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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Disquiet again at barracks: will it flare to something more?

Is there truth to talk the military is moving against Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum? 

It's by no means the first time the army has been disgruntled and resentful about the unfettered power of Khaiyum. 

Senior officers Roko Ului Mara and Pita Diti tried to rein in Khaiyum but Bainimarama threw his key supporters to the wolves in favour of Khaiyum because he could produce illegal regulations to control citizens, laws that allowed him to hang on to the power he had seized by coup.  

Who can forget the fallout between the Military Council and Bainimarama over Khaiyum in 2011?  Mara made a dramatic escape to Tonga and Driti was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

It looks like Groundhog Day with the RFMF again exhorting Bainimarama to listen to them, his loyal followers, instead of putting Khaiyum ahead of them as he has done.

Khaiyum is certainly under fire but whether the QEB restlessness flares into anything bigger remains to be seen.

There was no sign of movement inside and outside of his Vunakece road home in Namadi Heights today; there has also been unconfirmed reports that he was taken to QEB - who by and what for remains unclear. 

Another unconfirmed report suggests military were in pursuit of his vehicle earlier today. 

Bainimarama has managed to quell army dissent previously by bribing them with hefty pay increases and having the likes of Mosese Tikoitoga to run things, but Tikoitoga's sudden departure may have sparked another attempt to bring   Khaiyum down.

The illegal appointment of Naupoto Viliame as Tikoitoga's replacement, as we revealed yesterday, may have tipped things. 

The Fiji sun has reported there was a meeting today between Bainimarama and senior officers and it was attended by Fiji First MPS who were officers before. Tikoitoga was not in that meeting. 

The convenient alliance between Bainimarama, Khaiyum and cohorts Nazhat Shameem should have been derailed a long time ago.

If that opportunity has surfaced again, the reasons why have long been documented on the pages of this blog. 

Important questions: Khaiyum is obviously under the pump but how far will it go? Who is in control at QEB - Tikoitoga or Naupoto? And why hasn't Bainimarama interfered? Is Bainimarama prepared to sacrifice his Number Two and partner in crime to save himself?


Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 Khaiyum has nothing to do with it. What Naupoto will have to do as priority is closedown the RFMF to these NGO's and the Australian embassy. No more of these classes and so called workshops.

The Fijian ambassador does not go to the Australian military barracks and conduct functions with its officers, so why should the Australians be allowed to do that here ?

Same thing with the New Zealanders.

This is the mistake from pre 2006 being repeated. Military exchanges are one thing, but having these people walk around feely in your Military camp and run workshops under the guise of training is something else entirely

Anonymous said...

A coup by rebales failed as dey party failed opposition more updates coming soon.

Suomynona said...

I've been hearing this from the grapevine, and it definitely sounds like it being realistic with another forever-annoying overthrow by the soldiers by rule of the gun as with other past coups....oh not again!

Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

@9.38 They are backed by regional geopolitical interests, the same as Roko Ului and Driti were.

At his Trial Driti lamented the fact that when it came to the crunch he did not receive help from the Australian and New Zealand forces which he had been expecting.

It is a mistake to let the Australian Defence attaché come back into the country and to reengage with Australia militarily. This attempt comes within less then six months of the Australians having been allowed to reengage with the Military and moving liason officers into QEB.

Bainimarama is a thorn to Canberra because of his stance on the Pacific Island Forum and the look north policy. Canberra will either assassinate him or remove him by a coup.

Anonymous said...

This is a wake up call not to open up to these Australian overtures because it will end in either Bainimarama being removed by a coup d'état or assassinated. Those are the only options available to those who want him out. They have not been able to achieve that at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Rajendra Chaudhary has called for Bainimarama's assassination from Australian soil less then three weeks ago and the fact that the Australian authorities have not taken any action is interesting in light of whats now unfolding over here this weekend.

This in an orchestrated attempt to destabilise Fiji

Anonymous said...

Removing Bainimarama is a good thing -whether its done with Australian influence or not. Let's not use the Australians as an excuse- that would be giving them way too much credit. There have been rumblings at the RFMF for ages. The division of loyalties at the camp, general air of suspicion and the ease with which Fiji's military officers continue to be lured by the dangling carrot on a stick is what is making this BainiKhaiyum affair a long drawn out one. Why should Driti have depended upon Australia & NZ? That's ridiculous!He is well aware of the rules of sovereignty. He was relying on his cohorts at the camp -who all cowered in submission to protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Anonymous @10:36 exactly what action are you expecting Australia to take? Freedom of expression exists in Australia..which is less than I can say for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

oh ...that question was meant for Anonymous @ 10:29 not 10:36 -apologies.

Anonymous said...

Driti gave his statement in the High Court admitting he was relying on Australian and New Zealand military support. Ben Padarath was caught on a vessel headed for Sydney with Australian currency after that attempt failed. He was the link man who had called local businessmen up to advise that the coup was being planned and is supported by Canberra and the new PM will be Kaliopate Tavola.

The members of the Unarmed Combat Unit talked when they were knelt down at QEB and had 9mm cocked and levelled to their foreheads that evening. Either they talked here or they talked at the Pearly Gates. They talked here. All of them admitted that they were under Col Mara's direct command and were aware that there was some sort of operations being planned but did not know it is a coup d'état. By that time Mara was already in south east asia.

Soldiers fudgy in the head leads to those kinds of things repeating. And that is what's been happening in the last few months with this reengagement free for all.

Anonymous said...

The practice of Ambassadors and Liason Officers and Attaches and NGO's just walking into QEB like its a Mall in downtown Suva has to be reviewed. This is something which should not be allowed to continue.

Fraternisation between serving Officers and foreign embassy officials at QEB is highly irregular. No other military force in the world allows such a thing to happen, if at all, at their military bases. Why must Fiji ?

The MOD must be the only authority which considers and decides on any NGO's or foreign Government officials or Military attaches going onto any military premises in Fiji. The purpose of the visit must be declared to MOD, the persons(s) to be visited must be declared and the visit must be strictly regulated as to time and place within the military installation where it occurs and all matters discussed must be reported to and filed by MOD.

Things need to change. Tightened up

Anonymous said...

Josateki Daulako says.... Fiji has been transformed into a country of suspicion and distrust. There is no true loyalty anymore. Integrity has been lost and morals have been replaced by fear and betrayal. People do not trust each other any more.

The Military, Police, Navy and Prison are now organisations where there is constant betrayal and suspicion. Trust and unity is no more. Its dog eat dog with officers and subordinates vying for promotion by reporting on each other. Informants are placed everywhere. .

The pressures of working under such conditions fueled by Frank and his closest associates will take its toll.

Naupote like Frank is a naval man. Naupote is one of Franks very close confidants and Frank needs to maintain his control over the military.

Going over the normal protocol at a time of supposed Democratic rule to choose whom he wants as Commander reflects Franks insecurities of the existing senior military officers. Frank trusts no one not even the organisation he once commanded.

Frank still needs them behind him and he wants to ensure he can control them. The management of betrayal fear and mistrust continues but to what avail.

The military continue to alarm the nation. Franks actions continue to alarm the nation. The sense of insecurity and fear of instability surfaces each time the military foundation shakes.

Every one asks the question what is going on. Why did Tikoitoga leave. Will there be another coup. Is there infighting in the military. They are the watchdogs in the constitution and can do what they want within reason. Reason is not hard to create.

Some people hope another coup would happen. What if it does happen. Then what. Back to square one. Back in the hands of the military. What will they do than?

Where does that leave the people. Fiji is a roller coaster and those in control have not the decency or moral integrity and the nation has flowed and suffered from this.

Perhaps the very nature of Franks rule of betrayal and mistrust may eventually be his downfall.

Anonymous said...

@12:13 AM good and articulated analysis. Au taleitaka nomuni vosa.

From time immemorial, Fiji has always been a land of treasons and plots. As a nation, we will need to grow up one day...

If the military stages a coup against the Top 2, they should quickly hand down the government to Madraiwiwi or someone like him everybody respects as a father in order to avoid further damage to our economy. The last thing we want to see is a collapse of order. We need wisdom and order in the military. We will need to work out quickly where do we go from here... Back to 1997 constitution? Or the Ghai Constitution?

Amazing how things have changed since the flag saga... it was the first time the people of Fiji managed to win a battle against the Top 2 in fact...

A land of freedom, hope and glory, to endure what ever befall!

Anonymous said...

People in Fiji don't care about the government, military, laws, education.
the only thing that really matters is rugby.

dumbing down Fiji: http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=316047

how true.

Unknown said...

It's Mr Daulako again. Posting a comment and then posting another one praising himself. So Head of Military resigned. Could be one of two reasons, he truly wanted to pursue a civilian career or he was guilty of gross misconduct. Sometimes the truth is as simple as that.

Unfortunately for those spineless idiots in here and the delusional blog owner, simple just simply don't cut it. They want drama and deep dark secrets with twists of paranoia and a sprinkling of hatred and racism. Add in anonymous bloggers and you have a perfect recipe for mega dramatic effects.

In less than a week we've had three separate threads of the same subject. Looks like the blog owner is hoping for a rainy day so he could be allowed back in to the country to share in fortune of a developer country that has beens deemed by international trade sectors as healthy and open for business.

