while the believer does know.

Unknown said...

Anon 7.38 am

If you truly are a Christian then you would understand the datum that incessantly shoving the word down peoples throat will only lead to the word being abused and looses its desired effect.

If you truly yearn to share his wisdom then do so appropriately. Rather then telling everyone you are a Christian why not live it daily and let your action speak on your behalf.

If people have not heard of him before then perhaps he will accept for you to spread it. However if they have heard about him and chose not to follow, then as God has given them the freedom to choose, leave them be.

If they have chosen not to follow and you are forcing it down their throat then you are inadvertently acting in an unchristian manner.

Anonymous said...

Bula Vili unlike Daulako and others on the blog i am do not dislike just for the sake of it. I agree with you that Frank does have a plan and i generally support his ideals. What bothers me is the means that he is employing to do it. He obviously has a limited group of advisers. When he does not like something he bullies to get his way. He thinks him and his right hand ASK have all the answers when they clearly don't. I want a Multicultural prosperous Fiji with little or no influence of the Church and the Chiefs on the common i-taukei just like Frank. I want them to think for themselves and excel. I do not agree with his economic policies which is favoring a handful of folks and leaving the rest behind. The Milk deal, Fiji Sun, the duty on Books and Paper , the duty on Blank DVD'S and the list goes on just to name a few of his stupid deals.

To really heal Fiji Frank must listen to people on the ground not the really poor as their simply do have time to think and their thoughts will be too basic. He need to listen to the middle class who are educated enough to make sound suggestions.

I think while your arguments are logical your blind support of FF and hence Frank is making you sound stupid.


Unknown said...


I am sure we are all grown ups therefore assuming that each blindly follows certain political figures and parties blindly is a corrupt analysis. Although I understand why it may seem that way.

If I agree with majority of FF policies and voted for Frank then it is safe to assume it might appear as if I am blindly following. Make no mistake, I do have disagreement in certain elements of their policies.

The only difference is that I deal with it appropriately. Unlike most in here, if I notice something I disagree with I try and suggest alternatives. So that when you are pointing it out you are not coming across as just a whinging lunatic but instead you are proposing solutions.

And do you blame me. You only have to read the derogatory comments most Sodelpa in here posts about to understand that this blog is not one for positive debate. It is one for whinging, pointing fingers and just filthy derogatory remarks.

You will notice if there is a positive debate I completely am all for it. I will listen to other points of view and if they make sense I will applaud them and encourage it.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili ... well Vili for someone like you born to lazy arse parents and you with your Government hand out mentality, achieving the means to study is beyond your expectations but for many of us Fijians who have worked hard and believe in self achievement, we realise there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and we strive to achieve that. You make attempts to justify your unsound knowledge of the economics of University fees and that alone, makes it a deterrent for you so you sit there like a beggar with your hands out to the Government begging for your scholarship. Unlike you and your lazy arse parents, we work hard and achieve these feats you deem unrealistic because we have a dream and achieving that dream means there is no obstacle. The beauty and difference between we the kai yanuyanu from Lau, Kadavu, Yasawa, Beqa, Vatulele, Taveuni, Kiuva, Bau, Serua Island and even the people from Vanualevu, whom you term as all kai yanuyanu and qalo mai; and YOU (I make no inference to all our weka from Vitilevu); is that we are Fijians and we take that opportunity and create the opportunity to work the lands our forefathers had fought and bled and held as their own. You on the other hand cannot fathom that all this is achievable and come up with your cant be achieved ideals and remain threshed in the attitude of Government reliance. Once when the lands of Vitilevu were farmed by Indians and now the growing populace of Chinese, there are hard working kai yanuyanu and kai Vitilevu striving to better our lives. More Fijians are farming today as a means of living unlike 30 years ago when we did not understand economics and the means of making money because we were satisfied with sustainable living and what our lands and seas provide. Your Government with your idiot and dumb ass PM should be supporting this initiative to create and assist lazy arse people like you to believe in these ideals to work hard to achieve dreams rather than the old mental attitude of Government handouts and Government jobs. You obviously cant see that we are moving away from those ideals. Many young Fijians including myself have set up businesses and have business opportunities and we work hard to maintain and create these opportunities. Your Government and your dumb ass PM does not see nor realise the need to protect and support Fijian initiatives in education, agriculture, aquaculture an utilising our lands and allowing us Fijians to utilise these resources. You think just like your dumb ass PM. You think we Fijians cant do it and rely on Chinese and Indians, Russians and other foreigners to create that for the Government. In any Government, creating opportunities for the citizens keeps money within the country and diminishes our growing GDP. Every country encourages local businesses and why shouldn't we Fijians be given these opportunity. Why let others do what we should and can do. Why bring in foreigners to strip our lands of our resources like in Bua and other parts of Fiji. We the younger generation of Fijians are changing but our attitudes are not the same as your stupid lazy ass Government hand out begging attitude. It does not satisfy us that the Government gives us tap running water or electricity and free school fees and milk and all these crap. That does not create opportunities but reliance. We want to work hard and achieve these things ourselves because the satisfaction is far greater than begging like you.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili - continued