Pop corns and juice out boys and girls this is going to be one hell of a movie with HD effects.

Anonymous said...

@6:35 AM
not convincing.
it shows a lack of professionalism in the Military. One wouldn't accept a job like that and then a few months later give it all up... gross misconduct is common everywhere in Fiji, so it's gotta be something else for the new commander to be named outside of any constitutional frame...

but it won't be a great HD movie. The people of Fiji are only watching rugby. This is why Fiji has become coup coup land.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3.44 am

Please do not be fooled by Narsey. He is full of shit. According to him he has all the solution based on his own research. He has not stepped foot in Fiji for a long time but somehow has current research.

How the hell did he research an institution based in a country he hasn't stepped foot on for a couple of years. Yes he once was a lecturer there but how long is going to milk that.

We have various qualified economists now who actually lives in Fiji and have studied in ANU the region's leading economic institution as well as LSE the world's leading economic institution.

Our leaders maybe average academically but the brain trusts working overtime for them are a team of young professionals who have studied and travelled abroad, in fact some still do. Most importantly they know the traditional and cultural aspects of our society and they live in Fiji so they are the best qualified to assist our leaders on our journey from a developing nation to one which is stable and independent socially and economically.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 6.56 am

Ah so simple isn't enough for you. If drama, paranoia and deep dark secrets is what you're looking for then you've come to the right place.

Sit back and enjoy the HD effects of dramatic paranoia. Don't forget every now and again have a kit kat because it gets hot in here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vili you just described your father Frank perfectly....PARANOID and frll of DRAMA...

Anonymous said...

Vili made 3 posts as soon as he woke up this morning. Getting slack there Vili.....and unconvincing. Berkley Crescent getting slack now...your boso from Serua might be another MetuiselaMua... carefulll

Anonymous said...

@Daulako there is a reason why Naupoto is the Chief of Staff. He is there to advise the Command of the RFMF and be the link man with the MOD.

He now has to take Command because it seems that other regional geopolitical influences have gone into QEB and taken the place of the Government. This is the problem.

The Military listens to the Fijian Government, not the Australian embassy and NGO's. That is the Constitutional Command and Control mechanism which secures the stability of this country and the welfare if its people.

When it is subverted because somebody does a blow job on the Commander and regularly gives him a horse ride and suaniu session every time the stress level needs lubrication its a problem. A big problem. It starts with suaniu and culminates in the Commander crawling around like a small boy for the honeypot and listening to the honeypot instead of the Government. When your dick takes over from your thinking there is a problem, and especially if you are in Command of the institution which has the monopoly on arms in this country and that is supposed to be the last guarantor of the Constitution. Mata Hari went around with her legs wide open like Seven Eleven for a reason, a geopolitical reason. If our top man goes gooey in the head for pussy then he is no longer suitable for that post.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:36pm.... members of a non combat unit had guns cocked and pointed at their foreheads.... at the military camp.... who are theze people...or are they something made up .... hard to believe these things unless supported...did they testify against Driti...

Anonymous said...

keep the taliban in custody and advertise for volunteers to just flick his ears. tamani long line coming.

Anonymous said...

Clearly frank and Khaiyum will trip and fall on their own sword.

Anonymous said...

Vacava na HD effects ni lau roba na daliga reba nei Khaiyum??


Anonymous said...

8:11am....chief of Staff isa role of an underling... he is not the advisor to the Commander..... he is the Commanders Secretary and at the Commanders bidding.... Commander says jump... COS runs.... now when the COS stabs the Commander in the back... . thats called betrayal ... marital affairs in the Military is nothing new... soldiers fly off on one year mission and expecf theur wives to lock up their vagina.... sorry but they only human and soldiers have affairs with each others wives.... including Franky.... look at his kids all look different..... what proof is there that Tikoitonga is having an affair with Koila .... is it another trumped up accusation to get rid of him
... having said that Tikoitonga lime all other military or Army men.... deserve being treated like shit. Same with Driti and Mara... they danced with Frank and this is the result.... all arrogant bastards anyway... what i cant get is that the Army is now under the command of the navy... the army does not trust each other and needs an external influence to keep rank... you by the wany sound like a military stoogie.... your all the same aghe pitche....liu muri...

Anonymous said...

Vili Roko my friend, you can cry all you want but Fiji First cannot change the direction of the wind. Every dictator in History was brought down and Fiji aint going to be no different, If there are real men in Military who have been breast feeded by their mother and they call Fiji their Mother Land giving it the respect of mother, than, there will be no stopping them. Bianimarama has allowed Khaiyum to ruin this country and there is no forgiving of that. Gross Minimization has ruined this country. Denial to work with opposition, treating the Citizens like fools. Everything is driving the momentum of unrest in this country, the only thing that is missing is overseas media. soembody better call tham and show them teh reality of whats happening in Fiji.

God Bless Fiji, we just might raise our own old flag in Independence Day who knows.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11 the military never listened to the Government. We would never have had any coups if they did. Geopolitical influence at QBE... bullshit .. its the typical liu muri betrayal mentality that is now prevalent in the military lrison police and navy like Daulako commented. Dog eat dog... not even the Commander can trust his Chief of Staff.... The way it sounds is that Tikoitonga was betrayed by people serving under his command... but hey like Daulako said...tell us something new... all drama and Paranoid Frank worrued someo e in the army might coup him.... what a laugh.... now he knows the adege ... fight for what you get and figbt harder to keep it.... the military is a social and political problem.... not the geo political groups or australian embassy as you insinuate.... get real... the problem is in your face but you continue to look else where... Tikoitonga now knows one thing.... you cant move or say anything against Frank... he hears about it...your out... not hard drumming up excuses for it... lesson to all other coming Commanders... its not a stable job if your not giving Franky a blow job

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ 8.11am


Fiji Style commentary takes the cake. Your last paragraph is so mean and stupid, you know what I mean? It's only the locals who can make out your style of writing. The Fiji Sun would gladly take you on based on what is called "journalistic objectivity and such imaginary romantic flair". The Sun has journalists similar to your style of writing, only more vicious and defamatory in nature. LOL

Isa O Viti.

Anonymous said...

The truth is the country has moved forward coz of Frank...it was messy before and you need rough cleaning to get rid of old dirt...hold on Fiji will get better. It's on the right path ey

Unknown said...

I am enjoying these delusional and paranoia episode from the anonymous spineless idiots. Very colorful and dramatic. Pure HD entertainment.

I am secure and happy in the pure fact that I know from first hand experience that Fiji is doing very well economically and socially. Whatever reason the military commander resigned I wish him the very best in his future endeavour. He has been a great servant to Fiji and I am sure he will be an asset to whatever civillian ministry and department he joins next.

Whoever is taking over I also wish him well in a position which is one of the most important in Fiji.

As for the spineless idiots in here, keep em coming. I enjoy reading all your wold claims with a side of religious and traditional hypocrisy or and not forgetting the colourful languages.

Anonymous said...


It seems its on the right path but it seems only ey?

Actually imagine a horseman riding a sturdy horse but he is facing the opposite direction.
See it? Okay it is because the horseman has mental disorder and it is proven by the fact that he is facing the opposite direction.

The country is like that at the moment. It is led by a Treasonous Leader! Nothing good can move Fiji forward, no matter the loud boasts or the lies or the new roads unless he and his muslim accomplice step down from their high pedestals.


Anonymous said...

A sailor chooses the wind that takes the ship from a safe port. Ah, yes, but once you're abroad, as you have seen, winds have a mind of their own. Be careful, Villi boy, careful of the wind you choose.

Spineless you say Vili? Haha. There is but one coward on earth, and that is the coward that dare not know. Dat happens to be you Vili boy.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Vilicock said '..civilian ministry or department..' in his daily diarrhea. Aren't the current ministries civilian ministries Vilicock?

Anonymous said...

Rottern Demu peka suffering from running stomack after seeing planned couple failed.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The normal term used by the civilian population when referring to Government worker is Public Servants.

Military, Police, Navy and Prison refer to the public as Civilians. What does that tell you when Vili makes a statement such as Civilian Ministry or Department.

Anonymous said...

The normal term used by the civilian population when referring to Government worker is Public Servants.

Military, Police, Navy and Prison refer to the public as Civilians. What does that tell you when Vili makes a statement such as Civilian Ministry or Department.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka acknowledged he made a mistake. I suggest he correct his mistake by removing this government and allowing a truly democratic election to take place. Also, the inside news is that khaiyum has been brainwashing bainimarama to have MUSLIM PRESIDENT, they have names shortlisted already.

When A muslim will become president, they will kick bainimarama out, coz khaiyum will have an upper hand and that day will not be far when Islamic flag will be raised in this country,and when the ISIS will make Fiji Hub of their activities.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vili...this is the definition of spineless...

1. Frank Bainimarama deserting his soldiers and fleeing to save his own life at the height of the rebel CRW attack on the QBE. That is a spineless person.

2. Spineless is when you have weapons and you attack unarmed people. When you have them subdued, their hands tied and they basically cannot defend or protect themselves and are beaten mercilessly and some to their deaths.

3. Spineless is taking women to the Military Barracks, threatening them with rape, stomping, kicking and beating them while they lie on their stomachs and unable to protect themselves. That's spineless.