You think that our academic people support Frank. What a laugh. Everyone laughs at him because of his stupidity. He has no brains at all. He thinks and behaves in an uncouth and uneducated manner and no academic but YOU respect him. Your not even academic yourself.

He is not the person for Fiji and clearly not the choice of a Leaders. His heart still burns with vengeance and he creates a society of delusion, fear, suspicion, hatred, racism, division.

Wallow in your low mental esteem and self ideals of a country that is being torn apart by stupidity and rudderless leaders but we will continue the fight for true democracy and the self preservation of a race, that is swiftly eroding in a tidal of foreign ideals. What is wrong with having these Nationalistic ideals when every other indigenous person in every part of the world realises this yet YOU and your dumb ass PM Franky the clown, cannot see beyond his nose. Maybe I should break his beaked nose so he can see clearly.

Now run off and make use of your land because if you don't, we will take over your land and make something out of it.

By the way Vili, your too dumb to know this but I will tell you that my ancestors came down from the hills of Medra Sucu in Naitasiri, settled in Verata, moved through Nakelo and across to Lomaiviti before making their way to Lau and beyond. Yes beyond, to Tonga, Samoa, Uvea, Tokelau, NZ, Australia and we returned with our prizes. We have adventure in our hearts and we the kai Yanuyanu strive for that. Run off now you lazy arse. Don't forget you knife and digging fork. By the way, we use to weed with our hands and drop trees with our teeth. Try that for starters.

Anonymous said...


@7:38 AM is not shoving Christian doctrine down the throats of others, like Bainimarama and Khaiyum do with their dictatorial decrees and policies, but is laying it out on the table for us to understand why Christians believe what they believe and say what they say. Remember freedom of association, worship and beliefs? You can disbelieve his comments if you like.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Daulako. I have been reading your comments for so long and quite frankly most of us are sick of you and Vili pulling on 2 opposite sides of the string. Some questions for you. You obviously hate everything Frank is doing and where Fiji is going as a nation. I agree with some of his ideals and disagree with others.

Please explain to us what is your ideal scenario for Fiji. What type of Fiji do you want? What if any role do you want Indians to play in Fiji(do not answer in the context of religion but race)?
What is your ideal type of government and why? Who would you prefer as PM right now and why? Will it ever be OK if a person of Indian heritage ever became PM and will you except him or her if majority elected the person and they were doing a good job?

These are pertinent questions that will define who your are. If you indeed have the guts then answer honestly.

I am anxious to read your answers.


Unknown said...


I feel rather sad for you. You cannot avoid persistently contradicting yourself. I reckon after typing your comments you feel proud and think it makes sense.

Unfortunately due to your petulance for Bainimarama you cannot comprehend your weakness which is evident in your post. You exhort about the need to be self reliant and adopt a modern economic behaviour which trust me I whole heartedly agree.

However you are still holding on to the past, your racist nationalist views which is the very thing holding most Sodelpa supporters back, notably your fellow Kai yanuyanu with their little island mentality.

You see I already know that all our villagers from the mainland interior to the little islands are self sufficient and live in a eco friendly manner which is sustainable and very healthy.

Unlike countries such as Australia, US and UK where the government provides state benefits which have led to generation of work shy citizens. Our government do not provide those, therefore we already live according to our needs independently.