4. Spineless is raising the white flag when under attack in the Golan Heights without any resistance whatsoever. That is not only spineless but GUTLESS. Everyone of those soldiers should have been charged with the offence of COWARDICE.

Those are definitions of SPINELESS COWARDS Vili and we see them in Green Uniform and we see the biggest SPINELES COWARD is the Prime Minister of Fiji Vili. Frank will always be seen as a SPINELESS GUTLESS COWARD for running/ fleeing, dro/ vaqara bula/ rere/ tadola nai cici/ Urana रन / Kayara कायर/ Ati durbala अति दुर्बल/ Bacanē kē liyē bhāgō बचने के लिये भागो.

No matter whether he is the Prime Minister, becomes President, becomes King of Fiji or whatever Frank may want to become in his life, he will always be clearly remembers for RUNNING AWAY with his tails between his legs and the people of Fiji will always whisper behind his back that he is a SONALEVU.

That is the legacy he has left behind for which people will never forget

KUA NI RERE said...

Fiji Army should apprehend Bainimarama and Kaiyum and throw them both in jail for Treason in 2006.
Kaiyum has been doing a lot of Illegal things including getting Naiqama sacked for saying "Vutusona"

You soldiers should do the right thing and lock this two up.
Put a Temporary Civilian government while we try and sort out a proper Constitution and proper Election.

The last Constitution of the people - by Ghai- was burned by Bainimarama and Khaiyum

The last Election was rigged by Khaiyum and Bainimarama.
Remember how they stopped counting midway and when they returned some people lost votes and FFP gained votes.
Duh!!! WTF

Fiji Army is there for the people. They are not their as Bainimarama's slave.

Therefore they should do the right thing and apprehend Bai and Kai and throw them in jail.

Serupepeli said...

I am sitting here laughing at the apparent joke surrounding Fiji Politics. Mosese resigning from a well paying job in a very short time is not to be taken as another normal day at the camp. It is a big deal when a commander resigns to make way for a Bai confidant. I can smell fish in the air, and it is a very big fish

Anonymous said...

Hey Vili...you like those definitions of SPINLESS... memu sici...now run to your Tata Frank mo lai rubilaki vua... yavajia na yavato me kwatjia na bulimu.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere.... why call on these Gutless Spineless Soldiers to do it. The people should show solidarity and do it themselves. These soldiers are cowards and the only thing on their mind is their paycheck every two weeks. That is the excuse they will always use. No Guts No Glory

KUA NI RERE said...

I believe that even the most Gutless Spineless Soldier can do the right thing. APPREHEND BAI AND KAI AND THROW THEM IN JAIL.

The time has come to do the right thing boys.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitonga...rauji iko vinaka boci... nomu via totaki Voreqe sa qa yaco kina mo vakamadua taki mai vei ira saraga na nomu tamata mai na keba. Ko sega ni dokai vakalailai. Era sa vakaloloma taki iko. Na kemui talanoa sa kaburaki wavoki. Kenai sau ni nomu via taqomaki Voreqe sa saumi yani qori. Fuck off sara yani...kua ni vakalusia tale dua nomu gauna macawa.

Ira tale na sotia vaka taki Jone Baledrokadroka, Mara, Driti, Qiliho... Ena yacovi kemudou taucoko na nomudou totaki Voreqe koya e yaco rawa kina nona vuavure na 2006. Sega ni dou tarova rawa sa qai mai yaco kina nikau na vei cula vakaitamera. Na mataivalu e sa sega ni tabana e rokovi vaka e dua na gauna. Ya na veika ni vakavureya na mataivalu.

Keimami na sega tale vakadua ni beitaki na lewe ni vanua kei na kena turaga ni o keimami vakavuna na coup. Ni kena mai yaco baleta keimami. E sega sara ga.....Na nomumi yalo kocokoco yalo ca na sotia, keimami sa vakaloloma kina na lewe ni vanua. Sa sega ni rokovi se dokai na turaga. Noda valavala ni bula kei na vanua e sa beci.

Dou sa vakaloloma taka na mataivalu.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga says most unfortunately Fiji thrives on rumours and it is not like the story goes.

He has always been interested in being a diplomat, the military is stable, Naupoto is the best man to fill the post.

And last but not least he is very grateful to the Prime Minister.

Good speech.

Fiji TV News Update 2.03pm

Anonymous said...

@ 1.03pm

I can smell FISH too - big smelly FISH in the air.


Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga Rakoro says:

There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, defies truth, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the rumours, ignore the complications, and just go for it.

Power rules these days otherwise I am a mere derelict without a job.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga: Senior officers' support 'very intact'

Monday, August 03, 2015

Update: 2:20PM FORMER military commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga says his resignation from the army has been easy because he believes there are other officers who are more than capable of fulfilling the leadership role.

Mr Tikoitoga, who is resigning to take up an UNDECIDED ambassador posting,....."


How many people in the world resign for an Undecided Role? HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Ahem said...

Update: 2:20PM FORMER military commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga says his resignation from the army has been easy because he believes there are other officers who are more than capable of fulfilling the leadership role.

Mr Tikoitoga, who is resigning to take up an undecided ambassador posting, says his acting replacement Commodore Viliame Naupoto will take the reins of leadership very quickly and lead the RFMF to new heights.

"Also the support of other senior officers who I have spoken to on Friday are very intact for Commodore Naupoto and the support in maintaining the standards customs and traditions of the RFMF and also raising it to new heights," Mr Tikoitoga said.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit with all these military guys anyways. They all bunch of losers. Look at the Tikoitoga picture on this blog with Frank. A naval Commander and Military Commander giving orders and pinning a medal on the chest of a Military man. The Military in Fiji have lost its clout but they continue to be bullies. Full of shit these magaijinana sotia. Send them to Middle East so we can continue to screw their wives lie Tikoitoga affair. He is not even ashamed. The sad thing is that his officers reported him. Liu Muri bastards.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit with all these military guys anyways. They all bunch of losers. Look at the Tikoitoga picture on this blog with Frank. A naval Commander and Military Commander giving orders and pinning a medal on the chest of a Military man. The Military in Fiji have lost its clout but they continue to be bullies. Full of shit these magaijinana sotia. Send them to Middle East so we can continue to screw their wives lie Tikoitoga affair. He is not even ashamed. The sad thing is that his officers reported him. Liu Muri bastards.

serupepeli said...

Every dog has it's day! This one just came too quick!

Unknown said...

More comedy from the spineless anonymous idiots. Amusing how the term spineless and anonymous seems to elude them. Ah the beauty of being a keyboard warrior ey.

Anonymous said...

Rakoro what happened ? Naupoto is Lauan

Didn't you say they are untrustworthy people ? Didn't you say they are traitors and qalo mai ?

Anonymous said...

Latest gossip from Lance Corporal Vili Rukurai, is that there could be a revolt up at the camp. The army boys do not want to be led by a Navy semen. I don't know, looks like this could get interesting.


Allow people to choose whom they want had enough of this bunch of dictators


Naupoto had a bad name with dirty work still hanging over his shoulders. Do the crime do the time. Fiji need a person who can lead with peace.

Serupepeli said...

The army has lost the confidence of the people...this is just another "drama" to put them back in the limelight. People are fed -up of the green goons and their terror activities. Fiji can do without the army

Anonymous said...

Hey Vili - Gutless Coward Like Frank Bainimarama...Read definition of Spineless by Daulako at 1:01pm. You will love it Im sure.

Anonymous said...

Unless the Political Opposition show some real clout in their opposing everything Frank does wrong.... SODELPA is basically useless as a Party.

I have not seen this Naupote appointment attacked vehemently by the opposition. There is some talk than silence.

Fucking useless Opposition.

Fiji First and Opposition should all be blown to bits when holding their Parliamentary meet. Im sure a muslim would like to commit jihad on these useless dummies.

Anonymous said...

Here is life in Fiji's military really like. Eat sleep, eat sleep, eat sleep repeat as many times as you can then have a drill. Bullshit run around with full gear for a few short weeks and then repeat the above. Every 5 to 10 years wake up from the slumber and decide to take over government coup, change government repeat the above again for the next 5 to 10 years. Oh and don't forget we get paid $100m bucks by the tax payers every year to keep doing nothing for several years and than every so often stick a gun up the paymasters rear the gullible stupid public of Fiji.

Unfortunately while i am not gullible nor stupid i am by default a paymaster by being a Fijian tax payer. I keep saying this and will do so until the cows come home. Until the Indigenous folks and the average Indian folks want genuine change Fiji will remain like this forever. The rich only vote one way and that is in their interest. The average Fijian needs to start thinking before they vote its as simple as that.



Fiji don't need any army fullstop. Its time you all go plant cassava and feed your family. Wasting taxpayers money!!!


Does Fiji need a parliament still? I don't think so! Opposition is also a waste of time. If Sodelpa cannot fight for the people that elected them there than step aside we will vote for Labour next time.


This is for Sodelpa Party. The people need a man who can lead with mighty power and speak for the people....now or never.

Prove your party in 3 months!

Don't you have a voice? Tired of all these crap going on.

Anonymous said...

At the moment SODELPA and FF are running around in Australia, NZ, USA trying to raise their campaign funds...Sa soro with this kind...
$50.00 ticket.

Anonymous said...

At the moment SODELPA and FF are running around in Australia, NZ, USA trying to raise their campaign funds...Sa soro with this kind...
$50.00 ticket.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:06 PM

You say ""I have not seen this Naupote appointment attacked vehemently by the opposition.""

That's because they have supported the temporary appointment. You really should try harder, or was it your intention to make an ass of yourself?

Unknown said...

Assumption from on extreme to the next. Sorry to disappoint you all that the Fiji Military is very much operating as usual. The commander resigned because of his interest in pursuing a civilian career.

But her don't let the facts stop you lot. Please continue with the dramatic comments. It's really good entertainment.

Anonymous said...

@5:46 AM "operating as usual"? "as usual"? "usual"?
I think that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

@9:34 AM
"God Bless Fiji, we just might raise our own old flag in Independence Day who knows."

sa dina. At least our flag standing in the Heavens is above our men in the Military.

Anonymous said...

Rakoro accepts "kai yanuyanu" Naupoto as commander of RFMF in spite of dislike for "kai yanuyanus".

Anonymous said...

Seemed like a cool cover up. Tikoitoga would have been drilled thoroughly to publicly LIE.

Tikoitoga was cool in covering up for the cowardice act of his men surrendering against the terrorist.

The best part of it all was that he applied for an UNDECIDED posting so suddenly that he was willing to give up his position as Commander!

Vili Rakoro you are such a DUMMY ASS that you cant decipher anything. ONLY FOOLS ARE CAPABLE OF FOOLING EACH OTHER.

Once you condone TREASON, the rest is LIE LIE LIE. LIE as much to the public until they are convinced. Trouble is only SPINELESS IMBECILES like Rakoro is ready to take in the bait.


Anonymous said...

I like Vili Rakoro's new name...Vilicock Rakoro

Anonymous said...

We are still under the clouds, but I can see some blue sky in the distance.

Anonymous said...

Naupotism all over again.

Anonymous said...

@8:11 AM:
"When it is subverted because somebody does a blow job on the Commander and regularly gives him a horse ride and suaniu session every time the stress level needs lubrication its a problem. A big problem. It starts with suaniu and culminates in the Commander crawling around like a small boy for the honeypot and listening to the honeypot instead of the Government. When your dick takes over from your thinking there is a problem, and especially if you are in Command of the institution which has the monopoly on arms in this country and that is supposed to be the last guarantor of the Constitution. Mata Hari went around with her legs wide open like Seven Eleven for a reason, a geopolitical reason. If our top man goes gooey in the head for pussy then he is no longer suitable for that post."

Where was the honey from?

Anonymous said...

You cannot hide the truth for a long while, I heard that baini and khaiyum bribed the military men with lots money. But for how long?

Khaiyum, you can run but you cant hide you bloody taliban.

I wonder why Rabuka is sitting back and not doing anything, he has knowledge and access to inside information. He started this mess in the first place. Its his moral responsibility to get Fiji out of the claws of khaiyum and baini. Waiting for Fiji to become servant of Islam

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion to coup4.5 administrator...can we have a like/dislike option for every comments on this blog? in that way we can evaluate how many people really like/dislike the govt etc. Just like in facebook..se vacava..just and opinion.



Anonymous said...

Is Fiji planning on announcing an interest on membership for trans pacific partnership? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:29 AM.

Your suggestion is seconded by me. Great idea to have a like and a dislike button in every post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Most likely brada. TPP is a topic everyone should do research on. Thank you for bringing this topic up.

Here's some good info to swallow because no doubt, FF seems to be pushing Fiji off some point - more like trade Fiji off..someone said 'throw Fiji off the highest cliff' into the unexpected. It's going to change the face of things drastically for any country that is included in this TPP.

What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive, multinational trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement. The main problems are two-fold:

(1) Intellectual Property Chapter: Leaked draft texts of the agreement show that the IP chapter would have extensive negative ramifications for users’ freedom of speech, right to privacy and due process, and hinder peoples' abilities to innovate.

(2) Lack of Transparency: The entire process has shut out multi-stakeholder participation and is shrouded in secrecy.

The twelve nations currently negotiating the TPP are the US, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam. The TPP contains a chapter on intellectual property covering copyright, trademarks, and patents. Since the draft text of the agreement has never been officially released to the public, we know from leaked documents, such as the May 2014 draft of the TPP Intellectual Property Chapter [PDF], that US negotiators are pushing for the adoption of copyright measures far more restrictive than currently required by international treaties, including the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

The TPP Will Rewrite Global Rules on Intellectual Property Enforcement

All signatory countries will be required to conform their domestic laws and policies to the provisions of the Agreement. In the US, this is likely to further entrench controversial aspects of US copyright law (such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act [DMCA]) and restrict the ability of Congress to engage in domestic law reform to meet the evolving IP needs of American citizens and the innovative technology sector. The recently leaked US-proposed IP chapter also includes provisions that appear to go beyond current US law.

Anonymous said...


It's the culmination of things to happen globally that makes the NEW WORLD ORDER tick. The introduction of Fiji's LAND BANK is a significant symbolic sign to land owners that things are not normal anymore. But they don't want to listen but of course will eventually come to know the reality of such things. You see the FF cannot keep hidden secrets for too long.

And this FF government has taken us along for a good ride. The lying will have to tag along too you see.

Who said this? No-one, it's just common sense to me.

Well, dats my two-cents worth.

Moce mada.

Anonymous said...

10:16 answering himself from 10:00

good work brada...

I doubt Fiji will join the TPP before having a new flag first.

Anonymous said...

@10.16 thanks mate I've only just started doing research on it through wikipedia as an Aussie news article covered a story on the topic.As you mentioned definitely worth looking into especially the aspects of pros and cons of being part of the TTP.

Think it's best to ignore 10.27 on the answering himself dilemma though his inputs on the topic are welcome.

Anonymous said...

When soldiers go overseas for a long time, they should bring their wives with them.
Having your wife with you at all times will prevent adultery.
Wives can also tell their husbands what to do.
The Military Commander should definitely have his wife with him at all times!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha hehehehe hihihi,Khaiyum arrested, bullshit levu ga na lasulasu. Ni vei lasutaki tiko me 20 tale na yabaki.Na qai sa na qai qa o malekate se o cate.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum was at Sigatoka for the weekend. He was never arrested nor did he go to QEB at any time. He has nothing to do with the resignation of the Commander of the RFMF.

Rajendra Chaudary thinks he can make all sorts of threats from there to assassinate people but does not seem to realise that if guys here decide to do something to his group in this country he will be on the wrong end of the threats game. He should be thankful we don't do those types of things in this country, otherwise half that group would be buried by now.

Anonymous said...

There's no disquiet. The army is well and truly wrapped up around ASK's pretty little fingers or better still his little fingers are happily fiddling with all the military's big assholes. what do we expect from this lot of cowards who surrender easily in the face of the enemy and get farked up the arse nicely while bullying/killing unarmed innocent civilians at home. We could very well have one qauri from Sukuna park and they will be as obedient as they have been under ASK. ASK rules the military malekate sona levus hehehe

Anonymous said...

Lol you sound like the guy who was plugged with a tapioca branch at Parliament in 2000 by the CRWU during his softening up and is now threatening to assassinate people and remove the Government. Ask him how it felt being smashed around in that room and being told to pull his trousers down for the tavioka branch to be plugged up his ass.

He abandoned his Dad at Parliament and went home early when he was given the chance to leave after the current PM who was Commander of the RFMF back them negotiated his release.

Now he wants to assassinate the very PM who saved his ass from being plugged with a tapokia branch, literally, in 2000.

Anonymous said...

That's where he should have talked. Vacu mai vacu yani. Qai sota ga I macawa. If they shoot you fuck them do it. Shoot. Do it. But no. Just pulled up the trousers and hurried home as soon as the release was negotiated.

Anonymous said...

The real guys were the guys who came dowm from the hills in 2000. Especially the old ones who went to the Solomons and Bouganville and Malaya.

Hard men.

One of them was hit in the legs at Kalabo. After he was shot in the leg and he was on the ground he shouted at the soldier who had fired...."Cava tale or sarava tu ? Vakaotia boy. Vana !.....the soldiers standing there felt shame, this old man was a warrior. Real warrior. That story still resonates. That old man has probably passed on, but his courage and integrity....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:01 AM

""When soldiers go overseas for a long time, they should bring their wives with them.""

So who's going to pay for that?

Anonymous said...

The only disquiet is the prodding of each other's assholes going on up in the camps. They don't give a hoot if Aiyaz or Aziz become Commander, they will blindly obey as long as they get paid their fat undeserved salaries and are fully armed to control the population of Fiji and shamelessly suck taxpayers hard earned monies. They get hefty allowances in their tours where they just surrender so easily to armed elements. Aiyaz rules with his fist up the military's ass and they loving it!!

Anonymous said...

@12.45 you are unable to do anything so you fix your anger and frustrations on the military.

Which is typical. The people calling for assassinations and coup d'état all hide out in Australia. They cannot do it here because they are too cowardly. Which is why they all hide over there and call for insurrection over here.