We are attempting to introduce a capitalist culture where profit is the end goal rather then survival. And that can have a very negative effect on our natural resources. As most third world countries like the continent of Africa have experienced. Unfortunately their profits went to Western Countries who had pillage their natural resources and left them to fight for their very survival.

I quite like our country and our system. Granted not every household may have a flat screen TV nor the latest touch screen fones but compared to the third world Africans and Western state benefits scroungers, at least we have a full filling and joyful community.

With that in mind this government is trying to balance our economy whilst protecting our way of life. They are trying to figure out where they can add to people's lives and improve their local community. All at the same time forging a plan that will sustain it in the long run.

Education is one of the tools that will cater for sustainability. You see our generation have been educated locally as well as abroad. Most of us in our career we get to travel abroad, study how different countries manage their economy. The social impacts their various policies have made. And the positive and negative outcomes of it all as a whole. Together with the performance of our previous governments.

So when we do all our analysis, we then look at the policies of various political parties and see which one has the best mechanism to tackle this huge task. And surprise surprise FF and Bainimarama came out on top hence we support them.

And then you come along and try to give us your two cents point of view and expect us to believe you. Is it no surprise that we disagree on most levels. You have no idea on how we came to our conclusions on which party to support. You just blatantly assume you know better because you live abroad. What a freaking idiot. I hope you are not one of them state benefits scroungers who have time on his hand so have turned into a keyboard warrior. And forget there are people out there who actually know better.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Vili.... haha ha... we can always tell when Vili's other part contributes to his writing. The context to which your 1:58 comments were written definitely came from a FF party official. What a laugh. Refer to...

We are attempting to introduce a capitalist culture ...
So when we do all our analysis, we then look at the policies of various political parties .....

That's the way FF plays...a village idiot Vili with someone sitting behind him poking his cici when the debate gets too tough...

Like I said to you Vili...I will be in court with the 16 warriors from RA who have been charged by your Government for expressing their political beliefs and care nothing of yours.

Let me tear apart one of your comments...We are attempting to introduce a capitalist culture where profit is the end goal rather then survival. And that can have a very negative effect on our natural resources.

Explain how do you introduce a capitalist culture by selling off our natural resources. How does a landowner benefit from resources which by the Decrees and Laws in place today, does not allow the landowner to benefit in whole, from a land traditionally theres. A landowner can only benefit from the first 6 foot of land and anything under that goes to the Government. The Government set in place decrees and laws that allows them to take Native Land and utilise the land without permission from the landowner. What capitalist culture are you driving at here you DODO bird.

Stop copying and pasting shit because your too dumb to understand shit.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says to Alibaba....wow you actually read my comments...amazing...

Now let me get one thing straight. I do not hate Frank. I disagree with what he has done to Fiji just as I disagree with the events of 1987 and 2000. I believe that Rabuka should be shot or thrown in prison. Frank is no different. Like Rabuka he staged a coup and like Rabuka, had his new constitution get out of jail card.

There is no lesser of two evils. Both are evil and wrong and there is no guarantee that Fiji will never have another coup because of this. Frank cannot guarantee that and he could not answer an Indian in NZ who praised him for what he did and asked him what guarantee he had that there would never be another coup. Frank's response was dumb as usual...Frank said to the person asking the question..."can you predict the future. Do you know what will happen tomorrow or next month"....It can be viewed on utube.

That alone stems as a warning to all of us citizens of Fiji that the military have their own personal agenda with the running of this country. They have benefitted from it. They have destroyed the people, families, communities and shown tremendous disrespect to all.

They commit the coup than they spread their propaganda of division. Turning Indians against Fijians and Fijians against Indians and other races.

Everything happening today is done by the military book of propaganda including the military who post on these posts and I would not be surprised if Vili is a part of it because his comments reek of military propaganda when read between the lines.

The Fiji of old is changing and Fijians and Indians embrace each other more so now than ever. In Suva Indians and Fijians mix freely unlike before. There is a sense of change and this is not caused by this dumb ass Government but by our realisation, the younger generation who are better equipped than our fathers to understand the transformation and we embrace it with joy.

Chinese Fijians Indians and other Races are far closer today than before.

We don't need Military and its propaganda machine in our Government and its running. We embrace changes but we should also show respect towards the people of the land, its tradition and its cultures and many Indians today do that. Some still prefer not too but more and more over time, things do change.

The Military must go hence. Frank cannot guarantee another coup and with the Military and its influence in Government...nothing will change.

Why do you think Investors do not have confidence in Fiji today. Gujees are investing but hey, they are only in it for the money and they will support any Government of the day.

One day Alibaba perhaps an Indo Fijian may become a PM and I will accept it and I hope that other people in Fiji understand that we need the best minds and the best people to take our country forward.

We don't need a dumb ass Frank who stumbles at every sentence he says and says one thing and does another and thinks that Fiji is a country club where he can bring in all his family make them members and run the club.

This is a diverse country with diverse people and we need free thinking and not radical people like Frank. Most of the members of his cabinet are useless idiots that follow him like dogs, chasing every bone he throws.

We need the best people in Government and people should realise this today and hopefully in the next election, vote for the best person to serve them. Not dogs whose tail bends everytime the PM or AG snarls or barks.

Have faith Alibaba - hope your not one of the 40 thieves.

Unknown said...


Yes it must be foreign to you that I have the competency to be slippery and wet in the gutter then flip to my academic side. You see I rarely present it because half of the time I enjoy dancing in the rain.

Difference between us though is, I also have the ability to cogitate in the sunshine whereas for you whenever a bright sunny debate develops, you run back inside to turn the shower on because all you are capable of is dancing in the wet. Where every sentences around you drizzles and make alot of noise yet still irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Amusing how you troll along the nationalist line of land resources fear mongering every now and again, wishing people will veritably believe your bullshit. I have explained it time and again how our 2013 constitution clearly explains, that in order for a clan/mataqali land to be leased there has to be more than 65 percent of votes within the mataqali to approve it. Whereas before, that decision was the domain of the Chiefs and elders only.

So again quit the bullshit. You have been caught out time and again. Anyone with a basic understanding of English, Economic and law can read the constitution and actually understand it. So when they hear idiots like you, they will just laugh and realise how full of shit you are.

You see I know you are one dumb ass who has no clue whatsoever. The way you debate is comical and entertaining hence I like engaging with you. You have no concept of articulating your points nor how to present it in a proper logical comportment.

Whenever I read your comments, it might as well be presented by a high school students. Adding a few intricate and derogatory remarks does not make it convincing.

My advice, find inner piece that will assist you to accept the reality that Bainimarama is our PM. When you do only then will you be able to debate with a clear mind. And perhaps you will begin to realise the errors of your ways.

Just a little point for you to ponder. Do a bit of research on western countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Calculate the difference between their national income and outgoings. How much they spend on state benefits, their eco emissions and lastly if you have the ability, try and do a region by region figures.

Trust me start there and you will start to have an idea of what modern capitalist is. Once you understand that, then you can use that as a base foundation where you can do other research such as social impacts.

You see I am feeding you a bone here because I feel bad for making fun of you. Please do not become a source of amusement here because it is rather sad.

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako...ha ha ha haha same boring response from Vili...Nothing much to offer accept the same boring crap of Nationalism, Racism Hatred for Indians....Get over it Vili...your an idiot. You threw me a bone...what a laugh- listen...you keep using words I use - I call you dumbass continuously you use the same. I make the comment of Frank and Khaiyum throwing bones to the FF cabinet ministers... now you use the same term to me....Find your own you stupid moron.....We always say in Lau... Ko Vuli Ga Ko Tawa Sukulu... back to the drawing board Vili, your unconvincing. Run back to your military and come back with something different. Berkley Crescent must be boring now. Your stupid dickhead of Kai Serua Boso must be fuming. lol Tell him I sent my regards. I actually had a drink with him at the nightclub Rectangle. Tell him to behave himself in public. Vakamadua his ways...fixing women...trying to impress everyone he is the military intelligence commander.....sona levu macawa.....

Unknown said...

Seriously dude do you think people have not heard of the term such as throwing a bone. Wow you must be so smart you created a new term of words that the world should praise you.

Freaking empty vessels makes more noises.

Suomynona said...

Most of them bright in their ideas on what they're trying to get at, but then again a really bad delivery on the concept.

Wrong choice of words Reddy.

Anonymous said...

Alibaba - Did you get your response from JD

Unknown said...

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