The real people are the common people like that old man at Kalabu who has nothing but heart and sincerity of purpose. Misguided but sincere. He cannot leave the country on a jet plane when things go wrong. He has nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. But he is not afraid to die for what he believes in. Today they are benefiting with new roads and water and all the things that have been neglected in the many years since Independence. It is those types of people who are the true Fijian people. The cane farmer who lost his farm, the highlander who was misguided into coming down to participate in the events of 2000. The businessman who has invested his everything in Fiji. The little child going to school, just happy to live from day to day. The housewife happy to look after the home and live in a country at peace.

The cowards are the people calling for assassination and insurrection from Australia. No pride in their own country. No integrity. That rapist now masquerading as a lawyer and calling for assassinations and insurrections in his own former homeland is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious more Soldiers are looking into this issue brought up by Coup4.5 and have been commenting anonymously. The Anonymous Soldier Boys perhaps who lack the courage and guts like perhaps their Vili Raikoro....who claims that his name is legit but hides in Berkley Crescent and Colo-wai-Suva and attempts to track the bloggers.

It is also interesting that the Military wont stop at their propaganda and continuously mislead people.

They actually believe they are the guardians of Fiji and are responsible for its politics...

Oh well... just as long as they hold the MK47 and 303.... they can just about do anything.

The Military have also continuously tugged people one direction than another that causes people to lose focus on the important issues.

Diversion and havoc is the name of the game. It allows one to sneak through without detection.

Now claiming that Rajendra Chaudary is planning to assassinate Frank when he comes to Fiji in October to celebrate Fiji Day. Frank was invited by the Fiji Indians living in Sydney. I wonder why the Fijians did not invite him. He does have numerous supporters there as well.

Why would Rajendra waste his time or why would anyone waste a bullet on a DUMB SMUCHK like Frank.

In fact, he amuses many of us with his antics. What Frank really has to watch is his back.

You know the saying, you live by the gun, you die by the gun. Odd that Rabuka has not met his though.

Anonymous said...

July 28, 2015 04:09:26 PM

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama today opened the newly constructed Buca Bay Road in Cakaudrove- the biggest infrastructure projects undertaken in the North to date.

While opening the second and last stage of the road, the Prime Minister said the road is the pathway to a great future for the people along its route and the people of the North.

“Last September, I had the great pleasure to open the first 10 kilometres of the new sealed road from Nagigi to Naqere. And now, I’m equally delighted to be back to formally launch the remaining 20 kilometre section from Naqere to Kasavu.”

“It is a wonderful moment in the lives of the many thousands of people who will benefit from this dramatically upgraded link with the outside world.”

“For all of you, today is a day of great celebration. The dreams of your grandparents for a better link to the outside world have finally been fulfilled. You are now closer to the rest of Vanua Levu and closer to the world,” he told residents of Cakaudrove.

“You finally have the world-class road you deserve. And I am extremely proud that the Fiji First Government that has been able to deliver this huge improvement to your daily lives.”

“And I want to thank the contractor, the China Railway First Group for the work it has done on the upgrade. Along with everyone who has also contributed to the success of this project, including the Fiji Roads Authority.”

He also thanked the Exim Bank of China for providing Fiji with the loans needed to complete this project.

The bank loaned $73-million for the final stage and more than $40-million for stage one.

The new road will benefit the villages of Matukunea, Droniluku, Naweni, Tacilevu, Valevagi and Vianibay, the settlements of Vunibau, Nalulu, Loboivu, Natuvu, Waisere, Vunilagi and Kasavu.

Primary schools at Naweni, Tacilevu, Vunilagi and Kasavu together with the Naweni Health Centre and the Number One tourist resort at Natuvu will also benefit from the new infrastructure.

By Reginald Chandar

Anonymous said...

Fiji economy growing

Talebula Kate
Sunday, June 21, 2015
Fiji Times

THE Fiji economy is growing at a rate of about 4 per cent a year and creating the prosperity and jobs that are raising the living standards of our people.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said it was an economy that was powering ahead.

In his address during the opening of the Raiwai Multi Purpose Sporting Court yesterday, Mr Bainimarama said all those benefits such as better roads that didn't exist before but were happening now, was because of FijiFirst.

He said FijiFirst knew how to govern properly and was doing so in the interests of every Fijian, no matter who they were or where they came from in Fiji.

"Every child is finally able to go to school because of our education revolution and many more Fijians able to go on to higher studies because of our scholarships and student loans," Mr Bainimarama said.

Mr Bainimarama also stated there had been free health care, free medicine and free water for families on low incomes.

"I was immensely gratified when Louis Michel — the former European Commissioner for Development and co-president of the EU-ACP Assembly — publicly stated that he had been wrong and the EU had been wrong to doubt me and to doubt Fiji over our promise to build a genuine democracy, with equality and opportunity for all," Mr Bainimarama said. He said it took a big man to say something that some of our nearer neighbours could not bring themselves to say.

Anonymous said...

Families in jovial mood

Salaseini Moceiwai
Thursday, March 26, 2015
Fiji Times

ANOTHER 44 impoverished families were in a jovial mood when Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama gave them the keys to their new homes during the launch of the residential units at the Lagilagi Housing project in Jittu Estate, Suva yesterday.

The beneficiaries join the other 33 families who walked into their new homes 16 months ago.

In his official address to about 200 guests, Mr Bainimarama said this was another effort by the Government in creating homes for ordinary Fijians living in informal settlements and also increasing their security, happiness and giving them dignity.

"Sixteen months ago, I launched the opening phase of the project in which we built 33 units at a cost of about $3million. This included 24 two bedroom units, four three-bedroom units and five units specifically designed for the elderly and disabled," he said.

"You talk to those families and individuals now and they will tell you that being able to move into these units has transformed their lives. They were Fijians who grew up in the toughest circumstances and never had proper roofs over their heads.

"For the first time last year, we not only gave them proper housing and tenure but also gave them a sense of ownership and pride because this wasn't a handout, instead we required everyone to contribute financially to their homes within the limited means available to them."

In doing so, Mr Bainimarama said they had been empowered and given an immense feeling of satisfaction.

"When you pay for your home, you will value it and when you value it, you will look after it. These are not just roofs above the occupants' heads but a beginning of a new life for them.

"My fellow Fijians, this is just a start of a mammoth task to provide proper and descent housing to more than 10,000 poor or squatter families in Jittu, Wailea, Nanuku and other settlements within the Suva City. It is a work in progress and may take many years but I want to reiterate our commitment today of fulfilling our objectives in improving the lives of all these people.

"Today, we open an additional 44 units built at a total cost of $4million making a total of 77 units in the Lagilagi Housing project. There are many more units to be built."

The project is a joint partnership project between the Government, through the Ministry of Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment, People's Community Networks and Misereor, a German Catholic organisation.

Anonymous said...

Unceremoniously dumped. That's for conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman. Screwing your junior officers and your subordinates wives is really low down. He should have been kicked out long ago.

Anonymous said...

6.26pm Vili Rakurai
Oh boy..Are you saying that Naupoto is a mastubator?

Anonymous said...

Hello. We have a big problem facing our country. While the people are being housed. We need to find jobs for 45,000 people.

The Fiji First government is seeking co-operation from businesses.

How can Fiji solve this dilemma?

Anonymous said...

@2.50 Rabuka specialised in raiding the hen house whilst the Roosters were away as well.

When he became PM the phrase "skirt journalism" was coined after he got a local journalist filing papers against him in the Family Court for alimony

He also started karmasutra golf.

It got so red hot the SVT party had an emergency special meeting just to discuss it and get his confession.

At that time Vunibobo's sex tape was all the rage around Suva. People were trying to figure out whether it was really Vunibobo in the sex tape or not.

As for Rabuka, the Methodist Church said it was a pardonable sin because he had the "weight of the country on his shoulders and was on his knees working hard leading the country" (no pun intended I would think).

Anonymous said...

Every time the PM leaves the country Mr Aziz Khaiyum is acting. He gets to undo all that the PM has done and make cunning, sly decisions. It is said that Colonel Aziz was loitering around Berkley Crescent the day before Tikoitoga was to resign. He must have known before hand and was in discussion with Khaiyum,
The strategy is to buy Military loyalty before the next elections. And the strategy is to put his man in all strategic places. all muslims to win the next election.

Anonymous said...

Well what's now for the the military? The navy is in total controll again. They were given another chance to run the FMF but Tikoitoga's balls faltered it. That's why Frank is confident with one of the naval officer to control the military. As long as the navy is controlling FMF, Frank will do as he likes to the people, to Fiji and to everyone. . I won't be surprised to see his brother in law -xcon Kean as the next Commander after Naupoto or Teleni..
A military colonel  had told me shortly after Ganilau had appointed Frank to replace him as commander that poor6 Frank had to salute each and every colonel in the FMF when they came in contact with. Frank, despite being their commander was seen standing up to salute each colonel . He was heard saying 'sir', saka, saka, sir to these colonels and majors.  He was approached in the officers mass one afternoon by the late Col Waqainasau to school him of his new role as commander of the Military and not the navy. So no more" saka, "saka," sir, sir", no more standing and salute to anyone in the camp but to man up to his responsibility and be strong..
Today that schooling had paid off. The former weakling commander is now the iron man of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Coupfourpointfive. Editor again caught with false information publishing..... come suck my cock

Anonymous said...

@5.59 pm. You mistake humility for weakness. The difference between a Navy man at sea and an infantry man on land is you don't have landmarks at sea. The sea teaches you to be humble, because it is a hard task master which demands that you examine your decisions and trust your decisions when you make them. You make one mistake at sea and you are lost.

Try to go out and have a look at the demolition divers doing their training. It is the WORST type of training the military offers. They tie up your hands behind your back and your legs and they drop you in a swimming pool and you are expected to survive for 10 minutes by allowing yourself to fall down to the floor and kick yourself up again to get up to the surface to breathe and then go down again and come up to breathe and it goes on for at least 10 minutes.

Once they pass in the swimming pool they do it to them at sea. Tie them up and throw them in the water and they are expected to swim with their hands tied behind their back. They use their feet. Sure the Zodiacs are next to them, but that kind of exercise is not for everybody. Only those who are strong in the mind and have the ability to focus under stress and remain in focus survive it. Fitness alone is not enough.

Just because the PM was deferring to other Colonels does not mean he wasn't getting his bearings and learning and understanding the terrain. Its not about being an iron man, its about using your brain.

Anonymous said...

6:58pm... watching too many movies have you....so you think the Navy is smarter and stronger than the military, more humble and deceiving and decisive... Interesting perspective. Perhaps your right. Perhaps that's why the Military will never ever again be Commandered by a Military Commander but by a Commodore.

The Military as you said appear to be quite stupid though...seeing what has happened. Kudence to the Navy. 2 - 0. There has been two Naval personnel seconded to the Military as Commander. None from Military to Navy.

Once can therefore assume that the Navy can join Military, Police or Prison but the other three cant perform the job of the Navy.

I like that song.... In the navy...you get to sail the seven seas... In the Navy... Can we wear shorts and cut of sleevesss in the Navy.. I know we can grow beards...hmmm sexyyy man in white uniform. Green used to be sexy but too many lady boys there now.

Anonymous said...

6:58pm... watching too many movies have you....so you think the Navy is smarter and stronger than the military, more humble and deceiving and decisive... Interesting perspective. Perhaps your right. Perhaps that's why the Military will never ever again be Commandered by a Military Commander but by a Commodore.

The Military as you said appear to be quite stupid though...seeing what has happened. Kudence to the Navy. 2 - 0. There has been two Naval personnel seconded to the Military as Commander. None from Military to Navy.

Once can therefore assume that the Navy can join Military, Police or Prison but the other three cant perform the job of the Navy.

I like that song.... In the navy...you get to sail the seven seas... In the Navy... Can we wear shorts and cut of sleevesss in the Navy.. I know we can grow beards...hmmm sexyyy man in white uniform. Green used to be sexy but too many lady boys there now.

Anonymous said...

The cause of Tuitonga's demise according to his NCO's and middle ranked senior officers who dobbed him in.....

Koila Costello- Olsson (Director)

KOILA was born in Fiji and is of mixed heritage – Irish, Fijian, Samoan, Tongan and English. She is married with two children. Koila has qualifications in social work, social policy and administration, including a Masters in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding from the Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA.

Koila was the co-ordinator of the Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy (ECREA) Peace Programme from June 2000 – November 2006 and has worked in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, PNG, East Timor and Solomon Islands, conducting workshops on peacebuilding, women peace and security, change management, stress management, trauma awareness and mediation.

She is also a qualified counsellor working specifically with individuals and groups who experience severe traumatic stress, through work or home related problems.

Anonymous said...

Funnily one of Koila's role is Peace and Collaborator. She sure as hell collaborated with the Commander of the Military Forces. What does the military men say on this blog, HONEY POT open wide as SEVEN ELEVEN....Wow...

Anonymous said...

Funnily one of Koila's role is Peace and Collaborator. She sure as hell collaborated with the Commander of the Military Forces. What does the military men say on this blog, HONEY POT open wide as SEVEN ELEVEN....Wow...

Anonymous said...

I would love to be in Fiji's Military or Navy today. Be a senior top 4 not anyway down the ranks...They only good for taking orders nothing more.... You are wined, dined, select married women to screw who love men in uniform... get an Member of Parliament or high Government position or overseas posting if I play my cards right..... Good money it is and plenty of poontang... well Im only 25, have two degrees and completing an MBA, so might as well do it. Fastest way up the ladder in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@7.28 its not from the movies. Its the truth. Its relatively easier to navigate on land. You have your terrain features and your grid map and you orient it to your compass and you move. Spur here. cliff there, river that side, contouring slope on the other side. Working on land is straight forward if you know your land navigation.

At sea it is very different. Even the Meridians when they did their training out on the Suva reef always needed a guidance light to orient towards at night. Without that guidance they were lost. They can't work at sea without reference points.

The Navy guys can orient at night with the constellations. The Southern Cross etc etc etc. You put a Navy diver and a Meridian out in the Lomaiviti passage without a compass and with only a rendezvous point and let them race for it at night and see who gets there first.

Then you have a shooting competition between a Navy man and a Meridian on the high seas. There are no fixed targets on the high seas just bobbing white bottle containers which you have to shoot at anything from 25 to 50 meters. Its a moving target. Then you see who is the fast draw. If you are in the military or ex military you will know what I am talking about.

Its not about who is stronger, its just about the different ways of training. Field craft.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.28 The retirement age for specialist Demolition divers in the Fiji Navy is 35. It is the only military unit in the country which has a retirement age at 35. That is a mandatory retirement age because the training is considered too severe for anyone above 35.

Their level of fitness is probably the highest in the Fijian Military because they are an amphibious unit. Their training is far higher then land based Special Forces. They also use breathing apparatus equipment which is not used in civilian diving.

Anonymous said...

and @7.28 the Navy worked with PASOC as well. If you are military or ex Military you know what that means. You will also know that the Navy Seals and the British SBS were part of PASOC. The top tier unit in this region is Navy Seals Team 6 based in Southern California. All the other Seal Teams come below Seal Team 6.

The difference between the Navy SF and the RFMF Meridians is that the Navy SF were not involved in any of the indiscipline and treason which the Meridians undertook in 2000.

This is also why the allegation that the PM was behind the 2000 coup d'état and the Meridians take over is at best fiction.

The PM knew the Naval Special warfare group far more intimately then the Meridians in 2000 and if any unit would have been used by him to do that coup (of indeed he planned it) it would only have been the Naval Special warfare group.

But the Navy was not involved in the 2000 coup. Not the Naval special warfare group

Anonymous said...

kemudou na Infantry Battalion sa dodonu mo ni yadra na ka sa yaco tiko ena loma ni Mataivalu ni ra sa veiliutaki tiko na Navy. vakaraitaka ya sega na veivakabauti vana Infantry o koya dodonu me dabe ena tutu va Commander. Sega vakadua ena matanitu e vuravura me dua mai na navy me commander taka tu na Infantry ONLY in FIJI. sa na yali na yalo vaka infantry sa na yaco mai na yalo vaka kai Waqa....sua gele na Mataivalu.....Kena na gauna mo ni Yadrava!!

Anonymous said...

@10.22 Infantry Officer e surrender taki Korovou ena 2000. Surrender taka na tauni ka surrender taka talega na nodratou yaragi ki vei iratou na George Speight Group. E kanala.

Era yatuni na Kanala era kitaka na veivolitaki mai na 2000 ka yacova mai na 2011. Koya na veivolitaki gona ya e laki yaco kina na ka sakasaka ko ya ena May 2000 kei na November 2000.

Its necessary that the RFMF be strengthened. That starts with the Officer cadre. Better training, better equipment, better employment conditions.

Earlier this year new training was introduced to the troops leaving for Lebanon. Exercises which had not been done previously with peacekeeping deployments.

This is the kind of preparation which will strengthen the Fijian Infantry and bring back its former good standing. Between 1987 and 2000 the capacity and the quality of the Fijian Infantry dropped massively. The pinnacle of the Fijian Infantry was in the 1970's and early 1980's when the Malayan vets were still in the RFMF and the standards were kept. After that it has been a steady decline, in discipline and capacity until in 2000 the RFMF lost the IN contract in Southern Lebanon.

It has only been regained last year.

What the MOD has been doing is to reinvigorate and strengthen the Infantry. That is important going forward.

Anonymous said...

@12:39 PM

"When soldiers go overseas for a long time, they should bring their wives with them."

So who's going to pay for that?"

I work nightshifts as a security guard and I see a lot going on. Wives could join the ranks alongside their husbands - making the Military more of a family thing - if we accept the idea that half the soldiers will have to go back to the civil society.

I know it's a hard thing to swallow, but we really need to address the sex issues.

Anonymous said...

All of u people full of shit!!!! U all don't have the guts to speak ur mind publicly and here u are cowering in fear!!!! ... This gonna be this that gonna be that... Enough with the fucken useless meaningless words ur all trying to dish out... Aren't u all tired???? What's done is done!!!!! U can't cry over spilt milk!!!! So relaxx ur pussies and wait patiently... Have faith n relax...

Anonymous said...

Lol at 12:41am.... dont cry now....you realise the Defense Force have lost their credibility in the eyes of the people...... we know better now and its the military who are the instigators and perpetrators behind all the coups.... no point trying to bring back any sense of discipline or honour in the country....whats done is done but it can be corrected and we cannot continue like in 1987 and 2000 that 2006 is right. Its wrong and the perpetrators must know that the people of Fiji disprove...

Anonymous said...

@12:41AM I can't get tired because I work on night shifts. There is hardly anything else to do you know, please be more considerate.

We can't speak publicly because we would get in big trouble bro, what matters is what people think and the best way to know it is through anonymous posts like here.

I wonder what you mean by "what's done is done" . Are you saying we should never bother about the past because it's done? We need to go to the bottom of that story's pussy before relaxing.

Anonymous said...

problem in fiji is that we have greedy millionaires with us...they don't want to have social responsibilities towarda their country.....

Anonymous said...

@1:10 AM that is certainly true. We have seen it with the sale of Princess Ashika...

Humans are greedy by nature and due to the coup culture, we have lost a large section of our more moderate middle class. They are so important to build a progressive society.

We are left with the sharks, so to speak. Sharks in business, sharks in the military. Shark's mentality is narcissistic (Khaiyum is a good case) and we actually see the same pathologies in the clergy and the military... Our little Fiji has mental problems and St Giles is dilapidated :(

Sex scandals are very characteristic of the Military the world over. Sharks are attracted by the military, probably due to overdose of hormones or personality disorder problems. We have to expect that. That's why we need more housewives INSIDE the military to balance things.

Anonymous said...

what a time to quit the RFMF when Bainimarama is going overseas!

Anonymous said...

"Mr Tikoitoga said his resignation was more a professional choice to capitalise on the opening of diplomatic posts that were only available once every three years."

I like the choice of "more", "professional" and "capitalise".

Bainimarama said no one in the military would take advantage of the coup.... In what kind of country unqualified military officers end up being posted overseas in diplomatic posts that are not yet available? When Australia needs a new ambassador to Brazil, do they send their top military leader? mmmmmmmm. suspicious.

Obviously part of the itukutuku was rumour, but part might be true. We need a statement from Tikoitoga's wife.

Anonymous said...

Its fact that the Military has nothing to be proud of and we the people are ashamed of the degrading conduct of these men who have forgotten what it is to be a soldier in the public eye. What they should be parading about is a true genuine sense of pride in being a soldier. Instead, all we see is CRAP lately. For example the exaltation of Treason, Lies, Corruptness, Brutality and Manipulative Control over its citizens. NO matter the amount of medals that is pinned onto their chests or the fancy military march displays, Our Military today cannot be compared to the brave soldiers in Fiji's past who are well-renowned and remembered till this day for all the good they stood for as military men - loyal, obedient to the constitution and rule of law. Highly dedicated, brave,gallant,heroic men who were proud to wear their uniforms and proud to serve and defend their nation. All I can remember over the years gone by is that the Leader via his goons have no scruples and have displayed themselves as being conscienceless and unprincipled lawbreakers and shameless characters who have brought great pain to many of our families in Fiji.

Instead of being truthful and honest to the nation, to the taxpayers who are paying their wages and salaries, all we see is a straight to the face obstinate and proud Leader covering up every situation with MORE LIES.

And the hypocrisy that we've heard that the Military will not take advantage...is another biggest LIE under the sun.

Anonymous said...

Just reviewing some old footage of the coups in 2000.Can anyone tell me who was the 2 Maori guys who came to see George Speight?

Serupepeli said...

Fiji is still under a militarised government with a garb of democratisation. People can be so stupid trying to believe otherwise. All the economic forecast and the millions of revenue propagated through the media are none other than a farce to keep everyone hopeful. If life for you has not changed then nothing has really changed. Quit faking freedom

Anonymous said...

@3:21 apm

I want to know more about "skirt journalism". Rabuka divorced because of an extra marital affair?
A man who can't be faithful to a woman can never be trusted. NEVER.

We need an official statement from Tikoitoga's wife to clear the air, under oath.

And by the way, what happened to former Miss teen USA who did the smart thing of getting married with Meli Bainimarama?
Can we have more gossip please?

Anonymous said...

To sum up the military organisation and their relationship with the people of Fijialn one can only deduce that people fear the military. One cannot therefore respect the military. The oeople have been subjugated.

Anonymous said...

Must be the laughing Samoans. ...

Anonymous said...

This was a constructive statement in the Fiji Times Letter to the Editor by A Yaconisau. Seems to be quite a lot of people who think like Donald Singh thus are entrapped in what true development in our country is about. Progress in Fiji isn't supposed to be just infrastructure.

"IT'S unfortunate that my friend Donald Singh has chosen infrastructural development to mean a nation in development (FT 1/ 8/ 15). Clearly a nonsense to any student of development.
Growing infrastructure is important as it enhances saving, investment and production but it happens largely in the urban formal sector.

Donald seems to value infrastructural development as reflecting the nation's development and mood.

He should consider other things being discussed at the development plan consultation all over Fiji.

Issues like mass poverty, malnutrition, increasing employment opportunities, and economic inequality.

Emphasising infrastructural development as a measure of our welfare is short sighted.

Stop worshipping infrastructural development. Think of the above issues pervasive in this country.

I will take off my hat for efforts towards their reduction."

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:49 AM

But what both you and the writer of the letter conveniently ignore is that Donald Singh did not say that infrastructure was the ONLY measurement of development.

It is one of many areas that must be considered.

KUA NI RERE said...

Funny how Bainimarama conveniently goes on Overseas trips whenever the country goes through some difficult situation.

Typical Bainimarama. Cant handle the heat. Lets the minions sort it out SO THAT HE WOULD DENY ALL RESPOSIBILITY.



They are worse than Bainimarama. The whole lot of them are farked in the head.

Anonymous said...

We all know that Bainimarama is a fucking coward, he hits a pregnant woman, he swore at women and he doesn't care about the ordinary people.

Anonymous said...


Video Call?

Grow up girl, you sure ain't doing too good with your negativity.

Anonymous said...

Fiji confession

Wednesday 13 April 1994
UK Independant

The Fijian Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, offered to resign only weeks after his re-election in late February after he was accused of adultery, the Information Minister, Josefa Dimuri, said, Reuter reports from Suva, Fiji. Mr Rabuka, a staunch Methodist, reportedly said he had confessed his adultery to his wife and church pastor.

Anonymous said...

Of swinging dicks and loose chicks.....Na Veidulu vakayanaga ni millennium

Pacific Scoop

9:19 July 31, 20101

Sleeping with journalists
Media ethics – or the lack of them – in Fiji has been in the news since allegations surfaced in 1999 of improper dealings by media in general and the Australian-owned Fiji Times in particular, the newspaper recently given three months by the regime to sell off 90 percent of its shareholding to local interests.

Since then debates have been rife about the balance and “agenda” of The Fiji Times, particularly raised by former prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry when in office between 1999 and when he was deposed in the George Speight attempted coup in May 2000.

I expected Field to be more critical about media ethics and “skirt journalism” by journalists who obtained stories by sleeping with a former prime minister.

Field named two journalists, Wainikiti Waqa and Margaret Wise, who had affairs with SVT prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, who staged Fiji’s first two coups in 1987.

On this issue, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, then cabinet minister and now Bainimarama’s Foreign Affairs Minister, called for Rabuka to resign. Field writes: “Rabuka replied that he would go, provided whoever succeeded him could prove that he had not also committed adultery.”

Field also notes that: “Rabuka fathered a boy with Wise and then denied it was his.”

A DNA paternity test indeed found Rabuka was the father of Wise’s child: “The court found he was the father and he was ordered to pay F$30 a week.”

As a veteran journalist on whom some developing world journalists in the Pacific, especially my former Daily Post ones, have looked for guidance, Field remained silent on the morality and propriety of the leading multinational media company in Fiji allowing such a conflict of interest – not only to exist, but flourish.

Field did not say anything about The Fiji Times allowing the same Margaret Wise play such a key role in penning articles, opinions and stories on Chaudhry’s People’s Coalition government, the accuracy and balance of which had been questioned and challenged by Chaudhry and his government on many occasions.

Would that have been tolerated in other democracies, including Field’s New Zealand? Would Fairfax allow such a journalistic sin to flourish?

Anonymous said...

@1:35 PM
Bainimarama HAS to go to Canada because of miss Fiji Canada: http://www.missfijicanada.com
He will go with his wife so this is a safe and moral trip. Tikoitoga will be under supervision by a talatala during that time so everything is fine.

This is why someone said before that every military man has to be supervised by his wife at ALL TIMES.
Let's be pragmatic and move on.

Big Sister

Anonymous said...

Court Hearing Over Journalist Vs Rabuka Closed
Monday, 28 January 2002, 11:10 am
Article: Pacific Media Watch - Pasifik Nius


SUVA (Pacific Media Watch): A Fiji court hearing a paternity suit against former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka filed by controversial senior Fiji Times journalist Margaret Wise has been closed to journalists, report local news media.

According to the Fiji Times of 26 January 2002, the Magistrates Court hearing of the case on January 25 was closed in a move described by a court source as "not regular practice".

The paper said Magistrate Amani Rokotinaviti could not be reached for comment and questions faxed to the Solicitor-General's Office were not answered.

The police court orderly told the paper he had closed the doors on the instructions of the court clerk.

The court was to determine whether 1987 coup leader Rabuka fathered journalist Margaret Wise's 18-month-old son, the Fiji Times reported.

The lawsuit was filed by Wise after Rabuka allegedly failed to honour a settlement.

In the first of three court hearings, Rabuka said a DNA test was in his favour.

In the following hearing, Rabuka said he could not understand the findings, but was willing to pay a weekly maintenance of F$50.

The Fiji Sun reported that Wise had rejected this and wanted Rabuka to admit paternity before a financial settlement was discussed.

The case has been adjourned until February 11.

* PMW reports: Wise has been at the centre of controversial allegations over so-called "skirt journalism", most recently in an open letter to the Sun on January 7 by New Labour Unity Party general secretary Tomasi Tokalauvere.

Anonymous said...

Former Fiji PM Rabuka agrees to pay child support

Updated at 10:44 am on 26 July 2002

The former Fiji prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, has agreed to pay 15-US dollars a week in support of a child he fathered with a Fiji Times journalist, Margaret Wise.

Since Ms Wise filed a suit nine months ago, Mr Rabuka has denied being the father despite a positive DNA test.

Yesterday, he admitted being the father in the Suva domestic court but said he could pay only 15 dollars a week - reportedly the highest such payment in Fiji ever.

Mr Rabuka told the court he had met the delivery costs and had an out-of-court agreement with Ms Wise when the child was five months.

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Anonymous said...

Rabuka admits that "distractions" derailed his Prime Ministership. I agree. The SVT lost direction mainly because the Captain jumped off the ship everytime a sweet little thing with come hither eyes came along. Towards the end SVT Government was spending most if its time rescuing the Captain instead of leading the country. Net result the NBF collapsed whilst the Captain was chasing women around the country.

Rabuka admits to women on side

3:24 PM Friday Jun 30, 2000


First it was Bill Clinton. Now former Fiji coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka has a confession or two to make about other women.

In Auckland to promote his new biography, Rabuka of Fiji, the 51-year-old defeated as Prime Minister last year fronted up about his personal indiscretions: "I have admitted I'm no angel ... I have been weak in those areas," he said.

The book, written by Australian academic John Sharpham, refers to General Rabuka's womanising before and during his marriage to Suluweti Tuiloma.

He fathered three children to two different women in the early 1970s after he had begun dating his future wife.

He was also caught with a succession of young women in his quarters during officer training.

The book also covers a scandal dubbed the "Kama Sutra" episode shortly before last year's elections, linking General Rabuka to a young woman golfer in the changing rooms at the Fiji Golf Club.

He publicly denied the changing-room incident, but the biography says "he almost seemed not to care that the relationship had become public."

General Rabuka would not comment further yesterday, but said he had owed it to the Fijian people to be frank, and also to set the record straight on "manufactured affairs."

The general said his problem with women was something he had to constantly combat.

He had considered divorce but his wife would not hear of it, and they were now going to a relationship counsellor.

"I think she probably took me for granted, and I took her for granted."

Like the United States President, General Rabuka hoped his affairs would serve as a warning to others: "People who want to be future leaders should steer clear of the path that I went."

He said the indiscretions had cost him politically, particularly in support lost to the new Christian Democratic Alliance party, which had split the Fijian vote.

In Fiji, some people had criticised the personal revelations as unnecessarily disruptive for the other women involved, particularly since the mothers of his other children are named.

But General Rabuka said that for any biography to be complete, it had to include personal and social influences.

After a promotional tour of Australia and New Zealand, General Rabuka will face a writ when he returns home next week.

Fijian President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara has taken legal action over the book's claim that General Rabuka told him of a possible military coup to overthrow Dr Timoci Bavadra's Indian-influenced coalition Government in May 1987.

General Rabuka maintained yesterday that he had mentioned the coup option to Ratu Mara during golf two weeks before the coup, and believed he had the tacit support of the-then Opposition leader.

General Rabuka, who left politics after last year's election defeat, has not ruled out a return in 2004.

In the meantime, he has controversially advocated emigration as a way of easing racial tensions between Fijians and Indians.

He believes there will be an outflow of Indians as land leases revert to Fijian control over the next few years.

He does not see the possibility of another coup.

But he said indigenous Fijians dissatisfied with the new Government, which is led by the country's first Indian Prime Minister, had largely themselves to blame for vote-splitting last year.

Anonymous said...

So you mean that sex scandals are rampant? there is no more morality?
what is the church doing about it? will the Fiji Times confess their sins too?
all this is alarming!!!!!!!!!

we need a national clean-up campaign. we need a network of spies all over the country to report all sins online. that will put a lot of pressure on the culprits. every soldier should have to swear on the bible every month that they haven't commited adultery or get sacked.

btw, what are the young chinese women doing downtown Suva on Sunday nights? we need spies to follow all clients and take pictures.
we need also special sexy agents to "test" our politicians and soldiers at all times.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn about how many affairs RABUKA HAS HAD. There are many like the kama sutra minister of education and the list with Fiji First supporters and MPs in extra marital affair is endless.

All we want is RABUKA COME BACK,get us out of this mess. Get rid of Khaiyum andBainimarama. That what the people of this country want.

He owes it to the people of country to clean his shit by starting coup in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.48 What you talking about dude is the sex Gestapo. I concur with Anon 2.50 who gives a fuck about what natural acts people do in their private lives. If its between consenting adults it is not our business. What we want is a great country to live in and thanks to Rabuka's serious fuck up in 1987 we have all paid the price. I now think that one of the reasons Fiji is in such a mess is because of perverts who spend 90% of their time trying to find out who is screwing who.Sex is a natural part of life. If you are immoral and doing it outside a relationship than it is for the 3 or 4 parties involved and none of our damn business. What is our damn business is the path this country is taking and Rabuka, Frank, Speight and Ratu Mara all have had their influence on this.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:48 PM

The church is about the last institution you should be going to for guidance on morality.

Anonymous said...

Not a question of morality. Its an issue of national interest. The country does not pay for the PM to go sticking his prick in every woman which comes by to the extent that his prick takes over his thinking and compromises the welfare of the nation.

He can put his prick wherever he wants in his free time, but not when he is entrusted with the welfare of the nation. He isn't paid to fuck for Fiji. He is paid to lead Fiji as a responsible leader.

The problem with thinking through the prick was seen in the NBF collapse. That's the problem when the Captains who are supposed to be looking after the country are too busy looking for pussy instead.

Anonymous said...

He isn't paid to fuck for Fiji. He is paid to lead Fiji as a responsible leader.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.....heheheheheheheheh.......on behalf of Fiji i'll fuck you.....hahahahahahahaha...hehehehehehehehe.....huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@2:50 PM you can't clean shit with a bucket of dirty water.

Anonymous said...

the thing you don't get is very simple:
A man is supposed to be faithful to his wife.
If he can't do such a simple thing, how could he be faithful to a country?
Sex is not that much the problem, it is what it means.
the collapse of NBF is the result of men who were unable to love their country. They just love themselves.

The same thinking can be extended to so many other things.
For the same reason that burning a flag is not just burning a "piece of fabric", being unfaithful to a woman is not just a private affair between a few parties.
I once worked for an employer who turned out to be cheating on his wife. While I was a great asset to the business, I just left. He never knew why, but a man who can't be faithful to his wife will never get anywhere in life.

His business is collapsing, I am fine.

You want to run and clean-up Fiji? make sure your bucket of cleaning water is as clean as the river in the highlands of Fiji.

Yes to a sex gestapo!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.38. Can i put it simply to you. You are an idiot. Granted a men who is unfaithful does sometimes forget that he has a business to run and in some cases losses it but to assume that ones personal life somehow affects the way someone runs a country or a business is plain simplistic nonsense. Countless millions have had affairs and still manage to run their countries and their business. While i do not condone this behavior i just do not see the correlation between ones personal sex life to a country or a business. Dude your preoccupation with peoples sex lives is unhealthy. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you.

The Fiji that we know began its down ward trend when Ratu Mara and his elite Alliance government realized that their clan can not continue to rule.

At that time the middle class Taukei were unstoppable in terms of leadership and academic achievement and the the potential that they have.

Rabuka may have sensed this and there is NO OTHER WAY to stop the decay like what has happened in the Philippines through Marco's leadership.

That is why he has to stage a coup because this is what exactly what the military want and they have been longing for this. My dad was one f the very first group that left our shore is 1988 and i still remember that day.

The macho kind of mentality born out that era is what we are witnessing today. Recruitment was done any how and many boys from the villages in Fiji joined the once revered institutions the FMF.

That was the beginning of the down fall of FMF.

E a tekivu saraga mai kea na lasa i tuba kei na i veitovo eso vaka manumanu.

Tovolea mo tiko ena nodra gunu yaqona mo na raica kina na toro sobu ni veiwali.

Racheal said...

Anon...Regarding MM,you are obviously a liar...Stop insulting the Fijian young women you bloody trouble maker and an Imbeciille..
Go back to where you came from you coward!!

Anonymous said...